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2023.06.05 14:01 nathaliew817 Rant about constant exhaustion and missing cats

Sorry but I need to get this off my chest, I have no one to talk about asmy dad dismisses everyhting (paralyzed people have it worse) and I don't wanna burden my friends.
I'm selfemployed and I've been sick for 2 months, I just started working again. What triggered it was my current move in which 2 of my cats ran away. It's been 8 weeks, I've been looking for them everywhere, every day. first 3-4 hours walking in the evening. A few hours during the day flyering (i live in the forests, few houses hard to find) These walks should have been 1-2 hours but ofc you talk to people which already gives me anxiety and they just use my lost cats to trauma dump on me. So i've been going later and later which makes me sleep deprived.
Also I posted it in FB groups and people keep harrassing me, prank calls, heavy breathing phones, texting me at 2 am to meet in a desolate place. Giving a tip of a cat that was run over on the street, yet sending no pics and calling me all day to ask if I went. It's exhausting, and I wanna give up because of the asshole people.
So as I just started working again (i opened my store) orders flooded in and I'm so overwhelmed. My inboxes on social and mail are full. I'm packing orders and crying right now, making sure my tears don't fall on my carton giftboxes.
I hate my life. I'm too high functioning to be on disability. I am always exhausted and anxious. Now my only option is to work harder so I can afford someone to help me at home as I do not qualify to get a social worker help. When I was on sick leave, I finally felt like a normal person. I sat in the sun and had mental time to prep myself to go find my cats. Now i'm crying every day locked up inside, only leaving the house after dark to find my cats. I have no food at home bc I'm too anxious to go to the store and all my energy goes to work and finding my cats.
This is it, this is the rant. I wish I had a visible disease so I could be on disability. I'm tired of using all my energy and happiness to work for my store. I just wanna live and be a person instead of a depressed slave to the system
EDIT: i also wanna add my cats are completely black and so undistinguishable. i've been putting up wildcams but all these tips are sightings where they would have crossed a highway bridge over a canal. like 1% change they'll be there so I'm driving around losing more hope every time
EDIT 2: also I thought my house was haunted bc they broke in on the 3rd day and my basement flooded and my washing machine broke and my gate broke it's been shit on shit on shit, like even my store they accidentally suspended my shipping account, invoices come on the wrong name.... soryy just a rant but I can't even see my therapist bc I moved and she doesn't take people so far away
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2023.06.05 12:37 AppleCritter723 [Thank You] 2 Weeks of Gratitude

I hope you had a great weekend! You've made my past couple weeks so nice and have completely filled my mailbox. So sorry for the delay in posting; we've had a family visit and a short getaway for another family visit right before having a couple sickly people in the household from said visits, so I'm just now getting on here to type these and got a bit behind... again. The mail has been so fun to see, and I have appreciated every single card! You guys are the sweetest!
Recent happenings: https://imgur.com/a/f8nZKUC
u/bluedecemberart, thank you for such a cool postcard from your recent trip with fun vintage stamps! I also reeeeaaallllyyyy hope all the hard work you've been putting in is starting to help and that you can tell a huge difference! It sounds excruciating. :( So super proud of all you're doing.
u/comingtogetyoubabs, Noooo... I haven't tried coconut milk caramels, but they sound amazing!!! Thanks for the heads up and the future cavities from my upcoming sugar addiction! XD I was cracking up!
u/chiquita61, what a sweet and lovely thank you card! It's probably my favorite color, if I had to choose one! I really adore all the cute pup stickers you used, too. The golden retriever with the goggles made me laugh. So, super fun! Thank you!
u/ez330, Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! I was so excited about your card! Mail heading your way is all I can say! XD Oh! ...and thank you! It was beautiful, and it's always so much fun hearing from you. :D
u/Jdoodle7 (x2), thank you for the really cool butterfly card. You decorated the envelope with butterflies and such fun stamps! I need to write back to you on this! Your summer plans sound so very nice, too!
I love the postcard you sent from the graduation as well! I would love to see that city! I've heard it's just so beautiful. I'm so glad you were able to go recently!
u/libertyprogrammer (x2), thank you for the book postcard! I have fallen behind on The Mandalorian, and I really want to catch up! I need to renew my Disney+ but haven't had much TV time lately. I need to get on it! Are you caught up on it? Is it still just as fun as it was?!
I also loved your vintage postcard from my home area! I haven't been in that particular spot for ages! Speaking of the message you wrote, we watched bits of the Coronation after the fact on YouTube! I didn't watch the entirety of it, tbh, but enough to share with the littles as a, "Hey, this doesn't happen often" type of thing.
u/mlks00, thank you for the adorable little hamster with flowers card! It was so nice getting a check-in from you!
u/mydinosaurdidit (x3), thank you for your cards from your trip last month! You are so creative to make an envelope out of the map! What a great idea! I googled the area you said to image search, and it looks breathtaking! I'm really glad you were able to go. You even shared a bit with me! <3 Do you get to go there somewhat often? I know you mentioned it's a bit far for a day trip, but what a cool place!
u/notinmywheelhouse, WOW! Just wow! You are so talented! I love your art style, and you are so sweet to share some of it with me in the form of this cat card! I loved reading about your animal friends, too. They sound so cute. Our dogs would probably get along famously, taking their senior naps together! <3
I'm super excited about the new cat you're adding as well! That'll be such a fun new adventure! I was smiling so much at your Manx cat story. I can just imagine how over-the-moon you must've been with such a cool surprise!
Thank you so much! :)
u/TigerLady13 (x4), This cheesy card is great! You decorated it with so many stickers, too! I always love hearing about your adventures, and I'm glad the most recent one went well other than the cold. :( I hope your upcoming local adventures will be really fun. I googled the one you mentioned, and it does look like a really big deal! I'm glad it's happening this year!
You also included a recipe that looks incredible for Ginger Sweet Potato Coconut Milk Stew. Yummmm.... <3
It's so fun that you found a vintage card from a place you once lived! It looks like a really cool spot! You also sent a postcard of where you currently live. I love that you had both!
I also really loved my custom green envelope flair celebration card! That was so sweet. The black and foil gold look so classy with the cute little typewriter and you filled it to the brim with such cool washi and stickers. Thank you!
u/umeshufan (x5) You sent yet another awesome envelope with the coolest Apollo 11 stamp that will be added to the collection! You spoil me with such nice stamps on seemingly every card you send! This one looks like it was made for this navy pearlescent envelope and your metallic ink!
Inside, you sent a postcard of a solar flare card (I like seeing the cool little clips from the NOAA website)! You also sent TWO commemorative solar eclipse cards from the one that happened in the US in 2017 (These are SO awesome!), and there was also a card with all the planets. Wow. You have outdone yourself and then you mentioned on one that you were hoping to write more soon... I have to catch up! :D
You sent a gorgeous hummingbird pop-up card as well! Another person in the household loves it too, of course! It's been displayed ever since it arrived! I love the contrasting teal and orange. Our hummingbirds have finally come back for the year, and it's always so much fun watching the hungry little cuties zipping around the windows to get to their food!
u/todayisfab, u/sebisrude, u/KeenEvergreen, & u/PinkPengin: thank you for the meetup card! I hope it was such a fun outing for each of you! I love the cute little stamps and stickers for the usernames, and you even had a custom meetup stamp made?! Incredibly cool! I love the matching washi and stickers as well. So much fun! Thank you for thinking of me. :)
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2023.06.05 12:06 vpyr [Rise of the elven sage] - Chapter 31

