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2023.03.30 18:32 kayenano The Villainess Is An SS+ Rank Adventurer: Chapter 18

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Juliette Contzen is a lazy, good-for-nothing princess. Overshadowed by her siblings, she's left with little to do but nap, read … and occasionally cut the falling raindrops with her sword. Spotted one day by an astonished adventurer, he insists on grading Juliette's swordsmanship, then promptly has a mental breakdown at the result.
Soon after, Juliette is given the news that her kingdom is on the brink of bankruptcy. At threat of being married off, the lazy princess vows to do whatever it takes to maintain her current lifestyle, and taking matters into her own hands, escapes in the middle of the night in order to restore her kingdom's finances.
Tags: Comedy, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, Copious Ohohohohos.

Chapter 18: Candle In The Dark
My boots waded through the shallow stream as I led the way, Starlight Grace in hand.
The caverns leading from the well were far more extensive than the alchemist had suggested. As I directed the tip of my sword into the darkness, its light caught against surfaces so high that I had to stretch my neck to see them … but not the tunnel bats that'd made their homes against the stalactites in this vast underground system.
Their eyes peppered the resounding darkness like red stars against a bleak sky. But while the sheer quantity of tunnel bats that'd made their home here may ordinarily have been cause for alarm, I had other concerns on my mind.
Namely, that the water was extremely unhealthy for the integrity of my boots.
They were hand crafted by royal commission for outdoor endeavours, yes, and could reliably step on mud, ash, saltwater and the hopes of the poor, but this wasn't a downtrodden farmer I was stepping on. It was … water.
Mossy, slimy water that dampened the colour of my boots.
And that was even worse than losing them.
The moment my outfit no longer matched, I'd have only two choices. Find a new set of clothes, or use Starlight Grace to conjure enough light that I could irrevocably damage the eyesights of everyone around me.
And right now, I was missing my wardrobe.
“Did you know that tunnel bats are blind?” said Coppelia, humming as she skipped behind me like a girl playing in a pond. “Those bloodthirsty, murderous eyes? Yep, they're just for show. They actually glow even brighter during the day. Of course, you never see them since they're usually sleeping.”
I glanced up at the litany of red dots, neither perturbed nor comforted by the thought that none of them were actually gazing back at me.
Rather, I simply could not take them seriously in the slightest.
“Bats.” I sighed. “Barely inside, and I can already see this cavern hasn't a speck of originality to it.”
“It's like peering into the mind of a decrepit baron and seeing his wildest fantasy come to fruition.”
“Barons dream about bats?”
“The ones who have not received an invitation to attend a soirée in years, yes.”
I sadly shook my head.
For all their teeth, wings and claws, bats occupied a different category in my mind than heralds of the night.
To some, they were low-tier monsters fit for training new adventurers and soldiers. To me, they were a fashion statement. And a poor one, at that. Far too many nobles sought to decorate their middling towers and keeps with bats of all varieties, hoping the time-tested mystique would somehow mask the very public decline of their family lineage.
It never did.
The irony, of course, is that any noble house's fall from grace was due to this lack of familiarity with contemporary home design. Why, I had no doubt that if this cavern were put to auction, irrelevant nobles would paw at each other to make this their new villainous hideout from which to plan the usurping of my father's throne.
“Well, if you don't like bats, what about strangler crabs?”
Coppelia pointed ahead of us. A pair of deathly black pincers were briefly sighted, before they disappeared to a chorus of scuttling movement.
“Uninspired,” I replied.
“Decrepit barons stopped using them as pets ages ago, huh?”
“What? No, they still do. They simply taste awful as well.”
“... You've eaten strangler crabs before? The monster variety? Not the, 'Hey kids, Papa's going to teach you about fishing today,' kind?”
“Bland and flavourless. With a mucous-like texture. Highly do not recommend.”
I shuddered as I recalled the scene. There were many things I wanted for my 7th birthday. A horse-drawn carriage in the shape of an open seashell. A choir of my playmates singing my praises for being born wealthier than them. A fireworks display of me sitting cross-legged on a throne while laughing down at the assembled masses ...
Well, actually, I did get all of those things.
But I also got a buffet of the most strangest crustacean. What's more, it was still moving. And it's pincers were very sharp, indeed.
And that's the story of how I survived my 19th assassination attempt, aged 7.
The strangler crab tasted terrible afterwards.
“And water slimes … ?” queried Coppelia, pointing at a particularly reflective section of the wall. “Have you ever … ?”
Upon closer inspection, the shimmering of movement could clearly be seen, as could the mucus trailing behind. Only by purposefully directing my sword away could the form of the water slime be viewed, still partially aglow from the light as it half-crawled, half-bounced away from us.
I stopped, then set my frown directly at Coppelia's inquisitiveness. Predictably, she was already looking highly amused even before I gave my response.
“... Gastronomy was in a highly experimental phase at the time ...”
“It sounds like you've quite a robust palette.”
“Robust, no. Black, yes.”
Sadly, the world of gourmet dining wasn't built on stability. It was on constantly sprinting so that the quicksand wouldn't envelop you. And sometimes, those competing had no time to run. They simply had to leap.
Hence … Steak au slime was invented.
It did not last.
“You've … eaten all these things?” said the alchemist, staring at me in wonder. “Incredible! Although you appear very refined, in truth, you live off the land as much as even the most seasoned adventurer, don't you?”
I had a feeling that this woman was perhaps grossly misinterpreting how I came to be fed steak au slime.
Naturally, I nodded and accepted the praise.
“I … I suppose, by definition, yes, I certainly have lived off the creatures of this land!”
I gave a small cough and hurried ahead, valiantly ignoring both the creeping darkness and the sight of Coppelia hiding her laughter.
“I hope we find what we're looking for,” said the alchemist, somewhat absent-mindedly as she trudged along behind us. “Although right now, I'm mostly hoping that nothing worse than a water slime appears before us.”
Coppelia's sigh practically echoed around us.
“Now, if this was Ouzelia, what you just said would pretty much guarantee something dreadful will be waiting down here.”
“Rules work differently in the Northern Realm. The power of stories is prevalent in every facet of life, but most often when we're courting jeopardy.”
“I … I see! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to invite peril.”
“Oh, it's fine. Peril makes things more fun.”
The clockwork doll and the alchemist blinked at each other, each wearing vastly contrasting expressions.
Their conversation ended.
… For a short time, at least.
“Hmm, the water slimes aren't biting, are they?” said Coppelia cheerfully. “Shame, I imagine they're pretty hydrating. Great if you find yourself in a desert. They're like a bouncing oasis. Never tried one myself. I prefer green or sweet things. But I'm feeling adventurous!”
I shuddered to think that she'd willingly consume a water slime. And yet I couldn't bear to warn her against the taste. The memories were too painful to recall.
That aside, she did raise a fair point.
“Why have we not been attacked yet?” I asked, turning my light around the tunnels, only to witness the scuttling form of another strangler crab already moving away from us. “I was led to believe that monsters attacked indiscriminately.”
“Most monsters do,” replied Coppelia. “But weak monsters have a unique flight instinct. It's the only way to survive in a cruel world full of murderous adventurers. They're exceptionally good at identifying powerful threats.”
I raised a querying eyebrow at Coppelia.
“Do they detect your absurd level of physical strength and flee from it, then?”
In response, Coppelia grinned and turned to the young woman walking closely behind us, her wide eyes constantly darting in all directions.
“Hmm, who knows? Maybe our alchemist is secretly super strong?”
Marlena … Marina blinked in surprise, then rapidly shook her head.
“Um, I'm not sure why they're not attacking. But I do have a monster repelling potion in my satchel. Maybe they can sense it … ?”
“Well, whatever the cause, we should take full advantage,” I said. “My attire is at risk enough without water slimes further dampening it.”
I received fervent agreement from our alchemist as we trundled along, free from attacks by the inhabitants of this cavern.
Buoyed by the lack of opposition, we pressed on through the cavern until we entered a smaller chamber filled with a central basin of water. Here, no tunnel bats plagued the ceiling and no strangler crabs tried to give me flashbacks, but that didn't mean there was no life.
It was, in fact, teeming with it.
Long strands of wet greenery blanketed the walls almost like a net, the strands and leaves interwoven like a circus of green as it stretched out from the pool of shimmering water.
“My … how peculiar!”
Unless my studies of horticulture were very much mistaken, this was seaweed—or at least something similar. But these weren't the bedrocks near a shoreline or the wooden joints of a dock that the weeds found themselves clutched against. It was a chamber deep beneath the earth, devoid of even the shallowest hint of the sky or saltwater.
This basin of water was either connected to more than a regular reservoir, or these seaweeds were a unique new variety!
“What a magnificent amount of life,” said the alchemist, her wide eyes taking in the tapestry of green. “It appears to be … well, weeds. But to be found underground is remarkable!”
I nodded, sharing the appreciation. I spun around while pointing the tip of my sword towards each wall in turn.
“Either they don't require sunlight to grow, or they're able to survive long periods without access to it. But how would they come to be here, I wonder?”
Suddenly, the alchemist gasped.
“Wait—look! Look where you just shone the light! Keep your sword away for a moment and look!”
I did as asked and peered away from where I was directing Starlight Grace.
Only then did I notice the glittering in the darkness.
It was like hundreds of jewels lighting up where the light had receded, as though having absorbed the radiance from my sword. Stepping closer, I leaned in and spied to my surprise the clear crystalline spines.
“Arcana crystals,” I remarked. “Now, this truly is a boon.”
It was the crystalline mineral prized among mages, and in turn, shopkeepers. The light absorbent crystals which were a crucial reagent in the crafting of mana potions, a lifeline for mages at risk of suffering from magical burnout induced nausea.
Though by no means rare, it was practically unheard of for a mineral deposit to be discovered so far from the eastern mountain ranges where so much of our mining industry takes place. A discovery such as this needed to be properly documented, and the size and quality of the deposit surveyed.
A rush of excitement coursed through me as I tip-toed from glimmer to glimmer, assessing each shine with a rudimentary appraisal that could glean nothing other than the fact that this was a precious opportunity.
Nor was I the only one to spot this.
“Gosh, what a magnificent sight!” exclaimed the alchemist, her eyes almost shimmering as much as the precious crystals. “Arcana crystals. Here of all places. Beneath Rolstein. I never thought such a thing was possible!”
I nodded. I didn't think so, either. But that was mostly because I never gave Rolstein any thought whatsoever.
“A precious find, and worthy of a dismal climb down a dilapidated well.”
“I had no idea … in all the records I've seen of Rolstein's history, no mention has ever been made of arcana crystals.”
“Ohhohoho! Rejoice, for where there are precious reagents, there are profits, and where there are profits, there are taxes to be reaped!”
“... Huh?”
“T-Taxes … as in, taxes to ensure the building of new roads and watchposts, to ensure the security and economic prosperity of this new opportunity!”
Yes, indeed! The Miner's Guild will no doubt wish to claim rights to any mining operations. But in exchange, Rolstein and the kingdom will receive a share of the proceeds.
If there's a sizeable deposit to be had, then this could become a wonderful opportunity for the lowlands as a whole. Diversification of the local economy was a rare and precious opportunity.
“Indeed, but any merits are a matter for the future,” said the alchemist, her excitement visibly tempering. “My concern is still the present. And so before we turn these precious fields into a mine, I'd first like to know if it can be saved. The starflower ...”
“There's no starflower.”
My blunt assessment caught the alchemist by surprise.
She said nothing, and so I provided my reasoning with an additional spin of the chamber.
Seaweed, arcana crystals, and the granite walls to which they clung. There was no sign of a fabled starflower, nor an exit from this chamber. Our journey had been linear. Had we missed a path in the darkness? If so, we'd need to backtrack in order to find it. Otherwise, this was the end of this jaunt, though it was by no means unfruitful.
“M-Miss Juliette ...”
Then, the alchemist's timid voice called out to me.
I knew what it was before I finished turning around. The bright glow being emitted by my sword was no longer the only source of light within this small chamber.
To my astonishment, a single flower was gleaming from a crevasse opposite the water basin. Even from a distance, its details shone in the darkness like the moon on a clear night, each petal radiating with the intensity of a flickering flame.
It was a single flower, and yet if it were to be placed in the sky, I had little doubt it would be the light that drew stargazers and sailors towards it. The beauty was mesmerising. So much so, that I almost failed to question why it was now gleaming for all the eyes in this chamber to see.
“The starflower,” whispered the alchemist. “It's … It's here … !”
“I-Indeed, it is … !”
I was astonished.
The starflower. It truly was here. But how?
Its nature meant that simply missing it with my sword was impossible. Its radiance matched Starlight Grace. Did it function similarly to the arcana crystals, and was now reacting to the light? Yet I was always under the impression that a starflower's strength was in its undying glow.
Why, it was almost as if something covering it had been displaced. But nothing but walls of rock were present around the starflower, with each damp surface covered in arcana crystals and soggy seaweed.
And nothing but walls of rock was still here … even as it moved towards me.
A deafening rumble resounded throughout the chamber. The surface of the water basin shook violently, while bits of the cave fell around us like the beginnings of an earthquake.
That sound could've been the precursor to a landslide. But I realised as the sound went on that it was more than that. It was a bellow. The very land made manifest and sentient with rage.
A living roar from a creature with no vocal chords, yet had no difficulty resonating with the earth.
It was, after all, a monster born of it.
The shadow of a massive stone golem jerked alive, shaking off rocks and dust as it woke from its slumber.
And I knew immediately from its movements that it was feeling deeply inhospitable after just waking up.
Why, it reminded me of myself.

