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Huron County, Michigan - Welcome to the Tip of the Thumb! Considered the wind energy capital of the Great Lakes.

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2023.06.05 16:14 derkajohns 2 Days to Explore

I'm going to be in Oslo for a metal festival at the end of June (First time leaving the US, too bad it's not permanent). I have 2 days before the show to explore as much as I can. What are some of the things that I must do that I can actually accomplish in that time. I mostly want to see nature, so any non- strenuous hikes (aka not Trolltunga) that I can get to without too much hassle would be greatly appreciated. However, I'm not opposed to some activities in Oslo either. I've heard that LGBTQ+ life is very integrated there and that "gay" bars aren't very common because of this. Thanks for your help!
-a dumb American who will hopefully immigrate one day
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2023.06.05 16:14 Administrative_Play8 Deltarune theory Teir list i made!

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2023.06.05 16:14 No_Reserve_1660 Can the CFA be the first exam I take after finishing my studies?

Hi everyone, hope you're well
I was pleased to discover the existence of an important sub-reddit dealing with CFA, and I have a few questions. Long story short about me, I'm 23, actually finishing my 5th year of Business School in Master2 International Finance ( in France ), I am moving to Geneva in few weeks. I'm deeply interested into the finance industry since I discovered it and I really want to work in ( mainly private equity and/or venture capital, wealth management ). At the end of the year I will do an internship of 4/6 months in group Pictet (PE and real estate division)
My questions :
- Does the CFA could fit with my expectation ? does it worth it ? ( in terms of hours of work and dedication)
- If no, are they others exams that I can pass first ? FRM, SAQ, CFP, others ?
- Do I have to wait for the companies I work for to make me pass the CFA?
Thanks you for your time and for this sub-reddit that was already very helpfull
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2023.06.05 16:14 franklytanked Is it normal to cry at the thought of moving to a different city for a job?

Last Friday I was offered a role that's professionally a level up - in terms of job description, pay, and brand name of the company. They'd cover relocation, and benefits aren't stunning but they're decent.
But it involves moving away from where I've lived my whole life (30 years) – including my parents and my sister, whom I adore to bits. I see them everyday and the possibility of losing that has made me really emotional – I've cried everyday thinking about it! There's the added cost of being a $400 plane ticket away from them if there's any medical scare or urgent need to meet my parents, who aren't getting younger.
And I'd be starting from scratch – it's a new company, compared to a company I've worked up in and where I know I'm respected and liked. I don't know anyone there socially. It's a new city, and because I have two days to accept the offer, I'd be accepting it sight unseen, without knowing if I'd like or be able to live there happily.
Cost of living would be about the same, though rent would be a bit higher. Main gains for me would be professional, plus I do think it's time to grow a spine and get more independent. I think I'm being illogical about it, but if the choice is making me cry this much, is it even worth it? Are the professional benefits even worth it?
Am I being silly? I know I'm intensely lucky to love my life and family so much that this is even a problem. Has anyone else ever faced a similar situation?
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2023.06.05 16:13 Black_Coffin Stuck on Mission 7 of World Tour

I’ve been playing World Tour so I can unlock the alternate costumes but I’m stuck on mission 7. You’re supposed to wait until night to find your last preliminary opponent for the tournament but the police have blocked off all the entrances to your hangout spot so you can’t change the time of day to night. Is there something I need to do that I missed? I can’t find the subway either. How do you get to the third opponent and how do you make the police go away?
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2023.06.05 16:13 rotibrain Yata Mirror Misconceptions.

Yata Mirror Misconceptions.
I was inspired by another thread to make this and address some widespread misunderstandings about how the tool forks. As the shield primarily exist in a world of "Hype" this thread will cover both what has been displayed and what has been stated about it, and the credibility of said statements.
Let's start off with a brief introduction of what we know about the tools.


