Zehabesha Traditional Ethiopian Restaurant?

2023.05.31 17:16 Charming_Side_7536 Zehabesha Traditional Ethiopian Restaurant?

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2023.05.31 01:52 that_orange_hat Zehabesha Traditional Ethiopian Restaurant?

Is this legit? There are really good reviews and the food looks yummy but I find it surprising to imagine there'd be a really great authentic Ethiopian restaurant in a city of less than 20,000 people in northern Canada. Anyone been here? Is it that good?
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2023.03.14 11:01 Programmier07 zehabesha

Journalists who are basically the providers and nurturers of gamut of ideas toward the flourishing of true democracy seem to be at the receiving end of the machine. The United Nations Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, in empathizing with Nigerian reporters, condemned the series of killing and found: "impunity gives the inexperienced mild to criminals and murderers, and empowers the ones who've some thing to hide."
Of path, the ones who've some thing to cover and are at the free to remove journalists who've passed the degree "in which all they do is to document what a man says" (Dele Giwa 1979), in line with IFD, are terror-authorities or authority, drug barons and politicians. Ki-Moon insists that government has the responsibility to guard media workers, announcing, "This protection must consist of investigating and prosecuting folks that dedicate crime towards newshounds."

Analysts are miffed that notwithstanding a series of protests, demonstrations, court cases and appeals with the aid of diverse interests groups, particularly the reporters themselves, the authorities has no longer bulged; it has no longer taken into consideration it as its responsibility to defend media people and mainly, to don't forget the bad results of the growing occurrence of assassination of newshounds in Nigeria among the comity of nations.

Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), led by means of its president, Malam Mohammed Garba, has long gone from pillar to publish crying itself hoarse, but all that the authorities has achieved and continues to be doing is to abandon the protection of journalists or research of the spate of killings of equal to the Nigerian police who've the unenviable history of now not been capable of unravel and bring to justice any one of masses of murder cases that piled up across the us of a. The News Editor of Daily Independent newspaper, Habib Aruna laments that the government's silence on this image denting antics of the marauding murderers isn't supporting topics, including: "We (newshounds) are in a society that doesn't like what we're doing. The society is in darkness and we (newshounds) constitute the civilized international. We are the light and, unfortunately, they do now not need light."

While the government remains at tea-desk feigning lack of information of the magnitude of the trouble handy, the Enugu country commissioner for Inter-ministerial Affairs, Mr. Okezie Nwanjoku warned that the growing spate of killings of reporters is an embarrassment to the whole state, adding: "It is a shame and a humiliation to Nigeria that newshounds are being killed in a country that isn't always at battle or in any disaster," Nwanjoku stated.

While sympathizers of journalists, Mr. Ifeanyi Okonkwo and Action Congress (AC) describe newshounds within the present circumstances in which they perform as endangered species due to their combat in opposition to the societal ills, the chairman of Enugu correspondents' chapel of NUJ, Mr. Tony Edike expressed fear that a silent struggle has been declared via "unknown" enemies towards newshounds, asking: "What have we finished to deserve these gruesome murders? We do not get allocations or contracts."

Analysts are of the opinion that from experience, any murder case that is left inside the palms of the police for motion is as exact as a useless case, due to the fact they've this uncanny way of persevering with to analyze homicide case till the second coming of the Christ. They expressed the pressing need for the United Nations, Civil Society Groups and different global human rights our bodies to intrude inside the slide in the direction of general anarchy in opposition to reporters, by means of goading the reluctant Nigerian authorities to urgently embark on degree aimed at protecting reporters from harassment, intimidation, chance to existence and especially, the threat of assassination.
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2022.07.07 02:33 Bubble_Rider The Oromo Land of Blood and Gore Only PM Abiy and the Silent Majority Amhara Can Stop It

I agree with much of what Yonas Biru, PhD is saying in this article. I was puzzled beyond belief when I saw Amhara-activist retweeting OLA rep's messages last few days - insanity is taking over Ethiopia , to TPLF and OLA's delight.
PS: No - I am not a fan of Abiy, and very much hate all ethnic nationalists .
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2022.06.04 17:35 Alaye123 Ethiopia: ሰበር ልጆቿን እዬበላች የማትጠግብ ሀገር/ አስገራሚ ትንታኔ Zehabesha top mereja

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2021.11.22 08:34 Comtass Worldwide Protests in Support of Ethiopian Federal Gov - Collection of Videos/Images

Worldwide Protests in Support of Ethiopian Federal Gov - Collection of Videos/Images
I wanted to share all of the images and videos of todays world wide protests. I knew MSM wont be covering it so wanted to put together a collection that shows all of the support Ethiopia has.

Previous Protest
Cities that Had Protests
These are images/videos of the historical world wide protests.
Washington D.C. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Link 6 Atlanta GA Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 New York Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Phoenix Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Seattle Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Charlotte Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Houston Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 St Paul Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 San Francisco Link1 Link 3 Link 3 London Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Denver Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Tampa Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Calgary Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Boston Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Dallas Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Raleigh Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Des Moines Link 1 San Antonio Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 St. Louis Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Kansas City Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Jerusalem Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Los Angeles Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 6 Link 7 Chicago Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Winnipeg Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Pittsburg (found none) Ottawa & Montreal Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5 Toronto Link 1
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2021.11.19 16:06 EADMMEDIA Ethiopiaሰበር መረጃዎች ከግንባር ባለስልጣኑ ጁንታን Zehabesha Zena Tube Ethiopia...

