Construction superintendent salary

After 800+ applications, have two job offers at once, would love some advice.

2023.06.01 23:38 RohingTheBoat After 800+ applications, have two job offers at once, would love some advice.

As in title, I've had a terrible run of luck with applications, I've interviewed at maybe 30-40 places in the past 6 months, I've gotten progressively better at the interviews ig lol because two jobs have worked out on exactly the same timeline. They're the same type of job (contracts analyst), but in two different industries.
Job 1: Was meant to be temp-to-hire but they were impressed with me and switched over to direct hire.
75k, remote, 20 days PTO, good benefits.
Title is contracts specialist for a semi-large construction/efficient energy company that operates in NYC/CT. It was made clear that there are no promotions for 2 years, but I'd be working on local contracts and potentially gov contracts which leaves a lot of room for growth, even if it is elsewhere.
Job 2: 90k, planning on pushing for 95k, remote for 5 weeks, then come in for 5 days, rinse & repeat.
Temp-to-hire, no benefits/PTO until conversion which was left as open ended as to when that could potentially happen, title is a junior contracts analyst/procurement business analyst job in NYC, at a large private hospital network that shares a name with a university. The positive here is getting paid 90-95k at the lowest position I could be starting at in that department means there's a lot of monetary growth to be had if I'm good at the job and they have a defined structure of internal promotions and growth opportunities.
Is temp-to-hire stigmatized even at that salary range where I should perceive it as being for a busy season and they might dump me, or is it likely to see if I can handle the workload? I'd love to end up at either cause there's career progression that I can be proud of, I just wrapped my MBA, I have 6 years of paralegal experience, I'd be doing something I'm happy with + good at at either position.
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2023.06.01 20:58 police-truck Where to go next?

This might fall under the not a /sysadmin/ issue, I have two glaring issues and no mentor to help me, and I can't ask friends since I'm not sure who I can trust. I've been at my current position for 7 years; Network Administration. EDU sector, windows server, google, Aruba switching, server hardware, all that good stuff I've learned over those 7 years coming from my previous job. I climbed myself into a decent position, with semi-decent pay for someone with no degree.
Recently a coworker of mine was let go, and I had to take over her spot at a uni coordinating technology and helpdesk. Little bit of a change up in work flow, and a lot more stressful, compared to just doing behind the scenes updates, hardware deployments, backend fixes, switch changes, etc.
The ex-coworker somehow got the idea that I was the one who assisted in her firing. Since she is still friends with 90% of staff she's turned them against me, and causing me so many head aches. I'm ready to to throw in the towel, and start new. I've been applying to new jobs but I haven't had many callbacks That aren't tier I helpdesks spots with breadcrumbs for pay. The couple of interviews I have gotten, I've made it to the second and third rounds just to not get the job, I'm assuming due to lack of education.
I was wondering where I should go next? I have a decent savings; roughly a full year salary and some equity I could sell to survive. I thought about going to school and getting some type of degree in networking. Or possibly taking 2 months off trying to get some certs; CCNA, A+, Google IT support, etc from Coursera. I've also thought off just leaving IT all together... and going back to doing construction work since cement doesn't complain.
I also have intense paranoia this coworker is stalking me. I've blocked her socials, even on linkdin. Yet she's still finding information out about me at work, harassing friends with lies, using people to spy on me. I wouldn't be surprised if she would even try to sabotage me in a future position if I left my current job, she had told me she had done this to people who've crossed her before.
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2023.06.01 20:25 TheSteelPhantom Do I need a budget if I'm near the bottom of the Prime Directive without one? And what should be my next step(s)?

So I'll try to keep this short, but the simplest question is the two title ones. I've never really had a budget outside of a really quick one that I "guesstimated" to figure out what my emergency fund should be. And even then, I included everything (streaming shit, internet, lawn care, even gaming), not just bare basics to live...
Here's my situation: 36, Florida, didn't start saving until I was 27-28 and even then it was very little (~10% of low military basic pay). I feel like I've been trying to play a lot of catchup the past few years.
So I'm basically at the end of the Prime Directive, but never really sat down and did Step 0. Do I actually need to? And follow-up question, what's my next step? I have no real goals I'm saving up for or anything (car is only 2.5 years old, can't take a long vacation because of limited PTO, etc.) =\
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2023.06.01 20:09 Unique-School-5536 Job offer choice as RF engineer