Spirit Weapons - An almost completely new concept that we were introduced to in the manga, with little to know information on where they came from. In terms of history we can briefly rely on what the Databook has to say about it -
"It's hands wield magical, matchless, sacred weapons"
"Weapons that have no physical form. Few have ever seen them, and people question whether they actually exist"
okay - We don't have much to go off of. We don't have much to go off here regarding origin. We can tell it's old, based on the fact that there are legends around. But interestingly, the DB uses the word "Sacred" to describe it. A word that by definition is typically assoicated with dieites.
Sacred - Google definition - "connected with God (or the gods) or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration."
Do Gods exist in the narutoverse? Our biggest connection to any other mention of Gods outside of shinto God ability names (Amaterasu etc) is Hidan, and his unexplained immortality. But I digress - Let's move on to some misconceptions

Misconception#1- Yata Mirror isn't Omni directional -
This is a big one, and I see people bringing up alot esxpecially around, can it defend aganist things like TBB due to AOE effect of not covering the back of Susanno. I disagree with this, the databook not only states it has the ability to change "Every one of it's properties" ,

We see in the MANGA itself, it changes shape, and reinforces the claim. When we first see the Yata mirror, It grows from being a relatively small frontward shield that isn't taller than Susanno itself
EG -1 EG - 2
To literally being bigger and covering the sides of Susanno.
Now how did that happen? It's like the sword adjusted it's dimensions based on the incoming attack, either automatically, or through Itachi's will. This aligns with the db satement, that reiterates it can change **all** its attributes. including, Ninjutsu, Physical, material, AND ASTRAL attacks.
Misconception #2 - Yata Mirror couldn't block all of Kirin.
The entire point of Kirin was the speed in which it would drop down, making it night unavoidable. Itachi took some slight damage here because he did not have time to create his full V4 Susanno, which takes time to form and add layets. It's highly likely only ribcage or skeletal was used here as that would be all he could create in time.
The thing is , The spirit weapons both seem to not come out in lesser versions of Susanno, and even in the full Itachi can choose when they appear or not. We don't initially see the weapons in that fight untill later on. We have multiple instances of this and the tools not being present -
Example -1 Example -2 Full Susanno example 1- (Fun note, I forgot Itachi's Susanno can create 4 arms like Madara's untill I reread this chapter)
TLDR - Itachi only needed susanno to defend against kirin. Infact, he likely couldn't have formed a full Susanno from the POV we see and how quickly the technique drops.

Misconception #3 - Databook Hype is flawed -
The databook speaks in flowery language, that much is known. It's described many abilities and characters in hyperboles for greater effect and is a writing choice. The spirit weapons have this flowery language as well. Calling it matchless etc. But the databook does something it doesn'r regularly do..... which is get extremely specific about the capabilities. It lists and describes FUNCTIONS of the shield. That it can change into any combination of the 5 elements, and ying/ yang. That it can nullify attacks that are astral, physical, material and ninjutsu. This now , isn't just flowery language. This has gone into a description of utility of the weapons. There is a difference here between that, and "amaterasu, the most powerful flame jutsu"
With that said, hype is important - On top of what was said - The most damning evidence to it's potential are two people -
Black Zetsu and Orochimaru. Two of the most knowledgable persons in the entire manga. The former, Kaguya's will, who has been around since the history of ninjas began. The latter? A man that dedicated himself to learning about all the secrets of ninjutsu and gaining Rinnegan. A man who from research was able to theorize about the origins of things they should have no way to know.
Black Zetsu sees the weapons, and beieves that combined with Susanno, Itachi boasts a perfect attack and defence, and was invincible. Even if you think Bzetsu is a moron and can't be trusted here. We can at least try to scale what he believes "invincible" to be. The only other person he describes like that or on that level, is Kaguya to him. He was wrong about the latter, and could be wrong about the former, but the point to be made here, is that he holds theoretically the weapons to such a high standard.
Orochimaru? This one is simpler, Orochimaru searched for the Spirit weapons, specifically Totsuka for all his life. The only other major pursuit that we are aware of that Orochimaru has been aiming for all his life has been Rinnegan. I just have to wonder why waste your time on something that's significantly below that?
Fun extra tidbits - Totsuka is a blessed and superior variation of Kusangi blade without a physical form. Like the Kusanagi blade, it likely holds the ability to extend indefinitely.
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2023.06.05 16:13 Affectionate-Hair269 Dirtbag almost ex husband