Ethiopiaሰበር መረጃዎች ከግንባር ባለስልጣኑ ጁንታን Zehabesha Zena Tube Ethiopia... submitted by EADMMEDIA to u/EADMMEDIA [link] [comments]

2021.11.11 06:20 Forza2021 Abiy Ahmed’s Vilification of Amhara & Amhara Regional Force

by ZeHabesha March 26, 2021
Mesfin Arega March 26, 2021
“Amhara nationalism is dangerous for Ethiopia” (Abiy Ahmed)
”Failed coup in #Ethiopia’s Amhara state was an attempt by ethnic nationalists to restore Amhara hegemony over all of Ethiopia that existed for several centuries prior to 1991. That dream is now permanently dead.” (Herman Cohen)
“The numerous tribes who inhabit the Ethiopian state are being forcibly kept from European colonialism by Abyssinian rulers whose aim is to act as champions of all black people so as to attack and destroy Western culture“ (Roman Prochaska, Abyssinia: The Powder Barrel, Vienna, 1935)
Ever since he became prime minister of Ethiopia with decisive support from Amhara politicians, the double-tongued Abiy Ahmed has been waging a constant vilification campaign against the Amhara regional force and, by extension, against the Amhara people in general, while at the same time professing to fully support Amhara’s just cause for redress of their persecution under the ethno-centric regime of Meles Zenawi.
First, in a secretly recorded video, he bafflingly said Amhara nationalism is a threat to Ethiopia. However, this is the very nationalism which insured the very survival of Ethiopia by marshalling all of the country around it, enabling the country to crushingly defeat European colonialists at Adwa, paving the way for decolonization of the entire continent of Africa, in addition to being the very foundation of black pride and black nationalism for blacks all over the world. Therefore, what Abiy Ahmed calls “Amhara nationalism” is, in fact, Ethiopian nationalism which unifies all Ethiopians. The threat to Ethiopia is not the inclusive Amhara nationalism, but the tribalist Oromo and Tigre nationalisms.
Then, he brazenly claimed that Amhara region’s infrastructure is the worst in Ethiopia not because of TPLF’s deliberate anti-Amhara policy, but because the region spends its funds on its regional force, though this regional force is only a few thousand strong (commissioned in only one batch), whereas his own regional state of Oromia has already spent hundreds of millions (if not billions) in US dollars to graduate more than thirty batches and build a regional force which is at least ten times bigger than the Amhara regional force.
Barely a week after this brazen claim on Amhara region and its regional force, the entire top political and military leadership of the Amhara region was wiped out in what appeared to be a controlled chaos, which lasted a mere couple of hours and which is suspected to be controlled by none other than Abiy Ahmed himself. Immediately following this horrendous massacre, the Amhara-hater Herman Cohen (the former United States assistant secretary of state for African affairs who is widely believed be a proponent of Roman Prochaska’s anti-Amhara agenda) rushed to his twitter page to proudly declare “Amhara hegemony … is now permanently dead”.
Then, on March 22 (2021), the Oromo wing of the Prosperity Party which is led by Abiy Ahmed himself, raised the vilification of Amhara to the highest level by issuing a communique accusing the Amhara regional force and, by extension, the entire Amhara population of ethnic cleansing inside, of all places, the Amhara region itself. The next day, that accusation was repeated verbatim inside Abiy Ahmed’s rubber-stamp parliament and broadcast live for the entire country.
Read Aloud: The Nameless- Torture Victims of Ethiopian Rulers
The Amhara are the most integrated of all Ethiopian people, and the Amhara regional force is the most diverse of all forces in the country, as diverse as Ethiopia itself, more so than the Oromo dominated National Defense Force of Ethiopia, whose commander in chief (Abiy Ahmed), chief of staff (Berhanu Jula), defense minister (Kena Yadeta), and Airforce commander (Yilma Merdasa) are all Oromo. Of all people of Ethiopia, the Amhara are the last to be accused of tribalism, and of all regional forces of Ethiopia, the Amhara regional force is the last to be suspected of ethnic cleansing.
Tribalism is foreign to Amhara psyche. On the contrary, Amhara’s major weakness is not being tribalist enough, which made them vulnerable in a sea of tribalist monsters. Even a minimally organized Amhara cannot be threatened, let alone attacked, by TPLF, OLF or any other tribalist “liberation” front. There is no more proof of this than the recent rout of the heavily armed TPLF by the lightly armed Amhara militia.
Before Abiy Ahmed came to power, the Amhara people have been subjected to a well-documented three decades of systematic and brutal ethnic cleansing (including rape and forced sterilization) by the tribalist government of Meles Zenawi, whose TPLF manifesto openly declares the Amhara people as its one and only mortal enemy. There is no better proof for the full extent of Amhara’s persecution under TPLF than Wolkait and Raya. The Amhara’s in these fertile regions were ethnically cleansed to settle TPLF fighters so much so that (even after TPLF which forcibly incorporated these Amhara regions into Tigray is gone for good) Tigray nationalists continue to claim them to be parts of “western and southern Tigray” basing their claim on TPLF engineered demography.
The advent of Abiy Ahmed not only continued the grave persecution and displacement of the Amhara by the tribalist liberation fronts of Oromo and Tigre, but also made it much worse. In the last three years alone, thousands (if not tens of thousands) of Amharas were viciously slaughtered, and hundreds of thousands (if not millions) were chased out of Oromia, Abiy Ahmed’s own regional state. And the perpetrator of these crimes was none other than OLF (aka ONEG SHENE) which feeds on Oromia regional force, Abiy Ahmed’s own regional force.