Chapter 1 Previous Chapter *** Author Note: Never post from a phone again... urgh otherwise you can post twice >.< Annoying... ***
“Say, if I get out of here, would you like to come outside as well?”, he asked. Yes! I want to see your world!
The little bird perched upon his head brought a much-needed lightheartedness to Raphael's weary soul. Like a gentle breeze, it swept away the weight of his sorrows, if only for a fleeting moment. In the midst of darkness and chaos, the bird became a beacon of hope, reminding him of the light that still existed in this world that turned out much more twisted than he ever thought possible. It was a reminder he desperately needed, a spark of joy he was on the verge of letting slip away.
“And how can do that Azura?” You mentally ste-
Raphael's eyes blinked open, greeted by the sight of an unfamiliar wooden ceiling basking in the glow of ample light. Disoriented, he surveyed the plainness of the bedroom, devoid of any personal touches. Just the bare essentials, devoid of books or plants that would add warmth. However, there, lying peacefully with her head on the bed, was Sanya. A surge of relief washed over him, confirming their successful escape and subsequent elusion from capture. A tender smile etched across his face as he gazed upon her slumbering visage, momentarily transporting him to a world where nothing was amiss, where everything was right, reminiscent of days long past. Almost. Were it not for the slender, elongated black tail encircling her body, a visible reminder of the altered reality they now faced. With care, Raphael retrieved the blanket that had enveloped him and gently draped it over Sanya, a small gesture of protection and comfort. Rising from the bed, he approached the window, his eyes casting out onto the world beyond. They found themselves in an apartment, likely occupying the sixth or seventh floor. In this city, at least, the world seemed to have settled into a temporary calm, a respite from the tumult that had ravaged New Trampton, wherever they may be. People of various ethnicities roamed the streets, seemingly oblivious to the transformative events that had unfolded. Non-human beings remained hidden from sight, but the chaos that had gripped where they came from appeared distant, as if the very air breathed an air of tranquility. As Raphael stepped out of the bedroom, his gaze was drawn to the kitchen, where the familiar figure of George the Orc busily prepared a meal. Settling onto a barstool at the kitchen counter, he observed George's culinary prowess unfold. The tantalizing aroma of eggs, sausages, and bacon wafted through the air, awakening his senses. Raphael couldn't help but feel his mouth water as he watched George skillfully craft what he assumed was a hearty breakfast.
“You knocked me out pretty good, back then.”
Caught off guard, George spun around, his hands still clutching the pan of scrambled eggs. An unmistakable sense of uncertainty etched across his face as he struggled to find the right words to express himself. However, before he could utter a single syllable, Raphael swiftly raised his hand, signaling for silence, urging George to listen intently for a moment.
“I understand why you did what you did. And I am thankful. Still, I hate you for it.”, Raphael began. “I hope you have remembered where the manor was, I will go there as soon as possible and free Vivian. With or without you.” “With me and I do remember, this is Offerstone we are in. But not how ya think it will go. No, now ya let me speak.” George said, as this time he raised his hand to demand silence. “I was not completely honest with ya. While I am a tattoo artist, a pretty good one, let me tell ya that, my store is also a front for underground auctions. And the place we escaped from is one of our clients.” George said, setting the pan back onto the stove. He walked around and opened up a laptop sitting on the counter. “I only got a connection when I used the cable, but I had an email from him asking to set up an auction for some exotic creatures he wanted to sell and guess what creature he wants to sell.”
Raphael's senses were utterly bewildered. Before him, displayed on the laptop screen, were a series of photographs depicting Vivian trapped in her confining cage. Accompanying the images was a chilling description detailing the vile methods used to capture her and the sinister intentions of those who sought to profit from her captivity. A surge of disbelief and revulsion coursed through Raphael, intertwining with an overwhelming sense of anger that surged from the depths of his being. The depths of his soul were engulfed in an intense loathing for the perpetrators of such despicable acts.
“We can get her, that’s no problem. Rather we need to think about what comes after.”, George said “What do you mean what comes after? We are taking her, end of the story!”, Raphael exclaimed loudly “Don’t be so naive! If it would be only ya, ya pet and me then fine, but ya saved Sanya and we are now responsible for her!”, the Orc said, slamming his fist on the counter, making some glasses jump.
Raphael felt stupid, as he realized his momentary lapse of focus. In his eagerness to secure Vivian's safety, he had momentarily forgotten about Sanya, even though he had just tenderly covered her with a blanket. Yes, he understood that they were now responsible for Sanya too, at least until they could reunite her with her parents.
“Then, let's bring her to her parents and then we rescue Vivian. You can set up a date and time and then we plan how to save her.”, he said abashed.
The Orc let out an audible sigh, clearly annoyed by the presence of the insistent Elf before him. With a disapproving shake of his head, he conveyed his refusal without uttering a word.
“If it would be that easy, I would have done that while ya were still out. Look at the mails before that one.”
As Raphael opened the remaining emails, his heart sank further with each word he read. These were not ordinary exchanges; they were communications between influential figures and government officials. The gravity of the situation began to weigh heavily on his shoulders. The messages echoed with a resounding prejudice. They branded the transformed beings as abominations, claiming they were even worse than humans. The fearmongering was palpable, painting them as a dangerous threat that needed to be contained, eliminated, or subjugated. Some proposed confining them to zoos, while others advocated for segregated camps. A chilling proposal even suggested legalizing their enslavement. But it was the final email that sent shivers down Raphael's spine. It originated from the Presidential House itself, stripping demi-humans of their rights and granting humans free reign to treat them however they pleased. Attached was a grotesque image of Richard McKennsy, reveling in his position of power, a cigar in one hand, whiskey in the other, his feet resting callously on the exposed body of a cat-eared female. The caption beneath the picture brazenly proclaimed, "Fuck 'em all up. Enjoy the free slaves. R. "
Next Chapter
Thanks for reading
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2023.06.05 09:28 Tornookthetooka Ohio 😢

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2023.06.05 04:35 hederacat Cats need Adopting

Cats need Adopting
Monster and Minion are bonded senior siblings. Approximately 11yrs. old and have always lived together. They come packing with cat trees, food, treats, toys, and litter boxes.
Both are full of love, fixed, declawed front paws as kittens, and have no health issues besides being huge (17lbs each)
They were surrendered to me by a moving family. They didn’t want to return them to the shelter. They claimed they got along well with kids but not their Boston terriers. We had a vet visit recently and they are well.
Monster and Minion act alike. They are still kittens and love attention. They will love to sleep and cuddle on top of you (17lbs each). Their paws don’t seem to bother them being declawed, but they should NOT live in a home with other cats with claws.
You will fall in love as soon as you meet these sweethearts. Please dm me with any inquiries! I will likely waive adoption fees.
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2023.06.05 04:13 StillaCentristin2021 Movie Review: Sydney Sweeney is brilliant in ‘Reality,’ on true NSA whistleblower story

Movie Review: Sydney Sweeney is brilliant in ‘Reality,’ on true NSA whistleblower story

“Reality,” a new movie starring Sydney Sweeney, is largely set in one empty room. There is nothing on the walls. There are no chairs or rugs, just a stark and ugly room in a nondescript rental property in a downtrodden neighborhood. Its script is as minimalistic – lifted directly from the transcript of one long conversation between two FBI agents and a young woman they suspect has leaked classified documents. The dialogue has all the ums and ahs, botched sentences and awkward small talk one might expect from actual human beings, not slickly intelligent Aaron Sorkin creations. And it’s one of the most tense and exciting films of the year.
It’s based on the actual FBI interrogation of the unbelievably named Reality Winner, a former Air Force translator who worked as a contractor at a National Security Agency office in Augusta, Ga. One day in May 2017, she printed a classified report, tucked it into her pantyhose, walked out of the office and mailed it to an online news outlet. The next month, the FBI was at her door to interrogate her. The film starts as she pulls up into her driveway, an agent knocks on her car window and starts the recording on his handheld device.
There is a dread to the whole endeavor from the first shot, even if you don’t remember how this story played out in the news. Though it takes some time for Agent Taylor (Marchánt Davis) and Agent Garrick (Josh Hamilton) to get to the real questions, the real reason why they’re there, the small stresses and indignities start to build. Reality (Sweeney) has come home with a car full of groceries. She has a cat in the house and a dog, a rescue who doesn’t like men. Her life has been put on pause and there’s nothing she can do about it. The agents tell her they have a search warrant for her home and her car and promptly tape off her modest yard with “crime scene” ribbon, take her phone and force her to stay outside as they search. She’s worried about the perishables, her cat escaping through the open door and her dog scaring people. Meanwhile, one of the agents is asking about her CrossFit routine and her life as a single person in Augusta.
More at the link at the top of this post
Reality is a true-story thriller - and a must-see. A film that will hook you from minute one and equally fascinating and frightening, Reality chronicles real-life events that took place on 3 June 2017. Don't miss it. SPOILER ALERT...her defense is that she complained that Fox News is on, all day and every day, while at work, at the NSA. Enough to drive any sane American to do unseemly and illegal things.
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2023.06.05 04:08 Rainhater503 House has been empty for the most part of two months and fleas galore. There has to be a host keeping them alive right?

My parents left in April. I came over the middle of April. I may have brought the fleas from outside in, but I'm not sure. I had bites and their grass was long. I went over a month later. Their house is mostly wood floor, they have a small rug at the front and I stood on it and went throught their mail and a minute goes by and I was tickley, look down and my shoes are covered with fleas and I have quite a few going up my legs. I ran outside to their backyard to yell at my husband and son who had walked through the house and they had a few on them, not like me. I waited awhile and knocked as many as I could off me. I went back in to their rug in the middle of the living room and same thing, it was like I stepped in an ant pile, they were swarming me. I went back today to check and they are still mad crazy a bunch of fleas in the middle of the room. Could I have been the one to bring them in from outside and they lasted a whole month breeding without food and laying eggs and I got attracted my the new fleas? My parents say there is a cat that keeps waking their cameras and it keeps sitting at the front door. I don't see how or why the fleas would have gone into the house with nothing to eat and lay eggs 15 ft away from the door. I bombed the house after vacuuming and plan to go back and vacuum and use a steamer on as much as I can... Don't know what else I should do.
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2023.06.05 02:54 EnigmaticSpirit85 TIFU by putting glue on my cat.

