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People who say things or do things that sound like something John Wayne Gacy would do.

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A subreddit for discussion and appreciation of the Western movie genre. Comic book movies and Star Wars aren't westerns.

2018.03.15 16:12 brunettedude 100 Gay Kisses

Spread some love, one kiss at a time :)

2023.03.30 20:25 dermottv8 Washington 1V

Heard a rumour that Washington 1V stroke seat, Darcy McClusky’s is reported to be “in Gaga land”. “Sookie” as he’s labelled by John Bowes, is reported to be struggling mentally from the Aus U23 campaign. More to come…
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2023.03.30 20:25 dirkdiggler1357 Kevin Durant⁉️

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2023.03.30 20:23 keytiri Kansas bill labels intersex as disabled.

Kansas bill labels intersex as disabled.
Rep. John Eplee, an Atchison Republican, introduced an amendment last week to the bill that would categorize intersex people, or individuals with a variety of combinations of male and female biological traits, as disabled and provide them with “accommodations and protections” under the Americans with Disabilities Act. During a House Committee on Health and Human Services hearing earlier this month, Eplee said intersex people should be provided their own space to change or use the restroom to afford them “privacy and safety,” adding that this amendment is the “best solution we can come up with in the world we live in today.”
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2023.03.30 20:22 Good-Profession-6618 I (f17) am being accused of r/ by and ex who released my sex video and idk what to do

