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2023.06.06 02:49 averageHECUboi Never again. I actually almost had a heart attack. I'll take the rest of the boss (minus Creation) on Totem Panic CPU.

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2023.06.05 08:22 Blank_Blank0-0 Candy Cadet can Solve Ennard

I think UCN’s Candy Cadet’s Stories are connected to Molten Freddy and Ennard. His story about the 5 keys becoming one can be about baby becoming one with everyone making ensnare and then leaving the troupe to make Molten Freddy.Also, what if the one story about the 5 orphans be referring to the Ennard, not Freddy, being the one to the door and burglarizing the home and if Freddy truly was merged, so will be the disc. Finally, the last story can be referring to afton as the snake being Ennard got the son and had dealt with the problem himself. The problem is this theory can bring about curves in the current made timeline.
The five being Crying Child as Freddy, Cassidy as Bon Bon, Charlie as Funtime a foxy , Mrs.Afton as Ballora, Elizabeth as Baby.
All becoming Ennard.
5 was the major number in each story and each story involved 5 people.
Probability can still tread the path probable to fact.
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2023.06.04 23:11 VIGALANTE315 Uh, it seems that molten freddy here has a strip of metal in his mouth. Bug or feature?

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2023.06.04 23:04 VIGALANTE315 Gettin alot of sister location stuff from u/klutek112beeswarm and u/Capablesalt877! Wanna get full ballora, f.foxy, and f.freddy before taking on molten, so if anyone has a spare f.freddy cpu and ballora suit, lets talk!

Gettin alot of sister location stuff from u/klutek112beeswarm and u/Capablesalt877! Wanna get full ballora, f.foxy, and f.freddy before taking on molten, so if anyone has a spare f.freddy cpu and ballora suit, lets talk! submitted by VIGALANTE315 to ForsakenAR [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 21:56 LunarLight-ct-tumblr A little theory about Ennard that I’ve had for awhile and thought I might share, this is sorta a long shot so I want to hear y’all’s opinions

A little theory about Ennard that I’ve had for awhile and thought I might share, this is sorta a long shot so I want to hear y’all’s opinions
I mainly decided to share this because of the Help Wanted 2 Teaser Trailer. So I have theorized that the ghost in Ballora, Funtime Freddy, and Funtime Foxy never actually left, rather Emily and someone we (possibly) don’t know were the only ones to leave. I mainly started to think this when it came to Ennard’s and Molten Freddy’s voice lines, Ennard refers to themselves using plural pronouns like, us and we, while Molten Freddy refers to themselves using singular pronouns such as, I and me, which I found strange (I also got hate on Tiktok when I said this :D). I also found it strange that in the custom night in sl had Ballora, Freddy, and Foxy even though they’re supposed to be in Ennard, I get why it could be like that but the fact that there’s 2 animatronics that never really make an appearance in the main part of the game rather than Circus Baby and Ennard in the custom night is wired in my opinion. And I found it strange how Ennard has a mask that no other character has, I mean that it’s wired that it’s a Funtime mask yet none of the preforming characters use it, it’s like it was to an old Funtime animatronic that got dismantled/canceled and they just decided to use it as decoration. Like I said, it’s a long shot but I thought I might as well share it.
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2023.06.04 16:25 Putrid_Fail9575 Spaghetti boi pt 2

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2023.06.04 15:20 p0msie Wanted to show that i made calico cat (molten freddy) but im out atm sooo heres the worst possible pic of him i sent to u/yourlocal_alien 💔

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2023.06.04 06:12 VIGALANTE315 Shout out to u/DealerDelicious9828 for this exquisite plate. 10 stars, best dining experiance. Would recommend

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2023.06.04 05:24 Fourth_of_ju-lier An unfinished drawing of molten Freddy

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2023.06.03 17:31 Giraffeonastack2323 Honestly. It’s a shame Ennard was shafted so fast.

