Clyde edwards-helaire college stats

What’s an opinion you have about your team that would get you killed if you said it on your team’s subreddit.

2023.06.06 05:06 eaglesnation11 What’s an opinion you have about your team that would get you killed if you said it on your team’s subreddit.

I’ll start. The Eagles draft scared the hell out of me. It has all the upside in the world, but looking at the four guys we grabbed Days 1 and 2 we…
Everyone is saying the Eagles knocked the draft out of the park. We might have, but they’re ignoring a ton of potential risk involved with these picks.
What’s your opinion?
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2023.06.06 05:03 whitefroggy reverse chance me please

hi, current junior applying to college this fall. i only have four schools so far and really don’t know what to add.
stats r 95 uw, 100 w, 1400 sat (retaking in august). intended major is astronomy/astrophysics. pretty mid ecs (2 clubs + deca states, tutoring, volunteering, gwc, and a finance internship for a political campaign). i’m an nj black female. size doesn’t matter.
my current list is barnard, columbia, rutgers, and wellesley. my only preference is that i want schools in the northeast
additional question. do u guys think i need more safeties? i had a few more but removed them from my list because i would definitely choose rutgers over any of my other safeties. with my stats and the fact that i’m in-state, i’m pretty confident that i will get into rutgers so applying to safeties feels like a waste of money and time.
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2023.06.06 05:00 Wrong-Spray4315 Incoming Junior from India

Hello, I'm an incoming jr at a CBSE school. I'm gonna study science in 11th & 12th and wanted to apply abroad for my undergraduate but I'm kind of in a dilema seeing my profile and more importantly the aid I'm going to ask colleges for. So look up my stats and ecs and let me know because it ain't too late to prep for JEE too lol.
Stats: 9: 96% 10: 93%
ECs: 1. Authored a research paper on Quantum Mechanics. 2. Founding a start-up currently which connects International students with undergrads from Harvard, Stanford, etc. 3. School Football/Soccer Team Captain 4. Founder of the Quiz Club at my school. Largest club with over 300+ members 5. MUN & Debate
Awards: 1. Runner-Up of National Science Quiz 2022 by Govt. of India. (2/15,000) 2. Winner of Largest State Level Quiz
Most Importantly I'll also prolly be needing aid like 75% so lmk should I apply abroad doing more ecs or join a coaching for JEE?
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2023.06.06 04:42 NorthPrinter CS Asian Male with average stats wants to go to a top schools.

Major: CS
College List (I have a bunch of safeties but didn't include them because their state schools):
DM me if you want me to send you my stats and ec's
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2023.06.06 04:27 Wrong-Spray4315 What colleges should I apply to based on my stats?

Rising junior here
9th - 96% 10th - 93%
ecs - 1. Author of a book on Q. Mech (reviewed by a professor from Princeton) 2. Currently founding a start-up which connects international students with undergrads from Harvard, Stanford, etc. 3. School Football/Soccer Team Captain 4. Founder of Quiz Club at School - Biggest Club with 300+ members 5. Research in Physics (independent)
note: I'm Indian International btw, I'd also need like 75% aid.
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2023.06.06 04:09 cheetohlover23 Picked Penn over Brown! Final Application Results!

Hey TTT25, long time sub member using a throwaway so I don't get doxxed. I got into 3 out of the 7 ivies I applied to along with USC. Penn and Brown were my top choices and I officially decided to attend Penn. Here are my stats - DM me if you need any help!
Major: CS + Psychology
GPA: 3.9 GPA HS: 3.75
Personal statement:
Why Transfer:
Admissions Results:
Acceptances: Penn, Brown, Columbia, USC
Rejections: Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cornell, Stanford, Princeton, CMU
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2023.06.06 03:12 bigblue-fishy My current stats - will i get into grad school?

