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My least favorite elements of each game's G-rank

2022.09.27 21:15 Mirablis11 My least favorite elements of each game's G-rank

FU: OHKO bullshit hitboxes are fucking horrible in this game, and not from the usual suspect. Contrary to popular belief, Plesioth is not one-shotting you with a hipcheck even in G-rank unless you got Gunner armor or just don't upgrade your defense like a chimp. Oh no, it's Narga's fucking tail slam and its disjointed horrible hitboxes, Fatalis's fireballs, meteors, and lightning bolts depending on the variant, Ukanlos's ice beam, Rajang's electric beam, Chameleos's mist breath... You think you are well and clearly far off from any of these fucking attacks and that you got max health and a lot of defense... LOLNOPE, YOU DEAD BECAUSE FUCK YOU. Geh, thanks Ichinose for the fun and balanced game design.
3U: Super Monsters. I get it, 3U is probably the easiest mainline game in the series, and its G-rank is also piss easy unless you run afoul of Black Diablos, Alatreon, Brachydios or Savage Jho... But whoever the fuck overtuned the fucking 3 event super monsters can fuck right off. Ivory Lagi and Stygian Zinogre are kinda tolerable even with them having more health than a fucking Jhen Mohran, but Clashing Fists Brachy still gives me nightmares to this day. FU levels of damage output, the fucking six hit punch combo that can and WILL kill you if you mess up, absolutely way the fuck too much health and mobility in a pre gen 4 game... fucking hell, it's just torture to fight. On a lesser note, the carefully crafted ecosystems that worked so well in Tri getting flung out the window in the usual "cram everything in the game" style that G-rank tends to do, but that's more a nitpick since there's very little that pisses me off about 3U's G-rank.
4U: Weapon balancing. Even ignoring the fact this game looks fucking ugly and that the monster roster is annoying and unfun to solo, the weapon choice rapidly shrivels up when you travel from LR and into HR, and especially into G-rank. Yes, certain weapons still have good matchups, but in general you are better off using the CB, GS, or IG. Everything else is either unsafe as hell and WILL get you splattered, or is done better by the above three. Why go Hammer when CB does its job better a thousand fold? Also, the final bosses for HR and GR especially are horrible to try and solo, and while yes solo scaling wasn't a thing for online hunts prior to World, Dalamadur and Gogmazios make me want to cut myself when I try to hunt them.
GU: Hyper farming. It was a tossup between how broken Valor style is and how monotonous farming Hyper monsters is for specific parts, and I went with the Hyper monster farming. These fuckers have way too much health and hit too hard, and are extremely stingy with their drops, oftentimes only giving ONE drop when you need several for weapon upgrades or armors. Thank fucking god Sunbreak fixed this bullshit with the Afflicted Monsters giving possible drops from carves and at least 2 of their afflicted drop instead of a paltry 1 and naturally dying faster than Hyper Monsters even with a 4 man party. Deviant grinding is also bullshit, though that usually depends on which Deviant I am getting my asscheeks spread by. If it's Drilltusk or Elderfrost or Soulseer, I'm fine with the fight. If it's Dreadking, Thunderlord or Crystalbeard, KILL ME PLEASE.
Iceborne: MMO Mechanics. It's already enough I hate the fact this is the game where Capcom decided to start testing the waters for monetization to see how much they can nickle and dime out of players, but shit like Behemoth, Ancient Leshen, and Safi and MR Kulve Taroth make me want to choke someone. Behemoth is THE factually worst fight ever put into a MH game because its FF14 MMO mechanics do not translate well to MH gameplay, and Ancient Leshen is horrible to try and handle solo, as is Safi. I got a shit internet connection, so I had to try and grind Safi solo in the period between Iceborne finishing its updates and when Rise came out, and it was torture. His attacks track you, he's far too aggressive, and needing to fully kill him to get his rewards still takes actual hours. Oh, and whoever decided Kulve can just have her AI spam rollout for 6 minutes and then just fuck off because she wasted all that time, fuck you. And the less said about Alatreon's Escaton Judgement ruining an otherwise perfect fight, the better.
Sunbreak: Solo unfriendly fights. Hey kids, remember everything wrong with fighting Safi solo? Let's apply that to a good half of the Sunbreak monster roster, so now everything tracks you to the moon and back and monsters will often just fling themselves all the way across the fucking map with an attack then double back to keep trying to get you (Looking at you, Royal Ludroth). Want to avoid some of these attacks with normal rolls? We'll be generous with some attacks, but others, lolno Magmadron is here to punish you for even thinking of doing anything other than Scroll Swap evade, panic diving, or COUNTER, which this game wants you to do for damn near everything. What is this, fucking Frontier with its Tonfa gameplay?Get hit, bounce immediately back and keep whaling on the target until it's dead. Not everything is like this, which is why I like fighting Espinas, Furious Rajang, Malzeno, and Almudron (I cannot believe I actually said that): Their tracking is far less egregious and you can actually just walk out of or roll away from attacks instead of them all but being guaranteed to slam into your side like a homing ICBM. The fights otherwise just aren't fun to do solo unless you are a counter spamming god, and are clearly meant to be enjoyed with multiple people. My switch somehow has better connection than my laptop did with Iceborne, so I can at least enjoy some hunts online, but then I run into braindead chimps as randos, which is its own problem.
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2019.04.20 16:27 RealRazgriz I'm sorry, but I think I need to get this off my chest...

