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2023.04.01 11:44 Kingzzko Faulty car bought on finance

I bought a car on finance (hp). The finance company paid out the money to the dealership on the 24th of February. The dealership said I could get the car on the 1st of March. When I went there on the 1st to collect the car, the dealership told me the car was still not ready for pick up. The dealership called me to come pick up the car on the 2nd of March. At about 5am on the 5th of March, the car wouldn't start and will jerk violently if it started. I took a cab to work that day. On the 6th of March, I called an independent engineer who pulled several faulty codes and said one of the cylinder was not firing and the timing chain was worn. I got the car back to the dealership. I called the finance company to tell them I am rejecting the car. The dealership has refused to accept my rejection claiming they have fixed the faults. The finance company sent me an email that it will take them 56 days to carry out their own investigation. Last week, the v5 for the car came in the post. My 1st payment is due on the 3rd of this month. I want to know, should I pay or not? Also, I want to post the v5 and the spare key (the dealership refused to take them) to the finance company. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.04.01 11:29 badgerbaroudeur Plan Floortje Mackaaij 2.0

Translated with deepl from here
Floortje Mackaij opted for a move to Movistar last winter after ten years with Team DSM. With the Spanish formation, she will not be chasing classics again. The 27-year-old from Woerden still rides quite a few of them, but together with her new trainer Louis Delahaye, she is chasing new territory. "The plan is to see if I can win the Tour de France in the future," she told WielerFlits. Team DSM is a team with a clear vision. One that cannot be questioned. And actually that didn't suit Mackaij for a while. More than once she followed her own path and had to be put on the mat. The fact that she immediately won her first race in Movistar's jersey was confirmation for her that following her own plan pays off. There is no greater contrast between the two teams, without shortchanging her old team. "Everything is different from what I am used to," she says enthusiastically. "The difference is so big that for me nothing is the same at Movistar." In the process, she did get completely pulled out of her comfort zone. "Un poquito!", Mackaij replies when asked how her Spanish is. "I learn every day here. I did have a Spanish teacher in the Netherlands. But I'm a bit lax in that, so I haven't been very often," she grins. "The only thing I knew was gracias (thank you, ed.). But ten years ago when I turned pro, I didn't speak English at all either. I quit my studies early because of cycling. English then and Spanish now is a challenge, but I actually really like it!" Mackaij immediately won her first race in the service of Movistar, the Vuelta CV Feminas - the Vuelta CV Feminas. So she immediately proved that change makes food taste good. "At Team DSM everything is well organised, just like here: clothes, bikes, equipment, you name it. The big difference is the atmosphere and your own input. I did have to get a bit used to that mañana mañana culture, especially the late dinner. But the most important thing is that I make a race programme together with the team and that I really support what I am doing. That feeling has to be right, from that you gain confidence and belief and then the rest rolls out naturally. I've really found a lot of joy back here." Revelation by new trainer Whereas at Team DSM Mackaij worked with a trainer from the team, at Movistar she has free choice in this. She ended up with Louis Delahaye, the trainer of her teammate and world champion Annemiek van Vleuten. "I am so happy with him!", Mackaij stressed. "The way things are going so far, I am very grateful to Louis for that. Last winter I started training very differently. For my feeling much less hard than before. Still, I did set records during training sessions and felt I was in good shape. It was therefore very nice that I was able to win straight away." The Woerdense has been a professional for ten years now, but from 2023 onwards, she will be starting from a completely different angle, thanks to Delahaye. "I notice that I have really taken a step uphill. I think that is only because I am finally getting confidence from the people around me, who believe that I can ride hard uphill. That I am much more than a rider who just rides a bit in the peloton and is good in classics. Because I'm pretty all-round, I was kind of put in everywhere in the last few years. I have now tasted a bit of this route and it tastes like a lot more."
Especially now that her best years are normally due. "Especially my father has always really believed in me as a climber and actually he is almost always right," Mackaij laughs. "I actually knew it myself. Last year I was already riding very well uphill in the Tour of Switzerland, after training hard in Andorra. When I actually sat down with Louis in October to discuss and what I still want to get out of my career, it came down to me wanting to master climbing longer uphill better. But also races like Amstel and Liège, I want to go in that direction."
New dots on the horizon And so away from the Flemish classics, where she was the best at Gent-Wevelgem 2015. "I love every race and I would like to win them all," says Mackaij. "But I have now drawn my programme myself and it is very different from other years. Although I won't pass up Paris-Roubaix and the Tour of Flanders once in my life. Before that, I will work through an altitude training course and then I will ride the Amstel Gold Race and the Ardennes classics. Then follows the Vuelta a España and then another altitude training in function of the Giro d'Italia and Tour de France." "So I'm mainly going into the mountains," she explains. "And yes, now that you mention it, this programme is largely the same as Annemiek's. Coincidence, because Louis is mainly looking at the further future with me. He is really furnished with a very good and big plan to let me develop better and better. Maybe even in the direction of Annemiek. To match her, I think, is impossible. But what she has up her sleeve, I would indeed like to go in that direction, yes." Van Vleuten - who is retiring after this cycling year - is therefore an inspiration to Mackaij. She The rider from Woerden, in the province of Utrecht, is therefore happy that she will be able to watch her in the coming months. "Her evolution as a rider has been impressive, but it has gone hand in hand with the development of women's cycling. When I turned pro 10 years ago, I was still eating grilled sausage sandwiches and sprinkles every day. Back then, I approached cycling in a completely different way. During training camps, I thought it was more important which bikini I brought than which training I did. I always trained hard and a lot, never let myself get unloaded. But apart from that, I didn't dwell on it." DeTour as holy grail And now ten years later, Mackaij dares to dream. "The Tour de France is very high on my list," she reveals. "Besides training a lot more uphill, I'm also going to work a lot more on my time trial. That's in the upcoming Tour. Only I'm going to do it my own way. For example, I don't see myself cycling for another ten years, like at the age Annemiek is riding around now. But I would really like to follow in her footsteps. What she has achieved, I would very much like to do that too. But I am Floortje Mackaij and she is Annemiek van Vleuten. I mainly want to learn, but not copy." Dt her move to Movistar and trainer Delahaye has done her good, is evident from the self-confidence Mackaij exudes. "With my trainer, my family, my friends and everyone around me, if the balance is right in everything, I think I can go for it. I really sincerely feel that I can go and get so much more out of my career and that I have made a good start to that now. If I have to choose between winning Flanders, Roubaix or the Tour? Then I would say all three. And then my father would say: 'Floor, without exaggerating or lying, you can do that'," she chuckles. Mackaij waves goodbye to the past
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2023.04.01 11:23 DeaJes Plans for our attack in 23/24?

