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2016.09.14 19:41 venomspinner TW5: the step towards ideality

Starting with the basics, TiddlyWiki is a note-taking web application you can download for free, store wherever you like and customise however you wish. Use it to capture, organise and share your notes in ways that word processors and other note-taking tools cannot. TiddlyWiki is designed to be non-linear, structuring content with stories, tags, hyperlinks, and other features. You can organise and retrieve your notes in ways that conform to your personal thought patterns.

2011.10.19 01:58 The super-cool RTC club.

Are you looking for rct?

2023.03.29 18:09 xmarketladyx App for gig workers and small businesses to connect services?

I wanted everyone's opinion on this:
I'm considering developing an app where gig workers and startups/ very small businesses can connect and buy or trade services. Basically this would mean no franchises, no MLMs. Just gig app workers and the local flower shop, bakery, 3 person mechanic shop, gig workers all supporting each other.
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2023.03.29 18:07 squirlz333 Got a low annual raise, is it time to job hop?

So I've been working for a company for about a year now, after getting paid a good sum of money out of college when I lived in a cheap state I decided to stick with this company. Overall the work has been okay and team is good, however I just got a message from my manager about HR's annual pay increase overall it's a ~4% increase. With inflation being at close to 7% effectively this means it's a 3% decrease in my salary, also beyond that I've moved away from that cheap state due to personal reasons where cost of living is here is now higher and wages are too, so I sort of expect that to be taken into consideration especially since the company has employees in places like D.C where things are EVEN more expensive, so it's not like they can't be competitive with other states (they're not some startup)
Is it worth going back to my manager in our next 1:1 to discuss why the increase isn't really acceptable, or is just best to stay quiet and start looking at the places that have their median ranges in a 10-20% salary increase for me?
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2023.03.29 18:06 verbo_phobia In container linux (coreOS, Flatcar, etc) how do you handle Docker volumes?

I'm playing around with Flatcar Linux to replace Ubuntu as my go to Docker host, and so far I love it. I'm using NFS mounts to handle container data (think TV/movies/music) but I haven't yet found a good solution for handling Docker volume data.
I understand that I can't (and shouldn't) be using NFS for volume data such as sqlite databases (think Jellyfin), so how might I handle this on container linux?
The only thing I can think of is to define a folder somewhere on the install disk for volumes, and then backup that entire folder across the network.
Does anyone have a better suggestion? Thanks!
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2023.03.29 18:05 Familiar-Oddity I Went From Silver to Infinite with Pool 3 Sera KingPin

