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2023.06.05 15:58 BedAdministrative718 I want to ghost my job, should i?

I work for a popular massage store chain. The 3 locations are franchises and the owners are horribly greedy people who don’t give a rats ass about their employees. They consistently overwork us with 8-10 hour days, 9 days straight, sorting thru massive amounts of paperwork, cold callimg people and expect us to cram an entire life into 12 hours (sleep, eat, basic life shit). I’ve been working 8:30 6:30 and waking up at 6am to get back to work by 8:30am. That means in order to get a decent nights sleep i basically need to be in bed by 10. They’re scheduling me at the location that’s over an HOURS drive away, the one location I said when i got hired, I was not willing to work because its way too far and at $13 measly dollars an hour, i just can’t afford the gas to get up there and back. They said that was fine, they would keep me at the two locations close to me. I’m exhausted, running on pure caffine and barely exsisting. I haven’t spent quality time with my spouse in ages because im either working or sleeping just to feel human and my relationship is quickly going down the shitter because of this job. I ask for time off and its “well we just don’t have staff to cover you.” I barely see my kids because im working when they go to sleep and at work when they wake up. My husband is stretched thin, handling 95% of everything. And don’t even get me started on the stress levels and anxiety this job gives me. I have to sell memberships as part of the job and god forbid we don’t shive it down people’s throats and respect their basic boundaries when they say no the first time. The owners are breathing down our necks because “numbers aren’t good.” No shit numbers aren’t good. People can’t afford luxuries anymore, no one is willing to shell out $80 a month for a shit massage thats more of an lotion rub down and its summertime. People have kids at home to feed and groceries are expensive when they can’t rely on their public schools to cover breakfast and lunch. However my job is dependent on memberships and the constant stress of getting fired for not hassling people into memberships is stressful. I’m highly considering just changing my phone number, and not showing up tomorrow and ghosting all together. I always give my parents addresses at jobs because i don’t think they have the right to know where im living so im not worried about them finding me. I already have some interviews lined up and they seem promising. Should I just call it on this job or try to tough it out until i have a better job lined up?
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2023.06.05 15:57 Questions314 The Dream pt3

I had trouble sleeping that night. My fantasy of a threesome was slipping away and being replaced by something else. Could I just sit there and watch my wife with someone else. That has been also been a fantasy of mine. I have definitely jerked off to a fair amount of cuckold porn. But we this something that I could actually go through with? Could I even stop it from happening anymore?
“Hey honey can you come here?” Kay asked from the other room.
“Sure on my way”
When I enter the room she is standing there naked staring at some clothing options on the bed. God, she is beautiful. Perfect tits, an ass that’s just round enough and the perfect triangle of hair on her pussy.
“Help me decided what to wear.” She said. On the bed were her best sets of lingerie, a lacey red one and a silky black one. Each set and a pair of panties and a skimpy top and a matching silk robe.
“I have always like the red one” I say as I try to grab her ass. But she shoos my hand away.
“Stop. This is serious. I want tonight to go right. So the red one?”
Just the phone rings. “It’s him!” She says as she answers the phone. “Hi…..oh yes you are almost here. It’s just a left at the end of the street…” she covers up the phone to talk just to me “I have to guide him to the house. Here help me get dressed”
“HELP me get DRESSED” she said in a loud whisper then turned her attention back to the phone. Not sure what else to do I grabbed the panties from the bed and slid them on each leg. After I grabbed the top and worked it through her arms and clasped it in the back. Then I helped her get into her robe.
“Ok see you soon.” She hung up the phone. “ thanks honey. I am going head down. He should be here in a minute. “
“Ok. Wait on minute I’ll join you. “
“Did you finish cleaning up in the kitchen yet?”
“No but that can wait”
“Jay come on” she said like she was upset “you knew I was up here getting ready. I thought you were cleaning up. You need to finish before you join us.”
I know I should have put up more of a fight. But honestly sometimes it’s just easier to do what she wants. “Yes dear.” I said but she was already on her way to the door.
By the time I got to the kitchen he had arrived. After they said hello I believe I heard a kiss. They wouldn’t get started without my would they? I just had to focus on finishing here. Then I heard laughing. They must have been talking about something really funning because it went on for a while. Must work faster.
At last I was done and went into the living room to join them.
As I walked into the room I saw him sitting next to my wife on our love seat made for two. They were so engrossed with each other they didn’t see me there for a while.
“Oh hi Jay” my wife said when she finally saw me. “This is Jason. Jason this is my husband Jay”
“Hello” he said as he stood up to introduce himself. He was 25 years old but he was a good three inches taller than me and his hand shake was so strong it hurt. He had an commanding presence that was hard not to notice.
“Hi” was all I could manage to get out.
After they sat back down together I had no choice but to sit by myself in a chair across from them. They got right back to their conversation and almost immediately it was like I wasn’t there. I took some time to take a good look at this man who was taking all my wife’s attention. I had to admit he was really good looking. He was fit and cleaned up well. As I glanced down him I noticed a huge bulge in his pants. Oh wow. That it really was big. I am not sure… just then I noticed they are both staring at me.
“I said. Could you get us some drinks.” My wife was staring at me with a tone.
“Yeah..ok…be right back” I said trying to shake off the embarrassment of getting caught looking at his crotch.
I quickly got the drinks and handed them out. They both said thanks like I was a waiter or something and I was back in the chair by myself. This time though I keep my eyes down as I swirled my drink around in the glass.
After a while it got quiet and when I looked up i saw they were kissing. She was almost on top of him and they were going at it like teenagers. I knew I should do something. Walk over there and join them. But instead I just sat there staring at them with my cock hard as a rock.
Kay saw me watching at one point and stopped kissing him, tilted her head and smiled at me.
“I know” she said with a grin “ I have a game we can play. I want to see these two cocks side be side. Let’s see how cruel Mother Nature can be”
I just sat there full of embarrassment.
“That sounds like fun” said Jason and he got right up and stripped down. He was fit all over had toned muscles everywhere. And his cock was giant and it wasn’t even hard yet. How was that possible?
“Come on Jay. You said you wanted to be involved. Let’s go”
Reluctantly I got up and took off my clothes as quick as I could.
“Ok. Now stand next to each other.”
It was comical the size difference between us. I just stood there frozen. I should be doing something. Joining in in someway.
“Oh wait this isn’t a fair comparison yet.” Jason said. “Kay come over here and get on you knees. I want you to make me hard.”
“Yes sir” she said and quickly got into position. She has always avoided giving me blowjobs but here she was excited about it. She couldn’t fit the whole thing in her mouth so she had to both hands on the shaft.
I just stood there watching. I couldn’t take my eyes off my wife giving this man I just met the most enthusiastic blowjob I have ever seen. But the most worrying last was how much I was turned on standing there being humiliated like that. “Oh yeah. That’s good.” Jason said “looks like you just needed one the right size”
Kay nods with his cock in her mouth.
“Ok now it’s time for you to strip.”
She nods and without a word stand up and slowly reveals her amazing naked body. It’s all I can do to not loose it right then and there. “You are beautiful” Jason says.
Kay grabs his hand and leads him to the chair I was in earlier and has him sit down.
“Show me how much you want my cock” he’s says.
She gives him a kiss then slowly works her way down to start blowing him again. My view is insane. My wife is going down on another man and I watching all from behind. Her ass is in air as she is bent over working his cock. I am staring at her ass and pussy and I decided that this is my moment.
I grab a condom from my pants on the floor and put it on. I then walk up behind her and slip it in. It’s never gone in that easy before she is the wettest she has ever been.
She tries to pull away a bit but Jason doesn’t let her stop. This is it. The threesome of my dreams….
Then it’s over as I cum in record time. Not sure I even lasted 15 seconds. She keeps going down on him and he is focused on her. I am not sure they even noticed I did anything. So go over to the love seat and sit down.
After a while he cums in her mouth and she takes it all like she couldn’t wait for more. He leans over whispers something in her ear and she soots me an angry look.
He gets up grabs his cloths and the leaves.
“I can’t believe you!” She yells “Why did you do that!”
“Do what? I thought the idea was to all play?”
“I was clear with you. That this was for me and you were allowed to be here. He was invited here with the understanding that I was his for the night. That his cock was to get first dibs. You saw how small you are right?…..right?”
“Yeah” I sighed
“So he gets to go first. That’s his right. I have dealt with your small dick long enough.”
I can’t believe where this conversation was headed. I need to stand up for myself
“I’m sorry” why did I say that “it’s just that I wanted to be a part of it”
“What are you sorry for? Having a small penis? That would be nice to hear”
Do I dare say it?
“Yes what?”
“I am sorry for having a small penis.”
“Ok that’s a start. And look at yourself you know it too. Your tiny dick is hard again.”
I look down and she is right. I can’t believe it. Do I really like this treatment.
“You ruined my night with Jason because you were being selfish. I thought you said you wanted me to be happy.”
“I do”
“And you think your tiny dick will make me happy?”
“No” I say as I hang my head. “We can find another guy. I will behave next time.”
“No. You messed this up you have to fix it. Call Jason and apologize and set up another night.”
“No way… I can’t. That’s humiliating. I can’t say I’m sorry for having sex with my wife.”
“No I think that’s the perfect way to start” She says as she hands me her phone already ringing.
“Hello this is Jason”
“Uhh hi. This is Jay…”
“Yes. What do you want.”
“I umm… just wanted to talk about earlier” just then Kay poke me. I looked at her and she was mouthing the word apologize.
“I umm…I mean….. I wanted to apologize for earlier.” I looked over and saw she started to calm down a bit when she heard be say it. And that made me feel good for some reason.
“I see. What are you apologizing for?”
What was I gonna say here. Kay who was listening as best she could but here thumb and index finger together to show a small size.
“That umm….. we’ll…..”
“I have other things I could be doing. Please get on with it”
“I’m sorry I fucked my wife with my small penis”
“Uh huh. Is that all you have to say?”
“No sir” where did that come from. “You should have had sole access to my wife tonight.”
“Haha sir. I like that. And why does your wife want only me?”
“Because you have a cock that is the size she deserves”
“Unlike my tiny sick sir” what the hell I did it again.
“Ha. This is fun. So did you just call to apologize?”
“No what?” He cut me off.
“Oh sorry. No sir. I want to ask you if you could come back another night.”
“And do what?”
“What do you mean?”
“What do you want me to do when I come back”
“I……” was I really about to say it? “I want you to fuck my wife”
“Why is that?”
“Because she wants you to”
“No come on Jay tell me why.”
“Because I have a small dick and it doesn’t satisfy her but you have a large cock sir. And I know she would enjoy it”
“That better. Now Jay if I come back there are going to be some rules”
“What kind of rules?” When I said this Kay got interested again and came over to listen in again.
“Rule number one you can up with already. From now on you will refer to me as sir”
“Ok sir”
“Good. Rule two. You are there to serve us. After you present your wife to me you will do nothing else unless you are instructed too”
“Yes sir”
“Rule three you are not to have sex with or see your wife naked until I come back” Just as Jason said that Kay pulled her robe in so she was completely covered.
“And rule four. You are not to touch yourself at all unless given permission by Kay and myself. Do you understand?”
As humiliated and embarrassed as I was there was something that felt ok about having someone in charge. I wasn’t sure about all my feelings about recent events but they did turn me on. What was the harm in playing along for a bit.
“Yes sir”
“Good. I’ll be back next Friday at 7pm.”
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2023.06.05 15:57 peachdads are people becoming more passive aggressive/indirect?

