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2014.12.15 03:25 jchamberlain5 The Good Doctor - Mondays at 10/9 Central on ABC

The Good Doctor (ABC, Sony) is a medical drama that airs on the ABC television network and premiered in September 2017. It follows Shaun Murphy, a 25-year-old surgeon with Autism and Savant Syndrome. It is based on a South Korean drama series of the same name from 2013. This subreddit is dedicated to the show and discussion of the issues that arise in the show.

2023.03.26 15:01 _yourbeloved_ Looking for an online friend

Hello! I [13f] am looking for a friend! I don't really care about gender, so female, male, non binary, genderfluid, etc. are all fine.
[Please no creepy old man, I'm not stupid. I know that you're not looking for a friend. You're looking for a young girl you can use. Please stay away or I will report you.]
For age, anything between 12 - 16 is fine!
These are my intrests: - music [specifically (indie) pop, musical]. - reading [mostly philosophy and young adult, but I also enjoy fantasy and history!]. - my favorite subjects are maths, physics and chemistry. - I really don't really like drama, so if you tend to be dramatic and fight a lot [no offence, there are other people who do not mind, but I've had enough of it] please stay away. - I play guitar and like to sing [even though I sound like shit]. - I like running and any other exercise that distracts me
My personality [from my perspective] - I try to be a good friend, so if I do something wrong/something you do not like, please communicate and I will find a solution. - definitely a nerd/dork - I'm a bit blunt sometimes - insecure [I'm average in almost everything, so no, it's not like those insanely beautiful, smart and creative people who think they suck. I'm just a teenager.] - openminded - pretty easygoing, but if you're being irrational [racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.] I will get snappy.
Looks [if you care about that, I know a few people who do. I don't get, but eh. Everyone makes friends differently.] - green eyes - brown shoulderlength hair - freckles during summer time - slightly chubby - muscular - 5'1 - female - round face with chubby cheeks
What I'm looking for - non dramatic person - between the age of 12 and 16 - please send me memes, it's not a must but sometimes when I'm sad it's just nice to recieve a meme from a friend - non creep - the rest doesn't really matter, we'll see if get along if we text.
We'd message on here or on discord [no phone numbers, please don't give those to people online. They can find out a lot of information about you with that!]
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2023.03.26 15:01 annie_m_m_m_m Upcoming meeting, Tuesday, March 28, from 12-1 pm Eastern US Time (5 pm Ireland/UK; 6 pm Europe). Topic: "Grief after diagnosis/self-diagnosis? Our experiences". Zoom info and discussion materials here

Hi everyone,
Our upcoming Tuesday morning meeting will be on Tuesday, March 28, from 12 pm to 1 pm ET, on Zoom. Login information below.
The theme of the meeting is: "Grief after diagnosis/self-diagnosis? Our experiences"
TIME ZONE INFO: The meeting takes place at 9:00 am Pacific US time 10 am US Mountain time 11 am Central US time 12 pm Eastern US time 5 pm UK-Ireland time 6 pm Central European time 3 am (Wednesday) in Sydney, Australia
Read on for information about the meeting format, discussion questions, Zoom login info, and FAQ.
If you would like to receive optional weekly email notifications about upcoming meetings, topics, and share questions, you can sign up at autisticwomensgroup (dot) com. You will receive one email each Sunday. Unsubscribe any time.
Hope to see you at the meeting!

Zoom information

Alas, Reddit is no longer letting me put the Zoom link in this event post. No worries though, you can find the Zoom link in any of three ways:
Contact me directly by chat or direct message to u/annie_m_m_m_m if you have trouble connecting. I will personally send you a link and make sure you get in.

Meeting format

The purpose of this meeting is to allow autistic women to share on our own experiences as we understand them. We come from a range of backgrounds and have many different ways of understanding and speaking about autism. When we join this meeting, we may hear others describing their own experience in different terms from what we would have used ourselves. But by taking part in the meeting, we agree to respect others' understanding as it stands today. And we can expect our own experience to be treated with the same respect. Rather than making it our business to change others' perceptions of their own lives and experiences, we agree to listen to each other where we are right now. We follow the motto, "Take what you like, and leave the rest."
The meeting will be guided with a slide show, with space for members of the group to share their personal experiences in response to discussion questions.
Opening: Reading the declaration of group purpose and ground rules for respecting others' shares and experience
Main reading: Anonymous shares from autisticwomensgroup members. At this time, shares are still being collected. Check back before the meeting to see this week's shares.
Have a share on this week's topic? DM annie_m_m_m_m 4-6 sentences. It will be compiled into this week's group reading document and read anonymously at the meeting. Feel free to use a throwaway account for added anonymity.
Sharing on the following questions:
Closing: Reading the group affirmation