I Went From Silver to Infinite with Pool 3 Sera KingPin
They Snapped then immediately regretted it. A common occurrence.
Someone posted a Hela deck in January and that helped me make my current Climb, so I wanted to share what finally got me to Infinite and hope that it helps someone else.
For the record, I used a Hela deck to get to 85, but I hit a wall at 75, forced it painfully into 85 and then rode a loss streak to 72. But this Sera Control deck cruised me from 70-100. (70 & 80 the hard way) I went 95-100 in two days of play. It's a blast to play since you are constantly shifting the lanes the opponent is playing in, they can't formulate a strategy and it's extremely satisfying watching KingPin go to town. (But your heart breaks when he destroys your own stuff, it'll happen)
Sera Pinball
Couple notes, people always play on king pin and I'm ok with that. It's as good as Polaris for making the opponent clog up a lane. My favorite wins are when my opponent plays on top of king pin and I just don't bother with the lane. They just assume you're going to Magneto or Aero. But really I'm flipping the other lanes. You could just throw in ant man and mojo because you know they'll fill up the lane.
Always play Sentinel over Lizard. It's totally ok to Play Sentinel turn 2 and 3, and then drop sentinel lizard on turn 4. Sera does not always need to be played, sometimes Using Polaris Sentinel Turn 5, or White Queen Nova is a better turn 5 play.
Before playing nova on turn 1, check for Thanos. Usually I don't care to check, but I don't want Thanos decks to be worried about Killmonger. Nova is safe to play far right, I don't care if it doesn't get blown up and it might go in an unplayable lane.
The location New York allows players to move cards on turn 6, there are some hard lessons I learned. You can't play Kingpin turn 6 and destroy cards because the move has happened before reveal. However, you can move Kingpin there, and any other cards that move are destroyed because he sees those moves.
Sandman is the enemy, you might as well retreat. Oh, you got doom from white queen? Retreat, trust me. If they're playing bishop or another sera control, it's a coin flip. Hope you get killmonger and forget about shang/kingpin.
Final note, I'm not good about knowing when to Snap as I lost too much when I did. So I mostly stopped snapping unless I was a thousand percent positive. I did steal 4 cubes from their snaps often though.
Hela Bigs
I used Hela to turbo climb to 75. Once I found the right formula that worked for me it just crushed. But it hit a wall with the Shuri Meta. The deck I used as a template was Hela Odin, but Odin didn't fit my playstyle.
Notes on this Hela deck, this is different than what I climbed with, I was forced to put in Shang. The other version had Morbius, Black Cat, and Sword Master. I replaced Sword Master with Hell Cow to have redundancy for Modok. Then added blade to replace Cat for an extra discard. I almost never played blade on turn 1 unless I had discard fodder (Bigs) and didn't have Hela or Ghost. Blade will Hit Hela Ghost 100% of the time, I swear.
Make no mistake, this is a casino deck. However, there are plenty of ways to win without turn 6 hela. Captain Marvel is a super star, and played with giganto can just win games alone. Sif, Ghost, Marvel, Giganto is a great curve. Death is a counter to destroy decks and can be a free play, it's also is an easy discard with Sif to make a smoother curve and safer play. Giganto and Infinaut are counters to Leech, and Marvel, Hela and Ghost can get to different unplayable locations.
Modok is the only card above pool 3, it can be replaced with another discard. It's not that important, but a 5/8 is a decent stat stick.
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2023.03.29 18:03 Ready-Indication-320 Register a business with the KvK before starting it, to get a loan/mortgage.

Hi all,
I want to purchase a small building located in Italy, currently active on as a holiday house.
My original idea was to get a mortgage from the bank, however:
I found myself in a vicious cycle. Calling my bank, I understood that if I set up a business I can get a loan from them. With this loan, I could buy the property and continue managing it for profit (holiday rentals. The way I understand it, if for any reasons I can't pay the loan back the bank can use this building as a collateral.
I am now thinking of making an appointment with KvK to setup this business. Can someone please tell me more about this?
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2023.03.29 18:02 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Fan Made 4K Concept Trailer Rendered In Unreal Engine 5 Is Drop Dead Gorgeous

Rockstar Games can't release Grand Theft Auto VI fast enough, though as we eagerly (and impatiently) await for the next installment in the long-running GTA franchise, fan made trailers have us drooling at what the actual product could look like. The latest one comes from TeaserPlay, which used Unreal Engine 5 to render several different locations in stunning detail.
The actual game isn't likely to use UE5. Rumor has it that Rockstar Games is leaning on its own proprietary RAGE9 graphics engine, and that's both plausible and, in our opinion, very likely to be true. TeaserPlay acknowledges this in the description to its concept trailer, suggesting it wanted to render several possible locations in UE5 so we'd have something to compare with down the line.
Check it out below...
In the order they appear, the trailer showcases Vice City, San Fierro, Las Venturas, and Liberty City. The shots inside what appears to be a high-rise apartment complex in Las Venturas look especially crisp as the camera pans over a carpet and into a kitchen island with some veggies and pasta in the background, though it's far from the only scene that stands out.
"I/we use the most powerful features of Unreal Engine, such as ray tracing, lumen, nanite [virtualized geometry], screen ppace reflections, and MetaHuman so that the graphics are as close as possible to a next-gen sandbox game," TeaserPlay states.
There are a ton of leaks and rumors surrounding GTA 6. One of the more recent ones suggest there will be at least two playable protagonists, one of which is a Latina woman. The franchise hasn't featured a playable female character in a long time.
Rockstar Games has been rather short on details for the next installment, though it has at least confirmed that GTA 6 is in development.
"With the unprecedented longevity of GTA V, we know many of you have been asking us about a new entry in the Grand Theft Auto series," the devloper shared in a blog post last February. "With every new project we embark on, our goal is always to significantly move beyond what we have previously delivered—and we are pleased to confirm that active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway."
No release date has been mentioned, though Rockstar Games will share its next earnings report in early August. It's possible we will get an update at that time.
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2023.03.29 18:02 Idlerve Can't find player.log on MacOs

