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2023.03.30 19:52 Realistic_Database23 Newest build

Rtx 4070 ti i7-12700k Corsair vengeance rgb pro 32gb3600mhz 1000Watt EVGA power supply Corsair aio
another monster pc. cpu is an i7 but i had no idea how good it was till i saw the specs it’s perfect for the 4070ti
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2023.03.30 19:52 __june_ Leather Boot Alterations

Hello everyone!
Sorry if these are silly questions, I know absolutely nothing about this subject. I own a pair of Pisa leather dr. martens that I wear every day (https://www.drmartens.com/us/en/jadon-pisa-leather-platform-boots/p/26378001). I paid $200 for them about two years ago, not realizing that dr. martens no longer do repairs like they used to, which is how I justified the price (I'm a college student with a small budget). While they are quite worn (scuffed leather, uneven sole due to wear), I still love them and wear them every day. Recently, the loop of the zipper that holds the pull tab on one boot completely broke, making it quite difficult to put on. I know that the zipper could probably be replaced quite easily but here's the thing: I hate the zippers. Normally I wouldn't mind them, but on these shoes the zipper is constantly falling, meaning I have to keep adjusting it all day. Now for the actual questions:
-If I took these to a local cobbler would they be able to remove the zipper and attach the two sides so they are just lace-up boots? I don't care if there's a seam of anything cosmetic like that, as long as it will hold up well.
-If I were to get that done, would it be worth the repair cost considering the existing wear? I know prices will probably vary depending on where I go, but if you had t guess would I be better off just getting a new pair entirely?
-If it is better to get a new pair, are there any brands you recommend? While I like the style of dr. martens, I would rather have a pair hold up for a long time like I thought these ones would. I probably can't afford to spend much more than around $200 right now, but with how much I put my boots through I want the best quality I can afford.
Thanks so much for your advice!
tldr; can a zipper be removed entirely from leather boots?
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2023.03.30 19:51 Dondo19 Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-22 x64 installation HELP

Hello all,
I want to first apologize for my ignorance as I am not technical nor knowledgeable about tech. I appreciate anyone reading this willing to work with me.
I am brand new to Dolphin. I am trying my hardest to run the latest beta version of the app, and I see I need 64 bit Visual C++ Redistributable installed (MCVR from here on). I downloaded both X86 and X64. When I go to run either MCVR, I get a message telling me to modify setup through repairing. So I click repair, it completes, then asks me to restart. So I restart, and I go to run the app and it gives me the same modify setup/repair screen. Why is it telling me my setup is complete when after I restart nothing has changed? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling all versions and that didn't help. I am working on Windows 10 which is up to date. Thank you to anyone who reads this
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2023.03.30 19:51 Realistic_Database23 Newest build I just finished

Newest build I just finished
Rtx 4070 ti i7-12700k Corsair vengeance rgb pro 32gb3600mhz 1000Watt EVGA power supply Corsair aio Covered will LL120 corsair fans
another monster pc. cpu is an i7 but i had no idea how good it was till i saw the specs it’s perfect for the 4070ti
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2023.03.30 19:51 batatac4 Yasuo support, can it work?

