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2023.06.02 00:23 AutoModerator [Course] Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator

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2023.06.02 00:23 itwasaraccoon This looks bad....

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2023.06.02 00:22 lamalex05 How to initiate sex and not be a pillow princess as a woman?

My boyfriend and I have been together for quite a while now. We are both pretty open about sex and have been so since before we started sleeping together. We often talk about what we‘d like to try out or if we like or don’t like something much.
Recently we had that conversation again and he told me that he would like it if I did initiate sex more often because mostly it’s him initiating. The problem is that even though I love and trust him I am scared of being turned down if I initiate. He also said he‘d like if I would do a bit more during sex and it wasn‘t him on top all the time. Now I have to admit that I‘m rarely on top. When I am on top the bed shakes more than usual and it‘s kind of loud, we tried it on the floor and it went a lot better but I don‘t want him to lie on the floor every time I ride him.
Also I rarely give blow jobs because I have a stronger gag reflex and am scared of throwing up because of giving a bj after I threw up once for the same reason. It sometimes makes me sad that I can‘t manage to please my partner in these ways, especially because except these issues our sex is great and we enjoy it.
How do I initiate or train to initiate in the best way and how can I do more during sex. Maybe someone even knows something to the bj problem. Thank you!
Also I‘m sorry for mistakes of all kind, english isn‘t my first language
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2023.06.02 00:22 psyhcopig Anything that compares to The Last Of Us's gay focused ep3? I wanna get sappy.

As a "passing" gay, it was really nice seeing just average guys get along. Granted, it's representation meant a lot more to me than a lot of other movies I've seen because of being a bear gay. It did make be bawl hard though, even if I didn't love the episode itself.
Looking for suggestions on this kind of sad love/romance, enduring the worst, painful choices or challenges, a desperation to keep what they have alive (By fizzling out or other threats). Boons if it features gay men, but not a requirement.
Some preferred romance movies as reference: The Fault In Our Stars, Definitely Maybe
Absolute favorites: 10 Things I Hate About You, Her, Your Name
Those to rule out: Brokeback Mountain, Love Simon, Call Me By Your Name, God's Own Country, Moonlight. (I liked these, but Call Me By Your Name and God's Own Country were really slow burns and barely held my attention)
English dubs only.
After seeing The Whale, I think I'm desperately yearning for another character focused drama. I loved it, and have had little to compare to it since.
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2023.06.02 00:22 xdLoqqt How to kiss gf more often

Me and my gf have been dating for just under 5 months now, and we hold hands often, hug when we say goodbye, go over to each others houses every now and then, have dates once or twice a month, etc. However, we’ve only kissed once, and it was about a month to a month and a half ago. Sometimes we talk about it and she always says how she wants to but just gets super nervous, so we never really end up kissing even though I really want to. Plus, we’re never really alone, as since I’m 14 and she’s 15, usually one of mine or her parents is in the room when we hang out. Could I get some advice on how me and her could kiss more often?
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2023.06.02 00:22 Stellarfoxcosplay [product request] idk how to do a skincare routine

So I never learned how to properly take care of my skin. I’ve tried a few different things since my teenage years, I’m 28 now. I’m just really frustrated with my skin and I wanted to make a post asking what I should do and what to use. I (28F) have sensitive skin and had really bad eczema when I was very young so I have memories of my mom holding me down to put on various creams and medications to help the eczema, so now I hate the feel of lotion and don’t moisturize as much as I need to. I do moisturize my face as much as I can tho. I’m not sure if my skin is oily or combination. I’ve noticed my forehead, nose, and chin area are more oily than my cheeks. I get flakey skin in the oily areas. Recently, as a part of my mentral cycle, my nose and mouth area get really dry and itchy and the skin is flakey for several days. No matter what I do, my skin is very acne prone. I’m not the best at my skincare routine but I never go more than two days without doing it. I use murad cleanser first, then African black soap. I use coco kind rose water toner. I was using the cottage greenhouse pomegranate seed serum and didn’t realize it was for dry skin. Felt nice but I don’t need to be more oily. My doctor told me to try differin gel but I haven’t noticed any changes. I use cetaphil to moisturize and that’s the end of my routine. I don’t do anything special for day or night. Sometime I use the ordinary brand red mask, a pore strip, and the Mexican clay mask. I do not use sunblock daily because I am allergic and who’ll break out in hives that lead to dry itchy skin that lasts for a week. I hope I included enough helpful information. I’m getting really frustrated with my skin. I hate how it looks and I don’t even want to wear makeup anymore because I hate how the flakey skin looks underneath. I also should probably ask for better makeup options but I want to focus on my skin first
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2023.06.02 00:22 DigitalInk24 Advice on dealing with extremely antisocial roommates?

