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2023.06.05 11:41 JoshR231 Why does Youtube keep recommending irrelevant and sometimes inappropriate playlists in the "Playlist" search filter?

Serious answer only: I'm running out of options. I've never watch, never search, never want any of that-even in browser. Example:
I search for "RTGame City Skylines" on search bar, everything is normal. Select "Playlist" in the search filter. Everything is either undertale, roblox, zelda, except the aformentioned search: There's but one a City Skyline playlist, and it's not even the right channel. This happens to all searches.
And the list stops after about 10 playlists shown and says "No more results".
Is there anything I can do to fix this? This happens in both mobile and PC.
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2023.06.03 15:30 liandrin This all seems a bit phallic, no?

This all seems a bit phallic, no? submitted by liandrin to tumblr [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 00:05 Dzzplayz RuleTGame

RuleTGame submitted by Dzzplayz to 196 [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 15:27 Pip2719496 Congrats on coming out rt game!

Congrats on coming out rt game! submitted by Pip2719496 to SpeedOfLobsters [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 13:46 xXMisterDiscoXx Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈

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2023.06.01 08:49 dyl_pickle6669 Favourite people to watch play persona?

this really goes for any of the games tbh.
i like watching people play the game im currently playing as long as im on my second playthrough, so ive watched some p5 challenge runs, rtgame's playthrough, and ive been watching waffle and phat's streams/videos of it while they play multiplayer. i usually watch it while im grinding in mementos (or just going through the floors of tartarus since im playing p3 rn), but i want a bit of variety and was wondering what some other people like.
ive also watched some p5 analysis videos, there's this one girl that talks about how different people/elements of p5 relate to actual things going on in japan, whether current or past (i dont remember her name), so im also open to that sorta content as long as it's entertaining.
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2023.05.31 21:15 Gen3kingTheWriter Any Chance RTGame might appear in Chugga's let's play or vice versa?

RTGame recently started a playthrough of Black/white 2 on twitch just as Chugga is doing one.
Now this could be a coincidence and just might be but even if so there is a chance the two may capitalize on it especially with Chugga goin to many cons recently.
I assume it would be some small cameo maybe a battle or showing off Entralink stuff, but the two playing at the same time means it won't be impossible, along with the fact that they have interacted with Twitter before.
Not a big deal one way or the other but could be cool if it happened.
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2023.05.29 02:23 PhantomKitten73 Fav Let's Plays of UD

I'm making a compilation of YouTubers reaction to a certain moment in Ultra Deluxe, and I definitely won't be able to include every let's play on this game ever, cuz there's... a lot. So what are your y'alls favorite let's plays of the game, so I can include them in it?
Edit of ones I already have: Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, OfficialNerdCubed, Many A True Nerd, RTGame, Keith Ballard, Snapcube, Bill and Chill Gaming.
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2023.05.27 17:29 heilmern Where to get back in the series

Hi reddit, after watching RTgames entire run of explorers of the sky and watching a video "where PMD is in 2023" i have been hit by a wave of nostalgia and memories of playing PMD, so i ask of you what game and or rom hack would you suggest to a returning fan that came back after years?
(Games already played: blue, explorer of the sky , explorer of time)
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2023.05.26 18:21 nsztg1 Titan Of The Kingdom?

Titan Of The Kingdom?
From RTGame's ToTK playthrough
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2023.05.26 03:57 Captainrana1907 Out of ten what do you rate the name of my longass rtgame playlist on YouTube

Out of ten what do you rate the name of my longass rtgame playlist on YouTube submitted by Captainrana1907 to RTGameCrowd [link] [comments]

2023.05.21 03:27 WowWhatACleverName tulin sage with the zonai mask?

tulin sage with the zonai mask? submitted by WowWhatACleverName to TOTK [link] [comments]

2023.05.20 23:13 MemeDestroyer465 Who is James from rtgames hitman videos?

Whom is he?
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2023.05.17 07:22 CrispyMiner RTGame when it's time to torture more Koroks

RTGame when it's time to torture more Koroks submitted by CrispyMiner to RTGameCrowd [link] [comments]

2023.05.17 04:23 Rayzawa [IIL] Youtubers with large friend groups like TheDooo, SaltyPhish, Isaacwhy, [WEWIL]

First of all, I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask! I tried looking up 'places to ask for specific youtube recommendations' but all I found is places telling me how to advertise my non-existent channel, haha. I've always loved Youtube videos where it's just a group of friends having fun and cracking jokes, and barely acknowledging the fact they're recording at all. Recently I've been watching TheDooo's older Rainbow Six videos, and wanting to find channels with a similar vibe. I find that this is more common with Let's Players, but I've also seen a few videos where there's just a group of guys talking on discord and looking at cursed images or something and bouncing off each other, and those are super funny too! In summary: Looking for other youtubers with big friend groups that they frequently record videos with! I especially love ones with a lot of playful bantering and lovingly roasting each other (BIG emphasis on playful and lovingly, I don't want to watch a channel where someone is like, genuinely being harassed.) I also find that Game Grumps and RTGame when he has the Irish Lads playing with him, but I like channels that have more of a consistently large cast (I find 'guest star' episodes in channels besides theirs a little awkward since they usually tiptoe around eachother haha.) ... I think my summary ending up being longer, my apologies haha ;;; Sorry if this is super long or hard to read! I have a tendency to ramble a lot. Thank you for any recommendations! :>
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2023.05.14 22:58 clip_mirror_bot RTGame Crucifies a Korok.

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2023.05.14 22:57 beeeeesknees RTGame Crucifies a Korok.

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2023.05.14 07:36 Emotional_Goose7835 here from RTgames vid on teh Kirby and teh forgotten land game.

here from RTgames vid on teh Kirby and teh forgotten land game.
Heres a completely spontaneous image of water balloon kirby

since its just the best of teh kirbies
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2023.05.13 22:34 yeetingthisaccount01 I mean I'm not surprised, but jaysus

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2023.05.11 23:33 Both_Toe690 WIP for some fanart✨

WIP for some fanart✨
Making fanart to celebrate RT's 5 year anniversary! What RTGame-based memorabilia should I add?
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2023.05.11 18:49 Quindo RTGame Shouted out Jesse Cox in his 5 year thank you video. Figured Jesse might want to see that.

RTGame Shouted out Jesse Cox in his 5 year thank you video. Figured Jesse might want to see that. submitted by Quindo to Shaboozey [link] [comments]

2023.05.10 21:04 CakeyCupcakeCat An updated RT bingo card as of 5/10/2023

An updated RT bingo card as of 5/10/2023
I got bored and decided to make a bingo card. If this breaks the rules somewhere, I’ll take it down.
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