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USA: Are professional grade water softeners worth the extra money over big box store consumer products?

2023.03.25 03:21 Square_Ad8751 USA: Are professional grade water softeners worth the extra money over big box store consumer products?

Title says it all.
I've heard of The Everything Barn and Joe's Pro Water as sources or pro systems. I wonder if it is true that it's better to get something from Home Depot or Lowe's.
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2023.03.25 03:09 RealCountryBoy My wife & I had some High Strangeness (traveling, missing time, etc)

I debated with myself on creating an alt to post this but I'm an open book. I'm a 'say what I think and tell how I feel' kind of guy. I've seen many here give similar accounts so it inspired me to give mine. I'm not making this up, it really happened. I have better things to do than spin BS. We still feel weirded-out about it and talk about it once in a while. We have never told many about this except for my dad & mom and I've not ever posted about it in detail. I've had some crazy things happen in my life and seen some things that boggle the mind that most would never believe and may give these accounts someday. I nor my wife have any history of mental illness, do not use drugs, prescription or otherwise, and have never been alcoholic. This is one of my accounts:
It was about twelve years ago on a September day. It was time for me to renew my license so me, my wife and two sons, who are 1 & 2 years old, set out to drive a few towns over, about 45 minutes away, and renew my license. It was a crispy fall day. I still remember how beautiful it was. We left home about 8am or so because we knew we would be back home by eleven and have some time with the babies before our daughter got off the bus at 2:40pm. We had plenty of time. We arrived at the DMV a few minutes after nine. My wife stayed with the kids while I ran in to DMV. I got my license and walked out 10 minutes til 10. As I walked to the car, I saw my wife standing outside smoking and our babies were asleep. We got in the car to come home... and that's where things got very strange.
As we pull out of the plaza and onto the off ramp I began to feel very weird. I felt a vibration inside me. I'm not talking about a vibration like driving on the rumble strip or sitting on a washer. I'm talking about it felt like the cells inside my body were vibrating at a sub-atomic level. I've never felt that before. I began to wonder if I was having a medical emergency. As I looked over at my wife as we drove down the off ramp, we both faded into black.
Next thing I know I'm watching those white painted divider strips in the middle of the highway that separate the lanes. Each one passing by very quickly and I am watching thinking how interesting it is. Just one after another. I'm in some kind of trance or daze or something. I felt very strange. I was not in control of myself. Then I looked over at my wife and she was leaned all the way forward in her seat close to the windshield, seatbelt extended all the way, her eyes were WIDE OPEN and her mouth was gaped open. I've never seen her do that before nor since and at the time I thought it very strange. Then I go back to watching those white lines on the highway. Then its as if I start fading back in. I become aware of my hands on the steering wheel. I look back over at my wife and she closes her mouth and leans back in her seat. We came to at the same time.
Then it was as if I were released and given full control and I was now fully aware and I said "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WHERE ARE WE??!!". My wife is looking around puzzled. She checks the babies and they're still asleep. I'm trying to figure out where we are. There's no way! NO WAY!! We are getting ready to drop into the capital city. This isn't even the way we were traveling! I immediately pull off the highway and we start discussing what just happened. I asked my wife what the last thing she remembered was and she said coming off the ramp right after we left the DMV. I said me too and told her about the vibrations I felt and how I just faded to black. We were stumped, a little panicked, etc. I then see the clock and its 2pm. THERE'S NO WAY!! I asked where 4 hours went and how we're so far out of our way. None of this made any sense.
My wife had to call my parents and have them pick up our daughter off the bus. My mom asked if everything was okay and my wife said that we're all okay but no and that we would explain when we got there. At this point, it was closer for us to drive through the capital city and come around the back way home. We were about an hour and forty five minutes from home. As we drove home I kept trying to rationalize this. I would say a few words and stop. She was doing the same thing. We finally get home and I tell my mom and dad what had happened and they know we aren't liars or anything and they didn't really know what to say. This happened. I don't know what it was. I don't wanna dox myself but this happened where a famous UFO/alien monster thing happened many years ago.
About two months later, we were in bed asleep and I woke up all of a sudden. There was a dull blue light in our bedroom in front of the windows. It was the size of a basketball. I laid there looking at it and could see that it was 3 dimensional. I dug my elbow into my wife's side and said look. We watched for a couple minutes then it turned off. I got up and tried to debunk what it was but there's nothing that could've created that effect. Is it connected? IDK. Not long after this I noticed a scar on my right wrist. It is a perfect triangle-shaped scar about the size of a pea. Have no idea where that could've came from. My wife checked herself but didn't find anything out of the ordinary. Okay, so we live in a tourist-y lake town. We were out and about and I saw a tourist magazine on the counter of a local gas station. Later when I'm home I'm sitting in my chair just thumbing through it... and that's when I came across an account that someone had sent in to this tourist mag. My jaw hit the floor.
This lady said her & her husband had came to our lake on vacation and had a strange occurrence. She said they were in a small canoe going across the lake when all of a sudden they blacked out or something and then woke up sitting in the canoe in a dry drainage ditch beside the lake. If I remember right she said they were 15-20 feet from the lake water. They didn't understand how they ended up there and were scared. They had to carry their canoe back to the water and paddle away. She said they packed up camp and left and weren't ever coming back here. Is this strange enough for you, HighStrangeness? lol
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2023.03.25 03:03 GiantPineapple What is the actual difference between all these thread sealants?

Building super here.. I'm not a plumber, but I play one on tv, and my joints don't leak, so far :)
For years, I've just bought whatever threaded sealant was most expensive at Home Depot, just checked and it is called Hercules Real Tuff. I've noticed over the years that all the pros in my area use this bluish thread sealant. They're all coy about telling me what it actually is. I go poking around on the internet, and I see that Hercules makes a bunch of thread sealant products, and they all have real aggressive-sounding names (Megaloc [which I think is blue?], Grrrip), and similar-sounding marketing copy. What the heck is the actual difference? Is there any one that is just 'the best' or 'has the widest range of applications'? Cost isn't an object. I just have to repair brass and copper water supply lines every few months, I want the repairs to last, and I want to know what to keep in my go-bag. Thanks for any help!
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2023.03.25 02:36 ThugLifeWife Worth the effort to read

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2023.03.25 02:19 AcousticsFanatic DIY acoustic panels!

DIY acoustic panels!
A couple weeks ago I made these DIY acoustic panels using Owens Cornering R21 Thermafiber insulation, wood from home Depot, and Duck canvas fabric from Joann. The dimensions are 48x32x5.5 inches (HxWxD). I did this in preparation for my JBL M2s which are coming in the next week or so. Total project cost was around $700 although most of the cost was fabric and premium wood (stuff gets expensive!). The improvements in reverb and frequency response are amazing! Imaging is so much more precise and soundstage is much wider than before. I didn't hang up the panels because I wanted to get the most possible coverage on the speakers direct sound as possible. So I covered all of the early reflection points except for the ceiling to get the best performance possible. I can't wait to see how the M2s sound in here!
Side note: Yes I know the room is small for the M2s but I'm purchasing them before I go to college to study acoustics so that I will have them once I am out of college. I also plan to use room correction up to 500Hz to compensate for possible bass issues.
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2023.03.25 01:58 TheEndDragon My dog saved me from itself.

