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A place to offload all that kooky behaviour in the surf

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Because getting in front of third (fourth, fifth etc) wave feminism means acknowledging women have the agency to make our own decisions.

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Showcase your terrible writing ability and get *praised* for it! Hotdog!

2023.06.05 15:56 Unique-Eye-1031 How tough is medical course? Should I take it ?

Okay so I wrote neet this year for the 2nd time and fucked up I got 393 after checking official nta key so I won't get any govt medical college I will get private in my state tho my parents are ready to pay for it .but yaar I like medicine matlab bachpan sey I was genuinely interested in human body. I am in a dilemma if I wasn't able to crack neet (I will be honest mai kuch padhai nahi karra full tp I did ) how will I complete my medical degree ? It requires a lot of dedication and hardwork rite (more than neet)? How much ? Will I able to put in that hardwork ? Will I have time for myself and my friends and family ? Since past few days I have been going crazy with these thoughts I feel like a loser honestly . Tf am I supposed to do ?
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2023.06.05 15:56 trupnik Step by step

It's been a year since we broke up. We've been together for 10 years, lived together for 8. First cracks started to show in January, but we kept going till June. He collected his belongings at the end of August and moved out. We had absolutley no contact since the last time we talked. Saw eachother maybe 3 times on the road and waved. The problem was the communication on his side. When he finally told me all the things that were bothering him, it was already too late. You people really helped me to realise I'm absolutley not the only one with the broken heart. I was really romanticizing what had happened to me. »Nobody has gotten their heart broken as much as I have, nobody knows how it hurts«. Well, every single person in the world knows. My friends were really helpful, there were just a few days that I spent alone. I told myself to work on me, do what I always wanted to do but couldn't or didn't before. I was already hiking a lot since covid started, I just kept doing what I like. And then something just cliked. Day by day, step by step. The storm slowly became smaller and smaller. The advice I would give to everyone is: do not look for love. It WILL find you. It will find you when you're ready. And it did.
TL;DR: after a really shitty year, I can say that things do get better. Thank you guys, for your stories.
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2023.06.05 15:56 NeedleworkerClean587 KJ is fuming about a few things that she is not mentioning.

Ms. KJ Borderline Personality Disorder having a internal turmoil episode. Notice a few things, if you know anything about Borderline Personality Disorder, here is one thing. She is leaving Holding Out Help and the former AUB members, and the Kingston Group. Thank God she doesn't know how they aren't going to work with her.:)
Because she can't focus on them, she is back focusing on the Duggars and the IBLP. I believe that she did not have anything is Amazon, but she probably saw a posting somewhere where there was a calling for YouTubers/Ingram people. They probably had minimal communication with her, but decided to go with Jen, and not her. Derrick Dillard is one that is very approachable as I have had interaction with him via Twitter. So, I do not believe that KJ gave any information on contacts for the Shiny Happy People. I do think when she emailed whoever to try to be a part of the documentary that she can provide contacts like the Dillards, but I bet that they already. Think the way your would do a resume and cover letter. Remember the producers have people who contact people when it comes to this. They did not need her for that.
KJ needs help, serious help. Before she really gets herself into something she can't get out of in her head. She needs severe mental health counseling to manage her BPD.
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2023.06.05 15:55 Colourblindness The Orphan Lottery

