E coli is aerobic or anaerobic


2013.02.22 00:54 Vailhem EnergyStorage

A reddit focused on the storage of energy for later use. This includes things like batteries, capacitors, *super*-capacitors, flywheels, air compression, oil compression, mechanical compression, fuel tanks, pumped hydro, thermal storage, electrical storage, chemical storage, thermal storage, etc., but *also* broadens out to utilizing 'more-traditional' energy mediums... where their focus is on their energy storage potential for later use, including even using 'the grid' for storage.

2011.02.04 03:46 rhiz0me Biodiesel


2015.11.24 05:26 Vailhem ClimateNews

A sub dedicated to news about climate change.

2023.03.25 11:44 Auzor 10th edition speculation

Some speculation from my side.
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2023.03.25 11:42 KaiYugure Dear Riot, About Talon.

Since you removed the pits on the map that counted as terrain, and the tower rubble, his E is entirely useless. Please make it a 250 range dash that jumps over terrain he collides with. This fixes one of his abilities being entirely useless on aram.
Or give it passive armor pen. Either way. Make Talon's E do something in ARAM or remove him from the mode entirely. Thanks!
submitted by KaiYugure to ARAM [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 11:42 MassiveMeddlers Another Swain Rework Idea

I wanted to do better with the theme of the general with demonic powers. I tried to be original.
Passive: imperial soldiers Swain's totem slot is replaced by his soldiers. This slot does not regenerate on its own, it must return to the starting platform. On the starting platform he can choose which soldier he can take. He can use it in three different ways
scouts roam the dark zone on the map, if they encounter enemies they mark them on the map and try to return to Swain, if they make it back they gain a charge. Enemies can kill scouts.
Stays stationary in the selected area, has a much wider range of vision, and warns on the mini-map if it sees enemies. Can attack at Short Attack range. Attacks do not deal damage but slow them down.
There can be up to two of them next to the swain, with two soldiers behind him. when in use, the swain guards attack their opponents. When not in use, the soldiers take no damage. They have 20 seconds cooldown and attack for 5 seconds, prioritizing the swain target. They can die during the attacking.
Q It sends a ball of demonic energy in one direction, which falls to the ground at the end of its range and burns the area where it lands for two seconds. If a champion is burned, heals slightly.
W Swain creates an energy bond that regularly damages and heals for a fraction of the damage dealt. If the bond persists for two seconds, it deals extra damage and drops enemy memory fragments. Collect 10 to reveal the location of an unseen opponent or an undiscovered totem on the map for a short duration. Enemies can avoid it by moving away.
E Swain unleashes a delayed, wide claw attack with his demonic hand. The claw damages a conical area and enemies at the tip of the claw are stunned, while those on the inside are slowed. Swain can move slowly while focusing.
R Swain evolves into demon form, gains extra health and abilities have extra attributes. Slayings extend the duration of this ability.
Q, Now it burns where it passes, fire gives Swain movement speed, width increases.
W, creates an energy bond with all enemies around him. Successful bonds reduce the cooldown.
E, the claw's cooldown is reduced and if the claw damages enemies at its tip, it heals and is no longer slowed when using it.
submitted by MassiveMeddlers to SwainMains [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 11:40 OptionalGamer Tennis: Am I the only now frustrated by out of bounds decisions?

It happens all the time. The opponent's ball is clearly out of bounds and marked as such – clearly visible circle pulsating OUTSIDE of the field and not even touching the line. What's up with this? Point goes to the opponent. I have had plenty of matches ruined by the decision with a whole bunch of people sitting next to me watching in disbelief, not just me. Is this a collision detection bug? Or some sort of Nintendo nonsense i.e. let's be fair, the opponent, they tried so hard?
When playing the "A" rank, I also noticed that there seems to be some sort of frustrating rubber band mechanics in place, with opponents 2-4 levels above me, that I am matched with. Naturally, I lose, drop a rank and then, the next few matches are agains opponents 2-3 levels below, I hence reach a new rank, rinse and repeat. Been going on for weeks. Is this supposed to be some kind of family friendly "everyone should lose and win" mechanic?
Otter than that, loving the game overall. Nice upgrade from the Wii memories way back.
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2023.03.25 11:39 KiroSect Could somebody please explain to me properly how The Snow Queen works...

And why Eva and Bong-Bong died here?
Eva was sent in to do repression work twice to get themselves encased in ice as per normal such that Bong-Bong could swoop in and save the frigid day for the great cheek E.G.O gift. Both agents had V in every stat, especially Bong-Bong who was to fight The Snow Queen with their V in Fortitude, yet Bong-Bong somehow still failed the check and perished alongside Eva?
Someone please explain this is driving me bonanzas, positively cuhraaaazzzy even

Eva's dead


Joel literally chilling in the containment chamber because The Snow Queen is the buggiest abno in the entire game.

