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2023.06.08 01:18 ThrowRA_xikiwag Is this "needing space" situation different? 32m,26f

I'll start with answering myself "probably not". I'm stubborn, but not stupid.
Anyway. My girlfriend of more than 3 years had a hell of a time for a couple of years. Too many arguments, too much personal stuff happening in our lives. Combined with her medical bipolar and my incessant "giving advice" attitude towards supporting and her left her feeling unloved.
A couple of months ago, she went on a trip to see family. This has happened before, but went normally. This time she did make it clear she was leaving for a while and it was to decompress. Life is fickle sometimes, so I accepted that and actually thought it would make sense. Our communication was thorough, but there was a wedge for sure.
I was going to visit, leading up to it conversations were okay. Literally up to almost being near her, she dropped it. Said we shouldn't continue. I was pretty upset. To sum up the last week, we have had conversations. Most of which was me getting very logical explaining the reasons we should work on it. She stuck to her guns, even going so extreme as "We have nothing in common", "the last years have been the worst", etc. I stayed calm and took the high road.
Most recent conversation was a bit more calm. Ended with me asking if she would be interested if things changed (me being more loving, basically). She responded with "Let me heal alone and ask me in a while." I said I respect that, wished her luck, and concisely expressed I genuinely want to make it work.
There's more context of course, but these are the high points. Additional minor points are that I am very comfortable financially and have provided us most of the comforts we could want. I sincerely think she appreciates that. She is a little bit lost herself. Intellectually she even admits I'm vastly ahead (I bring that up because maybe she feels like she can't contribute as much). We have also have never had any instances of betrayal (so I know of, except that I know she reflects on her last relationship, but at an acceptable level). A couple of months ago she became aware I was likely to propose soon.
TL:DR - Ex of a few years left to see family a few weeks ago. Broke things off while away. We both had a lot to say, she wants to feel more loved. Told me to reach out in the relatively near future to see how she feels.
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2023.06.08 01:18 SavageGoatt My theory about Sora Haragawa

From chapter 112, we learn that Sora Haragawa (a hungry girl, in case anyone forgot) actually played along with Yuuichi in the poisoning incident. At the same time, she said that she was not an ally of Yuuichi. Then we can conclude that he was blackmailing her, but how? Let's go back to chapter 94 in which someone stole food from the warehouse. I think it was either Yuuichi or his accomplice (presumably Kawauchi) who did it. Since Yuuichi can read people's hearts, he immediately revealed Sora Haragawa's weakness. So the food supplies were stolen and hidden somewhere, and when there was a shortage, he said something like "obey me and then you will get extra food." After all, the arson of the house was planned from the very beginning. I think the theory is quite true, what do you think?
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2023.06.08 01:18 Upstairs-Lie640 Move my furniture, my turn

I originally posted this on petty revenge and was told several times it belonged here too.
TLDR at the end. This happened when I had only just moved from home and got my own place. Super proud of myself as I’d saved like a demon and bought (with mortgage, obviously) my first place. Lovely little 2 bed flat in a slightly rough area but I loved it and it was all mine!
My mum and step-dad came to visit for a few days a few months after I was settled in, nicely decorated in my style, all my own furniture. One of the evenings they stayed I had to work a late shift. They planned to go out for dinner and to the pub and I left them to it. Came home at 11pm and my mum had moved nearly all of the furniture around and all my books and kitchen stuff were moved to different shelves or cupboards. She even moved my bed in my room so when I opened the bedroom door it hit the bed. I was pissed.
So I angrily fixed what I could that night before going to bed. Spoke to her about it the next day, explained its my home and I had it how I liked it so stop please. I put everything else back which took hours, she grumbled the whole time that it looked better her way.
Their last day I nipped out to the shops to get us some nice bits for lunch and in the hour I was gone she’d done it again. Moved all my kitchen stuff around to where she liked it. Again I told her off, my house, my rules. She still maintained it was better her way and I should just let her crack on. Fine, I let her do what she wanted and put stuff back when they left.
My revenge, I went to visit their house 6 months later and did it to her.
She went out to work one day and I rearranged every bit of furniture I could by myself. Everything. Swapped the dining room and living room furniture over so you had to walk food through the living room and across the hallway to get to the dining room. Swapped their bedroom and guest room curtains over (the windows were different sizes so their now bedroom curtains were 2 foot too short). Even the pointless little things like moving the spoons to a different side of the drawer and moved every photo on the walls to a different wall. Rearranged the fridge. Took me 7 hours.
My step dad was home while I did it and laughed his head off the whole time. He refused to help but understood so let me crack on.
Neither me nor my step dad said anything when she got home, we just sat watching tv (which was now in what was their dining room) and I asked her how was work. She didn’t say a word. She walked round the house, taking it all in, for 20 minutes. Then came and sat down, looked at me and said “point taken”. They’d put it back to how it was the next time I visited.
We’ve not spoken of it since.
TLDR: my mum moved my furniture in my new house so I rearranged her whole house in return.
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2023.06.08 01:17 SmerpySprinkles My bf’s family thinks pedophilia is okay and I told him if he doesn’t cut them off then we’re over.

My boyfriend (30M)(we’ll call him Sean) and I (31F) have been together for 4 years. We both swear we experienced love at first sight and often say we will never forget the first time our eyes met, both doing a double take and locking eyes. It was like I knew him from another life. Sometimes I wonder if we both simply experienced limerence but I digress.
We are deeply in love, completely smitten. Of course we have difficult times, but our love is stronger than anything I’ve ever known. We get told all the time that people want what we have, we must look perfect which we definitely aren’t. Lol Just passionately in love and too stubborn to let go… Until, his family came into the picture.
He told me about his estranged father (we’ll call him Tandy) being a convicted child molester who SA his two older sisters. I told him there is no way I’ll ever meet him, nor will he be around my son or our future children. He agreed to that without hesitation.
After meeting his mother and step father (we”ll call him Pete) , he informs me that Pete is ALSO a convicted pedophile who SA his two YOUNGER sisters. I told him I can’t be around Pete again and I was shocked he hadn’t cut ties with his mother for this.
He hated Pete, but always made excuses for his mom (we will call her Cara.) and for some reason neither his older or younger siblings cut off Tandy OR Pete. Not the aunts, the uncles, everyone just swept it under the rug. They all think it’s perfectly normal to have dinner with a the pedophile who touched them, sit across from him, break bread with him. This dynamic is beyond my compassion or understanding. They ALL kept contact as if nothing happened.
I tried really hard for the sake Sean, he has such a soft spot for his mom, all of them do, and it felt controlling and wrong to demand this early on. I don’t know what she did to them when she raised them, but every single one of them has Stockholm syndrome. This woman literally abandoned them as children to chase after Pete after she divorced Tandy. They all went to live separately with random family members who weren’t equipped to raise children.
On the occasion the kids did live with the woman, whenever she and Pete would have sex, they would leave the door wide open and keep the lights on. Even if Sean or the other siblings had friends over. Cara would say the door has to stay open when they fuck because “the cat might want to come in”. I am convinced this woman got off on her kids watching/hearing her getting pounded. They’ve said they’ve seen/heard the woman getting absolutely railed daily every time they lived with her. Yet all of them talk about their mom like she is the only victim in this situation. If I had a dollar for every time one of his 5 siblings has uttered the sentence “poor mom” …..
But the more I learned about this family the more disgusted I became. Sean’s older sister (Hailey) shared with me that their parents, Cara and Tandy, used to have sex right in front of all the kids when they were all under 10 years old. On occasion the parents would make the kids sit on the end of the bed when they had sex….. I told the Hailey that is literally abuse, and she heavily disagreed and back peddled by adding “Well they did tell us to look the other way”. As if that makes it any better?
Not to mention, one of his older sisters, we will call her Alicia, is very creepy and has made very disturbing sexual comments about both brothers. Last year Alicia called Sean on his birthday and asked what he’s planning on doing. He replied telling her we will hit the slots at the casino, to which she jokingly pretended to mishear and said “oh yeah big boy I bet you are gonna hit those dirty sluts, get your big dick real deep in those sluts huh!!” Before cackling like an insane witch. It sounded like she was trying to have phone sex. Now Sean is nothing like these people, he’s very sweet, even timid, shy, introverted, quiet, and he doesn’t know how to respond when she talks to him like this and he just kinda laughed and played it off awkwardly, but it didn’t phase him as something out of the ordinary. The other brother Colby is the same way. Very handsome, soft spoken and polite men. All green flags.
I told him that was super inappropriate of her, and he said she’s always been like that as long as he can remember. So I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, like okay maybe she’s just really crass and since they were all practically raised by sex crazed pedophiles she was overtly sexual. Until the next time she called him, and she brings up the fact their other brother (Colby) has gained weight, and Sean joked and said he’s getting fat, and she replied very seriously , her voice sounded like she was salivating, she goes “No, I mean you NEED to see him with his shirt off. He looks like a man now. For real. Like, he looks soooo …. Good and just… so Strong”. She sounded like she was panting like a dog on the side.
Then I find out she’s had this thing about overpowering Sean and Colby, and loved spanking their butts well into their adult years. Always saying they have cute bubble butts and nice bodies.
I told Sean this is NOT normal sibling behavior and he agreed with me that it is weird and she always makes him uncomfortable. And considering Sean can barely remember his childhood and blocked out so much, every fiber of my being is screaming to me that Alicia SA Sean and Colby too. The way she makes him feel so fragile and backs down to her just intensifies that feeling.
As a victim of child SA myself , I know the signs, and I knew there was no way I could be around this woman or anyone else who defends her either, and now I felt the same way about this older sister. This whole family is a mess and I can’t bring children into this situation. And if he needed to break up with me over this, I wouldn’t blame him because I knew this was asking for more than anyone should ask.
I know it hurts Sean and it’s not his fault his family is this way but I literally won’t be around all these pedophile apologists.
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2023.06.08 01:17 echoesofreason 3 months later, here's my Coco Moon review & ratings...

3 months later, here's my Coco Moon review & ratings...
Favorite songs: “Sons of Thunder” & “The Tornado” Least favorite songs: “Field Notes” & “Adam, Check Please” Overall rating: 2.4/5 stars
I’ve known for a while that old-style Owl City music I originally fell in love with is long gone, but I had hoped that whatever route he took for his new album would be just as captivating. Unfortunately, Coco Moon is a sharp turn in a direction I don’t think I’ll be following. While a few songs on the album are fun, standout surprises, they’re the exception by far.
The biggest disappointment in nearly all the songs is the songwriting. I fell in love with Owl City’s music because of the unique and dreamy lyrics, and many of Adam’s songs in recent years have been missing that quality entirely. Coco Moon especially suffers from awkwardly phrased, clunky lyrics filled with cliches, morals, and over-explained messages; there’s not a single song on the album that avoids it.
One of the other major issues that many songs on this album suffer from is undeservedly long runtimes. This album definitely could’ve used some input from another songwriter to help prevent that issue; I think many songs could be greatly improved simply by cutting a few verses and/or choruses here and there.
Something that I noticed but don’t have particularly strong feelings on is the wide variety in tone and topic between the songs on the album. While a lot of the time artists and/or management prefer keeping an album thematically consistent, I personally don’t mind having a wider variety — although I will admit that many of the transition between songs can be incredibly jarring.
Overall, Coco Moon is an album that feels like it’s constantly missing the mark. I won’t be re-listening to most of the songs off of it, but at the end of the day, I’m happy that Adam is making the music that he wants to and continuing to grow and evolve his style.
(Individual song reviews below! Favorite/least favorite lyrics spoiler-ed so you can ignore them if you want; I just included them for fun.)

