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Here habbens the storm pedes!!

2023.03.22 06:03 jeremybnz Here habbens the storm pedes!!

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2023.03.22 05:40 Neon_Starman Live with a chill late night stream!

My sleep schedule is all messed up so if you're up and wanna hang out, come join us for the continuation of our journey in Baldur's Gate! Let's see what evils we face off against tonight! Come say hi and hang out, always down to meet cool new ppl in the community 🤘🏼💜
18+ lots of cussing on my stream lol
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2023.03.22 05:20 CrazyCar5930 A guy who ghosted me claims to want me back but is showing mixed signals, what should I do?

About a month ago I started talking to a new guy who went to my school. I met him through a friend and everything went great for the first two weeks of us talking until the first date. I thought it was a nice date but he pretty much ghosted me afterwards. I tried getting him back at first then gave up and started pursuing another guy. The first guy was still on my snapchat private story and where I pos ted about guy #2 so he knew I was back in the dating pool. Apparently, last Thursday and tonight he told my friend he still likes me and would be open to talking to me again but he claims I “didn’t seem interested”. I was confused by this because I was always the one starting conversations, I complimented his appearance multiple times (he never complimented me back btw), after our first date I made 3 attempts to schedule a 2nd date but always got turned down, and he would take multiple hours to respond to my texts whereas I would respond very quick. He’s also been replying to a few of my stories lately but when I try and start conversations with him again he’ll either leave me on read for be extremely dry. I’m just confused because he claims he wants to talk again yet shows absolutely no behavior of this and claims i’m the one uninterested. Any advice on what I should do or say to him? He’s a pretty lowkey guy so I feel like if i start getting mad at him for this he’ll ghost me again.
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2023.03.22 05:19 CrazyCar5930 A guy (18M) that I (19F) is sending very mixed signals

About a month ago I started talking to a new guy who went to my school. I met him through a friend and everything went great for the first two weeks of us talking until the first date. I thought it was a nice date but he pretty much ghosted me afterwards. I tried getting him back at first then gave up and started pursuing another guy. The first guy was still on my snapchat private story and where I pos ted about guy #2 so he knew I was back in the dating pool. Apparently, last Thursday and tonight he told my friend he still likes me and would be open to talking to me again but he claims I “didn’t seem interested”. I was confused by this because I was always the one starting conversations, I complimented his appearance multiple times (he never complimented me back btw), after our first date I made 3 attempts to schedule a 2nd date but always got turned down, and he would take multiple hours to respond to my texts whereas I would respond very quick. He’s also been replying to a few of my stories lately but when I try and start conversations with him again he’ll either leave me on read for be extremely dry. I’m just confused because he claims he wants to talk again yet shows absolutely no behavior of this and claims i’m the one uninterested. Any advice on what I should do or say to him? He’s a pretty lowkey guy so I feel like if i start getting mad at him for this he’ll ghost me again.
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2023.03.22 04:31 KingoftheRednecks Spears Among the Stars, ch 23