So right now we have Dembele, Raph, Fati Ferran and Lewi competing for 2 (if we play pure the 3-2-2-3) or 3 spots (pure 4-3-3). On paper that attack should be good enough to compete for UCL. Now we are looking at Roque, which is understandable considering Lewi ain't getting any younger and he has massive potential. We are looking to bring in Messi (who is now a hybrid midfielder who would be great as an creative outlet for 3-2-2-3 but can also play inverted winger in 4-3-3). Not to mention we also apparently want Thuram(more and more unlikely but still looking at him I guess) and/or Abde to be a part of the 1st team next season. Imo that is absolute overkill when we are talking about 2-3 places. I understand the need for depth but if Ferran and Fati up their game and we get a backup ST (mainly looking at Roque who will also get time to learn and adapt) there isn't much more need for other players. I mean if Fati isn't getting many minutes now imagine if all those come. Someone will have to be sold if all those come which makes sense considering any of our expandable wingers would bring in great money. My bet is on Ferran but he also doesn't want to leave. Idk it's just a strange situation where it's almost a shame having so much quality rotting on the bench (someone will surely cement their starting spot). What do you guys think will happen or should happen?
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2023.04.01 11:19 MirkWorks Notes and Fragments from Twilight of Phantoms: On Resentment and Sympathy