I never thought any harm could happen to me. Not because I feel superior to others, but in my town, Brookwood, nothing bad ever happened. You rarely heard of accidents, and homicides or robbery were unheard of. But now, I’ve received PTSD and therapy from an incident in my very own hometown.
Four years ago, I was 23. I played baseball every Saturday, and my life was good. I had bought a dog about eight months prior, a Doberman, her name being Athena. I lived in a house that my late grandparents had left to me. As a child, I never liked staying with my grandparents for even one night, as wildlife seemed to be very active at night.
Eventually I grew out of my fear, assuming that nocturnal animals approached the lake a few hundred meters from our house. Suddenly, one night the noise stopped. Not even a cricket could be heard. Out of nowhere, my eardrums shattered. Hundreds of animal noises could be heard all at once.
I went to investigate the noise after it stopped, but there was nothing. No animals, no sounds. I couldn’t see any rustling in the grass, or any animals chirping in trees. Athena was all that remained, trying to comfort my uneasiness.
Athena has separation anxiety, and appears depressed on any cameras after I leave for work. One day, I beckoned her inside from the backyard. She ran in, and ran upstairs. I paid no attention and left for work.
I checked my home cameras to see how Athena was holding up, but I noticed her laying down next to the door in my room. Eventually, the door closed, locking her in my room. I sighed and reminded myself to open my room door when I arrived home. However, when I came back from my uneventful day at work, I was greeted by my dog.
I was confused. Very confused. I greeted Athena with a skeptical tone in my voice. She seemed to notice this. I checked my phone to see if she was still in my room. She was. Athena seemed to notice this.
I baby-talked her and went upstairs to see if possibly the camera was delayed, and Athena somehow managed to open the door herself. She did not. I opened my door, and Athena greeted me.
I walked to my bedside and grabbed a baseball bat from my equipment bad. I looked downstairs. Athena was not there. I stayed as quiet as possible, discarding my shoes to make less noise. Upon hearing a scuttling, I looked towards the noise. The dog was climbing up a wall. I rushed into my room, and locked the door.
I rushed to my phone to call the police. Upon dialing 9-1-1, I heard a bashing against my door. I heard more, and started hearing splintering. The dog was breaking down my door.
I dialed the number and talked to the operator. I was told to stay calm, and that they would call animal control. My door kept splintering. Eventually, I could see through the door. This thing was no dog. It wasn’t human, it wasn’t animal, it was just a thing.
The thing had long limbs, and a deformed face. It had huge chunks of flesh missing where its ears used to be, and a completely removed nose. It looked pale, as if there was no longer any blood in it. All of its fur was shedding off instantaneously, as if it was shedding on command. No baseball bat could take the thing down.
I rushed to my bedside drawer. 3 months ago, I got a license to carry firearms. I bought myself a Mark XIX Desert Eagle to use in shooting ranges, just for fun. I thought this would save my life. I was wrong.
The thing broke through the door, and stared me down for a few second. It started moving towards me, and I fired. I had used one magazine. It was still standing. Two magazines. It still stood. Three magazines. It stayed strong.
The thing leaped at me, and I realized my inevitable death. Until my dog came in. My dog jumped at the creature, tearing into its flesh. The creature was dead in a matter of seconds.
Animal control arrived, finding me stunned on the ground, my dog comforting me, and an alien corpse in the middle of the room. They took the corpse back, informing me that they would get back to me with what the thing was.
When they reached out to me, they informed me that it had no signs of life. It had no cells, nor DNA. It was as if it had turned into a hyper-realistic, flexible statue. I didn’t care for the information though. What I did care for was seeking therapy.
I ended up with PTSD from the event, and a large dependence on my dog. Even four years after the event, I still have nightmares about it sometimes. Sometimes I hear the hissing sounds the creature made right behind me. However, whenever these happen, I always have my dog to rely on.
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2023.03.25 01:55 Runnerup3679 What do you guys think of this? Would be my first build. Am about to pull the trigger. Any suggestions?

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2023.03.25 01:40 isitfinetho Thicc fishbone I found for $6

Thicc fishbone I found for $6
Found her at home depot, and YUP she's already quarantined and got neemed right after this
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2023.03.25 01:38 Vlaedx I Found Undeveloped Film. They Belonged To a Dead Hoarder Part 2

Part 1

“I refuse to step inside the dark room again. Not after what happened a couple of days ago. At least not yet” I thought, while sitting in my room with the events still fresh in my mind. Before I begin telling you what happened since, I just want to thank you all for the advice in my last post. I honestly didn’t know how to approach this situation but with your guys’ help, I had somewhere to start.

It was the day after the incident. I hadn’t told anyone what happened, but I knew I wanted to talk to Felix. I had so many questions for him. He must know something. While I was at work, I was thinking a lot about the old man that used to live in the house. I realized that this entire time, Felix and I just referred to him as “the guy” or “the old man”. I guess I never cared to know his real name.
I thought that if I knew his name, I could just google him and find some information. Coincidentally, as I was driving home from work, my phone rang. Incoming call from Felix. Just seeing his name on the caller ID screen gave me shivers. The incident in the dark room flashed into my mind and I forgot what I planned on saying to him. I answered one handed and spoke, “hey man, what’s up?”
“Hey John, I’m alright. You doing anything today?”
I replied, “um. No not really. Listen, do you remember that film from the box in the boiler room? I know this is gonna sound crazy but-”
“I need some help at my house again bro. Trying to get this done asap and today’s the only day I’ll be able to work on it until next week”. Felix sounded like he was in a hurry. Before replying, I thought that maybe I could explain the situation better in person. I felt like I’d sound like a lunatic over the phone.
“Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll be there soon. Before you go, I gotta ask you something”.
“Make it fast cause’ I gotta go, man.”
“What’s the name of the guy that used to live in your house?”
“Uh...” Felix paused for a few seconds, “I can’t remember right now. Just be here in an hour or two”.
“WAIT. Wait. Are you at the house right now?” I asked.
“Yes. Why”.
“Can’t you like, check his mailbox for some old mail or something? It’ll say his name there”.
Felix sighed, “Why do you want to know it so bad?”
“I’ll explain it to you later. It’s a long story. Sorry if I’m interrupting you.”
Felix said, “alright, hold on” followed by a loud thud. It sounded like he dropped something.
A moment passed before Felix spoke again. “Okay his name’s Travis Rice. Gotta go now. Let me know when you’re here”.

I got home and made myself dinner before going to Felix. While I was eating, I searched “Travis Rice Obituary” on google on my phone. I scrolled through a few Travis Rice’s until I found one that was from my town. The first thing I saw was his picture. A smiling old white man with gray hair and a wrinkly face. Then I read his obituary.
“Travis Rice. May 1931- July 2022. Mr. Travis was an outstanding member of his community, and a true American”. After reading the rest, I gathered that Travis served in the U.S military during the Korean War in the 1950’s. He has three daughter’s and two sons. His wife had passed away 4 years ago. He did volunteer work even at an old age and even was a teacher for a while. I won’t lie, I did not expect his obituary to be so positive. This whole time in my head I assumed he was some maniac cult leader who never threw away any of his junk.
Once I finished reading, I noticed that there isn’t a cause of death anywhere. I guess some obituaries can choose not to include that.

