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Trust & Ownership Dan Bryan

2023.03.22 06:46 Ok_Paramedic3259 Trust & Ownership Dan Bryan

How do you hold title to your investment properties? What about your personal residence? Are you using your personal name or your business entity?
If so, you may be in danger of devastating exposure that can jeopardize your investments! Longtime investor, trust expert, and valued STLREIA member Dan Bryan shares the advantages of holding your properties in Trust.
In today’s litigious environment we need all the advantages available to us. And that includes the anonymity of Trust.
You can potentially avoid losing your properties due to an unscrupulous or even a scrupulous lawsuit, because of your exposure.
This eventually was Live⑇On⑇Location this month at the Moolah Shrine Center in St. Louis MO.
🗝 Your Gateway to Specialized Real Estate Investing Strategies to Accelerate Your Success!
#creatingwealth I #realestateinvesting #realestateinvestors #trust #ownership
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2023.03.22 06:37 Elevilnz Legislation for landlord and trades people work on rentals

Does anyone have a link to legislation in auckland for land lord’s responsibilities when having tradespeople work on rentals?
Hasn’t been friendly, and googling doesn’t turn up anything i can discuss with a property manager.
I found that the tradesperson must be certified if the work is over an amount set per council or requires a certificate to be issued. Plumbing electrical sort of thing.
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2023.03.22 06:22 Over-Manufacturer930 Depreciation of rental property

Hello there!
This post pertains to tenancy and bond
I've recently left a property, there was a few marks on walls that need to be painted, the real estate suggested a bond deduction for repainting which is fair.
However what I am having trouble finding is the rate of depreciation for internal paint.
I belive it has been a decent amount of time since It was painted so I'd expect a generous reduction in costs.
Without the depreciation rate I feel unarmed for negotiations.
Any specific links or screenshots of appropriate information would be much appreciated as I would prefer to avoid a VCAT hearing.
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2023.03.22 05:55 szczerbiakattack Found myself in a pickle where I have to choose between two apartments and am unsure about how to proceed.

Hi everyone,
I moved to Chicago about a year ago and my lease is expiring at the end of next month. I moved into my current spot in a high rise owned by a large property management company without having the lay of the land. After getting to know the city better and being offered a lease renewal with a 20% rent increase, I decided to leave and search out places in independently owned two and three-flats.
I found one I really liked a couple weeks ago and did a viewing, but the landlord lead to me to believe there'd be a lot of applicants as it is in a trendier neighborhood and has in-unit laundry. He emailed me a link to apply a couple days later and I did because i figured since i had more than sufficient income and credit i had a good shot. still though, I tempered my expectations and kept looking elsewhere. He ended up dragging his feet and didn't get back to me for several days, so i sent him an email asking for an update earlier this afternoon. he did respond but it was several hours later, saying that everything on my app "looked good" and asking me what my ideal move-in date would be (and tbh i'm still not positive this means i got the place?)
in between the time i sent that email and the time i got a response, i went to a viewing for a different spot i found on craigslist where i hit it off with the landlord. she told me the spot was as good as mine as long as everything checked out on my application (which, barring catastrophe, it will) and we spoke for a couple more hours after that. i was very agreeable to this as i was under the impression the other landlord had straight up ghosted me.
but having just got home to the other landlord's response, i'm unsure what to do. the units are comparable in price, size, etc and they are both seemingly independent landlords who rent out places to supplement their income rather than as their main source of it, so i feel somewhat bad about this situation. obviously, though, i have to choose one. when i do that - how should i inform the other?
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2023.03.22 05:49 Macdingy Process for financing a flip with a home equity loan?

I am looking to expand my investment portfolio and would like to flip a house and then turn it into a long term rental property. I don’t have much cash right now but I do have over $250k in equity between two other properties.
I understand I would need to borrow against the equity of one of my other properties to put a down payment on the new investment property.
Where I start to get confused is how to go about financing the new investment property. If I’m planning to flip it and hold it as a long term rental, what type of loan should I get? How much should I put down and is there a point where I will need to refinance once the flip is done?
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2023.03.22 05:11 ThrowawayXVXVX My property manager has increased the rent but hasn’t sent me an updated rental agreement. What are the implications of not having one?

He’s kind of lazy and inattentive. If I ask him, he might say, don’t worry about it, it’s fine as long as we both agreed for it. This is very likely going to be his reply, from what I know him. So, I want to have a legal/formal reason to press for it.
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2023.03.22 05:10 ThrowawayXVXVX My property manager has increased the rent but hasn't sent me an updated rental agreement. What are the implications of not having one?

He's kind of lazy and inattentive. If I ask him, he might say, don't worry about it, it's fine as long as we both agreed for it. This is very likely going to be his reply, from what I know him. So, I want to have a legal/formal reason to press for it.
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2023.03.22 05:07 parsimoniouspiper REA trying to force us to change banks?!

