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Alright, Let's Talk About the 3rd Pick & a Potential Siakam Trade With Portland

2023.06.02 23:59 CazOnReddit Alright, Let's Talk About the 3rd Pick & a Potential Siakam Trade With Portland

Alright, Let's Talk About the 3rd Pick & a Potential Siakam Trade With Portland
So have you heard that the Blazers are looking to shop around the 3rd pick and Anfernee Simons for a star forward? Yeah, let's finally get into this.
The Blazers lucked themselves into a rather unique position, both with the pick they got - having jumped from 5th to 3rd in the draft - and with the team who managed to get the 2nd pick being the Charlotte Hornets who are likely to draft forward Brandon Miller over G League Ignite guard Scoot Henderson, with Scoot seemingly falling to 3.
This would make Scoot the 2nd young guard the Blazers recently drafted and their 3rd under 25 guard to play next to Dame...if they weren't trying to shop the pick around.
They have a perfect opportunity to finally do a rebuild...and yet, here we are with yet another rumor about the Blazers trying to build around Dame and get him the help they've left him without for...what, 8 seasons and counting? Like the Rockets who are alleged to be interested in moving the 4th pick, I don't think the Blazers really should be trying to do a two timelines, pseudo rebuild while contending around Lillard.
I also don't think the package they can put together is as great as it's often hyped up to be. As we'll get into, a package around Anfernee and the 3rd pick plus a player or pick or two is quite decent in a vacuum but it certainly isn't good enough to get to get you that Top 10-15 player in the league who can singlehandedly win you a series - if not, a championship. It certainly isn't enough to outbid the likes of the Jazz or, more significantly, the Thunder who may opt for a splash in the offseason as their core develops into a young, hungry playoff team with some greater veteran presence around them.
I'm just going to say it: If Portland really is saying "time's up" and putting together one last effort to compete against Dame, they need to do more than get Siakam, O.G., Karl-Anthony Towns or whichever star's name pops up in rumors leading up to the draft. Not to say those players won't improve the team, but none of them - and yes i'm including Siakam - are good enough to elevate a former lottery team like the Blazers over the past 2 seasons to a Top 3 seed, let alone guarantee a championship.
A duo of Siakam and Dame, Dame and KAT, etc. can be part of one's core championship team but they need the right supporting pieces around them in order to win. To put it mildly, the Blazers...do not have that. Jusuf Nurkic has seen significant regression as a defender and the bench is one of the few to make the Raptors bench look like a bastion of basketball greatness. It shows on the floor and statistically, and it's a large reason why the Blazers have been one of the worst defensive teams in the league over the past, one of the worst when it comes to rebounding and in general being near the bottom of the Western Conference before they pulled the plug on their most recent season in an attempt to tank for a Top 4 pick.
If the Blazers are actually going to commit to Dame, they need to engage in a paradigm shift this offseason. Rework the starting 5, the bench and go all-in getting Loyalty McLoyal the team he should have had around him for years instead of endlessly running it back with minor tweaks to who his #2 is.
That means either getting your pick back from the Bulls and shopping the 4 firsts/3 swaps you can or removing the protections and dealing out the 3/3 you would have to improve the roster. Don't just get Siakam, KAT or whoever and set them up to fail with Damian because it's not fair to either player to put them in that situation.
Go after Buddy Hield, see if Myles Turner or Clint Capela are going to be available, or if the Wolves are desperate enough to sign and trade Naz Reid to recoup some assets after the costly Gobert trade - if not, try signing him with the full MLE. And you don't stop there! However they plan to shake up the roster in this hypothetical scenario, they need to significantly improve the center position/rotation and their bench to give Dame an actual chance of winning a ring with what few years left they have in his prime.
Also fire Chauncey Billups, he's a bottom 3 coach and the only reason I can't say he is not the worst is because I can't say the Raptors coach will be objectively worse/better without knowing who will head either team. He isn't 3rd, that's for sure.
But anyway that's the Blazers prerogative. What exactly could the Raptors see in a potential pick that, presumably, revolves around Pascal Siakam?
Since I can be a bit of a wordy writer, i'm going to add some TL;DR sections for each playepick discussed in this little piece for those that want a quick breakdown.
Note: This is not a trade proposal; this is a compilation of the assets and players who could be included in a trade for Pascal Siakam. Additionally, this is not an endorsement of trading Pascal Siakam, etc. in a deal with the Portland Trailblazers.
Anfernee Simons
The main player who's been the subject of a contentious discussion between Blazers fans and Raptors fans. Whether you think he's overrated, underrated or somewhere inbetween, it is undeniable that Anfernee Simons would have to be included in the trade at minimum.
I can't speak for the Blazers and I won't pretend to speak for all Raptors fans so let me just say this: I like Anfernee Simons. He's one of the more exciting players in the league under 25 even if he doesn't have the same ceiling as a guy like Zion or fellow player nicknamed "Ant" Anthony Edwards.
A borderline All-Star guard with a combination of shooting prowess and explosiveness, he had a breakout season in 2021/22 when Dame went down due to an injury and thus became the Blazers lead point guard in his absence. He's a genuine 3-level scorer who can splash from outside, pressure the rim for a high-flying dunk and he's effective in the midrange too. If nothing else, it cannot be overstated how nice it would be for this team to have another player who's a reliable, 38.7% from 3 volume shooter on a roster so thoroughly lacking in outside shooting
And before you say it, yes, Anfernee Simons is a point guard. This isn't a case like CJ where his skillset is that of a 2 who can do some playmaking but shouldn't run your offense, Simons does have some issues with dribbling the air out of the ball before making a pass, but he is a point guard. He isn't a typical point, operating more as a shoot-first point like Lillard, but he's still capable of cracking out a notable number of assists while getting buckets; he dished out 6 dimes a game with nearly 28 points in the games he's played without Dame as the lead point.
All 11 of them last year.
Yeah, you might have seen some posts or stats online of what Simons has done without Damian Lillard; in his breakout season of 2021/22, the Anferno was putting up a similar number of assists and cracked 20 points per game, albeit over a more significant sample size of 30 games. And in 2022/23, Anfernee Simons put up 27.9/2.9/5.7 (2.4 turnovers so an AST/TO of 2.38:1 which is solid) while shooting a staggering 41% from 3 on 11 3s.
Those numbers are impressive in a vacuum; his true shooting of 62% is especially notable. However, they require some context and should be taken with an enormous grain of salt.
For one, it's a very small sample size over a lengthy period of the season where teams haven't had to plan for Simons to be the main guard to focus their defense on. He's still the 2nd option so it's not like there's no film watching or the like, but if Anfernee Simons permanently becomes the lead point guard of a team, opposing teams will gameplan around him and his weaknesses more significantly than the very few times where he's asked to be the lead ballhandler in Dame's absence.
His 2021/22 stats, while still a limited overall sample size, do suggest he'll be able to dish out a similar number of dimes as the lead guard (Dame had been ruled out due to injury during the season so teams did have to gameplan around the Ant for a large portion of the season instead of a handful of games scattered throughout the season) and he still has room to grow as a playmaker but once again, it was only a sample size of 30 games so it is hard to draw much out from the games he played.
Speaking of drawing conclusions from said sample size: Yes the Blazers went 4-7 within that 11 game sample size - and bear in mind this sample included games where the Blazers were still trying to contend while facing a variety of teams i.e. not every team was a playoff or contender. That isn't great, however, Ant was generally not the main reason they lost since the 2022/23 Blazers as a whole were pretty terrible all year, even before they blatantly tanked. The same is also true of his breakout year when the Blazers lost Lillard due to injury, they just weren't a good team.
If there is a point of contention around Simons that one can draw from his past 2 seasons, it's his defense which...it's bad.
It's really bad.
He's improved this season on that end to the point where i'd say he's a better defender than Dame - even if his overall defensive rating doesn't support this, the eye test does - but that's like saying Spencer Dinwiddie is a better defender than Trae Young. While Chauncey Billups hasn't been doing either one of Portland's guard any favors, it doesn't change the fact that being better than one of the worst defenders in the league is not an accomplishment to be proud of. All coaching issues aside, Simons is still a notable negative on that end of the floor. He has a propensity for losing his man via ball watching, he's not great at closing out on the perimeter and he's not a lane disruptor by any means. It's not impossible for him to improve as a defender - he's 6'3 with a 6'9 wingspan and much of his defensive weaknesses come from a lack of discipline - but as of right now when his shots aren't falling he's a major liability on the court and his flaws on defense were not well hidden when paired next to another notably poor defender in Dame.
There are a couple of other habits that Simons needs to address - he could stand to be less trigger happy as a scorer and work more on his playmaking given all the promise he's shown in that area - but that's the main issue with Simons. He's a very skilled guard with a similar approach to the game as Dame on both ends of the floor. And we all know Dame isn't locking down the opposing team's point.
Does Anfernee Simons seem like he'll become a guard on the level of Dame? No but that's a ridiculously high bar to hold him to, especially with the limited opportunities he had and will continue to have when he's behind Dame in the guard pecking order. Anfernee is a good player who often shows glimmers of true greatness on offense but whose defense (or lack thereof) is going to require very careful teambuilding to limit exploiting said defense in the playoffs. Perhaps he'll need to be the full-time point to fully achieve his potential as a playmaker but while he doesn't scream All-NBA caliber, he's someone you can easily see eking out a couple of All-Star nods at his peak and is, at worst, a staring-caliber guard. As for whether he can be the lead of a championship contender...we'll get to that when we talk about the pick he'd come with.
TL;DR - Anfernee Simons is an intriguing young player with upside as an explosive, shoot-first PG but one whose poor defense does mean the team's starting lineup/bench has to be built around carefully to account for his current (and likely ongoing throughout his career) weaknesses.
3rd Pick
It's whomever is left from Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller. Maybe you trade down to 4 for some more assets if you're a believer in Amen Thompson, maybe you take Amen if you think he's the best player available and the Rockets won't negotiate for Scoot/Miller but yeah, it's one of those three via the 3rd overall pick.
Before we get into the players, I do want to briefly mention that I actually did a post a while ago on a different sub going over trades involving the 3rd pick and to put it bluntly: The 3rd pick has good value but it doesn't have as much value on its own and trades involving the 3rd pick for an All-Star or even All-NBA caliber player are very rare.
The closest trade to what the Blazers would want in return was in 2000 where the Atlanta Hawks traded the 3rd overall pick to the Vancouver Grizzlies along with Brevin Knight and Lorenzen Wright for Shareef Abdur-Rahim and the 27th overall pick. That 3rd pick turned out to be future HoFer Pau Gasol but no one knew he'd become that at the time. As for what the Grizzlies gave up for the pick, Shareef Abdur-Rahim was not a perennial All-Star nor was he an All-NBA level player. He was a solid player that became an All-Star in his debut season for the Hawks...and that was his only All-Star appearance.
With that in mind, it is a bit wild that it's so commonly suggested that Simons and the 3rd pick alone should be enough to acquire an All-NBA talent like Siakam, especially with how much inflation we've seen in trades for players of that caliber of late or even players who are a step below. Concerns about his contract expiring lowering his value are baffling, as if a team's front office wouldn't talk to him about an extension before making such a trade. Moreover, it's not like the Raptors need to deal him out when they can simply re-sign him in 2024.
Now this year, when Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller could be up for grabs, the 3rd pick has a lot more value given how highly praised those players are, so let's put aside the debate on what is fair for Siakam for a moment and talk about the presumed 3rd overall pick, Scoot Henderson.
The 2nd best player in a draft class containing the best prospect since LeBron James. He's projected to go 3rd because Charlotte is allegedly interested in taking Brandon Miller at 2nd but we'll touch on that later. For now, let's talk Scoot:
  • Henderson is a freakish athlete and a terrific floor general; he racked up an average of 6 assists a night on an AST:TO ratio of 1.94:1 and is a strong option on offense due to his abilities as a slasher
  • His usage as the G-League Ignite's offense, be it ball screens or handoffs, displayed his ability to break down a team's defense
    • To delve deeper into his production as an offensive guard, his percentage rate of ball screens (43.7%) is only matched or surpassed by 7 players across the entire NBA. 7!
  • Despite the athleticism, Scoot is generally good at controlling the ball and not turning it over due to careless mistakes driving to the basket
  • For a guard, he's a pretty solid rebounder and, if nothing else, he puts in the effort on defense even if he's not necessarily someone who screams "Future DPoY"
  • Intangibles are hard to really quantify but Scoot is the definition of someone who "has that dog in him" and he's someone you trust down the stretch to make the right move
  • He puts in effort on defense but he's only 6'2 with a 6'9 wingspan and, well he's no Kyle Lowry when it comes to taking charges or the like
  • His shooting is...a work-in-progress; he tends to default to long 2s which he isn't great at making (38% overall), his free throw percentage is only 75% and his 3-point shooting is a measly 31% off the dribble
Needless to say, there's a lot to like about Scoot; if Victor wasn't in this draft, he'd easily go #1 overall. He's often compared to Derrick Rose or even Russell Westbrook as this uber explosive guard who can seriously pressure the rim while generating solid passes for his teammates which is a good comparison though one obviously hope his outside shooting pans out more like Curry or Trae than Russ or Rose.
Losing Siakam would obviously hurt the team in the short term but as far as what Scoot brings, there is a lot of upside to him that would raise the ceiling of the team in the long run. His ability to get to the rim, combined with his athleticism would make him the perfect guard for a team that thrives in transition like the Raptors. He would also have chemistry with another player the Raptors have been rumored to be interested in/may take at 13 in Leonard Miller as they played on the same team but we'll talk about the 13th pick's potential prospects another time.