Adam, Check Please

⭐⚫⚫⚫⚫ (1/5 stars)
The instrumentals are super fun, but I just can’t get over the lyrics. They’re super-literal, awkward, and clunky — and weirdly glorifying underpaid retail work. It feels like Adam’s trying to make a connection between his grocery store job and his music fame with the whole “climb the ladder” thing… Uh, no. Again, the music itself is really fun; the layering of instruments, synths, main vocals, backing vocals, etc. works really well. But in my opinion the lyrics are bad enough to make the song flop.
Worst lyric: all of it “I said, hey, I’m looking for Casey Connor / Here’s my resume”
Best lyric: “All those hours / And store-bought flowers set me free”

Under the Circus Lights

⭐⭐⚫⚫⚫ (2/5 stars)
Although I’m not personally a fan of this song, I can admit that Adam did a really fun and unique job blending pop style with musical/soundtrack style music in this song (and some others on the album). It veers a little too far into soundtrack at points for me to listen to it most of the time, though, especially with the announceapplause interlude. Again, the lyrics here are very cliche at times and overall leave something to be desired, but it’s not one of his worst offenders. The circus setting of the story just feels weird to me — it feels like Adam was trying to pick a whimsical setting for a romance (in the vein of “Super Honeymoon”/”The Yacht Club”) but it feels too grounded and misses that classic Owl City level of whimsy.
Worst lyrics: “I got cotton candy” / “She seemed to drown in the "oohs" and "ahhs"”
Best lyric: “Lighter than a feather / But careful as with a heavy heart / She seemed to fall forever”

Kelly Time

⭐⭐⭐⚫⚫ (3/5 stars)
Honestly, the fact that Mr. City decided to write a whole song about Cast Away from the point of view of the volleyball… There’s no word but iconic. It’s a bop, too, with super fun instrumentals and what feels like a genuinely fresh evolution of Owl City music. It’s so close to 4 stars for me, but it gets points off for a few things. One, awkward and often cliche lyrics throughout the song (I think in this case from trying to fit the lyrics to the movie dialogue at times). Two, for the fact that, like many songs on the album, it feels unnecessarily long — it keeps going several verses longer than it feels like it should. Three, connected to that, at times it goes overly hard trying to impart a moral into the song (one that’s not necessarily present in the original movie!). And four, it’s missing some of the whimsy I think Adam was going for, and ends up too grounded in its source material — even if it works for the song, but I prefer not to listen to movie summaries in the form of songs.
Worst lyric: “The most beautiful thing in the world / Is, of course, the gift of life” (He CHANGED IT — in the movie it’s “The most beautiful thing in the world is the world itself”.)
Best lyric: “And now I have to learn to let you go / Even though I love you more than you'll ever know / I'm getting used to half a heart and the way things are”

Field Notes

⭐⚫⚫⚫⚫ (1/5 stars)
Coming from someone who fell in love with Owl City’s music because of Adam’s songwriting… This is the worst songwriting I’ve ever seen from him. He wrote an overly literal song about one of the more obscure Christian fables, and topped it all off with an explanation that that was what he was doing in the song. Dude, ever heard of “show, don’t tell”? Also, I’ve read the fable and various explanations of it, and I think I understand what it’s trying to say, but I just don’t think the song communicates it well through the story. (Hence the need for the explanation at the end, I guess?) And I guess the music is alright… except for the minute-long instrumental solo at the end that feels like it’s a totally separate song. Overall, this whole song is just a mess.
Worst lyric: “It’s a fable, you see / And the moral is this”
Best lyric: (none)

Sons of Thunder

⭐⭐⭐⭐⚫ (4/5 stars)
Adam needs to do Christian rock more often! This song is a banger and probably my favorite song on the album. The music is incredible, and his vocals, plus the backing female vocals, work really well to give the song a sense of power. In terms of the theme — I’m not Christian myself, and tend to find Christian themes tiring in music. But the first part of this song was actually done really well, in my opinion. It’s only in the tail end of the song where it begins to get preachy that Adam starts to lose me. It’s another example of “show, don’t tell”; the song conveys its message perfectly well through the more symbolic first part of the song, but grinds the pace to a halt to unnecessarily lay it out plainly at the end. And as a final note — nimbusofghosts on Tumblr already made an excellent post about this, but as a queer + transgender person, there’s a few lines in the song that I really connect with.
Worst lyric: “Yeah, we serve a God / Who loves us to death / No matter what we've done / So don't lose hope / 'Cause he will lead us home”
Best lyric: “And even though we are strange and exquisitely scarred / We don’t need to pretend to be anything we aren’t”

The Tornado

⭐⭐⭐⭐⚫(4/5 stars)
WOW. It’s incredible to see such strong vocals from Adam, and the instrumentals really support them and the mood. You can really hear the influence of movie and musical scores in this song; the knowledge he gained from the Adam Young Scores project really shines here, even years later. This song really had the potential to be my favorite song on the album, but (like several other songs on the album) it really lost its momentum halfway through, which brings the song grinding to a halt. The energy and mood of the first half is totally absent in the second half. Once again, the length also does it no favors; I think this song could easily be improved by cutting several of the verses after the climax so it falls later in the song. And, once again, the preachy Christian overtones and explanation of the moral feel very heavy-handed to me.
Worst lyric: “No, I vowed I'd not be murdered by a monster in the sky that night / But if I went home to heaven, at least that's where I'd belong”
Best lyrics: “And then the nightmare started, it got deafeningly loud / Every fiber in me screamed out but I couldn't make a sound / . . . / And this was my prayer: / "Save me from this terrible nightmare"”

Vitamin Sea

⭐⭐⭐⚫⚫ (3/5 stars)
This song is pretty simple but fun. It’s a cheesy, pun-filled bop — solid, but never going to be in my top songs. This is probably the closest to Ocean Eyes that will ever happen, but I feel a little sad that it’s in the vein of “Dental Care” or “Rugs From Me To You” instead of some of the more beautiful, whimsical songs from that era. The cliche lyrics feel a little but less cliche because there are only so many puns out there, but among the many other cliche songs on the album it feels like just one more song filled with unoriginal phrases. Regardless, it’s a fun song with fun lyrics and fun instrumentals.
Worst lyric: “So heads up Nancy, don't get antsy / While I'm working on my tan”
Best lyrics: “Yeah, I gotta go now / 'Cause I'm a little worn down / And I'm a little burned out” / “I’ve gone coastal” (A pun on “going postal” — if you’re not familiar with the phrase, look it up. I do appreciate a bit of dark humor in Owl City songs.)

Dinosaur Park

⭐⭐⭐⚫⚫ (3/5 stars)
This song has so much potential, but falls flat for me in so many ways. The topic (dinosaur statues coming alive at night) and the music (chill, twinkly vibes) are both wonderful, and in some ways a return to a classic “dreamy” style. But the six-and-a-half minute runtime means that the singular topic and limited instrumentals are stretched out for far, far, far too long. By the time some more interesting instruments kick in midway to give the song a little more life, it’s already over three and a half minutes in. (For reference, “The Bird and the Worm” is just a little under three and a half minutes long.) It’s a fun, silly song, but not at all deserving of the gargantuan runtime.
Worst lyric: “Boy, I love Rapid City / And that hilltop of beasts”
Best lyric: “'Cause when the moon's sitting pretty / Above Rapid City / There's much more than meets the eye”

Learn How to Surf

⭐⭐⚫⚫⚫ (2/5 stars)
A fun, funky song, that is also incredibly baffling to me. It really just feels like Adam trying out some new synths with some quickly written cliche lyrics slapped on top. The verses and chorus, while both fun in their own ways, feel totally disconnected lyrically, like they belong to two different songs. Ironically, despite the fact that this song feels super short and insubstantial, it’s over three and a half minutes long, making it a pretty average song length for any of his older albums. I think it’s because this song suffers from the same issue many others on the album do, which is that so much of the song’s lyrics feel cliche, repeated, or like filler material. It’s a fun song but overall insubstantial; really nothing too interesting beyond the funky synths.
Worst lyric: “You can't stop the waves but you can learn how to surf” (A classic-to-the-point-of-cliche “inspirational” phrase… that he made the catchphrase and title of the song.)
Best lyric: (honestly, nothing stands out in particular)

The Meadow Lark

⭐⚫⚫⚫⚫ (1/5 stars)
Honestly, I keep forgetting this song exists. It doesn’t feel like it belongs on this album, much less that it was written by pop musician Owl City. While this might be an excellent song in a different context — An album of modern hymns, perhaps? Relaxing Christian moral music? — it’s jarring to hear it following “Learn How to Surf” on Coco Moon. Also, yet again, it tells its message perfectly fine through the story, but drags the end out by explaining it in the most literal terms possible, abruptly ending the narrative setting and tone of the song. (Also, as a sidenote, I do appreciate Adam’s shift in the language he uses to make it feel more like a hymn or otherwise traditional song!) But to sum up — in a different context, I’m sure this is a good song, but not on this album.
Worst lyric: “If I should live to see more days / I pray the Lord to guide my ways”
Best lyric: “And then, the curious thing occurred / On wings arrived a tiny bird / And troubled not by war or peace / She sang for us a melody”

My Muse

⭐⭐⭐⚫⚫ (3/5 stars)
What can I say, it’s a sweet song. It’s hard to critique a song as personal as this — it almost feels like it’s not meant for any of us to hear — but if there’s one thing I can point out, it’s the (once again) over-reliance on cliched language throughout the entire song, and some instances of awkward phrasing. I will say that this is one of the few songs on the album where it feels like just the right length (although ironically enough, it’s the shortest one on the album). It’s a simple, sweet, personal song, and even though I won’t be listening to it much, it’s one of those songs that just makes me happy for Adam.
Worst lyric: “Yeah, without a doubt, I took you out for coffee”
Best lyric: “There's nowhere else I'd rather be than here with you”

Let me know your thoughts on the album and my review — what you agree or disagree with, any thoughts or context you’d like to share, or your own song rankings if you feel like sharing!
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2023.06.08 01:16 The_Sportsologist Taking a look at the Sixers' cap sheet

