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2023.03.25 12:36 randomthoughtsrkx I feel like I’m never going to get a driver’s license. M21

I really wanna get driver’s license but I feel like it is impossible to get one. I’m really getting jealous of others that they can easily get one. It just ruins my mood
My driving school starts next week, I’m doing online practice tests but already have mistakes and keep forgetting road signs and all of that shit. I never drove a car too, and that scares me most. Driving instructor probably gonna think that I’m very retarded
Deep inside I feel like I should just give up on this, maybe I am too retarded for this. But at the same time I really want it.
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2023.03.25 12:36 thebomby Update on Anomic Burner Missions

Hi, every few years, someone will post a request on Anomic Burner mission fits. The older posts disappear in the mists of time and one has to do a lot of searching to find fits that are current enough to work. So I thought I'd post an update with all known fits.
Here is my thread from two years ago linking to the original posts with some updates of my own.
Here is a link to Eve Workbench with all the unified Nergal fits which work for all the frigate sized missions.
I'm old school so I do the burners with pre Nergal ships that I had set up back in the day - chiefly Wolf fits for the Succubus, Cruor and Worm Agent burners, Hawk for the Daredevil, Vengeance for the Dramiel and Garmur for the Team burners. For the base burners, I use the Cerberus fit in the linked Reddit post above for the Ashimmu burners, a Harpy for the Talos burner, a Vigilant for the Dramiel base burner and an actual working fit for the Antero Wyvern Carrier base burner, which I'll post below.
[Cerberus, Cerberus Antero Burner] Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System Missile Guidance Enhancer II Gist X-Type Large Shield Booster Pithum A-Type EM Shield Amplifier Pith X-Type EM Shield Hardener Federation Navy Stasis Webifier Federation Navy Stasis Webifier Caldari Navy Rapid Light Missile Launcher Caldari Navy Rapid Light Missile Launcher Caldari Navy Rapid Light Missile Launcher Caldari Navy Rapid Light Missile Launcher Caldari Navy Rapid Light Missile Launcher Caldari Navy Rapid Light Missile Launcher Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II Hornet II x3 Caldari Navy Mjolnir Light Missile x5000 Nanite Repair Paste x300 Caldari Navy Inferno Light Missile x5000 Synth Crash Booster x1 Synth Blue Pill Booster x1 Agency 'Pyrolancea' DB5 Dose II x1 Mid-grade Crystal Alpha Mid-grade Crystal Beta Mid-grade Crystal Delta Mid-grade Crystal Gamma Mid-grade Crystal Epsilon Mid-grade Crystal Omega Zainou 'Deadeye' Missile Bombardment MB-705 Zainou 'Deadeye' Missile Precision GP-805 Zainou 'Deadeye' Target Navigation Prediction TN-905 Zainou 'Deadeye' Rapid Launch RL-1005 
This fit is stupidly expensive for a mission that nets you about 17 million plus LP. It's possible the fit could be used in Abyssals as well, but I haven't tried it. The drugs, implants and Cal Navy RL launchers are critical, or else you might well fail. At the very least, use Crash. The mission makes you fight 6 alternating waves of Dragonfly fighters and Mantis fighter-bombers.
The Dragonflies orbit at around 9000 meters and are absurdly difficult to kill. They have a sig radius of just 15 meters and even double webbed, they still do around 300 m/s. It will take around four or five reloads to kill one. Use EM missiles on these. The main guides say to use Explosive, but they rep their shields at a very high rate and their lowest shield resist is EM. Do not use drones on these until the last one in the wave as they will kill the drones almost immediately. When each wave is over, pull your drones back in.
The Mantis bombers are slower but do enormous damage - around 600 EM. They orbit at around 18000 meters. In order to web them, approach them and overheat the webs until they are at 14000 meters. Inbetween kills, tank the damage and rep the overheated webs, as you'll need to overheat them for each Mantis and you have no prop. You can use the drones on the Mantis wave as their torps do no damage to them.
I wouldn't reccomend doing this mission as it took me over half an hour and the price isn't worth it in my opinion.
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2023.03.25 12:36 IndianUrsaMajor They just don't make em like that anymore

I'm turning 32 this year, been pc gaming since I was 8 years old. And wow, what a journey has it been. The question is - will it continue or have we seen the best of gaming already?
I think we've all seen a golden era of gaming come and go. These games were so inventive that not only were they groundbreaking at the time in terms of mechanics, graphics and level design, their successors went on to push the envelope even further. Games like Half Life 2, Bioshock, Halo, FEAR, GTA, COD (the early ones to an extent), MGS etc. Within these games, we had titles that catered to such unique niches; Eg. Manhunt - hard af third person stealth with a gritty atmosphere Elder Scrolls - Massive yet engaging RPG HL2/Bioshock/Max Payne - Kickass shooters with amazing stories and characters Caesar, C&C, Dawn of War, AOE - RTS with killer campaigns and ingenious game mechanics Even classic platformers like Aladdin, Claw, Prince of Persia etc.
I mean, I can keep giving more examples but you guys know this.
I feel somewhere in the mid 2010s, the evolution in gaming went awry. I only see promising games that are rushed, massive open world titles that are bland, have terrible UI, and provide zero motivation to actually explore, games with pay-to-pay models...there are just an endless number of reasons why we don't see any new groundbreaking moment in gaming anymore. Sure, every once in a while, there's a game like God of War, Last of Us, Gears, Doom, RDR2. Metro, Inscryption - there are great games released every year; but overall, I feel the gaming industry has lost its spirit to bring something new to the table. There are so many roguelite, soulslike, metroidvania, battle royale games that there's nothing revolutionary about them.
My point being, I've kinda stopped playing new games unless they are really unique and worthwhile (waiting for Last of Us to release on PC). I just see a whole lot of sameness and monotony; making them feel like chores. All I see is evolution in graphics (that too with its share of bugs) and factory-like development of the industry. Just churning out one boring game after another. Ever single shooter feels the same, AAA RTS titles are not as big as before, boring af bland and grinding open world games, literally zero attention to campaigns (which earlier used to be the main draw) and motherfucking skins everywhere. Even the heavyweights like Halo couldn't resist going down that road.
That's why I keep going back to older games or well made remakes. Games I haven't played in a decade or those I've missed. Currently I'm playing Singularity, L4D2, Binary Domain, and Return to Monkey Island. They're all great and I'm having a blast.
Am I just someone stuck in the past glory days of gaming, its nostalgia? Am I just too slow to catch up with the popular games these days? Or has the gaming industry drowned in ultra capitalistic demands?
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2023.03.25 12:36 U_GOAT I want one button kara throw for third strike. How to do it? (Read description pls)