There is this guy, not a bad person, of course. But, I can not help but feel frustrated every once in a while... To be noted, we're basically 5 guys living in 1 room and sharing a bathroom and a tiny "kitchen area"( shittiest college dorm possible, ik), so there has to be at least the bare minimum of social interaction to maintain some level of cooperation. But he... well, he just refuses to interact, with little to no exception. He doesn't ask others if the bathroom is free when we're all getting ready in the morning, he just rushes to it for a shower or whatever avoiding eye contact, even if he's got classes in 2h but the rest of us are already late or have to leave but just need a quick face washing a tooth brushing. He stays up till extremely late, like 5AM sometimes. He's always wearing his headphones, and, doesn't matter if it's like 2AM, cause he's gonna casually turn on the light in the kitchen area( it's right next to my bed, lol) and rummage through his stuff( maybe drop something too, he's quite clumsy tbh). Also, when he's exiting the room or entering, it's like a jump scare. No footstep sounds, no carefully opening the door, it's like he grabs the doorknob and instantly slams it open( it scares everyone, lol). You also can't ask him of anything, cause he's straight up gonna ignore you if you try to grab his attention. Like there is this recent thing where our bathroom had some nasty pipe leaking problem, so I reported it to the administration to fix it, but the thing is, the whole place was a mess( and I really mean it, it's a cramped room full of guys after all). So, not to look like some hobos from the jungle, I suggested the others to at least sweep an area of their choice and mop it. Well, all but 2 people didn't contribute. One who had classes and was already late( totally understandable, don't blame him) and this antisocial guy( who could have but pretended like I didn't say a word). He also doesn't respond to any messages, he just gives u the "seen". Like the other day when me and this other roommate had to go out look for a new led tube for the bathroom and texted everybody about it so that they're okay with splitting the costs( broke ass students, lol), They all replied except this antisocial guy, who just left me in "seen"... He still hasn't contributed to the costs :/ I didn't get to see him since yesterday later in the day when he came back very briefly and left. It's a weird situation to be honest, cause at first when I met this guy I thought he was a cool guy, but now it's like he gave up on even trying to do the bare minimum of human interaction with me or with anybody.
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2023.06.02 00:22 Designer-Expert-5085 I'm burnt out. I have another job lined up that excites me, but I fear these feelings/attitudes will carry over to the new job.

I'm not optimistic the job change will shake these negative feelings and lack of motivation to work. In reality, I don't necessarily want to leave my current job. I wouldn't say I like my current job, but it does have many perks (pay, prestige, other).
It feels like if I stay at my current job, then I'll never shake this feeling of a lack of motivation, so a change is likely necessary.
To anyone that has changed jobs in hopes of finding something that will get them out of their current funk: Did the job change help you? Or did those feelings from the previous job continue with the new one?
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2023.06.02 00:22 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (HQ)

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The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
- Finding Leads
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- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
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Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@]yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.02 00:22 apologetic-Chad this game is out to get me

crafted a molo - the second I throw it it starts to rain….
I walk in circles t for 2 hours for them to burn to a crisp. done
Da fuk! then come a heli along (ext. events) and draws another crowd….
man just one of these days
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2023.06.02 00:22 Usual-Sherbet5911 Beyond burnt out

I’m burnt out to the point of feeling angry all the time. I dread going in, I’m exhausted and have very little patience internally throughout the day, and I go home defeated and upset. I absolutely cannot quit, I need the money, and I have searched high and low for another position in my area that accommodates my schedule with my own kids and pays enough. So on top of the burnout and emotions, I feel trapped. I’ve posted about issues on here before so I won’t go into much detail, but I just need someone, anyone, to tell me that I’ll get through it and it will get better eventually😭
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2023.06.02 00:21 Blue060491 Kayaking activity vs track me

