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At Risk of Downvotes, Should We Consider a One-Day Boycott?

2023.06.08 00:32 FlyingDadBomb At Risk of Downvotes, Should We Consider a One-Day Boycott?

Please hear me out before you respond. I know a lot of people feel very strongly about this, and a lot of people are tired of complaints and just want to play the dang game, and I get it.
That said, Second Dinner has created numerous issues for players in the past two months that, notably, have left a poor taste in the mouths of the community. Namely:
  1. Flexible Series drops came as an unpleasant surprise, rather than being announced in advance, which lead to people saving fopinning/unpinning cards like Darkhawk and Knull and then not getting them.
  2. After deciding not to drop Darkhawk, they're putting out an incredibly overpriced Darkhawk Bundle, allowing you to buy him directly after arbitrarily refusing to make him easier to acquire freely.
  3. Among the cards that they've decided not to drop are, surprisingly, extremely meta-relevant Season Pass cards (Hit Monkey and Zabu).
  4. This is especially concerning with SD's proven history of nerfing cards only AFTER they become more available.
  5. SD is dropping only undesirable cards (cards that have no meta relevance), and, rather than dropping them directly to series 3 as they suggested was possible, they're dropping them first to series 4, which could make cards like Darkhawk, Knull, Spider-Ham and Spider-Man 2099 more difficult to acquire through collector's reserves.
All of this paints a picture of a card game that is all too eager to tie performance to value, creating the possibility that those who pay more will have an easier time competing, which does not bode well for the future of the game, and is in diametric opposition to Ben Brode's stated goal at the beginning (anyone else keep getting those YouTube ads that start with Brode saying "what if you couldn't just go into a card game, drop hundreds of dollars and immediately have the best cards?").
Thus far, though, SD has been entirely unreceptive to any of these concerns. They were brought up when flexible series drops were announced, and SD pushed forward with this month's series drops as if we said nothing. It's clear they hear us, but they aren't listening. The only response given thus far has been to tell us that there's "more to come," which is not exactly comforting given that what we've already seen is not so great.
What we could consider is a one-day blackout, where a large enough group of us decide collectively to not play the game. Don't even log on to collect your free 50 credits. I would suggest we do so on the day of Silk's release on 6/12. That would certainly get SD's attention. I would also suggest that we have specific asks (rather than just "stop," or "be more transparent"). I think two reasonable requests are as follows:
  1. A transparent series drop schedule for Season Pass cards - that way we know exactly how much early access we're paying for, and they can't keep $10 cards out of the hands of the public in perpetuity. Have all the flexibility you want with newly released cards, but leave $10 monthly cards out of it.
  2. No bundles containing series 4 or series 5 cards. Stop letting people buy their way into higher series.
These two demands alone would help prevent SD from tying value to performance and pushing the game into dicey territory where cash is king.
There is precedent for these types of boycotts. I remember when the Ubisoft game For Honor had released and immediately started putting a heavy emphasis on their premium currency. That led to a proposed boycott, and the community didn't even have to go through with it before Ubisoft enacted meaningful change.
This could be a real chance to let Second Dinner know that the community is unhappy but also that we're willing to do something about it. As they've proven, just being upset is not enough for them to make any meaningful changes. I'm curious to see what you all think. I can see a lot of you are unhappy about these changes.
A note to those who are totally OK with everything Second Dinner has done thus far: consider for a moment that we all want the same thing. We are all here because the core game of Marvel Snap is so freaking fun, and the theme is so on point and relatable to our interests, and we want to see the game succeed because then we get to keep playing it forever and ever. But, if you are someone who doesn't think Second Dinner has done anything wrong, you have to know that their actions have negatively impacted the Marvel Snap community. In no uncertain terms, they're turning people away, which means the game that you and I both love is potentially jeopardized. Just look at the state of the subreddit and content creator community. You have prominent people saying they aren't playing anymore, or aren't spending any money because it's either not worth it, or too predatory. I myself almost quit earlier this year. I stopped playing for two weeks during the Shuri/Thanos meta because SD was slow to balance untenable metas and the card acquisition system made it extremely difficult to compete without the imbalanced cards. And yeah, the thought has crossed my mind to stop again given this new round of card acquisition shenanigans. And, like it or not, I'm not the only one. So even though you might be totally fine with it, and think people who aren't are just entitled whiners, but at the end of the day they're people who play the game and healthy games can't afford to lose players, at least not at the rate of those who are upset. So again, we want the same thing, and SD is the obstacle.
I hope we can have a reasonable discussion about this. Please share your thoughts. Do you think a boycott is a good idea? Would you suggest any changes to what I've outlined (date, demands, other issues)? If you don't think it's a good idea, how do you suggest we better get the attention of Second Dinner in a greater capacity than what they've shown right now?
TL;DR: SD has screwed up in numerous ways, but hasn't shown a willingness to listen to our concerns and adapt. A one-day boycott on 6/12 (the day of Silk's release) could make them listen if enough of us participate, and enact meaningful changes. If you don't agree and think SD has done nothing wrong, know that we both want the same thing - a healthy and vibrant game with lots of players, and SD's actions are harming player retention.
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2023.06.08 00:31 OwnButterscotch7668 I (21M) am torn between 3 girls (21F/22F/22F) and don't know what to do

Little backstory: It all started 9 months ago with the start of the educational year . So in my uni, my specialisation that has less than 20 people studying first year, along with one other, are separated in a building far away from the main faculty. At first I wasn't really paying attention to any of my colleagues cuz I was kinda sick with a flu, couldn't attend lections, than it was catching up to the material, working to pay my rent as I was behind on payments and overall, well, didn't have the energy to even remember their names, let alone take interest in anyone. After about a month and a half tho I came to my senses.
That's when I noticed V (21F) who was in my specialty, first year like me. True, I noticed her looks but I'm not the type of person who goes for just that so I kept my distance. I caught some snippets of her personality over the next weeks and she caught my interest tho. On the "day of the uni student" (it's a day where we have no lections, clubs are cheaper, essentially just a day for uni students to party) I decided to ask her if she was coming to the thing we had planned, she had other plans tho but invited me to join if I have nowhere to go later in the night, after I did the same. So I pulled up and tbh, she spun my head despite both of us being both on drugs and drunk. Now, few days later I decided to ask her out, we'll, 3 times actually. I have a rule where since I usually ask out on activities 24~36 hours ahead of time, I ask 3 times total. 1st denial is normal cuz uk, maybe she can have made plans already. Sec9nd is a "sh*t happens" type thing and if she says no a 3rd time - I take the L and move on. Well, the first time she had plans, second time she just ignored my invite straight up and 3rd time I was left on delivered for 2 days. Pretty simple, pretty common, I take the L and go. I noticed her being awkward around me so I texted the usual "hey, dw, I got the hint, we good" type thing (cuz I know alot of mfs that don't give up and put the girls in really uncomfortable positions). She immediately swung in with the half-assed excuses, for me not to be mad and whatnot...typical "I'm down for friends cuz I don't have many, but nothing more". Which was fine by me cuz I also had just moved in the town and didn't have much people to hang out. About January she started being more relaxed around me, we started spending more time during lections cuz were both smokers and our breaks are rare and miniscule. And I got to know her better, both the good and the bad side...which although I was well aware of her not being interested in me, spun me in a loop of thinking about her daily, seeing her in my dreams, all that romcom bs jazz. About 3 months ago, after we kept making plans together without any of them coming to fruition for months, be it cuz of her or me, after her sending mixed signals almost every time we saw eachother, I decided during the usual drunk-all-by-myself-and-thinking-about-her state to just give up on any and all hope that she sees something in me and completely erase her from my mind. And I did, or so I thought.
Whats the best way to move on from someone - put urself out there. And so I did - made a Tinder, made a Bumble and started swiping. Was the swiping successful - absolutely. We're the girls looking good - yeah, but their personality would suck. Lame conversations, boring dates, nothing interesting despite going out with a new one almost every day, let alone all those who'd I never go out with for one reason or another.
Then, M (22F). As soon as we matched she hit me up trying to seduce me...which was a record book worthy failure. But I really needed someone to drink with, so I told her I don't have that type of interest in her but we can get wasted if she's down for that. So yeah, I went to her place, fell in love with her baby dog and we started drinking. Honestly she was a vibe. Great drinking buddy, great Co.pany and when she inevitably got hella drunk and I had to pull out my bartender psychology 101 book during her trauma dumping, I realised she is alot like me. We've had similar lives in quite alot of departments and frankly we both could and did understand eachother to the point we could guess the sentence of the other one. Now, I know what ure wondering. No, despite her trying to initiate it for approximately 3 hours, I didn't sleep with her. I stayed till few hours after sunrise, put her to sleep and left. Now, she is a great person and she did caught my interest, but I am not really sure I should do anything in that regard. Maybe I should just leave things like that? Idunno...
Enter F (22F). Last Saturday I went to a concert with a friend, got to meet some folks from his other friend group, got drunk, got high, lost him for about 40 mins and since he would reply just went on with a friend group of on3 of his friends to another place (it's a standart for me, happens almost every time I go to an event, call it being extremely extroverted if u will). Well, she was in that last group and she took interest in me, just as I did in her. She went as far as stealing my lighter so I hang out with her again and she literally asked me if "I'll just stand there or give her a kiss". Cool, right? Someone who knows what they want...Here's the catch - she is the "emotions dictate me" type of person. AKA, has issues...big time. The "wants to be touched but don't touch me" type. The "I feel like shit during the afternoon so my entire day and night are ruined and u can't do anything about it" type. If we count the night we met as a first date, then Sunday was our second one. I invited her, she agreed, then she had a mood swing, then some friend convinced her to go out and she invited me aswell cuz she "really wanted to see me again". OK, that's a Chinese monument red flag but I'm down for that and I went. Spent the whole night trying to cheer her up, I couldn't. Made the mistake of trying to kiss her at one point, which was a mistake aswell but im bot good on defining what type of issues someone has in just 2 days, just that there are some and yeah that made things worse. We did get to talk over text, and she said she is down for trying it again, cuz "maybe the bar wasnt a good idea", which she did say a multiple times on the date, despite denying my numerous followup suggestions to go somewhere else or just end the night. Now she is saying she needs time to trust me again cuz she felt I was somehow aggressive in my approach and so on and yeah, the next time we get to hang out would be soon but is still undefined.
Here is where the plot thickens - We joked about never hanging out with V and she said we should do it in about a week and few days cuz we have a long gap before the last exam. M msged me that we should hang out soon and that thing with F can only happen then or it'll be a really long time and I'm not really willing to waste my shot, while I'm still in town as I'd be traveling abroad for at the start of next month and then I have things to do back home...
Now I have interest in F, M is acting a lil too friendly towards me despite being pretty cold of a person as far as I know (as well as knowing damn well she won't get an ons or fwb from me) and V is somehow enetering my head again despite my months-long attempts to get her out...What should I even do at this point...Its not like my previous relationships have been any good despite always being with women about 3~5 years older than me and they knew what they wanted. Meanwhile I have V sending mixed signals for months, M being weird around me and F with her issues...I am lost beyond the meaning of the word...
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2023.06.08 00:28 YourHighlordVyrana Stain Their World Red 1/???