“The lover carves into his soul the model of the beloved. In that way, the soul of the lover becomes the mirror in which the image of the loved one is reflected.” - Marsilio Ficino, Commentary on Plato's Symposium
Nietzsche’s criticisms of Hegel are often conflated with Schopenhauer’s. Often by people who type things like, “I’m in the Schopenhauer camp when it comes to Hegel and his ilk.” In a series of Beeps-and-Boops they copy-and-paste Schopenhauer’s loathing without any of Schopenhauer’s substance (which would require actually engaging with Schopenhauer and Hegel) instead these Thinkers exists as little framed photos on a candle covered shrine in Geocities. Even if they’re correct they’re still wrong and worthy of immediate scorn and derision. We must express the most profound sense of Christian Pity and Charity at the sight of their nakedness.
It’s easy to spiral on this particular subject but unbecoming, revealing, even damning. What they don’t seem to process, is that the seethe and the scolding and the tantrums are in their manner the highest form of compliment either philosopher could muster. That the younger Schopenhauer’s response to Hegel’s semantic blunder should be a kind of ecstatic fury that propelled his career as a philosopher. That Schopenhauer is endearing when he puts pen to paper and writes:
“May Hegel's philosophy of absolute nonsense - three-fourths cash and one-fourth crazy fancies - continue to pass for unfathomable wisdom without anyone suggesting as an appropriate motto for his writings Shakespeare's words: "Such stuff as madmen tongue and brain not," or, as an emblematical vignette, the cuttle-fish with its ink-bag, creating a cloud of darkness around it to prevent people from seeing what it is, with the device: mea caligine tutus. - May each day bring us, as hitherto, new systems adapted for University purposes, entirely made up of words and phrases and in a learned jargon besides, which allows people to talk whole days without saying anything; and may these delights never be disturbed by the Arabian proverb: "I hear the clappering of the mill, but I see no flour." - For all this is in accordance with the age and must have its course.”
Tempestuous little man. Without Hegel’s error what would’ve become of Schopenhauer? Would he have attempted to actively compete against Hegel? Hegel as the Phantom of Eric Roberts in the Killers Miss Atomic Bomb music video? The Other-Ghost, Hegel’s Smirking Geist cucking Schopenhauer, Sophia in his arms, Schopenhauer casts the wedding ring to the ground and runs away. As was the case in respect to Kierkegaard. Cucked out of marriage by the Ghost & Machine. “And it’s all in my head, but she’s touching his chest now, he takes off her dress now, LET ME GO. And I just can’t look it’s killing me. And taking control.”
An error is a wound is a mercy.
Nietzsche is different. Unlike Schopenhauer he doesn’t pretend to create a superior metaphysical system (the Platonic Carnivalesque) to rival Hegel’s.
I think the spirit of a Nietzschean critique of Hegel is best exemplified by aphorism 317 in Daybreak,
The judgment of the evening. - He who reflects on the work he has done during the day and during his life, but does so when he has finished it and is tired, usually arrives at a melancholy conclusion: this however is not the fault of his day or his life, but of his tiredness. - In the midst of our work we usually have no leisure to pass judgment on life and existence, nor in the midst of our pleasures: but if we should happen to do so, we should no longer agree with him who waited for the seventh day and its repose before he decided that everything was very beautiful - he had let the better moment go by.”
Hegel as a Christian Nihilist and the Dialectic as Slave Morality. All finite forms of life attain their truth in the process of self-overcoming. Hegel uses Negativity to pacify an excess of Negativity. Hegel’s System annuls the Abyss. The Truth of any given determination is realized in its exhaustion. This Truth is what Remains. As part of a Whole. Eternal. Defeat for Hegel is what brings us to our Truth. That the subject’s defeat should purify it of its particularities and its impositions. My thoughts are already part of reality. This Knowledge leads to renunciation. I’m no longer attempting to impose or enforce myself on reality, to shape it in the heat of my perverse gaze. I look up at the stars and recognize a series of sores oozing out a brilliant light. In the Beggar’s Eye I see Christ. Saint Lazarus draped in indigo rags surrounded by dogs. In the Eyes of the King of the World, Christ. In the Illness the Cure. In the Poison the Medicine.
Hegel stands next to his student, the student looks up at the starry sky in awe. “They are the abode of the blessed.” Hegel grumbles, “The stars, hum! Hum! The stars are only a gleaming leprosy in the sky.’” Like Lorde, he never watches the stars because there’s so much down here. As he puts it in one lecture,
“The human being is this Night, this empty nothing which contains everything in its simplicity - a wealth of infinitely many representations, images, none of which occur to it directly, and none of which are not present. This [is] the Night; the interior of [human] nature, existing here - pure Self - [and] in phantasmagoric representations it is night everywhere: here a bloody head suddenly shoots up and there another white shape, only to disappear as suddenly. We see this Night when we look a human being in the eye, looking into a Night which turns, terrifying. [For from his eyes] the night of the world hangs out towards us.”
Let us then briefly think with Hegel whose underling problem is, from the very beginning of his thought, that of love.
What is Blue?
According to Goethe in his Theory of Colors,
“As yellow is always accompanied with light, so it may be said that blue still brings a principle of darkness with it.
This color has a peculiar and almost indescribable effect on the eye. As a hue it is powerful — but it is on the negative side, and in its highest purity is, as it were, a stimulating negation. Its appearance, then, is a kind of contradiction between excitement and repose.
As the upper sky and distant mountains appear blue, so a blue surface seems to retire from us.
But as we readily follow an agreeable object that flies from us, so we love to contemplate blue — not because it advances to us, but because it draws us after it.
Blue gives us an impression of cold, and thus, again, reminds us of shade. We have before spoken of its affinity with black.
Rooms which are hung with pure blue, appear in some degree larger, but at the same time empty and cold.
The appearance of objects seen through a blue glass is gloomy and melancholy.”
Goethe and a defense of Goethe’s critique of Newton’s Opticks unites Hegel and Schopenhauer. That color is produced by light and by what stands against it. Goethe who said that were the eye not of the sun how could we behold the light. Brilliant in the poetic continuity this expresses. A golden chain from Empedocles to Plato and Aristotle to the Stoics and so on. Summarized here elegantly by the physicist Arthur Zajonc, “the interior light coalesces with daylight, like to like, forming thereby a single homogenous body of light. That body, a marriage of inner light and outer, forges a link between the objects of the world and the soul. It becomes the bridge along which the subtle motions of an exterior object may pass, causing the sensation of sight.” Aristotle proposed the existence of a Proton Organon or Primary Instrument, an organ of congealed pneuma, located in the heart, that reconciles the division between the sensible and the intelligible. The Stoics would go on the rename this Mercurial (both volatile-subtle and fixed) Instrument, the Hegemonikon, the synthesizer or icon-maker. Whose function is to produce phantasms. The instrument through which the soul transmits all vital activities to the body and also the body’s way of capturing the sensations from the five senses and translating them into phantasms or images that could be understood by the soul.
The Lover longing loving unrequited. Smiling like she means it. Being-thrown into this World. Never fully at home, refracted, out of joint. That this affliction is our common inheritance. I think this is our patrimony. We are the heirs of this Abyss. It is to some degree I think fundamentally "Western" fundamentally "Romantic". Regardless of political opinion or alignment. It speaks to us. Through us. Perhaps it's because the Republic of Letters is largely comprised of Melancholic Perverts. Nostalgia or homesickness, as a longing for a reality which can only be possessed through the imagination and through the dream, the genuine site of anamnesis or recollection in the unreal. Evoking for us the movement of the soul described by the Venetian Magician-Philosopher Guilio Camillo; descending through the Lunar Gate of Cancer (of man), drinking from the cup of Bacchus and, depending on how much one imbibes, forgetting about all the things ‘up there’ before making our way back through the Saturnine Gate of Capricorn (of the gods). Tightrope walking to Luna. I see her so very clearly. My Corporeal Dasha, Giordano Bruno would rebuke me harshly, that I should Simp as I do for "these eyes, these ears, this blush, this tongue, this tooth, this hair, this dress, this coat, this little shoe .. . , this sun in eclipse, this crazy person, this slut, this stench, this deathbed, this privy, this mensturation, this corpse... which, by means of a superficial appearance, a shadow, a phantasm, a dream, a Circe-like charm in the service of procreation, deceives us by taking the form of beauty." Fuck it. Yet there is an Image behind the Image, a Woman behind my woman. The Platonic Dasha. Daria the Luminous Homunculi. Madonna Intelligenza who has served as a guide throughout this journey. “Keep your eyes on me.” I wobble on the tightrope, your eyes are what kept me, you and your rose-wreathed heart lit. A Unity-of-Opposites. Georges Bataille writes in The Sorcerer's Apprentice, “The image through which, in an instant, destiny has become alive thus finds itself projected into a world foreign to everyday agitation. The woman toward whom a man is draw, as to his human destiny, no longer belongs to the space that money controls. Her sweetness escapes the real world, through which she moves without allowing herself to be any more imprisoned than a dream. Misfortune would ravage the spirit anyone who lets himself be possessed by the need to reduce her.”
On Love Hegel writes, “Since love is a sensing of something living, lovers can be distinct only in so far as they are mortal and do not look upon this possibility of separation as if there were really a separation or as if reality were a sort of conjunction between possibility and existence. In the lovers there is no matter; they are a living whole.” That the Unity of Love is informed precisely by the division or difference between the Lover and the Beloved. The Union of Love, “…can remain so only as long as the separate lovers are opposed solely in the sense that the one loves and the other is loved, i.e., that each separate lover is one organ in a living whole.”
Here we might ponder Hegel’s Philosophy as a Philosophy of Death. The vespers-born melancholy conclusion is perhaps being that all Love is Unrequited. As Marsilio Ficino notes in his Commentary on Plato’s Symposium, “Insofar as it is death, it is bitter, and insofar it is voluntary, it is sweet. He who loves dies; for his consciousness, oblivious of himself, is devoted exclusively to the loved one, and a man who is not conscious of himself is certainly not conscious in himself. Therefore, a soul that is so affected, does not function in itself, because the primary function of the soul is consciousness…. Therefore, the unrequited lover lives nowhere; he is completely dead.”
Blue the color of Sulfur ignited. Blue the color of the Ocean of the Dead, of Dasein. The blue knees of a prayerful lover and the blue lips of the lovelorn fool, “Here’s to my love - O true apothecary! Thy drugs are quick. - Thus with a kiss I die.” That the smell of bitter almonds should remind the good doctor of unrequited love.
Such a melancholy conclusion can only be produced by a proper melancholic. Melancholy was regarded by Ficino as one of seven exemptions in which the bond between body and soul was weakened, allowing the soul to take flight and acquire the gifts of premonition and clairvoyance. Saint Albertus Magnus writes of the two kinds of melancholy. Hot melancholy and its two primary effects on the subject’s phantasmic activity he describes thusly,
“The first consists in the mobility of the phantasms within the subtle organism: the second, in the great capacity of phantasms to stay impressed upon the pneuma. This brings with it, besides a prodigious memory, an extraordinary capacity for analysis. This is why, Ficino tells us, 'all the great man who have ever excelled in an art have been melancholic. Either because they were born so or become so through assiduous meditation.”
Philosophy begins with this Unhappy Consciousness. The Alienated Soul lithe and loveless, which is the consciousness of self as a divided nature, a doubled and merely contradictory being. Dissatisfied with its Self and the World it retreats inward, like a Nymph fleeing Pan, fleeing into Reflection, which might likewise take the form of a fleeing into Nature (think Thoreau’s Walden). Herein is the mirk. This Narcissistic dialectic between Subject and Phantasmata. The Ouroboric Narcissism of the Beautiful Soul.
Another affliction associated with Melancholy is Hysteria. The Psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan refers to Hegel as the most Sublime Hysteric. The Hysteric asks questions because they experience their own desire as if it were the desire of the Other.
The Spirit retreats into a pre-rational state of life, a Life of Feeling, that this feeling expresses a movement in which the soul is no longer simply natural, but able to realize a mastery over itself.
“Finally, in the “feeling of self,” the individual becomes “a sensitive totality.” But the gradual formation of the ‘I’ is paradoxically accompanied by a loss of fluidity, leading to “ruin and disaster within the conscious spirit.” This crisis results from the fact that the subject, being constituted in a free relation to the self, feels at the same time like ‘another’, and this tension pushes it into a state of ‘trembling’ (durchzittern).” The Future of Hegel, Plasticity, Temporality, Dialectics, Catherine Malabou.
How does Hegel escape? Or perhaps more accurately how can we escape this trap? This Pneumatic Mirror-World. The Romantic Prison? Of one who learns of Love in order to be Loveless? Hold that thought.
Returning to the color blue, the psychologist James Hillman writes in Alchemical Psychology,
“This is the realm of the alchemical (kyanos, blue; kynos, dog); blue takes on a dog-like quality: hangdog and dirty dog, both. Why does depression seek porn? For arousal? For Eros and Priapos and Venus to come to life? Rather, I think, to maintain the depression, to re-direct the verticality of desire downward and backward (doggy fashion), clipping the wings of eros. Pornography - an opus contra naturam, a counter-instinct of the psyche, perverting the conventionally natural, enslaving, torturing; an erotics of despair.
To translate these esoteric references into the blue dog’s perverse obsessions we discover this: Invisible Hades appears in the world as Dionysus. There is a divine (i.e., invisible, unfathomable) impulse that seeks to enter ordinary life. It wants to know the soul in the Biblical sense. Carnal knowledge, intimate knowledge, knowledge of intimates. (Hence the innumerable images of copulation throughout alchemy.) The soul longs for this copulation, and sings its longing in the blues, blueing its own flesh, drawing the divine down into the ordinary body. (Hence the blues’ libidinous mood.)”
My Cup Overfloweth.
Pure thinking-subjectivity is phantasmological or hauntological. The role of the Phantasmata in the context of medieval philosophy, is described exquisitely by Mauricio Loza in The Hounds of Actaeon. The Phantasm or Phantom is understood “as a mental image with effects reaching not only the level of perception but that of social construction, the phantasm exists in the twilight between the objective and the subjectivity, the material and the immaterial, a zone of indistinction between reality and unreality. This is why the phantasm pulls us towards the twilight from whence it comes: Its central action is to drag us into the shadow of the world.”
Minerva’s Owls unfurls its wings only with the falling of dusk.
For the great Persian scholar Avicenna, sensory phantasms were processed through five virtues or powers corresponding to five cavities in the cranium; phantasy or common sense, imagination, cogitative virtue, the estimative virtue, and finally the reminiscent virtue. According to Georgio Agamben in his work Stanzas: Word and Phantasm in Western Culture, Avicenna conceives of this gradation through the inner senses as a "progressive 'disrobing' (denudatio) of the phantasm from its material accidents."
Material accidents in this instance, evoking the etymological origins and proliferation into common speech of the word "accident" itself.
Ad - 'towards to' and cadere - 'to fall'. The Latin Accident - 'happening' used in late Middle English to refer to 'an Event'. Used to refer to the parts of the sacred bread and wine that remained after the transubstantiation through the sacrament of The Holy Eucharist,
“Thus, throughout the history of Scholasticism we have to do with a sort of triangle of intellectual forces: Realism and Nominalism fighting a five hundred years’ war, and the Church, in its official capacity, anxiously endeavouring to hold the balance between them. One wonders whether the three parties to this ancient dispute may not have found symbolic expression in Tweedledum, Tweedledee, and the ‘Monstrous Crow’ of nursery legend. But it is no disparagement of the intellects of that day to say that to us the chief interest of their polemics lies in the many new and accurate instruments of thought with which they provided us. The common word accident is an excellent example. We use it every day without realizing that it was only imported from Latin by the indefatigable efforts of the Schoolmen to reconcile the doctrine of Realism with the Catholic dogma of Transubstantiation. The accidents, when they first came into the English language, meant that part of the sacred bread and wine which remained after the substance had been transmuted into the body and blood of Christ.” History in English Words, Owen Barfield
Here we see a process of Pneuma returning to Pneuma through this process of Rising and Falling. That the Absolute Idea is a Radiant Star. That the Phantasm undergoes a kind of purification process, from the sensible to the spiritual to the mnemonic. That this purification entails a kind of excremental remainder. A material accident. An excess which goes?
This brings to mind the question that the Sophist Parmenides (in Plato's Parmenides) raises to Socrates, which forces Socrates to admit to his own limitations. It utterly stumps the Apostate Tragedian. That being whether or not there is an eidos or Pure Idea of the lowest material things. Things like excrement and dust and I might add these eyes, these ears, this blush, this tongue, this tooth, this hair, this dress, this coat, this little shoe .. . , this sun in eclipse, this crazy person, this slut, this stench, this deathbed, this privy, this mensturation, this corpse...
The Ghost and The Star
Recall the episode with Hegel comparing stars to leprosy sores. This got out around town and Hegel found himself having to address this controversy,
"It has been rumoured round the town that I have compared the stars to a rash on an organism where the skin erupts in an countless mass of red spots: or to an ant-heap in which too, there is Understanding and necessity. In fact, I do rate what is concrete higher than what is abstract, and an animality that develops into no more than a slime, higher than the starry host."
The rock is a rock.
Hegel defines the Domain of Art as the “sensible appearing of the idea”… or the Idea given expression in Sensuous Form. This is to be understood as The Star shining through The Ghost. This opposition between Form and Content. This Contradiction is what animates the Motion of Spirit. From Art towards Philosophy.
She is and is not. Ah wait. I'm not her. But in this regard I am the same and suddenly the Ghost is Concretized.
Alexandre Kojève in his Lectures on the Phenomenology of Spirit writes,
"It is known that Hegel asserted that his knowledge is circular, and that circularity is the necessary and sufficient condition of absolute truth - that is, of complete, universal, and definitive (or "eternal") truth."
The Hysterics quandary finds some resolution. The question of the Other is reflexively transformed into the answer to the question.
"In the Wise Man's absolute Knowledge, each question is its own answer, but is so only because he goes through the totality of questions-answers that forms the entirety of the System. Likewise, in his existence, the Wise Man remains in identity with himself, he is closed up in himself; but he remains in identity with himself because he passes through the totality of others, and is closed up in himself. Which (according to the Phenomenology) means, quite simply, that the only man who can be Wise is a Citizen of the universal and homogeneous State - that is to say, the State of the Tun Aller und Jeder, in which each man exists only through and for the whole, and the whole exists through and for each man."
We return to Self-Consciousness. We're not the same. We're different. Tonight.
Eros pins Pan. Chronos clips Eros’ wings. Compulsion is overcome by Love. Love is overcome by Time. Love can only be actualized and concretized through Time. When it must Dwell in a given Space. This is the Poetic-Plasticity. This is the Commitment.
“Desire has reserved to itself the pure negating of the object and thereby unalloyed feeling of self. This satisfaction, however, just for that reason is itself only a state of evanescence, for it lacks objectivity or subsistence. Labour, on the other hand, is desire restrained and checked, evanescence delayed and postponed; in other words, labour shapes and fashions the thing.” (Phenomenology of Spirit)
We begin with the Problem of Love and in the Problem find the Solution. Love is the Answer to the Question of Love. Loving is to give what one does not have.
Our Unrequited Love is Mutual,
“In fact, there is only one death in mutual love, but there are two resurrections, for a lover dies within himself the moment he forgets about himself, but he returns to life immediately in his loved one as soon as the loved ones embraces him in loving contemplation. He is resurrected once more when he finally recognizes himself in his beloved and no longer doubts that he is loved. O, happy death, which is followed by two loves. O, wondrous exchange in which each gives himself up for the other, and has the other, yet does not cease to have himself.” Commentary on Plato's Symposium, Marsilio Ficino.
To be Overcome is to Animate. This is the Labor of Love. Productive Labor as Art.
You understand why Hegel is so very frustrating? In his System. In the Movement from East to West back East. We find the Heiros Gamos, the Sacred Matrimony of Eros and Sophia, and in this Unity of Opposites the philosopher becomes the Sage. In the production of this Heiros Gamos, Hegel's System becomes the Perfect Pneumatic Circle.

