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General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

2015.03.06 20:40 Trevor_Skies General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2012.02.14 15:27 JustMadMike Prison Architect

A subreddit dedicated to the game Prison Architect, developed by Introversion Software and sold to Paradox Interactive. Visit our Discord

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2023.06.05 14:43 PremiumT Correlations Table (Continuous & Dichotomous Variables)

Hey there, I'm trying to report the intercorrelations between my main study variables, so I ordered the according table using Analyse > Correlate > Bivariate.
Given that I entered two continuous variables and three dichotomous variables, what type of correlations will be reported?
To my knowledge, there cannot be a Pearson correlation between a continuous and dichotomous variable or between two dichotomous variables. However, SPSS still gives me a complete table when only selecting Pearson correlations. I'm a little confused.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.05 14:42 AdeptnessSlow9825 Upvote and I'll click all links

Click on my link and I will click yours!! Tell me when you click mine.
You can use the code: 175424027
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2023.06.05 14:42 Illustrious-Case-818 I want to make a video on the history of Israel and Palestine but I'm afraid to

I'm studying to be a historian and this is one of my favorite topics. I recently started working on the script for this video. It would be a big, ambitious project with several parts. I have the writing and editing skills necessary to make it work. I watch a lot of informational Youtube videos and video essays myself, and I know how to make a very long video interesting and palatable. I also think the controversy of the subject will help in getting people to click the video. However, that's also what I'm afraid of. I'm terrified of backlash and harassment even though I know my own conscious will be clear. I have OCD and autism and I am sensitive. I also have some embarrassing personal things online from when I was in high school (I'm 19 now) that I don't want dig up. I have ex-internet friends who can reveal personal information about my identity if they want to. Maybe I'm paranoid. I woke up an hour ago at 5am and for some reason at 6am right now this is an extremely pressing issue to me and I feel like I need to make up my mind right now about what to do about it.
When I see the heaps and heaps of misinformation circulating about the land of Israel and the Jewish people, I have a strong yearning to do my part as a historian. But I am extremely private and I used to be less private when I was younger because I was very mentally ill and was on medication that gave me a tendency towards mania and recklessness. I never did anything actually bad, but there are so many things people could do to mentally torture me if they found my weaknesses. There are so many sadistic people online, and I would be an easy target (I'm LGBT, too, not to mention). For the record, my video will be objective and clear, but not apolitical, because that would be impossible. It's not an opinion piece, but I'm sure in someway or another my values will shine through. I am very far-left, a socialist, and my opinion that Israel is not a settler-colonial project has caused me to abandon some far-left communities in the past when they start being antisemitic in response.Anti-Zionism is anti-semitism, without a doubt, and revision of Jewish history enrages me. I can't stand people talking about Israel when they don't know anything about the history of either Jews or Palestinians whatsoever and that's basically the norm. I feel like if I made this video and received too much harassment would bring me to feel suicidal, which is something I have been prone to in the past. Even though I know the average person is normal and would just be curious about the subject and respond appropriately.
Please don't try to argue with me about politics here. I don't want to debate right now. I'm not afraid to stand my ground, but I am posting here in a vulnerable state and what I need is support from my community.
I can't post in Jewish because I don't have enough karma, even though that's where I wanted to post this. It would be great if someone could cross-post it there for me because I need advice of what to do
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2023.06.05 14:42 rookkun Day 01

Second time quitting - last September, I went several months without. It was great. Went through two days of heavy withdrawal, and within the week I started to get dopamine again naturally. Went through the pink cloud phase and may have got a little 'too healthy' in the sense that I decided to quit my mood stabilizers not long after that.
Fast forward, I was in a coercive relationship, three months in being expected to talk about marriage, and it took me a long time to realize what was happening as well as regain my sense of identity. Unfortunately, 'regaining that identity' meant coming home to where my parents smoke weed, and now I'm back in the same boat with a bad daily habit, way too chronic, and I'm recognizing the irritability that comes with too much use again.
But --- let's go! Just discovered leaves, I'm excited to be done with trees
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2023.06.05 14:42 TexanLoneStar PSA: The Apostles’ Fast starts today and runs til the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.