Hi all,
I am a Master student just graduated in Germany. Just received two offers from Trumpf and advantest. They are all about RF HW engineers. The job position in Trumpf is about the rf component design, aimed for high power amplifiers(20kw) used in some semiconductor processes power supply. It is said that this product is very competetive in semiconductor area (not sure). The job position in advantest is about the rf component design for the integration among VNA, SA and other instruments(self-built instruments). They are plannig to develop tester for 6G. The salary is almost the same. But which one is more promosing from the prospective of a new graduate? They are all based in Germany.
The detailed info for the job position offered in Advantest:
The specific tasks depend on the state of development, where we are. Developing a product takes about three to four years. Right now, we are in the phase, where we will tape out (hopefully) production-ready prototypes soon. They should arrive around August and then the whole team will work on characterizing the hardware, so your first task would be something about getting to know our system by making measurements and judging, whether or not the hardware behaves as expected (Existing measurements and system simulation). The next 12 months will then focus on ramping the production (A good phase to learn about quality for future designs), running qualifications (Climate, compliance) and creating the specifications. The start of the actual design for a new generation of products might be around end of next year. Then, we will start with simulating, thinking, designing… (The usual design process).
Your position (in contrast to the other, specialized position) is more broadly and your tasks will depend on what needs to be done but also (especially mid-term) on what you are interested in. You might want to design a PLL, microstrip filters, power supply, a signal chain, a DSP ASIC design… It’s not as strictly defined, and many people develop over time by constantly trying out different things.
The specific tasks offered by Trumpf is as follows:
Which one is more promising (the paying is almost the same) from the prospective of a new graduate?
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2023.06.01 19:37 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 22 Jobs in Columbus Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
MVM Moving & Storage Mover - Helper Columbus
Veracity Resourcing and Services Stna Columbus
Performance Columbus Sales Associate - Drive Direct Columbus
Atlas Butler Customer Service Representative 12-8 pm Columbus
Viking Payment Services Regional Business Advocate - Outside Sales Columbus
RoseMed Health Front Desk Medical Receptionist Columbus
Morgan Stanley Registered Client Service Associate* Columbus
Gifthealth Patient Care Representative Columbus
Protiviti Columbus Internal Audit and Financial Advisory Intern - 2024 Columbus
Ultimus Fund Solutions Account Services Specialist I Columbus
Thirty Madison Pharmacy Technician- ON-SITE Columbus
Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies Registered Nurse (RN) – Flu Clinic Columbus
City of Pataskala Immediate Openings Utility Systems Superintendent Pataskala Columbus
RiverVista Health and Wellness Utilization Review Coordinator Columbus
Franklin International Construction - Filler Packer (2nd shift) Columbus
The Ohio State University Sterile Supply Technician 2 - CVM Central Supply Columbus
Coca-Cola Company Warehouse Shipping/Forklift (Production) 3rd Shift Overnight, $22.50/Hr. Columbus
Lululemon Warehouse Floor Lead Columbus
Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc. Warehouse Associate - UPS (8am-6:30pm) Columbus
Qurate Retail Group Receiving Manager Columbus
Manpower USA Forklift Driver II Columbus Grove
Midway Products Group 2nd shift Team Leader-Ship & Rec. Columbus Grove
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in columbus. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 18:32 akak_7 Moving to Salt Lake City from Europe

Dear all,
First of all, I hope my post is appropriate for this subreddit. I am a Spanish citizen who has been living in Germany for a few years. I have recently been offered a postdoc position in Salt Lake City and I am seriously considering accepting it. However, I have some questions that I hope some of you local residents can help me with in order to make an informed decision.
  1. My girlfriend is an architect from Brazil who currently holds a work visa in Germany (previously a student visa). She completed her studies in Brazil and then again in Germany since her qualifications were not recognized here. While we have been in a long-term relationship, we are not legally engaged. I assume that obtaining a visa for myself won't be an issue since I would be moving with a job offer, but I am wondering if my girlfriend would be able to accompany me. If so, would she be able to find work as an architect in Salt Lake City, either with her Brazilian or German qualifications? What is the current state of the construction market there?
  2. The starting salary for the postdoc position is approximately 55k per year before taxes. I would like to know if this salary would be sufficient to support two people, considering rent and general living expenses, especially considering that my girlfriend might need some time to find a job and that we are considering having kids soon.
  3. I have come across quite a bit of negativity on Reddit regarding the United States in terms of employee rights, salaries, and the cost of living. However, I am aware that information on the internet can be exaggerated, so I would appreciate hearing your opinions on the situation in Utah/Salt Lake City. Is the city and surrounding area safe? Life in Germany is currently calm and enjoyable with decent salaries, although the cost of living is rising, it is still manageable. The security and openness here are important factors for me, and I am hesitant to leave it all behind for something worse, considering I am already an immigrant here due to the better living conditions.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and I appreciate any insights or advice you can provide.
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2023.06.01 17:53 The_Snake_Dick [TexansCap] How Houston could structure a contract for DeAndre Hopkins worth $16.0m fully guaranteed (up to $17.0m).

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2023.06.01 17:11 RPh_Comp_Dashboard Pharmacist Compensation Survey Results - May 2023

Hello fellow pharmacists,
First of all, THANK YOU to everyone that has already taken the Pharmacist Compensation survey!
The ultimate goal of this project is to empower pharmacists. This type of openness helps to decrease gender and racial pay gaps, improves working conditions, and more.
So far in 2023, the interactive Pharmacist Compensation Dashboard now represents data for:
Here are the ranges of Total Wages reported for Top 5 Areas of Pharmacy* (based on number of participants):

Area of Pharmacy Job Title Median Wages Range of Wages
Retail Floater Pharmacist $122,200 $60,000 -- $187,000
Staff Pharmacist $125,500 $51,000 - $225,500
Pharmacy Manager $153,800 $85,000 - $253,000
District Manager $250,000 $183,000 - $296,000
Hospital Resident $50,500 $41,232 - $68,810
Staff Pharmacist $126,000 $70,000 - $209,000
Clinical Pharmacist $131,000 $100,000 - $226,754
Informatics Pharmacist $138,000 $92,952 - $213,250
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist $140,000 $104,182 - $205,000
Supervisor $158,000 $140,000 - $187,317
Pharmacy Manager $154,500 $130,000 - $243,000
Director of Pharmacy $181,000 $112,000 - $254,000
Industry/Pharma ** ** $70,000 - $520,000
Ambulatory Care ** ** $92,000 - $230,000
PBM/Managed Care ** ** $112,000 - $235,000
\Top 5 Areas of Pharmacy calculated by total number of survey results*
**Did not list Job Titles due to large number of different avenues/departments
The Median Wages column includes salary + bonus + overtime for the corresponding job title/position.
Another thank you for those who have provided feedback/suggestions to the survey, website, and dashboard. Please continue to provide constructive feedback to improve the usefulness and functionality.
FYI - There are a list of FAQs in the comments.
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2023.06.01 15:33 boobookitty-99 Need Advice

