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2023.03.25 02:07 Saturdead The Drainpipe Siren

The summer I turned 10 was the best time of my life. For years I’d had trouble making friends with other girls, and out of nowhere I was accepted into a group of boys. We would ride our bikes everywhere, play games, and sit up all night just talking about superheroes. I loved it, and I started enjoying coming to school.
That summer was the first summer we went to Everett’s cabin. We biked up there with his dad and spent three days hiking, fishing, telling stories, building a treehouse, and chowing down on hot dogs. It was amazing, and probably the first time in my life where I truly felt like part of a group.
For the next few years, we went back up there every summer. Sometimes we’d get another member, sometimes we’d lose one. People came and went, but we biked up there every summer nonetheless.

They became my best friends. I was one of the “original members” alongside Everett and Sam, but one year we had Lewis, another year there was Owen, and so on. But me, Everett, and Sam? We were always there. The originals.
By the time we all turned 14, there was another girl joining the group; Sam’s girlfriend Josslyn. I’d had some trouble getting along with other girls, so I was a bit hesitant about having Josslyn come along. But I was hilariously wrong. Within a couple of weeks, Josslyn became my best friend. She was like the sister I never had.
The year we turned 16 was the last time we would go there as a group. By then, everyone was growing up. Some were going to college; others were getting a job. Hell, Sam and Josslyn had just broken up and could barely be in the same room. Spending the summer in Everett’s cabin became one of those things that you just stop doing. We promised we’d go back there someday and celebrate summer the right way, knowing full well that would probably never happen.
And then, nothing. And as with all names and faces, they started growing distant. We kept in touch every now and then, but Sam, Everett and Josslyn all went on with their lives. I did too.

That was until a few years ago, when we all turned 30.
By then, Sam was about to move out of state. His startup company had gained some traction, and they were moving their main office. He was hitting the big leagues.
Josslyn was planning a move to Scotland. She’d met this guy at the university that she fell head over heels in love with, and the two of them’d had a long-distance relationship for close to a decade.
Everett, well, he’d tried to play the family man. He had a four-year old son and a two-year old girl with a woman who was divorcing him. Oof.
And me? Well, I wasn’t dealing with my aging very well. I’ve had anxiety all my life and haven’t celebrated a birthday since I was 14. I can barely look myself in the mirror, horrified of the possibility of seeing a grey hair. I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, truth be told, and I imagine feeling all kinds of cramps and pains because of my age. And yes, I know 30 isn’t that old. Doesn’t matter.

But that summer, Everett sent us a message out of nowhere. His family was selling the cabin, and he figured one more trip down memory lane would do us all some good. The whole area was being sold off to a logging company at the end of summer. Personally, I just think the divorce was getting to him.
At first, I wasn’t going to accept. But after seeing both Sam and Josslyn agreeing to come, I couldn’t say no. Maybe it would distract me from turning 30.

So one sunny day in late June I drove down from Morgantown back home to Juniper (WV), not knowing what to expect. I figured I might get a nice weekend out of it.
And as I met up with Sam and Everett, it was as if nothing had changed. They hugged me. We laughed, we joked around, and we laughed some more. Everett had rented us mountain bikes. I got the blue one.
Sure, they looked a bit different. Sam had put on a few pounds and had a thick pair of glasses. He was already sweating. Everett, who used to have dreadlocks, had this short and neat office-type haircut, and his eyes looked darker. But that was all just appearance; they were the same guys. Same humor, same smiles, same favorite superheroes. Wonderful.

We stopped at the supermarket. I was comparing beef jerky prices when Sam walked up to me.
“Josslyn went on ahead,” he explained. “The roads are all dug up, so we’re taking the tunnel.”
“The Rosewater tunnel? By the railroad?” I asked.
“Yeah,” nodded Sam. “Shouldn’t take long. Josslyn is already up there.”
Made sense to me. Josslyn was the outdoorsy type. She was probably up there making a fire by rubbing sticks together or something. But just in case, I bought myself a Firestarter. You never know.

And then we were off. Riding bikes with the same people, down the same roads. Sure, it all looked different, but it really wasn’t. After all these years, I was still just me and the guys. For a moment, I felt this surge of optimism; like everything, somehow, might turn out all right.
Everett took point. We followed a trail deep into the pine forest, sweating under the summer sun. The canopy was a blessing, hiding us from the afternoon heat. It took us a bit over an hour to find the railroad tracks. We followed them north. Sam was sweating like he’d never even seen a bike before.

Then we got to the tunnel. The old Rosewater tunnel wasn’t long, but it was old. Everyone knew about it, but it was the kind of place that parents refused to let their kids go near. The place was probably covered in mold. Still, biking through it wouldn’t be a problem. You could feel the draft coming through.
The tunnel had a slight curve to it, so we couldn’t see the other side. Still, Everett took point and howled with joy as he entered. The echo bounced off the walls, reaching into the mountain. Sam followed suit, shrieking just as loud. We dove deep into the dark with the rhythmic thumping of the railroad tracks beneath us.
Our bike lights shone as bright as they could, but the tunnel swallowed them. It was getting colder and colder, almost to the point of my breath showing. Little dust particles danced in the weak light. The sound of spinning bike chains and thumping wheels echoed, and the air tasted like old moisture.

Suddenly, Everett stopped. Then Sam. And soon, I could see why.
We were in the middle of the tunnel, and there was something covering the ground.

We were all standing there dumbfounded. Snow? In late June? That didn’t make a lick of sense.
“That’s just weird,” said Sam. “Let’s keep going.”
“Wait,” said Everett.
He stepped off his bike and walked around for a bit. I leaned against my handlebar, feeling the weight of my backpack. I hadn’t even noticed how out of breath I was. Everett leaned down, looking at the snow.
“What’s up?” Sam asked. “We going?”
“Yeah, yeah,” nodded Everett. “It’s just… I dunno.”
“Dunno what?”
“Like… where’re the tracks?”
“You’re sitting on ‘em” I added. “What’s the deal?”
“No, Josslyn’s tracks.”

Now I could definitely see my own breath. And Everett was right, the snow was undisturbed. Josslyn couldn’t have come through there, unless the snow had recently settled. But what, an inch and a half of powder snow in late June, in less than a day? Nah.
Everett got back on his bike.
“Let’s just keep going.”
We biked through the snow. About ten minutes later, we got to the edge of the tunnel.

It’d collapsed in on itself.
The ceiling had caved in and filled the entire tunnel with a steep slant of solid rock chunks. It didn’t look recent either.
We just turned around. There was no reason for us to keep pushing forward, so we decided to just go back out and follow the (if somewhat broken) main road instead. We had bikes, we could go pretty much anywhere. Still, I couldn’t help but notice how Everett seemed a bit distraught. We all were.
On our way back through the snow, I got the sense that something was off, but I couldn’t put my finger on what. But right then and there, I was just happy we were leaving.

Except we didn’t get far.
The path we came in through had also collapsed.

“Did we make a… a wrong turn?” Sam asked. “I thought this… this was just a straight line.”
“It is,” said Everett. “This, uh… this doesn’t make sense.”
“I didn’t hear anything,” I gasped. “I didn’t hear a goddamn thing.”
“This is old. There’s dust. It didn’t just collapse, this is… ,” insisted Everett.
“So we must’ve gotten turned around somewhere,” smiled Sam. “So we backtrack.”

It took us about 45 minutes to move from one end of the tunnel to the other; but both ends were definitely collapsed. How we entered in the first place was mind boggling. It didn’t make sense.
At some point, we just stopped. We stepped off our bikes and sat down. Sam used his phone as a flashlight, illuminating the dancing dust particles. The air tasted stale.
“No bars,” Sam said. “Tunnels suck.”
“It doesn’t make sense!” groaned Everett. “We got in, we can get out!”
“How?!” I asked, throwing my arms out. “I’m not seeing any exits! It… it fell!”
“That’s impossible!” spat Everett. “There would be a… a goddamn ear-bursting pressure! There’d be so much dust we… we wouldn’t be able to breathe! And there wouldn’t be goddamn snow all over the ground!”

We tried to get our phones to work. We tried moving the rocks, but the thick moisture in the air had frozen; making them all stick together like bricks and mortar. There was no way.
We wasted hours, and the temperature just kept dropping. I’d started shivering, and Sam’s breath had frozen into little icicles in his beard. Everett paced back and forth, trying to come up with a plan.
The snow was either expanding, or we kept coming back to it. Either way, it was everywhere. And the temperature kept dropping; fast.

At one point, that strange feeling in my stomach came back to me. I removed my bike light and used it as a torch. I noticed something in the snow.
I could see our tracks. Both from our bikes, and our shoes. But there was something else; a slight impression. Two thin parallel lines, running next to the wall. They twisted and turned at times, but I couldn’t make out what it was supposed to be. I called Sam and Everett over to help me, but we suddenly got distracted.

Somewhere deep in the tunnel, I heard something.
A voice.

“You should be helping me.”

It came from further in. Without a doubt in my mind, and after all these years, I could still recognize Josslyn’s voice. We tried to pinpoint where it came from, but the tunnel made it impossible.
“Joss?” Sam called out. “Joss, you there?”
Nothing. We looked at one another. It took Everett a few moments to even attempt to accept this.
“Joss!” Everett finally called out “Josslyn!”
Still, nothing.

We looked for her. I could feel myself growing more desperate as the air got colder. My teeth had started to chatter, and no amount of rubbing my arms changed a thing. My hairs were standing at attention, as if listening for warmth.
Sam and Everett kept calling out to her, but we got no response. And all over the snow I kept seeing these two parallel lines, just barely scraping the top of the snow. Either they’d been there for a while, or whatever was making them were something extraordinarily light. But there was no way of telling where it came from.
I have no idea how many hours we spent walking up and down that freezing tunnel. At some point, we all gathered in a circle and wrapped ourselves in sleeping bags. I tried to use my Firestarter, but we didn’t have much to burn. We piled up some of our extra clothes and spent the better part of an hour setting it on fire. It burned for less than ten minutes.

At some point, we just stopped trying. Our hands were raw, and I started having cold sweats. We’d turned off the lights to save on battery, but my restless eyes kept moving. I could feel myself going cross-eyed, my mind confused by the pressing dark.
There was too much ground to cover. There might be some side tunnel that we might’ve missed, but we were losing hope. I didn’t know what to make of it. Sam and Everett had gone through several cycles of arguing, making a desperate effort, being anxiously hopeful, and then back to arguing. Now they were just quiet.
I would’ve preferred an argument.

“You… should be helping me.”