For now, let's go over one of the problems with trading for Scoot Henderson if he is still on the board, besides the obvious hypothetical of "he might never become a player as good as the one you're giving up" or "what do you do with Fred when you brought in Scoot and Simons" because what you're really asking is this: Is a backcourt of Scoot/Simons the team's guard duo of the future?
This brings me to my big problem with a “trade for Simons + 3” trade if the 3rd pick does end up being Scoot: A backcourt of two undersized guards, one of whom is unproven against NBA competition on defense and the other of whom has been one of the worst guard defenders in the league is not a duo of guards you can build a contender around in the long-term unless both of them become significantly improved defenders. Or at the very least, it's a duo that has historically not led to notable championship contention.
Blazers fans would know this well given their team has only had one year where they weren’t the in the NBA’s basement as far as defensive ratings go, be it with CJ or Anfernee as Lillard’s sidekick; the furthest they ever got with either was the Western Conference Finals and the best their defense has even been was 10th. Every other season, the Trailblazers defense has been amongst the worst in the NBA. Part of those Blazers teams' failures can be attributed to bad coaching, but a more significant portion of the blame be laid at the feet of Dame being a bad defender and undersized who has been paired with bad, undersized guards throughout much of his career.
You can get away with one bad defender or a starter who’s undersized for their position on a championship-caliber team which, if you’re rebuilding by trading away Siakam, that is what you’re hoping to take a step back for. As an example, Dirk Nowitzki wasn’t known for being a lockdown defender and yet the Mavericks won their first and only championship to date with Dirk as the weak link on defense. He was also a phenomenal offensive talent whose weaknesses on defense were mitigated by how much momentum he was able to generate for his team but I digress.
You can get away with running several smaller players for a limited time to force mismatches on offense with the right lineup. The Warriors dynasty comes to mind, where Golden State would close games using their “Death Lineup”. However, that lineup revolved around 4 Hall of Famers (Klay, Dray, Steph, Igoudala) where Steph is the lineup’s weakest link on defense, and this is before we acknowledge that they were able to include yet another HoFer in Kevin Durant to replace Harrison Barnes in a different incarnation of the Death Lineup from 2017 onward.
For that matter, it's not wholly impossible to win a championship with a duo of small guards - the Pistons repeated in the 89/90-90/91 with 6'3 Joe Dumars and 6'1 Isiah Thomas and the Bad Boy Pistons were contenders throughout the 90s - but it is damn near impossible if your lead guards are bad defenders. Whatever can be said about Thomas' various off-court controversies, notably with him being found liable for sexual misconduct during his stint heading a woman's basketball team a la the New York Liberty, he was a phenomenal defender, as was Dumars.
Hell, the Raptors won in 2019 while having Fred VanVleet and Kyle Lowry share the floor a fair amount of time in the Finals though it is once again worth noting that both were terrific defenders at the time. Even if one wouldn't call their efforts All-Defense caliber, they were both positives on that end of the floor.
Historically speaking, you cannot be a championship-caliber team with two of your starters being undersized negatives on the defensive end barring them being surrounded by generational defenders or said starters being generational offensive players who can make up for how many points you’re giving up on the other end of the floor.
Simons is a gifted scorer with good playmaking but is a truly sorry defender. Scoot Henderson is a talented passer but is undersized for the position and how he fares defensively with teams hunting him as the smallest player on the court will remain to be seen. But with neither of them likely to be a Dumars/Thomas-level defender and the offensive capabilities for one of them being the main question mark as to how good a player they could become, having both of them as the foundation to your team's backcourt seems to cement the duo's future as a non-contending entity.
Let's put this into perspective with some statistics: Of the past 40 years, the only championship to ever be won by a team with what could be considered a bad regular season defensive rating was the 2000/01 Lakers. That team had two generational talents in Shaq and Kobe, and that season is itself an outlier when compared to the rest of the Shaq/Kobe Lakers era that it shouldn't even count. All other championship teams were at least 12th or higher for their season with most championship teams being in the Top 5 in defensive rating.
By the by, in case you're wondering: That team who had 12th in defensive rating was the 1995 Rockets led by the generational talent in Hakeem Olajuwon and said rating had a lot to do with untimely injuries to the 95 Rockets core. That team they still managed to have the 7th best offensive rating in the league despite Drexler's absence for much of the season is a testament to Future Raptors Retiree Hakeem's skills as the best big man of the late 80s, early-to-mid 90s. Are we noticing a pattern here?
Even if we ignore the question about what to do with Fred, the question of what the Raptors backcourt looks like is far more pertinent if it is going to involve some combination of Scoot Henderson and Anfernee Simons with, presumably, Gary Trent Jr. and another guard coming off the bench for relief. Is a backcourt of Anfernee Simons and Scoot going to turn this team into a Top 3-6 offense for the season without plummeting this team's defense off of a cliff? And if you don't think so, when do you move one of them to open up the 1 or the 2 for another player?
This is a question the team will likely have to answer once they've seen how Simons and Scoot fit togethefit with the rest of the roster; I don't see a 3-team draft day deal where Simons or the 3rd pick are moved elsewhere barring that aforementioned moving down to 4th and I don't see this team without Siakam/with Scoot and Simons being a serious contender for several years even if they do pan out. But it is a question that has me concerned in regards to how this team will function when it's developing a dynamic duo of players who will be picked apart in the playoffs barring one of them turning into a terrific defender.
Whatever else one can say about Point Scottie or even Scottie Barnes when he was crammed into the starting Shooting Guard position for much of the year, it is hard to argue that having either Scottie or Trent & Simons/Scoot as your backcourt makes way more sense defensively even if having both Scottie and Scoot complicates matters on the offensive end since neither are great shooters and Trent's defense is a touch overrated at time due to is propensity to gamble for steals.
All this being said, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Henderson becomes an All-Defense-caliber player or for Simons to a climb out from the deep hole he's dug for himself as one of the worst defenders in the league, and Scoot is still a phenomenal talent. These concerns should be noted, but they shouldn't serve to deter from selecting him 3rd if such a trade were to go down. As a prospect, there's very few players in this draft class who could serve to singlehandedly raise the floor and the ceiling of this team in the long run.
Speaking of other players, however, it should be acknowledged that Scoot isn't the only potentially available player at 3; while all accounts suggest the Hornets prefer Brandon Miller at 3, Scoot is the best player available at 2 and there's no guarantee the Hornets draft for fit. So here's a quick rundown of Miller and a player the Blazers have recently worked out, Amen Thompson:
  • Brandon Miller is a 6'9 forward (boo, we have enough of those!) who can shoot (yay, we need more of that!) and has some notable playmaking upside even if his decision-making can be questionable at times. He's a player you could see as either a #1 or a high level #2 option on a championship team though he's not the most switchable guy on defense and you have the usual rookie concerns i.e. "he needs to get the NBA body to thrive". He's gotten a lot of comparisons to Paul George but i'd say his playmaking is further ahead from what PG13 was as a prospect.
  • Amen Thompson is someone I talked about in the trade for the 4th pick & he's a very interesting player. A high ceiling, low floor player with unreal athleticism, a 6'7 lead guard who's arguably the best passer in the draft class but has serious questions about the competition he's faced in OverTime Elite/his shooting being as bad as it was. Think Ja Morant but with defense and, again, at 6'7 with a much longer wingspan.
I feel like the trade makes more sense if the Raptors were to go for Amen or Miller but we won't know who the Hornets will chose on draft night until the day of & ideally you'd trade down for 4th to get Thompson plus assets if you're sold on Amen. Plus like I said, it is possible that Scoot does become a good or even great defender so one might not have to worry about choosing between him and Ant down the line.
TL;DR - Scoot is an amazing prospect but his pairing with Simons could be a major problem in the future if both don't improve defensively. Ironically, the 3rd pick becomes simultaneously more valuable for other teams/less valuable for the Raptors if it's Scoot and vice-versa if it's Miller due to those concerns. Thompson is a wildcard at 3 depending on who has the pick/how willing the Rockets are to trade up to 3rd.
Nassir Little
Portland is reluctant to deal out Sharpe. We can debate on whether or not it's fair value for an All-NBA caliber player like Siakam, how much his contract being expiring should affect a deal (we'll ignore the fact that he can be extended by Portland and that any front office making a trade like this should be doing their due diligence by speaking to Pascal Siakam beforehand) or how good Sharpe actually was as a rookie overall instead of solely focusing on that stretch where the Blazers let him do whatever because they were tanking but regardless, the Blazers seem intent on keeping him. Fair enough, Masai is likely aiming for more than Anfernee and 3 - especially for the reasons listed above if it is Scoot Henderson - but Sharpe is likely a hard sell for the front office even if they are going all-in i.e. they want to keep at least one young guy on the roster for the long-term.
That being said, there's still the matter of salary matching, and that's where one of Nassir Little or Sharpe has to come in (They're not going to move Nurkic in the deal for Siakam unless they have something lined up for their center situation i.e. tampering for Naz Reid); the only way for the Blazers to neatly absorb Siakam into their cap with just Simons is by renouncing their rights to Jerami Grant and they need to re-sign him/move him to the 3 (Grant is a really bad rebounder for a PF; the man is a career 4 RPG) if they are serious about competing with Dame.
So...yeah, Nassir Little. Little is what people think O.G. is: A good defender who is often injured, Little is a solid 3 & D wing who, unlike Anunoby, has never played more than 55 games for a given season. Granted, 2019/20 and 2020/21 were shorted to 72 seasons but regardless, injuries have hampered the 23 year-old in the same way that Otto Porter Jr.'s potential was sapped due to a career-long battle with injuries. Still, when considering his age and production, his newest contract ($28M/4 years) is amazing value when he's healthy.
But much like Otto (who I think technically could be sent in such a deal due to the rules around incoming/outgoing salaries), the question of when he's available is a common one. Little is a good young player but one whom you shouldn't get your hopes up about changing the team's direction.
TL;DR - A little salary (sorry) is needed for the deal to happen on draft night & Nassir would be a decent choice for forward depth off the bench. One will have to carefully factor in injury concerns when evaluating the team's depth.
Keon Johnson
So like I said, Sharpe is likely to be ruled out. I debated if I should cover him at all but i'm honestly not sold on Shaedon as a prospect and we've already met the quota for rants with the "Simons/Scoot frontcourt will be exploited" talks. That said, I don't think the Raptors would settle for just Simons and the 3rd pick or the 3rd pick plus assets from a 3rd team were Anfernee moved due to the aforementioned backcourt issues with Simons and Scoot. For now we have Keon Johnson.
Fun fact: When the Raptors were expected to draft 7th in the 2021 draft, Johnson was a common player mocked for the 7th pick.
He wound up going in the 20 to the Clippers (via the Knicks in a trade) who eventually fleeced the Blazers in a deal including him for Norman Powell.
Keon Johnson...hasn't really done a whole lot thus far. He was noted for having an impressive vertical of 48" at the 2021 combine which broke a previous record, he's a terrific athlete and he's about the same age as Scottie so he lines up with a rebuild or retool around Barnes...
...and that's where the positives end. Like I said, Keon hasn't demonstrated all that much on either team he's been on. For a guard, he's not a great ball handler, he isn't a good shooter, he's got decent size and the speed to be a good defender from 1-3 but his potential on that end does not All-Defense caliber. He'd be a throw-in that you'd hope can develop over time, likely spending a lot of time in the G-League because as of right now, he isn't going to be a significant contributor on either end.
TL;DR - Keon is on a rookie deal so you'd be taking a flier on him/betting on your development bringing out the best in him if he were included.
Other pick(s): As far as immediate draft capital goes, the Blazers have the 23rd pick in this draft, which is around the range where players the Raptors have been rumored to be interested in/interviewed (Bilal Couliby, GG Jackson) would likely be available. There's been some speculation that the Blazers could send this pick to the Bulls so they can get their owed pick back from Chicago but nothing concrete has come out regarding whether the Bulls would settle for that vs. hoping the Blazers make the 1st round and lose so they can get a pick in the 16-20 range.
That said, the future pick owed to the Bulls is where things get tricky if the Raptors did want a future 1st: The Blazers pick is protected until 2028. It is technically possible for them to offer a swap in 2029 but without the protections being removed on the Bulls-bound 2024 1st (The 2029 pick cannot be moved due to the Stepien Rule), any future draft capital would need to come in the form of the 2023 trade deadline's currency of choice: Second round picks.
Some of the notable 2nds include:
  • A 2024 2nd that could come from the Hornets or Wolves
  • A 2028 Warriors 2nd
  • This year's second via the Hawks which is 45th
  • The Blazers own 2nd in 2028
Not that these are a good substitute for a first-rounder but with the Blazers draft capital being restricted and the CBA's changes to 2nd round contracts, it's better than no future firsts if the 2023 Knicks pick is considered a bridge too far.
TL;DR - There is some interesting draft capital here beyond their own 1sts, especially if the 23rd pick is available in a deep draft like this, but ideally one would want a future 1st from the Blazers rather than a handful of 2nds given Dame's limited window.
I was originally going to talk about the 4th overall pick too but this got a bit lengthy so I made that into a separate post. As far as the 3rd pick package, in some ways it's better than one surrounding the 4th pick because Simons is a flatout better player than any one the Rockets would send back but it's also worse when you factor in Simons or Scoot's respective ceilings vs some of the potential prospects that could come in a 4th pick package?
You're getting significant depth at the guard position if it is Scoot/Simons but there's a huge question mark as to how good the defense will hold up with two undersized guards, one of whom is a bad defender, will hold up in the playoffs.
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2023.06.02 23:27 Arch-40 A Superhero Reborn

