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Discussions and announcements related to craft beer in the state of Connecticut, with links and maps to breweries, calendar of events, brewmaster AMAs, and more.

2023.06.05 15:37 Background_Studio_36 My boyfriends RJ is slowly ruining us

How do you help your partner with their RJ? This is still new to me, my boyfriend of 8 months has developed RJ in our relationship and we both are having an extremely hard time dealing with it. I didn’t even know what RJ was until I started doing research about his behavior a few months ago. I’ve read to not answer questions but that is pretty impossible to do in my case because if I respond to a question by saying “I don’t want to talk about this” or “I don’t know” he thinks I’m hiding something when in reality, I don’t know the real answer. My boyfriend doesn’t know any people from my past personally but he has asked me for a few of their names and has looked them up on social media which I know doesn’t help him. I feel so bad that he is dealing with this. He looks at my past and thinks I didn’t value myself and that I was lost and weak, meanwhile I look at it as my own journey that lead me to meet him, and his brought him to me. Little background, I (23f) have had two boyfriends, one in high school and one in college, dated each for about a year. They both cheated on me. He (26m) has had two girlfriends, one in high school and one maybe two or three years ago, both of which he cheated on. In between my relationships I have had a few casual partners. He doesn’t have the prettiest past either, he can’t even count how many girls he has been with. Not a big deal to me. I am not worried about him cheating on me whatsoever, and he knows that I would never do that to him. I want to be with him more than anything, but this RJ is getting out of control. I just want to love him and give him affection 24/7, but his mood is so unpredictable now. He can wake up mad at me about something from my past when we went to bed on great terms. That will ruin our morning. He has come home from work, thinking about my past, and start asking me the same questions, once again - there goes the rest of our day. He’s gotten triggered at a restaurant, we didn’t even end up eating that night. My biggest issue is that I can become defensive during the interrogation because of past arguments we’ve had, where he has called me names or told me he can do better than me, that he settled, the only way I can help him is by leaving, etc. I am really trying to not react that way but I get so easily offended by him. It just sucks because we haven’t really been together for too long, and I feel like majority of this relationship has been spent arguing and digging deeper into my past. He and I do have a great connection, RJ aside we have a beautiful relationship, I’m just scared he’s going to wake up one day and not want to be with me anymore. If that happens though I would understand, I don’t want him to suffer by being with someone who triggers this in him. I love him a lot and would appreciate some advice or words of encouragement. Thank you :)
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2023.06.05 15:17 stonescoldtakes NFL Update: 05/29/2023 - 06/04/2023 - OTAs Week 2!!!