Does my camera/mic have to be on?
You don't have to turn your camera or mic on! Please participate in the way that makes you feel most comfortable. For some, this will mean sharing with the camera off, sharing by writing in the chat, or not sharing at all but just listening. It's all good.
Do I have to read the materials beforehand?
You do not have to read the materials beforehand, though of course you can. Everything you need in order to participate in the meeting will be provided within the meeting itself.
Do I have to use my real name or share my contact info?
You don't have to use your real name or share your contact info, although you can if you want to. We respect everyone's privacy and ask that people only share what they feel comfortable with.
Do I have to stay for the whole meeting?
You only have to stay as long as you can/would like to. You can leave at any time with no judgment from others.
Do I have to come to every meeting?
You do not have to come to every meeting. You can be a full member of the group and come whenever you have time/feel like it.
Will people be telling me what to do? Will I be expected to solve anyone else's problems?
No one will be telling you what to do. You will not be expected to solve anyone else's problems. In this meeting, we share on our own experiences only. And we listen respectfully to other people's experiences, with no other response than to thank them for sharing what they have experienced in the world.
What if I am looking for feedback/advice?
Members who would like to look for or give feedback/advice are encouraged to exchange contact info for conversation, support, and friendship outside the meeting.
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2023.03.26 15:01 Sir_David_Davidson When haters try to knock you down, discourage or hold you back, remember that 'we always condemn most in others, that which we most fear in ourselves.'

Hi, David here!
There will be many barriers to overcome on your journey of self-improvement. You may be surprised to find that lifelong friends may ridicule you and try to hold you back. There are multiple reasons why they may try to do this. Firstly, they may care about you and fear your success because it means that they might lose you from their lives. Another reason is that your actions make them reflect on their own lives.
If you can succeed, then they must consider what this means for them. Rather than serving as an inspiration, you can serve as a reminder of what they too could have achieved if they had chosen to put in the effort.
Try to identify the reasons behind people’s actions before you judge them. In addition, be aware of becoming resentful of your complacent friends who may serve as constant reminders of what you are fighting so hard to escape. As stated by Robert Pirsig:
“We always condemn most in others, that which we most fear in ourselves.”
The greatest success barriers will likely come from within you. It is common to commit self-sabotage because success leads to change and change can be scary. This often takes place on a subconscious level, where your brain will rationalize a decision before you can even consciously question it. It is more comfortable to remain in a known space than venture into the unknown.
Your fear of change may cause you to rationalize your limiting beliefs in order to protect yourself and justify inaction. You may believe that if you were to try and fail, then you would only prove to yourself without a doubt that you are not good enough. Thus you put off trying in order to preserve hope and protect the belief that you will succeed in the future.
You must remind yourself that failing does not equate to failure. As long as you keep honestly trying and learning from your mistakes, then you have no other option but to improve. The only true failure is outright choosing inaction.

BTW, I just finished putting together my dating advice eBook "How to Date Any Girl" version 4.0 and would LOVE to get some honest feedback from you!
I decided to give it away for free for the first 100 people who join my mailing list.

By joining the mailing list You would get:
- 27 pages long eBook (free for joining) that gives you a practical step-by-step guide to meeting women (14+ years of knowledge put into it).
- bonus emails where I share awesome advice on how to improve your dating life.
You can get the eBook and join the list by clicking here!

This book is the result of going out and socializing with girls for over a decade. I have put in there all the fundamentals I have learned over that time so you know I have something to say ;)
P.S: You can unsubscribe at any time with a click of a button if you feel you don't like the content of the emails anymore (but I am sure you will ;)

What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips to add?
Let's discuss in the comments :)
Thanks for reading and have a GREAT day!
David Davidson
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2023.03.26 15:00 Mark-41996 27 Dutch geologist who lives in Finland and works in Sweden looks for a chat

Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all. I am Mark and as the title says I am Dutch, I work in Sweden and live in Finland. I am a geologist in an underground gold mine. It is a fun and crazy job (in a good way).
Furthermore my interests are war history, formula 1, football, outdooring, sailing, watching documentaries and geology.
If any of these things interest you or you just want to have a chat, feel free to send me a message 😁
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2023.03.26 15:00 LivesPrint9184 Suggestion on career change after a baby?

Hi I’m a new mom and prior to having a baby I worked as a service advisor. The money is good but the hours are exhausting and the thought of being away from my baby is causing me extreme anxiety and stress. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to find a work from home job?
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2023.03.26 15:00 Logistics515 Andromeda Inversions

So, activity on here lately mentioning Andromeda inspired me to dust off my old copy and try it out again.
One of the things I've been playing around with in my head is how the artists and writers appear to have taken a deliberate inversion of the original trilogy, so I've tried to make a bit of a game out of spotting as many as I can, and I'm curious if I've missed any. I'll throw out a few below as they occur to me:

General Color Scheme:

Andromeda is about colonizing a new home, and building a new civilization. You build up each of the various colonies, and keep visiting them often as they grow.

The Kett in Andromeda are almost comically obvious as villains right out of central casting (of a 1920s black and white film...). No one denies their existence or goals, and what they are trying to achieve is relatively straightforward and obvious to all involved.

The Kett are ultimately about self-promotion and aggrandizement, treating other forms of life as simple resources to consume and create more of themselves, with no intrinsic value otherwise. They turn everyone else into a perverted version of themselves, a whole civilization run on an alien "Captain America" serum. Their ideology to do this seems based more on faith then reason, with their leadership obsessed with ritual and ceremony.