Me purifying the facility to listen to Second Trumpet and receive catharsis.

This was already a redo of Day 41 because the game crashed during the VN section after I had already finished the day. Glad to know that Lob Corp only saves the game AFTER you finish mingling with Angela and whatever sephirah you've done the MMORPG quest for even if you've already spent several grueling hours to get to that point. Thanks PM, WN bless your spaghetti code. Lament.
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2023.03.25 11:39 rMasterBuilder248 CB #4 - Multi-Class & Buildings

Its been 2 years since I began my Crazy Balance sets in this sub. I've come a long way since then and it reflects in my balance today. I hope you like what you see.
Welcome. Please give feedback to this post if something is wrong.
This time its a bit different than usual. Hope you like it!

Reserve Shooter

3 clip size, 36 max secondary ammo, Base: 60, Crit: 180 (6 damage x 10 pellet)
(+) +25% more accurate
(+) +33% faster deploy and holstering speed
(+) deals Mini-Crit damage to airborne targets or while the wielder is airborne
(i) can only Mini-Crit during a 6 sec. duration after deployed
(-) -50% smaller clip size

Reason: A clean switch speed and some more accuracy will help this gun pop up more in Soldier's arsenal. I've also decided to take in the possibility of returning airblast as a Mini-Crit option.

B.A.S.E. Jumper

2 clip size, ∞ max ammo
(i) allows the user to open a parachute while in the air, slowing their descent
(i) user can also release the current parachute and activate another one
(+) guaranteed fall damage immunity after using a charge
(-) activating another parachute while airborne consumes 1 parachute ammo
(i) after using up all parachutes, it has to recharge (about 10 sec. or with ammo pickups) to be used again

Reason: This item was hammered too hard. Now, it can redeploy the chute again, but it'll cost some recharge time

Pain Train

Base: 53, Crit: 158
(i) Alt-Fire: (respective of the individual class)
(i) press Reload to charge at 300% speed in a straight line for 1 sec. (can stack with other mobility items). During the charge, the next melee swing is a guaranteed 100% damage bonus (damage bonuses do not stack). Smashing into an enemy deals 50 damage
(i) recharges after 12 sec.
(+) user has a 2x capture rate on points & carts and triggers the briefcase alarm 2 sec. later when carrying it
(-) raises damage vulnerability by 15%
(-) -25% less damage

Reason: The Pain Train needed more. It was just specific with its use, but also really didn't lose anything for it. Now, feel the pain when a Soldier comes charging


Base: 70, Crit: 210
(i) Alt-Fire and Reload: (respective of the individual class)
(+) +50% longer melee range
(+) on kill: heals 50% of user's base health. Can overheal up to 150% of the user's health (max: 263 (D), 300 (S/DK), 330 (SBB))
(i) overheal fades after 30 sec.
(-) Honorbound: once drawn, this weapon will holster for -50 HP unless it kills
(-) -30% slower firing speed
(i) a single hit will kill an enemy wielding the same weapon

Reason: Just a small boost for better use on Soldier and Demoman

Panic Attack

6 clip size, 36 max secondary ammo, Base: 72, Crit: 216 (4.8 damage x 15 pellets)
(+) +50% more pellets per shot
(+) +50% faster deploy speed
(-) -20% less damage
(-) -50% less accurate

Reason: With Random Bullet Spread gone, the downside of widening your already bigger spread became unnecessary. But it was also needed to list the accuracy nerf that it had

Sentry Gun

New (only Level 3):
Bullets: 200 clip size, N/A max ammo, Base: 16 (8 rounds/sec.)
Rockets: 20 clip size, N/A max ammo, Base: 4 x 25
(i) Damage-type: Bullet
(i) costs 120 + 400 metal to build
(i) has 210 health
(i) raises revolver damage resistance by 25% when sapped
(i) has a 20% Minigun resistance
(i) destroyed buildings drop 50% of their original building cost as scrap metal which can also refill ammo and cloak (4 x 7.5% = 30% ammo/metal/cloak)
(i) constructs itself in 12 sec. without Wrench interference (4.5 sec. with Stock)
(i) redeploys in 4 sec. without Wrench interference (1.5 sec. with Stock)
(i) ramp-up (150%): 24 damage, fall-off (50%): 8 damage
(i) firing speed: 0.12 sec. (8 x 0.12 sec. = 0.96 sec.)
(i) Wrangler firing speed: 0.06 sec. (16 x 0.06 sec. = 0.96)
(i) DPS: 128 damage, Wrangler: 256 damage
(i) ramp-up (150%): 4 x 38 damage, fall-off (50%): 4 x 13 damage
(i) firing cool-down: 3 sec.
(i) Wrangler firing cool-down: 1.5 sec.