— Individual Team News + Stone’s Cold Takes
— Miscellaneous/Other NFL News
— Restaurant of the Week - Pittsburgh
Arizona Cardinals:
This team cannot unload folks fast enough it seems. They are now looking to potentially move on from LB Isaiah Simmons who in many folks eyes has not lived up to the hype from the draft. WE shall see if they can get anything for him if they do decide to move on. The storyline I am most interested in watching this year here is first how long Kyler Murray will be out and second how rookie QB Clayton Tune is developing. It seems like they took him so they could try out a young QB in the interim while Murray is working his way back. Apparently thus far he has been doing well in OTAs.
Atlanta Falcons:
Not too much news from the Falcons but many will be excited to hear about Kyle Pitts expected to be back for the season opener. Hopefully this is the year he can really break out but a lot will depend on the QB Desmond Ridder actually being able to throw him the ball unlike the past quarterbacks he has had who have not made things easy.
Baltimore Ravens:
Good news here because receiver seems to be a position where the Ravens have struggled to get good production. With new OC Todd Monken that should start to change and with an added emphasis on the passing game it inevitably should change as more throws are made.
Buffalo Bills:
Great move here signing Ed Oliver to his extension. He is a key piece of that d-line and helps hold them together. I personally don’t believe they or really any of the other teams that have said they are out on DeAndre Hopkins actually are. To me it appears more to be a message saying they are not going to be paying him the money that WR Odell Beckham got earlier this offseason. Only time will tell. Great news for the team that EDGE Von Miller should be back by the season opener. Personally though I would take my time with him and would be overly cautious to make sure he is fully healthy. Hopefully that is by week 1!
Carolina Panthers:
The hype appears to be real for the Bryce Young but it is what every team says about their rookie quarterback who is a top pick so hard to decipher how folks are actually feeling. I am excited about how Frank Reich will use WR Laviska Shenault because I have always been impressed with his athletic ability and expected him to break out more. It seems this could have been the type of role he has been waiting for.
Chicago Bears:
A lot of news around the future stadium of the Bears. It appeared a couple weeks ago that everything was moving along as planned and no issues had come up. This week there was nothing but concerns and problems. I wonder if these are all real storylines or if it is something they are using to try and negotiate more with the government to get help with the stadium. In more football news is appears that WR DJ Moore and QB Justin Fields are enjoying working together and developing a good connection. This is important to give Fields someone he can trust like he did his receivers at Ohio State.
Cincinnati Bengals:
Not too much football news here but they appear to be ready to take on the Chiefs again this year and make a deep playoff run. Also, it appears at this point that the team will keep RB Joe Mixon based on comments from the team and HC Zac Taylor. This offense per usual will be an exciting one to watch.
Cleveland Browns:
Good news and good vibes are finally coming out of Cleveland. Feels like it has been while. QB Deshaun Watson appears to be benefitting from having a full offseason and getting work in with his new receivers. He has been pushing hard for Hopkins and the Browns would make sense as a good landing spot for him given the prior relationship Watson and Hopkins had during their time in Houston. I have been pleasantly surprised by how well things appear to be going so far this offseason.
Dallas Cowboys:
Similar to the Bills I don’t think the Cowboys are actually out on Hopkins but probably sending a message that he needs to bring down his asking price. I wonder sometimes if they are still saving room for RB Ezekiel Elliott to come back here and play especially with them gaining the $10.9m in cap space after the deadline. Also, hopefully the team can get something done with CB Trevon Diggs sooner rather than later because he has been an impactful piece on defense despite the big plays he occasionally gives up because he can change a game with one of his interceptions.
Denver Broncos:
Not too much news here but they did find their replacement for K Brandon McManus in Elliott Fry. I would say less news from this team this offseason is better because ever since QB Russell Wilson struggled it seemed like the media was out to get him and the team any chance they had. HC Sean Payton must be running a pretty tight ship.
Detroit Lions:
All good news this week which should be good for morale. Seems they have strung together a couple good weeks during their OTAs. Great to see that RB Jahymr Gibbs is getting some reps in and showcasing his abilities that made the team feel the need to spend a high draft pick on him. Great to see as well that Penei Sewell at the young age of 22 taking on a leadership role and getting good work in as well. With that said OC Ben Johnson could be prepping and is expecting for the offense to have a big year.
Green Bay Packers:
It appears that it may be a bit tough in the post Aaron Rodgers era as expected. However, it does sound like there is less front office drama now that they are not having to work with him in the offseason. Time will tell whether the drama was more caused by a lack of good communication as Rodgers claimed recently or by the former Packers QB himself.
Houston Texans:
Good news about CJ Stroud but again as I mentioned with Bryce Young it is hard to find a team that drafted a top QB in the draft not raving about their quarterbacks progress at this point. The joint practices they have setup will be great for QB CJ Stroud. The Dolphins and Saints should each have tough defenses this year and will give Stroud a bit better of an idea of what to expect from an NFL defense in a real game.
Indianapolis Colts:
Looks like the Colts are trying to get receiver help but haven’t decided on any yet. This is the team that should go out and get Hopkins. They need a true #1 receiver and Josh Downs while I think he will be really good would benefit from having a big bodied possession type receiver in Hopkins. Also, it would give QB Anthony Richardson more of a safety net in terms of a WR that can help him progress and see things that he may not have picked up on otherwise.
Jacksonville Jaguars:
I am really excited for the Jaguars this season. They are kind of the forgotten team in the NFL most years but appear to be poised to make a deep playoff run this year. WR Calvin Ridley is going to be a huge difference maker this year and should benefit from QB Trevor Lawrence continuing to progress going into his 3rd NFL season.
Kansas City Chiefs:
Sad news to hear about Norma Hunt’s passing as the whole league mourned and sent their condolences. They are also supposedly out on Hopkins which I believe means they are really saying we need you to come down on price. The Chiefs though per usual have revealed though their secret weapon in WR Justyn Ross who many had forgotten about due to him sitting out with an injury his rookie year. It looks like Ross may be back to prior form when he was making plays at Clemson with Trevor Lawrence.
Las Vegas Raiders:
Even though the media and some fans were starting to worry about Jimmy G’s foot surgery it does not appear McDaniels has any worries about him missing time because of it. Will be interesting to see what the team ends up doing with Renfrow with all signs from earlier in the offseason pointing towards a release or trade.
Los Angeles Chargers:
Not much news here but it was great news to get confirmation from OT Rashawn Slater regarding his health and to hear WR Keenan Allen’s thoughts on rookie WR Quentin Johnson. This team should give us what they think they will every year and go far in the playoff this year.
Los Angeles Rams:
Not much news here but signed WR Tyler Johnson who can help them make some big splashy plays on offense. DC Raheem Morris helped saved a drowning child and credited his AED training. Always cool to hear these stories about NFL coaches and players leaping into action to help and save other in the community.
Miami Dolphins:
This team appears to be click on all levels so far this offseason and there appears to be a lot more good coming with the team working to get a Wilkins extension done before the season and may even still end up with RB Dalvin Cook here soon. Tua being completely healthy at this point doesn’t feel like much of a surprise but it does appear that he is trying to take on more of a leadership role after finding his confidence last year. My main worry though with Tua is that last year he still was very much a rhythm quarterback in my mind so when he got knocked off that rhythm he had some really bad games. However, when he was able to keep in rhythm he at times looked like the best passer in the league. It will be key this offseason now that he knows the offense to be able to play off rhythm when necessary and make those plays that the top quarterbacks in the league make if he wanting to take the next step.
Minnesota Vikings:
It appears that the Vikings are in a holding pattern and I imagine are hoping to get a trade package they approve of for RB Dalvin Cook. Sooner or later though it appears that Dalvin Cook will not be with the Vikings this year. Big win though for the fans and locals in Minnesota with the team paying off their stadium early and saving taxpayers a bunch of money. Might get some more buy in from good press like that.
New England Patriots:
Not much news here but it appears things are moving along really well in comparison with last year at this time. QB Mac Jones seems happy and is working hard. It will be tough for this Patriots team with how stacked the division is but maybe a big move to get Hopkins and some improvement from the offense and Mac Jones and who knows they may be right up there with everyone else in the division.
New Orleans Saints:
Another team where things just seem to be clicking so far is here in New Orleans. QB Derek Carr seems to be doing a good job taking on a leadership role and working with teammates such as TE Juwan Johnson. Things will be going even better if WR Michael Thomas can actually return for camp and find a way to play near a level that he used to. Right now in a wide open NFC South it appears that this team will be the favorites to win it going into the season.
New York Giants:
Not much here which may be a good thing for a New York team to get a break from all the media. This season will be an interesting one with how the team went all in on QB Daniel Jones. It kind of feels like besides the Eagles the rest of the division is up for grabs with no true strong contender emerging yet.
New York Jets:
Good news on the Quinnen Williams front and in keeping Aaron Rodgers happy. Williams and the team are not far off in contract talks which hopefully means something will get done here very soon. Rodgers has been raving about the Jets communication skills which was his main gripe with the Packers. Now lets just make it clear that he does not need to be pulling the sled.
Philadelphia Eagles:
Man what a difference one decision can make. Jalen Hurts I imagine would have been in Seattle had the trade happened for Russell Wilson. I bet Eagles fans are happy this didn’t pan out but it does not mean they need to cut Wilson any slack for not wanting to play in Philly if these teams meet in future seasons or end up playing each other in the Super Bowl. Eagles appear setup to be the main threat in the NFC.
Pittsburgh Steelers:
Not much out of Pittsburgh per usual but the good news is that Broderick Jones is progressing nicely and is already getting 1st-team reps at Left Tackle. I am sure QB Kenny Pickett is pleased with that.
San Francisco 49ers:
Things are moving along just fine for the 49ers. Exciting to hear that S Ji’Ayir Brown is making good progress and apparently had 4 or 5 interceptions during OTAs. I imagine the team is also very pleased with the progress QB Brock Purdy is making in his recovery from elbow surgery. He appears to be on pace with the original timeline. If this team can figure it out at the QB position they just might be the most complete all around team up there with the Eagles.
Seattle Seahawks:
Gotta love HC Pete Carroll. It seems like so far it has been pretty unanimous that all those that are playing or coaching football do not love the new kickoff rules. I am sure folks will find ways to take advantage of it though. Once again this week WR Jaxon Smith Njigba was impressive and should be establishing himself within that offense. Seahawks could very well be a sleeper team in the NFC that was good last year but that folks are paying a ton of attention to this year.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
This team has all the big name weapons at receiver one could ask for as long as they stay healthy. It was great to hear that Chris Godwin is getting his explosiveness back. Now not surprisingly it comes down to the QB battle and a big part of that is gaining respect from those veteran players and coaches in the building. I still feel like this battle is QB Baker Mayfield’s to lose at this point.
Tennessee Titans:
Sad news this past week here as well with the passing of Bob Hyde. Also, finally some negative news about one of the Quarterbacks from this year’s draft. Will Levis has been struggling. However, this should not be viewed as a bad sign because every rookie is going to struggle and Levis with his situation has the benefit of time.
Washington Commanders:
Seems we are inching closer and closer to the Josh Harris Group’s bid being fully accepted by the owners after some minor adjustments. From the actual team and players it sounds like things are going really well and maybe better than a lot of folks expected. CB Emmanuel Forbes has been doing well in the slot and QB Sam Howell is looking the part and taking charge. The Commanders will be a fun team to watch this year and see how they end up when it is all said and done.
Miscellaneous/Other NFL News:

Restaurant of the Week: (Pittsburgh - Burgatory)
Get excited Pittsburgh fans and all folks going to a game here! Burgatory is only a half mile from the stadium and has some of the best food so far from the restaurants that have been featured. One of my personal favorites is the Piggy Butter & Jelly. Yes, that is a burger with peanut butter and jelly on it. Don’t question it just try it. However, if for some reason you do not my other recommendation would be The Triple B which is a Bison, Beer Cheese, and Bacon burger. Hence the name Triple B. You can’t really go wrong with anything on the menu and the important thing though is that you don’t forget to grab a shake as well. My personal favorite is the Oreo Peanut Butter Pie shake. They are open every day starting at 11am and closer at 9pm everyday except for Friday and Saturday when they close at 11pm. Hop on over and enjoy this delicious food when in town for a game!
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2023.06.05 15:17 FluffyHaggis Mechanical Handling & Cranes (Oil & Gas)

I am in the UK for reference, currently working for an O&G EPC contractor in the south.
Apologies, this is going to be quite wordy, but I feel like I should give a good background to my situation.
I had a somewhat different route to becoming a Mechanical Engineer. I started as an apprentice draftsman/designer and once completed, I got sponsored and learnt ME part time. During the four years I was working 4 days a week for an O&G contractor and from the second year (of uni) onwards, I was just about treated the same as a graduate on a scheme.
I moved around different disciplines, got experience with Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and a little bit of exposure to naval architecture.
During my ~last year of PT uni, I found myself working in a two man team (incl me) as the mechanical handling engineers on a large offshore PDQ platform during FEED and detailed design. I loved the work. Mechanical handling or material handling isn’t rocket science but I really enjoyed the work, we would come up against new problems everyday and the design kept changing so there was always work to do. I got to interact and work with all the disciplines in one way or the other. It was fun and I learnt a lot.
Quick definition of Material/Mechanical handling: the provision of equipment used to handle items above the weight manageable by hand. In the case of offshore O&G platform design, we ensure that equipment on the platform can be suitably maintained and specify the method and equipment used to handle the sub component.
Fast forward to now, I was working in offshore renewables for a time and got ‘poached’ (for lack of a better word) to come back to O&G soley based off the material handling work I did for the original contractor, this time working for their competitor. I took the job.
I am now working with the same engineer I learnt everything off of, but we are working on separate projects and I am the sole handling engineer on a large offshore project, a super complex in the Middle East.
During the initial “poaching” calls I was asked if I would join as staff or contract. I chose staff as I am looking to move house in the next year and wanted the stability. When I joined the job I met my old MH mentoengineer, who is still a contractor at this firm and mentioned that I should have gone contract.
I am currently 100% on material handling work, which I was brought onto do but I do somewhat feel like a contractor doing a niche role. I have asked my boss if I can expand my skill set as I haven’t had much package engineering experience, we agreed that I could look into overseeing crane packages in the future. It lends itself to my experience and it would be good to get experience managing a package from start to finish. Worth noting I have only been in this role for 5months or so. But I got the impression that significant training would be necessary to get onto more complex packages. And also the boss feared that it is going to be a trickier path to get chartered through iMechE. To consider IET.
My old mentor is a good source of information on this very niche topic and I have discussed my future career choices with him. But I am keen to hear what others think about this? I feel like I am being pigeon holed to do material handling work and this is the sort of work that is done by contractors that move around every 2-3 years when projects come and go.
On one side I have found myself with niche set of skills and experience that seems to be sought after, that favours being a contractor.
And on the other side I feel like I am being pigeon holed slightly and am worried about my professional development and not being a more well rounded engineer.
Any advice is welcome.
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2023.06.05 15:04 Top10TravelYoutube Backpacking The Middle East with Maple Syrup Larnaca, Cyprus 2022.11.22 - 25 5 Min Read Blog Post #50

Context - This is the fiftieth of many blog posts where I share the stories of my travels to people interested and for my future self to read back. This post is about ending off a long trip and my time spent in southern Cyprus.
Well, this will be the final blog of not only this particular trip, but the entire first year of travel. Blog number 50, about country number 50…Cyprus.
An EU country that has always been seen as part of the Middle East, Cyprus is geographically in Western Asia but its cultural ties and geopolitics are overwhelmingly Southeastern European.
Arriving in Larnaca for my extended layover from Beirut, I was keen to see what the city had to offer and try to learn about the nation's long and complicated history as much as possible. To do this I visited The Church of Saint Lazarus, the Archaeological Museum, a nearby mediaeval fort and the Hala Sultan Tekkesi.
I even attempted to make the most of my time by heading to a nearby town and further learning about the history of Cyprus as much as I could during this short layover of a visit. I think a few extra days here sometime in the future would be just enough to check out other regions but I was keen to do what I could this time around. I was really hoping to visit the capital Nicosia and see the UN buffer zone/ disputed border line for myself but that’ll have to be another time.
Not only did I try and enjoy my last day of slight warmth before heading back to Canadian winter, but I also made sure to get my fair share of local Mediterranean dishes such as tiropita, koupes and of course, souvlaki!
After a quick stop back at the hostel to get my bag packed, I set out for one last big walk and found a nice coffee shop by the sea. The owner spoke great English, so we just chatted until it was time for me to head to the airport.
Eventually, with no issues or delays the plane departed and landed around 11:30 PM kicking off my overnight stay in Gatwick. By 5:00 AM I woke up freezing cold and decided to just find an open restaurant and grab some coffee to warm up. With the remaining time I just watched YouTube and then eventually a World Cup match until it was time to check in.
After a brief delay attempting to prove that my bag did indeed fit into the carry-on slot, at last, the 8 hour flight from Gatwick to Toronto took off and I was ready for a much needed nap.
It was the final flight of the year and hard to believe as I scrolled through my camera roll and reminisced, I’m grateful for it all.
Amidst all the fascinating people I met, new and interesting foods I encountered and the countless adventures that’ll remain prominent in my memory for a long time, the biggest lesson I learned this past year was the need to slow down, take things as they come, and not over plan. It's amazing how the people you meet and the places you visit can shape your journey in ways you never imagined. Instead of trying to do it all on your own, sometimes it's best to let the experiences and destinations guide you.
I’m in no particular rush to complete this goal of mine but I often found myself compensating for my slight worry about what the future may hold by looking ahead too often instead of being present as much as possible. I think this was more obvious during my first two adventures of this year where I basically already had a return date and focused a lot more attention and effort into constantly filming everything, taking photos and spending too much time editing in the evenings instead of putting the overall experience first before anything else.
Towards the end of the year and even now as I write this in South America, I’ve definitely made sure to spend as much time as possible being present. Whether that means not spending time planning too far ahead, putting work to the side when there’s a lot going on and deciding what I’m really keen or curious on seeing/ experiencing rather than just doing something for the sake of doing it.
It’s all about finding a balance and taking things one step at a time.
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2023.06.05 14:39 diskob0ss Looking for a small fish restaurant close to Kite Beach