Mogan relaxed, wearing something like a small loincloth as he stretched out in something that was either a chair or a bed. After more than a week he still couldn't really tell which. He was leaning towards “bed” simply because he dozed off so often in it, but he thought that had more to do with his schedule than his age. At least, so he hoped.
At that, he was wearing more than most of the people here. Many walked around in clothing that seemed made mostly of strings. While it was an interesting view, he imagined it must be uncomfortable to walk in. Considering how warm it was, most of the San had picked up the local fashion quickly, although a lot of the tourists still considered them pretty conservatively dressed.
Last time he was on a beach like this it was with Hyeshi. Her clothing had been just about as minimal as his, and while he certainly didn't mind the view it had also been easier to see that she was showing with Ellisan.
Mogan had spent some time on the various types of watercraft, and even some of the small fliers, although he took it easy with those—not like Ellisan, certainly—but his schedule was too busy for most of that.
Mogan snapped out of his doze. “Sorry. What is it?”
“They've returned. The... ones... that were escorting the guests.” Even here, she was more careful about references to warriors or soldiers than most.
“Good. They're a day or two late, but I forgot sometimes how slow those guys travel.”
“And everything is fine. Nothing that really needs to be worried about.”
Mogan caught the hesitation around 'really,' heaved a sigh, and sat up.
“It can wait; you're wearing yourself out fixing everything here!”
“Did somebody do something stupid?”
Ellisan sighed. “Yes.”
“Is it something that will cause us trouble?”
She paused. “...Probably.”
“Then I can't just leave it.”
“Maybe, but you've got to delegate at least some of it. You didn't come home last night until almost morning. Breaking up the fight at the Seafront, dealing with the two idiots who got cheated in gambling at the Moonsrise, and then stopping that incident when some fool tried to start some bets on fighting.”
At least she didn't know about the two people he had to carry home because they were too drunk to move.
“Plus those two people you had to carry home because they were too drunk to move!”
Damn it.
“It's getting better.”
“It is.” Ellisan nodded. “They're not stupid, just not used to any of this. But you've done more than enough work. You should be out here enjoying yourself, not catching up on your sleep because you were cleaning up other people's messes all night.”
“Can't. There are two thousand people here, Ellisan, and they've all been through blood and fire the last few months. Most of them are drinking too much, but I don't know how to just cut them off. Tonight there'll be another fight at the Seafront—the owner doesn't care how many fights there are as long as he makes money selling drink. And there was almost a fight down at the walk, over the women offering... services... there. I'll need to be there part of the night. And—”
“And someone else will.”
“The chieftains are already busy.”
“Then tell someone else off,” she continued relentlessly. “Inton, that guy isn't stupid—let him handle the Seafront. And Burjit is the galaxy's premiere expert at dealing with men's stupidity; she can handle the walk just fine. Half of the time you know who the problem people will be, so find something to keep them busy instead of doing something stupid.”
Mogan sighed, defeated. “Alright. I'll delegate away all the hot spots for tonight. But for now, I have to see what this problem is.”
Ellisan shook her head, but lead him to the small gathering area under a few tents where the chieftains were relaxing. Mogan noted that they didn't look nearly as tired as he, which he found irritating. Burya nodded to him.
“I told you you didn't need to take care of every problem, Mogan. None of them tonight. For now... Have a seat. This should be interesting.”
Mogan wasn't sure he liked the way Burya said “interesting.” It sounded a bit like the way Ellisan had said “really.” But he sat, and someone handed him a drink that tasted something like fruit juice. Ellisan wasn't sent away. What her status was now, nobody knew, but she'd obviously saved enough lives to earn a spot in the circle. There was a moment of uncomfortable silence, and then Logog spoke.
“I presume everyone is familiar with my hunter Chadnov?”
“He's not the sharpest spear in the quiver,” Skalli nodded. “But he's certainly the biggest.”
Logog sighed. “That's the one. He was with the escorts. And over the next six days they traveled, everybody spent a lot of time talking. Sort of got to know each other, and...”
“And one of the soldiers is with child, isn't she?” Skalli snorted.
“We didn't know this was possible!”
Ellisan stared at Logog, raising an eyebrow. “You didn't know that humans and Sylfa could breed?” Her lower set of arms waved. “What in the Frozen Valley do you think these are: antlers?”
Logog snorted, trying not to laugh. “It wasn't a Sylfa, Ellisan.”
“There weren't many Shawing there, but they're good people in general.” Mogan nodded. “We should speak to her.”
“It... um... She, uh...” Logog was staring intently at the sand between his toes. “She's not a Shawing either.”
There was a horrified silence, that extended for two full minutes before it was broken by Ellisan's horrified giggle.
“Well....” Mogan paused. “Let's, uh, let's bring in the happy couple.”
“Her name is apparently Karshta,” Logog said, “one of the blade-walls. It seems the Sovereignty will pay them for having Meht children. They're generally considered stupid, so even though their Meht are smaller they're considered to sort of have the best of both worlds. I think we can all agree we don't want the Sovereign to find a Meht with that kind of power and our.... traits.... yes?”
Mogan chuckled. “Too bad Akin isn't here. He really wanted to do a wedding for someone. Still, if she wants to mix her strength with someone else's intelligence, she might have wanted to pick someone... different.”
“The situation is what it is, not what we'd rather it be.” Burya shrugged. Mogan swore he sounded more like an old man than any of the old men present. “But if she's up to it, a marriage would be a good way to solve the problem. She stays with us so the child doesn't end up in the Sovereignty's hands, we get her contributions, and Chadnov has a wife three times his height to keep him from getting a roving eye.”
The others voiced their agreement, and a runner was sent for the happy couple.
They were a nervous couple when they arrived, the man ahead of the Mantu. Chadnov was a huge man, easily the tallest and heaviest of the San. Mogan was of average height, and he didn't even come up to the man's shoulder. He probably weighed twice what Mogan did, for that matter, and he doubted any of it was fat. He had often amused the children—and the ladies—by lifting whatever seemed heavy: barrels, logs, stones, vehicles, prey, whatever couldn't run away. In hunts, he was often known to cast his spear straight through an animal so hard that it stuck into the ground or trees several yards behind it. Mogan wasn't completely sure who was the stronger of the pair. Or the smarter.
Karshta looked fairly petite for a Mantu, which meant that she was a little less than three times his height and probably weighed a little less than a bison. Her legs were bent, but he doubted they could straighten much more, at least not enough to stand any taller, and her feet were three-toed and longer than a spear, with claws that dug into the sand as she walked. A heavy tail trailed behind her, occasionally brushing the ground, and Mogan had no doubt that even without the armor they wore it could be a definite hindrance to any combatant behind her. Her hands were also three-fingered, like her feet. Mogan had thought of her as much like that strange and fearsome lizard he had fought back on New Klon, but those had tiny, useless arms, with sharp claws that were probably never used. Karshta's arms were so long that they almost reached the ground, and while the three fingers, one opposable, had claws, they were clipped and smoothed.
She had a longer neck than any human, or most animals he had seen, but not exactly snake-like, and her muzzle was more than a foot and a half long, big enough that she could probably grab a human by the waist and powerful enough that she could then touch her teeth together. Four eyes marked the front of her head, and two more closer to the sides, smaller ones.
It was a certainty that if Chadnov's attentions were not welcome, she could have made him aware of this in a fashion that left no room for confusion and little for healing. What wasn't certain was just how they had managed in the first place, but Mogan shook his head. That way led to the madness of the Auels.
He was amused to find three of the others shaking their heads as well. What had attracted Chadnov was also something of a mystery. Her own clothing was of the three-strings variety, but she had no breasts, nor hips, and the shape of her legs was mostly the shape of a lizard's legs.
“Welcome, Chadnov and Karshta.” The way Ansam paired the two, as if he was stating one name rather than two, was certainly deliberate. “This will take some time, and we don't want you to be any more uncomfortable. Sit, relax.”
The two sat, looking somewhat nervous. For Karshta, it simply meant folding her legs under her, although Chadnov sat cross-legged.
“Now,” Ansam began. “Rumor has it that you're expecting.”
“Expecting what?” The two spoke together, and brought another moment of stunned silence to the circle.
The silence stretched, as they stared at the two and the two stared at them, with growing expectation, until finally Ellisan broke it.
“The baby?”
“Oh. Yes, I will be giving birth.”
Mogan nodded. “Well... why don't you start with that? Do you lay eggs?”
Karshta seemed offended, but she told them. Apparently Mantu birthed live young, often three or four at a time but usually just one or two for their Meht, after a pregnancy of nearly a full year. While other species often looked down on their Meht, Mantu valued them immensely. This was only in part because the Sovereignty offered a hefty payment, and in part because Meht were able to get jobs that most other species could not. Mantu were often the heavily-armored barrier for Sovereignty armies—blade-walls, they were called—but were often not intelligent enough to manage vehicles or guns. Mantu Meht could carry massive weapons, or carefully pack and load valuable goods, or even serve as police forces or intimidating guards with far less chance of mishaps.
They did not have milk, but the babies were immediately able to eat mashed meat; they were apparently like dogs in that they were generally carnivores but could eat some plants. And perhaps because they had less brain to develop, they grew to adulthood in a shorter time. This made Chadnov quite nervous until he discovered that she was in her nineteenth year, and they usually lived to their sixties.
“And you're certain that Chadnov here is the father?”
Chadnov winced, but Karshta nodded. “He is a cute little thing.” Chadnov winced again.
“Well!” Ansam nodded. “Congratulations to the both of you, then.”
Chadnov's eyes widened in horror as he continued. “That means, of course, that our people have certain duties. We'd like you to come with us, Karshta.”
“You'll need help raising your children now,” Mogan added, “and we can do the marriage right here, if you'll take him.”
“You are referring to... a husband? A... human husband?”
Chadnov stared, and they could almost hear the wheels creaking as they turned. The hunter could refuse the wedding, of course. But “of course” meant the same as “really” and “interesting” in this case—it would be the end of his reputation and his aspirations. He would have a hard time leading anyone, joining hunting parties, or getting near a woman again if it was known that he had gotten a woman with child and abandoned her. All he could hope for was that she would refuse him, and by the look of it that wasn't going to happen.
“And all of your children will be Meht. Here's hoping you have many.”
The smile she turned upon her new fiance was downright predatory, and Chadnov found himself chuckling.
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2023.03.22 03:50 Something_Joker I was finally going to try before I remembered