Hence, the question is why would Abiy Ahmed who (as the prime minister of Ethiopia) is directly and indirectly responsible for the ethnic cleansing of Amharas in the last three years of his reign, turn around and accuse Amharas of ethnically cleansing the Oromo, his own tribe. Why does he want to play victim?
Read Aloud: The Wrath of Karuturi and the “Power of India” in Ethiopia - Alemayehu G. Mariam
Since Abiy Ahmed sat at the helm of power in Ethiopia, all the measures he took (his policies, appointments, priorities etc.) decidedly prove that he is the undeclared chief (the LUBA) of Oromuma, the stated goal of OLF to establish an Oromo empire covering most, if not all, of present-day Ethiopia as well as parts of neighboring Kenya, Somalia, and Sudan. However, Abiy Ahmed can realize his dream of laying the foundation of his Oromo empire on the grave of present-day Ethiopia, only if he can crush TPLF on one hand, and the Amhara regional force on the other hand.
The anti-Ethiopia TPLF has been, and will no doubt continue to be Abiy Ahmed’s ally in dismantling Ethiopia, but it will sure be an arche foe when the time comes to share the spoils. Therefore, as per Abiy Ahmed’s plan, TPLF will be kept as an allay till Ethiopia is brought to the very edge of the precipice of disintegration, and then will immediately be crushed when Ethiopia is just about to tumble down to its demise.
On the other hand, Abi Ahmed knows full well that, so long as the Amhara regional force is commanded by a well-respected and highly capable commander like the martyred General Asaminew Tsige, Abiy Ahmed’s Oromuma force (which includes Oromia regional force, OLF force, and most of the so called Ethiopian defense force) stands no chance of winning a skirmish let alone a battle or war against the Amhara regional force. This will be more so if Welkait and Raya are reincorporated to their rightful Amhara region, making the Amhara region the most powerful of all regions of Ethiopia in virtually all aspects, be it population or natural resources. Thus, if Abiy Ahmed’s dream is to be realized, Wolkait and Raya should never be allowed to rejoin the Amhara region, and the Amhara regional force should be utterly demolished in due time and in the most convenient way.
However, the Amhara regional force can be crushed only after it is used to crush TPLF. This is solely because no matter how strong Abiy Ahmed’s Oromuma force is, it has zero chance against a TPLF force a fraction of its size. Ato Seye Abraha (a senior TPLF military commander who had an insider knowledge of OLF) once famously said OLF is “not worth a dime”. This was not meant to be derogatory but to emphasize that, apart from viciously slaughtering unarmed, defenseless civilians (in particular, children, women and the elderly), the OLF force is an inherently dysfunctional force which has no combat capability or bravery worthy of mention. In its entire history which spans more than half a century, except for surprise attacks on defenseless small towns and rural areas, the OLF has never ever won a single engagement even with a lightly armed adversary. Abiy Ahmed can’t expect it to fare any better, just because it is now armed to the teeth.
Read Aloud: Ethiopia and Syria: International Community’s Contradictory Responses to the Use of Poison Gas*
In a span of just three years, the devious Abiy Ahmed brought Ethiopia on the verge of total disintegration, making anything and everything in Ethiopia of Oromo, by Oromo, for Oromo, a spectacle popularly known as KEGNA politics. This, in turn, means it is about time to get rid of TPLF, which has been an indispensable ally of Abiy Ahmed’s KEGNA politics up to this point.
Naturally, TPLF would like to reconquer the whole Ethiopia again and seemed to have a concrete plan to do so, using (just like it did when it first controlled Ethiopia) the Amhara region as a springboard. Then, on November 04 (2020), the TPLF (most probably goaded by the deceitful Abiy Ahmed himself) jumped straight into Abiy Ahmed’s trap by attacking the northern command and by selecting and viciously murdering its Amhara officers, stirring Amhara rage. Thereafter (as Abiy Ahmed correctly guessed) the Amhara regional force (through enormous sacrifice) basically buried the TPLF near its birthplace (the infamous DEDEBIT where the anti-Amhara TPLF manifesto was concocted), thereby saving Abiy Ahmed’s regime from total collapse.
Nevertheless, Abiy Ahmed saw the victorious Amhara regional force which saved his government from collapse, not as a force to be grateful for, but as the most dangerous threat to his government, more so than TPLF. For Abi Ahmed, now that the Amhara regional force has been used to crush TPLF, its mission is accomplished and, therefore, it itself should be crushed so as to clear the path for Oromuma.
However, the Amhara regional force, though poorly armed, is a formidable force that can easily handle any Oromuma force Abiy Ahmed can muster, however strong that Oromuma force may be. The only way Abiy Ahmed can defeat this regional force is by colluding with western powers under the pretext of genocide.
Abiy Ahmed knows full well that there are many people of power in the west who share Roman Prochaska’s deep hatred for Amharas, and who would be more than happy to use hearsay to bomb the Amharas out of existence, just because, as Prochaska correctly stated, Amharas happen to be proud “champions of all black people” who “forcibly kept” European colonialism at bay, and for whom an European is just another human being, no more no less. This, and only this, is the overriding reason why Abiy Ahmed would use his rubber-stamp parliament to falsely accuse the Amhara regional force of ethnic cleansing. The venue for the accusation was deliberately chosen to give it semblance of legality and, more importantly, to make sure that it is clearly and loudly heard by the self-appointed western hunters of war criminals in non-western countries (especially the Americans, the British, and the French).
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2021.11.10 14:52 AnimusPetitor Feta Daily, Zehabesha, Zena Tube have been terminated. Check out Ethio News, an unbiased and sober news source

