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Sexy Sect Babes: Chapter Sixty Three

2023.05.20 13:18 BlueFishcake Sexy Sect Babes: Chapter Sixty Three

“I think it’s time we talked.”
It was almost funny, the sudden ‘deer in the headlights’ look that came over Huang as Jack sat down across from her. The way the rather large dumpling that had been on the way to her mouth froze in place, her delicate lips opened in a rather indelicate manner as she prepared to take a bite.
A bite that never came.
Of course, as amusing as the sight was, it also served to make him feel guilty. The Huang he used to know would have never been caught off guard like this. Or rather, she wouldn’t have cared if she did.
Of course, that’s not to say that the old Huang was some paragon of personality, he thought as the dragon-kin slowly let her dumpling drop back down to her plate. She was arrogant, vicious, and scary as hell.
Still, between the old Huang and the new, he preferred the old. Perhaps it was Lin’s influence or just the culture of the land sinking into him, but he preferred proud bombastic women over quiet subservient ones.
“If that is the great one’s wish,” Huang said slowly, glancing around as she realized that the rest of the engineering staff had surreptitiously cleared out of the lunchroom that adjoined their facility. “This lowly servant is ever at the great one’s pleasure… and has been for weeks.”
Jack didn’t flinch. Because while he felt guilty for leaving Huang in the lurch, it wasn’t like he’d just been scratching his ass for the last few weeks.
Fixing the wall – as best I can without magic. Building new skyblocks. Changing the… management of said skyblocks. Dealing with Shui. Dealing with Yating. Starting a number of projects. Continuing a number of other projects. Building my new ‘dragon armor’.
He’d been busy.
Still, it was nice to see just a hint of the woman that the princess had been before peeking out from behind the woman she was now.
“I know, and I apologize for that.” Again, it was amusing to see Huang twitch as he apologized to a mortal – or at least, a close equivalent. “Things have been changing fast around here and it was all I could do to stay on top of it all.”
“I understand,” she said, surprisingly demurely. “I faced similar situations during my tenure as Magistrate.”
He smiled. “Please. Drop the formalities. Call me Jack. Or Johansen if that’s too familiar.”
“Jack.” She said it slowly, as if she were tasting the word.
Glancing up, he noticed a familiar figure had appeared in the doorway at some point. Lin was there. Grinning. And as she noticed the direction of his gaze, she gave him a beaming thumbs up.
…It was all he could do not to shoo the irritating goat-woman away. He certainly didn’t want an audience for this heart to heart – and he doubted Huang did either.
“Still,” he continued, deliberately turning his attention back to the Imperial scion. “Needed or not, you deserved better. You gave up everything to protect this city.”
Slowly, one of her hands came up, rolling the dumpling around her plate in a surprisingly childish move. “It was my duty.”
“And you deserved to be rewarded for fulfilling that duty. Not derided. Or deposed.”
Huang laughed bitterly. “It was only natural. I am… not worthy of the title anymore. The strong lead. The weak serve.” She leaned back, staring at the ceiling. “Even my servants abandoned me.”
Jack nodded slowly. It wasn’t lost on him that barely a few days ago he’d been the one to kill those servants when he bombed the old fort the Imperial remnant had been hiding out in.
The same women whom he’d been fighting alongside in defense of the city barely a month before that. The same women that had been serving the dragon-kin across from him since her birth, that would have died for her without question. The same women that had stood aside and allowed Shui to depose Huang because of her current depowered nature.
If Jack was feeling some complicated emotions about the whole thing, he couldn’t even begin to imagine what was going through Huang’s head.
Slowly, with some uncharacteristic trepidation on his part, he slid his hand across the table and placed it gently atop the princess’s own. The dragon-kin started slightly at the touch, but didn’t pull away. After a few moments, she leaned into it.
“Now I can’t even go home. My mere presence would be an insult. An abomination. The anathema to everything that makes a member of the Imperial Clan a true dragon-kin,” Huang muttered. “Even if my own mother didn’t oust me, my siblings would surely ensure that I did not live to see a second sunrise from the balcony of my own room.”
Jack nodded slowly. That had been both An and Ren’s read on the situation too. And if those two agreed on something, it was generally best to listen.
Still, it was reassuring, if not pleasant, to have those suspicions confirmed – even if it meant that his nascent plan to use Huang’s safety as a show of compliance if this whole ‘independence’ thing went tits up was now stillborn.
It was yet another reminder that the locals were hardcore. This world really was dog eat dog. It was honestly enough to make him wonder if the Instinctives and Imperials were really so different after all.
In theme, if not method.
He shook his head. There was no point in dwelling on this kind of shit. That wasn’t him. He was a dumbass miner. Not a politician or a philosopher.
He created simple solutions to complicated problems.
“Perhaps.” Jack allowed. “Unfortunately for all of them, they could demand you be returned to them until their throats go hoarse and I still wouldn’t hand you over.”
The hand underneath his own stiffened in surprise, as a pair of wide golden eyes stared up at him.
“I’m a greedy man,” he continued. “I won’t hand you over. Because I still have a use for you.”
Back on Earth, he’d often found that when a woman – or sometimes a man - was speaking they didn’t necessarily want suggestions or answers to their problems. More often than not, they already knew the answer to the problem. They just wanted an opportunity to vent.
Which was fair enough. Jack certainly knew the feeling.
This wasn’t Earth though. The women – specifically the cultivators – here were more like men he’d known.
And men, more often than not, didn’t want emotional support. On the whole, men derived their own value from their usefulness.
They needed to be needed. They thrived on it. On goals. On being relied on.
So that was what he’d give her.
“Because while you might not be able to shatter boulders with a flick of your finger, you still have plenty of other uses.”
Those golden eyes continued to regard him intensely, curiosity flashing across them. Then they turned away as the woman’s entire face flushed a deep crimson.
“Not like that.” He rolled his eyes.
“…Ah?” It was amusing, the mixture of relief and disappointment that shifted across the dragon-kin’s features.
He chuckled. “Though if you’re interested…”
He trailed off, allowing Huang to fill in the gap once more.
And for just a moment, she wasn’t the woman who’d been deposed or the tyrannical magistrate. Instead he got to see an entirely new side of the scion.
“I would not be… averse,” she stuttered like a schoolgirl that had just been asked out for the first time. “I would admit that I am curious. At the height of my power, there were not many men who could have… been with me prior.” She paused, eyes roaming over his massive frame. “Though now that I am on the other side of that equation, I would admit to some trepidation.”
She clenched her fist. “I’m as frail as a mortal now. I might… break.”
Jack rubbed a thumb across her knuckles with deliberate gentleness. “You need not worry on that account. I’d be a pretty shitty craftsman if I couldn’t be deft when needed.”
Though even as he said the words, he couldn’t help but think how much of a welcome reprieve it would be to enjoy a little tender loving. As much as it hurt his manly pride. Because while Ren and An were literal demigoddesses in the bedroom, it would be nice to end a lovemaking session not feeling like he’d just gone nine rounds with a heavy-weight boxing champ.
“T-Then, I will be in your care,” the woman across from him stuttered.
The two deliberately glanced away from one another in a rather uncharacteristic display of mutual embarrassment, before he continued his conversation with a small cough.
“Before any of that though, I do have an actual job for you.”
That seemed to finally knock Huang out of the cycle of embarrassment she was stuck in as some genuine interest seemed to seep back into her posture. “Oh?”
He took a deep breath. “I have no idea how to run this city. For the moment it’s still mostly in Shui’s hands and Ren’s helping me with some of it, but it’s not really her wheelhouse either.”
An was useless.
Less than useless, really.
She barely even knew the names of the local sects and had less than no interest in the politics that motivated them. She was much happier talking about how best to gut them of their experienced mortal officers with Gao in the name of finally cultivating an actual officer corps worthy of the name amongst the militia.
He had a list of names nearly a mile long of candidates that he was supposed to ‘request’ from the sects at their next meeting. Which would hopefully be easy enough.
It was Gao’s request for some actual cultivators to be placed in his chain of command that he was less sure of. Even with the threat of Jack’s boot hanging over them, he didn’t see that whole process being easy or seamless.
“You want my advice?” Huang asked slowly.
I want you to run the whole thing, he thought.
Naturally, he didn’t say that.
“You might have lost your powers, but you still have your mind.” He gestured to the handgun on her belt – a recent addition. “Amidst other abilities.”