Like your telling me all we get is an appearance in VR a cute lil boss fight and an alternate ending (honestly the scariest cutscene in all of FNAF) and that’s that.
It’s nice how we found out how they disbanded Elizabeth and all that but I mean??? There was so much potential there like your telling me we couldn’t have gotten a little more character building with them?
I mean the blob might be spawned from molten Freddy but hell who knows. All I know is Ennard is hands down the most terrifying character that got the least amount of attention imo.
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2023.06.03 15:42 Gargamel_Sky What we can expect to see in Help Wanted 2


So following the trailer from the PlayStation Showcase, we saw that there would be Sister Location (or at least something similar because idk how that would make sense lore-wise) and it got me thinking about the other game modes we could see in the game. This post relies heavily on HW because I don't really know where else to find more information and of course, that's just my own speculations, go ahead and add your own in the comments if you want.

So about the events that happened in SL and Fnaf 6: as I said, there would be no reason to clarify what happened there, since the people don't know about it, but I have 2 different possible options:
  1. The first game was "apparently" made to knock off the drama and speculations that the Indie game developer Not-Scott-Cawthon made about the real life locations. So assuming that he also made games about SL and Fnaf 6 only then, would they need to clarify them
  2. As mentioned before there might be some games that don't connect to the story (like in HW), so they could make them like that.

And lastly, it could be possible that the whole point of the game changes. So like, that it's not about clarification anymore. But I don't know what it could be.

P.S: I feel like there could be some connections to Security Breach since it's the latest game, but I also don't know what it could be so I didn't mention it.
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2023.06.03 06:58 trackjack6 I think I get the lore please confirm or deny

FNAF 1: Mikey boy is trying to i guess free the animatronics in the 90s he's like in his 20s at this point.
FNAF 2: Jeremy boy is fighting for his life as if he just had the taco crunch supreme and there is no toilet nearby. He's also probably the bite of 87 victim idk... But night 7 is fritz smith (Mikey boy?) Who FROM WHAT I UNDERSTAND is like "jeez I sorta caused the death of my brother and my father is psychotic maybe I should do some investigating" my guess is he is 20-21 here. Puppet survives.
FNAF 3: a 40 year old Mikey boy tries one last time to free the souls of the animatronics and tries to stop his evil lunatic animatronic possessed father. Purple guy/afton/Springtrap survives
FNAF 4: Mikey boys little bro last days of hallucinations. We find out Mikey boy caused the bite of 83. My guess is this (death of his siblings) guilts Mikey boy into becoming a hero and righting the wrongs of his father.
FNAF 5: Mikey boy (okay ik a lot of ppl say this game takes place sometime in the 80s but I'ma actually guess it takes place shortly after FNAF 1 because Mikey boy sorta has his body jacked up for a bit so I doubt that happens anytime before FNAF 1/2) goes to the old sister location where his sister was sadly murdered like a decade prior (awww he lost both his siblings) and does some investigation. Ends with his being possessed sorta but he ends up throwing them up. Baby/Elizabeth and funtime Freddy survive
FNAF 6: Mikey boys last stand tying up loose ends with his father, sister, puppet/lefty, and molten Freddy. He does... Probably?
FNAF 7: afton survives.... IN CODE and is trying to sorta possess vanny.
FNAF 8: Gregory gets trapped in a mega pizza Plex because he wants to do some investigating and gets involved with a split personality vanny and glitchtrap.
So in order
But honestly FNAF 5 can take place anytime between 4 and 3.
Didn't realize how badass Mike was trying to right the wrongs of his father how does no one appreciate this guy for being a true hero.
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2023.06.02 21:25 SDSEPOfficial The Aftermath of Ennard. (Scrap Baby & Molten Freddy)

The Aftermath of Ennard. (Scrap Baby & Molten Freddy)
i love her hair sm ♡
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2023.06.02 19:05 Quantumarki What is the blob