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2021.07.01 18:23 greengoldred Zehabesha: TPLF is committing revenge killings of Enderta, Erob and Kunama People that they consider as traitors

Zehabesha: TPLF is committing revenge killings of Enderta, Erob and Kunama People that they consider as traitors submitted by greengoldred to Amhara [link] [comments]

2021.07.01 18:22 greengoldred Zehabesha: TPLF is committing revenge killings of Enderta, Erob and Kunama People that they consider as traitors

Zehabesha: TPLF is committing revenge killings of Enderta, Erob and Kunama People that they consider as traitors submitted by greengoldred to Ethiopia2 [link] [comments]

2021.07.01 17:58 greengoldred Zehabesha: TPLF is committing revenge killings of Enderta, Erob and Kunama People that they consider as traitors

Zehabesha: TPLF is committing revenge killings of Enderta, Erob and Kunama People that they consider as traitors submitted by greengoldred to Ethiopia [link] [comments]

2021.05.20 22:30 zehabesha01 Zehabesha

Ze-Habesha is your source for the latest Ethiopian news. We provide the Ethiopian community with balanced news, perspectives and concerns across the political spectrum. Committed to sharing news and opinions in health, education, politics, entertainment and sports. The editorial section is committed to upholding democracy and human rights.
We're here for one reason - to provide fair and impartial information to the community, and we are committed to sharing news and opinions in the broad areas of health, education, politics and sport. It is designed to be informative to readers and the editor's section is there to protect the philosophies and attitudes towards the community.
Zehabesha endeavors to use reasonable care in the preparation and storage of information on this website. We do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability, sufficiency or completeness of any content on this website. About us The content of this website may change at any time without notice and may not necessarily be current or accurate in Time you watch This site contains copyrighted material whose use is not always authorized by the copyright owner.
Related Keywords:
Ethiopian News Today
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2021.04.28 03:04 greengoldred Zehabesha reports that America is threatening Abiy with regime change unless he negotiates with TPLF remnants

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2021.03.16 16:37 zehabeshausa ZeHabesha

Website: https://zehabesha.com/

Address: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, and Ethiopia

ZeHabesha is an extensive Ethiopian Latest news source. We provide balanced news, perspectives, and issues across the political spectrum to the Ethiopian community and is committed to separating news and views while covering broad areas of health, education, politics, entertainment and sports, and its editorial section is committed to advocating for Democracy and Human Rights About Us.
We’re here for one reason to provide fair and unbiased information to the community and is committed to separating news and views while covering broad areas of health, education, politics, and sports. Zehabesh newspages are dedicated to informing its readers, and its editorial section is committed to advocating various philosophies and positions regarding the community.
While Zehabesha endeavours to take reasonable care in preparing and maintaining the information on this website we do not warrant the accuracy, reliability, adequacy or completeness of any of the website content.About Us The website content is subject to change at any time without notice and may not necessarily be up to date or accurate at the time you view it. This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.

Ethiopia News, ZeHabesha Latest News Provider, News For All

ZeHabesha features the latest Analytics & Opinion on Ethiopian Current Affairs. Your Trusted news source for Internal & External Affairs on Ethiopia
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2020.05.02 06:27 whatsayyyu Everything clarifies itself in time

Dictator Meles's daughter claims she has a secret that she will expose. It entails the tplf head's little secret. She claims he has a "wife" and that he needs to keep her under control, claiming she looks like a wall in Riyad. So now everything seems to clear itself.
Meles was the leader of tplf who over 27 year has been exposed by Abiy to have commited several crimes against humanity, tortures, murders, and what ever else in addition to the open secret of the corruption. Whether or not this is true this is a point of debate between Abiy and Meles's crew. Zehabesha itself seems to have made it clear about Meles party untold crimes.
Now begins what I have wanted revealed. Who is Debre Tsion keeping or trapping? What secrets lie behind Semhal herself? And who or what in America is behind this? And what is Abiy and who does he wish to trap for what ever lies in America ? No its not Christ.
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2020.04.22 19:38 whatsayyyu Airline head sues zehabesha for its reports on his own corruption, and illicit practices

When ex tplfite appointees can't suffocate press or lie they try personal law suits through company money
Several reports were made to several media about the corruption in the airlines with each one being suffocated. Lately there were reports that hinted corrupted practices of the current airline head who reportedly has been colluding with a foreign lady in some corrupted affairs and nepotism.
I have seen many reports on several different media against this guy who fails to meet up to solve the issues or grievances but rather glosses over them. I think it's time the airline had a fresh face who can do things efficiently and limit the corruption practices and nepotism of individuals who work within it.
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2020.02.28 13:30 neobuxbaumias Visiting your beautiful city next week: some quick questions

Hey y'all! I'm coming in from Montreal to visit your beautiful city next week and I have a few questions for you!
So I've done my research and have a bunch of things planned (probably Frankenstein at the NACC on March 4th, Taste of the North, part of the Naka festival, on the 5th, the Snowking festival, a snowshoe and an ice cave guided tour, and the usual aurora tour). I always try to do my own research first so I've also a list of restaurants to try (Bullock's, flavour trader, zehabesha, etc).
So time for the questions! 1. I've inquired with a couple of companies to book a dogsledding tour, but since I'm a solo traveller they have to find a way to pair me up with other people. I totally don't mind that! It's just that both companies I talked to seem to have a lot of trouble finding other people so I was just wondering what yalls advice about that was? Anyone I should try that either takes solo travellers or is bound to have a group going out on the 5, 7 or 8? I'd also like to try and learn how to snowmobile, so same question goes there. 2. Is tourism a bit lower lately? This kind of ties in with my previous question, since there seem to be few people booking tours, and I know people on my snowshoeing tour cancelled, so I don't know if it's the coronavirus scare or just a low season. 3. Best spot for breakfast/brunch downtown? I'm a huge fan of brunch food, (and not cooking breakfast) but tend to eat it relatively early when I travel. What do you recommend that's open around 7-8? I've already spotted Dancing Moose!
And if you've anything else to recommend or just general advice for me, I'm super open to trying anything!
Thanks a lot in advance!
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2020.02.19 23:15 whatsayyyu The crown of King Fasildes returned after 21 years after being smuggled out on the order of Tplf officials and secretary of state Pompeo visits Ethiopia.