The dragon-kin had seemed enthused at him asking for her advice, but her smile stilled slightly at the mention of the gun.
“A power for mortals perhaps,” she shook her head. “But a mere trinket for a cultivator.”
“That’s not true and we both know it. You knew these things were dangerous when I first lent them to you.” He sat back. “And time has only proven it more and more true given that I’ve recently got a report back from Jiangshi. Yesterday a mortal man killed a cultivator from the East with one of those.”
Actually it had been several men who’d killed the cultivator. By shooting from point-blank in an enclosed environment. While said cultivator had been ignorant of what the weapons were.
Huang didn’t need to know those details.
Mostly because he doubted any of those men could get two headshots with one bullet by bouncing them off a wall. Let alone accomplish the feat consecutively on different targets. Because while Huang no longer possessed superhuman strength or speed, she still apparently possessed inhuman dexterity scaled to her power as a cultivator.
And Huang had been very powerful indeed prior to her clash with the Red Death.
“Really?” Huang murmured as she looked down at her gun.
“You’ve seen An carry them,” Jack pointed out. “Which means she thinks they are useful despite her strength. And I’d point out that a bullet from that gun at your waist would be just as deadly as any fired from hers. Regardless of who pulls the trigger.”
He could almost see the gears turning in Huang’s mind. The same mind that had originally seen the value of his guns now cast off the shackles of her depression as she considered the weapon in a new light.
When she finally looked up at him, he could see fire in her golden eyes.
“I would be honored to provide you with my insights as to the proper running of a city.”
Jack grinned, before instantly pulling out his datapad. “Alright, first of all, I’ve got a request from the Copper Flesh Sect to arbitrate a dispute between them and…”
Yating sat cross legged atop a nearby mountain peak, enjoying the roaring wind and ambient wild ki in the air. The Monkey’s tainted ki might have seeped across the lands of the empire like invisible mist, but there were places it hadn’t reached.
This was one of them.
That wasn’t why he was waiting here though. He was waiting here because if this fight turned ugly, he would need only demolish the mountain top to turn the fight into an aerial battle.
And the skies had ever been where he held the advantage over his nominally landbound kin.
Of course, that was no guarantee of victory. Far from it.
Jack often asked why Yating hid his gender. Personally, the Rooster thought that the answer was obvious. Yating hid his gender because he was the weakest of the divinities by a wide margin. It was a simple fact of life.
While to most cultivators ki was simply ki, those at the highest levels knew it came in two distinct types.
Yin and Yang.
And while Yin was plentiful in this world, Yang was far more furtive.
Yating stretched out his hand and manifested some of the masculine energy, forming a white tendril of light that fluttered and danced in the wind.
That was why male cultivators were so few and so weak compared to their female counterparts. The energy that allowed them to cultivate was just so hard to find.
The rooster snorted tiredly, releasing his hold over the energy before watching it sink into his palm once more.
He’d kept his gender hidden from the start. In the early days when half-beasts were rare, attempts to capture him and his fellow divinities by the previous Imperial Court had been common. None had succeeded, but the humans of the old Empire had not been weak, and they had come close on a few occasions.
Yating had known that had his true gender been revealed, he would have become the most sought after target for those hunts for a myriad of reasons.
And the less said about what my peers might do, the better, he thought.
Jack had no idea how close he’d come to death when he’d so casually revealed the secret of his gender. Yating had told only a few over the years of his true self. His earliest lovers. People he trusted with his life and his children.
That need for secrecy – a real connection – was a large part of why the Rooster population of the Empire was the smallest. It took something out of him each time. To meet a woman. Forge a connection. Fall in love. Have children. Then watch them wither and die as age took them.
His peers avoided that by keeping their liaisons brief and frequent.
The only notable exception was the Dragon, who’d maintained a steady string of husbands throughout her reign.
Then again, she was always a little monstrous like that, Yating thought with just a hint of envy.
Unbidden, his hand moved to the small of his back – the brand there burning at the mere thought of his master.
He could resist its pull, but he could not break it. The nexus beneath the Imperial Palace was too strong for that.
There was a chance now though. Through the most absurd of flukes, freedom was finally within his grasp.
It would take time though. Jack needed time to grow in strength and experience. To sharpen his claws.
And it was up to Yating to buy him that time.
He closed his eyes for but a moment, and when he opened them again, she was there.
The Empress’ enforcer. Her private hound.
Which is ironic given she’s a tiger, Yating thought, giggling quietly to himself.
The tiger woman across from him frowned, blue-green eyes flashing dangerously at his outburst.
“I see you’re still the same as ever, bird,” she grunted.
Yating stood up, brushing some errant patches of snow from his robes as he did. “I could say the same of you Murm.”
Neither of them had been complimenting the other. The air around them practically crackled with the energy drawn from two divinities in close proximity. The very weather responded to their whims, turning dark and angry as thunder rumbled overhead.
If they fought, he would lose. Even when he was working in conjunction with the nexus he had been weaker.
Without it his defeat would be laughably easy for his fellow Imperial.
“You’re overdue,” Murm said without preamble, never one to mince words. “The fake-dragon. What happened to it?”
Yating shrugged. “He died.”
“It wasn’t you.”
“Who? How?” Murm shifted just a bit, adjusting her footing. From the taciturn tiger-woman, it was as great a show of discomfort as Yating had ever seen.
Which Yating could understand. Jack scared him too.
When you were as powerful and ancient as he and his peers were, anything capable of reminding them that, for all the airs they put on, they were still mortal… Well, that was something to be feared.
“An outlander. Not from any land we know. He’s no yokai or godling.” Yating said. “He uses abilities and powers that I have never before seen.”
Murm paced irritably. “He’s still in the Empire?”
Yating couldn’t imagine how unnerved his peers must be. To know a threat like that was wandering around when they had no way of sensing it. Or even knowing how it killed.
He did, and he still felt his feathers stand on end around Jack sometimes. The man was just… a void to his senses.
It was unnatural.
…Though he’d be lying if he said that didn’t excite him on some level. It made him feel alive in a way he hadn’t felt in centuries.
“That he is,” he said. “He’s claimed the city he saved as payment for saving it.”
Murm scowled, the snow around her turning to steam in moments as her hackles raised. “And you just let him!?”
Yating shrugged. “He’d just killed one divinity. I wasn’t eager to figure out if he could kill a second.”
The tiger-woman took a few moments before calming. “We don’t need this right now. The Traitor is more wily than we gave her credit for her. The half-breeds that slipped through our cordon are proving to be a problem. The magic she has imparted to them has caused a number of cities to fall across the North - further disrupting our supply lines at the front.”
Yating nodded. None of this was news to him. He’d seen it.
“I agree. Which is why I have been negotiating with this… Outlander. He is amenable to staying within ‘his’ city so long as he’s left alone.”
“The Empress will not like that.” It was clear Murm didn’t either. “It shows weakness.”
He shrugged again. “I imagine she would like this Outlander siding with her enemies even less. The Traitor is a pragmatic woman. Even if the Outlander killed her ally, she would still gladly give him a dozen cities if it meant he joined his hand with hers against us.”
Murm’s ears flicked to the side at the thought. “And what alternative do you present?”
“Let me continue my negotiations with the Outlander,” the Rooster lied. “With time, I may be able to bring him around to our side.”
The Tiger’s denial was instant. “Impossible. The Empress has commanded you to head to the Northern Wall. You will obey.” She paused. “With that said, your words have some merit.”
The woman rubbed at the small of her back, in the exact place Yating knew the woman’s own brand lay. And it was no doubt burning at the thought of deviating from her master’s instructions.
“An Imperial Diplomatic team will be sent. With the war, travel is difficult though.” The tiger’s eyes flashed as she turned to Yating. “Four months. That is how long I estimate it will take for them to reach you. You have until then. After that, you will head to the breach to defend the Empire as we all swore to do.”
Yating’s brand burned.
“Of course. And I thank the Empress for her beneficence.”
“As well you should,” Murm snorted.
Then she disappeared.
Yating was once more alone on the mountain top, thunder crackling overhead.
And his brand burned.
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2023.02.27 11:29 Worlds_Await The Dreamscape, a plane of dreams [Part 6 - Inhabitants]. The Bandren, semi-nomadic hunters who ride giant cats and nurture Proto-Gods