The character encyclopedia says they are molten Freddy, but that doesn’t really make sense at all and it sorta ruins the ending of FFPS too (and the book lied about afton being back + it has a lot of incorrect info so this probably isn’t a valid source)
Their body is seemingly organic, with parts of animatronics from the fazbear delivery service, the puppet, and endo02s seemingly assimilated into them.
They seem to have a dislike for the mimic, dragging them away to who knows where in the burntrap ending.
Some also say he’s what remains of the storytellers wiring but that makes no real sense due to fiber-optic cables being used for the storyteller and not whatever the blob is made from.
So if their not molten Freddy, and their not the storyteller, what are they?
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2023.06.02 05:58 VaguePirateFox My take on the FNAF lore

-CC was first to die in 1983 (FNAF 4) --William notices the Freadbear animatronic acting strange, figures out remnant and all that so he tries experimenting with said remnant by building killer animatronics which would kill children and gather remnant. --Enter Sister Location -Elizabeth is second to die in 1984 (FNAF 5) dying to Circus Baby. --She wasn't meant to be killed, William told her to stay away so she wouldn't be. But with her being a child she didnt listen. ---all remnant from the childrens deaths goes to the scooper for testing ---funtime animatronics kill children leaving something i like to call !!!"Remnant Residue", allowing them to be at least somewhat sentient. This is why they're able to survive without Elizabeth as Molten Freddy!!! --William, now having lost 2 children, goes insane and starts killing the children himself starting with -Charlie dies in 1985 (FNAF 2) -Then susie and cassidy in 1986/87 (MCI) --Susie dies first because chica in UCN says "i was the first, i have seen everything" -1993 William is springlocked -2023 William comes back --MCI children are set free --William sends micheal to check in on his sister --mike gets scoopered but "lives" on (!!because of the remnant in the scooper!!) to go to pizzeria simulator -further into 2023, simulator takes place ---Elizabeth gets booted from ennard leaving molten, and scrap baby ---Charlie/puppet gets trapped in lefty by Afton --Henry comes back to set everyones souls free, and finally kill Afton. --William survives and comes back yet again. --Molten survives because he has no soul, hes just a pile of sentient wires -Security Breach (any time after 2023) --William always comes back, his experiments with remnant have made him close enough to immortal that its dumb to even try to kill him. -- Molten Freddy/the Blob still having leftover "remnant residue" also survives and comes back, now with the heads of !!all the animatronics that were possessed!! All but golden. Sybolizing how Golden (CC and Cassidy) is the only one thats truly moved on, and how the others are still waiting for their revenge on Afton, using the Blob as their weapon against him, which is why it drags Afton away at the end of Security Breach.
✨If someone wants this taken down because we're all annoyed with the feeble attempts at coming up with ways to explain the lore, just say the word, your wish is my command✨ Or, on the off-chance that someone wants me to continue my work and look even deeper into everything, and continue sharing my finds opinions and the such, i appreciate the support my friend 🙏
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2023.06.01 16:47 VideoGameChronology Everytime I Try To Believe StichlineGames, Something Keeps Feeling Off