Really enjoyed writing Ashe, but didn't like the title or how short it was and wanted to expand upon it. So I C/Ped the extremely short chapter here, made a lot changes, and resumed where I left off. So this is the new and official Chapter 1\. Changed the title too! Once this goes up, I might just delete* Ashe altogether we'll see. Until then, here's another for you guys. A proper chapter. Longer too. Back on the computer, so that's fun. Enjoy!*
Title subject to change!
Read Ashe here (unless it's gone lol):
The dead stare of a long-disintegrated child looked up at them. Remnants frozen in time as a monument of ruin to the wasteland before her. A lifeless, shattered. Echos of what used to be. It used to beautiful. Maybe in memory, it stays there. Isolated, but perfect. Perhaps, in another lifetime, they could have considered such a sight tragic.
But now? Now, it was simply a byproduct. One of many at that.
Oblivion wondered if it was a form of hypocrisy. To care for their own children, the ones they were responsible for feeding and caring for. The very same children who required the life-filling nutritional energy only essence, only Souls, could provide in sufficient quantity and quality. At least, until they found a long-term alternative. How then, was it fair, that they could stare into the monuments of ash and brimstone without remorse? To sleep well in the void of space as the killed world after world? To render galaxies extinct and universes as little more than drifting debris of dead space?
As it turned out, Oblivion didn't care to find the answer.
In truth, they didn't actually care to answer a question they'd already established an answer for. The thought experiment was simply that. An experiment. Something to do, at best. The attention upkeep for a Living Extinction class such as themself rarely warranted such self-scrutiny, but times could be dull, seeing as the bare minimum of effort that it took to kill planet after planet after planet bore no grief to their heart not any guilt over the lives violently ripped away.
"Yo." A voice cried out. In response, the bored decimator tilted their head up to see their one and only partner hovering above them, floating in the shattered sky just a few feet above. They wondered if it was weird to take note that their friend's feet were remarkably clean. "You okay?"
Oblivion nodded. Their eyes glazed back down at the ashen remains of the child. It's face frozen in fear, their dreams, hopes and ideas dashed away. All so that their own children could have dreams, hopes and ideas on their own. Cataclysm, their partner, drifted down next to the standing red-skinned killer. Both Soul Rippers stood side-by-side amidst a lifeless chunk of what used to be Callus II, a world once renowned for its natural beauty. Destroying it hadn't actual yielded much Soulfood, or essence, as it was already halfway evacuated before their arrival. But once they did arrive, escape was impossible, not that it stopped the local resistance from, well, resisting. No, the planet's destruction was intended to damage moral moreso than it was to yield any form of "economic" bounty. Not that it didn't of course, food was food afterall, but it was an already sparsely populated planet. Since it was strongly suggested that the destruction of Callus II would cause significant unrest, maybe even rebellion in the remaining population centers, Oblivion figured it only fair they do their duty. Hence, another byproduct of a looong list that kept expanding, unlikely to end anytime soon.
"We got new orders from the ladies up top. Wanna guess what?" Oblivion's head tilted up, eyes gleaming with a current of curiosity. She gestured with her hand towards the broken debris scattered about. Of a long-dead world around them.
Cataclysm smirked as she shook her head. "Nah, nothin' too crazy. Got something new this time." She paused. 'Word is... we got allies now. Real, honest folks that wanna, and get this, work with us this time around."
A frown creased the white-haired woman's features. She turned to look at her partner's increasingly grinning expression.
Oblivion asked the obvious question without words. Mute as she was, it'd taken some time for Cataclysm to get a proper read on her partner's flow with any accuracy. Maybe it was because she was one of the not-quite-insignificant few that carried whatever gene caused the highbreds to be amquadsinistrous instead of the standard amquaddextrious. Which, naturally, caused her childhood to be filled with more than a few hiccups when you're a part of a species that heralds 4 arms to 1 torso. But the challenge was welcomed. It allowed her to be the Soul Ripper she is today. Her upper-hand twirled its index finger into a speedy frenzy, purple Vydent energy streaming from the tip into a swirling tight ball barely half the size of her thumb. The casual level of control over her Vydent flow made Cataclysm's partner wonder if it was weird that they noticed that, in addition to her feet, their friend's nails were also very clean.
Oblivion, for her part, remained focused on the current revelation. Confused at their friend's wording more than anything. Vassals that chose submission, to forgo their freedom and independence and live as official dependence of the Highbred Collective was the standard play-by-play. The trade-off, of course, being that in exchange for willingly allowing oneself to live as, essentially, glorified cattle for food and breeding purposes for denizens the Highbred Collective, the said cattle, referred to as thralls, would be legally protected under relatively well-regulated supervision and oversight in order to protect both their privacy and livelihood. The Gyfolten Principle in particular ensured, under extremely strict law and application, that humane treatment be provided in abundance for all enthralled vassals, unless otherwise specified by the vassals themselves. It was one of the very few choices offered to any and all opposition they defeated, excluding special exceptions naturally. The decision to live was choice often preferred, typically over those whose only other option was watch hard-won territories be conquered, captured, destroyed or a mixture of all three.
That was the only form 'allies' her people took. For a species to be able enter an honest partnership with the highbred race was... nearly unheard of.
Only one race had ever managed such a feat, and they were long extinct. The white-haired decimator pointed as her own head in a clawing motion, its question clear.
"Nope, not enthrallment." Cataclysm responded, still grinning even when she popped the 'P'. "Like I said. Full on allyship. Partners even!" The excitement in her voice was evident. Almost infectious. Oblivion's frown only deepened, confusion warring with contemplation before her eyes suddenly widened as the realization hit her. Cataclysm took the moment to mentally pat herself on the back for being able to translate the powerful mute's particular form of communication.
"Yep. There it is. It's aaaallll over your face BeeBee. No thralls, no vassals, no crazy shit. We got ourselves real volunteers this time around. People who wanna actually negotiate and even talk with us. Heh, three guesses as to who just got sattled to provide 'security' for the upcoming 'diplomatic mission'." She used air-quotes. "And the first two don't count."
Oblivion blinked.
Somehow, her partner's smile split her face even wider, a dance of mischievousness flashed through her glowing purple beacons. She slowly started to rise higher into the ruined sky moments later.
"Well! Guess you'll just have to fiiiind out when we get there. Planet we're going to is called 'Earth' by rest of the galaxy. So... ready for a lil' road trip?" /// The journey to Earth was a rather uneventful.
Surrounding her was a comfortable dome of dark red vydent energy, solidified into a comfortable hardlight seat that was easy on the eyes. It surrounded her like those capsules she'd seen on TV, forming both a protective barrier between herself and the vacuum of space as they traveled through FTL. Spacious too. She even had a nice comfy pillow and the 'chair' reclined as high or low as she pleased.
So, while uneventful, it most certainly a comfortable experience.
Pinelock was their assigned Solar Soother, an Energizer whose sole job was to provide speedy and smooth transportation for Decimators like Oblivion and herself when they didn't want to enter FTL themselves. Cataclysm remembered being in such a role eons ago, using her own vydent energy to ferry bigger and better Decimators from star system to star system. It paid decently, but she wasn't in it for the essence. The job was, at best, a luxury afforded for the powerful. Like being a limousine driver for an excessively wealthy businessman. It helped her connect with those powerful killers back in the day, helped her better understand their motivations beyond the barebone necessity of "kill or be killed".
With that thought in mind, the blonde Soul Ripper made a mental reminder to tip their chauffeur when they arrived at Earth as she leaned back into the provided pillow. Just as her eyes closed, she began thinking about her partner.
She remembered feeling incredibly nervous when upon first meeting her. The stories surrounding the then average Soul Ripper, wondering which ones were true and which ones were just hearsay from her various obsessors. Oblivion was a living legend, both inside and out. A genius and warrior both in fact. Back then, Cataclysm admired their tenacity. She read their info-profile. How Oblivion heralded many obsessors in her early days, rising to prominence primarily through utilizing some seriously impressive enthrallment tactics, drowning her would-be killers in a sea of bodies by utilizing some prolific insect race to force them to expend their vydent energy reserves. After that, it was a simple matter of killing off whatever opposition remained, though mercifully chose to personally spare or adopt many of the children of the deceased. All-in-all, it was a typical power story, up until the moment the Red Bastion, the main governing body of Highbred at the time, attempted to recruit her to their cause once she'd grown beyond their means of subjugation. And when their efforts ended in futility, Oblivion remained standing, the Red Bastion did not. Without leadership, the remaining populace moved on, formed their own groups, established a new primary Obelisk of Dominion, and the events were eventually relegated to the history logs. Whatever obsessors didn't try to outright kill the white-haired Soul Ripper decided to become dedicated housewives, pledging their hearts and mind to Oblivion and only her. Which was standard Obsessor behavior. What got her popular was the sheer volume of subsequent Supplicants that followed, asking to join her harem. Oblivion declined, of course, but the aftermath of so many offers are ultimately what rocketed her to the position she has today.
"A relatively bloodless rise to power really." Cataclysm though to herself. "Though I gotta wonder how she felt back then. What made her want to be a Soul Ripper in the first place? And why?" Even today, Cataclysm still didn't know. It was one of the few things she decided she'd have to be okay with never knowing. Over the years, as their bond grew, she thought she had a pretty good grasp on why her partner did what she did back then. But in truth? She still had no clue. And likely never would. What she figured she should know, however, is a little information on the race they were visiting. The humans of planet Earth.
"Speak?" Oblivion's voice gently echoed in the blonde Soul Ripper's mindscape, her voice somehow a whisper carried with all the authority of a command. But it was a genuine question, and Cataclysm was happy to answer honestly. She was a master at filling in the gaps by now. "Well, you just did, but shoot. What's on that mind o' yours?"
It was always an exceptionally rare moment with an even shorter timeframe that Oblivion chose to speak, and even when they did it was always, always through their telepathic connection. So, whenever they did offer to speak, Cataclysm vowed to always make time to truly listen. And as she waited for the powerful decimator to speak their piece, the blonde Soul Ripper also found herself wondering about the new world they would be shortly arriving at. About what made this 'Earth' so special. And most importantly, what made its denizens so different from the rest of the galaxy?
For the first time in a long time, Cataclysm knew she finally had something to look forward to.

Thank you so much for reading, Chapter will be far longer as they progress, haven't quite settled on a word count just yet. When Chapter 2 is up, it will be posted either at the top or the bottom, here. This is really my first real time posting here and, unlike previous unposted projects, I really want to improve my consistency in writing and craft a fun story while doing so. Until then, thank you for reading, please feel free to leave constructive criticism or feedback at your leisure, and I hope you have a great day!
-Highlord V.
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2023.06.08 00:27 gwingoodbrother Ellyn IV - Confess Your Obsession [OPEN TO STORM'S END]

12th Moon, 200 AC
Storm’s End

Rage in the pen
In the now in the then
From the mouths of the men
Who I won't lend a second thought to
Tell me that it's no big deal
Then leave your boot prints on my rights
And tell me how to feel
- RAGE, Samantha Margret

I killed them both. They killed my son and plotted to kill me, too. Had they not brought a war fleet into my harbor, they would have lived.
I had believed my fears were unfounded. But your mother’s foolish declaration confirms that she has wanted me dead for moons. I cannot say it was unexpected, after all, I refused to kill my brother when she sat upon my Small Council.
It is sad that you are to deal with the consequences that the Lady Paramount has incurred with her greed.
You are a clever girl, my niece. Do not allow this to be your downfall.
The paper in the now-Princess’ hands had been read and re-read time and time and time again, every time looking for something new. Looking for an apology, looking for a sense of closure, looking for a sense of finality. She’d received her confirmation, and all the same it brought her nothing. Only anger, no, rage. All she’d been lately was rage, and every minute she felt it she slipped closer and closer into its grip.
Ellyn placed the parchment from Aerea down on the desk in front of her, gently, almost calmly - much as she wanted to tear it in two and then in two again, she treated it with the kind of care one would treat a newborn babe. She smoothed her hand across the creases at the end, and then again and again, trying more to rub the words clean from the page itself than the creases in it as she held it in her furious hands.
What was there to do about it, she wondered? Cry? Flee the Keep entirely and hunt down Aerea Targaryen? Sink her warhammer into her chest and watch the life leave her eyes?
It was tempting. Gods, it was tempting. She wanted to kill the Queen, to be true. Perhaps even more than the part within her that wanted to thank her for it, to be done with it entirely.
Instead, she decided to take her anger out elsewhere. On the other side of the keep there were chambers that were left unused - meant for guests who would never make it to Storm’s End to use them. Hells, one of them could’ve been Ryman’s for all she knew. That would do.
She’d walked the length of the Keep so many times lately she wondered why she bothered at all. Past the faces and the bodies and the sounds of their voices and their footsteps, Ellyn tried to keep her composure as she made her way, all around the great Drum of Storm’s End and down a long, long flight of stairs to a hallway that anyone else might not have taken notice of. Dimly lit and quiet. It would do.
Throwing open the door to the chamber closest to her, Ellyn immediately made her way over to the windows. They would be the first to go as she grabbed ahold of them and yanked them from the wall. The metal rod holding them up fell down with them too, crashing onto the ground with a clang.
Then a table by the bed - there was very little on it safe for a candle and a metal bowl. Bending down to grab it from the bottom, Ellyn flipped it - and just as the curtainrod had, it clattered across the floor.
Then the bedposts, just in front of her. She was a strong girl, and fueled by rage besides, grabbing ahold of the post closest to her and yanking it, hard. The sound of the wood splitting and breaking as she yanked it, and as it came off the bed and she stumbled back with the force of her own pull, she threw it towards the window and watched the glass shatter and break.
She wasn’t done. She could not be done yet, until the entire room was wiped from what it had been in the past, until it mimicked the wasteland of her own mind.
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2023.06.08 00:26 JessJeYaoi The Redeeming Blood of Iruma

The Redeeming Blood of Iruma
I have been considering this theory in my mind for a long time. I clarify that I don't have any evidence to support it, it's more like... a wish? Something I'd like the manga to narrate. Long ago he had theorized about the possibility that Delkira had been reborn many times, that Iruma was his new reincarnation and that through his Delkira/Iruma blood he passed his power to another demon every time he had to disappear, thus maintaining control over the underworld. But here is another function that his blood could have, besides transferring its power and healing physical damage from demons and it is a redemptive function. In the event that an x ​​demon, like Kirio for example, bites Iruma and consumes his blood in a forced way, his mental 'damage' disappears, that is, he leaves that primitive state of consummate evil. That is, that Iruma's blood 'cleans' it. We would have a 'good' Kirio, capable of empathizing with others and perhaps being loyal to Iruma. That would be, perhaps, the greatest power that her blood could have, and perhaps, it would explain why Delkira was so powerful. His control of the demons was not simply due to his merits, it was because he could influence them directly or indirectly by healing them through the centuries. That would be the reason why Delkira/Iruma could be a danger to those, like Baal, who want to wreak havoc in the underworld. Of course, being bitten by Kirio would be a terrible experience for Iruma and would probably leave some scars, but I think it would be interesting if, instead of persecuting Iruma for being human, the goal was to destroy him to eliminate peace in the underworld, something which, obviously, neither Delkira in the past nor Iruma now would want. In that sense, Delkira's phrase to Sully would make sense, that he himself had forged that world.
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2023.06.08 00:26 shadebanister A finished song called Invincible Summer

Everyone was so kind last time a posted a riff on here. This is the final song with me strumming this time. Thank you for listening ✌🏻
Lyrics Grab the shears and trim the hedges Winter scorched her leaves and burned the edges The weeds have grown, beat back the bramble These thorns stick my side This burden feels like it’s too much to handle
Plant the lot and fence in the garden The animals want in they’re always starvin The overgrowth is so unkind Rake up the leaves, they’re piling up inside of my mind
I’m just trying to stop the liar He’s always shouting out my name In my heart, invincible summer She warms me up, shining out all my shame
The flash flood came and wiped the soil There goes my hard work the pain and toil Plant the seeds and start again And wait out the time, it takes to find What you’ve been missin
I’m just trying to stop the liar He’s always shouting out my name In my heart, invincible summer She warms me up, shining out all my shame
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2023.06.08 00:25 chrisse_13 My girlfriend broke up with me and i feel so lost