I'm having an issue with the game so I need to find the player.log and according to RimWorld its location is:
Library/Application Support/ludeon.rimworld/
The problem is that this folder is empty. What do I do?
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2023.03.29 18:00 jshptrwllms Excessive Ceramic Mugs

Hello Folks
I've come to discuss Ceramic Coffee Mugs of most shapes and sizes.
I work in an office, over the years there is easily an excess of over 100 mugs left in cupboards and some still used from time to time but seldom so. Two entire kitchen cupboards are full and to put it simply they're in the way.
Ceramic cannot be recycled as far as I know and no offence to the original owners but most of the mugs aren't really interesting or quirky enough for charity shops, some are just marketing from prospective suppliers. I've personally used some as plant pots but there's only so much space available and there aren't enough plant enthusiasts to clear the lot.
Ultimately I'm wondering if anyone has a bulk solution or idea for these mugs?
I can't see them being much use to places that would typically accept donations, other than charity shops but like I say above most aren't even suitable for that.
An artist may make use of them in some way, but locating such a specific individual within reason to get the mugs to them is going to be difficult.
Beyond that I'm out of ideas!
Thanks :)
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2023.03.29 17:59 robotwithhumanhair22 Ayaneo 2 - My Experiences

I've seen a lot of posts on this sub about stuff not working with several Ayaneo 2 units and I figured I'd give my own two cents and try to balance the bad with some good. Reading through Reddit posts and reviews akin to my own has really helped me to become informed with purchases like this and I hope this helps you in the way that these posts have helped me. For the record I had been researching other devices like the GPD Win Max 4, AOKZOE A1, and the Steam Deck and had ultimately decided on the Ayaneo 2 as being the best fit for my particular use case.
I've had the Retro Power variant since January and spent weeks upon weeks getting it set up with my ROM collection, installing / setting up / optimizing emulators, installing other tools and setting up miscellaneous games like Super Mario Bros X. And on top of all that, setting it up with LaunchBox / BigBox which in my opinion are phenomenal front ends. But I digress, and from now on will watch the frequency of my usage of "setting up". As someone who has only really owned Nintendo consoles since the SNES days (and a gaming PC), I was kinda blown away by this thing and still am - my main intent for the Ayaneo 2 was to turn it into a device that could play anything I threw at it and it does by FAR.
I'll start off with the good, explain the bad, and address my own personal nitpicks, in that order.

The Good
For starters, the performance is insane for what it is. Keep in mind that I only really play with low settings as well as low resolutions, so YMMV; I never really cared all that much for graphics and textures and such, as long as the gameplay is smooth. And smooth it is. It ran games like Elden Ring and Spider-man Remastered very smoothly at 22W using these settings, lighter games like Outer Wilds and emulators like CEMU/Dolphin at 15W, and indie games and NES/SNES emulation at 7W. The battery life may leave much to be desired if you're running above 15W, but I can easily squeeze out at least 3 hours of the battery if I keep it at 7W with lighter games, which is my primary use case. Anything above 15W and I just place it on the dock, which outputs to my TV just fine. The fan noise above 15W can get a little loud, but using Aya's SmartFan app and making adjustments there can calm it down a bit. (I mimicked the settings Taki Udon used in his review of the Ayaneo Geek.)
The screen is phenomenal, hands-down. I almost couldn't believe it was IPS - it looks more like OLED to me. The colors are super vibrant, and you can easily change the color settings in the AMD Adrenalin app to your liking as well. I have a few nitpicks regarding this, however, which I will get to shortly.
The Dpad. My god, the dpad. It's amazing. It's precise, and has something that's reminiscent of that SNES dpad "squish". Not quite the same, but there's definitely a resemblance. Best dpad I've used so far behind the SNES'.
The device itself is extremely comfortable to hold, too. I have larger hands so this was a nice surprise - the 2DS XL and Switch both make my hands cramp up after an hour of use, but I'm not experiencing this with the Ayaneo 2.