I’m about to die.
I’m going to die and the family that just adopted me are going to be responsible.
Right now I’m locked in a room waiting to be taken to surgery where my organs will be harvested and god knows what will happen to my body.
I’m not supposed to even have a cell but I have to get this message out.
If not for my sake, for the health and safety of countless orphans that are out there and will be used for these people.
They aren’t my real family.
And maybe I was never meant to have one anyway.
But one thing for sure.
The Orphan Lottery is a lie.
If you had told me that exact phrase four days ago, I would have said you were crazy.
I’ve been waiting to have my name called all my life.
My name is Derek, and yes I’m an orphan. I grew up in a residential center in south London alongside about a dozen other kids just like me. We all had different stories about how we got here, disasters or disease or something in between. The world has changed and it hasn’t been kind to us.
For me it was a fire. I lost my family when I was seven and it burnt half of my body.
When I was placed at the orphanage they said I was lucky.
“We have a special program here that helps children like you called the Orphan Lottery,” the Headmaster said.
It was a horrible name but as she explained it, the way it worked made sense.
“There are literally millions of families that want to adopt. Unfortunately for the most part everyone wants to have a newborn, an infant. They want a child that they can call theirs. Older orphans are usually swept under the rug. My predecessor felt this was unfair, wouldn’t you agree?”
Before I could even voice a response, they just kept rattling on about how great the program was.
I have to admit I was impressed especially with the accolades they gave it.
“The lottery is designed to counteract a cruel world. Precisely once a month when a family comes to us for adoption purposes we pull a name from random for the selection. These families are more… well to do, they donate more to our programs and they understand that every child we take care of here deserves a fighting chance to get to live a normal life.”
I got to see how the lottery worked less than a week after coming to the orphanage.
All of us were huddled into a small assembly room where we normally had breakfast and told to pick numbers. Then we sat and listened to an intercom broadcast of the local news and weather like normal, before finally a number was called out.
It was a young girl about three rows in front of me. She leapt up, waving the number excitedly from side to side. Then two men in white coats entered the room and congratulated her before our normal duties resumed.
It was a simple and clean process but for someone like me, that was sure I was going to be trapped in the orphanage for life; it was profound.
Winning the lottery was going to be my only way out of here.
There were some skeptics, and I wish dearly I had listened to them before my name was called. A close friend of mine, Peter, wasn’t sure about any of it. Some of us made jokes and called him paranoid Pete. How I wish we had actually listened.
“It’s odd that we don’t get any testimonials from people that have been adopted isn’t it? They can come and tell us about how the families are taking care of them, how the lottery benefited them and stuff,” he said. Peter had been there since he was five.
“You’re just mad your name has never been called,” someone said.
“I hope it never gets called. Something about all of it is fishy.”
But I didn’t want to doubt.
I knew it could possibly be too good to be true, but I didn’t want it to be.
I had to wait two years before my name was finally called. It can be hard to just toss aside your hopes and dreams after that long.
But when my number came up during the morning routine, I felt someone shove something into my back pocket as the two men entered to escort me to what I thought was freedom.
I didn’t get a chance to realize it was a cell phone until I was well away from the orphanage.
The family that took me in seemed nice enough at first. Not very chatty because even when I asked them what I should call them, neither the man or woman bothered to respond.
They did quickly introduce me to their son though, a boy about my age named Andrew.
Andrew was on oxygen and looked to be in severe pain every time he took a breath. He gave me a look that told me he was suffering.
“Everything will be taken care of on Friday, dear,” the woman said, kissing his forehead.
No red flags went off yet. But the second night after an awkward and quiet dinner, Andrew snuck into the guest room where they were keeping me.
“You need to leave,” he rasped.
I sat up and ruffled my hair. “Why would I do that? I have wanted this my whole life.”
“You want to die? Because that is what will happen to you if you stay here,” he snapped.
His voice was trembling and I asked if he was okay.
“Don’t you get it? My parents selected you to give me your lungs. They are going to hire a surgeon and kill you!”
I almost laughed at the insane notion. But Andrew was dead serious.
“You’re just trying to scare me,” I said.
Then he pulled out his phone and showed me a video of a girl. I recognized her from the orphanage. She was already dead in the clip, her eyes removed. And another child was being given surgery for those exact optical implants.
“This is what the lottery is for. They don’t want to give you a chance at family… they want to give other families a chance at life that has been taken.”
I wanted to think it was a lie and I even got angry and shoved him. His parents came in, took him away and locked me in my room.
That was yesterday. I have been waiting ever since.
The father came in one time to… I think he wanted to apologize for what was about to happen?
“You must understand that the chances of adoption for an orphan dwindle away every single year. Families are content, we are taken care of and peaceful these days. We have no need for wastes of oxygen in society. And I’m sure you agree that you don’t want to be stuck at that dreadful place all your life…”
I’ve been trying to think of what to say and how to make it clear to anyone else out there what is happening; but I’m not sure anyone will believe me. I’ve used the internet and checked everywhere I can think of, no one has heard of the orphan lottery. It’s been a huge lie that was only told to us.
I can hear them coming now. Please, if you do believe me… save the others.
Give them that hope that has been maliciously stolen.
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2023.06.05 15:55 Emperor_Cartagia On the upcoming API changes by Reddit.

On the upcoming API changes by Reddit.
Hi there, your friendly volunteer Mod here. I like to use a light touch on /PanamaCity, keeping it local, trying to stop NSFW posters, Spam, being a impartial as I can when it comes to political posts, etc. I hope you think I'm doing a decent enough job. I admit we did have that brief interrupt a few months ago due to one item I didn't see sitting in the mod queue too long, but still.
I do this through a third party app. If third party apps shut down, I will no longer be here.
If Reddit reverses the policy, no worries, if they don't, I'll be looking to add another Mod before I go.
If nobody volunteers to take my place, the sub will be truly unmoderated and will eventually be shut down for good.
I do not intend to go private in protest, we're too small and it'd be pointless for us to do so.
We have 25 days.
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2023.06.05 15:55 DrRavineOfficial [Deep Sixed] Chapter 69: Back To Headspace