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2023.03.22 03:31 Nickoplier Internet having second long hiccups in the afternoon.

Internet having second long hiccups in the afternoon.
Has started since Saturday and happened excessivly throughout the weekends and in the afternoon this Monday and Tuesday.
A Spectrum Tech has already came over today at noon, however the pings weren't ever dropping. Moment I'm finally back home from work and ready to play, it's back.
Made another chat tonight for a tech to take a look into the issue and I soon already get a SMS saying that my service was restored... very funny.
Is there anything I should share with my tech coming in tomorrow for another appointment in the morning? I tried to ask the chat if the tech could be scheduled in the afternoon for when it happened on Monday and now again today.
The Modem is a ES2251 and my internet has been great for years until this week.
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2023.03.22 03:31 olivesmom False starts are killing me!

My baby will be 5 months in a few days. We recently switched to 3 naps and his WWs are roughly 2.25/2.5/2.5/2.5. He seems to be tolerating the longer wake times well during the day and connects sleeps cycles for his first two naps usually. He falls asleep independently for both naps and bedtime.
The first couple days of the new schedule were pretty much perfect.. and then he started having false starts at bedtime probably 5 days ago. He wakes up 45-60 minutes after going to bed and screams hysterically. A few times it’s just been crying for a few minutes and he falls back asleep. But other nights (like tonight) he’s hysterical so I go in and try to soothe him. One night, it took an hour of feeding and rocking to get him to go back to sleep.
My guess is that he’s overtired from having longer wake windows during the day and then it cumulates into a false start at night. I don’t think he’s under tired since he falls asleep pretty quickly at bedtime. Is this just a phase that he will grow out of when he gets used to longer wake windows? Should I try a longer or shorter wake window for that last one? It breaks my heart to hear him so upset every night.
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2023.03.22 03:25 MemeCult I Have No Idea How To Talk With My Roommates