my friend and i were out at target last night looking for bathing suits. she has very particular parents (she’s still in high school) and so she has a very limited pool of suits she can wear. she found one but it wasn’t the right size so we went scrounging for one and i suggested maybe there’s one at the fitting rooms. we walked over and there was a teenage worker there and she didn’t say anything to us, but was definitely aware we were there because i saw her watching my friend. there was one of those racks that has a basket at the bottom and there was what appeared to be a bunch of suits just thrown in there. i suggested to my friend there might be one in there, and again i’d like to emphasize the worker was standing right there and i saw her watching us. my friend started digging through it and she did this for about 10 seconds before the worker walks over and very pissily goes “can you not do that we organized that.” i just turned and looked at her because again she was there the entire time, heard me suggest to my friend to dig through it, and waited until after she was digging through it to say anything. my friend apologized and started putting the suits back while the worker just glared at her the whole time. as we were walking away we both apologized again and she literally didn’t even acknowledge us and i saw her make a pissy comment to another worker that walked over.
i’ll admit we probably should’ve asked her before going through it but i still can’t figure out why the worker didn’t say anything until after it was being gone through. in my opinion it just feels like a type of “virtue-signaling” almost (probably not the right word). i’ve noticed more and more people keep doing this thing where they just can’t wait for you to do something wrong or something they don’t like so they can jump you for it and make you out to be an asshole, when the whole situation could’ve been avoided if they were just direct in the first place. and because the worker was a teen it seems to also be that problem that gen z has where they’re just socially stunted and don’t know how to talk to people. i don’t know the whole thing just really rubbed me the wrong way and i’ve been noticing this pattern a lot lately.
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2023.06.05 15:57 Radiant_Nebulae How do we prevent burnout?