What is the best way to negotiate for an increase in my salary and a title change?
I currently work as a marketing and communications assistant for a small construction company. I am also a marketing team of one. I've been going through the motions about whether I should start looking for a new job or just stay put where I am. I've been with the company since September of last year.
To give you some context, this is my first full-time role since I graduated last spring. I'm a 27 y/o female. Achieving my bachelors took a little longer than some, but I worked multiple part-time jobs the entire time I was in school and I did a few internships here and there. If you combine all of that, I do have a few years of experience in my field.
When I accepted this role I knew I was going to be a team of one. Although my title is assistant, I don't really feel like an assistant at all. I don't know if I'm more of a coordinator or a manager. The only person I report to and collaborate with is my boss who is the VP of sales. He honestly prefers to be less hands-on. He's fine with me taking control of everything, the only thing he wants to approve is the budgets to make sure we're not overspending or anything like that. The person who was in this role before me, started as the marketing manager and then they were promoted to the marketing and communications director before leaving the company. I'm doing everything the person before me was doing.
When it's time for my employee evaluation, I would like to renegotiate my salary and my title. What should my new title be? Manager is weird because I'm not really managing anyone and director seems like a bit of a stretch since I'm still considered to be entry-level. What should I ask for in terms of my salary?
My base salary is 55k. According to our company handbook, raises aren't given out based on years with the company or experience. I actually asked for a raise in January (yes, I know this was probably super fast - but I did this based on other coworkers telling me they got their first raise after 3 months. And based on our policy regarding raises, I thought why the hell not). I didn't get the raise but my boss capped my annual bonus this year at $5,000 which will bring my salary to $60k by the end of the year. I'd like to ask for my base salary to be brought to $61k or $62k with my bonus hopefully bringing me to $67k or $68k. Does this sound too unreasonable? I have no experience with negotiating pay so I'm not really sure how to navigate this. I know my worth though and I think the company does too. I just don't want to get too far down the line and I'm being taken advantage of.
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2023.06.01 14:59 scondigital00 What is the highest salary for a land surveyor?

" One company that offers competitive salaries for land surveyors is SCON Design India Pvt Ltd.
. The company has a reputation for offering attractive compensation packages to its employees, including land surveyors. However, those who work for companies like SCON Design India Pvt Ltd can expect to earn a highly competitive salary that reflects their skills and expertise in the field.
Land surveying is a critical aspect of the construction and development industry, and it involves measuring and mapping land boundaries, as well as determining property lines and establishing legal property rights. One of the companies that offer lucrative salaries to land surveyors is Scon Design India Pvt Ltd, a prominent multidisciplinary engineering firm with a focus on infrastructure development.

The highest salary for a land surveyor varies depending on the level of experience and the responsibilities involved. In general, a senior land surveyor who has several years of experience can earn up to INR 8-10 lakhs per annum in India. Scon Design India Pvt Ltd is known to offer competitive salaries to land surveyors that match their skills and experience levels.

Working for Scon Design India Pvt Ltd as a land surveyor comes with several benefits, including professional development opportunities, a supportive work environment, and competitive compensation packages.. Scon Design India Pvt Ltd is one of the companies that offer attractive compensation packages to land surveyors based on their skills and expertise levels."
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

#landsurveyor #surveyor #landsurveying #surveylife
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2023.06.01 13:56 Independent-Size-BIG Looking To Hire Structural Engineers For Louisville, Kentucky

Currently Looking to Hire A Structural Engineer With 3+ Years of Experience In Louisville, KY. The salary range is from 85 - 120k+ depending on experience.. This is a full time On-Site position with benefits that are listed below. If you would like to inquire about the job please inbox me and we can go over the details of the position. Projects sizes vary and will be discussed further if you are interested.
Job Responsibilities: • Manage multiple structural engineering projects simultaneously, including planning, • coordination, and execution. • Develop and maintain project schedules, budgets, and resource allocations to ensure • timely and cost-effective project delivery. • Lead project teams, providing guidance and support throughout the project lifecycle. • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to gather project requirements and • develop engineering solutions. • Conduct structural analysis and design to ensure compliance with industry standards and • regulatory requirements. • Review project plans, specifications, and drawings for accuracy and completeness. • Monitor project progress, identify potential risks, and implement corrective measures to • ensure project objectives are met. • Assist in construction support activities including responses to requests for information • (RFIs), submittal reviews, construction site visits, and design revisions/management of • changes. • Foster strong client relationships by addressing their concerns, resolving issues, and • providing exceptional customer service.
Qualifications and Required Skills: • Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering or a related field. Master's degree is a plus. • Professional Engineer (PE) license is required. • Minimum 2-4 years of experience in structural engineering. • Strong knowledge of structural engineering principles, codes, and regulations. • Proficiency in using structural engineering software, such as AutoCAD, Revit, RISA, , • ETABS, or similar. • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously, meeting deadlines and • budgetary constraints. • Excellent leadership and team management skills, with the ability to collaborate • effectively with cross-functional teams. • Detail-oriented with strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. • Proven track record of successful project delivery and client satisfaction. • Knowledge of and practical application of various regulatory codes and design manuals • (IBC, ASCE 7, ACI 318, AISC, etc.)
Rewards & Benefits: • Competitive salary based on experience and education. • Medical insurance for the employee (75% of premium cost paid by employer). • • Dental and vision insurance for the employee (100% of premium cost paid by employer). • Spouse & children’s insurance can be obtained at competitive group rates. • Paid time off bank (vacation/sick). • 401(k) retirement savings plan • Profit sharing plan
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2023.06.01 13:45 CrazyChubWitch Let me rant please... a very long one