Any advice on how to be a better overall candidate for grad school? I worry that my stats (specifically my GPA) will not make me qualified.
I plan to apply to: Worcester State University, UMass Amherst, Regis College, Northeastern University, MGH Institute of Health Professions, Emerson College, Bridgewater State University, Boston University, and University of New Hampshire
I'm currently a rising junior majoring in CSD. I'm also a double minor in psych and education along with getting a certificate in developmental disabilities. I have a 3.2 GPA and a 3.0 Major GPA (I got a C+ in my intro course but my other grades are in the high B range). I hope to raise my GPA to a 3.3-3.4 before I graduate. My extracurriculars include: work-study job as an assistant event planner, on the dean's advisory board for my school, NSSLHA general body member, service-learning club related to disabilities, and college programming council general body member.
Some related experience I have within the field is a past swim instructor for 2 years and I will be a camp counselor at a special needs camp this year run by child and adolescent psychologists. I hope to gain some experience in a lab this year and I will need to complete an internship related to disabilities before I graduate.
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2023.06.06 03:00 kanand1999 School List Review

I am a Washington resident and am currently putting together my list. I graduated in June 2021. Here are my stats:
GPA: 3.51 from college with a very upward trend. My freshman and first half of sophomore year were god-awful. Junior and senior years I was having a 3.7 or above GPA.
MCAT: 506 (129/125/127/125). This was a retake, the first time I scored a 499 (127/124/124/124)
Volunteering: 105 hours (80 hours non-clinical / 35 hours clinical)
Shadowing: 100 hours
Clinical Work: 1200 hours (interned at a pediatric office one summer, been working as a radiology assistant since Jan of last year)
Research: None :/
I plan to continue to work and volunteer. Please let me know if these schools are okay and if I am shooting too high. I would love more ideas for schools as I am SO nervous, any help would be amazing❤️
  1. PNWU - COM
  2. CHSU - COM
  3. Touro University - COM
  4. Western University of HS - COM
  5. Touro University Nevada - COM
  7. Rocky Vista University - COM
  8. University of New England - COM
  9. New York IT - COM
  10. Michigan State University - COM
  11. Rowan University - SOM
  12. Oklahoma State University - COM
  13. Midwestern University - COM
  1. University of Kentucky School of Medicine
  2. University of South Dakota SOM
  3. The University of Nevada Reno SOM
  4. Wright State University SOM
  5. Central Michigan University COM
  6. University of Kansas SOM
  7. University of North Dakota SOM
  8. Michigan State University SOM
  9. Washington State University SOM
  10. Rush Medical College
  11. University of Washington
  12. Oregon Health and Sciences University
  13. West Virginia University SOM
  14. University of Vermont COM
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2023.06.06 01:41 OleRockTheGoodAg [Game Thread] #25 (2) Texas A&M (38-26, 2-1) @ #6 (1) Stanford (41-17, 3-1) - NCAA Tournament - Stanford Regional Final - Rubber Match


Game 7

(2) Texas A&M vs. (1) Stanford

Klein Field at Sunken Field- Stanford, CA
9:00PM ET 8:00PM CT 7:00PM MT 6:00PM PT
Radio - A&M Stream [SU Stream](
Live Stats
Weather: 74 °F, Wind WNW 12 mph, Partly Cloudy, Real Feel of 73
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2023.06.06 01:16 STEVEN-PRO Chanceme for asian male applying to T20s

Demographics: Asian-American, Male, Middle Class (Will be applying for aid), Massachusetts
No hooks
Intended Major(s): Biology and environmental science (no exact major decided yet)



SAT: 1530 first time (740 EBRW, 790 Math) second time 1550+ predicted, took it second time on June 3rd, waiting for results

ACT: took for first time, waiting for results

Class rank: School does not rank (top 5%)
GPA: 3.99 UW

I have no idea what my weighted GPA is, but it would not be that high due to the lack of advanced courses offered in freshman/sophomore year at my school.
Coursework: 12 AP classes (through the end of senior year), will have 7 scores to report

APs sophomore year: Chemistry (4), Computer Science (5), Mandarin (5)
APs junior year: AP Calculus BC, AP Lang, AP Bio, AP Spanish
APs senior year: AP Stats, AP Lit, AP Physics Mechanics, AP Macro, AP Micro

Took highest possible courses offered by school (we can't do APs in freshman year) except Honors Spanish 3 in sophomore year due to scheduling conflicts, this led to an A- in AP spanish this year (B+ in semester 1, A in semester 2)(reason I don't have a 4.0) because I was not adequately prepped (I think I can put this in additional info)
Our school only offers around 10 APs, there are many classes offered that are "AP level" instead. I self studied AP Mandarin and plan to self study stats and macro/micro next year through out of school classes with grades. Many classes in freshman year do not even have honors (ex. spanish 2 or chemistry) but they were the highest ones I could do.