I know there may be some diehard fans of this game out there, as well as maybe a few of the devs, so please don't take what I am about to say personally. I just really need to express this because from my searching I have yet to see any posts online specifically about this issue.
That said, here goes...
I really hate this map.
I have been a hardcore, nonestop gamer my entire life, growing up playing a wide variety of games, and while "survival" games (such as the much praised "Ark") have never really been my cup of tea I am actually surprised by how much I am enjoying this game, especially as someone not very familiar with the Conan universe (my initial knowledge of Conan prior to playing this game was being aware that Arnold Schwarzenegger was Conan and that there was violence and sex. That's it.)
However everytime I look at this map I increasingly want to take its designers head and smash it repeatedly against the nearest large object.
Dont get me wrong, there is so much about this map that I absolutely love. The (small) savanna area is BEAUTIFUL, the Forgotten City and Sepermeru are wonderful, and the entire Witch Queen's complex/city is hands down amazing...
...but as a whole, when I open the world map I feel like I just popped acid while staring at a map of Louisiana and thinking in no particular order about: Egypt, The Lion King, India, the Jungle Book, Vikings, and how really awesome volcanoes are, with a quick interjecting thought about how nice it is to see green fields of grass and hills sometimes, before going back to think about vikings and how insanely cold it must be in Scandinavia.
Never in my life has a video game map ever actually annoyed me, but the past few days of looking at this monstrosity has convinced me that a few of the game devs must have been smoking crack and hitting LSD when they came up with and approved this nonsensical and almost lazy approach to world building a "large scale epic fantasy" game.
I will end this rant on a positive though, to reinforce the fact that I do in fact love this game, despite its odd map: many days after downloading this game, I am still playing. I even discarded my original character because I learned so much more about the Hyborian Age and the Conan universe and (as a pretty deep RPer) I wanted to "fit in" more. I am now currently RPing as a Stygian who, after being exiled, is now beginning to lay the foundations for what would later in history be known as Egypt (yes, Stygia is technically proto-Egypt, but history nerds will know that "Egypt" was actually at one point 2 nations and was not actually a unified nation until one rose to power and absorbed the other one. My "nation" will be one of those 2, Stygia being the other). I have not gotten as invested in character lore and building as this in at least 3-4 years since being a member of a particular guild in FF14, so big props on getting me invested af in the experience. And on a final note, I love how even thought this is meant to be an MMO style experience, the devs included a "co-op" and "single-player offline" server experience especially for people like me who despise tue toxicity of 98% of the fellow "gamers" who constantly ruin the immersion of good games like this. Nothing reminds one that you are not in the fantastical world of Conan the Barbarian quicker than a half-naked lady named "Xx_Doin_Ur_Mom69_xX" jumping up and down repeatedly to watch "her" size ZZ tits flop all around the place while "n00b_KiLlA2045" is filling your audio with the munching of cheeto puffs while his mom vacuums in the background. So thank you again and again and again unceasingly for that option.
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2017.06.20 02:12 Raesur How to get Ixion Fate Item

So out of curiosity me and a friend decided to look on the japanese side of things to see if they knew how to Stygian Ash which seems to be need to kill Ixion. Apparently it drops from what they call G10 maps, which we get as Timeworn Gazelleskin Map. I tried a few maps, no luck on my end. For people who can talk/read japanese, can check these links: link 1 link 2
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