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2023.06.03 13:01 serialflowerpicker Just moved to an area heavily populated with coyotes and bobcats

I have 2 dogs: a 13 y/o pitbull and a 5 y/o pitbull coonhound mix. As long as I’ve had them, they’ve been city dogs, only experiencing rabbits and squirrels regularly with the occasional raccoon or fox. We just moved to an area in which coyote sightings are inevitable, whether that be in broad daylight or at night. We also hear them howling when sirens go by. My 13 y/o shows signs of aggression (lunging and occasionally growling and barking) towards larger dogs and other animals (fox, deer, raccoons, etc.) and my 5 y/o kind of just follows suit of the older one….but otherwise is indifferent and less vocal during walks. I’m used to walking them at dusk and dawn, however, with the coyote’s presence, I’m not very comfortable nor confident I will handle confrontations exactly how I’m supposed to. I’ve read that they can be naturally avoidant of humans but have also been know to take advantage of small dogs and/or older dogs and respond differently depending on the circumstances. My main concern is my older dog not being respectful of their territory or simply being protective of me and my other dog. I’ve seen them during the day and that doesn’t bother me as much, but I have yet to take my dogs on walks when it is dark with fear of stumbling across one and having a negative interaction. Any tips to ease my anxiety about confrontation? Should I just try to walk them during daylight hours when negative confrontations are less likely? Also never seen a bobcat and not expecting to, but any tips for those interactions are appreciated!
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2023.06.03 13:01 rockstarking20 Last drink was 15 hours ago. I'm done killing myself with booze. Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.

I can do this.
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2023.06.03 13:01 TrickOk2137 Inconsiderate or overthinking?

I know this is trivial in comparison to a lot of the posts on here but I’m kinda trippin about it..
I’ve been working hard to better myself and get my family back together this past year. My ex and I split a little over a year ago after ten years and 2 kids together. I was selfish in a lot of ways, I was burnt out, lazy in life and as a lover. She cheated, I kicked her out, later told her I wanted to make it work, she wouldn’t commit one way or another and we’ve been kind of off and on since.. But things have been going well lately.. We been hanging out as a family (with our two kids) a lot lately and been slowly rekindling the flame w my ex. Last weekend was her wknd w the kids, I spent it with them and had a great time. Her and I got some alone time and that went well too, we also slept together for the first time in a long time. I finally started feeling like things are going in the right direction. My bday is in 2 weeks and we’re gonna spend the day together with the kids then go out just me and her at night.
This week was a rough week for her, kids have been sick and she hasn’t been sleeping much or feeling well either. We live two hours away so I feel helpless when stuff like this happens. She came up tonight after work and dropped the kids off. Normally I make the trip to pick them up on Fridays but my car is being fixed so she offered. She got here late, like 11, and asked if she could stay the night because she has to be at work at 5am and wasn’t feeling good. I said of course. She got into my bed and I took care of the kids til they fell asleep.
Got into my room around 12, she was up and said her neck was bothering her so I rubbed it for her til she fell asleep. I work graveyard so I don’t sleep at night, or much at all really.. around 130 I went into my bathroom, shaved, showered, washed face while playing low music on my phone. I got out and she was wide awake saying I woke her up by doing all that. It’s a master bed/bath and the separation between the bathroom and bed is a couple feet. I closed the door but still.. I apologized and she didn’t seem mad or come off angry she just said she needed to be up in 40 mins and decided to go to sleep in the living room.
Like I said I apologized and I feel terrible. I didn’t think id be loud enough to wake her but I feel like it was inconsiderate af for me to do that, which is somethin she has called me out for numerous times in the past.. I knew she had to be up in a few hours and hasn’t slept or been feeling well. I know she’s a light sleeper too, so idk what I was thinking. I feel like I just fucked up all the progress Ive made by being so inconsiderate. Am I overthinking?
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2023.06.03 13:00 spinachgod (UK) Am I in the wrong? Garden dispute

We have a shared garden with a path down the middle. On contract, the left side is part of mine and my partners flat. The right side is part of the downstairs flat (mortgage contract). However a tenant in a different flat (our neighbour who we otherwise get on with) often uses our side of the garden - at the moment it is for short periods of time having a coffee etc, but she has spent hours out there before painting, and as the weather gets nicer, she might start having friends over etc. I have checked with our shared landlord and she has confirmed that our neighbour does not have any garden access on contract, it is just us and the downstairs flat.
It is starting to annoy me, as I feel uncomfortable using the garden if she is out there, and it annoys me that I am paying for a space that she is essentially using for free, without asking us.
Am I in the wrong? My partner doesn't understand and doesn't see what the problem is. What should I do about this, if anything?
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2023.06.03 13:00 juza55 Beginner Resources