Sleep, sleep, drift away, Ulla Machok, the Plane of Dreams awaits. The next episode in this series covers the loyal but dangerous Bandren Clans. Guides and saviours of many lost in the Dreamscape. Check the post link at the end for inspirational character portraits.



Many travellers on the Plane of Dreams meet the Bandren. This distinct culture is made up of creatures of many different species, some native to the plane, others not. These travellers, traders and hunters roam far across the plane and many lost in the Lands Between have been saved by a lucky meeting with them. Their traditional homelands is the eponymous Bandren Range in which their clans hold some control. The Bandren are unaffected by wanderlost in the Range and they navigate its instabilities with relative ease. Bandren encountered further afield seem more lost, independent, unruly and occasionally unhinged. Regular return assuages the development of such characteristics and prevents ‘Losing your clan’. Many Bandren live a semi-nomadic lifestyle, travelling to trade posts, traditional hunting grounds and ritual sites until finally returning to their homesteading. All Bandren make their way to the Bandren Moot when the moon calls them.
Chetrach Riders. The Bandren have an ancient bond with the agile and dangerous chetrach. These large, feline creatures serve as mounts for their Chetrachine to roam the range and aid in their clan’s hunts. Without such mounts, the multi-limbed, bison-esque Hlandrells would be a nigh impossible prey due to their speed. Chetrach are not easily tamed, even amongst Bandren. A Chetrach must willingly shed one of its tails, which is worn by its chosen Bandren as a badge of honour and loyalty. As a result, Chetrachine are rare and held in high esteem. However, in Bandren culture, a bonded chetrach is considered power enough and the Chetrachine’s influence is usually curtailed. Only some of the more violent clans are led by their chetrachine. In all clans, Chetrachine perform outriding, scouting and engage in hunts where speed is prime.
Welcoming but Dangerous. Most Bandren are amiable and welcoming to outsiders, as long as their traditions are respected. If offered a Turmeress pipe for instance, one would be foolish to refuse, lest you be marooned at the next opportunity. If more than courtesy or the exchange of tales is required, the Bandren are not foolish enough to offer it for free. They know well that their talent of avoiding the dangers of the landscape makes them valuable guides. Those who wish aid or kinship may be subject to tests of prowess or hunting skill, the Bandren are tough people and respect those who can hold their own. Sometimes this independence and strength leads a clan to don the raider’s mantle, believing the hunt for pillage as valid as the hunt for food. Fierce clan loyalties and territorial disputes bring conflict between clans and with the nearby Hsunites and people of the Plains of Wold. Despite such disagreements, all clans submit to the adjudication of the High Priest of all the Widelands.
Archepton Watchers. The Bandren have an unusual relationship with the semi-divine entities known as Archeptons. Their homeland is particularly prone to their formation or appearance. Many Bandren pay reverence to these entities whilst eschewing the common religions of the material plane. Most believe believe their appearance an omen, even when they do not trust or praise them. Traditional Bandren tales claim that each Archepton has the potential to rise to Godhood and that the Bandren may shepherd them on their path. However, it appears that if an Archepton crosses the plane’s boundaries it ceases to be of interest to these enigmatic people.