We all looked up. It was distant, but not as distant as last time. I could hear Sam shuffling as he got up. He called out to Josslyn again and again, but there was no response. Sam was growing more and more desperate, and his screams got louder. At some point, he stopped calling out to her; he just screamed.
The arguing started again as Everett tried to shut him up. But I heard something. I looked up, concentrating on the sound. There was a slight reverb, like the sound bouncing off something metallic.
I put my bike light back on and looked up, letting the bright cone answer my question.
There were drainpipes running along the ceiling of the tunnel.

“Some… some kind of drainage, or a run-off,” said Sam, looking up. “That’s gotta… wait. This wasn’t at the entrance.”
“So it started further in,” I said. “Maybe there’s a maintenance area.”
At that, Everett got up.
“Yeah,” he nodded. “Yeah, that makes, uh… that makes sense.”

We followed the pipes, and I couldn’t help but notice that the parallel lines in the snow that seemed to be going the same way. They were roughly following the way the pipes were running in the ceiling. Sam and Everett didn’t seem to notice.
“There might be another way out,” said Sam. “Like a… maintenance entrance.”
“Yeah,” agreed Everett. “They can’t have people running in and out of here when the trains are coming, right?”
My stomach turned. The stress was getting to me. I wasn’t usually the quiet one of the group, but crawling around in the dark just weighed my entire mind down. It wasn’t supposed to be cold. It wasn’t supposed to be dark. We were supposed to be making hot dogs by the cabin.

There was a faint tapping sound. Something banging against the pipes, somewhere up ahead. Sam and Everett pushed forward.
And there it was. A maintenance door.
We all got excited. We ran up to it, and the moment Sam put his hands on the handle, I shouted at them to stop.

They just looked at me, barely illuminated by our combined electronics. I could see the parallel lines running in the snow leading into the maintenance door. I pointed it out to Sam and Everett, who didn’t pay it no mind. Sam thought it was water drops from condensation. Everett didn’t care.
It couldn’t be water drops. It was too cold, and too consistent. Something in me screamed at me to just… not go further. This was bad.

But the door flung open, and we stepped inside.
There was an awful smell in the air. Chemicals; mostly ammonia. It took some time getting used to, but we pushed on. There was a small corridor leading us further in, branching into maintenance tunnels that were so small that we had to move sideways to fit.
We explored, as a group. We couldn’t find an obvious way out, but we could make an educated guess. We just had to find a way that pointed us either straight forward, or straight back; following the curvature of the Rosewater tunnel.

At one point, we hit a dead end. As we turned back, I was suddenly first in line. Then we heard it again.
“You should… be helping me.”
This time it was just down the hall. It was so close it chilled me more than my freezing breath. And for a split second, I could swear I saw something move just at the edge of the light. Something that retreated into the dark with a rhythmic sound. And it was leaving behind those strange parallel lines in the frost-covered floor.

We got back to one of the maintenance hubs. The drainpipes coalesced, leading us further in. We stopped for a while, as Sam was out of batteries.
“They will come looking for us,” said Sam. “We should just go back and wait.”
“We’ll freeze,” I said. “It’s absurd, but we’ll freeze.”
“She’s right,” agreed Everett. “We… we gotta push.”
“Then I go second. I don’t have a light.”

We agreed.
And as we turned around, there was Josslyn.

We could barely make out her shape at first. She looked taller, and her hair clung to her face like she’d crawled out of a cold bath. She just stood there, barely keeping herself upright. Sam and I stood there in shock, but Everett burst into action. He sprinted forward towards her.
In a whiplash-like motion, Josslyn was pulled back into the dark. She didn’t make a sound.
I noticed two things.
One, that her legs didn’t move.
And two, that her feet barely touched the ground; leaving parallel lines in the frosted floor.

Everett rushed after her, screaming her name over and over like a desperate parrot. I was right behind him, and Sam was trying his best to keep up. We ran, seeing whiffs of her hair disappear further and further into the darkness. She was moving, fast, and we could barely keep up. Just seconds later, as we came to a four-way junction, she was gone.
Everett fell to his knees, panting. I stopped short of tripping over him.
“She… she’s here,” Everett panted. “S-something’s wrong.”
I spat and tried to stay in motion to keep my sweat from freezing. The salt stung my eyes.
“Why… why is she doing this?” he asked. “What’s going on?”
“Wait,” I said.
I turned around.
“Where’s Sam?”

We backtracked. We tried to mentally map those labyrinthian halls, but we just came up with dead end after dead end. Sam was gone. Disappeared into the dark.
And somewhere, far ahead, we could hear something again.

“Yooooouu~ should be… helping me.”
But this time, in Sam’s voice.
Sam’s broken, drawling, drawn-out half-voice. It made the drainpipes reverberate, shaking with excitement.

This time, we turned the other way. We couldn’t keep getting pulled further and further in. We made a silent agreement that whatever was in there was something we didn’t want to see. We had to keep going, and once we got out, we could help.
“We… we have to follow the pipes,” said Everett. “They have to lead outside at some point!”
“Or they’ll just… just lead us further in!”
“We can’t keep running in circles! We pick a path, and we stick to it!”
He grabbed my shoulders. Even with barely functioning light, I could see the panicked size of his pupils. I nodded. Whatever it took for us to stick together.

We must’ve walked for hours. And finally, it opened up into another junction. This one with only two adjoining corridors. But by now, we’d moved around so much there was no way to tell what was north, south, or in-between. We could only guess.
“You pick,” said Everett.
And I did.

We followed one of the halls, and I could hear my footsteps growing louder. The echo was increasing. Moments later, the halls opened into a kind of hub area where all the drainpipes coalesced. It was much large than expected, with solid concrete walls and floors. Dozens of pipes lead us here.
Everett was about to rush forward when I put a hand on his shoulder. I looked around for a bit, but he brushed me off and kept going.
“Wait!” I called out, pointing.
There was something up ahead.

It was impossible not to recognize Sam. His body hanging limp, inches off the ground like a stringed-up puppet.
His skin white as snow, with icicles hanging from his beard and hair. He didn’t move.
You shooooould… be helping me,” his body groaned, without ever moving his mouth.

The shadows behind him moved.
The very dark of the room; it moved.

And at that moment, I realized there was something oil-slick and dark slithering along the pipes; holding Sam up like a ventriloquist dummy.

“Sssssshould. Sssssshould be.”

I could see Josslyn’s bike, snapped in half and thrown into a corner. Strange flowers grew along the edge of the wall; like little sunflowers, frozen and blue.
I could see Josslyn’s backpack torn open and thrown across the floor. The hot dogs, trampled and abandoned. And there at the very edge of my light, I could see Josslyn’s frozen hair splayed across the concrete in a pool of frozen blood.
Unnatural hands crawled across the drainpipes, causing a rhythmic thumping. And just as the horror of this vision sunk into me, my mind exploded into panic. It was like watching through my eyes like a passenger, surrendering completely to whatever power would get me out of there. My mind lit up the world with fear, as a real and tangible threat started coming our way; and it was dragging Sam along.

I bolted back out the door. Something was right behind me, but I didn’t know if it was Everett or… that Sam-thing. I didn’t care. I didn’t care the slightest.
I turned a quick corner. Everett followed. The Sam-thing couldn’t keep up, and whatever held him just tossed him aside. I could hear his body shattering like a gypsum statue; his body frozen solid.
Another corner. A quick turn.
Too quick.

I tripped on my own feet. I fell, and Everett fell right after me. We ended up on our sides, lying face-to-face. Something in my elbow broke, and I couldn’t get up.
Then, Everett stopped. I did too. I held my breath, waiting for whatever pain there was to come. Everett looked at me, slack jawed.

His breathing stopped. A long mosquito-like appendage had extended down from the drainpipes, piercing the back of his skull, like popping a water balloon. It was sucking out his warmth, making his skin lose its color. Eyes sinking into his skull, freezing. Nails and tongue turning black. Skin cracking like porcelain. Membranes shriveling into nothing but dry meat.
“Yooooooou~ “ it started. “… yoooOoou… heEeeeeEelping me. Help. Helping meeeee.”

I couldn’t look away.
But as my light dwindled, all that was left was the cold of his touch, and his words; frozen in time.
“Shhhh… shhhhoooOo… should be. Be. Be.”
As my light went out, all that was left was one desperate plea. And for a moment, it sounded just like him.
“Helping me. Helping. Helping me. Helping… me.”

I must’ve stayed there for hours, growing colder by the minute. I just lay there, listening to him slowly learning how to talk with Everett’s body. My tears had frozen my eyelids shut, and my shivers had subsided to a deep throbbing pain.
At some point, Everett was lifted off the floor. And as a cold spike poked against my skin, I realized I could barely feel it. I was too cold.
The creature must’ve thought the same thing, as it left me there. I had no warmth left for it to feast on.

I was no longer interesting prey. I’d accidentally strained my elbow as I fell, and I could barely feel my legs. Further and further away, I could hear the rhythmic thumping as the creature moved along the drainpipes. The pleas of what remained of Everett grew more confident, and distant.
At some point, it wasn’t interested anymore. I fumbled down corridor after corridor, trying to keep my eyes open.
And out of nowhere, the tunnels just seemed to... open up.

On the other side of the Rosewater Tunnel, the light blinded me.
The sun of late June promised me that I was finally safe.

Now, this was all about… five years ago. Law enforcement insist that we were “urban explorers” who messed up. There had been reports of rockslides near the Rosewater Tunnels, and they figured that Sam, Everett and Josslyn got caught in it somewhere deep in the abandoned side tunnels. They didn’t take any other report or indication of wrongdoing seriously. That I had frost burns in late June didn’t seem to bother them.
I’ve been holding off on writing this story as it was technically open for investigation until last September. They finally closed it, officially classifying it as a kind of spelunking expedition gone wrong. They swear they’ve investigated the tunnel, but I have yet to see a single squad car anywhere near it.
I don’t think this is over.