Senior Year Classes: AP Lit, AP Physics M, Multivariable Calculus (AP level course), Advanced Global Seminar (AP level course), Advanced Spanish Seminar (AP level course), Science / Experimentation 2 (AP level course), Rock Band


Judges Award at Semi-National Robotics Competition (and other smaller robotics awards)

School's Science Award
School's "scholar" Award (Highest GPA) in Freshman Year

National Merit Semi-Finalist (not sure, but had the necessary score to get it)

AP Scholar with Distinction


Independent initiative - Cancer Biology Research Paper at University, started this year and will be publishing in respectable IEEE paper as co-first author, attending imaging conference in NYC, worked 10hrs/week in junior year

Internship - Interned at Boston Children's Hospital with renowned Harvard Medical School Professor for 2 summers (40 hrs/week for total 8 weeks) and did virtual work during school year, regenerative biology and nervous system
Robotics - 4 years, Captain for 3 years, 2 tournaments (60 teams) won, competed at semi national comp 3 years, team community service teaching stem to young kids at elementary school, donated books through collaborations with stem authors, partnered with local non profits, 15 hours/week during school year

Environmental Organization - Co-president/founder of established nonprofit for environmental activism, established recycling at our school (school was such an L that there was no recycling), created series of environmental podcasts and submitted to national competitions (no results yet), social media, partnering with famous activists to organize assemblies, climate awareness 5k/fundraiser, partnering with state student council via my council membership to create outreach for all schools in MA, started junior year

Boy Scouts - Scout since 5th grade in troop of 80+ kids, current Life Scout working on Eagle Project, project will be restoring the nature trail at the elementary school that I went to and hopefully educating 800 kids on climate change via my environmental org, den chief for 1 year, patrol leader for 1 year, assistant senior patrol leader for one year, hundreds of service/conservation hours, thousands of camp hours, selected for and attended National Youth Leadership Training, inducted into the Order of The Arrow, hours vary

Student Council/leadership - 3 year student council representative, 2 year MA state council representative, selected to and attending Boys' State, hours vary
Math team/club - 4 years, president/head of math team and math club for 2 years (revived math team after COVID), member of western MA ARML team, 3 hrs/week

Music - 4 year member of Rock Band, 1st chair for Alto Sax, teacher at after school organization teaching music to underprivileged kids from my community, selected to CDMMEA jr. districts, hours vary

Hospital - Selected as a junior volunteer for Mass General Hospital, patient discharge, 8 hrs/week over summer

Sports - 4 year varsity cross country, 2 year varsity track

Cultural - graduate of my local Chinese school (learned mandarin on weekends), attended for 10 years

Required recs (counselor, one stem, one humanities):

College counselor: 5/10, met with jr. year college counselor a LOT, but the counselor is leaving the school after this year (RIP) so my head of school will be writing our letters (I am at a small school). He does not know me as well as the counselor did and I have no idea if he likes me or not.

AP Calc teacher: 9/10, I did well in her class and frequently went to review content with her, I am one of her favorites and she knows me very well.

US History teacher: 7/10, I did well in her class but she does not know me that well, but she will meet with me and we will talk a lot before she writes my letter, she is also a very good letter writer

Additional optional recs:

AP Bio teacher: 8/10, I got the science award and am her second favorite student, also is related to my major, but not sure if she writes good letters

CS/robotics teacher: 8/10, I did well in her class and I am on the robotics team, she likes me a lot because she thinks I am one of the best builders she has seen.

I would replace the history rec with one of these but I was told that it was better to have a humanities rec.

Research professor: 10/10, worked hard in the lab and he thought I was exceptional.