To use it on chun-li for online matches. I don't like the fact that objectively better options are locked behind unnecessary execution barriers. I don't want to get rid of QCFs or other motion inputs, I find them okay. Also I don't like cheating like auto parry, I think it's quite idiotic to consider yourself so frikin smart to put autoparry, despite the fact that parries have flaws and can be exploited by actual good players (not me).
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2023.03.25 12:35 DanAtRainbowTomatoes RTG 2023

Just wanted to drop a note with some information new for 2023 as I've seen a few people mention the stand re-opening in a few comments.
For people who don't know, we are not online only, you can come and browse tins and shop in person...but...we are a farmstand, and the retail space is open to the weather so we close during the winter months (closed from Thanksgiving until April 1st). Pick ups are always available by prior arrangement (we live here, it's a small farm).
**Next Saturday is April 1st, and we are planning to re-open the stand, with new hours. The stand will be open from April 1st through Thanksgiving, Thursday - Saturday, 10-5. **
That means the stand is closed Sunday - Wednesday.
These open times are a change from previous years, so I thought it would be good to let people know.
If you've been before, we hope to see you again this year. August is when the tomatoes will be rolling in. Tinned fish will always be available, and Helen will be doing baked goods, as well.
If you've never been before, a few things worth noting: we do not have a glamorous, air-conditioned, showroom space. We have a lovingly appointed stall in an old barn. It is rustic. Upside: there are ducks (and we sell duck eggs)! Downside: there's no bathroom. Upside: everything we carry is available to carry home! Downside: it doesn't all fit in the showroom space available, so if there's anything you want that you don't see out in the stand, just ask, and we can go grab it and bring it out. Upside: it's a beautiful property that you could spread a blanket and picnic on if you wanted to. Downside: there is a non-trivial chance of poison ivy, depending on where you roam, so open-toed shoes are not advised if you're thinking of strolling.
Always, always, always call or email before making a long trip to make sure about anything mission-critical. We are a very small business and every day is filled with extenuating circumstances. We might be closed on an otherwise open day because we all need to go to a wedding, or there might be a duck emergency, who knows? Ah, the rich pageantry of life.
Your shopping experience will be much more pleasant if you place an order online for anything you know for sure you want. We can then pull those items and have them waiting for you while you focus on fondling the undecided treasures.
We do not process credit cards here. Venmo, PayPal, Cash App, Zelle, personal check, or cash only.
If you're curious about other things to do in the area, we have created a fact sheet that can be downloaded here:
As always, any questions about anything at all, just ask.
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2023.03.25 12:35 PrityDubey M3M Properties In Sector 94 Noida - The Ultimate Living Experience

M3M Properties In Sector 94 Noida - The Ultimate Living Experience
M3M Properties, a renowned name in the real estate industry, is now offering luxurious apartments in Sector 94, Noida. The project offers 3 BHK, 4 BHK and 5 BHK apartments, which are designed to provide ultimate comfort and luxury to its residents.
Located in the heart of Noida, Sector 94 is an emerging residential area that offers excellent connectivity to other parts of the city. The area is well-connected to major highways and expressways, making it easy for residents to commute to different parts of Noida and Delhi. The world-class amenities provided by M3M Properties In Sector 94 Noida are created to meet the demands of contemporary living.
M3M Properties In Sector 94 Noida
The apartments are spacious, well-ventilated, and have been designed to offer maximum natural light and cross ventilation. The project offers a host of amenities such as a gymnasium, swimming pool, clubhouse and sports facilities. The project also has a well-equipped playground and parks for children, making it an ideal place for families with kids.
The 3 BHK apartments in M3M Properties In Sector 94 Noida are designed to provide ample space for comfortable living. The apartments have a super built-up area of 1700 sq.ft and come with spacious bedrooms, living and dining areas and modular kitchens. The 4 BHK apartments have a super built-up area of 2400 sq.ft and come with a separate servant room. The 5 BHK apartments are designed to offer grandeur and luxury, with a super built-up area of 3100 sq.ft.
The apartments in M3M Properties In Sector 94 Noida are designed to offer a premium living experience. The project has been constructed with the highest quality materials and has been designed to cater to the needs of modern-day living. The project offers 24/7 security and power backup, ensuring that residents live in a safe and secure environment.
In conclusion, M3M Properties In Sector 94 Noida offers luxurious apartments that are designed to cater to the needs of modern-day living. The project offers 3 BHK, 4 BHK and 5 BHK apartments that are spacious, well-ventilated and equipped with world-class amenities. The project's location in Sector 94, Noida, offers excellent connectivity to other parts of the city and makes it an ideal place for families with kids. If you're looking for a luxurious and comfortable living experience, M3M Properties in Sector 94 Noida is an excellent choice.
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2023.03.25 12:34 AdiLovesYou My entire day seems to revolve around masturbation. (18 M)

I feel aroused, and thinking about girls, all the time! Since I discovered masturbating, I've always been so into it! It's like I revolve my days around it. I'm not intimate with anyone, and my social life isn't exciting me. I would love to be exploring sexual desires with someone, because masturbsting alone is so frustrating! Finding people online is not fulfilling.
But I guess at 18, people are usually horny.
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2023.03.25 12:34 MikeyDubz I have 10+ meals worth of leftover Italian food from a group dinner that’s likely going to the trash. Anywhere I can take it or donate it?