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2023.03.30 18:32 nonamebanddit I’m in love with my ex again. I need advice

I’m in love with my ex again. My ex (34) and I (24) were together for 3 1/2 years. We broke up about a year and few months ago. We broke up because we started being less intimate, and both had mental health issues so we were fighting a lot. When we broke up we said we wanted to still be in each others live and grow and maybe we would get back together one day and be healthier. Well 6 months after the break up I casually saw a new girl but denied her serval times before going out with her. Then a month after I saw a girl who was still in love with her ex and we talked about our ex’s and we’d hook up. I also blackout drunkenly slept with our mutual friend. We are all still friends and hang out but I know it hurt her. I only did all of this because I felt so rejected by my ex’s lack of intimacy. I just wanted to feel wanted by anyone. Throughout this I was still seeing her everyday or every other day. I’ve not went on a date with anyone in 6 months. I’ve not actually casually “seen” anyone in 9 months. In the past few months I’ve fallen back in love with her. We’ve not had sex or anything. We just spend so much time together. We always try to have at least on meal together a day. We share our pets. We still have our shows we can only watch with each other. We cuddle, and every time we say bye she kisses my forehead. I take care of her if she’s sick. We’ve been through so much she’s my rock. We’re making living wills to where we’re the main beneficiaries. We both are looking to move states and we plan to move together. We agreed we could never not live in the same city as each other. There isn’t one thing in the world I wouldn’t do for her. She recently started talking to a new girl. I thought I’d be supportive. Now I’m just so depressed I feel like I’m mourning our break up again. I just see her doing the stuff she used to do for me when we started dating. She doesn’t ever date casually it always ends up being serious so I’m so selfishly terrified. It hurts so much there isn’t a day i have stopped crying. I want her to be happy. I know she deserves to see other people and have healthier relationships. I just feel so in love with her still and it kills me. I don’t know if I should tell her my feelings or just keep them bottled up so she can be happy and not lose whatever friendship we have at the moment.
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2023.03.30 18:16 inkwisitive My highly non-definitive ranking of Muse albums (+detail)

9) The 2nd Law
I find this pretty hard to listen to all the way through, which is one of my key criteria for rating albums. Tonally all over the place, and it doesn’t help that it ends with four songs where Matt’s vocals are barely present! There’s just not much I return to on T2L, though I admire its ambition. I enjoy Animals, Panic Station and Supremacy a lot, but typically listen to them in isolation/playlists and even then none would make my top 20 Muse tracks. Survival is a slog, actively bad to me (dull vocal melody, awful lyrics, I guess the guitar tone is cool?), and I usually like their more orchestrated songs. Everything else I’ve not mentioned is meh at best or hasn’t aged well. Maybe Isolated System or Madness are OK if I’m in a very specific mood.
8) Drones
This is actually sequenced pretty nicely and works well as an album experience, which is the main reason it’s above T2L. Unfortunately the highs aren’t that high and while there’s nothing outright terrible, I would say there’s no classics on Drones and it’s grown off me as the years have gone by. Everything is in the 4-7/10 range for me, with The Handler and Reapers stretching to an 8. The band sound kind of bored on this one, combined with probably their worst lyrics.
7) Showbiz
Muse’s debut starts really well and has some great songs, especially Sunburn, Muscle Museum and Showbiz. But it really drops off after Uno and I rarely find myself listening after that – and on top of this there are some dated sound effects and strange production choices that hamper the quality a bit. They haven’t really settled on the unique “Muse sound” as they would find on the next album, but Cave especially shows where they’re going. Matt’s voice is pleasantly raw but not as strong as it would grow to be.
6) Will of the People
This Muse is made for WOTPing! This is undeniably their most kitsch album, but that doesn’t mean it’s their worst IMO. If I had to pick a low point it would be the one-two punch of Compliance (it’s far from Muse’s best pop song, Matt!) and Liberation (cool Queen vibes but nothing on comparable songs like United States of Eurasia) – but the rest sounds pretty great and it really easy to listen to all the way through. Like Drones, no massive highs but Kill Or Be Killed exists and is huge – a mainstay on their setlist as long as they keep touring. The band sounds like they’re having fun on most of these songs, and while the lyrics are very on-the-nose like all late-period (and a lot of early-period) Muse, I like that it reflects a specific time, with the impact of the pandemic tangible on many tunes (Ghosts, Compliance, WAFF, YMMFLIH, Verona…).
5) Simulation Theory
This one has ended up in the middle of my ranking, which I guess is interesting for such a divisive album. I love the way it commits to a vibe! The first five tracks add up to maybe the best run since BHaR, and the experiments pay off, with Algorithm going full synthwave, The Dark Side being like an Origin of Symmetry song through an 80s filter, Pressure marrying pomp-rock to a riff Jack White would be proud of, Propaganda chucking Prince and country slide-guitar together with a SMBH-ish chorus, and Break It To Me being a massive highlight with RATM riffs and solo, Phrygian RnB verses and a classic Absolution-era chorus. The Void too is a great closer - spacey and moody in the best way and is a worthy successor to Exogenesis. Everything else isn’t quite as good (apart from Dig Down, don’t like it at all), but still fits the atmosphere and flows nicely. A return to form overall.
4) The Resistance
This is closer to the “holy trinity” than most for me. Overall, while Muse still have that sense of knowing ridiculousness at times on this record, it still feels like they were going for a big artistic statement. And IMO they just about pulled it off. The symphonic influences feel like a natural progression of the space-rock from their previous album, while still giving The Resistance a unique identity in their catalogue. It’s sequenced very smartly, with no low points, contains some of Dom’s best drumming. Pretty much everything here is an 8/10 or higher, with maybe only Guiding Light and I Belong To You slipping into the 6-7 category if I’m judging really harshly. Exogenesis is, of course, spectacular, only Muse could’ve made it, and Part III is especially emotionally affecting.
3) Absolution
Obviously this is an excellent record. 14 tracks and, if you try to cut it down, you suddenly realise everything feels essential. And the highs are massive: Hysteria! Blackout! Butterflies and Hurricanes! Stockholm Syndrome!?! That’s why it’s high on my list – lots of good-to-great songs, many of which have become live staples and generally regarded as Muse classics. But, judging against the two albums I’ve put above it, it just falls short. The biggest flaw is the production, which is honestly pretty flat and stops a good few of the songs from being as awesome as they could be. It’s also not quite got the experimentation of the album that would come after – instead more like another OOS with some of the energy and prog craziness removed, and therefore not as characterful as that album either, closer to standard alt-rock. The sequencing could be better too…I’m judging really harshly here.
2) Origin of Symmetry
What an album! It grabs you from the start of New Born and doesn’t let go. This is the result of a surprising mishmash of influences from RATM and Rachmaninoff to OK-Computer-era Radiohead, feels like an alternate reality and it’s easy to tell why it’s a fan favourite. So many elements are pushed to extremes, such as the howling falsetto on Micro Cuts, Citizen Erased which has passages that feel both from a lullaby and an industrial record, and Plug In Baby which is an anthem for the ages. The playing styles are bonkers too – highly distinctive approaches to piano, guitar, bass especially for an alt-rock band. Tracks 1-7 are solid gold. I do think the second half is a little weaker, which is the main reason it’s not at the pinnacle. Don’t know why Futurism didn’t make the album pwoper.
1) Black Holes and Revelations
One has to come out on top, and what can I say? Quite a lot tbh. For me it’s a perfect blend of their rock, classical and electronic influences, maybe best exemplified by opener Take A Bow. It also finding time for a neo-western detour near the end. There’s consistent quality while still having ridiculously good highlights, and a pretty unique feel to every song without feeling all over the place.
I’d probably call Exo-Politics my least favourite because it’s closest to a standard rock song (and yes, Glorious and Easily are better), but then I hear that huge post-chorus and remember it’s awesome too. MotP is just a four-chord song, but I want to live in the soundscape it creates. Knights of Cydonia was such a rush when I heard it for the first time – what other artist could come out with a song like that? I would say this is their lyrical peak, as they get off the mushrooms and start being capital-P Political without getting too heavy-handed. Hoodoo especially has some excellent lyrics.
Matt’s vocals are maybe the strongest ever before his delivery got too theatrical and some emotion was lost (for me as soon as I heard “turning to dust£ on USoE). Finally, BHaR contains some of their proggiest work while also being really accessible – not necessarily the most “pop” they’ve been stylistically but just from the quality of the melodic songwriting. A masterpiece, and one of my top 10 albums off all time.
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2023.03.30 18:06 sink_or_swim1 Weekly Release Thread: March 31st

Currents - So Alone
Like Moths to Flames - Predestination Paradox
Boundaries - Bedlam
After the Burial - Nothing Gold + Death Keeps Us From Living
Patient Sixty-Seven - Hibbertia
Heart Of A Coward - This Place Only Brings Death
Escape The Fate - Low
Shadow of Intent - The Migrant
Bury Tomorrow - The Seventh Sun (Metalcore)
Alpha Wolf - Shh EP / Lo-Fi Remixes
The Ongoing Concept - Again (Post-Hardcore)
Attack Attack! - Dark Waves EP (Metalcore/Electronic)
Zoume - Tunnel Vision EP (Nu-Metalcore/Trap Metal)
Dead Lakes - Daydreamer (Post-Hardcore/Alternative Rock)
Kingsmen - Bones Don't Lie (Metalcore)
Void Chapter - humAnity (Metalcore/Electronic)
nothing,nowhere. - Void Eternal (Post-Hardcore/Rap-Rock)
Archetypes Collide - Archetypes Collide (Modern Metal/Metalcore)
Resilia - Well Intentioned: The Name of The Game (Post-Hardcore/Progressive)
Silence Before The Storm - V: The Dead Eyes Of Eternity (Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal)
A Crowd of Rebellion - Alva EP (Post-Hardcore/Electronic) out now
Defamed - Blackblood EP (Symphonic Deathcore)
GEL - Only Constant (Hardcore/Punk)
Hematite - Speak of the Devil EP
Lordi - Screem Writers Guild (Heavy Metal)
Emmerich - Life Sucks (Pop-Punk)
Arcane Ghosts - Distant Youth EP (Alternative Rock)
Samiam - Stowaway (Punk-Rock)
City and Colour - The Love Still Held Me Near (Indie/Acoustic)
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2023.03.30 17:59 phin586 Local Music, Small Venues?

