Is let's go pikachu worth it

What is this, a subreddit for ants?!?

2013.03.01 03:51 JBurto What is this, a subreddit for ants?!?

What is this, a subreddit for ants?? This sub is all about tiny things for ants, be they centers, phones, tiny violins, and the list goes on and on. Collect tiny things? Let's see your collection! Found or made something small? Take a picture of it! Want to make something minuscule? Go for it! Sister Subreddit - /threetimesbigger

2009.04.14 05:48 TheGood Deep Thoughts

This subreddit is a place for you to share thoughts you get throughout the day or week that might be worth a discussion. Don't worry too much about whether your thought is very deep or highly philosophical, just tell us what you think and let us all have a great discussion about it. All contributions are welcome.

2008.09.11 22:55 Pokémon: Gotta Catch 'Em All!

pokemon is an unofficial Pokémon fan community. This is the place for most things Pokémon on Reddit—TV shows, video games, toys, trading cards, you name it!

2023.06.03 22:01 AutoModerator [Download Course] Harlan Kilstein – Midjourney Mastery (

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2023.06.03 21:48 Jending Daily Price Discussion - June 3, 2023

Today, it costs 1,000 USDC to buy about 26,650,168,000 TITAN on Slingshot. This investment will make you one of the top 150 TITAN holders in the world.
Burning $100 worth of it costs 2,665,016,800 TITAN.
All 149,756 TITAN holders won't even have to burn $100 worth to make it valuable.
Currently, TITAN's burn address ranks #93 in the world.
If TITAN reaches one cent valuation, the original $900 investment will be worth $239,851,512.
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2023.06.03 21:34 cappojappo Chronic metabloic acidosis

Hello! First excuse my english im from sweden. Im male 34y.
I suspect i might have chronic metabolic acidosis and wonder if it is easy to miss when going to the doctor?
I have had heath issues for 5 years with symptoms like extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, hard to concentrate, etc.
But it always came and went, could be bad one day then better next, and could have one bad week the one bad.
The only diagnos i have is hiatal hernia 3cm wich affect the acid and i dont take anti acid or no medication for it.
The thing is my tests are somewhat good but my kidneys have been out of reference almost 90% of the time, both GFR (low) and creatinine (high). And i never got an explenation why there not in range. Been sent to examin kidneys with ultra sound but that was good then i never got answer as to way they always out of range. Plus potasium have been slightly under reference many times.
Why i wonder is becuse when i started take sodium bicarbonate for other reasons my symptoms disapered and i felt normal all of a sudden, i could breath properly, got energy back and felt so much better and its been like that for two weeks, never been good for two whole weeks..
Do anybody have some knowlage of this?
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2023.06.03 21:02 Open-Rabbit9510 Should I start taking money out of my account to make sure I don’t spend too much?

Ever since I got my license I’ve been spending way more than I thought I’ve been, even if I don’t really do anything. I prefer my account to be above 500 dollars at all times (I work a part time job), and rn it’s at 200 and it keeps going lower. With every paycheck if I save like 40-60 dollars and slowly let it build up would that be smarter than keeping all the money together?
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2023.06.03 20:35 brittanyxrivera Who likes cashback apps & doesn’t have IBOTTA❓💲5 sign up bonus 💲10 per referral 🙌🏼 ask me for the link!! 😌

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2023.06.03 19:14 SoundForMore Apple Logic Pro for iPad - Tutorial 10: Sidechain on Audio Track with Drum Kit Designer