We just got accepted for a new rental property.
We have sent through the bond and first month’s rent and signed the tenancy agreement.
We have now received an email stating “moving forward it is a requirement for our business that you sign up for a NAB account and make your future rental payments via this method only”
This wasn’t a part of any communication previously and we don’t want to change banks just to pay our rent.
Is there anyway this is a legal prerequisite for renting the property?
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2023.03.22 05:05 parsimoniouspiper REA trying to force us to change banks

We just got accepted for a new rental property.
We have sent through the bond and first month’s rent and signed the tenancy agreement.
We have now received an email stating “moving forward it is a requirement for our business that you sign up for a NAB account and make your future rental payments via this method only”
This wasn’t a part of any communication previously and we don’t want to change banks just to pay our rent.
Is there anyway this is a legal prerequisite for renting the property?
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2023.03.22 04:59 steev506 I had a chat with ChatGPT about New Zealand

hey, how're you?
As an AI language model, I don't have feelings, but I'm functioning well and ready to assist you. How can I help you today?
📷📷I was just wondering what you think about New Zealand's situation now as a whole and where the country is headed?
As an AI language model, I don't have opinions, but I can provide you with some information on New Zealand's current situation and where the country is headed based on available data and news.
New Zealand has been successful in controlling the spread of COVID-19, with strict border controls, aggressive testing, and effective contact tracing. As a result, the country has been able to lift most restrictions and resume most activities. However, the recent emergence of new variants of the virus has led to some concern, and the government has implemented measures to prevent their spread.
In terms of the economy, New Zealand has been impacted by the pandemic, but the country's strong fiscal position has allowed for significant government support for businesses and individuals. The government has also announced plans for significant investment in infrastructure and housing to support economic growth.
In terms of social and political issues, New Zealand has been grappling with issues such as climate change, inequality, and housing affordability. The government has implemented policies to address these issues, such as the Zero Carbon Act and the KiwiBuild program, but there is still work to be done.
Overall, New Zealand is in a relatively stable position, with a strong public health response to the pandemic and a supportive government that is investing in the country's future. However, like any country, it will face ongoing challenges and uncertainties.
📷📷What makes you think New Zealand is in a strong fiscal position?
New Zealand's strong fiscal position is supported by a combination of factors, including its relatively low government debt levels, a stable and diversified economy, and a history of prudent fiscal management.
According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), New Zealand's gross government debt as a percentage of GDP was around 33% in 2021, which is relatively low compared to many other developed countries. Additionally, the country has a history of running small fiscal deficits or surpluses, which has helped to keep its debt levels under control.
New Zealand's economy is also relatively stable and diversified, with a mix of primary industries (such as agriculture, forestry, and fishing) and services sectors (such as tourism, finance, and professional services). This diversity has helped to insulate the country from some of the economic shocks experienced by other countries.
Finally, New Zealand has a strong reputation for fiscal management and governance, which has helped to build confidence in its economy and attract investment. The country has a well-established independent central bank, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and promoting sustainable economic growth.
Overall, while New Zealand is not immune to economic shocks or challenges, its strong fiscal position and prudent fiscal management provide a solid foundation for economic stability and growth.
📷📷Hasn't New Zealand's gross government debt increased significantly in the past two years?
Yes, you are correct. New Zealand's gross government debt has increased significantly over the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic impact.
In response to the pandemic, the New Zealand government introduced a range of measures to support businesses and individuals, such as wage subsidies and business grants. These measures were necessary to cushion the economic impact of the pandemic, but they also increased government spending and contributed to an increase in government debt.
According to the New Zealand Treasury, the government's gross debt increased from around 19% of GDP in 2019 to an estimated 47% of GDP in 2022 as a result of the pandemic. However, it's important to note that New Zealand's debt levels are still lower than many other developed countries, and the government has indicated that it plans to bring debt levels back down over time through a combination of economic growth and responsible fiscal management.
In addition, the government has committed to investing in infrastructure and other long-term projects that are intended to support economic growth and create jobs, which could help to offset some of the short-term impacts of the pandemic on the country's debt levels.
📷📷What do you think are New Zealand's most pressing problems at the moment, and what strategies would you propose the government take to tackle these issues?
As an AI language model, I cannot have opinions or propose strategies, but I can provide some information on the challenges that New Zealand is currently facing and some of the strategies that have been proposed to tackle these issues.
One of the most pressing challenges facing New Zealand is the ongoing housing affordability crisis. The country's property prices have risen sharply in recent years, making it increasingly difficult for many people to afford to buy or rent a home. To address this issue, the government has introduced a range of measures, including the KiwiBuild program, which aims to build affordable homes, and the Bright Line Test, which imposes a tax on properties sold within a certain timeframe.
Another pressing challenge facing New Zealand is climate change. The country has committed to becoming carbon-neutral by 2050, and the government has introduced a range of policies and initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including the Zero Carbon Act and the Emissions Trading Scheme. However, more action may be needed to meet these ambitious targets.
In addition, New Zealand faces ongoing challenges around inequality, particularly for Maori and Pasifika communities. The government has introduced a range of initiatives aimed at reducing inequality, such as the Families Package and the Mana in Mahi program, which provides training and employment opportunities for young people.
Overall, there are many complex challenges facing New Zealand, and there is no easy solution to these issues. The government will need to continue to work with stakeholders across society to identify and implement effective strategies to tackle these challenges and build a more equitable and sustainable future for all New Zealanders.
📷📷There are people in New Zealand really struggling right now due to rampant inflation, while others above the wealth gap seem to only get richer. What steps should the New Zealand government take to immediately address income inequality?
Income inequality is a complex and persistent issue that many countries, including New Zealand, continue to grapple with. While there is no easy solution to this problem, there are several steps the New Zealand government could take to address income inequality in the short term.
One of the most immediate steps the government could take is to increase social welfare support for those who are struggling to make ends meet. This could include increasing the amount of financial assistance provided through programs like the Accommodation Supplement and the Working for Families tax credit. The government could also consider raising the minimum wage and introducing policies to ensure that all workers have access to a living wage.