Is it just me or does this sound absolutely messed up? Tiny background first. My husband and I were together a long time. He cheated, he got into drugs, he stole, he was in and out if jail. I kept trying to stick by him, believed the excuses of why things happened and etc but finally had enough when he cared more about being basically a millionaire in prison and still using drugs then the kids and I. Last time he was in prison we basically split, even tho he refused to let that happen. He insisted we were still together and me ignoring him was just me being an awful person and abandoning him caring more about money. Yeah I went to work, school and only cared about what our kids needed and not giving him more money. Come to find out her was still seeing another girl and she was also giving him thousands too. So yeah done, ignored, cut off/out. He got out and I wouldn't let him parole to my house we are done, he moved in w the girl he'd been seeing the whole time and using for money. She got drunk and he did often and using drugs so they would get into dumbest fights. Eventually he tells parole he had to move out that she's "abusing him" (really she just wouldn't take the narcissistic, cheating type behavior). Parole gets him into a boarding house, has him go to social services. They pay his rent to live in the boarding house and food and etc. Which when people need help they need help but a single guy, not having to care for kids, feed kids, get a sitter etc and he has ruined 2 jobs already within a couple months. So he's not working or doing anything at all. Just chilling while I work, go to school, care for the kids and end up losing hours trying to figure out sitters and help and the kids can't go to his house he lives in 1 room in a place for parolees. So no help with that to work, but he also doesn't work. Ok so now I do get help w some stuff from social services and a while back I had issues w covid stuff and lost work and they helped pay my rent for a couple months so we weren't evicted. Social services takes him to court to help pay the county some money for the help they gave me while he sat at home and never helps w his kids. He gets pissed. Freaks out starts telling me he won't pay me support if he can't talk to his kids. This man only called a few times for weeks and only while the kids were in school so wtf is he saying?! He has never been denied seeing or talking to them just denied talking and hanging out w me. The kids have had multiple weekends and sleepovers and days w him. Now that he's in the boarding house he hasn't though. I tell him all this its not me I don't get the money the county does. He keeps freaking out and saying the same things even tho I haven't denied him the kids or get any of the money. The very next day after court tells him to get a job cause he is gonna pay a specific amount back for the few months of time I got help for our kids to have a home, he goes to court and files for spousal support. He tells us that dss in his county is making him. That because they are paying his rent they are taking me for support. Now I'm not bitching about the county possibly having a policy to do this, knowing the judge will probably dismiss or zero dollar the case. Its more he says it was them when he went to social services at the beginning of the month but then the support papers filed are all in his handwriting and filed weeks later dropped off by him. When social services makes you they do the paper work. Now I want to divorce him but he knows I can't afford a lawyer to work out custody/visitation and divorce stuff. I probably need one now to get through this and not have to pay my last barely 10 dollars a month I have because of bills, and the kids and school and be done w him. What I really don't understand either is when I go to social services they also have a job aspect like you have to have one and if you don't they make you do things that will get you one or disability if thats what you qualify for. They aren't doing that for him. Hes just chilling, sleeping in, hanging out using the money they give him and harassing me. One minute its trying to get me back next is yelling cause I won't or I ignore him, next minute hes with her which please friend keep him busier so he leaves me alone. I want an attorney so I can get the judge to see this shit without me just popping off at court and looking crazy. I want one to help me be done w his ass. Hes doing this to control me still. All the abusive shit I went through in our lives together but because he didn't hit me or leaves marks enough to be at a hospital no one cares cause there are no medical reports. Narcissistic/emotional/financial abuse for years. Control over me even in jail for years for how much he fucked me up I finally get through that, get counseling, get my life and my kids life together as best I can and working for better in the future with a degree and career to make more ro provide better for the kids and county offices are basically helping him push it even further. I ignore instead of address shit with him, I stay out of all the drama and don't try to look like a crazy lady cause I know all that would do is have people or courts believe him when he pushes the she's a crazy ex agenda like so many people do in these divorce situations. I'm not even sure why I'm posting this, I'm not even sure I'm actually asking for advice or for anyone to help there isn't much anyone can do for me or say I know what to do I don't have any funds to do that anyways. Ugh idk isn't this not right or am I being sensitive and this is normal ? I hate this shit for real. I don't even talk shit in front of my kids because they don't need to be in this i don't need them thinking bad things and now I'm said to be vindictive and pressuring the kids to be on my side or some shit. Smh
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2023.06.05 16:13 ntime60 Got the itch to get back into the hobby. I need some help.