I visited a small fish restaurant after a long evening at Kite Beach, it was located on an empty plot, it has plastic seats/tables outside, the kitchen was a small prefab building or a caravan where people queue and place their orders.
most of the clientele were South Asians, the menu consisted of shrimp/calamari/fish all fried in the same way and sold per weight. if this rings a bell for anyone I'd be grateful
Edit: to be fair this was back in 2010
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2023.06.05 14:28 lesssmaller Weekend Mini Trip Idea - Europe

Hello beautiful people of Reddit,
I will try to keep it short and sweet, I am based in Tilburg, the Netherlands (Prefferred Airports: Eindhoven, Amsterdam Schiphol & Brussels International). Aged 26, multicultural bi-sexual guy with extreme interest for cultures, languages and history. I love a bit of a laugh and enjoy learning local insights about places. (example: if I visit Paris, I wouldn't want to see the Eiffel Tower but would rather want to see a torn down shitty street which has little restaurants and small shops selling antiques).
I would like to have a little change of environment from working 9 to 5 and would like to plan a weekend get away trip, leaving on Friday and returning on Sunday type of thing.
I have a budget of max. 500 Euros (535 USD) to spend including accommodation and flight, the rest I will keep to a minimum. I have three cities in mind, 1. Lisbon, 2. Copenhagen and lastly 3. Belgrade. Which one do you guys think is worth the effort and spending the most?
I haven’t been to any of the cities in question but have quite a good history of travelling in Europe.
PS: I speak English & German fluently but thats it, don’t know any other languages other than my native Turkish/Russian.
One last thing worth mentioning, I am into urban photography and love finding hidden spots in cities i.e. abandoned places etc.
Any tips and leads would be very much appreciated!
Sending love from the cheeseland.
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2023.06.05 14:17 omfgsupyo Smoking Bans are Discriminatory

I want to preface this by saying I’m fully aware that I’m biased and probably wrong. Yet I still feel like there’s some sort of injustice or double standard going on here. And I’m not sure I really want to feel this way, and am open to being talked out of this position.
Ok, so I vaguely remember smoking sections in restaurants. I was quite young at the time and always kind of looked at the smoking section as kind of taboo, only to be entered when absolutely necessary. My parents didn’t smoke, I didn’t smoke, you get the picture.
I smoked a few cigarettes in high school, mostly when drinking, but would have never picked up the nicotine addiction if not for rehabs (for, like, harder drugs and alcohol). The couple cigarettes a day were the only respite I had in rehab and early sobriety…by the time I actually started my recovery I was smoking about a half pack a day. That turned into vaping in my early 20s, but now I just chew a shitload of nicotine gum because of my work environment.
I share all that just to say that I’ve been on both sides of this bias. Hell, even now I don’t like the smell of smoke, I know it’s unhealthy, I wouldn’t want my kids around it if I had kids. But banning smoking anywhere in public venues (e.g. restaurants, movies, parks, sporting events, etc.) just doesn’t sit well with me.
Don’t hear what I’m not saying. I’m not saying we ought to allow smokers to smoke carte blanche in these venues, or even give them adjacent sections for smoking. Nah. But SURELY we could afford them some small amount of enclosed space to go and smoke inside the venue itself. Like, it’s 2023, there’s gotta be some sort of insulated hot box room or something that could be installed. Or like a port-a-potty type situation. You go in, smoke/vape in isolation, and go back to the venue outside. No one’s kids are breathing it in, and people with nicotine addictions aren’t being excluded or discriminated against.
I can’t count the number of movies, sporting events, museums, etc. that I haven’t gone to simply because I knew I’d be miserable the entire time without nicotine. That’s sad. I know what some of you are thinking. Well, just don’t smoke. It’s my fault for smoking, right? Sure whatever, I’ll concede.
But we cater to all types of other disadvantaged groups. Even groups who are disadvantaged by their own doing, just like smokers. One such group can be found at any restaurant on any day. Perhaps I don't want my nonexistent kids to see the wasteful, disgusting habits of this group. Lest these kids pick up the same plate-cleaning habits secondhand, shaving years off their life expectancy.
My point is we cater to them. We cater to basically every marginalized or disadvantaged group of people, and rightly so. Everyone deserves to be treated well. But somewhere along the lines it seems like we stopped extending that courtesy to nicotine addicts. What gives?
I’m assuming that there is a way to allow nicotine addicts to get their fix in public spaces (enclosed or otherwise) without infringing on others’ right to clean air. If there isn’t a way to do this, I’d like to know why. Or if there is a way to do it, and it’s just “not practical” then I’d like to be convinced of that. I’m very open minded and try to be inclusive. Why does no one care about this marginalized group?
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2023.06.05 13:58 Asad_Farooqui Coolest licensed games on Switch and why?