DISCLAIMER: There was NO intentional animal abuse in the making of this TIFU.
So for some reason, we have an extremely drug resistant brand of flea around here. When my Shadow (a 7 year old black cat) was younger, he got fleas every year. This led to a lot of bites, and they got into everything. I only managed to get rid of them using a specialist spray my vet provided, and a prescription ointment. After flea bombing the entire house, covering it with the new spray and using the prescription, we finally got rid of them.
My local vet has a scheme where you pay a monthly fee, and it includes all their annual shots, flea and worm treatment. You also get a small discount on vet consultations. No-brainer for me. Between that and my vet insurance.
So the medicine is mailed to me, and is mailed in my cat's name! My cat actually gets mail and I love this, it's adorable. So I opened it, there's a little silver blister pack with his worm pill, and a tiny white squeeze tube of flea treatment with tiny writing.
I have shockingly bad eyesight.
So onto the next part of our tale. I have extremely brittle nails from years of biting, and I had one snap right down to the nail bed. My approach to this was to stick a false nail over it, which stops most of the pain. Unfortunately it drops off from time to time, so I had the glue out on my desk from having recently re-applied said false nail.
You can see where this is going.
My Shadow is skittish, and he knows when it's medicine time, despite 7 years of incentivising with treats, getting him stoned on catnip, trying to get him when he's chill... he tends to bolt and run. So I caught him on the couch, which is next to my desk. I hold him by the neck and grab the tube from my desk to put it on before he escapes.
Except I grabbed the wrong tiny white tube.
I start to feel the heat from the glue drying on my hand, and I see a clump of fur on the back of his neck, and of course he's crying, meowing his objections. Knowing it's an irritant, I immediately called the vet for advice. They book him in and have me go on over.
It was the evening. My main vet is closed. I must attend the out of hours vet, and pay something close to £400 for the privilege. At one point they were talking about sedating him so they could properly shave and apply ointment and pain relief to the area, and calling the poisons unit (I supplied the empty tube of glue). But one of the staff was able to hold him while the other worked. My poor little guy has a nasty scar on the back of his neck and a bald patch. I spent most of the night waiting in the waiting room and crying and calling myself all manner of awful names, and of course, apologising to my Shadow.
My poor cat suffered from my mistake, and I feel terrible. Not to mention it's an expensive mistake. My insurance should cover this, but I had to pay up-front, and I'll have to claim it back. Even if they do pay me, it'll be 30 days, and minus my excess (I believe it's £100).
I am of course spoiling him with his favourite food and treats. He's avoided me since but does come for the odd conversation and a cuddle. I hope he forgives me.
TL;DR- TIFU by mixing up two identically sized white vials, leading to me accidentally putting nail glue on my poor kitty's neck instead of his prescription flea ointment.
P.s., Cat Tax.
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2023.06.05 02:50 theryman Zoo map

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2023.06.05 01:18 PointMadeBasketball Point Made 9 Cat Dynasty Big Board 2.0 - What do you think? Who is too high? Who is too low?

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2023.06.05 01:16 PointMadeBasketball Point Made 9 Cat Dynasty Big Board 2.0 - What do you think? Let us know where you agree or disagree!

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2023.06.05 00:53 PM_ME_XBOX_LIVECODES [21+] Even number of men and women - 3 year old tight-knit social community - With ACTIVE voice chats, Cat Pics, Lore, Shitposting and Arguing, Games with several... unique characters - Including several E-Girls, A flat-earther, A mom from Ohio, A rare Norwegian Black Guy and Several Simps, etc.

[21+] Even number of men and women - 3 year old tight-knit social community - With ACTIVE voice chats, Cat Pics, Lore, Shitposting and Arguing, Games with several... unique characters - Including several E-Girls, A flat-earther, A mom from Ohio, A rare Norwegian Black Guy and Several Simps, etc. submitted by PM_ME_XBOX_LIVECODES to DiscordAdvertising [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 00:03 random_crap_ty I want to understand the scam here

One of my friend posted a house for rent in Zillow, realtor.com and other sites in Ohio. Within a day he got an application in Zillow with 800+ credit score, all credit card bills paid and got a house with mortgage in Florida and listed that he is moving for work in his application. everything looked really good. He called him next day to ask more details. In the call he mentioned that he is a truck driver and his routes have changed and it makes sense to move north.
1st red flag : In the credit reports he received, last reported employer is a law firm and an accounting company before that.
After the call, we both sat and looked for more information about this person. Since most of the information is public records like property taxes, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. we found this person and got an idea of how he looks like.
Red flag 2: Accent in call dint match the person we found online but we dint take that as a red flag at that time.
This person called again next day asking when he can move. My friend told him that he needs to meet his tenant before renting it, but he kept giving excuses that he can’t meet in person since he is always on road. Finally they made an appointment to meet, he missed the 1st appointment and asked to come next day at around 8 pm. My friend insisted that he bring his id with him.
I was with him that day. That person finally came in a uber and we both were surprised because it was completely different person than the pictures we found online. I asked for an id and to our surprise it was a Florida id and an exact address match (valid id acc to Florida id lookup) , i took a picture of this ID. We showed him the house while he was in a video call with someone throughout the call. He left in 5 minutes without answering any questions saying that uber is waiting and its very costly.
We both were silent for few minutes looking at each other that we both are lucky that we dint get robbed at gun point.
We did more search and found the phone number of the so called person in application. He dint pick our 1st call and it went to voicemail. Called again, he picked this time. Asked him about his rental application for which he was curious because he received a letter from an apartment about his rental application few days back and he thought it was spam mail and discarded. We told him that his identity may have been stolen and someone else is living with his identity.
In all of this, I’m still not sure what the fake person is trying to accomplish here, may be he is trying to live without paying rent but in Ohio eviction is not that hard and with a stolen id he can be sent to prison too.
Whats the end game of this scam ?
I called local police to report but they wont take the complaint since its not my stolen identity.
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2023.06.04 23:46 andreajs354 So far so good, the Sodachi Lost arc left me dumbfounded

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2023.06.04 23:37 LongGoneForgotten [Online][5e][18+] Welcome to Barovia Heavily Modified Curse of Strahd Campaign ONGOING Looking For 1-2 Players

“It all seems like a horrible tragedy, with fate pressing on relentlessly to some destined end. Everything that one does seems, no matter how right it may be, to bring on the very thing which is most to be deplored.”—Bram Stoker, Dracula

Welcome to Barovia

Welcome to Barovia, the setting of Curse of Strahd. There's not much you need to know about Barovia before diving in; in fact, the less you know, the better! Mystery adds to horror, and it's certainly the last place to be written about in the history books. However, what you should know are the themes and tones to expect in such a setting, which are explained below.
So, what is Barovia? What exactly am I in for? Well...
It is a tense exploration of classic gothic horror tropes and monsters, from werewolves to vampires, ghosts, and more. It is a true sandbox, providing players with the freedom to make their own choices and build the kind of adventure they enjoy. It is an unabashedly character-driven campaign, giving your player character an incredible chance to shine and make their mark on the story your group tells.
However, it is also a brutal, stressful, and alienating experience. Your character will be trapped in a bleak, gothic land quite different from the world they know. The adventure contains several encounters and areas that will likely be far beyond your capabilities when you first encounter them. It does not provide routine or readily-available loot or magical items.
For a player who’s not expecting it, Curse of Strahd can suck. Really suck. Let me put it this way: if you want the freedom to engage in combat and exploration without worrying about the potential risks, this is very possibly not the campaign for you. Likewise, if you are potentially triggered by gruesome depictions of horror or psychologically disturbing relationships, or if you prefer a D&D campaign that features only victories or setbacks (rather than the potential for outright defeat), you might want to try a different module.
“How blessed are some people, whose lives have no fears, no dreads; to whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly, and brings nothing but sweet dreams.”—Bram Stoker, Dracula
You should play Curse of Strahd if you:
Disclaimer: Curse of Strahd, as-written, is full of disturbing and mature themes, such as child abuse, murder, stalking, gaslighting, racism, references to torture of NPCs, mind control, cannibalism, situations referenced to have occurred between NPCs that parallel sexual assault, child death, references to stillbirth/miscarriage, abuse of those with disabilities or mental illness, animal cruelty, body horror, child abandonment, portrayals of alcoholism and drug abuse, potential references to incest between NPCs, implied necrophilia, and suicide. It is not for the faint of heart, and due to such themes, I ask that only those 18 and older apply.