I’m a college student currently living with two other girls. It’s been great so far and we all get along well. We’re currently looking for a new place to live and I just feel like they’re not as stressed as they should be. We’ve been looking at places since January and the other night, we settled on two. I wanted to make a decision that night, but the other two decided to sleep on it. I agreed as I thought what was one more day.
I brought this up again tonight and instead of reaching a consensus, one of them decided to schedule another tour. I wouldn’t care too much if it were a nice place, but based off the photos and the description, the third place is awful compared to the two we have already settled on (it looks under construction, it’s smaller, and the space is just awkward).
Both of them feel like there is no rush, but I’m terrified that if we wait any longer, all the good apartments are going to be taken and we will have to settle.
My problem is, I don’t know how to communicate this to them. I’m scared of making them angry or hate me as I don’t have any other friends or people I could live with on campus nor can I afford the rent of a one bedroom.
Any advice on this subject would be very appreciated.
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2023.03.22 02:59 kwithta Party Bicycle?

This is my second time seeing a person around the Durand area riding a bicycle completely covered in rainbow LED lights. They also have what looks like a big LED globe in a carriage attached to the back of their bike.
From what I’ve gathered this happens on weeknights around 9:30, and both times they were playing music. (Tonight was ‘I Got a Feeling’ by The Black Eyed Peas.)
I’m assuming this person is some sort of vigilante, but do they have a schedule? Can I make song requests? Has anyone else seen them?
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2023.03.22 02:01 AutoModerator Sanditon S3 ~s l o w b u r n~ PBS Passport Watch Party: Episode 4

Trying not to binge season 3? Join us as we test our will, just like Colbourne will test his to not snog Charlotte every time he sees her (to his credit, he's doing well!)
In case you missed it, Sanditon, Season 3 has been released in its entirety for PBS supporters ($5/month if you're in the US or have a VPN.)
If you're new here, welcome! Please review Reddiquette and the subreddit rules.
(Looking for the regular discussion posts for all episodes? Check this post.)

Our Schedule:

Tuesday, 3/19: E1&2
Monday, 3/20: E3
Tonight, Tuesday, 3/21: Episode 4
Wednesday, 3/22: E5
Thursday, 3/23: E6
Episode 4 Synopsis: Charlotte attempts to distance herself from Colbourne but as they are repeatedly thrown into each other’s orbit, their chemistry rises. Meanwhile Georgiana is unravelling and makes a surprising decision to protect herself.
Please discuss only E4 and previous episodes in this post.
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2023.03.22 01:12 Shynosaur [F4M, F4A] “And How Am I Supposed To Snuggle You When You're All The Way Over There?” - Accompanying Your Perky Crush On A Vacation [Best Friend Speaker] [Shy Listener] [Vacation] [Sharing A Bed] [Cuddling] [Ear Nibbling] [Friends To Lovers]

Description: You accompany your perky best friend on a vacation. It turns out she booked only one room – after all, she brought you along specifically because she wanted to snuggle with you (and to nibble on your ears)
As always, feel free to use this, monetization is okay, but I'd like to get notified. I'd like to hear what you make of it. Light editing (including gender-swapping) is fine as long as it doesn't mutilate the overall script. And please credit me as the author of the script as that aids me on my path to world domination.
If you liked this script, check out my other ones:

Aww, finally, here we are! Well, what do you say? Looks pretty fancy, huh? I know I said that before, but thanks again for coming along on this trip on such short notice. It would have ruined my entire vacation if I had had to come here on my own! I'm still not quite over how Hannah cancelled on me last minute! “Aww, Andy needs me right now! So sorry, hon, but I can't come along!” Like, really? Andy's not in the ICU, babe! He's lying down with a cold! Harr, why do guys always have to be such babies when they catch a frickin' cold?
Huh? Oh, sorry! Ranting again. Alright, alright, I'll stop. Don't worry, I'm not gonna ruin our entire vacation with my bellyaching! Deep breath. Grumpy me: off! Holiday me: on! Hah, that feels good! I like being holiday me! Just you wait, the two of us have an awesome week ahead of us! We're gonna have so much fun together! Hannah and I had so many activities planned. Like, tomorrow we're gonna have a spa day with massages and skin treatments and aroma therapy – it's gonna be awesome! And the day after we're gonna go shopping!
Huh? What do you mean? Oh, don't you dare bail on me too! Yes, of course you have to come along! I need a new bikini for the summer and since I don't have Hannah to advise me, you will have to tell me what looks good on me.
Huh? Yeah, I'm serious. Hey, you alright? You look a bit queasy. Was it the long car ride? They can sometimes get me queasy, too. Nothing to be ashamed of, buddy! It's probably for the best we'll get to our room soon. We'll just have to pick up our key card – Oh, hi! Yeah, we have a reservation. Huh? Yup, that's us. Thank you very much! - Phew! That was refreshingly uncomplicated.
Hey, what are you waiting for? Are you coming? Sorry? No, you don't! I already picked up our key card. Uhm, I mean, you just saw me pick up our key card. You were standing right next to me. What do you mean, “your card”? Oh, you mean, like, a second card to our room? Yeah, maybe that's a good idea. I mean, we're gonna be together more or less 24/7 for the next week, so one card should be enough, but you're right, maybe just in case-
Huh? What do you mean? Yeah, of course we'll share a room. I always share a room with Hannah when we're on one of our BFF getaways. Now come on! Oh, wow, you look, like, super-pale right now! The long car ride must have gotten to you worse than we thought, huh? Ah, but don't you worry! You know what? As soon as we have settled in and unpacked and stuff we'll go to the sauna together! You will feel like a completely new person after that, believe me!
(happily humming) Ah, there it is: 103, that's us! (door lock beep, door opening sound) Huh? What's this? Ah, bummer! It's one of those rooms with two separate beds. Well, never mind, buddy! Hey, you gotta help me with this one! If we get this nightstand out of the way, I think we can just push these two together and turn two small beds into one big one!
Hey, what are you waiting for? You expect me to move these bed frames around by myself? Give me a hand! Huh? Yeah, of course we'll push them together! I mean, look at them, one of them on its own is never gonna be big enough for the two of us. So then, you take the head of the bedframe and I'll take the- What? Yeah, we have to! Okay, genius, and how am I supposed to snuggle you tonight when you're all the way over there? Now get your ass over here and help me with this bed already!
What do you mean? Yeah, of course we're gonna snuggle! What do you think I brought you for? Okay, I also brought you to tell me what bikini my boobs look best in, and to have someone to talk to in the moor bath. Huh? Yeah, we're taking a moor bath together. We got one scheduled for tomorrow twelve p.m. Sorry? Yeah, of course we're gonna be naked! Are you planning to take a moor bath with your clothes on? What? Uhm, do you usually take your baths in swimming trunks? You're weird! Now help me with the bed already!
Ha, finally! Okay, on three! One, two, three (strained grunt, sound of bedposts scraping across the floor) Phew! Okay, that's way better! So, do you wanna take the right side or the left one? Actually it doesn't matter all that much, because I'm gonna end up nestled up to you either way.
(comfy sigh while stretching) Ah, I can't believe we're finally here together! This is gonna be so awesome! Man, I really needed this. So then, how about it? Wanna go check out the sauna with me? Huh? Yeah, maybe you're right. We should probably go have dinner first. It's getting late and I don't know when the kitchen closes. Alright, come on, buddy! Let's go grab a bite! Oh, and stop looking so anxious! We're on vacation here!
(fade in of shower sounds, coming to an end, door opening) You're finally done showering? Dude, you've been in there for longer than I was! I didn't think that was physically possible. You are probably in opposition to some law of nature or something!
Oof, I might have overdone it with dinner. It's probably for the best that we didn't go to the sauna afterwards. I might have fallen asleep in there and then you would have had to carry me all the way here. Oh, but did you try those grilled vegetables? They were awesome!
Hey, what's up? What'cha waiting for? Get in here! I had a way too long car ride and a few too many grilled vegetables; I need some tummy rubs right now! Huh? What do you mean? Yeah, of course I really want to do this! Why wouldn't I? Wait! Have you been in the bathroom for this long to try and weasel out of snuggling with me? Wow! For this alone I will steal all the crispy bacon strips off your plate at breakfast tomorrow! Okay, yeah, I mean, I would have done so anyway, but now I will not apologize for it! And now get in here!
(bed creaking sound) Ah, finally! Now was that so bad? Man, what even is your problem? I snuggle with Hannah on each of our BFF getaways and so far nothing bad has happened. Yeah, well, maybe except for that one time I- oh, but that's a story for another time. Never mind! For now it's cuddle time! Any preferred cuddle positions? Like, big spoon, little spoon, head on your chest- I mean, we have six nights ahead of us, so we can try out all kinds of stuff, but maybe you have a favourite or just wanna- Oh, will you stop it already? Really, your uncooperative behaviour is starting to irk me!
Fine, if you don't wanna pick, I will: Here! (comfy hum) A good, old-fashioned bear hug! Hopefully this will keep you from trying to sneak off on me!