I make of Nietzsche a traveling companion through Hegel’s Aesthetics. Why? Because The Birth of Tragedy is crudely Hegelian. Here we find ourselves encountering what is so very frustrating about Hegel and his Pneumatic Circle, his method and his system. From the occultists perspective this is because Hegel’s System is an Artifice of Sacral or Mythic Time, of Cyclical Time. The genuinely infuriating thing is realizing that the Artifice, the “Copy” is in fact the original. This is why some speak of the feminizing effect of Hegel. Feminizing in the way Achilles’ is feminized by Scamander. That not only do we never step in the same river twice and that the river is the site of the Doom-driven Hero’s self-fulfilling prophesy.
As Nietzsche himself puts it, “one cannot refute an eye disease.” I thought it would be stimulating to read The Birth of Tragedy through the lens of Hegel’s Lectures on Aesthetics. Framing Nietzsche and his insights within a Hegelian Tableaux. Nietzsche who denounces Metaphysical Systematization. Demurely objecting he says, “unhand me woman,” with a little blush. Does he mean it? I don’t think it was Hegel’s Dialectical Method or Logic that Nietzsche objected too. Denouncing instead the refraction between the Philosopher and the Logic (an ironic detachment)… that the Philosopher and his Logic are not two separate beings. That for him the Philosopher is Alkahest or Universal Solvent. Body and Soul collapse into a singularity, Art and Artists. No, in a sense Nietzsche celebrates the animating antagonism at the Heart of Hegel’s work. That this refraction is what results in the System which Nietzsche saw as modeling contemporary German Bourgeois fearfulness and timidity simply solidifies into Consensus. “I’m old and I don’t want to be alone.” That the System should be a kind of Metaphysical Prison concretized around the Fiery Pneuma, the brilliance of Hegel’s Esprit.
The application of the Dialectical Method is evidenced throughout The Birth of Tragedy; The Apollonian thesis, the Dionysian antithesis, the Tragic synthesis. Or perhaps in a manner more accurate to Hegel; The Dionysian Abstract, the Apollonian Negation, the Tragic Negation-of-Negation, and the Socratic Concretization.
The section dedicated to a retrospective appraisal of The Birth of Tragedy in Ecce Homo, Nietzsche concludes that all the good things he had ever written about Richard Wagner were actually about him. He was talking about himself the whole time without even realizing it, “"Even psychologically all decisive traits of my own nature are projected into Wagner’s - the close proximity of the brightest and the most calamitous forces, the will to power as no man ever possessed it, the ruthless courage in matters of the spirit, the unlimited power to learn without damage to the will to act.” Poor Nietzsche he who was too high-strung for his own good. Comes to a conclusion paralleling Hegel as it concerns Art, specifically Music. Perhaps one day, there will be Dionysian future for music. But for now, the Pneuma roils through space-and-time, and it culminates in Nietzsche or Zarathustra, as the Last Philosopher or the first Tragic Philosopher. Who despite all the aristocratic pretensions cannot help but write in a popular and accessible manner. Writing into motion the conditions for the Dionysian resurgence he had once thought was being spearheaded by the compositions of Richard Wagner.
He goes so far as to be both Beethoven and Goethe’s response to Beethoven in the anticipation of his works and in the need for them to remain ‘exclusive’ despite their undeniably popular character. Goethe in his old age weeping softly to Beethoven’s sonatas, proclaims “If such music were performed by a large orchestra, it would destroy everything around it.”
The stylish and inspirited Vitalism of Nietzsche’s ruminations is Pneumatic. A red dot in the center of a dark blue sphere.
Dialectics reveals an Infinite Spiral. The Circle divided by a straight-line. Containing the spiral. The straight-line breaks through the circle. Above and Below. Revealing three other spheres. Above the configuration one spiral. Beneath it two spirals; one winding up and the other winding down. On a Hegelian theological note. God the Father and God the Holy Spirit proceed from God the Son. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:1.
Here we might locate the Traumatic Temporality of Christianity. The introduction of History. Time as Chronos. With God the Son. Without the historical personage of Jesus Christ, there wouldn’t be a Trinitarian Unity and Division. From God the Son proceeds God the Father and God the Holy Spirit. In this wound we are brought to an awareness of another Time. A Timeless-Time or a Time sans History. “In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,” a time in which God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit had always been. The Triune God. Whether or not, in this Aionic Time, God the Holy Spirit proceeds from God the Father or from God the Father and God the Son, is the division between East and West.
This Times overlap and nowhere is this more evident than in the anachronisms or perhaps more accurately, the Archeo-modernity, of the romantic painting. Or perhaps further still, in the Ethiopian depiction of Christ, in the Korean depiction of Christ, and in the Italian depiction of Christ. Black Jesus, Asian Jesus, and European Jesus.
As that obscure note by Nietzsche produced by Gilles Deleuze in his work Nietzsche and Philosophy goes, “Universal chaos which excluded all purposeful activity does not contradict the idea of the cycle; for this idea is only an irrational necessity.” Here we see Nietzsche approaching something akin to the Infinite Dialectic realized and developed in Mao Zedong’s contributions to Dialectical and Historical Materialism. As Mao writes in On Contradiction, “The universality or absoluteness of contradiction has a twofold meaning. One is that contradiction exists in the process of development of all things, and the other is that in the process of development of each thing a movement of opposites exists from beginning to end.”
The stylish and inspirited Vitalism of Nietzsche’s ruminations is Pneumatic. Being Pneumatic it is Phantasmic. Here we locate the Girardian critique of Nietzsche. As Nietzsche proclaims in Ecce Homo that everything his was praising Wagner for is in fact praise he was unconsciously directing at himself, at his values or innate dignities, the obverse is true. For Nietzsche every great philosophical work is a confessional, an involuntary and unconscious autobiography. He invents the Overman and by extension the Last Man. Will to Power and Ressentiment. One cannot exist without the other and in Nietzsche they collapse into a singularity (a point worth keeping in mind when we eventually venture into Deleuze and his Anti-Hegelianism). The Last Philosopher. In sum Girard’s contention is that in the production of these Phantasmata, Nietzsche ends up offering to his audience another Scapegoat. The Man of Ressentiment and the Slave Morality. Obviously within Nietzsche the potential for this is treated triumphantly. Nietzsche refuses to have his Poetic Revelry stifled by timorous considerations. That stupid people might read his works and take it as an excuse to persecute Christians or to locate the Man of Ressentiment in their political adversaries. That they might completely forget the contradictions inherent to the very office of “Tragic Philosopher” and how the Vagabond and the Prophet are a singular figure, hybrid and lovelorn and glorious. “If I had power I’d know how to immediately and brutally exercise it.” None of this concerns Nietzsche. People will misinterpret you regardless. Still the points are well worth reflecting on and prove stimulating as we move from the Symbolic-Classical to the Classical-Romantic.
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2023.04.01 11:13 Smooth-Wait506 Wording and validity of anti-compete clause in UK employment contract?