This fasting season is more so prevalent in the eastern churches, both Catholic and Orthodoxes, but is a great optional way to hop back into a period of extended fasting after the longer laxity in Easter Season.
I do believe it was observed in the Latin Church but eventually fell out of use by the 11th Century; correct me if I’m wrong there.
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2023.06.05 14:42 General_Marsupial_16 Free hoodie

Hi I saw a hoodie I liked on Facebook market place and really want it but the seller was quite rude. How can I get it for free?
A couple of my ideas if they work:
Pay via PayPal friends and family and request a refund and say something like not as described etc
Request a chargeback from my bank
I told him not to use the signed an dyfacker delivery so that I could say to PayPal I never received the item.
Help me with more suggestions please.
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2023.06.05 14:42 StockPoint_io Binance Australia Stops AUD Bank Transfers as Search for Payment Partner Drags On

Binance Australia Stops AUD Bank Transfers as Search for Payment Partner Drags On
Binance Australia halted Australian dollar (AUD) deposits and withdrawals by bank transfer as announced last month, the exchange said on Thursday. On May 18, Binance Australia said it would no longer facilitate AUD bank transfers using PayID "due to a decision made" by the third-party payment service provider. A May 22 update said the services will continue until June 1.
For the past few days, bitcoin (BTC) has been trading at nearly a 20% discount on Binance’s Australia arm, compared with rival exchanges. Binance Australia halted Australian dollar (AUD) deposits and withdrawals by bank transfer as announced last month, the exchange said on Thursday. In April, after a request from Binance, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) canceled Binance Australia's derivatives license. The latest tweet said Binance Australia users can still buy and sell crypto using credit or debit cards , and that it is "working hard to find an alternative provider."
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2023.06.05 14:42 IllWIll00 Starting my journey

I have been an addict for more than 10 year now. It's very depressing I've lost many opportunities because of this & I don't want to suffer anymore. It has ruined half of my life but this time I’m going to make sure that whatever is left I want to enjoy it to the fullest. The voice from the back of my mind always used to made me think that Porn& masturbation is not bad but I want to shut down that voice. I have tried many times & failed but this time I want to achieve the target (pls suggest as a beginner I should aim for how many days & any insight which will be helpful in my journey is welcomed) let's achieve this together:)
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2023.06.05 14:42 Bluesray [For Hire] looking for illustrations, character design, or other art forms?- dm me now if interested

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2023.06.05 14:42 WesternSafety4944 Visible won't sell to me or ship to me

It all started when I attempted to have a sim card sent to my home. After days of trying they concluded my address didn't exist lol so they wouldn't mail me a sim. My address exist, it's on Google, USPS, it's geo etc. They said use a new address so I did. 4 days later I checked the account and I've been placed on hold indefinitely.
The rep said nothing can be done and their sorry.
Lol fucking pricks
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2023.06.05 14:42 chellocups Strep or oral thrush?

Hi! Im 18F 5’1 and have been talking prozac
Yesterday I had typical cold symptoms, coughing, sore throat that burns when swallowing, headache, stuffy nose, tired etc
This morning I woke up with my mouth developing a white/yellow gunk that makes my throat hurt worse, my voice raspy and my mouth dry and gross
Yucky photos for your pleasure
Any help would be so appreciated, I have ocd which makes me a bit of a hypochondriac to the point i nearly convinced myself I had canadia in my blood
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2023.06.05 14:42 Alt56778 Anxiety Centred Around Making Other People Uncomfortable

