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2023.06.05 15:34 wittgensteins-boat Options Questions Safe Haven Thread June 05-11 2023

For the options questions you wanted to ask, but were afraid to. There are no stupid questions.   Fire away. This project succeeds via thoughtful sharing of knowledge. You, too, are invited to respond to these questions. This is a weekly rotation with past threads linked below.


Don't exercise your (long) options for stock! Exercising throws away extrinsic value that selling retrieves. Simply sell your (long) options, to close the position, to harvest value, for a gain or loss. Your break-even is the cost of your option when you are selling. If exercising (a call), your breakeven is the strike price plus the debit cost to enter the position. Further reading: Monday School: Exercise and Expiration are not what you think they are.
Also, generally, do not take an option to expiration, for similar reasons as above.
Key informational links • Options FAQ / Wiki: Frequent Answers to Questions • Options Toolbox Links / Wiki • Options Glossary • List of Recommended Options Books • Introduction to Options (The Options Playbook) • The complete options side-bar informational links (made visible for mobile app users.) • Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options (Options Clearing Corporation) • Binary options and Fraud (Securities Exchange Commission) .
Getting started in options • Calls and puts, long and short, an introduction (Redtexture) • Options Trading Introduction for Beginners (Investing Fuse) • Options Basics (begals) • Exercise & Assignment - A Guide (ScottishTrader) • Why Options Are Rarely Exercised - Chris Butler - Project Option (18 minutes) • I just made (or lost) $___. Should I close the trade? (Redtexture) • Disclose option position details, for a useful response • OptionAlpha Trading and Options Handbook • Options Trading Concepts -- Mike & His White Board (TastyTrade)(about 120 10-minute episodes) • Am I a Pattern Day Trader? Know the Day-Trading Margin Requirements (FINRA) • How To Avoid Becoming a Pattern Day Trader (Founders Guide)
Introductory Trading Commentary    • Monday School Introductory trade planning advice (PapaCharlie9)   Strike Price    • Options Basics: How to Pick the Right Strike Price (Elvis Picardo - Investopedia)    • High Probability Options Trading Defined (Kirk DuPlessis, Option Alpha)   Breakeven    • Your break-even (at expiration) isn't as important as you think it is (PapaCharlie9)   Expiration    • Options Expiration & Assignment (Option Alpha)    • Expiration times and dates (Investopedia)   Greeks    • Options Pricing & The Greeks (Option Alpha) (30 minutes)    • Options Greeks (captut)   Trading and Strategy    • Fishing for a price: price discovery and orders    • Common mistakes and useful advice for new options traders (wiki)    • Common Intra-Day Stock Market Patterns - (Cory Mitchell - The Balance)
Managing Trades • Managing long calls - a summary (Redtexture) • The diagonal call calendar spread, misnamed as the "poor man's covered call" (Redtexture) • Selected Option Positions and Trade Management (Wiki)
Why did my options lose value when the stock price moved favorably? • Options extrinsic and intrinsic value, an introduction (Redtexture)
Trade planning, risk reduction and trade size • Exit-first trade planning, and a risk-reduction checklist (Redtexture) • Monday School: A trade plan is more important than you think it is (PapaCharlie9) • Applying Expected Value Concepts to Option Investing (Select Options) • Risk Management, or How to Not Lose Your House (boii0708) (March 6 2021) • Trade Checklists and Guides (Option Alpha)
• Planning for trades to fail. (John Carter) (at 90 seconds)
Minimizing Bid-Ask Spreads (high-volume options are best) • Price discovery for wide bid-ask spreads (Redtexture) • List of option activity by underlying (Market Chameleon)
Closing out a trade • Most options positions are closed before expiration (Options Playbook) • Risk to reward ratios change: a reason for early exit (Redtexture) • Guide: When to Exit Various Positions • Close positions before expiration: TSLA decline after market close (PapaCharlie9) (September 11, 2020) • 5 Tips For Exiting Trades (OptionStalker) • Why stop loss option orders are a bad idea
Options exchange operations and processes • Options Adjustments for Mergers, Stock Splits and Special dividends; Options Expiration creation; Strike Price creation; Trading Halts and Market Closings; Options Listing requirements; Collateral Rules; List of Options Exchanges; Market Makers • Options that trade until 4:15 PM (US Eastern) / 3:15 PM (US Central) -- (Tastyworks)
Brokers • USA Options Brokers (wiki) • An incomplete list of international brokers trading USA (and European) options
Miscellaneous: Volatility, Options Option Chains & Data, Economic Calendars, Futures Options • Graph of the VIX: S&P 500 volatility index (StockCharts) • Graph of VX Futures Term Structure (Trading Volatility) • A selected list of option chain & option data websites • Options on Futures (CME Group) • Selected calendars of economic reports and events
Previous weeks' Option Questions Safe Haven threads.
Complete archive: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
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2023.06.05 15:33 Any-Government-3077 Rise Deals