I resigned last year from one of the top 5 company in the country to start a business with my sister. It was a good job and a really high paying one, pero I decided to quit kase we were ordered to report back to office na, from "work from home set-up" and im living in Bulacan, usual travel time to BGC is about 2hours with car. Marami nanghihinayang sa decision ko, 1. kase my boss back then has a reputation as one of the cool boss in the company, which is true naman talaga, 2. My salary! I adjusted it 30% lower from my previous job kase nga we will just start and we are supposed to be partner ng sister ko, so sabi ko I will adjust it once operational na kame 3. Perks and bonuses in working in a big corporation 4. My sister's husband is a certified A-hole in the family, mayabang, mahilig mag powertrip and medyo bobo naman.
Despite those reasons, I still resigned kase sa akin, sister ko naman kausap ko... and our verbal agreement, sa akin ang company at client ko lang sila and I just need to return their investment and its profit once kumikita na (they are based abroad and non-Filipino citizen na) and since the industry we want to enter ang requirement sa owner should be Filipino Citizen, di din naman sila talaga pwede.
One year after my resignation, the government office is still processing my license, and hindi namin pwede galawin yung required na minimum start up money, while di kame approve, so wala pa ako sweldo and everything na nilalakad ang ginagastos ko are from my savings and the money I received as separation pay from my previous job.
and hindi na lang yung brother in law ko yung nagiging a-hole, even my sister, nahawa na at dine deny lahat ng verbal agreement namin, and started bullying me, by saying random negative stuff behind my back. good thing, my other sister na dati na nilang partner, was being fair at sya yung nag papatunay ng mga original namin na pag uusap. And yung mga employee nya dito who were victims of her husband powertripping nasa akin ang loyalty, kaya pag may any instructions sila against me, naka report na agad sa akin.
they are showing na yung power tripping ability nila. Asking their staff to get the money from me to buy a car, eh hindi ko nga kinukuha salary ko kase required na intact yung capital namin. And some other stuff na sa iba tao nila pinapadaan and not directly to me. Ngayon, they are trying to get rid of our other sister, kase nga pinagtatanggol ako.
I have a best friend na lawyer na from the start, hinihingian ko advise, he told me pa nung una yung original namin pag uusap masyado ako lugi pero ang reason ko is kapatid ko naman and at the same time wala nga ako pinirmahan na naka receive ako malaki halaga sa kanila so dapat i return their trust.
Then narinig nung mag asawa na may kino consult ako lawyer (which wala talaga malisya pag consult ko- barkada consultation lang) they tried to established kung totoo ako may lawyer. When I told my lawyer friend, he told me give them his number and email, he will talk to them, kase wala nga sila proof na binigyan nila ko puhunan, pero wala ako plan itakbo at sila yung nag breach sa agreement namin. Pero they just asked din naman yung staff nila to call my lawyer hahah. That's 1 thing about my brother in law, mayabang pero wala balls and my sister don't like face to face confrontation.
Btw, pinatigil ko yung construction ng bahay ko, kase nga na hold na yung pera ko sa company, so im just renting right now. And my 86years old father and my youngest sister na pwd are living with me, and i don't receive any help from anyone for a long time now. Yung iba ko siblings were helping me before pandemic, pero natigil. Pero my "investor sister" never help me with my father's gastusin kahit naospital sya last december and nandito sila buo pamilya, they didn't even visited my father in the hospital nga eh. Pero may photo ops sila palagi and press release of how they are supporting a foundation. May mga post pa palagi on social media, na advocacy nila tumulong sa mga friends and relatives in need.
Pang asar lang - i posted a photo of my father holding 2boxes of urostomy bags, he received as donation from an NGO. How ironic na they keep on posting in socmed how they want to help other people pero ni hindi nila kinukumusta yung tao inside their own backyard...
I don't know ano yung magiging endgame, we will have a formal meeting on June 7, maybe I will ask my lawyer friend to be there coz i feel so emotional. Wish me luck!
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2023.06.01 12:18 Bleu_boye Medicine as a career choice

