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2023.04.11 00:01 HaveClothesWillTrave Is Light in the Box Legit? Honest LightintheBox Review: MUST-READ Before Ordering

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2023.03.14 13:33 SchouDK Alt for mange scuf / fake hjemmesider?

Kære hestenet, Jeg har på det seneste søgt efter en del forskellig ting jeg ville købe på nettet, men hver gang jeg tjekker de “lukrative” hjemmesider på trust pilot så ender det med den ene en stjerne anmeldelse efter den anden. Her er nogen af de eksempler jeg er løbet på, hvor det værste er de fleste af dem tilsyneladlig har en god score indtil man kigger på hvad folk har lagt op.
Hvor kommer alle de skod sider fra? Synes ikke det plejer at være sådan.
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2023.03.11 00:59 sun-dried_rasins I’m trying to find where I could buy this dress, I found it on lightinthebox but the reviews for the website aren’t great so I’m not sure if it’s originally from there

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2023.02.19 04:00 PastelTeddy Prom dress

Prom dress
Ok so I found this dress from prom I really want cause I’ve been looking for a good starry theme type of dress I found this one on a website lightinthebox and I’ve had it saved for months and researching but the reviews are so mixed I’m not sure what to do I don’t really want to risk it or have it show up super late if at all but I don’t know where to find a similar dress that’s in a good price range and real. Help asap would be greatly appreciated and if you have any shop recommendations that could meet my requirements I would appreciate it super duper much!
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2023.01.31 20:22 Alwaysnapping9 Has anybody bought this dress by chance???

I'm debating if I want to make the plunge and buy a light in the box dress. There are no reviews, but the dress is stunning. I know it won't be the exact same as the pictures, but would love to see how similaclose it is!! Thanks.
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2023.01.21 11:44 garrisonroo Cotosen are scammers. I have put in a Transaction Dispute request to my bank, I want to get my money back.

By doing a reverse image (plagiarism) search through Google image, I found that Cotosen had the same images of high quality clothing as,,,, and
I want a refund for my purchase of Men's Outdoor Vintage Contrast Colour Henley Collar XL Khaki Shirt, which was sent to my address in Australia and had the price as $29.99 plus delivery of $10.99 to be a total of $40.98, but when I looked at my bank records it showed I had paid $60.68. When I discovered this I found the price had quoted was in US dollars, even though they advertise in Australia and the faulty shirt was sent to an Australian address, and when I look in Orders on their website it still says $29.99 (no mention of the currency) even though their address is in Hong Kong and my bank payment records shows it was received in Kent County Great Britain.
The shirt is useless. There is a white mark about 4cm long on the front of the shirt, it looks like a trace of bleach, the button holes are not holes and it is impossible to button up the shirt, and the dye on the shirt is very blotchy.
I cancelled my order, after reading reviews of cotosen as being a scam, on 01/01/2023 the day after I had placed my order and two hours (14:39) before they sent me an email at 16:35 to say the shirt had been shipped.
I will continue to request reversal of my payment made to them, through the process called Transaction Dispute by my bank, and as a precaution I cancelled my debit card, please see the reviews below which describe them as a scamming company.
I got email replies from them, possibly because I cc copies of all correspondence to my bank, and first Norman of service at offered me a voucher for $11 (unclear if this is $US or $AU), and when I asked for their address to send it back to them for a full refund, I got a reply from Arganda Jen, with an offer of a partial refund of $8. I have not yet got their return address.
And I wonder if their Hong Kong address is correct because when I look up the address on your website it is Unit 17, 9/f., New Mandarin Plaza No 14 Science Museum Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon Hong Kong, but I can only find Import Genius as the occupants.
And when I dial +85253479176, which is the phone number on their website, I always get a recorded message saying "The number you have dialled cannot be reached at the moment. Please try again later."
And I found another address for Cotosen as being in Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong where they also trade as Topin Trading.
When I did a search of Cotosen reviews I found an extraordinary range of negative reviews which reported them as a scamming organisation from:-
    9. YouTube Cotosen scam
And, the tracking platform they use, also has a terrible reputation, as being used by scamming companies.
Kind regards,
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2023.01.06 01:18 onassiskrown Light in the Box

Light in the Box

Light in the Box Wallpaper

Light in the Box Online Retailer

LightInTheBox is a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. Founded in 2007, LightInTheBox has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of lifestyle products at attractive prices through available in multiple major languages. Light in the Box sells many products like men's clothing, women's clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, handbags, jewelry, t-shirts and more!