I’ve since left it all behind. The town, the people, the past.
And whatever future I have left, I will cherish.
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2023.03.25 02:02 BuccosBot The Pirates tied the Tigers with a score of 6-6 - Fri, Mar 24 @ 06:05 PM EDT

Pirates @ Tigers - Fri, Mar 24

Game Status: Game Over: Tied - Score: 6-6

Links & Info

1 Hayes - 3B 4 1 3 2 0 0 0 .353 .371 .794
Maggi - 3B 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 .400 .464 .840
2 Reynolds, B - CF 4 1 1 0 0 0 3 .209 .277 .419
Ordonez - 1B 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000
3 Joe - RF 4 1 2 2 0 2 0 .263 .317 .447
Owings - SS 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 .250 .417 .429
4 Santana - 1B 2 0 0 0 2 1 1 .143 .286 .229
2-Sanchez, L - CF 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 .154 .154 .385
5 Choi - DH 4 0 2 0 0 2 2 .290 .303 .484
6 Castro, R - SS 3 0 0 0 1 1 2 .224 .255 .367
Palacios, J - RF 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000 .000 .000
7 Andújar - LF 3 0 0 0 0 0 2 .189 .244 .351
a-Smith-Njigba - LF 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .316 .409 .526
8 Heineman - C 4 1 1 0 0 1 2 .095 .174 .143
9 Mathias - 2B 3 0 2 1 0 1 0 .269 .424 .308
1-Bae - 2B 1 2 1 0 0 0 0 .270 .325 .297
Totals 37 6 12 6 3 10 15
a-Grounded out for Andújar in the 8th. 1-Ran for Mathias in the 7th. 2-Ran for Santana in the 7th.
BATTING: 2B: Reynolds, B (3, Rodriguez, Ed); Heineman (1, Rodriguez, Ed); Choi (3, Rodriguez, Ed). HR: Joe (1, 1st inning off Rodriguez, Ed, 1 on, 1 out); Hayes (4, 7th inning off Brieske, 1 on, 0 out). TB: Bae; Choi 3; Hayes 6; Heineman 2; Joe 5; Mathias 2; Reynolds, B 2. RBI: Hayes 2 (9); Joe 2 (3); Mathias (5); Ordonez (1). Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Heineman; Castro, R; Sanchez, L. GIDP: Reynolds, B 2. Team RISP: 3-for-10. Team LOB: 7.
FIELDING: DP: (Castro, R-Mathias-Santana).
1 Carpenter, K - LF 4 2 3 0 0 0 2 .327 .346 .592
Meadows, P - LF 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 .333 .400 .750
2 Maton, N - 3B 2 2 2 1 2 0 0 .326 .404 .696
Palacios - 3B 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 .267 .333 .433
3 Báez, J - SS 4 0 1 2 0 1 4 .182 .176 .242
Graham - SS 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 .000 .500 .000
4 Meadows, A - RF 4 0 1 1 0 0 3 .255 .321 .340
Davis, B - RF 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 .269 .387 .385
5 Torkelson - 1B 4 0 1 1 0 1 2 .278 .328 .389
Holton, J - 1B 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 .500 .556 .500
6 Cabrera, M - DH 3 0 2 0 0 0 2 .250 .286 .450
1-Campos - DH 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 .125 .125 .125
7 Baddoo - CF 2 0 1 0 1 0 2 .239 .314 .478
Hernández - 2B 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 .262 .354 .429
8 Haase - C 4 0 0 0 0 1 5 .262 .273 .524
2-Papierski - C 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 .263 .391 .526
9 Schoop, J - 3B 3 1 1 0 0 1 4 .217 .280 .304
Davis, Jo - CF 2 0 0 0 0 2 2 .146 .255 .171
Totals 41 6 15 6 4 9 29
1-Ran for Cabrera, M in the 5th. 2-Ran for Haase in the 7th.
BATTING: 2B: Meadows, A (4, Contreras); Meadows, P (3, Perdomo, A). HR: Maton, N (5, 6th inning off Stephenson, R, 0 on, 0 out). TB: Baddoo; Báez, J; Cabrera, M 2; Carpenter, K 3; Davis, B; Hernández; Maton, N 5; Meadows, A 2; Meadows, P 2; Schoop, J; Torkelson. RBI: Báez, J 2 (5); Davis, B (6); Maton, N (8); Meadows, A (8); Torkelson (6). 2-out RBI: Davis, B. Runners left in scoring position, 2 out: Meadows, A; Baddoo; Schoop, J; Torkelson; Carpenter, K; Holton, J. GIDP: Báez, J. Team RISP: 5-for-20. Team LOB: 12.
FIELDING: PB: Papierski (1). DP: 2 (Báez, J-Maton, N-Torkelson; Rodriguez, Ed-Maton, N-Torkelson).
Pirates Pitchers IP H R ER BB K HR P-S ERA
Contreras 3.1 6 2 2 2 3 0 66-43 3.86
Hernandez, J 0.2 4 2 2 0 0 0 14-11 8.00
Bednar 0.2 1 0 0 1 1 0 25-16 7.36
Garcia, O 0.1 0 0 0 0 0 0 3-2 0.00
Stephenson, R 1.0 1 1 1 0 0 1 18-11 9.00
Moreta 1.0 1 0 0 0 2 0 15-9 1.04
Perdomo, A 1.0 2 1 1 0 2 0 17-12 8.31
Minaya 1.0 0 0 0 1 1 0 16-9 0.00
Totals 9.0 15 6 6 4 9 1
Tigers Pitchers IP H R ER BB K HR P-S ERA
Rodriguez, Ed 5.1 9 3 3 1 6 1 85-58 1.47
Shreve (H, 2) 0.2 0 0 0 1 0 0 13-7 2.25
Brieske (BS, 1) 2.0 2 2 2 1 2 1 30-17 9.28
White (BS, 1) 1.0 1 1 1 0 2 0 17-11 3.60
Totals 9.0 12 6 6 3 10 2
Game Info
WP: Contreras; Bednar.
Pitches-strikes: Contreras 66-43; Hernandez, J 14-11; Bednar 25-16; Garcia, O 3-2; Stephenson, R 18-11; Moreta 15-9; Perdomo, A 17-12; Minaya 16-9; Rodriguez, Ed 85-58; Shreve 13-7; Brieske 30-17; White 17-11.
Groundouts-flyouts: Contreras 2-2; Hernandez, J 2-0; Bednar 1-0; Garcia, O 1-0; Stephenson, R 2-0; Moreta 1-0; Perdomo, A 1-0; Minaya 1-0; Rodriguez, Ed 3-4; Shreve 0-1; Brieske 2-0; White 2-0.
Batters faced: Contreras 17; Hernandez, J 6; Bednar 4; Garcia, O 1; Stephenson, R 4; Moreta 4; Perdomo, A 5; Minaya 4; Rodriguez, Ed 23; Shreve 3; Brieske 9; White 5.
Inherited runners-scored: Garcia, O 2-0; Shreve 1-0.
Umpires: HP: Roberto Ortiz. 1B: Emil Jimenez. 2B: Laz Diaz. 3B: Jerry Layne.
Weather: 85 degrees, Clear.
Wind: 10 mph, R To L.
First pitch: 6:07 PM.
T: 2:53.
Att: 5,113.
Venue: Publix Field at Joker Marchant Stadium.
March 24, 2023
Inning Scoring Play Score
Top 1 Connor Joe homers (1) on a fly ball to left field. Bryan Reynolds scores. 2-0 PIT
Top 2 Mark Mathias singles on a ground ball to center fielder Akil Baddoo. Tyler Heineman scores. 3-0 PIT
Bottom 3 Austin Meadows doubles (4) on a sharp line drive to right fielder Connor Joe. Kerry Carpenter scores. Nick Maton to 3rd. 3-1 PIT
Bottom 3 Spencer Torkelson singles on a sharp line drive to left fielder Miguel Andujar. Nick Maton scores. Austin Meadows to 3rd. 3-2 PIT
Bottom 4 Javier Baez singles on a ground ball to left fielder Miguel Andujar. Jonathan Schoop scores. Kerry Carpenter scores. Nick Maton to 2nd. 4-3 DET
Bottom 6 Nick Maton homers (5) on a fly ball to right center field. 5-3 DET
Top 7 Ke'Bryan Hayes homers (4) on a line drive to left field. Ji Hwan Bae scores. 5-5
Bottom 8 Brendon Davis singles on a line drive to right fielder Josh Palacios. Parker Meadows scores. 6-5 DET
Top 9 Ernny Ordonez reaches on a fielder's choice, fielded by third baseman Jermaine Palacios. Ji Hwan Bae scores. 6-6
Team Highlight
PIT Breaking down Roansy Contreras's pitches (00:00:08)
DET Breaking down Eduardo Rodriguez's pitches (00:00:08)
DET Eduardo Rodriguez's outing against the Pirates (00:00:23)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
Pirates 2 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 6 12 0 7
Tigers 0 0 2 2 0 1 0 1 0 6 15 0 12

Division Scoreboard

TEX 3 @ CHC 5 - Final
MIL 6 @ LAD 6 - Final: Tied
CIN 7 @ AZ 4 - Final
COL 9 @ MIL 4 - Final
STL 7 @ WSH 1 - Final
CHC 2 @ CLE 0 - Bottom 1, 0 Outs
Next Pirates Game: Sat, Mar 25, 06:05 PM EDT vs. Orioles
Last Updated: 03/24/2023 09:17:49 PM EDT
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2023.03.25 01:54 deker0 40M looking to make new friends and hang out

I saw an older post that someone else put up on here that listed out their hobbies, music, and movie preferences and I felt it would be good for me to do the same as a way to let people know more about me before deciding to meet up / hang out together. So here goes.....
Located in uptown Manhattan.
Hi fellow redditors, I'm posting this in an effort to make some new friends with similar interests. Really aiming to meet people with similar tastes and lifestyle. And someone to hit up some events in the city with. I don't drink much and I prefer not to have to yell to carry on a conversation.
I prefer more low-key activities although I'm down to walk/explore the city a lot more when the weather gets warmer.
I'll list some things that I'm into:
Hobbies: going to museums/shows/concerts, going to restaurants (hole in the wall gems are better to me versus Michelin rated hotspots), computer building/components, comedy.
Music: Varies alot depending on my mood - Chainsmokers, Empire of the Sun, all types of reggae, afro-pop, some top 40 hits, old school hip-hop .
TV shows: Succession, Ozark, You, The Office, Chappelle’s Show, etc. Animated: always down to check out South Park, Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons. Still have many shows that I want to watch but have not had a chance to.
Movies: Mostly action/thriller, sci-fi, and comedy, some horror, maybe even a rom-com once in a blue.