I arrived at Felix’s house, and it was almost turning into sunset. The trash container Felix had rented was still outside, but it was nearly empty. I wondered if it would get completely full again. The front door was slightly opened, and I let myself in. I walked around the main floor looking for him. The living room didn’t look too bad now that it was empty.
Once I entered the kitchen, I called Felix’s name. “What! I’m here” he replied as he popped out from behind the old fridge. He scared the sh*t out of me. “Jesus Christ... What are you doing there?” I said with my palm on my chest.
“I’m putting the hand truck behind this old fridge. It has to go. This thing smells like a dead person”. He spoke.
“Well, what if there IS a dead person in there?” I said, “Let’s open it”.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you”, Felix said while placing his hand on the fridge door.
“Why not? I just want to see what our guy Travis kept inside”.
“Alright, but don’t open it until I say”. Felix took his hand off the door and walked to the other side of the house. “Go ahead”. I opened the fridge door slowly and peaked through. No light bulb turned on so I couldn’t see inside. I opened it halfway and an incredibly foul odor hit my nose and I almost threw up. There wasn’t a dead body chopped up into small pieces, but there was a half empty bottle of expired milk, expired steak, cheese, and other stuff that was probably there for at least a year.
As soon as I slammed the door shut Felix started walking back. “Ha! See, I told you I wouldn’t do that. Next time just listen to me. Come on, let’s put this thing outside”.
Felix and I continued to clean the house. I really wanted to explain the dark room incident to him, but the entire time I was thinking, “how do I say this without sounding like I’m insane?” I concluded that there just wasn’t a way to say it without sounding crazy, so I just did it.
“Hold on, Felix. Let’s pause for a minute. I have to tell you something”.
“Okay, what?”
“Remember those two rolls of film that I showed you the last time we were cleaning this house?”
“The ones from the box downstairs?”
“Yeah. Here’s the thing. I really need you to just believe everything I say, okay? Even if it sounds super ridiculous. Everything I am going to tell you is one hundred percent real. I swear I am NOT lying.”
“Okay, okay, John just tell me. Look, I’ll believe it if I believe it-”
“IT’S TRUE... Alright, whatever, I’m just gonna start. So, the day after I found the film, I went to develop it in my university’s dark room. I- I heard and felt something. It wasn’t human. It- it was like some kind of beast-”
“What did it look like?”
“I DON’T KNOW. I was unrolling the film in complete darkness. I didn’t see what it looked like”.
“Why would you do it in the dark, though?” Felix asked. I was getting frustrated because I didn’t feel like explaining the process of developing film.
“BECAUSE- BECAUSE there can’t be any light in the first step, only the rest of the process. I only heard its footsteps. It blew strong blows of air on me anytime I moved. I thought it was going to attack me, but I turned the lights on just in time”.
Felix just stood there looking me dead in the eye, confused as ever. “What the hell are you talking about?” I lowered my head into a face palm and sighed deeply.
“I mean, seriously, what are you on, man? You think you summoned a demon or something?” He said. “So, did you even get to develop the film anyway, or what?”
“No” I said, “I was too freaked out. I just put the film in its canister and left it in a drawer. I swear I’m telling the truth. I just wanted to see if you knew anything about it”.
“Yeah, no, I have no idea what you’re talking about. So, is that it? Are you done with this whole picture's thing?”
I replied, “Well, I don’t want to relive that experience. At the same time though, I really want to know what those pictures look like. If I’m going back to the dark room to finish, I at least want to take someone with me”. We looked at each other for a few seconds.
“...Let me guess, you want me to go with you?” Felix asked. “Yes. I do”. I spoke.
Felix took a breath, “... I mean, I guess since you’re helping me clean this place up I might as well. It’ll have to wait though. I won’t have time until next week”.
“That’s fine” I said, “I can wait”.