I welcome my seniors and juniors to add to my discourse ( bhashan / rant / updesh ) in a constructive manner. This is meant for the lurkers who haven't entered medicine or thinking about investing in a donation/mgt/nri seat.
Super speciality = sub specialisation ( bahar mein )
Usa, U do btech or similar 4/3 yr degree Followed by mbbs (called md) in usa. You need 1 yr internship/residency to practice like GP. Most as in 99% don't practice like that and infact do residency of 3-7 yrs depending on specialisation and sub specialisation.
As Indian mbbs after clearing usmle 1 2 ck & cs and 3 u can enter usa.
Canada doesn't take own citizen let alone indian. Bypass needs either uk or Australian license.
Uk Plab1&2 & oet/etc Or Mrcp/mrcs/mrcog etc these exams don't infer a degree just needed to enter higher specialisation.
Indian cam sit directly after mbbs for mrcp etc and enter training of get a seat in ct3/st3 level, and also will get gmc registered.
Nz doesn't allow outsiders directly if have gmc or amc can enter .
Australia similar to us and uk.
Remember in India if parents/rishtedaar frends say mbbs kar le fir maza , ignore them.
If you're avg student , 2 yrs drop mbbs 6 yrs mbbs 2 yrs drop pg 3 yrs pg 2-5 yrs pg bond 1 yr prep for ss 3 yrs ss 2-5 yrs ss bond.
After that you're salary would be 4-5 lakhs pm.
Do BCA/btech get industry certifications know how it industry works try to get industry exp as much as possible Do masters or mba u earn same salary and more.
Doctor will start earning at 45 years. You will start earning 2 lakhs pm at 25-26 years.
By the time you're 45 you can buy flat car childresn higher edum, or even retire if saved and invested big.
Doctor middle aged no savings just started will be living paycheq to paycheq for some time as need to settle down and higher aspirations since older and frustrated with non medical part of life.
Remember salary is poor for docs in Europe side but QoL is good. But you can have munny and QoL with some other degree.
Also as an it professional or engg u don't need to cross licensing hurdles in many jurisdictions. It's easier to be a nurse or med tech and earn more or same as a doc with nice life in us etc.
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2023.06.01 10:09 Deltora1103 WIBTAH for suing my mother over my profit she's refusing to give me

(I apologize in advance, English is my second language)
My mom(53f) told me (21f) some time ago that she had this great business idea she would like to set up and asked me if I would like to be part of. It did sound great and would create a lot of profit so I instantly agreed. I am a university student so I don't really have a stable source of income but I managed to save up a reasonable amount of money which was half of the capital needed and she paid the other half then started the business.
She was the one overseeing it and everything as I didn't have much time with my classes and everything. So six months later I decided to ask her for my share of profit from the business as I noticed that it was actually doing fairy well. She looks up at me in confusion and asks "what profit?" Which confuses me more so I tell her the one from the business and looking very offended she asks me how can I even ask her about it when she has been using it on our daily expenses at home ( I live with her but I'm planning to move out in November) She also says that she has been using the profit in the construction of our other house something which she had said would be covered by her salary
I am a law student so my mind instinctively went to suing her, but she's still my mother so would I be the AH if I decide to go ahead and sue her even though the house she's building technically belongs to us all?
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2023.06.01 07:45 No_Tomatillo_406 Musings about new CBA and the restrictions placed on teams above the second apron. Is it really that bad for some teams?

So I have heard many analysts describe the new rules in the CBA regarding the second apron (17.5 million above luxury line) as a "hard cap". Bill Simons (I know) pretty much assumed it was a hard cap and went on some rant about letting grant Williams walk and trading JB. But, am I crazy to think that many people are making a bigger deal out of it than it really is and that many teams will just blow right thru it?
If a team goes over the second apron some restrictions are placed on them (no MLE, can't take back more salary than you send out in a trade, can't sign buyout guys, restrictions on trading 1st round picks). I can see how these restrictions can be onerous for teams that aren't super well constructed right now as it limits their flexibility to build a good roster. For example, I can see how this really hurts the Suns as they try to build a solid bench around KD and Book. I get that.
To me these new rules dramatically increase the importance of bird right on player (i.e. roughly speaking a rule that allows teams to go above the cap to sign a player who has been under contract with the team for 2 or more years). For teams that are competing for the championship who have 7 to 8 solid dudes (realistic rotation in playoffs), I could see them blowing thru the cap and doing anything they can to sign players they have bird rights to. For example, in looking at the rosters and contracts of players on Boston, Cleveland, Memphis, Pelicans, and Denver, all these teams have hefty payrolls, have 7-8 guys that are solid rotational players and on the better side of 30. It seems reasonable for these teams to conclude that they are likely going to go over the second apron no matter what and so they might well not go partially over but just blow it out of the water by retaining all players with bird rights (assuming owner is willing to pay luxury tax). That seems like the best chance of winning than carefully orchestrating contracts to slip right below the second apron.
In the case of the Celtics, sure everyone wants to poke fun at them b/c they lost and people are talking about trading JB and letting Grant Williams walk. I look at it like in all likelihood the Celtics are better with JB than with whoever they get in return. with JB and JT and everyone else one the roster you are likely over the second apron. Knowing that and restrictions that places, I am trying to re-sign grant Williams, even if I have to pay him 15 to 20 mil a year, because I know filling that roster spot with a decent rotational player will be hard.
For Memphis, next year they will have to do a deal with Desmond Bane and that will get them close to the second apron. That really make the Dillon brooks situation interesting. Sure he takes ill-advised shots and runs his mouth a bit, but his bird rights are tempting considering his roster spot would be replaced by if they let him walk.
Denver is interesting because they have a 9.5 mil trade exceptions expiring this summer and another 4 mil trade exception expiring at trade deadline. If I am them, I am blowing thru the second apron and putting these exceptions to work to try and get another solid playoff rotational player even if they are on a bad contract. At the end of the contract they at least have bird rights to a decent player.
For all teams likely going over the second apron soon, the MLE will be super interesting this off season. I think teams won't offer MLEs to these one and done, second year player options guys (ie. DiVincenzo, Bruce Brown). They will make MLE offers w/o player option so at the end of the contract they at least have early bird rights. This may mean not going after the top MLE guys.
In essence I think many teams have more to gain by rolling with their current squad and blowing thru second apron than preserving future flexibility/optionality for making a trade. Am I making sense here?
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2023.06.01 05:02 roxoase Graduating student dilemma: to teach or to work in the industry