The following traits are common amongst the Bandren but are only indicative. In particular, outside of The Bandren Range and its surrounds other attitudes and customs are common. Bandren are often:


Each Bandren Clan has its own specific traditions beyond those shared by all Bandren. Induction rituals vary, some are lengthy processes involving many tasks whilst others are simple ceremonial affairs. Some clans allow dreamselves to become members and these clans’ numbers change depending on how many slumber.

d12 Clan Culture / Behaviour
1 They seed wild farms across the plains and guard them with controlled hazards or hide them with magic. The clan is more concerned with forage and farming than hunting but will defend their holdings to the death.
2 The clan is relatively static, however when a clan member dies, they move on. They will not return the place of death until all who knew the deceased have also passed on.
3 The clan only moves at night and loathes the daylight. Members may have developed dark vision or be primarily creatures comfortable with darkness.
4 The clan is aggressive and warlike. Wounds treated with ointment form scars that shimmer like starlight. Esteemed warriors are referred to as ‘starbloods’.
5 Tents are made from monstrous hides and decorated with elaborate swirls, moths, owls and scorpions. New members must obtain a hide for a tent or live with and serve a member.
6 They raise sculptures of wood and bone in the lands through which they pass. These might be markers of territory or dedications or commemorations.
7 Suspicious of outsiders and slow to take new members. Elaborate and difficult tests are required to join. Clan size is limited but all are strong and deeply bonded.
8 They move to the Material Plane for a short time when the heavens aline. They have relatives there and understand waking lives. They may raid or trade between.
9 Have no time for Fae, their courts or coin. Believe that Wylderhalt was stolen from the Bandren. They harass travellers on the Fae Coast.
10 They produce a particularly sought after magical incense made from a dangerous animal and rare plant.
11 The clan has been mesmerised by an Archepton for many years. Their culture is informed by its character and act on its will.
12 A promise or deal must be signed with a blood oath. Oath breakers are hunted across the planes and a list is kept by the clan elders.


Bandren wear a variety of clothing but most mix easy movement with decorative flourishes. Clan aesthetics vary but there are some common elements: tassels, furs, geometric patterns and elaborate hair or headpieces. The longer people stay with the Bandren the more they develop physical quirks. Once this appearance change is complete, they become eligible for induction. If a Bandren is expelled from their clan, their appearance may remain but their Bandren Brand will fade.

d8 Clan Appearance
1 Horns erupt from the skull or bone ridges form along the spine.
2 Skin, hair, scales etc. turn a deep crimson or blue. When suffering strong emotions, this colour changes.
3 Teeth become jagged fangs or claws replace finger nails.
4 Each member of the clan is followed by a moth with beautiful mottled, yellow wings.
5 Eyes are a swirling, shifting whirlpool of colours. Their blood matches this when spilled.
6 The skin of their hands takes on a metallic hue. When holding a weapon it visibly vibrates.
7 The air around them slightly distorts the light, like a heat haze.
8 At night, their countenances are monstrous, during the day, they are extremely beautiful.
Bandren Brand. As well as the above appearance quirks, all Bandren are marked by brands or tattoos unique to their clan. These magical signs are ancient markers of inheritance dating back to the clan’s far past. When a clan splits, they are as likely to maintain their marks as they are to change them. Occasionally, rather branding or tattooing a clan will indulge in scarification. A brand marks final acceptance into a clan.

d6 Brand Location Brand Appearance
1 Flowing across the back. Elements of the sky: The Black Sun and Bright Moon in a partial eclipse, clouds and stars, birds in flight, leaves on the wind.
2 Around one eye. Interlocking knots / spirals / geometric shapes in vivid colours.
3 Covering one hand. A totem animal, a literal portrait, an element or a symbolic representation. Only visible: during the day/night, when washed with blood, when beset by emotion, when that creature is near.
4 From the centre of chin down to navel. Hundreds of eyes with swirling pupils and heavy lashes. They appear to move and blink.
5 Covering one leg. Intricate dots and lines related to star constellations or showing routes across the range.
6 Outside of one arm. Alternating thick and thin lines occasionally interrupted by concentric circles or zig-zags.


Names: Each clan has a group of associated names, often derived from the clan’s name. Names are given to members according to their skills and often replace their fore or surname. For example, the Hajnan clan’s names include: Hajul, Hajuk, Qanan and Hanochinok. Othwyl Fyrnan, a wood elf from the material, became Hajuk Othwyl upon their induction. Some clans are small and do not maintain family surnames, as their members and their lineages are known to all. Clan names include: Aglar, Bagrach, Bokholeg, Bubenes, Durutai, Hamzin, Kenekir, Khaurine, Makou, Merrud, Mushia, Nomotan, Odstimeg, Qanar, Regrud, Tekahok, Yesumeg.
Alignment: A Bandren clan can be cruel or kind. Most Bandren bear allegiance to other Bandren and the Bandren Moot. Bandren are often Lawful, within the norms of their clan, and are commonly neutral or true neutral.
Languages: Teraull, the old tongue, is a terse but complex language of metaphors and historical references. It is used only between full clan members. The language is impenetrable to magical abilities, such as comprehend languages, and takes many years on the dreamscape to fully understand. Many Bandren also speak the tongues of their former lives but some forget these entirely.
Stats: Use any humanoid as a base. Bandren tend to be quick and wily and are in tune with their (super)natural surroundings. The Bandren are resistant to the effects of Wanderlost that manifest on the Dreamscape. Conversely, they are more affected by any affects that relate to the material plane. Armour tends to be light, staffs, spears and bows are common.
Special Abilities
Bandren Player Characters
The Bandren attract those who wish to roam free in their dreams. A PC can be inducted into a Bandren clan if they align with their goals. They must spend significant time with the clan, do them a great service, and undergo an induction ritual. Alternatively, a PC may be born into a clan, the Outlander background is likely appropriate. A Bandren PC will generally have respect from other Bandren and be offered safe harbour. They may have difficulty adapting to the strange permanence of the material plane. If a PC is inducted as a dreamself, the characteristics of your clan may manifest on the material plane or only on the dreamscape.



Notable Bandren

Kruz Kenika, Bandren war leader of the Kenikou Clan, this Dwarven Chetrachine raids the Expanse of Adshaminath. Members of their clan are fervent believers in the Manithat and seek to hasten their return. They claim to know who stole the Golden Thatch, offering the Dream Court their services to find and return it. The price is steep and payment may make the clan uncontrollable. Leaders of the court are suspicious that Kruz himself may have taken it.
Odstimor Klasin-Tur, famed Hobgoblin artist and mage, moves between the Glass Temple and the Range. Their independence upsets Art Gluttons and Patrons alike but her crafts are so valuable none have sought to control her. Her latest works are strange and captivating, miniature mazes. Perhaps they are floor plans of a long lost palace of an Archepton buried in the Lands Between.
The High Priest of all the Widelands, the one without clan, the First Elder. This mysterious figure is at the top of the Bandren’s loose hierarchy. Their true identity is a closely guarded secret and many Bandren refuse to acknowledge their existence. It is rumoured they only appear at the Bandren Moot when their judgement is needed. Outsiders are sometimes permitted at the moot but an audience with the First Elder is exceedingly rare. Common belief holds that the First Elder is a temporary position chosen during the Moot but other tales refuse to die. The most intriguing tale says that the First Elder is an old god who retreated to the Dreamscape. From there, they enact subtle revenge on newer gods by directing the Bandren to empower the Archeptons.

Adventure Seeds Involving Bandren

Bokrakka Stjern, a charismatic and dangerous Bandren leader, has united several clans around an unstable Archepton. They seek to cut through barriers to the material plane and unleash the Archepton there. After it has done its damage, the clans will assume control of the lands left in its wake. Preliminary intrusions into the material must be re-sealed whilst the Archepton itself will need defeated in the dreamscape or on the material if the PCs are too late.
Hamrass McKazuk, heir to a throne in Strace, was sequestered with a clan of Bandren to raise and protect. She is sought by the traitorous fleshcrafter, Flense to end any challenges to their rule. The exiled hand of Hamrass’ father offers a treasured heirloom to any who can return her and overthrow Flense. Discovering the correct clan will not be easy, nor will gaining acceptance from them. Hamrass, physically changed, can only be identified by a magical locket that will resonate in her presence. Unfortunately, this locket has been stolen by Worshippers of the Hound.