Pathfinder Ryder
The Pathfinder is a neophyte thrust into a role of responsibility they didn't earn, and put there by chance and circumstance. Shepard by contrast is deliberately chosen for their role and is a seasoned and decorated ranking officer even before the story begins. Also if one gender version of Shepard exists, the other does not, while the Ryder twins both exist and play a role in the story.
Liam Kosta
Liam is an inversion of Kaiden. Primarily combat oriented with some technology with not a hint of biotics. Passionate and judgemental of others while Kaiden is level headed and generally accepting. Kaiden is usually big on avoiding potential problems, while Liam seems to be restless if he isn't creating new ones.
Cora Harper
Cora is an inversion of Ashley. A biotic savant who felt excluded from her family and humanity in general due to her abilities. No strong connection to her family from that, and she is an explicit xenophile who defines her values more from the Asari then anyone else.
Vetra Nyx
Vetra is an inversion of Garrus. A Turian who was born outside of the strict Turian social hierarchy and with the Initative she's trying to find a structure to join instead of rebel against. A damage sponge stone wall with a gun that is more inaccurate then not, but makes up for it with sheer volume of fire instead.
Pelessaria B'Sayle "Peebee"
Peebee is an inversion of Liara. An explicit gun-toting academic who is bored with the old and wants to find something new. She has very little respect for her own society, rebeling against it in any way she can, down to the mocking face paint. Any hint of wisdom or age is scorned - especially other Asari. She actively pushes others away and keeps Ryder at a distance for most of the game.
Nakmor Drack
Drack is an inversion of Wrex. An old Krogan who sees himself as a relic of the past to be used and discarded so other, better people, might succeed. Worn out and half machine at this point with technical and engineering experience, compared to Wrex's biotics. Explicitly connected tightly to his family while Wrex was betrayed by his own.
Jaal Ama Darav
Jaal is an inversion of Tali. He's a sniper and infighter who wears his emotions on his sleeves. He's actively involved in the politics of his people with an explicit level of influence and rank right from the beginning of the story. A huge person who probably shows a bit too much (especially the "shirtless with Liam" slide story). He also uses that knife of his as often as possible.

I could probably go on, but this is getting darn long enough as it is.
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2023.03.26 15:00 AncientConqueror The Fallen Eagle Dev Diary VI - The Reign of the Apostate

The Fallen Eagle Dev Diary VI - The Reign of the Apostate


Welcome everyone to the 6th Dev Diary for The Fallen Eagle!
Today’s dev diary is focused on our upcoming update, “The Reign of the Apostate,” which adds a new bookmark to the mod that is set in the year 361 AD. We will also cover a rework of the Senate mechanic, new faiths and religious border gore, additional flavor for the Huns, Africans, and Goths, and much more!
Before we start, we want to give a shoutout to the following Youtubers who we’ve given early access to this update: Chewyshoot, Defectus Expert, Emperor Aurelius, One Proud Bavarian, Havoc, Snap Strategy and SurrealBeliefs*. Check out their channels in the coming days for gameplay of Reign of the Apostate!*

The Year 361 AD
361 AD marks a turbulent time for Eurasia, with the Roman Empire currently ruled by Julian II 'The Apostate,' referred to by many historians and scholars as the last pagan ruler of Rome. The empire is set at a precipice as Christianity gains a stronger foothold in the Mediterranean -- due to the previous actions of Julian's predecessor, Constantine I 'The Great' -- and clashes with Rome's traditional polytheistic pantheon. Beyond religious differences, the empire is also forced to contend with the defense of her Rhine and Danubian frontiers against the ever-encroaching Germanic peoples.
Although Julian is the centerpiece of the bookmark, 361 AD isn’t just limited to him; just northeast of the Roman Empire, the Black Huns are preparing to launch their invasion into Eastern Europe through the Pontic Steppes. Historically, Attila (who you will hear about later in the diary) would ravage the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century, but how would it play out with you in control?
Moving further east, you will find our last major focus for the update -- Ērān; the Sassanids under Shahanshah Shapur II ‘The Great’ have expanded to great heights, defeating the Romans and Guptas on numerous occasions. However, Shapur grows old, and with the Eastern Huns at the empire's frontiers, the House of Sassan is threatened on all sides and Shapur's legacy could find itself unraveled; it is up to his heirs to resist the Hunnic tide.
There are also plenty of new scenarios to discover in other parts of the map, such as the rising Guptas, the remnants of the Kushans in northern India, Ezana, the first Christian king of Axum who destroyed Kush, and the Former Liang dynasty near China, on the verge of chaos as a child ruler sits on a throne coveted by his sadistic cousin.
The update also comes with several new features and mechanics which we will go into with more depth.