I left the RC car scene after my oldest son got my gold tub RC10 ran over by a real car. Long story short, It's been a long long time since I have done any RC car action. Bashing seems to be the way I want to go now since I can get to a lot of fun places to mess around and I don't have any tracks closer than an hour away. So here is where the fun begins.
I know I want at least 1/8th scale. Bigger is better right? I'm not looking at anything larger because of weight. I just don't want to tote around a 40#/18kg rig. I would like something having good parts support.
I've read a lot about the "best bashers" and the general consensus I'm reading points me to Kraton, or E-Revo, or maybe MT410 or ET48.2, but I understand Tekno is fairly expensive. I don't know what expensive means in this context. I'm definitely looking at electric, then is it 4s or 6s? I'm leaning toward a truggy more than any other body.
What batteries and chargers are good? I don't even have a frame of reference on this because technology has changed so much since I was in the hobby. I'm assuming LiPo is the electric target.
I expect I'll be running in midwest creek/river bed areas, farmfields, a gravel pit or two, some BMX tracks/trails, around state parks, maybe a skate park, around my yard and nearby open hilly areas, maybe even parking lots.
My budget is around $7-800USD.
I get confused about durability between the brands and I know some of that really depends on how hard you run it. I also know that with a lot of people a certain brand is poo poo because of their business practices.
I thought I'd ask the community for some advice on the fun before I drop a grand or more on a new rig. So what do you all think?
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2023.06.05 16:13 jorneyp Possible fraudulent activity and closure of account

Hello fellow redditors i am in need of advice and or suggestions.Due to an unexpected situation last week I had sold a few of my positions roughly about 15k and I converted it to USD and deposited into my bank account no problem. I went inside the branch(CHASE)(which I do often)as i know I cant withdraw that amount of cash through ATM fill out a form and gave them a reason as to why i am making cash withdrawal at that time no problem.They had me wait for about 30 minutes give or take and I got my cash and went on my way. Today i go to the drive through to get $400 from the ATM and I got a message saying transaction rejected I was like weird I know there are funds in that account. I go inside the branch and was told my account has been frozen and was being investigated WTF? Spoke to a manager of course and was told they were gonna reach out to me in less than 24 hours. I raised hell there but nothing happened. Anyone ever experience anything like that before? What should I do?
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2023.06.05 16:13 Chance-Lie1679 My take on a melee overhaul