Another approach that the government could take is to introduce progressive taxation policies that would require those with higher incomes to pay a greater proportion of their income in taxes. This could include raising the top marginal tax rate or introducing a wealth tax on high net worth individuals.
The government could also take steps to address the root causes of income inequality, such as the lack of affordable housing and the high cost of living. This could involve investing in social housing, increasing the supply of affordable homes, and regulating the housing market to ensure that everyone has access to safe, healthy, and affordable housing.
Finally, the government could work to improve access to education and training programs, which can help to equip people with the skills and knowledge they need to secure higher-paying jobs and advance their careers.
Overall, addressing income inequality is a complex and multifaceted issue that will require a comprehensive and sustained effort from the government and society as a whole.
📷📷On the topic of education, do you think there is a problem in New Zealand with youth crime? Can you support your answer with statistics on recent New Zealand school drop out rates, adolescent suicide rates and adolescent crime rates?
As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions, but I can provide some information on the topics you have asked about.
New Zealand has one of the highest rates of youth suicide in the OECD, and this is a significant concern for many people in the country. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, there were 150 deaths by suicide among 10-24 year-olds in 2020, representing a rate of 14.8 deaths per 100,000 people in this age group. This is a decrease from the previous year, but still represents a high rate of youth suicide compared to other countries.
Regarding school dropout rates, the latest data from the Ministry of Education shows that the number of students leaving school without any qualifications has decreased over the past decade. In 2020, 6.5% of students left school without any qualifications, down from 11.3% in 2010. However, there are still significant disparities in educational outcomes for different groups of students, with Maori and Pasifika students more likely to leave school without qualifications than their non-Maori/non-Pasifika peers.
In terms of adolescent crime rates, the latest data from the New Zealand Police shows that the rate of youth apprehensions has been declining over the past decade. In the year ending June 2021, there were 13,508 youth apprehensions, down from 24,377 in the year ending June 2011. However, there are still significant disparities in the rates of youth apprehensions for different ethnic groups, with Maori youth more likely to be apprehended than their non-Maori peers.
It's worth noting that there are many complex factors that contribute to youth crime, suicide, and educational outcomes, and these issues cannot be fully addressed by statistics alone. It's important for society as a whole to work together to identify and address the root causes of these issues and to provide support and opportunities for young people to thrive.
📷📷What are your thoughts on New Zealand's upcoming general election? Who will be the major parties and what will be the major talking points? Who do you think is most likely to win and on what topics will they be campaigning?
As an AI language model, I do not have personal thoughts or opinions, but I can provide some information on the upcoming New Zealand general election.
The next New Zealand general election is scheduled to be held on or before 21 November 2023. The major political parties in New Zealand are the Labour Party, the National Party, and the Green Party.
The major talking points of the election are likely to be determined by the political parties themselves, but some of the key issues that have been discussed in recent years include:
It is difficult to predict which party is most likely to win the election at this stage, as much will depend on how the various issues are perceived by voters and how well the parties are able to communicate their platforms and engage with voters.
That being said, the current governing party, the Labour Party, led by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, has been enjoying high levels of popularity and support, particularly due to their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the political landscape can change quickly, and it is difficult to predict what factors may influence the election in the coming months.
Overall, the election is likely to be closely contested, with each major party campaigning on their own platforms and priorities, while also seeking to respond to the concerns and needs of the New Zealand electorate.
📷📷Let's change up the topic slightly. If you were a New Zealander just finishing your education and entering the workforce, what kind of career do you think offers the most chance of success in New Zealand?
As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions or experiences, but I can provide some information on careers that may offer opportunities for success in New Zealand.
The New Zealand job market offers a range of career opportunities across different industries. Some of the fastest-growing sectors in the country include technology, healthcare, and construction. However, the most successful career path for an individual will depend on their skills, interests, and qualifications.
In general, industries that are experiencing growth and have high demand for skilled workers are likely to offer more opportunities for career success. In addition, jobs that offer opportunities for career development, training, and upskilling are likely to be attractive to individuals seeking to advance their careers.
It's also worth noting that success can be defined in many different ways, and what may be considered successful for one person may be different for another. Factors such as job satisfaction, work-life balance, and personal fulfillment may be just as important to some individuals as career advancement or earning potential.
Ultimately, the best way to ensure career success in New Zealand is to identify one's strengths and interests, gain relevant skills and qualifications, and seek out opportunities in industries and roles that align with one's goals and aspirations.
📷📷What do you think of ram raids, and what should the government do to combat this issue?
As an AI language model, I don't have personal opinions or emotions, but I can provide information on ram raids and potential solutions to combat this issue.
Ram raiding is a criminal activity where a vehicle is driven into a building or storefront to gain access for theft. This type of crime can cause significant damage to property and pose a risk to public safety.
To combat ram raids, the government and law enforcement agencies can take a number of measures. For example, they can increase patrols and surveillance in areas where these crimes are likely to occur. Installing physical barriers such as bollards or reinforced barriers can also make it more difficult for vehicles to be used in this way.
Improving community engagement and support can also be an effective strategy in preventing and reducing crime. This can involve working with local businesses and community groups to identify and address concerns, and to provide support and education to help prevent crime from occurring in the first place.
Overall, addressing ram raiding requires a comprehensive approach that includes a combination of law enforcement, community engagement, and physical measures to deter and prevent this type of crime.
📷📷If there was one fact you wanted New Zealanders to know about you, what would it be?
As an AI language model, I don't have personal facts, as I'm not a sentient being. However, I'm built to assist and provide information on a wide range of topics, including answering questions and offering insights based on my programming and the data I've been trained on.
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2023.03.22 04:53 SDnewguy Need advice on whether to finance or pay cash