Hello All,

I am a frequent visitor to the Tampa area (palm harbor) and I am looking for information on where to look for local music outside of some random google searches. Do you guys have a local Jam Rag? I know in Detroit we have The Metro Times which list shows at smaller venues.

Mostly I am looking for anything rock, punk, hiphop or electronic that might host a good show on any given night. A good open mic would also work. I am not above travel, so going to st pete, or ybor, or anywhere in between is not a huge compromise for me.
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Beauty And The Beast 2017 HD MA $3.50 HD GP $2.50
Beauty And The Beast 1991 HD GP $4
Beirut HD MA $3.50
Belly 4K Vudu $6
Big Hero 6 HD MA $3.50 HD GP $2.50
Birdman HDMA $4
Black Panther 4K MA $5 HDMA/4KIT $3.50 HD GP $2
Black Panther Wakanda Forever 4K MA $6.50 HD GP $4.50
Blind Side HD MA $4
Bobs Burgers HD GP $3
Book Club HD VD/IT $4
Book Of Life HD MA $4
Boss Baby HD MA $3.50
Bourne Legacy HD MA $2.50
Boyhood HD VD/IT $3.50
Braveheart 4K VD/IT $5.50
Brian Banks HD MA $4
Brides Maids Itunes $3.50
Bring It On Worldwide Cheersmack HD MA $3.50
Bullet To The Head HD MA $4
BumbleBee 4K VD/IT $5 HD VD/IT $3.50
Cake HD MA $5
Captain America Civil War HDMA/4KIT $4 HD GP $2.50
Captain America First Avenger 4K MA $6 HDMA/4KIT $4 HD GP $2.50
Captain America Winter Soldier 4K MA $6 HDMA/4KIT $4 HD GP $2.50
Captain Marvel HDMA/4KIT $3.50 HD GP $2.50
Captain Phillips HD MA $4
Cars 3 HDMA/4KIT $3 HD GP $1.50
Centurion Itunes $4
Christopher Robin HD GP $4
Chronicles Of Narnia Voyage Dawn Treader iTunes $4
Cinderella 1950 HD MA $5
Cinderella 2019 HD MA $4 HD GP $3.50
Clear And Present Danger 4K VD $5.50
Clifford 2021 HD VD/IT $3.50
Coco HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Colombiana HD MA $4.50
Crawl HD VD/IT $3.50
Criminal HD VD/IT $4.50
Cruella HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Daddys Home HD VD/IT $2.50
Dallas Buyers Club Itunes $4
Danny Collins HD Itunes $3
Dark Skies HD VD $4.50
Darkest Hour HD MA $4.50
DC Superpets HD MA $5
Deadpool HDMA/4KIT $3.50
Deadpool 2 HD MA$4
Death On The Nile HD GP $3.50
Deepwater Horizon 4K VD/IT $5.50
Despicable Me 4K Itunes $5.50
Despicable Me 2 4K MA $6 4K Itunes/HD MA $4.50
Despicable Me 3 4K MA $6
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Dog Days HD MA $3.50 HD iTunes $3
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Itunes $3
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Long Haul HD MA $3
Die Hard 2 Die Harder HD MA $5
Die Hard 3 With A Vengeance HD MA $5
Die Hard A Good Day To Die Hard HD MA $4.50
Die Hard Live Free Or Die Hard HD MA $4.50
Dirty Grandpa HD VD/IT $3.50
Disney Nature Monkey Kingdom HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Disney Nature Bears HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Disney Short Films Collection HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Divergent HDVD/4KIT $2
Divergent Insurgent HDVD/4KIT $2
Doctor Strange 4K MA $5.50 HDMA/4KIT $4 HD GP $2.50
Doctor Strange Multiverse 4K MA $5.50 HD MA $4.50 HD GP $2.50
Dolittle HD MA $4
Dom Hemingway HD MA $4.50
Doom Unrated 4K MA $5.50
Downsizing HD VD/IT $3.50
Dracula Untold HD MA $4
Draft Day HD VD/IT $4
Dragon Blade HD VD $4
Dragon Heart 3 HD MA $2.50
Dying Of The Light HD Vudu $4
Dumbo 2019 HD MA $3.50
Dune HD MA $4
Early Man HD VD/IT $4
Edge Of Tomorrow 4K MA $6 HD MA $4
El Chicano HD MA $3
Elvis HD MA $5
Elysium / District 9 HD MA $7
Empire Of Light HD MA $5 HD GP $4
Encanto HD GP $4
Enders Game 4K VD $5 HD VD/IT $3.50
Enough Said HD MA $4
Epic HD MA $4.50 HD iTunes $4
Escape Plan HD Vudu $3.50
Eternals 4K MA $6 HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3
Expendables 2 HD VD/IT $1.50
Family Guy It's A Trap Itunes $3
Far From The Madding Crowd HD MA $5
Fast And Furious 6 HD MA $1
Fast And Furious 7 HD MA $2
Fast And Furious 8 4K MA $2.50 HD MA $1
Fast And The Furious 8 Film Collection HD MA $12
Father Figures HD MA $3.50
Fault In Our Stars HD MA $2.50
Ferdinand HD MA $4.50
Fifty Shades 6 Film Collection Unrated/Theatrical HD MA $9
Fifty Shades Darker Unrated 4K MA $4 HD MA $3
Fifty Shades Freed HD MA $4
Fifty Shades Of Grey Unrated 4K MA $4 HD MA $1.50
Finding Dory HDMA/4KIT $4 HD GP $1.50
Finding Nemo 4K MA $6 HDMA/4KIT $5 HD GP $3.50
Flight HD Itunes $4
Florence Foster Jenkins HD VD/IT $4
Fox And The Hound 2 HD MA $5
Free Guy HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Frozen HDMA/4KIT $3.50 HD GP $1.50
Frozen 2 HDMA/4KIT $4.50 HD GP $3
Fury HD MA $4
Gallows HD MA $3.50
Game Of Thrones The House Of The Dragon S1 HD Vudu $6
Gamer 3D HD VD/IT$4
Gemini Man 4K VD/IT $5
Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance HD MA $4.50
Ghostbusters 1 HD MA $4
Ghostbusters 2 HD MA $4
Ghostbusters Answer The Call HD MA $4
Ghosts Season 1 HD Vudu $6
GI Joe Retaliation HD VD/IT $3
Gifted HD MA $5
Girl In The Spider's Web HD MA $4
Girls Trip HD MA $3.50
Gloria Bell HD Vudu $4
Gods Not Dead 2 HD MA $4
Great Gatsby HD MA $3
Green Rush 4K VD $5
Guardians Of The Galaxy 4K MA $6 HDMA/4KIT $4 HD GP $2.50
Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 4K MA $5 HDMA/4KIT $3.50 HD GP $1.50
Hacksaw Ridge HD VD/IT $3.50
Halloween 2018 4K MA $5 HD MA $4
Halloween Ends 4K MA $6
Halloween Kills 4K MA $5
Hannibal Season 3 HD Vudu $5
Hansel And Gretel Witch Hunters HD VD/IT $4
Happening 2008 HD MA $4.50
Hell Or High Water HD VD/IT $3.50
Hellboy 2019 HD VD/IT $4
Hercules 2014 HD VD/IT $4
Hercules Disney Animated HD GP $5
Hillsong Let Hope Rise HD MA $2
Hitman Agent 47 HD MA $4
Hitman's Bodyguard HD VD/IT $2.50
Hocus Pocus HD MA $4.50 HD GP $4
Home Alone 4K MA $6 HD MA $4
Home Alone 2 HD MA $4
Hope Springs HD MA $4
Hostiles 2018 HD VD/IT $4
Hot Fuzz HD MA $4
Hotel Mumbai HD MA $3.50
How The Grinch Stole Christmas 2000 HD MA $5
How To Train Your Dragon 3 Film Collection HD MA $11
Hunger Games 4 Film Collection HDVD $8
Hunger Games 4K VD/IT $5 4K Itunes/HDVD $3
Hunger Games Catching Fire 4K VD/IT $5 4K Itunes/HDVD $3
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 4K VD/IT $5 4KIT/HDVD $3
Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 HDVD $3
I Can Only Imagine HD VD/IT $4
I Feel Pretty Itunes $3
Imitation Game HD VD $3.50
Incarnate Itunes $3
Incredibles 2 HDMA/4KIT $5 HD GP $4
Indiana Jones 3 Last Crusade 4k VD/IT $6
Infinite HD VD/IT $5
Inside Out 4K MA $5.50 HDMA/4KIT $4 HD GP $2
Interstellar 4K VD/IT $5
Into The Woods HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Iron Man 3 4K MA $5 HDMA/4KIT $3.50 HD GP $2
Jack And Jill HD MA $4
Jack Reacher Never Go Back HD VD/IT $3.50
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit 4K VD/IT $5.50 HD VD/IT $3
James Bond Skyfall HD VD $2
James Bond Spectre HD VD/IT $3
Jarhead 2 HD MA $3.50
Jason Bourne HD MA $4
Jaws 4K MA $6
Jigsaw 4K VD/IT $5.50 HD VD/IT $3.50
John Wick HD VD/IT $3
John Wick 1 And 2 Combo HD VD $5
John Wick 3 HD VD/IT $4
Journey To The West Conquering The Demons HD VD $4.50
Jumanji 2 Film Welcome Jungle/Next Level HD MA $7
Jungle Book 1967 HD MA $5 HD GP $4.50
Jungle Cruise 4K MA $5.50 HDMA/4KIT $4 HD GP $2
Jurassic Dominion Extended/Theatrical 2 Film HD MA $5
Jurassic Park 5 Film Collection HD MA $8
Jurassic Park The Lost World HD MA $2
Jurassic World 4K MA $4 HD MA $2
Jurassic World Dominion HD MA $5
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom HD MA $2
Justin Bieber Never Say Never Itunes $1.50
Katy Perry Part Of Me HD VD/IT $3 SD VD/IT $1
Kick-Ass 4K VD/IT $5.50
Killer Elite iTunes $3
Killing Lincoln HD MA $4.50
Killing Them Softly HD VD $4.50
Kin HD VD/IT $3.50
Kingsman The Golden Circle 4K MA $5.50
Kingsman The Kings Man HD GP $3.50
Kingsman The Secret Service HD MA $4
Knowing 4K VD $5
Kung Fu Panda 1-3 Film Collection HD MA $12
Kung Fu Panda 3 HD MA $4.50
La La Land 4K VD/IT $5 HD Vudu $3.50
Lady And The Tramp 1955 HD MA $5 HD GP $4.50
Legend Of Hercules 4K VD/IT $5.50
Leprechaun 7 Film Collection HD Vudu $12
Leprechaun Origins HD VD $3
Les Miserables HD MA $3.50
Let Me Explain Kevin Hart HD VD/IT $1.50
Let's Be Cops HD MA $3.50
Life As We Know It Itunes $3.50
Life Of Pi HD MA $3.50 HD Itunes $3
Lightyear 4K MA $5.50 HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Lilo And Stitch HD MA $4.50 HD GP $4
Lilo And Stitch 2 HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Lion HD VD $4
Lion King 1 1/2 HD MA $6 HD GP $5.50
Lion King 1994 4K MA $6 4KIT/HDMA $5 HD GP $4
Lion King 2019 HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Little Mermaid 4K MA $5.50 4KIT/HDMA $4.50 HD GP $4
Little Women 2019 HDMA $4
Logan HDMA/4KIT $3.50
Lone Survivor HD MA $2
Longest Ride HD MA $2.50
Lorax 2012 HD MA $4
Lords Of Salem HD VD $4.50
Lyle Lyle Crocodile HD MA $4.50
Luca HD GP $3
Lucy HD MA $3.50
Madagascar 3 HD MA $3
Madea Big Happy Family Itunes $2.50
Madea Christmas HD VD $3
Madea's Witness Protection VD $3 Itunes $2.50
Maleficent 4K MA $5.50 HDMA/4KIT $4 HD GP $2.50
Maleficent Mistress Of Evil HDMA/4KIT $4 HD GP $3
Mama Itunes $3.50
Marine 4 HD MA $3
Mary Poppins HD GP $2.50
Mary Poppins Returns 4K MA $5 HD MA $4 HD GP $2
Mechanic Resurrection HD VD/IT $3.50
Megamind HD MA $5.50
Megan Leavey HD MA $3
Men In Black 3 HD MA $4.50
Mickey & Minnie 10 Classic Shorts HD MA $6 HD GP $4
Midway 2019 4K VD/IT $6
Minions 2 Film Collection Minions/Rise Of Gru HD MA $9
Minions 4K MA $6 HD MA $4.50
Minions Rise Of Gru 4K MA $6.50 HD MA $5.50
Missing Link HD MA $4.50
Mission Impossible 1 4K VD/IT $5.50 HD VD/4KIT $4.50
Mission Impossible 2 4K VD/IT $5.50 HD Vudu $4
Mission Impossible 3 4K VD/IT $5.50 HD Vudu $4
Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol 4K VD/IT $5 HD VD/4KIT $4