(comfy mumbles) Hey, what'cha staring at? Is there a spider on the ceiling? Because if so, I hope you are aware that I will insist that you get up and I will not let you back into my bed before you caught it! No? Then what is it? Are you trying not to look at me? Come on, eyes on me! (giggles) Here we go. Hi! How do you like my pyjamas? Aren't they cute? Yup, they're teddybear pyjamas. My mom used to buy these for me when I was a little girl, and I guess she expected me to stop wearing them at some point, but I was like: Why? I'm not that tall, so they actually still make them in my size, and they're super-comfy and fluffy. Here! (fluffy sound) Super-fluffy, right?
Oh, come on, stop squirming so much! It's pretty late already, and we have a long day ahead of us. We should go to sleep now. (comfy sound) Just so you know, I move around a lot in my sleep, so if you should wake up with me on top of you, don't worry – that's normal.
Oh, and one more thing: Apparently I'm a sleep nibbler. I just thought I should tell you. Nothing bad, I promise! I never bit anything off or whatever. Okay, last year Hannah complained that she couldn't sleep all night because apparently I was chewing on one of her ears the entire time? So if you have any body parts you don't want nibbled, you might wanna try and keep them away from my face or else I can't guarantee anything!
Hey, stay here! Stop trying to shake me off! Coward! Are you that afraid of some nibbles? Come on, I need you to keep me warm! Put your arms around me already! (comfy mumbles) Hey, don't let me do all the work! Hug me back! I want back rubs! This is serious! I need you to cuddle me. If you don't cuddle me enough, I might get nightmares. And when a sleep nibbler gets nightmares, they might get chompy! And you don't want me to chomp you in the middle of the night, do you? See? So then, back rubs! And maybe you could wrap your legs around me as well. I like getting squeezed a little. Why are you even making so much of a fuss? I thought we were friends. Don't you like me? Oh, yeah? Then you wouldn't want me to spend the first night of our vacation alone and unsnuggled, right? Now come on, I'm really tired. We can talk tomorrow. For now just cuddle me a little, okay? Good night!
(comfy mumbles, yawns, slow breathing, then suddenly ear munching sounds)
(sleepy, puzzled) Huh? Are you awake? What time is it? Oh, uhm, did I nibble on your ear? “Among other things”? What do you mean? I didn't bite you or anything, did I? Oh, I'm so sorry! Do you want me to kiss it better? Wait, just let me- Hey, no, don't worry! I'm awake now! I told you I'm a sleep nibbler, but I don't bite people when I'm awake unless explicitly asked to, I promise! It's alright? You sure? Okay. Then let's just go back to sleep, okay? Hey, you untangled yourself from me. Can you wrap your legs around me again? What? Why not? I promise I won't bite you again. I only do that when I get nightmares. And I only get nightmares when I don't get snuggled sufficiently. So if anything, this was your own fault for not rubbing my back enough. You should try and do better this time!
Hey, what is it? I mean, no offence, but I cannot help but get the impression that you are somehow uncomfortable cuddling with me. And I don't get it. Don't you like me? I mean, we are best friends and we have known each other for years and I did think that you were rather excited when I invited you to go on this vacation with me. You didn't have to come if you didn't actually want to! I mean, I just thought it would be nice if the two of us-
Oh. You do? That's great! But if you do like me and if you are happy to come along on this trip, then why are you so uptight about cuddling with me?
Huh? Awkward? How is it awkward? We are best friends! If you can't snuggle with me, whom can you snuggle with?
What? Of course friends can snuggle! I snuggle with Hannah every time we have a sleepover or whatever! Huh? Oh, okay. You think so? Uhm-hm. I've never looked at it that way before. So that means we shouldn't- Even if we're best friends? Oh.
(in deep thought) Hmm, that is really bad. I mean, I brought you along because I need someone to snuggle so I won't get nightmares. But as it turns out, I can't snuggle with you because we're best friends. Because snuggling with your best friend is awkward, apparently. Okay, what could we do to make this less awkward for you? Hmm. Tricky! Oh, I know: You could simply fall in love with me! Then snuggling with me would be a lot less awkward, plus my crush on you would no longer be this annoyingly one-sided! A perfect solution!
I'm sorry? Yeah, I have a crush on you. Now don't look so surprised! Wait, did I never mention that before? Oh, dammit! That would explain so much!
Huh? Well, a crush means that you really like a person and enjoy being together with them and want to be together with them more and- oh, you know what a crush is. Then why do you ask?
Yeah, I have a crush on you! Yeah, a crush crush. Whatever that means. Is there another kind of crush? Like, I don't mean the “squeeze you to the point of breaking you” kind of crush – even though I do want to squeeze you! Just not that much. Like, I want to keep you in one piece. I need you to carry my shopping bags when we go shopping together, after all!
Sorry? Oh, uhm, I don't know. Maybe a year or so. I mean, this is nothing you mark on your calendar, like “July 1st: Grandma's birthday. July 2nd: Dentist at 5 p.m. July 3rd: Fall in love with your best friend” It just, well, happens. Like, one day you realise: “Hey, I feel really warm and happy around them, and I think about them a lot when I'm not together with them, and I want to do couple stuff with them”, know what I mean? But I would say it's somewhere in the one year ballpark.
Wait, you have a crush on me too? But then why were you this awkward about cuddling with me? You are weird!
Hey, if you have a crush on me and I have a crush on you, can we be, like, together now? You know, as in, like a couple? Really? Awesome! That means we can kiss and stuff, right? Oh, hey, you're making that face again! Don't you want to? You do? Great! Then come here! (kissing sound)
(content sigh) Aww, why didn't we do this ages ago? You know what, all of a sudden I am not at all miffed any more that Hannah ditched me for her runny-nosed boyfriend. I mean, I still get my cuddles and back rubs and in addition, I get some- (kissing sound, chuckle) I call that quite an upgrade!
(sleepy sigh) As much as I'd love to keep making out with you, it's really late already. We should probably try and catch some sleep now. We can kiss as much as we want tomorrow.
Uhm, hey, honey-bun – oh, uhm, it's fine if I call you honey-bun now, right? Excellent! So, uhm, now that we are, you know, together, can I nibble you again? I can? Oh, I love you! Good night, honey-bun! (ear munching sounds, fade-out)
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2023.03.22 00:00 hot-to-trot-og “Things have changed”