Rework of the Senate Mechanic

Greetings fellow map painters! My name is Arcane and I’m a writer for The Fallen Eagle. This means that I write flavor events, decisions and the like. Some of my previous work includes some of the gladiatorial events you see when you host games. This time, I’ve taken on a bigger task -- a rework of the Imperial senate.
My goal was to make the Senate a bigger part of gameplay to give the player reasons to interact with the system, as before, it was rather barebones. To achieve this, we’ve changed the Senatorial contracts to Level of Influence (LoI), representing the power and influence that the Senate has in their respective empires.
The modifiers the different LoI grant have been changed as well; the more influence the Senate has, the more impactful events they can cause. Taxing Rights, Regular Census, and Regular Rights unlock Disloyal and Loyal as Levels of Loyalty each party can assume. Absolute Freedom, Trained Retinue, and Absolute Rights unlock Revolting and Supporting. Note that only one of those LoI mentioned has to be active for their respective Level of Loyalty (LoL) to be unlocked.
Every few years, an event will fire for each party (at different times), corresponding to their LoL. These might range from events that do not really affect the Emperor to small and large-scale support, or events that disrupt the Emperor and his goals. The lowest LoL is revolting, which when triggered, causes the revolting party to fund a direct vassal of the Emperor to rise up in revolt. If multiple parties are revolting at the same time, more vassals will revolt, up to a maximum of 3. The revolting vassals will gain 500 gold each.
The LoL of each party is determined by the average opinion of the Emperor that each senator has, some general stuff like high or low competence and more. A patch coming later will deepen how the different parties react to the Emperor support another. If you support a party that already loves you, the others will lose a hefty amount of opinion. If the party you chose to support meanwhile dislikes you, the other parties will not take as much offence to that.
Additionally, each party is focused on different aspects of the Empire. The Aristocrats want the Empire to be wealthy and economically stable (stewardship), the Populists want good relations with internal and external rulers (diplomatic) and the traditionalists want the Empire to have a large army and the Emperor to be an effective commander (martial).
Anyways, I hope you enjoy the Senate rework and the opportunities / challenges it brings!

New Faiths

Cybrxkhan here! Much of my work for this update was related to faith and cultures.
Though Julian the Apostate, the key character of the 361 bookmark, was famously a pagan, he ruled over an Empire full of different beliefs and creeds. My aim was to depict the vibrant, diverse, and at times contentious religious milieu of 4th century Rome.
First, there are a few new religious tenets, each of which has been given to at least one faith:
  • Chaste Marriages
  • Cult of the Virgin Mary
  • Monument Buildings
  • Sacred Silence
  • Sanctity Without Distinction
There are also a lot of new faiths. Many have few followers, limited to small enclaves, though some have rulers at game start. Most are present in the Middle East and Mediterranean, which now has even more disgusting religious border gore as a result – you’re welcome!
  • Abelianism
  • Bardaisanism
  • Carpocratianism
  • Collyridianism
  • Encratitism
  • Jovinianism
  • Marcionism
  • Montanism
  • Nazarene Christianity
  • Novatianism
  • Rogatism
  • Ebionitism
  • Elkesaitism
  • Basilidianism
  • Quqism
Several new pagan religions and faiths have been added as well. The Uralic faiths (in asterisks) were adapted from my RICE mod and/or Naatturi’s Ukonusko Overhaul mods.
  • Ammonism (Libyan pagan)
  • Čimarij Jüla (Mari pagan)*
  • Hypsistarians (syncretic Jewish Hellenic pagans)
  • Inmarism (Udmurt pagan)*
  • Jómalinusko (Bjarmian pagan)*
  • Noaidevuohta (Sami pagan)*
  • Nuragism (Sardinian pagan)
  • Pazon Koy (Erzya pagan)*
  • Shkayism (Moksha pagan)*
  • Tadenusism (Illyrian pagan)
  • Važesköm (Komi pagan)*

New Flavor

Hi all, I’m Marshal_NSC, a dev on the TFE team, and I’m pleased to be able to detail some changes and flavor additions coming for Africa, the Huns, and the Goths, as well as balancing changes for empires both large and small.

African Flavor

Although there is much work to be done on Africa, we’ve started adding more flavor there to make it more interesting for players.
In particular, North Africa has had some major changes and new flavor. For example, the earlier bookmarks will feature the rebellion of the Donatists in Tunisia:
A radical sect of Christianity that was already present in-game, this movement mixed matters of faith with social agitation, advocating peasants’ causes against landowners. They attempted to overthrow Roman rule in Africa, but were ultimately crushed. Players will have the option to either fight them in the field of battle, or attempt to co-opt the movement if their character meets certain requirements – one notable example will be Gildo, a ruler already in our interesting characters bookmark list.
In terms of rulers and realms, significant changes have been made to the tribes and tributaries of Mauritania, as well as parts of the Sahara and Central Africa in all start dates. For example, below you can see a new Roman tributary in Ghadames and new Amazigh tribes such as the Baquates and the Bavares:
Cultures, traditions, and religions haven’t been left out either. You can look forward to a new Sahara culture, the Toubou, an Amazigh faith for the Garamantians (Ammonism), as well as more innovations, men-at-arms, and a slave raid casus belli to kidnap courtiers:
Finally, we’ve also added a host of new regional artifacts scattered around Africa (custom visuals pending). Happy hunting!