I’m staying near the capitol and have no car. Flying out this afternoon. Hate to see this go to waste, I assume a food shelter won’t take it? About 10 trays currently in the fridge. Pasta, chicken, cheesecake and more.
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2023.03.25 12:34 Kudatsay How much is this worth?

Hello guys! I have this car i believe its called a Pontiac funny car? The paint on it its gold, and it looks really really cool! I have it for about 9 years, but i don't know how much this is worth. I can also send pictures if people are interested! Thank you for the help! :D
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2023.03.25 12:34 TejiMandiApp Adani Group to Own 63.11% Stake in Ambuja Cement After Shareholding Sale

Adani Group to Own 63.11% Stake in Ambuja Cement After Shareholding Sale
Ambuja Cements Ltd is a leading cement manufacturer in India, established in 1993. The company has a solid global presence, operating in 80 countries and providing a wide range of products, including cement and concrete blocks. Ambuja Cements is part of LafargeHolcim Limited, a Swiss-based conglomerate in 70 countries. The company remains dedicated to lowering its carbon footprint and promoting sustainable construction practices, reflecting its dedication to environmental responsibility.

Key Growth

Ambuja Cements offers a range of cement types, including portland pozzolana, ordinary portland, water-repellent cement, aggregates, concretes, and concrete blocks.
In 2021, the company generated 35% of revenue from the North region as the most significant contributor. The West-South region came in second with 24% of the revenue, followed by the East with 21% and the North-West region with 20%. This revenue breakup shows a well-distributed market share across the country, reflecting the company's strong presence and success in various parts of India.
They earned 80% of their revenue in 2021 from retail (B2C) and 20% from institutional (B2B) sales.

Manufacturing Facilities and Distribution

Ambuja Cements operates six integrated manufacturing facilities, five bulk cement terminals, and eight grinding units, with a total cement capacity of 31.45 million tonnes per annum as of December 2021. The North and Central regions account for 41% (12.89 million tonnes) of the total capacity, followed by the West region at 36% (11.32 million tonnes) and the East region at 23% (7.23 million tonnes).
In addition to its manufacturing capabilities, Ambuja Cements generates 1,285 million power units from its five captive power units. The company's widespread distribution network ensures the timely delivery of its products across India and beyond.

Capacity Utilisation

Ambuja Cements achieved a capacity utilisation rate of 86% for its cement capacity as of December 2021, up from a rate of 80% between 2017 and 2020. The company's capacity utilisation rose to 96% in Q1 2021, indicating a strong performance and effective management of production capabilities.


In May 2022, Ambuja Cement, a cement manufacturing company, sold some of its shares to the Adani group for CHF 6.4 billion. The sale price of CHF 6.4 billion is equivalent to approximately Rs 385 per share for Ambuja Cement and Rs 2300 per share for ACC, which indicates the deal's significance. As a result, the Adani group now has a 63.11% ownership stake in Ambuja Cement, which in turn owns a 54.53% stake in ACC, another cement company. This move expects to help the Adani group expand its presence in the cement industry and create opportunities for collaboration with its existing businesses.
The promoters of Ambuja Cement Limited have pledged their entire shareholding, indicating that they have used their shares as collateral for loans. Investors should closely monitor any developments related to the pledged shares. Changes in the promoters' financial situation or market conditions could lead to potential risks for the company and its shareholders. It can have implications for the company's stock price and investor sentiment.


Ambuja Cements is investing Rs 310 crore for expanding its Ropar, Punjab plant by setting up a 1.5 MTPA brownfield grinding unit. This project expects to enhance the company's capacity to cater to the growing demand in Northern India. Additionally, the company has acquired a coal block in Chhattisgarh to ensure an uninterrupted supply of raw materials.
Ambuja Cements invested Rs 77 crore in acquiring land for limestone in Ambujanagar, Darlaghat, and Bhatapara. The company is also setting up Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS) with a total capacity of 53 MW at its Marwar, Darlaghat, and Bhatapara plants, at the cost of over Rs 550 crore.

Based on the given figures, we can see that Ambuja Cement Ltd has experienced growth in its sales over the past decade. In 2011, its sales were Rs. 8,489 crores, which increased to Rs. 28,965 crores in 2021 and rose to Rs. 30,983 crores in 2022.
However, the company's net profit has been somewhat volatile. In 2011, its net profit was Rs. 1,227 crores, which increased to Rs. 3,711 crores in 2021. But in 2022, the net profit decreased to Rs. 2,261 crores.
While sales growth is generally a positive sign, a decrease in net profit may indicate that the company is facing challenges in managing its expenses or facing competition affecting its profit margins.
Over the past decade, Ambuja Cement Ltd has experienced steady growth in sales, with a compounded sales growth of 12% over ten years. However, the company's net profit growth has been more volatile, with a compounded profit growth of 4% over the past ten years and a negative growth rate of -28% in the last twelve months.
Despite this, the stock price has performed well, with a CAGR of 7% over ten years, 9% over five years, and an impressive 26% over the past three years. However, the return on equity has remained relatively stable at around 10% for the past five years but has decreased to 7% in the last year.
Overall, Ambuja Cement Ltd has shown promising sales and stock price growth. However, the decline in net profit growth and return on equity warrants further investigation into the company's financial health.