Sunny is going to bring back Mari, but there is a problem? They have to go to his Headspace to find a key component on Mr. X machine.
One day, Sunny was sleeping, and he got a phone call from his mom, after a long time.
*Sunny's POV*
*Sunny's phone rings*
Aubrey: Sunny, would you turn off the phone?
Sunny: It just rang in the middle on the night, what's going on this time? *Checks phone* It's my mom.
Aubrey: You mean our mom?
Sunny: Oh, technically yes. *Picks up call* Hello?
Sunny's Mom: Oh hey Sunny, it's been a while since we talk to each other. So how's Aubrey?
Sunny: She's fine, but why would you call me in the middle of the night?
Sunny's Mom: I have something to show you. Come at the coordinates that I'm going to send you to the messages.
Sunny: Ok. *checks the image in the messages* Here? Why?
Sunny's Mom: You'll see, and I think you will be happy when you see it.
Sunny: Ok, I love you mom.
Sunny's Mom: I love you both. *Call ends*
Aubrey: So what's going on with your mom?
Sunny: I think she wants us to go there. I think something's wrong.
Aubrey: Why don't we go, we never see her since for a while.
Sunny: Well, let's go tomorrow.
The next day, we went to the place where my mom wants us to go.
Aubrey: So, this is where she wants us to go, right?
Sunny: I think so, we followed the map.
So we went into the door, and we found Sunny's mom, waiting for us.
Sunny's Mom: Children, you're here!
Sunny: Yeah what do you want us here?
Sunny's Mom: Come this way, this should make us happy for all.
Aubrey: I'm scared.
Sunny: I know, she has been through so much, which includes us.
As we enter the room, a voice of someone we never heard of.
????: Hello Suzuki family, you finally came. It's time to act the plan together Ms. Sunny.
Molly and Jonathan, just hang out like they usually do.
*Molly's POV*
Molly: So, what are you going to do for your third year of college?
Jonathan: A lot of self improvement, and then try to research on how do I became a human again.
Molly: I don't think that's possible, but why don't we ask Omega Domino to do so?
Jonathan: We just can't request Domino to do that, we need to do something worthy just to do it.
Molly: Oh, well that sucks, but don't worry, I'll be here whenever you need me.
Jonathan: And you will be the person that I would never, try to hurt you.
Molly: Awww. Well, so what are we going to do?
Jonathan: I don't know, maybe you have something to do?
Then I got a phone call from Mr. X.
Molly: Mr. X, wazzup?
Mr. X: I need your help, and bring some people with you and some weapons to fight.
Molly: Ok? *Call ends* Jonathan, were going on an adventure. But first we need to bring in some people and some weapons.
Jonathan: What?
Few hours later...
Sasha: So Mr. X called you and told us to come here?
Molly: Yes, and I don't know why. Maybe they manage to make the portal stable?
Dorian: Who is Mr. X?
Jonathan: A bald person who works in the government and made crazy inventions.
Dorian: I wanna see that guy.
So we reach the place where Mr. X runs a lab, which is where he created a portal that supposed to lead us to Amphibia.
Mr. X: Hello kids, seems like you brought some extra help.
Sasha: I don't trust you. One time you got us stuck in a different dimension for a week.
Mr. X: I know, but now we fixed it. We just need to set a target location on the other side of the portal where it spawns, and the test subject voluntarily sets it in the White Space on his mind.
Dorian: White Space?
Molly: Uh oh, I think I know who the text subject is... SUNNY!
So we ran to the room where the portal was located, and we saw Sunny's body in a contraption, where there is a dead body right next to it.
Molly: Oh my gosh, what did you do to Sunny?
Aubrey: I'm so sorry, there's a reason why we did it. There is something in Sunny's mind that we just need to do this.
Molly: Do What!?
Aubrey: That one.
So the dead body that was right next to Sunny is her used to be his older sister. Mari, and Mr. X found a way to revive her.
Sasha: Oh my gosh, who's that?
Molly: I think, it's-
Aubrey: Mari. It has been 24 years since she died. When Sunny shut himself in, his mother met Mr. X, who was young at that time and he wants to donate her body to him, just to do an experiment. Thanks to cryogenics, she's intact, although a lot of the process has been made.
Molly: Process, what process?
Mr. X: Repairing her spinal cord after internal decapitation, which is the cause of her death. It took a lot of effort to repair the spinal cord with the help of the doctors from around the world secretly. That took 14 years to do it.
Jonathan: That was so damn impressive that you managed to do this, but why didn't you want to show it to the world?
Mr. X: It's too long, so we need to find another way. And this one is experimental that is too risky and the legal and moral problems that it needs to face in society.
Molly: So what are you going to do to her?
Mr. X: Were going to revive her.
Molly: Using Sunny's soul?
Aubrey: No, we use something to our imagination and bring it to reality.
Sasha: That seems dumb.
Aubrey: No, it's not. A long time ago, Sunny made a headspace from the first four years during Mari's death. His headspace was a place to survive during is shut in phase on his life. When I lived with him, we both filled in with crazy headspace plans that can help Sunny's future outside life. And then we came up with a plan to revive Mari by trying to create a life jam, which is called the Ultimate Life Jam that can actually revive a dead person, not a toast of bread after defeat. Problem is, this was on his mind and there is no way to replicate it in real life. Right now, he hasn't gone back to the headspace for a long time and we forget where we put the Ultimate Life Jam.
Molly: Who's plan was this?
Sunny's Mom: My plan. I spent so much hard work that I rarely interact with Sunny during his 4 years of shut in. I tried to help him by giving things he needed to survive, until we moved into a new place where Mr. X's base was near me.
Molly: Ms. Suzuki?
Sunny's Mom: I know. We were grieving a lot, and I'm the only one who can't recover at all.
Jonathan: I'm not sure if this should work, but I want to see what Sunny's headspace looks like.
Mr. X: Well that signs it. So what weapons did you bring?
We show all of the weapons that we brought to fight something in headspace.
Mr. X: Molly, why did you use a violin as a weapon?
Molly: It has Nokia strength, and I have calamity powers to back it up.
Mr. X: Sasha just brought a sword. You could have a cooler sword just like what Jonathan has.
Sasha: It was forge on Amphibia you know?
Mr. X: Jonathan, you are having a hard time using the sword, right?
Jonathan: I know, but this sword can float mid air.
Mr. X: Ok? So Dorian, you bought-
Dorian: A glock?
Mr. X: 45 caliber bullets? This seems fine. Do you have extra rounds?
Dorian: Yes, 200 ammo, and probably more lootbox in Sunny's mind.
Mr. X: Hmmm, I think you're all set and Sunny is in a state of controlled coma, which has a 24 hour time limit in our time to retrieve the jam, but we can wake him up if you finish it early though.
Molly: I won't disappoint you.
Jonathan: Uhhh, I think 24 hours will not be enough to find something in his headspace?
Aubrey: I have to remind you, time runs 48x slower in headspace, so you have a lot of time to go around and explore in the headspace.
Dorian: 48x slower, so that means we have 48 days. That's cool but we wouldn't waste it, right?
Jonathan: I'm skeptical.
After this, Mr. X reactivated the portal again, and it all leads to Sunny's headspace, or I like to call it, his infraverse.
Mr. X: Terri will keep you in touch on your headspace adventures.
Molly: Got it!👍
Mr. X: Alright, the portal will be activated in 3, 2, 1. *Portal activates*
Dorian: ... Ok, so we go in?
Jonathan: Of course we go in.
Then we went into the portal, and it landed us in Sunny's headspace, which was the most central part of his mind.
Molly: Where are we?
Jonathan: Were in Sunny's mind.
Molly: According to me, you will see his inner version of himself.
Sasha: This feels creepy.
Molly: Of course, it used to be scarier during the first four years, but as the time passes, he said that it gotten less scary since he managed to control himself to not let his alter ego take over his mind.
Dorian: Alter ego? Who is it?
Then we saw Sunny, in his inner form of his mind, panicking.
Molly: Sunny?
Sunny: Oh my gosh! How did you all get in my mind? I didn't plan to make you all in my headspace.
Jonathan: We used Mr. X's contraption to travel into different places, and he sets it to your mind and you have something to do about it, right?
Sunny: Oh, you mean the Ultimate Life Jam? Well you can take the jam, because I can't get it out on my mind. But since you weren't, you can bring it into the real world.
Sasha: Oh, I now the context on what Mr. X wants us to do: Find the life jam thing in Sunny's mind and bring it out in the real world using Mr. X portal.
Molly: He said that he won't open the portal until we get the jam or the time runs out. By the way, what's the problem?
Sunny: Look.
So he sent us to the control room in the White Space, which is where everything in his mind was controlled.
Sunny: So this is my headspace control room, and this is where my world is controlled. Normally, before I wake up, I must shut the headspace down to avoid incidents in the headspace when I was gone. However I forgot to turn it off one day and left it for NEARLY A DECADE!
Molly: So, is there a problem after leaving it for a while?
Sunny: Well, based on the map.... 4/10 headspace sectors are in serious situation right now. First is the Otherworld is in constant war with the Infinity world, which they are constantly suppressed by each other, then In Sweethearts Castle, there is a huge issue because Perfectheart deposed Sweetheart and it didn't go well for the townspeople, then someone breached my prison that I made for Dreamworld Kel from Dankistsn.
Sasha: Dreamworld Kel? Who's that?
Molly: Did you just imagined Kel as a prisoner?
Sunny: I just locked him in because if I set free one of the main 3 Dreamworld destroyers, Omori will come out and destroy me, including my mental health.
Jonathan: Oh no, we can't just go on and let Dreamworld Kel do destruction, I want to showcase the pain now?
Sunny: Well, we should get out using one of the doors that leads to outside White Space.
Molly: Can we go now? I want to see what is the rest of your mind be like?
Sunny: Ok, ok, let's go.
So we go outside the White Space and explore to save the Dreamworld. This is where the new adventure starts.
Snake: Sunny? Who are these guys?
Sunny: Oh, these arent in my mind, and they came from the real world.
Snake: How?
Sunny: Some portal contraption made by a bald scientist.
Snake: Hmmm, I'm gonna ask them. Hey blonde girl with a dye on her hair, why are you here!?
Molly: I'm Molly, and we are going to find the Ultimate Life Jam to revive Mari, in real life!
Snake: Sunny loved her so much... He wants her back, right?
Molly: Most likely yes, according to his accounts.
Snake: It's true. The sun shined brighter when she was around, but one accident was enough to send her into her demise.
Molly: I know the story, he accidentally pushed her down stairs and framed her death as a suicide, not realizing she was still alive.
Snake:... Did you tell that story to her?
Sunny: Yes. She also wonders what she was like when she's alive.
Snake:... Hmmm, that seems great, because we have a replica of her when she was still alive. He uses her to talk to his problems out
Molly: I want to see her!
Snake: Go for it. Sunny, here's your allowance, 30 clams to go around the world.
Sunny: Thanks snake.
We went outside White Space, and we're in the Vast Forest part of his Headspace.
Sunny: Welcome to the Vast Forest, be careful of hostile sprout moles, they are hostile when they are lost.
Sasha: How hostile are they?
Sunny: Very hostile...
So there was a path that leads to a playground, which was now abandoned after 15 years of stagnation. In the abandoned playground, a treehouse was built on the center of the playground itself.
Underneath the tree, we saw Mari, and acted like what she could have been when she was still alive.
Sunny: Mari, I'm back!
Headspace Mari: Sunny!
Under the tree...
Headspace Mari: Where have you been?
Sunny: Focusing myself in real life. A lot of things has happened. Getting a job, having a wife, and raising two kids.
Headspace Mari: Oh my gosh, that's a lot, but who are those guys? Did you programed it up into your imagination?
Dorian: No, were real humans, we came from real life.
HeadspaceMari: Oh, thats what happened.
Sunny: And I forgot to shut the headspace down when I was gone, and now there is chaos in some places and I need to fix it with the help of them.
Molly: So you're Mari, before you died, right?
Headspace Mari: Yes. I'm basically a replica of real life Mari, and I'm aware the real one died after accident.
Jonathan: Listen here, we're going on an adventure in this place and we're looking for the Ultimate Life Jam.
Headspace Mari: Ultimate Life Jam? Oh the life jam that can revive anyone that didn't die as a toast. I don't know where but it was being abandoned for a long time because Sunny forgot to shut the headspace down when he left.
Sunny: Yeah it's my fault and now there are some places in Headspace that are now suffering from humanitarian crisis and I decided to ask them for some help.
Headspace Mari: Oh, well if you need to fight, then here are some food and items that can help you in battle. You already have weapons right?
Everyone in my group: *raises all of their available weapons*
Headspace Mari: That's a, lethal weapon choice. That can work.
So we analyzed the food and items that she gave us. She gave:
- 5 toast - 5 hotdogs - 3 life jam packets - 2 Banana smoothie - 5 rubber bands - and a disposable shield, which helps to negate damage.
Dorian: Life jam packets? I don't think we need to go further.
Sunny: Those aren't Ultimate Life Jam though, but they function as a way to revive in the battle.
Headspace Mari: So, are you ready to tackle your own world after more than a decade of working in real life?
Sunny: Well, I'm ready. Guys, are you ready too?
Jonathan: Is it ok to cause as much damage as possible?
Sunny: Well yes, you can.
Molly: LETS GOOO!!!
Sasha: I have a bad feeling about this...
Dorian: Just let them enjoy, seeing these two side by side is pretty entertaining because Molly and Jonathan's dynamic is somehow worth it.
Sasha: Yeah, it should.
Headspace Mari: Also meet Headspace Basil when you are going around. He is somewhere though.
Sunny: Got it! 👍
Then we go around the adventure to fix Sunny's Headspace Humanitarian Crisis, then find the Ultimate Life Jam to be given to Mr. X
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2023.06.05 15:54 shortshitbtch Strained relationship with mother.