A map of the Dreamscape can be found here.
So that’s it for the Bandren. As always, feel free to drop a comment, let me know your thoughts and check out my site for other posts. The other parts of this series on my site are linked below, they contain artwork I found inspirational:
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2022.06.09 01:26 gaming_mantra The Profaned Capital & Those Imprisoned in Irithyll

Continuing with Dark Souls 3 lore, today we're delving into the lore of Yhorm, sorcery, witches and more. Hope you enjoy!
Chapter 19
The Profaned Capital & Those Imprisoned in Irithyll
The Profaned Capital housed one of the two leading schools claiming heirship to the great sage “Big Hat” Logan, with its Court Sorcerers going so far as to emulate him with copies of the staff he used. These catalysts were very powerful when wielded by an exceptionally intelligent sorcerer. They wore robes with formal gold stitching, along with a tall, dark headpiece, suggesting they may have also been oracles.
These sorcerers had a secret scroll containing the sorceries of Logan. They used this scroll as claim to the heirship of his legacy. How that claim stood up to closer scrutiny was another story. These spells showed that Big Hat Logan was the great sorcerer who left the Dragon School in an age long past. Logan was the master sorcerer, long missed in Vinheim. His spell, Homing Soulmass, may have offered a clue as to what he sought, but further investigation suggested its attraction to living things mirrored the nature of the dark. What could not be questioned was Logan’s strength in battle, with his spell, Soul Spear, being a testament to this.
Found within the capital was the Onislayer Greatbow, a unique great bow handed down in an eastern land, where tales were told of its use in slaying giant horned oni. This bow could use Onislayer Greatarrows which were made from the feathers of an aged crow, and were said to fly as straight as their master.
The Profaned Flame, which never went out, was triggered by the curse of certain women, now malformed inhabitants of the Profaned Capital, called Monstrosities of Sin. Despite their culpability, they went on living without any cares. A strange weapon found among them, the Eleonora, rung a solemn chime signalling a feast, which allowed the weapon to become lacerating and absorb health from each hit.
Yhorm was the descendant of an ancient conqueror, but was asked by the very people once subjugated to lead them, serving as both a weighty blade and a stone-hard shield. As a lord, Yhorm risked everything and fought unflinchingly as a one-man vanguard. Long ago, he once lumbered on the frontlines with a greatshield. Following the loss of the one he wished to protect, he forsook his shield and, in its place, a left-hand notch was added to his machete, enabling the smashing technique that would become the legacy of his later years. Lonely Yhorm became a Lord of Cinder to put the Profaned Flame to rest, knowing full well that those who spoke of him as lord were quite insincere.
Before facing his fate as a Lord of Cinder, Yhorm the Giant gave away his two Storm Rulers; one to the humans who doubted him, and the other to a dear friend, Siegward of Catarina. These greatswords with broken blades were also known as the Giantslayers for the residual strength of storm that brought giants to their knees. It was said that only a storm could fell a Greatwood.
Siegward was a proud Knight of Catarina who had a solemn duty to fulfil. He wore the distinctively shaped armor of the Catarina knights, often ridiculed for its onion-like shape, infuriating the country’s proud knights, but the masterfully forged curved design made it very effective for deflecting blows. His shield was an unusual style of round shield peculiar to the knights of Catarina. The centre of the shield featured a large, sharpened spike, which was used to skewer opponents.
In Drangleic, the old tales spoke of brave Catarina knights wearing this armor set as they rushed courageously into battle. The armor could be found scattered in the lost lands of Shulva, Brume Tower, and Eleum Loyce.
The people of lands known for festivity and drink are typically outspoken. One could be sure that they would not bottle their emotions, instead venting anger and the like with confidence. The traditional miracle of Catarina, Emit Force, released a shockwave in front of the caster. Throughout history, there have been many examples of imitative miracles. When discerning original from imitator is nigh on impossible, which is which hardly matters. This miracle was derived from Force and, in the times of Lordran, was considered an alternate branching, being an outland miracle, foreign to the Way of White.
Siegward of Catarina had a special brew, perfect for travel in its jolly barrel mug. It restored health and temporarily boosted frost resistance. Leave it to Siegward to discover a drink that even an Undead could enjoy. Perhaps his long years spent Undead had left him wanting to drain a cup or two and revel as if he were still among the living.
The Profaned Capital was consumed by fire after Yhorm the Giant became a Lord of Cinder. The fire, born of the sky, was said to have incinerated naught but human flesh. Remnants of the fire that burned down the Profaned Capital were preserved in an icy skull to create the Profaned Coal. This allowed the use of gems for dark, blood and hollow infusion. A pyromancy was also developed from this flame, engulfing foes at range and burning them to ashes. This fire infused with the weapons of the gargoyles of the Profaned Capital and imbued these weapons with a kindled fire attack.
Sulyvahn was born and raised inside the painting, yet had little use for his frigid homeland, since he had not yet experienced loss. Before leaving the Painted World of Ariandel, Sulyvahn left the spells Frozen Weapon and Snap Freeze behind. Long ago, when Sulyvahn was yet a young sorcerer, he discovered the Profaned Capital and an unfading flame below a distant tundra of Irithyll, and a burning ambition took root within him. He eventually went on to wield a ceremonial sword in his right hand, representing the Profaned Flame.
Irithyll dungeon’s first prisoner was a lone giant. Cells for men were built at his feet. The very architecture of the dungeon appeared to be a cruel joke the jailers played on would-be escapees, with a locked window leading only to a bottomless black pit below, and above, a paltry view of the ruined Profaned Capital.
The jailers of Irithyll Dungeon were among the few survivors inhabiting the Profaned Capital, later serving under Pontiff Sulyvahn. They wielded branding irons that, when pressed against foes, inflicted fire damage and temporarily blocked Estus healing. They held Simple Gems, said to be an object of infatuation for victims of stunted development. These gems created simple weapons that inflicted magic damage and restored focus very gradually, to help even a simpleton muster some mettle. These Jailers delighted in the plump features of their Aristocrat’s Masks and perhaps the screams emanating from the cells helped them forget their old home.
Handmaids of the Profaned Capital also survived and continued to tend to the flame. It was said that these women took pleasure in wounding others and their daggers replenished a slight amount of focus with each successful hit.
The screams of the wretched prisoners of the dungeon were oft heard as they naively mutilated their unworthy flesh, cherishing twisted daggers and spears crafted from feeble tailbones, which were seen as a sign of the dragons. These weapons could unleash the strength of dragons, similar to an ancient dragon weapon, only with its power tragically faded. These creatures could drop Pale Pine Resin, that faintly glimmered. The blood red substance sometimes found within suggested there was more to this so-called resin than met the eye. This resin was similar to Aromatic Ooze, a mysterious sticky substance that radiated a pale white light, found in the times of Drangleic. On what grounds did the prisoners remain imprisoned, considering that by now they were mindless Hollows, or unrealized, gibbering fools?
Long ago, Vinheim sorcerers were said to always dress properly, even while on distant journeys of discovery, even before such journeys were established curriculum. In this time, they wore the Old Sorcerer Set, traditional attire worn by sorcerers of the Dragon School, which could be found inside one of Irithyll Dungeon’s cells. This set appeared identical to that worn in the times of Lordran.
Sorcerers now typically wore a deep blue sorcerer’s coat; the conventional uniform of the academy. Over this they wore long, ash-coloured robes. They were given a Sorcerer’s Staff, a common catalyst, appearing identical to the Sorcerer’s Catalyst. Their gloves were embellished with silver medallions and they wore black-dyed leather trousers and rugged boots.
Those newly ordained as a sorcerer were given the Young Dragon Ring. Apropos to the Dragon School, the seal depicted an everlasting dragon. A young dragon presaged the great length of the journey to mastery. Continuing their studies, they could receive the special Bellowing and Lingering Dragoncrest Rings, given to those who were fit to undertake the journey of discovery in Vinheim, home of sorcery. The bellowing and lingering dragon symbolized the true nature of the consummate sorcerer. The Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring would also be found within the dungeon of Irithyll. A sorcerer knew that long-term research meant a lengthy and arduous road ahead. Those that had outgrown the academy abandoned their formal headwear and distanced themselves in order to continue their research in solitude.
A sorcery had been developed primarily for sorcerer-swordsmen. Called Soul Greatsword, the ephemeral blade only existed as an extension of the caster, but its power was said to rival that of physical greatswords. Even the most obstinate magic purists may have resorted to this spell in times of crisis. Use of this sorcery was not too dissimilar to swordplay, and so inherently endangered the caster.
Eventually a certain surreptitious sorcerer at Vinheim Dragon School developed the spell Spook, which both masked the noise of the caster and prevented them from taking fall damage. The mastery of this sorcery alone allowed Vinheim spooks to demand handsome payment for their services. Some of these spooks also knew of the highly dangerous sorcery Pestilent Mist, only taught to trusted members. It released a dense mist that ate away one’s health. A body caught in the silent mist cloud would lie still, while their face twisted into a tortured scream. The names of these learned sorcerers became feared for this gruesome spectacle.
One of these sorcerers was Orbeck of Vinheim. He was an assassin, a sorcerer only in name, a killer for hire. Orbeck was fascinated with sorcery but without means, so he offered to serve as an assassin in exchange for acceptance into the Dragon Academy, believing that one day he could reinvent himself as a sorcerer. He was a fool for thinking one day he would learn real sorceries from the Dragon School and when he became Undead, he was exiled from the school.
Within Irithyll Dungeon, the umbral ash of a Xanthous Scholar could be found. These Xanthous scholars had a Golden Scroll chronicling their vast research. Xanthous scholars were dedicated scholars of the lost sorceries of Oolacile, though some foolishly imitated them by simply dressing in yellow. Not even the Dragon School possessed such a long-lost scroll and they would simply slaver over the find.
These scholars had learned of the spells that orchestrated light, originally devised in Oolacile, along with learning several facts about the land. They knew that Hidden Body could turn one almost invisible, but one could not achieve perfect invisibility due to the risk of dissipation. They also knew that weapons which had Hidden Weapon cast upon them underwent no inherent changes, though it did turn them invisible. Most importantly, they knew of Repair. While the effects of this spell were rather subtle, its foundations were a well-guarded secret. Supposedly this sorcery restored items to a past state, but with the knowledge of this art lost, the finer details of the phenomenon were unknown. Light is time, and the reversal of its effects was a forbidden art. They knew of another closely-guarded light manipulation spell, Twisted Wall of Light. This spell contorted the very fabric of fundamental laws, negating magic by denying its claim to physicality.
With this scholar’s ash, both Gold Pine Bundles and Resin could be purchased. Their origins were unknown, although some speculated that they may in fact be a type of fungal resin. They emitted golden sparks and applied lightning to weapons, making them effective against targets resilient to both magic and fire, and very effective against dragon family foes. The ashes also allowed Young White Branches to be purchased, which were used to transform into something which blended into the surroundings. These branches came from Little Dusk’s first sorcerer’s staff which eventually became a seedling, and then three white birch saplings. The young branch was said to still contain echos of little Dusk’s capriciousness.
A giant gifted one of these branches to an Unkindled, apparently as a token of friendship. He would help anyone with this gift, for they “Good friend, no hit”. One could even be buried with this branch before beginning their quest in the Cemetery of Ash. This branch was received from somebody, and was apparently once a token of friendship. Perhaps treasuring the memory was more important than using it.
In a cell within the Irithyll Dungeon resided the dark witch, Karla. This spurned child of the Abyss never died, but phased in and out of its fringes. Only, there was no one to search for her any longer. Her pointed hat was the signature of a heretic sorceress. Karla, however, always kept it close. Her stained coat was torn and odorous, telling of a long journey and even longer inprisonment. It would be madness to wear such a thing. Her clothing was held by the Prisoner Chief of the catacombs, who used his clout to hoard all manner of things, but died without putting them to use.
Karla was able to teach the forbidden dark sorcery Affinity, which cast a dark manifestation of humanity. It appeared to be an expression of envy, or perhaps love towards another, that would tenaciously pursue its target. Even if, like so many human desires, it amounted to nothing but misfortune. She also knew of the spell Dark Edge. This spell was passed from mother to daughter, and intended for both protection and as a means of taking one’s own life. The young girl never swung it more than once.
In Drangleic, another witch was heard of, Zullie. It was said that she experienced all manner of misfortune, and yet in the end, found her purpose in life. Her pointed hat was a symbol of heretical magical crafts, and Zullie wore hers with an unspoken, but deep sense of pride. That being said, she also carried a purple veil for travel, and to hide her affiliation with the misunderstood craft of witches. She also had a Domino mask, which would find its way to the Ringed City and become known as the Blindfold Mask. This eye-occluding mask was of unknown origin, but small cracks allowed the wearer to see. This purple steel creation had a certain resemblance to the Fire Keeper’s crown, but the similarity was purely cosmetic.
Guarding the entrance to the Irithyll Dungeon was the dark spirit Alva, Seeker of the Spurned. He had crossed many a land in search of a cure for Saint Serreta’s sickness, but failed and relinquished his knighthood. He was once wracked with guilt and remorse, but rediscovered his purpose in life with the aid of the witch who once plotted against him. The search for the spurned had no end, and so the wayfaring knight warmed to a most deformed weapon, the Murakumo. Should this invader be defeated, his armor would be found in front of Karla’s cell.
When Zullie the Witch learned of Alva’s dedication to Saint Serreta, she used all manner of tricks and deceit to ruin him, but in the end she would spend her life with him, supporting his endeavours. The witch, as unloving as she was unloved, finally found illumination through her blighted existence. To this day, troubadours sing of tales of the wandering knight Alva and his travels, and of his involvement with the saint and the witch. Needless to say, the songs traditionally end in tragedy. While troubadours can get by on their own through wily use of their arts for the most part, they might still require a generous patron. One nameless troubadour wore a stunning arrangement of layered flowers on their skirt which was designed to capture the attention of a candidate for the position.
Almost all magic users that employed a wand studied at the Dragon School, but Beatrice, and the other dark witches, were some of the few exceptions. Beatrice braved the Abyss but did not live to tell of her ordeal. This rogue witch wielded an ancient catalyst that showed signs of being used for age-old sorceries. It had passed the hands of many generations to get to Lordran. This catalyst contrasted with Vinheim catalysts, just like the Heretic’s Staff. This staff, found in the times of Lothric, appeared similar to Beatrice’s catalyst and had been used by generations of heretic sorcerers.
The rest of the chapters so far:
Chapter 1: The Madness of Seath & The Progress of Sorcery
Chapter 2: The History of Demons, Pyromancy & The Great Swamp
Chapter 3: Records of the Darkmoon, The Goddess of Sin & The Painted World
Chapter 4: The Teachings of the Way of White & Their Undead Missions
Chapter 5: The Lost Knowledge of Oolacile & The Birth of The Abyss
Chapter 6: Astora, Balder & The Fate of the Chosen Undead
Chapter 7: The Hypocrisy of Lindelt & The Slumbering Dragon of Shulva
Chapter 8: The Old Iron King & His Corrupted Lands
Chapter 9: Fallen Forossa & Frigid Eleum Loyce
Chapter 10: The Lost Bastille's Prisoners & Those Who Migrated to Melfia
Chapter 11: The Way of Blue, The Blue Sentinels & The Brotherhood of Blood
Chapter 12: The Pilgrims of Dark & The Banned Art of Hexing
Chapter 13: The Rats, The Grym & Those Transformed in Tseldora
Chapter 14: The Keepers of the Undead Crypt & The Flooded Shrine Above
Chapter 15: The Founding of Drangleic & The Fates of Its Founders
Chapter 16: The Tales of Gwyn, The Archdragon Hunts & The Sun's Firstborn
Chapter 17: Rumours of Ancient Dragons & Their Worshippers
Chapter 18: The Death of Chaos & The Discovery of the Black Flame
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2022.02.17 18:58 IckyStickyboBicky_ Beginner Guide: Best Commons & Rares?