I constantly worry that I somehow look creepy or weird. I feel like people literally cross the road to avoid me and avoid standing near me in public. It's like I can't just innocently exist without someone essentially accusing me of being up to something. I feel like the kind of person people would keep an eye on.
I dress normally, I take care of my hygiene, I don't look particularly strange and I try to just mind my own business.
Yet if I so much as look at someone or end up walking behind someone, I feel like they immediately go on the defensive like I'm giving off creepy stalker vibes or something. Security guards always seem to immediately become suspicious of me too.
I feel guilty just going to the shop because as much as I try to just calmly walk around, grab what I need, pay and go, people act as if I've personally threatened them or something.
This fear was really triggered the other day in a store when I passed a woman on the way in and she kind of gave me a weird look. I realised I had forgotten something, so ended up walking past her two more times and on the last time she looked at me absolutely terrified.
I have no clue what exactly it is that I'm doing that seems to put people so on edge. Or even if it's all in my head? It's really messing with my self esteem because it's like no matter what, everyone around me seems to believe the absolute worst about me.
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2023.06.05 14:42 knicknap24 P2P Rep Sales

hi guys i tried to message the mods about this directly but haven't gotten an answer so hopefully someone here could help me out.
There used to be a subreddit dedicated to Rep resales however i can't find that subreddit anywhere anymore. Does it still exist? if not, is there another place that does exists for rep watch resales.
thank you in advance for the help
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2023.06.05 14:41 Weekly_Loan_6814 Still trying to troubleshoot my speckled peas...are my seeds bad?

Still trying to troubleshoot my speckled peas...are my seeds bad?
So I've had 2 bad batches from this particular lot of seeds. I am wondering if anyone else out there has had similar issues. I'm debating on weather or not to order them from another company... I am going to try only soaking them for 8 hours this time and using no grow medium to see if I get any different results.
Please tell me if your seeds look like this too! Or if you have dealt with the same lot number from True Leaf!
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2023.06.05 14:41 roirraWedorehT Minimal use car insurance going up by almost 22%

I've never had an at-fault accident. The last time someone crashed into our car was over three years ago. My wife and I both work remotely at home, and we don't take many trips. I would lower the number of miles that I have estimated we would put on our vehicle for USAA insurance purposes, but I already have it at the minimum, and we don't travel anywhere near that amount.
Our credit rating is very good and slowly approaching excellent. I don't have the lowest deductible selected, but I do have one that's relatively reasonable. I do not use SafePilot because based on an experience with a prior insurer, I think those things are a crock for most people's use.
A 22% increase seems crazy for a customer who is hardly any risk. I know there's been inflation, but not that much!
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2023.06.05 14:41 unknown_spacess My account has been suspended

So my accounts as it says on the title has been suspended bcz i posted a story that was a bit to much for them i did an appeal but it did not let me write anything or say something and it's my main account i use for friends and family and im scared im might loose it for ever is there an email i can send them to explain my case or i just wait for a reply from them
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2023.06.05 14:41 kxaapmd88 Can someone help me? Game was working fine yesterday but it crashed when i saved and quit now I opened it and found this with my sim. CAS cc is used.

Can someone help me? Game was working fine yesterday but it crashed when i saved and quit now I opened it and found this with my sim. CAS cc is used. submitted by kxaapmd88 to sims2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 14:41 kissthe_goat Stolen bike

Stolen bike
Delete if not allowed but some cunts stole my bike from my work early this morning around 1:30am. If anyone near Brunswick sees this bike, it’s most likely mine. I have the serial number etc. this picture doesn’t do it justice, but the colour is a very mint green. You can’t miss it . The brand is Norco and it’s a XS women’s bike.
Pls message me if you have any info and if you’re the cunt who stole it, return it and no questions asked, police won’t get involved. I have footage of you stealing it with your mate.
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2023.06.05 14:41 starsailormiz Do I try dating apps again?

A bit of background: I’m 23 and never dated. Never had sex or a romantic relationship at all but I know I’m into women; suspected from the age of 9 and fell utterly in love with a straight girl at 15. And that’s pretty much how it’s always gone… the women I like in real life are always straight, or unattainable.
Naturally I tried apps. But the issue there is that I often struggle to feel the same degree of attraction. The connection is just harder to make online, and in the rare cases I’ve had matches with people I’m often disappointed when we start chatting as they turn out to be different from the way I imagined (or they ghost me). Another put-off is the sheer amount of men, unicorn hunters, and women only looking for hookups that litter every single dating app out there.
It all made me frustrated and sadder. I used apps on and off for two years or so but never had a single date because of the factors mentioned.
I made the resolution to quit earlier in the year due to mental health and to concentrate on my studies. Since then my mentality has improved a lot and I’ve just finished university. With those stresses out of the way I now feel that itch again to look for what’s out there, so to speak.
I’m just afraid of repeating old cycles. I know dating apps are often a waste of time… but I’m always tempted by the nagging ”what if?” I’ve been unlucky in real life and am also a hopeless introvert who can’t deny the convenience of dating apps. So I’m torn here.
Any insight or wisdom would be really appreciated, thank you! ❤️
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2023.06.05 14:41 butterchickensatan Manifest S04 E20 "Final Boarding" Honest Rant