Reason: The Sentry Gun is the building you think of first when you look at Engineer. Its powerful, but it has some tweaking due. On the one hand improvements to later firing speeds, on the other slow-downs for building and early development


200 clip size, N/A max ammo, Base: 8 (6 rounds/sec.)
(i) Damage-type: Bullet
(i) costs 100 metal to build
(i) has 100 health
(i) raises revolver damage resistance by 25% when sapped
(i) constructs itself in 4.5 sec. without Wrench interference (1.6875 sec. with Stock)
(i) redeploys in 1.5 sec. without Wrench interference (0.5625 sec. with Stock)
(i) ramp-up (150%): 12 damage, fall-off (50%): 4 damage
(i) firing speed: 0.16 sec. (6 x 0.16 sec. = 0.96 sec.)
(i) Wrangler firing speed: 0.08 sec. (12 x 0.08 sec. = 0.96)
(i) DPS: 48 damage, Wrangler: 96 damage

Reason: The Mini-Sentry is now adjusted to the changes of its big brother, now with much faster firing than before, but a slower building time


New (only Level 3):
(i) costs 100 + 400 metal to build
(i) has 210 health
(i) raises revolver damage resistance by 25% when sapped
(i) destroyed buildings drop 50% of their original building cost as scrap metal which can also refill ammo and cloak (5 x 5% = 25% ammo/metal/cloak)
(i) constructs itself in 12 sec. without Wrench interference (4.5 sec. with Stock)
(i) redeploys in 4 sec. without Wrench interference (1.5 sec. with Stock)
(i) effect radius: 130 HU
(i) can hold up to 400 metal max.
(i) health generation: 20/sec.
(i) ammo generation: 40%/sec.
(i) metal generation: 60/5 sec.
(i) cloak generation: 15%/sec.

Reason: The Dispenser just needs to build/deploy faster and it makes building so much faster


New (only Level 3):
(i) costs 25 + 200 metal to build
(i) has 210 health
(i) teleporters display their cooldown timer to your teammates
(i) raises revolver damage resistance by 25% when sapped
(i) destroyed buildings drop 50% of their original building cost as scrap metal which can also refill ammo and cloak (4 x 3.125% = 12.5% ammo/metal/cloak)
(i) constructs itself in 12 sec. without Wrench interference (4.5 sec. with Stock)
(i) redeploys in 4 sec. without Wrench interference (1.5 sec. with Stock)
(i) recharges time: 2.5 sec.

Reason: The Teleporters suffer the same speed problem as the Dispenser. This general build time will help it so much

Thank you for all your work and feedback. I'm MasterBuilder248 and this was Crazy Balance. I hope you liked it and I'll see you later!
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2023.03.25 11:35 Cale017 Waiting on tangles in PvE slows Strand down a ton.

Strand is all about going with the flow, but you have to stop every other group of mobs to wait on a tangle cooldown for full access to your kit if you're running a tangle focused build. Even non-tangle builds can still get some use out of them by using a tangle to set up a free grapple melee into the next group of mobs or using it to rapidly gain height to reposition. This is made worse when teammates shoot your tangles, the old warmind cell problem. I'm not sure if there's a concern over tangles becoming overpowered for add clear in PvE content, but it seems like most of what's making them feel really good to center a build around right now is coming from the artifact mods. Outside of a new fragment or aspects, we can't expect tangle support in every season from now on so this is already likely to be a playstyle that comes and goes. In which case, let the tangles themselves be more accessible if their damage and full utility is on a rotator already. A 3 second cooldown would be more than enough to keep a single guardian from generating multiple tangles in some kind of chain reaction in an area but still enable them to be more consistently available for builds that either center around their usage directly or enjoy them as a mobility tool.
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2023.03.25 11:35 AutoModerator [Get] EPC Institute – Matt Bacak – Email Marketing Specialist (incl. Bonus)

[Get] EPC Institute – Matt Bacak – Email Marketing Specialist (incl. Bonus)
Get the course here: https://www.genkicourses.com/product/epc-institute-email-marketing-specialist-incl-bonus/
[Get] EPC Institute – Matt Bacak – Email Marketing Specialist (incl. Bonus)