Sessions usually last 3 hours, though occasionally may be 4 hours. Sessions are every Tuesday from 8pm EST to 11pm EST.
If you're unsure of how to convert this timezone to yours, this is a wonderful tool I use when converting timezones: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com

Character Creation

Warforged, yuan-ti, lineages from VRGR (though these are obtainable as transformations in-game), and races that don't have the Humanoid creature type are not allowed, for reasons pertaining to both setting and balance, as well as the artificer class (setting), and peace domain subclass (balance).
I ask that no player characters start the game with an evil alignment. Note, this doesn't mean your character can't turn evil; the setting, themes of the game, and events that may transpire can certainly make this logical/reasonable if it's the direction you want your character to head in. Evil alignments are allowed and in-theme, however, if that's something you're interested in, it would work better as a shift than a starting point.
In addition, we use a few minor house rules, however, there is one major one specific to Curse of Strahd: Due to the significance of curses to the plot and themes of the campaign, the remove curse spell has been removed entirely. It is not available to be learned nor prepared, nor will spell scrolls of it exist. However, bear in mind the greater restoration spell is still available, including its ability to target/remove "One curse, including the target's attunement to a cursed magic item".
You'll be starting at level 7, and can be either an outsider who ended up in Barovia (and we can discuss how you got there), or a native of Barovia (in which case, there's also many options).

The Party Currently

Currently, the party consists of the following:
Ashanko (He/Him) - Neutral Drow-turned-Dhampir Monk (Way of the Shadow), who has an aura that unnerves the holy.
Celhath (He/Him) - Chaotic Good Shadar-kai Ranger (Fey Wanderer), who has gained a bit of a wine addiction.
Emery (She/Her) - Neutral Good Human Fighter (Eldritch Knight), who has the strongest moral compass of the group.
In addition, the party has adopted a Scottish Terrier named Lancelot, a fawn named Lucky, and have befriended a local noble whose family was overthrown. They've also adopted a bat they're pretty sure is a spy but that the ranger is really attached to, named "Bruce-Frank the Bat".

Platforms Used

We will be using Discord for voice chat (no video) and ambient music, and Roll20 for character sheets, rolling, and maps. I have quite a few sourcebooks on Roll20, so there's a decent-sized compendium available to you for ease. In addition, dynamic lighting will be used.
Seeing as animated maps are utilized throughout the majority of the campaign, and Roll20 lacks native support for such, we all use the free browser extension "VTT Enhancement Suite" (often shortened to "VTTES" in the community). Unfortunately, both the DM and players will need to have the extension enabled for animated maps to show, but it's fairly easy to set up and I don't mind walking anyone through it.

Meet the DM

Hi! I'm Apate (she/her), I'm 20, and I'm from Ohio. I've been DMing D&D 5e for 2-3 years now. I have a papillion, Gracey, and a black cat, KitKat. I'm horribly ADHD, and am a big fan of dark fantasy and gothic horror. I've ran three campaigns before, countless one-shots, and have played in/ran non-D&D systems.
I am no voice actor, so please don't expect any professional-sounding NPC voices. In general, I feel like I still have a lot to learn in regards to DMing, but I put a ton of work into prepping sessions and give it my all.
When I run official/WotC content, I heavily modify it. Though the basic story is still the same, as well as many major plot elements and the theme/tone of the campaign, some content has been altered to hopefully create a more immersive and enjoyable experience. In addition, quite a bit of third-party and homebrew content has been added for the same reason and to further add depth.
It should be important to note, that while Curse of Strahd does deal with many mature, dark themes, real-world discrimination among players (be it racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, etc) is never, under any circumstances, tolerated.


If interested, please fill out this application I will look go through the submissions and pick people by Monday or Tuesday (we wouldn't be having a session this Tuesday either way).
And please feel free to apply no matter how new or experienced you are to D&D. Hell, if you've played in or ran in the module in the past, feel free to apply as well. Just be honest about it, and as long as you can separate player knowledge from character knowledge, all good; every party's Barovia is different, so I hope to provide an enjoyable experience regardless. :)
If you have questions, ask in the comments and I'll try to answer as soon as possible. Thanks y'all for taking the time to read this post, and have a great day!
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2023.06.04 23:27 truedilemma What happened to these six older and elderly women? A write up of five women who went missing under mysterious circumstances.