Hun Rework

The Black Huns have been overhauled with a new system that will strive to either present a dynamic challenge to their foes in Eastern Europe, and make playing as the Huns more interesting. In particular, the Huns now automatically invade neighboring kingdoms in Eastern Europe and the Western Steppe as long as they’re strong enough:
In addition, Attila’s event chain has been completely redone. He’ll now spawn as a child of the Hunnic Empire ruler in 400-401 and automatically be designated as the primary heir of the Huns; he’ll also get a lot of event troops once he ascends to the throne for his conquests:
For those who want Attila to be an Uldinid, fear not: Uldin now starts with a claim on the Hunnic Empire and, in 395, some event troops. You won’t have much time to press your claim, but it should be possible to usurp the throne before Attila spawns in-game.
In addition, we have added two new decisions. As a Turkic/Mongol ruler, you can perform the art of scapulimancy, while as a Hunnic ruler, you can now declare yourself heir to Attila in later bookmarks and restore the Hunnic Empire:

(Ostro)goth Rework

While Germanics at-large received some updates this time around, most of the focus was on the Ostrogoths. In the 476 bookmark, Theodoric Amaling now has proper traits and a unique character modifier. His start position has also been greatly modified; he is now a vassal of the ERE and locked in a brutal total war with his rival, Theodoric Strabo of the Moesogoths:
It should be possible (but difficult) to win as Strabo, who also gets new traits and a character modifier, but Theodoric Amaling usually comes out ahead.
After the war of the Theodorics, Theodoric will still have the invasion of Italy to deal with. There is now an appreciable tradeoff between invading Italy and refusing Zenon’s call. If Theodoric chooses to invade Italy and succeeds, he and any other ruler whose culture is not of Roman or Greek ancestry will have access to a new decision to either segregate the Roman Elite and administration from the Gothic army (as he did historically), or choose to try to create a new hybrid culture:
Aside from content for Theodoric, to further improve the experience of foederati within either Roman Empire, they are now allowed to raid other vassals and even their liege for gold proportional to realm size, prestige, and renown. We’ve also made various other adjustments to other Germanics, such as Odoacer, Euric, the Heruli, the Gepids, and more.

Other Tweaks, Additions, and Fixes

A few new regional unique cultural traditions have been added to the Mediterranean, including:
  • Latrones Mastrucati (Nuragic, Sardinian)
  • Songs of Orpheus (Thracian, Thracio-Roman)
  • Underground Cities (Cappadocian)
Various changes have been made to balance the playstyles of large empires, as well as to add more flavor to the Romans and Sassanids. A few of the changes include:
  • MAA stat rebalance (no more super space marine Comitatenses hopefully); an Excel sheet with changes is available upon request
  • Nerfs to migration armies
  • Reducing how many war dog MAAs AI will have
  • City States now have their own set of authority laws
  • Mard O Mard tradition now unlocks Savran, a “heavy” horse archer MAA for the Sassanids
  • Roman Legions tradition now unlocks the Clibanarius, a “heavy” horse archer MAA for the Romans
  • A new decision for the Eastern Roman Empire which unlocks new MAA for them (only available after the Western Empire falls)
  • Romans now have access to a kingdom tier CB for Imperial Reconquests
    • The CB requires a lot of prestige, has a ten year cooldown, and may also call in vassals of the attacker and defender
  • Imperial policies and centralization policies have been adjusted significantly

Beyond the Vistula and the Indus

The next update will focus on the regions of Eastern Europe and India, and is set to release in June 2023. This will be subject to change, particularly depending on when the Tours and Tournaments DLC comes out. Stay tuned for teasers of the next update after the release of Reign of the Apostate!
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2023.03.26 15:00 AutoModerator Weekly Aquerium - Ask your questions in here!: March 26, 2023

(We've got some updates about the subreddit including Splatoon 3 spoilers. Please see this post for more details)
Hey there Squids, Octos, and sea creatures of any kind!
Welcome to the Weekly Aquerium! With the old Squad Search and Aquerium, they were only used for just finding teammates or just asking questions. With the new Weekly Aquerium, we hope to bring the two things together into one reoccurring weekly thread!
Each week, there will be a new stickied thread up on Sunday mornings at 9am ET, and they'll stay up until the following Sunday where they'll be replaced by a new thread (Pending special events and the like).
Before posting, why not check with the Splatoon FAQ to see if your question has already been answered. If not, this is the place to be!

How do I ask questions here?

The primary use of the Weekly Aquerium is to have the freedom to ask away with any bubbling questions you may have! While this is mostly to help reduce clutter with repeat posts on the subreddit, there are various types of questions which are better asked here! These includes questions such as:
If you have questions which don't fit the criteria above (Such as broad questions, gear or weapon choices), you're welcome to post them to the subreddit! And if you are unsure whether a question should go here or on the subreddit, it's still perfectly fine to post straight to the subreddit!

What if I want to look for new friends?