Feel free to shoot me a message if you'd like to plan something.
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Scarborough Beach in Western Australia is one of the most popular beaches and voted 2018 best metro beach in Australia. It attracts thousands of visitors every year. While there are many reasons to love this beach, one of its most stunning features is the beautiful sunsets that can be witnessed there. In this blog post, we'll explore 4 key reasons why Scarborough Beach has such beautiful sunsets.
  1. Location
Scarborough Beach is located on the west coast of Australia, which means that it's perfectly positioned to capture the setting sun. The beach faces west, allowing visitors to watch the sun slowly disappear over the Indian Ocean. This location, combined with the clear skies and lack of pollution in the area, creates the perfect conditions for beautiful sunsets.
  1. Clean Air
One of the reasons why the sunsets at Scarborough Beach are so beautiful is the clean air. Western Australia has some of the cleanest air in the world, which means that there is less pollution to obscure the view of the setting sun. This allows visitors to enjoy the full spectrum of colours that make up the sunset, from deep oranges and pinks to soft purples and blues.
  1. Low Humidity
Western Australia has a dry climate, which means that there is usually very little humidity in the air. This lack of moisture in the air helps to create stunning sunsets, as the dry air allows the colours of the sunset to remain vivid and clear.
  1. Coastal Breezes
Another factor that contributes to the beauty of Scarborough Beach's sunsets is the coastal breeze. The breeze that blows off the ocean helps to create interesting patterns in the sky, as well as softening the light of the setting sun. The breeze also helps to create a feeling of peace and relaxation, as visitors watch the sun slowly dip below the horizon.
In conclusion, Scarborough Beach is a stunning location to witness beautiful sunsets. Its location, clean air, low humidity, and coastal breezes all come together to create the perfect conditions for a breathtaking display of nature's beauty. So not if but WHEN you're in Western Australia, be sure to visit Scarborough Beach and witness the incredible sunsets for yourself!
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2023.03.25 01:44 SnoopLyger 31 [m4f] Your daily reminder a cool dude is a DM away

Hi. I stay around the Galleria on the west side of this huge city. I’ve got no real plans this weekend for the first time in months and I’m just wishing I had someone cool here to spend it with. Big proponent of getting to know someone is lending an ear to their lifestory and my ears are burning to listen to someone who has intentions of sticking around.
I’m fit, clean, tidy, hwp, intelligent, morally-sound, and am not shy about where we meet. More specifically, I’m 5’10, 180 lbs, 420 friendly, and mixed raced (olive skin). If that jives and you’re looking for a new buddy to sink time into, let’s get to talkin’ :)
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2023.03.25 01:28 Intrepid_Wanderer #SayTheirNames: Bonnie K. Hunt

Bonnie was 44 when she was killed by Planned Parenthood.
She underwent a legal abortion at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Illinois. Soon after, she had to be hospitalized at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Unfortunately, she never recovered. Bonnie died on August 5, 2008.
Bonnie’s mother sued Planned Parenthood for malpractice. The case dragged on for years and was eventually dismissed by stipulation or agreement.
In an article for the Chicago Tribune, Planned Parenthood of West Loop, Illinois was confronted about whether or not they had failed to report the death of Irene Stevenson, one of their abortion clients. While they refused to confirm if Irene’s death was ever reported, the facility claimed to have reported a dead client in 2008. Records of the many lawsuits filed against Planned Parenthood finally identified the 2008 death as Bonnie Kay Hunt.
Years after Bonnie and Irene were killed, the same abortion facility killed Tonya Reaves. Planned Parenthood will continue to kill until they are shut down.
Enough is enough.
"United States, GenealogyBank Obituaries, Births, and Marriages 1980-2014," database with images, FamilySearch(https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:QK4C-8DBT : accessed 25 March 2023), Bonnie Kay Hunt, Waukegan, Illinois, United States, 16 Aug 2008; from "Recent Newspaper Obituaries (1977 - Today)," database, GenealogyBank.com(http://www.genealogybank.com : 2014); citing Lake County News-Sun, born-digital text.
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2023.03.25 01:26 Goblinofthenorth Morrison

See the crimson spires ^
Next to the rocky passes.
Expect to hear the sirens
Beckoning you into their den
The sun goes down,
Night begins
As the moon rises
Beyond the city filled west
Unholy surprise! >!!< My ears are blessed!
I climb down,
To the jagged rock
Behind my back
I hear the pulsating flock
Snared by the sirens' sound,
Controlled by their vibrations,
Dancing around,
Fueled by elation.
I, too, can feel my desire
To sacrifice myself
Unto those crimson spires
1 https://www.reddit.com/OCPoetry/comments/12137zd/comment/jdk7wg7/
2 https://www.reddit.com/OCPoetry/comments/120lbxa/comment/jdk9rd8/
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2023.03.25 01:07 LaboriousRevelry Stay away from West of Gulfshore?

Just came across a travel website with advice for traveling in Naples, FL. Big LOL. Stay away from west of Gulfshore, guys. Be safe out there.
“Despite the overall safety of Naples, there are a few areas you’ll want to be extra careful in, especially at night. These include the city’s northeast section around Goodlette-Frank Road and Gulf Shore Boulevard to the west.
This area is known for being more dangerous, with higher crime rates. The main area to be aware of is Old Naples. This historic district has many high-end shops and restaurants.
Still, it can be considered dangerous after dark due to the number of people who hang out there. In addition, drunkenness and fighting are not uncommon, so it’s not a good place to take young children and teens.
Another area worth mentioning is Sun Terrace. While this family-oriented neighborhood is not especially dangerous during the day, it has a property crime rate 37% higher than the national average.
So if you’re driving through Sun Terrace, particularly at night, keep your doors locked and windows up, and don’t stop for anyone.” Travellers Worldwide
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2023.03.25 00:58 SuperHotUKDeals 40% off selected Garden Furniture & Outdoor Kitchen with code @ Aldi

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
Code OUTDOOR40 goes live 24/03, giving 40% off selected Garden Furniture & Outdoor Kitchen, works on the items on this page
Runs from 24th March to 11th April. Full credit to @Stoneddd for the code
Some iiem prices with the code
Some examples using the code
Gardenline Mini Kamado BBQ £75.94 delivered
Take your garden party to the next level with the Gardenline Mini Kamado BBQ. This gunmetal ceramic bbq features a temperature gauge, powder coated steel hinge, bands, handle, chimney top, fire grate bring, stainless steel hinge springs and an ash door bring. It has a unique Japanese inspired insulated design that allows you to cook food that is not only succulent but gorgeously smoky at the same time. The mini kamado bbq is versatile allowing you to grill, bake, slow cook and even smoke your summer bbq favourites. It has been designed so there is an even distribution of heat, cooking your meals evenly. What tasty treats will you whip up?
6 Piece Patio Furniture Set - £99.94 delivered
Give your garden a new look with the 6 Piece Patio Furniture Set. This stunning grey furniture set includes a dining table with a glass top, 4 sling back chairs and 1 umbrella. Stay protected whilst you enjoy the summer under the umbrella with UV protection of 50+. Complete with an instruction manual, this is the perfect set to update your garden with so you can invite your family and friends to relax this summer in style. Make the most of your garden and add a new contemporary look to it.
Kettle BBQ Trolley £81.94 delivered
Keep the feast going this summer with the Gardenline Kettle BBQ Trolley. It features a 22"" diameter enamel coated kettle bbq along with a rubber wood chopping board and trolley for easy manoeuvring. Easy to maintain, this durable bbq has a large cooking area so you can cook and prep all in one space. Saving you time running to and from the kitchen, keep all your cooking essentials together on the handy storage shelf and hooks for any utensils. Make it a summer to remember with a delicious summer feast with the help of this premium bbq.
Gardenline Decorative Gazebo £69.94 delivered
Never get caught out during the rain or sunshine with this Gardenline Decorative Gazebo. Whether you are avoiding the rain or having a garden party, this gazebo will have you covered. With dimensions of 2.9 x 2.9 x 2.7m (approx.) it has plenty of room to shelter you and your guests. Perfect for having over garden tables or a spa pool, the sturdy steel frame is complete with a polyester roof. Prepare for the unpredictable British weather with this durable decorative gazebo.
Gardenline Wooden Garden Love Seat £69.94 delivered
Ease into the day with the Gardenline Wooden Garden Love Seat. This gorgeous seater has a rising table in the middle, which will create the ultimate summer feel in your garden. Lounge and sit in the morning sun with a coffee in hand as the birdsong surrounds you, or chat for hours with a friend as the sun sets in your garden.
  • Perfect for the garden
  • Easy assembly
  • Central seat can pull up as a table
  • Natural wood colour
  • 3 Years
    This deal can be found on hotukdeals via this link: https://ift.tt/2aJOL0M
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2023.03.25 00:49 lowerbackpain2208 I'm moving across the US in 5 months, I don't really know how to feel at the moment

Moved to the West Coast for grad school in 2020. I'm international, but have lived in the US for a few years before when I was young. So although it was a culture shock, it wasn't completely new to me I guess. Now I'm moving again for grad school part 2.
My experience here has been a mixed bag. I know that there are several things I dislike about this place, but a lot that I'm going to miss.
But right now the main thing on my mind is how to even savor the time I have left here. Romantic relationships are in limbo. Friendships are great but also in limbo, of my two closest friends, one is likely also moving by the end of this year to get married so our tight knit little group was going to be broken apart anyway. Like yeah I know we can still be friends with the distance but it's just going to be different. Everyone at my job knows I'm leaving in a few months too. I just feel like I'm in this weird position and I'm going to be like this for the next few months. For the last two I'm going to even be crashing on my friends couch since my lease will be up soon and I don't want to renew.
I'm also anxious about the new city I'm moving to (Chicago) even though I have visited and liked it so far. But like, everything is going to be so new. I just feel anxious about the "fresh start". I also feel some type of way about getting older too. My friends are all starting to settle down and I'm uprooting my life again for a PhD. I'm 25 this year and not getting younger lol.
Just wanted to vent to any listening ear.
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2023.03.25 00:36 Unkn0wn_666 [Marvel] Could Daredevil/Matthew Murdock play video games?

So we all know that Daredevil is blind, but he is able to sense alterations and differences in electrical currents, heat and all that stuff down to such detail that he can hear a clock ticking in the middle of a busy New York City street or sense minor changes in a person's body temperature. So could he do the same with video games and sense the temperature difference on older screens?
Edit: To specify: actually "see" What's going on, for example games like CoD, Super Mario or Pokemon, Minecraft
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2023.03.25 00:34 there__ ULA Dragonfly - Quick Review - Backpackers Perspective

ULA Dragonfly - Quick Review - Backpackers Perspective
Coming from a background in backpacking I was most interested a day pack for day hikes ( < 15 miles ) where I only need enough space for some food, water, and layers for warmth. 5-10lbs.
Secondly, I've been traveling more and wanted bag that could sustain me for a month at a time in warmer climates. I wanted something comfortable to carry through different transit systems and that I don't feel bad about beating it up a bit when using it on day longs hikes at the destination. A bag that can be really used and carried for extended distances.
The ULA Dragonfly carries very heavy loads for it's size ( 20+ lbs ) well for short distances ( 1-2 miles of walking for me ). This means getting my stuff to what every destination is next. Once there, It's great at carrying loads of 10ish lbs all day long, either through towns and cities, or jungles and prairies.
It's deceivingly spacious and in my use can be overstuffed without busting zippers or seams. It's simple compartments work great for those of us who either use packing cubes, smaller organizational bags, or simply stuff everything in when in transit, then unpack at a homebase at your destination. No one questioned it's size as a personal item on flights and it fit under 4 different sized aircrafts seats ( see photos )
I would buy it again in a heart beat, but I would purchase the 'ultra dragonfly' for it's ability ( I believe ) to shed rain. Would love to hear experiences with it in heavy rain for an extended period.