This post is about a couple of older and elderly women who vanished without a trace. I wanted to include women who disappeared without much of an explanation. When elderly people go missing, their disappearances can often be chalked up to a dementia-related event. I believe many elderly people who vanished with their cars may be in the bottom of lakes and rivers. Those who lived near wilderness may have gotten lost and died of exposure. Those who were picked up or hitchhiked could've been brought to a hospital where they were unable to communicate their true identity. The women I included went missing under more suspicious circumstances.
Mayme Hart Johnson - Disappeared June 12th, 2000 from Nashville, Tennessee.
Mayme is the first on the list and the reason I decided to do this post. On June 12th, 2000, Mayme Hart Johnson, a local historian, researcher, and teacher went missing from Nashville, Tennessee. Mayme, who was 85, lived in the 100 block of Bosley Springs Road in West Nashville with her son, Sam, in his apartment. At 6:30 am that morning, her son woke to find his mother gone. While he reported that he wasn't initially concerned because Mayme occasionally left the apartment around that time, he became alarmed when she didn't return by lunchtime. Where Mayme would go/what she would do at that time is not known. Richland Creek is close by to the apartments, but from what I've seen, it's narrow and a body would probably soon be found if it was in there, despite it being 28 miles long. Of course, there is always a chance she made it into a larger body of water that concealed her. A maintenance man from the Johnson's building told authorities that he had seen Mayme at 6:30 am the day she went missing. This was around the time Sam woke up. Whether this employee saw her outside the building, inside the building, near or on her apartment floor, or down the street is not mentioned. At the time of her disappearance Mayme was 5'5, 120 pounds, with brown eyes and gray hair, and last seen wearing pink pants and a pink blouse. Whether these were pajamas or not (possibly indicating a dementia-like episode, where she got up out of the house and left without telling her son or getting dressed) is, like many things in this case, unknown. Mayme, as I mentioned, was a historian and if you google her name you will find a few sites that show her body of work. In 1986, she published "A Treasury of Tennessee Churches". A search for Mayme was conducted in the Nashville area and extended to Huntingdon, TN, where her husband's grave was, and where she had been visiting the weekend before she vanished. There was also an aerial search of Eastern Maury County that took place in July 2000 after law enforcement came up with a theory that she could be a target of the I-65 rapist. I'm not sure where police got this idea from. The I-65/Days Inn Killer, now identified as Harry Edward Greenwell, murdered three hotel clerks (ages 21, 24, 34) in the late 1980s. He also sexually assaulted a 21 year old hotel clerk in 1990. While LE does believe he's connected to more violent crimes, I'm not sure how they link Mayme to him--if you know, please add your knowledge in the comments. After the aerial search, nothing was found linking anything to Mayme. In 2008 she was declared deceased.
Helen Joyce Rawley - disappeared June 4th, 2003 from College Park, Maryland
Helen Joyce Rawley lived in a bungalow on the 4600 block of Knox Road in College Park, Maryland with her son. 75 year old Helen went by her middle name "Joyce" so that is how I'll refer to her. Seventy-five year old Joyce and her son, Tom, had lived together since the death of Joyce's husband of 48 years, Nelson, in 2001. Between 6:45 and 7:00 am on June 4th, 2003, Joyce was last seen by her tenant, a man who had rented a room at the Rawley home for the last eight years. Joyce was seen by him on her porch that morning as he returned home from work. Beginning the day after her husband died in February 2001, Joyce suffered two strokes four days apart. Because of the strokes, she was unable to talk and considered disabled because of her inability to communicate. In 2002, Joyce underwent chemotherapy and radiation for rectal cancer. She was on medication that made her tired and weak. She didn't go out anywhere by herself except to get the mail. Her mind remained "sound", according to her son. The day she went missing, her son returned home from his foreman job at 3:30 pm, and found the house empty with the lights off. Joyce's purse and wallet remained left behind in her bedroom, everything was in place, and there were no signs of a robbery. Police tracked Joyce's scent out the front door which she never used, and to the corner of the block. However, she went missing on a "rain-soaked" and "dreary" day and it's possible the bad weather could've washed away any more of her scent outside. Since the death of her husband who died unexpectedly in his sleep, and her two other sons who died together in a 1982 boating accident, Joyce's immediate family consisted of her remaining child Tom, who was unmarried and childless at the time of his mother's disappearance. If she had other family out of the area is unknown. She does have a beach house in Annapolis, Maryland, but had not visited there after she went missing. She was 75 when she disappeared, standing between 5'4-5'5 and 110 pounds. Due to her cancer, she wore a colostomy bag and was on several medications that she can't go long without. Fliers with Joyce's information went out, woods were searched, local bus drivers were notified and questioned if they had seen her, and hospitals had been checked. A helicopter flew over the city at night with a heat-detecting device. No sight of her was ever found. She had brown eyes and white hair and was last seen in a sweatshirt and slacks. She enjoys gardening, crossword puzzles, and reading. Police don't suspect foul play and Tom isn't considered a suspect (neither is the tenant who was the last to see her), but they aren't sure what could've happened.
Maebell Dawson - disappeared January 3rd, 1998 from Jefferson Township, Ohio
68 year old Maebell Dawson had lived in a one bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor of the Martin Luther Manor Living Center on Liscum Drive for about a year when she went missing. Maebell was divorced, had two daughters, and had retired from a hospital housekeeping job two years prior. Maebell was close to her family, and when calls to reach her went unanswered for two days, by January 5th, her residence was checked. Nothing in the second-story apartment was missing or out of place. Her winter coat was draped over a chair, her wallet, credit cards, cash, and a check for rent dated 1/8/98 were all found in her purse on the table. Her bank account was never accessed again. There were no signs of forced entry, a struggle or robbery inside the apartment. LE does not believe Maebell was attacked from her apartment or lured from the premises, but they do believe foul play was involved. According to CharleyProject, suicide "has not been ruled out but has been deemed unlikely". In 1998, Maebell was between 5'4 - 5'6 and 180 pounds. She had brown eyes and gray hair, wore glasses, and was last seen in a tan jogging suit. She was last seen entering her apartment at 9:30 pm on January 3rd. Five and a half years after her disappearance, Maebell was declared legally dead.
Norma Mae Maynard - disappeared February 3rd, 1979 from Boone, Iowa.
Norma Mae Maynard went missing in early February of 1979, just two weeks after the unexpected death of her husband, Carl, on January 19th. Norma and Carl had been married for three decades and Norma was deeply grieving the loss. Norma lived with her 30 year old son, and he was the last to see his mother. He stated that shortly before noon on February 2nd, he found a note from his 61 year old mother that stated she was on her way to Los Angeles, not to look for her, and that she'd get in touch again someday. The validity of this note (if seen by LE, if handwritten analysis was performed, etc) is not known. Norma's purse and a few items of clothing were missing, but her checkbook and jewelry were left behind. There was no sign of a break-in at the house. Her husband's pension which she lived off of and her bank account with savings was not touched. Norma was a shy woman who spent most of her time at home and had a regular routine. She didn't drive and her brothers stated that she had never been more than a few miles from her hometown. Her husband's funeral bill was paid for by a check dated four days after she vanished and signed by "Mrs. Carl Maynard". According to Charley Project, "The signature appeared to match Maynard's handwriting, and her son said she had signed a blank check and left it with him to fill in and pay the bill". The validity of this is not known either. A sighting of a woman matching Norma's description was seen by a local Greyhound bus station employee. The woman was boarding a bus bound for Los Angeles. Police are not sure of the accuracy of this sighting and consider it "shaky". Norma didn't drive but she didn't normally travel by bus, and why she allegedly went to Los Angeles is unknown: she had no friends or family there. Norma's son was not considered a suspect in her case, though some members of her family believe he was involved in her disappearance. He has maintained his innocence and has since moved out of state. Norma was 5'3 tall and weight 175 pounds, with blue eyes and gray hair. If she was alive today, she'd be 105. I believe someone close to her knows what happened and made up the story about her leaving for California. My second theory would be suicide, and she made up the California story so her family wouldn't worry.
Yu Chin Goodson - disappeared March 25th, 2005 from Russellville, Franklin County, Alabama.
Yu Chin Goodson is one of the youngest on my list, and at 57, I wouldn't classify her as elderly, but she is an older woman with a lot of mental and physical issues, who went missing under mysterious circumstances like these other women. Yu Chin is an Asian woman suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, diabetes, and a heart problem which required daily medication. In 2005, she was living in group home for patients with mental disabilities in Russellville, Alabama. On March 25th, 2005, a witness claimed to see Yu Chin enter a small, older grey or silver car with a loud muffler. The car was headed toward the Decatur, Alabama area, which is where her son lives. Staff at the group home were informed that Yu Chin was gone, and within 15 minutes of her disappearance, the police were notified and a search for Yu Chin began. No trace of her was ever found. Her son, who lives in the Decatur area, was never contacted by his mother. There has been no mention of foul play, and authorities believe she could currently be homeless and living in shelters. At the time of this write up, she has been missing for almost twenty years and would be around 75 if still alive.
Barbara B. Blount - disappeared May 2nd, 2008 from Holden, Louisiana
Barbara B. Blount was a 58 year old widow who lived on the same road as her children, kept in regular contact with her family and friends, and was active in her local church. It came as a surprise one morning when her nephew came over to visit her residence in rural Livingston Parish, Louisiana, and Barbara was nowhere to be found. A neighbor had just spoken to her over the phone, and Barbara had said she was cleaning out her kitchen cabinets. By the time her nephew had arrived for a visit, the front door was wide open, Barbara's phone was lying on the floor with the battery pulled out, her car was gone, and Barbara was missing. Besides for the unusual circumstances in the home, police didn't find any proof of forced entry. A few hours later in the late afternoon, the silver four door 2006 Toyota Camry Barbara owned was found a quarter of a mile from her home. It was found 25-30 yards off the main road and out of sight, hidden by trees. No trace of Barbara was discovered, baffling friends and family who described Barbara as a cautious individual who carried a gun when she went outside to milk the cows and didn't open the door to strangers. Waterways and woods were searched in attempt to find Barbara, but nothing was ever found.

edit: ooof messed up the title.
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2023.06.04 23:14 trashcan-phobia Last weeks chart

Last weeks chart
Been listening to a lot of PUP so suggestions for similar bands would be cool!
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2023.06.04 22:22 Affectionate_Most791 Can a warrant be issued by mail.. years after it happened?

Im asking on behalf of a friend but about a month ago my friend got pulled over. No insurance. Expired tags. Weed in the car. The officer asked him if he knew he had a warrant in idaho. (He currently lives in ohio). He knew about it and told me he thought he had 2 warrants but the officer only mentioned one. By the grace of god the officer only got him for expired tags and nothing else. He got his car towed and the next day ended up getting his insurance and tags to be able to get his car. He paid the ticket and it was over. A couple days ago he gets a letter in the mail basically stating theres a warrant for his arrest in Oklahoma and if he pays $450 it will get dismissed. This was the other warrant he thought he had but it happened about 2 years ago. Looks legit the only thing is they spelled his middle name wrong. Both of the warrants are small misdemeanors but its odd they sent him the letter in the mail 2 years later. Is it a scam?
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Active loans

Quick search


[REQ] 430 USD - My dad broke my car and is perfectly content with my being stuck here. I need to fix it so I can get work and get out of here. Mt. Gilead, Ohio

Post contents

Sorry for the long post but I've included the breakdown of costs and timelines in hopes of better making my case.
My dad broke my car over a year ago and won't fix it. He's perfectly content, it seems, paying for me to stay here and never leave. I keep asking about it but he basically won't fix it. I get only enough money to feed myself, my cat, and buy soap for the bath.
I need to get my car street legal and reliable. It's going to be a 30 - 40 mile drive to ANY factory so I need to know it won't die on me. After that, I hope to get a job at the Honda plant or at Whirlpool in Marion. I am also hoping to try out American Showa in Delaware. They hire at 17 an hour for floor workers. There's no reason I shouldn't get hired as I have a clean history and don't do drugs. If they'll hire felons, well, I'm at least that good. :)
I need about 430 USD. The breakdown of that amount is as followed and is intended to be enough to get my car street legal again. I've used the cheapest parts on AutoZone for my car.
34.50 - Registration (Annual state thing in ohio)
10.00 - Late registration (Last registered the plates in 2013)
118.00 - Alternator
19.99 - Belt
35.00 - Reconditioned Battery (Local Junkyard reconditions them and they are pretty cheap)
65.99 - Muffler (There is an irreparable hole in it that will get me pulled over)
24.00 - Coolant (This seems the odd one out, but my dad poured motor oil into my radiator. I bought new hoses and can flush it with water. I MAY be able to do this repair myself but even 24 dollars is beyond me to refill it and make sure there's no leaks or errors in my work)
+ 40% this amount for labor on the car. I know a local handyman that I believe will do it for that. If there is extra it'll go towards gas.
I think I can promise repayment of 500 dollars in three months. One month to fix my car, one month to get hired somewhere (The factories are through employment agencies so the process may be slow), and then three weeks for my first check to come in. (Since if you get hired between checks you can end up in an awkward place of not receiving payment for the first three weeks- and the first week will be training- I don't know if that is paid or not.)
I can provide my phone number (for texting) and my relay number (If you want to call, I am hard of hearing and cannot hear on a phone.) Or most other forms of ID.
I have paypal but don't know of any other options.
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2023.06.04 21:51 NamelessNanashi [The Gods of Dragons: Beginning] Ch 16 - Aftermath Part 2/2