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2023.06.05 15:33 lafontduloup I think my phone addiction is triggering my episodes

I am just about to go out of what it is to be my 5th hospitalisation since 2017. My manic episode was somehow, as I remember, lighter than the last ones. The pure fact that I am able to remember when the cops arrived and the ride to the ER, says I was not completely out. I can remember mostly everything from the moment I went out off my house to right now, going back to it. With slight exceptions of course.
So what happened this time was somewhat different than before. My past episodes had been triggered by alcohol abuse and overtasking. All started by lack of sleep. This time was a bit different.
I was doing everything right. I quit drinking 1 year ago after my past hospitalisation. I was leading a healthy lifestyle, sport daily, healthy eating, sleeping hours no less then 8 by day, taking my meds, not going out at night as much. I was a responsable and exeptionnal mentally ill person.
It all started by the mysterious waking up at 3 a.m. No alarm no nothing, my body just jumpstarted and was ready for the day. I left a couple days like that pass by until I started to feel out of touch with reality.
Symbols and signs began to be repetitive. I had this very easy going manner of relating to other people. I was feeling light like a bird. I think the moment I lose control was when I started augmenting my phone usage.
I was in social media a lot, where the signs and symbols obviously reproduced. I began this mental battle with my phone, where I thought it was trying to control me.
I did some very weird shit. Like witchcraft things but this time, as my mania augmented, I wanted to stay home. I started imaginating bombs being dropped and all happening at the same time like a card tower ready to fall.
I think the way that there are two realities right now is what blew my brains out: the real world and the reality within the internet.
I believe this augmented usage (my screentime is around 6 hours a day) is what unbalanced me. As long as I had my headphones and my phone I could do whatever I wanted, no need for anything nor anyone. I began to isolate myself. I started to loose touch with relality and others, beggining to think that what was on my screen was the real world, when actually it isn’t.
I loved my life so much, I was so high on it that I forgot to be part of the world and that’s when things went bananas.
We are forgetting how to be in community. Prefering to ask an AI how to make a dish rather than asking our grandmothers. Forgetting to talk to each other since we can just give a like in social media.
We are becoming little almighty gods with the help of our phones. Let’s not forget we are not. And let us not loose touch with reality and others.
If you read all through here, I would love to read how your relationship with your phone is and if it’s affecting you in any way or has affected you in the past.
Great monday people, and cheers!
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2023.06.05 15:33 AutoNewsAdmin [CA] - One person with serious injuries, car crushed by dump truck after 3-vehicle collision in Weston

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2023.06.05 15:33 AdagioDesperate Great timings and a little luck

Great timings and a little luck
I'm playing g the stupidest fun deck, and I'm gaining cubes with it so something is worming. It's a Mr. Negative/Galactus/Thanos list.
Bugle gave my opponent my Professor X, while I got their Rogue. Opponent went in on the big turn 6 with Thing and Hazmat, while on my turn 5 I played Space and Time stones. Carnage moved to mid, and I used my 8 energy (Time and Superflow) on 6 to literally steal the victory.
It was a gamble that he would fill mid, and thankfully it paid off. GGs opponent if you're on here and see this.
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2023.06.05 15:33 Any-Government-3077 Trulieve Deals

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2023.06.05 15:33 Midge431 Ranked teammates

Hi everyone. I just wondered whether there was somewhere that you could get usernames to add to play ranked with?
Just started playing it recently and seem to have people in my level(currently bronze 3) that just crash constantly and dnf, which ends up in the team losing and me going down in points.
I only started playing when console release came out, so haven't been playing too long, I just want people who are semi decent to play with to go through the ranks with.
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2023.06.05 15:33 arvopart_ Don’t forget to vote tomorrow