Among many rumored smuggled artifacts during the Tplf days, one has been returned to its land. The crown is believed to have belonged to King Fasiledes, son of King Susniyos, who established the city of Gondar after his father's predecessor moved the capital from North Shewa to Gojjam then later Fasil moved it to Gondar and is associated with the beautiful castles of the city. The crown is heavily decorated and is believed to have been smuggled out 21 years ago on the order of Tplf officials who planned to sell it for around 70 or more million dollars though the sell failed as the buys were unable to provide necessary papers.
On another note secretary of state, Mike Pompeo visited Ethiopia, holding talks with both Abiy and first lady Sahle Work. He also responded to enquiries regarding the nile dam issue, where he was questioned about "America's pressure on Ethiopia" regarding the issue.
The dam issue was initially fanned by tplfites like Getachew reda, if sequence of events were followed, distant zehabesha reports reveal that he even took a trip to Egypt with a fake name. Obviously the dam is also likewise important to the people which the government also likes to poke at as it is their own money that was invested on it, much of it being embezzled by the government for which the government owned contractor METEC was questioned as part of the "reform".
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2019.11.09 19:25 whatsayyyu Is Abiy attempting to suffocate information and blame shift issues on "hate speech"?

According to this Abiy is preparing to implement a law regarding disseminating false information and laws against "hate speech".
• In a country where official government data can not be trusted itself how are people to get accurate informations or discuss upon such things with such restrictions?? The government itself is not trustworthy. It disseminates it's own propaganda, buries news, hides information, promotes it's own interests in hope to influence and control people. So the first one that should be published with this law is the government itself.
Zehabesha ran news lately that victims hiding in Dodola after the massacre and slaughter were being called out of church by police and arrested probabaly for getting some information out (no one knows why not even them) . How is any one to confirm this news??? Should I call Shimelis who bluffs about crushing and burying the same victims or the Dodola head who was rallying kerro savages??
• Is "hate speech" really the issue or is the Abiy team making it an issue as a way of more suffocation on innocents?? If a group from a certain ethnic commits a crime and the ethnics supports that act then if I in the heat of emotion call them names and call them out on it. How in the world is thag hate speech or problematic??? Why are you more concerned about what emotions emotional verbal reaction provokes than what emotions the vile barbaric savage innitial actions provoke??
This violence chain did not start with "hate speech". It started with Ogaden when every one was celebrating. The keros and witnesses themselves confirm it through payment they do what they do. Ethiopians have teased each other for ages, no such issues occur. But when people like Jawar collect pennies to pay people and murder others that is the main issue. When parties like Tplf and Olf pay or influence their own to act in tplf interests and harm others then that is an issue. Stop confounding things to serve your interests!!! And the people need to stop being so stupid and sheep like!!! Freaking analyze what these people do!! Watch their every step!!
There are already so many laws that are not enforced! The first is that criminals should be arrested which this government is unable to do. Either due to lack of ability or reluctance. In the first instance, it should remove itself and in the second it is guilty of a crime itself by ommission if not what it commited. I will still refer to Jawar's kerro and their supporters as savage barbaric hooligans and tplfites as trecherous, untrustworthy, dirty corrupted, theiving scums who crawled out of a desert with lice filled dirty Afro.
The people first and foremost want Jawar arrested. So much so they are suing him themselves while Abiy is not doing his job but ensuring the interests of criminals and himself.
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2017.10.01 00:05 Bluesnailok [ROLEPLAY] The 2020 Chinese Foreign Unity Parade

[M] Apologies for this extremely late post, but this is a detailed description of the 2020 Chinese Foreign Unity Parade contributions from around the world and a little about how it was presented. The 12,000 Chinese troops are not described because i'm not describing 12,000 troops worth of Chinese columns and vehicles. Credit to GrizzleTheBear who, other than the Jinping speech, provided the prologue and a large portion of the foreign columns descriptions.