  • lightweight, simple pack. No logo, doesn't scream steal me
  • great carry system, although no hip belt ( not needed in my opinion ) does have attachment points for one
  • No issues carrying on as personal item or fitting under seats on planes
  • small enough even if overhead bin is 'full' it can be jammed into some gaps
  • holds shape when empty or under size capacity
  • bungie to lash items to the back of bag work very well and has lots of stretch
  • handy top compartment for items that need to be fetched frequently ( keys, phone, cables, wallet, battery back, etc )
  • I'm used to top loading bags for hikes -- This being more of a clamshell I was worried it would be a pain to frequently take things in and out, this has not been the case. Zips are fast and towards the top of the bag that nothing falls out when unzipped at touch when wearing
  • This kinda blew my mind -- Even when super stuffed my 13' macbook air still slide in and out without much effort. Just about every bag I've used in the past this can be an issue. I'm frequently pulling out and putting in my laptop, so this was a pleasant surprise.
  • Material is very resistant to abrasion, still looks good after heavy use - Note: it looks used, and shows dirt when you set it in mud, but no holes, fraying, etc.
  • Great support. You have questions, they have answers and are responsive

Cons ( some expected )
  • I wish the side pockets were more stretchy.
  • Not waterproof, bag had an inch of water in main compartment after a few hours of very heavy rain, top compartment stayed bone dry interestingly enough - 'ULTRA' version of this bag seems to be waterproof
  • Top handle was a pain to grab sometimes bag is laid down because it's floppy and tends to rest under the bag

  • Wish the sternum strap was not on a bungie
  • Zippers seem a touch small in size, but so far are holding up.
  • Back padding holds some water when in heavy rain
  • Shoulder straps are super stiff when new. I was very close to returning the bag because of the 'S' shaped shoulder straps hit the side of my arms when in the hanging position. I read they break in, and that is correct thankfully, but it did take some time, be patient.
  • One could argue there are better looking bags. In my option function over form, so I like the simplicity of the design, others may not

What I packed:
My total weight was around 22 lbs including the bag for a little over a week on an island 70-80 degrees. This was certainly over stuffed. Next trip I'll drop at least a third of the weight by carrying less clothing.
1] swimsuit
1] long sleeve rash shirt
2] sun hats
1] pair sun gloves
6] pairs of socks
6] boxer briefs
3] long sleeve sun shirts
5] shorts
2] pants
6] short sleeve shirts
1] pajama pants
1] pair 'dress' shoes

  • deodorant
  • electric toothbrush
  • sunglasses
  • bar soap
  • 1L collapsible water bottles
  • sunblock
  • packable backpack
  • sleep-mask
  • hydroflask

Electronics ( some not in photos )
  • 13' MacBook Air
  • battery bank
  • 6' usb-c cables6-in-1 charging cable
  • bloothtooth speaker
  • anker usb-c charger
  • MOGICS Super Bagel <- love this thing!
  • Bose QC II earbuts
  • extra cell phone
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2023.03.25 00:32 Chronos-X4 The Alex Smithers Chronicles - Part 02: A Case of Culture Shock

Originally written for humansarespaceorcs.
OG Writing Prompt: "Aliens discover art by hr gieger, are very concerned"
Ruxalkia Er'Thromos was beside herself. The Nereidian chronicler had learned more about humans in a single day than she had in all her centuries. Humanity... the stories she'd heard did them no justice: they weren't the strongest, fastest, not even the most intelligent species, but even the weakest among them could easily outfight the strongest of her race.
(Translated from Standard Thalassian). "[{To think one of those hairless apes actually fought His Majesty himself to a standstill... what's more, he nearly outmaneuvered him underwater! A species whose members can barely hold their breath beneath the surface for half a Terran minute, and they came dangerously close to defeating him! The King was lucky that human was holding back. Maybe now he'll take his duties more seriously: that heir isn't going to sire itself, after all... but enough about that}]."
Er'Thromos had finally reached her destination: Gigertown, Gruyeres, Switzerland. The aquatic female swallowed hard: it was one thing to look upon photographs and holocaps, yet to actually behold the place was nothing short of ominous. The town entrance consisted of a massive steely gate drilled with countless holes of various depths and sizes. Ruxalkia shuddered: the thing looked... alive, ready to spawn countless abominations only the sick minds of humans could envision.
"{[Maybe coming here was a bad idea...}]."
Nevertheless, the Nereidian found the courage to go inside. Houses, shops, offices, parks, squares, every single edifice resembled something out of a nightmare, to put it mildly. Much like the entrance door, these dwellings were cast from metal, albeit one which seemed to... pulsate?
"{[My eyes must be deceiving me... are those structures pumping blood!?}]."
Much like Terrans and other living beings, the buildings themselves pumped some sort of blood through ever busy veins and arteries. Er'Thromos nearly fainted: she had to get away from those eyesores. Against her better judgement, the chronicler rushed into the building closest to her. She barely had time to read the sign at front: Xenomorph Appreciation Den.
"[{I should find something to eat... preferably without capsaicin}]."
Ruxalkia settled for a medium serving of xeno-friendly conch lambi rolls, a dish hailing from a Terran region named Haiti, located somewhere in the Caribbean basin. Blessed be the gods! Something she could taste without needing to sign a waver, and within her budget, too!
Er'Thromos had barely whipped out her card when she came face to face with the cashier: a black-hued eyeless creature standing on digitigrade feet, dressed like one of those "busboys," who then addressed her in immaculate German.
"[{Good afternoon, Madame. That'll be one-hundred Terran Dataries}]."
The chronicler nearly froze.
(Translated from Standard Thalassian). "[{Cylindrical-shaped head, eyeless visage, sharp-toothed mouth and second mouth... a Xenomorph... they do exist!}]."
Luckily Ruxalkia had enough self-possession to hand over her card and go through the remaining motions without further incident. The Nereidian couldn't quite repress an invisible shudder: the whole place was packed with Xenomorphs and other races. The female felt a knot in her stomach by the time somebody called out to her.
The chronicler turned to that familiar voice.
"Alex Smithers? What are you doing here?"
"I was about to ask you the same thing. Are you alright? This place... follow me."
The aquatic female complied without a fuss. Outside at the main balcony, Smithers addressed an Ailuran server, who then found them a nice table overlooking a panoramic view of the city. Having tipped the server, Er'Thromos addressed the human.
"Doctor... what is this place? Who... what are these strange creatures?"
"Keep your voice down. These guys don't take kindly to remarks like that." (Brief pause). "Where do I begin? Are you familiar with the work of H.R. Giger?"
"He is a long deceased Terran, one of your 'artists', isn't he?"
Alex chuckled.
"That's putting it mildly. Giger, he designed the Xenomorphs and other such creatures you'll see around these parts. Centuries after his death, an eccentric billionaire decided she wanted to have children, so she funded a shady covert op to genetically engineer them."
"Engineer them!? She didn't give birth to them!?"
"Good Lord, of course not! Giger was hired as artist and designer by this other guy, a fellow named Cameron, for this movie he wanted to make. Long story short, Giger created the first Xenomorphs; the rest is history. I'll fill you in once we're back at the station. Which reminds me: how'd you hear about this place?"
"I received a message from HQ. It contained a couple of holo displays, some pictures, and coordinates. No further explanation."
"They just told you to come here? No warnings, no explanations? Just like that?"
Ruxalkia nodded.
"Damn... and I thought my species was full of jerks..."
"Pardonnez-moi, Monsieur."
The human and Nereidian turned to a humanoid fellow bearing an oversized spike-lined composite maw, ochre skin layered with black spots. Summer sun reflecting on the top of the head, the creature, a male, from the looks of it, spoke with an underlying growl in otherwise flawless French. From what her translator picked up, Er'Thromos surmised this fellow was bringing his order to Smithers. Having whispered into the human's ear, the server made himself scarce.
"Who was that person?"
"Their name's Jean-Luc Merodat, a Yautja, born Jeanne-Lucille Merodat. They work here; they're just like me. We found one another at a particularly dark time in our lives, became friends and all that. Anyhow, they asked me to inquire whether you're free this afternoon."
"Free? Free from what?"
"They asked you out, Er'Thromos... on a date. They couldn't risk addressing you directly, so they turned to me. You don't have to say yes if you don't want to. They've always been a little too forward for their own good."
(Translated from Standard Thalassian). "[{At least I'll have something for tomorrow's holofeed}]. I see... thank you, Dr. Smithers."
"Anytime. Please call me Alex."
With that, the pair finished their lunch and carried on their way...
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2023.03.25 00:29 ITCareerProgression Struggle Street

Hey all
I’ve fallen off the wagon yet again and had 4 beers last night. I had only had a 2 week sober streak but was feeling the effects of a clearer mind and healthier body.
Unfortunately yesterday after finishing work I decided to meet up with a friend in the city before heading home which unfortunately resulted in me having some beers. I got drunk pretty quickly as I take an SNRI and am not supposed to drink while on this medication. (This seems near impossible).
I like to think I have made a lot of progress in my life as I used to drink a 6 pack every night + more on the weekends. I NEVER drink at home or buy alcohol from a store these days which I am proud of. My downfall is a Friday afternoon trying to get to the train station to go home without being mentally pulled in to one of the many bars on the way.
Feeling pretty crappy today but not hungover so I will make sure to get some exercise and sun in this weekend.
Any tips/advice on how to talk myself out of going in to a bar on Friday afternoon and just getting straight on that damn train sober?
Thanks all!
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2023.03.25 00:28 ST_Ad3pT [H] The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition (GOG code) Humble Bundle Stand with Ukraine Bundle ,Humble Bundle Aspyr 25th Anniversary Bundle, Fanatical Stand with Ukraine Bundle , Humble Bundle Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Relief Bundle and A Way Out [W] Paypal

Hi Everybody! I have a long list of games I'm selling below. Hit me with any offers on one game or multiple games! Thank you!
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year Edition (GOG code)
A Way Out (Origin Code)
Humble Bundle Stand with Ukraine Bundle
Humble Bundle Aspyr 25th Anniversary Bundle
Fanatical Stand with Ukraine Bundle
Humble Bundle Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Relief Bundle
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2023.03.25 00:25 Narsil13 (Spoilers Extended) Egg World