Global Online Shopping

LightInTheBox offers products in the three core categories of apparel, small accessories and gadgets and home and garden. LightInTheBox's innovative data-driven business model allows itself to offer customized products, such as wedding dresses and evening dresses, at scale for optimal marketing, merchandising, and fulfillment.

Where is Light in the Box Located?

If you've been wondering where is Light In The Box based and is Lightinthebox a chinese company, we're here to answer that question once and for all. As you may have already guessed, Light In The Box location is in China. To be more specific, Lightinthebox location of its primary headquarters is in Beijing.

Light in the Box Reviews

Per their website, these are there rules for submitting reviews:
The following guidelines apply to Customer Reviews in addition to the other guidelines given above:
  • If your review is taken down or declined because it violates our guidelines, you may not resubmit a same or an identical review, even if the resubmitted review includes different content.
  • Reviews may only include URLs or links to other products sold on LightInTheBox.
  • We may restrict the capacity to submit a review when we detect or suspect unusual reviewing behavior, or to maintain the best possible shopping experience for other users.
That said, may customers have found other ways to submit their reviews on Facebook and other sites created for consumer reviews of which most are not quite flattering yet Light in the Box remains a large online retailer.
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2022.12.05 18:42 Organic-Presence-379 Help me choose!

Hello! I am a novice who has got my options down to 2 sets of headphones: [option 1 ] [option 2] would appreciate some input from anyone who actually knows headphone brands :)
Not super concerned with technicalities just want a decent pair of bluetooth earphones for reletively cheap :)
I'm learning towards the monoprice because they look more well made but the reviews seem better on the cheaper set.
If you have a better suggestion too go ahead! I listen to a fair amount of hiphop, rock, metal and folk. So in terms of audio accuracy to bass ratio somewhere in the middle would be good!
Option 1
Option 2,cdl:1,prmr:1,rsk:CID_5895448747404491629,pid:6142415912618798547,cs:1
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2022.05.29 11:51 Maximum_Sundae Trying to find original (assuming this is a dupe)

Looking for a cute jumpsuit to wear to a wedding found this in light in the box. From the look of the display pic vs the pics in the review and reviews saying its satin vs how the picture looks I'm hoping this is just a dupe of a better quality garment that is actually what's pictured. I tried Google lens but no luck.
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2022.05.25 20:03 Juddthejuice Man Gorilla

Hey all, I am looking for a nylon sport strap(s) for my F7 Solar. The rubber ones that come with the watch tears my hair out on my arm...damn my Greekness. Any suggestions on where to look? I purchased some on LightInTheBox and they were way too long (which many reviews stated as well). I'm having a hard time finding something comfortable. Any other places to go?
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2022.04.30 01:08 Tr0llB0ssa Is LightInTheBox and/or Shein a Scam shop?

I really like some designs they have, but i have heard both good and bad reviews of the websites and idk if i should buy clothing there. Would like to hear what your opinions are.
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2022.02.25 09:35 MajesticReading Online Clothing shopping

I am a male and clothing in this country that suits me comes once every few years and it is incredibly frustrating to deal with. I have been looking at online stores lately but I have serious skepticism with online buying for clothing because of size and fit but mostly because of unreliability.
I had a look at and they have a great selection, but hellopeter reviews are incredibly mixed.
It would be great if someone can point me in the right direction with any suggestions or previous experience with online clothing shopping outside of South Africa (Or hidden gems within it) and which sites are reliable.
Most stores located in SA are so fucking plain, I feel like a boer just seeing the things available.
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2021.12.11 23:28 animelegend121 Weebs of SA

I am looking for good places to buy merch prefferably online, i found lightinthebox but it has fairly neggative reviews any suggestions?
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2021.07.24 20:54 smolqueen Sofa/sectional slipcovers from lightinthebox?

Does anyone have any experience buying slipcovers from them? A lot of the reviews are mixed and the shipping takes forever but the covers look so gorgeous and I couldn’t find them on any other site except saramart & aliexpress (that wasn’t very obviously a scam à la Wish).
Thank you :)
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2020.12.02 01:53 CyberSwiftBlaze Fun for everyone

I think this would be good to review and for MEGADESK!!
You need to go big and get the 1000 piece set
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2020.11.10 19:05 disposable20201110 Short list of sites to avoid

Please excuse the burner account. I'm probably being unnecessarily paranoid thinking that the owners of these cheap sites care at all what negativity pops up about them on the internet.