Hello summoners i hope you are having a good day!
I've been brainstorming about this the last few days, can yasuo work as a support in certain matchups? Maybe I think, here's why:
Either the Ad support item or relic shield could work, i'm personally more inclined for relic shield to help push for lvl 2 faster, and because you can use your Q to get relics and prepare the tornado.
Then we have yasuo's kit,
It has great mobility and engage potential through E, although potentially telegraphed,
He has self peel through his passive, and the ability to be really gold efficient, items like shieldbow and IE are expensive, but due to the recent changes yasuo basically just needs those 2 items to get nearly 100% CRIT chance and extra damage, however perhaps a different build could work better and I'll talk about it soon.
On his Q we have a good lvl 1 skill with pontential for very good trades and poke in line if the yasuo is competent in landing the Qs
The main selling point for me is his W, it's probably the single best ability any support could have.
As for the best ADC to go with him? It has to be kalista, the all in potential of kalista R yasuo, into his own R is just too good to pass!
For the build, i think probably the best option is lethality, with lucidity or mobility boots for roaming, and perhaps some coordination with the Jungler to leave skuttle so yasuo can stack his Qs on the way mid, and duskblade or prowlers, he wave a lot of move speed and ability haste as well as damage against squishys.
Then with collector and Lord Dominic's/mortal reminder if we need anti heal, yasuo can still have a lot of damage/armor pen and 80% crit chance, and since he is a melee an umblal glaive wouldn't hurt as well.
So with boots and these 3 items + support item we have one last slot, that is highly situational but ideally I'd think of phantom dancer, it gives the last bit of crit, more move speed and attack speed which is always helpful, IE could also be an option.
What's the game plan? Play safe early, trying to go all in only when the time is right for kills, roam if possible, try to get mythic and boots ASAP.
After that the objective is to stack more damage and ability haste thought the game to get that W CD as low as possible, in team fights you should be covering your team with as much Ws as possible, stack your Q in something and all in one carry with tornado R burst, it's worth to trade your life for a carry life, and duskblade invisibilty allows you to maybe get out, and you can use your E through the enemies to try and get back to your team, but that may be hard to pull off, if you use prowlers the plan is similar but i don't think the range of prowlers activation is significant in a champ without invisibilty or some fast gap closer like pyke.
Since this is the plan, maybe navori's is something worth building allow W spam even harder and get the 100% crit chance.
While press the attack or fleet footwork could be good during lane phase to get up or to put hurt the enemy adc, i think the best option might be half of blades, especially if you can do a lvl 1 cheese, or lethal tempo for more fight oriented lanes.
Hail of blades seems in theory the best idea, especially for team fights and isolated picks, something like Q 2 autos q auto tornado in picks, or tornado R in team fight and then the 3 hail of blades attacks with collector should he enought to burst a carry down
After that, and since I believe you'd wanna run oracle in yasuo, especially for lvl 1s, zombie ward or ghost poro if you take ward trinket, the heal rune, and bounty hunter.
For secondaries Triumph and coup de grace/cut down should be good or maybe magic boots and approach velocity/future market, or stone plating and revitalize with the heal rune.
Or maybe you scrap all of this and go into some weird stuff like iceborn with Q slows and tank, and become general nuisance to the enemy team while peeling for your with W, but that seems a little too out there idk.
For summoners exhaust might be the better option in general, but i feel like in certain matchups ignite can be a good option.
What you all think?
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2023.03.30 19:50 floofstrid What's with the subtitles?

I've just signed up for Nebula and been watching a few of the early releases and originals, and I keep noticing that beyond a few special cases (thanks Jet Lag etc) the subtitles are consistently awful, and there are some videos where it seems like every single line is wrong in some way (eg. "is now barely whispered aloud" turning into "is now Bailey Width but allowed").
For example https://nebula.tv/videos/terriblewritingadvice-dungeon-crawl-terrible-writing-advice and https://nebula.tv/videos/lowspecgamer-arms-secret-weapon as spot checks. They read like they were fed through a shitty version of YouTube's auto-subtitles, and like this they're worse than useless. I'm not sure if they are automated or if whoever's writing them just doesn't care, but at this point I'd rather not have them at all than get distracted by subtitles that are blatantly wrong. It can't be that hard to buy some damn subtitles, can it?
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2023.03.30 19:48 kyle__30 [WTS][USA] Used Men's Running Gear!!

Wrapping up my college running career and want to offload a lot of my gear. Prices are negotiable. Buyer will pay shipping fees. Most items have been worn a good bit but are still in good condition!!
Nike Waffle Medium Dri-Fit Long-Sleeve Turquoise - Link - ebay - $25
Nike Medium Long-Sleeve Dri-Fit Running Shirt - Blue(ish) - Link - $15

Nike Pro Medium Running Tights Black - Link - $20
New Balance Medium Dry Running Tights Black - Link - $55
Nike Medium Fast 2" Split Shorts - Link - $15
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2023.03.30 19:48 Alex20041509 Anyone else is bothered by the apple logo oriented “sideway”?

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2023.03.30 19:47 Makkara126 This + Arcane Explosion = Mage flurgl tox (but for 5 mana)

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2023.03.30 19:47 cerstandy Will work developments be in my favour this year?

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2023.03.30 19:47 Rickermon Gasmask/Mask/respiratoradvice

Newbie here trying to get my ideal videogame/ shtf gear found the parts to make the AR-C from far cry and considering getting the chest harness that snake wore in mgs4 but I've hit a snag with the gas mask Im looking at the MSA Scott ultra elite as that's the one the enemies used in mgsV and I really like the shape it takes when it sits on your face but not only does it seem like a older respirator but the ultra elite has a back air tank (problem if I wanna wear a backpack) and i believe it was made for firefighting thus I'm not sure if it would hold up to NUCLEAR RADIATION or whatever am I being dumb paranoid etc and anyone got any alternative suggestions thx in advance
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2023.03.30 19:46 FACIV My complete Arrow Video collection!