Hello friends, today I thought it would be fun to take a look at the Sixers cap sheet and the many paths they could take moving forward. Daryl Morey has a lot of tough decisions to make, but most of those will likely depend on James Harden's decision this summer. Let's take a look at some possible scenarios.
Here is the Sixers' cap sheet going into this summer:
Player 2023-2024 2024-2025 2025-2026 2026-2027
Joel Embiid $46,900,000 $50,652,000 $54,404,000 $58,156,000
Tobias Harris $39,270,150
James Harden $35,640,000
PJ Tucker $11,014,500 $11,539,000
DeAnthony Melton $8,000,000
Furkan Korkmaz $5,370,370
Tyrese Maxey $4,343,920
Danuel House Jr $4,310,250
Montrezl Harrell $2,760,026
Jaden Springer $2,226,240 $4,018,363
total $159,835,456
expected luxury line $162,000,000
The italicized salary for James Harden's 2023-2024 season is the key. Harden can opt into that salary, opt out and re-sign a long-term deal in Philly, or opt out and decide to go to another team in free agency. His decision will be the pivot point for the Sixers roster building moving forward so let's take a look at a few different scenarios and see what they could look like.
Scenario 1: Harden leaves in free agency
Let's say the Houston rumors are legit and it's soon confirmed that James will be on his way back to Texas. The Rockets can sign him outright using their cap space meaning that the Sixers face the possibility of losing him for nothing. What do they do to replace the lost talent? The best route might be to utilize cap space and explore free agency. Let's see what the cap sheet looks like without Harden and with the addition of the cap holds for McDaniels, Melton, and Maxey so we can determine what their cap space could look like:
Player 2023-2024 2024-2025
Joel Embiid $46,900,000 $50,652,000
Tobias Harris $39,270,150
PJ Tucker $11,014,500 $11,539,000
DeAnthony Melton $8,000,000 $15,200,000
Furkan Korkmaz $5,370,370
Tyrese Maxey $4,343,920 $13,000,000
Danuel House Jr $4,310,250
Montrezl Harrell $2,760,026
Jaden Springer $2,226,240 $4,018,363
Paul Reed $2,261,266
Jalen McDaniels $1,805,205
total $128,261,927 $94,409,363
expect salary cap $134,000,000 $143,000,000
expected cap room $5,738,073 $48,590,637
So, for this summer they would have about 5.7 million in cap space to use in free agency, but they could increase that to almost 10 million if they renounce the cap holds on Reed and McDaniels. Or, if they found a way to move Harris' contract, they would have 45 million to spend in free agency and could still re-sign Reed and McDaniels after they hit the cap limit. Considering that Harris's deal is expiring this may be possible, but given the severe lack of tradable picks that Morey has to work with it won't be a guaranteed possibility. If they aren't able to move him then it could be in the best interest of the Sixers to aim for the summer of 2024 when they are set to have about 48.5 million in cap space even after accounting for Maxey and Melton's cap holds. They can make a couple splashes in free agency, re-sign Melton and Maxey, and should still have room to utilize the taxpayer MLE. They also can free up another 4 million by declining Springer's contract this October.
Free agency is a risky path considering that you are never guaranteed to land anyone. These days with extensions and the ability to demand trades, stars tend to enter unrestricted free agency less than they did before. And planning for the 2024 offseason might not sound good to Embiid, who the Sixers are no doubt wanting to keep happy. It could be that Daryl Morey and company don't want to go down this path, but I think that it's nice that they at least have the option if Harden does decide to walk.
Scenario 2: Harden demands a max and gets it
Let's say the recent Houston rumors serve as effective leverage for Harden, he demands a full max contract to come back to Philly, and Morey can't resist keeping his old friend around. Well unfortunately, that will lead to this roster becoming very expensive, perhaps too expensive to keep their high-end talent as well as quality depth. Maxey's new contract will kick in next season and will be a third big salary on the books going forward even as Harris' finally comes off.
The point of this post is not to speculate about what players are going to get in free agency, but we need to make some estimations to analyze what their cap sheet might look like going forward. Let's use Tyler Herro and Jordan Pool’s recent contracts of 120 and 128 million to estimate Maxey’s next deal. Let’s just say that he gets 125 million over 4 years, or 30.125 million per season. Let's also say that Paul Reed and Georges Niang re-sign under short term deals for 7.5 and 4 million respectively and the roster is filled out with a few minimum contracts. Here's what their cap sheet potentially looks like for the next 2 seasons:
Player 2023-2024 2024-2025
Joel Embiid $46,900,000 $50,652,000
James Harden $46,900,000 $50,652,000
Tobias Harris $39,270,150
PJ Tucker $11,014,500 $11,539,000
DeAnthony Melton $8,000,000
Furkan Korkmaz $5,370,370
Tyrese Maxey $4,343,920 $34,500,000
Danuel House Jr $4,310,250
Montrezl Harrell $2,760,026
Jaden Springer $2,226,240 $4,018,363
Georges Niang $8,000,000 $8,500,000
Paul Reed $6,000,000 $6,000,000
total $185,095,456 $165,861,363
expected luxury line $162,000,000 $172,881,999
As you can see, for 2023-2024 the Sixers would be set to go pretty deep into the luxury tax, deeper than they ever have before. While the ownership and front office might be okay with that for this upcoming season, they are going to be much more hesitant in the coming years when the second apron penalties fully kick in along with the increase in luxury tax penalties.
For 2024-2025 and beyond they would have 3 players taking up the vast majority of their cap. Adding in Tucker and Springer's salaries along with the theoretical contracts for Reed and Niang, the Sixers would have just around 33 million to fill out the remaining 8 roster spots before going over the dreaded 2nd apron. Unless they have a plan in place for going well over the apron and dealing with its penalties, they don't really have a way to fill their roster out with quality depth while paying 90% of their cap to Embiid, Harden and Maxey.
Scenario 3: Harden re-signs to a more team friendly deal
Let's say that the Houston rumors are overblown and Harden's desire is to come back to Philly long-term, even if it means settling for less than a max contract. What kind of deal would he be okay with? Who knows, and I do hate to speculate, but I also love to make cap sheets, so let's just say 35 million per year over 4 years and check out what the sheet looks like for the next 2 seasons:
Player 2023-2024 2024-2025
Joel Embiid $46,900,000 $50,652,000
Tobias Harris $39,270,150
James Harden $35,000,000 $35,000,000
PJ Tucker $11,014,500 $11,539,000
DeAnthony Melton $8,000,000 $15,200,000
Furkan Korkmaz $5,370,370
Tyrese Maxey $4,343,920 $13,000,000
Danuel House Jr $4,310,250
Montrezl Harrell $2,760,026
Jaden Springer $2,226,240 $4,018,363
total $159,195,456 $129,409,363
expected salary cap $134,000,000 $143,000,000
expected cap room $0 $13,590,637
Suddenly the tax owed for the 2023-2024 season doesn't look so bad. They could move Korkmaz to duck the tax entirely, or possibly utilize the taxpayer MLE to add another depth piece. The nontaxpayer MLE likely won't be a feasible option unless Harden re-signs for 30 million or below.
The 2024-2025 numbers are very interesting if the Sixers decide to hold off on Maxey's extension since they could have a little cap room to play with. Theoretically they could open up a max spot by moving Tucker and waiving Melton's cap hold, we but already saw how tough it would be to fill out the roster with 3 huge salaries on the books. Instead, they could keep Melton and Tucker and still afford to sign a free agent using cap space and then sign another using the taxpayer. It might end up that they pay players like Paul Reed and Jalen McDaniels this summer and don't have any free cap space in 2024, but again, it's nice to have the option.
So, if anyone's still reading this, I want to know what you think. What do you hope Harden decides to do? How do you hope to see Morey pivot in response? Did you have any interesting takeaways from the cap sheets? Let me know in the comments and thanks for reading!
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2023.06.08 01:16 ThrowRAdntnowat2do He has now lied about finances recently and broke his promise for a family trip with my parents and siblings…

So this is sort of an update. I know I’m posting a lot but this has been helpful to me to really process. You can read my previous posts to see what’s going on.
Well in couples therapy the therapist said “I’m not at all excusing his behavior. These actions are common with people with unresolved traumas. So he needs to follow through and start being honest.” Lars agreed to this and agreed to not drink as much (this has been a problem in the past) and to be nice to my family while on our first trip without the baby.
This did NOT happen. Once we land at our destination I find out that our joint account is much lower than he has been saying and that the credit card in my name is way above than what he was saying. This is all still manageable regardless but I was angry about all the lies. Our joint savings were also more depleted and he claims to have at least told me the truth about that when he didn’t.
I decide to let it go for the vacation only to have some time to relax. Well I didn’t get much of that either. He drank, was a jerk to me, my sister, and her fiancé. Not to mention he lied to out do EVERYONE’S stories and we all knew it was lies. He then claims to me that my sisters fiancé told him that he was a groomsmen and then took it back before the trip. I talked to my sister today to find out that that’s not true at all.
Lars has noticed how indifferent I am now and says he’s worried that I am falling out of love with him. I feel like we are roommates now with a kid. More couples therapy is to come soon but I’m exhausted. My family now feels sorry for me and I will be going through the credit card statement. I’m done with the lies and done with this crap. I just need support right now and even though there is my family I just don’t know if I can really talk to them about this
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2023.06.08 01:14 Worthy-Green-6457 I graduated from my school, but it was mostly a scam, we missed almost half of the curriculum. How is best to go about trying to get a refund?

I graduated from a 900 hour massage therapy school. Almost half of what was on the curriculum was never covered. Mostly due to the instructor for the second half of the program was a bit mentally unstable and she just never taught us anything. We had no book work, exams, hands on work, projects, nothing. We occosaonlly covered a little here and there but almost the entire second half of it she just never taught to us. I did finish the program. I met with the school director and one of the partial owners of the school because I requested a 50% refund on my tuition. I explained all of it to them. I did receive grades in those modules that were missed, but those aren't real grades, because like I said, we never had any exams, projects, etc to be graded on. They were sympathetic and apologetic, and said I could sit in on classes to try to catch up what I missed. I said I wouldn't be able to do that because I won't be living in this area much longer, and also you can't piece together almost half a curriculum. Sit ins are for if you miss a day or two, not half of the entire program. They said they wouldnt refund the half of my tuition I requested, just offered the sit in option. I feel this school screwed me over completely. I don't think they meant to, it was really just the fact that the second teacher I had never did her job, so I really missed out on half my education. What should I do next? File a complaint with the department of education? The school was expensive and I don't think its at all fair that I should pay for something that I didnt receive half of. I wasn't even requesting a full refund, I was being completely fair in my request of half, since that is exactly what was missed. Theirs also other students currently in the program who have talked to the school director and told him the exact same thing. One of the new students even quit the program because of how badly run it is and the lack of education.
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2023.06.08 01:14 Mysticnar German Shepherd tumor, when is the time right?