Hello, I’ve never posted anything on Reddit before so I am not quite sure what to say or how to say it. But I guess I’ll just start. I’m sorry if this post drags on or becomes tangled. (English is not my first language)
So me and my ex where together for almost 2 years. I know it doesn’t sound very long but it felt like my whole life. She broke up with me on the third of April but it wasnt the first time she said those words to me (first time was a few months earlier but she changed her mind the moment I started crying). We had a wonderful relationship which started out with a dreamlike passion, joy and promises of full communication. She was, in every being of my body, the woman i wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
But I felt early that she was uncomfortable showing the people in her life that I was her boyfriend, and the feeling of her being uncomfortable sometimes turned into shame. She would be very cold towards me when we hung out with her friends and especially so when she was out and talking to me on Snapchat, as an example. And it would get worse for the build up of when she first told me she wanted to break up. Before that point I regularly checked in on her both in person and over the phone asking her if she is alright and if there was anything she would like to talk about. The answer was always that she was fine and that there was nothing going on.
After that point I felt like I was walking on eggshells at times even though she was very loving, and it felt real. After that nothing really major happens until the last weekend we spent together. On Friday we went to her friends place and had a wine night, on Saturday we celebrated my grandparents and both of those days where wonderful. Half the Sunday we just hung out at her place the whole time I was there we almost just argued and watched something in silence. When it was time for me to go back home she said she would just follow me to the bus, she always came with me and waved me off at the train, I missed it by 5 seconds and she becomes completely hollow. She says she needs some space and just leaves me there.
It took three days for her to message me and I come to her place on the fourth day. I come hoping we can talk it out, but she knew already she was going to break up. I traveled 1 hour to get my whole life turned upside down and crushed. It’s now been barely over two months and I am still completely in love with her and every day I wake up It feels like my soul gets ripped out of my body.
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2023.06.08 00:25 Ok_Swim1502 Dear Ex

Dear Ex it still hurts thinking about you, and the future we could have had. It hurts knowing and seeing that you are thriving. Even though i know you are gonna have dumper remorse.
Dear Ex i know you probably dont miss me, but I sure miss you. I know you are probably relieved and you are hoping that breaking up with me settles all your struggles.
Dear Ex I'm still really mad at you for leaving me. For setting my Hopes up for a future only to Rip it away.
Dear Ex i can't help but wonder if you kissed a new girl, or if you slept with another girl. In the bed that was ours..
Dear Ex our friends tells me that you love me, but you dont regret right now. What does that even mean? You told me after yourself, i was the most important person to you. And you let go of me.
Dear Ex We havent had any contact since the breakup. I seriously hope for you, that it gives you the piece of mind you wish for. That you dont end up regretting, when its too late to come back.
Dear Ex. I love you.
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2023.06.08 00:23 Hfx204902 Update/Cycle Question

Update/Cycle Question
Thank you to everyone who commented on our last post.
The Plecos are doing much better now, more back to their playful ways and eating again and pooping alot again lol.
We ended up adding two elephant skin stone pieces to the tank and it has raised the PH from 6.0 or less (lowest on test) to 6.6-6.8.
This is causing the tank to actually try and cycle properly.
We finally had Nitrite of 0.25-0.50 ppm (closer to 0.25). The Ammonia though was 2.0-4.0 so I didn't feel right about leaving it as is and did a 20-25% water change.
When I tested today from Saturday the PH has increased to 6.6-6.8.
The first stone changed it to 6.4 after a water change but back down to 6 after a few days. (We will be eyeing it to make sure it doesn't get to high 7s)
Did I ruin the cycle by doing this water change, in the future if I see these similar results with higher Ammonia but nitrites present, just leave the tank and allow it to cycle the Ammonia and use something to make the ammonia non toxic like nutrafin cycle?
** These lights are only on for the pictures. We have the dimmed led lights on usually like in the last pic.
Lol and don't mind our dirty waterstained glass 😬
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2023.06.08 00:23 timeye13 My letter to Ezra and team (April 13th, 2023)

Hey everyone. I'm new to the community, but am an avid listener of Ezra's podcast. The reason I am posting this is because of recent developments in the topic of UAP (formerly known as UFO's). Please reference this article from The Debrief for more context. I hope the Ezra or the show runners see this and dig in. Thanks!
Hello Ezra and team,
Timeye13 here, reaching out from a very windy Golden Gate Heights in San Francisco CA. First, I want to acknowledge you and your staff for the excellent work relating to the ongoing development and wide proliferation of consumer facing LLM (and other) AI's. Your segments have spearheaded a conversation that is timely and necessary to understanding the broader implications of these tools and how uncertain the future truly is at this moment. I hope you continue the work as the subject continues to develop. I also enjoyed listening to your talks with Dan Savage and Rick Ruben. If Rick did an audio book reading of "Goodnight Moon" I'd likely listen to it nightly. The primary reason for this message is to draw your collective attention to recent developments that, in my opinion, merit much more exploration and reporting: the reality, ubiquity and acknowledgement of encounters with UAP or Unidentified Anomalous Phenomenon (historically labeled as UFO's). Since 2017, when Leslie Kean, Ralph Blumenthal, and Helena Cooper at the NYT's published an article about the DoD's AATIP program along with the 3 gun camera videos from Navy fighter pilots (Gimbal, Tic Tac, and Go-Fast: provided by Christopher Mellon) the public has become aware of government interest in this phenomenon. Primarily, how it relates to security concerns and threat scenarios within the IC and DoD. I won't rehash this story further, as there was a wide array of coverage pertaining to these events, specifically through the lens of military, defense and national security. There were some notable follow up pieces on the topic from Gideon Lewis-Krauss of The New Yorker, and 60 Minutes in the spring of 2021, as well as the first congressional hearing on UAP in 50 years in the Spring of 2022 (which can safely be categorized as political theater). Don't get me wrong, these were all important efforts, and groundbreaking when you consider the historical and ongoing stigma of this subject going back 75+ years. But there have been many remarkable developments since then...such as:
(There is a lot to unpack in this subject. This is basic surface level information) "What's the point of it all, Tim?" you might ask: well...if there is substantial interest from the US government (including Congress and the Executive branch), current and former US DoD and IC representatives, leading minds in academia from premier universities, multidisciplinary scientific bodies and think tanks, and private enterprise, WHERE IS THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA?! There is there there. Why aren't there journalists here here? Where are the leaders in journalism who took a journalistic oath to pull the threads that need to be pulled, follow the facts where they lead, and shine light into the darkness on the public's behalf? (That was only slightly preachy, right?) My point is, outside of a handful of reporters who do short segments on this topic, there isn't a single American investigative journalist with the bonafides of a Murray MAder, or Bob Woodward, or Carl Bernstein, or Ida Tarbell, etc etc, who have had the courage to follow the mountain of leads relating to this subject. Ross Coulthart in Australia is the only notable reporter who is actively pursuing this story. Surely, this has the implications to be the biggest story of all time, right? So where are the reporters? Where are you and your colleagues? Conspiracy theories aside (of which there are many), the heaps of anecdotal evidence is there. The physical evidence is lacking, which is a total understatement. The actions of the aforementioned groups should be evidence enough to motivate some big names in journalism to do their job. It takes courage to wade through decades of stigma and ridicule. I'd like to see more risks in this direction, and I think your team is well equipped to handle it. This might sound sensational, because it is in fact, very sensational. In my opinion, the only way to reveal whether that sensation is merited or not is to disinfect it with sunlight. What could be more interesting than to discover that the world we inhabit is a much much bigger place than we once thought, and that maybe non-human intelligence is not only something we're close to creating, but the universe has already iterated, and shipped it. Thank you for reading, whoever you are. I love the show and will continue listening. In keeping with show tradition I'll sign off by leaving you with my 3 book recommendations on the topic:
  1. American Cosmic: UFO's, Religion, and Technology- By Diana Walsh-Pasulka
  2. UFO's: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials go on the Record- By Leslie Kean
  3. In Plain Sight: An Investigation into UFO's and Impossible Science- Ross Coulthart
Maybe consider having a conversation with Dr Sean Kirkpatrick, former AWSAP director Dr Colm Kelleher, former UAP Task Force Director Jay Stratton, Sen Kirsten Gillabrand, Sen Marco Rubio, Rep Matt Gallagher, former Deputy Secretary for Defense and Intelligence Christopher Mellon, former AATIP Director Luis Elizondo, Leslie Kean, Dr Garry Nolan, Jaques Vallee, Avi Loeb, Dr Eric Davis, Diana Walsh-Puslka, Ross Coulthart, etc. Good places to start.
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2023.06.08 00:23 sonofabutch Smoked out tonight, so let's remember a forgotten Yankee: Tom "Smoke" Sturdivant

The 1950s Yankee dynasty had some great hitters -- Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Moose Skowron, Hank Bauer, Gil McDougald, just to name a few -- but the key to going to eight World Series between 1950 and 1959 (and winning six of them) was a pitching staff that led the league in ERA in five of those 10 seasons -- and in the top three in all 10!
Whitey Ford was the ace of the staff, going an unbelievable 121-50 (.708 W%) with a 2.66 ERA (140 ERA+) between 1950 and 1959. And that was with Casey Stengel often skipping Ford against weaker teams to save him for tougher match-ups, meaning that most of those wins came against top competition. In 1956, for example, the Chairman of the Board had 10 starts against teams with losing records, and 20 starts against teams with records of .500 or better. He went 7-1 with a 2.27 ERA against the losers, and 12-5 with a 2.59 ERA against the winners!
But behind Ford were some pretty good if less famous pitchers, including Allie Reynolds, Eddie Lopat, Tommy Byrne, and Bob Grim. And another, even lesser known hurler won two rings as a key member of the Yankee rotation: Tom Sturdivant.
A hard enough thrower in his youth that he got the nickname "Smoke," by the time Sturdivant reached the Yankees he was called "Snake" because of the way his pitches moved. He threw a curve that broke away from right-handed batters, a screwball that broke away from lefties, a sinking fastball, and a looping change-up. All were good pitches, but none of them was great. Ted Williams was asked how Sturdivant was so successful without overpowering stuff, and he replied:
"Maybe he hasn’t got a thing. But I notice one thing. He keeps winning."
Eventually he did find a thing, though. Particularly later in his career, Sturdivant became known for his knuckleball. He would call it his "money pitch." He also complained about the pitch like an unruly pet, saying "it just won't act right 'til late in the season."
Born in Gordon, Kansas, on April 28, 1930, Thomas Virgil Sturdivant grew up in Oklahoma City and attended Capitol Hill High School. Sturdivant was signed by Yankee scout Tom Greenwade, who also signed another kid from Oklahoma, Mickey Mantle. Like Mantle, Sturdivant was signed as an infielder. But Sturdivant also was a pretty good pitcher as a teenager, as Greenwade told a reporter:
"Used to be a high-school pitcher in Oklahoma City, you know. And one of the greatest. He set some kind of record. More than 100 innings without being scored on."
Sturdivant struggled to hit his first few seasons as an infielder in the minors, hitting .246 in 281 at-bats in 1950. He then spent all of 1951 and much of 1952 in the U.S. Army, and -- as happened to most major leaguers drafted into the service -- spent most of his time playing baseball for a base team. (As Whitey Ford once said: "Army life was rough. Would you believe it, they actually wanted me to pitch three times a week!") Sturdivant's success pitching in the Army, as well as a leg injury that cost him some of his running speed, convinced him he should ask the Yankees to try him at pitching.
"I knew I wasn't getting anywhere, batting .246 in Class B, so I decided I'd better try something else if I wanted to stay in baseball, which I did, badly."
He returned from the Army in time to pitch 86 innings with the Yankees' Double-A affiliate, the Beaumont Roughnecks, and went 3-3 with a 3.56 ERA. His days as an infielder were over.
Sturdivant went 10-7 with a 2.98 ERA in Double-A the following season, and 8-9 with a 3.57 ERA in Triple-A the year after that. Yankee pitcher Allie Reynolds, a fellow graduate of Capitol Hill High School in Oklahoma City who had gone 20-8 for the Yankees in 1952, had retired after the 1954 season. That winter, he worked with Sturdivant and told him he might make the Yankees in spring. Sturdivant's hard work that off-season impressed manager Casey Stengel. "We learned that he can be a fighter, and that's what we want with this club," he said.
He made the team out of spring training and made his major league debut on April 14 against the Red Sox at Fenway Park -- Boston's home opener. Bob Grim started the game and was bombed for five runs on seven hits through six innings. Sturdivant entered the game in the 7th, with the score 5-2, and gave up another run. The Yankees battled back in the bottom of the 8th, scoring two runs on back-to-back singles from Elston Howard and Jerry Coleman to make it a two-run game, but Sturdivant gave up a two-run single in the 8th to pitcher Ellis Kinder to put the game out of reach again, and the Yankees lost, 8-4.
In 33 games that year, Sturdivant posted a 3.16 ERA and a 1.302 WHIP, not bad for a rookie. He didn't give up a lot of hits, but he did walk 41 men in 68.1 innings. Stengel didn't mind that, though. In a 2020 article, "Big Walkers", Bill James wrote about how Stengel employed a strategy of "pitching around" power hitters. When a slugger was at the plate, pitchers were coached to work the edges of the plate, not giving him anything good to hit. He might chase pitches and strike out... he might hit something off the end of the bat... or he might walk. Any of the three, in Stengel's opinion, was a better outcome than throwing a pitch down the middle to a guy who could hit it 450 feet.
As a result, the Yankees often were near the top in walks allowed -- but also in fewest home runs allowed. And also in double plays. And also, not coincidentally, in earned run average.
In his five seasons with the Yankees, Sturdivant walked 221 batters in 524.1 innings (3.8 BB/9), but only gave up 45 home runs (0.8 H9). He also induced 44 double plays. James, in looking at what made the Yankees successful in the 1950s, discovered that they had a huge differential in HR-GIDP. In 1955, Sturdivant's first year in the league, the Yankees hit 175 home runs, and grounded into 101 double plays (+74). Yankee opponents had 108 home runs, and grounded in 145 double plays (-37). In 1956, the Yankes were +86, their opponents -53.
James wrote:
This is not a typical championship team pattern. In many areas, the 1950s Yankees were just an ordinary team. They really had only one outstanding starting pitcher, while Cleveland usually had three or four. But the Yankees huge advantages in Home Runs vs. Double Plays enabled them to win almost every year.
Sturdivant rode this strategy to back-to-back 16-win seasons, going 16-8 with a 3.30 ERA (118 ERA+) in 1956, and 16-6 with a 2.54 ERA (142 ERA+) in 1957.
After those two great seasons, though, Sturdivant's career went up in... well... smoke.
In Spring Training 1958, he held out for a raise, eventually signing for $18,000, a $4,000 raise from what he'd made the year before. He gave up 10 runs in his first two starts of the year, and then missed a month with a sore arm. When he came back, he was hit hard in his next three starts, and was banished to the bullpen. After a pretty good month (8.0 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 4 BB, 7 K), he was put back into the rotation, and went 3-2 with a 3.31 ERA in 32.2 innings, but his arm still wasn't quite right, and he missed some time in August due to a heel injury. He was on the World Series roster in 1958, but didn't pitch.
All off season there were rumors that Sturdivant was on the trading block, and after another slow start -- 0-2 with a 4.97 ERA, and still bothered by his sore arm -- he was dealt to the Yankees' favorite trading partner in the late 1950s, the Kansas City Athletics. "Snake", along with Jerry Lumpe and Johnny Kucks, was dealt for Ralph Terry and previously forgotten Yankee Hector Lopez -- a pretty good deal for the Yankees, as Terry and Lopez helped the Yankees to five straight pennants and two championships between 1960 and 1964. Lumpe, a little used utility player with the Yankees, proved to be a solid regular for the Athletics and then an All-Star with the Tigers in 1964. But Kucks, an All-Star with the Yankees in 1956, was done, going 12-21 with a 4.78 ERA (84 ERA+) in two seasons with the Athletics, and was out of baseball after the 1960 season.
Sturdivant would hang around another five seasons, and pitch for six different teams! He went from the Athletics to the Senators -- not the original Senators, who were now the Twins, but the expansion team founded in 1961 that would become the Rangers in 1972 -- then the Pirates, the Tigers, back to the Athletics, and then rejoined Casey Stengel on the Mets in 1964. Over that stretch he went 21-20 with a 4.16 ERA and 1.301 WHIP as a swingman.
The 34-year-old Sturdivant announced prior to the 1964 season he was running for the Oklahoma State Senate and that he'd quit baseball if elected in November. The Mets beat him to it, though, releasing him in May after he posted a 5.97 ERA in 28.2 innings. Maybe more as a campaign ploy, in July Sturdivant signed with the Oklahoma City 89ers. He went 6-3 with a 3.89 ERA and 1.365 WHIP in 74.0 innings. He lost the election, and retired from baseball.
After that, Sturdivant owned a trucking company and tried to drum up support for the Hall of Fame case for his old mentor Allie Reynolds.
In 2000, the 69-year-old Sturdivant was in a serious car accident. Someone -- he never learned who -- found him on the roadside, thrown from his truck after it had rolled five times. When the ambulance arrived, they thought he was dead. They strapped his body to a stretcher and loaded him into an ambulance.
Sturdivant told sportswriter Brian Jensen:
"When we were driving to the hospital, I was in the back and they had me strapped down and I guess when I came to, I raised my head and I said, 'hey could y'all call my wife for me,' and the driver almost jumped out of the van. It just wasn't time for me to go."
He had broken his back, both hips, his pelvic bone, his tailbone, multiple ribs, and had a punctured lung. He never recovered.
"I don't have a life," Sturdivant said. "You know, I have a hard time remembering a lot of stuff and I'm kind of slow. I kind of have little spells where I pass out and have a hard time walking straight."
Sturdivant died on February 28, 2009.
Smoke Show:
Sturdivant remained a Yankee for life. After his playing days were over and he was living in Oklahoma, he was an early adopter of a subscription service that allowed him to watch Yankee games!
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2023.06.08 00:22 Slight-Ad-5442 thinking of combining 2 charcaters, removing plotlines adding 2 more