Mission Impossible 5 Rogue Nation 4K VD/IT $5 HD VD/4kIT $4
Mission Impossible 6 Fallout 4K VD/IT $5 HD VD/4KIT $4
Mitchell VS The Machines HD MA $5
Moana 4K MA $5.50 HDMA/IT4K $4.50 HD GP $3
Monster High Freaky Fusion HD MA $3
Monster High Great Scarrier Reef Itunes $3
Monster Trucks HD VD/IT $3.50
Monsters University HD MA $5.50 HD GP $4.50
Morbius 4K MA $6 HD MA $5
Mortal Instruments City Of Bones HD MA $4
Mortal Kombat 2021 4K MA $5
Mud HD VD/IT $4.50
Mulan HD MA $5 HD GP $4
Mulan 2 HD MA $5 HD GP $4
Mulan 2020 HD MA $3.50 HD GP $2
Night At The Museum 1-3 Film Collection HD MA $12
Nightmare Before Christmas HD GP $4
Ninja Assassin HD MA $4
Noah HD VD/IT $3
Norm Of The North HD VD/IT $4
Now You See Me HD VD/IT $2.50
Oblivion HD MA $4
Office Christmas Party HD VD/IT $3.50
Olaf Frozen Adventure HD GP $4.50
Onward HD MA $3.50 HD GP $2
Overdrive iTunes $3
Oz The Great And Powerful HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Pain And Gain HD Itunes $3.50
Paranormal Activity 2 HD VD/IT $3.50
Paranormal Activity 3 HD VD/IT $2.50
Paranormal Activity 5 Marked Ones HD VD/IT $3.50
Parental Guidance HD MA $3.50
Patriot Games 4K Vudu $5.50
Patriots Day HD VD/IT $3
Peanuts The Movie HD MA $3
Penguins Of Madagascar HD MA $3
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters HD MA $4
Pet Semetary 2019 HD Itunes $3.50
Peter Pan 2 Return To Neverland HD MA $5.50 HD GP $4
Peter Rabbit 2 Film Collection HD MA $7.50
Petes Dragon 2016 HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Pinocchio 1940 HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Pirates Of The Caribbean DMTNT HD MA $3 HD GP $2
Pitch Perfect 4K MA $5 HD MA $2.50
Pitch Perfect 2 4K MA $5 HD MA $2.50
Planes HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Planes Fire And Rescue HD GP $3.50
Planet Of The Apes "Dawn" HD MA $4
Planet Of The Apes "Rise" HD MA $4 ITunes $3
Planet Of The Apes "War" HD MA $4
Preacher Season 1 HD Vudu $5
Predator 2018 HD MA $3.50
Primal HD VD/IT $4.50
Public Enemies ITunes $4
Pulp Fiction 4K VD/IT $6
Queen Of Katwe HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Ralph Breaks The Internet HD GP $3
Rambo 5 Film Collection HD Vudu $14
Rambo 4K VD/IT $5.50
Rambo 3 4K VD/IT $5.50
Rambo First Blood 4K VD/IT $5.50 HD VD/IT $3.50
Rambo First Blood Part 2 4K VD/IT $5.50
Rambo Last Blood 4K VD/IT $5.50
Ramona And Beezus Itunes $4
Raya HD MA $3.50 HD GP $2
Red 2 HD VD/IT $2.50
Redemption HD VD $3.50
Rescuers HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Rescuers Down Under HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Requiem For A Dream 4K VD/IT $5.50
Ricki And The Flash HD MA $4
Ride Along iTunes $3
Ride Along 2 HD MA $3.50
Rio Itunes $3
Rio 2 HD MA $3.50
Robin Hood Disney HD MA $4 HD GP $3.50
Robin Hood 2018 HD VD $4
Robocop 2014 HD VD $4
Rock Dog 3 HD VD $5.50
Rocketman 4K VD/IT $5.50
Rocky HD VD $4
Rons Gone Wrong HD MA $3.50 HD GP $2
Rough Cut HD Itunes $4.50
Rush 2013 HD MA $4.50
Saban's Power Rangers 4K VD/IT $6 HD VD/IT $3.50
Safe HD VD/IT $3.50
Safe Haven iTunes $4
Safe House HD MA $4
Salmon Fishing In The Yemen HD MA $4
Same Kind Of Different As Me HD VD/IT $4
Samson HD MA $4
Saw The Complete Movie Collection Vudu $10
Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 4K MA $5 HD VD/IT $4
Scream 2 4K VD/IT $5.50
Secret Life Of Walter Mitty HD MA $3.50
Selma HD VD/IT $3
Shang Chi HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Shark Tale HD MA $4.50
Shaun Of The Dead HD MA $4
Shaun The Sheep Movie HD Vudu $4
Sicario HD VD/IT $3.50
Sing 2 Film Collection HD MA $8
Sing HD MA $4
Sinister HD Itunes $4.50
Sisters Unrated HD MA $4
Skyscraper HD MA $3.50
Sleeping Beauty HD MA $5 HD GP $4.50
Snow White And The Huntsman HD MA $4
Snow White And The Seven Dwarves HD MA $4.50 HD GP $4
Sonic The Hedgehog 4K VD/IT $6
Sony Movie Buff Pass Reward HD MA $4
Soul HD MA $4 HD GP $2
Southpaw HD VD $4
Spider-man Tobey 4K MA $6
Spider-man Amazing Spider-Man HD MA $4.50
Spider-man Amazing Spider-Man 2 HD MA $4.50
Spider-man Far From Home HD MA $3
Spider-man Homecoming 4K MA $5.50 HD MA $1
Spider-man Into The Spiderverse HD MA $5
Spider-man No Way Home HD MA $4.50
Spies In Disguise HD MA $4 HD GP $3
Spirit Stallion Of The Cimarron HD MA $5.50
Spontaneous VD/IT $4
Stand Up Guys HD VD $3.50
Star Trek 1 The Original Motion Picture 4K VD/IT $5
Star Trek 2 The Wrath Of Khan 4K VD/IT $5
Star Trek 3 The Search For Spock 4K VD/IT $5
Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home 4K VD/IT $5
Star Trek 2009 HDVD/4KIT $2.50
Star Trek Beyond HDVD/4KIT $2.50
Star Trek Into Darkness HDVD/4KIT $1.50
Star Wars Rogue One 4K MA $6 HD MA $4 HD GP $2.50
Star Wars Solo HD MA $4
Star Wars Ep 4 A New Hope HD GP $4.50
Star Wars Ep 5 Empire Strikes Back HD GP $4.50
Star Wars Ep 7 Force Awaken 4K MA $5 HDMA/4KIT $2 HD GP $1
Star Wars Ep 8 The Last Jedi 4K MA $5 HDMA/4KIT $3 HD GP $1.50
Star Wars Ep 9 Rise Of Skywalker HD GP $2.50
Storks HD MA $4
Straight Outta Compton 2 Film Unrated/Theatrical 4K MA $6
Strange World HD MA $5
Strawberry Shortcake Fun Under the Sun HD MA $4
Suburbicon HD VD/IT $3
Super 8 HD VD/IT $4
Superfly HD MA $3.50
Survive The Night HD VD/IT $4
Taken 2 HD MA $2.50 HD iTunes $2
Tangled HDMA/4KIT $5 HD GP $4
Ted Unrated HD MA $2 Itunes $1.50
Ted Unrated 2 HD iTunes $3.50
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 HD VD/IT $3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of Shadows HD VD/IT $4
Terminator Dark Fate 4K VD/IT $4.50 HD VD/IT $3
Terminator Genesis HD VD/IT $3.50
The Art Of Self Defense HD MA $3.50
The Bad Guys HD MA $4.50
The Bank Job HD VD $4
The BFG HD GP $3
The Book Thief HD MA $4.50
The Cabin In The Woods HD VD/IT $4
The Croods HD MA $4
The Curse Of La Llorona HD MA $3.50
The D Train HD VD/IT $4
The Day The Earth Stood Still Itunes $4
The Duff HD VD/IT $3.50
The Emoji Movie HD MA $3
The Family iTunes $4
The Five Year Engagement iTunes $4
The Girl In The Spiders Web HD MA $4
The Girl On The Train HD MA $3
The Good Dinosaur HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
The Greatest Showman HD MA $4
The Gunman HD MA $4
The Heat HD MA $4
The Hunt For Red October 4K Vudu $5.50
The Internship HD MA $4
The Iron Lady HD VD $4
The Last Witch Hunter HD Itunes $4
The Legend Of Hercules HD VD/IT $3.50
The Legend Of Tarzan HD MA $3
The Lost City 4K VD/IT $5.50 HD VD/IT $4.50
The Lucky One HD MA $3
The Menu HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3
The Mummy Scorpion King HD MA $4
The Nut Job HD MA $3.50
The Nut Job 2 HD MA $4
The Possession HD VD/IT $4
The Post HD MA $3.50
The Purge 4 Film Collection HD MA $12
The Purge HD MA $1.50
The Purge Anarchy 4K MA $4.50 HD MA $3
The Purge Forever Purge HD MA $4.50
The Raven Itunes $4.50
The Revenant HD MA $4
The Ring HD VD/IT $4
The Rite Itunes $4
The Santa Clause 4K IT/HD MA $5 HD GP $4
The Santa Clause 2 4K IT/HD MA $5 HD GP $4
The Santa Clause 3 4K IT/HD MA $5 HD GP $4
The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel HD MA $4
The Secret Life Of Pets 4K MA $5 HD MA $3
The Secret Life Of Pets 2 HD MA $4
The Shack HD VD/IT $4
The Spirit iTunes $4
The Sum Of All Fears 4K VD/IT $5.50
The Sword In The Stone HD GP $5
The Three Stooges The Movie Itunes $4
The Time Travelers Wife SD MA $1.50
The Vanishing HD VD $4
The Warlords HD VD $4
The Warriors Way iTunes $4
The Wedding Ringer HD MA $4
The Wolf On Wall Street HD VD/IT $4
Think Like A Man HD MA $4
This Means War HD ITunes $4
Thor 4K MA $6 4K IT/HD MA $4.50 HD GP $4
Thor Dark World 4K MA $6 4K IT/HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3
Thor Love And Thunder 4K MA $5.50 HD MA $4 HD GP $2.50
Thor Ragnarok 4K MA $5 4K IT/HD MA $3 HD GP $1
Tinkerbell NeverBeast HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Tinkerbell Pirate Fairy HD MA $4.50
Tomb Raider 2001 4K VD/IT $5.50
Top Gun HD VD/IT $4.50
Total Recall 1990 4K VD/IT $5.50
Tower Heist Itunes $4
Toy Story 4KIT/HDMA $4.50 HD GP $4
Toy Story 2 HD GP $4
Toy Story 4 4KIT/HDMA $4.50 HD GP $3
Toy Story Of Terror HD MA $5
Transformers 4K VD/IT $6.50
Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen 4K VD/IT $6
Transformers Age Extinction 4K VD/IT $6 HD VD $3.50
Transformers Dark Of The Moon 4K VD/IT $6 HD VD $3.50
Transformers The Last Knight 4K VD/IT $6 4K Itunes $5.50 HD VD $3.50
Trauma Center HD VD/IT $3.50
Trolls HD MA $4
Trolls World Tour HD MA $4
True Story HD MA $5
Turbo HD MA $3.50
Turning Red HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 HD VD/IT $1
Uncle Drew HD VD/IT $4
Underworld 3 Film Collection HD MA $10
Underworld Awakening HD MA $3
Underworld Blood Wars 4K MA $5
Universal Rewards March 2023 HD MA $3
Van Wilder 4K Vudu $5.50
Venom HD MA $3
Venom Let There Be Carnage HD MA $4
Vertigo 4K VD/IT $4
Vivo HD MA $4
Walking With Dinosaurs HD iTunes $4
Wanted SD Itunes $2
War Room HD MA $4
Warcraft HD MA $3
Warrior Itunes $4
West Side Story 2021 HD MA $4 HD GP $3
When The Game Stands Tall HD MA $3
While We're Young VD $4
White Boy Rick HD MA $4
White House Down HD MA $3.50
Who Framed Roger Rabbit 4K MA $6 HD GP $4.50
Winnie Pooh A Many Adventures HD MA $4.50
Winnie Pooh A Very Merry Pooh Year HD MA $4.50 HD GP $3.50
Wilson HD MA $4
Wolverine 2013 HD MA $4
Wonder HD VD/IT $3.50
Wonder Park HD VD/IT $3.50
World War Z HD VD/IT $4
Wrinkle In Time HDMA/4KIT $4.50
Wrong Turn 2021 HD VD/IT $5
X-Men Apocalypse HDMA/4KIT $4
X-Men Days Of Future Past HDMA/4KIT $4
XXX Return Of Xander Cage 4K IT $5 HD VD/IT $3.50
Zero Dark Thirty HD VD $4
Zeroes And Ones HD MA $3.50
Zootopia HD GP $3
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2023.03.30 17:54 abc123grz Elite player looking for some tactical magic.