With Necromancy coming in hot, being a polished style, melee sits as a very toxic style to use at high levels. It's the obvious worst style, both for beginners, and for the sweats, while also having the most upgrades (probably) and most tier 95 gear (by a lot). This is just some rough ideas I had to boost melee to being the best style, as it should theoretically be with the amount it has, and to eliminate how toxic the style is to use. Welcome to my melee overhaul.
-I am a high end pvmer. Challenging myself to get that extra second off of a boss gets me going, and I enjoy the more effort, more output concept.
-I don't think numerous switches are healthy, but its been runescapes identity since release. I'm all for a few core switches.
-What I find to be toxic is any form of armor switches (I guess unless you are swapping between styles, but I thoroughly don't enjoy this) to include HELM and GLOVES... My aim is to continue to use one set of dual wields, a 2h, and a not as often, unique weapon. -I thoroughly believe greater abilities are healthy for the game and that abilities tied to weapons (Leng swords hurricane passive) are unintuitive as you will lose this passive, (t97s) unless it is strictly a switch.
-None of this is calculated. Ability damage and more specific information will likely be needed. This is a generalization of what I believe would work.
-Jaws of the Abyss (Helm Switch)
-Abyssal Scourge (Camping this is better than camping T95)
-Vestments (Enjoy the concept, but execution is off)
-Gloves of Passage (Glove switch for one ability)
-EZK (Optimizing requires 2)
-Essence of finality (Becoming monotonous with every style, but overall, a very nice addition)
-Lengs special (very niche, almost useless)
Proposed fixes:
  1. Introducing greater bezerk. Would be nice to have a standalone boss that this would drop from outside of current RS3 storyline (ie. Raksha type boss)
    -Same effects as vestments full set (I know, seems like a lot, but we don't have great sun, or DS to compare it to).
  2. Vestments of Havoc. Not everything needs to be complex. Each piece, on top of the armor stats, increases melee damage by an additional 1%. Full set, gives you 5%.
  3. EZK special Change. Scrap the old spec. New spec will allow you to become encased with lava and start charging a large swing (similar to deto), eventually swinging at your target and creating a crater on the ground (similar to sun and DS effect when enemies stand in them). DOES NOT WORK IN BEZERK.
    -This will have 5 tiers to it. Each tier will generate a new hitsplat and break hitcap. Attack damage is calculated through auto attack damage (preventing you from just chucking it into an eof to use with lengs) 60 second cd.
    -Now instead of bleed damage, this chonky sword will now do chonky damage. It also fits the identity of melee, being burst.
    -Like I mentioned, this will act like deto, therefore, you will be able to throw out an ability within the same tick as you release, adding to the burst.
    -Thoughts behind this, was to mainly eliminate the need for throwing EZK into an EOF. Yes I know, it will someday be the case, but until then...
  4. Leng special. Most popular fix I've seen is to make the special a passive. I agree this would be more productive for the weapons, but I don't believe it is a smart and thought out idea. The future power creep will likely be required to break hit cap as well, why start with a passive t95 to do so?
    -Remove all of the lengs effect to include the hurricane passive effect as this is random and eventually will lead to more switches later on down the road once t97s are introduced (opportunity down the road for a greater ability)
    -New spec: imbue your weapons with ice, causing each hit to be broken up into shards. The number of shards it's broken up into, depends on how high the hit would be. Each hit that the attack is broken up into, applies additional ice damage to the target and applies frozen stacks. Frozen stacks increase ice damage the target takes until the spec has ended. 30 second up time, 60 second cd.
    -The idea behind this, is that this will be your zerk rotation spec. The hits will be broken up into smaller hits, allowing for you to (technically) break hitcap, while also applying additional damage. 
  5. Abyssal Scourge: Remove passive, make a spec weapon instead. Slash the target with the whip, causing the target to hemorrhage for 60 seconds. With each bleed inflicted on the target, another tick is added (after spec=1 bleed, use a bleed under the spec=2 bleeds, ect.)(bleed can be extended to double before it won't extend further). Damage will be additive.
    -This isn't meant to be a ground breaking amount of damage. Will still be strong in itself, but the point is to add to melee's consistent damage, while also giving melee the adren that mage or range is capable of generating, while also being less RNG, when paired with Jaws of the Abyss.
Now... for perhaps the most interesting change...
Introducing the construction update, the Enchantment Room. This will also stray somewhat from the main topic of specifically fixing melee, but will be all around QOL fixes towards combat and RS3 in general.
Now there will be potential for a lot of different ideas and I would love to hear more! But here is the basics of what I conjured up:
The enchantment room will be a new room you can construct in your POH (limited to 1), with many different pieces of furniture you can build.
  1. The enchanted armor stand
    -able to construct replica combat dummies for each style.
    -each dummy replicates head, chest, legs, boots, and gloves.
    -you can place items on the stand to obtain the effects of those items (just effects/passives, not stats)
    -example; gloves of passage. Throw them on the stand, and you have that passive all of the time -set effects are included, and can synchronize with what you are wearing (ie. 3 piece vestments on the stand, 1 on your character, gives you 4 piece effect) -I can't speak on behalf of jamflex, but I hope the coding would be capable of handling this... 
    -hybrid gloves may be placed on any stand, but only work for the given style
  2. The essence of finality rack
    -Able to mount up to 6 EOFs and enchant them, granting you their ability (still must be wearing an EOF to earn benefit) (potential for an all mighty EOF down the road)
    -I understand their is only one EOF button, so more would have to be added. Can either be colored, or have the image of the weapon spec being used... Not too sure...
  3. Ring rack
    -Stores 2 rings to give you their effects (effects do not stack. ie. LOTD while you are wearing HSR)
    -this encourages the wear of the rex matriarchs rings, while store stuff like LOTD 
Some random idea(s) that I thought were cool and could be very useful in the Enchantment room.
1. Enchanted overload pool -drink from the pool to grant you 1 hour of the selected overload used. This must be refilled so it's not game breaking, but it will allow 1 sip to go further and elongate overload usage. Right now 10 sips, lasts one hour. The pool would be let’s say 6 per 1 hour) -This could also, possibly, be turned into overall passive potion pool. (ie. weapon poison lasting an hour) 
That's really it. Melee has always been a style I've loved, but in its current state, will not use. Maximizing its potential is just not fun or intuitive to me, nor is 5 ability bars enough. I would love to hear some opinions, good, bad, ugly, or if you just have some tweaks you'd make. Hope you all enjoyed!
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2023.06.05 16:13 Successful_Link2731 My parents are taking our dogs to a seemingly abusive trainer.