Yes K things have changed. Let me explain. K this is what happens when you take sides when others fight. You seem to have thrown away everyone that would battle you and were “friends” with you like the trash to defend your cash clown Jslop. Now that he has adopted a “new schedule” and isn’t around these past few days, you are starting to panic and get upset because you need those battles for your near future enormous purchase. It doesn’t seem to be about friendships because you have destroyed so many on that app. It’s about the money, always was and always will be. Your actions tonight say it all. No battle, no smile, no money, no live!!!!
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2023.03.21 23:30 Heidimchappy Am I Wrong for not Staying Late?

I work at a small shop and I am the only employee. I go in half hour early every day but leave promptly at 5pm every night. We both usually do. The last few days have been quite busy, but my boss and I have been working hard and getting things done ahead of schedule AND the due date has been extended. I pick up slack where I can on jobs that he is not already working on. Well today he stayed late. I asked a few times if he needed me to stay, but he said no repeatedly. Then I left to run a few errands and texted if he needed me to come in for a bit tonight I could. He said no. The thing is, his demeanor was grouchy and cold, but I am not sure why.
I already feel guilty cause I asked for Thursday off to travel to the city to get an express passport for my boyfriend (he needs me for the paperwork) because we need one in order to travel soon.
Am I wrong for not staying? Should I be feeling guilty for any of this?
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2023.03.21 22:25 bonsaithot Ro Body Timeline and Experience

Hi there, I just thought I would share my timeline because I was religiously scouring this subreddit for typical timing before Ro updated their website.
2/21/23 - Signed up for Ro Body Program
2/22/23 - Metabolic test kit shipped - I dragged my heels on doing the test, not Ro's fault
3/1/23 - Metabolic test sent back to lab and results ready within 24 hours
3/3/23 - Provider went over metabolic test results with me over messages. Scheduled call with provider.
3/8/23 - Met with provider for prescription and to review results. Surprisingly thorough and really efficient. I was overall satisfied with the visit.
3/14/23 - Insurance pre authorization denied. To be expected that my insurance doesn't cover this. Not a big deal but trying to get it covered through insurance takes up the most time.
3/14/23 - Confirmed to Ro that I would pay out of pocket for the medication. They resent to a pharmacy.
3/17/23 - Tried following up with them regarding timeline, but no updates yet.
3/21/23 - Called around to local pharmacies and the Costco near me has my dose of Wegovy in stock. I messaged Ro to send over the prescription to the Costco near me. Out of pocket costs for Costco is $1650, which I anticipated. Ro responded telling me they will let me know when the prescription has successfully transferred over.
Within 5 minutes of posting this, I was able to get confirmation my prescription got sent over to Costco. Picking it up tonight!!!! WHOO HOO!!!
I was overall satisfied with my experience with Ro.
I think a lot of people - myself included - get antsy when there's not a lot of updates and I wish they could improve upon that part of the communication. I wish that Ro could at least provide information on the pharmacy that they are sending it to so that you can follow up with the pharmacy on your own.
I'm hoping that I can get this streamlined with the pharmacy before next month's refill.
I've done other weight loss shots through other clinics (see post history), and the pricing + timing + convenience rivals going to an in-person weight loss clinic for compounded semaglutides. I much prefer Ro's online approach, even if communication isn't always amazing.
  1. Don't wait for your insurance to cover it if paying out of pocket isn't an issue. You can check yourself on your insurance website to see which parameters allow for Wegovy coverage.
  2. Call around to local pharmacies to see who has your dose and brand in stock after your video visit. Ask Ro to transfer the prescription there and to notate that you will pay out of pocket.
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2023.03.21 22:13 Moko_chi Does anybody know how to relieve anxiety and depression?