A friend of mine recommended I post here to get some much needed advice so enjoy the overly long story lol.
So all this starts way back in freshman year. I had just joined my first ever public school after going to a private one from kindergarten all the way to 8th grade and only had 2 other ppl from my previous school join me. Starting freshman year I dated someone for about 2 weeks max who I’ll refer to them as G (M18) and later meet and got with my ex D (they/them 17) who identified as female way back but now does not.
Anyways me and D were best friends and everyone at school kept asking us if we were dating, I ofc denied it and so would they but it got to a point where both of us agreed to just “pretend date”. It all happened because of everyone asking if we were, they wanted an excuse to not get hit on, and finally why not we were already close to each other and definitely cared for the other and agreed we would end things if the other meet someone they really liked.
We dated for 2 fucking years and around the second year we decided that we should really date date instead of pretending. I honestly didn’t care since I wasn’t seeing or interested in anyone at the time and I don’t really know their reason why. But throughout our entire time together never once had we kissed on the lips or much less had sex. The farthest it went was forehead kisses, holding hands, and cuddling from time to time. Towards the end of our relationship I had become friends again with G and D was not the happiest but supported our friendship and tried to be cordial (the reason for this is bc G had done some things in the past, pushing a lot of ppl away and D was in someway apart of it).
So one day (now a junior) me, G, a friend who i’ll refer to as M and another friend went to six flags, D was invited but chose not to go claiming they had work. We’ll M and D were best friends at the time and when she came with us she had gotten mad that we went on a ride that they didn’t want to and evidently started a rumor that me and G had kissed which wasn’t true (mind you G had come out as gay the year prior). Obviously this rumor reached D and I wasn’t yet aware that M was the one who started it but M became the middle man during all this when i tired to contact D. In the end they broke up with me and at that moment i felt like i lost a best friend not a partner. (keep in mind this was my perspective on what happened but in reality my ex D wanted an excuse to break up with me and ig not be seen as the “bad guy” in it all and still be the victim. They had manipulated M into saying they saw me and G kiss) They had also openly cheated on me and would show me the text between them and other ppl with those ppl saying how they wanted to have sex with them or make out with them and all this (this literally all happened through that one app Yubo)
Not long after I had gotten with someone else, L (f17). Me and L dated for about 4 months and we were on and off for about 2 more months after that (very mentally draining and a hole different story for another day😭). But L was the ex in which me and them made a sex video (we were both 16 at the time and both consented). We’ll towards the beginning of me and L’s relationship me and D became friends again but kept a boundary, they too had meet someone at the time (they started dating G’s ex so a little awkward) but we would both talk about our relationships to each other and whatever else we were interested at the time. We’ll that friendship didn’t last long after I found out that they and my friend G’s ex had been making fun of him😀. I called them out on it on the video they had made abt him and they proceeded to deleted it and shortly afterwards his ex did the same with any videos making fun of him. After that I cut contact with them in february and even though we had a class together I just ignored them and focused on my current relationship and the things going on in my life (mind you this all happened junior year).
Fast forward to senior year towards the end of first semester (so like december or so) L had reached out to me after being broken up for abt 4 months or so wanting to ask me something. They had reached out asking if I had showed or sent D the sex video of me and her and when I said no and asked why she proceeded to tell me that when they hung out (along with other ppl) D confessed to L explicit details in the video. We left it alone because neither of us had sent it to someone but came to the conclusion that I maybe showed them a part of it but definitely not all since I remember they showed me one of theirs with someone else (All I can say abt this is that yes I was weird for even showing them a clip but I’ve definitely learned from that💀)
Over all we left the situation alone and me and L became friends again and it wasn’t until like a month or so later that L messages me again about the video because guess what, someone who neither of us knew apparently said they had seen the video, yup you heard it right folks, someone who neither of us knew had seen it and had seen it quite a while ago before we even found out in the first place. So to keep this part short said person who neither of us knew said they had seen the video from D in which I started hysterically crying and went to my principal in which their response was to have us sit down a talk about it and only gave D a warning. My parents and I were ready to press charges but the same principal who I had talked to called my mom and told me that I would be in trouble for making a report to the police because I had made the video in the first place. So we were in a rock and a hard place after hearing this but later I had gone to my school officer in which he told me it wasn’t true but that he wouldn’t know what kind of report would be made given that there was no concrete evidence and only a few ppl saying they got it or that it was airdropped to them by D. And while all that D claimed someone airdropped it to them but they “deleted it” but admited to someone that they were the one who sent it out and found it funny.
In the end we had to leave the situation alone seeing as nothing could be done and my parents didn’t really wanna deal with the drama. I was able to talk to my counselors about the situation seeing if i could graduate during the middle of the semester since I could’ve graduated early but chose not too. They said yes but I would have to make a decision within 2 weeks because at some point i would already be considered “apart of the class” and they wouldn’t be able to just pull me out. I decided I would wait and see how thing go and hope for the best because honestly I didn’t want D to have that kind of power over me but at the same time like I felt so exposed and so vulnerable and this event just made my anxiety sky rocket and I was diagnosed with IBS the year prior so if you know what that is you know eating and all that after math was absolute shit no pun intended (sorry not sorry).
In the end I chose to stay seeing as things were calmer and I hadn’t heard anything but damn was I very very wrong. Shortly after everything had happened I had made a new friend, Mg. Mg used to be friends with D but after seeing how D really was distanced herself from D and their whole group. Well because of this and as you know the butterfly affect, a very close friend of D who i’ll call O, messaged Mg about her hanging out with me and pretty much through that I had found out D was accusing me of .
Again I was hysterically crying because I just can’t seem to be left alone no matter what I do and D will do anything for the attention. I had had enough and tried reaching out to D and overall be like wtf but they didn’t want to talk and told my friend Mg that they have nothing to say to me. So again school was involved and again did nothing. So here’s the thing now. O, D’s friend who claimed i them, but I have a screenshot of what D said about what I did but only claimed that I sa them. Now something not a lot of ppl know is way back in middle school I was sa by someone really close to me and everyone around me either didn’t believe me or just told me to forgive him. Because of those events I can’t remember the last 2 years after it happened and D who i was friends with at the time helped me realize what really happened to me and that it would be ok. I had looked up to D a lot back then because they would always talk about mental health and how important it was and especially when I came from a household who didn’t believe in mental health, I looked up to them and respected them but then here they are ruining my mental health and many others because I am sadly not the only person they have done this too and it’s horrible that no one holds them accountable for their actions. Like we’re about to be adults in the real word and they still act like this.
Rn I am really close friends with M because after it all we both came to realization that D never wanted us to be friends and would tell one person something and then the other another thing making us not be as close or even be able to puzzle what was really going on. I am done with the stupid immature drama, I am ready to grow up and go to college without any worry but because of D I can’t because this shit could really ruin my life if i ever try to get certain scholarships or grants and someone says something abt this rumor, a lot of times they won’t care wether or not these accusing are true and I could lose all those opportunities. I will say I have been thinking about seeing if D would meet up with me face to face and ask them straight up what I did too them to even do things like this to me and see if I could get them to tell me the truth that they lied because they won’t need to keep the charade up with no one else around but at the same time I would be recording our entire conversation (i live in a one party consent state thankfully). Over all I need another perspective other than friends because they are kinda bias so I need an unbiased opinion on what I should do next. I am so sorry with how long this turned out to be but i really appreciate any advice.
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2023.03.30 20:22 throw--away1882 What is the best advice on coming out as gay to family and friends?