I've had recurrent severe major depressive episodes some including plans, attempts, hospital stays, crisis team, significant support (albeit temporary) throughout my life, each 'episode' getting more serious and now involve psychotic symptoms. I now understand these better as autistic burnouts, as I'd have massive meltdowns several times a day and especially as treatments for depression have never helped at all (cbt, antidepressants, even diazapam and zopiclone had paradoxical effects). When I have these episodes, nothing helps except rest and time (often 6+ months before I even begin to feel slightly human). I know why they happen, I am high masking and incredibly sensitive to all sorts of things including stress, noise and any kind of change. I can't engage in my special interests anywhere near as often as I'd like or need to, to regulate. I have pintpointed my big triggers however they're not things I can just avoid or do less, one being my children and another being any kind of social interaction or demand. Me and childrens other parent are seperated and they have no interest in them and thus I get no respite. They're also non-verbal autistic with very loud stims and learning difficulties meaning communication is very limited and very difficult. I wasn't diagnosed before I had children and my episodes were nowhere near as extensive and impactful prior.
Any advice or guidance would be grateful. I'm at such a loss.
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2023.06.05 15:56 mefor_president If you are looking to play TURF CRICKET join our whatsapp group

Hello we are 7-8 players and we need 3-4 players so if you are looking to play cricket on turf u can join us.
Age group 20-25 Timing is usually between 6pm and 12 am.
Frequency- We play 2 or 3 times a week
Cost - usually 240 Rs per person for 2 hours of play.
Areas- dronacharya school, ace sports, powerplay arena, netflicks (All near colors malls u can google them)
Let me know your details in DM i will add you on whatsapp please state your age
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2023.06.05 15:56 Lumb3rH4ck DLP + Park Asterix Trip Report 22/05 - 27/05 [Other]

Ride ratings are at time of riding, could change with re-rides. only mentioning coasters here as id be here all day with dark/ water rides. although a honourable mention goes to the water rides in parc asterix. i was not expecting to get as wet as we did inside the boat ride. holy hell.
Disneyland paris - 22/05 - 23/05
with it being a monday and tueday we believed it would be rather quite. boy we was wrong. nothing with less that a 30 minute wait most of the day both monday and tuesday. the amount of families there even though it was term time was mental. never seen a park this busy even during my states trips. skipped getting coffee's and food most the day till we left the park as most queues for food were upto about 40 mins. meet mickey had a 5 hour wait. Found the staff were really nice and friendly and happy to help where needed. a lot of english speaking staff too which we found helpful. ops were... ok? hard to tell with some of the rides. the amount of parents who got throught the main gate then seemingly gave up parenting was staggering. silly amount of kids running around queue lines/swinging on fences kicking other people queueing/ hitting people backpacks in the queue for no reason/ randomly screaming with mum ignoring them as insta is more important. other than that it was an OK experience, we both agreed we wouldnt return though, even with the new areas opening up. defo a one and done experience unlike some of the other disney parks iv done. the disney dreams show at night was incredible, the work with projections, water, fireworks and drones really is worth seeing for anyone going, although finding somewhere good to sit/ stand starts at about 9:30 so if you turn up at show time it can be hard to find a spot. also if you want something from a specific shop and want to come back later, note down the closing time as these vary accross shops.
Hyperspace mountain - 4/10
Amazing to look at from outside and watch the launch section whilst in the queue. queue theming was nice, actually had one of the lowest queue's through the day. was very excited to ride as it was due for maintenance this week that had been cancelled. really nice station, was allowed to wait for front row as well when we requested. the launch is nice and kicky, akin to a less powerful hulk launch but its immediatly killed by trims at the top of the launch that pretty much half the speed. other than the main effect at the top of the launch not much else was noticable/ working so it was a rather lackluster indoor ride other than the speed it picks up thought the layout.
Avengers - 4.5/10
Theming overall is lackluster. theres a mish mash of languages used throughout the queue with some characters speaking english and some speaking french so had no idea what was going on. got a back row ride on this one after requesting it. the seats for this are really uncomfortable (im small so no idea why), worst iv been on before. it felt like i had 2 bars digging into my back the entire time, no idea what was going on with them. we rolled round the corner for the launch hold. it played the music/countdown and nothing happened. some absolute goon had taken out there phone and ruined the rides preshow for the entire train, if your this kind of person, please dont go to theme parks. anyway, the launch is much better than hyperspace. sitting at the back we got to see all of the effects throughout the ride, although its nothing special it was better than hyperspace's indoor theming. overall i thought the layout and pacing where slightly better as well.
crush's coaster - 5/10
very lackluster outside cattlepens, but found the indoor section to be pretty cool. queue was at 40 mins + all day so later on in the second day we just bit the bullet and queued for it. we was facing backwards, didnt see much point to the outside section other than interaction with offride guests. the lift hills are suprisingly fast and was suprised at the pacing and layout of the indoor section. even though pretty much nothing happens inside in terms of theming. as i wasnt expecting the layout in the indoor section i was really suprised and enjoyed this coaster more than i thought i would.
Big thunder mountain - 5/10
Holy cattlepen. it just whent on forever on this queue. queued for about an hour i believe. theming of this ride is world class, jaw dropping to look at from across the water, equally as amazing on ride. unfortunatly the actual ride for me was very lackluster. these have always been highly rated rides within the community and i felt it was no more forceful than the train journey to the park. thought the trick track 3rd lifhill was really cool but other than that it was lackluster.
we didnt bother with RC Racer as neither of us can stand pirate ships. and with a constant 30 min wait i didnt want to queue for a pirate ship on rails, happy to miss this credit. same thing with the kids coaster, 50 min wait when it was up, not that bothered about 1 credit.
park asterix 24-26/05
we was knackered after 2 days of disney and not enough sleep so we got a taxi from Disney to park asterix (about 80 euro if your wondering) and decided to spend the day in the park just relaxing and doing small rides like the boat ride/ car ride/ family rides ect. was a really nice day even though we missed off osiris and toutatis on the first day. will talk about the Quese de Letuce hotel and our experience below. Ops here were absolutely incredible. The ops on osiris were super fast at getting people seated and secure. toutatis is really fun to watch for this as once the lapbars raise a 30 second countdown starts to load the next train. day 2 (25th) they was regually dispatching with 10 - 15 seconds left. day 3 was a bit later but it looked like they was training a new person. All other rides ops were brilliant. staff are friendlly and greet you as you enter every shop/ ride. some spoke english which helped us out but those that didnt were fast to get you help from someone that could. we had one trip to the medical bay for paracetomol for the missus and the medical staff knew 0 english but was more than happy to help using google translate. 10/10 customer experience there.
Tonnair 2 zues - 7/10
Backwards - we did this first with no prior experience on this coaster. we was very suprised at how good this was after hearing many accounts of how rough the coaster is since its refurb. the first 2 drops are insane going backwards, the layout feels faster and more relentless. the 90 degree banked turn and tunnel were probably my favourite on this run through.
5/10 forwards - did this later on in the day and once a day per day after that in different seats (front, back and non wheel). this was rougher than i thought it was going to be after our backwards run. its a fun coaster with a good layout and the tunnel is really cool too. but boy is it a rough one, wasnt that noticable till we got off but the headache from the rattling comes pretty fast with this ride.
Pegasse Express - 6/10
Station is really nice on this and fits really well within the greek themes lands of the surrounding area. the nice blue track realy pops and stands out. first launch isnt very kicky, has a nice little section before the lift hill. the following drop and hills are really good fun. we did this about 7 times total so had front, back and middle row rides on it, id say do the front for the indoors section. backwards launch is nice but found it to be a shame that it rises up before dropping at it slows the coaster down and doesnt have as much airtime, but this is understandable on a family coaster. backwards section is really fun although short. overall this ride is a perfect little family coaster. felt like what 13 could have been if AT where allowed more freedom during building it. be great to see more parks with a ride like this.
goudrix - 4/10
Really cool layout on this, i thought it was an arrow looper before looking it up. had a station wait so whent straight to back row and thought id get off and re-ride straight away with a front row. this decision quickly changed. i pulled down the OTS restraints and whent to raise my arms, my left arm popped through the gap and was basically stuck in the raised position. when they checked the restraint he pointed at my arm and asked if it was ok. i said yeah it feels fine but i cant move it up and down so they unlocked the car and re-did my restraint. good ops! .... after an eternity on the lift hill the overall ride was ok, although was very rough on the headbanging. after hitting the brake run i decided not to re-ride and it was a good call as i had a slight headache. (quick note on that, when we whent to the medical bay the following morning, the first thing someone asked us when we requested paracetomol was if it was from a headache on goudrix so the park are fully aware of its roughness) again, good layout but too rough. needs the python efteling treatment. tried again the following day on a none wheel seat in the middle of the train, still just as rough.
Trace Du Hourra - 5/10
Brilliant little bobsled from Mack. fits really nicely in the new toutatis festival area. front row, back row and middle row rides all done, front row is a bit more rough as it enters the straights and bounces between the 2 rails on the middle of the track. dont feel this as much the further back you are. helix's are suprisingly strong in terms of forces on this ride. not as fast as avalanche in BPB i felt but a better and longer layout
SOS Numerobis - 3/10
Cool little kids coaster. nothing really to note other than a 3 lap special. not sure if this is reduced during peak times as it took pictures on the 1st and 3rd laps but not the second. Also a heads up, the pictures on this cant be collected digitally so your digital picture pass wont work.
Vol D'lcare - 2/10
Very stale layout, rough transitions, not much theming, awkward bobsled style wasnt as comfortable as actual mack bobsleds.
Osiris - 8.5/10
This coaster was a massive suprise to me. i knew about it but did not think it was so well themed/ fun to ride. overall id say it wasnt as intense as nemisis, but i preferred the layout. actually felt 0 g during the 0 g rolls and floated out of my seat before being smacked with positive forces on the other inversions. the drops through tunnels are particuarly intense. the theming on this is the best iv seen on B+M Invert to date as i only seen the EOL queue line for dueling dragons. Again ops were on point here, dont think iv ever seen someone do seatbelts that fast before.
Toutatis - 9.5/10
New number 1 coaster for me. Initial launch is suprisingly punchy, if you sat towards the back it pretty much drags you out of the station and down the little drop into the first launch. first launch is followed by a nice airtime hill then a realy odd inversion. the inversion provides some really nice hang time before hitting the banked right turn past the camera, IMO this could have been better place but doesnt detract from the ride experience. it goes round the right hand turn picking up speed then theres a little whip right as it goes round unbanked right turn into the swing launch. i was slightly worried at the power of this launch, with RITA being the strongest id done upto this point. but it has a small section that launches you, drops down under a bridge, then comes back up into a second part of the launch so the speed gain, although packing a punch is gradual. after peaking on the top hat and rolling back, the backwards launch section is incredibly fun. you get really good handtime on the spike, followed by some ruthless ejector as you fly through the 3rd launch forward and go back under the bridge. as it peaks over the top hat it slowly down quiet considerably before slowly falling down the drop and into the first airtime hill. this absolutely tried to kick you out of the chair, giving you little time before it thrown you straight into the 2nd inversion. the 0g stall, this is the first one of these i have experienced and wow, what an element, favourite moment of the ride bar the launch. as someone who rides hands up as much as possible these are 10/10 elements and realy feel like it wants you out of your train. after this the track turns you left with a small airtime hill in the middle of the turn before some seriously whippy transitions before another airtime hill and turning right as it goes into a 90 degree banked airtime hill. it then throws you left as it goes into a heartline role, this section of the ride i found to be the most intense. after the heartline you get one more overbanked right hand turn before a double up into the break run. The entire coaster is airtime filled, feels very fast, very whippy and has great inversions/ elements. the launches are really fun and the queue line/ station building theming was great. especially with the lights as the train rolls out. overall new number 1 for me, defo a front and back ride with as far back as possible being the best for the spike/ hangtime.
overall i would absolutely come back to parc asterix and do 2 days and nights in the same hotel. The hotel (quese de letuce) is incredible to stay in, in terms of scenery, better area and rooms than the disney hotel we stayed at. although if your not a big eater id say avoid the buffett they offer at night as its £44 per adult without drinks. Although there was lots of option and we got to take deserts to the room for later. we also tried room service, which although expensive (£20 for a 10" pizza) was a better choice than the buffet for us. If you require nessesities like milk, sugar, other things then be prepared to head back towards to airport unless you have a car as there is no onsite shop available. we lost our lighter on day 1 and spent 2 days asking to borrow one from park guests or having to swap my passport to borrow one from the reception of the hotel as they dont sell lighters or matches anywhere onsite, although they sell cigarettes within the park if you ask. they offer a shuttle server from the front of the park, the airport shuttle is 6 euro each if i remember correctly.
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2023.06.05 15:56 perry1998511 I'm currently working on an app for logging film usage, but I am starting to question the designing scopes of it. I need some thoughts from you guys.