Boys and Girls. I think i hit the rock bottom of this fifa edition. Nothing about the game is fun anymore. Im looking for some spicy and fun tactics. Im not interested in meta. Is there anybody who can share some nice tactics ?! I dont care if i win or lose. I want to play some nice football. Cheers
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2023.03.30 17:45 tofuknee My Legacy CAW

My Legacy CAW
Punk Rock route for this one.
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2023.03.30 17:44 UsedCicada9696 Craigslist Open Forum Article

Craigslist Open Forum (OpFo) is a discussion forum on Craigslist that can go over a wide range and variety of topics while changing top posts to create threads for a new topic of discussion created by its posters.
Due to Craiglists Politics Forums (Both Politics USA and Politics World Forums), Romantic Advice Forums (RoFo), and Parenting Forums (PaFo) being closed down to new posters in 2018 to cut down on sex trafficking that was instituted by Congress in 2018. (https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/03/23/596460672/craigslist-shuts-down-personals-section-after-congress-passes-bill-on-traffickin).
The remainder of posters from before 2018 and new posters after 2018 have been forced to post to Craigslists Open Forum (Opfo). Craigslist Open Forum has turned into a Politard fest, in addition with leftover creepy old men from Romantic Advice Forum (Rofo) harrassing or begging what few real women are left in Open Forum for tit pics or pics of themself, and if they refuse to post their pics they are called fat, bitches, pigs, or skanks. Some men in grey will ask women about incest or rape.
The women are accused of catfishing while there are some posters that are accused of being the opposite race of what they are. Open Forum lacks logic, reason, and accountability. Open Forum has become consumed with misogyny, misandry, racism, hypocrisy, irony, homophobia, body-shamers, pedophilia thinkers, incest thinkers, people haters, animal haters, scat posters, gore posters, edge lords, and porn addicts.
Craigslist OpFo has become one of the most mentally unhealthy places on the internet. Craigslist OpFo is popular for having lonely degenerates that harrass women for tit pics, harrass women to reply to them by top posting about them with insults, or catty gay men that troll women and men they do not like off of the forum by saying fuck off or go fuck yourself, or go fuck off and die or to shut up or shut the fuck up. Open Forum allows "grey" anonymous posting which encourages flaming, hatred, sockpuppets and obsessive compulsive disordered trolls. Handles are imped (copycatted) if the handles have a an I (eye) as it looks like a lower case (L) in the forum. heehawcalbr_549/drysdale_hathaway1 has been imped the most.
Politard Trolls
Left Wingers
  1. Barn_Sent_Me known for calling Fox News, Fux News and putting in "Save American Democracy ....Vote like a woman fighting for her rights...... always and forever" in his posts and "my friends I ask you". Also calls Donald Trump "Diseased Donald" (See also low level trolls)
  2. Shango1/CovidGal- Shango1 is known for asking questions about open forum conservatives. (See also low level trolls)
3.heehawcallbr_549/drysdale_hathaway1 is known for calling Donald Trump "Orange" and saying he caused lockdowns and insurrections. (see also low level trolls).
A highly profilic narcissitic troll that has been trolling on Craigslist Romantic Advice Forums and Open Forums for over 10 years. Claims he is the true king of opfo. (See also high level trolls).
5.noredwave-a left-winger that wishes death upon Trump.
  1. Tastebud-Orgy-left-winger. Right Wingers
  2. Sullivan77 A highly profilic troll that has been trolling Craigslist Romantic Advice Forums and Open Forums off and on for 10 years. Sullivan77 and Shango1get into politard debates over opfo conservative beliefs and opfo liberal beliefs. (See also high level trolls).
  3. Mickey1800/HorseDickMick- A highly profilic guitar playing troll that had trolled Craiglist Romantic Advice Forums 10 years ago and came back to Craigslist Open Forums in 2021. Mickey is also a talented photographer and artist. He spammed vocaroos about Wabbie because Wabbie kept bringing up Mickey's deceased parents . Mentally unstable scrub as Wabbie calls him. These two get into banter fights over petty things, sometimes including politics. (See also high level trolls).
High Level Trolls
The Master Troll-Stays in grey and renames other trolls with grey handle names that he does not like or tries to make them have meltdowns (dullivan77, Tard1800, DeadDrunk1800, ShitshowThoughtGaL42, SteamPukeGaL, Ryanfgt3). Mickey1800 calls him grilled, or grilledtomato and shares his emails that grilledtomato has sent to him. Known for making multiple handles to sockpuppet in grey dash with. (Handle overwriting).
A highly profilic narcisstic troll that has been trolling on Craigslist Romantic Advice Forums and Open Forums for 10 years. Also known for creating multiple handles to sockpuppet with. Acts like he's still in high school sometimes by saying he has fucked people's moms, especially tries to say that to Mickey most the time.
  1. Mickey1800/HorseDickMick
A highly profilic guitar playing troll, talented photographer and artist that trolled Craigslist Romantic Advice Forums 10 years agao and then came back to Open Forum in 2021. Mentally unstable scrub as Wabbie would call him. These two get into banter fights over petty things, such as Wabbie bringing up Mickey's dead relatives and makes fun of his cars, sometimes including celebrities and politics. Wabbie calls him a drunken scrub, although he does not drink.
  1. Sullivan77
Sullivan is a nice guy, he is mostly a counter-troll to those that troll him. Shango1 and Sullivan get into political debates the most. Wabbie calls him a putz.
  1. Carrie/mynameisonthewall
known for posting pics and videos of herself, including a pic of her boobs. Thinks all greys that mention her are Bridgette.I don’t want anything to do with that wacko < - > 2023-01-06 14:39
But it doesn’t stop her from crying about me every day. I have another longass list of links to send into abuse. That usually shuts her up for awhile - she loses handles over it and has to start the 90 day wait all over again.
I haven’t sent in a list of links in a couple few months so she’s getting rambunctious haha
  1. Bridgette/ridgette_B known for making secret forums to troll Wabbie and Carrie with.
Medium Level Trolls
  1. Laurie current handle unknown-
known for going on about a drama saga involving a guy named Tom she has been in love with for 10 years and claims her sister, Debbie has mental issues and trolls her in grey on the forum.
  1. RyanFire3- known for being rofo asshole who trolled Carrie and rage quit Facebook Rofo.
I got banned from FB RoFo for < RyanFire3 > 03-30 21:40 tearing down Carrie because she is a basal slut. They all *including the admin* PH rallied around her and banned my ass. Funneh thing... I don't NEED them. Liek they need them selves. Bye.
  1. AyameM- known for crossing from Romantic Advice Forums to Open Forums for the past 10 years. Accused of having an OnlyFans. She is not really a troll, but does get trolled a lot.
  2. Kortalus a medium troll that antagonizes by being a know it all and is accused of being a pedo for posting a scantily clad pic of a girl that looked 16 years old. He also posted a pic of his penis.
  3. SteamPunkGaL known for being an obnoxious asshole of a SpamTroll and boosting Sullivan77's account with King Sullivan to antagonize Wabbie. Also known for doing Karen and Edna bits in grey and spamming vocaroos. (See also Shtik Trolls).
  4. ItsmeLD known for writing low-key racist rhetoric and bragging about her husband and horses.
  5. DeltaMuskRat known as the resident Pun King as some would call him. Not really a troll, a nice and funny guy.
8.PlasticBeetle/SmashingBricks known as a pseudo intellectual troll, sometimes makes sense sometimes doesn't. Always ask question, "What about me?"
9.Wendy_Darling23 known for being weird and somewhat obnoxious.
Low Level Trolls
  1. Shango1 other than asking questions about opfo conservatives he also ask random questions that do not give readers much thinking power in order to answer them.
  2. CovidGal-a young racist white girl that asks stupid questions to race bait with or just stupid questions in general.
  3. Barn_Sent_Me- sticks to politarding and claims to have a service record.
  4. heehawcallbr_549/drysdalehathaway1- other than politarding he is known for his faith in Christiany and calling imps that imp him like he's a gay guy as fags. and says to "flag the fag imp, ty".
  5. CakeMonsteCakeZombie- known for saying "cockslap down" and also posted a pic of his penis. (See also shtik trolls).
6 .TittlyLover9000- known for being a porn addict. Posts pics and gifs of women of almost all ages.
Shtik Trolls
  1. CakeMonsteCakeZombie- used to post pics of cakes, now posts pics of his penis and says "cockslap down" repeatedly.
  2. Brazos3- claims to be an 70 year old man with cognitive issues.
  3. WooferBop/WooferVille- dog shtik that buys Apple products.
  4. KittyMcNeal-cat shtik that posts cat pics.
  5. StarshinMoonbeam2-supposedly came from Craigslist Parenting Forum (PaFo) troll. Shtik unknown.
6.VentCent/SteamPunkGaL shtik claims that "Birds aren't Real".
  1. NiceFloridaGirl shtik claims to be an old lady that lives in Florida. Boring personality.
  2. SexayVixxen shtik claims to be an old lady. A bimbo, boring personality.
  3. RyanFire3- shtik claims to smoke weed and drink beer everynight. Past drama between him and Carrie from FB Rofo.
  4. RoyBatty1969-is a boxer with a grown up daughter. Sometimes adds more to conversations. Comes from Rofo.
  5. ItsKCan-seems like a normal person and sometimes adds more to conversations. Comes from Pafo.
  6. chillerman-known for being chill.
  7. swearbear- shtik is being a Karen.
  8. yepper- known for adding more to conversations. Comes from Rofo.
  9. HeliosKorax-known for adding more to conversations. Comes from Rofo.
  10. FlyontheWall-known to try to be somewhat funny and sometimes adds more to conversations. Comes from Rofo.
  11. ambrosejohnson645- claims to be a bisexual retired military man.
  12. 99Xboard-being a politarding forum flooding troll.
19.Hester_Prynne-shtik uknown, talks politics not sure which party they lean.
  1. Feather-Ace-shtik is thinking almost all the other handles are Tauren/Laurie.
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2023.03.30 17:40 masonc422 21m looking for some gaming buddies

