Kpong krnl key


2023.05.28 06:46 FredBoi64 what.

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2023.05.20 11:17 Gh0stGam3r2009247 Im new to exploiting, and need some good free executers.

So I know not to use the forbidden E
But what about Krnl and the other executers (I don’t like krnl since u need to wait a decade for a key I’ve heard) so maybe some keyless ?
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2023.05.10 10:28 whereismyseeed is it worth buying synapse (when i have the chance to) or do i just stick with krnl

i used to use krnl, didnt like the key verification thing that it needed which made it kinda annoying to setup, otherwise was fine, is synapse better than krnl? like i know that it is, but what makes it better? can i just open it and exploit right away unlike krnl? is it better at execution? do some scripts exist that only synapse can handle?
im not looking to exploit much or use it to cheat in games but once in a while id like to try some really batshit op gamebreaking scripts
also, where can i find some synapse/paid executor only scripts that i can abuse the shit out of
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2023.04.29 18:47 Lower_Fox_6298 krnl key not working

bro i got to the nexus pipe and then just reloading antivirus off vpn uninstalled 4 diferent browser and still i got the nexus pipe reloading
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2023.04.29 18:43 Lower_Fox_6298 krnl key not working

ive tried it on everything it gets me to enxus pipe and then just a looop every time every day i want someone to respond if they know whats going on
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2023.04.29 05:30 GoopyAhhMe Nexuspipe infinite loading

Trying to get a krnl key but nexuspipe keep infinite loading its literally stuck on loading i do not have any problems with injecting krnl all i need is a key
Can anyone help me?
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2023.04.24 19:38 Some-Face-8209 is Valsye executor good ?

i found it after linkverstie now forces ppl to download opera gx for getting it krnl key, plus valsye is keyless aswell
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2023.04.24 18:21 slimmer_than_a_jim69 I don't have Byfron, but I can't inject.

I checked, my roblox client is 32 bit and I also checked by going into the files, but I can't inject in KRNL, it just says "Correct key" and doesn't inject. I tried updating KRNL and it still didn't work, pls help.
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2023.04.22 16:52 UpperIncident365 You are using an outdated version of krnl! Please update!

I be injecting knrl and it keeps saying its outdated i tried downloading it from wearedevs still saying the same thing and I run the knrl bootstrapper and it says Failed to update the KRNL Console Bootstrapper... and before when this didnt happen i would go to the key and wait for it just to say

504 Gateway Time-out

i dont know what to do
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2023.04.21 15:54 Expert-Friendship694 Whenever I use linkvertise to get the key, it says you have to wait roughly 15 seconds on all linkertises ( I did, unless I'm missing something).

Whenever I use linkvertise to get the key, it says you have to wait roughly 15 seconds on all linkertises ( I did, unless I'm missing something). When I go to the link to get the key (both from the app and the web) it sends me to a c4 checkpoint then to a kpong checkpoint and that's all the checkpoints, I feel like I'm missing something but I couldn't find out what it is since I tried using the link provided from Krnl and the Krnl web.
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2023.04.19 19:44 IXPDarkness Krnl stucks on the Correct key

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2023.04.18 22:58 Curious_Swing_2112 Can't Get Key

When I try to inject Krnl it says a link to get the key, the link brings me to but then it changes to and is an infinite loop of dots spinning like it's trying to load, no captcha or anything. The linkvertise also does the same thing, please help.
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2023.04.17 09:01 SendHelpUncleHere getting back into it

So I've been wanting to get back into exploiting for a while now, whats a good executor to get me back into it? (Im not using krnl, i hate having to go through that long key process)
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2023.04.16 03:23 Valuable_Action_6598 i can't get krnl key

When I try to get a key to use krnl, I have to pass a security check, but I wait and it keeps loading endlessly.
Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?
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2023.04.15 19:22 Exciting-pathfinder Is Nihon Detectable?

I've been having issues with Nihon being detected. It's the only exploit that has banned me for a few days for "Exploiting". I cant use exploits like Krnl or Fluxus because I'll have to download "FREE ROBUX GeNeRAtor" to get a key.
TLDR: Is Nihon getting me banned?
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2023.04.15 17:58 FilikR Looking for an executor

Hello! So I'm not new to the community, but I'm looking for a free, keyless and virus-free executor, since I'm getting tired of the KRNL Key System.
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2023.04.15 08:48 upvotebot14 Is it just me or the krnl key site is down? the site has been loading like this for 4 hours already

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2023.04.14 18:50 irc_s NexusPIPE Security Check bug

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2023.04.14 08:38 JaruisHere Roblox Begginers Guide V3