My complete Arrow Video collection!
I organize by director if I have at least 2 of their movies but I wanted to put them all together. Over 10 years of collecting has introduced me to some truly wild stuff!
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2023.03.30 19:46 Handsandpinsbykosi 1 week post retwist with just my go to beeswax

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2023.03.30 19:43 Live-Divide8719 H:uny/AP/wwr RL Combat W:rare apparel

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2023.03.30 19:43 NeitherGas5326 Glencore to invest $4.25 Million into $PDM.v (TSX-Venture, Canada) at $0.15 per share.

A nice cheap way to play this is $MTC.v as soon, in a merger, each $MTC.v share will be exchanged for .30 of a $PDM.v share. At $0.15 per $PDM.v share each $MTC.v has a value of $0.045

Palladium One arranges $4.25-million financing

2023-03-30 07:35 ET - News Release
Mr. Derrick Weyrauch reports
Palladium One Mining Inc. has entered into a subscription agreement for a $4,252,050 non-brokered private placement financing with a wholly owned subsidiary of Glencore PLC. Pursuant to the private placement, the company will issue 28,347,000 common shares at 15 cents per common share. Upon completion of the private placement, Glencore will own approximately 9.99 per cent of the issued and outstanding common shares on a non-diluted basis.
"We welcome Glencore as a shareholder and are pleased that our efforts to build a portfolio of nickel-copper sulphide projects in Tier 1 jurisdictions has been recognized and endorsed by an industry leader. We believe this transaction highlights the deep discount to fundamental value and strategy that PDM's shares represent.
"By utilizing its financial resources and expertise Palladium One will continue to execute its strategy of maximizing exposure to critical minerals on a per-share basis.
"We look forward to working with Glencore's exploration team to advance our common exploration and development goals," commented Derrick Weyrauch, chief executive officer of the company.
"We are very pleased to become a cornerstone investor in Palladium One. The management team has been able to put together a sizeable land package focused on critical minerals. The exploration results to date have been very encouraging and we look forward to working with Palladium One to build on the success the team has had to date," commented Wayne Ashworth, head of nickel assets for Glencore.
Net proceeds of the private placement are intended to be used for exploration and development activities at the company's nickel projects, for future exploration and development activities, working capital, and general and administrative expenses.
In connection with the private placement, Palladium One and Glencore will enter into an investor rights agreement, pursuant to which Glencore will be entitled to certain customary rights including participation rights on future equity security issuances and a right to nominate an individual to the technical committee of Palladium One (such committee will be formed on execution of this investment). Under the investor rights agreement, Glencore will agree to certain customary transfer and standstill restrictions.
The private placement is expected to close on or about April 11, 2023, subject to customary conditions, including acceptance by the TSX Venture Exchange. The common shares issued pursuant to the private placement will be subject to a four-month hold period from the date of issuance in accordance with applicable securities laws. No commissions or finder fees are payable in connection with the private placement.
About Palladium One Mining Inc.
Palladium One is focused on discovering environmentally and socially conscious metals for green transportation. A Canadian mineral exploration and development company, Palladium One is targeting district-scale, platinum-group-element (PGE)-copper-nickel deposits in Canada and Finland. The Lantinen Koillismaa (LK) project in north-central Finland is a platinum-group-element-copper-nickel project that has existing National Instrument 43-101 mineral resources, while both the Tyko and Canalask high-grade nickel-copper projects are located in Ontario and the Yukon, Canada, respectively.
We seek Safe Harbor.
© 2023 Canjex Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.
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2023.03.30 19:42 gsf777 LF/FT Shinies & Alphas

Shiny for Alpha only valid for distortion spawns!
Pichu line, Geodude line, Munchlax line, Riolu line, Zubat line, Abra line, Mime Jr. line, Silcoon line, Cascoon line, Shellos line, Buneary line, Chimchar line, Drifloon line, H-Qwilfish line, Ponyta line, Eevee, Sylveon, Flareon, Jolteon, Blissey, Snorunt line, Starly line, Psyduck line, Scyther line, Togepi line, Swinub line, Aimpom, Combee, Heracross, Buizel, Parasect, Lickitung line, Cyndaquil line, Stunky line, Murkrow line, Burmy & Wormadam (Sandy), Goomy line, Petilil line, Croagunk line, Barboach line, Teddiursa line, Sudowoodo, Yanmega, Hippopotas, Grotle, Gengar, Pachirisu, Bronzong, Gliscor, Chatot, Finneon line, Tentacool line, Glameow line, H-Growlithe line, Skorupi line, Spheal line, Duskull line, Basculin line, Vulpix line, Magby, Octillery, Piplup, Machamp, Chingling line, Elekid line, Nosepass line, Oshawott line, Rufflet line, Johto Sneasel & Weavile, Misdreavus line, Bergmite line, H-Zorua line, Clefairy line, Gible line, Unown (A, L, M, N, O, T, V)