This was a personal essay for a writing course. It ended up being a very personal writing. I'm much better at fiction and my other personal essays did not stand up to this one at all. So this one is very special to me. I hope you enjoy the read.
Ever since I could remember I wanted to be a superhero. I read and traded comic books and superhero cards with my neighborhood friends regularly. In 1989 my parents got me a Nintendo Entertainment System (or and NES for short) in which I actually could be superhero characters and save the day. These early years ultimately forged who I would grow up to become, for better or for worse. I would go on to develop one driving force in my life. One mission above all: to be a hero, to help people at any cost.
You could say I was a typical young boy. I loved my parents and wanted to be just like my father. When he had to work on his old Chevy I was there. When he watched basketball games on Sunday afternoon I was there. When he played basketball in city leagues, I was there. In fact, in the city league games, I got to flip the score cards and sound the buzzer for the end of each quarter. So as I got into high school, still wanting to be like my father, I considered joining the military. I didn’t go to enlist for a long time, but after high school while working at my job at a kiosk in a mall, I ran into an old friend who was now in the US Army. He had asked if I would be interested in enlisting. I was in my mid twenties and working at a mall kiosk barely making any money with no real career prospects. I told him I would go down to the center.
This was my chance to be a hero. This was how I could do something to better myself and the world around me. When I committed to the decision to enlist, I proudly told my parents. My father, who served in the army when I was a child, was proud and excited for my decision. My mother on the other hand, was more apprehensive and worried about her only son enlisting. A couple of years passed by and I swapped my elected branch to the US Navy. The enlistment process was intense and I needed a lot of documents. I regrettably left my military career behind when I got a job offer at GE Aviation. This was a big deal. The facility manufactures helicopter and airplane engines and components for commercial companies and the US military. It was a major salary boost and a job I could be proud of.
Even after landing this career job, I stilled pined for military life. What kept me motivated was knowing that if I couldn’t serve next to the brave and dedicated men and women of the armed services I could have their backs in a way. The main engines produced at this facility are for the US Blackhawk helicopters. The engines are designed to withstand sand, dust and other materials that might otherwise damage and bring down other engines. When I tell people that I wish I enlisted to this day and that if I could still I would, they try to dissuade me.
“The pay isn’t that great.” “It’s dangerous.” “You’ll probably get sent overseas.”
None of these were valid points for me. You do not perform a job of nobility for the money or accolades. Yes the job may be dangerous at times, but to defend what you love, sometimes you must take risks. If called to travel for the job, I will go for my job. I would be signing up for this role knowing what it entailed. There would be little shock and awe when it comes to the basic job duties. I truly believed that having to abort my previous mission to start this new mission with this new job that I would still be satiated. I believed it would be what I needed. To fulfill my duties and honorably contribute. I was only partially correct.
While I am very proud of the work we do and my part in the system, the “hero” in me never left. Still having a strong affinity for military culture, I strive to take care of and protect people, usually at a personal cost. Leave no man behind. Sacrifice yourself to save the person next to you. Earn the highest honor. While lending someone money or waking up at two am to help with an emergency or dropping what you’re doing to help someone who ran out of gas is not a death on the battlefield, it can still be a death of self. Superheroes are super for a reason. Maybe they are impervious to heat or cold. Maybe they can fly. They can probably bench press cement trucks. Maybe they just have billions of dollars to buy all the heroic toys they want. I don’t fit into any of those molds. I am just a human, just a man of average means going through life like everybody else. I can’t possibly save the world myself.
In trying so, I have developed depression and anxiety, both extremely debilitating. I somehow put on my cape and cowl and gauntlets and never took them off. I made my mission to serve and protect at any cost. In doing so I forgot who I was. I will disregard my comfort in order to make somebody else more comfortable. I will sacrifice my sleep if it means somebody else can rest more easily. I believed wholeheartedly in my impregnable armor and that it would keep me safe from trauma and I could freely rescue people. I learned that my armor is not impregnable. I learned I could be attacked and damaged. However, I am also learning that it is possible to take off my armor and not be the hero. I will by no means abandon people, but I am on a path to learning how to wear just a utility belt rather than a full suit. Without my suit of armor I can be a normal person. Everything I did to save others I can use on myself. I can have bad days like everybody else and I am learning that it’s okay to tell somebody else having a rough go:
“Hey, I’m not doing so well today. I don’t think I can be much help right not.”
Even though I am in the process of removing my superhero attire, I will hold on to my utility belt. It still contains useful tools to assist others, but allows me to be me. I can learn who I am without my gauntlets and work to fortify my mental and emotional armor. I can be my personal superhero.
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2023.06.02 23:11 PathCalm4647 She wants a divorce asap. And I agreed.