Please be 18+
Im really just looking for a new bestfriend or some long term friends and gaming buds.
I play video games, main ones are: fortnite, minecraft, rogue company, COD, im pretty open to playing new games and learning about them. I play on xbox but i do also own a switch.
I have a cat, i love tattoos, im part of the lgbt team so its cool if you arent. Horror movies are goated.
Im down to make a minecraft village or something:)
Im also looking for my duo partner or squad on fortnite🥶
I also make art so if youre into that as well thats a plus :)
I watch anime so give me some good recommendations? My music taste also ranges from like pop punk to edm to indie to lofi, to rock, etc.
If you’re interested just hmu and tell me alittle about you as well
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2023.03.30 17:35 Rossage196 i made a zine about the current seattle (bham) live music scene.

i made a zine about the current seattle (bham) live music scene. submitted by Rossage196 to grunge [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 17:33 selfimprov777 Life is good atm.

Man the last few weeks have been horrible. I have been drinking alot, i didnt do shit for university, i fapped everyday, smoked everyday, didnt go to the gym and ate horribly. The most fucking incel life you can imagine. I was seeing myself in those NoFap memes where the guy just looks like hes drowning in his own misery. It was too much.
So i decided to quit alltogether. I have been realising that for the past years my true problem was consuming too much media. Like everyday constantly on my phone, my pc, watching stupid videos, smoking cigarretes, fapping to fucking weird shit, drinking alcohol etc. I was always wondering why the hell cant i start a new hobby, why cant i fully focus on my studies, why cant i figure out what to say in a conversation, why do i always feel so weak mentally and physically. I was so ignorant man... But that stopped when i put the fucking pressure the intense pressure to perform from myself.
I said to myself: "I am alone in this shit, so why would i be so antagonistic to myself? Who says that i have to perform and for fucking what?". After that i felt like some big rock was lifted from my conciousness. Its okay to feel like shit, its okay to have weird and hateful thoughts. Its okay that i am weak. I dont have to prove to anyone that i am something which i am not. I am just me.
After that there was some more self love. I accepted who i am and what i am feeling. I dont comment on my thoughts nor do i judge them. Why am i saying all this? If you accept yourself first and accept that you are weak now, you can start to really work on yourself because its good for you. So what is good for me and probably you too? Stop consuming so much media. Give your brain some rest. Not only on NoFap, but on everything that goes with it. Stop listening to music all the time, stop binge watching videos, stop smoking cigarretes or weed or drink too much alcohol, focus on your goals, start creating good routines and habits for yourself because you love yourself and when this all was done i realised i dont need fucking porn or anything of this shit to be happy. My brain is so fucking free atm. It had a big break for once. Just think of the constant attack on your brain, it needs rest to process shit.
So stop consuming and start living. Not because you want to get a girl, not because you want to speak more clearly, not because you want to be funnier in conversations, not because you want to get shredded to be recognised. No. Do it because you love yourself, because thats truly meaningful.
PS: I just wanted to write a short text. But i really got into it hahaha.
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2023.03.30 17:17 struggling_dad_999 Baby Sleep recs & working parent vs SAHP overnight expectations

Hi newparents. My partner and I have a lovely 7 month old girl who, in the last month or 2 especially, struggles to sleep for continuous extended periods, and only sleeps through the night once every week or two.
At night she usually wakes a short while after going down to bed - within the first 30-60 mins when I can simply rock her back to sleep, then again around 2-3am where my partners nurses her for anywhere from 30-90 mins. Often there's another overnight wake period my partner also covers.
We track naps and try to hit targets per the Huckleberry App (she often meets her nap sleep targets but rarely her overnight sleep targets). We're transitioning from 4 naps/day to 3 (or 3.5 sometimes, the half being ~30 mins). We have a bedtime routine that includes some dancing and reading then cozy soft lighting and a sound machine as she nurses to sleep. Baby does not like restrictive sleep sacs, but we do use a less restrictive fleece one. It's usually around 70F in her room, so I don't think she's cold. Any thoughts or recommendations? We're open to just about anything.
My partner and I have also been struggling to agree on an equitable division of labor, and I'd like to hear how other couples do things.
My partner, who is breastfeeding, and stays home with baby, who predominantly sleeps during contact naps or in strollecarrier during walks. I work 2 jobs (1 FT, 1 PT), anywhere between 40-65 hrs per week, and do 90% of the cleaning and household chores (all but her laundry, per her preference).
Because of how rough the recent overnights have been my partner wants me to take one of the overnight wake-ups, but I push back because (a) I don't function as well at work and (b) I don't have the opportunity to nap during the day. Do I just need to suck it up? Thanks in advance for the honesty.
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2023.03.30 17:06 Throwaway11998822 31 [M4F] Dallas - Looking for people to talk to and maybe more

I prefer people local to DFW but I'm open to talking to those who aren't from DFW too. Been a really long time since I've used r4r but I've met several of y'all IRL before and even had a serious long term relationship with someone I met IRL from here, so I thought I'd hit up r4r again!
A little bit about me, I have a degree and work in IT and have a 1 year old cat and am adopting a second cat this weekend.
I enjoy going to concerts and I started learning guitar not too long ago and love it. I listen to a wide variety of music and even had a big kpop phase for a few years though pop punk, emo and metal have been dominating my taste recently.
I'm also big into movies and TV, not the biggest fan of marvel or star wars but I am a big fan of lord of the rings, read the books and love the movies too. I really enjoy movies that are different though the occasional mindless action movie is fun too. I'm also a big fan of animated shows like Futurama and king of the hill.
As far as my other hobbies go, I like to play PC games sometimes though I don't play as often as I used to but would be down to game with you, I love cooking, baking and buying new kitchen gadgets, riding my bicycle, building custom drones from scratch, collecting vinyl records, and want to get into 3d printing.
Politically I'm a leftist, I believe trans rights are human rights, abortion is healthcare, BLM, body positivity (yes, I like bigger girls too so don't be shy!) and I'm anti capitalist. I'm also 100% child free. I strongly prefer people who are also leftist, being apolitical in this climate is a red flag.
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2023.03.30 17:00 ForestForgiveness I cut my hair short and bleached it blonde today.

I was raised on princesses. My favourite movie when I was little was The Swan Princess. I was obsessed with the idea of everlasting love, of someone who loved you so much they would do anything to save you. I aspired to be like Odette: strong, brave, loyal, and beautiful. I loved her long blonde hair, her grace, her femininity. I internalised the idea that in order to find my prince, my knight in shining armour, I needed that femininity and grace. Then I would find someone who would never let me go.
I recently broke up with my boyfriend of three years. During the stress of my honours year, he had to do a lot of looking after me. I think something shifted between us, and he saw me not as an equal, but more like a beloved pet that he had to care for. He stopped being interested in being intimate with me. For a long time I felt ugly. I am a signed model, I have done plenty of photoshoots, I have always been told I am beautiful. But in the eyes of my prince charming, I was no longer desirable. And no amount of compliments could make me feel otherwise. I became like a black hole, seeking validation everywhere, and never getting enough. Never enough.
I spent my whole life jumping from man to man, a remora attaching itself to a shark. I haven't been single for longer than three months since I was fourteen years old. I am twenty-six. I do not know who I am when it is just me. I am a stranger to myself. And I am so afraid of being alone.
I went to a men's salon because I didn't trust stylists at the women's salon to get the short cut right. My stylist didn't blink an eyelash when I told her I wanted to keep my hair, or when I asked if she might video the moment it was cut off. I thought of Mulan, going to war; I thought of Zuko and Iroh, leaving the Fire Nation. And when she brought out the clippers and began to buzz the back of my neck, I thought of Britney Spears: "I don't want anyone touching my hair. I'm sick of people touching my hair."
I felt so light in that moment. I smiled so hard I thought I would cry.
I have always desperately craved male validation and approval. Something something, daddy issues. And I am so afraid to be without a man to attach myself to. I was so afraid of losing the femininity that I have always striven to embody, in order to be appealing to men, in order to be a Disney princess, in order to find my prince charming.
In that moment, I chose to be my own prince charming. I chose to save myself.
When my stylist put the bleach in my hair, she covered it with cling wrap and tin foil. She joked that I would look a bit odd for a while. I told her, it's like a butterfly in a chrysalis. She said, or like someone trying to pick up signals from aliens.
The bleach began to sting, and then to burn. I tolerated it for as long as I could. I am used to pain: to remove my body hair, I use an epilator, which rips the hair out with spinning tweezers; just yesterday, I waxed my intimate parts, and barely winced at the agony. But this pain became unbearable. I envisioned my scalp bubbling as it fried under the heat of the bleach. But I endured. When she rinsed out the bleach, my scalp was blistered and oozing blood from the chemicals. I thought of the little mermaid, who so badly wanted feet, whose every step felt like walking on knives. I thought of the phrase, Beauty is Pain.
When I left the salon, I went to buy a shirt for graduation. The teller was this beautiful trans woman. She told me I looked amazing. I told her I was scared to go through such a change, that I've never had hair this short. She told me: rock it, girl. I glowed.
At the grocery store ten minutes later, an old woman told me she loved my hair. I thanked her, and I glowed.
At the bus stop, a man stopped me and asked if I was a model. I told him, yes. He said, "You look beautiful." I thanked him, and I glowed.
And when I look in the mirror now, I look more like myself than I ever have in my life.
I spent so long feeling ugly, and I was so afraid of change making me unloveable. But now, when I look at myself, I think, You look amazing. I thank myself. And I glow.
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2023.03.30 16:45 ByrgerTidesson Serial killers of Russia - Andrei Chikatilo (part 2)