A lot of beginners ask, what cards can I use in my deck in the meantime until I get a full collection. It's hard for me to recommend things to people if I don't know what's in their collection, so This post will make it easier for both of us. This list is for cards that are craftable or pulled in packs, as beginners may not be able to afford stories and collections yet.
As a general tip, I'd recommend aggro or midgro for newer players since they're more affordable to build. Control decks are expensive to build.






While we're here, we may as well cover epics too. Ideally, the ones that aren't promotional, you pull them out of packs, but maybe you want to craft a few of them to play now in the meantime.
High priority Epics to craft:
Epics that are also good to have:
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2021.12.22 19:55 Waffybon My first player character death as DM

So I've been running a Ghosts of Saltmarsh 5e campaign on Roll20. As this is my first prebuilt game and third total as DM, I've been trying really hard to be thoughtful with how I run it and what I change from the material. I prefer that the PCs all have relevance or reason to be there beyond 'adventure party No. 3792'. As opposed to the last two, the campaign goes really well, and the players seem to be enjoying the combat, roleplay, and situations that they get into.
The party:
Riven, the noble tiefling monk
Xusea, the soldier gnoll barbarian
Zephyr, the outlander air genasi ranger
Zeylian, the faction agent kobold artificer
Lumina, the acolyte human bard/cleric and brand-new addition
and Iraser, the pirate halfling rogue
So at this point, the party had made it to the Abbey Isle portion of the campaign. The chapter is very minimal, with basically two sections - the beachhead for the island which is infested by skeletons, and the abbey dungeon. The beachhead has a pathway through it made by some pirates which had attacked the abbey, which the party could find with some Perception checks. They make it through with maybe one or two fights, and make their way to the Abbey ruins, fighting a group of hobgoblins on the way.
Here they meet some survivors of the attack, and find their way into the secret tunnels underneath, which is guarded by undead and constructs, and filled with numerous traps. Lumina, being the only party member with a passive perception above 15, is the only one able to spot out any of these traps before running into them, aside from some illusionary floors over acid pits, which she falls into once before the Artificer starts using Detect Magic to spot them out.
They make it through the dungeon, collect the treasure, and start to head back out. With most of their resources depleted and some minor injuries remaining, they had proven very proficient in combat with their new support-heavy College of Creation/Peace Domain human party member that they had known for a day at this point. But this is where one of my changes came to a head - the pirates attacking the island were still on the island.
Instead of learning about the isle through the module's recommended method, Xusea had been looking for her sister, whom Zephyr and Iraser had met before meeting Xusea, and watched her leap off of their ship into a horde of rampaging Sahuagin. Eventually, Xusea learned through an NPC that her sister, Maliera, was still alive, and that she might find her on this isle. This, I decided, was earlier information than the mariner's guild the module had, so I reasoned that they would arrive sooner than expected, and that the attack was just finished.
The party was surrounded by bandits, scouts, a few hobgoblins and a group of Sahuagin working with the pirates, who were led by Iraser's previous captain, and was threatening to basically kill all the survivors if they didn't come out of hiding. The hobgoblins the party took out earlier were scouts for the pirates who were trying to find Maliera as well, and when they turned up dead, the captain reasoned that the Abbey had survivors, so set up an ambush while the party was down in the dungeon.
Zephyr, being the talker of the group, came out for diplomacy, and Iraser came out too, tense and scared as all hell. Iraser had previously thought he was the only survivor of his last crew when they were destroyed by a joint navy from Neverwinter and Baldur's Gate. Eventually, the captain recognised him and, quite pleased to see an old crewmember, told them that there were a few survivors, but of them all he was the only other one to escape capture. Now he's been attempting to rebuild his lost wealth and power, and was in charge of a smuggling operation that the party exposed earlier in the campaign, and the ship (called the Sea Ghost) they captured around the same time. He blames all of this bad luck on his lost lucky charm, a rabbit's foot on a mithral chain, which Iraser stole from him without him knowing before their ship sank. It was a great moment to reveal that he didn't know Iraser had it, and that he's become more superstitious since that loss. Had Iraser's player in stitches.
Zephyr, however, realised the situation and, against all my plans, surrendered. The party went along with it. I really did not think they would do that, but in hindsight, it was pretty dumb of me to not prepare for that. The captain, believing Iraser would rejoin him, took him to examine the Sea Ghost, while the rest of his men captured the other party members. Since these people didn't know who was specifically in the party, I decided they would capture anyone who looked like they could fight - which was Xusea, Riven and Zephyr, as well as 3 mercenaries from the survivors. Lumina was believed to just be another priest, and Zeylian was busy hiding in a dark corner terrified.
Once that was done, the two casters left behind regathered themselves, got their last spell slots in order, and tracked down the bandits, who further reduced their numbers by sending some to continue searching the isle for Maliera, and by the Sahuagin, who didn't quite trust the bandits, basically just went off on their own. I let them take a short rest while they worked out their plan, when a werewolf attacked the camp. This gave the party the distraction they needed for Zeylian and Lumina to attack, free the captured party members and NPC, and overwhelm whoever was left. At the end of the fight, the werewolf was also defeated, which transformed back into it's humanoid form - revealed to be Maliera. Finally reuniting the gnoll sisters, Xusea held her broken, emaciated form, hoping with tears in her eyes that she would be alright. Lumina stabilised her, and the party rushed off to save Iraser.
While all this was happening, Iraser was with his ex-captain who was happily reminiscing about the good ol' days with the Coastal Ravens. They traded stories, Iraser doing so reluctantly, and the captain took him to go back to shore to check back in with the crew. Before leaving the ship, Iraser decides that he needs to stand up to this guy, telling him he already has a ship and a crew, that he's the captain and he's not coming back to work for someone who lost his command.
And so, the 1v1 begins, with a level 5 Halfling Rogue battling a buffed pirate captain with an ice longsword. Iraser wins the initiative, running to the lower decks and preparing to throw a birdcage at the guy. He chases down and is distracted by the thrown birdcage and subsequent panicking parrot that he can't get a hit in. Iraser runs into the hold, hiding among the barrels with a sick 23 stealth check. The captain, rolling a 7 on perception, fails to find him on his turn, and is Sneak Attacked by the wily rogue, taking about a quarter of his health out before running back towards the stairs. He's not faster than the captain, who catches up and manages to get a hit in. Iraser, at a bit over half of his 28 hit points, makes the fatal mistake of standing and fighting. He uses a bonus action to Aim (an optional Rogue ability I allowed), and swings his shortsword.
Nat 20.
With sneak attack, he pierces the captain with a devastating 50 damage blow. But that only pisses of his former captain... Who lands both of his attacks on his round. Iraser drops, and just before losing consciousness, I deliver the real blow - 'Disappointing. Just like your uncle said.'
The party arrives too late to catch the captain, and Iraser's corpse is already cold. He is dead from two more blows delivered to force Iraser to fail his death saves. That may sound like a dick move, but it would've made no sense for this captain to just not make sure the guy was dead after that engagement. Zephyr leans down and screams in anguish while Lumina cannot look.
None of these players sans Zeylian's, nor I, have seen a player death in a game we've been part of. Unlike my typical style, I didn't cut in. I didn't ask players what they do, I let them do what they were going to do. There was silence. Long silence. Nobody knew what to do, nobody could do anything. Their friend was dead, and there was nothing they could do. So I sit there, drinking it in, trying to hide the smile on my face as I am loving it.
Zephyr and Lumina are eventually the most active. He says some words, she takes his blue coat to remember him by, and then they viking funeral his body as Iraser's player is taking it the hardest. He admits to everyone this was his favourite character to play, and is devastated by the loss. None of the players take any of his money or his equipment, aside from a Cloak of the Manta Ray. They leave everything to him, as his body disappears into the deep for good.
The rest of the session is spent returning to Saltmarsh and, while Xusea focuses on taking care of her sister, the rest of the party are busy beginning their depression arcs. Lumina and Riven hide in their rooms, Zephyr goes to commiserate at a tavern, and Zeylian delivers a Sneak Attack right into the feels of every player there.
In the dungeon on the isle, the party realised that Iraser and Lumina are the two characters without darkvision. Zeylian, being an Artificer, promises Iraser that he'll make him a pair of Goggles of Night to help him see in the dark. With the only other Small person gone, he still fulfills his promise, and the player describes in great detail as Zeylian goes into his alchemy lab and starts to put together these goggles, melting a piece of jade he'd gotten from one of the constructs, building the band, and then goes to find Lumina and gives them to her, shyly telling her that while he promised them to him, she could take them to carry on his memory.
In the aftermath, some of the players were reconsidering their planned character builds, one even wanted to change their subclass. That training arc will take some time, and Iraser's player's new character was pretty much readied in 10 minutes. And then I told them I had a way they could've revived the character if they hadn't destroyed the body, but they all agreed that this was more in-character and dramatic. And I loved every second of the session post-death.
Next session, which will be after Christmas, they're going on a homebrewed sidequest to find a healer for Maliera, and during which they'll meet Yllisia, a bounty hunting high elf drakewarden. It's an interesting and tough scenario to come that I've had to put a lot more thought into and consult with some friends and family on how it should run and methods of resolution.
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2021.10.26 21:52 Mekkakat Continuing to refine my action point-based system, now named Black Capricorn. Some classes have been added as well [Looking for feedback]

I'm still working out the mechanics, but I've added the following:
Google Doc here as well (might be easier to read, as it's formatted: BLACK CAPRICORN

Black Capricorn



Skill Checks



Damage & Defense

Skill List

Basic Actions

Basic Bonus Actions

Basic Reactions


Class Concepts


Skilled in both combat and survival, the Outlander is built for the rough and rugged great outdoors. Outlanders have honed their blades and sharpened their arrows to take on dangerous beasts and monstrosities they might come across in the wilds, and they have keen senses regarding nature. They are trained in leather armor, longbows, daggers, shortswords and axes.
A few key class features—


It is said that when magic fades from the world, it will be the Runekeepers that preserve what remains. Runekeepers use rituals and witching arts to store power in stones, bones and other trinkets marked with magical symbols that they call runes. These runes serve as tools in both divination and destruction, however, they are not limitless. They are trained in cloth armor and staves.
A few key class features—


Burning deep in their veins is magic that flows like magma—pyromancers are mages trained in the “Old Ways”. The Old Ways taught that with enough training, one could shed light in the blackest of nights, cast out evils that luck beyond the shadows, and even control one of the most powerful sources of energy of them all: fire. The Pyromancers learn early on that their strength is a fine line between control and chaos. They are trained in wands and staves.
A few key class features—


There are few that wish to make enemies with the Hellion—a culture of people that pride themselves on their undeniably deft fighting prowess. The Hellion are known for being demons on the battlefield, but this ethos isn’t steeped in war—the Hellion are nomads by nature, surprisingly peaceful throughout history. Some call them “Uruk S’kaar Ys”, or, “the People of the Quiet Storm”. They are trained in plate armor, leather armor, shields, all melee weapons and crossbows.
A few key class features—

I know this is a lot, but I do listen to the feedback and I appreciate the help. Thanks.
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2021.09.26 07:33 AC_the_Panther_007 Which one of those is your favorite Sega Genesis video game in each year (1991-1998)?

What do you think?

  1. Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle
  2. Golden Axe
  3. Altered Beast
  4. The Revenge of Shinobi
  5. Super Hang-On
  6. Last Battle
  7. Space Harrier II
  8. Super Thunder Blade
  9. Ghouls 'n Ghosts
  10. Tommy Lasorda Baseball
  11. World Championship Soccer
  12. Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf
  13. Truxton
  14. Mystic Defender
  15. Forgotten Worlds

  1. Columns
  2. Strider
  3. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
  4. ESWAT: City Under Siege
  5. John Madden Football (1990; Sega Genesis)
  6. Thunder Force III
  7. Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA Playoffs
  8. Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse
  9. Dynamite Duke
  10. James "Buster" Douglas Knock Out Boxing
  11. Pat Riley Basketball
  12. Ghostbusters
  13. After Burner II
  14. Herzog Zwei
  15. Hellfire
  16. Klax
  17. Populous
  18. Granada
  19. Final Zone
  20. Battle Squadron
  21. Whip Rush
  22. Super Monaco GP
  23. Cyberball
  24. Budokan: The Martial Spirit
  25. Phantasy Star II

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. Streets of Rage
  3. Flicky
  4. Gain Ground
  5. Road Rash
  6. NHL Hockey (1991; Sega Genesis)
  7. Alien Storm
  8. Batman: The Video Game (Sega Genesis)
  9. Shadow Dancer
  10. John Madden Football '92
  11. Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom
  12. Spider-Man vs. The Kingpin
  13. Toki
  14. El Viento
  15. Air Buster
  16. Shadow of the Beast
  17. Arcus Odyssey
  18. Chuck Rock
  19. Vapor Trail
  20. Dinoland
  21. Joe Montana II: Sports Talk Football
  22. Quackshot starring Donald Duck
  23. Gaiares
  24. Ms. Pac-Man
  25. Turrican
  26. Thunder Fox
  27. Marvel Land
  28. Mercs
  29. Out Run
  30. Toe Jam & Earl