Long post ahead
TL;DR I am a graduating CPE student and I am presented with a teaching opportunity by our department chair as a full time college instructor with a relatively high salary (30k above). Do I risk career stagnation if I pursued that opportunity? Would it be hard to enter the industry coming from a college instructor job? Is starting small in the industry more worth it in the long run? I hope to hear your thoughts on my dilemma.
If you want to know the context about the question or if you have the time to entertain my semi-rant, please continue reading below.
Context: So I'm a graduating computer engineering student from one of the top(?) universities in Region VII this June with a latin honor distinction. These past few weeks, I have been focusing my efforts in job hunting while upskilling and it really is indeed exhausting.
I initially received an offer very early on after passing one of the campus recruitment exam done by a company which we were incentivized to attend for additional grades on a certain subject. It had a decent starting salary (~22k for probationary) with an extensive training program pero I rejected it because I thought at that time I deserved better and the 2 year bond was one of the things that deterred me from taking the opportunity. In hindsight, I guess I was too out of touch with reality.
After rejecting my one and only JO, I was met with the reality of job hunting. It was then I realized that entry level roles that required no experience was very scarce, especially ones that provide intensive training. It was also around this time that I realized that I was not able to retain any of the essential knowledge that I should have focused on during my academic years. Basically I consider myself as a mediocre programmer (I can't even program without looking at cheat sheets and stackoverflow) who doesn't even understand by heart the concepts of object oriented programming and data structures. I somehow envy some of my peers because they have built quite a portfolio and learned a lot of tech stack early on, all while performing excellently in class on top of that.
Anyway, job hunting really humbled me. I realized I have a whole lot to learn and I can't be picky about roles since I've got little skills to offer. I initially intended to apply only to software development jobs but lately I have started to apply for Technical Support Desk, NOC Engineer, Analyst, basically any entry level role that requires no experience based on the job posting as long as it is remotely relevant to my field of study. I even got desperate to the point that I emailed a company that I really like to work for in order to follow up on my application more than a month after the technical interview, even though I know deep inside that I flunked that interview. I emailed just to feel like I'm doing something productive since there were no more entry level roles to send my application to for the time being. The response indeed confirmed my suspicion, because the reply stated that what they need is someone which is proficient in programming.
Unexpectedly, I just got a PM from our dept chair (on the same night I got the response to my follow up email stated above) asking if I already accepted any offers or if I'm interested in applying as a full-time instructor for our college faculty. The ballpark figure of the possible salary shocked me quite a bit since it's higher than any entry level salary that I could possibly get in my current level (above 30k). I initially said yes because I am open to any opportunity that comes at this point as long as it's within my field of study.
I was initially excited at first but then I started to wonder about my possible career progression in case I decide to really pursue the opportunity. I really need advice on whether starting my career as a college instructor is a good choice, or would it stagnate my career. Would it be hard to enter the industry at a later time if I chose such career option? Assuming I am indifferent and unbiased im exploring both options, what could you suggest: to start small in the industry and gain domain knowledge and skills over time that would increase salary drastically in the long run, or start with a relatively high salary but risk career stagnation (is it really a risk?). I would really appreciate people who would give sound career advice, provide constructive feedback, or point out any misconceptions that I may have assumed.
Also, if you managed to reach this part, thank you for taking your time to listen to the uncertainty, confusion, and indecisiveness of an internet stranger.
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2023.06.01 04:48 BerwindFalls Current Construction Cape Construction Costs

Warning...this is a dreaded housing post!
I recently moved back to the Cape (Sandwich) after many years living away. I returned for a really exciting job and I was unbelievably fortunate to find a really great rental. The job is basically my dream job in so many ways, and I would love to stick with it for as long as possible.
My rental situation is a true miracle at a time when so many are suffering and without housing. Unfortunately, after a year, my rent is going to up - WAY up - nearly double. Even though I have an excellent salary for my field, it will exceed my capacity. This is where construction comes in.
I work in the architecture field. I have lots of experience with residential design/build. My masters thesis was actually about Cape Cod's housing crisis! Like virtually everybody else in the world, my ideal scenario would be to get a foothold in the housing market. Obviously, that won't be happening - everything worth setting foot in is $600k + and critical inventory shortages have sellers feeling bullish. Not to mention the interest rates. And I'm single income.
Because of this, I really want to explore what I could do with new construction. Yes, I know - it's likely worse. Cape builders mostly cater to super wealthy buyers; I'm noticing that regular "small" houses are seldom built. BUT - I am seriously thinking of what would be required to make a 1,200 square foot (max) two bedroom house. This is what I know to date:
- New Title 5 laws are going to likely double the cost of septic installs (nitrogen filtering) and most of the Cape is without sewer still.
- Modular units are being explored. I think I might be able to get modular construction costs down below 400 per foot. (For those who don't know, this is not manufactured - a modular house is built the same as a regular custom, stick-framed dwelling, just in a facility and with materials purchased in bulk)
- Local builders are quoting me $800 - $1,500 per sqft - Is this right? I mean, yeah, inflation and Covid and whatever - but that's nuts. And we're not talking super lux stuff either - that was $856 per square foot, builder grade. No wonder there's no housing!

I would love feedback from builders, developers, folks who have bought/built new since 2020. Any information helps! I want to get a good idea of what the numbers might really look like. Depending on the size of the house (and how much sweat equity I put in) building just might be cheaper than buying.
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2023.06.01 03:51 marzimelow Is it okay to be choosy?

