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Target User: u/dograffe1
URL: /Twittecomments/14194io/question_about_suspensions/
Title: Question about Suspensions
So my account was suspended about 5 months ago for no given reason and with no history of previous violations and I was wondering how long a suspension appeal takes to get an answer back because I feel like it's taking an abnormal amount of time. There's also no way my account was considered a bot and although I would start to complain this is just a post asking how long the average time it takes for an appeal to get a response is so please let me know.
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2023.06.05 16:35 AutoModerator [Download Course] Pace Morby – Gator Method (

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2023.06.05 16:33 darksider54 Going from this bench to spaghetti?

Going from this bench to spaghetti?
I have a ender 5 plus which I nodded with alot of upgrades, spider hot ende, new extruder, big tree tech motherboard and screen, and new belt tensioner. I'm still very new to the big tree tech and don't know too much on how to use it. How ever when I text print the bench it comes out decent, but I know I can do better. When I wanted to print something else I got the spaghetti mess. How is that possible? I printed these minutes apart?
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2023.06.05 16:33 openquery Shuttle AI: Instant apps, from a single prompt

Hey OpenAI,
We are excited to share our latest product update with you - Shuttle AI, a tool to generate and deploy fully working Rust backends & services from a single prompt.
While looking at the latest advancements in the LLM field, we started wondering about how we can enable the machines to do more for developers - and as a company that’s focused on developer productivity, we found that our infrastructure-from-code stack could be the glue the machines need to not just generate code, but also take a step forward and deploy it, enabling them build a fully-running service from scratch.
Combining that with our large repository of sample code, we felt like we were in a perfect position to try and pull off an experiment - and today, we’re happy to show you the results of our work!
With typing just a simple prompt such as shuttle-ai build “Build me a blog service” or `shuttle-ai build "Create a simple twitter clone”``, you can have a whole service generated and running in minutes. We’ve developed multiple GPT Agents that operate in sync, starting from breaking down your prompt into a specification, generating the necessary code, error checking it, provisioning infrastructure, and ending up with a running cloud deployment.
While it still comes with limitations, mostly imposed due to underlying models, we are actively working around some of them and working on adding new features to test the limits of the LLM code generation. We’ll be releasing a larger write-up soon around methods involved, limitations we’ve encountered, and how we managed to navigate around them along with some goodies such as shuttle-ai add-feature "Comments feature for my blog".
To see Shuttle AI in action, head on over to our website where you can also sign-up for the waitlist:
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2023.06.05 16:32 CamelSpare7841 AQA French grade boundaries predictions?

Just curious on how different people found the test.
A 9 in 2019 was 84%, but in 2022 it was 76%, I'm not sure how hard the tests were in each year tho.
Will there be any generosity because of COVID and stuff? Or will it go back to 2019?
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2023.06.05 16:32 West_Style_2435 Been playing a little over 3 weeks now any tips to try get better players?

Been playing a little over 3 weeks now any tips to try get better players?
No one gave me good advice last post and shamed my formation which I’m probably not changing so anyone have any good players for under 300k? I’m not spending money on this game btw A lot of people have told me to get better Chem but how?
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2023.06.05 16:32 Aggravating-Nail8040 Max

Hi! English is not my 1st language so i apologize in advance for any mistakes. We’ve been using MAX at my university. Now I’m due a project but I don’t actually know what I’m doing. I mean, I know what I want to do but not how to do it. Is it possible to use a video in max? Can somebody help me? Than you so so much
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2023.06.05 16:32 Queennie__ Feeling insecure

Several months ago, my boy friends asked me for some online dating advice. So i gave him several advice and what to look for if he decide to use online dating apps.
When he heard that i got so many matches, he said to me “How can you possibly got so many match and went to many dates? You’re not that pretty after all.”
Then, he wanted to see what pic i put on the apps and he said “Girl, your profile pic is so fake and doesn’t resemble you at all” (btw i’m using a normal pic with no filter etc).
My friends word kinda affected me in someway and now everytime i wanted to use dating apps, i just feel really insecure :’)
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2023.06.05 16:31 Mean-Operation6725 How can I escape from my toxic work environment?