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  2. Streets of Rage 2
  3. Ecco the Dolphin
  4. Kid Chameleon
  5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist
  6. Golden Axe II
  7. Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA Playoffs
  8. Steel Empire
  9. Taz-Mania
  10. Evander Holyfield's "Real Deal" Boxing
  11. Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude!
  12. NHLPA Hockey '93
  13. John Madden NFL '93
  14. Alien 3
  15. World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
  16. Sunset Riders
  17. Road Rash II
  18. Outlander
  19. Batman Returns (1992; Sega Genesis)
  20. Captain America and The Avengers
  21. TaleSpin
  22. Lemmings
  23. Chase H.Q. II
  24. Team USA Basketball (1992; Sega Genesis)
  25. Splatterhouse 2
  26. David Robinson's Supreme Court
  27. Valis
  28. Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf
  29. NFL Sports Talk Football '93
  30. Ariel the Little Mermaid

  1. Gunstar Heroes
  2. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
  3. Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition
  4. Disney's Aladdin
  5. Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master
  6. Eternal Champions
  7. Mortal Kombat
  8. Madden NFL '94
  9. Sonic Spinball
  10. Zombies Ate My Neighbors
  11. Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure
  12. Shining Force
  13. NHL '94
  14. Battletoads & Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team
  15. Jurassic Park
  16. Rocket Knight Adventures
  17. Splatterhouse 3
  18. Jungle Strike
  19. General Chaos
  20. Bill Walsh College Football
  21. Mutant League Football
  22. WWF Royal Rumble
  23. Bulls vs. Blazers and the NBA Playoffs
  24. Paperboy 2
  25. Tony La Russa Baseball
  26. Thunder Force IV
  27. Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge
  28. NFL Football '94 Starring Joe Montana
  29. X-Men (1993; Sega Genesis)
  30. Cyborg Justice

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog 3
  2. Sonic & Knuckles
  3. The Lost Vikings
  4. Castlevania: Bloodlines
  5. Contra: Hard Corps
  6. Mortal Kombat II
  7. Madden NFL '95
  8. NBA Jam
  9. Dynamite headdy
  10. Streets of Rage 3
  11. Virtua Racing
  12. Mutant League Hockey
  13. Shining Force II
  14. Bill Walsh College Football '95
  15. World Series Baseball
  16. Mega Turrican
  17. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  18. Ecco: The Tides of Time
  19. Super Street Fighter II
  20. Animaniacs
  21. Mega Bomberman
  22. Mega Man: The Wily Wars
  23. Double Dribble: The Playoff Edition
  24. Super Street Fighter II
  25. NBA Live '95
  26. Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage
  27. Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2
  28. Earthworm Jim
  29. NHL '95
  30. The Lion King

  1. Comix Zone
  2. Vectorman
  3. Ristar
  4. X-Men 2: Clone Wars
  5. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie
  6. Alien Soldier
  7. The Adventures of Batman & Robin
  8. Madden NFL '96
  9. Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium
  10. NHL '96
  11. NBA Jam: Tournament Edition
  12. NBA Live '96
  13. The Ooze
  14. Demolition Man
  15. Beyond Oasis
  16. Gargoyles
  17. VR Troopers
  18. Earthworm Jim 2
  19. Primal Rage
  20. The Punisher (1995; Sega Genesis)
  21. Ecco Jr.
  22. The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie
  23. Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars
  24. Scooby-Doo Mystery
  25. Venom/Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety

  1. Sonic 3D Blast
  2. Vectorman 2
  3. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
  4. Virtua Fighter 2
  5. College Slam
  6. Madden NFL '97
  7. NBA Live '97
  8. Golden Axe III
  9. NFL Prime Time '98
  10. Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble
  11. NBA Hangtime
  12. Disney's Pinocchio
  13. Disney's Pocahontas
  14. The Lost World: Jurassic Park
  15. Madden NFL '98
  16. NBA Live '98
  17. NHL '97
  18. NHL '98
  19. World Series Baseball '98
  20. Marsupilami

Any other Sega Genesis game is not on the list?
submitted by AC_the_Panther_007 to SEGAGENESIS [link] [comments]

2020.01.22 11:00 BigDogz75 Genesis Mini Complete English Roms?

Hello fellow retro gamers....
I am trying to complete my Genesis Mini setup with all English roms from every region and right now I am at 790 Roms.
I do not wan't any Proto's, beta's, Translations, or any doubles from multi-game carts.
Also I am seeking Licensed and Unlicensed, predominatly USA roms over any other region if multiple regions exist.
If anyone could please let me know what I might be missing would be much appreciated!
Here is my list so far...