Hi. Need advice :/
I am a fresh graduate last year and been looking for a job for 6 months na. I have been getting offers pero di nagcoconnect well sakin ung mga offers either dahil sa position, culture or salary. Di naman ganon kagrabe ung financial needs ng family ko and they have been supportive with my decisions kahit medyo natatagalan na sa paghanap ng work. Pero medyo naprepressure narin me haha. Nagaaral ako ng frontend dev since graduating (I graduated from a non cs/ it course) and my projects narin me na nagawa. Currently learning React.js narin.
Right now I have a job offer which is less than my asking, walang inooffer na certifications for growth more on knowledge sharing lang daw about sa tasks and own laptop pa gamit. But in the brightside, wfh siya and full stack position.
Idk if it's bad or nagiging choosy lang ako ?
Edit: Thank you for all the comments. Naenjoy ko magbasa ng different perspectives and constructive criticisms niyo.
Just to give more details about sa tinanggihan kong offers. This is actually the second offer na related sa web dev talaga which is gusto kong field. Previous offers were rejected bc of positions offered ay di related sa web dev (and i know some ppl would fault me on this haha). The first company that offered related to web dev showed red flags dahil 3 lang devs nila tas walang senior daw so I thought I wouldn't learn much.
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2023.06.01 03:22 Active_Object9232 First time home buyer - rent out after a year

My wife and I recently moved to Dallas, TX and have been renting an apartment for the past 6 months. We are looking to buy a house once the lease is up in December around the northern side of Dallas where the housing market is 'booming'. Our intent is to buy a house to live in it for a year or two and rent it out then buy another.
We have been looking into new constructions for single family home or townhome with upper limit of 500k but that seems to be a tight limit for new construction homes so we have been thinking maybe we should consider older homes like built in 2015. The reason we are looking for new construction is because we want to buy the first home as investment but we'd love to buy one that we'd love to live in and would not require too much fix up.
My wife and I make 200k as combined salary and we are planning to do 3.5% (FHA) or 5% (Conventional) downpayment and keep the mortgage price under $5000.
My question is, what would you do if you were in my shoes? do you think 500k limit for either new build or pre-owned home sounds like a good plan for the first residential home which will be investment in the future? What are some tips you'd like to share for me?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 02:21 ShampooMonK Why there is no need for doom and gloom - Jaylen Brown's supermax contract really isn't that big of a deal