Essay: Will likely write about my keen attention to detail and why that matters, etc
I have a private counselor who is helping me write essays for my reach schools.

School list (categories from counselor):

UConn ?
UMass Amherst

UMich ?
Washu ?
Northeastern ?
Case Western

Cornell ?
Other UCs ?


Should I change the order of any of the ecs?

Is my counselor rec a cause of concern? Should I switch any recs? Which additional recs should I choose from?

Should I take college courses over the summer to get more course rigor?

Should I take AP ES?

I have 26 (not counting other UCs) schools on my list right now, the ones with question marks are the ones that I am unsure if I should apply to. I have heard that specifically MIT and Yale will be harder for me because it is harder to get in as an asian male in stem. Any suggestions for edits?
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2023.06.06 01:08 XOXQ How to achieve work-life balance?

I’m very early on in college and have no idea what I want to pick for a major. I’m not sure if I can do a science degree as I’m terrible at math, and not the smartest. I’m wondering what opportunities there are for me to achieve a good work-life balance? What would be a good route for me to something based around decent paying contract work and/or remote work maybe with part-time availability?
Is there any resources that exist to find stats on highest percentage of remote or contract based jobs?
How would you do it, or do it over again if you could?
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2023.06.06 01:02 No-Benefit4748 Bonnie facts

Hey guys, did you know that in terms of male human and female Bonnie breeding, Bonnie is the most compatible brawler for humans? Not only she is a mammal, Bonnie are an average of 3"03' tall and 63.9 pounds. this means she large enough to be able to handle human dicks, and with her impressive Base stats for HP and access to Clyde, you can be rough with her. Due to her work, there's no doubt in my mind that an aroused Bonnie would be incredibly resistant, so resistant that you could easily have sex with her for hours without hurting her. She can also learn the Star Powers Black Powder, Wisdom Tooth, so she can jump on your dick from afar and give you a blowjob without hurting your dick, so it'd be incredibly easy for her to get you in the mood. With her abilities Sugar Rush and Crash Test she can easily recover from fatigue and bounce on you faster. No other Brawler comes close with this level of compatibility. Also, fun fact, if you pull out enough, Bonnie's uterus is small and narrow perfect for your small dick, Bonnie is literally built for human dick. Good HP stat + Shield Gear + Clyde means she can take cock all day, all shapes and sizes and still come for more.
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2023.06.06 00:23 hxhfandom I am 25 years old looking to transfer to a school for computer science

Hi all, I already have a B.S in Biology obtained back in 2020. I worked for a few years, didn't enjoy it and now I'm back at a community college attempting to get a second bachelors in CS. I have a bunch of classes I took while trying to apply to graduate school (anatomy, stats, medical terminology, etc) but I don't have my general ed courses fulfilled. It hasn't been 10 years yet from when i took my gen ed classes ( fall 2016 ) so my classes should not be expired yet.
My question now though is which schools I should be looking at to transfer to as a non-traditional student. I. have a 4.0 right now and have just finished my first year of computer science. If we factor in my gen ed courses, I got A's for most of them except math/calc (took back in 2016-2017) where i got B's I should still be around a 3.8-3.9. I don't have any extracurricular activities except work lol because that's all i have been doing the past few years. Which program will accept me because I don't really have anything outstanding except a competitive GPA. I want to aim high because I want a school that will prepare me to find a good job out of college. Any suggestions on where to apply?
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2023.06.06 00:19 Linear-degresssion Why do they want to know SES and first gen status on the primary?

It doesn’t seem like being a first-generation college student or a low SES background grants any advantage or reconsideration of lower stats. Looking at DO school matriculation data, the stats actually showed people from lower SES had lower rates of matriculation compared to others. And yet med schools schools like to boast about accepting first-gens. What’s the point?
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2023.06.05 23:53 FabulousACDC [SWADE] [GMT+3] [Online] Shattered Isles: Road to Castarian Service