Hey all, reminder that tomorrow is Election Day for a handful of local positions! If you’ve felt frustrated about local politicians selling out for LUXURY HOUSING, now’s the time to vote in progressives who have committed to affordable housing and who won’t take money from real estate developers. If you are surprised that Amy Degise is still in office after her hit-and-run last year…..well, her term’s not up yet, lol. BUT her husband’s term is up, which is the next best thing! Tom Degise’s hand-selected successor (a long-time JC cop) is being challenged by a progressive candidate, Eleana Little. Little ran in 2020 and her bid fell short by only about 400 votes. That’s about the # of daily active users on this subreddit.
Polls are open until 8pm tomorrow. If even a few of us take a couple of minutes to vote tomorrow, it might honestly make a difference.
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2023.06.05 15:33 smashedmelonz I find it hard to keep going sometimes.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, but today was bad. Really bad. Well.. I think this whole year so far has been awful to be honest.
I hate school so much, I’m definitely not the first person to say that and I really don’t feel like ranting about it right now. But I find school pretty painful. It’s kind of a realisation recently that school has become so much worse for me, I just feel like I’m walking into prison every day. And everyone is so happy? They all have friends, they’re laughing.. why doesn’t anyone else know what’s going on?
I said in my last post that I left and switched schools because of my friends, I’ve made new ones and that’s cool I guess. But I don’t even really have much motivation to talk to them. At all. It’s not that they’re bad, but… I don’t know, i guess I don’t have a huge connection with them. I was talking to my therapist, and I listed my favourite things about school. I said “friends and food, nothing else.” The friend part kind of doesn’t matter anymore, I don’t wake up for them. Not anymore. They would hate me saying that, but it’s true. Food is good, but it’s a pretty pathetic reason. I mean, it doesn’t last very long does it?
When I wake up for school, I only leave because I have to. I don’t really have any other compelling reasons. My cat came into my room this morning, and all I could think was “why would I leave for school when I have someone like you right here?”. I guess that’s a reason to get through the day.
There is one thing, I do have a huge reason I want to keep going. At the start of this school term.. I think it was the first day back. I had a huge breakdown because of my bad day, because I think it was there that I just realised how unfair and alone I was. I didn’t tell my parents, but I cried in my wardrobe. My kitty came into my room, and I just remember saying “kitty.. what am I going to do now?” while I was sobbing.
But luckily that week i had therapy. I was talking to her about my anxiety about school, and I was thinking about dropping out in the near future if I couldn’t deal with it anymore. She told me there was an option for people like me.
There’s this thing called alternative schooling, I can go there once I get the legal age to drop out. It’s basically school for people who have anxiety about school, maybe neurodivergent like me.. or have social problems etc etc. the classes are very small, there’s no school uniform and just a pretty un-strict dress code, school day ends at 1:45 and the classes are much more flexible for the students. I knew then and there that was something I was sure about, I had an option. That’s what’s been keeping me going for the past months.
But it’s still really hard. Like yeah I have that option, but it’s almost 2 whole years away. These past 3 months alone have been bad, how am I supposed to get through 2 whole years? Still, I wake up and go to school knowing that I’ll leave someday. Because it will be over.
Today was seemingly okay, but my thoughts about everything still lingered in my head. But… okay I know this might sound really fucking stupid to get upset over but I broke my toe. I don’t actually know if I’ve broken it but I haven’t been able to walk properly since I hurt it. Mum said I still had to go to school because it’s only a broken toe and you need to just start walking normally and then it will heal itself in a “couple of weeks.” I can’t deal with that, I’m sorry. I can’t deal with any of this, even if it’s only a couple of weeks, it’s going to be so fucking painful. I have been able to walk but if I stretch too far it hurts so much. And I can’t lift my self up. What do I do now? You know sometimes I’ve thought about the fact that maybe I’m overreacting about my feelings sometimes but I know this is real. This time it’s real. I say “please let me skip school, I don’t want to go.” and she’ll say “I know.” she knows I don’t like school, but she doesn’t understand why I don’t like school. She doesn’t know why I’m in so much pain. I know some people are going to say that I should tell my parents and at this point I should, but they have so much on their plate already. And I just feel like they’re going to say something to make me feel worse. I’ve been able to deal with it for a while now, but I think I’ve tipped over the edge a little.
I kind of just want to cry but.. I can’t. I want to, why don’t I let myself?
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2023.06.05 15:32 smooth-dust2254 Upgrade service