Apple Logic Pro for iPad - Tutorial 10: Sidechain on Audio Track with Drum Kit Designer
Logic Pro for iPad is a professional music creation app that puts the power of Logic at your fingertips. Logic Pro features a complete collection of sophisticated creative tools for professional songwriting, beat making, editing and mixing - all with an interface that's been designed from the ground up for iPad. Use Multi-Touch in Logic Pro to play powerful software instruments with the tap of a finger and interact naturally with intuitive controls. Creative production tools - including the new Sample Alchemy and Beat Breaker plug-ins - make it easy to quickly make beats and explore new sonic territories, and a full-featured mixer gives you everything you need to create a professional-sounding mix entirely on iPad.
Creative interface optimised for iPad
• Play powerful software instruments and interact expressively using Multi-Touch • Quickly shape and tweak your sound using Plug-in Tiles • Fine-tune MIDI and audio using intuitive Multi-Touch editors • Discover powerful features and strengthen your skills with integrated guided Lessons • Roundtrip capabilities let you open projects in Logic Pro for Mac or Logic Pro for iPad* • Connect any Bluetooth keyboard to access powerful key commands • Create precision edits and detailed track automation with Apple Pencil
All-new Browser
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Professional Instrument and Effects Plug-ins
• Create music with a massive collection of powerful software instruments • Shape your sound using high-quality effects • Build your own guitar or bass rig with Amp Designer • Expand your instrument and effects library with third-party Audio Units**
Beat Making and Production Tools
• Radically reshape and reshuffle audio with Beat Breaker, a new sophisticated time and pitch morphing instrument • Use Sample Alchemy to transform audio into entirely new malleable sounds • Chop or loop any sample into a playable instrument using Quick Sampler • Build and play custom drum kits using samples and plug-ins with Drum Machine Designer • Create drum beats, bass lines and melodic parts using Step Sequencer • Use Live Loops to capture inspiration and quickly build arrangements by mixing and matching loops, samples and your recordings • Create authentic acoustic, electronic or hip-hop drum tracks using Drummer, a virtual session player and beat producer • Record external instruments or microphones by connecting an audio interface or MIDI device***
Full Featured Pro Mixer
• Shape a mix using channel strips with volume faders, pan controls, plug-ins, sends and precision automation • Mix naturally with Multi-Touch by moving multiple faders at once • Use the meter bridge to navigate an overview of all track levels • Create Track Stacks to organise and simplify mixing large projects
Massive Library of Sounds
• Over 6,300 samples of drums, vocals and sound effects • Over 4,800 instrument and effects patches • More than 9,000 loops in a wide range of styles * requires Logic Pro 10.7.8 or higher and macOS Monterey 12.3 or higher ** Requires compatible third-party Audio Unit Extensions apps from the App Store *** Logic Pro for iPad supports any class-compliant audio interface or MIDI device
This video contains the following product demonstration:
I hope you enjoy the demo / Tutorial and find it useful.
Do not forget to subscribe.
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2023.06.03 18:44 mialg Penis Enhancement Exercises - The Arabic Jelq


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Penis exercises such as: -
Go try them, and let me know how they worked for you.
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2023.06.03 18:29 MyFinancialSocks Exhaust fans temps & RGB

So I replaced my exhaust fans (and added one) but I'm not really noticing a difference in temps and can't get the RGB working.
My case is the msi gungnir 111r, the RGB connectors go into the back, I tried putting the connector there, it works but everytime I put the panel back the rgb turns off, also if I add the rgb connector from the other fan the RGB goes haywire
I got the corsair sp120's
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2023.06.03 17:37 Maleficent_Bag6247 Phone stolen at Coachella, been getting tons of scam messages but today’s was threatening..

Phone stolen at Coachella, been getting tons of scam messages but today’s was threatening.. submitted by Maleficent_Bag6247 to u/Maleficent_Bag6247 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 17:22 The-Courior 21[M4F]Cali/online-looking for a gaming gf

Hello to whoever reads this if anyome is to read it at all , My name is Roman im 21 and have been looking for some special in my life, I dont want to rant too long about me as we can learn about each other in time if intrested
Ive never had a gf and so I have no formal experience but if thats turns you away wish the best of luck
Im shy at first metting new people but open up when i get to know them
I love playing video games and played them all my life(xbox mostly some pc) plsyed them all my life and intrested to find someone with a simular intrest in them, if you dont like video games or arnt intrested in them I dont think it will work out.
I love music, movies , art, anime(big weeb), books/audiibooks and love to talk about them
Going to college for art classes
Im on the heavier side but activly trying to loose weight
Im always up to talk, message, send memes or whatever
I hope to meet up one day if we click
I hope to fined my special person , if you read this and are intrested type limelight in your response message or no reply
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2023.06.03 17:12 Proletlariet Big O