[Roll20+DISCORD] Campaign length: Full campaign Every 3 years exams are held for selecting 25 kids of ages 14-18 to be trained into becoming the elitest of the elite, the Castarians. You have passed and more than 5 years passed. You are in your second year about to gain the title of Apprentice and get your first taste of real combat that wasn't your combat classes in the arena. A world ruled by glorious and magnanimous Emperor, Avatar of Chrona, the Immortal ruler of all mortals. A history clouded by a dark age that swallowed the events of the unification and end of the isolation whole. You are one student with your aspirations; be it to personally guard The Emperor or do his bidding. Or become a cleric and tend to the flock of believers for Chrona. Or fight of the last remnant of Nathair, the Goddess of chaos; letting her not take one step off the coast of Beithr. Regardless get along with your coven, because survival until graduation is never guaranteed.
Players: 2/5DM with any questions about the lore that may arise from flowery language/absent info
Lore Dossier(scroll past homebrew and races to Lore for the juicy/usefull stuff):\_DZGL9yti9b-UQ\_re3S5SkcM/edit?usp=sharing Player Requirements/Warnings: -18+, the game will deal with rough concepts and will have political intrigue.
-Roleplay heavy, Lore and the Plot revolving around the characters will move on, if you do not roleplay much you will slowly push yourself out of the plot. I do not wish to railroad any players into actions.
-If you have problem with queer people, tough luck, I am a massive fruit. So is a bunch of the lore important/historical characters. No I don't give a shit if it is statistically unlikely, they are my blorbos.
-(Yes historical, you guys are technically going to a college a lot of the plot revolves around the Dark Age and all that. If you like piecing stories together speculation is invited wholeheartedly. If not you can make fun of the conspiracy theorist as you walk back to the dorm from class.)
-Not technically a requirement: Combat is rough and dangerous in Savage Worlds so I would recommend a lot more caution than most other fantasy systems. Pretend your hp stat never left lvl 1-2 in DnD if you haven't tried Savage worlds. -Its savage worlds so Homebrew when it comes to Powers (Spells+) and Edges (Feats) is allowed and encouraged when the playerbook comes up short. -If you miss a session without prior heads up, I will kick you out if you don't have a reasonable excuse and find someone new as soon as possible. Missing sessions happens but please warn your DM; you are making life harder for the DM and more importantly, the other players who have to fit the game into their schedule. -Character creation will be done with me, the DM. As it is very homebrew heavy and it would probably be annoying as all hell to create one without access to the insides of my noggin.
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2023.06.05 23:37 Im_Everywhere09 How the hell he made the pro bowl?

How the hell he made the pro bowl?
Lmao what?
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2023.06.05 23:19 pollyhotpocket1 Low GPA (c3.3x, s3.1) high MCAT (521): Trouble making a school list

Hey everyone, I’m a 4th year getting ready to apply this year for medical school but I am having a really tough time coming up with a medical school list because of my stats.
I’ve pretty much decided to apply for DO only (my AACOMAS gpa is like 0.06 higher than my AAMCAS for some reason), and I’ve lost faith for MD. Tbh I never had much of a preference anyway.
Some other application info: - ORM, CA resident - biology major - MCAT: 128/132/131/130 (took it a few months ago) - 2 science prof LORs (didn’t do research for either, just took their classes),1 strong DO LOR and 1 strong MD LOR - 50 hours shadowing - 1600+ hours scribing in ED - 400+ hours volunteering for nonprofits - a few leadership positions on campus - absolutely zero research experience
Also important note: I am not interested in doing any SMP/post-bacc/any additional schooling…I just don’t have the money for it.
I have some basic explanations for my low GPA that I can bring up in medical school apps (overcommitting to work, pandemic stress, had a family death as well during junior year)
My GPA trend: 3.841, 2.994, 2.941, 3.616 (strong upward trend in senior year, minus a C I unfortunately got in my last term….otherwise all As)
Some other red flags on my app: total of 5 Cs, two of which were C- so I had to retake at community college (passed but not with As).
I am just really lost on a school list…looking at DO programs I can see that I’m well below the average GPA but still within standard deviation for some. I know my MCAT score is much higher for DO programs and that should give me hope, but I really don’t know what to do about my GPA…
I feel like I will have good things to write about in my PS & secondaries, as well as good interview skills.
Anyways, long post, sorry. I would really appreciate any help or even any success stories!
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2023.06.05 22:46 JB7FTW Celtics hidden "draft stash": JD Davison