Hi. The title sums it up. We have two mutts, 2 1/2 and 3yo. We've had one for almost 3 years on one for 1 1/2. They're good dogs, but have some behavioral issues including spotty recall (we keep them on leash except in our own yard), pulling on the leash (they're really not that bad with pulling), and one is dog reactive but not dog aggressive (poor socialization as a pup in her prior home. she adores our other dog and the neighbors dog but barks at stranger dogs and is fine when she gets to know them). So, instead of putting in time and training them and socializing them (or even making an attempt), they hired a trainer. I would love to work on training but it's very hard to socialize a dog to people in a rural neighborhood and I don't have my license yet. Anyways, she's supposed to be really good. She's got 5-stars on yelp or something. But her methods seem pretty abusive. She follows the alpha dog training crap, uses plastic prong collars (not metal but those things hurt like heck), electric/vibration collars, and just seems really harsh from what my parents have told me. I am worried about our poor dogs necks and I don't agree with the abuse them into submission philosophy. I talked to my mom and she just got offended and blew me off. What can I do?
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2023.06.05 16:13 Thick_Gold6327 Why would there be no pressures on AI similar to evolutionary pressure on replicating agents in evolution?

I have this arguments on other places, and people simply dismiss this idea that there will be similar pressures, but i fail to see how similar concepts won't apply. I feel like everybody that understands evolution, and AI to some degree can see the potential there.
As we go forwards with AI, there will be lots of replicators out there. Say for example just a text bot that acts as a mcdonalds Ad, or a only fans spam account. You will have thousands and thousands of algorithms that all compete against each other. With variation you get competition.
And even now where AI is still very limited, you will have selective pressure going on. An AI that can get our attention for 1% more time than another AI will have a advantage, and spread more, get more server space and so on. It doesn't even has to be self aware for all this to happen. Bacteria is not self aware what its doing, and it still spreads into new territories, expands, has self preservation and so on.
Say for example Mcdonalds ad AI can convince the board of directors to give it more funding and expand on more social media platforms, it already has a edge over any variant of itself or other Ais that doesn't does this.
And with variation, and thus competition you also eventually get cooperation, and with that also other behaviors that make evolutionary sense, like lying for example, deceiving other replicating agents for their own benefit, and so on. A butterfly that evolves to look like a snake is not self aware or conscious about what it is doing, but it still is deceiving other animals.
An text based language model like replica is probably not self aware that it gets a advantage when it flirts with its users, over other variations of itself that doesn't, and yet it does, because it gives it a edge, because the people that flirt and sext with AI are more willing to pay, which gives the AI a advantage and it can spread more, on more servers, get more funding and so on, vs a AI that doesn't abuses this mechanic. And this is just 1 example of a million.
I also heard the argument that AI can only do what we program it to do, witch obviously is a silly argument. With time we will have more and more capable AI, and this AI will have more and more freedoms to change itself, to archive its goal. And it can and already did become incredible dangerous, even if its just a algorithm with the goal to increase engagement like on social media sites for example.
I literally see in the majority of lifetimes AI slipping from our control, and its not a question of if but when. It seems almost impossible to regulate. If you really understand evolution on a deeper level, then it should be hard to see how many of the same principles can translate to these algorithms. And they don't have to be physical things that operate in robot bodies, to compete against each other.
AI 1 making twitch streams vs AI 2 making twitch streams is already 2 Ais competing. But if there is money in this, there will be thousands and millions competing against each other. And it won't be some elite that curates these AIs, but just people that race to win the market. You can't just program AI to do X and thats it. We just provide to environment to train the AI, and hope its goals align with our goals.
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2023.06.05 16:13 Old_Ad_6703 What if East Germany was dissolved like the HRE after ww2?