Fast forward to Monday. Felix and I agreed to meet in front of my university in the morning. We walked together towards the art department. We went up the elevator and walked down the end of the hall to where the dark room was. Being in front of that room again was so unnerving. I almost didn’t even want to step inside anymore.
Noticing my hesitation, Felix moved past me and entered the dark room, and I followed.
I had my phone flash again as I quickly switched the light on. I did not want it to be dark again. Thankfully, the next steps in developing the film could be done with the lights on. Felix was standing with his arms crossed.
“Alright, so now what?” he asked. I replied, “I have to set up all of the chemicals and then take the canister out of the drawer that I left it in”.
“Don’t you want me to help with anything?” he asked.
“No, you’re mainly here so that I’m not alone”.
I set up the chemicals as it said in my notes. Pre-soak, developer, hypo-clear, Photo-Flo etc. They were all lined up in beakers in the sink. Then, I went to the drawer that I left the canister with film in. It was still there. I brought it over the sink where the chemicals were ready.
“Here goes” I said out loud. Felix moved from the corner of the room to a few feet away from me. I poured the first solution in, agitated the canister for its required time, and then poured it out. I repeated this step for each chemical solution. Nothing bad had happened yet. The lights were on, Felix was watching over me, things were good.
“So how do I get this demon to show up? Should I turn the lights off?” Felix chuckled. I shook my head and rolled my eyes. If only he knew what I experienced that day.
Fast forward now to the last step of the process. I just had to take the film out of the hurricane film washer and put it to dry.
I took it out and unrolled it. As soon as I stretched it out, my eyes went directly onto the film. “FINALLY,” I thought, “I can finally see what these damn PICTURES ARE”. I held the film up to the fluorescent ceiling light and the negatives were visible now. They were tiny, black and white, but I couldn’t tell what the pictures were of.
The negatives on the film were so unrecognizable. After a few seconds of me trying to figure out what I was looking at, I decided I needed to bring out the light box. A light box is a box that shines white light at the top. Film is placed on top of the light box, and it lets you see the pictures clearly.
"Hold this. Don’t touch the strip of negatives, just hold the top part”. I handed Felix the unrolled film while I looked for the light box. I found it in a cabinet and grabbed it. I then set it on a station and plugged it to the wall. I flipped it on, and it shined brightly.
“Okay, let me see the film” I said to Felix.
“What the hell am I supposed to be seeing?” I looked over and saw he was trying to look at the negatives using the same ceiling light I was using.
“Dude, just give it to me so we can see them on the light box”. He handed the film to me. This was it.
I placed the beginning of the film on the light box, and it showed the first few pictures clearly.
FIRST PICTURE: The first picture was taken from the inside of a house. You could see out the window where there is nothing but trees.
SECOND PICTURE: A landscape of a small lake. A bird is hovering over the water.
THIRD PICTURE: A blurry unexposed shot of a stack of books.
Half of the pictures were like this. Just normal boring pictures of random stuff. “You made it seem like we’d see something cool or crazy. These are just boring ass pictures, man,” said Felix.
I was pretty disappointed so far. I almost wanted to just stop and start cleaning up. Until about the sixteenth picture.
SIXTEENTH PICTURE: A picture of a forest. Many tall trees were in the picture plane. The trees in the center were a different shade than the rest. Seems like it was taken at night, and the photographer was using a flashlight.
“Hey, what’s that there?” I whispered. “What?” asked Felix. In picture number sixteen there was a figure in between the trees. It was hard to see but I thought I saw a silhouette of something humanoid.
SEVENTEENTH PICTURE: This picture was similar to the last, except now, that figure was closer to the camera. I could see a more distinct shape. It definitely wasn’t human. It had an animal shape with a long neck.
“What is that? A horse?” said Felix. I started sweating.
EIGHTEENTH PICTURE: Now the creature was CLOSER. It was an animal or beast. I’ve never seen a creature like it before. It showed its side profile. Its body still hidden behind the trees. The creature was about 15 feet away from the camera. We could see its face. The head was shaped like a goat and horse at the same time.
“What is this thing? Do you know what animal that is?” I turned to Felix. He was wide mouthed now. More disturbed and shocked than I was. “Felix?”
“... I uh... I think we should stop looking now,” he said nervously. I was taken aback. Why would we stop now?
“...Are you okay Felix? What’s wrong?”
He didn’t respond. I continued looking.
NINETEENTH PICTURE: The creature was IN THE AIR. The ENTIRE body was visible, and it took up the whole picture plane. It had claws for hands that were stretched out. Its legs had hooves and its body was long. On each side of its body were long blurry blobs. They looked like wings, but its motion was blurred. It had no pupils in its eyes and its mouth was opened disturbingly wide.
“WH- WHAT IS THIS?” I yelled. Before I could keep moving the film to see the next picture, I felt a hard shove and I fell to the ground. Felix was standing over me with a shocked and worried face. He snatched the film off the light box and started crumpling it.
“FELIX WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR. Wha- what are you DOING!” I yelled at him.
“No one was supposed to know...” he said softly while looking at me dead in the eyes.
“...Know what??” I questioned. He started walking toward me. I was freaked out and discomforted and I kept scooting back while on the floor. Felix put his hand on the table nearest to him and picked up a pair of scissors. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” I screamed.
He was only a foot away from me before all the lights suddenly went out and it was completely dark. I felt like I had just died but I heard a familiar noise.
“What the hell?” Felix’s voice said in front of me.
“No... God. Please, no,” I thought, with tears in my eyes. The ground started to shake rhythmically.
“WHO'S THERE?” Felix yelled out. I heard things cling and clang as they started to fall to the floor.
I was still sitting on the floor. I looked up. The only thing I saw in the void of black darkness was two red dots.
“JOHN. WHERE THE F*CK ARE YOU”. I heard shuffling. “WHAT THE F*CK?!”
The two red dots went up, then swiftly dragged down and I heard a disturbing *CRUNCH*. Felix let out a blood curdling scream. What followed was a mix of crunching, Felix’s crying and screaming, and more things falling to the floor. All I could see was those two red dots moving violently around the darkness.
And then, Felix stopped screaming. All I could hear was the gnashing of teeth. I thought that I was next. My adrenaline kicked in and I made a dash for the light switch. The floor shook as I ran. Thank the stars, I flipped them on. I looked behind me. There wasn’t anyone with me anymore. Felix was nowhere to be seen. On the floor where he was standing was the crumpled up roll of film.
I stood there in silence for at least a half hour, not knowing what to do. The crumpled up film was in my hand. I uncrumpled the film and put it back on the light box.
NINETEENTH PICTURE: The creature was once again far away from the camera but still in the air.
TWENTIETH PICTURE: A wide shot picture of the forest. Seems like the photographer got out of the forest.
TWENTYFIRST PICTURE: A picture of a house. Likely the same house as the first.
TWENTYSECOND PICTURE: A closer picture of the house. A silhouette was peeking out from the side of the house.
TWENTYTHIRD PICTURE: A zoomed in picture of the silhouette. It’s a person. I can’t see their face.
TWENTYFOURTH PICTURE: A man is standing next to the house. I recognized his face immediately. It was Felix.
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2023.03.25 01:18 Soapdish_ Mcc Scuffed Hunger Games! Part 1