The Celtics don't have a first round pick this year and are picking at 35, but in my eyes we already have a player on the roster that would be in consideration for a first round pick if he had stayed in college. JD Davison.
Two different players profiles and stats in the g-league:
Player A:
Age: 20 245d - Height: 6'1" - Weight: 195 lbs
12.5 ppg, 8.7 ast, 4.2 reb on 50.6/31.7/73.2 splits
Player B:
Age: 19 122d - Height: 6'2" - Weight: 196 lbs
16.5 ppg, 6.8 ast, 5.3 reb on 42.9/27.5/76.4 splits
Player A is JD, who was taken with the 53rd pick last year and Player B is Scoot Henderson who's projected to go in the top 3 this year. I know that Scoot is definitely the better prospect, but they have similar production in the G-League, with JD being a superior playmaker averaging 8.7 ast/g which puts him at #4 across the whole G-League, but Scoot takes the edge as a scorer.
Looking at his production coming from college, the shooting percentages have roughly stayed the same, with his overall FG% being the biggest climber from 46.3% to 50.6%. The biggest change is his AST/TO ratio which doubled from 1.48 to 2.96 which is crazy improvement on one of his biggest weaknesses. He just needs to be able to hit an open 3 and I think he's already ready to contribute as a guard off the bench who could bring some energy to the Celtics lineup when it gets stagnant.
I think the player archetype of JD is very hard to find, having a highly explosive slashing guard who can also playmake(37" vertical and regularly catches bodies). Off the top of my head I think of Russ, Fox, Morant I think ideally Pritchard gets moved and maybe even one of Brogdon/White for a forward so that JD can get into the rotation. His athleticism and ability to push the ball opens up the floor for his teammates. Putting him on the floor with JT,JB, and Rob would be a nightmare to defend for other teams from an athletic standpoint. I hope he is a part of the Celtics plan this season and doesn't get shelved and eventually moved like Pritchard.
Some highlights from this season in the G-League:
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2023.06.05 22:46 ArewithEyes Driftwood: The first game I have ever 100%'d

Hi all! This is my first post on this subreddit after being a lurker for sometime. I get quite a few good game recommendations from here (so thank you!).
I wanna talk a bit about Driftwood, a game that just entered early access last week. Its that cute sloth longboarding game you may have seen on here. In brief, I LOVE this game. I think the gameplay is fun and satisfying, the challenges and achievements give me something to strive for, and the MUSIC and how it interacts with the gameplay makes me just zone out and focus.
I am someone who has always liked the idea of skateboarding games but never really got excited about racking up combos by doing tricks and a lot of the time the controls were a bit too complicated for me to be able to zone out and just play. As for racing games, the only ones ive ever been interested in an had fun with was mario kart (and even then I get bored quite quickly if im playing solo).

What Driftwood does well:

Breaking this down into 3 parts:
If you have ever longboarded, skated, or snowboarded casually IRL you know that one of the best feelings when doing so is the glide. Its almost hypnotic to skate a wave path down a hill or mountain and feel the wind on your face. I used to skate as transport in college but its been hard to get back into it as an adult who works from home. But Driftwood captures this feeling perfectly.
The courses are looooooooooooooooooong and windy. It gives you time to settle into the level. Each is a beautiful mountainscape with golden light and big clouded skies. The art style is almost firewatch-ish with that American national park post card vibe to it.
The sound of the board (i'll touch on music a bit more later) is PERFECT. from the skid when you are drifting to just the rolling sound on the asphalt. The way the sound changes at differant speeds and turns adds SO much to your headspace as you play.
Even the wiggley-ness of the controls, though a bit hard to get a hang of right away, lend to that same hypnotic wave-y-ness that i described earlier. Its hard to describe. The weight of the board and the grip of the wheels is tangible and makes each ride different. Its the best parts of drifting in mario Kart but as one long track with no competition, just you and the mountain, trying to find the most fun way down