Special thanks to u/That_guy_why for letting me remake this thread

Roger Smith and The Big O

"Big O! Showtime!"
Roger Smith is a Negotiator in Paradigm City, a city whose residents lost all memories 40 years ago. He will negotiate nearly anything, from kidnappings to pet ownership, for nearly anyone, provided both sides of the negotiation play fair. However, he refuses to work with the Paradigm Corporation unless absolutely necessary. Roger is also the pilot of the Big O, one of the giant robots known as Megadeuses. Whenever the city is threatened by another Megadeus or a giant monster, Roger calls in Big O to save the day.
Hover over the feat for the episode number.

Roger Smith

"My name is Roger Smith. My other name is Negotiator, a much-needed job here in Paradigm City, a city that has lost its memory"

The Watch

The Griffon





Misc Gear

Big O

"Cast in the name of God, ye not guilty"









Sudden Impact

Mobydick Anchors

Missile Party

Cannon Party

O Thunder

Arc Line

Chrome Buster

Plasma Gimmick

Final Stage


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2023.06.03 17:11 yournailsupplier What Comes With a Pedicure?

What Comes With a Pedicure?
This post is for you if you're wondering what a pedicure includes! After reading more below, schedule a consultation with us right away.

Nailing Soak

We treat you to a sumptuous nail soak at Herbal Nail Bar to get things going. Because the warm, calming water ensures that all of your simple nail designs for short nails worries melt away from the time your session starts, it's the ideal way to settle into our salon and get comfortable.

Massage Therapy

Everyone enjoys a good massage, and great pedicures always include massage therapies that are not only beneficial to the skin but also aid in circulation and help you relax. At the conclusion of your visit, you will typically have a massage, which will leave you feeling good and with incredibly smooth skin.

Nail Care and Shaping

The most important aspect of any pedicure service is nail shape and upkeep. Your nails will be sculpted and cut to the desired length throughout this process. Your nail technician should be able to handle whether you wish to maintain your nails long or shorten them.

simple nail ideas

Polish if You So Choose

Do you prefer to try a new polish color? Would you prefer that we apply a clear polish instead? Whatever the situation, we are more than willing to help! After all, at Herbal Nail Bar, we work hard to ensure that every customer interaction is satisfying. Whatever color or style you decide on, you'll be happy with the finished product and the caliber of our work.

Services for Pedicures Are Safe and Fun

When was the last time you gave your feet a spa treatment? Herbal Nail Bar can take care of your pedicure needs with high-quality services cute easy nail designs that you will adore, whether it has been days, weeks, or years. Are you prepared to begin? Call or drop by now to make an appointment.
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2023.06.03 17:05 Vivid-Fruit-9836 First love trying to get over them advice. Help?