Hi all,
I have been riding for a years, and would love to build a chopper. I’ve been around bikes for a little while, and I’ve done some work on my bike, but I am definitely no mechanic. I would love to build a Harley, but I want to learn more about engines and how the parts work together before I start buying parts.
I want to build this over time, so there’s no immediate rush to buy and build things yet. There is a good fabrication company near me that can do the more serious welding that I don’t trust myself to do (like frame welding).
Are their any good resources like books or series that I can learn more from? I’ve been watching builds on YouTube but is there anything else I should be watching/reading?
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2023.06.03 13:00 xnymerias Moving to US with a J-1 visa vs. Moving to NZ with a WHV

Hi there!
I (28F) am planning to leave my current job next year and going abroad for a year to get some more experience. I was born in Spain and I lived here my whole life, but as a tourism degree graduated, I always looked forward to live abroad a never did it. I am thinking about getting into a J-1 program or getting the whv for New Zealand, but I would like to know more about housing situation experience of people who have been living in both countries.
J-1 visa seems easier for me because I expect to do it through an agency. They are in charge of the whole process, even finding me the right job, and later even they help to rent a room (which is the part that worries me the most). I have a mind in Washington DC (I would be doing 17-21$ hours) or Dallas (15-16$), but I would be paying 250$ monthly to the agency. Do you that these are enough to live comfortably in both cities?

New Zealand… is more personal. I have been loving that country for years, but I heard that the housing part is fairly difficult. And I have to look for the job by my own and everything. Apart for the adventure, I don’t plan to get a van and camp as backpackers do, I expect to settle down in Auckland. WHV for Spain has been changed this year and now I can work for the same company for the whole year. I have three years of experience as a receptionist, I got my tourism degree and I am currently studying A master in mice tourism and communication. Do you think my background is enough to get a good job for the whole year of WHV? If a ike it (which I will probably do so), I plan to get the sponsorship and move to nz indefinitely.
thank you all for reading me!
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2023.06.03 13:00 No_Parsnip8091 Probably won't make it to MIL's for her birthday, She's pissed.

We are supposed to be at MIL's house on Monday for her birthday, but since it's a few hours away we were leaving today.
But yesterday there was a horrible storm, Some of the streets are flooded so we have no way of leaving. Last night my husband called his mom to tell him we probably won't make it to her house when we planned to. We had both my sisters and a friend over with their kids at our house while he was on the phone with her, She heard all the excitement and asked who was over, My husband told her a few friends. Didn't mention it was partly my family since she hates them.
Her reaction when he told her was to get upset and started saying how we don't care for her and the storm was just an excuse. She then asked if any of my family was over, Before my husband answered she said, Don't worry I know the answer, Stay home clearly her family is more important.
She hung up on him and my husband asked me if we should still go. I told I don't want to go knowing she's acting like this.
My history the last ten years has not been great It has always seemed like I've done something wrong when I want anything to do with my family.
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2023.06.03 13:00 Irelias-LoverBoy Any good juri,chun and cammy players to watch?

Just wanna know if any good players for these characters. I’m very new to sf(only played maybe an hour or two of 5 before giving up) but I’m sticking through this one. I’m more interested in chun and cammy but juri does interest me too. Tbh every character in the game looks cool and makes me wanna learn which I don’t think I’ve ever felt in any other fighting game I’ve tried
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2023.06.03 13:00 abigfatape about reactive healing

is it just me or is this perk incredibly fuckin op?? just heal to like 55% and you can be ultra aggressive plus if you're injured and the killer finds you and two teammates healing you, you can just let them take hits and as long as one doesn't get double tapped you just get a free heal and your teammate who was first injured gets half their health state and if you were already above 50% you can literally just infinitely instantly heal if the killer can't OHKO or double tap one of you, you get healed after one gets injured then the second gets half healed by the third getting hit then the third gets half healed and the second gets fully healed when you get hit then the second takes a hit and you get fully healed and on and on? unless it means you heal 50% faster which I don't think it is but anyway I just checked and players I fight at high level play are spamming it, I just saw a SWF (I assume) and all 4 had it and I assumed they were hacking because without syringe or adrenaline I'd watch someone go from injured to full while running near me just because I hit someone else??
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2023.06.03 12:59 _-_-_TabIthA_-_-_ 36 [F4M] #Pennsylvania - Seeking older nudist man who wants a loving and affectionate long-term relationship Possibly willing to relocate if I were to find a genuine connection with the right person