I have the tactical edition if that makes any difference. But I've looked all over for this question with no luck. What is the difference between track meand the kayak/canoeing activities is there is any.
I've used track me while walking but have yet to use it out on the water. I have a trip planned, and want to know if it would be more beneficial to use one over the other for seeing distance, time, and any other stats.
Any help with this is appreciated.
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2023.06.02 00:21 ghostshamboo "One last text"

My ex and I essentially have a mutual agreement of no contact. Our relationship was one that neither of us were ready for. It was MY first relationship and it was very unhealthy. It was extremely codependent and led to both of us never being able to set boundaries or maintain boundaries we had set. During our breakup conversation she had said that she didn't want to be friends because of all the hurt and because she didn't trust herself not to fall back into the codependency. I said that I wasn't in a place to be friends with someone I'd been with/broken up with but that I wanted to be able to someday. She said she didn't know what she wanted and that she didn't know if the door would be open or closed going forward. Now that it's been two weeks since we broke up I've sent a couple of texts saying that my door will be open to her and that we can talk at some point if she ever chooses to. That I have her blocked but there's plenty of other ways for her to reach out. How do I keep myself from sending just "one more text" or "one last text"? There's things I still wish I could say. I want to tell her we don't have to repair the past and that we could start over as friends. I want to tell her that she can "focus on herself" with me to support her. That I just want to ask her about her day and make sure she's alright. I have my own support system but hers is limited and I wish I could be part of it. I want to tell her I miss her all the time but I know sending her that would just hurt both of us. In a few weeks I'm thinking about asking her if she'd like to go somewhere like a coffee shop to talk, we'd put triggering topics down/aside so we don't talk about those things, and set a timer for the discussion. And also make it clear that either one of us can stop the conversation if we feel uncomfortable. Just so we can have the conversation we never got to have after we'd processed the breakup. I just feel like she wants to live in a bubble and I want to live in mine but after almost a year of building a life together I feel like we deserve to understand one another. She doesn't owe me anything but I'm of the belief that if you really love someone you never leave their life forever. Maybe I should just wait and see if she reaches out. But what if she thinks I only want to talk about the past and triggering topics? I want to have a positive experience and not get caught up in fixing something we should leave behind. I don't know if she knows that. I don't know anything because she's not a part of my life anymore. I'm sorry...
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2023.06.02 00:21 Amareluna_VGC Doctors Permission

I work in home care and it’s usually a pretty sweet gig but since we provide care in the home there’s only so much we can do when something goes wrong and since we want to avoid sending people back to the hospital, we just call doctors directly to try fixing whatever the issue is.
This week one of my regular patients was due for a suprapubic catheter change. Over the weekend, the PRN nurse tried to change it but couldn’t get the catheter out so they put it on the calendar for me to go out. I go out, same issue. I call the doctor to let them know so they will hopefully schedule her to go into the office for intervention or go to the ED at the hospital next to the office because she is wheelchair bound (she has transport assistance daily except weekends). Instead I get a call back from the office saying the doctor gives me “permission to give it a good yank because he’s confident there can’t be any growth around the tube.” I didn’t get my license during the Middle Ages so I’m not in the habit of tearing things out of people, natural or artificial, so I tell them I’m not comfortable with that because if there is growth I have no plan b and no backup if there are any complications from that other than sending her to the ER probably without another catheter inserted because of swelling. She calls me back and says that doctor doesn’t know anything else that can be done since I won’t forcibly remove a catheter from this woman’s body. I tell her I’m not doing it and she can give the message to the patient’s original doctor at the practice when he gets in on Tuesday. Over the next couple days I received voicemails from the lady in the office telling me the same thing as if I’m hampering this patients needs. I wrote notes on everything and told my manager. I called the patient to update her and told her as long as the catheter is draining she should be fine until Tuesday but if anything happens before then to go to the ED. They told her I never called and spoke with anyone in office. I told her never to see that urologist again.
Am I going crazy here?
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2023.06.02 00:21 DjStephLordPro Installation Error