I've been working on this app since March this year as a chance to finally get into Android development.
It's based on a Markdown file I've been maintaining since I started shooting film 3 years ago, the file goes like this:

Batch 20xx-xx-xx

Film Name Manufacture Date Expiration Date Batch No. Size Color Type Process Camera Used Start Finish Light Meter ISO Marking Developed?
Kodak Portra 400 ??? 2015-03 3151 014 120 Color Negative Photo C-41
I typically get films in small batches, so it's how I group them. And whenever I do anything like loading or finishing a roll of film, I go into the file, find the film and fill in the blanks.
But this process was starting to get annoying and I had the thought of making an app to automate some of the process like giving a summary or easy access to currently using films.
The app is nearly done now and I have the intention to publish it, but the thing is, the format it bases on is made by myself without other's input, and I just realized that I don't know how others are logging this kind of thing, which makes me questioning if the app's scope was right in the first place.
I want to ask how do you guys logging your films? And what things you may want to see in an app like this?
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2023.06.05 15:56 Curly_craftee Thank you to this community for all your advice ☺️

Thank you to this community for all your advice ☺️
A few months ago I posted asking for advice about my grandmother's roses. I listened and took notes, watched YouTube videos and tried to follow as much advice as possible! This is the result. HUGE blooms the size of my hand. I've never seen them this big before. Second picture is my hand for comparison.... sorry my kids ate all the bananas 🙃 Thanks to everyone who helped me.
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2023.06.05 15:56 Mental-Ad4711 Is it possible to renew my teaching license?