We’ve been married for 17 years. It has been a tough tough journey. In the beginning, I was a bit immature. Also didn’t try my best to find work, but she stuck by me and even supported us in those first 2 years. I was going to university at the time, and thought that I would land that perfect job. So I was stupid to think if I hold out a little longer, the company I wanted to go to would hire me. I had won a few awards, and was full of myself.
She was the bread winner, and I sometimes helped her at her work. We were innocent, naive, and simple. However we did fight like all young couples, and she did threaten to leave me, though she never did. As I promise to change. Thinking back, I’ve been trying to change for her since that time…
Then I got a call from my dad. He was dying, and only had less than 2 years. He helped pay for all of my educational shenanigans. And being the eldest, it was my duty to take care of him. My dad lived in another country, so my wife and I packed up and relocated.
It was hard for us both. It was a really really hard for her. I got my act together, and had to support her and dad. We spent all our savings on flight and logistics and with barely any money, and working odd hours. It was stressful, but we tried our best to make it pleasant. She made some friends from church, I managed to enroll her to a local university to learn the local language while I worked.
It slowly got better, as she began to form her social circles. Here friends from university, tend to be married into rich and affluent families. Soon she complained about not having name brand bags that cost a whole months worth of salary. We fought and bickered. She tells me, why I would always say no to buying things for her, especially when other husbands would just say ok to their wives.
Eventually I landed a better paying job that paid double the previous. I even introduced her into the company, and she was even hired as a sales assistant. It was very cool, and I was happy we got to go to work together, and leave work together. The extra money really helped the situation more. It was hard work, but it felt good to make money. It felt good to treat her as she deserved to be treated.
Then my dad died. We cremated him, and I don’t remember much, but she was there with me. I really appreciated her being there. Not long after, my mom move in, and things got a bit worse. My wife complained about money, apartment, the way I communicated with her, my mother, etc. To be fair, all those things were valid points for complaint, but very unnecessary. Through thick and thin, I said to myself. It was just very hard to not to get her angry. I believe she threatened divorce again. I had to ask my mom to move out.
Then we made up and had our first child and second child. Continue to argue. She fights and blows up over the smallest things. Lectures me , the kids for hours if we didn’t do as she said. Then she stared withholding intimacy. It had happened before, but not to the extent and frequency as it has been. Compounded by all the fighting and her cussing me out. I became tired, vengeful, and e started chatting to some women from dating apps. Eventually went on a few dates and sexual encounters.
But the guilt was too much. I confessed to my wife. We almost broke up, but she accepted my apology. Since then, when ever she was angry with me, the words she used became more vindictive and hurtful. I don’t say anything, because of my infidelity. My biggest mistakes to look elsewhere for comfort and sexual gratification. I regret it so much.
I have been sleeping on the couch, off and on, for the last 3 years ;70% of the time. She is angry all the time. So I just tip toe and try to a paid confrontation. It’s terrible. I now ham recovering from a serious health condition, due to multiple surgeries. She threatened to divorce, which my kids have heard on numerous occasions. I feel so bad for my kids, having to experience so much fighting.
Finally, last week. We got into an argument about why I was upset at the restaurant. She was telling my kids off in public for chatting and being kids. Then when finally home, she said she wanted divorce. I finally gave in. During the last 7 days, I talked to my children, and told them about what wrong I had done. I told them it was my fault. I told them both mom and I love them always. It was my mistake, and my responsibility alone.
Today, she hands me the papers which she had signed last week. Tells me I owe her money. She’s not my house keeper. We have loans under my name, and she expect me to take a loan out and pay her with it. She wanted to take both my kids, but one wanted to stay with me. She was furious. I was called many things again. I tell her we can sell the car. I giver her a few months of my saved salary.
I don’t know what to do. I’m just sad our family is broken up because of my mistakes, my infidelity. My kids will need to grow up far apart. My kids are heartbroken I told them it’s daddy’s fault. And I am so so sorry.
I got 2 weeks to borrow more money. I gotta pay for their airfare, living expenses, etc. The previous loan she insisted on for Bitcoin and crypto, did not translate into anything. If I don’t, I truly think I won’t see my youngest child again.
Any advise greatly welcomed.
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2023.06.02 17:46 SimonBarJesus I Like This Show