I put the 40 participants, four of the noxcrew members, and four games into the hunger games simulator-
I will only include the important or funny lines in this post or it may be quite a bit longer than it actually is-
lets see what happens!
The Bloodbath
As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.
BuildMart stays at the cornucopia for resources. (That tracks)
EpicLandLord stays at the cornucopia for resources. (TNT for PKW??)
WaterBreathMan grabs a jar of fishing bait while Bekyamon gets fishing gear. (WBM Fishing?)
Rocket Spleef Rush, Gee Nelly, and Blushi work together to get as many supplies as possible. (Blushi and Gee pop off in RSR?)
KryticZuez, PeaPeeKay, Antfrost, and MrGaming share everything they gathered before running.
Sneegsnag grabs a sword.
GeminiTay breaks JojoSolos's nose for a basket of bread. (Gemini Slayyy)
Krinios breaks ConnorEatsPants's nose for a basket of bread. (oh wow these poor noses)
Rabnoo and Punz fight for a bag. Punz gives up and retreats.
TheOnionSound runs away from the Cornucopia. (He heard his onions and had to find them)
Noctis grabs a backpack, not realizing it is empty. (Thats so sad)
BadBoyHalo takes a spear from inside the cornucopia.
PeteZahHutt runs away with a lighter and some rope.
TapW grabs a backpack and retreats.
FalseSymmetry grabs a jar of fishing bait while Smajor gets fishing gear. (Why does this seem fitting for Scott?)
Noxite and Awesamdude fight for a bag. Noxite gives up and retreats. (Shoulda just used /gamemode)
Grain grabs a shovel. (Grian grabs a Shovel?)
Day 1
InTheLittleWood makes a wooden spear. (He wants the extra 30 minutes badly)
LDShadowLady searches for a water source. (I thought she hated water)
Skeppy, Skybattle, and Fwhip hunt for other tributes. (Fwhip and Skeppy skybattle pop off??)
KaraCorvus sprains her ankle while running away from Aeltumn.
Hannahxxrose and Noxite work together for the day. (Oh? Hannah wants the hacks?)
Punz tends to FalseSymmetry's wounds.
Grain attacks TapW, but he manages to escape. (OH ITS GRAIN EW foreshadowing?)
TGTTOSWAF steals from Sylvee while she isn't looking. (Sylvee throws TGTTOSWAF?)
Awesamdude receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. (Thats scary)
EpicLandLord camouflauges himself in the bushes. (As he plans to blow up PKW)
PearlescentMoon forces Rabnoo to kill ConnorEatsPants or BadBoyHalo. He decides to kill BadBoyHalo. (Nooo poor bad)
PeteZahHutt stabs Vixella in the back with a trident. (Targeting the simmers? Smh)
Blushi tries to sleep through the entire day. (Same)
LargishBeans thinks about home.
BuildMart convinces WaterBreathMan to not kill him, only to kill him instead. (WBM throws buildmart?)
TheOnionSound shoots an arrow at Antfrost, but misses and kills PeaPeeKay instead. (Of course its Oli)
JojoSolos runs away from GeminiTay. (Gem is really targeting Jojo)
Deaths from Day 1-
Night 1
PeteZahHutt destroys Rabnoo's supplies while he is asleep. (He just wants a win dude)
Blushi destroys EpicLandLord's supplies while he is asleep. (cant blow up PKW now)
JojoSolos dies from hunger. (Thats ironic)
TGTTOSWAF passes out from exhaustion. (Same)
Grain convinces Sneegsnag to snuggle with him. (Oh?)
FalseSymmetry destroys Rocket Spleef Rush's supplies while he is asleep. (False RSR Pop off?)
LDShadowLady, Noxite, and GeminiTay discuss the games and what might happen in the morning. (Gem and Lizzie insider information?)
Tubbo tries to sing himself to sleep.
Skybattle defeats Smajor in a fight, but spares his life.
BuildMart and Aeltumn huddle for warmth.
KaraCorvus convinces Sylvee to snuggle with her.
Noctis, Skeppy, and ShubbleYT sleep in shifts.
Day 2
ConnorEatsPants questions his sanity. (Same)
GeminiTay stabs PeteZahHutt with a tree branch. (Gemini Slayyy pt 2)
Rabnoo stalks Krinios.
DrGluon picks flowers. (I want this to happen)
InTheLittleWood catches Punz off guard and kills him. (Oh)
PearlescentMoon practices her archery. (Pearl dodgebolt pop off?)
MrGaming, LDShadowLady, TGTTOSWAF, and EpicLandLord hunt for other tributes.
Fwhip runs away from Gee Nelly.
Ponk picks flowers. (He should meet Gluon)
Bekyamon overhears Rocket Spleef Rush and Smajor talking in the distance. (Scotts rigging it again)
Aeltumn picks flowers. (A trio!)
ShubbleYT chases Sylvee.
Aimsey, KaraCorvus, and LargishBeans start fighting, but KaraCorvus runs away as Aimsey kills LargishBeans. (Ok Aimsey pop off)
TheOnionSound collects fruit from a tree.
Tubbo picks flowers (I cant stop picturing these four just picking flowers during SG)
BuildMart thinks about home. (Which is..?)
Deaths from Night 1 & Day 2
Night 2
Rocket Spleef Rush stays awake all night.
Gee Nelly and DrGluon sleep in shifts.
InTheLittleWood begs for KryticZuez to kill him. He refuses, keeping InTheLittleWood alive.
Bekyamon begs for Fwhip to kill her. He refuses, keeping Bekyamon alive
Sneegsnag destroys Skeppy's supplies while he is asleep.
MrGaming destroys LDShadowLady's supplies while she is asleep. (Wow rude)
ConnorEatsPants kills Aimsey with a sickle. (Oh?)
TGTTOSWAF and Skybattle sleep in shifts.
Noxite and Smajor tell stories about themselves to each other. (Its rigged its rigged)
Krinios, KaraCorvus, and BuildMart cheerfully sing songs together.
Day 3
BuildMart, TGTTOSWAF, and Ph1LzA hunt for other tributes. (Of course phil and TGTTOS are together)
EpicLandLord cannot handle the circumstances and Self dies. (Oh.)
Antfrost sprains his ankle while running away from KryticZuez. (Zuez is a menace)
Skeppy sprains his ankle while running away from Gee Nelly. (We need an ankle doctor)
FalseSymmetry defeats Noxite in a fight, but spares his life.
MrGaming injures himself. (That Tracks)
Skybattle, Fwhip, LDShadowLady, GeminiTay, and Hannahxxrose hunt for other tributes.
Rocket Spleef Rush and RedVelvetCake work together for the day. (Velvet RSR Popoff?)
TheOnionSound sprains his ankle while running away from Grain. (Another one??)
ConnorEatsPants attacks Aeltumn, but she manages to escape. (Connor was too good and had to use only 2% of his power)
DrGluon sets an explosive off, killing Ponk, and Noctis. (Thats a way to finish off a day)
Deaths from Night 2 & Day 3
Deaths so far-
Night 3
Smajor and Skeppy run into each other and decide to truce for the night.
TGTTOSWAF tries to treat his infection. (From phil's domination? copium?)
Rabnoo ambushes LDShadowLady and kills her. (Nooo Lizzie)
ConnorEatsPants and Rocket Spleef Rush huddle for warmth.
Blushi begs for Grain to kill her. He refuses, keeping Blushi alive.
Noxite attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death. (Just /fly cmon dude)
Sylvee kills Ph1LzA with a hatchet. (Okay then)
BuildMart defeats TapW in a fight, but spares his life.
Day 4
BuildMart discovers a river. (New buildmart map copium??)
TheOnionSound explores the arena. (Its not like hes been in mcc since mcc 1)
Fwhip practices his archery. (Dodgebolt menace?)
Krinios overhears DrGluon and ShubbleYT talking in the distance.
Smajor chases Aeltumn. (Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss)
Antfrost stalks Blushi.
Tubbo attacks Awesamdude, but he manages to escape.
InTheLittleWood chases PearlescentMoon.
Deaths from Night 3 & Day 4
Night 4
Aeltumn questions her sanity. (Same)
TapW pushes Antfrost off a cliff during a knife fight. (Brutal)
Sneegsnag destroys Krinios's supplies while he is asleep.
Rocket Spleef Rush thinks about home.
ShubbleYT lets Blushi into her shelter. (I like that)
Tubbo and KryticZuez work together to drown Grain. (2v1 he had no chance)
Day 5
Skybattle sees smoke rising in the distance, but decides not to investigate.
Sylvee stalks Gee Nelly.
InTheLittleWood stabs KaraCorvus while her back is turned. (Wow Martin)
MrGaming tends to BuildMart's wounds. (odd.)
Rabnoo receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. (Thats scary)
KryticZuez tries to spear fish with a trident. (Zuez trident practicing arc?)
TGTTOSWAF overhears Awesamdude and TheOnionSound talking in the distance. (It has ears?)
Fwhip diverts DrGluon's attention and runs away. (Targeting simmers smh)
PearlescentMoon receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.
Smajor receives medical supplies from an unknown sponsor.
Deaths from Nights 4 & Day 5
Night 5
GeminiTay destroys Skeppy's supplies while he is asleep. (Gem is a menace)
TheOnionSound destroys ConnorEatsPants's supplies while he is asleep. (Geeze Oli)
Skybattle questions his sanity. (Same)
PearlescentMoon and FalseSymmetry tell stories about themselves to each other. (podcast?)
Blushi, RedVelvetCake, and TGTTOSWAF discuss the games and what might happen in the morning. (TGTTOS already knows though)
Tubbo climbs a tree to rest. (Dont fall like noxite)
Sylvee thinks about winning. (Ok sylvee girlboss)
DrGluon starts a fire. (With his flowers??)
Day 6
Skybattle receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. (It has Arms too?)
Skeppy chases InTheLittleWood.
GeminiTay begs for TGTTOSWAF to kill her. He refuses, keeping GeminiTay alive. (Gem your slaying dont die)
Sneegsnag, Fwhip, and Gee Nelly hunt for other tributes.
Smajor stalks DrGluon. (Scotts targeting the simmers too? smh)
Awesamdude and FalseSymmetry threaten a double self death. It fails and they die. (Oh.. oh my)
MrGaming and PearlescentMoon hunt for other tributes.
Blushi travels to higher ground.
BuildMart hunts for other tributes. (Taking them out one controversy at a time)
TheOnionSound, KryticZuez, and Aeltumn hunt for other tributes.
Tubbo defeats Krinios in a fight, but spares his life. (Tubbo we need to more action)
Hannahxxrose makes a wooden spear.
TapW falls into a frozen lake and drowns. (Oh.)
ConnorEatsPants searches for a water source. (You should as TapW he found one)
Deaths from Night 5 & Day 6
Deaths so far-
Part 2 will be linked in the comments if you want to see the winner!
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2023.03.25 01:11 Icy_Guest_242 Home Depot worker had $80K worth of stolen merchandise at their home, CA officials say