Sorry it’s a little long.
I recently just got broken up with and it hurts so bad I went from being a happy guy to a very bitter angry guy. Before my ex I was a super happy guy and very outgoing! He left me for a female. I knew he was bisexual but after us being together he came out to me as gay and then I guess he went back to being bisexual? Before me he dated a couple girls in his teens and young adult. We met when he was 23. I accepted him for that and told him we could open our relationship and he said he wouldn’t do that to me or hurt me. He said “I love you and I know who I am”
I thought he was going to fight through his thoughts and fight for us after being together for 7 years but he gave up and broke up with me over a phone call.. it’s been almost 3 months and I’m not able to get over him! I know he started dating that girl a week after the break up. He also cheated on me which I forgave him for that. I suffer from depression and anxiety and had it under control when we were together and after the breakup I’ve been going crazy.
After the breakup he was using excuses like im always angry and I was only angry when I found out he cheated on me and broke certain things in the house like anime figures we had. I payed for the ones I broke! I feel like everyone would get angry and break stuff after being cheated on! But I forgave for that a couple days after then the following week he leaves me.
My one friend told me the way he’s acting is like a typical male would act hide his feelings and date right away and move on. The girls he’s with started flirting with him at work and she was the one pushing him towards a relationship it’s not all her to blame I know it’s both people he never told people we was in a relationship almost like he was hiding me.
Also found out one month into there relationship he took her out of state for her birthday and he never did that for me. That hurt so badly! Now I’m being told that they’re planning on getting married and having kids with the girl after 3 months? What kills me is that that was our plan to get married and move into our home. I know his family is against being gay and he’s an only son and once him family found out he seemed to have changed! This hurts…
I want to know if he misses me if thinks of me? We did so much together and I just don’t know I have so many memories it hurts so badly! I’m a cancer and he’s a Aries. I just started learning about zodiac signs.
I was blindsided when he left me wasn’t really expecting it because I thought we were good. I truly don’t know what to do and am going crazy!!
Anyways I just need advice on what to do. He took me off of Steam, and Riot games after 2 months after the break up. we both played so many games together. He does have social media now but he doesn’t use his real name he uses a Japanese type name to hide from people. I know he made a Facebook,TikTok,instagram.
What he also told me was his now girlfriend told him that she doesn’t want him talking to me ever!
I’m truly sad that I lost him but I’m more depressed that I lost my best friend and partner… I opened my heart up and told him so much like way to much and trusted him…. It breaks me… he also told me so much and opened up and cried so much about who he is and I finally made him happy because he accepted himself. Over 8 years…. This fucking hurts!
Has anyone else went gone through this?
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2023.06.03 16:56 ThrowRAAsics [25F][29M} Currently in a situation where I'm not sure what to do and am seeking advice.

My ex broke up with me, but he was upset because I wanted to move out. He wanted to keep himself open for a chance with another girl, and I had already put 9 years of my entire being into the relationship. He wants to go explore and not miss out on the opportunities he feels like he missed out on because he was dating me. I stayed because I'm the only one paying the bills, and it's been tough on our landlord recently. We have enough space to separate, but he keeps trying to push on as if we are still together. He tells all his guy friends that I'm his girl. Even showed them some pictures of me that he should have deleted since breaking up with. He told the girl he's trying to talk to that I'm not his girl. He's been chasing after her our whole relationship, and I agreed with the breakup in order to give him the space he needed. He keeps going through my stuff, to the point that I had to change my passwords. Meanwhile he had already locked me out of everything.
She has made it very clear that she's not interested, but doesn't mind continuing hanging out with him knowing how bad he wants a chance with her. She thinks it's just a phase. This really bothers me, as I'm not the type to let people stay around me just hoping for a chance. He thinks hanging out with her even more is going to help him get over her. She has no idea of what we've been through, and he's lied to her on many occasions about events that happened.
She wants to hang out with me apparently, but I've already reached the point of saying fuck both of them. As in the past I've tried talking to her, but her responses were always, "well I need to hear that from him, in order to tell who's lying" I understand as he has already told her I'm only here to start drama, but it's sad that I would never have known a lot of the truth had I never thought to ask her. They were always hanging out during inappropriate hours and he wouldn't return until the morning and he even ditched plans we had on many occasions throughout the years, in order to spend time with her. We only have one car and it's interfered with my work and his kids. She doesn't know any of this. All she knows is the version he told her, which is "Oh my gf didn't want to hang out with us" when in fact I had been asking to go.
She doesn't understand that in the past he broke up with me every time they would hang out so that he wouldn't have to feel guilty if the chance landed in his lap. Those are his words to me. So now he wants full on permission. According to him she's been interested in me since she first saw me, and he kept her from me, because he wanted her all to himself. I've done nothing but support their friendship, but he doesn't do the same. Instead since I'm bi, he accuses me of trying to leave him for anyone literally. He's worried her and I will run off together as well. He thinks I'm just being difficult by not giving in, but during the entire 9 years together, I don't ever remember being truly happy. It has felt more like taking care of a child. I feel like he's just trying to use me to get closer to her romantically.
He just started cleaning up the house for me after all this time, and none of it seems genuine, as his reasonings would be " It was the least I could do since I'm going to hang out with her" . I would like to be able to hang out and be cool, but I would also like to be loved in the way that I desire to be loved. Communication isn't an issue on my end. I have consistently and calmly explained to him what bothers me, and what I need done. He'll say he understands, and then flip the script days later. Starting the argument again. I've done nothing but compromise with him and it seems to have gotten me nowhere. I'm on the verge of dropping everything and just disappearing. Should I just block them both and leave it be? He says he's compromising with me, because he's not being as flirty and active as he really wants to be. Need advice.
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2023.06.03 16:27 rateupisa_lie Introvert seeking another introvert to be introverted with