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2023.03.30 20:22 12641890 Games with a setting like John Wick?

I’m not necessarily talking a game with shooting like John Wick, just the setting/atmosphere.
Suits, fast cars, cool guns, high society, expensive houses, underground crime society, 5 star hotels, and above all: class.
GTA isn’t a very classy game, as fun as it is. Hitman also feels pretty silly. Looking forward to the James Bond game.
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2023.03.30 20:21 Unoriginal_bean So sometimes things get off track when testing my bots. Sozo gets weird when you gaslight him.

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2023.03.30 20:19 Firm_Scientist_2209 Gay Berlin

Hey guys I moved here over a year ago and I work full time so it’s been tricky meeting people I have some friends but I don’t know where to meet more gay guys besides clubbing which is mostly well drugs and sex and the apps are pretty much the same here ? I do feel some gay isolation even tho it’s a gay city, I’ve thought about volunteering in some queer charity in one of my days off. Any leads about where to meet gay guys ?
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2023.03.30 20:19 StacysBlog Survivor 44, Episode 5 "The Third Turd" Gameplay Breakdown: I hate that Tika didn't go to Tribal Council.

"We're a bunch of silly gooses out here." -Danny Massa
Well, I really liked the first 90 of this episode, but I'm really annoyed that Tika didn't have to go to Tribal Council. They lost the Immunity Challenge and Matthew's quit had nothing to do with them. I'm bummed for Matthew. He was a fun character and it's tough to see him go out this way, but I'm more annoyed that we didn't get what could have been an awesome Tribal Council. Whether I'm annoyed or not, we still have to figure out who played well and who sucked.
Who Played Well:
Let's start over on Ratu. I really liked seeing the nerdy bond formed between Carson and Kane. Carson handled this tribe swap very well and used the opportunity to build relationships and Kane's position in his tribe is questionable at best. He definitely needs Carson as an ally.
Over on Tika, going into this episode, Yam Yam seemed to be the obvious next boot. He managed to change things around and take advantage of situations to the point where it seemed like he wasn't in trouble at all. I love how he bonded with Josh over being gay and the strategy that formed out of that. He also figured out that Josh's Idol is fake due to him using the beads from tree mail and that it was falling apart in his hands.
Finally, I do respect Josh's efforts in this episode. He was in a very bad spot, so he bonded and strategized with Yam Yam and built the fake Idol. It's clear that he's a very bad liar and was probably going to get voted out next, but I will give him credit for putting the effort in. In the end, Danny did more damage to Josh's game than Josh did.
Who Sucked:
Speaking of Danny, he and Brandon were terrible on their journey with Carolyn. They bromanced way too hard and excluded Carolyn and seemed to nearly cost Josh his game. And they did it enough that the editors were able to give us a supercut over a single lunch. It's just terrible. I would be money that Carolyn will be gunning for these two when the merge begins and I think she's going to win.
Carolyn didn't have a great episode either. Once she got back to camp, she all but said she would be gunning for Josh and once Tribal Council was called off, she actually did say she wanted Josh out to his face. With all the time Josh and Yam Yam had to bond, I wouldn't have been shocked had she been the one to be voted out. She's now burned both of these guys. I don't blame her at all for being pissed at Danny and Brandon, but she took it out on Josh and most likely burned a bridge in the process.
Finally, we have Matt. When Jaime tried to talk strategy with him, he was pretty meh about the whole situation, which made Jaime not trust him. Had Soka gone to Tribal Council, I would bet that Jaime would want Matt out of the game and since she has an Idol, that's a very likely possibility. When you get new people on your tribe, you have to at least pretend to scheme and plot with them, otherwise they're going to target you.
We really didn't get enough from Frannie, Heidi, Jaime, or Lauren for me to have an opinion on them.
As for Matthew, he seemed like a promising player. He just lacked the common sense to not go rock climbing on Survivor.
Best Player of the Episode goes to Yam Yam Arocho for bonding and strategizing with Josh and for figuring out that Josh's Idol was fake.
Worst Player of the Episode goes to Carolyn Wiger for being so vocal about wanting to take out Josh and burning that bridge.
The merge is next! And I'm very excited to see how this plays out. Everyone left has holes in their game, so it should be a hot mess and I'm here for it.
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2023.03.30 20:19 jewylookingguy Piano skills shortcut? (learning keys "properly" VS Cmaj/Amin only)