All caught through MMO, MO or full odds; OT Gabriel 664544
9 Carnivine, 3 Kricketot, 3 Starly, 3 Gastly, Paras, 3 Parasect, 2 Aipom, 3 Luxio, Luxray, Machop, 2 Machoke, Machamp, 2 Mothim, 3 Bidoof, Bibarel, H-Sneasel, Sneasler, 4 Lickitung, Alpha Lickilicky, 2 Roselia, 2 Tentacool, 3 Snorunt (1 M & 2 F), 2 Snover, Goomy, Rhydon, Rufflet, Skuntank, Sealeo, Psyduck, Mantyke, Riolu, Vulpix, Octillery, Togepi, Graveler, Combee, Golbat, Tangela, Staraptor, Overqwil, Glameow
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2023.03.30 19:41 Leeeisme My First Ever Successful Oyster Grow

My First Ever Successful Oyster Grow
Hey everyone. I'm another newbie mycologist starting out and I would like to share with you all my experience / story of my first successful grow, it was quite the ride. Here goes. I have tried to grow pink oyster mushrooms from 2 different kits prior to this, and each time failed due to contamination. It motivated me further. Spent countless hours watching videos, and reading to try and learn more about this hobby and what the hell I was doing so wrong.
Got a blue oyster kit last Christmas as a gift. Follow the instructions that come with the kit to a T, and I find contamination again. Not only that, but a new problem I have never seen yet. An infestation of mushroom flies. My goodness do they reproduce like crazy.
Now instead of just tossing the whole bag I decide I'm going to try to save some of it if I can. Pressure sterilized some jars and transfered some of the grain farthest away from the contamination. Left the rest of the grain in an old food container and plastic wrapped the shit out of it to kill the remaining flies/larva and as an experiment to see if the blue oyster mycelium could out compete the mold.
Came back a while later and it actually wiped out the mold, no contam anymore. No flies either. So I pressure sterilized some popcorn and did a grain to grain transfer in my still air box. Now at this point, my first jars are ready to be put to spawn. Decided to try out toilet paper rolls and making my own grow bags. Freezer bags, polyfil and a juice bottle to cut the hole for polyfil. Boil water, dunk the rolls for 1-5 seconds and let sit to cool down for a half hour or so. Put a roll in each bag, break and shake grain jars, fill the center of the toilet paper roll up with fully colonized grain and sprinkle a little on the top toilet paper itself. Close bags and let colonize until initial pinning.
The pictures should show the story quite well. I do have this little blurb from the 18th day however:
Day 18. So have done quite a bit of adjusting since last update. Was having issues with long tall fruits due to not enough fresh air exchange. To correct this, I have opened the bags wide open as soon as I saw a new pinset starting. Also ran into issues with too high of temperature not inducing pinning. Blue oysters specifically prefer a colder temperature (16-18°C or even lower lol) which is abnormal to say the least. To correct this issue, I moved all the bags into my coldest room in the house. I have been misting the walls of the bags 3x a day and a very very gentle misting on the fruits themselves 2x a day with my flairosol mister.
TL;DR : First successful blue oyster grow, salvaged a kit from contamination, and mushrooms flies. DIY grow bags, and fruited from toilet paper.
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2023.03.30 19:41 TX_CastIron FYI, Pioneer Woman enameled cast iron dutch oven in the clearance aisle at Walmart. $30

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2023.03.30 19:40 the_oldfritz Do you have this in your country?

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2023.03.30 19:39 DaSumofBum Introspection, self-awareness to a fault? Shown by moon/saturn, venus/asc and 12th placements. Remedies? I don’t want to be so wrapped up in myself.

Introspection, self-awareness to a fault? Shown by moon/saturn, venus/asc and 12th placements. Remedies? I don’t want to be so wrapped up in myself. submitted by DaSumofBum to astrologyreadings [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 19:37 TeeAychCee Forgotten Strawberries doing well in the 2x2!

Forgotten Strawberries doing well in the 2x2!
FS from Mephisto Genetics. Day 102. Upgraded to the Spider Farmer SF1000! Best grow light for a 2x2 space hands down!
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2023.03.30 19:37 maestro3224 Lol they don’t even try to hide it..

Lol they don’t even try to hide it..
Found in a dollar store.
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