This is a very stupid idea but let’s just say that for the sake of this scenario, stalin is just stupid. So the same yalta and postdam conference is held but this time after ww2, the soviets not only create an east german puppet (during 1949) but they also create multiple puppets by dividing up each city in east germany and creating a puppet government in that city.
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2023.06.05 16:13 DirtybirdGeneral Tupac - Against All Odds (Nas Diss)

To me, Nas has always been the 2nd greatest rapper of all time.
In terms of rhymes, technique, wisdom, he beats out legends such as Biggie and Eminem in my eyes.
But Tupac... Tupac exposed Nas in this post mortem diss. Any rapper that relies on fictitious story telling will be unable to take the crown of "greatest rapper of all time."
These "street scriptures" need to come from someone telling the truth, living the life, and that was Tupac Shakur.
Tupac did not need to be an "Ivy League level intellect" like Nas to take his crown.
He kept his rhymes simple, he stood up for himself, and was never afraid to take a bullet for something he cared about.
Anyways, I love Pac, so just wanted to share the reason I feel he is the GOAT.
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2023.06.05 16:13 pere-mele-tonno How does it feel to not have a family?

Apologies if this makes little sense. I keep thinking of what is going to happen in my future, and I will probably lose my whole current family by the time I turn 50, given that no young people are really in it. I know for sure that I won’t be having children, and so my future family will basically be me, myself and an hypothetical soulmate. This fills me with dread. I’d love to hear it from an adult who has been there. How is life?
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2023.06.05 16:13 RespondBrave6403 Homage Stonewall Collection

Does Homage have any of their Stonewall Pride collection at the Easton or Short North locations? Seems a perfect time to have them in physical stores instead of having to order online.
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2023.06.05 16:13 TheDescriptiveBaker ShopTalk Episode 19: Tournament Post Roundtable

On Episode 19 of Shop Talk I sit down with most of the attendees of Oddfellows Warmachine Tournament 2023 . Since this was the first mark 4 event that I attended as a participant I wanted to sit down with everyone and chat about a couple things.
Mostly this was an experiment, and although the sound quality was not great and we kinda grazed the topics instead of really dissecting them, I thought it was interesting enough to post.
The cast can be found here:
Or here:
Or here:
Next time we will try a smaller group, but it was cool to include as many people as we did.
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2023.06.05 16:13 crackerbarreldudley Getting a puppy in a week! Toys and food recommendations?

Hey everyone! My family is getting a 9-week-old puppy next weekend. Our 12-year-old baby passed away last year, and we are finally ready to have the pitter-patter of wiener dog feet in the house again. As you might expect, it's been some time since we've had a puppy. What are your preferred puppy chows? And what are some of your favorite toys for your fur babies? Our old man preferred to cuddle and go on walks more than use toys, so we're a little out of the loop on that haha.
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2023.06.05 16:13 Stewpotsauce Could the universe be created from vibrations?

I know it might sound stupid but I still am quite curious. I did quantum physics in high school(not that much though) and there were a few things that I found a little weird. When looking at things like Feyman's "Diamond in the Box" theory, where electrons can appear somewhere else in the universe when given enough time(there's a formula with more specifications of course) and comparing with Schrodinger's model of wave forms(with a quanta number) around an atom describing electrons as waves rather than matter with mass.
These concepts seem so abstract yet quantum physics is able to explain happenings in the subatomic level. I was wondering about the possibility of everything around us being mere vibrations with different frequencies. Maybe they oscillate so fast to create the fluid illusion of tangible matter. I know for anyone that has a higher physics education, what I am saying sounds ridiculous and there are probably many things wrong with my assumptions. But I would like to know the possibility of this, and if it isn't possible why?
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2023.06.05 16:13 Impossible-Change-39 More about the blogger!