And when I say licensed games, I’m referring to games on the Switch that pertain to non-video game IPs. These include but are not limited to comics, books, movies, TV shows, and more. The best ones (in my opinion) are the ones that make you forget you’re playing a licensed game completely. Two examples that Nintendo themselves have published include Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power. Why Nintendo chose to publish those two exclusively is anyone’s guess, but they are notable exclusive licensed games on the system. I’m gonna rattle off a few that I own and a few that are worthwhile pickups:
The Two TMNT Games: There are only two TMNT video games available on Switch, and they are both bangers in my eyes. The first is Shredder’s Revenge, a retro-inspired sidescrolling beatemup with gorgeous pixel art, a soundtrack partially composed by Tee Lopes of Sonic Mania fame, and even the original voice actors for each of the Turtles reprise their respective roles. It’s one giant love letter to the 80s cartoon, and anyone looking for a great local/online co-op game to check out owes it to themselves to do so. And speaking of retro, that other TMNT game I was talking about is the Cowabunga Collection. This brings together all of the Konami games from the 80s and 90s into one package, now with local and online multiplayer and a comprehensive gallery for the eyes and ears. Wouldn’t expect anything less from developer Digital Eclipse.
The Mummy Demastered: WayForward may be known as the Shantae developers, but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to the bulk of their output, which is largely licensed games. But arguably their most impressive licensed title is The Mummy Demastered, made to coincide with that poorly received Alex Kurtzman movie. I haven’t played it, but those that did are quite vocal and speak to its quality; it shouldn’t be overlooked just because of the film it was attached to.
Dragon Ball FighterZ: Yes, I’m gonna count manga/anime games since those technically are licensed games. And I’m highlighting this one in particular because of its stunning quality. It released on other consoles earlier in the same year, but Arc System Works put in work to make sure this Switch port was a good one. Shouldn’t come as a surprise since the devs have tons of experience making 2D Dragon Ball games for Nintendo handhelds. If there’s any other manga/anime games worth checking out, Shonen Jump or otherwise, please sound off in the replies!
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2023.06.05 13:50 LingonberryBig6133 Depressing. Apparently a lot of restaurants in Manitoba still haven’t gotten the memo that poutines require curds in order to be a poutine! Cost: $16.50

Depressing. Apparently a lot of restaurants in Manitoba still haven’t gotten the memo that poutines require curds in order to be a poutine! Cost: $16.50 submitted by LingonberryBig6133 to u/LingonberryBig6133 [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 13:44 Host-23 Are Terrance and Phillip dead?

We haven’t seen any new footage of them since “Super Hard PCness” where they were really old, and since then they’ve only been shown on posters. The only other appearance from them is when you can hear the mechanic sketch in the background during Mexican Joker
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2023.06.05 12:41 localhey Discover the Wonders of Rishikesh Tourism

Rishikesh, a mystical town nestled in the lap of the Himalayas in India, is a popular destination for seekers of spirituality, adventure enthusiasts, and nature lovers. Revered as the "Yoga Capital of the World," Rishikesh offers a unique blend of tranquility, ancient traditions, and breathtaking landscapes. In this blog, we will delve into the wonders of Rishikesh tourism, highlighting the top attractions and experiences that await every traveler. search nearby restaurants
The Ganges River:
The holy Ganges River, flowing through Rishikesh, is considered sacred by Hindus. Its crystal-clear waters and serene ambiance create an enchanting setting for spiritual rituals and ceremonies. Visitors can witness the captivating Ganga Aarti, a prayer ceremony held at the Triveni Ghat, where lamps are floated on the river, illuminating the surroundings with a divine glow.
Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula:
The iconic suspension bridges of Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula are not only architectural marvels but also hold great religious significance. These bridges offer panoramic views of the Ganges and the surrounding hills. Walking across these bridges, adorned with shops selling spiritual artifacts and local handicrafts, is a memorable experience that allows visitors to soak in the spiritual aura of Rishikesh. find the best restaurant
Yoga and Meditation Retreats:
Rishikesh is renowned worldwide as a hub for yoga and meditation. Numerous ashrams and retreat centres offer courses and programs that cater to all levels of practitioners. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, Rishikesh provides the perfect environment to delve deeper into the practice and explore different styles of yoga and meditation, fostering self-discovery and personal growth.
Adventure Sports:
For adrenaline junkies, Rishikesh offers a range of adventure sports. White-water rafting in the Ganges is a thrilling experience that combines the rush of navigating through rapids with the serene beauty of the surroundings. Other adventure activities like bungee jumping, cliff jumping, and trekking allow visitors to embrace their adventurous spirit and explore the rugged terrain of the Himalayas. tourist attractions
Rishikesh tourism presents a world of wonders for travellers seeking spiritual enlightenment, cultural immersion, and adventure. The serene Ganges River, the iconic suspension bridges, the transformative yoga and meditation retreats, and the exhilarating adventure sports make Rishikesh an enchanting destination that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor. Whether you come seeking solace, enlightenment, or adventure, Rishikesh welcomes you with open arms, offering an unforgettable journey of self-discovery and connection with nature. Embark on this spiritual haven and unlock the treasures of Rishikesh tourism, immersing yourself in its timeless beauty and transformative energy.
View More: top tourist attractions
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2023.06.05 12:39 Animect HELP Resto Recommendations