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTLIIik_o2k This is what I wrote in response to the video...does anybody else actually like the show or is Reddit and YouTube generally down to be sarcastic? An American Chinese show can get away with half crack Chinese like a sentence that's half Chinese half English and that's not racist. There's a bunch of Chinese YouTubers making their buck off "you not study harder" parodies and Evelyn Yen Mah and some other useless shits who couldn't remember whether foot binding was for the men or because of Mongol law...but a show whose storyline is based on sightseeing and top notch corporate marketing is basic because character's chic. How do you all hate this show so much, for exactly the same reason you ban European clubs as racist gatherings in Anglophonic universities whose yellow fever policies were started by Americans and Australians?

You're completely misinterpreting the show. "All of Emily's achievements are made through comedic timing or coincidence"...this is the only show where progressions of events actually make sense with a bunch of commercial strategies that actually show a career. The most coincidentally people have ever popped up was because they live in the same city or received phone calls or tried to swarm the best venues at the same time. Other sitcoms have rely on 30 year old waitresses, people who are fired and re-hired 6 times in a season just so HIMYM can play with using middle class money up and downs to make plot instead of daring to paint a picture of whether there could be a story with a stable life. Emily doesn't end up liked because she's superior. She ends up liked because it's theatrically important for the people to end up justifying themselves and proving that they fit in, because they are the protagonist whose views about life are in the minority. It's a vantage point not a whose culture is better thing. There are 3 allegories per side to what a break means in Friends. Mindy doesn't have a personality...to you...does Sheldon Cooper have a personality? We don't know whether he's afraid of being sexual or afraid of germs. One day he just fucked Amy and we don't know how he got over it, and the audience made Kid Sheldon into a show just to make some drama out of self hatred for not being a prodigy while needing him to be put under the control of a school in order for adults to feel good about the fact that he can be patronized. "Her boss has every reason to be upset that they sent someone who doesn't even speak French...". You quote the “we can never be friends but we can work together". Emily's from a branch that OWNS this branch and hired all the people in it. She doesn't need to speak French as much as 3M headquarters doesn't need to send Japanese speakers to 3M Japan. 5 people refuse to communicate with her for several days and straight up tried to force her ass back to America...in a..commercial career, not language based career, translator or diplomat. And you think that's OK. "Ratatouille is a dish wtf". Now you're just being a dick. You've shown a circular view of the city from above next to the plating of that dish you can see how the contours of the city look and if it is a dish you'd know she meant Paris looks like what it looks like in the city the movie's set in. "It's Paris it's full of love"...and why exactly can't she say that? She's about 24, got a boyfriend she started dating at 19 they're both corporate rats and Chicago corporate rats not Idaho 2 level building rats and the boyfriend never quite makes it clear that he can't do long distance. He says what does he do there she's working all day. The show pretty much makes it clear that she's bland pussy he wouldn't pay to travel and fuck and for all that a city is propped up to be the opposite of Lagos Nigeria Emily is supposedly problematic to be exclamative of it according to you because you're a MovieSins copy who thinks he's slick for anti-melodramatizing everyone who's excitable because you can't pull a solemn vibe or sentiment of weight even if Mortal Kombat theme song was chasing you for it. You can only be piss sarcastic about other people's excitement because you've got nothing yourself and want to ruin everybody else's attempt of it. They're about to get married and he couldn't be fucked visiting her a few times a year and to wait till she has the promo but according to you the only guys who are nice to Emily are there to fuck her like you give a fuck about whether she's treated right. He doesn't object before she goes to Paris, he doesn't break up a week after, he breaks up when he realizes he can't be fucked visiting pussy to fuck pussy, if she wasn't worth it he wouldn't even do it for tourism perks-it's not like Emily went to Africa or an Anglophonic copy like New Zealand. What's entitled about it? You also say that the show tries to make her ways seem superior to French ways. So if they're nice to her it's because she's American and show execs made France suck US dick and if they're not nice to her it's a rude portrayal of bad cliches of French people and if she wants people to be nice to her she's entitled, just for kissing a guy whom she didn't know had a gf, fucking him when he was broken up pledging to move to Normandy, and for fucking a 17 year old because we assume college not to mean junior high. That makes it boundlessly convenient for you. "we don't know what the black guy's job is". You do know. He's a marketer. Marketing advisors can make hundreds per case, let alone someone whose pitch Emily has interrupted 3 times. He doesn't need to show you anything else "people start speaking English in France....that's because it's a TV show Fresh Off The Boat has grandmas speaking English too it happens to give the brains of the audience a rest. If that's racist I can make critical commentary by asking American Chinese people whether they side with Tibet and going "oh you got a B?" "Yeah but it's a Masters yours is a Bachelors". "Your salary 6 digit? What about Chow Brothers' brothels?" Sarcasm of taste isn't racism. Fucking Sheilas in Australia isn't racism. It's called Love Island, and if I got the name wrong it takes half a day to find the same show there. French attitudes about whether sex is artistic or crude gets condescending because they involve existential tastes-not because they involve cultural derisions. The alternative is to have you lot pretend to give a shit about racism for a single show next to ten years of keyboard warriors who use the phrase level Asian without checking China's percentages of PHDs per unit populace. Mindy's song does sound better than Alabama. And you know Sweet Home Alabama became an incest meme.
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2023.06.02 15:00 JasonOrion Predict the 2023 offseason