Recently, after finishing my 2nd draft, I have begun working over it again, adding stuff, information that needs to be known earlier, and adding a couple new characters. I am currently 50/50 between combining two characters and splitting their chapters with someone else, and adding/removing a plotline.
Characters I am thinking of combining
Nora and Winter Shore.
Reason why i am considering combining.
Because although Winter is the sister of Nora and her older sister, she only appears once in the first half of the book, where she suffers a fit and pulls down the family dinner table. Then her POV takes place toward the middle end of the book where she is in the woods with her sister and sister's handmaiden when she suffers a fit/visions, and they proceed to get chased by a group of Bawasi. They get separated, each character going their own way for their conclusion to the book. (another 100 pages or so) She is the reason why the Bawasi are attacking the country, because she is the missing daughter of the Bawasi leader that was kidnapped by the governor. Once the Bawasi have the child, they leave. The invasion, insurrection, is over.
The Bawasi: the more I think about them, the more I think it makes sense for the Bawasi to be a people rather than a tribe. A collection of ethnicities of the south all come together to oppose colonisation. Their leader could still be wanting to get their daughter back.... Possibly.
I could easily combine the two characters of Nora and Winter, split their chapters up between 2 other characters. Fundamentally losing Winter just means a few less words and maybe a minor change to the overall outcome of the story as a whole. (I could easily have another character show up in book 2 to reveal that one of the main characters has been dead since book 1 and the big bad has been impersonating them)
PLOTLINE i am considering removing.
The daughter of a conquered country becoming queen of the conquering country to secure peace.
This girl is not really the daughter, but passes for one, and is selected to marry the king of the invading country so as to secure peace between the two nations, and secure an heir for the king himself. Unknown to the king, the rebel group opposed to both the king and the other group, have trained this girl to be an assassin. She gets to the city, marries the king, then murders him on their wedding night, ultimately becoming the first queen in the history of that country. Though people are pretty much surprisingly accepting of her, it doesn't stop civil war breaking out by book 2 with the king's surviving daughter.
I had in mind to remove this entirely. Or alter it someway. Rather than being a passive woman in a way, she starts off as a warrior. With the removal of Winter she could be the leader or figurehead of the Bawasi people. A warrior of whom people are wanting to get behind, but I'm worried that paired with the other character that would be added in this plotline, that it strays too close to AOM Leo and Stour. The only differences would be. This as yet unnamed character is the brother of another main POV character, has a good relationship with his mother. Got kicked out of the governor's house for trying to pork his daughter. But the same beats are there. Especially the showdown duel between this guy and the woman. After which, she is chosen to become the king's new bride, or something? But the caveat being this whole Bawasi invasion is actually being funded by the actual governor they're fighting against in some scheme to destabilise the power of the country that put him in charge of this one.
Though these two characters follow the same chapter beats perhaps as Leo and Stour, by the end of book 1 they're going off in different directions.
Any thoughts? Any help?
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2023.06.08 00:19 jjeenniiffeerr Do old folks just constantly walk around with pockets full of change?

A few years back when I worked at a retail greenhouse, we’d have a lot of elderly folks come through the register. I’d say 9 times out of 10 they would pay in cash, and just dump this massive mound of coins out of their pocket onto the till and count out exact change, very slowly, in front of me.
Not that I mind or anything, in fact I enjoyed getting exact change because it made me job easier, but I found it to be an amusing pattern, that it was always elderly gentleman and all of them always had a crap ton of change just in their pockets. I thought maybe it was just at the greenhouse, but I saw the exact same thing happen at the dollar tree the other day, and against at the liquor store.
So do elderly men just always walk around with change in their pockets? As they’re leaving the house do they go “oh, can’t forget my change!” and stick their hand into a large pot of coins and stuff it into their pockets? How do they always have change on them, and so much of it? Is this something all elderly folks do? I’m so confused.
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2023.06.08 00:17 ellemae_x Having a hard time letting go of bitterness & resentment towards BF - When do you know it's time to leave the relationship?

Hi all, I (28F) have been lurking on this sub for support and guidance, for about 2.5 years, since I started dating my BF (30M) who has a BD (11F). I am at a crossroads in my relationship with him because I'm seriously reconsidering whether I am cut out to be a potential SM or not.
He is the first person I have dated who has a child with a previous SO, and it's been difficult for me to deal with everything that comes with that. I just want to say that I know I am responsible for my own feelings, and I did anticipate that I might have a hard time being in a relationship with my BF, due to his daughter and the BM. I truly thought that with time and effort, I would get over any negative emotions or worries I have, and that everything would be all good eventually. I now realize that was very naive of me to believe, but I really love my BF and wanted things to work out, especially since we have been talking seriously about a future together (marriage, future children, etc.) However, I did not anticipate how much heartache, insecurity, and mental exhaustion this relationship would make me feel.
My BF and I are somewhat long distance (~2 hours apart), and I started feeling bitter towards him a few months into us dating, when he would make me go visit him 90% of the time by saying that he couldn't go see me because he has a daughter (even if it was his week off) and that he had a lot going on with his life. I was trying to be understanding, so I would visit him most of the time, even though I was juggling my job, postsecondary degree studies, and my own life basically. Whenever I would visit him, he suddenly didn't have to take care of all the "busy" things he said he supposedly had going on in his life, and I started feeling like he wasn't being considerate of my time and how exhausting the travel was on me, considering that I had to study and work after visiting him after a 4 hour roundtrip.
Also, in the beginning, his BM would call him for very trivial things at random hours (6 AM, 10 PM, etc.), and she kind of ran his schedule by telling him to pick up and drop off his daughter whenever it was convenient for her, and my BF just went with it, even if it was at the expense of any plans we made or any important events (e.g., he didn't tell me happy birthday on my actual bday last year but he did tell me all about a dumb conversation he had with his BM at 6 AM the same day). There are more events that made me start resenting my BF, but I don't want to rant more about it.
I talked to him about all of this, and at first, he didn't take me seriously and kept ignoring my efforts to find solutions and compromises to make sure I felt respected and prioritized, but also to respect his co-parenting responsibilities to his BD and BM. So, I broke up with him about a year ago, but we quickly got back together because he said he really understood how he could have stepped up and where he went wrong, that I was the love of his life, and etc.
Flash forward to now, and he really has stepped up but our relationship is still rocky, and tbh it's mostly because of me. I feel so insecure now because I feel like he showed me once that I wasn't a priority to him as much as his BD and BM were, and even though he has really stepped things up for me by setting better boundaries with BM and making more efforts to see me and make me feel cared for, I can't help but wonder if it's only temporary and if I will always be second to his BD and BM in the back of his mind. The insecurity is driving me crazy because I start spiraling in my mind and wonder if any children I might have with him will also be second to his BD and BM, and etc. I've had to lock myself in my office at work or step out of my classes at random times just to cry because of random waves of sadness over my insecurities and feelings about the situation.
I've tried talking to him about it, but he usually gets angry at me for feeling this way and says that he stepped up and changed a lot of things, so now it's on me to get over my made up insecurities (which I acknowledge he has a point to some degree). However, I just feel so unhappy and insecure about my position in his life and any potential future with him. I'm just looking for advice if there really is a way to change my mindset and get over my insecurities, or if I should just leave the relationship now to spare myself and him more heartache and stress. Thank you for reading this, and I'm sorry if it was all over the place. I'm just feeling really lost, and I can't really talk about this with my friends and family, since they don't understand the situation and disapprove of me being with someone with a child in the first place.
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2023.06.08 00:17 Azure_Infinity [Fanfiction] The Haar Chapter 10: Birmingham and Boise