Hey guys, I’m not gonna put anything too personal because I don’t want her getting mad and accusing me of “airing her dirty laundry” but I’m in desperate need of some advice.
My mom had me when she was barely 18. She went through a extremely tough time financially, physically, and emotionally when it came to raising me the first little bit.
There were times where she had to chose between one of eating, where there was no heat in the car in the middle of winter and I was shaking I was so cold. It was tough for her. I took her 7 years to get her associates degree because she worked 3+ jobs to keep us afloat.
Eventually she got married to a different man than my dad (he was never really in the picture) and had another kid with him. He ended up being very abusive and middle school me was the reason we even got out alive. Fast forward to now, she’s graduated with her bachelor’s degree, and is thinking about going back to get her masters. She’s got a big fancy job that pays for her own house, and is no longer struggling the way she did when I was young. My little sibling is only with us half the time because of custody things, which means that things get strained regarding them because they’re constantly switching houses, which means switching rules, switching family dynamics, etc. They have managed the best they can, but blames me for the cause of the divorce and for anything bad that happened. I’m in a technical college now, living at home but paying rent for the space/utilities I take up. I’m in school almost 30 hours a week, and work around 25/30 hours a week. On top of managing insanely busy extracurricular activities. I’m not home a lot. I try to help out where I can but I’m not around to do much. My mom and I have had a strained relationship for a while, but in recent years it has been so much worse. To the point where we get into yelling matches, and I’ve slept at friends houses to avoid being around her. I love my mom, don’t get me wrong. She has sacrificed so much to be able to live the life she is now, but I feel like she resents me for it. I have more opportunities than she does, I’m 21 and not pregnant, I’m set to graduate in less than a year. I’m not majorly struggling. She doesn’t seem to like me as a person, and it’s starting to feel like she doesn’t like me as a daughter. My question here is this: If I’m unable to move out, how do I manage living in a household where my own mother resents me?
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2023.06.05 15:54 Bluesadden Did anyone noticed how AK girl is going out of her way to embarrass him.