Species: Dog
Age: 8
Sex: Female/Spayed
Breed: German Shepherd
Location: Orlando, FL
Weight: 40-50
History: I honestly don't even know where to start or how much I should say. I have never euthanized a pet before, and I'm very lost like how and when.. Sorry if this is too long or not in the right place.
In the middle of February, blood was pooling in her ear. I (28m) rushed her to the emergency for a same-day appointment. It turned out to be an ear infection on top of a wound she probably scratched, and the bleeding needed to stop before the infection could be treated. I went for a follow-up, and the main vet noticed a tumor right away (Luna had had a hard fixed benign fatty lipoma on her rib 8 months prior, which was removed and she recovered nicely).
The emergency vet excised the inflamed area in her ear and sent it off for a biopsy, which revealed an inflamed polyp. Another vet took an X-ray, which showed no spreading, and I scheduled a specialist appointment. During the wait, she recovered well, but her symptoms got a little worse. I noticed that her eye on the side where the tumor is located can't blink, and on the same side of her face, her lip was drooping slightly, causing excessive drooling. She was also unable to move her ear, breathing through her mouth, and had a raspy sound.
The specialist performed a CT scan and stated that the tumor was inoperable. It had taken over too many important things. The specialist took an actual biopsy sample straight from the mass this time. The results indicated that it was an aggressive cancer, but they weren't sure what kind. It was narrowed down to one of four types, and additional stains were done, but it was still not clear what kind of cancer it was. The biopsy wound healed nicely. Shortly after, there was another infection, and a mass "bubbled" from her ear and grew big. Luna scratched the whole thing off almost entirely, and I had to take her to the emergency vet, who clipped and cauterized it. Afterward, her ear pooled with white/yellow fluid, and I cleaned it hourly. She scratched open the biopsy scar, causing a massive amount of white fluid to leak out, similar to a giant pimple. Her nose had excessive mucus, but eventually, it stopped and healed over a couple of months.
Currently, Luna is experiencing a huge loss of appetite, and the mass looks bigger than it did last month. There are mucus strings from her nose to the floor, slightly filled with blood. She can now blink somewhat frequently, and her ear has mobility. Her lip has stopped sagging, and she's not in real pain, just a lot of discomfort, I imagine. She sleeps peacefully, and I give her medicines. She still wants to go for walks, although she's not very alert, and I don't go very far with her. I think she's now deaf in that ear, but her breathing is better than before.
She means the world to me truly my best friend and I want to do the right thing whatever it is but I'm worried I'm not strong enough or even know how.
CT Results
CT results2
emergency vet biopsy

Today front
Today behind
2months ago biopsy Scratched open
2 months ago leaking biopsy WARNING GRAPHIC
2months ago "Bubble" Mass clipped/cauterized WARNING GRAPHIC
edit: Location
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2023.06.08 01:14 Holiday-Appearance74 dealing with thin parents who used to be fat

(potentially triggering content vis-a-vis growing up fat)
does anyone else have fat-to-thin parents and feel like you’re a disappointment to them due to your size? my parents would never say it outright, but i imagine they’re quietly wondering why i couldn’t lose the weight while they could. my mom is the best but knowing how she speaks to herself, i can’t bring myself to wear anything tight around her because i imagine her picking me apart in her head, even though she gasses me up endlessly and tries to feed me like a christmas ham when i visit once a week. my dad teases me about being physically lazy but there’s no venom behind it…and also he’s kind of right, i take walks and camp often but i love laying down.
i’m not really looking for advice, just wanted to write about something that has been on my mind lately and see if anyone has had a similar experience because i feel alone in this.
my mom was a fat teenager during the 80s/90s, lost weight around middle of high school via atkins or something along those lines, and has been thin ever since. she still has a lot of body dysmorphia and goes on and off crash diets. i think being fat during that period of her life was extremely traumatic, she describes having to cut open the arms of all her shirts because her arms were too big to fit. my dad similarly was always a big guy and hovered around 300+ lbs until i was at least 10, then dropped most of the weight and got SUPER worryingly thin, and recently has gained a solid amount back. my grandma on my mom’s side has been fat since she was in her early 20s.
i was a chubbier kid— looking back on photos, i was very clearly just in that “storing up fat before puberty phase” but my family shit their pants about it. when friends came over, my mom would give them ice cream and then give me fruit salad without thinking about how strange and isolating that would feel. it was just a lot of little actions that added up to a whole lot of body dysmorphia for me— i was also (and still am) VERY hairy so i really just felt like this big fat monster. i struggled (still do) to make friends and this was definitely a huge part of why.
i also HATED veggies or anything that wasn’t chicken nuggets, basically. i grew out of this and now i love every kind of veggie— turns out they’re great when you roast them and season them instead of steaming them in a microwave, lol. this bothered my dad a lot and one of my worst memories ever still kind of haunts every interaction i have with him. i don’t tell this story to anybody, even my loving and supportive partner because it was just so humiliating. i was no more than 6 years old and my dad shoved corn in my mouth with his hand and kept it there until i choked because he was so pissed about my picky eating. later that night (or maybe a few days later, i was 6 who knows) i went into his room and he started taunting me, only i didn’t understand what he was doing until much later. he was like “of course you want a snack, let me guess— deep fried chicken nuggets? french fries?” i don’t even remember exactly what he said, but the tone was so nasty and sing-songy. he talked to me like i was a pig. i’ve NEVER brought this up with either parent but it’s my worst memory. i have a good long-distance relationship with him now but it still weighs on me.
i love my body, or at least try to. i am the largest i’ve ever been and i feel so sexy and feminine when i put actual clothes on. it bothers me that my parents are probably assuming i hate myself, that i’m trying and failing to lose weight. i would love to hear your thoughts and feelings if you’re in a similar place!
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2023.06.08 01:14 LeoBB777 rewatching season 1...... a couple questions

  1. why does everyone hate beck???? first of all, I think she's gorgeous. yes, she's blonde and white, very girl-next-door, and as a person is not completely out of the ordinary. she has a likable, relatable, drawing personality. she's nothing super special, but I think that's the point. it shows how something like this could happen to anyone. any ordinary person could have a stalker, it happens all the time. and although Joe's obviously done this before, it's interesting to see how on the outside he seems relatively normal, and how he takes these normal interactions with beck and speaks of them like they're so meaningful and speaks of beck like she's exquisite because he's so enthralled by her. I tried to watch s2 and couldn't get into it but the difference between love and beck is that beck just felt so real. just a normal girl who falls victim to a psycho & we get to see how a crazy person obsesses over average people.
  2. how the HELL did Ethan never go into the basement?? every single time someone's anywhere near the basement, Joe flips out and runs downstairs. he never gives Ethan the keys, never let's anyone even near the basement. he know's there's a cage down there with a window for food and the basement's soundproof. I know Joe told him it's because of the rare books, but dear god, wouldn't anyone be creeped out by that? I've had minimum wage jobs at age 17 where the manager's gave me the keys to the safe and their bills lmao. I just don't get how Ethan was never slightly suspicious.
  3. how tf was Joe so stupid to leave the pee in peaches house. I mean cmon.
  4. in the last episode, when beck researches Candace and sees the similarities, with everyone around Candace dying/disappearing and then her disappearing when they broke up & how everyone around her seemed to be dying/ disappearing and now they were broken up, and how she's caught Joe being stalkers multiple times at this point, why tf did she go to ask him if it was true? there was no other explanation..... I'd like to think that most women who find out there's hard evidence their boyfriend killed his ex and everyone around her, that they'd just ghost them with no explanation for their safety. I get being blinded by love but cmon, I've been blinded by love plenty of times. if there was a really really really good chance my boyfriend was gonna kill me, though, no matter how much I love them I'd ghost them no explanation lol.
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2023.06.08 01:12 Bergsonata Sunny will have a "catharsis" moment

The way I see it, this gremlin symbolises Sunny, at least how Sunny was in the Forgotten Shore.
It has great potential, gets obsessed with those that hurt it, it "wastes" time, effort and takes great risks in the name of "revenge".
As I have pointed out in another post, the gremlin is very similar with Sunny in the Forgotten Shore, while Sunny has "taken up the role" of the Dark Knight in the cathedral.
I think that what will happen is that, at some point, Sunny will kill the gremlin in real life, but also kill that "gremlin-like" part of himself. That small, misguided, vengeful, full of hatred and fear part of himself that holds him back. He will see his past self in that gremlin and realise his shortcomings.
Then, it will get interesting.
There is great speculation that this gremlin will become Sunny's next shadow. If this happens, then the gremlin will have to listen to Sunny's command... essentially become... Sunny's slave.
It is this moment that Sunny will "see" how Nephis "sees" him, in a way.
Like this "creature" with great potential, strength and ability, but easily distracted and avoiding problems, losing the bigger picture. A "creature" that can reach great sights ONLY as long as "it" is given a certain "direction".
I do not know how Sunny will react to these realisations.
My guess is that he will come into terms with his fate as a slave (sort of), or at least realise that it is pointless to "waste time" running away from Nephis, when he could be "using" her to grow himself. Let go of this "part of him" that is so focused in surpassing her, which is nothing more than his ego, really. A childish desire to "prove" he is better. To those around him, but mostly to himself.
I think this is the [Truth] that Sunny will come to learn through the [Sin of Solace].
Sin of Solace (speaking): Hey, are you happy for killing this gremlin? Are you happy for making it your slave, pathetic little slave? Go on give your commands! I pity the gremlin; it is one thing to be slave, but be a slave to a slave is truly pitiful...
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2023.06.08 01:11 MeringueOTango How do I (25F) feel okay with my bf (26M) talking to his former best friend/crush (25F)?

I have been struggling with this situation for our three years together, having talked to therapists and I just want to be okay with it…. Context: my bf had a crush on his former best friend months prior to our relationship, where they had a falling out because of her being dishonest about dating her current bf (Saying to my bf that there was nothing going on between her current bf, even knowing that my bf had a crush on her). He decided to put distance between them, hence the “Former” best friend. When my bf and I met, they weren’t talking and he gave me the history of their friendship so I thought they weren’t speaking anymore and didn’t see it as a threat to our relationship.
Fast forward a few months of us dating, she texts him and they start chatting. My bf didn’t tell me they were chatting until months later because he thought it would hurt me. Now I’m hurt and having trust issues with their friendship since it was hidden from me. He also did not say he was dating me until months later after I mentioned I thought it was odd (he said it’s because he doesn’t want to be close to her again and her knowing about his life). He has recently been trying to be more open about their chatting, saying they text every so often to catch up and sometimes showing me their text. I know all genders that you’re attracted to can be friends and I have no issues with him having female friends. I guess it’s their history together and the hiding that has made me feel really insecure and anxious.
I really want to be okay with them texting and being friends. I also want to acknowledge my feelings of anxiousness and insecurities surrounding the friendship. Does anyone have advice on how to approach this and what kind of reasonable boundaries is okay to ask for with my bf?
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2023.06.08 01:11 Artistic_Toe_5406 I don’t know how to interpret this statement by my 29F friend

So I (30F) was talking to a friend (29F) about how my recently ex-gf (28F) has the world’s best boobs and how I’m gonna miss them. And she doesn’t say anything then, but the next day sends me a text saying that she will show me hers some day and I’ll have to agree that she has the perfect pair..and that it’ll make me forget all about my ex’s boobs.
What does this mean? I’m so confused? A part of me thinks that she’s trying to be more than friends. But again, I’m not sure. She did tell me that she’s straight. And she knows that I’m not. Help!
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2023.06.08 01:11 Baby_Button_Eyes Jake & Rosa meet Mulder and Scully (B99 and X-Files crossover) (AI story)

I’ve been having fun creating “new“ scenarios for the B99 squad with AI chatbot. Not sure if anyone likes reading made up stories but visualizing this one really entertained me.
The first is my “script” version. Then the case from Jake’s point of view and then one from Rosa’s.
Agents Mulder & Scully join Detectives Jake Peralta and Rosa Diaz to solve a case where frogs fell from the sky.
Title: The X-Files: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Crossover
Detective JAKE PERALTA is sitting at his desk, eating a bag of chips. Detective ROSA DIAZ walks over.
ROSA DIAZ Peralta, you won't believe what just happened.
JAKE PERALTA What is it, Rosa?
ROSA DIAZ Frogs. Frogs just fell from the sky. Literally.
JAKE PERALTA (eyes wide) Frogs? Falling from the sky? That's insane.
As they ponder the situation, Special Agents FOX MULDER and DANA SCULLY from The X-Files enter the precinct, flashing their badges.
FOX MULDER (looking intrigued) I heard there's a case involving some unusual phenomena?
DANA SCULLY (following Mulder) Yes, we're here to investigate the reported frog rain.
JAKE PERALTA (stammering) Uh, hey, I'm Detective Jake Peralta, and this is Detective Rosa Diaz. We didn't call for any X-Files help.
FOX MULDER (sly smile) Sometimes the truth finds its way to us, Detective Peralta. I have a hunch that there's more to this than meets the eye.
DANA SCULLY (resolute) We'll assist you in finding out what's happening. Our expertise lies in investigating the unexplained.
ROSA DIAZ (deadpan) Great. More weirdos.
The group arrives at the location where the frog rain was reported. The ground is littered with frogs of various sizes and colors.
JAKE PERALTA (staring at the frogs) This is unreal. How did they fall from the sky?
FOX MULDER (observing) I suspect some sort of atmospheric anomaly or disturbance. But we won't know for sure until we gather more evidence.