A million million years ago the Great Celestial Wyrm found a remote star and laid many eggs. Setting them in orbit to consume the star's light and gestate. Wobbling through space.
it seems to drink the light, dimming tapers and torches and hearth fires alike.
Over the eons they either hatched...
"He told me the moon was an egg, Khaleesi," the Lysene girl said. "Once there were two moons in the sky, but one wandered too close to the sun and cracked from the heat. A thousand thousand dragons poured forth, and drank the fire of the sun.
or turned to stone.
The eons have turned them to stone, yet still they burn bright with beauty.
Some shine like stars.
The black scales seemed to glow as they drank the heat.
While others collect stardust and seem like worlds.
I am queen over a city built on dust and death.
A thousand thousand years ago the Great Engineer came to investigate the oddly dimming star and ultimately the Celestial Wyrms. When the opportunity came to obverse one hatch, it was obvious something was wrong.
they'd seen the last dragon there the year before it died. She'd been a green female, small and stunted, her wings withered.
The Great Engineer soon devised a plan to save the Celestial Wyrms and descended upon a suitable egg.
not only the First Man in Westeros, but the only man, wandering the length and breadth of the land alone
For 10,000 years he put his plan into action.
For ten thousand years the Great Empire of the Dawn flourished in peace and plenty under the God-on-Earth,
Spreading his seed across it's dead dusty surface.
Where he walked, farms and villages and orchards sprouted up behind him. About his shoulders was slung a canvas bag, heavy with seed, which he scattered as he went along. As befits a god, his bag was inexhaustible; within were seeds for all the world's trees and grains and fruits and flowers.
Then created a religion so the wheat would harvest itself.
one who demanded blood sacrifice from his worshippers to ensure a bountiful harvest.
Siphoning the life growing on the surface.
pale wood of Ygg, a demon tree who fed on human flesh.
To the dead dragon within.
The strongest trees are rooted in the dark places of the earth.
Eventually he became bored waiting for it to hatch and returned to explore the void.
until at last he ascended to the stars to join his forebears.
Time is running out..
At the end a dragon hatches from an egg and devours all
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2023.03.25 00:22 NipCoyote Under the Veil - Chapter 9