The secondary use of the Weekly Aquerium is to double as a place to find new friends (aka Squad Search 2)!
Since Reddit isn't the easiest place to organise your matches, we suggest joining the Splatoon Discord Server where they have dedicated channels for voice chat, match finding, and gear ordering for all your squid game needs! If you still prefer using Reddit, you are also free to look for new friends here by leaving your friend code below, or even giving a friendly hallo to others!

Closing out!

We hope that this thread will be of good use to those who come across it! Once again, do join the Splatoon Discord Server for your squid game needs! And be sure to Stay Fresh, Stay off the Hook, and Catch ya Later!
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2023.03.26 15:00 Electrical-Fig-4093 Shared an eighth with my husband and had the most amazing time

Friday night my husband and I split an eighth of a hodge-podge of B+ and PE he’s been growing over the last few months. I’ve had a couple trips on my own here and there, and so has he, but this time we took them together by making a tea.
At his request, we had naked cuddles. Weirdly enough it wasn’t even a sexual thing, it just felt right. We laid in the dark cuddling while it started to kick in. What unfolded over the next couple hours was inexplicable. I truly struggle with emotional vulnerability due to past traumas and abuse, I also take antidepressants which I feel like shelters me from certain deep feelings. Looking into my husband’s eyes and holding his face in my hands I said something to the effect of “I’m glad it’s you.” Tears welled up in both our eyes and I openly wept. Not out of sadness, but just this pure joy, this raw vulnerability and feeling of immense trust I’ve never really felt before. I felt like my body could melt into his, like our souls were fusing together. I likened the feeling to him as a feeling of youth, innocence, first love, the first time you see each other naked and make love. The mental image in my mind was like Adam first discovering Eve in the Garden of Eden. We talked about the future and how I hoped one day when we are old we can still strip down and split an eighth and be content in the life we have created and shared. We talked about our hopes and dreams for our children (we don’t have any yet, but will be trying to conceive soon). We laughed at the stupidest things. We took some NSFW photos just for the fun of it. We got dressed and ordered hot wings and ate together in bed watching Maury (we’re suckers for trash TV). Then we fell asleep in each others arms soaking in the afterglow.
I am still blown away by the whole experience. It was so good for us as individuals and as a couple to be so vulnerable and have a good, healthy cry. We both work very stressful, mentally draining jobs, and we both have our respective mental health issues. At times our nerves tend to be frayed and we can easily lose patience with each other. So this trip felt like a much needed reset for the both of us. I told him several times that this is what married couples need to do at least once a year to ensure a healthy marriage lol. As for visuals etc. I definitely had closed eye visuals and some things in the room seemed wiggly, but the most profound feeling was the emotional release. Just wanted to share this amazing experience with you all. There are not enough words…Everyone should get to feel that pure contentment at some point in their lives. Truly mind blowing. Happy tripping ✌🏻
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2023.03.26 14:59 Mark-41996 27 Dutch geologist who lives in Finland and works in Sweden looks for a [chat]

Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all. I am Mark and as the title says I am Dutch, I work in Sweden and live in Finland. I am a geologist in an underground gold mine. It is a fun and crazy job (in a good way).
Furthermore my interests are war history, formula 1, football, outdooring, sailing, watching documentaries and geology.
If any of these things interest you or you just want to have a chat, feel free to send me a message 😁
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2023.03.26 14:59 Dangahdmi Is Hun Batz solo any good

Warrior axe , Gladiator , Jotunns wrath , 3 defensive items depending on enemy composition ( Genji , Stone of binding , Thebes, Contagion , . . . )
Does it have any potential with his ult.
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2023.03.26 14:59 pitafrita So are we all taking 3-4 hours to get ready for walk?

Even my mom who I highly suspects has ADHD has been like this. She is one of those people who has to over-compensate to deal with her forgetfulness (writing down literally everything- like EVERYTHING, getting up extra early even though it takes her an hour total to get dressed, always “on the go” etc.)
Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes like a long morning where I ease myself into the day instead rushing. But during the workweek, it sucks because it means that a good chunk of my free-time for that day is lost. I am lucky to work at a company where I have flexibility with what time I start, but I don’t have as much pressure to start earlier or get dressed quicker.
Any advice?
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2023.03.26 14:59 heartsandrosez Extremely stubborn clog

Help!! I am weaning off the pump after an almost year long EP journey. I’m down to 2 ppd and have the most stubborn clog I’ve ever had. I’ve gotten quite a few since I got down to 3 ppd and thought I was in the clear since I’ve been down to 2 pumps for a month and supply has drastically dropped. It’s been almost 5 days and nothing is working! I’ve done the ibuprofen/ice, hakaa, light touch massage, etc. I just started sunflower lecithin yesterday. I’ve just been doing my normal 2 pumps because I’ve seen overdoing it will make it worse. My plan is to call my doc tomorrow but just wanted to see if there was any advice out there in the meantime. I’m not really having any pain, but I’m worried it will turn into mastitis. This part is just me venting- I’m so disappointed that this is how my journey is ending! I’ve been weaning down from 5 ppd since January to prevent clogs but it’s been one after the other, and it’s always in my left side. I’m only producing like 10 oz per day, and I just want to be done. I’m proud I made it this far, but I wanted to end on a good note. Okay, that’s all.
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2023.03.26 14:59 uwuwotsdps42069 Double check me to maximize performance per dollar