Hello, I might need some advice, here is my situation. I moved to the US (San Diego) from Europe, my wife and I have around 10k in savings and a rental property in Poland. Our combined income is 180k, we have no debt (other than the rental property, but it is essentially being paid by the rent payments) We keep saving/investing every month, but I definitely want to have a bigger emergency account and start saving to buy a home in San Diego. 1 month ago, I bought a car from my neighbor for 5.7k, a week after, a dude lost control and hit us in the highway (total loss), the insurance payment will be around 14k (poor neighbor). What would make more sense? 1) Buy a car for 14k. 2) Buy a cheap car with cash and save 4-5k (Prices are crazy) 3) Buy a cheap cheap car financing it, and have 12k for saving/investments. In this option, the objective is to take advantage of compound interest, and obviously add money every month. In case of a serious emergency, we can always pull money fast.
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2023.03.22 04:49 thereisnoconspiracy Host expects $150 per day for hot tub use in a warm climate area

Is this a normal charge for hot tub use? We booked for 6 days and I received the message after booking. Message reads, “Pool or SPA Heat - $150 per day - must inform Host prior to arrival date.” I would assume SPA is referring to the hot tub. We are bummed because it was part of the reason we booked. $900 seems absolutely ridiculous to use an amenity that you would expect would be included with the property rental fee. $40 is the most I’d expect they could reasonably charge.
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2023.03.22 04:48 SDnewguy Need advice on whether buy cash or financing

Hello, I might need some advice, here is my situation. I moved to the US (San Diego) from Europe, my wife and I have around 10k in savings and a rental property in Poland. Our combined income is 180k, we have no debt (other than the rental property, but it is essentially being paid by the rent payments) We keep saving/investing every month, but I definitely want to have a bigger emergency account and start saving to buy a home in San Diego. 1 month ago, I bought a car from my neighbor for 5.7k, a week after, a dude lost control and hit us in the highway (total loss), the insurance payment will be around 14k (poor neighbor). What would make more sense? 1) Buy a car for 14k. 2) Buy a cheap car with cash and save 4-5k (Prices are crazy) 3) Buy a cheap cheap car financing it, and have 12k for saving/investments. In this option, the objective is to take advantage of compound interest, and obviously add money every month. In case of a serious emergency, we can always pull money fast.
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2023.03.22 04:27 shoresy99 HST Returns

I have a family trust which owns a rental vacation property. Each quarter I submit HST to the CRA and at the end of the year I get a refund for ITCs.
Can I deduct the ITCs myself and just send the net amount? Or do I have to send the gross amount and wait for the return?
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2023.03.22 04:11 User_3971 PSE/RCA/CCA/MHA: Skip the line! Career jobs posted within. 3-21 rollup.

CAREER EMPLOYEES! Tired of seeing all these jobs go to the street? Your chance to join the gravy train ranks is here! Apply yourself, you can do it! MSS Coordinator varies by District. Find an APWU steward and ask for more information if the Exam Open Season blurb is not posted at your facility.

Good afternoon. Brief listing of CAREER JOBS pulled from for your convenience.
Some jobs may be part-time regular however all listed jobs should qualify for federal benefits from day one. To save text I have only listed the location and date of posting for each. Use the posting number for your search term. LC and MM are entry-level Maintenance. Here is a testimonial from a recent convert, prima1981.
NOTE: USPS NEVER charges a fee for entrance exams. If payment is requested during the application process, walk the fuck away, go to and APPLY THERE. We even has a video walkthrough prepared.

Laborer Custodial:
MELVILLE NY NC11291730 03/20/2023
CLAREMORE OK NC11291776 03/17/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA NC11272282 03/16/2023
REDMOND WA NC11290022 03/15/2023
SAN JOSE CA NC11277594 03/13/2023
SAN RAFAEL CA NC11285765 03/13/2023
FAIRFIELD IA NC11296093 03/20/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA NC11285816 03/20/2023
BROOKLYN NY NC11292944 03/20/2023
LEESBURG VA NC11294817 03/19/2023
TRAVERSE CITY MI NC11293101 03/18/2023
MAMMOTH LAKES CA NC11290446 03/18/2023
MONROE TOWNSHIP NJ NC11293078 03/17/2023
MUSCATINE IA NC11292212 03/17/2023
MOUNT VERNON NY NC11291637 03/17/2023
NEWTON CENTER MA NC11291721 03/17/2023
SANDSTON VA NC11291556 03/16/2023
ROANOKE VA NC11290490 03/16/2023
ARLINGTON VA NC11290479 03/16/2023
MC LEAN VA NC11290442 03/16/2023
HARRISBURG NC NC11290191 03/16/2023
MENLO PARK CA NC11271997 03/13/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11271924 03/11/2023
PALATINE IL NC11280862 03/08/2023

Maintenance Mechanic:
SEATTLE WA NC11286273 03/11/2023
SAN JOSE CA NC11289187 03/21/2023
RALEIGH NC NC11293249 03/18/2023
PHOENIX AZ NC11294808 03/20/2023
MERRIFIELD VA NC11294815 03/19/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11288732 03/20/2023
GREENSBORO NC NC11293304 03/18/2023
GARDEN CITY NY NC11293312 03/18/2023
CAPITOL HEIGHTS MD NC11284476 03/11/2023
BROCKTON MA NC11288736 03/15/2023
BOSTON MA NC11291646 03/17/2023
ALBUQUERQUE NM NC11291724 03/17/2023
MILAN IL NC11282668 03/09/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11293083 03/18/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11288711 03/20/2023
CHICAGO IL NC11292143 03/17/2023
AUGUSTA GA NC11292936 03/17/2023
ATLANTA GA NC11281021 03/08/2023
ATLANTA GA NC11281019 03/08/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11289177 03/21/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11288728 03/20/2023
GREENSBORO NC NC11294638 03/19/2023
GREEN BAY WI NC11293192 03/18/2023
DULUTH GA NC11281020 03/08/2023
CAROL STREAM IL NC11292109 03/17/2023
CAPITOL HEIGHTS MD NC11287388 03/12/2023
SANDSTON VA NC11290579 03/16/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11271987 03/11/2023
OMAHA NE NC11293020 03/18/2023
MELVILLE NY NC11288811 03/20/2023
MACON GA NC11292871 03/17/2023
KEARNY NJ NC11288707 03/17/2023
JERSEY CITY NJ NC11288716 03/18/2023
JAMAICA NY NC11288928 03/20/2023
GREENSBORO NC NC11289212 03/15/2023
BELL GARDENS CA NC11287325 03/21/2023
FARMINGTON NM NC11294794 03/20/2023