The Bad
Now the bad (which thankfully I've discovered workarounds for most) - my particular unit is having a strange issue where when booting, it freezes at the logo screen and needs to be forced off - one particular day it would constantly throw a BSOD with BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO; I had even re-installed Windows the day I got it. When this happens more than twice in a row, it goes to automatic repair and the startup repair tool doesn't do much to help with this. The only way I could get it to boot successfully was to use a restore point I had made a week prior, which thankfully keeps your files / games / save files in tact, but upon turning it off or rebooting it would get stuck again. Surprisingly, this morning when I placed it back on the dock after 2 days of use without charge and tried booting, it was successful; even the three additional reboots I performed after that brought it back up, and with speed too. Taking it off of the dock, same thing: successful and quick boot into Windows. A few folks in the Ayaneo Discord channel have given me helpful advice regarding placing it back on a charger and trying as well as pointing me towards a potentially-stuck WIndows update, and I appreciate the community there. But these days I'm at about 50% clench every time I start up the Ayaneo and the thought of re-installing Windows after all I've done to it so far absolutely spooks me.
Opening it up for repairs or swapping the SSD is an absolute pain as well, and I was unable to avoid damaging and chipping the shell in the process. I initially did this to try to correct my left analog stick, which was off-center ever so slightly towards the up direction, which I also was unable to resolve. This I've learned to deal with, as it doesn't affect input at all. It's just a bit awkward to look at if you know what you're looking for.
I'm sure you've seen a bunch of negative reviews of Ayaspace, and though it isn't quite a flaming heap of trash, it's still extremely buggy. Updating it always reverts the language to Chinese and sometimes controller firmware updates refuse to install. The Chinese English is also really strange too, and many settings aren't quite explained in much detail. It took me a while before I realized that in order to make a change, I also have to hold the Start button to save the changes or else it won't work. Changing resolutions through the Quick Tool, for example, from 1980x1200 to 1980x1080, the image is not centered; instead of a small black bar on the top and bottom, there's a larger black bar at the top of the screen and the image is not centered. I've been able to bypass this by setting the resolution in Windows display settings, but I'd imagine a similar level of success with tools like Handheld Companion.

My Nitpicks
This device is a tinkerer's dream - which isn't quite a nitpick, per se, but may not be for everyone. It comes with base Win11 Home with Ayaspace and various Aya drivers installed, and that's it; everything else must be set up from scratch. And there were a few weird hiccups that I've had to overcome to get it set up the way that I wanted. For example, I planned on using the Ayaneo 2 with a dock connected to my TV most of the time, but pairing a Bluetooth controller (8bitdo SN30 Pro 2 as XInput) right off the bat did not work. I ended up using ReWASD to pair my controller to the Ayaneo controller so that both would be recognized as "player 1", and set up another profile for players 2-4 to be recognized as long as their controllers are XInput. I'd imagine if I was using a Switch Pro controller I'd need to set up another profile. However Ayaspace has a setting that disables the on-board controls so that a Bluetooth controller can be used instead, and I'd imagine there are other tools out there that would help with this. I just found ReWASD to be the most reliable option here. I've also set up my display settings when connected to a dock to disable the display from the Ayaneo itself and have only the TV display enabled to completely eliminate issues with conflicting resolutions. Admittedly I get a sick satisfaction from tinkering and setting things up and embracing the freedom you have to set things up the way that you see fit, but if you seek a device that you can just boot up and play instantly you may want to look elsewhere.
The buttons are a bit clicky and a bit on the smaller side, but they do work fine with a decent amount of travel. I personally would've preferred rubber membrane as I prefer squishy buttons like the SNES controller, but that's just me. The analog sticks and triggers both have a lot of travel to them, a bit more than I would've liked, but they're both great and the hall sensors for both are stupid accurate.
The brightness of the screen I've found was bit too bright on the lowest setting. I've had to tame the vibrant colors a bit using AMD's Adrenalin tool and install a third-party application called Dimmer, which dims your screen brightness way past what the system minimum is. It does so on a sliding scale, however, so you can tweak this to your heart's content.
I've heard a lot of complaints about the sound, and though while it's not the best, I really don't mind it. If I wanted better sound quality, I have no problem just connecting it to the dock, plugging headphones into the jack, or using Bluetooth earbuds.
The device itself, though comfortable to hold, is a bit heavy. This I also don't really mind a whole lot, considering this is essentially a laptop/tablet with a gamepad attached, but may be a point of contention for some.