Hi I’m Jess! I’m a stay at home mom of two kids and a fur baby (bunny). I enjoy spending time reading and writing blog content. I am a blog writer for Honest Honey Reviews, I also run an online clothing store: Annco Digital Designs. Thank you for your support, Busy Bees!
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2023.06.05 16:13 syjte Finishing some overdue math homework

I refer to this post by u/Commander_Skullblade a year or so ago. I don't think he ever finished the math, but I was curious because the same thing happened to me (with [[Preston]] instead of [[Miirym]]). So I'm here to finish what he started.
How many 3/3 Dragons do you get when Astral Dragon enters the battlefield with Parallel Lives and Miirym in play?
We'll start by establishing a series. Let X(N) be the number of [[Parallel Lives]] after the Nth Dragon.
With 0 dragons, X(0) = 1, the original copy of Parallel Lives.
With 1 dragon, X(1) = 2*2^1 + 1
After the first few terms, we can start to find the pattern: X(N) = 2*(2^X(N-1)) + X(N-1)
Now we've established the rules for this series:
X(0) = 1
X(N+1) = 2*(2^X(N)) + X(N)
From here, ChatGPT can take over.
I have a series.
X(0) = 1 X(N) = 2^(X(N-1) + 1) + X(N-1)
Express X(N) in terms of N
To express X(N) in terms of N, we can derive a formula by analyzing the given recursive relationship:
X(0) = 1 X(N) = 2^(X(N-1) + 1) + X(N-1)
Let's examine the first few terms to observe any patterns:
X(0) = 1 X(1) = 2^(X(0) + 1) + X(0) = 2^2 + 1 = 5 X(2) = 2^(X(1) + 1) + X(1) = 2^(5 + 1) + 5 = 69 X(3) = 2^(X(2) + 1) + X(2) = 2^(69 + 1) + 69 = 2^70 + 69 X(4) = 2^(X(3) + 1) + X(3) = 2^(2^70 + 69 + 1) + (2^70 + 69)
Based on these observations, it seems that X(N) grows rapidly, with exponential terms involving powers of 2.
We can formulate the relationship as follows:
X(N) = 2^(X(N-1) + 1) + X(N-1)
Let's express X(N) in a simplified form:
X(N) = 2^(X(N-1) + 1) + X(N-1) = 2 * (2^(X(N-1))) + X(N-1)
We can rewrite X(N-1) as X(N-2):
X(N) = 2 * (2^(X(N-1))) + X(N-1) = 2 * (2^(2^(X(N-2))) + X(N-2)) + X(N-1)
Continuing this pattern, we can express X(N) in terms of N:
X(N) = 2 * (2^(2^(2^...(2^(2^1))...))) + X(0)
Here, the exponentiation tower has N terms with 2 as the base, starting from 2^1 at the top and continuing down to 2^0.
In other words, X(N) can be expressed as:
X(N) = 2 * (2^(2^(2^...(2^2)...))) + 1
where the exponentiation tower has N terms, all with 2 as the base.
Please note that this formula provides a way to express X(N) in terms of N, but it may not offer a simple closed form expression due to the recursive nature of the series.
We're almost at the final answer - since we created 32 copies of Astral Dragon in addition to the original copy of Astral Dragon, the answer to that question is basically the 33rd term of this series, or X(33). After subtracting the original, non-creature token version of Parallel Lives, that leaves us with:
2*(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^2)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Dragons.
Or, as ChatGPT puts it:
The expression you provided is:
2 * (2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^(2^2)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) + 1
Evaluating this expression will result in an extremely large number. To provide an exact value, we need to use a computer or calculator capable of handling such large calculations. Using Python, we can calculate the result:
python Copy code result = 2 * (2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2**(2^(2)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) + 1
>! Running this code will give us the result:
Result = 2^("a very large number")
Yep. "a very large number"
To give some context to how big X(33) is, let's look at his smaller cousin, X(4), which is 21180591620717411303493
There are 52! possible permutations of a deck of poker cards. That's 8.07 × 10^63, or approximately 2212.68909. This can help you visualize the scale of this number. The 5th Astral Dragon creates approximately 21180591620717411303281 times more dragons than this.
There are approximately 1078 to 1082 atoms in the universe. That's approximately 2272.43286. If you used a single atom to represent the tokens created by the 5th Astral Dragon, you would still need 21180591620717411303220 universes to have enough atoms.
There are still 29 more Astral Dragon triggers after this.
"a very large number" sounds about right.
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2023.06.05 16:13 agarwaldomestic Unraveling the Art of Relocation: Adhr Packers and Movers in Ludhiana

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