Another long one, prepare.
StitchlineGames is a theory I want to believe, especially with Tales being so directly linked to Security Breach that it feels like FF should be that directly linked to the rest of the games. But there's always things pulling me back.
The only confirmed stories in the Stitchline are:
The Epilogues
Into the Pit
To Be Beautiful
Count the Ways
Out of Stock
1:35 AM
Step Closer
Dance With Me
The Man in Room 1280
The Real Jake
There's also other stories people have tried to link Stitchine to either through familiar named locations, unnamed characters looking similar to Stitchline characters, references to the MCI, etc but those have never been directly confirmed. (That's right, despite popular belief, Andrew is never actually confirmed in the Stitchline to actually be Golden Freddy in The New Kid, the story's canonicity is unknown).
The first one everyone jumps to critiquing is Into the Pit as it has a 6th child instead of just the typical 5 in the MCI. However, this is assuming it's actually time travel, which it may not be, it might just be memory hopping which we see happen in the Epilogues as Larson goes through Eleanor's memories of events that she took part in. We know Eleanor has trapped 30 people in the ballpit, if the ballpit can hop through people's memories maybe it hopped through the memory of someone present in the 1985 MCI. We also know these events can't be literal because Spring Bonnie goes after Oswald and ends up in the real world as an agony being that is seemingly controlled by Eleanor but it's confirmed in the Stitchline that William committed the crimes, not some agony monster. With that, we must believe these events aren't 100% truthful and the 6 victims might not be all from the MCI but could just be everyone that died at this specific location.
The next story, To Be Beautiful, is more disconnected from the games but because of that can't really be proven to not exist in the games timeline. I think at this point we are long past the days of thinking of robot kids as complete impossibilities and the past the days of saying Illusion Disks don't exist in the games.
Count the Ways is when things get...interesting. Firstly, the villain is Funtime Freddy who, in the games, seemed to only exist at CBPW and CBEAR, both being the same version of Funtime Freddy. We're led to believe these stories take place in present day, so late 2010s, but if that's the case, Funtime Freddy should be destroyed by now and merged with Ennard/Molten Freddy. There's nothing in the games to imply the existence of multiple CBEARs with multiple Funtime Freddys unlike Freddy Fazbear's Pizza where we know that at least more than 1 exists thanks to FNAF 3's tapes. Fazbear Entertainment was gone after 1993 and by the time of 2023 all of its stuff was considered "pre-historic" implying the company was gone for a while by the time of FNAF 3. There's also the fact that the way Funtime Freddy kills Millie isn't described in the games, he has a storage tank, sure, but nothing suggests he has all these ways to kill children.
Next is Fetch, while we were unaware at the time, this is our first meeting with Andrew, whose agony has infected Fetch. It may also be infected by William's agony as he is tethered to Andrew. We also meet Jake McNally which some think could be Jake from The Real Jake but 5 years younger. For reasons, we'll talk about later, if this is in the game's timeline it has be in after 2023, 2024 at the absolue earliest (although unlikely) meaning Jake would die in 2029, but that is just assuming this is the same Jake. This story doesn't contradict anything from the actual games, so this is fine. It's also important to point out that Freddy's is currently abandoned and no new Freddy's have popped up at this time since the search provides only information of the company closing down after an undescribed incident.
Out of Stock is the first time we actually see Fazbear Entertainment operational post-2023. This story must take place after FFPS as the Stitchwraith exists at this point as soon after this story he collects the Plishtrap Chaser. This means that Fazbear Entertainment is starting back up and doesn't seem to care for its problematic past by selling toys of their once banned Springlock Character.
1:35 AM doesn't contradict or give us really any new information.
Step Closer is the first time in the Stitchline we see a Freddy's location exists in modern day. Nothing in the games outright confirms the existence of Freddy's locations prior to the Pizzaplez but it certainly isn't impossible.
Dance With Me is weird as it implies Circus Baby's Pizza World must've reopened at some point. The original Circus Baby's Pizza World never officially opened and doesn't make sense for Circus Baby's to reopen anytime prior to FFPS as all of FNAF history was "pre-historic" by FNAF 3. This must've opened after the company started back up after FFPS, after Into the Pit and Fetch. This isn't impossible but nothing directly proves this point. Some might say that this is why Funtime Freddy is in Count the Ways but Funtime Freddy is described as being in a scrapyard for ages. Sure, something taking ages is subjective, but something just doesn't feel right there.