Special! Interesting Maintenance Jobs: (may be skills required)

Maintenance Mechanic MPE:
MELVILLE NY NC11288836 03/20/2023
DULLES VA NC11294816 03/19/2023
REDMOND WA NC11288605 03/12/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11288705 03/13/2023
INDIANAPOLIS IN NC11284259 03/09/2023
INDIANAPOLIS IN NC11284258 03/09/2023
GRAND RAPIDS MI NC11290165 03/16/2023
PETALUMA CA NC11289175 03/21/2023
WASHINGTON DC NC11285943 03/11/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11293003 03/18/2023
LOUISVILLE KY NC11288712 03/20/2023
INDIANAPOLIS IN NC11284231 03/09/2023
INDIANAPOLIS IN NC11284228 03/09/2023
HARRISBURG PA NC11288609 03/13/2023
WHITE RIVER JUNCTION VT NC11291734 03/17/2023

Building Equipment Mechanic:
HEIGHTS MD NC11290064 03/16/2023
PROVIDENCE RI NC11285939 03/11/2023
SPRINGFIELD MA NC11287631 03/12/2023
SEATTLE WA NC11294603 03/18/2023

Garage Assistant:
MCALLEN TX NC11291630 03/16/2023

Electronic Technician:
CHICAGO IL NC11292188 03/17/2023
MEMPHIS TN NC11293110 03/18/2023
MILAN IL NC11282633 03/09/2023
CAPITOL HEIGHTS MD NC11294867 03/19/2023
MANKATO MN NC11288581 03/13/2023
MANKATO MN NC11288608 03/13/2023
RALEIGH NC NC11293202 03/18/2023
RAPID CITY SD NC11293181 03/18/2023
ROCKY MOUNT NC NC11294669 03/19/2023
BROCKTON MA NC11288735 03/15/2023
LUBBOCK TX NC11294802 03/19/2023

NON-Maintenance jerbs:

IDAHO SPRINGS CO NC11290443 03/16/2023
MOSS LANDING CA NC11289973 03/15/2023
GLASGOW MT NC11296091 03/21/2023
MACCLENNY FL NC11293116 03/18/2023
TIMBER LAKE SD NC11292942 03/17/2023
MOSS BEACH CA NC11295113 03/19/2023
MAPLE FALLS WA NC11296082 03/19/2023
LAKE CITY CO NC11290061 03/15/2023
EASTSOUND WA NC11295971 03/20/2023
CULLEOKA TN NC11294523 03/18/2023
WORDEN IL NC11292989 03/17/2023
PIEDMONT SD NC11287291 03/11/2023
GYPSUM CO NC11290318 03/16/2023
BASSETT NE NC11294668 03/18/2023
SPRINGDALE WA NC11296087 03/20/2023
SURING WI NC11280556 03/06/2023
CEDAR MI NC11284195 03/09/2023
BIG SUR CA NC11296150 03/21/2023
ASPEN CO NC11290054 03/15/2023
ANZA CA NC11291564 03/16/2023
VAN HORN TX NC11284178 03/09/2023
OAK GROVE MO NC11292947 03/17/2023
SLOUGHHOUSE CA NC11296098 03/20/2023
KINGS BEACH CA NC11296096 03/20/2023
EL GRANADA CA NC11295117 03/19/2023
SEAFORD VA NC11288801 03/15/2023
ROY WA NC11296081 03/20/2023
QUILCENE WA NC11296078 03/20/2023
OLIVET MI NC11291746 03/17/2023
DEXTER OR NC11296094 03/21/2023
CLARKSTON WA NC11295974 03/20/2023
CLANTON AL NC11294399 03/18/2023
BREMEN OH NC11293002 03/18/2023
BETHPAGE TN NC11294606 03/18/2023
CRESTED BUTTE CO NC11288703 03/13/2023
CAVE JUNCTION OR NC11296085 03/21/2023
JACKSON WY NC11285851 03/17/2023
BELTON SC NC11291709 03/17/2023
HICO TX NC11293402 03/18/2023
WAIMANALO HI NC11294630 03/18/2023
STURTEVANT WI NC11291641 03/17/2023
SOMERVILLE AL NC11294490 03/18/2023
ROSS CA NC11295061 03/19/2023
NORTH LIBERTY IN NC11294813 03/19/2023
MONTROSE CA NC11294635 03/18/2023
FELTON CA NC11289302 03/15/2023
CENTURY FL NC11294548 03/21/2023
GORDON NE NC11294636 03/18/2023
MAMMOTH LAKES CA NC11294924 03/21/2023
BIG BEAR CITY CA NC11291563 03/16/2023
BLOOMING PRAIRIE MN NC11296095 03/20/2023