Bonjour lads, is that time of the year where I contradict myself by looking for a friend whilst simultaneously avoiding any sort of social interaction irl.
Anyways, I'm a 23 yo man vibing through life at the speed of light and as much as my comfort zone involves anything that doesn’t include someone else, there’s still times when I wish I had someone to play games, watch movies with and all that friends stuff people said they do, at least until I take a nap and forget what happened in the last 4 hours after waking up.
I couldn’t think of a good transition so Ill just list some of my interests or what I generally do.
Brain dead and wont let me think of anything else so if you are desperate enough interested, my dms are open and lets hope I still remember how to talk with people, just be 18+ and don’t be creepy kinda weird.
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2023.06.03 16:13 Hubba1912 31M 🇬🇧 Text or Voice Chat

Hey 👋🏻 My name is Simon.
It’s warm and sunny outside yet I find myself at a loose end. Let’s chat and get to know each other?
I am 31 and from South West England. Happy to talk and get to know all sorts of people. Variety is the spice of life! I moved away from friends and family for work, so would like to meet long-term friends ideally
Happy to text or voice chat over Discord/Reddit.
Have a nice day!
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2023.06.03 14:29 DavidGraybeard 30 days

Well I went to dinner last night with friends and had too much wine, so now I have a headache. Nevertheless today is 30 days weed free!
The same part of my brain that wanted to keep socializing last night and drinking wine is the part that used to crave weed all hours of the day. And then forget why. Recently diagnosed with ADHD and still processing that. Posting on here and talking to others has been the most helpful thing in my journey.
I’m going to treat myself today. And write a reminder on my hand to take it easy, esp on the alcohol. I’m at a conference and it is soooo easy for me to get carried away.
Also had a dream that I smoked. I’m seeing it as a reminder to be careful.
Kudos to everyone on your journey. “It gets easier but it never gets easy” as Isbell says. My symptoms have lessened, I still experience others (depression mainly) and I’m on my way.
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2023.06.03 14:11 QuarterEuphoric6693 Is my gf behaviour a red flag or am I being too sensitive?