Hi Reddit! Seeking Suggestions on My Stressful Workplace Situation
Hey everyone, I'm in a tough spot and I really need some guidance on how to handle a toxic work environment, and the lack of a salary increment. Here's my story:
I joined a company as a management trainee officer back in March 2022, with the understanding that I would be promoted after one year. Unfortunately, the work environment in the office has turned out to be extremely toxic. My manager scolds me for the smallest reasons, and it's taking a toll on my mental well-being.
To make matters worse, when the time came for my promotion, my manager unexpectedly extended it for an additional three months. Despite excelling in my role and achieving outstanding results, my manager continues to deny my promotion, claiming that my performance is not up to par. This is completely unfair, as all my key performance indicators are excellent, and I've even contributed to the company's growth in sales.
On top of that, I haven't received any salary increment for the past 15 months. My salary remains the same as it was 15 months ago, and I'm struggling to make ends meet with this package. The promotion would have been helpful in increasing my salary and providing some relief.
Adding insult to injury, my boss has been publicly humiliating me by scolding me in front of my colleagues and juniors. It has become unbearable and has made me despise my job. Realizing that I deserve better, I decided to take a stand and submitted my resignation letter to my boss five days ago.
I know I need to earn money to survive, and I can't continue in such a toxic environment but i will be jobless for few months and i would be homeless as well.
With all that said, I turn to you, fellow Redditors, for your valuable advice. What should I do in this predicament? Should I escalate the situation to someone higher up in the company? Or do you have any other suggestions or experiences to share?
I truly appreciate any insight or guidance you can provide. Thank you in advance for your help!
TL;DR: Joined a company as a management trainee officer, dealing with a toxic work environment and a manager who scolds me without reason. Manager extended my promotion, despite good performance. Additionally, haven't received a salary increment for the past 15 months. Submitted resignation, but boss hasn't sent it to HR. Stressed and unsure of next steps. Seeking advice and suggestions from the Reddit community.
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2023.06.05 16:30 MulatoMaranhense How to get a job in Paraguay?

A friend of mine is moving to Paraguay to study Medicine for a few years. She saved a lot, but is concerned of running out of money and is wondering how to get a job while she studies. Paraguayans, which advice do you have? She already worked on the field as a hospital technician, a caretaker for bedridden people and I think sha also spent some time in a management job.
Since I'm already asking thing, any other advices for immigrants to not do anything stupid or offensive?
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2023.06.05 16:29 Octavarium64 Somatic work seemed to address the root cause of an addictive feedback loop - how does this work?

My SE therapist also has experience with the addiction model and showed me how the four steps worked, such that when a motivation for something was present and a particular behavior met it, this eventually happened enough times or hit a particular threshold where the behavior became compulsive. I had the thought that SE could potentially get inside that feedback loop because a particular memory and its associated state of mind is resurfacing in the present and associated with the trigger.
Example: as a child, I clung to the computer because it was an escape from a very unpleasant school environment, a way to relate to people when I could not as a child, and a way to feel accomplished (at specific games, mostly) when I had little else. As an adult, I would often feel heavy cravings for a computer or cell phone if I used it for long enough or in a particular state of mind, almost and maybe to the point of a freeze response. But when I discovered SE and made that connection, I started using tremoring on the feeling of craving because it connected with the reason I wanted it in the first place: the sense of loneliness and the desperation I would have to get back onto the computer to avoid it. I would bring myself into the present where I’m not lonely and have more friends, and process the feeling of loneliness and shame I felt at that time.
After a couple of months of trying this off and on, the sense of craving has somewhat decreased since then and the freeze response after putting a piece of technology down has almost completely vanished. Is my theory a substantiated explanation? If so, my other primary habit that bothers me is picking at nails and skin when I’m anxious, and I feel at least part of that habit could be treated the same way - could it, and has anyone seen success in reducing these kinds of habits with SE this way?
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2023.06.05 16:29 Humble-Insight Cautionary tale about brake cleaner

In case you have not seen this before, brake cleaner residue can degrade into poison gas. The story in this link could save a life. The author describes how he was exposed to phosgene when he cleaned some parts with brake cleaner and then welded with an inert gas process.
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2023.06.05 16:28 BenV94 Am I Greek Orthodox or Bulgarian Orthodox?

Weird question, more a flippant one really. Is 'your Church' where you were baptized or where you attend now?
I was baptized Bulgarian Orthodox but attend a Greek Orthodox Church at the moment and do some altar boy stuff.
I know you could just say 'Orthodox' in general, but when it comes to the particular, how would you answer it?
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2023.06.05 16:27 Igcse_student07 Potential divider

Potential divider
I am SUPER confused as to how this potential divider works in a circuit. Like how do I know which side the resistance increases on and which side it decreases on?
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2023.06.05 16:26 mygodletmechoose Any tips on how to improve this mountain range? Idk how to explain, but for me it doesn't feel like it matches with the rest

Any tips on how to improve this mountain range? Idk how to explain, but for me it doesn't feel like it matches with the rest submitted by mygodletmechoose to PixelArt [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 16:26 ThatToastKid How to measure x ray radiation

I have seen several post about x ray tubes/devices, and people always say that the geiger counter is not giving the correct rate or dose. Why is that and how can it be avoided?
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2023.06.05 16:25 Onnyola Time to Rehome My Cats?