Home Depot worker had $80K worth of stolen merchandise at their home, CA officials say submitted by Icy_Guest_242 to HomeDepot [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 01:05 tonnie_taller Florida sheriff looking for ‘spring break squatter’ caught on home surveillance showing ‘shiny rear end’

A woman is in hot water after she “popped a squat,” literally – in a Florida resident’s yard. “We have trespassing. Not traditional trespassing.” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said in a video message. “It involves a lady that’s gone into a neighborhood on Lake Winterset. She’s gone into the side yard, into the hedge … Continue reading Florida sheriff looking for ‘spring break squatter’ caught on home surveillance showing ‘shiny rear end’
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2023.03.25 00:55 Bumblebe5 Palisades Center Trip Report: Friday Fun (3/24/23)

My mom and brothers went to Buffalo, NY. So me and my dad went somewhere better. Of course I mean Palisades.
We left at 5 pm. I brought my Knuckles stuffy. I filmed a video (actually a sequel to a Black Friday video I filmed at the Bergen Town Center with a Sonic stuffy) about Knuckles exploring the Palisades Center.
Dad let me go thru a few corridors, though I never got to see where they led to. We went to Burger King and had the Impossible Whopper, since it is Lent, and I can't eat meat on Fridays. It wasn't filling.
Then we went to Target, and I bought a bottle of Sparkling Ice (I need those to survive, since I gave up soda for Lent.) We went to Dave & Buster's after that.
I played Fruit Ninja (no bombs), Injustice Arcade (I got Green Lantern on my team this time round, but he died, and my dad hit the Special Attack button for me), Star Trek, SpongeBob, and the Terminator VR game. I told the guy running the game about how Terminator reminds me of the Superman TAS "New Kids in Town" episode, and he actually got that. I made his day. Then I played Mario and Sonic (played as Knuckles, got up to Day 2 Gymnastics and failed) and Ring Toss.
Then we went by the Ice Rink to find that storage room where all the old stuff like the Brazeiro animals were. We didn't find it, but we did find some old logos on the floor, including Oscar Meyer and DiGiorno (which weren't even in the mall. Why would they put them there?) I have some questions about some of the stores that were on the floor, but I'll save it for the Knuckles video's release, since I got them on tape.
Then we went over to the west parking garage to see if we could find the Rainforest Café props and Food Court stuff. We ended up finding some Home Depot storage and Best Buy auto shit. Then we left.
Funny things: when we were at Target, there were these two guys talking about SpongeBob. "Will you increase my wages? Will you let me play my clarinet? Then I'll give you the secret formula!" Then we heard a guy say, "Jamar, what the fuck?!" in a different aisle. They were probs employees. Whoever you are, thank you for making me laugh.
I can't wait to go back. I don't think I've seen everything.
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2023.03.25 00:48 nugydrib_ Run to your local Home Depot to find these rare aloe varieties! Stunning 🤩

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2023.03.25 00:47 critical_courtney [A Bargain for Bliss] — Chapter One (A sequel to The Fae Queen's Pet)