Matt’s passion is helping people like you make more money from email because Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing repertoire.
Email Marketing is a dynamic and intelligent Marketing strategy to sell your product or service. Email marketing has the ability to reach thousands, even millions of people. Matt Bacak, a pioneer in the email marketing world, has condensed his 20+ years of expertise into a specialist level course. The course will walk you through his, S+C+E formula, for earning big profits using Email Marketing.
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2023.03.25 11:34 coraloc1ch52 Network Security and Threat Prevention


Network security is the process of protecting your network from attack. It's a lot more complicated than just installing antivirus software on all of your devices, but it's also more important than ever. Today, our digital lives are so intertwined with each other that we can't even tell where one ends and another begins--and that's not going to change anytime soon! So let's talk about what makes up a secure network:

What is network security?

Network security is the process of protecting a network from various threats. It is a subset of information security, which in turn is part of your overall risk management strategy.

Network security involves protecting your company’s data, applications, and services from external threats (for example, hackers) as well as internal ones (for example, insider threats).

What is threat prevention?

Threat prevention is the process of identifying and blocking malicious traffic. It's reactive, not proactive. The best way to understand threat prevention is by thinking of it as a continuous process: once a threat has been identified, you need to act on it immediately—and then keep doing so in the future.

A good example of this would be an email phishing scheme that uses social engineering techniques (e.g., sending an email promising high-paying jobs) with links to malicious websites where users are asked for personal information like their credit card numbers or passwords so they can get paid big bucks if they give them up.

Why should I care about network security?

Why should you care about network security?

Your business. Network security is important for your reputation and customer loyalty, as well as employee productivity. When employees are vulnerable to malicious attacks on the network, they may choose not to come into work—or even leave the company altogether! Once an attacker has access through one victim's computer, other victims could become infected as well. In addition to being costly in terms of money lost due to downtime and lost productivity (as mentioned above), this can also create negative publicity that could harm your brand image if customers find out about it through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter.

Privacy concerns: If a hacker were able to steal data from someone's computer without them knowing it was happening, this could pose serious risks for both individual privacy concerns as well as national security issues if sensitive information such as military secrets are exposed due to lack of protection measures put in place by organizations within certain companies' networks systems administrators will be required by law enforcement agencies such as Homeland Security Department Office Of Inspector General; Federal Bureau Of Investigation; Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigative Division ; Customs And Border Patrol ; Drug Enforcement Administration Special Operations Division

Reputation management: From personal accounts like Facebook & Instagram accounts where users post pictures & videos featuring themselves doing activities such as eating lunch at restaurants together with friends/family members without anyone else knowing what happened behind closed doors except those involved (usually parents); holding parties where alcohol consumption occurs freely within reach distance from everyone else present - including children under age 21 years old who might not yet know how dangerous this behavior can be when combined with drugs like marijuana which causes symptoms similar to alcohol intoxication but has different effects on brain chemistry leading most people involved

How do I know if my network is secure?

What is a good security posture?

A good security posture is one that protects your data and network from unauthorized access, misuse and destruction. It also provides the tools you need to manage these threats.

What is an insecure network?

An insecure network has vulnerabilities in its design or implementation that allow an attacker to compromise it. An example would be if someone were able to gain access to your computer with the help of malware on their own device (e.g., smartphone) because they didn't have any protection installed on their own device; this could mean that all they would have needed was access codes for Facebook or Twitter accounts!

Your network as a security is only as secure as you make it, so start using it!

Network security is a process, not an event. Network security is a continuous process that you must maintain in order to keep your network secure.

As you build and maintain your network, it will become more secure over time because the more you use it and the better you understand what makes up a good network, the more likely it is that malicious actors won't be able to compromise its security.


You can protect your network from threats by using the right tools like NaaS for the job. We've discussed some of the best practices for network security in this article, but we hope it will also help you to implement them at your own company.
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2023.03.25 11:34 ashwincspl [For Hire][Remote]Fullstack Developer (Mobile/Web App Development)

We are a team of experienced developers providing dedicated development services. We specialize in a variety of areas including mobile and web app development, e-commerce, and custom software development.
Our team is highly skilled and experienced in a variety of programming languages and frameworks, including:
We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality and efficient code that meets the needs of our clients. We are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes achieve their goals through technology. You can review our portfolio from following url.
Our services are flexible, and we can work on projects of any size, from small enhancements to large-scale development projects. We are available for short-term or long-term engagements, and we can work remotely as part of your team.
If you are looking to hire dedicated developers for your next project, please reach out to us. We would be happy to discuss your project in more detail and provide a free consultation.
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2023.03.25 11:33 Comprehensive-Set865 My gf (F22) of almost 3 years has a filthy house and she (and her family members) barely cleans it/kaya nila tiisin nang matagal. I (F23) don’t know what to do anymore.