City Carrier:
SAN MATEO CA NC11290796 03/16/2023
MOUNTAIN VIEW CA NC11291999 03/17/2023
MOORHEAD MN NC11292895 03/17/2023
BUFFALO GROVE IL NC11294447 03/20/2023
BAINBRIDGE ISLAND WA NC11290758 03/19/2023
ARLINGTON HEIGHTS IL NC11294487 03/18/2023
NORTH SHORE - BOSTON MA NC11290276 03/19/2023
VILLA PARK IL NC11291816 03/20/2023
SANTA CLARA CA NC11290773 03/17/2023
SAN MATEO CA NC11290763 03/16/2023
NORTHBROOK IL NC11293598 03/19/2023
MOUNT PROSPECT IL NC11293606 03/19/2023
MICHIGAN CITY IN NC11282385 03/11/2023
MANCHESTER NH NC11294861 03/19/2023
LOS ALTOS CA NC11291568 03/17/2023
LEWISTON ME NC11294546 03/18/2023
KANSAS CITY MO NC11290351 03/19/2023
HANOVER PARK IL NC11291648 03/20/2023
GRAND FORKS ND NC11292104 03/17/2023
FRANKLIN PARK IL NC11291801 03/20/2023
EAST PALO ALTO CA NC11291995 03/17/2023
DES MOINES WA NC11290715 03/19/2023
CORALVILLE IA NC11291547 03/18/2023
CONCORD MA NC11295012 03/20/2023
CAPITOLA CA NC11291518 03/17/2023
BARRINGTON IL NC11294394 03/18/2023
WHEELING IL NC11293699 03/20/2023
WAYNESBORO VA NC11291790 03/17/2023
WATSONVILLE CA NC11291560 03/17/2023
SANTA CRUZ CA NC11291516 03/17/2023
SANTA BARBARA CA NC11291570 03/18/2023
OAK PARK IL NC11291778 03/20/2023
NASHUA NH NC11294872 03/19/2023
MOUNTLAKE TERRACE WA NC11290708 03/19/2023
MORGAN HILL CA NC11292039 03/17/2023
MINOT ND NC11292939 03/17/2023
MILPITAS CA NC11291559 03/16/2023
MENLO PARK CA NC11290721 03/16/2023
MADAWASKA ME NC11294513 03/18/2023
GRAND ISLAND NE NC11294510 03/20/2023
ENGLEWOOD CO NC11292941 03/17/2023
DES PLAINES IL NC11294525 03/18/2023
CAMPBELL CA NC11290779 03/17/2023
BURLINGTON VT NC11294626 03/18/2023
BOZEMAN MT NC11291789 03/17/2023
GREATER BOSTON - BOSTON MA NC11290459 03/19/2023
SOUTH SAINT PAUL MN NC11292899 03/17/2023
GLENVIEW IL NC11294530 03/19/2023
WILMETTE IL NC11294374 03/19/2023
WAUKEGAN IL NC11293516 03/20/2023
SUNNYVALE CA NC11291849 03/17/2023
SEATTLE WA NC11290724 03/19/2023
SAN CARLOS CA NC11290716 03/16/2023
SACO ME NC11294503 03/18/2023
REDWOOD CITY CA NC11290799 03/16/2023
NORTHGLENN CO NC11290711 03/19/2023
NORTHBOROUGH MA NC11294971 03/20/2023
MUNDELEIN IL NC11293524 03/20/2023
MENLO PARK CA NC11290788 03/16/2023
MEDINA OH NC11291825 03/17/2023
LOS GATOS CA NC11290806 03/17/2023
LAKE FOREST IL NC11294393 03/18/2023
IOWA CITY IA NC11291510 03/18/2023
HOPKINS MN NC11292070 03/17/2023
GREAT FALLS MT NC11291827 03/17/2023
GRAFTON ND NC11292874 03/17/2023
FARGO ND NC11292873 03/17/2023
ELGIN IL NC11291739 03/20/2023
DULUTH MN NC11292872 03/17/2023
CUPERTINO CA NC11291517 03/17/2023
APTOS CA NC11291604 03/17/2023

Rural Carrier:
PARK RIVER ND NC11290591 03/16/2023
MIDDLETON WI NC11294805 03/19/2023
MENOMONIE WI NC11294698 03/19/2023
MANITOWOC WI NC11294770 03/19/2023
MADISON WI NC11294682 03/19/2023
MADISON WI NC11294641 03/19/2023
FORKS WA NC11284401 03/15/2023
EAU CLAIRE WI NC11294679 03/19/2023
EAU CLAIRE WI NC11294677 03/19/2023
AMERY WI NC11294788 03/19/2023
MENOMONIE WI NC11294782 03/19/2023
MADISON WI NC11294795 03/19/2023
MADISON WI NC11294647 03/19/2023
LEBANON NH NC11290073 03/16/2023
EAST DUBUQUE IL NC11294850 03/19/2023
CLINTONVILLE WI NC11294692 03/19/2023
BASALT CO NC11288701 03/13/2023
SALIDA CO NC11296151 03/20/2023
GLENWOOD SPRINGS CO NC11289738 03/15/2023
ENFIELD NH NC11289739 03/16/2023
CARBONDALE CO NC11289737 03/15/2023
MADISON WI NC11294777 03/19/2023

Motor Vehicle Operator:
PORTLAND OR NC11294928 03/18/2023
KCMO MO P&DC NC11294600 03/18/2023
MIAMI FL P&DC NC11294605 03/18/2023
NASHVILLE TN P&DC NC11296342 03/20/2023
BOSTON MA P&DC NC11294706 03/18/2023
MORGAN NY P&DC NC11294711 03/18/2023
ROCHESTER NY P&DC NC11294707 03/18/2023
SAN JOSE CA P&DC NC11294941 03/18/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11294945 03/18/2023
SOUTHERN ME P&DC NC11294709 03/18/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA P&DC NC11294933 03/18/2023