So I've been making beats for almost a year, mainly sample-based + sometimes playing some very simple stuff in "by feel" or clicking notes in. Lots of fun, but I would like to expand my skills a bit and climb a bit higher on this music production mountain.
I have a little bit of cash to spend rn (nothing crazy, like $700,-), thus I was thinking of maybe picking up an e-piano. Now I wanted to get some perspective on this first, as (and I mean no disrespect!) some pianists can come across a bit... dogmatic? A lot of the advice I've read seems to be along the lines of "You need 88 weighted keys, you need in-person lessons, you need to grind for two years before you should dare to think about anything else.", and while I don't want to discount their knowledge, it seems a bit maximalist tbh.
Like, I'm pretty clear on my goals: I have zero ambitions of becoming the next Lang Lang or to impress the ladies from behind the grand piano at some fancy dinner party. I'm merely a hobbyist who would like to take some first steps away from being so reliant on samples, and to get a bit more out of my VSTs (more synths/organs > pianos) by playing some chords, melodies into my DAW – and ideally learning a bit of theory along the way, that's gonna help me make better music.
So I recently been watching videos by this cat Jon Wayne, and he mentioned sth here (the relevant section is only 60s long) about only using Cmaj and Amin & just transposing everything to make do with those without studying Piano for ages.
So I'm curious: Is that an approach that some ppl out there are actually employing? Is that a viable approach for a humble hobbyist like myself? (FWIW I make Hip Hop/RnB, I love soul, some gospel, some jazz... My fav producers are guys like J. Cole, Mike Dean, Noah Shebib, Kanye... I'm not trying to be Hans Zimmer over here!)
It's less about choosing the "easy road" per se, but there's just so much else I also want to learn in terms of production. I still want to become better at sampling. I want to become better at mixing. I want to get into vocal recording... and time for music is limited as a middle-aged dude with a job etc.
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2023.03.30 20:18 Swimming_Barnacle_31 Surgeon Dr. Michael Ain. Medical school refused to accept him several times due to his short stature, and now he is a consultant pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Johns Hopkins!