Yes, I'm indeed aware that there's already a better and updated one but I'm still making one anyways mainly for ones that are really new and scared of getting viruses.
Part 1. Executors. What's that? Executors are the main file of exploiting without them you can't cheat/hack on Roblox so what's the best both free and paid? For free ones Is Comet 3, Krnl, Oxygen U, And JJsploit.
Download links are here: Comet 3 Or
Krnl Or
Oxygen U Or
Most of these exploits have a key so what's a key? No is not a key for a door or a closet or anything. That's a different kind of key, as I was saying a key is a thing we're free exploits make money they do this through websites like linkvertise which is a website where you make by sending them a file or a website, And most free exploits have a key because they need to make money Jjsploit is the only exception and that's called keyless what's that? The opposite of what I have mentioned but if you want then is where a free exploit doesn't need a key. But the downside is that one is either malware or Two it isn't but is just bad like Jjsploit but it does the job for beginners.
And now for paid. Paid exploits are much better than free ones because they took their time to bypass Roblox's anti-cheat and execute a script without having a problem. And what's a script perhaps? A script is where to start cheating, More information on that later on. But here are some good paid exploits.
Synaspe X (Sub-based soon)
Script Ware (Paid But Developers are considering it paid)
But now we're done. For Windows I know some of you don't use Windows so if you use Mac os then the only good executes for Mac is sadly paid but don't have a choice because all of them are viruses and that exploit is script ware Mac. (if you bought it you'll also get script ware iOS for free because mac os is also made by Apple) The download link for it is here.
For Linux, there is one but it has ad-ware on its website which has ads everywhere and could harm your device if you want it's called FI0xis (I can't say it because this post will be deleted.) No download link for the same reason but ill put a download link in the comments.
For Android, there are two but there are both ad-ware if you want their name FI0xis and Hy_ dr0 geO (can't say their names for the same reasons)
For Ios, Script ware Ios download link is down below.
Part 2 Antivirus
Why did my antivirus say it was's a virus? It said that because exploits have a code where the antivirus detects its malware or a virus to stop that exclude your antivirus for that or disable it or uninstall it.
How do I disable my antivirus? Sadly there are a lot of antiviruses that I can't fit into one post so disable it just search up How do I disable Your Antivirus Name? On any browser.
How do I uninstall it? I don't know about the rest but for Windows go to the control panel and search for the name of your antivirus and right-click it then click uninstall it after it uninstalls if it has the option to reset it then reset it. If it doesn't then don't. But I'm pretty sure this goes for others as well like Mac and Linux.
How do I exclude it? Just go to your antivirus and find the option to exclude your exploit.
Part 3 Coding
How do I start making my scripts? To make one first you need to learn lua what's lua? Lua, it's the engine that Roblox uses they use it because is simple to use and it only has 22 words instead of 30+ to learn Lua then go to this link down below it's a link to start learning about it.
After that, you now need to learn luau is lua but for Roblox. To get started click the link down below.
Part 4 Making your executor. To make one you need to learn C#, C++, reverse engineering, game hacking, and Lua. To get started on all of them I recommend you watch videos on youtube for all of them. And learn them.
Part 5 Unsafe Executers If you want to learn about any unsafe executers or one's that are very suspicious then This is one right here Sadly I will make them all spelled the wrong way to not get deleted but here's a list anyways
Arkana X (mobile executor) E_v_9n (pc executor) Deltarune (pc Executor) (No, I'm not talking about the game) A fruit that starts with K and ends with an I (pc executer) Myasshurtreallybadly (pc executor)
Part 6 Free Script Websites Here are some of the best free script websites. (in my opinion)
Part 7 Free alt managers Some Roblox games have good anti-cheat and if you got banned then you need to make a new one so here's some.
Part 8 The End. This is the end of this post I hope you learn a lot for new people tho. But this is this goodbye!
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2023.04.13 11:03 NickExistsAtallTimes KRNL Key CopyPaste Error

Recently i've had a problem with KRNL Where i cant paste in the key into the console and have to excruciatingly enter it manually every time because when i paste it just turns into an up arrow and V
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2023.04.13 02:05 GroundbreakingLaw878 So im new to exploiting and idk how to do that key thing in krnl, when i clicked free access with ads it told me to install opera gx , what do i do?

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2023.04.11 22:52 TwilightNinja12 Got a problem.

When I go to Inject, it says correcting key or wtvr, then stays. Then I press Play, it says krnl is not injected. So they I try this fix, and it used to work, 2 days ago. Now it doesn't. When I go to close roblox itself, the krnl key correct also closes. For context of what Im saying above look at the video.
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