January 5th, 2020

Beijing, The People's Republic of China

The streets of the worlds second largest city were unusually quiet on this January day, and rather pleasantly, the sky was unusually clear and blue. Half of the city's cars had been banned from the streets, factories all over China had been shut down or had slowed their operations since a week prior, many public facilities had been closed, bus and subway lines were shut down, and overall the city had been suddenly throttled in a sense by a series of unusual restrictions.
However, such bizarre controls and suspensions of services had been seen only a few years prior, and that was when the time came for the 2015 China Victory Day Parade. As was exactly the case in 2015, the citizens of Beijing were going to witness another massive parade that would be remember for a long time to come. Additional preparations for this event included the mass mobilization of almost a million Citizen Guards and the deployment of predatory birds that were specially trained to chase away drones and other birds which could compromise safety and security. The trained Macaques that dismantled birds' nests in 2015 also made a reappearance, and once again restrictions were place on civilian aircraft, television use, and all manners of things that might distract from or interfere with the celebrations.
Hundreds of thousands of citizens thronged the streets and slowly inched their way to Chang'an Avenue in the hopes of seeing the parade with their own eyes, and the city was awash with foreign dignitaries and soldiers to an extent never before seen. Over thirty countries would be represented in the parade, and a handful more would send diplomatic representation in the place of soldiers. Examples of this included Chinese Taipei, Kazakhstan, the DPRK, and Cuba. China would put 12,000 soldiers, 200 Chinese aircraft, and countless vehicles on display for its part of the parade, and foreign soldiers would add up to another 1,125.
Standing atop Tiananmen, the composed and steady figure of President Jinping peered down to the crowds that filled the seats far to the distance, placing some papers upon the podium that lay before him, the President glanced down to the microphone and cleared his throat. Turning his head to face one of the many civil servants that was also present on the balcony of the landmark, he received a brief nod before looking forth once more. The President, donning a Mao suit as per tradition, began his address in the light of the midday sun.
"Friends and comrades, ladies and gentlemen, and dignitaries from distant lands across the globe. I firstly wish to extend my best wishes to all my fellow Chinese brothers, of all ethnic groups, provinces and views as we march bravely into this new year. As this year starts, we also charter a new course for our country, we open up to this new year with the same eagerness that we have opened our arms to friendships across the world. I eagerly anticipate to see our bonds and friendships with the world flourish and grow in the years to come."
"Just as we await the growth of our relations with our global friends, we also await the continued advancement that carries on from the previous year. 2019 has been a fine year for us and we have taken great strides into safeguarding our economic growth for the future to benefit both ourselves and our partners that invest their capital and businesses into our industries. Our Five Year Plan has been making great strides and we eagerly anticipate completion of several agreed projects within the coming year, ensuring the building blocks for the achievement of a prospering and stable society. Our economy continues to steadily progress as planned as our country continues to work its way forth to the developed status that we hope to establish within the coming decades."
"2019 has not only been a great year for ensuring the future of China economically, but also politically. Throughout the year we have introduced working and beneficial reforms including the introduction of steps to pacify the dangers of the Falun Gong movement, helping to ensure a more peaceful future for all our comrades. National Defence military reforms meanwhile are still in the process of advancing, but we fully predict that major steps forward shall be taken in the coming years. Meanwhile, our efforts continue to reward and promote honesty and efficiency in our administration, while reprimanding and punishing malpractice and corruption throughout our bureaucracy. Both the mentality and work ethics of the party have made strides through 2019 and I do not doubt that this will continue into the new year."
"Our country continues to make headway in protecting and safeguarding our territorial and maritime rights. Discussions with our southern neighbours have made great progress throughout the year and has proven our dedication to peaceful and reasonable resolution. However, regardless of how controversial some may receive our view, the party will never abandon the Chinese people and their wishes. This includes the subject of our unity and sovereign integrity."
"The year, however, has also shown that there is much to fix also. It has shown that suffering and flaws are still plentiful in our society. On the subject of poverty and poor treatment of workers, I hold deep sorrow for. Any suffering within our country affects us all, and we shall never cease to commit to our obligations to work towards fighting the poverty and abuse of innocent and patriotic people throughout our proud country. We look on to combat the injustices that persist in the shadows of our lands and will continue to work tirelessly to mitigate, and ultimately banish these evils from China."
"The past year has shown that many great achievements are possible through the sweat of us all, and with hard-work from all of us, we can make strides that would otherwise be deemed impossible. The new year looks bright for us all and I personally look forward to strengthening party discipline, national prosperity and international ties as the sun of this proud new year rises. For those that work within the party with ruthless efficiency, thank you. For those armed with the hammer in the factories, thank you. For those on the streets lending a hand to those in poverty or a time of need, thank you. This parade represents the unity and world that China has helped to contribute to through the determined efforts of the workers, the soldiers, the civil servants and beyond. I welcome our foreign friends to our most welcome country and hope that this parade means just as much to their own homelands as it does to ours."
Shortly after that, the parade would begin.

Representation of The People's Republic of China

Foreign Representatives by Geographic Region


Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Marching under the flag of Ethiopia were two platoons of the Ethiopian Special Operations Forces, totaling 60 operators, and representing their country as the very best they had to offer. As part of a broad military cooperation arrangement made with China recently, these operators had been receiving special training and counselling from Chinese advisers, in a bid to increase their professionalism and lethality as a fighting force which can protect Ethiopian citizens and the nation's interests. They were very welcome guests in China, and the officer who lead them NAME AND RANK REDACTED commented that they appreciated the opportunity to visit the country itself.
Federal Republic of Nigeria
For Nigeria's part of the parade, 30 soldiers of the Nigerian Army's 81st Motorized Battalion took to the avenue with great pride, being representatives of one among several participating militaries which had the distinction of currently being engaged in an armed conflict. The Nigerian Armed Forces continue to persevere in their struggle against the terrorists known as Boko Harram, and China has the utmost respect for their continued resilience and their valour in the face of war on their own soil. Lead by Major Idogbe Adebayo, the Nigerians were very proud to be a part of the grand celebrations.
Republic of Rwanda
The Rwandan Defence Forces dispatched a modest envoy, consisting of a five member colour party which carried the various standards of its service branches. What stood out about the Rwandans however was that President Paul Kagame himself lead the colour party, wearing his old military uniform to boot. It is notable that the People's Liberation Army is currently engaged in a major deployment in Rwanda, with the intent being the conduct of combat operations against the M23 rebel movement in cooperation with the Rwandan Defence Forces.
Republic of South Africa
South Africa, a close partner and friend of China, dispatched a platoon of 30 soldiers from the 1 South African Infantry Battalion and 15 members each from the South African Air Force and the South African Navy. Leading from the front was a colour party carry the flags of all three services, and the contingent was commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel Khayone Mkhize, who said that his subordinates felt very welcome in China. The Lieutenant Colonel also told Chinese media after the parade that he was particularly impressed by the bands that gave the parade its music, as they played endlessly while seeming to never tire.