Hi everyone
it's my first time posting and English isn't my first language so I'm sorry if it sounds a bit mumbly and weird...
I have been battling depression for the past 15 years or so and I feel like I'm starting to lose now. I'm not suicidal or anything but I feel like I mentally break down on the daily basis now
I have absolutely no energy for anything after I come back from work and it's at the point where I just dropped down on the couch turn on the TV and don't even have the energy to switch the channel to a show I actually enjoy watching or to play video games
I get the overwhelmed very easily and I almost get anxiety attacks when people text me. Whenever I receive a message my first thought is somebody's going to attack me, not because I did something wrong but I'm sure that they will be upset and they will be really mad and I'm just too scared to open the messages... have been asking me my SO to handle my messages for the past couple days
My SO and I just moved to a new place and I thought it was just stress of the move and the fact that we kind of isolated ourselves from all of our friends because we were busy packing and unpacking but simple house chores like dishes or laundry just overwhelm me to the point where I'm not able to do them anymore not to mention not to mention vacuuming.
Tonight, my SO is at a conference in a different city and I just spent 6 hours and the same position on the couch I couldn't even bring myself to grab dinner.
And they can't talk about it to anybody because I feel like I'm being a burden on everyone, just because they're my friends it doesn't mean that they have to babysit me every time I feel down, if anybody has any tips on getting out of this slump and taking back my life, I will really appreciate it
I just feel so down on the all the time and I'm not sure what to do because I don't have a great experience with therapists, I just never found one that was a good fit to me. It takes a lot of time to find the service even longer to find a good one it just feels like I don't have the time it will take ornamental capacity to actually call people whom I don't know and convince them that I am troubled and broken enough for them to find time for me in their schedules and I don't feel comfortable writing to my doctor and asking for drugs or medication or whatever you want to call it because I just see it as a Band-Aid for the problem...
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2023.03.21 22:07 Stormegeton Body Doubling Over Twitch

Come body double with me tonight and for future sessions! I’m hoping to become more regular about this so if you’d like to regularly work with me over these twitch sessions please give me feedback and we can coordinate our schedules too! Join me tonight or follow to join my next work session. Thanks for working with me![Work Buddy Twitch](https://dashboard.twitch.tvstudybuddyx/settings/channel/schedule)
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2023.03.21 22:06 Ready_Signature_3430 Delivery to address

Delivery to address
Tesla rep is asking if I would like my M3P delivered to my address driver while without me being there (im at work and wont be home till about 9PM) - this sounds very convenient to me. The only question is:
Would I still go to them once I found some issues with interioexterior quality wise (panel gaps, mis alignment)?
Any of you had the same issue ?
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2023.03.21 22:04 Stormegeton Body doubling - work with me!

Hi guys! Body doubling has always been a super helpful tool for me. I’m trying to be more frequent about doing so over twitch. If you want to limit distractions by joining me and others completely on task, please join my study session later tonight! Or follow to join next time I’m working. It’s super helpful for me and I hope you get something from it too.
Study Buddy Twitch
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2023.03.21 18:14 CricketMatchBot Post Match Thread: UP Warriorz Women vs Delhi Capitals Women

20th Match, Women's Premier League at Mumbai

Thread Cricinfo Reddit-Stream
Innings Score
UP Warriorz Women 138/6 (Ov 20/20)
Delhi Capitals Women 142/5 (Ov 17.5/20)
Innings: 1 - UP Warriorz Women
Batter Runs Bowler Wickets
Tahlia McGrath 58 (32) Alice Capsey 4-0-26-3
Alyssa Healy 36 (34) Radha Yadav 4-0-28-2
Innings: 2 - Delhi Capitals Women
Batter Runs Bowler Wickets
Meg Lanning 39 (23) Shabnim Ismail 3-0-29-2
Marizanne Kapp 34 (31) Sophie Ecclestone 4-0-25-1
DC Women won by 5 wickets (with 13 balls remaining)
UP Warriorz captain Alyssa Healy: "We're giving an opportunity for some players to rest. We had a good crack tonight but we were not good enough in all three facets of the game and we need to fix some things before Friday. [On Ismail] She got a few wickets for us and gave us a sniff but we kept letting ourselves down. It wasn't easy batting conditions so we thought if we could get to 140 or 145, we were in with a shot. We just didn't bowl well at the front. Hopefully we reflect on what didn't go as well tonight and what we need to improve on. We'll probably have tomorrow off and have a good training on Thursday."
Delhi spinner Jess Jonassen: "It's really cool that it came down to the final day of the round games here and for us to finish on top of the table, it's a huge advantage to get a few days off going straight through to the final. Incredibly proud of the girls for the way we bounced back from setbacks. Even tonight we were pretty far off our best so to come away with the result and do it in that style was really pleasing. We've just got bundles of International experience, the likes of us coming over but equally our Indian talent as well. We've got some incredible talent with our group and even the girls who miss out have been incredible. One more big game to go.
Delhi captain Meg Lanning: "I don't think we were at our best tonight. We were a little bit sloppy, particularly in the field but it is nice to be able to get a win when you play like that. Our bowlers did a good job to keep them to 140-ish. It was a reasonable wicket. There was a bit of turn there for the spinners. It seemed like it came on a bit better with the new ball but spin seemed more effective as the innings wore on. We'll relax for a few days at least before getting ready for the final."
Alice Capsey is Player of the match for her three wickets plus 34 off 31 balls. "It was a different role that I've played today. It was all about just building a partnership."
Send feedback Schedule Stat Help
Please don't post illegal streaming links in match threads
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2023.03.21 17:51 pjokinen Buxton scheduled to lead off and DH in tonight’s game against the Rays

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