Ambuja Cement's crucial initiatives this year have been investing Rs. 77 crores in purchasing land in Ambujanagar, Darlaghat, and Bhatapara to meet future limestone requirements.
The company is currently working towards obtaining environmental clearance and other necessary approvals for mining. Additionally, the company has secured a new mining lease at the Nandgaon Ekodi mine to ensure the limestone needs of the Maratha Cement Works plant in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, remain met. These investments showcase Ambuja Cement's dedication towards sustainable growth and ensuring the availability of critical resources for its operations.
List of All Due Diligence Articles
Just so you know, any information mentioned is not a buy or sell recommendation and shouldn't be constructed as investment advice. Please consult your financial advisor before taking any action
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2023.03.25 12:33 dj2long Join Streetbeat and Receive $3 to $3000 for signing up! NO DEPOSIT NEEDED but EARN EXTRA IF YOU DO!

Streetbeat is a stock and crypto investing application. Currently, Streetbeat is rewarding users of their application with stock worth from $3 to $3000 just for signing up! On top of that, it requires NO DEPOSIT!
If you do choose to deposit money, they are also giving a BONUS depending on how much you deposit up to $5000!
Sign up using my code: UMXYZ89P
Click here to sign up!
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2023.03.25 12:33 pyonii_pickles Looking for New Members!

𓍊𓋼𓍊𓋼𓍊𓍊𓋼𓍊𓋼𓍊 The Mushroom Garden 𓍊𓋼𓍊𓋼𓍊𓍊𓋼𓍊𓋼𓍊
As strange as it may sound, the Mushroom Garden isn't THAT strange.
This 18+ server welcomes members worldwide! We are an open community that remains respectful, which leads to how we do not tolerate any toxicity, online bullying, trolling, and/or having other members uncomfortable. (Which you will be removed).
Got art to share? We have that specific role for you! As a fellow artist, I would like to meet more people who are willing to share and give feedback to other fellow artists. Help and support one another as we should.
Movie Suggestion or anime? Want to watch it with others? Why not stop by the server, suggest a few, stick around and see the stream!
So, don't be shy. Please stop by and say hi!
NOTE: When joining the server, you will need to accept the rules to be able to see all the channels. Thank you!
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2023.03.25 12:33 Leavesdusk What is the GoT set worth?

I want to buy it but I'm not sure what it's worth right now.
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2023.03.25 12:32 Haunting_Reaction163 Are things back to normal?

Was wondering if things are back the way they were since I can't afford the annual subscription at the moment, so is it worth going back or are the scripts and filters still there even though you change the version?
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2023.03.25 12:32 Remarkable-Slide6611 Standard or wait?

Newbie here, is there a big difference between the standard version of a player vs other versions ( NC/ POTW....) Is it worth waiting for other versions or the standard one is enough ?
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2023.03.25 12:32 PlantComfortable7321 Should I [27F] trust the most common views that are expressed online, on Reddit and on this subreddit. Or should I trust the views of the people in my life? [33F] [62F] [56M]

Basically I believe the following things (about people in a general sense, I don't mean these apply to every man and woman):
I believe that it's thought that sexism towards women is so much more common than sexism towards men, across the world (especially in Muslim countries) and throughout history, even fairly recent history. (But my parents and sister told me it is more common but not so much more and that sexism is not about hating women nor seeing them as lesser inferior beings, that it's about men having had the roles of power and control, because they were stronger so exerted strength to get them, etc. But that women were also thought to have a just as important role, in the home.) They said violence towards women is not about hatred towards women but instead about power, control, men being physically stronger and testosterone. And that the men who commit domestic violence are also the types to get into physical fights with men in pubs, etc.
I believe it's thought that women like men as a gender more than men like women as a gender due to this. Because people think sexism means mistreating, hating, etc. And that it's thought women treat men better and with more respect.
I believe it's thought that women like men in a more well rounded way than men like women, because of sexism and because because people think men objectify women and "only want one thing" from women, and also that if you took sex away... men would prefer men in all other ways (they think women are unfunny, etc and they think that men are superior, etc.)
I believe it's thought that sexism towards men is only a thing as backlash against sexism towards women. So women who hate men hate them for how men treat women.
I believe traditional roles are not seen as equal but different and are instead seen as representing a belief that women are incapable and to serve men. I believe also that it's thought that women are defined by their relationships to men.
I believe that when men do typically female hobbies and jobs women propel them to success and praise them for the bare minimum (which they wouldn't do for a woman with the same skills), like drag queens and gay male makeup artists. But women doing typically male jobs or hobbies are held to higher standards, have to prove themselves more, are not given the same support and are even verbally abused or threatened online. (Female gamers, female Mps, in sport, female celebs, etc.) And that there are boy's clubs that are hostile towards women in male dominated workplaces, but not girl's clubs that are hostile towards men in female dominated workplaces. I believe that having female main characters, idols, etc is not something many men want nor can relate to, while male main characters, idols are fine for women.
I believe it's thought that women (especially teen girls) hate each other, get jealous, compete and have internalised misogny, but that men have stronger bonds, friendships and camaraderie. (Even though my psychologist told me that it's instead believed that women mostly support each other.)
My parents and sister told me I was wrong about all of these things and that most people don't think these things, my sister identifies as a feminist herself. But online and on Reddit everybody has the same views as me. Why the contrast? What are your opinions? (Also when I asked my psychologist, she had the same opinions as my family.)
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2023.03.25 12:32 Chico237 #NIOCORP~ NIOBIUM~& THE QUANTUM INTERNET, U.S. & EU Critical Minerals & more....