DANA SCULLY (starting to collect samples) Let's begin by examining the frogs and their surroundings. We need to rule out any logical explanations.
JAKE PERALTA (looking at Mulder) Are you thinking extraterrestrial involvement, Mulder?
FOX MULDER (smiling) That's always a possibility, Detective Peralta. However, it could also be a result of a natural phenomenon or a man-made experiment gone wrong.
ROSA DIAZ (skeptical) Or maybe someone dumped a truckload of frogs from a plane. Seems more plausible.
As they continue their investigation, the group interviews witnesses and gathers more information.
The group assembles in the precinct, going through their findings.
JAKE PERALTA (showing a report) We've interviewed several witnesses who all claimed to see a bright light in the sky just before the frog rain. Some even mentioned hearing strange noises.
DANA SCULLY (pensive) These accounts of a bright light and unusual sounds align with typical UFO encounters. We should investigate further in that direction.
FOX MULDER (agrees) We also found some peculiar biological anomalies in the frogs themselves. It's as if they've been exposed to some unknown substance or energy.
ROSA DIAZ (getting frustrated) Can we skip to the part where we catch the culprits and wrap this up? I'm not a fan of frogs.
JAKE PERALTA (smirking) Alright, Rosa. Let's focus on tracking down any leads related to the light, noises, and any potential experiments in the area.
The group uncovers a hidden laboratory in an abandoned warehouse, filled with strange equipment and scientific apparatus.
JAKE PERALTA (amazed) Whoa, look at all this crazy stuff. It's like we're in a sci-fi movie.
FOX MULDER (examining equipment) This lab seems to be experimenting with interdimensional travel. They might have inadvertently caused the frog rain by disrupting the fabric of reality.
DANA SCULLY (discovering a journal) I found a journal. It appears to contain detailed notes on these experiments. We might find answers here.
As they dig deeper into the lab, they find evidence linking the experiments to a mysterious organization with a hidden agenda.
In a climactic showdown, the group confronts the organization responsible for the frog rain.
JAKE PERALTA (holding his gun) NYPD! Drop your weapons and surrender!
A group of operatives surrounds them, but Mulder and Scully use their skills to outwit them, while Peralta and Diaz provide backup.
Finally, they manage to apprehend the organization's leader, who reveals their motives and the reasons behind the frog rain.
Mulder, Scully, Peralta, and Diaz return to the precinct, filing their reports and closing the case.
JAKE PERALTA (relieved) Well, that was something else. Thanks for your help, Mulder and Scully.
FOX MULDER (grinning) No problem, Detective Peralta. It was a pleasure working with you and Diaz.
DANA SCULLY (to Peralta) Remember, the truth is out there. And sometimes, it's stranger than fiction.
As Mulder and Scully prepare to leave, Peralta and Diaz exchange looks, pondering the mysteries that lie beyond their usual cases.
Jake’s experience:
It was just another day at the Nine-Nine, filled with the usual chaos and hilarity. But little did I know that things were about to take a wild turn. The precinct received a call about a bizarre incident: frogs falling from the sky. Frogs! I couldn't believe it. This sounded like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.
As the call came in, I was sitting at my desk, indulging in my usual shenanigans. The bullpen erupted into laughter as I performed my "Die Hard" reenactment with a stapler, but the laughter quickly subsided as Captain Holt announced the case. He assigned me and Rosa to work with a couple of federal agents named Mulder and Scully. Apparently, they were experts in dealing with the strange and unexplained.
I was beyond excited. Working with Mulder and Scully? It was like a dream come true. I mean, who wouldn't want to solve a case with the legendary paranormal investigators? But at the same time, I couldn't help but feel a little intimidated. These were the people who had faced aliens, monsters, and government conspiracies. Meanwhile, my biggest concern was finding the perfect nickname for Terry's biceps.
Mulder and Scully arrived at the precinct, and I couldn't help but be starstruck. They had an air of mystery and intrigue about them. Mulder had this intense gaze, always searching for hidden truths, while Scully was a no-nonsense, rational thinker. They were the perfect balance, and I knew we were in good hands.
We sat down in the conference room, surrounded by evidence bags filled with frogs. Mulder began discussing various theories about extraterrestrial activity and government experiments gone wrong, while Scully remained skeptical, leaning towards a more scientific explanation. It was like watching an intense debate between two brilliant minds.
As the discussion continued, I couldn't resist interjecting with my own outlandish ideas. Maybe the frogs were spies from a secret amphibian agency or victims of a teleportation experiment gone awry. Mulder seemed amused by my enthusiasm, but Scully gave me a look that said, "Please, stop."
Together, we began combing through the evidence, interviewing witnesses, and following leads. Mulder and Scully's experience and expertise brought a whole new level of insight to the investigation. They taught us to look beyond the surface, to question everything, and to never rule out the possibility of the extraordinary.
Rosa and I quickly realized that our different approaches to solving cases could actually complement each other. She brought her trademark badassery and razor-sharp instincts, while I brought my boundless energy and willingness to think outside the box. We formed an unlikely but effective partnership.
As the investigation progressed, we uncovered a secret laboratory hidden beneath a seemingly innocent pet store. It turned out that the store owner was conducting bizarre experiments, using a weather-altering device to make the frogs rain from the sky. His motivations? Well, that's a whole other story.
In the end, we apprehended the culprit and restored order to the frog population. Mulder and Scully shared their final insights, leaving us with more questions than answers. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to them, knowing that we had been a part of something truly extraordinary.
Rosa’s experience:
I leaned against my desk, rolling my eyes as I watched Detective Jake Peralta enthusiastically wave a piece of paper in the air. Mulder and Scully from the FBI? Seriously? What kind of case had landed on our doorstep this time? I took a sip of my coffee, bracing myself for whatever bizarre scenario Jake was about to throw at me.
"Rosa, you won't believe this!" Jake exclaimed, bounding over to my desk like an overexcited puppy. "Frogs! Frogs falling from the sky! This case has X-Files written all over it!"
I shot him a skeptical look. "Mulder and Scully? Really, Jake? You think they're going to solve our frog rain mystery?
Jake's eyes lit up, his voice full of childlike wonder. "Think about it, Rosa. Frogs are just dropping out of the sky. It's unexplained, it's weird, it's perfect for the X-Files team. Plus, who wouldn't want to work with the legendary Mulder and Scully?"
I grunted, not exactly convinced. But curiosity got the better of me, and I reluctantly followed Jake to the conference room. As I entered, I saw two figures standing by the whiteboard, deep in conversation. Mulder, a lanky man with an intense gaze, was scribbling something on the board while Scully, a composed redhead, observed him with a mixture of amusement and exasperation.
I took a seat at the table, crossing my arms over my chest. "Alright, Mulder, Scully. What brings you to the Nine-Nine?"
Mulder turned to face me, a mischievous smile playing on his lips. "Detective Diaz, I've heard of your reputation. A tough detective with a sharp mind. I believe our collaboration could yield interesting results. After all, the truth is out there, even in the form of falling amphibians."
I raised an eyebrow, not entirely convinced by his charm. "Fine, Mulder. But I have one condition. No nonsense, no wasting time. We do this my way, got it?"
Mulder nodded, his eyes gleaming with excitement. "Agreed, Detective Diaz. We're here to help, not hinder."
I glanced at Scully, who had been quietly observing our exchange. "And you, Scully? Any thoughts on our little froggy situation?"
Scully let out a small chuckle, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "Well, Detective Diaz, I've seen my fair share of strange cases, but this one definitely takes the cake. Let's get to the bottom of it."
With that, our unlikely team was formed. Mulder, Scully, Jake, and me, united in our pursuit of the truth behind the raining frogs. We gathered our evidence, interviewed witnesses, and analyzed the meteorological data, all the while trying to keep Jake's enthusiasm in check.
As the days turned into weeks, our investigation took us down a rabbit hole of government experiments, conspiracy theories, and even ancient myths. Mulder's unorthodox theories and Scully's scientific skepticism clashed with Jake's wild imagination and my unwavering pragmatism. But somehow, amidst the chaos, a strange camaraderie began to form.
Together, we dug deep, uncovering a hidden plot involving weather manipulation and a disgruntled scientist seeking revenge. We confronted the culprits, unraveled their twisted motives, and brought them to justice. And when it was all over, we stood together, victorious.
As Mulder and Scully prepared to leave, I found myself feeling a hint of nostalgia. Despite our differences, our unconventional partnership had been strangely effective. I offered them a rare smile. "Thanks for the help, Mulder, Scully. It's been... interesting."
Mulder grinned, a glimmer of mischief in his eyes. "Likewise, Detective Diaz. Remember, if you ever need assistance with the unexplained, you know where to find us."
I nodded, realizing that even in the face of absurdity, there were connections to be made, friendships to be formed. And as the X-Files agents walked out of the precinct, I couldn't help but think that maybe, just maybe, there was more to this world than met the eye.
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2023.06.08 01:11 ConsiderationTop8019 Opinions on vipera/dra?