TL;DR - My Verdict
When the Ayaneo 2 works, it's fantastic. But when it doesn't, it's a pain in the ass. That may just be Windows for you, it may not. I have yet to figure that out. But when it works as-intended, this is a fantastic little device that has so much power underneath the hood. And you can do pretty much everything with it, within reason, of course. Is it worth the hefty price tag? Maybe, maybe not; it depends on what you'd like to accomplish with it.
Do you want to just emulate older systems up to Gamecube/Wii? For that I'd recommend an Android-based handheld.
Do you want something that'll play your Steam/AAA games well on the go and nothing else? Go with a Steam Deck, for sure. You really can't beat that price-to-performance ratio and SteamOS is really good at what it does.
Do you want a one-and-done device that is capable of storing terabytes upon terabytes of games and will be what you use for all of your gaming? Ayaneo 2 for sure.
Thanks for reading! I hope this helped and I'd be happy to answer any other questions you may have.
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2023.03.29 17:58 mina_16 BizBOK for my Master's thesis - can find, can't join, no academic access found

I'm writing my Master's thesis on systems and business analysis. Would be great to use BizBOK as the reference for multiple topics, mainly Capability and Value Stream mapping, but it's impossible to get access to it. We have very goot access through Univ.'s Library VPN to databases (IEEE etc...) but can't find BizBOK anywhere.
I'm doing thesis on a not-yet-formed startup so no option to ask from the company either
I would very much appreciate if someone would be able to steer me into the right path or just need to use so called secondary references not the "bible" itself.
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2023.03.29 17:58 Useful_Code Blocking websites

Hello everyone
Hope all going well. I'm a recently recovering porn addict- I've been clean a couple of weeks but I'm still struggling with the temptation of looking at websites which are putting me into my middle circle. I've blocked the websites on my computer but obviously I know there will be the temptation to unblock them. I read somewhere that it's possible to have someone else block sites for you so you can't access them no matter what. Does anyone know how to do this? I use a Mac and safari.
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2023.03.29 17:58 Alphecrom "Pre-Joker" Persona 5

Can anyone find any of that really old marketing material for Persona 5, before it was about masks and thieves?
I remember seeing a super early trailer that had a grey guy in a grey world sitting on a bench or something and then a bright blue butterfly catches his attention. There were also at least two soundtrack pieces for this older version of Persona 5.
I bumped into one from my own history or saved videos but I think in finding it again so did the powers that be and now I can't locate the videos I should have saved in my libraries.
These medias are easily over ten years old so I can't imagine it'll be easy to snoop around for without some special tag word, it seems P5 as it is is so popular and exploding with style that it consumes these older versions upon contact, replacing them.
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2023.03.29 17:57 Doctordankness What is the name of the pin I'm looking for?

I am trying to replace some locator pins. The pins are 20mm in diameter and 33mm tall. There are 4 flat spots that form a 18mm square with round corners. It has a slight taper from the top to about a 1/3 of the way down. I can't tell if it's press fit or treaded. Does anyone know what it is called or have a part number?
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2023.03.29 17:56 Odd_Purple_9720 Swap issuies

I was in the swap with GIFTO from Gto erc20 to Gft bep20.
The funds were returned to my ledger and I can't seem to find the GFT. I added bep20. I checked metamask. Which says it's not connected to the bnb chain.
I am not sure how to locate my swapped gft. Alot of scams.
I'd be grateful for the actual assistance.
Thank you
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2023.03.29 17:56 Useful_Code Blocking websites

Hello everyone
Hope all going well. I'm a recently recovering porn addict- I've been clean a couple of weeks but I'm still struggling with the temptation of looking at websites which are putting me into my middle circle. I've blocked the websites on my computer but obviously I know there will be the temptation to unblock them. I read somewhere that it's possible to have someone else block sites for you so you can't access them no matter what. Does anyone know how to do this? I use a Mac and safari.
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2023.03.29 17:48 Benevolent_Bully Which way is better for copying files from a broken windows 10?