I’d like to upgrade my service but last time it went a bit wonky. I’m currently not in a contract and don’t see non contract options available on the website. They used to be there though. Only will be in this house for 2-3 more months. Could someone reach out to help me upgrade successfully? Thanks
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2023.06.05 15:32 G3rm4n___ Made in Abyss is my favorite series

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2023.06.05 15:32 Reacher74 Do I have unrealistic expectations surrounding sex? M27 F26

So this is something I’ve been really struggling with as of late. In a relationship with a wonderful girl for a few years. I want to make her my wife but there is one small challenge with our relationship. That is our sex life.
We started out having mostly awesome drunk sex for 30-60 minutes and we would both orgasm. It was really great and since I have a high libido I was really interested in this. Fast forward, she has gotten off BC and since moving in together sex has dwindled down to like once every 10 days or so sometimes more sometimes less. Of course she’s on her period or ovulating we have to be smart. But condoms hurt her, she says sex hurts her because I’m pretty big down there and she feels burning or like I’m hitting her cervix. Seems like she’s doing me a favor most times and I try to finish asap.
I guess my question is because I love this girl and don’t want to have a life of miserable sex but also need to make sure I don’t have unrealistic expectations.
I have been told I was very attractive my whole life and I am also successful. So not to sound like a prick, but I never had issue sleeping with women in my entire 20s I have had 40 or so sexual partners. She is the opposite and went year+ without sex before me. She has actually told me she doesn’t “need” sex to be happy, she moreso does It for me although she says she enjoys It.
I’m not sure if I have these expectations because of past lovers or porn or masturbating or what. But I honestly think if I broke up with her, there is some girl out there that would want sex everyday and basically would just get on top of me anytime one of us wanted It. A girl that would just love giving oral and would need nothing other than my penis to get off but that we’d do everything. Just an insane sex life, blowjobs while I drive, etc.
This seems ridiculous I know, but do women like this exist?
I also must say, our sex life has become stale enough that I don’t even try to get her in the mood. I just ask. Or she asks. Then we get our lube and meet in the bedroom. Most of the time It lasts 5 min or so because she’s just doing It because she loves me. Sometimes it’s longer and more intense and pretty amazing and we do foreplay. But not the norm.
She is actually amazing and we have had so many conversations about this. She has worked on trying to be better we agreed that a 2 time per week goal is doable and she said handjobs and blowjobs could happen otherwise. Hasn’t exactly happened but life has really gotten in the way too. (More on this below) But I always say I want her to be satisfied too. She says I can go down on her more/. Use vibrator but overall she is fine with just getting me off and hasn’t asked for these things. Is this normal?
We have completely different schedules and we really only have one or two realistic nights for sex anyway. She leaves for work by the time I get home usually. We see eachother in passing. And otherwise we have very active lives.
My question really boils down to: has sex, daily masturbating, and my large history of sex partners, distorted my ideas of what healthy sex in a long term partnership is? Is It realistic that I find an amazing partner who just wants to basically have my penis everyday?
My girlfriend is my person and honestly we have went on week vacations and had sex twice and one blowjob and she didn’t ask for much in return even tho I offered. We agreed that It was amazing.
Should I be trying to set the mood more? Like I don’t start kissing her neck or anything ever I just ask from across the room. This is because last year I got rejected enough that I couldn’t take It anymore. Asking is easier.
Should I really consider finding someone new? Or am I just insane to think someone out there coming off a 24 hour shift just wants to sit on my dick 4x a week.
I would be fine with twice a week but I don’t want to pressure her whatsoever if she truly doesn’t want this.
I don’t know what to do. The thought of breaking up destroys me but the idea of some fantasy girl having sex with me daily has me dreaming about the grass on the other side.
Should I work on setting the mood more? Are we doomed? I already know I need to quit porn. She really has been open to trying to be better although it’s clearly hard for her. Maybe we’re just incompatible but also it’s become such a pressurized topic.
Please help.
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2023.06.05 15:32 c00lg00p First try