I was diagnosed with mild persistant asthma last year. At the same time I was allergy tested and told I'm highly allergic to cats and moderate to dogs despite never having symptoms. I was not allergic to anything else. My asthma attacks are almost 100% at home with only two in the past year being when I'm out. It gets bad whenever I have any kind of cold/congestion as well. I have two cats that I've had for five years and, obviously, very attached to. Everyone is starting to say it's time to move them elsewhere though.
Over the past few months things have gotten a lot worse asthma wise and I am having allergy symptoms now. I get hives over large areas of my body (ex: all over thighs or over my entire back) at least 3x a week. I get sniffly and congested when at home and occasionally I get itchy eyes. I take flonase and allergy medicine every day in addition to Alvesco (highest dose). My dr bumped me up to moderate verging on severe asthma yesterday. I'm getting a nebulizer prescription to try and help but the dr warned me about how uncontrolled asthma is super dangerous snd it's time to move the cats out.
We already do the below: Cats never allowed in bedroom, clean constantly, boyfriend brushes them often when I'm not in the house, hepa air purifier in every room except bathroom, central ac has best filter we could find (its a weird size), all fabrics are washed weekly, cats never sit on me, wash hands after touching cats, boyfriend handles litter boxes.
Is there anything we can try or is it just time to face facts and find them a new home?
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2023.06.05 16:23 MeaningSpecialist306 How to get out a problem tenant

Not a landlord myself but my close friends are. They own a 5 unit rental in DC, all 1 bedrooms. Last week, a person with a gun entered the basement apartment and began demanding money that was owed to him. It’s clear that the tenants in the basement are using drugs, and things have been escalating over the last 6 months with reports of domestic disturbances. All of this information coming from the tenant who lives directly above the basement. My question is how would you all go about getting them out? I don’t think there are legal grounds for eviction, but is it possible to just raise rent and force them out that way? Told the tenant above them to call the police anytime they hear domestic fighting to just get some kind of paper trail. Don’t have the lease agreement in front of me so I don’t know the specifics. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.05 16:23 AutoModerator [Course] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator

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2023.06.05 16:22 Awkward-Yak-2844 Landlord not responding and I am breaking lease early. Am I in the wrong? Pictures included

Landlord not responding and I am breaking lease early. Am I in the wrong? Pictures included
To make things short and sweet, I moved into this place in May a couple of days after they said it would be ready. When I first moved in we didn’t have a stove for 3 days, there were birds in the ceiling and they escaped and pooped on the couches, along with exposed plumbing, unclean floors, and hot water that barely got up to lukewarm temperatures.
The place was unlivable when first moving in and so far the only thing they have done is put in a stove as well as fixing the hot water this morning. My father is a landlord back home and I know that in Ohio you are supposed to clean the entire apartment and replace carpets that are stained which neither have happened.
I emailed my apartment the Sunday before Memorial Day, not expecting a response right away but maybe in a few days, and then emailed again that following Thursday. I have not heard a single word from them with either email. I told them I was leaving because of conditions in the apartment as well as medical reasons for moving home.
There is also no clause in the contract that I need to pay extra or will be charged for ending the lease early. There is nothing at all in the lease agreement that says I will be fined. Is this something that can come back and hurt me?
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2023.06.05 16:21 Illustrious-Chest-52 This sub inspired me to take out my very pre-loved Chanel

This sub inspired me to take out my very pre-loved Chanel
I got this bag shipped from another country, since there isn't a Chanel boutique where i live (the horror). Comes with a certificate and the receipt. The price was super low because the seller said that the leather had a bit wearing out on the bottom and I thought I could live with that. However, there are tears on the inside of the flap, some of the stitches on the sides are coming off and the leather on the bottom is very worn out. I've had it for almost a year and never worn it.
Today, I saw someone here post how scared they were of wearing their Dior tote. In the replies there was a pic of one of the Olsen twins with her well worn Birkin. So, it inspired me to give my flap a chance. I wore it to a nail and hair appointment and I loved it!
If anything people will think that I have so much money that Idgaf what happens to my Chanel bag lol 😅
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2023.06.05 16:21 Puzzleheaded-Fan-208 HLV and home growers
It looks like this is mostly an issue for commercial operations and people who take clones from others, as opposed to people who grow from seed in "isolation" at home. One article cited an 8% chance for a seed from an infected mother to be itself infected.
I have 8 plants from feminized seeds in my back worried are yall, and how worried should I be, and what if anything are you doing about this?
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