Hey peeps! I'm not sure if this is the right sub for this pero here we go haha.
Anyone can recommend me any hotel / restaurants, caterings and institutions na i could supply my seafood products such as frozen shrimps and frozen fish around metro manila and sa south.
Preferred ko din yung mga group of restaurants katulad ng moment group and bistro group (which has different restaurants under their brand corporate name) so once na na tap ko ung katulad nila it will greatly boost my sales.
So far we are already producing and supplying to known institutions like S&R, Waltermart, SM (Ongoing) and other restaurants / caterings in manila and sa south.
Hoping na someone from this sub can help me :) Thanks in advanced peeps!
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2023.06.05 12:37 Animect HELP Resto Recommendations

Hey peeps! I'm not sure if this is the right sub for this pero here we go haha.
Anyone can recommend me any hotel / restaurants, caterings and institutions na i could supply my seafood products such as frozen shrimps and frozen fish around metro manila and sa south.
Preferred ko din yung mga group of restaurants katulad ng moment group and bistro group (which has different restaurants under their brand corporate name) so once na na tap ko ung katulad nila it will greatly boost my sales.
So far we are already producing and supplying to known institutions like S&R, Waltermart, SM (Ongoing) and other restaurants / caterings in manila and sa south.
Hoping na someone from this sub can help me :) Thanks in advanced peeps!
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2023.06.05 11:42 UnfairFee8206 Support network/group for divorced Muslims (South Yorkshire, UK)

Salam all
I am thinking of starting a divorce support group for divorced Muslims brothers in my area, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
I found similar groups being run by non Muslims where they arrange regular group meet ups in bars or restaurants, obviously theirs are mixed and include drinking etc.
The idea is for brothers going through similar experiences to meet up and socialise and support one another, go for hikes, masjid gatherings and meals together.. For starters, it will be for brothers only. If successful, maybe we can start one for sisters inshallah.
  1. What do you think about the idea?
  2. What would you change?
  3. Anyone from my area or nearby cities would like to be involved? Pls get in touch with me.
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2023.06.05 11:41 iDyan__ Hola!

Me llamo Frost soy de South Africa, soy Xhosa. Been studying Spanish for awhile now, just a beginner but I'll get more proficient in this language eso prometo. 😤🔥🤝🏾
Anybody willing to teach/chat to me about Mexican culture, food, media and all that and in exchange, you'll learn alot about South Africa (its has 11 languages btw - and I know 4 of them).
Feliz a estar aquí, gracias amigos, adios!
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2023.06.05 10:06 IRCTCGoldenChariot A Palatial Passage through the Landscapes of South India with the Luxury Train Golden Chariot

A Palatial Passage through the Landscapes of South India with the Luxury Train Golden Chariot
The Bangalore to Goa Luxury Train Golden Chariot is a remarkable addition to the high-end travel options available to discerning travellers in India. The train offers a unique blend of modern amenities and traditional Indian hospitality, making it the perfect opportunity for people looking for a lavish and cosy trip from Bangalore to Goa.
Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), a division of Indian Railway, manages the Golden Chariot. This means that travellers can rest assured of the highest standards of safety and quality and the expert guidance of experienced professionals throughout their journey.
One of the primary benefits of choosing the Golden Chariot over other trains from Bangalore to Goa IRCTC is its unparalleled level of luxury. The rich cultural legacy of Karnataka, the state where Bangalore is located, is reflected in each of the 18 cars that make up the train. The interiors are adorned with intricate carvings and murals, and every piece of furniture and fixture has been carefully selected to provide maximum comfort and style.
In addition to the elegant decor, the Golden Chariot offers a wide range of amenities that make it a truly luxurious travel experience. A flat-screen TV, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and an onsite bathroom are all included in each cabin. The train also features two restaurants serving gourmet cuisine, a bar, a lounge, and a spa, ensuring passengers have everything they need for a comfortable and enjoyable journey.
Of course, with such luxurious facilities, it is natural to wonder about the cost of a Train From Bangalore to Goa. While the Golden Chariot is undoubtedly more expensive than other trains of IRCTC, it is essential to consider the value that it offers. The cost is more than justified for travellers who prioritize comfort, convenience, and luxury.
Golden Chariot Train Cost
(For Indian Travellers Only)
Occupancy Type Prices (Per Person Per Night) Amount (6 Nights & 7 Days)
Deluxe Cabin INR 74892 INR 374460
Single Supplement INR 56248 INR 281240
(For International Travellers)
Occupancy Type Prices (Per Person Per Night) Amount (6 Nights & 7 Days)
Deluxe Cabin USD 948 USD 4740
Single Supplement USD 712 USD 3560
The Golden Chariot has become a popular choice for international tourists looking to explore the best of South India. The train's itinerary includes visits to some of the region's most iconic destinations, such as:
· Mysore
· Hampi
· The beaches of Goa.
This allows travellers to experience the region's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty in the most comfortable and hassle-free way possible.
But it's not just the luxurious amenities and convenient itinerary that make the Golden Chariot an extraordinary experience. The chance to interact specially and intimately with South Indians and their culture is one of the trip's most enduring features. The train offers a window into the region's rich and diverse cultural tapestry, from the friendly and knowledgeable staff to the local artisans and musicians who perform onboard.
So overall, the Bangalore to Goa Luxury Train Golden Chariot is an experience that should be noticed by everyone looking to explore the best of South India in style and comfort. So if you're looking for a truly unforgettable travel experience, the Golden Chariot is a perfect choice.
Click the link right away and book your dream journey today at
Source: - South India with the Luxury Train Golden Chariot
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2023.06.05 09:49 ambikajapan Let’s make Pani Puri !