My windows can't startup anymore and after some failed attempts to fix it so I have to resort to resetting windows but I stupidly didn't make any backups.
So, I need to get some important documents, pictures and optionally some videos. Two methods I've heard of and can do are:-
1) Going into Advanced Startup and accessing notepad from command prompt. From there I'll send the files into a flash drive or an external hard drive.
2) Removing the hard drive out of the computer and putting it into my old one so I can copy the files.
The first method sounds kinda unreliable but I don't know. Can anyone tell me which method is better?
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2023.03.29 17:48 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 to have a revolutionary new storyline and characters 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪

Rockstar Games, the studio behind the hugely successful Grand Theft Auto franchise, has confirmed that the highly anticipated GTA 6 will have a revolutionary new storyline and characters. According to insiders, the game will take place in a new location and feature a fresh cast of characters, all with their own unique backstories and motivations.
Rumors are circulating that the game will take place in a fictional city based on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a focus on the criminal underworld and the struggles of everyday people caught up in it. The game is said to tackle themes of corruption, poverty, and social inequality, with players able to choose their own path through the narrative.
While details about the storyline and characters are being kept tightly under wraps, fans are already speculating about who might be involved. Some are hoping to see the return of fan-favorite characters like Trevor, Michael, and Franklin from GTA V, while others are looking forward to meeting brand new characters with their own unique personalities and abilities.
Regardless of what direction Rockstar takes with the story and characters in GTA 6, fans can expect the same level of high-quality gameplay and immersive open-world environments that the series is known for. The game is expected to be released on next-generation consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, as well as PC.
For those who can't wait to get their hands on GTA 6, GTA 5 Modder 👑 Buy gta 5 accounts // Fortnite // GTA 5 Accounts, Mods 💎 Creator on Patreon: 🎪 offers a variety of mods and accounts to enhance the GTA 5 experience while we wait for the next installment in the series.
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2023.03.29 17:46 Jersey_Greg DBQ form errors....What's the deal ??

DBQ form errors....What's the deal ??
Has anyone besides me noticed on the VA's website where you can fill in the various DBQ's, the formatting, or cursor location on the Cervical spine, Shoulders, and Sinusitis DBQ's (there may be others, I only checked the ones I need) in the field on page one for "Evidence Review" the cursor starts halfway down the field, leaving literally the entire upper half of the field unusable. I have checked this from multiple computers, PC desk top, PC laptop, and Mac laptop. Same story. For a detailed evidence review having half the field technically unavailable really limits what can be written. Has anyone found any work arounds for this? The DBQ for the Thoraco-Lumbar spine works just fine, so it seems the problem is DBQ specific.
A screenshot of what I am encountering is below. Thanks gang
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2023.03.29 17:46 Melivora_capensis W11: Boot time 30 min but bootrec.exe says no OS found

Hi /techsupport,
I'm running the latest version of Windows 11 on a beefy laptop (i7-10875H, 64 GB RAM, 2080 Super, NVMe SSD). At some point in the last week, my boot times went from a few seconds to 30 minutes. Automatic repair can't fix it, and all startup variants (e.g., safe mode) seem to have the same boot time. Chkdsk returns no errors. Running the typical bootrec.exe commands from the WinRE environment returns an error that no Windows installations were found, yet it reliably boots.
In the SrtTrail.txt, the only error code is "Check for installed LCU" error code 0x46e. I don't see an LCU folder in the usual directory. That particular numeric code doesn't seem turn up relevant Google results, and I'm unsure what resources I could use to either fix this or learn more about it.
Before this issue, I used to hibernate rather than turning off my machine most of the time. I successfully updated to the most recent W11 version after this issue without change. I've tried unchecking the fast startup options without much change too. Help?
Any solution that involves losing my installed software is not an option.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.29 17:46 Courteous_Crook I homebrewed "dragon-themed" invocations, and I'm looking for balance feedback