My gf and I have been together for almost 3 years now. I love her very much and I actually think she’s the love of my life. There’s only one thing that I absolutely can’t stand about her and it’s how awfully disgusting their house is. I live pretty far from her which is why whenever I visit I tend to sleepover for a week max especially during the lockdowns before. Whenever I visit I can’t help but cringe because of how dirty everything is. She lives with her mom and two younger brothers and they currently have 8 dogs.
Just to give you guys a visualization of how messy it is I’ll lay out in detail what you’ll see on a regular day once you go inside their house just so everyone knows I’m not exaggerating: as soon as you open the front door stench of dog shit and pee will hit you like a truck, their living room floor is filled with it and it sometimes extends to the dining and kitchen area. The sink in the kitchen will probably be stacked with unorganized dirty dishes which sometimes extends to the counter tops as well. The dining table and the kitchen island is filled with spilled watefood debris and leftover food. The refrigerator is unorganized and filled with leftover food that hasn’t been touched or reheated in days. Even the kitchen cabinets and the walls (which are white) are stained with grime/brownish stuff. Once you go upstairs to where the bedrooms are, the hallway is also filled with poop and pee and carcasses of whatever it is the dogs decided to rip up and play with (e.g. comforters, the loofah from their bathroom, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles etc.). The bathrooms (which have no locks and doorknobs) are filled with wet dog fur and random stuff that the dogs destroyed since they like hanging out there. The living room is basically inhabitable because of how there’s constantly poop everywhere and things are scattered everywhere. I also have a hard time eating at their dining room most of the time because of how I can see and smell all the dog shit and pee (I asked her once if they were used to it that it doesn’t bother them and she said yes) . They’d only clean it once a week or sometimes even longer than that so just imagine how much dog shit and pee accumulates. The dogs are also very filthy and are only given baths once or twice a month and I even saw one drink water directly from the toilet bowl. They also love playing around in the bathroom and get all wet and muddy. I used to consider myself a dog lover since growing up, my family and I loved adopting strays and take care of them (I currently have 2 dogs, both potty trained and regularly bathed) back at home who I love very much. But seeing how they let the dogs get so dirty and shit everywhere and anywhere, I can’t even bear to pet them or go near them. They used to only have 2 adult dogs: a husky which can only be bathed once a month apparently and a golden that stinks most of the time and is barely given a bath as well, but then the husky gave birth to 6 puppies which made everything worse of course. Even way before when they only had one dog, the house had rats because of how messy everything was. The only time I saw the house get really clean was when they re-hired a house helper that used to work for them in one of the houses they’ve lived in before. Now that that helper left, everything is back to shit again. Literrally. They originally planned on selling the puppies which is such a relief since there’d be less poop around but then they decided to keep 2 so now there’d still be 4 dogs that aren’t potty trained.
I would always try to help out by doing the dishes, cleaning after myself, giving the dogs a bath whenever they’d allow me to, cleaning her room (the only place in the house I could stand since the dogs don’t go in there when I visit so there’s no dog poop and pee), etc. I also used to sweep and mop the floor before they had so many dogs but I can’t now because I hate the smell of dog shit and pee (my gf also knows this). I don’t know what to feel anymore because even though I am very much turned off from how dirty everything is in their house, I feel bad because I know that most of the time my gf is the only person who cooks and clean in their house. Her two brothers are still young (16 and 13 y/o) and they can’t be relied on much when it comes to chores, her mom is a single mom working 2 or more jobs most of the time which is why she also can’t look after the house most of the time. In our house,we never had a house helper but we managed just fine which is why I was also shocked when I first saw how messy and filthy their house was.
The only reason why I am asking for advice here on reddit only now even though it’s already been 2 years of this is because before, I would only visit so I only had to bear with it for a week max and go back to my clean and comfortable home. However, something recently happened with my family and I (too long of a story to include here) which is why in the meantime I am living with my gf in her house just until I can work things out and find a place of my own. I feel like such an asshole to even complain about this and I would understand if people here call me one too since my gf and her family welcomed me in their home and I know how hard it must be for my gf since she’s currently stressed about college as well. Again, I still try to help out by doing the all dishes everyday, cleaning her bedroom, mopping and sweeping the floor when it isn’t covered by poop, etc. But I really can’t stand it anymore and even if I do find a place of my own already, I know I’d still be visiting her from time to time since it’s always been that way in our relationship (I visit her more than she visits me) so the problem would still be there. Please help me because I really don’t know what to do anymore.
TL;DR: I am now temporarily living with my gf of almost 3yrs. but I can’t stand how filthy their house is even when I try my best to help out and I don’t know what to do anymore.
Sidenote: this is my first time using/posting here on reddit so please forgive me for any mistakes I might’ve made. Thank you
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2023.03.25 11:31 -michaelishere- Good value GPU