#NIOCORP~ NIOBIUM~& THE QUANTUM INTERNET, U.S. & EU Critical Minerals & more....

#NIOCORP~ NIOBIUM~& THE QUANTUM INTERNET, U.S. & EU Critical Minerals & more....

New experiment translates quantum information between technologies in an important step for the quantum internet

New experiment translates quantum information between technologies in an important step for the quantum internet ( =
A NIOBIUM superconducting cavity. The holes lead to tunnels which intersect to trap light and atoms. Credit: Aishwarya Kumar
Researchers have discovered a way to "translate" quantum information between different kinds of quantum technologies, with significant implications for quantum computing, communication, and networking.
The research was published in the journal Nature on Wednesday. It represents a new way to convert quantum information from the format used by quantum computers to the format needed for quantum communication.
Photons—particles of light—are essential for quantum information technologies, but different technologies use them at different frequencies. For example, some of the most common quantum computing technology is based on superconducting qubits, such as those used by tech giants Google and IBM; these qubits store quantum information in photons that move at microwave frequencies.
But if you want to build a quantum network, or connect quantum computers, you can't send around microwave photons because their grip on their quantum information is too weak to survive the trip.
"A lot of the technologies that we use for classical communication—cell phones, Wi-Fi, GPS and things like that—all use microwave frequencies of light," said Aishwarya Kumar, a postdoc at the James Franck Institute at University of Chicago and lead author on the paper. "But you can't do that for quantum communication because the quantum information you need is in a single photon. And at microwave frequencies, that information will get buried in thermal noise."
The solution is to transfer the quantum information to a higher-frequency photon, called an optical photon, which is much more resilient against ambient noise. But the information can't be transferred directly from photon to photon; instead, we need intermediary matter. Some experiments design solid state devices for this purpose, but Kumar's experiment aimed for something more fundamental: atoms.
The electrons in atoms are only ever allowed to have certain specific amounts of energy, called energy levels. If an electron is sitting at a lower energy level, it can be excited to a higher energy level by hitting it with a photon whose energy exactly matches the difference between the higher and lower level. Similarly, when an electron is forced to drop to a lower energy level, the atom then emits a photon with an energy that matches the energy difference between levels.
Rubidium atoms happen to have two gaps in their levels that Kumar's technology exploits: one that exactly equals the energy of a microwave photon, and one that exactly equals the energy of an optical photon. By using lasers to shift the atom's electron energies up and down, the technology allows the atom to absorb a microwave photon with quantum information and then emit an optical photon with that quantum information. This translation between different modes of quantum information is called "transduction."
Effectively using atoms for this purpose is made possible by the significant progress scientists have made in manipulating such small objects. "We as a community have built remarkable technology in the last 20 or 30 years that lets us control essentially everything about the atoms," Kumar said. "So the experiment is very controlled and efficient."
He says the other secret to their success is the field's progress in cavity quantum electrodynamics, where a photon is trapped in a superconducting, reflective chamber. Forcing the photon to bounce around in an enclosed space, the superconducting cavity strengthens the interaction between the photon and whatever matter is placed inside it.
Their chamber doesn't look very enclosed—in fact, it more closely resembles a block of Swiss cheese. But what look like holes are actually tunnels that intersect in a very specific geometry, so that photons or atoms can be trapped at an intersection. It's a clever design that also allows researchers access to the chamber so they can inject the atoms and the photons.
The technology works both ways: it can transfer quantum information from microwave photons to optical photons, and vice versa. So it can be on either side of a long-distance connection between two superconducting qubit quantum computers, and serve as a fundamental building block to a quantum internet.
But Kumar thinks there may be a lot more applications for this technology than just quantum networking. Its core ability is to strongly entangle atoms and photons—an essential, and difficult task in many different quantum technologies across the field.
"One of the things that we're really excited about is the ability of this platform to generate really efficient entanglement," he said. "Entanglement is central to almost everything quantum that we care about, from computing to simulations to metrology and atomic clocks. I'm excited to see what else we can do."

Europe turbo charges its critical minerals drive

Column: Europe turbo charges its critical minerals drive Reuters
Geothermal water is seen through a sight glass at a pipeline system of a geothermal power station of German power supplier EnBW Energie Baden Wuerttemberg AG, where a pilot facility for lithium extraction will be built, in Bruchsal, Germany, April 23, 2021. REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski
LONDON, March 24 (Reuters) - The European Union has unveiled the accelerator in its drive to reduce the bloc's import dependency for critical minerals and metals.
The Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) "will significantly improve" Europe's domestic extraction, processing and recycling capacity for metals such as lithium and rare earths, according to Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission.
The Act comes with targets for production and for reducing dependency on any single third country. China currently dominates the supply chain for many of the entries on Europe's list of "strategic" metals.
The EU is also playing catch-up with the United States, which is already investing heavily in critical metals capacity under the aegis of the Defense Production Act and the Inflation Reduction Act.
Europe may, however, have given itself a competitive edge by moving to streamline project permitting, a tortuous process that often drags on for years before the first shovel hits the ground.