Let me preempt this second post on Soviet serial killer Andrei Chikatilo by apologising for a lengthy gap between the previous part and this one. My future write-ups will probably only comprise a single part, but I'm still hoping to post them more regularly. Frankly I've been a little reluctant to cover this case since it's already well-known outside of Russia and there's plenty of information I've had to compile. I originally wanted to limit this story to two parts, but I’ve now decided to split it into three parts instead. The first one was about the investigation into the serial murders occurring in the Rostov region of Russia. This one is about Chikatilo’s early life and the development of his proclivities, as well as his second arrest. The last part will be about his interrogation, trial, and final years. I would recommend checking out the first part to get a better understanding of who exactly we are talking about today.
Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo was born on 16 October 1936 in a small village in the Sumy Oblast of Ukraine. When he was just four years old, the Soviet Union's so-called Great Patriotic War against Nazi Germany broke out and Chikatilo's father left to fight in it, leaving his mother to watch over both Andrei and his older brother Stepan. In late 1942 Chikatilo's village was taken over by the Germans who started carrying out public executions. Chikatilo almost became a victim of one such execution, though luckily he hit his head on a rock in the commotion and lost consciousness, while the Nazis left him among the bodies, believing him dead. That episode might have given Chikatilo brain damage in addition to diagnosed hydrocephalus, bedwetting, and myopia.
In 1943, Chikatilo's mother gave birth to a girl whom she named Tatiana. Considering her husband had left the village over two years prior, the identity of the father was unknown, though she had possibly been raped by a German soldier. The Chikatilo family was starving to such a point that Andrei had to subsist on grass and roots just to stay alive. Around the same time his brother Stepan disappeared and his fate, like the identity of his sister's father, is a mystery. Andrei's mother would tell him that Stepan was kidnapped by starving neighbours and cannibalised. Things went bad for Chikatilo's father as well - after being captured by Germans and sent to a concentration camp, where he developed tuberculosis, he was eventually freed by the Allies... only to be sentenced to a labour camp back at home as a suspected Nazi collaborator. Like many fellow soldiers, he managed to survive German camps but died in the Gulag.
In 1944, Andrei went to school, where he proved himself a poor pupil due to both his incredible shyness and short-sightedness. He was also mercilessly bullied by his classmates, both verbally and physically, but he was too timid to fight back. Years later, he would complain that all his life he had been "treated like a doormat." At the same time, Chikatilo developed an interest in politics and quickly became a veritable expert on Marxism-Leninism.
After graduating from school, he initially wanted to become a lawyer and applied to the Moscow State University but couldn't secure the position due to the highly competitive nature of the entrance exams. He pivoted to engineering but joined the military before finishing his studies. After his discharge, Chikatilo moved to the Rostov oblast in Russia, where he started working at a phone station and writing for local newspapers. He eventually married (more on that later) and decided to go back to studies, earning degrees in linguistics and teaching.
By 1970, he was teaching Russian language and literature at a boarding school in Novoshakhtinsk, which is when his sexual perversions first manifested. He would sit near female students, pretending to explain something, and grope them. In the evening he would wait until the girls started undressing before bedtime and barge into their room unexpectedly or, even worse, enter the room at night and molest the children, groping them and licking their genitals. Eventually he was forced to resign after groping a female student during a day out on the beach. Chikatilo took a second shot at teaching in 1978 (by then he and his family had relocated to the nearby Shakhty), but that stint was, too, cut short. Chikatilo, who was ridiculed by his students for occasionally touching his own genitals during classes, tried to grope a male pupil, which caused others to come to the boy’s rescue and beat Chikatilo up. He was fired from the school.
It’s worth noting that the very first time that Chikatilo experienced a sexual climax was not under normal circumstances either. One day when he was home alone, his sister’s female friend came to visit and the sight of the 13-year-old’s blue pantaloons excited Andrei so much that he wrestled the girl to the ground and got on top of her, which was enough to cause an ejaculation.
His later sexual life was an abject failure. Chikatilo was a tall, good-looking young man who received a lot of attention from local women, but his impotence precluded him from sexually performing (or even deriving any pleasure from intercourse) and sometimes became a source of mockery from his girlfriends. On more than one occasion, Chikatilo even attempted suicide because of the psychological and emotional frustration his impotence brought him.
However, he seemingly caught a lucky break when his sister introduced him to one of her friends called Feodosia. The two got married and while their sexual life was virtually non-existent (his wife later estimated that they had sex 25 times at best), Chikatilo barely managed to father two children, a girl and a boy. His sexual drive was strong, however, so in secret from Feodosia he bought a small wooden hut on the edge of Shakhty, which he used as a place for trysts with local prostitutes. Despite her husband’s impotence, Feodosia made peace with it because Andrei was a hard worker who didn’t drink or smoke, which was more than could be said about many other men.
Soon after he was fired from the Shakhty school in 1978, Chikatilo committed his first murder, luring 8-year-old Elena Zakotnova to the his secret hut, killing her, and throwing her body into the nearby river. I also talked about this crime in the first part.
“We entered the hut and immediately I threw myself on top of her. She started screaming. I gagged her but couldn’t engage in intercourse. Her screams excited me. I then grabbed a knife. After I realised I had killed the girl, I got up, got dressed, took the corpse to [river] Grushevka and submerged it in water. Her school bag followed.”
If you read my first post on Chikatilo, you may remember that the police managed to create a composite sketch of the murderer and the school’s principal confidently pointed to his former employee Andrei Chikatilo as the man in question. Unfortunately, Feodosia lied about her husband being at home at the time of the murder, thus giving him an alibi.
It was three years until Chikatilo claimed his second victim, a teenage prostitute, as he was afraid of getting caught. After Chikatilo solicited the girl’s services he tried to have sex with her, but his impotence got the better of him yet again. The girl apparently started mocking him, saying that his “apparatus” wasn’t working. That both embarrassed and infuriated Chikatilo, who proceeded to kill her. “I was achieving mental relief by hacking away without even looking,” he would later tell the detectives. Before the Rostov Ripper confessed to killing Zakotnova, that girl was considered his first victim.
One thing that in my opinion bears significance in the case of Chikatilo is that he never resorted to kidnapping his victims or threatening them with a knife. Every single woman and child who followed the killer to their demise did so of their own volition. The Rostov Ripper was extremely cunning and could always find a way to convince his victims to go with him willingly. He also managed to appear entirely harmless, presenting himself as a mild-mannered, soft-spoken older gentleman. He reportedly couldn’t even kill a chicken as it made him queasy.
However, once bloodlust overtook him, he would transform into a sadistic fiend, stabbing away at his victims, mutilating them, and even cannibalising some of their body parts. The sight of blood brought Chikatilo such excitement that his head would start spinning, blood pressure would go up, and he would lose all impulse control. The next half hour or so would be spent in a dazed, disoriented state, with him stabbing trees with a knife, walking in circles, or almost getting hit by passing cars. Confusion would soon turn into blissful relief, and Chikatilo admitted to sleeping like a baby after committing murders as if he was resting from unloading a freight car. It typically took two or three months before the “high” wore off and Chikatilo went out hunting again.
I should also note that Chikatilo, like fellow Soviet serial killers Alexander Berlizov and Gennady Mikhasevich, was part of a volunteer unit assisting the police in searching for the murderer and even had a document confirming it. That made it easier for him to avoid law enforcement as he had access to information that regular people didn’t.
In late 1984, by which point Chikatilo had murdered 32 people, he was arrested and the police found a very peculiar collection of things in his suitcase (the circumstances surrounding the arrest can also be found in the previous post). After only spending three months in jail for theft, Chikatilo and his family relocated to Novocherkassk. His job in logistics enabled him to travel around the Soviet Union, and as a result, several murders were committed hundreds of miles away from Rostov or Novocherkassk.
After his release from jail, Chikatilo killed two women (one of them all the way in Moscow suburbs) in 1985 and then decided to lay low for almost two years. When the Ripper resumed killing in May 1987, his victim preferences had changed somewhat, with him now targeting boys more often. One teenager had the misfortune of having a quick smoke in the hedgerow when he ran into the killer. Another was lured to Chikatilo's imaginary dacha under the pretence of forging a sick leave. Yet another kid agreed to the offer of celebrating his successful entrance exams. Like I said before, Chikatilo never had to coerce or threaten his victims into accompanying him. Because no new murders took place in the Rostov region between 1985 and 1988, some in the police even began thinking that the murderer had been arrested for unrelated charges or even committed suicide. In reality, he was simply killing away from Rostov.
Between May 1987 and November 1990, the killer claimed 19 more lives. Let us now return to the ending of my previous post and look at how Chikatilo was eventually apprehended. As you may remember, the Ripper’s last victim was a homeless woman named Svetlana Korostik whom he killed in the forest next to a way station on 6 November 1990. The woman put up a struggle, resulting in scratches to Chikatilo’s face, as well as leaves and small branches getting stuck on his suit. Upon exiting the forest, he was approached by sergeant Igor Rybakov, who took note of his dishevelled look and large duffel bag that seemed out of place in the woodland area (unbeknownst to the officer, the bag contained Svetlana Korostik’s severed breasts). While the sergeant had no valid reason to arrest the strange man, he jotted down his details in a report and sent it to the higher-ups. Eventually it reached the lead investigator on the case Issa Kostoyev, who instantly remembered that the name Chikatilo had already crossed his desk.
He quickly ordered to set up surveillance of Chikatilo, who remained none the wiser and continued approaching women and children in search for a new victim. Ten days later, on 20 November Chikatilo took leave from work to visit a doctor – his penultimate victim, a 16-year-old boy, had fought the killer hard and bitten his finger, which later got swollen. Chikatilo’s wife was still at work when he came home, so he grabbed a bite to eat and went out to buy some beer, carrying with him an empty three-litre can. It was a cool, cloudy autumn day. At the time, beer was quite difficult to get a hold of in Russia, so Chikatilo had a fairly long walk ahead of him.
All this time he was being followed by a surveillance team. After buying only 300 millilitres of beer (which struck the officers trailing him as odd considering he was carrying a three-litre can), he briefly went into a café. As he walked out and passed the cops, one of them asked, “What is your surname, citizen?” “Chikatilo,” he replied. “Citizen Chikatilo, you are under arrest.” He exhibited no reaction towards being arrested but, as the officers were taking him to the police car, he muttered, “here’s another proof you shouldn’t feud with the higher-ups.”
To be continued
My previous write-ups (feel free to give them a read as well):
Anatoly Slivko (part one)
Anatoly Slivko (part two)
Vladimir Ionesian
Alexander Berlizov
Gennady Mikhasevich
Vladimir Vinnichevsky
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2023.03.30 16:44 Phukienmali 5 cách phối trang sức không phải ai cũng biết

5 cách phối trang sức không phải ai cũng biết
Trang sức không chỉ là một phụ kiện để thể hiện sự sang trọng và đẳng cấp, mà còn là một phần quan trọng trong việc tạo nên phong cách cá nhân của mỗi người. Tuy nhiên, việc phối hợp trang sức đúng cách lại không phải ai cũng biết. Trong bài viết này, chúng ta sẽ cùng nhau tìm hiểu 9 cách phối trang sức không phải ai cũng biết để tôn lên vẻ đẹp của bạn.

1. Phối trang sức theo tông màu

Phối trang sức theo tông màu sẽ giúp cho bộ trang phục của bạn trở nên hài hòa và ăn ý hơn. Ví dụ như nếu bạn mặc một chiếc váy màu đen, hãy chọn những chiếc trang sức cùng tông với nó như trang sức màu bạc hoặc đen. Nếu bạn muốn tạo điểm nhấn cho bộ trang phục của mình, hãy thêm vào một chiếc vòng cổ màu đỏ hoặc một đôi khuyên tai màu vàng để tạo sự nổi bật cho trang phục của bạn.