Hey all!
I homebrewed some "Invocations" (Actually, they're Occultist Rites, from Kibbles fantastic homebrew. They work just like Warlock invocations.) The idea behind these invocations, is to allow a character to learn them as part of their class progression (and possibly as bonus feats from the DM, if the character does the right quests!)
The goal is to fulfill this fantasy of slowly changing their body to become some sort of draconic humanoid.
One thing I did with these, is that they work in 3 Tiers. You can't learn Tier 3 rites unless you learned multiple Tier 2, and you can't learn Tier 2 unless you learned multiple Tier 1. This means that a character needs to invest significantly in this feature if they want to get the best stuff.
Lastly, I tried to make design these rites in such a way that they could benefit multiple types of character. After all, any character can do the right quests (mentioned above) to unlock these perks, and any character can get trade in an ASI to learn one of these rites.
So, that's the intro. Here are the rites :

Tier 1 Dragon Rites

Tier 1 Dragon Rites are a stepping stone towards becoming a true, terrifying dragonkin. These Rites barely change the character’s appearance if at all, but bring them closer to the draconic nature they may seek.

Dragon Focus

You can now use a dragon’s innate spellcasting ability instead of a conventional focus for your Occultist spells. You no longer need a free hand to cast spells with somatic or material components. Instead, a dragon’s head appears over your head while casting using this feature (casting in this way does not remove the visual signs of casting a spell, it merely means you do not need a free hand).

Dragon eyes

You can cast detect magic at will, without expending a spell slot or material components.

Dragon Glamour

Prerequisite: 3rd level
As an action, you can transform your appearance for one hour. You decide what you look like, including your height, weight, facial Features, sound of your voice, hair length, coloration, and distinguishing Characteristics, if any. You can make yourself appear as a member of another race, though none of your Statistics change. You also don't appear as a creature of a different size than you, and your basic shape stays the same, if you're bipedal, you can't use this spell to become quadrupedal, for instance.
After using this ability, you can't do so again until you finish a long rest.

Dragon Presence

Your draconic presence exudes a terror in the hearts of your enemies. As an action, you force each creature of your choice that you can see within 30 feet of you to make a Wisdom saving throw (DC 8 + proficiency bonus + Charisma modifier). On a failed save, a creature becomes frightened of you for 1 minute. The frightened creature can repeat this saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success.
After using this ability, you can't do so again until you finish a short or long rest.

Tier 2 Dragon Rites

Tier 2 Dragon Rites, one learned, visually change the characters’ appearance, granting them benefits.
However, learning a tier 2 Dragon Rite requires the character to have already began their transition towards dragonkind. As such, before learning any Tier 2 Dragon Rite, a character must already know 3 Tier 1 Dragon Rites.

Dragon Claws

Your hands and feet are replaced with powerful dragon claws. You can use these as weapons if they are empty. Each claw deals 1d6 slashing damage on a hit. Once on each of your turns when you attack with a claw using the Attack action, you can make one additional claw attack as part of the same action.

Dragon Scales

When you learn this rite, you must choose one of the following : Acid, Lightning, Fire, Poison or Cold. You gain resistance to damage of that type.

Dragon Wings

You sprout a pair of dragon wings from your back. You can use them to grant yourself a flying speed equal to your current speed for 10 minutes. You can use this ability a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus.
You regain all uses of this ability at the end of a long rest.

Dragon Tail

You grow a lashing, spiny tail, which you can attack with as a weapon. It deals 1d8 piercing damage on a hit and has the reach property. If a creature you can see within 10 feet of you hits you with an attack roll, you can use your reaction to swipe your tail and roll a d8, applying a bonus to your AC equal to the number rolled, potentially causing the attack to miss you.

Tier 3 Dragon Rites

Tier 3 Dragon Rites are the peak of draconic ascension. In order to learn one of these Rites, you must first learn at least 6 Tier 1 or Tier 2 Dragon Rites.
Learning any of these Rites transforms the character : Their transformation is complete, and for all intents and purposes, they are considered a Dragon.

Dragon Blood

Prerequisite : Dragon Scales
You learned to alchemically change your blood into that of a dragon. This grants you immunity to the same energy type chosen for the Dragon Scales Rite.