The CRMA covers a subset of the EU's critical minerals list, with particular focus on battery metals like lithium, nickel, cobalt and manganese and magnet inputs such as boron and rare earths.
Copper is on the list as an enabler of all things electric but aluminium and zinc aren't, which is a striking omission given the recent shrinkage of European production capacity.
Germany's Speira has joined the list of casualties, this month announcing the full closure of its Rheinwerk aluminium smelter due to high energy costs.
"Today's strategic raw materials list must not be the finished picture," warned Evangelos Mytilineos, president of industry group Eurometaux.
It probably won't be. The CRMA includes a provision for periodically updating the list to reflect evolving economic importance and supply risks across the critical metals spectrum.
For those metals on the list the target is for the region to mine 10%, process 40% and recycle 15% of what it consumes annually by 2030. By which time not more than 65% of any strategic metal's consumption will be able to come from a single third country.
These are ambitious targets given Europe currently sources 97% of its magnesium in China, which also has a complete monopoly on the processing of heavy rare earths and graphite.
Europe's lithium extraction can in theory meet the 10% target but it hinges on multiple new projects, many of them using innovative technology.
Recycling lithium-ion batteries is also a technical challenge that has to be resolved at scale to meet the 15% recycling target.


In terms of maximising domestic mining and processing capacity, Europe is following the United States in instructing all national governments to go back and look at what may have been left behind in tailings ponds and historic mine sites.
Operators of existing mines and plants should prepare an economic assessment study of what they're losing in "waste" streams. It's a policy that has already significantly closed the U.S. dependency gap for tellurium and scandium.
However, Europe has overtaken the United States in one key area, aiming to streamline the permitting of "strategic" projects to ensure a maximum time-line of two years for mines and one year for processing plants.
All such projects should be considered as being "in the public interest" by the relevant national authority when considering environmental impact.
The U.S. Administration has come under fire for using the Inflation Reduction Act to incentivise domestic mining while simultaneously blocking development of mines on federal land. The green-on-green environmental clashes seem set to continue until there is a long-overdue rewrite of the General Mining Act of 1872.


Many strategic metals markets are opaque, not easily financially hedged and concentrated on the supply side, according to the CRMA. All of which "increases the negotiating power of sellers and increase prices for buyers".
It calls for the Commission to set up a system for collective purchasing by interested buyers, a mechanism already trialled in the gas market.
It also recommends the accumulation of strategic metal stocks to buffer against unexpected supply disruptions. Europe has no strategic metal inventory, unlike the United States, China and South Korea.
Member states may have their own stockpiles and "as a first step and considering the lack of relevant information", the 27 countries in the bloc should report to the Commission what, if anything, they are holding.
Given such a humble starting point, it seems unlikely EU strategic metal reserves are going to come any time soon, if they come at all.


The EU accepts it will never be fully self-sufficient in most if any of the metals it's identified as being critical to its industrial and defence sectors.
The CRMA advocates diversifying supply in favour of "reliable partners" and creating "mutually beneficial partnerships with emerging market and developing economies".
It represents a further tectonic decoupling of global supply chains.
What started as a response to China's dominance of critical metals supply has been accelerated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Russia has historically been a major supplier of aluminium, copper and nickel to Europe's industrial sector to the extent that the EU has to date held back from sanctioning Russian material even as the United States imposes penal import duties.
But the metals world is clearly starting to split between West and the East.
It's a messy process, witness the dispute between the EU and the United States over the exclusion of European products from the electric vehicle subsidies introduced in the Inflation Reduction Act.
That particular hurdle may shortly be cleared, German newspaper Handlesblatt reporting that a draft agreement has been reached.
It is evidently in neither side's interest to compete with each other in the context of reducing resource ties with China and Russia.
Assuming future trans-Atlantic harmony can be achieved, something akin to a metallic NATO will start to take ever clearer shape.

BIS Issues Proposed Rule to Establish “Guardrails” to Prevent the Improper Use of CHIPS Act Funding

BIS Issues Proposed Rule to Establish “Guardrails” to Prevent the Improper Use of CHIPS Act Funding SmarTrade (
On March 23, 2023, the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking implementing measures to prevent the improper use of CHIPS Act Incentives Program funding. Described as “guardrails,” the proposed rules are intended to ensure technology and innovation funded by the Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) and Science Act are not used for malign purposes by adversarial countries against the United States or its allies and partners. The CHIPS Act was enacted in August 2022 to incentivize the manufacture of semiconductors and semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the United States, especially amid growing national security concerns and economic competition risks posed by China’s increasing chip production in recent years. It provides appropriations to develop domestic manufacturing critical to U.S. competitiveness and national security interests. See Update of July 29, 2022.
The proposed rule provides additional details on national security measures that would be applicable to the CHIPS Incentives Program, including limiting recipients of funding from investing in the expansion of semiconductor manufacturing in foreign countries of concern (i.e., China, Russia, Iran and North Korea). According to BIS, these guardrails “will advance shared national security interests as the U.S. continues coordinating and collaborating with allies and partners to make global supply chains more resilient and diversified.” The proposed rule provides additional details on and definitions for these national security guardrails, including:
  • Establishing standards to restrict advanced facility expansion in foreign countries of concern.
  • Limiting the expansion of legacy facilities in foreign countries of concern.
  • Classifying semiconductors as critical to national security.
  • Reinforcing U.S. export controls.
  • Restricting joint research and technology licensing efforts with foreign entities of concern.

Establishing Restrictive Standards and Limiting Facility Expansion

To protect national security and the resiliency of supply chains, CHIPS Incentives Program funds may not be provided to a foreign entity of concern. The proposed rule provides a detailed explanation of what is meant by “foreign entities of concern,” as well as a definition of “owned by, controlled by, or subject to the jurisdiction or direction of.” The proposed rule defines other terms used in the CHIPS Act (including terms that will be used in required agreements with funding recipients), identifies the types of transactions that are prohibited under the Expansion Clawback and Technology Clawback sections of the CHIPS Act and provides a description of the process for notifying the Secretary of Commerce of significant transactions involving expansion of semiconductor manufacturing in a foreign country of concern.