Let’s make Pani Puri !

Lets make Pani Puri
Pani Puri is one of the most popular snack in India! Pani means "watejuice" and Puri means "fried, round and swollen dough". Pani puri is called by different names depending on the region, such as Golgappa (Golgappe), Phuchka, Gup Chup etc. From street stalls to innovative fusion tables, Pani Puri is loved on all occasions.
In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of opportunities to eat Pani Puri at India related events and at Indian and South Asian restaurants. And now it's time to make Pani Puri at home!
Know more:
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2023.06.05 09:27 Direct-Delay693 Depressing. Apparently a lot of restaurants in Manitoba still haven’t gotten the memo that poutines require curds in order to be a poutine! Cost: $16.50

Depressing. Apparently a lot of restaurants in Manitoba still haven’t gotten the memo that poutines require curds in order to be a poutine! Cost: $16.50 submitted by Direct-Delay693 to u/Direct-Delay693 [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 09:07 harshaljaiswal27 Precious Metals Market Size, Share and Future Demand

The global precious metals market size was USD 261.94 billion in 2020. The industry is expected to expand from USD 275.40 billion in 2021 to USD 403.08 billion in 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 5.6% from 2021 to 2028. The rise can be credited to increasing disposable incomes and changing lifestyle choices across various regions.
Information Source -
Gold Segment to Register Notable Growth Due to Escalating Disposable Income
Based on type, the market for precious metals is segmented into silver, gold, and platinum group metals. The gold segment is expected to record commendable expansion over the forecast period. The rise can be attributed to the surging disposable income and escalating knowledge regarding investments among consumers. Based on region, the industry is subdivided into Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, South America, and the Middle East & Africa.
Industrial Segment to Record Commendable Surge Impelled by Growing Silver Demand
Based on application, the industry for precious metals is fragmented into jewelry, industrial, investments, and others. Of these, the industrial segment is anticipated to depict considerable growth over the estimated period. The expansion can be credited to the surging silver demand from photovoltaic manufacturers. The segmental growth is further being driven by the rising demand for solar panels.
Report Coverage:
The report provides an in-depth analysis of the major trends that are expected to drive business growth over the forthcoming years. It further gives a comprehensive coverage of the key factors anticipated to impel the industry landscape across various regions. Additional aspects of the report comprise the significant steps taken by leading companies for the consolidation of their market position.
Drivers and Restraints:
Market Value to Surge Driven by Changing Lifestyle Choices & Surging Disposable Income
Precious metals market growth is primarily being impelled by the changing lifestyle choices and surging disposable income. This is further being supplemented by the escalating significance of jewelry in the wedding ceremonies of India, China, and other South Asian countries. Besides, gold is considered as a safe haven for investment.
However, the industry growth is likely to be hindered by a range of factors such as government reserves, geopolitical uncertainties, inflation, currency fluctuations, and others.
Regional Insights:
Asia Pacific to Emerge as Major Region Due to Presence of Electronics & Electrical Industry in the Region
Asia Pacific precious metals market share is anticipated to register substantial growth through the forecast period. The surge can be credited to the presence of the largest electronics & electrical industry in the region. Further, India and China are key consumers of gold, which is expected to favor industry expansion to a considerable extent.
The North America region is set to record commendable expansion over the estimated period. The rise can be attributed to robust manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. and the presence of precious mineral mines in the region.
Competitive Landscape:
Market Players Enter Partnership Agreements to Strengthen Industry Presence
Leading companies are striking partnership deals and collaborations to strengthen their market presence. Several industry participants are focusing on a range of strategies including mergers, acquisitions, and the launch of new products to secure a competitive edge. Some of the additional initiatives include surging participation in trade fairs and conferences.
Key Industry Development:
May 2021 – Newmont Corporation acquired GT Gold to strengthen its portfolio. The deal comprised the Tatogga project, which would contribute to the production of gold and copper.
List of Key Players Mentioned in the Report:
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2023.06.05 08:49 hyperparrot3366 Mods of Delhi can't even take a meme on Korea

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2023.06.05 08:47 supergains42069 Gan Bian Si Ji Dou from ‘The Wok’ - shallow fried green beans with ground pork.

Gan Bian Si Ji Dou from ‘The Wok’ - shallow fried green beans with ground pork.
Having lived in China for over 8 years, coming back to western society was never hard because there are so many Chinese restaurants around town. But man, being able to cook something so true to the real thing at home is just incredible. For those of you who haven’t yet, this dish is a must try!
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2023.06.05 08:39 hyperparrot3366 Mods in Delhi subreddit became angry when I told this to them in comments so it is better suited here.

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