Hi there! So I'm 36 years old from Pennsylvania. I have always had a thing for much older men and don't even really know why exactly. Part of it might be that I've always been very mature for my age and tend to get along much better with people who are older than me. The idea of being in a committed long-term relationship with someone older just feels right and natural to me. I am somewhat of a traditional person and do want to be properly married at some point.
Like the title says, I am willing to relocate if I find a genuine connection with the right person, but I would strongly prefer to remain on this continent, so that means please only message me if you're in the United States or Canada.
I also don't want you to message me if you're into the whole dom/sub dynamic or daddy/daughter dynamic; I'm not interested in those dynamics at all. I'm just a traditional woman. I'm a very loving and affectionate person by nature and a strong believer in romantic love, and I just want to find my one-and-only who I can fall deeply in love with and devote myself to forever. I'm the type who sees human sexuality as a very deep and meaningful act of affection between two people who are in love, and I would rather make love than just have sex for the sake of sex. Looks aren't really important to me; I'm the type of person who bases romantic attraction on personality and chemistry more than anything else.
In the spring and summer, I regularly attend an all-ages family nudist camp that is near me. My mother raised me to be a social nudist, so I have been going there all my life. I'm not one of those nudists who is nude at home all the time; for me it's more of a social thing that I do at a family-oriented camp environment. I find the social cohesion in an environment like that creates friendships and bonds that are unlike any social dynamic that you would ever find in any other regular social situation. My own theory regarding this is that it triggers a dormant social-cohesion mechanism in the human psyche that we had way back in our early history when we were living in small communal tribes. Back then, it was probably more normal for people to be casually nude if they wanted to be during the warmer months because everybody knew everybody and nobody was a stranger, and I think that kind of thing would kind of solidify your bond with the tribe. That's just my theory anyways, but it makes a lot of sense because I'm friends with families at that camp and am much closer to them than I am with anybody outside of the camp.
But if you think that your lifestyle values align with mine, free to message me in chat, and we'll see what kind of chemistry we have! 😊
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2023.06.03 12:59 Resident_Door4401 My client has underpaid me and refuses to pay correct amount - they clearly breached the contract and now I’m wondering about my rights to leave this work as immediately as I’m also required to give a notice period.

I’m on a self employed contract in England - which probably should be classed as employed as they dictate my uniform, working hours/days and holidays - as well as mandatory unpaid meetings I have to attend. I currently work for a company and have found out they underpaid me based on my commissions I earn each month. They have clearly stated that they won’t pay me what I’m owed and have said it’s because the contract has been “updated” - however I don’t have any updated contract and have not agreed to these ‘new’ conditions, the amount they owe is not worth going to court over, but I’m very upset with the way they have treated me and others in a similar situation. I’m wanting to leave this work but required to give 60days notice, do I have any right to leave now as they have breached the contract and have clearly stated that they won’t pay me the correct amount (I also have documented proof of all this).
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2023.06.03 12:59 jaygreenshine Does an expired match reappearing mean that person wants to rematch?

A match that expired, literally in June of last year, reappeared under messages and there's a button to rematch with them.
Does this mean they're trying to rematch with me?
I don't want to press the rematch button and match again, only for them to maintain radio silence for 24 hours and disappear again.
I don't want to seem desperate and it would be embarrassing.
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2023.06.03 12:58 betseveryoneloves What does a rewarding path look like?

Hi all, I’m in a similar situation to most of you. I wake up dreading work. I spend most of my time thinking of new jobs or businesses that will provide me the life I want but so far no luck…and this has been going on for at least 5 years. I’m curious, what would a rewarding path look like to all of you. To me, it looks like:
a) Financially rewarding: to me I can’t foresee pursuing a career that won’t allow me to buy a good home for my family, go on good vacations, and not have to stress over every little nickel and dime. Also, I think variable financial rewards is nice because it would tie my financial reward more directly to the time/energy/effort I put in. In a standard 40 houweek job, what incentive do I have to work more?
b) Tangible value: that feeling when you build something at home, maybe something as small as putting together a dresser, or cooking a good meal. I want to be able to see my customers actually recognizing the benefit of my service
c) Diverse Job Responsibilities: I say this because I’ve found that having only one specific job is very mundane and boring, but not over administrative
d) Not glued to a desk chair: this one is pretty straight forward
e) Ability to learn, grow, and pursue evolving interests and passions: if any of you are like me, you crave mental stimulation by learning something new and making new connections and then applying what I’m learning to whatever it is my role is to increase the value of the offering
f) Close to home: I hate long commutes but prefer working in an office
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2023.06.03 12:58 ItsaMeKubfu Worth it on Switch for a Casual player?