2. Kết hợp trang sức theo kích cỡ và hình dáng

Khi phối trang sức, bạn cần lưu ý đến kích cỡ và hình dáng của chúng để tạo ra một sự cân đối cho bộ trang phục của bạn. Nếu bạn đang mặc một chiếc váy đơn giản, hãy chọn những chiếc trang sức có hình dáng phức tạp để tạo sự thu hút cho trang phục của bạn cách phối trang sức. Ngược lại, nếu bạn đang mặc một bộ trang phục rườm rà, hãy chọn những chiếc trang sức đơn giản để giữ cho bộ trang phục của bạn trở nên hài hòa hơn.

3. Phối trang sức theo chủ đề

Phối trang sức theo chủ đề là một cách tuyệt vời để tạo nên một phong cách độc đáo và cá tính cho bộ trang phục của bạn. Ví dụ, nếu bạn đang mặc một bộ trang phục boho, hãy chọn những chiếc trang sức có hình dáng hoa, lá và sử dụng màu sắc như vàng, xanh lá cây và cam để tạo ra một phong cách bohemian hoàn hảo. Nếu bạn muốn tạo nên một phong cách đầy cá tính, hãy chọn những chiếc trang sức có hình dáng thú vật hoặc màu sắc sặc sỡ để tạo nên một phong cách punk rock.
uá nhiều trang sức
Khi phối trang sức, đừng quá nhiệt tình đeo quá nhiều trang sức. Nếu bạn đeo quá nhiều trang sức, bạn sẽ trông quá tải và không thu hút được sự chú ý của người khác. Hãy thử nghiệm những chiếc trang sức khác nhau để tìm ra phong cách phù hợp nhất với bạn và luôn tự tin khi mặc những chiếc trang sức đó.

5.Sử dụng trang sức để tôn lên vẻ đẹp của khuôn mặt

Trang sức cũng có thể được sử dụng để tôn lên vẻ đẹp của khuôn mặt. Nếu bạn có một khuôn mặt dài, hãy chọn những chiếc khuyên tai hoặc dây chuyền có hình dáng tròn để tạo sự cân đối cho khuôn mặt của bạn. Nếu bạn có một khuôn mặt tròn, hãy chọn những chiếc khuyên tai hoặc dây chuyền có hình vòng cổ thon để làm cho khuôn mặt của bạn trông thon gọn hơn cách phối trang sức. Nếu bạn có một khuôn mặt hình trái xoan, cách phối trang sức hãy chọn những chiếc trang sức có hình dáng hạt dẻ hoặc hình trái tim để tôn lên nét đẹp của khuôn mặt.
Đọc thêm: https://phukienmali.com/9-cach-phoi-trang-suc-khong-phai-ai-cung-biet/
Xem thêm bài viết tại:https://www.linkedin.com/in/mali-ph%E1%BB%A5-ki%E1%BB%87n-666488258/recent-activity/all/
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2023.03.30 16:43 GenuinePGRatedFun91 The definition of work

Isn't making breakfast work? Isn't composing music work? Isn't taking care of you physical and mental health work? 40 hrs a week sometimes doesn't even constitue the work these things amount to. Actually investing emotion and effort and care is work, doing something like a robot so you can feed you suck hole doesn't amount to work in my eyes. That's just purposeless shit so the rich can get their rocks off. Don't confuse actual work with what we're tasked with from employers and the like.
And if your "work" doesn't check the boxes of fulfilling and meaningful, chuck it. Not for some other "lower" person to do it but actually eradicate it's need from society. If you don't respect the work and the worker you don't get the labor, punk bitch.
submitted by GenuinePGRatedFun91 to antiwork [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 16:35 tormdra Any & The Bodies - Bouncin' Ball [Germany ; Garage Rock / Punk / Psychobilly] (1988)

Any & The Bodies - Bouncin' Ball [Germany ; Garage Rock / Punk / Psychobilly] (1988) submitted by tormdra to vintageobscura [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 16:34 paulosaaaa How to control my thoughts?

Hey people, I'm writing this because I have a bit of a rough time with myself.
I met a beautiful girl a month and a half ago,we are in a relationship right now, and we had really great sex so far. However, I am really great when it comes to providing negative thoughts and overthinking to my mind. Couple of days ago during the shower, a random thought came to my mind, that i won t be able to get an erection later in the night when i was gonna have sex with her. This gave me a really anxious mood. We didin t have sex that night, but we did have the next morning. I got hard enough to be able to have sex, but it wasn t the rock hard erection that i had the times we had sex before, and sometimes it almost felt like my dick was going soft when i was inside her. After this experience i became even more stressed that the next time we ll do something, i won t be able to get hard. And of course, last night it happened. We started making out, and my dick betrayed me lol. She was very supportive and sweet about this, but I became very cold and upset, and i felt really embarrased and ashamed. After half and hour i started to feel better and we tried again, and... It worked perfect. Again, this morning after waking up, i wasn t able to get properly hard, so i started to feel like shit again.
So this issue is pretty much coming from my own mind, but I cannot undo the things that happend, and I ll always think about not being able to get hard when we ll start making out again. This really kills my vibe, and I m usually an overthinker and I just make things worst than they are.
I wanna mention that i also have some troubles with sleep. I only sleep like 4-5 hours per night, and i m always tired. I also don t drink enough water, so I believe this also contributes to my problem, but I think it s mainly in my mind, since we had really good sex before, and my lifestyle hasn t changed since.
This is really annoying and I can t control my mind that good, so I don t know how to move on from this. I wanna mention that it happened in the past with other partners aswell. I also wanna mention that I do not watch porn at all and i masturbate very rarely.
Any tips? :(
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2023.03.30 16:28 STMARV My thoughts on the new album PORTALS (Spoilers)

Just to clarify before listening my ranking for her albums was Crybaby, K-12, After School
Anyway, to start I'm gonna say that DEATH is a really good opener and links to WOMB with its message of life and death so that was a nice detail. Looking back I think death is in the top half of rankings for the album
VOID was amazing - the pacing and structure of the song was really good + Mel's vocals were the left autotuned on this song so that was nice. My one criticism is that I wish on the 2nd chorus or half of the song the instrumental developed more to have a more profound impact
TUNNEL VISION was really good and I think one of the best produced songs on the album (obviously due to One Love lol) - also I feel like the song is very atmospheric and the instrumental is unique
FAERIE SOIREE was the first song that I wasn't completely liking. That goes for most of the album for me, every song has DROP DEAD AMAZING MOMENTS/VERSEs/CHORUSES but sometimes choices in the rest of the song undo that for me. I liked the ending of the song structually but the autotune once again is too jarring also I thought the outro of TUNNEL VISION was actually the intro for this song and was a bit suprised
LIGHT SHOWER is just a chill, vibey song however i feel like it did drag out a bit, the instrumental should have developed more IMO. Also the kettle on the stove lyric was a bit goofy ngl. Apart from that lyrics were good and finally a NON Toxic love song. Also the ending of this song is really cool and atmospheric. AND THE AUTOTUNE ISNT TOO HEAVY so that a positive
SPIDER WEB definitely had good moments. The verses were really good and the chorus beat drop was not abrupt like the one of DEATH so that was really nice. Once again my only issue is the heavy autotune
LEECHES definitely has the most atmospheric instrumental but I feel like it could've developed better. Also, i\I noticed that with a lot of these songs on the album, there are no bridges which I feel would have been good because the songs become repetitive and would have benefited from a shift
BATTLE OF THE LARYNX was really GOOOD, the instrumental was on point and the chorus was really powerful, however once again the autotune was a bit heavy at times. Beautiful lead into the next song too, I wonder who the people in the back are and what they're doing??
THE CONTORTIONIST is probably top 3 on the album and is really AMAZING, the verses are unique and the instrumental pops off, everything about this song is perfection - the pacing, structure, instrumentals, vocals, and lyrics, 10/10 for me. I like how the bone cracks are incorporated throughout
MOON CYCLE for me literally just sounds like a filler track if I'm being honest, although I love Mel is touching on these taboo topics some of the lyrics are a bit goofy and out of place. The instrumental was very laid back and I think it could have done with more development, especially in the chorus
NYMPHOLOGY is probably my least favorite song - I feel like the 1st verse is so good and ethereal but the autotuned chorus ruins it. The spelling thing really caught me off guard too. Like I feel like her goal was to remove herself from Crybaby by killing her off, but this spelling chorus sound too similar to her crybaby aesthetic and is out of place on the album. also, I was a bit sad that the outro wasn't the intro for EVIL - I like the vocal effects on the rapping, and the heavy drum fill at the end would have been cool if it featured in EVIL
EVIL is such A GREAT SONG, the instrumental is really solid and the chorus is so powerful and rewarding to sing along too, also the lyrics most likely reflecting people who leak her songs is a nice touch because i feel like that was something that needed to be said. I love when Mel experiments with these punk pop/rock sounds because IMO it suits her voice well
WOMB to me didn't have an album closer energy, also it was very similar sounding to LIGHT SHOWER and LEECHES. I loved the link to DEATH with the "life is death" and it really ties the theme of the album together. Also a line in the song "And I know my brotheHe'll make the journey later on" is making me think Mel is referencing Crybaby's brother who we didn't see after dollhouse.
Overall, I think this album definiety had AMAZING moments, no song was bad, songs like Faerie Soiree, Moon Cycle, Nymphology and Leeches are not bad songs but a songs with both good and meh moments which with little instrumental quirks and structure tweeks would be really good.
Also my biggest issue with this album is the AUTOTUNE - so many of the songs I mentioned in the parahragh above were really suffering from this - Crybaby, K-12 and Afterschool handled autotune well and it wasn't too confronting however PORTALS was too much imo
As always I love Mel's unique lyric formation and every song is written well, however some songs do suffer from goofy/cringe lyrics. The atmosphere of this album was great and the transitions to each song really tied it together and made it cohesive
As of now after listening my new ranking for Mel's albums is Crybaby, PORTALS, K-12 and Afterschool
My top 3 songs were THE CONTORTIONIST, EVIL, AND VOID Let me know yours??
Also this is JUST MY OPINION so don't give me hate lol
Final Rank on first listen in 7.5/10 (and I'm sure this will increase overtime)
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2023.03.30 16:26 Jerry_217 [H] Lots of games: Back 4 blood, Pistol Whip, Talisman: complete collection, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan & little hope, F1 2019 legend edition, Fable Anniversary [W] Gotham Knights, Hell let loose, spyro, F1 2020, slay the spires, Paypal, amazon, TF2 KEYS, wishlist, old humble I missed

If you traded with me before, you can chat with me directly. Or else, please comment first, then send me a message or chat, thank you.

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_ + X-COM: Terror from the Deep_
X-Morph: Defense Complete Pack
+ X-Morph: Defense_
+ X-Morph: Defense - European Assault_
+ X-Morph: Defense - Survival Of The Fittest_
+ X-Morph: Defense - Last Bastion_
Yoku's Island Express
Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition
_ + Zombie Driver HD_
_ + Zombie Driver HD Apocalypse Pack_
_ + Zombie Driver HD Burning Garden of Slaughter_
_ + Zombie Driver HD Tropical Race Rage_
_ + Zombie Driver HD Brutal Car Skins_
_ + Zombie Driver HD Soundtrack_
ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection (ORIGIN key)
DOOM 64 (Bethesda key)
Liberated (GOG key)
STAR WARS: Squadrons (Origin)
Wanderlust Travel Stories (GOG key)
Dishonored 2 (GOG)



Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf special edition
Hell let loose
DOOM Eternal
Crusader kings 3
slay the spire
Spyro Reignited Trilogyc
deep rock galactic
Spiderman remaster
Persona 5 Royal
Rocket League
Poker night
poker night 2
NBA 2k16
NBA 2k17


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