Hello guys! I'm writing this post right now because I was browsing the local e-shop for parts and I stumbled upon a used 1080ti for 191$ was wondering if it was worth it, I get that it's an older card and everything but the price is hard to argue with, especially here. I plan to build an actual rig soon, so I wanted to ask, should I go for it or should I save money for an rx 6700xt? I know AMD will probably release the new line-up (7000 series) but let's face it, at launch they're gonna be well above the MSRP. The rx 6700xt is 300$ ish
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2023.03.25 11:31 Boring_Beach_2749 Top 10 cheapest airline services for vacation

Top 10 cheapest airline services for vacation
Undeniably, Air-travelling is the fastest mode of travelling in the present arena. And definitely, people spend money buying air-tickets just to reach their destinations safely, quickly, and comfortably. Regardless of the purpose of travelling, the amount of time you spend inside a plane should also bring you a vibrant experience and memory. Interestingly, you may find a great difference in air fares of different airlines for the same route, destination, and on the same day. Keep tracking on the Low-fare calendar of different airlines, for instance, British Airways Booking usually offers attractive deals, discounts, and other low-fare-oriented benefits to its customers. You should know that there are some other vital aspects, like, peak days, seasons, distances, number of passengers in a group, your status in the concerned airline’s record, etc. However, this article will help you know about Top 10 Cheapest Airline Services for Vacation.
Primarily, this article aims to bring you a splendid air travelling experience under your budget. Additionally, having been registered with a reputed airline you can enjoy excellent benefits as with British Airways Manage Booking. You can buy air tickets and manage your journey date or destination right the way suits you.
What is Meant by Cheap Airline Services?
This allows air-travelling customers to pay a basic nominal fee for buying tickets just to board and reach their destinations sitting comfortably on a general seat. The basic idea behind this concept is that you have to pay exactly for what you actually need. This helps people avoid unnecessary services or stuff on the plane. Hence, it really becomes an affordable deal for a common passenger.
Top 10 Cheapest Airline Services for Vacation
Air Asia since its inauguration has been serving in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, and Malaysia as a low-cost carrier. It covers more than 160 destinations in its network across Australia, Asia, the United States, and the Middle East. By dint of extraordinary services, punctuality, customer support services, and fares Air Asia has secured a reputed position globally.
Headquartered in New York City, JetBlue is one of the major airlines in the USA. Today it has become a leading carrier in Boston, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, San Juan, and Los Angeles, carrying millions of passengers every year. It has been extending its route continuously into South America and Caribbean. It provides affordable flights, more legroom inside flights, easy to redeem plans, free beverage and snacks in flight, and of course a friendly behaviour.
The headquarters of Frontier Airlines is located in Denver, Colorado, USA. It is a popular airline known for providing competitive air tickets for more than 80 destinations. It operates both domestic airlines and international flights. Latency is a major issue that passengers usually complain about. However, it is a luck factor which can be accepted in exchange for low-fare tickets.
Florida, the USA is the official headquarters of Spirit Airlines which you may consider to be a good choice to travel with a low-budget. It charges only for the seats that you occupy on the plane. So, you will have to pay for every little thing you want while travelling. It has not a good record in regards with late arrivals/departures and cancellation.
Indigo is a New Delhi, India based airline. It is India’s largest passenger airline that offers great air-travelling offers for the most budget friendly charges. It operates both domestically and internationally. It has been expanding its destinations rapidly on all routes and is well-known for exceptional in-flight services, punctual arrivals/departures. It has a very low record of cancellation. Indigo is committed to bring its customer a hassle-free and affordable air-travelling experience.
British Airways is a globally known London based airline and also secures the prestigious position of being the largest airline in the United Kingdom. It is just a royal airline in all terms like, size, in-flight services, British Airways Booking online system, international flights and destinations, etc. It has a 4-star reputation for its extraordinary on-board products and staff services. From time-time it offers low-cost airline tickets but you need to keep watching its low-fare calendar online to grab this opportunity. You can enjoy a kingly travelling experience that you will never forget.
EasyJet Airlines has its headquarter in London, UK and is fairly known for providing affordable airline services. They have worked excellently, by the course of time, to elevate their in-flight services, products, and most importantly their timely arrivals and departures. It serves more than 800 destinations across Europe. While booking you have to pay only the base fare, but if you need something in the flight you can get it by making payment for the same.
Jetstar Airways is a low-cost airline headquartered in Australia. It also offers a ‘Frequent Flyer Program’ but, one can book Jetstar in the simplest way just by paying the basic fare. Moreover, one can find an option there for Business Class as well. You can also get necessary items on-board by paying.
Ryanair is known to be the largest airline in Europe in terms of passengers. You should choose it only for two reasons – i.e. if you have no way except booking a ticket with Ryanair Airlines, and in case you have not enough money to afford other airlines tickets. It serves in more than 40 countries including Europe and the Middle East.
Wizz Air is headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. It is an ultra-low-cost airline. Its cheap in-flight services and products will make you feel very uncomfortable and you need to pay for every single item. You will start feeling disappointed right from the time of getting into the flight. You should book a ticket with Wizz Air in case you have no option except to travel quickly. However, you can prefer it for short destinations.
Concluding Points:
If you want to enjoy a budget-friendly air-travelling experience choose a reliable and reputed airline. At least, you should ensure that your flight will drop you comfortably at the right destination without making any delay. However, if you want to enjoy air-travelling with a low-budget airline, preferring British Airways Manage Booking can be a good choice in all terms. All you need to do is keep track of its low-fare calendar. Furthermore, Indigo, Jet Blue, would be a great choice. Rest all depends upon your choice, affordability, and priority.
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2023.03.25 11:29 1stStrikeRecon Earth Druid Feedback