She wanted to be part of the stream so bad yesterday and now I’m seeing she made a post about getting paid 30k a month. Which I think is capped. It’s like she trying her best now to make him look bad.
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2023.06.05 15:54 michaelbgilbert86 64cm Disc Trucker

64cm Disc Trucker
Need some advice -
So excitement got the best of me. I jumped the gun and bought a 64 cm disc trucker and was so excited for it but….pretty sure it is to big. LBS didnt size me. I just said I really like the idea of a disc trucker, I dont know what size I would need, I am pretty tall…(6’4.5 300lbs) maybe a 64cm? They ordered it since they didn’t have any Surly’s in stock. Picked it up last week and rode 15 miles and was very ….numb. Took it back to the LBS where they worked hard to convince me that I did pick the right size (probably because they don’t want this thing in their stock I would imagine). They added a 20 mm shorter stem, moved the seat all the way forward, and down a bit. Just did 15 miles this morning, and while it is a bit better, less numbness in …areas…and less wrist pain it is not what I expected. I still feel very stretched out and putting pressure in the saddle area. They will order me a different size (although they didn’t seem excited about exchanging it) but just wondering how much difference going to something like a 60cm will really make. Looking at the stack and reach ( I didn’t know what those were until after I bought the bike) going to something like a 60 will bring the reach a bit over an inch closer, but also stack will drop? Anybody else done something similar? Just dont want to have them order a 60 or a 58 and end up in the same situation. Or go through the hassle of sizing down if it won’t make that big a difference.
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2023.06.05 15:53 throwRAlonelyone [35F] [40M] Safe to assume this guy was never attracted to me?

[35F] [40M] Safe to assume this guy was never attracted to me?
I was taking to this guy and we went out on a date. He admitted on the date that he got offered a job and was leaving most likely (he did). We kind of kept talking after he left and the idea of casual came up. Months later I was going to be in town and we talked about meeting up.. come to find out after dragging it out of him he was trying to get over a “brief” relationship as he had put it.
I struggle with my self esteem because I have never had a relationship and he was the first guy that’s ever asked me out (who I was attracted to). I already know I’m going to be single forever because I’m attracted to guys who are attractive… that’s unfortunate lol. He messaged me telling me this “ no, I’m sorry I should lead you on if I’m not in it”. That was after we tried to meet up for just casual.
Safe to assume this guy was never attracted to me?
The sad thing is I literally just had a dream about him and he reached out/messaged me telling me that he was going to be in town for his birthday (oddly specific details). I know it’s a dream and nothing more😂. The last time that happened it actually turned out to be true but he’s got no reason to reach out to me.
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2023.06.05 15:53 ProfessorFrunk Advice for a player thinking about returning to WoW