Hi, I've been trying to install 0roxmox but get th8s error. I don't have AMD, I have Intel. So I thought that the AMDx64 post I saw on another problem wouldn't help.
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2023.06.02 00:21 TheseEnvironment5165 Self reloading ballistic guns

So for me the biggest drawback and why ballistic ammo’s are inferior is because they have low ammo capacity and once you run out of them thats it, you need to abandon everything you’re doing and go refill ammo because if the ballistic weapons were everything you had, youre a sitting duck.
I feel like it would be nice if we had some reserve ammo for our ballistic weapons, meaning that once we depleted the ammunition loaded inside the weapon, it would then self reload for 30 maybe 60 seconds (or however long to make it more balanced and time can differentiate from the sizes of the weapon). The reserves could be maybe 3(random number)? Meaning that every-time you finished up whatever you had it will automatically reload up to 3 times before you need to head back and refill you ammo.
this would be a nice way to make ballistic weapons more viable and have an edge over laser weapons when thinking about which to pick. As they still would be running a risk of running out of ammo but it wouldnt be such a huge deal breaker.
I am not sure if CIG ever talked about this but it wont be even that hard to implement as it would need only changing some numbers in coding and what not, no need for new animation or anything extra (for now at least).
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2023.06.02 00:20 _bark_vader_ How do I stop making more mistakes in my relationship?

I (20F) come from a troubled past. I've always had a very strained relationship with my family, and I never really grew up with any sort of support system other than from the 2 relationships I've had in the past. Both were extremely toxic, and over the course of both of these (one lasting 3 months, one lasting 3 years) I myself adopted toxic habits. I always thought I would end up alone after these so I gave up on relationships, until I met my current partner (19M).
It's started perfect. We've never had a fight like I'm used to in the past, rather one of us making a mistake and we talk about it. We've been together for around 6 months now and he could not be any more of what I've always wanted out of someone. It's always felt like once I met him that I met my other half. However, I've been so used to being in toxic environments with so many people that I didn't even realize how many I've adopted myself. I've found myself to become incredibly anxious all the time that this façade he has will just suddenly disappear one day and his 'true' self will show, but it never happens. Even when I'm being clingy and ask the same questions over and over (Ex. Do you love me? Am I boring you? You enjoy listening to me right?) he still answers them and is honest with me every time, even if the truth hurts. It's a reason why I love him so much, since his truths always help me be serious with my mistakes so I can work to correct them.
I made a horrible mistake last night, which is the pinnacle of all the mistakes I'm now realizing are slowly going to kill this relationship. I struggle with drinking occasionally, as it is a bloodline thing in my family. I went a full month without drinking, before my mom offered some wine to celebrate an achievement for my brother. It didn't taste like wine, and it hit me hard like something strong such as whisky. That night in a mutual group chat we are in I ranted about my love for him. The next night she offered to finish the bottle with me and I caved, since the happy lovey feeling of the previous night made me want to again. This time I had much more, and ended up calling my boyfriend. I do not remember this night at all, however he told me that it began sweet before it became extremely bad. I was clingy, asking extremely personal questions and pressuring him for answers. The next morning, this morning, I told him how I don't remember the previous night. We texted and he told me every single detail of that night, and I felt sick. My insecurities were projected tenfold, when sober they're not nearly as strong. I've always been extremely insecure but with how intoxicated I was, it was a whole other level. We talked and I apologized, and he was extremely forgiving, especially considering how I was not my normal self. He said that, however, the next time I drink he would not pick up.
I don't know what to do from here. I apologized several times but even I have the common sense to know they mean nothing since this isn't the first time that this has happened. I should have realized it previous times, but I just thought that acknowledging the problem was equivalent to doing something about it, when it very much is not. I've looked into counseling resources at our college so I can learn to properly process my anxiety and insecurities. He worded the questions I asked as if I was just needing answers to boost my ego, and I feel so terrible for making him feel that way, that those questions were anything outside of pure insecurity and anxiety. I feel like I text him enough already, being clingy, but I do not know what else I can do from here. I am soon starting a job so I can look into therapy to process my emotions properly so I can be my best version for him, and to make this last as long as it can. I never thought that I would end up being the problem and now that it's seriously hit me, I want to fix this as soon as possible. I'm terrified that this will only get worse and I will negatively impact his mental health, if I haven't already. I plan on completely cutting out drinking, since previously I only said I would stop drinking alone and only do it socially, however even socially I overdo it. I am not dependent on it whatsoever other than the occasional anxious night, however I need to learn healthy ways to overcome my anxiety without the need of it.
Is there anything else I can do?
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2023.06.02 00:20 dustysheeps Can you blame depression for your nasty behaviour?