Hi all, good friend of mine is in need of upgrading his 8 year old hardware.
We’re salvaging the case, his SSD’s and peripherals but he’s upgrading from 1080p on an ancient VN panel monitor to 1440p. Looking to get 60fps average in newer games preferably as close to ultra as we can get for as many years as possible. The dude plays mostly WoW, Diablo, modern warfare, as well as the new AAA releases like Hogwarts legacy and whatever Souls-like game comes out, Assassins creed, etc.
This is the parts list I came up with, but I’m a bit out of the loop when it comes to the performance of the mid tier price point hardware. Can you guys just take a look and see if there’s anything obvious?
Inb4 AMD graphics card. The dude is completely tech illiterate, and I have to drive to his house to do any sort of debugging or maintenance work, so I’d rather not deal with any potential AMD driver hiccups and have to listen to him whine about it. TIA!
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU Intel Core i5-13600KF 3.5 GHz 14-Core Processor $296.93 @ Amazon
CPU Cooler Thermalright Peerless Assassin 120 SE 66.17 CFM CPU Cooler $45.90 @ Amazon
Motherboard ASRock Z790 PRO RS WIFI ATX LGA1700 Motherboard $194.99 @ Newegg
Memory Corsair Vengeance 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-5600 CL36 Memory $115.98 @ Newegg
Video Card MSI GAMING X TRIO GeForce RTX 4070 Ti 12 GB Video Card $869.99 @ GameStop
Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA 750 GT 750 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $129.99 @ Walmart
Monitor LG 27GN800-B 27.0" 2560 x 1440 144 Hz Monitor $296.99 @ B&H
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $1950.77
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-03-26 08:51 EDT-0400
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2023.03.26 14:59 Wake_and-Bacon Toddler advice? I feel like I'm over my head

Hello folks, I'm not really sure where to go for some good and honest advice so I figured I'd reach out here. I would like to start off with by apologizing if I use any incorrect terms or if something I say upsets anyone. I'm so new to this that I honestly don't know what I'm doing or talking about and my intentions are solely to find out any advice and get as much help towards the situation as possible. Please don't take any offence to my misuse of words, I will happily learn and adjust as I continue down this path, and I appreciate any help I can receive.
So let me just start with the context. I recently started dating a woman who has young twins (boy/girl) under the age of 2. I don't think the boy has been diagnosed, but the girl has been through a couple of tests and the doctors seem to think she's on the spectrum (not sure how "severe" it is personally, but from what I can gather it's not too bad?). I have never had to deal/interact with anyone with autism personally (family or friends) and feel like I'm slightly over my head with trying to help her learn and grow as a toddler. We've only been together for a few months so I still feel like it's "not my place" sort of concept, but at the same time I really like this woman and therefore I need to be there to help her support and raise the kids as well, since I don't see myself going anywhere, atleast any time soon (if that makes sense so far). I'm basically asking for advice and/or tips. Anything like toys that will help her grow/develop/learn (she likes to climb, throw things and run), any sort of programs I can look into for heme/her mom to help us help her develop? Any do's and don'ts?
I'm really sorry for my ignorance folks, I truly do apologize if I've used incorrect terms or wording. Please help me understand and learn more, I would love to be able to handle this situation in the best way to help this girl develop to her full potential. Honestly, ANY advice will be better than what I'm working with currently, and I appreciate anyone taking the time out of their day to help me prepare for what could possibly be my future family
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2023.03.26 14:58 Available-Cap-356 Got Conq twice this season (rus and english) - thoughts

So I got conq on my main as english and then went rus on my alt and just got conq again today.
For english I almost predominantly went abbey of kings (because it's fun), and in pretty much every game I'd go 1TC heavy feudal aggro and then react accordingly to the opponent. Didn't play a single 2tc into white tower game (more on this in a bit).
For Rus 99% of the time I went kremlin into boar and 1tc feudal aggro, in some cases if my opponent was going FC I'd go 1-3 knights and then go castle myself.
Some thoughts:
Ultimately, decision making and good macro combined with game sense is what I found to be the main differentiation between winning and losing games. Even against English I 100% lost because I made the wrong decisions. Basically I am a firm believer that you can get to conq 1 with any civ. Think I'll go Chinese next which should be interesting.
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2023.03.26 14:58 WeinerGod69 Can anyone recommend me any Ukrainian front line journalist and documentarian YouTubers that have English subtitles?