Kept you waiting huh?
Yeah so... whew, things have been stressed over here for me. University eats up a lot of your time, who knew?
I hope I never have to keep you guys waiting this long ever again, please accept this twice-as-long chapter as reconciliation.
First Prev
Memory Transcription Subject: K-31 Endeavor, Off-Duty Gaian Security Guard, November 10th, 2142
Royo was probably the most excited when the news came out. As part of a celebration of the alliance between the Venlil Republic and the Gaian Concord, restrictions on what we could do were reeled way back. We couldn't show our faces or take off our suits, of course, but for the first time, we could go around town and interact with the locals more without having to fill out a bunch of paperwork or be put into an assignment specifically allowing it.
Meaning, of course, that me and Royo could take a trip around town. On top of that, "gaian" culture, that is, human media that had been re-done and censored to avoid anything that could trace us back to humanity and our predatory nature, was being shown in a much greater capacity. Music, though lacking lyrics, was quickly becoming popular, and for the first time, actual gaians were appearing on television series, including The Exterminators.
That show always rubbed me the wrong way, but it seemed popular with the locals. Royo in particular said he had begun watching it because of the relatively recent gaian inclusion in the show; gaian characters that were previously CG were now portrayed by genuine gaians, and after our encounter during the raid, he had taken a liking to the show. I hadn't personally watched more than a couple episodes, despite my boss telling me I should take the time to watch the series; it was good to be in touch with Federation culture, he told me.
Regardless, now that I had a couple days off, Royo was insistent on taking me around town. The first ever gaian movie to be shown to the public was apparently in theaters as of today as well, The First Steps, which from what I could gather was a retelling of Apollo 11, but heavily altered to fit gaian narratives. Should be an interesting watch, at any rate.
I received a notification on my HUD, a message from Royo.
"Are you at the place?"
I tapped on my arm touchpad.
"Yes, I'm at the southeast transit station, third bench to the right on the main entryway. Waiting for you."
I watched as trains passed through the underground tunnel. Well, the Venlil equivalent to a maglev, anyway. It was quite fast, and I admired their efficiency. Venlil came and went through the station, as well as the occasional Krakotl or Harchen, and even a couple gaians at one point, chatting it up with a group of Venlil. Seems like I'm not the only gaian Venlils are bringing out here to have a good time.
The familiarly cheery voice rang put, eliciting an unseen smile from beneath my helmet.
"Hey buddy!" I laughed and ruffled his hair. He had grown to like the little mannerisms that I found myself instinctively performing on him, and I couldn't deny how endearing he had become to me.
"Ready to go to the big city?" He asked excitedly.
"Hmm aw gee, I dunno now, I'm kinda scared now, what if-"
"W-wha? Hey! What do you mean!?"
"Relax, Royo" I laughed. "I was just joking."
"Oh… right! Haha! Uh, so next train looks like it's headed to Grand Hill, that's the place!"
"Well then let's go!"
The tram wasn't too dissimilar to what might've been found back on Earth, though it was a bit small for my liking, and I found myself having to contort my body a bit in order to fit into the seats. Looking around, there were a few venlil glancing at us, but nothing negative, atleast from what I had learned from Venlil body language.
It was a very smooth ride, if it weren't for the windows you probably couldn't even tell we were moving.
"First, I wanna take you to my favorite restaurant in the galaxy, Virdi's. They have the best experience on the planet! Then, we could go see a movie and finish it off with a trip to the local bar!"
Seemed like he definitely had the day planned out. This was the planet he lived on though, I am but an alien visitor, so I was sure he knows what he was talking about, and I went along with it. I was sure it'd be a good time.
First stop was Virdi's. Now, I'm not an expert on Venlil culture but from what I could gather, it seems to be comparable to one of those local places that have good food but isn't famous, so the place isn't packed. Not trashy, but far for being particularly fancy, which suited me just fine.
A few customers glanced to look at us, but thankfully we didn't draw a crowd or start a scene. Gaians were novel, but most had grown atleast mostly accompanied to them. We took an empty seat and were served an appetizer of basic assortment of fruits and nuts which were totally foreign to me. Royo already began to eat some, but I hesitated.
"Whats the matter?" Royo asked.
I scanned over the fruits and nuts. My HUD informed me they're safe to eat.
"Uh, nothing just, I've never eaten these before."
"You've never had yira nuts before?"
"I've never had any of this. We always eat the wafers that are prepared for us."
"That's no way to live. Come on, give them a try!"
I pick up a single nut and bring it close to where my mouth would be. Automatically, a small section of my helmet opens like a miniature sliding door, allowing access to my mouth. As per training I was careful to cover it so no one could see my canines, and put the nut in my mouth, and chewed.
It was kind of like an almond, but sweeter and oddly… tangy? It didn't taste bad at any rate. Crunchy, too.
"That's not bad," I admit.
"Try the fruits too!"
I pick up a fruit. A small, yellow object with some firmness to it. It resembled a red blood cell in its shape, disc-like with a risen outer edge. I pop it into my mouth. It's very chewy and-
My mouth explodes with flavor. This is incredible… sweet like some sort of honey-candy, with the perfect consistency. Is this a natural growth on Dayden?
"Oh my gosh…" the trapdoor on my helmet snaps shut as my hand leaves the vicinity. "This is amazing…"
"See? I knew you'd love it!"
I take a handful from the bowl and stuff it into my mouth, letting the mix of nutty and fruity flavor flood my mouth.
This is so good!
I couldn't tell if this food was just so amazing it blew everything out of the park, or if I had just grown numb to the same bland processed food wafers they'd been feeding me while planet-side.
The two of us continue to eat, and Royo commented on the little door in my helmet.
"So, that's how you guys eat huh?"
"Hmm? Oh, yeah. Well, usually for larger social meals we take our helmets off and eat, but that's not for you guys to see."
"Right… can't hardly see what's in there."
"That's the point."
Before long the bowl was empty.
"Hey so um… where are the menus?"
Royo laughed. "No menu here! They just fill the bowl with various fruits and nuts and when you're full they pay you a flat fee.
Oh, so sort of like a buffet, but a more social gathering where they bring fresh bowls of food. That's interesting.
"I need to eat out more," I chuckled.
"Hey um… sorry if this is a weird question but… I've just gotta ask, how do you… you know… expel waste, when you're wearing that all the time?" Royo asked.
The question caught me off guard, but it was innocent enough.
"We have a urine collection device so we just kinda relieve ourselves whenever we need to."
"Um… okay but what about… you know…"
"Ah… um, well, we try and hold it until we can get somewhere to take it off. The nutrient wafers we eat are extremely low in waste product so, we often don't need to go for several days."
"Oh I see. Sorry I know that was probably weird of me to ask…"
"No, no, it's fine! It's fine," I laughed. "Come to think of it I'm surprised I've never been asked that question before.
According to my HUD, we had spent a little over 30 minutes talking and eating. Royo had stopped eating long before I did, his little stomach couldn't pack away as much as I could.
"So, that Gaian movie they're showing…"
"Hm? Oh yeah, First Steps right? The one about Armst- I mean, the one about our origins as a nomadic species."
"Wanna go see it? I'm dying to see a movie about gaians from your perspective."
"Sure I'd definitely be up for it, sounds like a good time."
Admittedly, I was curious about just how much they changed history to make our journey into space acceptable for Federation viewing. I had no doubt in my mind it wouldn't at all be accurate, but at the very least it'd be nice to watch a movie with Royo. It'd certainly be more my speed than The Exterminators.
When we were finished eating, we received a flat fee for our time there, which Royo paid. It was only a short walk over to the theater, about 10 minutes.
"Maybe we should take a cab," I teased him. "So I don't have to carry you in my arms all the way to the theater."
"Oh shut up…" he replied, but I could tell from the tail signing I had picked up that he secretly enjoyed the teasing.
The theater was packed. Looks like the prospect of seeing the first gaian movie to be shown to the public was a popular one. Venlil theaters didn't include snacks to eat while watching the movie, but they also had seating more akin to giant elongated couches rather than individual seats, which was a godsend for someone like me who could barely, if ever, fit into Venlil seating.
The theater screen was also quite different. It was more panoramic, obviously to accommodate Venlil vision range. Making the screen straight forward wouldn't make any sense to them. That made the movie a little bit harder to follow along with, but I did the best I could.
So, as I expected, the movie is an adaptation of Apollo 11. An extremely loose adaptation of Apollo 11.
For starters, everyone is wearing the suits. Well, a precursor to the suits. Only the astronauts actually wear pressure suits, everyone on the ground and at mission control wear looser clothing that still obscures all skin and features from the camera. Of course, the historical names are all changed as well.
Neil Armstrong is now "H-15 Unity" and Buzz Aldrin is now "U-61 Admirality". The ever-forgotten Micheal Collins is "B-87 Serenity", and, female interestingly enough, and even Gene Krantz gets a gaian remake as "Y-23 Conviction"; I'd recognize that personality at the head of mission control no matter how many layers of censorship they put over him.
I couldn't quite recognize the planet the movie takes place on; it's undeniably Earth-like, but the vegetation seemed just a tad off. Maybe it was all CG. They call their planet "Terra", which to any gaians watching would obviously be a stand-in for Earth, though I'm pretty sure this is the first time the name of any Gaian homeworld has ever been stated in any official capacity. "Terra" does not appear in any Federation databanks, at any rate.
The story of course, also had to be changed. The real story probably wouldn't fly… rising tensions between two rival superpowers threatening each other with nuclear weapons, going to the moon to show off their technology for launching warheads? Yeah that wouldn't do. Though, I was surprised with the actual direction they went.
The narrative given in First Steps is that gaians have immense respect for all planets, and rather than stay and settle these planets, eventually stripping them dry, they move from planet to planet to avoid wrecking the local ecosystems. This of course, was a completely foreign concept to the Federation, dare I say it could make the movie controversial, but hopefully it helped sway some folks into being less destructive with their colonialism.
During the events of the movie of course, Gaians are united and just now developing the technology for spaceflight, preparing to leave their birth planet. And the first steps in that journey of course, is a trip to the moon and back. That out of the way, the rest of the movie is actually very similar to the real events. The rocket they used to leave their planet is blatantly a Saturn V, it's not even modified at all.
The costumes and spacecraft were actually surprisingly faithful to the historical ones. The NASA logo and American flag were changed to the Gaian Concord's symbol, the bubble-helmets were made a uniform opaque all around, and the lander had its iconic triangular windows moved from the front to the sides to lessen any potentially predatory parallels, but aside from that, they looked just like the real things, which would be completely new to all the Venlil in the audience.
Of course, they had to introduce some drama. In real life, the landing went almost flawlessly and without a hitch, but that doesn't make for a riveting scene. So naturally they spiced it up. Failing RCS thrusters and a small explosion destroying the antenna leads the team back home to believe they had crashed. Having lost all contact with mission control, the gaians on Terra begin to mourn their loss. However "Serenity" (Collins), who's job was to wait in orbit to rendevous and bring them back home, refused to return home.
"No Command, with all due respect, I don't think you do understand. I decided a long time ago that if something like this were to happen, that I wasn't coming home alone. I'm staying right where I am."
Mission control panics, not knowing what to do. Just when all hope seems lost and everyone thinks they're going to lose Serenity as well, communications resume, Unity and Admiralty having fixed the antenna to reveal a messy, but successful, landing. Everyone at home celebrates, Serenity cries tears of joy, and the two astronauts on the surface erect the flag of the Gaian Concord. A jazzy, triumphant song fades in as the two astronauts happily hop around, and as the reflection of "Terra", an Earth with different continents, appears on Unity's visor, the credits roll.
For a xeno-safe reimagining of Apollo 11, this really wasn't too bad. I actually found myself enjoying it when I tried to put myself in Royo's shoes, seeing all this for the first time. Apollo 11 had been turned into dozens of movies for humans by this point of course, and it was far from the best version I had seen. But Royo definitely seemed to enjoy it, his eyes had been glued to the screen the entire time.
"That was amazing!" Exclaimed Royo as we left the theater. "Is that all true? Did that happen?"
"Yes, well, mostly" I lied. "It's definitely more… dramatized than the actual historical event," I answered. Technically the truth, though "idealized" might be another word to add there.
"Well, I loved it. You gaians sure know how to make an impression!"
It wasn't THAT good. Fine, I guess.
"So, ready for some drinks?"
Oh yeah that's right, Royo wanted to take me out to the bar.
"Oh, yeah! Sure. That sounds like a nice way to end it off."
After another short walk, we walk to the bar. The sun was already beginning to set, had we really been in the theater that long?
We take our seats, and the bar looked very similar to what one would expect on Earth. Stools, a bartender with drinks, looked promising. Our helmets had built in drinking straws which we could put into anything we needed to drink. Never a bad idea to save on your own water supply after all. The bartender slid me a drink, I sipped, and immediately spat it out inside my helmet, which registered as a gargling shout on my vocoder.
"Holy shit! What's in this? How strong is it?"
"Its… only 60% alcohol, sir," the bartender replied.
60 percent!? Can Venlil stomachs handle liquor that strong?
"We, uh I mean… I uh, can't handle drinks that strong. It's uh… a condition. Yknow."
"Weakest we have is 40%..."
"Could you uh… maybe water it down?"
That got me some weird looks.
"Heh alright. Big strong gaian needs his alcohol tame."
If my helmet didn't cover my face I'd have given her an unamused look, but for now I just took the watered down drink and sipped with my straw. That was definitely better, and the fruity taste reminded me of the rum my local brewery back home produced. Very sweet once I could actually taste the stuff.
"Are all gaians that sensitive to alcohol?" Royo asked.
"Uhh… no…" technically the truth. There were some folks who could down Vodka like it's nothing.
"Just a condition. Don't worry about it, I'm a little more sensitive, that's all. Won't stop us from having fun!"
**Memory Transcription Subject: Royo, Venlil Civilian, November 10th, 2142,*
It was kinda funny seeing Endeavor sip watered down alcohol through a straw like he was a child, but I wasn't one to judge. We went through drink after drink, and Endeavor was becoming more and more… woozy. He hadn't had any more drinks than I had, AND they were watered down, yet he was already wobbling.
"Yall see the new gaian movie yet?" The bartender asked.
Before I could respond, Endeavor slammed his drink on the table and answered in slurred speech.
"Fackin… stupid… they had to water it down for the…" hic "Venlil… none of that movie is fuckin accurate…" hic
I thought that maybe we should get Endeavor back home now with how intoxicated he was becoming, but I couldn't deny my curiosity in what he was saying.
"Serenity wasn't a fuckin girl… and his name was COLLINS" he shouted.
Collins? I'd never heard that word before.
By now we were definitely getting some weird stares.
"Uh… Endeavor, maybe we should-"
"Aww Royo you fuckin… I just wanna KISS you ya fuckin… adorable little… hrnng…"
"Well, I hope the bit about leaving the planets alone was also wrong. Leaving natural predators to wreck the planet is just irresponsible. I was hoping we'd see some exterminators in the movie," one other bar patron commented.
Endeavor swiveled around, holding up one finger as though accusing.
"Yooouuuuuu… mother-fuckers… you guys are just… fuckin… torch everything you don't like! That's fucked!"
What was Endeavor talking about? The extermination of predators? Everyone knew that was something that had to be done to save the environment. Predators were a curse on the planets they inhabited, and wouldn't stop until everything was ravaged.
"H-hey Endeavor, let's go home-"
"What did you just call me!?" The other Venlil yelled, getting off his stool.
"I said…" hic "that you guys are a bunch of planet-destroying maniacs," he laughed. "Did you know we gaians banned flamethrower? That's cuz they're fucked up!"
Okay he definitely isn't thinking straight.
"P-please, pay no mind to him… he's sensitive to alcohol!" I tried to remedy the situation and brought him down from his stool. He stumbled, and… I think vomited? Oh my stars… he vomited inside his helmet.
His stumbles became struggles and muffled yelling as vomit threatened to suffocate him, and I almost puked myself with the image in my mind. I took his hand and forcefully brought him to the bathroom, which was thankfully empty, and locked the door.
Endeavor was grasping at his neck, which I thought was instinctual, until I noticed two pairs of buttons and a pair of latches…
Endeavor's helmet came off. From behind, I saw a gaian's head. Mostly bald, with a small patch of dark hair on the top. Light, pale skin, a pair of very small ears on either side. Puke was smeared across the inside of his helmet, and it dropped from what must have been his mouth as he panted and groaned on his knees.
Tentatively, I slowly walked around him, and froze in place.
His eyes aren't on the sides.
Endeavor turned his head at me, two binocular eyes locked onto me with crazed vigor, mouth agape with two pairs of pointed teeth.
I screamed.
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2023.03.25 00:10 StepwiseUndrape574 Surge In Carjackings Has A Chicago Politician Calling For A Grand Theft Auto Game Ban

Violence is on the rise in Chicago, and lawmakers are looking for ways to drive those numbers back down. One stat that has drawn attention in recent weeks is the city's number of carjackings. According to Chicago police, carjacking surged by 134 percent for 2020, bringing the total to 1,415. Rep. Marcus Evans Jr. (D), whose district covers Chicago's South Side, wants a sales ban to minors on violent video games like Grand Theft Auto. Evans is proposing an amendment to an existing 2012 law that prevents the sale of violent video games to minors. Illinois House Bill 3531 (HB3531) has been updated to add the following language:
Modifies the definition of "violent video game" to mean a video game that allows a user or player to control a character within the video game that is encouraged to perpetuate human-on-human violence in which the player kills or otherwise causes serious physical or psychological harm to another human or an animal...
Modifies the definition of "serious physical harm" to include psychological harm and child abuse, sexual abuse, animal abuse, domestic violence, violence against women, or motor vehicle theft with a driver or passenger present inside the vehicle when the theft begins.
The above-bolded text is pertinent to Grand Theft Auto, a widely popular game franchise that allows you to perform carjackings (among other violent and heinous acts). However, what's interesting is that games like Grand Theft Auto and its ilk have been around for decades; this is nothing new. A game like Grand Theft Auto alone couldn't possibly be responsible for the rise in the city's carjackings. Still, lawmakers and city officials are seemingly trying to tie the young ages of some of the carjacking suspects with the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic means that many children are at home, spending more time playing video games.
grand theft auto carjacking The youngest [recent] carjacking suspect was just 12 years old, and a 14-year-old was arrested in January for "taking part in multiple carjackings," according to Fox News.
"I feel like this game has become a huge issue in this spectrum," said Walker in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times. "When you compare the two, you see harsh similarities as it relates to these carjackings."
As a counterpoint to the rumblings in Chicago, a decade-long study concluded that this is no credible link between kids playing violent video games and, in-turn exhibiting violent behavior.
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2023.03.25 00:07 Muffin-Numerous How I’ve been stable the past 2 years :D