Earlier today I saw an ad for a clothing website, and the sweater in the ad looked like something my wife might like. After clicking around their site for a bit, I saw a DMCA take down link, which I thought was odd for a clothing retailer. Curious, I looked at the about us page, which stated they're a platform for reselling independent fashion designers wares. This made me wary about quality, so now I felt like I had to learn some more about the site.
Turns out it's ran by a company that runs dozens of similar sites, and just drop ships cheap stuff. When a site gets too many negative reviews (which they all have), they just shut it down, and spin it up again as a new company.
A quick image search shows the same clothing on other lousy wholesalers (the same ones that rule four is talking about). Definitely not who I think of when I read "independent fashion designers."
I noticed they use the same description in all of their sites, so I thought I'd make a list to save someone else the time of verifying and potential hassle of having to deal with their wily ways. Anyway, here's 129 sites you can avoid this shopping season.
Stay safe out there!

Fuliens, Mosinia, Onlylula, Hawalili, Chicmoc, Romoses, Etcase, Doracoco, Snkini, Voguetag, Timrosh, Pihigher, Morechoo, Cozlady, Anniecloth-au, Wellpieces, Dencypro, Pickygal, Homeymore, Gogovchic, Cozyvery, Junmyshop, Momomew, Ellafancy, Rselifeee, Freshbias, Fieeddy, Marvhome, Moderngaga, Kissluna, Irisruby, Evalaura, Evameet, Cozymission, Missarty, Fashfront, Inhomepi, Misscoca, Buranan, Florylook, Jolienana, Justfashionnow, Zolucky.

Here are some sites that I do not believe are owned by the same company, but they popped up in the image search, so they should also be avoided.

Anniecloth, Lightinthebox, Beautifulhalo, Shelynn, Chicmony, Moontica, Stylewe, Oumiss, Noracora, Roselinlin, Andynzoe, Roseriva, Magcloset, Ilove-dear, Wotoba, Chicsoso, Flipom, Vonitata, Lilicloth, Veryvoga, Shewaves, Wear-show, Getilove, Mostata, Shopmossa, Heavyhot, Merioal, Vencano, Borizjerseys, Mofylook, Comfortwalkingshoes, Giytosp, Wearshows, Upustyle, Trendspole, Meetelegant, Damensein, Casualshoeshop, Abelwat, Inbuffy, Moracochill, Mybeautymalls, Mondadays, Bellapick, Nakoer, Joyfornice, shownow0, Mirachics, Feynacy, Junestorm, Popzora, Misonlly, Pearlclo, Rosedoris, Fayeinstyle, Miumalls, Eoppp, Hotslove, Ailylily, Cozytoo, Modsweater, Blackholeshipping, Candieslady, Subniceshop, Picclick, Stylenvibes, Lotimena, Jenefashion, Berylady, Laddygo, Vogueyes, Comfyrs, Comfymiya, Verakeve, Carambolamall, Milled, Katteraser, Habseligkeits, Lunzo, Allforall, Juretro, Myjolieoutfit, Ealamode, Zebraneo, Harilainne, Milanoo.
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2018.10.31 03:05 notsew5973 What's everyones thoughts on Lightinthebox?

So I've been using Aliexpress to find products for about a year now however I'm about to move into another niche. While researching products I found that Lightinthebox not only has the product for almost $60 cheaper but the shipping times are way quicker as well.
According to Lightinthebox theres over 1000 orders of this product but there's only 4 reviews which makes me skeptical. Has anyone used this sight to dropship? If so what was your experience and is it just like Alixpress where almost every product (with epacket capabilities of course) can be dropshipped? The reason I ask is because Lightinthebox has a website called dropinthebox or something like that which I looked into using however it doesnt have my product so I'm kind of stump.
To use Lightinthebox or don't?
Thank you guys for the help this community has been super supportive for me over the year and I highly appreciate.
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2018.08.14 00:36 nobleland--mermaid Has anyone used lightinthebox to purchase their wedding dress?