Very much partof the vibe above. In fact- I would not reccomend playing this game with the sound off (I've tried, its not the same). Im not great with Describing genres but its kinda indie roadtrip vibes? Like Khalid and Frank Ocean were definitely names I thought of while playing.
The music interacts with your drifting, it slows a bit when you are drifting in such a yummy way. Ive had some moments where the music reaches a higher tempo part right as im speeding down a hill or when the forest gives way to a open sky and DAMN. Its the most cinematic, im a freespirited teen in a indie movie thing ive ever felt.
My only note is that there needs to be more music. I think there are 6? long songs (all good ones) but it can get repetitive if ive been playing for more than an hour at a time. Ill talk about my suggestions for stuff in a bit.

Challenges and unlocks:
each of the 4 levels has 3 special challenges as well as several score goals to reach. Early on you have to reach a certain (very achievable) score in order to unlock the next map. Its a good and natural push to build your skills up to reach the next level.
I'll be honest, I spent the first 5 hours playing this game barely even looking at the score or the challenges. Usually that sort of thing doesnt motivate me (im not too fixated on cosmetics). I was having enough fun learning each of the maps.
Then I tried the butter wheels. This was a game changer for me.
I have never played a game where the "vehicle" modifications were so noticable. The butter wheels had me sliding around uncontrollably (and honestly a bit frustratingly) for a solid hour. All i wanted to do was finish a level with them equipted- thats it. But when i beat the level I saw how much higher my score was ( i unlocked a LOT of things) and something clicked in my brain. The drifting made possible by the slippery slidey butter wheels became something i was dead set on mastering. In trying to do that i tried out the differant board to see what helped me best in controlling the wild beast that was my longboard. When at first the stats for each board and wheel were abstract lines i started to develop VERY SPECIFIC opinions about each board, each wheel, and each track to use them on.
In just this messing around and learning- i got over half the challenges in the maps done. "okay" i thought to myself "maybe i can try to do a couple of these challenges on purpose". It was over from there lol. I have spent the entire last weekend picking up this game for 1-2 hours at a time and actually feeling myself get better at the controls, better at choosing what board and wheel were best for each goal i was trying to reach.
some speed trials (not what i usually look for in a game) had me pulling my hair out but it was exhillerating to take a corner with a perfect turn knowing that you EARNED the wheels with the high grip that you were using and that you LEARNED from trial and error what the best board is for staying on the road (harder that it seems).
the combo and score challenges had me achieving nirvana. You know that scene in surfs up when the mentor penguin is demonstrating what a beautiful ride looks like and then Cory (the main character of surfs up in case you forgot) just takes the most direct path. I was Cory- essentially hitting my head against a wall trying to meticulasly build my combo before *LIGHTBULB* realizing that the faster and smoother turns were not only MORE fun but ALSO gave you more points.
the way that i entered flow state after that realization felt godly. sometimes i would be soooo close to reaching my goal only to crash and burn. I would be frustrated at first but then take a deep breath and think "if i can make it there once i can make it there again" and trying again. (or taking a break and comeing back later and absolutely crushing it).

TLDR: Ive been looking for a game like this for a long time and it exceeded my expectations. If you want a chill game thats easy to pick up and have fun with but has more depth to seek mastery in- try Driftwood.
wish list for devs and the future of this game:
Thank you Stoked Sloth Interactive for making this game! I am so very excited to see what comes next !
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2023.06.05 22:19 Sokkaplayer School list advice (508 3.75 ORM)

School List Help (508 3.75 CA ORM)
Hey /premed. Would love some advice on what schools to add/drop. I went on MSAR and went for %OOS but I realize now that some schools only accept certain states or border states. hence the questions.
Stats for reference;
School list;
I understand my MCAT does not put me as a competitive applicant based on stats for some, if not all, of these schools. I am banking on the holistic app review. Will be applying DO once I finish prewriting secondaries for MD in late July/early August to the likes of TUCOM-CA and Western. Would appreciate the help
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2023.06.05 22:07 JakeBurfitt Best player in draft class

Best player in draft class
This guy was in my ai generated draft class
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2023.06.05 21:34 stayclassypeople The 1981-1982 Bowl Season

This is the 8th post in a series going over the bowl seasons from 1974-1997. Each year I'm examining the bowls with national title implications and the teams competing for the #1 ranking. If you want to catch up on prior seasons, check out the link to the master post as well!