I've been thinking about getting back into WoW and wanted to gauge people's opinion on whether or not I'll enjoy the game as a returning player.
I started playing back in 2008 during BC with friends, had a great time, we formed a guild and over time going through vanilla and BC questing, dungeons and raiding then we merged with another guild going into the Wrath. That's when I really got into it and did twice weekly raid nights to beat the Lich King, plus getting into exploring the world, doing crafting and achievements. Even dabbled in PvP, both in arenas and in the open world. Played my main mostly (obviously) but also played other classes and crossed over to have characters on the other faction. Honestly, it was a really fun time and some of my best gaming memories. Certainly got my money's worth lol
When Cata came out I played more casually and did less raiding, my interest starting to wane a little. I would play a couple of times a month rather than 4 or 5 nights a week. Mostly to socialise, fill a spot on a guild raid if needed, do some of the newer gameplay loops or a bit of crafting.
I pretty much stopped with Mists. Played it for a few days but didn't enjoy it and decided to have a break from WoW at that point. I'd been playing it as my "main" game for over 4 years, so I branched out into some new experiences. Friends from the guild who I continued to play other games with asked me to come back for Warlords a couple of years later and I enjoyed that more. Played for a few weeks but didn't feel the same so I decided I was done. Sold everything I had and dumped the gold in the guild bank then walked away.
So I haven't played WoW in nearly a decade but recently I've been considering coming back to the game. I miss getting lost in the vastness of the open world and the different play styles.
I did consider Classic for the nostalgia but I feel I know what I'm getting into, so before I make my decision my question to long term players is - would someone who enjoyed BC/Wrath originally enjoy the main game as it is today as a more casual experience? I'm pretty sure I'd be starting from scratch as my account has likely been deleted after all this time (which I don't mind tbh) and if I could find a more casual guild to join all the better, but would the current game be engaging enough based on what I liked back in the day or has it changed too much and I’d be better off giving Classic a go?
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2023.06.05 15:53 TheMithrandir_420 Bad Experience

I booked a tee time at AGC for this morning a couple days ago. I showed up 45 minutes prior to my tee time and was told who I'm golfing with. I introduce myself to them and begin my warm up. 10-15 minutes later the pro shop attendant steps out of the pro shop and asks me “if i'm going to tee off?” Confused, I look at my wrist and see it's still 27 minutes until my tee time. I then looked down the fairway and saw the 3 some I was paired with. The attendant then tells me to just tee off into a group of golfers who don't know I'm hitting into them. I refused to do that for obvious safety reasons. The attendant then shrugs at me and says we are running early and there's no more spots open for a while as it's all 4somes behind me. Confused and dumb founded i just said i'll just take a refund as i feel im being punished for waiting for my tee time. The attendant then tells me that I should have been paying attention as they are running early today . I protest again that there's 25 minutes until my tee time. The attendant huffs and walks back inside. I follow and wait for my refund at the counter. The attendant gives me a half assed apology and then when I continue to want a refund the attendant remarks “ oh you're mad now?”. I take my refund and leave. At no point was I mad or disrespectful to the course or anyone there. I know that this wasn't a situation totally caused by the attendant. But to be told that the tee time i booked 3 days in advanced that did not start for another 27 minutes was no longer available because the group I got paired with went out and tee’d off early without telling me.The group i was paired with knew I was golfing with them and decided they didnt want to golf with me so went out 30 minutes early. I've always heard stories of bad experiences at AGC but never experienced one myself. So let this be a lesson to anyone who plans on golfing at AGC. Feel free to tee off whenever because apparently the tee time sheet is make believe.
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2023.06.05 15:53 iFlickDaBean Invisibility Cheat or Anti-Cheat System ?

So spawned in top of the map, by the train tracks/bridge. You know the spawn where you can be the second team to catch the train if you run to the bridge area, when its headed towards the airport. Anyhow I was looting that area and of course you have the ammo supply/buy station point as well often right there this season. I was inside that building and I get a call out Platoon nearby and a helicopter shows up on the mini-map at the same time. Shit!. Mind you, we are not even 5 minutes into the game yet. My team is spread apart.. random (with no mic) couple buildings down and my buddy one building over.
All of a sudden the random goes down. Then my buddy runs out from next door and is put down instantly. I can hear two on my roof top/above me running. I'm trapped in a lower center room with one doorway. I bring out a grenade to cook it in hopes that I'll take one with me, as I can hear them pushing me. But before it cooks I'm shot out of nowhere. Watch the replay and it shows the guy shooting from the balcony and then drops directly in front of me to finish me. Problem is I NEVER saw the guy. I originally thought he wall banged me through the ceiling, till I saw the replay.
So we get at least a 4 man team (platoon) within 5 minutes of the game. Pushes us via helicopter. Kills all three of us within 30 seconds in different buildings. I never see the guy standing directly in front of me, till replay.
I tell him he's sus as fuck and they all start laughing at this point. I'm like dude you was invisible, kill cam shows exactly what you did. They then try to claim that I was cheating and it was the anti-cheat making them invisible.
So either these guys got lucky by going to our exact location and to our exact buildings, at the same time, I'm blind, Or someone was running pre-made lobby with wall hacks and a has a cheat allowing them to take advantage of the anti-cheat system for invisibility.
This game is so broken.
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2023.06.05 15:53 Jbooxie Mia’s appearance transformation in uptown girl pt.1

I find it so funny that everyone is acting like she changed so much after she got the agent. All she did was wear heels to school and everyone was going goo goo gaga. Not to say she isn’t super pretty I just didn’t see much of a transformation. I do get the classmates being excited about her being a model, but I just don’t think she ended up looking that different.
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2023.06.05 15:52 Dazzling_Ocelot_4680 almost 3m post DDay