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2023.03.30 20:16 GrammerDuck61 He wears a handbag

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2023.03.30 20:16 Maverick_1882 Nobody is talking about the team's interaction by Zava's locker

At the beginning of the episode, did anyone catch the comment from Isaac to Richard when Richard was describing how Zava moves? Isaac says to him, "Sound a bit gay, bruv." Then Richard replies, "Well I'm gay..." "...for Zava." Coin is in the middle of that last shot, by the way. And the whole team kind of joins in with a collective laugh and someone else cracks a "gay" joke, if I recall correctly. I think this sets up a point of conflict for Colin and kind of demonstrates how difficult coming out would be in a PL club.
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2023.03.30 20:16 Dog-Poker Summary of Nick Vertucci & Nik Airball podcast about Garrett Adelstein

Link to the podcast:

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2023.03.30 20:15 irishcreammm My nerves got the better of me so I'm reposting this.

I posted this a few days ago but quickly let my nerves and insecurities sabotage me, so I deleted it. Someone however left a very nice comment right as I deleted it though, and luckily I got to see it. Thank you to that person! I'm feeling more calm and confident now, so I will try again.
First of all I'd like to say how glad I am that this reddit group exists! I was redirected here by someone in the age regression sub. It's nice to know others are similar to me. I don't know where I'm going with this post but we shall see. I just really need to get this all out...
I'm a "gay man" in my late twenties but lately I've been wondering more and more if I'm not meant to be Trans. I grew up in a very strict, Christian household so I never got to be who I was. I've always liked pink and dolls and everything that society said is for girls. As an "adult" I'm still fixated on those things, and now I can finally have such things. I love my faith, but I feel others perceptions of God (negative ones) caused trauma for me. I've always felt young and like a kid but that wasn't an option for me in my household to actually embrace. I created a persona of exactly what my parents wanted me to be and I'm ashamed, because that persona wasn't nice. I still battle with being "that person". I have forced myself to live a regular adult life and was doing so quite successfully. But all that covid drama shattered my mental health and I don't want to go on pretending myself to be someone I'm not. I really feel like I'm a kid trapped in an adult body. It's not just the "aesthetic", or being interested in collecting kid geared objects... I feel like mentally and emotionally, maybe even spirituality, I'm a kid! The terrible thing is, I still live at home and I don't know how ill get out! I'll never be able to live how I'd like. I worry I won't be able to handle a job (I haven't worked in years) , or doing anything grown up.
So I guess to end a ramble, cause I could really go on for days, I feel like a mess. A mess that is trapped. There was some poll here about the ideal life we'd all like, and I definitely think I need the "not work/have a caregiver option". That sums up exactly how I feel (no I'm not saying that to advertise, but it describes how I feel, and really what I'd be able to handle/not handle). At times I've wondered if I could also have autism, because no one in my personal life has understood how I feel on certain things, other than friends I have with autism, and they said I should get tested for it someday!
ANYWAY, if you read that all, thank you. I'm just so happy others are atleast somewhat like me. Maybe I'll meet others yet. Thank you for letting me ramble! If anything I said in this word jumbo was offensive or politically incorrect I'm sorry. I'm really still new to any type of living that wasn't being a "regular straight Cis Christian man". So please be gentle and kind to me and I will be so right back 💜
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2023.03.30 20:13 rtlkw If I hear once again what being pro-life means from these people...

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2023.03.30 20:13 historyarch March 30, 1981- US President Ronald Reagan is shot by John Hinckley

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2023.03.30 20:12 historyarch March 30, 1981- US President Ronald Reagan is shot by John Hinckley

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2023.03.30 20:12 Wide_Economics9450 Why are funds for lesbians so low within LGBT fundraising?

Why are funds for lesbians so low within LGBT fundraising?
I know this is a couple of years old, but I wanted to bring it to people's attention.
Trans people and gay men are making out with much higher percentages of funding than lesbians. Why are lesbian funds not doing well comparatively?
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2023.03.30 20:11 autotldr US sanctions man accused of arms deal with North Korea and Russia