Classifying Semiconductors as Critical to National Security

While the CHIPS Act allows companies to expand production of legacy chips in foreign countries of concern in limited circumstances, the proposed rule would classify a list of semiconductors as critical to U.S. national security. In doing so, the rule would define “legacy semiconductors” subject to tighter restrictions, which would include “current-generation and mature-node chips used for quantum computing, in radiation-intensive environments, and for other specialized military capabilities.” The proposed rule seeks to also clarify what would not be considered legacy semiconductors.

Reinforcing U.S. Export Controls

In October 2022, BIS implemented export controls to prevent China from purchasing and manufacturing advanced chips that would enhance that country’s military capabilities. See Update of October 31, 2022. The proposed rule provides definitions that are harmonious with and reinforce these export controls “by aligning prohibited technology thresholds for memory chips between export controls and CHIPS national security guardrails.” Accordingly, the proposed rule applies a more restrictive threshold for logic chips than is used for export controls.

Restricting Joint Research and Licensing

The proposed rule would prohibit during the term of a federal financial assistance award a recipient from knowingly engaging in any joint research or technology licensing with a foreign entity of concern that relates to a technology or product that raises national security concerns. In addition to any foreign entities of concern, the proposed rule would also add entities from BIS’ Entity List, the Treasury Department’s Chinese Military-Industrial Complex Companies (NS-CMIC) list, and the Federal Communications Commission’s Secure and Trusted Communications Networks Act list of equipment and services posing national security risks.

Public Comment

BIS will accept comments from all interested parties through May 22, 2023 via the federal eRulemaking portal or via email.
This BIS proposed rule seeks to align with similar national security “guardrails” included in the Department of the Treasury’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, also issued on March 23, 2023, that details the Advanced Manufacturing Investment Credit (Investment Tax Credit) administered by the Internal Revenue Service; see separate update here.

U.S. lays out possible critical raw materials agreement with EU -Handelsblatt

U.S. lays out possible critical raw materials agreement with EU -Handelsblatt (
FILE PHOTO: Picture shows European Union flags fluttering outside the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels
(Reuters) - The United States and the European Commission have negotiated a possible agreement to allow for electric vehicles with critical minerals extracted or processed in the European Union to qualify for U.S. green subsidies, Handelsblatt reported on Thursday.
Lithium, manganese, nickel and cobalt - key minerals for battery production - would fall under the agreement and should therefore qualify for subsidies under the U.S. $430-billion Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) package, according to the draft paper seen by German business paper Handelsblatt.
Under the IRA rules, electric vehicles can qualify for subsidies only if at least 40% of the critical minerals within come from the U.S. or a country it has a free trade agreement with.
President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen agreed in early March that the two sides would launch talks on a raw material agreement that would allow vehicles with minerals sourced or processed in Europe to benefit.
A European Commission spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.
(Reporting by Victoria Waldersee; Editing by Leslie Adler)

Dig, Dig, Dig: US and Europe Target China’s Grip on Critical Raw Minerals

By Otto LanzavecchiaMarch 23, 2023
Europe and the US share a common goal — increasing self-sufficiency for minerals and tech products needed to fight climate change. Alignment looks set to defuse transatlantic trade tensions.
The European Commission unveiled this month a two-pronged strategy to reduce its dependency on China and boost its green industries. The Critical Raw Materials Act aims to wean the continent off Chinese critical minerals. The Net-Zero Industry Act is geared at boosting the EU’s production of clean tech equipment by a recent decision to relax strict state aid rules.
Together, the proposals represent Europe’s response to the US pressure against China and to compete with protectionist subsidies included in the US’s Inflation Reduction Act. Although a danger remains that the US’s generous pockets and hard-line approach against China will sow discord, these European moves signal a desire to strengthen the transatlantic alliance.
Start back in August 2022, when the US Congress passed the IRA, which contained gargantuan government subsidies to US industries. Europeans were aghast. Confronted with sky-high energy prices and roaring inflation, they could hear a deafening sucking sound of investments leaving the continent and heading across the Atlantic Ocean. The US subsidies jolted European capitals to reconsider their strict limits on state aid, instrumental in building and preserving the European single market.
At the same time, Vladimir Putin’s weaponization of gas exports woke up the continent to the danger of Chinese-supplied critical raw materials and Beijing’s dominance in green industries, such as solar panels and electric car batteries. If China cut sales of these key products, Europe’s plans for its ecological and digital transition would be at risk of collapse — not unlike the United States’.
How could Europeans condemn Americans for steeling themselves against the same threat they faced? The answer to that question challenged the EU’s status quo, and European capitals began tilting westward. In January, while speaking in Davos, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen downplayed frictions over the IRA and stressed the need to “de-risk” vis a vis China.
The Biden administration took constructive steps: it began exploring extending some of the IRA’s benefits to European industries. US Trade Representative Katherine Tai had been urging the EU to develop its own, parallel strategy on subsidies and reshoring, saying that the US wanted to “work with our friends and allies to allow us to together build a resiliency and to wean us off some dependencies.” An agreement on critical raw materials would allow the US to extend the IRA’s reach to European industries, indicated US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. EU countries began to adhere to the US-led Minerals Security Partnership, aiming to create a like-minded critical raw material “buyers’ club” between democratic countries.
The political breakthrough came on March 10. President von der Leyen went to the White House to meet President Biden, while back home her Commission relaxed state aid rules. Afterward, they produced a statement signaling a transatlantic climate truce. And upon her return to Brussels, the Commission launched the two-pronged legislative proposals.
The Net Zero Industry Act aims to ensure that European produces at least 40% of European demand for green products by 2030. EU governments will be able to match subsidies provided in other countries “where there is a real risk of investments being diverted away from Europe,” according to European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.
The Critical Raw Materials Act aims to supply Europe’s green industries with crucial inputs. European mining and refining must cover at least 10% of the EU critical raw materials by 2030. That would be a giant feat for a continent that spent decades outsourcing most of the extraction and production.
Key provisions have China written all over them. If a foreign country has more than 65% of the market, its companies will have little chance of winning a public contract in the EU. For context, Beijing controls more than 80% EU market share in the solar sector.
Permitting will be sped up. It can take up to 15 years to get the green light for a new mining project in Europe. Under the Critical Raw Materials Act, mines designated as strategic must receive a decision on permits within two years.
Critics question whether Europe can achieve its stated goals. Environmentalists have vowed to oppose projects to mine lithium and other minerals, citing the danger to water and nature preserves. Business leaders from Solvay, Merck, and Dow warn that the Net Zero Industry Act offers too little funding and is too complex to compete against the US’s $369 billion of green tax incentives and subsidies.
Even so, the European proposals signal a U-turn in economic policymaking — and a potential transatlantic alignment. On both sides of the Atlantic, the love affair with free markets and globalization is fading. Instead of market-driven decision-making, we are entering an era of strategic planning with democracies moving to onshore and subsidizing critical industries.
The transition will be rocky and perilous. Divergences over how hard to hit China could re-emerge. The US takes a hard line, while European officials continue to consider Beijing both a “rival” and a “partner.” But both Brussels and Washington are working hard not to let their support for green tech deteriorate into a counter-productive and protectionist subsidy race. If they work together, they could shore up the democratic world’s shift to clean tech.
Otto Lanzavecchia is an Italian journalist for and Decode39. He focuses on international affairs, tech and society, energy, and climate change.
Bandwidth is CEPA’s online journal dedicated to advancing transatlantic cooperation on tech policy. All opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the position or views of the institutions they represent or the Center for European Policy Analysis.