While I stand behind the idea that it's exceptionally foolish to talk authoritatively about balance yet considering we're only experiencing up to level 25 and not seeing pretty much anything resembling the end-game, I think it's fair to say that Earth magic Druid has some foundational issues that I'm not sure end-game would be able to provide solutions for - my feedback to improve it:
Earth Spike
Earthen Bulwark
My 2 cents, anyway, trying to resolve what I think are the foundational issues for Druid's Earth Magic skills. Would be particularly interested in Closed Beta testers' input on what Druid is like in the end-game.
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2023.03.25 11:27 aimiliosthrillios Why do a partial PCR and a full one for a gene?

So I am reading a paper about how a single nucleotide polymorphism is causing a small colony variant in E.coli. “A novel hemA mutation is responsible for a small colony variant phenotype in E.coli” .Hubbard et al, Microbiology 2021;167:000962
In the materials and methods , the authors explain how they did a pcr for the partial hemA gene (812bp) and then the whole hemA gene of E.coli 10129.
Why would one be interested in doing so, when they don’t specify why they did it?
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2023.03.25 11:26 DrillingDeeper avoid mail portal blocking browser clients through fallback on old-style message display

Hi all,
Last week I raised an issue which for now I will not elaborate on too deeply, but postpone until last. Instead I will momentarily break away from this discussion and first offer a few bullit points in favour of the requested feature. I will then lastly explain what the feature actually involves. So these are the arguments in favour:
- Suppose I send and encrypted e-mail to a non-Tutanota user. They will then be redirected to Tutanota's online mail portal. But if their browser is not of a recent version they will subsequently be blocked. It basically implies I can't send encrypted e-mails to non-Tutanota users, as I cannot predict what will happen. I can also honestly not make a referral to friends, which I used to, as I know that it can effect them as well.
- Note as well that the competition still manages to support iOS 12 and even iOS 13, while at the same time their GUI looks professional and slick. It surprises me therefore that Tutanota jumped to iOS 14 while probably bound to the same frameworks as they must be. So if I have to make a referral I might change my stance to their way of going about it, as it feels more future proof.
My original request was to be conditionally granted access to the online mail portal, rather than simply being blocked as is now the new circumstance. While most replies strongly suggested to upgrade my iPhone, it was `charlag` that pinned the underlying reason. And I'm genuinely happy with such replies. Sometimes all people want is to be treated as such and not to be shuffed aside with a little white lie, or just by being terse.
To summarise the original discussion, Tutanota are not blocking outdated browsers for security reasons, although that always plays a factor of course, but rather because a CSS dependency needs to be met. This dependency is fital for a new feature called conversation view. Knowing this, my original request shifted from conditional access to the portal after ticking a disclaimer, to a suggestion to fallback to old-style display of messages in case this requirement is lacking. That way outdated browsers would still maintain access. However, as `charlag` puts it, the line has to be drawn somewhere and it cannot honestly be supported.
I think what it is I'm trying to do is to make an appeal on the developer team to reconsider the route taken and push the needle a little further to accomodate their current and future user database. And while I realise that I may be flogging a dead horse, I must do it allthesame. I've seen several mentions already about users being effected. And although they seem to be using stronger wording than I, we share the same emotion. Surely that must count for something.
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2023.03.25 11:25 WeakAdvantage1343 Superman’s statue is not meant to be a positive symbol. It represents humanity’s error in deifying Superman.