I am uncomfortable keeping it here for long so I might delete this in a few days.
My (F 29) sister (F 28) has been diagnosed with depression many years ago. For background: We are from a very conservative family and she does not want my parents to know about her depression cause apparently she hates them for reasons (emotionally neglectful when we were children cause they just working all the time) and blames them for her depression..
Long story short: I've tried my best to support her eventhough I don't live at home anymore (she does). When she complains or whines, I've tried saying things to make her feel better, she will say I don't understand her situation; if I try to offer her a solution, she will say she didn't ask for unsolicited advice; if I don't reply her, she'll say I don't care. This has been going on for years and I feel like I was stepping on eggshells everytime I talk to her because she is like a volcano that will explode at anytime for the most random things (like not supporting her when she argues about the dumbest things with my parents, like just conversation about world news, it's just not anything worth being so angry over ). Eveytime this happens, she will blocked or remove herself from a group chat, become passive aggressive towards you, shout at you and throw things or give u the silent treatment for many days. Initially I would want to make amends cause I just want to talk to her so I would apologize eventhough I don't think I've done anything wrong. But I remember the last time we've fight again, I decided I had enough and stopped apologizing. She started talking to me a few days later but never apologized for her actions.
I was really patient and telling her that she needs to get therapy. Eventually after a few years she did went but ended up not getting anything out of it because she was being defensive with the therapist.
She also always threatens me with suicide. 'i hate this world I want to kill myself'. Everytime she says that I would try to be like noo why pls get help, but it's hard to not be numb towards it as she has never taken any action. It made me feel like she was manipulating me for attention with empty threats, but deep down I still do get worried.
I've been to therapy because of her and my therapist advised me to tell her that her behaviour has affecting me to get her to take responsibility for her actions, but my sister turned around and said she doesn't understand why it should upset me...
We just had another fight after I've tried to be firm and told her she is actually the one causing the problems for herself at this point in her life (she not a child anymore and she has a full time job) and she should start taking responsibility for her behaviour that has affected the people around her. But instead, she stopped replying me and went to post on FB bout how her family doesn't support her and no one wants to help her get better, which I got very upset with because she is making up lies. 1. She never told anyone else in the family that she has depression, how are they supposed to support her? 2. So all these years my 'support' meant nothing, because I was the one that found her when she got forcefully admitted into a psych ward after I lost contact with her 3. I'm not a therapist I can't help u get better, u need professional help (literally told her this but in a nicer way)
I wish she would one day become self aware, realise she is behaving like a spoilt child at this point and be open to the help she needs. The psychologist I've spoken to says she is unlikely to change since she is an adult now and her behaviour seems to have started since she was at a young age. I'm so tired and done with this.
Also I am believing she has some form of personality disorder at this point.
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2023.06.02 00:20 tysongalaxy Why would she ghost me?

So me and this girl had talked two times and both times she ended up just ghosting. My issue is the second time around things seemed to be going relatively well, so idk what happened. The first time we talked I’m not gonna lie I fumbled the bag hard like really bad.
We started talking and when we were talking she had mentioned that she doesn’t like to force things and likes to go with the flow and let things happen naturally. I did the exact opposite and came on strong to the point where I was acting really fucking clingy and she pulled away and ghosted me . I felt so stupid ngl idk how I messed it up that much. Even after she was ghosting me I was still hitting her up it was that bad.
Eventually I stopped and a month or two went by. And she had posted something that I had seen and I sent her a message I think the funny part is by this time I’d forgotten that I had her on my Snapchat so when she posted I wasn’t paying much attention I just so this really pretty girl and reacted. It was only after that I realized it was her I messaged. But she ended up responding and seemed really happy to hear from me to the point weee she reinitiated conversation and we started taking again.
The second time around I was much more reserved. Than when we first talked, this was mostly cause I was confused and suspicious and wasn’t expecting things to go far with her. But man she did a 180 she seems way more interested now. But then one day mid conversation she just ghosted me . She didn’t block me or unadd me off our socials.
She isn’t ghosted me and is back to ignoring me I’ve tried to reach out a few times but it’s much of the same. My guess was she has a bf but I haven’t. Seen any sign of one at least not from her socials . So what happened why’d she ghost me the second time even tho things seemed to be going much better?
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2023.06.02 00:20 Academic_Tie_2512 She tried to kill me. she was supposed to kill me.