The draft is less than 3 weeks away, and as the draft approaches, we'll get an increasingly clearer idea of what will happen this offseason. So, while we still don't know what will happen try to predict the 2023 offseason. For reference, here's what we did last offseason according to Basketball Reference:
  1. Traded Jerami Grant, pick #46 to Portland for Milwaukee's 2025 1st, pick #36, 2025 2nd, 2026 2nd
  2. Traded Milwaukee's 2025 1st to New York for the draft rights to Jalen Duren, Kemba Walker
  3. Traded Nikola Radičević's draft rights, Detroit's 2025 2nd to New York for cash, Alec Burks, Nerlens Noel, Detroit's 2023 2nd, 2026 2nd
  4. Traded cash, Saben Lee, Kelly Olynyk to Utah for Bojan Bogdanovic
Draft: #5: Jaden Ivey, #13: Jalen Duren, #36: Gabriele Procida
Free Agency: Signed Kevin Knox and Rodney McGruder
This offseason we will have $27,979,371 in cap space if we draft at #5 and #31. In terms of draft capital, we have pick #5 and #31 and 2nds from other teams but we can't trade any future 1sts due to New York having our protected 1st.
Here's my prediction:
I predict we make 1 trade, a 3-team trade with New York and Dallas. For New York, they'll turn Evan Fournier into Bojan, and 3 2nds for future trades. Going from Evan Fournier to Bojan would be great for them, they lost to the Eastern Conference champions in 6 games in the second round, and with Bojan added to their roster they'd have a better shot at making the conference finals next year. Washington's 2024 2nd is going to be good as Washington is likely to be worse next year than they were this year (for reference, their 2nd this year is pick #37.)
For Dallas, they'd get a young center that still has some potential, Burks, their 2024 1st, and pick #31. Their own 1st next year could be used in future trades. Pick #31 is a good spot to select a player like James Nnaji who could be a solid selection for a team that needs bigs.
We'd be giving up Bojan, Burks, Wiseman, pick #31, and 3 future 2nds for #10 and our own protected 1st back. #10 could be used to select a long-term piece, which will fit the long-term focus the front office has considering the length of Monty's contract. We have to get our protected 1st back if we want to ever trade future 1sts, which will happen if we ever want to trade for a star. This would make us worse next year but would help us in the long term. Fournier's contract is only 1 year since year 2 is a team option, and Bertans's contract is only $5 million next year.
Draft: #5 Ausur Thompson, #10 Leonard Miller
Ausur Thompson would be great for the team defensively, and he's a good playmaker too which will be important in Monty's offensive scheme. The biggest problem with Ausur is his 3pt shooting, but he's improved a lot over the course of the past year and he'll get a lot more open shots with Cade and Ivey setting him up than he did in OTE.
Leonard Miller has great size for somebody who is currently playing SF, he measured in at 6' 9.25'' without shoes at the combine (6th tallest height at the draft combine). He's a great rebounder, he averaged 11 rebounds per game this season including 3.3 offensive rebounds per game. He's not a great shooter but has improved this season. He can become a much better player with an NBA training staff helping him put on weight as he only measured in at 212.8 pounds at the combine.
Free Agency:
The trade mentioned before, combined with selecting at #5 and #10 would leave us $32,368,568 in cap space. With that money, I predict we'd sign Jerami Grant to a 4 year, $120 million deal. This is an overpay, but not much of one considering Portland already offered him a 4 year, $112 million extension. Cade, Ivey, and Duren are all under rookie deals for a couple more seasons so our roster will be cheap so it's not that big of a deal if we pay Jerami $2 million more per season than another team would. The setup of the contract would make the deal better over time as it'll be a flat contract and the salary cap increases each season.
It looks like Portland is looking to trade for Pascal Siakam so Jerami may be looking for a new team, and with the Monty hire, Ivey and Duren on the roster, and year 3 Cade Cunningham we are a much more attractive destination then we were when Jerami was traded 1 year ago. Jerami would be a great 3rd option on our team, as he's played as a 3rd option very well in Portland scoring 20.5 points per game, shooting 40.1% from 3 on 5.7 attempts per game, and while being a good defender.
For our own free agents, I predict we re-sign Hamidou and Cory Joesph to league-minimum contracts.
And, our last signing will technically be a trade as we'd have to send a 2nd to the Kings for his draft rights. That player is 2023 Euroleague MVP Sasha Vezenkov. He's a 6'9" PF who's a good shooter, he shot 39.8% from 3 on 5.2 attempts per game in the Euroleague and he's a good rebounder and decent defender too. He averaged 26.8 points per game during EuroBasket 2022, which is more than Luka averaged. He also led EuroBasket 2022 with 12.2 rebounds per game. He'll only be 28 to start next season, so if he works out he could be a solid medium-term player for us.
The Lineup:
Cade Ivey Ausar Grant Duren
Hampton Fournier Leonard Vezenkov Stew
Cade, Ivey, Ausar, and to a lesser extent Duren are all solid to good playmakers, and Grant has the reputation of being a good scorer so our pass-heavy offense should work well. As I mentioned before, Grant will be the 3rd option, with Ivey as the 2nd option, and Cade as the 1st option. Defensively, an Ausar, Grant, and Duren frontcourt would be quite good, too. Cade, Ivey, and Grant all have the potential to average 20 points per game, but it's the bench that's the problem offensively.
I think we'll make RJ Hampton the backup PG over Killian because RJ is a much better shooter than Killian and we'd need shooting on the bench. Fournier has had a bad couple of years, but he could be a decent bench guy since there isn't the Boston/New York media to criticize every missed shot and error he makes so he should be under much less pressure. We would still have a lot of holes on our roster and a lot of moves to make, but we won't go from worst in the league to championship contenders over 1 offseason.
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2023.06.02 07:23 jonmis10 Sporting News Fantasy Basketball stock-style game

Do any of you oldheads remember a fantasy basketball game run by the Sporting News that was similar to buying players with a salary cap and treating them like stocks in a stock market?
Some details I can recall: -Salary cap, PG SG C PF SF 6th Man -bonus points for triple doubles, double doubles, blocks/steals worth 3.0, offensive reb worth more than def Reb -the players value would rise and fall based on the number of fantasy managers adding and dropping them throughout the day -3 transactions per week -young Lebron, peak Dwight Howard and Shawn Marion were the blue chips in this game, you’d want to build your daily/weekly lineup around them and then find some cheap penny stocks that could get you some easy stats or if they had 4 games/week
This was my all-time favorite fantasy game and I’m wondering if there is anything else like this that exists now?
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2023.06.02 01:08 clean2016 I need 1 more replacement owner for our Dynasty cash league, details of the league, team and next steps are in the attached picture.

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2023.06.02 00:48 clean2016 I need 1 more replacement owner for our Dynasty cash league, details of the league, team and next steps are in the attached picture.

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2023.06.01 18:25 AmokSpain Why do Teams Spend Money that they don’t have

I’m currently building the German League and also want the Financial Site to work properly. With Play all Teams and my custom made expenses for Scouting etc. at 0.1 Mil everything works fine and every Team ends the first season with a Profit. When I disable Multi Team Mode and go to the next season all AI Teams go between 0.5-1.3 Mil in Scouting, etc. and just earn negative Profit. Is there a way to change that? Why do AI Teams do that or is this feature just broken?
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2023.06.01 15:34 Ook_1233 European clubs’ wage bills and net profits 2021/22