I'm a Switch player at heart, purely because I have more time with that available to me than a PS5.
Between other games, is this a decent option for me to spend an hour here and an hour there on it?
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2023.06.03 12:58 mypetscontrolmylife Cat destroys the apartment at night

I've talked previously about his food aggression. And actually, his food aggression has gotten better! But in return, his counter surfing at night is ramping up to the point that he is breaking things and just overall making me lose hours of sleep a night.
Tldr he is a shelter cat who was returned twice for aggression before even being 1 year old. He has a lot of food obsessive behaviors, but those are getting better. What turned into him counter surfing for food at night has now just seemingly turned into an attention seeking ritual.
He doesn't get into anything while I'm at work. In fact, he doesn't get into anything ever except the moment I go to bed. Literally just 2 days ago I took a nap during the day with an entire pizza on the counter and he left it alone. Clean glass that was in the drying rack last night? Broken. Complete empty garbage can because I took that out too while cleaning? Knocked over. If there is nothing for him to attempt to destroy on the counter at night, he's banging cupboards or attempting to jump onto a painting on the wall.
I have so much stuff for him that I literally cannot fit more things into my apartment unless I just start making a bunch of holes in the walls making cat shelves or cat walks. I literally can't even use my desk properly because he has like a play tunnel/bed thing and that was the last spot it would fit. He has several beds, big cat tree in the window, several scratchers, and about as many toys as my 2 dogs do.
And like I said, this destructive behavior starts almost comically the second I am in bed for the night. And it does not matter if it's a day I worked so he's seeking attention from me being gone all day or a day I had off and did not leave the apartment the entire day. It is just a ritual he has developed that me going to bed = start breaking stuff and I want to end this ritual. How do I do this?
Edit: I can't just lock him in my bedroom with me at night because it is now summer and becomes unbearably warm. The air conditioner is in the living room and built into the wall.
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2023.06.03 12:58 Hannah1996 Can't eat anything, at a loss for what to do

I'm chronically ill, and I was heavily using weed for at least two months because I was unable to eat without it.
I stopped one week ago because the CHS symptoms made me too sick to eat even after smoking, but since then I've been throwing up and can only just barely keep enough water down.
I'm really weak at this point, and yesterday I felt well enough to try to eat about 1/2 cup of plain white rice. It hurt my stomach but I didn't throw it up.
This morning, about 15-16 hours after I ate it, I threw it all up. I don't think it's normal for food to just sit in your stomach like a ball of lead only to throw it up almost a day later, but I'm at a loss for what to do.
I have a family doctor, supposedly, but I've not been able to get in contact. No one picks up the phone. Apparently this is happening to other people who go to this doctor as well, or at least according the all the negative reviews on google.
The ER is not an option. I'm alone and I don't have help, and I just don't know what to do. I think I'm dying.
Please tell me what to do here.
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2023.06.03 12:58 Haukie Adopting a cat and travel

Hey so me and my girlfriend have considered adopting a cat for a long while now. We found a cat we really want to adopt, but we are gonna travel alot for work this summer, and the current owner wants to get rid of the cat ASAP (probably because they are also gonna travel).
The cat is a 1 year old siberian mix. He is very kind and has never been in a fight according to the previous owner. He is used to being outside.
Our plan is to adopt him possibly this week, Take him to our apartment which is a 2,5 hour flight. He will stay there for a week with my girlfriend, and then travel with my girlfriend to her parents home where she has to work. The cat will stay there until 05. August. From 22-30 July my girlfriends parents have to take care of him, until we can take him home which is a 7 hour busride and a 2,5 hour flight the next day.
On top of it all our apartment has a slightly busy road outside, so we do not want to let him out until we move next summer.
I know cats do not tolerate traveling as well as dogs, but is this doable considering the cat is not used to us?
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2023.06.03 12:58 Automatic_Box_368 heart issues, vaccine, 24yo male

anyone have any 100% recovery success stories please? i'm doing average with pain at the moment had a flare up last week but doing a bit better. its nearly 11 months for me now I'n wondering if 100% recovery is possible?
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