Hanazuki and Miyuki hadn't returned.
That didn't bode well. And although Impero retained her lazy, almost laid-back disposition, one could see the unease crinkling at the corner of her eyes, her brow dipped into a frown as she mulled over what happened – before, after only a brief delay, sent out a team to check up on them.
The main fleet was starting to become a bit stretched, however. Although they were several dozen in number over half of them were spread out in a forward fan shape as they progressed towards their main objective. As such only four could be spared to go hunt for their missing Destroyer duo – a party consisting of four cruisers; two light and two heavy. Enough firepower to handle most of what the island had thrown at them thus far, but not so much that it granted them overconfidence.
Not that she'd ever fall prey to overconfidence, Birmingham thought to herself.
The red-haired cruiser wandered through the forest with fast strides, her jog slowing as she took a moment to assess her surroundings. She was near the junction where Hanazuki and Miyuki had gone – a fact confirmed when she spotted the bushes nearby had been trampled by rudder-ended boots, the tracks still fresh. However there was no signs of a struggle, indicating that if there was anything wrong then it happened deeper into the forest.
Birmingham glanced behind her. Boise followed close behind her, shy and skittish, whilst a step behind was Maya and Ashigara – two Heavy Cruisers from the Sakura Empire. She could appreciate Maya's seriousness about the matter, especially with her skilful swordsmanship, but she was a little more sceptical about Ashigara's. Though a Myouko-class cruiser she seemed rather skittish in this environment; chasing shadows and flinching at every distant shell fired. She wasn't scared per se, but it was clear that the nigh-suicidal onslaught of monsters had rattled her slightly.
As if sharing the same thought Maya looked back at her companion, nudging her. ''Relax. Stay focused.''
Ashigara started a little but hurriedly nodded; drawing in a cleansing breath and managing to regain some of her nerve. Birmingham hummed at that and looked ahead, silently leading her companions further into the woods. It wasn't long until the land descended into a natural basin, and a quick search yielded results, albeit not the ones they were hoping for.
Torn clothes. Broken bits of rigging. Even blood, in some cases. The girls had been attacked here, of that there was no doubt, but the absence of bodies was unnerving.
''Either they managed to escape and went further in, or they were dragged off.'' Maya made her thoughts clear, staring pointedly at Birmingham. They had to go further.
Grimacing Birmingham nodded her assent, continuing to lead her small sortie group ahead. It almost felt weird leading two Heavy Cruisers, given flagship roles usually went to the capital ships, but she wasn't complaining – maybe Impero thought she had better commanding skills. That, or the carrier was just too lazy to do an in-depth assessment of their skills and just gave her the role on a whim. Which, considering they needed to find their missing comrades ASAP, she supposed was somewhat warranted. Find the injured first, bicker about command roles later.
Shaking her head to dispel the thought Birmingham focused on the other end of the basin, reaching it soon enough. Vines, moss and other bits hung from the slanted rock but it felt surprisingly firm, refusing to budge when she tugged and emboldening her to use them as climbing tools – grunting as she hauled herself up bit by bit. The others followed her carefully, making sure not to overload the edge of the basin lest their combined weight cause the dirt and stone to crumble, but in the end they all reached the top of the basin without issue.
''Where to now...?'' Boise spoke up, her face-mask muffling her voice somewhat.
'Where to indeed.' Birmingham frowned, looking about. Unlike before there was no convenient trail of blood, just a vast green in all directions, broken up only by the thick wood of the trees.
Ashigara broke the quiet. ''Do you think they went down to the coast? It's not that far, and if they got on the water they'd be safe from the monsters.''
''Possibly.'' Maya conceded with a frown. ''But if so, then they would've given us a signal of some kind.''
''Maybe they did, but just after we left?'' Ashigara floated the idea.
Birmingham frowned, however; her eyes scanning the grass in the opposite direction of the ocean. Now that she looked closer she could spot finer details she'd initially overlooked; the grass trudged down by monster footprints, partially hidden by the overgrowth. When she did a little loop around their area though she noticed a second trail, one that went towards the ocean.
''Two paths.'' Birmingham voiced her thoughts grimly. ''...this almost smells like a trap.''
''Doubtful.'' Maya weighed in, thumbing the handle of her katana idly. ''These monsters don't seem to have enough intelligence for that. Ambush? Yes. Luring in with footprints? That's too advanced for them.''
Birmingham had to agree with that. Though some of the monsters that had attacked them showed intelligence, it was of the more bestial kind. Encirclement, probing attacks, wave attacks, that sort of thing. Primitive and basic but effective in some sense; if they kept it up for long enough they'd eventually run out of ammo, not that the monsters could know that. Still, something like luring stragglers away from the main fleet felt a bit too above their intelligence level.
''Should we split up then?'' Birmingham murmured. ''The whole reason Impero sent us together was for you to support us...''
''True.'' Maya sighed. ''Still, I'd rather not have to backtrack and look in two places at once, especially when their lives on the line. Every second we spend here is another that could be their last.''
A grimace marred Birmingham's visage and she nodded. ''Fine. You go check the one nearer the coast, we'll go further inland. Ripple fire into the sky if you find them, we'll meet back up here, or fall back into the basin if attacked.''
''Sounds good to me. Good luck.'' Maya turned and fast-walked down the other faint path. ''Ashigara, let's go. You take the lead.''
Birmingham watched the Heavy Cruiser go, almost wanting to go back on her word and stick with them – but she quashed such feelings. Time was of the essence here – what did safety matter if they only found Hanazuki and Miyuki's remains? Nodding at that she spared a sharp look at Boise, earning a shaky nod from her peer, before as one they fast-walked towards the deeper parts of the forest.
'Please be safe, you two...'
Boise wasn't sure how long they'd been walking. Five, ten, fifteen minutes?
The forest around them grew slightly thicker but otherwise it remained identical to the section of forest before it. From time to time they'd pass near a river but monsters seemed to lurk near it, either for a drink or drawn in by the sound, she didn't know. Regardless they kept their distance and sneaked around what monsters they could, both to avoid detection and to save ammo.
Just as Boise was beginning to worry that their search was fruitless, though, they discovered something new – a burrow. That in itself wasn't the weirdest thing – the monsters probably had to sleep somewhere – but what was notable was that a Lizardman crawled out of the depression in the ground and skittered off into the forest, no doubt to look for more prey. The pair of them stayed still in a bush, not a breath escaping them until the yellow-scaled Lizardman was long out-of-sight, allowing the pair to breathe freely.
''S-Should we check it out...?'' Boise tentatively asked. The idea of going into a burrow was a highly unsettling one, especially if the monsters came back, but after searching for so long this was the most likely place for Miyuki and Hanazuki to have been taken to.
Birmingham grimaced, then nodded. Quiet as she could she crept out from their hiding spot and crouched low as she crossed the tiny clearing. The burrow was just next to a tree; the thick roots spreading out in all directions and with some foliage hanging over it like camouflage, doing little to hide the depression in the dirt that went down like a slide. It was about as slippery as one too; her footwear struggling to get a firm grip on the dew-covered grass, forcing her to get down on her hands and knees and crawl down.
Darkness quickly engulfed her as she passed under the hanging roots, only the dim gloom of the sky outside to light her way. As her eyes adjusted though she was surprised to see this was not some tiny dirt burrow fit for a single, but an entire, expansive room that networked into others. Shy of about six feet high and probably about eight or nine feet wide in diameter it was unsettlingly spacious, though then again considering the size of the Lizardmen she supposed they'd need a bigger burrow than a traditional lizard.
However she could hear something. A distant noise, faint but repetitive. Breathing? No, it was sharper than that. Wheezing. Wounded? Maybe.
Grimacing Birmingham rose to her feet, waiting for Boise to join her before she began to trek towards the leftmost tunnel. It was painfully narrow, forcing her to de-summon her rigging just to fit through, not that her rigging would do her any good underground. She'd sooner bury herself alive than kill anything outright. The thought sent a chill up her spine but she tried to ignore how defenceless she was right now – she'd been in situations like this. Situations where firepower wasn't enough, so stealth wasn't just an option, but a necessity.
The tunnel grew slightly narrower, eventually tapering off but with dirt piles around the floor, as if it was still being excavated. However Birmingham's main focus was on the suspicious sound, her footsteps slowing and growing quieter as she neared the edge of a doorway; the arch having nothing to hide her as she poked her head around-
-and found Hanazuki and Miyuki.
With Lizardmen on top of them.
The sight made her freeze up, shocked silent. For a long moment she just stood there and watched as the two lizards mating-pressed the naked Destroyers into the dirt; harsh smacks of flesh mixed with their animalistic grunts. However while Miyuki was worryingly silent, unconscious, Hanazuki was not – soft, defeated whimpers escaping her every time the Lizardman pressed its cock down into her depths, squelching its fluid out of her but not pushing any of its eggs out.
Birmingham got over her shock quickly though, anger soon to take root. Was it because these monsters all seemed to be male, was that why they'd taken two Ship-Girls and... bred them? To repopulate their numbers? The prospect was worryingly high but Birmingham soon crushed such thoughts; silently walking out into the small, enclosed space, one just big enough for her rigging to manifest.
She wouldn't be able to shoot it, but that didn't mean she was defenceless. Far from it.
Rearing her right hip back she tensed – and then just as the leftmost Lizardman raised its head she swung, smashing the side of her rigging into its head. Its skull dented inwards and the creature fell to one side, thrashing, but she wasn't looking at it anymore; her eyes darting to the right Lizardman. It noticed her and had the benefit of her being a foot or two away, pulling its glistening cock from Miyuki's abused folds as it stood.
Then Birmingham was in front of it, punching it straight in the throat. The humanoid staggered and clasped as its throat, gargling in surprise, but its moment of surprise was enough for her to smash her rigging into it and knock it down. It was dazed but far from dead, forcing her to stomp down on its head – gritting her teeth as she put every ounce of strength into it.
'Die dammit!' She could hear the other Lizardman, injured but alive, rising back to its feet.
Finally one more brutal stomp crushed the creature's skull in properly. She felt sick as blood and viscera spurted up her shin but anger and fear was a good deterrent; keeping her last meal down as she spun – just in time too, as the other Lizardman staggered over to her, claws out and a snarl on its dented face, bone poking out from between uprooted scales.
Until Boise stepped in, squeaking as she rammed into its side. It hit its head on the dirt wall and fell between Miyuki and Hanazuki, snarling and shifting, but a solid kick to its skull from Birmingham made a disgusting crack sound, and its head went limp, Broken skull, snapped neck, she neither knew nor cared. All that mattered was that it was dead.
Birmingham released a heavy breath. ''Thanks.''
''I-It's fine.'' Boise answered but sounded shaken. Birmingham didn't blame her – whether because of her own actions or the sight of Hanazuki and Miyuki, this was just... just a mess.
She squirmed as she felt blood dribble down into her shoe. 'Don't think about it, get these two out and signal Maya. Move.'
Her own orders helped motivate her and she hurried over to Hanazuki, leaving the unconscious Miyuki to Boise. When she knelt by the pink-haired fox-girl she winced at the array of still-bleeding cuts marring her body, be it on her medium-sized breasts, along her stomach and sides or even on her hips and thighs; the creature's claws clearly having held her many a times. She pointedly ignored looking at the overflowing whiteness leaking out of the Destroyer's pussy too, instead taking her cape off and draping it over Hanazuki.
''We'll get you out.'' Birmingham said shortly as she tied the cape.
Hanazuki tried to say something but was too overcome by emotion – relief, fear, anxiety and shame, all of it twisting into a sobbing mess that tugged on Birmingham's heartstrings.
Alas just as she scooped the fox-girl up she heard it – movement, outside the burrow. The sound made her nearly curse and she hurriedly evaluated her options. Only one way in or out, using her guns would likely bury them alive – and for all Ship-Girls were lauded for their strength they still needed to breathe – whilst the Lizardmen had no such issues; equipped with claws that were well-suited to cramped spaces like these. And with them carrying Hanazuki and Miyuki they wouldn't be able to fight beyond maybe a kick at best, and she hardly doubted that'd be enough to do anything but baffle a Lizardman.
She drew in a breath and hissed through her teeth, pulling Hanazuki close to her chest. If they were going to escape they couldn't find – and couldn't hide either. No, they needed to run. To brute force their way through. No riggings, no weapons. Just sheer momentum to blitz past them.
''Boise.'' Birmingham whispered, watching as the bustier cruiser gently cradled Miyuki. ''When I leave this room we run. Don't stop to fight, don't try and help me if I fall, just charge straight past anything in your way until we get to the surface. We can't fight them down here.''
Boise gave her a worried look and she felt Hanazuki clutch at her, but when the bustier woman hesitantly nodded Birmingham moved – fast-walking into the hallway and darting down the corridor, building speed as she gave up stealth and just charged. The noise attracted attention and she heard skittering-
-and then a Lizardman was there, leaping from its hiding spot with a snarl. It didn't get the chance to grab her before Birmingham ran bodily into it, Hanazuki crying out in fear as she was squished between them – before her momentum knocked the monster onto its back. Birmingham didn't stop to attack it though and kept running, reaching the slope out and running up it-
But she'd forgotten. It was slippery, uneven. Boots wouldn't grip easily, especially going up.
So when her boots slipped out from under her Birmingham couldn't deny the jolt of fear that shot up her spine, losing her grip momentarily until she grabbed at the uneven mass of dirt and grass, nearly dropping Hanazuki had the Destroyer not been holding onto her so tightly. Using her newfound handhold she propelled herself up further, hearing Boise behind her-
When Boise screamed in fear. Birmingham jerked her head to one side, looking back, and very nearly cursed as she saw Boise be dragged back by her shin – the Lizardman she'd left behind already recovered. Instantly her plan was in tatters; if she kept going she was leaving Boise and Miyuki to their fate, and if she stayed she'd likely be blocked off-
Too late; another Lizardman at the top of the slope lunging down at her. Birmingham had no choice but to fall back, throwing Hanazuki to one side and hearing the fox-girl land with a pained yelp, but she ignored that for now – her attention fully on the monster lunging down at her, landing just shy of her thanks to her momentum throwing her back. However by the time she stood it was there, throwing itself at her faster than she could summon her rigging and snatching her wrists, pinning her down.
Panic rose up within her, memories of what happened to Hanazuki and Miyuki mere minutes ago flashing through her mind. With force she kicked her legs out, hitting the monster's stomach but the scales killed most of the force, its hissing snarl sending a chill up her spine – and a pained cry fled her lips when it tightened its hold, threatening to crush her wrists with its strength.
Then it suddenly shifted both her arms up, pinning them together with just one hand – freeing its other and allowing it to rake its claws down her front. Cloth gave way frighteningly easily and soon her dress was in two parts, splitting open down the middle and laying bare her dark blue underwear, the thought heating her cheeks up. However that same embarrassment turned into fear as she saw the Lizardman's cock swell between its leg, long and thick, prompting her to try and kick it in the groin – but the creature had enough sense to block such attacks, ripping her panties off at the same time.
'No...' Birmingham felt dizzy as her nether regions were exposed to the damp, musky air, her struggles becoming even more vicious as the monster leaned over her, the tip of its dick rubbing against her folds.
Rubbing, not penetration. Teasing her. Taunting her.
Birmingham gritted her teeth, her breathing short and fast as the bulbous tip of its shaft rubbed against her pussy lips, went high and rubbed up her groin before coming back down again. Her struggles did little to stop it but it gave her some minor amount of confidence, of control; her legs closing as much as she could with it between them, hips lifting and falling as she kept it away from her private parts as best she-
The tip teased her opening – and Birmingham screamed as it suddenly went in. It felt thicker than she expected, parting her virginal walls and hilting inside her in a single, harsh thrust, knocking the air out of her. The pain came a second later but she barely had a moment to soak it in before the monster yanked its cock halfway out only to slam right back into her deflowered pussy, forcing a shout of pain out of Birmingham.
She struggled once more, kicking and twisting and flailing, but the Lizardman just snarled in her face and kept moving, roughly burying itself into her. It didn't care that her legs flailed on either side of its hips, that her hips lifted and fell unevenly in some attempt to make its dick slip out – it just kept pressing its body down against hers and mated with her, thrusting its thick girth into her and making Birmingham cry out in pain.
''Gh! Mnph-!'' Biting her tongue until it bled Birmingham threw her head from side to side, enduring the stabbing pain in her loins – the deep, repeated impacts to her cervix as the Lizardman had its way with her.
As it defiled her.
She tried to push it out, to ignore it as best she could. Even when the Lizardman hissed and snarled in her ear Birmingham didn't give it the satisfaction of hearing her cry out, her teeth on her tongue as she took the pounding – its meaty cock spearing between her despoiled petals and hilting in her innermost parts, sending jolts right up her stomach and banging her head on the dirt, but she didn't react. She just laid there and took it like the good little broodmare it wanted her to be, waiting for an opening, a chance to knock its lights out and get help.
She felt it throb inside of her quickly, its shaft swelling against her sore insides and its tip kissing her depths, the realisation hitting – and no sooner had it before the Lizardman snarled and impregnated her. A flood of warm fluid poured into her depths, thick and sticky like semen but lacking sperm. In their place though she felt many tiny eggs push up into her womb, nestling against her depths in a torrent, nearly making her sick as she realised she'd been claimed, just like the others.
Even if she escaped this hole, the monster's seed would remain within her, making her its unwilling mother for its brood.
Birmingham was torn from her thoughts though her wrists were released – and no sooner had they been freed did a meaty hand grab her hair, yanking her upright. The cruiser cried out in pain but it gave her some weird clarity, feeling more than seeing space behind her. Her opening. She called upon her rigging and it manifested, finally having the space, her guns trained and ready to fire-
But she never saw the Lizardman behind her. The moment it spotted her rigging it attacked with vigour, seething out a wet breath as it raked its claws through her turrets, instantly incapacitating them. Birmingham flinched and tried to fire but her guns wouldn't operate – and to her despair they were reduced to metal scraps within seconds, literally ripped off of her. The only reason she wasn't pulled back with them was the iron grip on her hair, and the dick she was still impaled upon.
As if to remind her of that the Lizardman holding her sneered in her face, shifting both hands to her hips and holding tight... and Birmingham froze as she felt a second cock poke her ass.
And then she screamed as the other Lizardman eagerly buried its cock in her ass – up until a third, sneering Lizardman came up to her left, shoving its cock in her mouth and pulling her hair, forcing it to pleasure it as its kin began to fucked her other holes, using her not solely for breeding, but also their own animalistic pleasure.
Her fate, forever, sealed.
Boise was just climbing the slope, her pace fast, when she felt the clawed hand curl around her ankle.
Then suddenly she was yanked back down, Miyuki tumbling from her grip as she instinctively reached to grab onto something. Nothing was to be found, however, and soon she found herself thrown to the dirty ground – the Lizardman on top if her. Boise flinched back, crawling back, but the monster just grabbed her left thigh and forcefully lifted it up – its other hand going up her dress and grabbing her crotch.
Before with the harsh tear of cloth it ripped her panties off. Her heart skipped a beat – but unlike Birmingham she didn't have the fight, the fire, to keep moving. She froze up completely, paralysed with realisation and terror as the Lizardman got on top of her, and only when she felt something rub against her vagina did she snap out of it and begin to move-
Then it was inside of her. Thick and solid it pushed apart her virgin insides, the pain sharp and intense enough to nearly make her black out for a split-second – her mind purged of all thought as the monster cock slammed into her, deflowering her. The shock lasted for just a few seconds though; banished the moment the monster dug its nails into her raised right thigh and began to fuck her properly; short, eager pumps burying it into her pussy.
''A-Ah! N-No, stop- mn!''
Her face mask muted her voice somewhat and gave it an echoing quality, making her pained cries all the more haunting as the monster pistoned itself into her, its flesh smacking against her own repeatedly and harshly. Through the tears in her eyes she spied multiple more Lizardmen returning, either drawn in by the sounds or the attack on their home, and to her despair a terrified Hanazuki was shoved up against the wall, her limbs flailing as he pleaded – before a thick, girthy cock forced itself into her defiled pussy, making her wail as the monster eagerly began to mate with her. Miyuki too wasn't spared, the unconscious girl rolled onto her front before the Lizardman began to mate with her prone-bone; smacking her small rear with every harsh thrust.
Boise was brought back to her own predicament though as another Lizardman knelt by her face. Its large clawed hand grabbed her mask without warning and pulled hard, lifting her head with it, prompting her to reflexively pull back... until with a harsh snap her mask's straps broke, causing it to fly off and to the side. Boise opened her mouth to cry out but before she could do that something touched her lips – and then something thick shoved itself into her mouth. Boise's eyes bulged and she cried out in alarm, the noise muted as the two Lizardmen eagerly began to spitroasted her on her side, their scales smacking against her flesh and filling the quaint burrow. Her thigh began to bleed from how harshly the monster gripped it but the pain was nothing compared to the ache in her loins, its dick slamming up against her cervix relentlessly.
''Mmph~! Mrph!'' Boise frantically flailed her hands about, trying to grab and push, desperation hastening her motions but hampering her aim.
Until eventually the Lizardman defiling her mouth just grabbed her wrists and held them down, snarling as it slammed between her lips, hurting her teeth and thrusting down her gullet, choking her. Her raspy, spluttering breaths did little to deter the overgrown lizard from face-fucking her though, bruising her nose with every harsh impact and sending stars flashing behind her eyes; not helped by the thick shaft plunging up into her womanhood.
Suddenly her left wrist was freed – the reason becoming evident as the newfound claw raked at her chest, ripping the cloth apart and revealing her large, squishy tits to the monsters. Boise barely had the time to feel self-conscious before her right tit was grabbed and squeezed harshly, forcing a muffled cry out of the cruiser as her tit was manhandled, her head shaking as best she could with a dick going down her throat.
Then suddenly she was forced onto her back completely, the Lizardman coming with her as it straddled her collarbone and grabbed her head with both hands, hissing in delight as it forced its meaty cock down her throat. Boise's eyes watered but she could do nothing but take it, her eyes soon screwing shut just so she didn't have to look at the monster's groin – acutely feeling its balls hitting her chin over and over again. The other Lizardman between her legs didn't relent either, its girth parting her abused folds and raking her tender insides with every pounding thrust, its cock smooth but uncomfortably girthy, stretching her virginal sex out with every thrust.
''Mn! Mmph! H-Hn-!''
Then suddenly the one between her legs hissed; and then came. Boise spasmed as she felt jets of warmth pour up into her womb, the foreign sensation terrifying – made all the more so as she felt numerous eggs pour into her baby chamber. The one mounted on her face though kept going, snarling and hissing as it face-fucked her, seeming to slow down even just to endure it.
The reason why though became evident as the Lizardman between her legs pulled out – and the one on top of her pulled its dick out of her mouth, got between her legs, and then plunged inside. Its clawed hands grabbed her hips and it savagely pounded her, fucking cries of pain out of Boise but no resistance beyond that – lacking the strength to. The will to.
And so when the Lizardman soon emptied its balls inside of her, hissing with primal satisfaction as it laid its eggs inside of her defenceless womb, Boise could only lay there, defeated and exhausted by the ordeal, her pussy sore and overflowing with white fluid.
The breeding process, continuing on.
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2023.06.08 00:13 Tbrown162 Fiancé of 7 years and 1 kid left me but is now giving me mixed signals what do I do?