Tractor Trailer Operator:
ALBANY NY P&DC NC11294618 03/18/2023
DULLES VA P&DC NC11296403 03/20/2023
MILWAUKEE WI P&DC NC11296348 03/20/2023
MIDDLESEX-ESSEX MA P&DC NC11294700 03/18/2023
SAN FRANCISCO CA P&DC NC11294723 03/18/2023
BALTIMORE MD P&DC NC11294712 03/18/2023
DVD BLDG NJ P&DC NC11294703 03/18/2023
NEW JERSEY NDC NC11294704 03/18/2023
OAKLAND CA P&DC NC11294713 03/18/2023
PORTLAND OR P&DC NC11294716 03/18/2023
ROCHESTER NY P&DC NC11294702 03/18/2023
SEATTLE NDC NC11294876 03/18/2023
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC11294879 03/18/2023
TACOMA WA NC11294898 03/18/2023
SACRAMENTO CA P&DC NC11294719 03/18/2023
ATLANTA GA P&DC NC11294705 03/18/2023
GRAND RAPIDS P&DF NC11294708 03/18/2023
MIAMI FL P&DC NC11294619 03/18/2023
ROYAL PALM FL P&DC NC11294623 03/18/2023
ST LOUIS MO P&DC NC11294710 03/18/2023

No experience necessary for the laborer custodial or maintenance mechanic positions. It helps on the interview but you can surely think of maintenance related experience to relay for an interview. Based on fixing things around your house, the car etc. Always mention working safely.

Pro tip: You can apply for any job that has an exam opening and the test is administered local to yourself. Make sure you're serious and score decently; you can turn down the job offer. Keep a physical copy of your exam score, I believe they are good for two years.
The reason is: These job postings can be posted externally at capacity for testing, meaning they will not allow you to take the exam if they have enough qualified applicants. However, if you have a test score on the books, you are a qualified applicant.

Explanation of MVO/TTO to save time:
MVO= CDL B Can only drive box trucks on public roads, can drive anything for moves on postal property.
TTO= CDL A Can drive anything.

USPS provides the training. (Maintenance jobs at least. TTO and management...GOOD LUCK)

You don't have to be crazy to work here. We'll train you. Everything but proper email usage.
submitted by User_3971 to USPS [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 04:10 ComputerNerd2000 Weird error, cannot launch forge server. Been trying to fix this for a few hours now and nothing I have found has helped. Help

What the title says. I am trying to create a forge server on my pc and I keep getting this error. Can anyone help me out with this please. The server is to be in version 1.16.5
2023-03-21 21:35:33,583 main WARN Advanced terminal features are not available in this environment
[21:35:33] [main/INFO] []: ModLauncher running: args [--gameDir, ., --launchTarget, fmlserver, --fml.forgeVersion, 36.2.39, --fml.mcpVersion, 20210115.111550, --fml.mcVersion, 1.16.5, --fml.forgeGroup, net.minecraftforge, nogui]
[21:35:33] [main/INFO] []: ModLauncher 8.1.3+8.1.3+main-8.1.x.c94d18ec starting: java version 17.0.6 by Oracle Corporation
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalAccessError: class cpw.mods.modlauncher.SecureJarHandler (in unnamed module u/0x13c10b87) cannot access class (in module java.base) because module java.base does not export to unnamed module u/0x13c10b87
at cpw.mods.modlauncher.SecureJarHandler.lambda$static$1(
at cpw.mods.modlauncher.api.LamdbaExceptionUtils.uncheck(
at cpw.mods.modlauncher.SecureJarHandler.(
at cpw.mods.modlauncher.Launcher.lambda$new$6(
at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap.computeIfAbsent(
at cpw.mods.modlauncher.api.TypesafeMap.computeIfAbsent(
at cpw.mods.modlauncher.api.TypesafeMap.computeIfAbsent(
at cpw.mods.modlauncher.Environment.computePropertyIfAbsent(
at cpw.mods.modlauncher.Launcher.(
at cpw.mods.modlauncher.Launcher.main(
at net.minecraftforge.server.ServerMain$Runner.runLauncher(
at net.minecraftforge.server.ServerMain$Runner.access$100(
at net.minecraftforge.server.ServerMain.main(
submitted by ComputerNerd2000 to admincraft [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 04:06 CleanLilPiece Real Estate Investing Out of State - Thoughts?

I live in California in the Bay Area and am coming to the realization that there's no way with my 100k - 300k down payment as a 20% & borrow the rest that I can get a single family home or multifamily property that will cashflow as an investment property due to high property values, and higher current interest rates (I am only talking about mid to nice neighborhoods, I am not interested in sketch areas). Rental income just doesn't exceed mortgages here when using majority leverage. I am thinking about starting to look out of state for investment properties, but continue living in CA.

1) Thoughts on investing out of state? Pros & Cons? Can property management companies take care of the property well enough for me while I am in another state? Are frequent visits needed to see the investment property? Is investing out of state overly complicated or fairly doable? Is it still just as hard to find a investment area that has properties that cash flow?
2) What states / cities are people hot on as current cheaper real estate markets that still have good investment value? Is it too late for Austin Texas, Boise ID, other recent hot zones?
submitted by CleanLilPiece to RealEstate [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 03:41 Monsur_Ausuhnom Transmission From Another Planet.