--- Table of Contents ---
--- Part 1/2 ---
When Shon woke again, it was to be told he'd slept, not only the rest of the day and night of the incident, but the entire day after as well. Despite the Cleric assuring Shon that this was normal, he still had Shon eat breakfast in the infirmary while the Squires attended their morning lessons. He'd slept through drills, breakfast, and prayer.
The Cleric kept the curtains drawn over the window, though Shon's head wasn't pounding anymore, and had added a second set of standing curtains around the girl's bed. Shon's eyes flicked in her direction with every alternate bite he managed to force down, but there was no movement beyond the white cloth.
Master Daunas came in shortly before tenth bell and armor practice to inform Shon that he was to take the day off to rest but could rejoin the others in training the following day. He was at least allowed to leave the infirmary, though he waited until he could hear sparring outside before he did. He didn't want to run into any of the Squires.
As he opened the door to leave something flew by the window, catching Shon's attention enough to make him stop and look over. But it was already long gone. Just a bird... Assuming he hadn't imagined it. He shook his head, still aching all over. His mind swam with worries and memories, made worse by the fact that the Cleric was trying to hide shivers now that Shon was fully rested. He'd probably just imagined it...
Back in his room Shon huddled over his journal. He could still smell the smoke in his hair and had decided it would be best to shower soon, but finally alone, his thoughts and memories could no longer be ignored.
So he drew. He tried to start safe. Nangran atop his borrowed horse; Ivelm mostly naked and shaking a club in his doorway; the Archmage's workroom lined in shelves filled with magical components. That one had taken a while. But as he released these images onto the page, others forced themselves forward. Smoke billowing over treetops; a burning tower; charred bodies; and a girl reaching out through the flames. A girl lying asleep in the bed next to his. The stillness of the picture made her look dead.
He dropped his pencil, letting it roll right off the desk. Crossing his arms over the book, he rested his head on his desk. The wood felt warm compared to his skin, comforting. What more could he have done? What could a Paladin have done? Or Master Veon-Zih? Shon saw again the bodies and shivered.
No one could save everyone. To think otherwise was pure arrogance. But knowing the facts and feeling them were two very different things. The tower wasn’t that far from Hamerfoss. Shouldn’t they have known something was going on? Shouldn’t they have been able to do something sooner? Years sooner? Long before the fire killed those people?
A loud tapping startled him awake. When had he fallen asleep? Shon searched his room in confusion, trying to piece together his dream and what had awoken him. He'd been in the Temple chapel, but as he'd walked down the middle aisle, the pews had started to decay, the stone walls crumbling. Small plants, then trees began to sprout from the ground, overgrowing the once-holy place now in ruin. Shon pressed the heels of his hands hard into his eyes, trying to remember what had come next... A man with white hair pulled back in a ponytail had been standing at the head altar... something with leathery wings on his shoulder...
The painful screech of something sharp on glass had Shon jumping up, his chair falling to clatter on the ground behind him. He looked to his window but saw only orange sky beyond. Was the sun already setting? He knelt on the mattress and looked out the window, unsure what he expected to see. He was on the third floor, but that was definitely where the sound had come from, and the window was the only glass in the room.
Nothing but open sky.
He opened the tiny window, the pane swinging up and letting in cold and refreshing air that helped clear his mind. Master Daunas's voice bellowed orders from the courtyard below, and Shon stuck his head out to look down and see his fellows working through their dagger forms. He'd slept through lunch and afternoon lessons. And he still needed a shower.
If he hurried, he would be able to shower before the others finished their lesson. Shon left the window open and even opened his door before he remembered to grab a fresh uniform. Obviously, he still wasn't thinking clearly.
The halls were blissfully empty, and Shon could almost pretend that even if he did pass someone, their breath wouldn't show in the air. It was a short-lived fantasy, however. He managed to make it all the way to the showers, but when he opened the door a voice called, "Squire! Why aren't you... Oh..." Shon performed a sharp about face to stand at attention before the Major General.
"At ease, Squire Shon," Selibra sighed, waving him down, "Did you get enough rest?"
"Yes, Sir," Shon answered but then caught movement out of the corner of his eye, again. He hadn't managed to turn his head far enough to see before the Major General started speaking. Shon snapped his head back to give the officer his undivided attention.
"You did well, Squire. Smith Nangran told us what happened at the tower." Sir Selibra managed a strained smile that faded quickly, "If you want to talk about what you saw there... any one of us will be more than willing to listen. You shouldn't have had to experience death so soon." an image of an arm pulling away from a charred corpse flashed in Shon's vision.
Shon swallowed down the accompanying nausea at the memory and managed a nod, adding a quiet "Thank you, Sir." for good measure.
Feeling the need to scrub even more than before, Shon was grateful when the Major General left, allowing him to enter the still-open room. The shower was only mildly comforting, however. What should have been scalding water felt merely lukewarm now, the mist billowing off his truly icy skin thick enough that he could barely see the spigots. Closing his eyes, he scrubbed and tried to imagine the images flowing off of him with the filth...
Something chirped, and Shon slammed the water off. Just the pipes creaking... How much longer would he have to rest before his mind stopped playing tricks on him? But as he moved for his towel, Shon stopped in shock, his new uniform had been scattered around the benches and floor.
He hadn't heard the door open, but had heard the pipes creaking? But who here would even do something like this? Shon started to search the showers, but as he did, he heard something else—voices in the hall. The Squires were done with their practice. He still didn't want to see them and dressed quickly, rushing from the shower and slamming the door behind him.
Something thumped into the door from the other side. Shon held his breath and turned slowly. It was his imagination. It had to be. He reached for the handle again and, standing behind the swing, opened the shower slowly.
"He's been gone three days... Do you think they sent him away?" Thom's voice sounded from around a corner, and Shon jumped in surprise, pulling the door open fully as if he could hide behind it.
"No way. he's the best Squire we have, so what if he's a Sorcerer." They were talking about him... Shon definitely didn't want to see them yet. He dashed down the opposite way, taking a long way around through the Paladin's barracks and back to his room. Or that's what he'd planned before he remembered the Squires hall would be full of people now taking their break and trying to get into the shower before everyone else. His feet faltered, and he turned away again, to one of the hardly used stairs that would take him down to the rest of the fortress.
Barred from his room, Shon made his way to the place he associated the most with comfort, the chapel. It wasn't empty, three Paladins knelt in prayer near the front, but it didn't matter anymore. He felt a wash of calm as he entered the incense-filled room, the sweet-smelling smoke finally banishing the stench of burning hair from his memory.
Shon took a spot near the back, kneeling to pray as he stared up at the statue of Hengist behind the altar. He was dressed in full plate mail, his arm raised in triumph, holding his mighty sword, Darkspliter.
Shon sighed and felt himself smile for what felt like the first time in a very long time. He could tell Hengist anything and everything, and none of it out loud... But then his smile faded. What would he say...?
I'm sorry. I feel like I've been lying to everyone, to you. I've known there was something different about me, something wrong with me. That's why no one likes to touch me, why everyone pulls away at the feel of my skin, like it's somehow dirty or painful. I should've realized... Should have known...
But I worked so hard... You know that, don't you? And I'm not ready to give up. I'll do whatever it takes, atone anyway I can if you just tell me how. The Major General said something about it being a sign. I want to believe he meant the unlikely convenience of Smith Nangran knowing an Archmage who could make an item so I won't have to get the tattoo. Thank you. I just hope I don't disappoint after getting a second chance...
The bell for dinner sounded. Feeling better, Shon considered going with the Paladins as they left the chapel. Until one of them shivered as they passed. "Winters right around the corner," another muttered.
"We'll need to install the heating orbs soon." the last answered before the door closed... He wasn't hungry anyway.
Please, Hengist. Don't let me hurt anyone else. Kefir was trying to help me, and I answered that kindness with pain. What if the healers hadn't gotten to him in time? Would I have smothered him in ice? Please, I'll give up everything if it means that will never happen again...
But he didn't want to give up anything. He wanted to fight, to reach his highest potential, and lead a life of meaning. He thought of Master Veon-Zih. The Monk had told him that he didn't need to be a Paladin to fight for justice, and he was living proof of that. But...
I don't want to be alone... At first, I thought I just wanted you, a god, as a guiding light in my life. But now I realize that being a Paladin gives me even more than that. It gives me brothers and friends, and I don't want to lose them either. But I especially don't want to hurt them.