Most days are good. R is going well, I think? But I can’t just stop questioning myself and if this is the right decision. Apologizing if this doesn’t make a lot of sense.
Backstory: we have 3 children (2 from my previous relationship, 1 from us).
He had an EA which led to physical shortly after I delivered our daughter. Right before I found everything out he slept with a coworker. Between all that there’s so much more.
I just can’t wrap my head around the why? He’s said to me so many times I was emotionally closed off, didn’t want to talk and “only cared about food” 🤣 I WAS EFFING PREGNANT. and yah, I will be the first to admit my hormones were ragey, but that doesn’t give him an excuse to seek attention from all the other woman - a year long affair. He proposed to me in December of 2021. The affair started in February. Literally wtf right? The ring will never go back on my finger.
Our daughters first birthday is Friday and it kills me thinking back on this first year of her life. Those memories are beyond tainted.
I guess I’m just wondering if it’s normal to doubt yourself? Like I said, most days are so good but when I get in that headspace… the messages/pictures/everything he’s told me replays like a nightmare in my head.
I KNOW I would be ok alone. I would. It would take a long time for me to move on from this, but really I have 3 beautiful children I have to be strong for so it’s like?? At the end of the day I do love him and want this to work, so IM putting in the work too… but I can’t shake that feeling like it’s going to happen again.
On paper he’s doing everything right. He’s taken accountability from the beginning, answered my questions and has told me every single time we have those hard talks it was NOTHING I did… ok but then why does it seem like he’s justifying it by me being “closed off” pregnant?
He told his family. Told his best friend. Told HR and his old boss (left that job since the Whore worked with him — diff girl not EA one) and I KNOW he is sorry… but I just am like ????
I feel stuck. Questioning myself. Doubting if his intentions are pure. Questioning if this will ever happen again?
We aren’t in therapy. I was in IC but with school/kids/life there was literally no time.
Idk I just don’t want to feel like I’m alone in this. I’m living with this painful secret and it sucks. I can’t help but feel like I’ll never be able to be the same woman I was before I found out.
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2023.06.05 15:52 StegoManDan Is this PSU enough?

So ive had some issues with PC randomly going black screen, PC freezeing and making static noise in headphones, checked all drivers and OS for updates and BIOS has latest update aswell, although it still happened, so i kept an eye on temps in HWMonitor and nothing to be worried about there either, so my next thought was is it the PSU that isnt giving enough power for my system?
Let me know if my current PSU isnt enough"NZXT C650 80+GOLD"
PC Spec's
Motherboard: PRO B660M-A WIFI DDR5
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-5200 CL40 Memory
CPU: Intel I5-13600KF (LGA1700)
Samsung 860 Evo 500 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive
Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive
and a basic WD 1TB HDD
and a basic Toshiba 2TB External HDD
CPU Cooler: ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO CPU Cooler
Case: NZXT H510 Flow ATX Mid Tower Case
Fans: 2x 120mm (basic NZXT fans that came with case) 2x 120mm Fans that are on the Arctic Freezer(came with the cooler)

I did some calculations myself and to me 650 Watt PSU doesnt seem adequate!, please let me know if i should buy a bigger PSU!
Thank in Advance
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2023.06.05 15:52 YanDanTDM French Writing - complete!

Alright, I know the subreddit's flooded with English Language stuff right now, but since there's no megathreads (no hate to the mods, y'all are probably busy) - hey French takers! How was writing for you? I found it alright, though I did mix up some words in the translation. Otherwise, it was okay! I'm just happy to have French done. 15 exams down, 3 to go!
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2023.06.05 15:52 StegoManDan Is this PSU enough?

So ive had some issues with PC randomly going black screen, PC freezeing and making static noise in headphones, checked all drivers and OS for updates and BIOS has latest update aswell, although it still happened, so i kept an eye on temps in HWMonitor and nothing to be worried about there either, so my next thought was is it the PSU that isnt giving enough power for my system?
Let me know if my current PSU isnt enough"NZXT C650 80+GOLD"
PC Spec's
Motherboard: PRO B660M-A WIFI DDR5
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-5200 CL40 Memory
CPU: Intel I5-13600KF (LGA1700)
Samsung 860 Evo 500 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive
Samsung 970 Evo 500 GB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive
and a basic WD 1TB HDD
and a basic Toshiba 2TB External HDD
CPU Cooler: ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO CPU Cooler
Case: NZXT H510 Flow ATX Mid Tower Case
Fans: 2x 120mm (basic NZXT fans that came with case) 2x 120mm Fans that are on the Arctic Freezer(came with the cooler)

I did some calculations myself and to me 650 Watt PSU doesnt seem adequate!, please let me know if i should buy a bigger PSU!
Thank in Advance
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2023.06.05 15:51 afineafternoontodie Burning, bleeding inner thigh!!! What is going on?

I am female. 25 years old. 5'1 (156 cm). 160 pounds. I took antibiotics - Cephalexin. I live in Europe. I do not smoke. I do not drink (really rarely). Had no medical issues long-term. Blood pressure etc. all normal.
On the right side of my inner thigh, all the way in my skin folds, I developed a weird swelling a handful of days ago. I had no idea what it was, but it was itching a few times, so I scratched it, thinking it would go away soon as I had a pimple in this area before.
Suddenly, I woke up yesterday, and it was hurting like crazy. I looked at the area, and I realised three long bumps that felt like swelling had developed, in the middle a larger bump that is round. It did not appear to be really dark, quite skin-coloured, maybe slightly red.
I left it alone, and kept lying on my tummy due to the pain. Suddenly, I saw a pool of blood (orange-ish), smelling strange. I stood up; it was dripping non-stop from my right thigh!
I looked in the mirror, and I saw that the round bump had bursted; there was a small red hole where all the blood was coming out. I cleaned everything and put a warm cloth on it. It stopped bleeding, but it hurts like hell!
What is going on?!
I was taking antibiotics before for a piercing bump on my nose and an ear infection. But that is it! I had a mild cold. It also has gotten hotter here.
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2023.06.05 15:51 Neat_Inevitable8725 Embracing the End with Dignity and Grace

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2023.06.05 15:51 hermie714 How do I know if my cat needs a companion?