Where do I even start y'all. I'll be talking mainly about the last episode of the whole show (duh), but I might also talk about connections to other episodes.
Also, spoiler warnings (season 4) for people who ignored the tag. MAJOR WARNING.
LONG RANT so TLDR: They saved the world but they acted like their experience over the past 10 years (for them) didn't count. They don't miss anyone in the 828 world and act like they have no complex emotions in the end. They all talked about forgiveness but the entire concept was used very loosely. All the characters (non-828ers) who were developed by the show just down the drain. The ending was subpar and illogical and I'm about to cry.
We'll start from the very beginning. Cal made his sacrifice; it was meaningful, 828 came out the lava, so on. Okay, and Ben FORGIVES Angelina as she is brought onto the plane. FORGIVENESS was the key, apparently. One thing that irked me is that the side characters just burnt into ash but the main ones, the ones we cared about had so much time before they burnt for someone to "forgive" them as I interpreted it. I mean, a lot of shows use similar devices so that can be forgiven I guess, but then the ash turned into an ash monster? I guess? And they vanquished the ash monster by using the power of friendship? like, shouting out the good things they did? First of all, that was so lame. You know what I really thought would happen? That they'd shout all that, and then they'd say they FORGIVE all those who treated them wrong in those five years, that they'd FORGIVE the people from whom the ash monster was born. And THAT would vanquish the evil. I THOUGHT THAT WOULD HAPPEN, GUYS BUT IT DIDN'T.
But, that is not my major issue with this episode. it's just how illogical the ending was. I have so many random thoughts, so I will try to string them together as eloquently as possible. First, they "save the world", and return back to 2013... There were SO many things wrong with THAT SINGLE PLOT DECISION. I will give you an example. Michaela breaks up with Jared, the whole conversation is so illogical no human would speak like that. He IMMEDIATELY MOVES ON?? And starts flirting with Drea... (best girl LOVED her). A realistic human man would be like, devastated that his almost fiancee just left him. Also, Michaela randomly gets into Zeke's taxi and talks about his favorite salt chips in his car or something. Y'all, if I was Zeke I would've been seriously creeped out by that random woman who knows too much about me. Thirdly, TJ gets back, he sees young Olive, makes a sad face, and then IMMEDIATELY forgets about her??? Like all the time he spent with the older Olive, he doesn't mourn it one bit and immediately goes on to flirt(?) with another passenger. Also, Saanvi can cure Cal's cancer, but have we forgotten that Saanvi has done the deed with Ben and they both remember that? And Ben's wife is now alive? (the excuse they gave each other at the campfire was a horrible way of writing yourself out of the consequences of an explicit scene). Won't Ben miss Eden? Would none of them miss the old Vance? I believe the ending would've been a LOT more convincing if they didn't act like it was such a blessing and they lost NOTHING. They lost so many connections, they got back their old ones but they lost things on the way too.
One more thing, why'd they show the entire Drea labor sequence if we didn't get to see the baby? I loved that woman, I just wanted one shot of her happy with the baby ughhh. Also, what happened to the people that adjusted to life after 828 in the old world? Did they all just vanish into thin air? Their experiences, life, erased. What about kids that were born as a direct consequence of 828? They'd all be gone. If you think about it that way, did the passengers actually save anyone in that world? See, all that is fine, it could've been points that the show itself raised, but everyone in the last episode acted like they had no complex brain function like I don't even know what to say. Another thing I wanted to add. In the end, new world Vance says that eleven passengers went missing. Eleven burnt to ash. Also, the passengers who died before the final boarding came back. What if they were evil? Why were they not punished? And to think about it, eleven evil people out of billions of evil people in the world were chosen to die. How is that fair? I think the episode would've gone so much better if they ALL made it back, realizing that FORGIVENESS was the key. If the people in 828 were supposed to forgive, the Divine could also have. However, it is not an ideology I personally agree with, I believe Angelina's done so much harm that she's to pay for it. But people who did worse had survived; I mean, EAGAN survived of all people. Also, there were so many loose plot points, but I don't wanna get into any of that.
LAST POINT TRUST ME, If the passengers' hearts were going to be weighed against a feather, shouldn't all of them forgive each other? I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case. Michaela forgave herself, Ben forgave Angelina, and they were done. And I'm sure none of the passengers forgave the other people for locking them up. Did only the captains need to forgive other passengers?? I'm sure Michaela held some grudges, like what were the judging criteria? Also, if anyone has any actual plot point justifying any of the doubts I have, just reply respectfully in the comments as I am about to cry because I had invested so much time in this show.
So there's my rant. Honestly, I'm so upset. I was so invested in the show... it did so many things right, and yet...this ending was just subpar, to say the least. Years of character development for the non-828ers just down the drain...Also that sentence..."You gotta have hope," was so corny. I'm gonna cry.
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2023.06.05 14:41 SourcerBot Freedom of Russia Legion destroys Russian tanks in Belgorod Oblast using drones