Dragon Hoard

No dragon is complete without its treasure, and you make no exception. Your power and pride grows along with your Hoard’s value, and you will fight with ferocity to protect it.
On your turn, you can enter a Draconic Rage as a bonus action.
While raging, you gain the following benefits :
If you are able to cast Spells, you can’t cast them or concentrate on them while raging.
Your rage lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if you are knocked unconscious. You can also end your rage on your turn as a bonus action.
You can use this ability a number of times determined by the value of your Hoard. For each 500g worth of weapon, armor, jewelry, or other equipment that you have on your person, you gain one use of this ability (minimum 1).
You regain all uses of this ability at the end of a long rest.
Additionally, your senses improve, and you gain the ability to cast the Locate Object spell at will, but only on objects that are worth 1/10th of your hoard or more.

Dragon Breath

When you learn this rite, you must choose one of the following : Acid, Lightning, Fire, Poison or Cold.
You can use your action to exhale destructive energy of the chosen type in a 30-foot cone. When you use your breath weapon, each creature in the area of the exhalation must make a saving throw, the type of which is determined by your draconic ancestry. The DC for this saving throw equals 8 + your Constitution modifier + your proficiency bonus. A creature takes 3d6 damage on a failed save, and half as much damage on a successful one. The damage increases to 4d6 at 11th level, and 5d6 at 16th level.
You can use your breath weapon a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus. You regain all uses when you complete a long rest.

While I do want to say that we're not min/maxers at my table, I welcome any and all balance feedback! I'm fairly convinced that some of this is too strong or too weak...
Thanks for the help!
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2023.03.29 17:43 birthdaydrama-ta AITA for not including my niece in my daughters birthday since her parents can't afford it?

My (31f) daughter (8F) and my niece (8F) are born 10 days apart. Due to this ever since they were little my SIL (29F) has always pushed for them to have a "shared" birthday party. When the girls were younger (1-4) we used to do shared birthday parties. But my husband and I realized that we were always the ones to foot the bill for everything (food, decorations, location etc.). The girls also were complete opposites. My daughter has always been more of a tomboy, while my niece is SUPER girly.
When my husband and I told SIL and my brother that we won't be doing the shared birthday's anymore, they we really upset and it started a huge fight. They said they can't afford to throw a nice birthday for my niece but we can, so it makes sense that we pay for it since we're "family".
Yeah, not gonna fly with my husband and I. So we stuck by what we said and every since the girls have had separate birthday's.
My daughter and my husband love watching Formula 1 together, and she wanted to have a Formula 1 themed birthday this year.
The weekend before the birthday we had a family dinner at my parents house. SIL, my brother and niece were present. My parents were asking the girls if they were excited for their upcoming birthday's, and if they were having parties this year?
My daughter told my parents she is having a Formula 1 themed party this year. SIL answered for my niece and said they're not going to have a party for her because thing's were tight. The conversation was left there.
Fast forward to this past weekend (daughters bday was on Saturday) we had the party and it was going great. The whole family was invited as usual, and everyone was having a great time until the cake.
I'm in the kitchen with my mom, MIL, SIL and a few other family friends talking. I pull the cake out to get it ready to bring out for everyone. SIL takes a look at the cake and looks confused.
SIL: "is this the girls birthday cake?"
Me: "what do you mean 'the girls'? the cake is for *daughters name*"
SIL: "well I thought since I mentioned that thing's are tight this year, that you'd include *niece's name* in the birthday?"
Me: "I understand your situation, but how come you never once mentioned this to me?"
SIL: "Well I thought it would be common sense? Now my daughter isn't going to have any kind of celebration for her birthday this year because you and you husband are so selfish".
She then stormed out of the kitchen, made a huge scene at the party outside yelling to her husband and my niece that it's time to go and left. Since then she's been messaging me and my husband non stop trying to make us feel guilty that my niece isn't going to have a birthday party, and calling us all kinds of names.
I feel bad that my niece isn't going to get a birthday party. AITA for not including her even though they can't afford it?
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2023.03.29 17:41 Canthink_crap The Loop

Hi everyone 👋
Does anyone know if ga accept home credit ang the Loop sa Ayala?
I'm planning to buy a new MacBook but can't afford to have it in cash. Thank you for those who can answer😀
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