I am currently subscribed to dobrik_live and hromadske on YouTube and they both have great videos from the frontlines with the soldiers with a good mix of ones with English subtitles and some without.
Can anyone recommend any where the journalist/documentarian/youtuber is embedded with a crew of soldiers and where you get to see the war through their perspective that has English subtitles? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Slava 🇺🇦💪🏼
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2023.03.26 14:58 PHANTOMX0071 [WTT/WTS] Full Custom Trevor Burger Urban (hyper rare)

Blade Gallery Custom Knife Link:
Good morning swappers, hope everyone is having a nice morning. I present to you something pretty incredible today, the most rare piece in my collection. This is a one of a kind custom Trevor Burger Urban with a gold dark matter carbon scale, a darkwashed titanium scale and clip, blackened hardware, and a hollow-ground Damasteel blade. For those who don’t know, Damasteel is a company that makes high-performing Damascus steels, which means that this knife is meant to be used (performs like CPM-154). The action on this guy is fantastic, with the snappy click of the ceramic ball detent from front flipper deployment, to the hydraulic close when disengaging the lock. The action on this is ridiculously addictive. The blade is also the sliciest blade I’ve owned, with a perfect hollow grind that laser beams through material. Fit and finish is spectacular, with no blade play, lock stick, or any issues of any kind (perfection is the norm for Trevor Burger’s customs). I’ve looked this knife over for multiple hours, just admiring its beauty, and in that time, have not found any issues with the fit and finish of the knife other than a snail trail on the clip from the previous owner.
From a practical standpoint, this thing is perfect for EDC. Fits in the pocket with no problem, very lightweight, and the blade shape and handle profile are super comfortable. Aesthetically I like the balanced lines of the Urban the most compared to the other Burger models, it just looks so clean and sophisticated. Don’t be fooled by the mesmerizing blade, this is a tool that is meant to be used, and can handle the same tasks a sebenza would be used for. This knife new was $990.
[TV 850]/[SV 900]
I’m mainly looking to trade this which is why I’ve kept my SV high. I’d prefer even trades or trading down. The only reason I’m putting this knife on the swap is because I’ve got another custom front flipper on the way. Please shoot your shot! I’m open to any and all trades!
Specifically looking for: - Shiros - Grimsmo Rasks - Rockstead Knives - Magnacut McNees MAC 3.5” - CRK Zaan - Eutsler DUK/Dukling - Strider knives - Jason Guthrie knives - Bradley Maria’s knives - Anything cool
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2023.03.26 14:58 jordan-8 [XB1] H: TSE90 Gat Gun / AA2525 Fixer / V2525 Handmade / BSSS Powerfist & More W: Uny AP FDC Heavy Metal RL / Weightless AP Sent Heavy Combat LA & More

Also have junk/caps & ammo, feel free to ask if nothing above is of interest but be specific. Thanks
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2023.03.26 14:58 dazedbreak I (22F) HATE my boyfriend’s (20M) ‘girl best friend’ (20F)

Hey, So obviously there is always much more context that can fit into one post. However, I think I should start off with what has really fucking grinded my gears with this girl. We will call her Megan and my boyfriend Tom.
Him and her and 20 l am 22. We have been together for a year.
Tom and Megan have been friends for about 5 years. When I first met her I thought she was OK. I tried to make an effort so invited her to my birthday, to make matters worse Megan and Tom's sister are good friends and met via him. My birthday was a day time boat trip. Her and his sister came along, and brought a bag of cocaine onto the boat. Sat there keying coke and chain smoking cigarettes not all that concerned about what me or my friends thought of this. I tried to make an effort again, I invited her over for some dinner with him and I. She was nearly 2 hours late and spent the whole time talking with him about people I don't know. On top of this, I think she's made herself far too comfortable. As I mentioned she's friends with his sister, him and his sister used to live together and whilst he was away Megan went over and slept in his bed (not with him, as I said he was away) even though she lives a stones throw away, is invited to family functions such as CHRISTMAS DAY (?!?!) and follows all of his family on social media even if he doesn't. Way too involved for my liking.
He used to have a cocaine problem himself, he doesn't touch it since being with me but every single time they are together more or less they end up going on an expensive binge until 7am or whatever the next day.
He went out with her the other day and I really tried to be ok with it because I don't want to make him resent me and control him. But before he left I just started wailing. He asked if he should still go and I said yes fine. Whilst he was out much I was hyperventilating and being sick, I had to go to my mothers and she texted him explaining that she was worried I was going to hurt myself and does he know what's wrong because I wouldn't give any answers. This was a physical reaction and I had no control over it. I saw him the next day. He basically said that he is not willing to end the friendship and that I just need to get some help. I cannot cope with it. What do you think I should do? What should he be doing?
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2023.03.26 14:58 SuperHotUKDeals Sainsbury's Chocolate Espresso Martini (50cl, 17%) - £5 @ Sainsbury's

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
£5 - Sainsbury's
I saw this in-store today, and thought it sounded quite nice (I haven't tried it yet though so I can't testify whether it's actually any good or not). I got the last bottle in the Redhill branch, but it's the same price online so it should be available at other stores at this price.
This deal can be found on hotukdeals via this link:
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2023.03.26 14:57 Ok-Calligrapher-1609 University of New Haven for an international student

Can someone please share something about MPH at University of New Haven. Is someone going there? Should I go ahead with it? Will i get a good job after doing my masters there? Or basically any thought that you have about this university
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