I have a permanent contract with a global corporate, head-quartered elsewhere than the UK
There is a fairly extensive part of the contract that talks about restrictions following "Termination" and defines which parties cannot contact who (i.e. former employers working for competitors or contacting previous clients) and it looks like this period extends for 3 months after Termination.
I would copy out the words verbatim, however, given the size of the company, someone else may recognise who my employer is. This is the first time I've had this in a contract and a lesson learned. Walk away or have the clause removed before signing.
The contract was written up in one of their UK offices, so I assume some form of compliance with UK employment law will have been followed.
I can see how this clause would be more relevant to positions of influence - Directors, Sales teams, tech departments that provide USPs through technology / innovation etc.
I currently sit outside of these fields in my current role, with some edge-blurring around use of said leading-edge technology, minimal client interaction
The company culture is hyper-competitive, internally and externally. Management have been off with me from the word go, hence I am wary of any nonsense they might try to pull and want to know where I stand legally.
I have no intention of poaching clients, I just want to leave without having my employment options severely limited by a bunch of corporate psychopaths
My first question is
does "Termination" include resignation, or is it more specific - i.e. employer terminating the contract?
I ask because the no-compete conditions all refer back to Termination, there is no mention of resignation. I suppose "Termination" can be interpreted/used literally = end of employment contract, regardless of which party initiated.
My second question is
As my employer is non-UK headquartered, is this non-compete clause enforceable in the UK in the event I gave notice I was resigning to move to a new employer that operates in the same space?
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2023.04.01 11:11 AutoModerator [Get] Super Lumen – The LinkedIn Ads Course