Setting the Stage

Final Regular Season Rankings

Team Record AP Coaches
Clemson 11-0 1 (63) 1
Georgia 10-1 2 (1) 2
Alabama 9-1-1 3 3
Nebraska 9-2 4 (1) 4
SMU 10-1 5 (1) unranked
*Two loss Penn St and Miami also received a 1st place vote in the AP Poll but based on bowl match ups had virtually zero chance of finishing #1.
*SMU was ineligible for a bowl and to be ranked in the Coaches Poll due to recruiting violations. Fortunately this would prove to be an isolated incident and they would clean up their act later in the decade.
After the dust settled upon the 1981 season, Clemson stood alone as college football's last unbeaten. Win the Orange bowl vs Nebraska, and they are your consensus national champs. Once again, premature bowl bids made things messy. The Sugar Bowl invited then #1 Pitt to play SEC champ Georgia, but the Panthers were steamrolled in their final game by Penn St, completely knocking them out of the National championship picture. Had the Sugar taken Clemson, they would've have a de facto national title, in a rematch from the regular season that Clemson won.

Important Games

The Bowls

Cotton Bowl #3 Alabama vs #6/5 Texas (January 1st, 2pm)
Despite a loss and a tie, # Alabama had an outside shot at a another national title. It would require losses by #2 Georgia and #1 Clemson, whose games would not kickoff until later that same evening. They found themselves in a defensive struggle, leading Texas 7-0 entering the 4th, then tacked on a FG to lead 10-0. Later in the 4th, Texas' offense finally woke up and countered with touchdown's on back to back possessions to take a 14-10 lead. Late in the game, Texas picked off Alabama at the 1 yard line. They took an intentional safety to create better field position and later won 14-12, ending the Tides title hopes.
Sugar Bowl #10/8 Pittsburgh vs #2 Georgia (Jan 1st, 8pm EST)
The Dawgs had a path to back to back nattys, albeit, they didn't control their own destiny. They would need to care of business here, and hope that Clemson slipped up in the Orange Bowl, which was being played at the same time. It was a back and forth 4 quarter game. Georgia led 20-17 in the 4th, when junior Pitt QB, Dan Marino threw a game winning TD pass on 4th down with 35 seconds to go, to secure the 24-20 win for Pitt, ending the Dawgs national title hopes
Orange Bowl #1 Clemson vs #4 Nebraska (Jan 1st, 8pm EST)
For Clemson, the path was clear. Win and they are your 1981 National champions. Nebraska's title hopes stayed alive with georgia's earlier loss, but even with a win, they would not know their championship fate til the end of this game due to Sugar Bowl being played simultaneously. Little did they know, that due to Alabama's eventual loss, this game would be a de facto national title game. Nebraska led 7-3 in the first, but Clemson scored 19 unanswered to lead 22-7 heading into the 4th. The Huskers scored on a Roger Craig TD to get within a score and got the ball back later that quarter, but had to punt. Clemson's offense ate up most of the clock on the ensuing possession to seal the win. Clemson held on for a 22-15 win, and in all likelihood, their first national title in program history.
*Clemson was unranked the first 2 weeks of the year and Nebraska was uranked for 2 weeks after a 1-2 start. This might be the only game in the modern era where two teams playing for a national title spent time unranked during the season. Can we get some poor unpaid ESPN stats intern to verify this?

Final Results

Team Record AP Coaches
Clemson 12-0 1 (47) 1 (35)
Texas 10-1-1 2 (1) 4 (1)
Penn St 10-2 3 (1) 3 (1)
Pittsburgh 11-1 4 2
Clemson brought home their first national title and was an overwhelming #1 in each poll. Of course there are some contrarian voters every year, but this made it 3 straight seasons with a clear cut champion. I don't know much, but I'm starting to think this was a much better system than the BCS . . . well maybe.

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