Hi! First year teacher here, and I’m looking for some advice/info. I recently got a job at a private school, and I’m really looking forward to having my own class after substituting in the public school system this past semester. I’m not really sure how long I want to stay at this private school, due to how far away it is from my current living situation and a couple of other factors. I took the job because it’s difficult to find jobs in my area and I thought it would be good to at least get a year or two of experience before I transition back into the public school system. I have worked in the environment before and loved the people and atmosphere, as well as the kids that attend.
Here is where I need some guidance. I have my IPL, which is only good for 3 years. The website says that it is non-renewable and that I must fulfill the requirements in a public school setting before I move onto a continuing license, but it really doesn’t give me anymore information than that. If I decide to leave this private school after a year or two, is there anything that I can do to move to my continuing license? Would I be required to go back to school, or is there something else I’m able to do? Or will I be unable to get a continuing license? I’m worried I might have made a big mistake by accepting the job, but I really hope not because I was really looking forward to it. Any help is appreciated!
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2023.06.05 15:55 AbolishTimHortons Debating purchasing a 2013 c300 4matic

I currently drive a 2009 C230 with about 147 000km on it (owned by my family since 2012 and I've been driving it since 2018) but I sadly have to part with it soon as I'm moving and will be doing frequent hour long back-and-forth trips from my university to home. I would love to keep mine as it has been super reliable, and I have maybe once had to actually get something fixed over the years, but it's starting to have some electrical issues and my mom thinks I might as well just get a new one.
I've been browsing for a new car the last few days and a 2013 C300 4matic really caught my eye. It only has a single owner, clean carfax and inspection by a mercedes dealership (they're the ones selling it), no accident reports, provided service history and only about 45 000km on it priced at $18k CAD (so about 13.4k usd).
My mom thinks I should go for it since I prefer how the older models look and feel (we own a 2020 GLC300 & have owned a 2015 C400, both of which I have driven extensively) . I have no interest in upgraded media systems and whatnot so that's not something I'm factoring in either.
There are some much newer CLAs at that pricepoint near me, but their carfax is a little shady and CLAs in general have never really interested me. I want something really reliable that can sustain me for the next 4 years at least.
My dad was really the biggest merc fan before he passed and I kinda want to carry that on which is also why I'm less inclined towards other makes. I just don't know if I should go for it or if it would be a stupid move. Hoping to get you guys' input on this - anything helps :)
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2023.06.05 15:55 Colourblindness The Orphan Lottery

I’m about to die.
I’m going to die and the family that just adopted me are going to be responsible.
Right now I’m locked in a room waiting to be taken to surgery where my organs will be harvested and god knows what will happen to my body.
I’m not supposed to even have a cell but I have to get this message out.
If not for my sake, for the health and safety of countless orphans that are out there and will be used for these people.
They aren’t my real family.
And maybe I was never meant to have one anyway.
But one thing for sure.
The Orphan Lottery is a lie.
If you had told me that exact phrase four days ago, I would have said you were crazy.
I’ve been waiting to have my name called all my life.
My name is Derek, and yes I’m an orphan. I grew up in a residential center in south London alongside about a dozen other kids just like me. We all had different stories about how we got here, disasters or disease or something in between. The world has changed and it hasn’t been kind to us.
For me it was a fire. I lost my family when I was seven and it burnt half of my body.
When I was placed at the orphanage they said I was lucky.
“We have a special program here that helps children like you called the Orphan Lottery,” the Headmaster said.
It was a horrible name but as she explained it, the way it worked made sense.
“There are literally millions of families that want to adopt. Unfortunately for the most part everyone wants to have a newborn, an infant. They want a child that they can call theirs. Older orphans are usually swept under the rug. My predecessor felt this was unfair, wouldn’t you agree?”
Before I could even voice a response, they just kept rattling on about how great the program was.
I have to admit I was impressed especially with the accolades they gave it.
“The lottery is designed to counteract a cruel world. Precisely once a month when a family comes to us for adoption purposes we pull a name from random for the selection. These families are more… well to do, they donate more to our programs and they understand that every child we take care of here deserves a fighting chance to get to live a normal life.”
I got to see how the lottery worked less than a week after coming to the orphanage.
All of us were huddled into a small assembly room where we normally had breakfast and told to pick numbers. Then we sat and listened to an intercom broadcast of the local news and weather like normal, before finally a number was called out.
It was a young girl about three rows in front of me. She leapt up, waving the number excitedly from side to side. Then two men in white coats entered the room and congratulated her before our normal duties resumed.
It was a simple and clean process but for someone like me, that was sure I was going to be trapped in the orphanage for life; it was profound.
Winning the lottery was going to be my only way out of here.
There were some skeptics, and I wish dearly I had listened to them before my name was called. A close friend of mine, Peter, wasn’t sure about any of it. Some of us made jokes and called him paranoid Pete. How I wish we had actually listened.
“It’s odd that we don’t get any testimonials from people that have been adopted isn’t it? They can come and tell us about how the families are taking care of them, how the lottery benefited them and stuff,” he said. Peter had been there since he was five.
“You’re just mad your name has never been called,” someone said.
“I hope it never gets called. Something about all of it is fishy.”
But I didn’t want to doubt.
I knew it could possibly be too good to be true, but I didn’t want it to be.
I had to wait two years before my name was finally called. It can be hard to just toss aside your hopes and dreams after that long.
But when my number came up during the morning routine, I felt someone shove something into my back pocket as the two men entered to escort me to what I thought was freedom.
I didn’t get a chance to realize it was a cell phone until I was well away from the orphanage.
The family that took me in seemed nice enough at first. Not very chatty because even when I asked them what I should call them, neither the man or woman bothered to respond.
They did quickly introduce me to their son though, a boy about my age named Andrew.
Andrew was on oxygen and looked to be in severe pain every time he took a breath. He gave me a look that told me he was suffering.
“Everything will be taken care of on Friday, dear,” the woman said, kissing his forehead.
No red flags went off yet. But the second night after an awkward and quiet dinner, Andrew snuck into the guest room where they were keeping me.
“You need to leave,” he rasped.
I sat up and ruffled my hair. “Why would I do that? I have wanted this my whole life.”
“You want to die? Because that is what will happen to you if you stay here,” he snapped.
His voice was trembling and I asked if he was okay.
“Don’t you get it? My parents selected you to give me your lungs. They are going to hire a surgeon and kill you!”
I almost laughed at the insane notion. But Andrew was dead serious.
“You’re just trying to scare me,” I said.
Then he pulled out his phone and showed me a video of a girl. I recognized her from the orphanage. She was already dead in the clip, her eyes removed. And another child was being given surgery for those exact optical implants.
“This is what the lottery is for. They don’t want to give you a chance at family… they want to give other families a chance at life that has been taken.”
I wanted to think it was a lie and I even got angry and shoved him. His parents came in, took him away and locked me in my room.
That was yesterday. I have been waiting ever since.
The father came in one time to… I think he wanted to apologize for what was about to happen?
“You must understand that the chances of adoption for an orphan dwindle away every single year. Families are content, we are taken care of and peaceful these days. We have no need for wastes of oxygen in society. And I’m sure you agree that you don’t want to be stuck at that dreadful place all your life…”
I’ve been trying to think of what to say and how to make it clear to anyone else out there what is happening; but I’m not sure anyone will believe me. I’ve used the internet and checked everywhere I can think of, no one has heard of the orphan lottery. It’s been a huge lie that was only told to us.
I can hear them coming now. Please, if you do believe me… save the others.
Give them that hope that has been maliciously stolen.
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2023.06.05 15:55 lepasho Purchasing history of properties.