Transmission From Another Planet. submitted by Monsur_Ausuhnom to lostgeneration [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 03:29 sassystew Fab Downtown Office with Amazing View For Rent - Perfect for Remote Work! $600/mo includes all utilities and High-Speed Internet (rented by me - an individual, not a company or realtor)

Fab Downtown Office with Amazing View For Rent - Perfect for Remote Work! $600/mo includes all utilities and High-Speed Internet (rented by me - an individual, not a company or realtor)
Amazing cozy office with stunning view for rent! Fab Vibe! Downtown - Semi-Furnished & Move in Ready! Perfect for 1-3 people.
This is a single office in downtown building for rent by me; an individual, not a company or realtor. :)
Perfect for REMOTE WORKING if you need to get out of your place to be more productive in a great space in a fab area. Also great for a small business owner, although not a retail space.
MOVE IN READY! The office is located in the heart of downtown in a secure, beautiful art deco building on a higher floor - with full privacy. The location is stellar!
The office is quiet and cozy. There is also a conference room available directly next door.
Parking is the responsibility of the tenant. There is a large lot located about 20 feet from the front door, and street/meter parking is available and what I typically use. It is also on a bus line, and a hub for COGO bicycles and scooters is located out front.
There is a Starbucks and multiple restaurants/bars on the same block. The Scioto Mile is within walking distance.
It is semi furnished, but you can obviously bring items you may need such as an office chair, monitors, etc.! The office has a large shelving unit, a new large desk, one oversized chair, a small couch, large mirror, and desk lighting. We can also have everything removed if your preference is a clean slate.
A brand new small fridge is also included for use.
The office is ideal for an independent remote working person. Also, it will not be available as a public retail space.
Price has been reduced to $600/mo. Deposit of $600 required, and only way I will hold the office for you.
The listing is straightforward and includes "AT&T Business High Speed" Internet.
SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE -- this place is a total gem, excited to share it with someone who really loves the vibe! Minimum lease is 6 months, although a possibility for more or less time is potentially workable.
Feel free to reach out via DM, but again - serious inquiries only.

edit to add photos
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2023.03.22 03:11 eddierod323 (Selling) Babylon HD & 4K, Detective Knight: Independence 4K, A Man Named Otto HD, M3gan Theatrical & Unrated HD, Rocky Collection 4K, TAR HD, Top Gun: Maverick 4K, Walking Dead S11 HD, The Whale HD & many more…

Payment must be made via Venmo or Cash App.
(MA): Movies Anywhere
(GP Split): Google Play
* Addams Family 2 4K (iTunes): $9
* Babylon 4K (MA): $12
* Babylon HD (MA): $10
* The Bad Guys 4K (MA): $8
* The Banshees of Inisherin HD (MA): $8
* The Banshees of Inisherin HD (GP): $5
* Beast HD (MA): $6
* Belly 4K (Vudu): $5
* Black Panther: Wakanda Forever HD (MA): $6
* Black Panther: Wakanda Forever HD (GP): $4
* Black Widow HD (GP Split): $5
* Bodies, Bodies, Bodies HD (Vudu): $7
* Catwoman: Hunted HD (MA): $6
* Death on the Nile HD (GP Split): $5
* Detective Knight: Independence: 4K iTunes or HD Vudu): $9
* Dr Strange MoM HD (GP Split): $4
* Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow 4K (MA): $8
* Empire of Light HD (MA): $10
* Empire of Light HD (GP Split): $6
* Encanto 4K (MA): $7
* Encanto HD (MA): $6
* Encanto HD (GP Split): $5
* Eternals HD (GP Split): $4
* Fantastic Beast & Where to Find Them 4K (MA): $6
* The French Dispatch HD (MA): $5
* The French Dispatch HD (GP Split): $5
* Ghostbusters HD (MA): $5
* Ghostbusters 2 HD (MA): $5
* Highlander 4K (MA): $9
* Honk for Jesus HD (MA): $11
* Jungle Book 2016 HD (GP Split): $4
* Jungle Cruise HD (GP Split): $6
* King Richard HD (MA): $7
* The King’s Man HD (GP Split): $5
* The Last Duel HD (GP Split): $5
* League of SuperPets 4K: $8
* Lightyear 4K (MA): $7
* Lightyear HD (GP Split): $4
* Lyle Lyle Crocodile HD (MA): $7
* A Man Named Otto HD (MA): $9
* Men HD (Vudu & GP): $8
* The Rescuers HD (MA): $5
* The Rescuers Down Under HD (MA): $5
* Reservoir Dogs 4K (Vudu or iTunes): $5
* Resident Evil Welcome to Racoon City HD (MA): $7
* Rons Gone Wrong HD (GP Split): $5
* Shang Chi HD (GP Split): $5
* Spider-Man: No Way Home 4K (MA): $8
* Strange World HD (MA): $6
* Strange World HD (GP Split): $4
* Strange World 4K (MA): $9
* TAR HD (MA): $7
* Thor: Love & Thunder GP Split HD (GP): $7
* Till HD (iTunes): $7
* Top Gun: Maverick 4K (iTunes or Vudu): $7
* Turning Red HD (GP Split): $5
* The Whale HD (Vudu): $10
* Who Framed Roger Rabbit HD (GP Split): $5
* The Untouchables 4K (iTunes or Vudu): $4
* 007 Skyfall HD (Vudu): $5
* Amazing Spider-Man Collection 4K: $12
* Back to the Future Collection 4K (MA): $16
* Fast & Furious 9 Film Collection HD (MA): $20
* House of Dragons 4K (Vudu): $13
* Jurassic Park Collection HD (MA): $15
* Mission Impossible Collection 4K: (iTunes or Vudu): $25
* Puss in Boots 1 & 2 HD (MA): $13
* Rocky KnockOut Collection 4K (Vudu): $22
* Sing/Sing 2 HD 2-Film Set (MA): $10
* Walking Dead Season 11 HD (Vudu): $15
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2023.03.22 03:08 maximian FS: 90s-2000s refractors and relics, prices in captions

FS: 90s-2000s refractors and relics, prices in captions submitted by maximian to baseballcards [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 03:02 Outrageous-Yogurt-80 Here is her NDA 🤣

Here is her NDA 🤣 submitted by Outrageous-Yogurt-80 to Jamienotis [link] [comments]