Shon clenched his hands tighter, as tight as he could, digging his fingers into the spaces between his knuckles; as if external pain might dull internal strife...
They say I'm scary... And I know they aren't really joking. I can see it in their eyes and hear it in their nervous laughs when they try and make it a joke. But they only mean when they fight me... don't they? And I'll never try to hurt them. It's only sparring... they know that... don't they?
He squeezed his eyes tighter shut,
But what about now? Will they be even more afraid? Even when we aren't sparring? Can I blame them if they are?
He actually found himself waiting for an answer... Of course, none came. He wasn't a Paladin yet, and wouldn't be able to feel the god until he swore his Oath and took a piece of Hengist into himself. For now, Shon took in a deep breath, as deep as he could, then let it out slowly, relaxing his hands and face as he attempted to release his anxieties unto his god.
I won't give up. I'll fight this danger within me as hard as I will fight any threat without. I ask for your help with this. Please don't give up on me yet. I'll prove I'm worthy, I swear.
The bell ending dinner and starting study time sounded. Shon stayed in the chapel until a handful of Squires came in to pray themselves. They hesitated by the door, but Shon didn't look at them. He knew he couldn't hide forever. But he also wasn't sure what he should say to any of them. Or if he should say anything at all. Shon waited until they moved away from the door to finally stand. If he had to face any of them, he wanted it to be the ones he considered friends first.
Shon left the chapel and made his way to the library, fighting the urge to just go back to his room. Heads swiveled in his direction the moment he opened the library door. Shon flinched, sucking in a sharp breath and holding it, pulling his energy in as best he could.
He stepped in, and the Squires exchanged looks, but then the Paladin on library duty coughed, and they quickly went back to reading.
His typical spot was available as usual, so Shon made his way there. The others would want to talk after... and if not, he would just go back to his room. Distracted by his continued worries -and the silent effort to hold his energy in- Shon still heard when something behind him hissed along the stone.
He spun quickly, scanning the floor. This time he definitely wasn't imagining it...
"Squire Shon... Shouldn't you be resting?" He turned back to find the Squires trying to make it seem like they weren't staring at him, while the Paladin who called looked openly concerned.
Shon's cheeks flushed, now feeling cool rather than warm. Another change... He cleared his throat, "No, Sir..." and when the Paladin's worried expression didn't let up, Shon added, "I've been resting all day."
"Three days..." Zihler muttered.
Shon met his eyes and the Squire smiled, but Shon couldn't tell if the expression seemed strained or not. He nodded anyway, taking his seat alone at the table by the window.
Books on their current subject of study were already laid out, and he pulled one forward, opening it without checking the title. As he read, he could hear the others occasionally whisper and even caught snippets of what they were saying,
"I found another one. Do you think this will be enough?" Thom asked.
"We have the rest of the hour; we should find all we can," Rerves answered. It didn't sound like they were studying, but Shon had missed three days of lessons; maybe they were working on an assignment... He went back to his reading. He would get any missed work tomorrow.
When the bell rang that would finally begin their last hour of free time, Shon closed his book. It would be best to just go to bed early; everyone seemed to think he should be resting anyway; they could talk after he got the sealing item... But he hadn't stood yet when his six closest friends jumped up, books in hand, and crowded around him, preventing him from leaving. From running away.
"We're glad you're okay." Rehlien blurted out.
"The Major General told us what happened," Baradin added.
Shon looked from him to Kefir and took in a sharp breath, "I'm..." he started to apologize, but Kefir interrupted with a broad smile,
"I'm fine. I even got a day off for it. I didn't need it though, they healed me up right away."
Rerves placed his book down on Shon's table, "It was just really surprising, you know? But hey! Now we know why you're so cold all the time."
Shon looked down at the massive tome on the table, not wanting to meet their eyes. He didn't know what to make of what they were saying. There was no way it was okay. How could they be alright with a dangerous magic user that could kill them all on accident...
"We found these. We thought they might make you feel a little better," Thom whispered, stacking his book on top of Rerves' and opening it to a page he'd marked with a ripped piece of scrap paper. It wasn't a textbook, it was a record book. Shon furrowed his brows down at the page, reading 'Sir Patrich, served 4876-4929, died 4955. Paladin of Hengist, General. Air Sorcerer...'
Shon looked up to find them all smiling down at him. Zihler set his book down over Thom's, opened to another personal record, "This one was a fire Sorcerer, and they're supposed to be the most destructive."
Rehlien took Baradin and Kefir's books and stacked them with his own beside the open records. He ran his fingers over the slew of bookmarks sticking out of the closed pages, "All Sorcerers and Paladins." Rehlien said.
"Master Daunas said you would be back in a few days, but just in case we wanted to find these for you," Thom explained in a rush, "You know... in case the officers or Mages needed to be convinced..."
Baradin cleared his throat before he spoke, clasping his hands behind his back, "We haven't found any ice Sorcerers yet, but they're also the rarest, so that really shouldn't be surprising."
"Yeah, and there are plenty of fire who are crazy dangerous even when they're trained," Kefir added quickly.
Shon could feel a burning in his eyes and blinked furiously, looking away from his friends. He wouldn't cry.. he wouldn't. "Thank you..." he managed to croak out, finally giving in and rubbing his eyes. None of them commented on his show of emotion, or the frost clouding his window.
Rerves took the seat across from him with a smile, "So, what type of familiar do you think you'll get?"
Shon managed to stop blinking enough to arch an eyebrow. Hadn't Ivelm said something about a familiar too?
"I bet you it'll be something really lame." Zihler laughed, "To balance Shon's badassness."
"Squire!" the Paladin librarian barked, "Pushups! Now!"
Zihler groaned, mumbling as he stepped back to perform the punishment, "How do they always do that?"
"Divine hearing," Rehlien snickered as Zihler started the pushups, "Probably only works for curses, though."
"You can join him," the Paladin called without looking up from his book, and Rehlien groaned, dropping down next to Zihler.
"Seriously though," Rerves said, ignoring the boys huffing and puffing through their punishment, "Familiars are animals, they're supposed to be even closer to their Sorcerer than a Paladin and their mount! Like an extension of yourself. You can see through their eyes and talk to them with your mind. It's awesome!"
Thom actually blushed, confessing, "We read up on it a bit over the last two days..."
They knew more about what he was than he did. Shon actually smiled, starting, "I don't..." but chittering, like a particularly loud squirrel, interrupted him. The Squires all swiveled their heads to look around, Rehlien and Zihler jumping to their feet with the Paladin, who stood so quickly his chair fell over. The chittering turned to chirping, and then to a purr, as Shon finally found what was making the noise.
On top of the bookshelf closest to the door, sat a tiny dragon.
The size of a large barn cat, its scales were mostly brown but had streaks and blotches of red and orange, like the few deciduous trees that still held their leaves in autumn. Its leathery wings were folded against its back and its front claws grasped the edge of the bookshelf. Its long tail, complete with a scorpion-like stinger, flicked back and forth, its sinuous neck held high as it surveyed the library.
Some of the Squires let slip breaths of wonder, and the little dragon seemed to preen at the attention, holding its head a little higher and purring even louder. The Paladin, however, stepped around his desk and commanded, "Stay back, Squires," before he started chanting. The little dragon tilted its head at the Paladin, as curious as the rest of them. A moment later, the knight's spell washed over them to fill the room, sending a shiver down Shon's spine and making more than one of the other Squires shudder.
The little dragon let out another string of chittering and hissed down at the Paladin, whose eyes went wide as he announced in a breath, "It's real."
"How did it get in?" a senior Squire asked. Shon started to stand but then fell back again as images flooded into his mind. He watched a window opening from outside the fortress, and saw himself lean out. Then the image shifted, and he saw himself digging under his bed for a new uniform and towel as the him that was watching slipped out the door. It shifted again, and he saw himself in the shower, mist billowing off his shoulders before he dug through the piles of clothes left on the bench. It shifted again, and he darted into the library and behind the bookshelf, watching as he, Shon, walked in and sat down at the little table.
Shon blinked and shook his head furiously to try and clear it. All the pictures had flooded in so fast that no one even had time to answer the question or pose their own, "I let it in..." Shon whispered, then looked at the Paladin, explaining quickly, "I didn't mean to. I left my window open to air out my room and..."
"It's okay, Squire," the Paladin was actually smiling, and the little dragon whistled, "They're goodly creatures, though elusive. I've never seen a live one." the dragon leaned forward on the bookshelf, crouching down on its front claws and wiggling its hindquarters before it leaped into the air, opening its wings to spread as wide as it was long. It glided a lap around the library then hovered in front of the Paladin, chittering again and flapping hard enough to blow the man's short hair back before flying right towards the group of Squires around Shon.