Commonwealth of Australia
The Australian Defence Force made its presence well known in Beijing, with the distinctive slouch hats of the Australian Army soldiers catching the eye of the city's citizens in particular. Lead of course by a tri-service colour party and one Colonel Robert Flynn, the Australian's presented a brilliantly clashing display of the tan, blue, and white uniforms of the Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force, and Royal Australian Navy respectively. Distinguishing the Australians further, the Chinese bands broke into a rousing round of Waltzing Matilda as they passed the President's perch.
Czech Republic
Standing as an example of just how pioneering and globe-encompassing the parade was the presence of Czech soldiers, who come from a country who do not have much to do with China on a day-to-day basis, but were welcomed as if they were old friends regardless. The Czech envoy was among one of the more modest ones, being composed of a 5 man colour party, but their brilliantly colourful and elaborate standards attracted many oohs and ahhs.
Republic of Finland
Finland sent over 20 of its finest conscripts from the Finnish Army to march in the parade, and they marched smartly and proudly to the famous Jääkärimarssi, courtesy of the Chinese military musicians. The fact that conscripts had been chosen to represent the country was surprising to some, but they executed their drill well and were ecstatic about the opportunity to be a part of this historic even. Korpraali Erik Saari would later say that he felt very honoured that he and his fellow conscripts were chosen to represent Finland in the parade.
French Republic
One of the more major participants, France would show off its flair for ceremonial displays with 100 personnel of les Forces Armées Françaises marching in a smart coloumn and being resplendant in their colourful and somewhat unusual uniforms. The band would play the accompanying Lorraine March, and the parade would include representation of the world-famous French Foreign Legion. The leader of the French contingent would be Chef de Battalion Alfred Tremblay, who is a decorated veteran of French military operations in both Afghanistan and Mali. The French received a warm reception in Beijing, and it is hoped that the presence of such a major player on the world stage at this very special event will open more doors for Sino-Franco relations.
Republic of Indonesia
A regional neighbour of China, the Republic of Indonesia would send a platoon sized detachment of 30 soldiers to participate in the parade, mostly representing the Indonesian Army. A rising star in the Asia-Pacific region, China is very glad to play host to the representatives of Indonesia and to see their participation in this Foreign Unity Parade which emphasizes themes of friendship, peace, and being good neighbours. Unlike all the other nations, Indonesia chose to send its soldier’s wearing full face-paint, which achieved the desired aesthetic affect on the crowd.
State of Israel
Israel is a strong partner of China in the Middle East, and the two countries enjoy a close relationship. It is notable that Israel was the first in the region to recognize the People’s Republic of China as the true China, and for these reasons there soldiers have been granted our most gracious hospitality. Representing the formidable Israel Defence Forces was a rather small delegation of five members of the elite General Staff Reconnaissance Unit 269, perched atop a state-of-the-art Merkava Mark IV tank, which elicited many excited exclamations from the spectators.
Standing as one of China’s most important neighbours, Japan would chose to represent itself in the parade in spite of recent and historical animosity between the two nations, truly emoding the spirit of this Foreign Unity Parade above all other nations. The Japanese delegation would include 10 members each of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces, the Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces, and the Japanese Self-Defense Force Base Djibouti. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe himself was in attendance, and it is hoped that China and Japan can move forward from this parade with a better understanding of one another and a new comittment to resolving their differences.
Under the flag of Malaysia, 20 members of the Malaysian Armed Forces’ three services would take their place within the almost endless column of soldiers on the avenue. What made Malaysia stand apart was the inclusion of a majority of female soldiers in their contingent, and it made a strong statement about the prossiveness of Malaysia and its policy to allow its women, who hold up half the sky, to serve in its military and defend the country. When then-Prime Minister Najib Razak announced in 2016 that ties between China and Malaysia were “set to reach new highs”, he was certainly not mistaken. Malaysia’s presence in Beijing on this day was proof of that.
One of the most memorable attendances came in the form of the 20-man Mongolian Honour Guard. Marching in a standard formation, with flagbearers at the front, the force paraded down the avenue with many watching on with great appreciation to the culture and heritage displayed with their forces. Their colourful and unique uniforms were enough to imprint the sight of such forces in the mind of any official or spectator. The reception of such a team was extremely positive, with the Chinese responding to the Mongolian forces as though they were just as supported as the Chinese parade formations.
Marching proudly after the Mongolian honour guard approached the Montenegrin team. While half the size of the Mongolians, the force of Montenegro certainly did not back down to showing their own prestige and culture. Donning their pristine, clean and historic uniforms, the Montenegrin force showed their pride and respect as they saluted dignitaries from across the world as they travelled down the avenue.
With the band proudly playing to the sound of the clatter of boots on pavement, the Portuguese Armed Forces arrived to the cheers of the eager spectators. The Portuguese, while having been invited to send 20, had instead taken to sending a total of 100. The Chinese did not stop this, though this has sparked talks of what this suggests. Some political commentators have accused the Portuguese of doing it to show their resistance and dominance to the Chinese government as a result of Macau, others suggest it is an act of friendship by sending even more troops to show their respect to the Chinese officials, further suggestions propose that this is a way of Portugal declaring a new era of military power on the globe. Regardless of intentions, the Portuguese put up a fine show as forces from the navy, army and air force all attended in their respective uniforms. With a force larger than the representation for the USA, the contributions from Portugal have sparked countless subjects of discussion and have brought great interest from the Chinese government.
Men and women from every corner of the Romanian armed forces also attended the parade along with Romanian dignitaries who stood on the second level of Tiananmen. Marching in tune and with fresh and clean uniforms, the Romanians succeeded in showing their strength and resilience as 50 troops came parading down the avenue in front of the countless members of the public who cheered them on. Saluting the dignitaries stood to their right, the platoon brought great respect from the Chinese government and later commented on their enjoyment on the meals that the Chinese management had provided them with.
Russian Federation
The Russians were among the brightest shining stars in this parade, and they took to the parade route with great vigour and tremendous pride, showing off their ceremonial prowess to an audience of millions. The contingent would consist of 200 soldiers of the 1st Commandant's Battalion of the 154th Preobrazhensky Independent Commandant's Regiment, making it the largest foreign contingent of them all. They would be watched from the podium by Russian Prime Minister Natalia Poklonskaya herself, who later remarked that she took great pride in witnessing Russia’s finest represent her nation in this event of great historical significance, and that the parade was a visual manifestation of the deep and strong ties that Russia and China continue to enjoy with each other. The Russians took to the march with the same precision and vigour that they so often do in the Moscow Victory Day Parades, and enjoyed the musical accompanyment of the march entiteld “Farewell of Slavianka”.
While Singapore is certainly no world power, it is a hive of development, modernity and success in Asia. The team comprised of 5 troops did this very duty as they marched before the crowds, with two of the men acting as flagbearers as they proudly displayed the flag of singapore with passing. Dressed in clean, spectacular uniforms red and white uniforms, they proved Singapore to not necessarily be weak just because of the size of the city state. Forces who represented the country came from the army and navy, though were both dressed in the same uniform for the march. The reception of the troops were generally with approval from all the crowd, seeing Singapore as a light of Asian prosperity.
Saudi Arabia
Following after the Singaporeans came the marching masses of the Saudi Arabians, representing the strength and power that dwelled within their country. Their proud appearance and well-synchronized marching was quite impressive as they displayed their countries colours to the many dignitaries that watched over the avenue with interest. With Saudi Arabia playing a key role as a trade partner with China, their attendance was something that the Chinese were pleased to see. Dressed in pristine ceremonial uniforms, the national guards gave a fine display in representing their country.
Among the constant flow of teams and platoons that came to show their respect to the Chinese people and unity came the Turks, a nation of people who have held notable ties with the Chinese for years. Marching in formation, the forces of the Turkish army came dressed in the traditional uniforms of the Presidential Guard prior to their disbandment after the 2006 coup attempt. Dressed in uniform, the team marched with skill and synchronization past the onlookers, saluting to the dignitaries watching them as they passed. Their participation was greatly appreciated by both the Chinese foreign office and Chinese public.
A smaller force came from the United Arab Emirates, who came marching in a formation of 10 men. Dressed in their combat outfit they showed the new modernity of the gulf states and their position in the world. The forces from the UAE proved that the small nation was certainly alive and active, with a capable and disciplined force that was capable of competing with other forces participating in the parade from across the world.
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
As guests of importance equalling that of the French, the Russians, and the Americans, the British were well received in Beijing and took a particularly noteworthy place in the events of the day. The British Army, much like the Russian and the French armies, are world renown for their ceremonial performances, and London would not disappoint the wishes of millions of Chinese citizens when it dispatched a 100-man strong contingent of the famous Grenadier Guards and the Life Guards cavalry. Marching smartly to the familiar tune of the British Grenadiers, the Redcoats wound their way down the avenue with their perfect drill, and dazzled spectators both young and old with their performance. China and her people were very glad to have been able to enjoy the presence of the British Army on the streets of Beijing that day, and it is hoped that this show of good-will between the two countries will lead to greater things.