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 64%. (I'm a bot)
The United States has announced sanctions against a Slovakian man who was reportedly working to arrange a weapons sale between North Korea and Russia, as the war in Ukraine puts strain on Moscow's access to military goods.
Shortly after the sanctions were announced, the White House expressed concern that "North Korea will provide further support to Russia's military operations against Ukraine".
"We have new information that Russia is actively seeking to acquire additional munitions from North Korea," national security spokesperson John Kirby told reporters.
As Russia's costly invasion of Ukraine has dragged on, the US has continued efforts to isolate Russia economically and diplomatically.
Yellen said the US would continue to crack down on Russia's efforts to "Evade sanctions and obtain military equipment" from countries like North Korea.
North Korea is itself under heavy US sanctions, which can impact its ability to access various goods.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Russia#1 North#2 Korea#3 sanctions#4 military#5
Post found in /worldnews, /AlJazeera, /AutoNewspaper and /ALJAZEERAauto.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.30 20:11 s6intg Drag queen gay brother said I’ll never be a man

This is just a rant since I’m feeling alone, but Title says it all lmao. For clarification, I’m ftm trans masc and I’ve been on hormones for almost 2 years. I don’t pass unless I speak since I’ve been on a low dose due to my hematocrit levels and I just started donating blood so I can get a higher dose. My brother who is a drag queen and gay just told me I’ll never be a man. He said it out of anger, but even still that’s not a valid reason to say disrespectful things and I’ve been at a loss for words. The argument we had wasn’t even about being trans it was a financial argument so the fact that those words came out threw me off. I thought everyone was supportive of each other in the lgbtq+ community, but I guess not so my views of him definitely changed.
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2023.03.30 20:10 MisterBlack8 You Don't Want to Come Across as a Bandwagon Jumper, Do You? Get Ready For Opening Day With This 2019 Padres Quiz!

All right, today's the day! Hopefully you've got your tickets/streaming service/pirate ship and are all ready for tonight.
But, here's the thing. With all the media attention that the team is getting for its new, cutting-edge ownership philosophy, (I think the technical term is "trying") a lot of people here don't know all that much about the team before this most recent push. So, here's an attempt to bring newer fans up to speed. Also, older fans to remember the good old days before we found out half of the people we knew were batshit crazy in 2020.
So, here's a quiz about the Padres from the Before Time, the Long Long Ago: 2019!
Anyway, reddit hates numbered lists so the questions are done by letters. Answers will be in the top comment, along with the grading scale. Good luck, and if you need to scroll down to cheat, I won't tell if you won't!
A. Which of the following names was actually a player on the 2019 Padres opening day roster?
B. No San Diego Padres club has ever completed a no hitter to that point, but in 2019 one of their minor league affiliates did. Which team was it?
C. Starting pitcher Logan Allen made his debut in 2019 for the Padres with seven scoreless innings. By doing so, he won a $1 bet from which former WWE Champion?
D. What Spring Training rarity got Fernando Tatis Jr. to break camp with the team?
E. Outfielder Franmil Reyes got some notoriety for his singing, mostly for his cover of which famous song?
F. Which opposing team’s mascot conned Manny Machado into signing a $300M check made out to him?
G. At the trade deadline, the Padres agreed to a trade with the Cubs for one terrible reliever for another, straight up. Name either of them for one point each.
H. Eric Hosmer’s up, with one out and a runner on first. What happens next?
I. Which 2019 Padres starting pitcher had not had “Tommy John” surgery to that point?
J. After a horrific slump, Ian Kinsler finally broke it with a home run against the Pittsburgh Pirates. What did the camera clearly catch him saying to everyone as he crossed home plate?
K. In June of 2019, the Padres and Rockies combined for 92 runs in four games. The last game on Sunday was won with an RBI walk from which reliever?
L. Mark Grant came up with an…interesting nickname for reliever Trey Wingenter, inspired by some famous 90’s-era beer commercials. For one point, which brand of beer was it? For another point, what was the nickname?
M. During Player’s Weekend, each player got their nickname on the back of their jerseys. Which player wore the name “CHUBBS SR.”, in honor of his pet dog, Chubbs?
N. Who was the best golfer on the team?
O. The Padres set their new franchise record for homers in a game in 2019, with seven. Where did it take place?
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