It brushed Baradin's head with its claws, the boy ducking as it swooped down to land on Shon's table. The dragon looked from the open books to Shon, then, before Shon could pull back, climbed up his arm and to his shoulder, purring hard enough to vibrate Shon too. It weighed considerably less than it looked like it should, though its claws were sharp enough to pierce through his clothes as it climbed. It brought its face right up to Shon's eye, and though he tried to pull away, it followed him with its long neck, rubbing its cheek along his face. The scales were smooth and lacked temperature, like being touched by a gloved hand. It nuzzled his cheek again, then down his neck and into his shirt.
Surprised, Shon tried to throw the dragon off, but it just dug its claws into his sleeves, chittering angrily then clawing its way around to his back before lifting itself up to drape over his head. "What..." Shon started, but the Paladin cut him off with a laugh.
"I think that answers your friends' questions, Squire."
Shon was too confused to even arch an eyebrow at the man, but Rerves apparently understood what he'd meant because he said, "But I thought only animals could be familiars, like cats and crows and stuff..."
The Paladin nodded but then shrugged, "That's usually the case, but sometimes, rarely, there will be a Sorcerer who gets something a bit more special, like a winged serpent, fairy dragon, or in this case," he nodded at Shon, "A pseudodragon."
The pseudodragon purred, vibrating Shon's head. The Squires all gaped slack-jawed in awe at it, and Shon reached up slowly. He wasn't even sure what he was going to do, pet it? Push it off? But before he'd even touched it, it lifted its head, stretching its long neck out and nuzzling into his hand, obviously not caring that his skin was colder now than it had ever been.
"Damn..." Zihler muttered in obvious disappointment, "I was really hoping it would be a toad so I would have something to make fun of..."
The little dragon's answering twitter almost sounded like a laugh.
She groaned, rolling over and nuzzling deeper into Her pillow. Except it didn’t smell like Her pillow. Her eyes flew open, and She sat up. Then fell back down. That was stupid. Ran and Brom had probably taken more blood than usual again… except She couldn’t remember them taking Her for samples. Not for weeks and weeks…
“It’s alright, you’re safe here,” the kindly voice of a man spoke from Her right, and She sat up again, more slowly this time. A stranger in white robes with a sword embroidered on the chest reached out to help Her up, but after touching Her back he pulled sharply away.
She was too confused to apologize for burning him. “Where?” She asked, looking around the room. Like the stranger, it was covered in white. White blankets, white rug, and white curtains hanging to either side of an open window. A window that looked out onto a blue sky. She gasped, scrambling from the bed and nearly tripping over Her white gown. Of course it was white. How in all the hells did they keep it all clean?
She shook Her head and rushed for the window. The man behind Her gasped, his chair scraping loudly as he stood to follow. She pressed Her hands on the cold glass, staring up into the sky, “I’m on an upper floor!?” She grinned excitedly over Her shoulder as the stranger stared at Her, mouth hanging open.
Turning back to the window, She used Her arm to wipe the fog from Her heat off the glass, letting Her gaze trail down. She didn’t see the treetops She expected. Not close anyway. Instead, the forest was beyond a wide clear field, which in turn was beyond a tall stone wall with people dressed in silver walking along its top. She stood on Her toes to look down through the window. Between the wall and Her was a courtyard full of more people swinging things that glinted in the sun.
This wasn’t the tower. None of those people wore robes except the nice stranger. She spun to him, “My treasures, where are they? Brom? Ran? Where…” She saw a flash of red, heard a pained bark, and smelled iron. She fell to Her knees, grasping Her chest and breathing hard, remembering bits and pieces. He killed them. He killed all of them. Then what? She couldn’t remember...
“You are in a training facility of the Temple of Hengist, Hamerfoss, in Clearhelm.” a new voice, deeper, less kind though not cruel, spoke from the doorway. Lifting Her head, She saw the new man wearing a crisp, white, uniform, with a sword hanging comfortably from his belt. Hengist… so that explained all the white.
The kind man in robes had rushed to Her but dared not touch Her. Wise. With Her head spinning so fast, there was no way She was controlling Her heat properly. “How long has she been awake?” the new man asked the kind one.
“She just woke up, Major General,”
“He killed them…” She whispered, squeezing Her eyes shut, pushing back the rage and sorrow, trying to fill in Her memory. What happened next?
“It will be alright. You're safe here,” the kind man said again.
She pulled Her own hair, lacing Her fingers into the golden strands and squeezing. What had happened? She had run down the hall, but how had She gotten out of Her room? There were strangers in Her tower. These men? She glared up at the brown-haired man who looked down at Her, his hands behind his back.
“Who are you? What did you do to the Mages?” She could feel the hair rise on the back of Her neck and a familiar tingling where the collar should be.
The Major General remained calm before Her building fury, saying only, “Calm down.” It was a command backed by magic. She felt the power flow over Her and try to settle on Her mind. She could almost sense the peace it promised but shook Her head, clearing it of the spell.
He could've used his magic to hurt Her. Perhaps not with the collar as the Archmages did, but in other ways. And yet, he hadn’t moved from his spot, his hands still behind his back. She looked again at the sword of Hengist at his side. She'd read all about the gods. Hengist was good and noble, all about self-sacrifice and protecting the weak… A fool, the Mages had said. And yet his Temple ruled this province. The Mages of Her tower would never work with the Temple of Hengist. Or any kingdom order…
She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She didn’t need his help to calm down, not when She had something to focus on. She shoved Her grief to the back of Her mind. “How did I get here?” another image flashed in Her mind, fire all around, a white path, blue eyes.
The Paladin didn’t answer right away; instead, he motioned for the robed man - a Cleric? - to bring him a chair. She tilted Her head curiously at him, but he only sat down with a weary sigh, then gestured towards the bed, “Please, have a seat.”
She stood, returning to the bed and eyeing the door over his shoulder. He hadn’t locked it. “We saw smoke from the woods and found you in a burning tower.” the blood drained from Her face, “We have recovered several bodies from around the structure, but there were no other survivors.” he leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and fixing Her with a piercing stare, “What happened? What was going on in that tower?”
She brought Her feet onto the bed and hugged Her legs tight, “I don’t… I can’t remember…” a fire, the tower burning… But it was made of stone. Her fire couldn’t burn that hot… Could it?
“Sir Selibra,” the kindly Cleric sounded stern, crossing his arms and glaring down at the Paladin, “She has just woken up from what was obviously a terrible ordeal. Show some compassion.”
The Paladin, Selibra, actually looked ashamed, leaning back in his chair and clearing his throat, “I apologize, miss…” he drew out the last word, looking at Her expectantly. She tilted Her head. “What is your name?” he asked more clearly. She tilted Her head the other way. Were they going to play that game here too?
The Cleric hummed then said, “Please forgive him, miss, we are all very troubled by the events and deaths at the tower. The Major General merely got ahead of himself. If you could tell us your name, then we can let you rest and…”
“I don’t have a name.”
The two men blinked dumbly at Her, and She rolled Her eyes, “I knnnooowww,” She let Her legs fall back down, so She was sitting properly again, “But I don’t know it yet. As soon as I do, I'll tell you.” She assured them. The men exchanged looks as She glanced again out the window. Maybe She should've just told them what Brom and Ran called Her… But those weren’t names. They were descriptors. No better than ‘Firewyrm.’
If these Temple men were to be believed, everything was gone. She had no room, no books, no clothes, no treasures, and no name. What did She have? She pulled Her hair over Her shoulder and stared out the window as She stroked it. She had Her hair. They hadn’t cut it in months. She had Her body. She straightened Her posture, holding Her head high. And She had Her power—the fire crackling deep inside Her soul. The Mages had taken the first two. The third had destroyed them.
“You should rest,” Selibra stood, and Her eyes snapped back to him, “You can send for me when you feel ready to talk. Until then, focus on recovering your strength and your memories.”
He made it all the way to the door, even swung it open before She called out, “What are you going to do to me?”
Selibra turned back, his eyebrows raised in surprise. The Cleric placed a hand on Her shoulder, slowly and carefully, gauging how much of Her heat he could handle. She turned to him, and he let Her go. He'd held on longer than expected. “We will keep you safe, child.” the Cleric assured Her.
The Paladin grew stiff for a moment, then brought his right fist up to his chest, “By the sword of Hengist’s honor, we will safeguard your life and freedom,” Freedom? “Whatever injustices you endured there, you will find justice in the laws of Clearhelm.” She didn’t know what to say, and so, after an awkward moment of silence, Selibra turned for the door again and left.
She didn’t lay down. Instead, She walked back to the window. The view seemed to stretch on forever from so high up, higher than She'd ever remembered being before. Even when She used to climb the trees around Her tower.
Selibra hadn’t locked the door, but the Cleric bustled around behind Her, and the wall below Her clanked with armored knights. What was freedom anyway?
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