Little back story last Tuesday she was acting strange so I asked her what was up and that’s when she told me she was leaving. Said she didn’t feel the emotional connection anymore. So Wednesday we didn’t talk until that evening when I asked about my son. Then we get home and she’s talking to me like it never happened. Thursday I helped her dads girlfriend with some stuff and didn’t get home till late. Friday we both went to her dads and she was acting completely normal even invited me to dinner with them and it was like nothing had happened. Saturday is when we started moving stuff and she was acting the same way talking to me holding a conversation asking me to do little tasks for her anytime she needed it even though there was other people there. She was still including me in everything. So Monday I show up to her dads because he said I could borrow his weed eater. So when I show up she wasn’t to happy about it because I had forgotten to text her and let her know I was coming. But I finished with the weedeater and was taking it back and they wasn’t there so I decided to write a letter to explain how I was feeling about the whole situation and left it there for her to read. I get a text shortly after saying that her mind was made up and there was nothing I could do to change it. That destroyed me. But then yesterday when I got my son we was talking and she was headed to a bigger city near us to get party supplies for our sons birthday and I told her to be careful and said bye I love you and she said it back. But then when I turned around and said huh she had a oh crap look on her face (like oh no he heard me) then hurried up and said oh that was for our son and looked nervous. Then today I was getting off earlier than usual and I asked if I needed to get our son and she said that she would get him and that I could come and pick him up. I went to pick him up and she then was acting normal and holding a conversation then asked if I could fix her bumper on her car with a few zip ties. I’m just confused on the situation we had talked Friday before I went to work and I told her I was gonna keep trying and wouldn’t give up and change the things she had complained about and she said you can keep trying but don’t overwhelm me because it’ll just push me further away. I just need some outside input on what I should do. Should I keep trying or should I just give up. She was my whole life and the person I seen a future with and now I don’t know what to do
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2023.06.08 00:12 AdamantAce The Flash #26 - Spinning in Circles

DC Next Proudly Presents:


In Top of the Heap
Issue Twenty-Six: Spinning in Circles
Written by AdamantAce
Edited by Deadislandman1
<< First Issue < Prev. Next Issue > Coming Next Month
Wally West woke to the first light of dawn seeping into his room at Iris's house, his bleary eyes slowly adjusting to the morning light. His room was a testament to the duality of his life: one of an ordinary teenager and the other of Kid Flash, the city's young speedster. A collection of running shoes, sole worn and treads erased, lay scattered in one corner - the Speed Force may have protected him while running, but he had nonetheless developed a nasty habit of being heavy-footed in his civilian life. His desk was buried beneath a chaotic pile of textbooks and notebooks, holding unfinished homework assignments that he could complete in the blink of an eye but always managed to put off.
Wally was never one for routine, finding comfort in the spontaneous and unpredictable. He thrived in the clutter, a trait that had only been amplified since he'd taken up the mantle of Kid Flash. His mornings were never the same, each one different from the last. Today was no different.
His morning haze was ended by a sudden knock at the front door, one he swore he recognised. Wally quickly pulled on a baseball tee and some cargo pants and rushed down the stairs. His aunt Iris had likely already begun her day, leaving Wally to face the unannounced guests himself. As he swung the door open, a blend of strained smiles and apprehension greeted him—the faces of Mary and Rudy West, his parents. Wally felt a surge of mixed emotions. They had allowed him to leave their family home in Blue Valley, Nebraska and move to Central City at the Flash’s insistence that he be closer to the experts who would put right the seizures brought on by his unstable connection to the Speed Force, and not having seen them for quite some time he supposed he should have been happy to be greeted by them now. The truth was that - though he had never told anyone this - his destructive powers were the perfect excuse to leave an already fraught home environment.
Wally braced himself for the obligatory exchange of pleasantries. "Morning," he mumbled, his voice bereft of warmth.
"Wally, it’s so good to see you!" Mary's voice wavered between forced cheerfulness and anxiety. "We thought we'd come by to see how you're doing."
"Shouldn't you be getting ready for school, son?" Rudy asked, his gaze lingering on Wally's dishevelled appearance.
Wally bit back a sharp retort, grinding his teeth in frustration. Their attempt at casual conversation felt like a charade to him, a superficial overlay on a deep-seated problem. "Yeah, I should," he said tersely, the bitterness in his voice seeping through.
Feeling suffocated by their presence, Wally seized the opportunity to escape. "I'm late for school," he declared abruptly, sidestepping his parents and heading towards the door.
"But we just got here," Rudy protested, his brows furrowed in confusion. “We came all this way.”
"I really can't be late again," Wally called out, his voice fading as he harnessed his super-speed, his figure blurring into a streak of vibrant colours. The door slammed shut behind him, leaving his parents in the wake of his rapid departure.
🔻🔺 ⚡ 🔺🔻
Wally West found himself ensnared in his own turbulent thoughts rather than his English teacher’s recanting of the complexities of Fahrenheit 451. His heart was wreathed in grief over Max's death, a persistent ache that was compounded by the alienation he felt since moving from Nebraska to Central City. His social life was a drab canvas filled with faceless classmates, void of any meaningful friendships.
His sole source of belonging lay outside the school walls, within the bright streaks of yellow and red of his Kid Flash costume. As the trusted ally of the Scarlet Speedster, Wally felt an unshakeable sense of purpose and identity. But now even his life as Kid Flash was mired in uncertainty.
Wally had always idolised the Flash, back before he knew that multiple people had captured his imagination. Now Max was dead, and Barry was changed by it and other recent tragedies. There was a strained tension in his voice, a distracted focus in his eyes that Wally couldn't ignore. He'd seen him grief-stricken over Daniel’s death, and over losing Patty, but this was different.
Then there was Wally’s destabilising connection to the Speed Force. What initially seemed like an exhilarating unpredictability had turned into a haunting uncertainty. Any time he would use his powers, it was up to chance whether today he would be running a bit faster than before, or if his entire body would be paralysed and wrought by the lightning built up inside of him. It was a heavy burden for a teenager - even one in his senior year. Yet, he understood that he was of no use to Central City or his mentor if he couldn't rely on his speed.
The shrill ring of the bell signalling the end of the fifth period mercifully severed Wally's chain of thoughts. The day was too bright, the hallway noises too loud, everything a grating reminder of how much he'd rather be anywhere else but school. When his cell phone buzzed in his backpack, Wally made a beeline to the restroom to check his messages, discovering an alert from the Flash.
‘William and I are tied up with something; need you to deal with a new meta at the Civic Center.’
Wally's heart pounded with a heady mix of adrenaline and anticipation. His personal struggles faded into the background as he promptly excused himself from school, evading the notice of his teachers.
Within moments, Kid Flash skidded to a halt at the Central City Civic Center. A charity fair, attended by the city's elite, including Mayor Derek Fox and his family, had been engulfed in chaos. The cheerfulness of the fair was being choked by a dense, swirling maelstrom of noxious smoke, replacing laughter with terrified screams. A new villain had made their sinister debut.
"Well, a smoky surprise party was not what I had in mind," Kid Flash quipped, attempting to alleviate the tension rippling through the crowd. Drawing a deep breath, he felt the comforting surge of lightning as he manipulated time, slowing it down enough to peer through the swirling particles of soot. Scanning the area, he caught glimpses of numerous civilians and Mayor Fox's family but found no trace of the metahuman.
Releasing time back to its normal flow, Wally felt a peculiar satisfaction in successfully employing an ‘advanced speedster technique’. Moving closer to the billowing smoke, his voice cut through the clamour. "Everyone! Kid Flash is here! Follow the sound of my voice!"
Sure enough, figures began emerging from the fog, running past him, all except the mayor. When Ashley Fox, a woman around Barry's age, ran up to him with panic etched on her face, Wally knew this wouldn't be an easy task. "That thing has my dad!" cried Ashley. "You have to help him!"
“I will,” nodded Kid Flash dutifully. He took a deep breath of clean air and then ventured into the smog.
Strangely enough, as he pushed through the initial threshold of the smokescreen, Wally's vision remained less impaired than expected. Though he strained to see through the veil of grey, he managed to discern a dome of smoke enclosing the centre of the square, including his own path. From several points along the wall of the smoke dome, chains or ropes of condensed soot extended downward, converging at the centre where the elderly Mayor Fox was ensnared and gagged by the solidified smoke.
A deep, echoing laugh resonated from somewhere within the smoke, sending a chill down Wally’s spine.
"Looks like you've stumbled into the lion's den, kid," a voice echoed around him.
"So, you're the one behind this, huh?" Wally shouted back, attempting to pinpoint the origin of the voice.
"You think you can stop me, Kid Flash?" The voice bellowed from within its swirling smoky shroud, a menacing spectre harbouring a grudge.
Wally remained silent, his eyes locked on the mayor. The smoke was thick and toxic, choking the air around Mayor Fox, who coughed and spluttered. He knew he could get Fox out of there in a fraction of a second with his speed, but Smokescreen's smoke was thick, choking. If he made a wrong move at super speed, the sudden vacuum could cause the smoke to rush into Fox's lungs. A slow, suffocating death.
Suddenly, a familiar prickling sensation crawled up the base of Wally's skull. It gradually evolved into a dull ache, signaling the imminent threat of a Speed Force seizure. Gritting his teeth, he concentrated on the task at hand.
"Why are you doing this?" he called out. "You could have targeted everyone, but you specifically went after the mayor. And if it's about him, why do it in public, where a Flash won’t be far away?"
“This isn’t about the mayor,” rumbled the voice of the unknown villain. Smokescreen, Wally decided to call him. His smoke tendrils curled tighter around Fox. "This is about making them know what it feels like to be scared, powerless."
"You can't possibly mean that," Wally cried, searching for any thread to latch onto, any shred of reason that could persuade the villain to reconsider. "I thought this event was for charity!"
“Sure, except it's all really for the benefit of these rich guys’ public image.”
Smokescreen's bitter words drifted through the air, his motivations becoming clearer, personal. It did nothing to justify his actions though. Whatever his grievances were, terrorising the public wasn't the answer.
Wally knew what he had to do, but the threat of a seizure loomed, ready to thwart his plans. Taking a deep breath and crossing his fingers, knowing he only had one chance at this, Wally sprinted forward, running a tight circuit around the ensnared mayor. Swiftly, winds began to whip as an air vortex formed, perfectly suited to draw the metahuman's smoke away. Time seemed to stretch into infinity, and in the singular moment Wally found himself in, his dread intensified. This was it, a seizure about to begin. His breath hitched, he didn't have time for this, not now. The smoke was thickening around him, the cries getting louder. He couldn't fail now, not with so much at stake.
Every instinct urged him to halt, but he pressed on, aware that the vortex's force could draw in more smoke. Ignoring his doubts, he clenched his fists, bracing himself for the impending pain, determined to fight it off. As time resumed and the race resumed with it, Wally didn't retreat but dove headfirst into the storm. Battling against the seizure, each passing moment amplified the agony, blurring his vision.
And then, something remarkable happened. Instead of succumbing to the seizure, he pushed past it, triggering a surge of Speed Force energy that supercharged his abilities. The golden lightning in his wake transformed into a dazzling white, propelling him to speeds he had never reached before. The vortex intensified, drawing in the smoky tendrils and hurling them high into the sky, dispersing them in the process.
The shroud lifted, and Wally turned in motion, finally catching sight of the metahuman attacker - a short, middle-aged man now cowering, knocked to the ground alongside the mayor by the intense wind tunnel conjured by Kid Flash.
Desperate, the man clenched his fists and commanded a torrent of smoke that seemed to burst from behind him, swelling as it raised upwards. Whether it was to attack him, or to hurt the mayor, Wally didn’t care. Moving at unprecedented speed, Wally reached Mayor Fox before the metahuman could even choose a target. Wally swiftly covered the mayor's mouth and nose with his hand, shielding him from the noxious fumes in case his speed faltered. In an instant, he darted back to the edge of the Civic Center square.
Screeching to a halt, Kid Flash emerged from super speed. The white lightning still engulfed his frame, and though he couldn't see it, his eyes burned with intense white light. Carefully, he laid the mayor down at his daughter's feet.
“Thank you!” Ashley Fox cried as she tended to her father.
Applause erupted from the crowd, cheers filling the air as Wally dashed back to apprehend the now feeble-looking Smokescreen, still reeling from the sudden dissipation of his smoky shroud. Wally's punch sent him sprawling, neutralising the threat and ensuring the mayor's safety.
Amidst the persisting cheers, the pain from the seizure gradually ebbed away, taking with it his heightened power. Wally felt like a deflating balloon, the excess energy and power seeping out like escaping helium. His heightened senses recalibrated, and the world resumed its normal speed and rhythm.
A lingering echo of the seizure, akin to the aftertaste of a potent drink, left him shivering. The hyper-awareness of his body and surroundings felt almost invasive after the distant, godlike power he had just experienced. His body, no longer buzzing with extra energy, felt heavy, as if he had been filled with lead. Each beat of his heart resounded loudly in his ears, his lungs aching from the exertion, and sweat trickling down his back, sticking his yellow suit to his skin.
The world around him, which had felt so distant, so removed, was abruptly vivid and pressing. The muffled sounds of the crowd became a cacophony of relieved murmurs and melodic jubilations. The smell of popcorn and cotton candy, once distant and faint, was now potent, mingling with the tangy scent of smoke and adrenaline in the air. He could feel every grain of dust and debris under his feet, the grit pressing into his skin through the fabric of his boots.
He felt drained and yet somehow more alive than ever, every sense heightened in the wake of the energy rush. And beneath it all, he carried a sense of satisfaction, knowing that despite the challenges posed by his unstable Speed Force connection, it had proven to be a formidable asset. Mayor Fox was safe, and the smoke villain had been defeated. As Kid Flash, Wally had conquered his personal obstacles and emerged victorious.
Yet, as Wally West, he continued to run a race against grief, responsibility, and his own fears—a race with no discernible finish line. His only choice was to keep running, hoping to push through every wall in his path. And on this day, running felt nothing short of fantastic.
🔻🔺 ⚡ 🔺🔻
The smell of brewing coffee enveloped Wally as he pushed open the door to Jitters, a comforting counterpoint to the chaos that typically defined his world. Amidst the hum of murmured conversation and clattering cups, the speedster found a slow-paced sanctuary, an oddly soothing anchor in a life measured in Mach speeds.
The barista behind the counter was a fresh face amid the familiar, a girl around Wally’s age with wavy hair pulled back into a messy ponytail, her name tag identifying her as ‘Rosie’. He had caught her in the midst of latte artistry, hands steady as she crafted a foam rosetta, her tongue peeking out at the corner of her mouth in concentrated effort.
"New here?" Wally asked, not really expecting anything. Friends were not something he had come to anticipate in this city. He was more comfortable confronting supervillains than making small talk, which was likely why Wally West remained mostly a stranger to everyone at his school.
Rosie's gaze shifted, disrupting the intricate art on her latte canvas. "Started this week," she responded, affixing a lid to the slightly marred latte before sending it down the counter. There was a flicker of disappointment in her eyes, quickly replaced by humour. "What about you? A regular?"
"Trying to be," Wally confessed, a smirk playing on his lips at the absurdity of it. "People rush in for caffeine, I’m here to catch my breath."
Rosie chuckled, her eyes gleaming with an unexpected understanding. "Quite the paradox."
A familiar cover caught his eye - a copy of the graphic novel 'Astra Nebula' nestled by the register. "You're into 'Astra Nebula'? Kind of avant-garde, isn’t it?"
Her eyes lit up with passion as she set aside her work. "I love it! How they weave so much real world commentary into these strange planets and their stories is… well, I don’t know how they do it. Wait till you get to Volume Three."
Wally blinked. His perception of 'Astra Nebula' was far less complex, focused on the high-octane action, and not on the layers of social commentary. "Yeah, the subtext is… pretty loaded," he offered, hoping his words rang true.
A knowing grin spread across Rosie's face as she let out a soft laugh. "You're in it for the space battles, aren't you?"
Wally blushed, his laughter joining hers. "You got me."
A fleeting connection, punctuated by shared laughter, hung between them, bridging the gap of unfamiliarity.
Just as the moment was beginning to stretch, a voice called out, signalling the end of Rosie's shift. "I need to get going," she said. "Someone else will take care of your order."
“I didn’t even order yet,” Wally replied with a smirk, realising the absent-mindedness that had led their conversation.
“Oh, right,” Rosie laughed, her eyes wide. “Stacy’s better at the latte art anyway.”
“Guess everyone needs a mentor,” Wally suggested, keeping the atmosphere light.
“Yeah, I suppose so,” Rosie agreed, moving to untie her apron. “See you around…”
“Wally,” he filled in.
"Tomorrow, Wally?" There was a hopefulness in her voice, a hint of a budding friendship that seemed more attainable than he'd dared to hope.
He offered a nod, warmth blooming in his chest. "Yeah, see you, Rosie."
As he placed his usual order with Stacy, Wally found himself wearing an unexpected smile. Stepping out of Jitters, he couldn't help but feel the seeds of anticipation sown. Maybe Central City had something more to offer for Wally West as well as for Kid Flash. He dared to hope.
Next: Barry and William work it out in The Flash #27
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2023.06.08 00:12 iceeBee I (22F) want to resolve issues with him (20M) but don’t want to tarnish months worth of healing.

I(22F) have been dating this guy(20M) I met at my university for about 2-3 months now. He has always been very kind and sweet to me. Compliments, paying for dates, and just treating me like a princess. He went as far as saying he loved me more than once but I never took it serious or said it back. He would call me his wife and say things like he wants me bad, I’m all he needs, and how his body is all mine. And yes we had sex a few times (I know big mistake, I just couldn’t help it I’m human). In the beginning, he was always all over me trying to hug or kiss me and I would always tell him no because that’s a lot from someone I just met and it’s suspicious. But I just fell in love with the way he was treating me and talking to me that I just allowed him to do it and eventually I started reciprocating the same gestures. I made it known that I did come out of a relationship and that I’m not looking to be with anyone like that right now but I still bent my rules for him. I asked him and he told me there’s no other girls, even though I didn’t believe him I still gave him the benefit of the doubt.
Fast forward. I was stalking his social media because I barely know or trust him and I wanted to figure out what was going on behind my back. I did see things I didn’t like but it was kinda irrational. Like him and other girls commenting on each other’s stuff with hearts or heart eyes or him saying “love you” to them. Granted some of them were his longtime friends so I didn’t think much of it especially since I had no solid proof of anything. Also him turning off comments on certain posts and deleting comments. Him and a girl not following each other but she’s still liking his post, even the ones up until today.
We had a little dispute like a month or so ago because my ex was stalking his page not because it had anything to do with me he did that on his own will. He confronted me about it and I was honest. I told him that was my ex I do see him from time to time but it’s not like that we’re just friends. I explained the basis of our relationship, I apologized sincerely, told him I’ll fix it which I did, told him how much I like him and that I don’t want to lose him. He said it’s okay he believes me but would still say things like I’m the one with another man and I would still explain that I’m not involved with anyone else. And he continued to say he believes me.
I already had a gut feeling that he wasn’t being 100% with me. Stalking his socials wasn’t helping and giving unnecessary attitude wasn’t either. So I decided to drop it and just continue to let myself fall for him cause I convinced myself that it was all in my head and didn’t want to be toxic. We made plans to see each other yesterday. I met him at the university and waited until he was done with his online class to go out. He stepped out to use the bathroom and something just told me to go through his bag. Yes it was an invasion of privacy but I honestly didn’t care and wanted to get to the bottom of things for the sake of my own peace. So I went through his bag, found his wallet, and inside his wallet I found a picture of him and the girl who aren’t following each other on social media, lo and behold kissing!
I was very much disappointed and hurt. He was still at the bathroom so I just had to collect myself and remind myself how much I’ve grown from previous toxic situations and that I’m not gonna put up with this. So when he came back, I told him I’m leaving and I’ll never see you again. He goes what did I do & I told him what I found, he goes why did you go through my wallet, goes to look in the wallet like he doesn’t know what I’m talking about, I hear him chuckle , so I’m like you know what I don’t even care for an explanation cause you lied to me when I’ve been nothing but honest, I barley know you and you owe me nothing so I just left before he can have the chance to lie some more.
Fast forward, he texts me a few minutes later saying it’s an old picture and that he doesn’t know what to say to me and to just do me. I told him there’s nothing you can say cause you lied and for him to continue to do him like he’s always been. I blocked him on social media and then he says oh I love the reverse psychology and for me to block his number too .
That took me back because he’s treating me like I’m the bad guy here when he’s the one that’s been lying. The picture wasn’t old because I was able to tell based on the things I saw on his social media. Granted it was old like during the time we first started talking, but only as old as a few days before we first had sex. It’s mind boggling to me how he thinks I’m trying to reverse psychology him when I’ve been nothing but honest. If he didn’t believe what I had to say about my ex he could’ve had a conversation with me and talked about it. But instead he continued to lie. And I don’t believe that he didn’t have any continued relations with the girl or whoever after the whole ex thing because she’s still liking his posts on social media even though she’s not following him and he’s not following her. And him saying to block his number is even crazier cause like if you know you’re being honest, why not fight for me and fight for me too believe you like I did with him when he found out about my ex. He told me he wouldn’t want to put me though something like this but here we are.
I genuinely liked this boy, even though my intuition told me I shouldn’t trust him slow down a bit and get to know him more. But just being with him felt so right and now I can’t help but miss him and wonder if this is still salvageable and just a case of miscommunication and misunderstanding. I want to unblock him and talk to him about what’s going on. But idk if it’s the right thing to do for my sake especially with how much I’ve healed and moved on from certain traumas when it comes to romantic relationships. I don’t want to revert back to old habits. So my fellow sisters, what do you think I should do?
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2023.06.08 00:12 omegacluster New Music Additions 2023-06-06

Today's additions are:
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2023.06.08 00:11 iceeBee I (22F) want to resolve issues with him (20M) but don’t want to tarnish months worth of healing.