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2023.06.05 15:32 AlMenegosh Harassment over "Seals"

I was invited to join a clan named Immortal (ID: 1000156). I joined in the middle of the first week of the new immortal cycle (22/5 to 28/5), I didn't receive guidance on the rules of the clan so I played normally for the rest of that week. At the beginning of the current week (29/5 to 4/6), I was asked by the player who is one of the officers of the Immortal clan, a form of contact so that I could join the clan group and be interacted with news from respect, including news of the alliance formed between two other clans of the new immortal cycle. During that informed week, I dedicated myself to everything with the clan and the activities as an immortal, and on Tuesday the 30/5th I was told through the clan's Whatsapp group that I could not donate seals until the clan requests it. , except for newcomers, like me, so during the following days, as the clan opened the Kion event, seals were requested to be donated, to which I contributed, not least because contributing also helps me with Honors, and I was in dire need of this. However, arrived yesterday (03/06) this official player of the clan got in touch by Whatsapp claiming that I could not receive items from the immortal vault because I had held the seals from the previous week, and these needed to be donated all in the same week and it showed screenshots of the game from which they were investigating my activities and contributions, doing calculations to find out who holds seals or donates. I thought it was absurd, as I still do, I said that they were wrong and that they could remove me from the clan if they wanted to, and they did.
So I come here to show my indignation to you at Blizzard and those responsible for this game. Harassment is constant on the part of clan organizations, most of them do this and mainly because of this event Kion and the Vault, we are in a time that we do not tolerate harassment in any form or nature, I strictly follow the principles and rules of game, and I would like you to enforce those rules as well.
Suggestions: Don't leave available, information on each player's contributions to the officials and leaders of the clans, they organize themselves and force us to harass us to donate seals to benefit mainly themselves and people closest to them, this is harassment after all, they keep charging " donations" of seals in the time that suits them best, and if you do it in the time they didn't ask, they threaten to remove the clan, in addition to the fact that they still want to ban other players from a chance to item from the vault!! Improve the rules of the Vault when requesting items from there, have you not noticed yet that these officers and clan leaders are trying to circumvent the rules and take advantage of Kion and the Vault?!. If a player leaves like I did, he should remove every kind of contribution the clan received from me, whether it be in the immortal cycle score or future rewards for the respective clan. If it's real what I heard that there is a possibility for officers and leaders to reset contributions or any player participation data during the immortal cycle, they shouldn't leave that possibility to officers and leaders either.
A regular player (who makes little or no investment with real money), suffers a lot to stay balanced in all game activities, especially in PvP, as we spend a lot of time playing this game just to "stay competitive", but that it's not a guarantee of a good contribution using PvP victories, that's why the seals are important for more humble players, we accumulate and contribute once in a single week and thus improve our margins of obtaining the item from the vault, a calculated risk because depending on the week of the immortal cycle, it may end up not using any seal to contribute if the following week the immortal cycle is changed, and the seals become useless. Now, while those who invest heavily, and are usually the clan leaders and officers, as they will have high combat rates with little game time and still have a high margin of victories in PvP, therefore, the contribution of these will be high for them in the current immortal cycle, only with constant participation in the defense of the vault, not to mention the contributions they can make with the seals they accumulate, they always have good opportunities to receive the item from the vault they chose, so why want to control the contributions from others and still threaten and remove from the clan? Hence the answer, that clan leaders ask for this, which is to guarantee equal opportunities to all clan members... Lie! This is to control who will win the item from the vault, they make teams in the defense of the vault with those players that they want to win the item, so they play in the team 3 pumped players and the last one is that it will gain a lot of contribution at the expense of the forts, therefore, as they are leaders and officials, they only open Kion, but do not participate in the draw, leaving it to the future winner. Do you realize that you are controlling who will win the item?!
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2023.06.05 15:32 MBITPodcast How This $1 Trillion Company Started Out of A Denny's