So, life is happening and my job transfered me to this amazing city. I am in the process of purchasing my first home here in the city (previous owner in NS).
That being said, I am a bit surprised my realtor told me buyers dont have access to the list if past purchasing transactions, is this true? Or is the realtor doing some shady things?
Buyers have access (most of the time) to the purchasing history in NS and identify flippers or cheap renovations some times.
Also, Is it possible to review the treasury documents of apartments by myself?, or do I have to pay a document reviewer everytime? (approx $500) each time.
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2023.06.05 15:55 baltimorecalling building Building

building Building submitted by baltimorecalling to NianticWayfarer [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:55 nlaverde11 AITA here?

Still new to beer league and trying to figure out what is acceptable and what is frowned upon. Playing our D league game last night and the goalie thinks he has it under his pad but its loose and I take a whack at it and miss but hit him in the pads. Ref blows it dead a second later and the goalie gets all pissed at me telling me to calm down. I said "I'm just playing to the whistle, the puck was loose" and the guy starts chirping at me like I'm acting like there's scouts in the stands or some shit. I dunno, thought it was weird but I also don't want to be "that guy" who looks like he's trying too hard. Would you all have tried to make a play on the puck in that situation?
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2023.06.05 15:55 kt-19 Food Prep Before Surgery

Hi everyone, I am having surgery in a little over a week and I've been looking for meals to prep ahead of time that will be easy to reheat. My mom will be here to take care of me for the first few days post surgery and then I'll be on my own, so I was thinking of freezing some meals for the time after she has left. I'm really struggling to find anything that will fall in line with the post-op food recommendations though (no beans, meats, leafy vegetables, or dairy). Should I still be concerned about those food restrictions a few days post surgery? Does anyone have recommendations for food that will fall within those categories and freeze well? I've never really frozen food before so I'm not sure what will hold well and what won't.
This is my second laparoscopy and I didn't really follow the food restrictions during the first one, just took Mira-Lax and I was generally fine (had a bowel movement on day 3 and was back to regular after that). However, during that surgery, they just took biopsies, and during my upcoming surgery, there are plans for excision, IUD placement, and a potential appendectomy. I'm not sure if that will impact my ability to get my gut health back to normal on a similar timeline.
Any advice would be appreciated on either recipes or thoughts on when the food restrictions are less of a concern.
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2023.06.05 15:55 AmbassadorNo9072 How to be an entrepreneur when I don’t even have a particular industry or product in mind

I always wanted entrepreneurship but I didn’t come from a family of one so it was taboo. I did multi level marketing at first but failed then I did online business with friends during the pandemic. It was good but sold it because I have to move to Kyoto for MBA.
Yes, I’m doing MBA now because it’s a dream of my mother for me to pursue higher studies. But as a person who read a lot of books on entrepreneurship, MBA is frowned upon. But nonetheless, I am enjoying MBA now because I think I never really paid attention to classes way back in the university.
Now, I’m in the process of doing my master thesis and something has been keeping me up all night. Maybe the pressure of getting a good ROI from this MBA investment.
I am afraid I won’t get a better job or I won’t get into a business after this.
Now, I just want to ask how did you guys got into entrepreneurship? Is it from a passion project? Did you identify a market and worked from there? Were you exposed in entrepreneurship because of your family? Or you just got tired from corporate and wanted your own time?
I want entrepreneurship but whenever people ask me, I still don’t know what business, what product/service, what industry I want.
Am I worthy of this field?
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2023.06.05 15:55 DrRavineOfficial [Deep Sixed] Chapter 69: Back To Headspace