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2023.04.01 11:08 sneakyequestrian My first attempt in a Modern Nuzlocke ended at the champion with a wipe

My first attempt in a Modern Nuzlocke ended at the champion with a wipe
I was the one who nearly wiped during the triple fusion Giovanni fight previously and I felt well prepared for the elite 4. I liked my new team and went in confident.
Lorelai nearly swept me immediately. I made a lot of bad decisions and lost 4 mons to her. One to a destiny bond and 3 to others hitting way harder than I thought they would. It was a catastrophe. I resigned myself to the run ending before Blue.
But Doopy the Quagsire Moltres pulled through, sweeping everyone with only needing an assist against lance from Soup the dewgong Lapras to deal with his flying types. Suddenly the Doopy sweep seemed possible.
Alas it was not. I had to sacrifice Soup to give myself time to heal Doopy, and then rival was able to lower his special defense with shadowball enough that I couldn’t stall through. Doopy was taken down.
I’ll be restarting my run but I really enjoyed that near clear of the e4 with just two Mons. My friends watched me the whole way through cheering Doopy on. It was very epic. Excited to try again now that I’m not blind and can learn from my mistakes.
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2023.04.01 11:07 deadsince93 I’ve always been a skeptic but I’m being called.

Looking for guidance, I feel like i need to say I don't really want to be involved in this. I don't want the attention but Im being told my abilities are strong and I have no choice but to embrace it. I dont want to pay for a reading, not becasue its money, but because I want someone who isnt a scammer and who genuinely wants to help. Also when ivew talked to people I feel that I can immediately tell if they are like me and have abilities but suprisingly most of the people ive talked to have given me no sense of a gift besides one redditor and a few local people.
All of my life I’ve been very atheist without question but recently I’ve been made aware by multiple people and events that I have abilities. After speaking to a few different people i’m realizing that a lot of things in my life that I felt were normal or “my mind tricking me” are actually expressions of whatever abilities I may possess.
sometimes I will feel heavy waves of sadness and even cry without a reason. I have moments where I feel the presence of another person in the room suddenly, it’s very easy for me to read another person‘s mood shift as well.
Ive had plenty of odd experiences that could fall into the category of supernatural but I usually brush it off becasue I never believed in any of this. What has happened this week is crazy, I've seen and felt things that I can no longer deny.
In my life ive had 3 tarot readings and all of which I felt drawn to the cards myself. the most recent 2 were this week and I pulled them for the person who owend the deck and they werte alarmingly accurate. The first tarot reading was done by a firend who felt I have lots of spirits following me and that my aura is purple. The second was another friend who lives in a very spiritually active house and things got weird. As soon as I spoke about having questions her lights started flickering which she said has never happened, I immediately felt that someone was in the kitchen. When I get those feelings I have things just "pop" into my head and this time is was an image of a young girl in a white and blue old style nightgown and she was very scared. The house exploded with activity, I felt drwn to an object on her wall to which I felt very bad energy from as well as a closet that seemed to have darker shadow figures trying to enter like rush hour.
I can say more but this could get long so I will end with last nights activity. I went to a bar and back home with a girl I met. As soon as I entered her house a guitar on a dresser was thrown onto the floor. Ive been told I am very powerful and show signs of the "poltergeist effect" which I havent looked up yet, I have all 4 sets of abilities and that I wont be able to avoid getting involved becasue i'm being called.
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2023.04.01 11:02 Zoobotmon I want to die