It was a cold and rainy night in Santa Clara, California. Three young engineers, Jensen Huang, Chris Malachowsky, and Curtis Priem, were sitting at a booth in a Denny’s restaurant, sipping coffee and brainstorming ideas. They had just quit their jobs at Sun Microsystems due to a shared frustration of a lack of innovation and vision in the industry. “We were not good customers,” Nvidia co-founder Chris Malachowsky says on WSJ. “We were going to show up for four hours and drink 10 cups of coffee.”
The three wanted to create something new. The question is, what was the "something new" that they could create?
Jensen believed that there was massive potential for improving the quality and performance of 3D graphics on personal computers. They sketched out their ideas on napkins and paper placemats. And then it hit them.
What about creating a new GPU, a specialized chip that would handle all the complex calculations involved in rendering 3D graphics? This wouldn't just be another GPU. The idea was theirs would be faster, cheaper, and more efficient than anything available on the market.
And hence NVIDIA, standing for Next Vision Display Architecture, was born.
The three had pooled their savings and borrowed money from their friends and families to rent a small office in a rundown building where they started their journey, working day and night to code and test their prototypes.
Although along the way the team faced many challenges, NVIDIA started to take off largely due to the popularity of PC video games. Then in the 2010s with huge popularity in crypto mining, and a need for GPUs to be able to process the data for self driving vehicles, NVIDIA became a household name.
This year they just crossed a $1 Trillion valuation making them one of the most valuable companies in the world.
If you are interested in the full story of NVIDIA, let me know by subscribing to my newsletter here.
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2023.06.05 15:32 Rafa_m [EU-PT][H] WKL Red RS60, Broken-in Cherry MX Black Clear Tops, Broken-in Cherry MX Blacks HG, JWK Alpacas, DCX Dolch, ePBT Duo, JWK FFFF Linears, Gateron Milky Top Blacks, CIY Reds[W] Paypal

Timestamp https://i.imgur.com/eXazSgr.jpeg  
RS60 - 310€ Red WKL, PC Plate, Solder pcb, Biso hard bag  
DCX Dolch - Base Kit - 60€ Unused  
51x Cherry MX Blacks Clear Tops ("New Nixies") - 30€ Broken-in offcenter, 450k actuations per side, 1.8m actuations total  
69x Cherry MX Blacks Hyperglide - 60€ Broken-in offcenter, 800k actuations per side, 3.2m actuations total Lubed with 205g0, 105 on the springs TX 55g S springs, original springs also included White TX Films, Desoldered  
70x JWK Alpacas - 40€ Lubed with 205g0, 105 on the springs TX 60g S springs, original springs also included Deskeys Films, Desoldered  
67x Gateron Milky Top Blacks - 17€ Lubed with 205g0, 105 on the springs TX Films, Desoldered  
60x JWK FFFF Linear Switches- 24€ Lubed with 205g0, 105 on the springs TX 50g S springs, original springs also included Deskeys Films, Desoldered  
EPBT Duo - Base Kit - 50€ Barely used  
23x JWK Alpacas - Stock - 9€  
69x CIY Red Switches - Stock - 9€  
Feel free to DM me for more info Prices do not include shipping
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2023.06.05 15:32 brycebreed11 Leaving dog out of Crate for the 1st time

Today i decided to leave my dog out of his crate for the first time while I am at the office. We've been building it up slowly but surely (leaving him out while at the store, at the gym, etc) but this is the first time i'm doing it while at work for 3-4 hours before lunch. He's 14 months old so i figured it was nearing that time and decided to just make the jump and see what happens.
So far, watching him on my ring while i drive away, he isn't enjoying it and is being vocal about it. Hopefully he settles in after a few minutes. Wish me luck y'all!!
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2023.06.05 15:32 stefanwlb Just started and cannot make it work so far

Hi all, I started CPAP last Friday. I tried it for a few nights, but I cannot manage to fall asleep. I have AirSense 11 with N30i mask. It seems to fit well with minimal leeks. It feels comfortable to wear and breath (although slight exhale pressure (Setting EPR is 3). However, when I get to the point where I am JUST about to fall asleep, my throat muscles relax and my breathing becomes shallow. It is at this point that I get awaken with slight panic like I cannot breathe. I have to force myself to take air and mentally calm myself down. This keeps happening and before I know it I have been in this state for 2 hours and I take off the mask and go to sleep normally. Anyone encountered something like this? or have suggestions/tips? Really frustrated at the moment with it. :(
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2023.06.05 15:32 derpknight11 What to do with money earned during gap semester?