I already know about the racist drama and how she’s literally losing her mind 💀..But racism aside. Has anyone gotten results from her and are her subs effective?
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2023.06.08 01:10 aster2560 Arc Family History

Background information to “What the Jaunedice Arc should’ve been”
Julius Arc: the first wielder of Crocea Mors, bastard from a prostitute and a Vale lord, the Vale lord made a promise to the prostitute to give Julius an education, train him in combat through retainers and give her a decent amount of gold as long as he never uses his family’s name, Julius’s mother both worked him to the bone to try and use him to elevate her status so when Julius was recognized by a Vale high lord during a tourney who asked for his family name so he chose Arc since he didn’t want to use his mother’s or father's family name, the high lord commissioned him a sword and shield that befitted his skills, fought for Vale in the Great War, during the Great War he earned the name “Julius the Undaunted” for his boldness on the battlefield, fought in the final battle of the Great War alongside the king of Vale, retired from combat, married a woman, had a son with the woman, and passed away from wounds he sustained during the Great War
Tyson Arc: Trained to be a huntsman to make a living, designed dual broadswords to be his weapon, took huntsman exam and passed it with flying colors, earned the name “The Whirlwind Demon” for how he fought, married a woman, had a son with that woman, and died due to contracting a disease
Lance Arc: attended combat school to train to become a huntsman, designed a specialized lance to be his weapon, took the huntsman exam and barely passed, had an okay career as a huntsman, married a woman, had a son with that woman, the woman he married died 2 years after childbirth, and he died from a heart attack
Chase Arc: never really knew his father due to him dying when he was 3, was raised by his aunt and uncle on his mother’s side, enrolled at Beacon to train to become a huntsman to earn good Lien to support his aunt and uncle, designed a katana to be his weapon with help from a blacksmith from the most eastern region of Anima, used a small meteor he as the material to create the katana, became the leader of team CYAN, made many friends at Beacon who helped him out, met a woman from Atlas named Sara Stark during the Vytal Festival, romanced Sara up during the Vytal Festival, graduated from Beacon and passed the huntsman exam, enjoys a pretty successful career as a huntsman, helps out his aunt and uncle by sending them Lien, marries Sara Stark, fathers Clarice on their wedding night, fathers Saphron 2 months after Clarice is born, Sara Stark and him divorce 2 months after Saphron’s 3rd birthday, Chase gets Saphron while Sara gets Clarice, meets Morgan Pendragon who works as a blacksmith and manages to romance her up, marries Morgan Pendragon and fathers Alyssa 1 month after their wedding night, Chase and Morgan divorce after 5 months Alyssa has been alive, Morgan got Alyssa, his aunt and uncle pass away due to old age, meets Amanda Lancaster who had opened a new bar where he was drowning his sorrows after the passing of his aunt and uncle, manages to romance Amanda up and marries her after accidentally getting pregnant, fathers Emma 3 months after Lyla’s 4th birthday, Amanda and him get divorced 4 months after Emma’s birth, Amanda got Emma while he got Lyla, meets Rosine Anderson who runs the local bakery 2 years after his divorce with Amanda, marries after 6 months of dating, fathers Jaune 1 month after their wedding night, fathers Fiona 5 weeks after Jaune’s birth, Rosine and Chase get divorced 2 months after Fiona’s birth, Chase got Jaune while Rosine got Fiona, meets Vivi Wells who works as a local innkeeper 4 months after his divorce with Rosine, Chase marries her after dating her for 7 months, and fathers Darcy 2 weeks after their wedding day. Despite the divorces Chase generally does have an amicable relationship with all of his ex wives. Has a good relationship with all of his daughters that he doesn’t have custody over due to both him and them being able to visit each other without any difficulty due to all of them still growing up in the same mountain town. If he had to pick a favorite kid he would choose Alyssa and if he had to pick a least favorite it would be Jaune because of his extremely whiny attitude and the fact that he gave up on the first day of his initial training. He still works as a huntsman to support his family. Chase is called “The Lightning Blademaster '' for his work as a huntsman while the town calls him “The Lightning Husband” due to how fast he goes through marriages with his wives. The reason why he doesn't give Jaune his approval is due to Jaune’s reason for going to Beacon being about family pride instead of feeling like it was his true calling or some other higher purpose.
  1. Clarice Stark 31: works as an independent journalist so she mainly travels around all over Remnant looking for stories to report on, just broke up with somebody, currently in a crappy mood because of the break up, usually quite chill though, her favorite sibling would have to be Lyla since she constantly does help her out with her photography and her least favorite would be Emma due her trolling nature
  2. Saphron Arc 30: moved to Argus to try to pursue a career in acting that went nowhere and was gonna move back home until she met Terra and fell in love with her, so now she married to Terra and now has a job in teaching at the local theater, her favorite sibling would have to Clarice for encouraging her to go to Argus to pursue acting and her least favorite Lyla for blaming her for messing a photograph when she didn’t
  3. Alyssa Pendragon 27: The only other Arc sibling that chose to become a huntress, did not have faith in Jaune and did discourage him due not wanting to see him get hurt at Beacon, she managed to gain world renown due to be one the few huntsman in all of Remnant to single handedly slay a Megoliath all on her own, has a bit of a gambling problem, does some amateur modeling for a magazine when she her gambling debts get a little too steep, and her main weapon is a 2 handed great sword that she designed and her mother made, and her semblance is a light that she can either use to cover her blade that allows it to cut through almost anything or condense it to the tip of her sword that allows her to send the light either straight through her enemy or make the light expand and explode on the part the enemy that it has made contact with the latter two requires extreme concentration especially the third one and they both wear her out, her favorite sibling would have to be Lyla due to helping her out with her gambling debts and her least favorite would be Emma due being trolled by her a lot
  4. Lyla Arc 24: works as a professional photographer, works for the magazine that Alyssa models for occasionally and is Alyssa’s contact for the magazine, has bit of a drinking problem whenever she gets stood up for a date, ends up ranting to Jaune about stuff whenever she is drunk, her favorite sibling would have to be Jaune due being able to vent things at him with him being fine with it and her least favorite would have to be Saphron due her messing up a perfectly good photograph at one time
  5. Emma Lancaster 20: works as a bartender at her mother’s bar, likes to smoke from time to time, can give okay advice when she wants to, can be a bit of troll at times, currently in a relationship, doesn’t think it’s gonna go anywhere though, always gives Jaune good advice when he comes to her, doesn’t like alcohol, her favorite sibling would have to be Jaune since he only ever comes to her for advice when ever he really needs it And her least favorite sibling would have to be Clarice since she ruined a perfectly good prank and got her grounded for a month when she was younger
  6. Jaune Arc 17: the only son of the current Arc family, currently a student at Beacon Academy, finds Darcy to be bit annoying, his weapon is Crocea Mors, thinks that his father is disappointed in him and he’s right but not for the reason he thinks, wants to surpass Alyssa and get his father’s approval, quit on the first day of his initial training from his father, had a lot of pride in his family name, helped out with mother’s bakery, got stood up for his first date and was really depressed for a couple of days, gave up on love after being stood up until Emma, Lyla, and Fiona managed to help him out, his favorite sibling would have to be Emma due to the good advice she gives and his least would be Darcy due annoying him at times
  7. Fiona Anderson 16: currently helping out with her mother’s bakery, is eventually gonna take over the bakery, not good at cooking anything else besides bakery goods, trying to fix that, often tells Jaune to shut up when he’s whining, comforted Jaune when he was stood up for his first date, her favorite sibling would have to be Darcy due how cute she finds her to be and her least favorite sibling would have to be Jaune due to his constant whining
  8. Darcy Arc 13: occasionally helps out at her mother’s inn, really hyperactive, easily amused, gets along with animals, tries to play with whenever she can but she ends up just annoying him at times, her favorite sibling would have to be Jaune due to how funny she thinks he is and her least favorite would have to be Fiona due to how clingy she thinks she is
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2023.06.08 01:10 DPGamez123 Wednesday Season 2 Episode 2- Woe Thy Enemy (Fanfic)