Why does god or whatever created all of this hate me? Born into an abusive family. Got taken away to group homes with even more abusive people. I did the best I could with the cards I was given. No family, no friends, no nothing. Most of my adult life I have been running away from stress and people. People hate me. For the first time in my life, I am doing halfway decent but stuck making 14 an hour with no chance for any raise. It has gotten so bad that I use the daily pay shit so I can drink and eat myself into oblivion.
My whole life has been a struggle up hill in the snow then god comes and fucks me right up the ass every time. I quit most of my jobs because it got too hard or too stressful. I just can't handle the stress. I feel like I am going to murder someone, so I just take myself out of the equation. Though I don't think I could ever hurt anyone because I would feel too bad. I know what it is like to be unwanted. I ate myself into 450 pounds. I am very strong and can handle the weight so it is hard for me to know when I am getting to big. I can walk miles and do. But everytime I get on the scale it is around 437-450.
Going through a bout of insomnia which makes me even more insane. I have a tooth that is rotting in my fucking mouth but can't afford to change that. It has been in my fucking mouth for years. I have hypothyroidism that I need meds for but can't afford it.
You know what I got for my year at being and working my ass off at my current job? A fucking auto bot email congratulating me on staying at the same pay for over a year. I don't want to die of covid because that is fucking horrible. I would rather my brain be obliterated via a bullet. My one friend has guns and I have a key for his place. Once he goes back to work, I am thinking about getting his shotgun getting some double ot ammunition and putting it in my mouth and pulling the trigger.
I was born fucked and am fucked even to this day. I just turned 47. I have anxiety about dying but the more I live the more that ansiety goes away. I sold my Switch and Xbox so I could have money to get caught up on my rent which is fucking 1200 a month here in phx. FUCK THIS UNIVERSE. god is a coward not coming down and fighting that which he hates.
All I wanted was the ability to take care of myself. I can be selfish and very selfish, but I have never had what every normal person has in this world. The chance to take care of themselves. I try and help people when I can, but I don't know how long I can carry on. I hate this exisitence.
You guys are probably used to seeing posts like this. Though I doubt the mods will let this post even get to the public. Everytime I have an opinion I get censored. So, I am used to it. I really don't know what to do anymore. I am tired of crying and getting angry because I exist. I am at my wits end. I feel like I am going crazy or maybe my so-called blood family was right, and I was crazy all along.
Anyway, thanks for reading if you were able to. I really do hope no one ever has to live the life I have had to live. Maybe whatever force created this shit will let me fall asleep peacefully and never wake up again.
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2023.04.01 11:02 Darren716 Live WWF WrestleMania IX Discussion Thread!

**The World's Largest Toga Party!**

Venue: Caesar's Palace (Parking Lot), Las Vegas, Nevada

Attendance: ~16,000

* Ave, and welcome to the greatest spectacle of gladiatorial combat since the Roman Empire!
* Three massive title matches as the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels defends his Intercontinental Championship against the undefeated Native Warrior Tatanka, Hulk Hogan returns after a year long absence to get revenge on Money Inc. and attempt to claim tag title gold for the first time, and in the main event, the up and coming WWF Champion Bret Hart faces his grandest challenge yet as he defends against the 500 pound Yokozuna!

**WrestleMania Saturday**

**Tatanka** w/ **Sensational Sherri** vs. **Shawn Michaels** w/ **Luna Vachon** (c) Singles match for the **WWF Intercontinental Championship**
**The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott)** vs. **The Headshrinkers (Fatu and Samu)** w/ **Afa**Tag team match
**Crush** vs. **Doink the Clown**Singles match
**Razor Ramon** vs. **Bob Backlund**Singles match
**The Mega-Maniacs** (**Hulk Hogan** and **Brutus 'The Barber' Beefcake**) w/ **Jimmy Hart** vs. **Money Inc.**(**'Million Dollar Man' Ted DiBiase** and **Irwin R. Schyster**) (c) Tag team match for the **WWF Tag Team Championships**
**'The Narcissist' Lex Luger** vs. **Mr. Perfect** Singles Match
**The Undertaker** w/ **Paul Bearer** vs. **Giant Gonzalez** w/ **Harvey Wippleman**Singles match
**Yokozuna** w/ **Mr. Fuji** vs. **Bret 'The Hitman' Hart** (c)Singles match for the **WWF Championship**

**Important Links**

- **Watch on []( the show will be airing at 9 AM EDT!**
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Week 5 – Advanced Lead Generation This week will be more difficult. We’ll walk you through everything step by step so you can follow along easily. Week 6 – Growing Your Agency This is the course’s final module, and it teaches you how to scale your agency.
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2023.04.01 10:57 Longjumping_Poet_247 Just found out my sister (23) aborted and feel like killing her

I M20, come from a Christian family (SDA). My sister had her first child at 17, the baby is 6yrs old now , happy and healthy. My sister is beer addicted and some how mentally disturbed, in 2022 Feb she stollen and ate my hard earned money ($20k) so I hate her with all my heart . I've fought with her 6X since this year started.
Today, while mom was going to church said something about my sis that has haunted me.
Mom: " she shouldn't taken life of the 5month baby in her, maybe thats the reason she's loosing in life"
Me: (remembered my sis was pregnant in 2021)
Me: 😳😳😖😢😡😭
Edit: the reason I care is because I look after the 6yr old boy , school fees etc.. Had she gave birth to the baby, I should've been with another angel to look after for. + We are very few. (Mom, 13yr old sis, 6yr boy, 23yr sis and me)
(My dad died
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2023.04.01 10:55 GoodluckCapital Swing Stock Trading Advice in India

Swing Stock Trading Advice in India
Swing stock trading advice in India can be the difference between making a profit and losing money in the Indian stock market. That's why you need Goodluck Capital's expert guidance and support. You can get specialized guidance and tactics from our skilled team of traders and analysts to help you achieve your investment goals. We use advanced technical analysis and market research to identify high-potential opportunities for short-term gains. With our proven track record of success, you can trust us to help you make informed investment decisions and maximize your profits.
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2023.04.01 10:53 Olly-flowey My no money spent Team...any suggestion ?