Foresight: late 20’s male, USA; prior military
The dream is vivid and only slightly lucid ( it still has a script apparently and it goes based on my reactions it seems)
Setting : European style church
Im dressed in ceremonial dress attire aswell as my dream father
I hear the priest say “I don’t want him in the ceremony.”
As im walking behind my dream father he gestures to stay while walking through the door.
The ceremony ( of which I have no idea what for, whom, etc )
In attendance is clergy and seemingly members of military uniforms unknown. Their uniforms resemble dated tunics and golden shoulder pads.
Military members and other civilians start slaughtering the church members and clergy as the “Ceremony begins”
(in my mind) “this is the beginning of genocide”
I don’t run I don’t panic I just watch. After a few seconds I just sit down in a pew trying to understand the meaning of this dream.
I look to my right and there is this young woman (mid 20’s) she had blonde hair and she was beautiful. Her eyes were an amazing silver. We lock eyes and she stabs me in the right shoulder with an ice pick. I don’t react. I don’t feel it. We stay eyes locked. ( I AM MEZMORIZED BY HER EYES)
She says, “your just gonna watch that. And not expect this to happen?”
she takes it out and slashes in between my groin and abdomen. She gets up as our eyes are locked still
I say “ oh no, I understand” ( I still don’t react. I don’t move.) her eyes go from confident and filled with purpose. To confusion and sadness as she slowly walks away.
(BLACKOUT) - I awake in real life ( in my mind ) “that cant be it. I want back in that dream” (im successful)
Now im in the basement of the church. I hear people being finished and begging for their life.
(in my mind) “I want to die in the sunlight, this doesn’t seem it”
I start fumbling and running into a catacomb like underground until I reach the end and im somewhat blinded by sunlight. I look towards it. Its her. And three of her “friends” (all brunettes and beautiful and never engaging vocally with me)
She say’s “come on your bleeding out, lets go.” – I follow
Now we are outside in a new setting ( somewhat European and middle eastern ; can be compared to up and coming Bahrain in the mid 2010’s ; brand new tall white beautiful walls, buildings growing with scaffolding and the only pollution is concrete dust and small construction debris)
We are all walking towards a hotel ( I’m seemingly healed ) local law enforcement approaches us and he asks the blonde. “ where are yall going? Who is this?”
I look at her. She looks back. Then speaks to the officer “ this is -------- “( a name I can not pronounce or remember, it had an European and middle eastern feel to it )
The officer is distracted by one of her friends. The blonde hands me a bill.
“give this to him, he’ll go away”. – I grab it.
I look at it. It has a 3 and 1\2 numeral. And looks like a combination of a Euro and a Dinar. No visible governmental figure. – he grabs it and says “thank you sir” and goes about his day.
We get to the hotel. All of sudden her friends have a man and they’re pushing him past the mud room. ( first entrance to take off shoes and etc, its essentially a front porch but enclosed )
I close to the door to mudroom in assistance and they are stomping and beating this man senseless.
Im shaking my head up and down and (in my mind) “these girls are pretty fuckin’ awesome”
I hear the blonde in the mudroom she’s audibly struggling and making noise and I hear herself slam herself against the wall a couple times in hesitation. Im confused thinking shes being attacked but its just her in there. She stabbed herself in the side 2 to 3 times with the help of the wall. ( I don’t think she had the heart to just straight up do it, she had to fall into the wall and force herself into it. )
I open the door quick and inquisitive; she perks up and try’s to hide what she just did. thinking a smile will make the cause for concern go away.
BLACKOUT ( A FUCKIN GAIN I awake. ---- as before i know there is still more. ) I fall back asleep.
Now were walking down the street all of us. Twilight is beginning . the brunettes are in front. im in the middle and the blonde is behind me a couple feet apart. The brunettes stop in their tracks with maps trying to assess where to go. so they stop. I stop just short of them. The blonde bumps into me because she didn’t notice. I can see her. Her eyes still amazingly silver but they’re filled with tears and pain, she’s wincing.
I approach and say. “breathe ( gesturing nose first and out the mouth) you need to breathe. Do it with me” (still gesturing) and the brunettes surround the blonde and I, in a hugging circle, and they’re helping to get her breathing under control. She’s got it down and it has seemed to work.
Then the blonde comes in to me and kisses me. THE most passionate kiss I have ever had (topping real life experiences) this lasted about 10-15 seconds.
I Awake. And I cant go back and see the rest of this out because I awoke 7 minutes before my alarm.
It pains me that I cant. I just don’t understand any of it, but I want back in.
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2023.06.02 00:20 HuseinR Help finding new Associate position in PA after being laid off from Grant Thornton.