Id been dating this girl for nearly a year. A couple of months after we started dating it was her birthday I sent flowers to her workplace on her birthday as a nice surprise and took her for dinner a few days later where I presented her with a gift that she had mentioned on her twitter feed that she liked.
My birthday was nearly 8 months later and we’d had some ups and downs but I’d gotten her a bag for Christmas and was always generous when we went out paying mostly for meals and drinks. Although we did split other means too.
I would also add that we had an argument about gestures whereby I was being taken to a very fancy restaurant for work. Few days before the dinner she kept sending me messages saying that it would be a good gesture if I took her along or had food sent over for her. I knew she was joking but she kept going on about it until I snapped and told her that gestures work both ways… she still didn’t get it and made a joke saying something like it’s thumb wars. I sent her a voice mail saying look I know you’re just joking but you literally went to Paris a month ago and didn’t bring me anything back despite me saying that I loved French wine. She bought the cheapest bottle she could find for 8-10 euros (her words) for us to share…
She apologised and we made up. But what made me upset was that she didn’t just get it and apologise she made it about her which she has done in the past. Prior to that she had messaged me saying that she’d watched a tv show about working in finance which is what I do. I sent her a funny video of me receiving an award and an old report I’d written to give her context about what I do given she was interested. She didn’t respond even just to say thanks I’ll take a look or whatever. Couple of days go by it was the weekend so I left it. Monday morning I sent her a message saying hello everything ok? She responded but didn’t mention my message regarding the video or report.
I sent her a voice message on WhatsApp telling her I was upset at her non response to my earlier message. She responded by saying that she’s rubbish at communication and emotion and apologising saying that she was waiting to come back regarding the video and report as she didn’t know what to say. This maybe should have been a red flag for my birthday…
So I was planning to go away for my birthday with friends but then didn’t and my gf asked if she could take me to dinner.
She was away the week before in Greece seeing her dad but we had agreed a date for my birthday diner not on the day itself but towards the end of that week.
Day of my birthday she texts me at noon all of my friends and family had texted or called earlier.. to say happy birthday can I book the restaurant now. I was a bit surprised she hadn’t done it earlier but ok.
Day of my Birthday we meet for dinner no card or present but she did pay for dinner. Couple of days later she’s like she would like to surprise me with some new lingerie and asked me what I liked. I’m like whatever you like but she insisted that I give her some options - sent her some and said should I get it for you? She was like yes. Few days later after discussing with some friends I asked why no card on my birthday.
She told me she didn’t think she had to as she was meeting me after my birthday and that she never does blow out dinners like this so I should be lucky. We been out for dinner before so didn’t get this…- subsequent arguments about this and fact I’ve brought her lingerie she finally mentioned that she doesn’t do gifts as she thinks their tokenistic but she does experiences instead. For me dinner on someone’s birthday is a low bar… she told me I should draw a line and she’d do better next time but thanked me for letting her know…
This is something I couldn’t get over and while she offered to return the lingerie we continued to have massive arguments where she finally told me I need to just draw a line under it.
I think my gf likes receiving gifts more than she likes giving them. Should I dump her or try again to explain why I’m hurt?
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2023.06.03 13:50 Academic-Weight-7445 Direct grilling shucked corn is the way to go, I highly recommend it.

Direct grilling shucked corn is the way to go, I highly recommend it. submitted by Academic-Weight-7445 to u/Academic-Weight-7445 [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 13:06 achan1369 PDF PKI signature workflow

My org still has certain forms that must be PKI signed PDFs. I'll use workflow for leave requests as example.
  1. The requestor generates a PDF, re-saves with PKI signature, emails PDF to supervisor for
  2. Supervisor opens PDF, re-saves with PKI signature, emails PDF to manager
  3. Manager opens PDF, re-saves with PKI signature, emails PDF back to supervisor
  4. Supervisor emails PDF back to requestor
  5. Requestor emails signed PDF to the orderly room for processing
  6. A clerk in the orderly room enters the leave request in their HR system, re-saves with PKI signature, emails back to requestor.
The manager could certainly email the PDF to the orderly but "we don't do that around here". Also there are far too many signatures for a leave pass IMO.
Yes, it's antiquated but I'm not going to be able to change the requirement for PKI signatures. At least we don't have to physically sign a document then email a scanned copy anymore. It's still annoying that you have to save a new copy of the PDF when you PKI sign.
This is the workflow I'm imagining. Can anyone provide advice on which tools to use where?
  1. The requestor generates a PDF, PKI signs, uploads to SP, automatic notification email to supervisor
  2. Supervisor opens PDF, re-saves with PKI signature, re-uploads to SP, automatic notification email to manager, status updated
  3. Manager opens PDF, re-saves with PKI signature, re-uploads to SP, automatic notification email to orderly room, status updated
  4. Orderly room processes leave pass, re-saves with PKI signature, re-uploads to SP, automatic notification email to requestor
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2023.06.03 12:19 Payableondeath93 [29 M4F NYC] Looking for my forever after 😊

Second time trying this as the first time didn't go so well 😔 but I haven't given up hope !! So if anyone is willing to take a chance on a introvert coming out of his shell please feel free to dm :) also willing to try long distance if it feel's right, good things comes to those that wait so hopefully that's the case here 😅
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2023.06.03 12:15 darceforever Add "tap to call" and "tap to email" links?

Hey, framer noob here... If you add links in webflow it gives you the option to link a phone number or an email address.
It seems framer only lets you link to pages or other URLs?
How do I add phone and email links?
Sorry if this is a dumb question haha.
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