Here is the most important information, and related articles, from this article.
Published on 2023-06-05 at 08:09 and published by ukrainska pravda. (1 minute)
Save 1 minute of reading with this summary:
The Freedom of Russia Legion has reported the destruction of two Russian tanks and other equipment using drones at night in the Shebekino district in Russia’s Belgorod Oblast.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: Ukrainska Pravda (2023-05-22 at 12:30) Explosions in Belgorod Oblast: Russian Volunteer Corps and Freedom of Russia Legion urge not to resist Ukrainska Pravda (2023-05-22 at 12:30) Explosions in Belgorod Oblast: Russian Volunteer Corps and Freedom of Russia Legion urge not to resist Ukrainska Pravda (2023-05-23 at 12:24) Raid on Belgorod Oblast: Russian military boasted of victory, Freedom of Russia Legion's statement contradicts this
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2023.06.05 14:41 Gameavd12345 Concern about putting under the table work on my resume

I performed construction work with my dad, including renovating a restaurant for someone other than my uncle, fixing a garage roof for my uncle, and renovating a multi-family residence for my uncle, starting in August of last year. My uncle's laundromat companies provided me with two 1099-NEC forms, $5,000 each, totaling $10,000 for tax year 2022. This was for under the table construction work I did several years back and not the recent work I did and he is paying me now because he finally has the money for it now and he told me that he labeled it as "maintenance" work in his books. Although I paid taxes on this 1099-NEC income, I also received cash payments under the table for recent construction work, for which I didn't pay taxes.
I want to include this experience on my resume, using the title "Self-Employed Renovation Contractor Team Member", because it is relevant to the jobs I am applying to and to avoid a significant gap on my resume from covid-19 unemployment benefits. However, I'm concerned that my employer might report me to the IRS for potential tax evasion because the companies that I am applying to will more than likely know or suspect that it was under the table and apparently a 30% reward on the amount collected if convicted and owed could be awarded to a whistleblower if they fill out Form 211. I filed my taxes for the 1099-NEC income, but the cash payments remain untaxed.
Can I leave this "work" on my resume and not be afraid of getting reported, investigated, then convicted of tax evasion because the $10,000 in 1099-NEC income from my uncle's laundromat companies which he said he labeled as "maintenance" will be a cover for the under the table work I did because I did file a tax return and paid taxes on that? My main fear is my dad getting discovered because he has been doing under the table work for his entire life and has evaded thousands of dollars in taxes, would the IRS investigate my family members if I do get reported and they decide to investigate further?
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