Howdy y’all! So I got laid off from GT last week on Tuesday and I wanted to get some advice on finding a new position as an Associate at another PA firm. I polished up my resume and I got reached out by one firm and had an initial call with the recruiter which went well. I have applied to associate positions in Tax at a few other firms through their respective websites, and my manager at GT has submitted my resume to some colleagues they know from their previous positions.
So far, besides that initial call with the recruiter it’s been silent on my end. It’s only been a few days since I had applied to these positions.
What else should I be doing or could I do to find a new position soon? Thanks!
Some background about me: I have a Masters degree in Accounting, have passed 2/4 CPA exams (FAR and AUD), I was an A1 for GT since January of this year, I interned for GT before that as well, trying to apply to A1 Tax or equivalent positions.
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2023.06.02 00:20 Hyenaswithbigdicks McFlyer's Metalworks opening on 01/07/2023. I am looking for people to work with me.

First, a little about me:
Hi, I'm Connor. I come from a family of craftsmen. really any kind of craft, I know a relative who's in it. My father was a blacksmith, and so naturally I followed in his footsteps. I love my craft, and have always been good at it. I started learning it when I was 13, and went on from there.
What is McFlyer's Metalworks?
McFlyer's Metalworks is my dream really. I always wanted to own a workshop to do manual crafts. Mostly blacksmithing, but really anything. Got anything broken? Lemme take a look, I probably have the tool to fix it, and if I don't, I'll make it. Need me to make a part for your car? I'll build the part to outlast you.
Who I'm looking for:
I don't require a qualification other that at least being an active high school student. A degree in Engineering or Science will definitely be a plus, but not required.
What I am really looking for is people who are willing to learn this craft, and pour their passion into it. Perhaps even develop it. If you can bring another craft (like woodwork) into my workshop, great, you'll fit well here. I also need people who are willing to stick with me to grow this business. You must understand that I have invested a lot in the equipment and tools of this place, so ROI isn't the best.
The positions are:
3 admins: you will work in keeping track of clients, shipments, inventory and finance. Work schedule is set and rarely changes, You may be called outside of work hours on emergency situation, but I promise not to make it a habit. Pay will be set at the beginning of each month and will depend on the revenue but minimum will be $12.00 an hour
6 Craftsmen/blacksmiths: this is the actual work. Schedule will not be as fixed and will depend on the orders we get. However you have set hours where you have to be in the workshop regardless of work load. As this is a craft, i suggest you practice it in your down time. Pay will depend on how many orders you contribute to. Salary is set at a base of $5.00 an hour + bonus for work done.
Depending on who you are and what you want, your time here can count as ECA hours, vocational training or just regular, full/part-time work.
And finally, how to apply:
On 20/06/2023, The workshop will be open from 8am. A tour of the place will start on 10am, and will go on for however long, and after that, I will set appointments for interviews for all those who are interested. Then I will close the workshop until 3pm, at which point i will start interviews. Please be on time for your interviews, And have your phone out. I will call you in advance of your interview slot. more information on the day. Bring a copy of your CV, a statement of interest and any form of ID.
If you're interested, or have any questions; let me know down below.
See you soon!
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