Hey everyone. I’m an undergrad who finished sophomore year in May and am taking a leave of absence this fall.
Currently I have $3,571 subsidized and $12,179 unsubsidized borrowed. The principal loan amount was $12k, the federal interest rate is 4.41%, and I have an estimated monthly payment over 10 years of 123.85, totaling to a $14,862 total payoff amount.
During my gap semester and this summer, I’m going to be working some jobs to make at least around $10k, ~$15k best case scenario. I have a grace period during this time until I return in January. What should I do with the money? Should I invest, pay off some loans, save, or do a combination of the 3? Do you have any general advice? Thanks in advance!!!
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2023.06.05 15:32 dani-inator I wanna upgrade my setup

i have an gtx 1050 and a ryzen 3 1200, till now i upgraded the ram and the storage and i left those last since they’re the most expensive to change, i wanna get the 1660s and the ryzen 5 5600, but do you think its gonna be so bad if i get the gpu now and install it? like will the bottleneck will make it so bad? from vids on yt its not so bad so i was thinking abt getting the gpu now and cpu in a month or two, what do you think?
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2023.06.05 15:32 lostinthesauceband Who needs a seedling starter mat when you have an old ThinkPad and Half-Life 2?

Who needs a seedling starter mat when you have an old ThinkPad and Half-Life 2?
This is my ThinkPad x220 pimped to the fucking max baby. Flashed the modified bios with the whitelisted Wi-Fi card so it can hackintosh, and it's got an internal MSATA SSD annnnnd a USB 3.0 PCI express card if I really want that thing to heat up.
Not sure if this fits the sub as this is a weed seedling I'm germinating, but I've always used this method. It's legal in my state FWIW.
You can just place the seeds in the ground, but most will wrap the seed in a moist paper towel and put it in a ziploc in a dark room, then once the tap root is long enough you put it in the soil. This allows you to see if the seed is viable instead of waiting for the seedling to pop out of the soil. The heat helps the seeds pop, so they sell seedling starter mats which stay around 70-80f.
The ThinkPad was getting a little too hot when I took picture, but it's since cooled to 80f
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2023.06.05 15:32 SmallCapsDaily Pre-Market Movers 6/5/2023

Frasca International Inc. (FRZA) is having a significant day in pre-market trading with a massive increase of 136.9%. The volume of shares being traded is impressive at approximately 8,486,000.
Timber Pharmaceuticals Inc. (TMBR) is showing a robust performance, gaining 86.6% in the pre-market session. The trading volume currently stands at about 2,454,000 shares.
Canadian Jetlines Ltd. (CJET) is experiencing a strong performance, with the stock up by 53.2% in pre-market trading. The trading volume stands at a respectable 1,703,000 shares.
CIRCOR International Inc. (CIR) is seeing notable gains, with its stock up by 49.7% in the pre-market. The trading volume for the stock currently stands at approximately 229,224 shares.
Day One Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (DAWN) is up by 24.2% in the pre-market trading session. The trading volume is hovering around 220,411 shares. The company recently announced Tovorafenib preclinical data demonstrating antitumor activity.
Golden Minerals Company (AUMN) is enjoying a gain of 23.3% in the pre-market trading session, with a trading volume of approximately 639,353 shares.
Venue Enterprises, Inc. (VEEE) is seeing an increase of 14.0% in the pre-market, with a trading volume of about 327,419 shares.
Jewel Inc. (JWEL) is posting a gain of 13.9% in pre-market trading. The current trading volume is about 61,439 shares.
CohBar, Inc. (CWBR) is showing a promising pre-market increase of 13.6%. The trading volume is around 108,931 shares.
Tri-Continental Corporation (TPET) is up by 13.2% in the pre-market session, with a trading volume of about 2,487 shares.
Sentage Holdings Inc. (SNTG) is showing an increase of 13.0% in the pre-market. The trading volume for this stock stands at around 108,828 shares.
Tiziana Life Sciences PLC (TLSA) is showing a solid gain of 12.6% in pre-market trading, with a trading volume of approximately 201,903 shares. The company has recently announced it will host a KOL event to discuss its COVID-19 oral and nasal vaccine.
Foghorn Therapeutics Inc. (FHTX) is showing an increase of 12.2% in pre-market trading. The trading volume for the stock is about 3,572 shares
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