[A Bargain for Bliss] — Chapter One (A sequel to The Fae Queen's Pet)
Now that I've concluded Reincarnated as the Wolf Goddess, the sequel to The Fae Queen's Pet is finally kicking off. Welcome to A Bargain for Bliss.
Book One
Synopsis: It's been a few months since Sierra Chelsi came to live in the Raven Queen's palace, and she's found herself more at home each day. But the queen has been busy working on something big. Her secrets are kept from even the young werewolf she ensnared. When the queen finally reveals her schemes, it's apparent something big is coming to the Raven Court. The only question is what role her beloved pet will play. The familiar fierce werewolf who threatens nobles at court so Varella can keep order. . . or perhaps something a little more tender.
Chapter One:
I heard her before she entered the room. Her footsteps were light as if the wind carried her feet across each piece of the floor. And sometimes it actually did. She used to sneak up on me, but in the three months I’d lived in Featherstone, the Raven Queen had fallen prey to my advanced predatory senses, the kind only a fierce huntress could cultivate.
My senses would never be as sharp as those of my inner wolf, but enough bled through that I was a better tracker than any human and most faeries.
Casually striding over to the window in my bedroom, I unlatched it and waited for the queen’s knock at my door. Two arrived. She was growing impatient.
Good, I thought. Just what I wanted.
I called for my mistress to enter, and she opened the door. I noticed Barsilla, her arrogant left-hand lady hovering just above the queen’s shoulder. That piskie had grown increasingly fed up with my antics as of late. At least, she made a big show of it.
Of course, when my eyes hovered over the queen, I felt my heart skip a beat. Eyes widening as though I was looking at her for the first time, I came within inches of dropping my plan entirely. Her otherworldly beauty held me in a trance, seven feet of alluring artistry from her sleek obsidian hair to her enrapturing violet eyes that held all the mysteries of a Faerie Queen seemingly within reach, daring all who saw to reach forward.
Her words floated across the room to my ears with all the confidence of a monarch who expected obedience and steadfast loyalty.
“Come, my pet. I’m scheduled to hold court in 10 minutes, and I need my fearsome beast.”
It took almost everything I had not to prance across the room and throw myself at her. The tiny fae hovering nearby had her usual pencil and clipboard out at the ready in case she needed to write down something important. Barsilla’s eyes practically said, “Do it. I dare you.”
But that was ridiculous. The piskie couldn’t have known what I was planning, right? I looked at her again in her tiny librarian outfit. And just staring at the representation of order and rules in the palace rekindled some spark of rebellion in my bratty ass.
“Apologies, mistress,” I said, not looking at Varella again because I knew her eyes would lure me in again, freezing me in my tracks.
“Don’t you dare,” was all I heard Barsilla say as I frantically slid the window open and leaped outside. The queen was fast, and I felt her grasp millimeters from my nape as I dove toward the palace grounds a few stories below.
Landing and immediately tucking into a roll, I exhaled. Then I rose with as much speed as I could leech from my inner wolf and bolted toward the back of Featherstone.
From the window, I heard my mistress’ low tenor voice carry a warning, “My pet. . .”
Those words sent a shiver down my spine, and I knew this was fucking with her schedule. But I didn’t care. You welcome a brat into your home, and you should be expected to anticipate the consequences.
I didn’t hear her leaping out the window after me, just the soft swish of wild rye grass under my feet as I bolted away from where I landed.
Will she endure the humiliation of being seen chasing down her pet werewolf, or will the mighty queen march herself to hold court without the fierce beast she’s grown so accustomed to wielding over her nobles and guests? I thought, snickering.
A few months ago when I’d arrived at Featherstone, freshly ensnared in a bargain of the queen’s making, I wouldn’t have dared acted this way. There were probably mice in the walls of the basement that were less timid than me.
But what can I say? The queen and her best intelligence agent had made me very comfortable here. They’d given the werewolf a cookie, and in turn, she’d not only stolen the entire glass of milk but the jar of remaining sweets as well.
Okay, normally I wasn’t this bad. But this week had been long, and restlessness was building up in every joint of my body. Maybe I was a little pissy. Or perhaps the full moon was three nights away.
Both things could be true, I thought, the rear guard tower coming into view as I rounded a corner.
It stood a few stories higher than my window with a narrow spiral staircase running up the center. A few faerie guards stood on the ground watching me bolt for the stone bridge behind the palace. They were armed with spears and leather armor bearing the queen’s crest in the center, a black bird, head back, beak open, and crying to the sky with its wings spread wide.
The guards looked nervously at each other as I continued running full speed in nothing but my silk pajamas with various puppy designs sewn into the fabric. My curly brown hair bounced behind me, and I realized the guards were calculating how much trouble they’d get in if I was allowed to simply cruise on by.
“Um. . . Sierra?” One woman with short green hair cut into a bob stammered as she took a step to block my path.
I leaped about five feet over her head using every bit of that borrowed werewolf strength in my legs. She didn’t move to grab me, just scratching her cheek in confusion. Looking further up the guard tower, she called for Ceras.
The queen’s top talon jumped from the second story and landed behind me, hand axe rattling at their side.
“What is it, Belamie?” They asked as I continued running for the bridge, morning sunlight reflecting off the lake. The scent of forest and fish entered my senses as my brain told me I was nearly free.
“Do we just let the royal pet go?” Belamie asked.
Turning back for a brief moment and running backward, I yelled, “Ceras! If you see the queen, stall her! And suggest to her that I went out the front gate into town. Please and thank you!”
Rushing off into the tree line, the last thing I heard was Ceras chuckling to themselves and stretching.
“Patrols turn up anything this morning?” They asked.
“No,” Belamie said.
“Then we’ll let her majesty sort out this issue with her pet. She’ll be fine,” Ceras said. “Besides, I doubt the queen has let her prized possession get too far ahead of her.”
Rushing into the trees and seeing aspens, evergreens, and other greenery native to Faerie, I sneered.
Bullshit, I thought. There’s no way the queen would delay court to rush after me.
Bushes whipped around me, and I jumped over a stump, knowing it would be more difficult for the queen to fly through the treetops and snatch me from above. That was assuming she was giving chase.
After about five minutes, I came to a stop, sweaty and heart-hammering. This particular patch of trees wasn’t far from where the queen had put down my inner wolf, earning the right to be my pack leader.
My eyes darted at every snapped twig, a bead of sweat running down my cheek. To my left, a rabbit took one look at me and decided it could afford the risk of chomping on a purple flower nearby.
Bitch, I’m a werewolf, I thought. You should be fleeing in the opposite direction.
Puffing out my chest, I turned toward the brown and white rabbit. I put my hands on my hips and said, “Excuse me. Do you know what I am? You dare to snack in the presence of a fearsome werewolf? An apex predator for which capturing a rabbit in her jaws would be pup’s play?”
The rabbit didn’t even turn its head to acknowledge my words. It just continued chewing on the flower’s stem, taking the vegetation in like a board into a sawmill.
Raising my hands slowly and pretending I had the claws of my inner wolf, I took a step toward the bunny.
“You should be more cautious in assessing your surroundings for danger, Bugs.”
The rabbit’s blue eyes finally glanced over at me as it sniffed at another flower nearby, this one with a large yellow bulb. Its nose and whiskers twitched before it decided to ignore me once more and snatch another snack.
“I’m serious, little bunny. Surely you smell the wild canine inside of me. Your heart should be pounding in your chest, eyes watching my claws for any hint of movement. Otherwise, when you’re distracted, you might yourself suddenly hoisted into the air and EEEEEP—,” I shrieked, interrupted by a sudden, terrible force of upward movement that snagged my shoulders.
Up through tree branches I went, air sucked out of my lungs from sheer terror at the speed with which I was being carried.
Looking down, I watched the trees below me start to shrink, and then I felt myself suddenly reversing direction, falling toward the lake approaching terminal velocity.
“Fuuuuucccckkkk meeeeeeee,” I screamed, preparing for a sudden bath of epic proportions. As a werewolf, I was a bit tougher than the average human even when I walked on two legs. But from this height, I could at least expect a bruise or two landing in the water.
And then, just as I steadied myself for a fishy fate, a pair of well-toned arms caught me just a few feet above the lake water. I was close enough to already smell the algae and aquatic turtles I prepared to join. Yet, I’d been given a reprieve.
Looking up at my savior, I saw the Raven Queen grinning down at me with all the smug satisfaction radiating from her face that she could muster. Two large black-feathered wings carried us over the water as Varella gradually moved into a hover, holding me Lois Lane style in her arms.
The lake wind swirled around my hair and floppy pajamas as her violet eyes found mine. The inhuman red eyes I carried were locked in her gaze, not even wielding enough strength to frighten a wee rabbit. Goddamn, some days I was a downright disgrace to the canine race.
“Well, my pet. I hope you got all those. . .what do you mortals call them? Zoomies? Out of your system. We’ve got a long day at court ahead,” she said, the grin never leaving her face. She knew I wouldn’t get far. She knew!
Sighing, I crossed my arms.
“I bet I was so close to getting away. You probably panicked and used all your magic to track me down,” I said, frowning.
“Actually, I was watching you from the sky the entire time. You’re in the heart of my court, where my magic is at the epicenter of intensity. Before your feet even touched the ground I was in the air above you,” she said, laughing.
Her dulcet chortle left me wanting to curl up in her arms and wrap myself tightly within her grip, closing my eyes and forgetting about all the needs and responsibilities of running a queendom for the day.
But no! I’d done this for a reason, and she needed to know why. Even if the inconvenience was beyond minor, she had to know there was a point. Well. . .as much of a point as my bratty ass could make for being obstinate, which typically wasn’t much beyond being eternally difficult for the sake of adversity.
“Yeah, well. I wasn’t even really trying. You’re lucky I didn’t let my inner wolf loose,” I said, arms crossed tighter.
“Ah yes, an ability you’ve yet to manifest here, even after three full moons. But rest assured, my pet. Even if you were on four paws instead of two legs, I could have easily snatched you from the forest floor as I did just minutes ago,” she said.
And then the queen’s grin started to fade as she raised an eyebrow.
“Though your inner wolf wouldn’t have run just before court anyway. It seems to be tamer the longer you remain under the weight of my sorcery and influence, bound by my bargain. But you, Sierra, acted out unexpectedly this morning. Why?”
This was my chance! Here I could let her have it! But instead of unleashing a torrent of words, I just found myself lost in her eyes again. There wasn’t an ounce of impatience in her voice, despite today’s events being delayed by a few minutes. Though I guess you start when the queen says you start. And if you have a complaint, her werewolf would bite your face off.
Sighing again, I sagged in her grip, words caught in my throat that I couldn’t seem to dislodge or cough up. Fuck, all I could do was that infamous bottom gesture where I pointed my index fingers at each other and looked pathetic.
On second thought, it’s no wonder the rabbit didn’t run away screaming earlier, I thought.
“Come now, my pet. You ran for a reason. Out with it. It’s just the two of us here over the lake,” Varella said with an added softness to her tone. The game was over. And now I had to suffer the consequences of my actions, namely being upfront about my feelings. Surely there was something a little easier I could endure, being locked in an Iron Maiden or forced to listen to Rascal Flatts on repeat?
The queen made no move to rush me, which just increased the feelings of wanting to curl up tight against her breasts and have a few hours with her all to myself.
“You’ve been so busy lately,” I finally managed in a pathetic whisper. That was all the queen got for at least 30 seconds.
A crane covered in pink and white feathers flew around us and closer to the shoreline of the palace while my mistress waited for more words.
“And Lily’s still gone on her assignment in the Tulip Court. I just— maybe I needed you to pay attention to your pet for a few minutes this morning,” I said, looking anywhere but her eyes. Saying this stuff was embarrassing enough.
The Raven Queen did not sigh. And she chose her following words carefully.
“You speak right, my little wolf. My work and duties have increased threefold over the last few weeks,” she said.
“And you won’t tell me what you’ve been working on. Whenever I ask, you give me some vague answer meant to dismiss my curiosity,” I said.
The queen looked over the palace for a moment. Her eyes carried a quiet contemplation that I couldn’t begin to analyze. But then again, she was a Faerie Queen who’d lived for centuries. Her perspective was bound to be drastically different than mine. And maybe I’d forgotten that.
“I’ve been working on Bliss, Sierra. And it's remained under wraps so much so that not even Cereas knows about it. Even your girlfriend hasn’t heard my plan yet. So why don’t we have dinner tonight, just the two of us, and then I’ll finally answer all your questions,” the queen said.
Now that did lift my heart pretty high to the point I felt like I was running on clouds. Damn if my mistress didn’t know exactly what strings to pull.
All I could do was nod and finally give in to the temptation to nuzzle up into Varella. I breathed deep in her scent of chilly night air and raspberries that I’d come to associate with safety and comfort. I sighed one last time, content with the answers that’d been given me.
The Raven Queen leaned down and slowly kissed my forehead, sending a tickle of delirium through my mind. It was something much more powerful than serotonin, and I made a muffled noise of pleasure.
“Can we head back to Featherstone now? I’m afraid your inner wolf’s presence is required,” Varella whispered.
“Just one more minute hovering here, please. I need you, mistress. So let me have you for just a little longer.”
And because she spoiled me rotten, I got five more minutes with Varella just holding me over the water, morning breeze carrying our hair around us this way and that.
I need to run away from her more often, I thought.
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2023.03.25 00:45 Dry_Resolution2813 I randomly got this cactus from Home Depot a couple years ago, and can’t tell… is it alive or dead?