  1. The core of the Jays essentially should be kept together, and will emphatically guarantee us contention.
For the active duos or (trios) in the NBA that haven't won a championship, Tatum and Brown have made it to the ECF 4 times, and the Finals once. Did it stink to lose in the Finals? Yes. Did it suck to lose game 7 of the ECF this past week? Absolutely.
In almost every consecutive season for us, we are basically guaranteed a ECF appearance. We've made it past the 2nd round, except the one year where Brown got injured, and we had the Kyrie Irving disaster fiasco of a year. Most NBA teams would salivate at the thought of having that much success in recent years, let alone even the fact that the core we have is under 27, (the age when players start hitting their prime,) and before the doomers want to say, "oh CHAMPIONSHIPS OR BUST, HERP DERP, DERP!" Injuries, luck, and roster construction play a major key role in that opportunity to nail a championship. Only one team wins it. I think the Celtics will win 1 or even more later the road, which I'll touch upon later. Most ESPN pundits and NBA analysts thought that the Brooklyn Nets big 3 of Irving, Harden, and Durant was going to win at least one ring. And they didn't even get to the Finals once, while they sacrificed plenty of young players for superstars that will eventually go past their prime due to injuries and workload over the years; with the addition of mortgaging their future picks down the road, so they can't ever tank, (hmmm... Wait, where have I heard this before?)
And before people say that paying or committing to a core that will take in about roughly ~40% of the cap is over exaggerating which leads to my next point. (We're also ignoring the fact that the salary cap will rise.)
  1. The fog of despair that has been clouding this subreddit over money concerns are baseless and nonsensical.
Wyc has stated many times that he's committed to paying for a contender, which even though we lost the ECF, that's what we are. The new CBA rules only restrict overpaying for roleplayers, the MLE buyout, and the draft pick penalty doesn't concern us that much because we would be picking in the late rounds anyways. This forces us to find and develop either undrafted/overseas players, which we have had acquired some great success to that, (Daniel Theis bears in mind,) and sign any ring chasing vets to the minimum.
We have Marcus Smart, Al Horford, Derrick White, Malcolm Brogdon, and Robert Williams all signed on for reasonable years which will last us at least 2 years. And that's really when the supermax will kick in after Tatum gets his supermax, and even when he does, we will technically have another year after. This means we have a 2 year window with the current team before Brad Stevens has to retool and rework the roster so we would have to drastically make some serious roster changes.
I mean look at the MLE. Are we really that concerned about that? Other than Gallinari, who have we really brought in that has been a huge 'factor,' to contention? Tristan Thompson? I think a lot of us are just imagining the worst case scenario instead of putting the trust in Stevens and Co.
  1. Jaylen Brown is not worth a supermax.
This is all conjecture. Cue the incoming he can't drive, he can't dribble, he can't score, he's one dimensional, and he's useless on offense/defense. Jaylen is and always has developed and worked on parts of his game.
Jaylen was a top 14 scorer in the league in total points, and qualified for top 9 scorer in the league with PPG. 27 games out of 67, he's had 4 or more assists, and to act like he's some 'one-dimensional player,' is false. He's arguably one of the best elite mid-range 2PT shooters in the league with a ridiculous 54.2% shots between 10 and 16 feet this season. I would like to see him utilize that more as his bread and butter in the future playoffs. As for his 3P % going down, he's still hitting an amazing 38% on wide open 3's, and 44.1% on catch and shoot. This applies to Tatum as well. It's because of increased defensive attention and teams scheming to shut the Jays down, teams are now contesting Brown heavily, and Tatum gets doubled or trapped at the 3 point line because of his ability to score and create. He used to get over 15% of his threes as wide open shots, and now this year it's gone down to 6.3%.
As for his turnovers were up, his TOV rates if you base it on a per-36/per possession rates, their basically identical. Even if you look at the playoffs, other than the last awful game 7 showing, he's been consistently the same AST to turnover ratio kind of guy.
And to act like Jaylen Brown isn't going to suddenly try to make any improvements in his weaknesses is just being obtuse. He cares about the city, he wants to do better, and he's definitely going to be in the film session and training to absolve whatever problems plagued him in the playoffs.
  1. If the new CBA rules are going to 'punish,' the Celtics, it's going to screw over everyone else.
Take a look at the Bucks, Heat, and 76ers. The Bucks at this moment are facing essentially the same problem that the Celtics will face in a few years, except their window is closing now and they are headed to an off-season where Middleton, (PLAYER OPTION,) and Lopez will keep their tax bill astronomically high. They are also an aging roster, where Jrue is going to be 33, Lopez is 34, Middleton is going to be 32.
The Miami Heat will also see their cap space take a huge jump due to Herro's extension, and Vincent, Strus, and Love are all going to hit free agency. If they bring any of the following 3 back, it's gonna land them further into the tax.
76ers are definitely on their way, especially if try to retain players like Nian, McDaniels, Reed, Milton, etc. And that's not even factoring in the Harden extension, which at this point, they have no choice as it seems like Harden is the best fit for maximizing Embiid's championship chances.
I haven't even gone into the the Knicks or Cleveland, because the former is going to be in tax, especially if they bring back Josh Hart, (which they will,) and if the Cavaliers don't succeed well with the roster, you could see Donovan Mitchell eventually getting tired of losing and request a trade.
If the Celtics are being punished for drafting well and having to make decisions to keep their All-NBA wings, so be it. I get the NBA is trying to spread more parity throughout the league, doesn't mean that the Celtics need to rush into anything. We still have about 2 years before there needs to be some immediate changes to the roster, but as of right now all we really need to do is add some pieces to the roster, acquire a back up big man and a wing to help spell Horford, Timelord, and the Jays.
Place your trust in Stevens and Mike Zarren, they haven't done anything to break that.
  1. Coaching.
This one is a sore subject for me.
I'm not too sure about the future of Joe Mazzulla here.
Ultimately Stevens will give Mazzulla a chance to redeem himself. People forget that there were a lack of assistant coaches, and Damon Stoudamire left mid-season, (my assumption is that he got miffed at being stiffed for the head coaching job and that resulted in some animosity,) and Mazzulla was literally named the head coach one day before media day began. 4 coaches in 4 years. There is no continuity. I was upset at Mazzulla for several reasons, but I think we need to give him a chance. If he messes up, I have no doubt Stevens will eventually look for his predecessor. But as of now, get him some assistant coaches like Stephen Silas or Frank Vogel to get him some help and then go from there. A lot of the Celtics gave him ringing endorsements after the post-game interviews, and he was able to help them rally from a 3-0 deficit.
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2023.06.01 01:22 CuzViet Lock in money for a year at 10% gains or save up for another downpayment

About me -
Annual Salary is about 220k (2 clients, although I can lose one of the clients at any time. Each client is 110k). This is a pretty new development, so my savings are on the lower end in comparison.
Savings (NOT INCLUDING RETIREMENT)- 20k in cash. 8k in for fun stocks. 11k in I-bonds.
Retirement - Probably 30k. I don't look at them often.
I own 1 airbnb which brings in 3k a month steady income (long term bookings). Half of that goes into the mortgage and bills. I bought the house and spent 8 months fixing it up. Bought for 190k and house is likely worth 270k now.
Was looking at purchasing a new investment property soon, but I can't find any fixer uppers on the market that would be worth throwing myself at. Honestly, I probably won't see any good ones until maybe October-November. Maybe saw a few on auction sites, but I don't really know how to navigate those.
A family member owns a commercial real estate company and is selling 1 year bonds at 10%, backed by current property they own (using the money to finish construction and selling). This is something they do every once in a while and has seen returns consistently, so it's a safe investment.
Anyways, my questions
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2023.06.01 00:00 Active_Object9232 Newbie buying first home in Dallas

Hello all my beautiful people of realestateinvesting,
My wife and I recently moved to Dallas, TX and have been renting an apartment for the past 6 months. We are looking to buy a house once the lease is up in December around the northern side of Dallas where the housing market is 'booming'. Our intent is to buy a house to live in it for a year or two and rent it out then buy another.
We have been looking into new constructions for single family home or townhome with upper limit of 500k but that seems to be a tight limit for new construction homes so we have been thinking maybe we should consider older homes like built in 2015. The reason we are looking for new construction is because we want to buy the first home as investment but we'd love to buy one that we'd love to live in and would not require too much fix up.
My wife and I make 200k as combined salary and we are planning to do 3.5% (FHA) or 5% (Conventional) downpayment and keep the mortgage price under $5000.
My question to you all beautiful people is, what would you do if you were in my shoes? do you think 500k limit for either new build or pre-owned home sounds like a good plan for the first residential home which will be investment in the future? What are some tips you'd like to share for me?
Thanks in advance!
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