Wednesday Season 2
Episode 2- Woe Thy Enemy
Wednesday and Xavier are now reacting to the results of her vision, he looks scared
"Uh… well maybe this is one of those misdirection visions you sometimes get?"
She looks confused
"I just don't know… I… I need to get back to the school. You should too… it is getting late.
Xavier smirks
"Is the stone cold Addams looking out for me?"
She glares
"Do not test me…"
Wednesday exits the shed and walks into the darkening forest. The next day, Wednesday is at The Quad and sitting at a bench with Enid and Yoko. Yoko is drinking her cup of blood, Enid is trying on some hats, and Wednesday is packing a bag. Wednesday looks at Yoko
"What is your preferred blood type?"
Yoko stops sipping and responds
"O Positive is good, AB Negative has a nice punch to it."
Wednesday thinks
"B Positive leaves a pleasant coating in your throat… It is quite refreshing."
Enid pushes her drink away
"I… didn't wanna drink fruit punch anyway…"
Wednesday zips up more of her pack
"Relax Enid, no need to vomit here."
Enid's current boyfriend, Ajax, approaches the table with another student with him. Enid looks excited
"Hi babe! You're looking cutesy today…"
Ajax looks at his outfit
"But I wear this every day?"
"Oh I know… the point still stands."
Wednesday rolls her eyes at their over the top PDA. Ajax looks to his friend.
"Girls, this is one of my new buds, Trevor. One of the other Gorgons here."
He smiles at the girls and introduces himself
"Hi, nice to meet you guys."
Wednesday looks alarmed a bit
"You haven't met any of us before?"
Ajax interjects
"Trevor transferred here this semester after a stoning incident."
Trevor explains
"Wasn't anything crazy… someone broke my favorite coffee mug… and I got angry. I… didn't mean to hurt anyone but it happened. They lived though."
Enid looks surprised
"You stoned someone over a coffee mug?"
Yoko sips again and smacks her lips
"Some coffee mugs can be priceless, like the one of mine you broke last year? Divina gave me that one…"
Enid cringes
"Right… I swear that wasp was glaring at me. So I swatted it"
Ajax starts talking again
"Anyway, I'm kinda showing him around here. Thought I'd bring him up to me and X's room later."
They walk off and Enid notices Wednesday's judgmental look
"Why so judgy? He seems nice."
Wednesday Stands up
"Everyone is a suspect… that stalker is out there somewhere…"
Yoko drinks more
"But Ajax said he was a newbie. How could it be him?"
Enid notices her all packed up
"Uhm… where are you going?"
Wednesday reluctantly answers
"Jericho… I have a few missions to do."
Enid looks surprised
"Jericho!? Why? You don't wanna get evolved with normies again, right?"
Wednesday looks angered
"What I do on my own time is my decision. Come on Thing…"
Thing comes from messing with one if Enid's hats to Wednesday's bag
Just outside the gates to Nevermore, Wednesday hears someone calling her name
"Wednesday! Wait up.*
It's Eugene, he's got his backpack again
"What do you want, Eugene? I've got somewhere to be."
He straightens his glasses
"Where too? I don't want you out there alone Wednesday."
Wednesday stares at him and responds
"I wasn't the one who nearly died in the woods last semester… you need to stay here. I will be back later."
He frowns as she walks away
"But Hummers stick together…"
She sighs and rolls her eyes and turns around
"Fine… you may come along. But you follow my lead, and listen to me, got it?"
He smiles and runs up next to her
"Thank you Wednesday. So, where are we going?"
Wednesday and Eugene are seen walking to Jericho as she monologue
"Returning to Jericho brings back some strange feelings. Perhaps Enid is right, I shouldn't get involved with anyone here. But there are some shady things going on at Nevermore. And I may need help"
She walks in the town and is filled with a dreadful feeling. Especially when she goes to the entrance of a familiar restaurant, The Weathervane. Eugene notices
"You ok? You look… scared?"
She groans
"I am not… scared… it's just strange, Ok. I… I had my first kiss here. And it hasn't sat right with me ever since. It's the moment where I went from feeling victorious… to feeling like I was a failure as a detective."
Eugene puts a hand on her shoulder
"You're not a failure, you're a hero."
She scoffs
"Please… don't call me that. Heroes are boring. I prefer the ones stuck in the middle."
Eugene giggles as they open the door. She walks inside and at the counter is no longer a tall, curly haired two faced monster. Just a normal Barista. She looks at Wednesday when she gets to the counter
"Hello young lady, can I get you anything?"
She nods
"I will take my usual."
The Barista looks confused
"You're a reg? I don't seem to remember you?"
Wednesday sighs
"We are Nevermore Students. School has been out of session for several weeks. But since this place has clearly no respect for its patrons, I will take a Quad Over Ice… "
She punches in the order
"And you, young man?"
He smiles
"A hot chocolate, please."
She punches in his
Eugene goes first
"Addams. Wednesday Addams."
She looks surprised
"W-w-wednesday Addams? As in the Wednesday who stopped that monster on the loose who was also our former barista?"
Wednesday shrugs
"That is my name…"
The Barista smiles
"Then for your Valor, you may drink free here whenever you'd like. On the house."
Wednesday nods okay, and takes a seat with Eugene at a booth. Soon, a familiar person walks inside.
*Wednesday turns to look, it's Lucas Walker."
Eugene seems happy
"Hey Lucas."
Lucas waves and talks to Wednesday.
"Look, I want to thank you Wednesday."
She's confused
"Thank me?"
He nods
"For putting the woman who killed my father behind bars."
She nods, understanding
"I see. I don't usually say this about everyone, but your father was a good man. He deserved a better fate."
Eugene interjects
"She means she's sorry…"
She eyes him
"Well, thank you. Guess I'll be seeing you around for the Nevermore Reopening Event next week?"
She's confused
"What event?"
He continues
"At the park next week. The mayor is planning a party of sorts for the returning students. Oh and uh… sorry about Tyler."
Now she looks upset
"Don't… let's just not talk about him. I know you two used to be friends. But after last semester… things are different."
Lucas goes up to the counter as Eugene talks to Wednesday.
"So, what else are we doing here besides getting drinks?"
She clarifies
"I need to talk to someone."
The scene then cuts to The Police Station. Eugene is now confused
"The police station?"
She nods
"I need to ask some questions. My stalker for one. Perhaps they can help me piece things together."
Eugene nods
"Makes sense. Let's go!"
She Grabs his shoulder
"Wait… you wait at the bench outside. I need to talk alone. Okay?"
He sulks
She walks inside and the lady at the desk sees her
"Hello Miss. Can I help…"
She's interrupted by someone else
Sheriff Galpin exits his office and has his normal stern look
"Sheriff Galpin…"
He walks slowly towards her
"What do you want, kid? You aren't causing trouble again, are you?"
She maintains her current facial expression
"That depends on what you mean about trouble. Anyway, I have come here to talk…"
He begrudgingly agrees
"I see, come on inside."
They enter his office and sit. He starts the conversation
"Okay… what have we now? Another monster. A zombie? What?"
She retorts
"I can tell you're mocking me. I too like to poke at people…"
He taps his desk
"Well… what do you got?"
She pulls out her phone
"Before I left Nevermore last semester… I started getting these pictures sent to me saying to watch out. Threats. I think it's a stalker."
Galpin looks at the pictures. The ones of her and Xavier. Her and Enid's room. And the one that strikes him the most, one of his son
"One of these is of… my son. That I can tell you is not him. He's still at the rehabilitation center for monsters."
She starts to talk
"That I know… Is he still turning into the Hyde?"
Galpin glares
"That is none of your concern. What matters is he ain't here."
She nods
"I understand. So, what do you recommend I do?"
He looks at his paperwork
"I can file a report to look out for suspicious activity online in the area. But it isn't a guaranteed method."
She nods okay
"It is a start I suppose. And… about… Tyler. I… I'm s… ss… sorry about him getting taken away."
He sighs and looks sad
"Appreciate it… and please don't mention him. It has been… difficult to say the least."
Wednesday Stands up
"Alright then. I should get going. Appreciate the help."
He retorts
"Don't get involved with any police business this time… I mean it this time."
She walks out the door
"I don't believe that helped much, Thing."
He signs that it's better than nothing. She feels a vibration in her pocket
"What now…"
She looks at her phone, it's her stalker
You think the cops can save you?
They send a picture of Eugene on the bench
"Shit… Eugene!"
She runs outside and he's just poking at bees on the bushes
He looks at her
"What!? Everything okay!?"
She calms down
"Yes… it's nothing… I suppose."
He looks concerned
"Are you sure? You never get scared?"
She's insulted
"Scared? No, I was just… seeing if you were alright. Look at this."
He looks at the photo, he seems startled too
"Whoa… that's me! But… who is it? There's nobody here…"
She shoves it in her pocket
"That's what always happens. He or she just sends a picture and shows no signs of their occurrence. So far Me, you, Xavier, Enid… and even Tyler have been in the photos."
He walks with her
"So does that mean it's someone else?"
She nods no
"Possibly, but that doesn't mean there aren't multiple. Like Tyler and Thornhill."
He seems disappointed
"You think I'm involved?"
She keeps walking
"Not necessarily… I want to believe you, and Enid and Xavier. But I trusted and distrusted the wrong people last time. I don't want to rule anyone out."
He understands
"We should get back to Nevermore. Classes start in a half hour."
The two make it back. Wednesday arrives at Fencing class. She zips up her suit and walks to Kent
"Is Xavier late? He should be here."
He nods no
"Xavier didn't take fencing this time. He took another art class instead."
Divina interjects
"I think he's just afraid to lose to you."
The twins giggle
"That he should be. As should the two of you…"
Bianca walks out with her mask at her hip
"Wednesday Addams…"
She glances
"Bianca Barclay…"
She stands next to Wednesday
"Ready to be bested again? By the superior duelist?"
Wednesday seems confident
"Only if you are ready to be beaten quicker."
Ajax looks at them
"You two really gotta chill… there's more to this than beating each other."
Bianca looks at him
"It's just pre-game banter, Ajax. It isn't serious."
Wednesday interrupts
"I never said that…"
Everyone gives her their usually worried look as the coach speaks
"First round… Ajax against Trevor!"
The two Stoners look at each other and Mask up as the coach talks more
"En Garde…"
They take their stances. Enid looks happy
"You got this Ajax!"
He winks at her as he and Trevor touch blades and they start dueling. It's quite even until they pick up the pace as Trevor scores a hit on Ajax's lower arm
"Point to Trevor!"
Some of them applaud while Enid frowns. Ajax recuperates
"Ah… damn. Nice hit."
They form up again
"En garde…"
They mask up again and start to duel they're in a lock when Trevor takes Ajax by surprise as he strikes his knee
"Game… Trevor."
Ajax and Trevor shake hands and return to the stands. Yoko elbows Enid lightly to get her attention
"Your man needs some practice…"
Enid sticks her tongue out at her, annoyed. Ajax stands next to her
"Don't sweat it babe, we all have our bad days."
A few matches go bye. Yoko against Kent, Divina against Enid. And more. Finally Wednesday and Bianca are up. Bianca speaks up
"Finally some real players are up."
Some of the others scoff at her banter as They square up. Wednesday talks
"Do not get overconfident. I prefer a good even match."
Bianca gives her a playful cocktail grin
"We'll see Addams…"
They step back
"En garde…"
They mask up and immediately they start to strike and do spins and ducks. Wednesday doing side flips and the like. Bianca gets the upper hand and swings at Wednesday's arm.
"Point… Bianca!"
The others applaud at their match. Enid whistles
"That was amazing! You got the next round Wednesday!'
Wednesday gives her a confirming nod as they square up again. The Coach speaks
"En garde…"
They start dueling again, Wednesday does a flip over Bianca and swings behind her, disarming Bianca and promptly pokes her chest
The others Roar with applause as Bianca smiles
"Point… Wednesday"
"That was some good shit right there… let's see what you got on round three…"
They get ready once more
"En garde!"
They start dueling and as Wednesday clashes with Bianca her head jerks back and she falls hard. Bianca looks concerned
"Wednesday? You okay!?"
Enid and Thing run up
"She's having a vision, shit… now what…"
Wednesday is seeing a vision again. In its, she sees Bianca getting clonked from behind and knocked out. She wakes up out of breath. Trevor is confused
"What… what happened?"
Ajax explains
"Wednesday is a psychic… She has random visions of the future sometimes. It's some creepy shit dude."
Enid is at her side
"Hey? You okay? What'd you see?"
She holds her head and sits up, as she points at Bianca
She nods as she stands up
"You were knocked out… hit from behind by something…"
She looks at Divina worried
She tries to recollect
"It was hard to tell… but it was night time…"
Divina thinks of something
"I'd say we implement a buddy system?"
Wednesday looks confused
"What is that?"
She continues
"Nobody should travel anywhere alone. If you go somewhere… especially at night… have a buddy with you."
Enid nods
"That could work… why can't we just have a normal school year?"
Wednesday gestures to Thing
"Fortunately, I always have someone with me."
Kent looks at him
"But he's just a hand?"
Wednesday looks at him
"A hand that knocked you out, remember?"
He crossed his arms and pouts
"Don't wanna talk about that…"
Divina rolls her eyes
"Oh get over it…"
Enid checks the time
"Shit… it's 11:27. We gotta be at next class in 3 minutes. We should get going."
Bianca pats Wednesday's shoulder
"Good game Wednesday, you earned that one."
Wednesday is confused
"What? I didn't beat you?"
Bianca smiles
"I'll give you the win on this one. Just because that fall you took."
Wednesday nods
"I respect it, but next time be ready."
Bianca nods as she goes into a different direction.
"Whatever you say, Addams…"
Later in the day, Wednesday passes Principal Fairbanks and he talks to her
"Afternoon, Wednesday. I heard of your vision in Fencing. Everything alright?"
She nods
"It happens from time to time. I have been through worse."
He chuckles
"I'm sure you have. You take it easy, Addams."
Wednesday arrives in Herbology again and takes a seat, she looks to her right. No Xavier. Now she's suspicious. She takes out her phone and texts him
Hey, I have not seen you around since last night. I want answers. Soon.
She puts her phone away as she hears a voice
"Want an in person answer?"
Xavier sits down. Wednesday looks at him
"The question still stands. You have been strangely absent today…"
He looks kinda offended
"What? Am I not allowed to have a social life outside of you? I thought you wanted it that way?"
She looks like she made a mistake
"It's just that things have been happening more now. More messages, more visions. More suspects."
He exhales a bit angered
"Alright. I see that. And let me guess… I'm at the top of your list again!?"
She backs down a bit.
"Xavier I… I didn't mean it that way… forgive my overstep."
He sighs
"Okay… I'll have you know I was actually talking with some girl in my 3D art class. We actually made plans for a date next week."
Wednesday looks strangely taken back by the revelation
"That sounds… good for you. I suppose."
He's confused
"What? Aren't you happy? You don't gotta worry about me and you being awkward anymore. I thought you'd like that news?"
She breaths
"I don't know what to think right now. A lot has come up today. And if I came out harsh, it was not meant that way. I shouldn't have sent that text."
He nods, not fully believing her
"Whatever… we should just get going on our assignments."
She goes to text Enid
Me and you need to speak later.
Oh yeah? Everything OK?
After school, Wednesday and Enid meet in their dorm room. Enid is pacing
"Okay… so why did you even text him? If you are just friends and you don't want to be together?"
Wednesday is at her Typewriter
"He was the only person who I haven't seen today until Herbology. My inner detective got into my head I suppose."
She looks at Wednesday
"There are more students outside of us and the Nightshades. You know that right?"
She looks annoyed
"I am not stupid Enid. Obviously I have considered that."
Enid stops pacing
"I heard about him and Jenna Thompson getting together. Not… exactly what I had in mind though. She's another psychic. What do you think?"
She looks confused
"Why should I have anything to think about it?"
Enid smiles a bit
"Because he's your friend? A friend who used to have a super crush on you? That doesn't change anything?"
She nods no
"The only thing it changes is that he has someone else to gawk at."
Enid giggles
"You're gonna miss it. Just you wait…"
She sighs and shakes her head when a knock is heard at the door. Enid answers it
"Hi Xavier! We were just talking about you. What's up?"
He looks at Wednesday
"I wanna talk with her."
She looks worried
"Wait... you came alone?"
He's confused
"Yeah? Why? It's just across the campus?"
Wednesday talks to him
"He wasn't there, remember?"
She cringes
"Right... anyway we should have a buddy system with this weirdo stalking Wednesday."
He nods
"I'll keep that in mind. Maybe I'll bring Ajax next time.
Enid let's him in
"Look Wednesday… I just wanna say… I'm sorry for blowing up earlier. It's just that I thought you'd be happy with me moving on."
She nods
"That is fine. I actually commend you for standing up for yourself…."
Wednesday gets a text again… the stalker
Number 1…
He sends a photo of Trevor on the roof at Xavier's apartment. The three look at it. Xavier looks alarmed
"What the f*ck!? That's my room!"
Enid looks worried
"Why's he watching Trevor?"
Another text is sent…. It's of the same roof, but no Trevor. Wednesday looks
"Where is he?"
Outside they hear sirens towards Xavier's dorm hall. He looks out the window
"Oh shit… come on."
They run out the door as the scene ends
To Be Continued…
Wednesday Addams- Jenna Ortega
Xavier Thorpe- Percy Hynes White
Enid Sinclair- Emma Myers
Bianca Barclay- Joy Sunday
Eugene Ottinger- Moosa Mostafa
Ajax Petropolus- Georgie Farmer
Naomi J. Ogawa- Yoko Tanaka
Divina Waters- Johnna Dias-Watson
Kent Waters- Oliver Watson
Morticia Addams- Catherine Zeta-Jones
Gomez Addams- Luiz Guzmàn
Sheriff Galpin- Jamie McShane
And Thing Portrayed By- Victor Dorobantu
Supporting Cast-
Lucas Walker- Iman Marson
Principal Fairbanks-
Trevor Shwartz-
Coach Vlad- Cezar Grumazescu
Police Assistant-
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2023.06.08 01:09 pterodactyloftheend My best friend betrayed me and violated my home