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2023.04.01 10:48 Odd-Bed-7010 HELP: Stuck In A Situation With A Local Gym, What Should I Do?

TLDR: I'm mentally drained after talking to staff. They're holding thousands of my money in their pockets without providing their service for up to two months, berated my mom and finally tried to offer me the service after that. I'm stressed, sad and confused, to the point I don't want my money or the service anymore. I never felt so trapped by a company in my life and have settled with just writing a Google review before moving on. I need advice on how to go about it without making mistakes or whether I'm one overreacting in all this... Thank you so much.
Disclaimer: All names have been changed to fake ones.
Hi malaysians, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I need some advice and opinions from fellow Malaysians. I'm sorry that it's really long, but I'd be very grateful if you could read it through as I'm in a huge dilemma.
It's my first time posting something on Reddit as well as my first time even thinking of writing a review on any establishment. This is because the treatment I've received has been so upsetting that I've been driven to tears multiple times... Here's one example of my exchange with one of the staff below. It was a holiday and no one informed me the gym was closed, so I was standing outside unsure what was happening. Note that I've barely met her around the time this conversation took place, Roy is the coach I was training with at the time:
I didn't think it would escalate like that. I wasn't really angry either, but it's important to let the professional party know the boundaries of your time right...? She signed me up so I thought I could ask her. I didn't think I'd be gaslighted like this. She said "don't expect me to text you for everything", but I don't even know you! This kind of explosiveness and passing blame is common among them but I continued to endure it because I just wanted to enjoy my first gym…
Now, I'll be delving further into my experiences.
Before I signed up for their personal training, I wasn't notified that they had no time slots or coaches for me until AFTER I paid. My heart dropped, I felt so stupid and lied to... but I was already given an agreement to sign, so I told myself it's okay and to wait until a slot was available. After almost a week passed with no updates and a lot of worries, I tried to be proactive and eventually got one slot at an inconvenient time with Nicky, the boss of the gym. Regardless of the time, I tried my best to make it.
One day, I had a sudden health issue and couldn't make it for a session. The staff member from the screenshot above, Susan, called in and scolded me for being inefficient and irresponsible for doing this (I fainted). I was so sick and my mind was a hazy mess after fainting, I apologised profusely and felt so upset at myself for being an inconvenience. She emphasised to me that she would forfeit the session and that I completely wasted a day for being sick, and I told her it's okay. After hanging up, I started sobbing and feeling like I made a big mistake…
The phone call wasn't enough for her, she sent me more text messages with the same comments. She wouldn't believe me even when I said it was sudden, not on purpose, and that I was sorry over and over again. It just felt so upsetting... I told her as respectfully as I could that she doesn't need to speak to me like that, and that I'd honestly like a schedule change for a better experience which caused this reaction to happen. I just didn't respond anymore because I wasn't being heard and it wouldn't go anywhere: 1- 2-
I wondered if maybe everything was all my fault. My friends told me that other gyms wouldn't message people like this, but a part of me felt like maybe I deserved it. I just wanted to be firm with my boundaries once again... Like the above situation, I was gaslighted and told I "insisted on Nicky" as my coach, but I really didn't do that at all. I felt like I was going crazy every time I talked to her.
Soon after that, I was assigned a second coach (Roy) and... More issues ensued. With Roy, there were cancellations / schedule changes here and there which I didn't mind, I understand that unpredictable things can happen so I never got angry even when he was late to a session almost 4 hours at one point. It was one time, I told myself it's alright... I had to switch schedules sometimes too. Even when he told me that he often forgets my sessions, I made it my habit to remind him of classes every time. But after CNY, the cancellations became rampant and dragged on for weeks. I checked up on him often, he would either say he's still sick or I'd get no response. Then, I got a message from Susan informing me that, he told them that I cancelled / did not confirm with him: Text with Roy- Text with Susan-
I explained myself to Susan and she told me he was getting clients pulled from him because he kept doing that. I was in the middle of a very difficult project and couldn't afford to be too stressed anymore or I would've gone crazy, I just told her it's alright and thanked her... But really, someone lied about me to protect themselves, even after I tried so hard just to get any response from him, the way I've been spoken to by Susan before, and now my money has been put "on hold" for who knows how long again... I felt desperate and just wanted the sessions to end and not go back. It was a lot to bottle up for the following weeks, and gym started becoming a common topic with my therapist... Within those weeks, I would not be contacted at all either.
Currently, they have thousands of ringgit of my money in their pockets and have not been able to provide me their service in weeks, almost two months by now, because again, Nicky is "too packed and busy" and they "don't have enough coaches".
After my stressful episodes, my therapist encouraged me to ask my mom to talk to Nicky since he's the boss. My mom has been a businesswoman for around 30 years, she's experienced at talking to others on a professional level. I felt so bad to ask her but I hoped that they'd listen to her more compared to me. We didn't expect a refund since we understood the agreement, but we hoped he'd understand where I was coming from since I haven't been receiving my sessions for up to two months already. Disappointed but not surprised, he berated my mom, told her that he was busy and that it's not his problem. My mom just told Nicky it's okay and quietly hung up. This was my final straw... I have so much to make up to her for getting myself into this mess. He finally messaged me afterwards offering to find me another coach but I'm just so tired and disappointed... Even getting him on a call with my mom required weeks of effort. He only sent me a random Facebook video (related to some workout exercises) right after my mom tried contacting him. I don’t even know how the video would solve this situation because all I want is to have slots scheduled for me.
My mom said I shouldn't post anything as it's grounds for them to sue me for defamation. She said to just give up on these types of people and move on, accept that it's life. But my friends think that I should talk about it not only for my sake but also for others to know, and that nothing will happen. I'm just conflicted... I've always honoured my mom's words but I also felt that people deserve to know how they'll be spoken to / treated if they went there right? I even have proof, but I'm not a confrontational person and I'm scared to go through with it. I still doubt myself if my problems were actually problems too…
At this point though, they can just keep my money. Going back to that gym is even more unbearable than losing it. I told myself that I would leave, accept that it's life and slowly earn my money back... But still, I cannot help but feel injustice for leaving quietly and letting what I've been through disappear to nothing. I've been bullied since I was young and now as a young adult, I wanted to stand up for myself. Yet, I tried to be firm with them and was reprimanded for it. I don't want to start drama and I really don't like conflict, but I want others, especially naive people like me, to watch out before they pay thousands for a place with no respect for others…
What are your opinions on this situation? I don't really know how to feel, and any thoughts from you guys would be appreciated. How do you guys think I should go about this situation?
For those of you who read all the way, I really really thank you.
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2023.04.01 10:45 AutoModerator [Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection Bundle List in the description

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