Sunny is going to bring back Mari, but there is a problem? They have to go to his Headspace to find a key component on Mr. X machine.
One day, Sunny was sleeping, and he got a phone call from his mom, after a long time.
*Sunny's POV*
*Sunny's phone rings*
Aubrey: Sunny, would you turn off the phone?
Sunny: It just rang in the middle on the night, what's going on this time? *Checks phone* It's my mom.
Aubrey: You mean our mom?
Sunny: Oh, technically yes. *Picks up call* Hello?
Sunny's Mom: Oh hey Sunny, it's been a while since we talk to each other. So how's Aubrey?
Sunny: She's fine, but why would you call me in the middle of the night?
Sunny's Mom: I have something to show you. Come at the coordinates that I'm going to send you to the messages.
Sunny: Ok. *checks the image in the messages* Here? Why?
Sunny's Mom: You'll see, and I think you will be happy when you see it.
Sunny: Ok, I love you mom.
Sunny's Mom: I love you both. *Call ends*
Aubrey: So what's going on with your mom?
Sunny: I think she wants us to go there. I think something's wrong.
Aubrey: Why don't we go, we never see her since for a while.
Sunny: Well, let's go tomorrow.
The next day, we went to the place where my mom wants us to go.
Aubrey: So, this is where she wants us to go, right?
Sunny: I think so, we followed the map.
So we went into the door, and we found Sunny's mom, waiting for us.
Sunny's Mom: Children, you're here!
Sunny: Yeah what do you want us here?
Sunny's Mom: Come this way, this should make us happy for all.
Aubrey: I'm scared.
Sunny: I know, she has been through so much, which includes us.
As we enter the room, a voice of someone we never heard of.
????: Hello Suzuki family, you finally came. It's time to act the plan together Ms. Sunny.
Molly and Jonathan, just hang out like they usually do.
*Molly's POV*
Molly: So, what are you going to do for your third year of college?
Jonathan: A lot of self improvement, and then try to research on how do I became a human again.
Molly: I don't think that's possible, but why don't we ask Omega Domino to do so?
Jonathan: We just can't request Domino to do that, we need to do something worthy just to do it.
Molly: Oh, well that sucks, but don't worry, I'll be here whenever you need me.
Jonathan: And you will be the person that I would never, try to hurt you.
Molly: Awww. Well, so what are we going to do?
Jonathan: I don't know, maybe you have something to do?
Then I got a phone call from Mr. X.
Molly: Mr. X, wazzup?
Mr. X: I need your help, and bring some people with you and some weapons to fight.
Molly: Ok? *Call ends* Jonathan, were going on an adventure. But first we need to bring in some people and some weapons.
Jonathan: What?
Few hours later...
Sasha: So Mr. X called you and told us to come here?
Molly: Yes, and I don't know why. Maybe they manage to make the portal stable?
Dorian: Who is Mr. X?
Jonathan: A bald person who works in the government and made crazy inventions.
Dorian: I wanna see that guy.
So we reach the place where Mr. X runs a lab, which is where he created a portal that supposed to lead us to Amphibia.
Mr. X: Hello kids, seems like you brought some extra help.
Sasha: I don't trust you. One time you got us stuck in a different dimension for a week.
Mr. X: I know, but now we fixed it. We just need to set a target location on the other side of the portal where it spawns, and the test subject voluntarily sets it in the White Space on his mind.
Dorian: White Space?
Molly: Uh oh, I think I know who the text subject is... SUNNY!
So we ran to the room where the portal was located, and we saw Sunny's body in a contraption, where there is a dead body right next to it.
Molly: Oh my gosh, what did you do to Sunny?
Aubrey: I'm so sorry, there's a reason why we did it. There is something in Sunny's mind that we just need to do this.
Molly: Do What!?
Aubrey: That one.
So the dead body that was right next to Sunny is her used to be his older sister. Mari, and Mr. X found a way to revive her.
Sasha: Oh my gosh, who's that?
Molly: I think, it's-
Aubrey: Mari. It has been 24 years since she died. When Sunny shut himself in, his mother met Mr. X, who was young at that time and he wants to donate her body to him, just to do an experiment. Thanks to cryogenics, she's intact, although a lot of the process has been made.
Molly: Process, what process?
Mr. X: Repairing her spinal cord after internal decapitation, which is the cause of her death. It took a lot of effort to repair the spinal cord with the help of the doctors from around the world secretly. That took 14 years to do it.
Jonathan: That was so damn impressive that you managed to do this, but why didn't you want to show it to the world?
Mr. X: It's too long, so we need to find another way. And this one is experimental that is too risky and the legal and moral problems that it needs to face in society.
Molly: So what are you going to do to her?
Mr. X: Were going to revive her.
Molly: Using Sunny's soul?
Aubrey: No, we use something to our imagination and bring it to reality.
Sasha: That seems dumb.
Aubrey: No, it's not. A long time ago, Sunny made a headspace from the first four years during Mari's death. His headspace was a place to survive during is shut in phase on his life. When I lived with him, we both filled in with crazy headspace plans that can help Sunny's future outside life. And then we came up with a plan to revive Mari by trying to create a life jam, which is called the Ultimate Life Jam that can actually revive a dead person, not a toast of bread after defeat. Problem is, this was on his mind and there is no way to replicate it in real life. Right now, he hasn't gone back to the headspace for a long time and we forget where we put the Ultimate Life Jam.
Molly: Who's plan was this?
Sunny's Mom: My plan. I spent so much hard work that I rarely interact with Sunny during his 4 years of shut in. I tried to help him by giving things he needed to survive, until we moved into a new place where Mr. X's base was near me.
Molly: Ms. Suzuki?
Sunny's Mom: I know. We were grieving a lot, and I'm the only one who can't recover at all.
Jonathan: I'm not sure if this should work, but I want to see what Sunny's headspace looks like.
Mr. X: Well that signs it. So what weapons did you bring?
We show all of the weapons that we brought to fight something in headspace.
Mr. X: Molly, why did you use a violin as a weapon?
Molly: It has Nokia strength, and I have calamity powers to back it up.
Mr. X: Sasha just brought a sword. You could have a cooler sword just like what Jonathan has.
Sasha: It was forge on Amphibia you know?
Mr. X: Jonathan, you are having a hard time using the sword, right?
Jonathan: I know, but this sword can float mid air.
Mr. X: Ok? So Dorian, you bought-
Dorian: A glock?
Mr. X: 45 caliber bullets? This seems fine. Do you have extra rounds?
Dorian: Yes, 200 ammo, and probably more lootbox in Sunny's mind.
Mr. X: Hmmm, I think you're all set and Sunny is in a state of controlled coma, which has a 24 hour time limit in our time to retrieve the jam, but we can wake him up if you finish it early though.
Molly: I won't disappoint you.
Jonathan: Uhhh, I think 24 hours will not be enough to find something in his headspace?
Aubrey: I have to remind you, time runs 48x slower in headspace, so you have a lot of time to go around and explore in the headspace.
Dorian: 48x slower, so that means we have 48 days. That's cool but we wouldn't waste it, right?
Jonathan: I'm skeptical.
After this, Mr. X reactivated the portal again, and it all leads to Sunny's headspace, or I like to call it, his infraverse.
Mr. X: Terri will keep you in touch on your headspace adventures.
Molly: Got it!👍
Mr. X: Alright, the portal will be activated in 3, 2, 1. *Portal activates*
Dorian: ... Ok, so we go in?
Jonathan: Of course we go in.
Then we went into the portal, and it landed us in Sunny's headspace, which was the most central part of his mind.
Molly: Where are we?
Jonathan: Were in Sunny's mind.
Molly: According to me, you will see his inner version of himself.
Sasha: This feels creepy.
Molly: Of course, it used to be scarier during the first four years, but as the time passes, he said that it gotten less scary since he managed to control himself to not let his alter ego take over his mind.
Dorian: Alter ego? Who is it?
Then we saw Sunny, in his inner form of his mind, panicking.
Molly: Sunny?
Sunny: Oh my gosh! How did you all get in my mind? I didn't plan to make you all in my headspace.
Jonathan: We used Mr. X's contraption to travel into different places, and he sets it to your mind and you have something to do about it, right?
Sunny: Oh, you mean the Ultimate Life Jam? Well you can take the jam, because I can't get it out on my mind. But since you weren't, you can bring it into the real world.
Sasha: Oh, I now the context on what Mr. X wants us to do: Find the life jam thing in Sunny's mind and bring it out in the real world using Mr. X portal.
Molly: He said that he won't open the portal until we get the jam or the time runs out. By the way, what's the problem?
Sunny: Look.
So he sent us to the control room in the White Space, which is where everything in his mind was controlled.
Sunny: So this is my headspace control room, and this is where my world is controlled. Normally, before I wake up, I must shut the headspace down to avoid incidents in the headspace when I was gone. However I forgot to turn it off one day and left it for NEARLY A DECADE!
Molly: So, is there a problem after leaving it for a while?
Sunny: Well, based on the map.... 4/10 headspace sectors are in serious situation right now. First is the Otherworld is in constant war with the Infinity world, which they are constantly suppressed by each other, then In Sweethearts Castle, there is a huge issue because Perfectheart deposed Sweetheart and it didn't go well for the townspeople, then someone breached my prison that I made for Dreamworld Kel from Dankistsn.
Sasha: Dreamworld Kel? Who's that?
Molly: Did you just imagined Kel as a prisoner?
Sunny: I just locked him in because if I set free one of the main 3 Dreamworld destroyers, Omori will come out and destroy me, including my mental health.
Jonathan: Oh no, we can't just go on and let Dreamworld Kel do destruction, I want to showcase the pain now?
Sunny: Well, we should get out using one of the doors that leads to outside White Space.
Molly: Can we go now? I want to see what is the rest of your mind be like?
Sunny: Ok, ok, let's go.
So we go outside the White Space and explore to save the Dreamworld. This is where the new adventure starts.
Snake: Sunny? Who are these guys?
Sunny: Oh, these arent in my mind, and they came from the real world.
Snake: How?
Sunny: Some portal contraption made by a bald scientist.
Snake: Hmmm, I'm gonna ask them. Hey blonde girl with a dye on her hair, why are you here!?
Molly: I'm Molly, and we are going to find the Ultimate Life Jam to revive Mari, in real life!
Snake: Sunny loved her so much... He wants her back, right?
Molly: Most likely yes, according to his accounts.
Snake: It's true. The sun shined brighter when she was around, but one accident was enough to send her into her demise.
Molly: I know the story, he accidentally pushed her down stairs and framed her death as a suicide, not realizing she was still alive.
Snake:... Did you tell that story to her?
Sunny: Yes. She also wonders what she was like when she's alive.
Snake:... Hmmm, that seems great, because we have a replica of her when she was still alive. He uses her to talk to his problems out
Molly: I want to see her!
Snake: Go for it. Sunny, here's your allowance, 30 clams to go around the world.
Sunny: Thanks snake.
We went outside White Space, and we're in the Vast Forest part of his Headspace.
Sunny: Welcome to the Vast Forest, be careful of hostile sprout moles, they are hostile when they are lost.
Sasha: How hostile are they?
Sunny: Very hostile...
So there was a path that leads to a playground, which was now abandoned after 15 years of stagnation. In the abandoned playground, a treehouse was built on the center of the playground itself.
Underneath the tree, we saw Mari, and acted like what she could have been when she was still alive.
Sunny: Mari, I'm back!
Headspace Mari: Sunny!
Under the tree...
Headspace Mari: Where have you been?
Sunny: Focusing myself in real life. A lot of things has happened. Getting a job, having a wife, and raising two kids.
Headspace Mari: Oh my gosh, that's a lot, but who are those guys? Did you programed it up into your imagination?
Dorian: No, were real humans, we came from real life.
HeadspaceMari: Oh, thats what happened.
Sunny: And I forgot to shut the headspace down when I was gone, and now there is chaos in some places and I need to fix it with the help of them.
Molly: So you're Mari, before you died, right?
Headspace Mari: Yes. I'm basically a replica of real life Mari, and I'm aware the real one died after accident.
Jonathan: Listen here, we're going on an adventure in this place and we're looking for the Ultimate Life Jam.
Headspace Mari: Ultimate Life Jam? Oh the life jam that can revive anyone that didn't die as a toast. I don't know where but it was being abandoned for a long time because Sunny forgot to shut the headspace down when he left.
Sunny: Yeah it's my fault and now there are some places in Headspace that are now suffering from humanitarian crisis and I decided to ask them for some help.
Headspace Mari: Oh, well if you need to fight, then here are some food and items that can help you in battle. You already have weapons right?
Everyone in my group: *raises all of their available weapons*
Headspace Mari: That's a, lethal weapon choice. That can work.
So we analyzed the food and items that she gave us. She gave:
- 5 toast - 5 hotdogs - 3 life jam packets - 2 Banana smoothie - 5 rubber bands - and a disposable shield, which helps to negate damage.
Dorian: Life jam packets? I don't think we need to go further.
Sunny: Those aren't Ultimate Life Jam though, but they function as a way to revive in the battle.
Headspace Mari: So, are you ready to tackle your own world after more than a decade of working in real life?
Sunny: Well, I'm ready. Guys, are you ready too?
Jonathan: Is it ok to cause as much damage as possible?
Sunny: Well yes, you can.
Molly: LETS GOOO!!!
Sasha: I have a bad feeling about this...
Dorian: Just let them enjoy, seeing these two side by side is pretty entertaining because Molly and Jonathan's dynamic is somehow worth it.
Sasha: Yeah, it should.
Headspace Mari: Also meet Headspace Basil when you are going around. He is somewhere though.
Sunny: Got it! 👍
Then we go around the adventure to fix Sunny's Headspace Humanitarian Crisis, then find the Ultimate Life Jam to be given to Mr. X
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2023.06.05 15:55 BeautifulDirection20 Overstimulated at retail job. It‘s making me want to just stay home and avoid people (almost) entirely at this point in time. I only meant to be in retail 1-2 years after college but it‘s all I could ever get into.