Modelling and experimental investigation of Nb2O5 as a high-rate battery anode material

Modelling and experimental investigation of Nb2O5 as a high-rate battery anode material Elsevier Enhanced Reader
Conclusions: A DFN electrochemical model was developed for Nb2O5 as a high-rate battery anode material. The electrochemical performance of a commercial Nb2O material was investigated for model development and physicochemical parameterization. The Nb2O5 material was a mixture of T-Nb2O5 and H-Nb2O5 phases and possessed large-size porous polycrystalline particles in rod and ball structure which were formed by amalgamation of many nano-sized particles.,,,,


December 2022 E & MJ (

Dec. ISSUE... For a little light flip through with Coffee!

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2023.03.25 12:31 AlexMercer28900 Is there any point in watching the clip shows?

I’m on Season 7 episode 7 (I think) and it’s just a clip show episode, there was one of these last season too and honestly is it worth it? There’s never before seen clips but they don’t truly seem to be interesting
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2023.03.25 12:31 vasagle_gleblu Smokey the Bear...

Smokey the Bear was relaxing in his new house.
He'd just moved to the neighbourhood and was enjoying retirement after years of working for the U.S. Forest Service. He was sitting in his favourite easy chair, reading a particularly engaging book, when the doorbell rang.
Smokey sighed, set the book face down (his sister was always so mad at him for doing this as it ruined the spine, but seeing as this was essentially the latest in a series of airport bestsellers, he didn't feel like he was damaging anything particularly worth saving (though he had to admit it was pretty compelling, if a bit tawdry) and got up to answer the door.
When he opened it, there was a ram standing there, with a stack of fliers in his arms.
"Hello sir or madam would you like a.... OH! It's you! You're Smokey! I love your work!"
"That's quite alright, thank you" Smokey said "Now what can I do for you, young man?"
"Oh gosh, I'm so flustered" said the ram. "I never expected to see a celebrity on my first day!" "First day of...?" said Smokey. "Oh! Sorry, yes!" the ram stammered. "My sister and I just opened a new flower shop down the street and I was just handing out these brochures and it would just mean the world to us both if you would take one!"
Smokey looked down at the coupon in the ram's hand, then back up to his face.
"Sorry, kid. I'm not going to take this".
The poor ram was shocked "You're... not?"
"Now, if your sister was here, I'd accept it from her, but not from you".
"Wh... but... I don't understand...? Why my sister?"
Smokey got a serious expression on his face and looked the ram dead in the eye.
"Only ewes can present florist fliers".
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2023.03.25 12:31 Available_Pen_960 i think i just developed a lisp because everyone online that i have talked to mentions it the past 6ish or so months and no i dont have invalisgn or braces. i am so insecure and depressed now and don’t know what to do about it. im 18. is it possible to develop a lisp this late in life

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2023.03.25 12:31 DragoerChampion 21 [M4F] Copenhagen, Denmark - Virgin guy wanna breed a future mom

Hello there folks, I'm a 21 year old guy from Copenhagen, Denmark. I'm currently trying to find someone to lose my virginity to, and I would love to help impregnate an aspiring mom in the proces.
I'm 180 cm tall, blonde hair and blue eyes, I have a fairly decent physique (I go the the gym every day), I'm a university student. I also have a nude picture on my profile so you can see if my body is your type.
I'm open to any woman of any legal fertile age. Skin color, body type, exact age etc is of no concern :)
If you're interested send me a chat or private message and we can take it from there :)

Search tags: Denmark Copenhagen Sweden Malmö Germany Norway Virgin Virginity Northern Europe Hookup Online Scandinavia
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