I went on vacation with my family overseas, and I needed someone to take care of my cats. My friend of almost a decade accepted my offer to pay her to take care of my cats while we were gone for a couple of weeks, and of course I trusted her to do so (which it seems like she did, we have a couple of small cameras so I can only check for proof of life). Lo and behold, half way through my trip, I see on one of the cameras, that she brought some man into my house around midnight. A guy I'd never seen before in my life. Needless to say, it is obvious what their intentions were.
I was furious. I AM furious. I feel violated, betrayed, and most of all, concerned for the safety of my cats. They are like my family. Her irresponsibility and lack of discipline have put them in danger. If she is stupid and irresponsible enough to do something like this, I doubt she has taken good care of them. Most frustratingly, I can't go back home yet. Our trip was pre determined, including expensive flights, so I have to wait a few days before I can set foot in my house. I can't check on my cats, nor my personal belongings. And the thought that they might have you know what in my house disgusts me. Someone I knew for years and a stranger.
Worst of all, I feel guilty. I should have known that I couldn't trust her anymore in hindsight. I was even suspicious from the beginning, but I let her in anyway. In recent years, she's gotten involved with sketchy people, started smoking, getting her hands on weed. I've distanced myself from her because of it, but I thought that we were close enough that we could still be well acquainted or she could at least still be TRUSTWORTHY. On top of that, when she came by before we left to get instructions, the only questions she asked were about what days exactly we would leave and come back. I should have known. I was suspicious but I ignored it because I trusted her. But now she's betrayed me.
I'm going to cut her off obviously, but aside from that I'm not sure what I should do. I have someone else that another family member thinks is trustworthy to take care of our cats and check for anything stolen or damaged coming by, but I'm not sure how much I trust anyone after this. I don't know how I should proceed. Right now all I can do is try to enjoy the rest of my vacation, but it's hard.
I'm just enraged and I need to get this off of my chest.
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2023.06.08 01:08 Constant_Meeting_504 Gone.

Now (M21) met her when we were 19, was kinda shy and nervous because I wasn’t the type of person to throw myself out there was just in my lil zone, she would throw signs that she has interest in me especially of how funny and smart I was, the second time we hung out I was still kinda nervous but we were at a party so I said fuck it, From there I asked if she wanted to fuck and we fucked in the car in front of her friends house party, man that sex was on fire not gonna cap on that and also from there we actually started talking more got comfortable around each other, she was such a sweet girl there would be times where she came to my house without me knowing she was coming through, we would take drugs we would fuck a lot laughed and watch tv eat and went on a lot of dates and to notify I haven’t even asked her out that entire time we would click up until one day she asked “what are we”? I told her I could be her boyfriend AND she laughed but then said “ thats fine by me”.
I had to move a lot though I was broke at the time and just living in the same room as my friend then eventually I got kicked out living on the streets while this girl would still see me and fed me it made me feel so special so vulnerable and she had no care in the world but u, man I even told myself one day ima help her too and get my own house so she can sleep on my bed forever i was so desperate to have her with me more until all one day when i got kicked out again i had to go to colorado work with my father and get cleaned up we had to separate but that space was sorta well but she started getting more addicted to drugs and more sadder cus she missed me. while i was working so hard up there i finally got a house with some roomates and had my own room with a bed then one day her parents called me and friends begging me to come help her begging me to come save her because she was suicidal and a heavy drug addict they were all crying so hard to me asking me to please come down and help her take her to my home and fixed, i came back down after a few days they told me and I picked her up took her to Colorado with me.
Man honestly this story fucking kills me she was the one i wanted to marry yknow? I felt like we had such an extreme bond even if we fought we still loved each other so hard couldn’t let go but fr honestly we were fucking up making some bad decisions that made us think too hard on each other not focusing on ourselves we headed towards a deep path that probably could’ve ended up a lot worse and our break up was literally the worst day of my life we slept together so much fed each other when she told me she was going back home i cried we both cried so badly it felt like the day i had to leave to colorado but worse how the way she looked at me those eyes were so desperate for space she knew what had to be done all along because of our behavior, she said “one day we will see other again don’t forget about me” “ we need space baby we are falling apart” and i let it happen i wanted to stop her but i just didnt know what do at this point.
I had to cut off texting each other i felt used and betrayed people would send me her nudes and leak me about her fucking with my head she would ask for money but i couldn’t trust her she would lie lie like i did at the most stupidest things but i fucking love her so much i still care like i still want to text her and send money but it just all feels so unreal. I dont know anymore i miss her i want to help again save her but she wants to forget she doesn’t really love me anymore i can tell even if she says she does i cant tell anymore telling me she still has that love i want her to come back i want to show her a better man then last time start over.
I have to give each other space the universe insist this so we dont cause anymore damage eventually we would come across again them 3 years was worth it we both know that laugh again probably cry or not we giving our selves an opportunity breathe on our own grow maybe forget those bad things maybe forget we existed if thats how it has to be then let it be but ill never forget how much love i had I dont have hate i have wisdom faith that i will be able to show her how far i came to get it none of its gonna come fast i still cry after the 3 months we’ve been broken up i forgive her im grateful she came across me n my mind i will truly know when i look into her eyes that know makes her melt i hope she reads this if shes on here if not i hope all of you understand that true love will always stay just don’t give up on yourself because you are the one to makes it come true dont give up having love spread it around learn how to take a lesson fix what you could do bettter about yourselves dont look behind so much if you cant see it that well look forward where everything is there overcome this fear be prepared for the next ride if thar true love is there its ok, but to have space its something we all need to learn its how life wants it to be ill see her again ill make that person proud and show her the garden i grew for myself without her ill miss her ill still hold it down for now i gotta give each other space find out who we really are all along dont forget about us though how far we came just forget those times we argued hold that key i gave you i miss you so much ill give you want you want just give me what i want also.Our love holds a special place take care of it I know she watches me shes an angel truly, my guardian.
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2023.06.08 01:07 alexwarren221 I can’t keep friends and it’s pissing me off, what do I do?

I feel like they all just hate me because I look stupid and act stupid. I don’t know what to say or when to say it. I don’t know how to act unless I’m given direct instruction. They all hate me and it’s my fault.
The people trying to help me make me feel worse and I want to destroy them but instead do the opposite and destroy myself. They make me feel like a child. When I get pissed off I can’t control what I do. My heart rate goes through to roof and my eyes shake n go dark. They’ll shake, then it’s like I look off to the side for .3 seconds, then they shake again and stop then repeat. I almost fell down the stairs multiple times because of not being able to see from this, it is odd.
I have 3 friends. 1 online, 2 irl. Possibly only 2, now.
Story about who’s pissing me off right now;
We met as kids and then she got mad at me for not liking her back as a lover and did some satanic shit to my name. Then we became friends again in the summer of 2020. Today, I was asking her what she thought about a girl in our school. Her brothers were coming to our school next year, but she said 6 of them would be in the same grade. To my knowledge, there are no step siblings in whats she’s talking about, yet she has them. I was saying that her mom would have had to have a baby every 4.5 months, and then she replied w this (the real conversation);
Her: Idk, why does it matter?
Me: because I wanted to ask your opinion? it doesn’t matter I guess😐 have a good night.
Her: It was just a random question alex, I was wondering why, you u didn’t need to get upset abt it
Me: ok?
Her: Was that really necessary
Me: was that really necessary?
Her: Yea it was, why do you get so mad about me asking why? I want trying to be rude
Her again: Wasnt*
Idk now I’m just mad. What did I do wrong that made her mad at me?? Like tf I was trying to share something I was interested in and was confused about, she didn’t need to say that 😐
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2023.06.08 01:07 BunnyTheQueen Anxiety mess, need reassurance

Hi! So I started Lexapro in 2019.... and I am still at 5 mg a day. I also take Ativan .5 mg a day, 2x a day. I finished my day by taking Zopiclone 7.5 mg at 18h. Otherwise, I get crippling anxiety. That is my combo. But I am sick of it. I want to be truly anxiety-free. Plus, my gp is tired of me. She said I will put her in her retreat. So here I am. I want to up my dose at 10 mg, but I am scared. I have health anxiety, and drug hits me more. I know, I take a lot already, but those one I trust them. Sometimes, even a Gravol trigger me. I even prefer staying in pain after my gallblader removal than to take the prescribed Dilaudid. But, I want to know how to deal with it. The fact that I would've take a higger dose will trigger me. I know, i have tried, and I downed the dose at 5, each time. It went to the point where I had a journal of all the "sides effects" I had, which could only be my anxiety getting worse because of said journal. I don't know what to do. I did therapy, and have certain tricks to help, but it just get too much. Without Ativan, I can't even get out of the house without getting extremly dizzy. I want my life back without Ativan. But I am scared. Please help
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