Team Wage costs 1 Wages/revenue 2 Net Profit/loss
1. PSG 3 €729.0M 109% -€368.7M
2. Real Madrid 3 €519.0M 72% €12.9M
3. Manchester United €482.4M 70% -€136.3M
4. Barcelona 3 €463.8M 73% €97.6M
5. Liverpool €432.0M 62% €2.9M
6. Manchester City €417.6M 57% €49.2M
7. Chelsea €401.4M 71% -€143.1M
8. Juventus €352.1M 85% -€254.3M
9. Bayern Munich €348.6M 53% €12.7M
10. Atletico Madrid €254.3M 67% -€22.6M
11. Arsenal €250.5M 58% -€53.7M
12. Inter Milan €248.4M 75% -€140.1M
13. Tottenham €246.9M 47% -€59.1M
14. Borussia Dortmund €231.2M 65% -€35.1M
15. Leicester City €214.8M 85% -€109.1M
16. Newcastle United €200.8M 95% -€83.4M
17. Everton €191.2M 90% -€52.7M
18. AS Roma €182.8M 96% -€219.3M
19. AC Milan €170.3M 63% -€66.5M
20. RB Leipzig €164.5M n/a €7.1M
21. Aston Villa €161.7M 77% €0.4M
22. West Ham United €160.1M 54% €11.6M
23. Sevilla €157.6M 85% -€24.8M
24. Crystal Palace €146.1M 77% -€28.6M
25. Leeds United €143.3M 64% -€43.3M
26. Wolves €142.3M 73% -€54.4M
27. Bayer Leverkusen 4 €142.3M n/a -€7.3M
28. Norwich City €139.2M 88% -€21.0M
29. Brighton €136.1M 66% €28.4M
30. Marseille €135.5M 57% -€31.0M
31. Southampton €133.8M 75% -€15.6M
32. Napoli €130.4M 85% -€52.0M
33. Eintracht Frankfurt 4 €128.3M n/a -€14.0M
34. Wolfsburg €121.6M n/a -€5.0M
35. AS Monaco €118.0M 137% -€0.2M
36. Villarreal €116.6M 65% €0.7M
37. Benfica €112.6M 67% -€35.0M
38. Ajax €109.4M 58% -€24.3M
39. Burnley €108.6M 75% €30.6M
40. Fulham €106.7M 126% -€68.0M
41. Gladbach 4 €103.2M n/a -€24.7M
42. Real Betis €103.1M 85% -€38.3M
43. Athletic Bilbao €102.6M 94% -€10.6M
44. Watford €102.4M 68% -€20.9M
45. Lyon €99.4M 62% -€55.0M
46. Lazio €99.1M 75% -€17.4M
47. Hertha Berlin €97.7M n/a -€79.8M
48. Valencia €94.4M 86% -€46.0M
49. Real Sociedad €92.2M 81% -€4.3M
50. Stuttgart 4 €90.5M n/a -€16.6M
51. Porto €89.3M 62% €20.8M
52. Hoffenheim €87.4M n/a -€0.5M
53. Lille €84.2M 57% €22.2M
54. Fiorentina €80.9M 78% €46.8M
55. Brentford €80.5M 48% €30.3M
56. Schalke 4 €78.5M n/a -€20.0M
57. Koln €77.2M n/a -€15.7M
58. Bournemouth €72.5M 115% -€65.5M
59. Nice €70.9M 90% -€59.6M
60. Celtic €69.5M 67% €6.9M
61. Nottingham Forest €69.1M 197% -€53.8M
62. Club Brugge €69.0M n/a €4.1M
63. Rennes €68.1M 82% -€12.2M
64. Bologna €67.6M 98% -€46.7M
65. Sporting CP €67.1M 55% €25.0M
66. Torino 4 €65.6M 89% -€6.8M
67. Espanyol €64.6M 83% -€19.9M
68. Rangers €64.6M 63% -€1.1M
69. Sassuolo €63.6M 75% €1.4M
70. Freiburg €59.6M n/a €2.0M
71. Anderlecht €57.0M n/a €1.3M
72. Bordeaux €56.5M 114% -€53.1M
73. PSV €55.2M 59% €1.2M
74. Union Berlin €54.0M n/a €12.7M
75. Celta Vigo €53.7M 74% -€0.8M
76. Mainz 05 €52.3M n/a €3.3M
77. Levante €51.5M 83% -€22.1M
78. West Brom €50.0M 65% €6.4M
79. Getafe €49.9M 79% €2.1M
80. Feyenoord €48.2M 55% -€4.5M
81. Trabzonspor €48.0M 81% -€25.0M
82. Augsburg €47.5M n/a -€0.4M
83. Atalanta 5 €44.6M 64% €11.4M
84. Stoke City €44.1M 120% €120.1M
85. Werder Bremen €43.8M n/a €6.3M
86. Nantes €43.0M 83% €0.1M
87. Mallorca €41.7M 67% -€1.5M
88. Udinese €41.6M 69% -€69.0M
89. Montpellier €40.7M 105% €3.0M
90. Alaves €40.6M 67% -€3.4M
91. Osasuna €40.5M 63% -€1.1M
92. Granada €40.2M 62% -€2.8M
93. Hamburg €39.2M n/a €1.0M
94. Hellas Verona €38.9M 63% -€5.0M
95. Saint Etienne €38.8M 54% -€6.8M
96. RC Lens €38.0M 80% €1.6M
97. Strasbourg €37.1M 65% €2.1M
98. Cadiz €37.0M 61% €0.6M
99. Birmingham City €36.7M 177% -€29.3M
100. Bristol City €35.8M 102% -€33.3M
101. Troyes €34.6M 132% -€31.1M
102. Cardiff City €34.5M 147% -€35.9M
103. Metz €34.5M 97% -€12.7M
104. Middlesborough €33.5M 106% -€18.1M
105. Swansea €32.6M 137% -€14.8M
106. QPR €32.6M 125% -€29.1M
107. Bochum €31.2M n/a €6.0M
108. Hannover €31.0M n/a €0.5M
109. Lorient €30.1M 90% -€2.8M
110. Arminia Bielefeld €30.1M n/a €2.7M
110. Reading €29.9M 150% -€20.4M
111. Stade Brest €29.5M 66% €12.2M
112. Preston €29.0M 178% -€19.8M
113. Blackburn €28.8M 147% -€13.2M
114. Stade Reims €27.4M 76% €1.1M
115. Angers €27.4M 78% €8.7M
116. Rayo Vallecano €26.5M 51% €5.1M
117. Millwall €26.3M 120% -€14.0M
118. AZ Alkmaar €25.3M 77% €18.6M
119. Braga €25.0M 83% €3.0M
Total €13,534M n/a -€2,523M
1 Wage costs = wages and salaries of all employees, image rights, bonuses, social security contributions, pensions, termination benefits and other costs.
2 Revenue excludes transfer fee income. For some teams it wasn’t possible so the column is n/a
3 Real Madrid’s basketball wages of €41.4M are included in their wage bill. Included in Barcelona’s is €48.7M in roller hockey, handball and basketball wages. PSG’s wage bill includes their handball staff. Other teams may also have non-football sports teams included in their figures.
4 A number of German and Italian teams use the calendar year as their financial year so the figures for those teams are for the year ending December 2022 not the 2021/22 season.
5 Atalanta changed their financial year from ending in December to June so their latest accounts are only for a 6 month period. Their wage bill would likely be around €80m for the entire 2021/22 season.
6 Converted at £1 = €1.18
7 Some of the teams missing from above include: Sampdoria, Genoa, Elche, Besiktas, Fenerbache, Galatasaray, all Russian teams
8 All figures were taken from financial statements/annual reports. Media reports of financial results were used for a small number of teams.
9 Last years figures (2020/21) https://reddit.com/soccecomments/v0zz1a/european_clubs_wage_bill_and_net_profits_202021/
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2023.06.01 06:29 Long-Operation3660 Today I reported my racist boss to HR

Hi wives! Yesterday I posted about smoking a roly poly. Today I am posting about working up the courage to report my racist (ex) boss to HR. I just feel so sad and alone and this is a wonderful community.
I was coaching and teaching under my former coach and mentor (at community college). Things went south and became really contentious between us when I finally stood up to him after two years of him taking advantage of me and earning $$$$ off my work and efforts.
During the conflict I finally saw him for what he truly is- a manipulative, gaslighting bully. Today I decided enough is enough and reported him to HR. Although I had more than enough to report him for how he has been treating me, I didn’t want to go down that road. Instead, I reported him for speaking derogatorily towards people of color. He will openly call one of our swimmers a slur directly to his face (but he’s ‘joking’). He also will speak down on another demographic conversationally. When I spoke up about it to him, he didnt engage or care.
Today I wrote a letter detailing his words and actions and sent it to the president of our school and HR. I spoke with the president on the phone and this is now a Title IX violation/ investigation(big deal). I am terrified he will know it is me. We share a space twice a week and I will have to see him. I have known this person since I was 15 (half my life). I have a relationship with his wife and son. 3 weeks ago he spoke at my wedding reception.
I worry that he will think this is me being petty because I am mad about what led to my resignation. I worry that this will cause me to loose work and coaching opportunities (he is a big deal in our sport). I worry that this will cause my former coworkers and friends to think I am a traitor. I’m worried he will be fired and lose his salary and it will be my “fault”.
Silence is violence. As a professor and coach, it is my duty to protect my athletes from hate and discrimination. To be a voice for those who are marginalized. To speak UP.
… I just feel so bad. Idk. This is scary and unchartered territory.
Tomorrow I leave for my honeymoon! I’m supposed to be packing but I’m typing this to you all and hitting my travel vape pen. It will be great to turn my brain off and read some awesome books.
Ugh I didn’t realize this would cause a pit in my stomach. Any advice? Thank you for reading ✨🌸
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2023.05.31 23:50 Weak_Mathematician60 I feel like a total failure compared to all my friends

Just like the title says - my friends have all surpassed me. They all have great, high paying STEM careers. One’s in government, one’s in a startup that’s been acquired by a Fortune 100 company, etc.
I work a salary job at a large company for less than $70k. I have no real career because I’ve had a new job every 18 months, and I feel ashamed I make so little and have such low career progress.
It’s really frustrating and I feel like less of a man because of it. I’m more than happy for them and their wives, but I just wish that was me.
That make sense?
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2023.05.31 23:44 scootermcgroover Reflecting On My Time In Education