With grad school, I can look for something better but my God, I want out now. I started working retail back in 2006 or 2007, took a college break until about 2013, returned…and it‘s never been that much fun.
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2023.06.05 15:55 ismisemichelle Why can't people just accept I don't want kids?

I was at my niece's christening this weekend, where I was very happy to be Godmother (we're in Ireland, where even if you're not devout Catholic christenings are the done thing). My 3 bio sisters (V, A & R) all have children and I love them dearly, but at 31, I don't have any. I have a dog and 3 cats and a partner of 9 years that I'm more than happy with. I've finally started to feel like I'm getting somewhere in life. After years out of work due to my mental health (BPD) I finally started working again last year and am going to start a new job this month in a field I'm really excited about with a great salary.
But on Saturday, all people could ask me about was when they'd be having the "next christening", i.e. my child, even my sister A made comment about me being broody when I was trying to put my niece to sleep (trying to a good godmotheauntie so my sister R could enjoy herself). I've been very open with my family that I don't want kids & that I'm more than happy being the cool aunt that my nieces and nephews can come to for anything. Like I said, I don't hate children, I love them very much in small doses but I don't want to be a parent full time. Not that it needs explaining but I get overwhelmed very easily and don't think it would be fair to bring a child into this world - particularly when I struggle to take care of myself most days. My family have fostered for more than 20 years so I know the damage that can be done to a child, even if they're fortunate enough to leave a bad situation early.
Why can no one just accept that I don't want to be a mother? Why do people keep assuming it's okay to discuss my reproducing or not? I have thought about this for a long time, I'm not gonna "change my mind" and even if I do, there are plenty of children who need homes already. Why can't I just be allowed to be the childless aunt without people assuming there's something wrong with me, that I'm selfish or I'm missing something in my life? I'm entitled to be happy, after years of trying to figure it out I know what will make me happy and kids aren't it.
Sorry for the long post, but I don't have many people I can actually discuss this with.
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2023.06.05 15:55 VideoGuyDudeMan Can someone take a look at my system and tell me why it's so bogged down?

My system is so bogged down and I don't understand why. It's taking 20 minutes just to "create proxy jobs" in premiere pro. It's around 300 clips from a Canon C70. The responsiveness in the app is terrible. Press play, way 2 seconds for it to respond.
Playback the CPU is maxed out, but creating the proxy jobs it's settled around 40% and still taking for ever to simply make the jobs in encoder, not even encoding them. I would think my system could handle Canon 4k 60fps pretty decently, but maybe it's just not up to the task.
I'm working with c70, 4k 60fps footage on a custom pc with a Ryzen 3900x, 64GB ram, and a GTX 1080.
The project is on an internal 500GB SSD that's about 75% full, and footage is on an external SSD that's about half full.
Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.05 15:54 degenerating-- Her first day of her first job

Ex has changed careers and today is the first day of her new career where she’s finally moved from odd jobs to a proper corporate role. She’s been excited for this for months and the day has come. She’s starting today, and I have been thinking about it all morning. I know I don’t want to miss out on her excitement. I want to hear her voice and the excitement about everything. But I also know I will be missing out on today. And not just today, but all the days after today as well. All the little excitements and the big ones. I’ll not hear about any of them. As sad as that makes me right now, I know that’s the way to go. I hate this but this is the only way. I’d gotten so desperate that at a point I was willing to text her best friend to wish ex through the best friend. I haven’t spoken to her best friend since the breakup. The best friend was a friend I made through the ex and the best friend went NC as well. after the breakup. I’m not doing it. Just some strength so I could hold my ground. Thanks.
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