The Man in Room 1280 is the big one and honestly the only story that actually directly connects to the games. Andrew has attached himself with William and has been keeping him alive to torment him in his nightmares, no matter what the nurses or doctors do, he won't die. Sound familiar? TOYSNHK attached himself to William and is keeping him alive to torment him, no matter how many times they burn him. It's literally UCN. Some have said that Andrew is the kid with curly black hair inside Golden Freddy in The New Kid and while, yes, it's a possibility, it is an unconfirmed connection but would further strengthen the UCN connection. But the stingers also reveal that the second entity attached to William was Eleanor, who was actually responsible for keeping him alive. It's also important to point out that Andrew is wearing an alligator mask and some have suggested he could be the green masked kid in Happiest Day.
(This is just a side theory and likely incorrect but bear with me here. Is the reason that Vengeful Spirit sounds like Baby a lot is because she's actually Eleanor. Whether you like it or not, Eleanotand Baby are extremely similar. That is assuming the Stitchline is even canon which I'll get to. Just food for thought that someone probably already said)
Blackbird features the use of Illusion Disks again, using them to project fears and problems and turning them into horrible monsters. The stalking and nightmares only stops when Nole redeems himself. We also know Eleanor was behind this in some way and could even be Blackbird considering they both use illusion disks.
The Real Jake features a boy with cancer in a hospital named Jake who has a doll named Simon that his father talks to him through. Jake seemingly possesses Simon after he dies and Simon's mask becomes part of Stitchwraith. In actuality, Jake only possessed the mask while Andrew possessed the battery pack, explaining why Jake can see and Andrew can use the power of the animatronic. Again, Jake could be the same Jake from Fetch, placing this story in 2029 at the absolute earliest.
Finally is Hide and Seek which features Shadow Bonnie who here was either Eleanor, controlled by Eleanor, or created by Eleanor from Toby's rage. This also is in present day as Shadow Bonnie is accepted as a character by Fazbear Entertainment, something we see happening starting in Help Wanted. This also puts into question if OG Shadow Bonnie was controlled by Eleanor implying she existed all the way back in 1987 or if this is a new version of Shadow Bonnie.
As for the actual Epilogues, the question I pose is where did Eleanor even come from? When was she created? Is she possessed? To my knowledge, these are never answered, but her earliest appearance is attached to William in the Man in Room 1280. The actual story of the epilogues fits between FFPS and Help Wanted and can definitely fit there fine.
So, with all of this, what is dragging me back from StitchlineGames. Well, it's the fact that there are really only 2 direct links to the games, The MCI in Into the Pit (which is a warped memoey) and Man in Room 1280 (UCN from the outside). Here's the problem, that isn't enough, 2 of the 12 confirmed Stitchwraith stories actually being directly linked to the games is a small amount. Tales from the Pizzaplex is considered canon by most of the community because it has so many more directly connecting it to the games from the Epilogues to Storteller to Mimic to GGY to Help Wanted to Pressure. These all tell us events or details we all know to exist in the games. FF has 2 game connections, one of which is still debated in accuracy.
The thing is, Stitchline games works fine, I've seen posts and videos about how Stitchline doesn't work but I wouldn't call them definitive, it's mainly people saying "we don't know this to happen, so it doesn't happen" or "its parallels". But just like how StitchlineGames has barely any evidence against, it also has barely any evidence for it. The games do not backup the events of these stories, neither does Tales, the characters have never made game appearances, if Andrew is TOYSNHK it feels pointless when there's other characters it could've been instead of creating an entirely new character, and the fact that some of these characters feel like game characters but with different names. The main evidence I see for Stitchline is either people talking about the Man in Room 1280, people saying that characters from the games exist in books as if you couldn't say the same about the put of continuity trilogy novels, or Scott saying some stories were directly connected but not specifying which or what he means by connected.
This is why I have a hard time accepting StitchlineGames as in continuity because the actual evidence is very little compared to Tales which basically slaps you in the face with in-game events and details. It makes sense that it would be in continuity if Tales is in continuity as they share similar formats but it feels so disconnected from the games themselves. For stories that are supposedly directly linked to the games, they don't have a lot of direct links.
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2023.06.01 11:57 Patient_Education_89 FNAF pizzeria help guide