I'm honestly tired of seeing Snyder haters keep saying that Zack deified Superman or that he didn't understand the character because he represents him as a god.
The fact that he is not a god and that humanity is polarized between those who consider him a god and those who hate him is quite literally the point of the film.
In the statue, he’s holding the world on his shoulders, like Atlas. The world is his burden. No matter what, the dipping arms of Superman will be there to support it. This is a symbol of Hope, we could say.
Moreover, in BvS, the statue is not seen in a positive sense. It represents humanity's deification of Superman, which he rejects as just a guy trying to do the right thing. This is explained in the film via all the false god controversy. The character of Lex is the consequence of the deification of Superman.
The fact that the statue is cracked and the sky dark portends the consequences of humanity's mistake in deifying it. It’s a different and brave take on superhero at a time, 2016, when Marvel was superficial about the consequences of superheroes actions.
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2023.03.25 11:22 Kahveinmyveins Feeling disturbed about how Western authors depict the East

Lately, many books i read talk about how undesirable traits pass on from the East to the West, and i have to put the book down altogether. For example, I started reading a book recently about unrequited love from the female perspective, and the author says ideas about submissiveness in love (i.e. the woman sees her man in an exalted way) came from Arabia and spread to Europe.
In another book I read about highly sensitive people, the author talks about how horse-riding nomads who survived by stealing herds and lands moved from Asia to Europe. Apparently before they came there was no warfare or slavery in Europe and the nomads brought about all this. The author says aggressive traits in people (opposite of high sensitivity) was spread like this.
I have read many books like these, and feel like most of what they say is bs. I just don’t like how the East is depicted by Western authors most of the time. Am i reading into it too much?
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2023.03.25 11:20 AutoModerator [Get] EPC Institute – Matt Bacak – Email Marketing Specialist (incl. Bonus) Download Course on Genkicourses.com

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2023.03.25 11:17 kendallb183 Coinbase took the freedom of crypto and tried to "big bank" it. I'm appalled and need advice to switch to go back to the roots of what crypto was designed for.

A few sources have said Coinbase now tracks where the crypto is sent following it in the chain for weeks and if it gets involved in any flagged areas or suspicious activity they can put a hold or close your account. Some users report weeks after a purchase coinbase tracked the currency to a suspicious wallet and locked the account 3 weeks after the product was bought. the warning is as follows

"several users have reported that their accounts have been frozen for sending crypto to us. Because Coinbase is a USA-based centralized exchange, they employ blockchain analytics (e.g. analysisit ) to find out where you've sent your coin, and also to track what happens with it long after you've spent it. Coinbase may freeze an account immediately upon sending to a 'suspicious' address, OR, they may freeze accounts retroactively if said account sends to a non-suspicious address that becomes. Alternatively suspicious weeks later as determined by chain analysis.
I was in the game when coinbase wasn't big and useful. The entire point of blockchain is anonymity and no big bank bullshit.
Is cashapp crypto not attached with any software to track your cryptoit's after its been sent? I want to set up as anonymous of a wallet as I can to be the intermediary between buying the crypto, it going into a wallet that scrubs and it makes it untraceable, and then setting from that wallet to my stores.

Coinbase makes your ID verified with a driver's license to make a purchase, and it goes to the store. so the anonymous big bank free crypto that once was is now data tracked purchases with Drivers'license's licenses attached to it.

well, setup? not looking for cold storage, just a place to buy crypto that's not infected with tracking stuff, to an anonymous wallet that can scrub and clean and ensure it's 100% good to go, then use it to send it to my stores. I don't want a paper trail at all that can link my bitcoin to my identity.itbill
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2023.03.25 11:17 ColonelBlink LD & AI

I was watching a program on TV regarding artificially created photos - i.e. fake photos.
One of the things mentioned in regard to spotting fake photos, is the fact that AI is not very good with hands or the written word. So hands end up with the wrong number of fingers and writing is usually garbage.
This sound very familiar. finger counting is a known reality check and writing in dreams is generally garbage - in my experience.
I don't know if there's any significance in this but thought it was an interesting coincidence.
What do you think?
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