Republic of Bolivia
Bolivia, a landlocked state based from South America made a notable contribution to the parade as a force of 20 troops marched down the avenue. Dressed in their historic, and traditional uniforms, the Bolivian Colorados Regiment. Marching in formation, the force representing the sprouting relationship that the Chinese and Bolivians had created over recent commerce deals, sealing a stronger future for Bolivia.
Republic of Brazil
Brazilian troops attended the ceremony with a proud display of strength and honour. A sizable platoon of 75 min marched before their audience to the cheering of onlookers. Comprised of a force selected from the Presidential Guard Battalion to represent both their countrymen and their leader. The President of Brazil was seen waving and admiring his troops, later remarking that they couldn’t have given a finer display to Brazilian dignity and discipline.
Republic of Chile
Following shortly after the detachment from Brazil came the Chilean team, a force of 20 men came marching forward. The team was made up entirely of troops from the Chilean army, marching together in a square formation before the Chinese leadership and all other dignitaries from across the world.
Federation of the Southern States
A new nation that has participated in very few international military parades, the South made a remarkable contribution as a selection of their navy, army and airforce joined together to total 20 men and women to represent their country. As the team marched down the avenue, the Chinese bands began to play a small rendition of Dixie’s Land to accompany the platoons march past Xi Jinping. The Southern team would later remark their feeling of hospitality from the Chinese management staff that coordinated their stay in Beijing.
Republic of Mexico
Contrasting to the new, fresh appearance of the South, came the traditional team marching in representation of Mexico. Totaling 50 heads, the contingent from the Republic of Mexico came marching with honour past the thousands and thousands of faces watching on as they proudly passed by. Completely comprised of forces from the Cuerpo de Fuerzas Especiales, the team showed the power and order that the Mexican armed forces were capable of, impressing President Jinping who later remarked that it “revealed the silent Mexican power” on the continent.
Commonwealth of New England
Much like the Southern States, New England played a role in representing the new and undeniable presence of a new era in North America. The 20 man team representing New England was made up of troops from the army. As they marched forth, a small melody nearly identical to the song Yankee Doodle played in homage to New England’s history as part of the original colonies that comprised the United States.
Republic of Peru
The Peruvians were one of the last to march down the avenue but that does not mean they did not show any less of a display. Marching with a strong and imposing look from their faces, the Peruvians forces showed their capability and fitness as they passed the dignitaries watching them. Entirely made up of forces from the army, the Peruvians were generally received well from all who watched on.
United States of America
50 Men came marching down the avenue before the countless onlookers. Dressed in immaculate, dark blue uniforms came the forces of the United States Marine Corp. Joining them came the accompanying tune of The Stars and Stripes Forever. The precision and timing of the American platoon was certainly nothing to ignore as they succeeded in showing the capability and power of the USA, supplanting the clear message that despite affairs, the United States had not displaced their patriotism and power.
President Jinping remarked in an interview shortly after that he greatly admired the Marine Corp and conceded that they were truly something for their country to take pride in. It could be disputed, however, that this may just be to avoid the political landmine of saying otherwise.
Following shortly after the US team came the forces marching in pride of Venezuela. Dressed in the splendour of their ceremonial uniforms, the Venezuelans did little to hide their pride and patriotism. Marching proudly forth, the Venezuelans were given a brief nod in honour by President Jinping. Their presentation comes with controversy over their insistence to match Brazilian size and power, though this has not been met and a smaller number of Venezuelan troops represented the country when compared with Brazil.
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