Do you guys have any strategy for night 4 of FNAF pizzeria? William Ashton always get me undetected even though the movement sensor does not even detect motion. There are times just at the beginning I was straight up jumpscared by molten Freddy any strategy to win the night?
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2023.06.01 06:00 Ill_Concern113 Listen Closely

Chica 15 Toy Bonnie 10 Toy chica 10 Withered bonnie 10 Nightmare freddy 15 Nightmare fretboard 20 Nightmare 20 Old man consequences 15 Ballora 10 Ennard 10 Rockstar freddy 10 Rockstar Foxy 10 Music Man 10 El Chip 5 Funtime chica 5 Molten freddy 20 Afton 10 Phone guy 5
Everyone has an audio cue. Listen and counter.
Hardness: Mid to hard
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2023.06.01 00:55 Educational_Ad7054 More fun facts about my au

Let's start off with Michael fun facts
  1. Michael only bulled Evan mostly because he blamed Evan for what happened to Elizabeth
  2. Michael and the other bully's stayed friends after the bite
  3. Michael had forgiven molten Freddy for scooping him.
  4. Michael found out he was gay sometime around 2010
  5. After fnaf sister location Michael moved to another house
Now some Evan fun facts
  1. Evan only sees the nightmare animatronics only when he goes to visit plushtrap
  2. Evan's best friend was charlie before charlie died.
  3. Evan saw William kill 10 children. once in 1985 and then in 1987
Now Elizabeth fun facts
  1. Elizabeth only scooped Michael because she thought he was William.
  2. Elizabeth only wanted to make William proud to see if he cared
  3. Elizabeth doesn't trust William anymore after she found out what he did
Now MCI and DCI children fun facts
  1. The fnaf 1 and fnaf 2 animatronics don't hate eachother
  2. Cassidy was comforting Cindy/pigtail girl after the bite of 87 also Cindy possess mangle
  3. Charlie was possessing the FredBear plush to watch Evan to make sure her best friend was okay
  4. Dave(toy Bonnie) hates anyone who would try to insult withered Bonnie
Some random fun facts
  1. Funtime Freddy would preform with bon bon or bonnet
2.mendo had made an Endoskeleton for Michael (this is the stupidest one) heart Bonnie can tell when someone has strong feeling for another person
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2023.05.31 13:38 EwokEli Lego FNAF game idea

Lego FNAF, story is in the order of locations that Mike went to, you have to survive the 5 or 6 nights, then you get a series of tasks to complete to burn down the buildings, there would be 6 hub worlds, locations being Family diner and FNAF 4 house in same hub, FNAF 1, FNAF 2, FNAF 3, SL and PIZZA SIM. SB can be a DLC adding a new hub world, a new level where you play as Gregory and Freddy trying to escape the pizzaplex (3 different endings of course) and new characters. It will be the 1st pg13 Lego game due to jumpsacares and the bites of 83 and 87 will be shown. Characters -
Family Diner (Spring Bonnie, Fredbear, Employee Crying Child human, Crying Child ghost Charlotte Emily, William Afton, Henry Emily, Purple Guy)
-FNAF 2 ( Toy animatronics, Mangle, BB, Withered animatronics)
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2023.05.31 13:08 Gamerguy23455 My UCN challenges part 3

Challenge 1:Listen Chica:20 Nightmare Fredbear:20 Nightmare:20 Ballora:20 Ennard:20
Molten freddy:20 Afton:20
Challenge 2: Boys night Freddy: 20 Bonnie: 5 Foxy: 10 Toy Freddy: 1 Toy Bonnie: 20 BB: 10
Withered Bonnie: 10 Puppet: 1 Golden Freddy: 5 Springtrap: 15 Phantom Freddy: 10 Phantom BB: 10 Nightmare Freddy: 20 Nightmare Bonnie: 5 Nightmare Fredbear: 5 Nightmare: 5 Nightmarionne: 20 Nightmare BB Old man consequences: 5 Helpy: 20 Mr. Hippo: 5 Pigpatch: 5 Nedd Bear: 5
Orville elephant: 5 Rockstar Freddy: 10 Rockstar Bonnie: 1 Rockstar Foxy: 20 Music man: 20 El chip: 20 Molten Freddy: 20 Afton: 20 Leftty: 5 Phone Guy: 20
Challenge 3: Gender: yes Mangle: 20 Phantom Mangle: 20 Nightmare Mangle: 20 Funtime Foxy: 20 Ennard: 20 Trash and the gang: 20
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2023.05.30 21:38 Onefnaftheorist In molten Freddy’s design there is a green eye on them but Elizabeth/cb has already became scrap baby why??

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