I randomly got this cactus from Home Depot a couple years ago, and can’t tell… is it alive or dead? submitted by Dry_Resolution2813 to PlantParenthood [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 00:45 SirTawmis Sierra Games!

Hello everyone -
I have a channel where I spend time playing games I grew up on - specifically Sierra Online games. In my youth (which was eons ago, now) - I had dreams of working at Sierra and moving into game development over there (I had a ton of ideas for various games similar to King's Quest, Space Quest, Gabriel Knight, etc). Life, naturally, had other plans for me. Well, when COVID hit - I found working from home was kind of nice. During lunch, I could shut down my work computer and play a Sierra game instead of going down to the Cafe. I initially created the channel back in 2015, but during COVID really got into doing stuff for the channel far more regularly. It now has over 400 videos on there (I record my game play either through DOSBOX for older games; and use FRAPS for newer games like Lighthouse... newer... heh, you know what I mean). I also do commentary for all my play throughs as separate videos (so if you just want to watch the video, you can do it without me speaking over it) - or if you want to hear my thoughts on it, those videos are there too. I also uploaded a metric ton of Johnny Castaway, which was a screensaver (my favorite, to this day! Not that screensavers are a thing anymore!) developed by Sierra. I also have a bunch of soundtracks from various Sierra games on there as well. I do channel updates between games (or sometimes during a game if something is taking a long time - or broken - I am looking at you, Lighthouse). I have also done some non Sierra games - but related to Sierra - for example, BLUE FORCE, which was made by Jim Walls (who made Police Quest 1-3 for Sierra), SpaceVenture (which was the Kickstarter from the Two Guys From Andromeda, who gave us the Space Quest series), as well as games similar to Sierra games - such as all three Legend of Kyrandia games. I plan on doing the other games outside of Sierra (Jane Jensen, for example has Moebius and Gray Matter), a few more non Sierra, but similar (such as Les Manley 1 and 2), and still got plenty of other Sierra games to go (just finished Quest for Glory II, which I enjoyed much more this time around than when I first played it!)
If all of that interests you, you can check out my channel. I, by some miracle, just hit 500 subscribers. I know, it's not 500k or anything, but I am always flattered when folks sub to my madness! :) If that's you, or if you just want to check it out - I am here to welcome such things. :)
And yes, if ye want, please by all means slam that SUBSCRIBE button and give the LIKE button a little tickle too. :)
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2023.03.25 00:41 Entity417 Houseguest Toilet Issue

Say you're hosting an overnight guest, and that guest is responsible for clogging up a toilet. Unfortunately this forces another household member - who does not like your guest but is very handy and responsible with household repairs - to fix the toilet immediately.
You, the host, apologize profusely on behalf on your guest, and cannot extend enough gratitude EVER for the fixer's on-site expertise and prompt resolution of the problem. The fixer just shrugs and mumbles, "Eh, all in a day's work," (even though plumbing is not his occupation) but you know damn well that is FAR from his authentic inner pissed-off reaction, which he thinks he's successfully hiding.
Anyway, what should the guest do?
1.Apologize to the fixer in person .... but how embarrassing for both!
  1. Cut his/her visit short and leave ASAP.
  2. Send the fixer a Home Depot gift card with a brief note of appreciation.
  3. Ignore the whole thing. Come on, we're all humans with digestive systems that can get wonky.
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2023.03.25 00:28 flaskman Local Home Depot has a new special going a free house cat with your house plant.

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2023.03.25 00:01 nilabanlow Safety first. My new Home Depot baby

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2023.03.24 23:52 FusionToad GrubEx Deal at Home Depot

Pittsburgh, PA
I think this is a pretty good deal. I have luck finding fertilizer on clearance at the end of the season, but not GrubEx. I believe that this is no longer being sold in (at least my) HD store. Still available online for full price. So I assume they are just getting rid of their last pallet. I can't find an expiration date, but I'm sure a year old is still fine...

On a related note, is there a way to "tell" if I need GrubEx? I'd honestly prefer not tearing up the grass to look for grubs. I guess I can try. I don't recall seeing grub damage around the neighborhood. Can I put it down every other year? I can't always find deals like this. I should look into nematodes instead of this I guess.
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2023.03.24 23:36 floatingfree2020 27[M4R] Poland - Imagine that. I'm looking for a friend!

Warm welcome to You. stranger! I hope you're having a good day and that you're at peace with your mind :)
I like to mix both long and deep discussions about certain topics with rather casual, daily talk. I'm looking here for someone unique and inspiring. A positive, open minded person that I could gain something from and vice versa. To push each other forward, to overcome obstacles and simply go with the flow and enjoy our time together. Lately, I've been wasting too much time doing silly and unproductive things and I know I can do better than that.
I'm up for a talk in Polish, English and basic Russian.
Few facts about me
What impressions do you have on me after reading that small bio? Do you think we could get to know each other better? Hit me up with a DM or via chat and let's find out, shall we? :)
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