I'm starting a new job on Monday as the advertising director for a local paper. I'll also be doing catering gigs every weekend so I'll make 2.5 salaries this summer with my teaching salary, the newspaper salary, and the catering gigs. That will obviously be nice. My last day in education (at least for the time being) is Friday.
I've worked in two schools during my time in education for thirteen years total. For the first nine years, I worked as a high school English teacher with a two years where I was also part time elementary Librarian. The past four years I've worked as a high school Librarian and Yearbook advisor in a different school.
School #1: At my first school, for the most part, I felt relatively valued by the district. I actually had principals tell me they didn't want me to leave several times while teaching there. For the most part, any time I had an issue, the principal would listen to my issue and usually take my suggestions. I developed some really great friends along the way there, people I still talk to today and do fantasy basketball with. However, I hated the job. My sleep was horrible when I started because of the anxiety I felt about public speaking and everything else teaching related and I medicated myself with benzos for years and that made it tolerable for a number of years. Kids even liked me the years I was medicated. Then I went through a lengthy withdrawal process because of those. I was grading every weekend, most of the weekend, and I was doing lesson plans for like two hours a night most week nights. I knew I had to get out because of the nature of the job, not the school.
School #2: On the flip side, in my time at this second school for the past four years as the high school Librarian, I've never felt valued in any way. And I never was as my position got cut this year. I made basically zero friends that I will talk to once I'm gone here. I've felt mostly invisible. However, the work and job itself has been way more tolerable. I don't feel anxious when I arrive every day. I don't take work home with me except when I'm editing the final yearbook. I don't feel like I'm in fight or flight every day, so that's been good.
I think what I'm hoping for at any new job I get is finding a job where I don't feel stressed every moment where I also fit in with the people. That's the goal going forward.
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2023.05.31 18:03 olesia_spitsyna UX design: how to become a UX designer in Five Steps

UX design: how to become a UX designer in Five Steps

Behind any excellent application design is the team of professionals who designed it. We expect smooth website flows and get upset with issues on low-quality websites. But have you ever considered how to become one of the professionals who define the designs of future products?
User Experience (UX) Designers are people who define the way a user will interact with a website, tool, or any other digital application. These professionals build firm bridges between service providers and customers.

Steps to Becoming a UX Designer

Step 1. Enroll in the training.

Become a part of a UX community by joining Careerist’s training. Meet your peers and instructors. Get inspired by portfolios that work and kick-start your own journey.

Step 2. Attend training sessions.

Studying can be challenging, especially if you are a busy person. With Careerist, you can choose whether to participate in live sessions or watch a recording, which gives you extra flexibility.
Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that might be bothering you. When you attend live sessions, you will likely get the answers faster, but feel free to ask a question in a group channel on Slack. We never leave questions unanswered.
Dive deeper into the topics with efficient homework tasks, and get homework reviews from top-notch professionals. Get a chance to work on your first case study for your UX portfolio by following step-by-step instructions, learn how to work in Figma and Figjam, and practice it every lesson.

Step 3. Participate in an internship.

Careerist offers the chance to join an internship with its partnering companies. Become a part of real-life projects and get insider experience you can share in future job interviews. As a fresh graduate, you will start building a resume straight away. An internship is a great chance to add a second case study to your UX design portfolio.

Step 4. Prepare for job interviews.

All Careerist students have unlimited access to class recordings and follow-up materials. Everyone can review the materials anytime they want.
One-on-one support and mentoring ensure that you will never get stuck during the training, or even after graduation.
Your mentor will help with your resume and LinkedIn, portfolio, and all parts of the interview process preparation, including presentation, app critique, problem-solving exercises, and even behavioral questions.
Also, mock interviews with your mentor will help you review UX-related questions and raise your chances of passing real interviews. Don’t forego the opportunity to boost your confidence with effective interview preparation.

Step 5. Get hired!

Follow the previous steps and you are likely to get a job in a new field within a couple of months of graduating. Careerist grads usually land positions with an average starting salary of $82,155 per year.

Why Learn the Careerist Way?

In a world full of learning opportunities, it's hard to pinpoint the best option at first glance. Let's dive deeper into what makes Careerist training stand out from its competitors.


We offer one of the most competitive prices in the market for UX Design training, while also providing career services.


We provide mentorship until you secure a job, and for one month after job placement.


8-12 hours per week is optimal for people who already have a job or other responsibilities. We offer the opportunity to watch recordings and set deadlines, which helps instill discipline in students and achieve outstanding results.


Every practical homework assignment will be reviewed through a screencast with personalized 'how-to' recommendations to ensure perfect results and the creation of a competitive portfolio with case studies in a short time.
We have designed the homework load so that students with jobs can study with us - one assignment per week. You can complete it on weekdays after work or on weekends by attending a co-working day, where classmates can offer help and advice. One assignment per week during the learning phase will allow you to build a study case that will become part of your student portfolio. A resume is an essential part of finding a job, but a portfolio is crucial for a designer!


Three training instructors work in different companies such as Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.), Google, and Lowe's Companies, bringing varied tasks, tools, and experience. In every lesson, you can ask questions about their experiences and expand your knowledge about the market and profession. Most of our instructors have worked their way up in their profession independently and understand the challenges of navigating conflicting information and lack of support.


Our program is designed to make the student's path shorter and more progressive by focusing on the most important aspects and excluding unnecessary elements.
We don't include non-practical topics; our training centers on stages of the product creation process and real tasks.

What UX Design Skills Will I Get?

You'll gain access to a carefully curated set of abilities that are in high demand, paving the way for a successful and fulfilling career. Get ready to master these sought-after skills as you embark on an exciting learning experience with our training program.
  • Create mid- and high-fidelity prototypes.
  • Transfer high-fidelity prototypes for desktop use (responsive design).
  • Use UI kits and Figma efficiently.
  • Be able to choose visuals efficiently.
  • Create web pages and add content based on rules relating to grids and typography.
  • Describe a case in detail and highlight skills and learnings on your personal website
  • Prepare a presentation about a case within a time limit.
  • Understand the product development life cycle.
  • Define a problem statement.
  • Prioritize solutions based on the rules and stakeholder criteria.
  • Prepare and conduct user interviews.
  • Conduct competitive audits.
  • Write a usability survey.
  • Build a hypothesis.
  • Write a product brief.
  • Test hypotheses by prototype with users.

What will my portfolio look like?

You will only find a job as a UX Designer with a well-crafted portfolio. Careerist helps you build a winning portfolio that will showcase a maximum of skills and knowledge of tools. First, you will change an already working app and go deep into its user problem. Next, you will create the functionality of pick-up training for sports app which is oriented toward users who like play basketball and often do it.
Careerist training is designed to give hands-on experience, show students how to build digital tool designs from scratch and help them land a job at a tech company or design agency. Let your creative mind bloom in the modern digital world by taking the first step toward becoming a UX Designer. Join now!
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2023.05.31 17:53 fenris52223 You guys make me feel broke.

I am a sole breadwinner, my wife and daughter want for nothing. I make 170k a year after bonuses, which is more than 95% of other people in my state. I know I’m well off, on track to retire by 45-50. Currently at 1.6M total NW and mid 30s.
Then there’s 90% of you fuckers with your 200k plus salaries, partner with another 150k, rental incomes of 100k, and all sorts of other crap going on. I feel like a poor SOB every time I look at this subreddit…. Lol.
EDIT: wow, lots of replies. I’m not depressed or anything about this, I love my life and what’s in the future. Just laughing about how I know I’m doing so well but when surrounded by all of you doing better it makes ya feel smaller, ya know? Like if you stick a college basketball player up against the NBA. He knows he’s good, but how much better others are can be humbling. I’m glad for all of you killing it harder!
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2023.05.31 01:53 DeltaBot Deltas awarded in "CMV: Head Coaching Salaries For D1 Basketball and D1 Football Teams Are Reasonabl...

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2023.05.30 23:18 leewilliam236 CMV: Head Coaching Salaries For D1 Basketball and D1 Football Teams Are Reasonable

Off the top of my head, there's reasons why CFB and CBB coaches what some perceive to be an insane amount of money. And the salaries they get are reasonable once you get to know more about their day-to-day responsibilities.
I think a lot of people that complain about how Athletics taking a lot of money comes from a position where they know little to nothing about college athletics in general.
TL;DR: Head coaching salaries for D1 Basketball and D1 Football Teams Area Reasonable because of the amount of roles/responsibilities they have. In fact, they spend 70-80 hours a week! They also have to spend a hefty amount of fees to move from one job to the other. The job market for D1 Coaching is really small, so there's no reason the amount of money should be allocated towards other things outside of athletics. Without the coach, they wouldn't bring in as much non-subsidized revenue as possible for their athletics program.
CMV Reddit!
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2023.05.30 18:34 SeparateDrivez 'Basketball Wives' Star Brittish Williams Pleads Guilty To Fraud

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2023.05.30 18:30 SeparateDrivez 'Basketball Wives' Star Brittish Williams Pleads Guilty To Fraud

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2023.05.30 18:29 EventuallyPlump 'Basketball Wives' Star Brittish Williams Pleads Guilty To Fraud

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2023.05.30 18:26 SeparateDrivez 'Basketball Wives' Star Brittish Williams Pleads Guilty To Fraud

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2023.05.30 18:24 PsychoticBallet 'Basketball Wives' Star Brittish Williams Pleads Guilty To Fraud

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