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to ask if anyone here has experience with buying a dress from lightinthebox. I can't seem to find any reviews on it.
I'm debating between cocomelody and lightinthebox! With cocomelody, I've done extensive research on them!
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2017.12.29 10:49 yandreev3 My thoughts on the Mi Notebook Pro (Also ask me anything)

I rarely write reviews on products unless they are really bad or really good. With this laptop, I'm writing for the really good category.
First of all, I got the i7, 16gb model. I ordered from lightinthebox and got it within a week. They shipped it via 3 day dhl and it arrived on time. The outer box had a small dent on it but it was packaged well and the damage never even reached the laptop's original packaging. Straight out of the box, I opened it and put in a 1tb samsung pro nvme ssd and loaded up windows 10 pro onto it and installed the necessary driver packages. They are located here: I believe windows update will install them automatically however so that may not be necessary. The battery life of this is absolutely astonishing. My last setup was an alienware 17 for when i needed portable power and a suface pro 4 for when I needed really portable low power usability. This laptop beats those two combined in battery life. I was working on a server and network stack for work one day. I pulled through an 8 hour work day, and an hour and a half lunch using my laptop non-stop. wow.
My main use cases for this machine are 3D CAD, Simulations, coding, and using microsoft office. I also play some amount of video games but that was not an intended use case for this laptop. I did try running Rainbow 6 Siege on it and it ran fine, no complaints there.
What I really liked about this laptop is that they made a slim, good looking laptop that was also functional. Its got a quad core i7, decent ram (although I wish it were upgrade-able or they offered a 32gb version), they added small features like a TPM for encrypting your hard drive and a fingerprint reader for logging in via windows hello. A lot of people have complained about different manufacturers putting a fingerprint reader in the trackpad but on this device, the reader is so small, and the trackpad (beautiful trackpad. Lovely to use) is so huge that its not actually noticeable. - I do also like the fact that there is a second SSD slot. - The display looks good and even though it is glass and a lot of the reviews I have seen say something along the lines of "It MIGHT have tons of glare because it is glass", I have found it to be actually quite usable when taking it outside. Sure there is glare but it is not that bad.
There are some things I don't like however. - I wish that both USB C ports had the same capabilities. I wish I could charge the device from either port and run a high rez monitor from either port. - I wish it had an ethernet port. I would trade the HDMI port for an ethernet port in a heartbeat. - I wish the WWAN slot had a connector populated because I would love to stick a 4g lte card in this laptop. :/ - I would love to see maybe an update or something that lets me RAID the two SSD slots together but as of now, I do not believe RAID is an option.
Back to my use cases: 3d renderings/simulations, coding, browsing. It works beautifully. I needed a bit more oomf for my Solidworks workflow so I went ahead and increased the turbo boost TDP and undervolted it a bit as well as overclocked the MX150 gpu's memory by about 1ghz. I started thermal throttling a bit here so I opened up the laptop and replaced the thermal paste between the cpu/gpu and the radiator. That solved my thermal throttling issue. The paste there was quite dry and cracked and seemed very low quality. The solidworks on this laptop overall outperformed the one on my dedicated desktop in the benchmark. (multithreaded stuff was better on laptop, gpu stuff was better on desktop, overall rendesimulation time was shorter on laptop)
I had been looking around for a laptop for probably a year. I was looking at a macbook pro, LG gram, X1 carbon, and even mobile xeon/quaddro workstations. Nothing I looked at I really liked because they all had some things really good and others really bad. I ended up buying this laptop and I do not regret it at all.
Tl;Dr I am in love with this laptop. I would recommend it to most people (depending on your use cases)
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2017.12.28 13:58 niC00L Xiaomi speakers?

Hi guys. I would like to ask what are the sound quality differences between Xiaomi speakers. I can't find any video or review in english.
At first I wanted to buy this one because I've seen it compared to JBL go and it sounded much better. But now I discovered a great deal for the older version¤cy=EUR here.
What are the differences in sound quality between those two? Which xiaomi speaker has the best sound quality?
Thanks for your help
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2017.12.20 16:18 alphamale555 Am i eligible for a full refund by paypal if my shipping has been significantly delayed.

I orderd the oneplus 5t from a website with shipping insurance, and it was state the processing time would be 1-3 business days and delivery 4-5 business days. the processing took over 5 days before it was shipped. Now i am told that "we used Postal Service to ship your order incorrectly" by the website and that it should be delivered within the next 30 days. I then checked the reviews and the website (, and it had a lot of bad reviews, with a lot of them complaining about the delayed and false delivery times.
Am I eligible for a full refund by paypal through buyers protection on my purchase? (im from australia)
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