I(22F) have been dating this guy(20M) I met at my university for about 2-3 months now. He has always been very kind and sweet to me. Compliments, paying for dates, and just treating me like a princess. He went as far as saying he loved me more than once but I never took it serious or said it back. He would call me his wife and say things like he wants me bad, I’m all he needs, and how his body is all mine. And yes we had sex a few times (I know big mistake, I just couldn’t help it I’m human). In the beginning, he was always all over me trying to hug or kiss me and I would always tell him no because that’s a lot from someone I just met and it’s suspicious. But I just fell in love with the way he was treating me and talking to me that I just allowed him to do it and eventually I started reciprocating the same gestures. I made it known that I did come out of a relationship and that I’m not looking to be with anyone like that right now but I still bent my rules for him. I asked him and he told me there’s no other girls, even though I didn’t believe him I still gave him the benefit of the doubt.
Fast forward. I was stalking his social media because I barely know or trust him and I wanted to figure out what was going on behind my back. I did see things I didn’t like but it was kinda irrational. Like him and other girls commenting on each other’s stuff with hearts or heart eyes or him saying “love you” to them. Granted some of them were his longtime friends so I didn’t think much of it especially since I had no solid proof of anything. Also him turning off comments on certain posts and deleting comments. Him and a girl not following each other but she’s still liking his post, even the ones up until today.
We had a little dispute like a month or so ago because my ex was stalking his page not because it had anything to do with me he did that on his own will. He confronted me about it and I was honest. I told him that was my ex I do see him from time to time but it’s not like that we’re just friends. I explained the basis of our relationship, I apologized sincerely, told him I’ll fix it which I did, told him how much I like him and that I don’t want to lose him. He said it’s okay he believes me but would still say things like I’m the one with another man and I would still explain that I’m not involved with anyone else. And he continued to say he believes me.
I already had a gut feeling that he wasn’t being 100% with me. Stalking his socials wasn’t helping and giving unnecessary attitude wasn’t either. So I decided to drop it and just continue to let myself fall for him cause I convinced myself that it was all in my head and didn’t want to be toxic. We made plans to see each other yesterday. I met him at the university and waited until he was done with his online class to go out. He stepped out to use the bathroom and something just told me to go through his bag. Yes it was an invasion of privacy but I honestly didn’t care and wanted to get to the bottom of things for the sake of my own peace. So I went through his bag, found his wallet, and inside his wallet I found a picture of him and the girl who aren’t following each other on social media, lo and behold kissing!
I was very much disappointed and hurt. He was still at the bathroom so I just had to collect myself and remind myself how much I’ve grown from previous toxic situations and that I’m not gonna put up with this. So when he came back, I told him I’m leaving and I’ll never see you again. He goes what did I do & I told him what I found, he goes why did you go through my wallet, goes to look in the wallet like he doesn’t know what I’m talking about, I hear him chuckle , so I’m like you know what I don’t even care for an explanation cause you lied to me when I’ve been nothing but honest, I barley know you and you owe me nothing so I just left before he can have the chance to lie some more.
Fast forward, he texts me a few minutes later saying it’s an old picture and that he doesn’t know what to say to me and to just do me. I told him there’s nothing you can say cause you lied and for him to continue to do him like he’s always been. I blocked him on social media and then he says oh I love the reverse psychology and for me to block his number too .
That took me back because he’s treating me like I’m the bad guy here when he’s the one that’s been lying. The picture wasn’t old because I was able to tell based on the things I saw on his social media. Granted it was old like during the time we first started talking, but only as old as a few days before we first had sex. It’s mind boggling to me how he thinks I’m trying to reverse psychology him when I’ve been nothing but honest. If he didn’t believe what I had to say about my ex he could’ve had a conversation with me and talked about it. But instead he continued to lie. And I don’t believe that he didn’t have any continued relations with the girl or whoever after the whole ex thing because she’s still liking his posts on social media even though she’s not following him and he’s not following her. And him saying to block his number is even crazier cause like if you know you’re being honest, why not fight for me and fight for me too believe you like I did with him when he found out about my ex. He told me he wouldn’t want to put me though something like this but here we are.
I genuinely liked this boy, even though my intuition told me I shouldn’t trust him slow down a bit and get to know him more. But just being with him felt so right and now I can’t help but miss him and wonder if this is still salvageable and just a case of miscommunication and misunderstanding. I want to unblock him and talk to him about what’s going on. But idk if it’s the right thing to do for my sake especially with how much I’ve healed and moved on from certain traumas when it comes to romantic relationships. I don’t want to revert back to old habits. So my fellow sisters, what do you think I should do?
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2023.06.08 00:10 FOOD-Hockey-925 AITJ For making a woman's flight unbearable?

Backstory, it was 2019 and i was going to Hawaii. At the airport, the following story happened. I was 9 at this time.
While i was at an airport to go to Hawaii me, being the impatient and inconvenient child that I was, had to go the bathroom. Sparing you the details, I went and was on my way out. I didn't wash my hands bc there were no paper towels and my family strongly wanted us not to use the blowers, so we regularly used hand sanitizer instead. Since I had forgotten mine, I left without doing anything so I could you my parent's. This lady, who we'll call Mrs. BK comes out of her stall, mind you, it was just me and her at the time, and sees me leave without hearing anything. Mrs. BK scoffs and says, "Ugh, children these days are so disgusting. Little girl, didn't your parents teach you to have any etiquette?" As a 9 year old, I had absolutely no idea what "etiquette" was, so I said yes. She screamed and started talking about how disgusting I was and how she was going to block the door until i washed my hands as it was a "Health Hazard" to everyone else in the airport. Mrs. BK kept her word and blocked the door until I washed my hands. I forcefully declined to use the blower until she grabbed my arm, drug me to the blower and dried my hands for me. When she finally let me leave, I almost ran to my family. I never said anything bc I thought I would get in trouble for using the blower. I didn't think anything of the interaction, that is, until I finally got on the plane. As I took my window seat, who else but Mrs. BK sat in front of me. Even as a kid I knew a situation of power when I saw one. Over the course of the flight I kicked, pushed, punched, and rocked Mrs. BK's already cramped seat. When we landed, Mrs. BK looked back and her jaw dropped. Angrily, I might add. I plastered this cocky, yet subtle, smile as her face turned red.
So, my fellow redditors, am I the jerk for making a woman's flight unbearable?
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2023.06.08 00:07 Lost-Mad-Hatter Losing Friends, and Family; a rant.

Hi there everyone, I (~20) am having a hard time keeping close friendships for long periods of time (none last over 4 years) and feeling valued in them.
For the longest time, I thought it had been because I have horrible self-esteem, insecurities and etc, that led to me not feeling valued. I thought it must be my lack of self-love that has me not feeling loved. Somehow that logic added up for the past 20ish years.
I'm realizing now that, in addition to having ADHD, I might have autism? But that's for another post, hehe. If you have ADHD, autism, or are the older sibling rebel trope, any advice is much appreciated! And anyone else too, I'm just looking for comfort, in the form of an essay-like rant. Perhaps the toxic relationships sub is where this post belongs, but I'd just like to feel seen by a community that gets me better.
Anyways, the rant.
I seem to always leave friends, they rarely leave me. I am the one who decides "NOpe. This feels uncomfy, I give up." and part ways, rarely ever checking up on those drifted friendships. I always leave when I feel disrespected. For some reason, that is one thing that I've been able to hold true to myself about. The moment I realize that I am not respected, I leave (and trust me, I was better at this when I was a kid than now).
Anyways, it's happening again.
My closest friend, who I've always been proud of and inspired by for many reasons, is someone my heart has been drifting away from for a long while now (let's say, less than a year).
The last straw was when they lost my trust, utterly and completely.
I was leaving home. An emotionally abusive environment, where nobody and I mean nobody understood my struggles (oldest sibling, strict parents, no support for ADHD).
On rare occasions, I've felt violated in this home, I've felt vulnerable and weak, as though I was an object of ridicule. Rare occasions that my close friend knew about, and felt for me, comforted me through, and at some point, it was too much so I stopped sharing how I truly felt each day;
how are you? I'm good!
They're someone who's communicated that they are no longer interested in supporting my well-being, even to the level of knowing how I actually am doing each day (which is ok if that's how distant you wanna be from now on).
The day comes and I decide that one more weekend at home and I'll lose my sanity. I, for safety purposes, tell my friends that I plan to leave home (following all protocols for my situation). My close friend called this decision stupid.
The reason?
I was leaving "all of a sudden," it doesn't seem that "serious," I could wait a few years, get into grad school or get a job; leave when it's societally "right" to, so as not to rock the boat.
I don't know whose boat everyone seems to care about.
My method of leaving right now was too easy, too impulsive, and foolish, not with my own money, nor with my parent's agreeance and understanding.
I would rather have my parents "hate" me right now, and eventually explain things over a long period of time, rather than endure another few years of toxicity, get money and proper ghost them.
My friend's method meant that I would continue to be misunderstood, leave on "fake" good terms basis, and continue to play a game of leading a double life. I wanted to cut the bullshit, and have them know me for me. I cared about this more, rather than having the social and monetary connection with people I didn't feel truly safe with.
Fast forward to me finally leaving home. I left a letter, I gave my folks a call that night, it was a very emotional night. During my call, I had to set boundaries, I couldn't tell them where I was, I just tried my best to reassure them that I'm safe; I care that they were not worried sick.
A day or two later, I get a call from my friend. They tell me that my parents know that I'm with my partner and the city that I've gone to (strict parents, dating isn't allowed, curfew is before sunset, etc).
They say this calmly, with a straight, almost pissed but also trying to keep sane, face. My partner and I start asking why, why after all that you know about how toxic, how judgemental they can be, why tell them something I wasn't going to share until I had collected myself, until I was ready?
My friend robbed me of the opportunity of protecting myself from my parents' thoughts. As I mentioned earlier, my parents have made me feel vulnerable, fragile, and totally powerless, (physically and emotionally). All my life I lived up to "good kid" standards, and when they went through my phone a year ago, all of that trust I thought they had on me, diminished. They saw through chats, the outfits I tried in private, the makeup I tried, etc. Slutshamed me, told me not to text so much on the phone past 12AM, and ultimately, made me feel not only transparent, but ridiculed. I wanted to disappear at that moment.
Now having my parents know that I have a partner, I have no idea what horrific words they'd say. It doesn't cross my mind as much anymore (it's been a few months since the whole fiasco), but it still hurts just as much.
It hurts that my friend looked apathetic toward my pleas for an explanation.
Their response was more or less;
"I did not agree with your method of dealing with this, that's why I decided for you."
Fast forward to now: I had stopped talking to this friend, I didn't want any more explanations.
They messaged me and I didn't want to hear it. They said, for what it's worth, their actions were out of care for my parent's wellbeing, and that they're sorry for any of the hurt I'd felt as a result.
I wish I could tell them that they can't even scratch the surface of knowing how it feels and that they had no business deciding my life's actions for me. Though they've been through rough times in life, they're the type of person to lack empathy and compassion for their past self - the self that had gone through emotional turmoil.
In short, they're emotionally unavailable and inconsiderate, to themselves and therefore to others.
I started talking to this friend again recently, I was missing social connection, and thought, perhaps my unsure feelings would be confirmed if I talk to them again.
I am almost certain now that it isn't worth working through this one, and that they'd never really have enough respect to have my back even if they didn't understand me.
I guess my rant here wondered if it's worth working through or worth slowly cutting off.
I also wanted some advice and comfort in knowing if it's ok to lose friends all at once. I feel misunderstood by anyone who even slightly agrees or empathizes with my close friend, and that number consists of the entire little group that knows of this situation.
I feel like a child in a group of adults, but the adults are childish.
I really like spending time with this outer circle, but as I mentioned in the beginning, most of these friendships feel emotionally distant. It's weird, because they all really want me to be my happy humourous self, but want nothing to do with me.
Don't know if this is just city friendships, where fast pace is a contributing factor to shuffling friends every handful of years, but I ultimately feel like an alien in the city. I vibe better with small-town kids.
If you read this far, thank you so much for your time :)) I really appreciate it. Any comments or anecdotes are welcome, and please no judgment! Thank you!
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