How I’ve managed my episodes for 2 years now
Hey, bipolar 1 here, diagnosed 5 times because of unbelieving parents. I’m sure many of you have gone through the same thing. I had a tough road to get to this point, and it started when I mistreated and broke up with da loml. She helped me get help, understand what was going on in my brain at a time where I was going off the rails. It was the worst episode I’ve ever had, lasting 6 months total, the last 2 months slowly getting better but still smoking weed to continue being manic because I was so confused. I broke up with her while manic, even though she knew the stable me and tried her hardest to work with me through all my conditions, but manic decisions aren’t based in reality. After we broke up, it was a quick road back to depression. I do not condone them as it’s different for everyone else, but I did some deep thinking ;) and decided that I loved myself and everyone around me, and I was deserving of love and peace. I started living the way my younger self always dreamed of living, a nature freak. I spend 90% of my time in nature now, fresh air and sunshine does so much it’s unbelievable, I was able to hop off lithium with no mood swings because I treated it with sun exposure and good food (lots of fish) and kept busy on adventures, always exploring, and forcing myself to sleep early. Right now I’m kayaking from Sebastian to key west, camping anywhere I can find and mostly eating what I catch. I have not had a depressive thought or manic actions in so long that I forget about my diagnosis, and just live. There is a way out without drugs, but you have to work hard and live healthy and sober, doing what you love, and not working/removing yourself from toxic environments. I wish you all the best luck on your journeys, but I think everything’s gonna be ok for y’all if you just relax and flow :).
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2023.03.25 00:00 GardeningRunner Race Report: Tobacco Road Marathon

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A PR (3:48:51) Yes (15+ min PR)
B BQ (3:35) Yes
C Negative split Yes (59s)


Mile Pace
1 8:42
2 8:23
3 8:03
4 8:00
5 7:50
6 8:21
7 7:55
8 8:19
9 7:58
10 8:21
11 8:02
12 8:04
13 8:15
14 8:18
15 7:54
16 7:34
17 7:56
18 8:03
19 7:37
20 8:17
21 7:54
22 8:07
23 8:35
24 8:19
25 7:59
26 7:43
27 7:33
I want thank this community for your feedback to a previous post a few weeks ago(https://www.reddit.com/AdvancedRunning/comments/11emyz2). I posted that I was contemplating adjusting my goal from 3:35 to 3:30, and I got much sage (and some snide) advice not to risk it. Most comment suggested keeping my 3:35 goal and then attempting a negative split. I followed that advice and am very grateful for it.

Background and Training

I started running in July 2020 to stay healthy during lockdown. I had attempted to take up running a few times in my life, but didn’t enjoy it and never stuck with it. But this time was different, and after a few weeks I started to look forward to my runs. Since then I have gone through four marathon training cycles with a local running group. The first (Fall 2021) was cut short by posterior tibial tendon problems, and decided to DNS. The second cycle peaked at 40 mpw, and yielded me a 3:49 finish for the 2022 Tobacco Road Marathon. My third marathon cycle peaked at 50 mpw, but ended with a very difficult race at the 2022 City of Oaks Marathon. The hot day, hilly course, and inadequate fueling resulted in a disappointing 4:17 finish. I walked a substantial amount of that race. A month later, I raced a half marathon in 1:43:23 (7:54 pace), which gave me confidence that a 3:35 marathon was within reach.
The cycle for my recent marathon peaked at 60 MPW, though only for one week. 45-50 MPW was more common. I did six 20+ mile runs and a couple more that were almost as long. Most weeks I did a tempo run and an interval workout.


Did some half-assed carbo loading for a couple of days before the race. Woke at 3:30am for the 7am race. I had a banana, two small croissants, and three cups of coffee. An hour before the race I had another banana, and 10 minutes before the race I had a liquid Gu and a couple of gummy worms.
At the lineup, I saw the 3:35 pacing group, so I asked one of the pacers what his plan was. He said they would go out a little fast and keep the same pace up and down the hills. And if they get ahead of schedule, they would slow down a little near the end. That was not what I wanted to do, particularly since the course is mostly uphill for the first two miles, so I decided to pace myself and try to catch up with them by the end.


Conditions were perfect for a fast race. Temperature began around 34 F and did not warm up much during the race. The course is relatively flat with about 700 ft of elevation gain, the hills are gradual, but long. I fueled myself for the whole race with Haribro Gummy Worms. My plan was to eat one every half mile, which I had practiced in long runs. I carried my own water, with a little added salt, in a hydration pack.
I raced in Endorphin Speed 2, and paced myself with the help of a Stryd meter. I had previously worked out that I need to run at a power of about 270 Watts to maintain a 8:12/mile pace on the flat, so to be safe I aimed for a bit higher than this overall. I started slightly slower than this and ramped up my effort over the first 4 miles and then aimed to stay at around 272 W, equivalent to about 8:09/mile, for as long as I could.
At about 7 miles, my glutes were feeling a little tired, which I wasn’t expecting. I told myself that I couldn’t possibly be fatiguing yet and I convinced myself to ignore it. Things went smoothly, and at the halfway point I checked my watch and saw that I was at 1:47:xx, which was right on schedule for a 3:35 finish. Since my first few miles were a bit slower than target pace, I knew I would be fine if I could keep up my current power. Around this time I noticed that I had been forgetting to eat my gummy worms for the last couple of miles, so I downed a liquid Gu.
At mile 16, I was still maintaining my pace well, so I decided to pick up the pace slightly to bank a little time. I began aiming to maintain a power of 275 W, equivalent to about a 8:03 pace on the flat. This was the point in my previous two marathons when it became noticeably difficult to maintain my pace, so I was amazed that I was still feeling well so far into the race. Over the next miles I kept expecting to hit the wall, but found myself able to maintain my pace.
Somewhere around mile 21 I noticed that my peripheral vision was becoming distorted, which I have come to recognize as hypoglycemia and a sign that I was about to hit the wall. This was not good, since I still had a long hill ahead, but my legs felt good, so I stayed cautiously optimistic. I took stock of the gummy worms in my pockets and realized I had been eating far fewer than planned, so I threw a couple in my mouth, slowed my pace a bit to stay just above 270 W, and grabbed a cup of Gatorade at the next station. Somehow I continued to have the energy to keep my pace going.
When I reached the last aid station, I finally let myself believe that a 3:35 finish was a sure thing. I had 2 more miles, mostly downhill. The 3:35 pacing group was not far ahead, so I picked up the pace a little, with the aim of catching them over the remaining distance, just in case I was mistaken about how much time I had in the bank. I slowly gained on them, and in the last half few hundred meters, the pacers started calling out to encourage me to catch up with them. I stepped on the gas a little, and as I passed the last turn and saw the clock at the finish line, I started to get a little emotional. A few seconds later, I saw my wife, who was cheering me on, and really had to fight back tears. Man, it felt so good to cross the finish line.


My number one lesson from this marathon cycle is the importance of fueling adequately. I realize that this is a little dimwitted, since fueling is emphasized in practically every book, blog, and article ever written about marathoning. I had previously paid attention to fueling, but I had not recognized just how much carbohydrate I needed to consume. This cycle, I practiced fueling aggressively during my long runs, and felt a big difference during those runs and in my recovery afterwards. I am convinced that fueling was the most important factor allowing me to maintain my pace and to feel good throughout the entire marathon.
Also, I have found the Stryd meter to be a really helpful tool for pacing optimally. By monitoring power, it is easy to ensure that I am not pushing myself too much up hills and to know how much to pick up the pace down hills. The latter is probably more valuable in a race like this, where the hills are long and gradual, because it is difficult (and probably dangerous) to maintain a constant power down steep hills.
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2023.03.24 23:52 tjareth [TOMT][BOOKS][1960s-1980s] Scifi adventure series about manned missions to planets in the solar system.

I read these books in the early and mid 80s at my public library in Florida. Details I remember:
- The books contained a recurring cast of astronaut-adventurers. In each book they embarked on a manned mission to one of the planets in the solar system, usually (or possibly always) being the first humans to reach it.
- The first book was about the race to the moon. At least two of the main characters of the series were introduced, an American and his rival, a Russian. The Russian was named Serge.
- I seem to recall looking it up and discovering that this was written only a few years before the Apollo moon landing.
- Another book in the series involved traveling to Mercury and landing on the terminus to balance the problems of radiation and sun exposure, and freezing temperatures. They also brought one of a pair of non-astronaut twins that had demonstrated telepathy between them, in an experiment to see if it was a practical method of communication.
- Where they visited outer planets, the time lag in communicating with Earth became a significant factor. In the Pluto story this was described as about 12 hours. - The Pluto story involved a nuclear-powered space vessel. - I specifically remember the Moon, Mercury, and Pluto as destinations. Possibly Venus, Mars, and Jupiter as well, and it is my hope that this series has stories about all the Solar System planets.
Some spoiler plot details:
- In the moon book, Serge saved the American's life with a resuscitation technique that was similar to CPR but not well known in the US. - Their return capsule sprung a leak, and the Russian tried to plug it with his shirt, but it got blown out of the capsule through the hole. Instead the American literally blocked the hole with his hand, accepting the subsequent injuries. - Ultimately Serge and the American became lifelong friends and in most subsequent stories they were partners on the same mission. - In the Mercury book, there had been some conversation about the possible existence of another inner planet (Vulcan) within the orbit of Mercury. One of the astronauts spotted Vulcan as they were leaving for Earth. - In the Mercury book, I seem to remember that two main characters got to fighting over the theoretical affections of the telepath twin, who herself was too traumatized by being mentally cut off from her sister to involve herself in this conflict at all. Tensions were dangerously high until someone realized that solar radiation was affecting their behavior, and they maneuvered the ship into Mercury's shadow as they approached. This issue forced them to land on the cold side creating the major mission crisis of the story. - In the Pluto visit book, they discovered that "Planet X" was actually a superdense object that was responsible for orbital aberrations in the outer planets, and was expected to become a threat to the inner planets eventually. I believe that the writer was inspired by the discovery of Charon. - Also in the Pluto story, one of the usual characters has to remain behind due to an injury, but later heads a rescue mission to help his stranded friends.
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2023.03.24 23:22 solar_garlic_phreak 34 y/o. Too old to get into bmx?

So for context: i just moved from the west coast, BC, to toronto. Out west i used to mtb and ski all the time. There is not much of that in These parts. I miss shredding, and I feel like bmxing is a great shred tool in the city. I live across the street from a skate park and see lots of bmxers there. There are lots of open lots to practice in. Also j feel like a bmx would be great to just grab and go when i need to get a couple things frim the grocery store.
Am I too old for this? What kind of bike should i get if i go for it. There are a ton on fb marketplace.
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