I apologize if this is a little long but I would really appreciate some guidance:
My boyfriend and I adopted our 7 month old kitten, Caper, 3 months ago. He's been through a lot; he was found alone as a stray and he was only at the rescue for about a week and a half before we adopted him. He's come such a long way and has made so much progress. Now, he rubs against us, purrs, meows at us, snuggles, his tail is up, etc. The only issue is that he has frequent episodes of peeing outside of his litter box. Now, he only uses the litter box to poop. My friend thinks that there could've been complications with his neutering procedure, but I don't know what the symptoms of that are or how that would be treated. It seems like we've tried everything: changing the litter box, changing the litter, antibiotics for a UTI, etc. The vet did a physical exam and said that he's a healthy boy. Please note that we are in constant communication with the vet's office and will make an appointment to see if the UTI wasn't fully treated. However, I'm starting to believe that this is behavioral.
Caper yowls out the window sometimes, he'll bite/tear cardboard or paper if it's left out, he'll come up for pets and then after a while he'll suddenly nip at our legs or arms, and he'll pee on "spiteful" spots like the couch or bed (even my boyfriend's pillows). There are no other things going on besides those and otherwise, he's a happy boy. My boyfriend thinks it might be anxiety so we've been using the Feliway calming spray daily for the past few days, but he peed on the couch this morning. I don't know how anxiety is treated in cats; is it medication? I've also heard that maybe he needs a companion cat. The rescue told us when we got him that he may need one and that we'll "be able to tell" when he does. The first night we brought him home, he was pacing and yowling, and I assumed that he was looking for the other cats. The rescue stated that since Caper was so shy, he never left his "cubby" but would always chirp and perk up when he saw the other cats out and playing.
I'm just really defeated and don't know what to do anymore. I'm so tired of cleaning up cat urine and rewashing sheets every other week. My biggest fear is adopting another cat and Caper still continues these behaviors. I would appreciate any help, especially from a vet or someone who has been in a similar situation. TYIA.
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2023.06.05 15:51 BakerHaunting9090 Hysteria Bonding leading to Communication. Could use women's post-partum advice!

Not a dry dead-bedroom here, just really broken down intimacy post children been together 15 years. Non sexual affection / intimacy at all time low, physical intimacy at all time low beyond check the box sex. It has been really making me depressed lately about the state of our marriage, starting to feel it effect my drive / attraction for my wife, starting to feel like I am grieving the death of my marriage sometimes.
Lately things had been taking a toll on me, and I have been trying to not take my bad moods out on my wife and kids. Well after a weeks of on again off again disconnection from my wife, she sort of got a little flirty in one evening which led to me trying to initiate. Got turned down, and eventually had to go lay on the couch to get some sleep.
Next day she is really affectionate all day during the more hectic day of our weekends with the kids activities. She initiates sex, and actually spends some time not rushing everything along. She normally doesn't like getting off in the evenings as she says its takes her a while to settle to fall asleep afterwards, but this time she was begging for it.
110% this was hysterical bonding (at least in the way that is typical for us). Even for hysteria bonding, this was intense/uncharacteristic for her. It sparked a few conversations that I think were actually productive.
"I dont know what you did different, but that was so good." "Well for starters we at least had some foreplay, you let me warm you up a little bit".
I brought up that I miss foreplay, and that I didnt think it was good for her to always rush me to stick it in. Creates negative feedback loops for both of us...
Back to our regularly scheduled session the following day, and the wife was really sore after the one intense night. We were able to talk a bit more about this. Post baby scarring, muscle pain, etc. We were able to have a decent conversation about the state of our intimacy (not complete by any means, but mutually positive communication I think). My wife acknowledged our struggles / some of her inputs/actions with our intimacy, as did I.
I want to try to spin this into more communication, as I know I have been somewhat self-destructive with how I was behaving due to our situation (starting to disconnect). I know some of our struggles have come from damage post baby #1 (ap, as she has consistently complained of uncomfortable sensations due to what she thinks is probably scar tissue and likely nerve/muscular issues.) I want to tell her to bring it up to her OB as her next appointment is soon. I want to make sure there isn't some other underlying issue we aren't missing here, and also see if she can get guidance on things that may help her muscle situation.
In general I want to talk more about just our romantic relationship (non-physical and physical) more, trying to get back to that deeper connection. Its hard to bring things up, as its a sensitive topic and I don't want to feel like I am putting her on the spot.
I could use advice from women who have dealt with problems with intimacy post children (episiotomy), and were able to recover from it. Scar tissue / nerve pain / muscle pain etc. How were you able to work through it, what helped / what didnt etc.
I think some of my wifes hostility when it comes to intimacy / foreplay / trying different positions / deviating from going through the motions, is just coming from both a conditioned pain response / uncertainty of it being better or worse, and just in general shame / self-conscious about herself/body and I want to do everything I can to support my wife through trying to improve things.
Struggles of non-physical intimacy lacking because my wife always feeling pressured for things to lead to sex and in general having trouble getting her drive up/getting aroused because of pain. I had sort of guessed at some of these things / we have talked a bit about them, but my wife previously I think was trying to downplay it. There are of course all the other life/stress things that come with having younger kids that deals blows to intimacy. It at least explains the disconnect between what my wife would tell me, and her actions.
I believe there is at least some positives that came out of this event, and I want to use this as an opportunity to try to keep improving on our communication around the subject, and also try to start creating some positive re-enforced loops on trying to improve things for us.
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