3 Ninjas Kick Back (USA)
6-Pak (USA)
688 Attack Sub (USA, Europe)
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (USA)
Action 52 (USA) (Unl)
Addams Family Values (Europe) (En,Fr,De)
Addams Family, The (USA, Europe)
Adventures of Batman & Robin, The (USA)
Adventures of Mighty Max, The (USA)
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The (USA)
Aero the Acro-Bat (USA)
Aero the Acro-Bat 2 (USA)
Aerobiz (USA)
Aerobiz Supersonic (USA)
After Burner II (USA, Europe)
Air Buster (USA)
Air Diver (USA)
Aladdin, Disney's (USA)
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (USA)
Alien 3 (USA, Europe)
Alien Soldier (Europe)
Alien Storm (World)
Alisia Dragoon (USA)
Altered Beast (USA, Europe)
American Gladiators (USA)
Andre Agassi Tennis (USA)
Animaniacs (USA)
Another World (Europe)
Aquatic Games Starring James Pond and the Aquabats, The (USA, Europe)
Arcade Classics (USA, Europe)
Arch Rivals - The Arcade Game (USA, Europe)
Arcus Odyssey (USA)
Ariel the Little Mermaid, Disney's (USA, Europe)
Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf (USA, Europe)
Arrow Flash (USA, Europe)
Art Alive (World)
Art of Fighting (USA)
Asterix and the Great Rescue (USA)
Asterix and the Power of the Gods (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es)
Atomic Robo-Kid (USA)
Atomic Runner (USA)
ATP Tour (Europe)
ATP Tour Championship Tennis (USA)
Australian Rugby League (Europe)
Awesome Possum... ...Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt (USA)
Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II (USA) (En,Ja)
B.O.B. (USA, Europe)
Back to the Future Part III (USA)
Ballz 3D - Fighting at Its Ballziest ~ Ballz 3D - The Battle of the Ballz (USA, Europe)
Barbie Super Model (USA)
Bare Knuckle - Ikari no Tetsuken ~ Streets of Rage (World)
Barkley Shut Up and Jam 2 (USA)
Barkley Shut Up and Jam! (USA, Europe)
Barney's Hide & Seek Game (USA)
Bass Masters Classic (USA)
Bass Masters Classic - Pro Edition (USA)
Batman - Revenge of the Joker (USA)
Batman - The Video Game (USA)
Batman Forever (World)
Batman Returns (World)
Battle Squadron (USA, Europe)
Battlemaster (USA)
BattleTech - A Game of Armored Combat (USA)
Battletoads (World)
Battletoads-Double Dragon (USA)
Beast Wrestler (USA)
Beauty and the Beast - Belle's Quest (USA)
Beauty and the Beast - Roar of the Beast, Disney's (USA)
Beavis and Butt-Head (USA)
Beggar Prince (World) (Rev 1) (Unl)
Berenstain Bears' Camping Adventure, The (USA)
Best of the Best - Championship Karate (USA)
Beyond Oasis (USA)
Bible Adventures (USA) (Unl)
Bill Walsh College Football (USA, Europe)
Bill Walsh College Football 95 (USA)
Bimini Run (USA)
Bio Hazard Battle (USA, Europe)
Blades of Vengeance (USA, Europe)
Blaster Master 2 (USA)
Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II (USA)
Blockout (World)
Bloodshot (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es)
Body Count (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
Bonanza Brothers (USA)
Bonkers (USA, Europe)
Boogerman - A Pick and Flick Adventure (USA)
Boxing Legends of the Ring (USA)
Bram Stoker's Dracula (USA)
Brett Hull Hockey '95 (USA)
Brian Lara Cricket (Europe)
Brian Lara Cricket 96 (Europe) (April 1996)
Brutal - Paws of Fury (USA)
Bubba 'N' Stix (USA)
Bubble and Squeak (USA)
Bubsy II (USA, Europe)
Bubsy in - Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind (USA, Europe)
Buck Rogers - Countdown to Doomsday (USA, Europe)
Budokan - The Martial Spirit (USA)
Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble (USA)
Bulls versus Blazers and the NBA Playoffs (USA, Europe)
Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA Playoffs (USA, Europe)
Burning Force (USA)
Cadash (USA, Korea)
Caesars Palace (USA)
Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball (USA)
Caliber.50 (USA)
California Games (USA, Europe)
Cannon Fodder (Europe)
Captain America and the Avengers (USA)
Captain Planet and the Planeteers (USA)
Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (USA, Europe)
Castlevania - Bloodlines (USA)
Centurion - Defender of Rome (USA, Europe)
Chakan (USA, Europe)
Champions World Class Soccer (World) (En,Fr,De,Es)
Championship Bowling (USA)
Championship Pool (USA)
Championship Pro-Am (USA)
Chase H.Q. II (USA)
Cheese Cat-Astrophe Starring Speedy Gonzales (Europe)
Chester Cheetah - Too Cool to Fool (USA)
Chester Cheetah - Wild Wild Quest (USA)
Chi Chi's Pro Challenge Golf (USA)
Chiki Chiki Boys (USA, Europe)
Chuck Rock (USA)
Chuck Rock II - Son of Chuck (USA)
Clay Fighter (USA)
Cliffhanger (USA)
Clue (USA)
Coach K College Basketball (USA)
College Football USA 96 (USA)
College Football USA 97 (USA)
College Football's National Championship (USA)
College Football's National Championship II (USA)
College Slam (USA)
Columns (World) (v1.1)
Columns III (USA)
Combat Cars (USA, Europe)
Comix Zone (USA)
Contra - Hard Corps (USA, Korea)
Cool Spot (USA)
Corporation (Europe)
Cosmic Spacehead (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es)
Crack Down (USA)
Cross Fire (USA)
Crue Ball - Heavy Metal Pinball (USA, Europe)
Crusader of Centy (USA)
Crystal's Pony Tale (USA)
Cutthroat Island (USA, Europe)
Cyber-Cop (USA)
Cyberball (World)
Cyborg Justice (USA, Europe)
Daffy Duck in Hollywood (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
Dark Castle (USA, Europe)
Dashin' Desperadoes (USA)
David Crane's Amazing Tennis (USA)
David Robinson's Supreme Court (USA, Europe)
Davis Cup Tennis ~ Davis Cup World Tour (USA, Europe) (July 1993)
Daze Before Christmas (Australia)
Deadly Moves (USA)
Death and Return of Superman, The (USA)
Death Duel (USA)
DEcapAttack (USA, Europe)
Demolition Man (USA, Europe)
Desert Demolition Starring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote (USA, Europe)
Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf (USA, Europe)
Devilish - The Next Possession (USA)
Dick Tracy (World)
Dick Vitale's 'Awesome, Baby!' College Hoops (USA)
Dino Dini's Soccer (Europe)
Dino Land (USA)
Dinosaur's Tale, A (USA)
DJ Boy (USA)
Donald in Maui Mallard (Europe)
Doom Troopers (USA)
Double Clutch (Europe)
Double Dragon (USA, Europe) (Unl)
Double Dragon 3 - The Arcade Game (USA, Europe)
Double Dragon V - The Shadow Falls (USA)
Double Dribble - The Playoff Edition (USA)
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (USA)
Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (USA)
Dragon's Fury (USA, Europe)
Dragon's Revenge (USA, Europe)
Dune - The Battle for Arrakis (USA)
Dungeons & Dragons - Warriors of the Eternal Sun (USA, Europe)
Dynamite Duke (World)
Dynamite Headdy (USA, Europe)
EA Hockey (Europe)
Earnest Evans (USA)
Earthworm Jim (USA)
Earthworm Jim 2 (USA)
Ecco - The Tides of Time (USA)
Ecco Jr. (USA, Australia) (February 1995)
Ecco the Dolphin (USA, Europe)
El. Viento (USA)
Elemental Master (USA)
ESPN Baseball Tonight (USA)
ESPN National Hockey Night (USA)
ESPN Speed World (USA)
ESPN Sunday Night NFL (USA)
ESWAT - City Under Siege (USA, Europe)
Eternal Champions (USA)
European Club Soccer (Europe)
Evander Holyfield's 'Real Deal' Boxing (World)
Ex-Mutants (USA, Europe)
Exile (USA)
Exo Squad (USA)
Exodus - Journey to the Promised Land (USA) (Unl)
F-117 Night Storm (USA, Europe)
F-15 Strike Eagle II (USA)
F-22 Interceptor (USA, Europe) (June 1992)
F1 - World Championship Edition (Europe)
Faery Tale Adventure, The (USA, Europe)
Family Feud (USA)
Fantasia (World)
Fantastic Dizzy (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
Fatal Fury (USA)
Fatal Fury 2 (USA, Korea)
Fatal Labyrinth (USA, Europe)
Fatal Rewind (Europe)
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (USA)
FIFA 98 - Road to World Cup (Europe) (En,Fr,Es,It,Sv)
FIFA International Soccer (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es)
FIFA Soccer 95 (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es)
FIFA Soccer 96 (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Sv)
FIFA Soccer 97 (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Sv)
Fighting Masters (USA)
Final Zone (USA)
Fire Shark (USA)
Flashback - The Quest for Identity (USA)
Flicky (USA, Europe)
Flink (Europe)
Flintstones, The (USA)
Foreman for Real (World)
Forgotten Worlds (World) (v1.1)
Formula One (USA)
Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball (USA, Europe)
Frogger (USA)
Fun 'n' Games (USA)
G-LOC Air Battle (World)
Gadget Twins (USA)
Gaiares (Japan, USA)
Gain Ground (World)
Galaxy Force II (World)
Garfield - Caught in the Act (USA, Europe)
Gargoyles (USA)
Garry Kitchen's Super Battletank - War in the Gulf (USA)
Gauntlet IV (USA, Europe) (En,Ja) (September 1993)
Gemfire (USA)
General Chaos (USA, Europe)
Generations Lost (USA, Europe)
Genghis Khan II - Clan of the Gray Wolf (USA)
George Foreman's KO Boxing (USA)
Ghostbusters (World) (v1.1)
Ghouls'n Ghosts (USA, Europe)
Gods (USA)
Golden Axe (World) (v1.1)
Golden Axe II (World)
Goofy's Hysterical History Tour (USA)
Granada (Japan, USA) (v1.1)
Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie, The (USA)
Great Waldo Search, The (USA)
Greatest Heavyweights (USA)
Greendog - The Beached Surfer Dude! (USA, Europe)
Grind Stormer (USA)
Growl (USA)
Gunfight 3 in 1 (World) (Unl)
Gunship (Europe)
Gunstar Heroes (USA)
Gynoug (Europe)
Hard Drivin' (World)
HardBall '94 (USA, Europe)
HardBall '95 (USA)
HardBall III (USA) (Unl)
HardBall! (USA) (Unl)
Haunting Starring Polterguy (USA, Europe)
Head-On Soccer (USA)
Heavy Nova (USA)
Hellfire (USA)
Herzog Zwei (USA, Europe)
High Seas Havoc (USA)
Hit the Ice - VHL - The Official Video Hockey League (USA)
Home Alone (USA, Europe)
Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York (USA)
Hook (USA)
Humans, The (USA)
Hurricanes (Europe)
IMG International Tour Tennis (USA, Europe)
Immortal, The (USA, Europe)
Incredible Crash Dummies, The (USA, Europe)
Incredible Hulk, The (USA, Europe)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (USA)
Insector X (USA)
Instruments of Chaos Starring Young Indiana Jones (USA)
International Rugby (Europe)
International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (Europe)
Ishido - The Way of Stones (USA) (Unl)
Izzy's Quest for the Olympic Rings (USA, Europe)
Jack Nicklaus' Power Challenge Golf (USA, Europe)
James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing (USA, Europe)
James Bond 007 - The Duel (USA)
James Pond - Underwater Agent (USA, Europe)
James Pond 3 (USA, Europe)
James Pond II - Codename - Robocod (USA, Europe)
Jammit (USA)
Jennifer Capriati Tennis (USA)
Jeopardy! (USA)
Jeopardy! - Deluxe Edition (USA)
Jeopardy! - Sports Edition (USA)
Jerry Glanville's Pigskin Footbrawl (USA)
Jewel Master (USA)
Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker (Europe)
Joe & Mac (USA)
Joe Montana Football (World)
Joe Montana II Sports Talk Football (World)
John Madden Football '92 (USA, Europe)
John Madden Football '93 (USA, Europe)
John Madden Football (USA, Europe)
John Madden Football - Championship Edition (USA)
Jordan vs Bird (USA, Europe) (v1.1)
Joshua & the Battle of Jericho (USA) (Unl)
Judge Dredd (World)
Junction (Japan, USA)
Jungle Book, The (USA)
Jungle Strike (USA, Europe)
Jurassic Park (USA)
Jurassic Park - Rampage Edition (USA, Europe)
Jurassic Park II - The Lost World (USA)
Justice League Task Force (World)
Ka-Ge-Ki - Fists of Steel (USA)
Kawasaki Superbike Challenge (USA, Europe)
Kick Off 3 - European Challenge (Europe)
Kid Chameleon (USA, Europe)
King of the Monsters (USA)
King of the Monsters 2 (USA)
King Salmon - The Big Catch (USA)
King's Bounty - The Conqueror's Quest (USA, Europe)
Klax (USA, Europe)
Krusty's Super Fun House (USA, Europe) (v1.1)
La Russa Baseball 95 (USA, Australia)
Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA Playoffs (USA)
Landstalker (USA)
Last Action Hero (USA, Europe)
Last Battle (USA, Europe)
Lawnmower Man, The (USA, Europe)
Legend of Galahad, The (USA, Europe)
Legend of Wukong (World) (Unl)
Lemmings (Japan, USA) (v1.1)
Lemmings 2 - The Tribes (USA)
Lethal Enforcers (USA)
Lethal Enforcers II - Gun Fighters (USA)
LHX Attack Chopper (USA, Europe)
Liberty or Death (USA)
Light Crusader (USA)
Lightening Force - Quest for the Darkstar (USA)
Lion King, The (World)
Lost Vikings, The (USA)
Lotus II (USA, Europe)
Lotus Turbo Challenge (USA, Europe)
M-1 Abrams Battle Tank (USA, Europe)
Madden NFL '94 (USA, Europe)
Madden NFL 95 (USA, Europe)
Madden NFL 96 (USA, Europe)
Madden NFL 97 (USA, Europe)
Madden NFL 98 (USA)
Magic School Bus, The (USA)
Man Overboard! (Europe)
Marble Madness (USA, Europe)
Mario Andretti Racing (USA, Europe)
Mario Lemieux Hockey (USA, Europe)
Marko (USA)
Marsupilami (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
Marvel Land (USA)
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (USA)
Master of Monsters (USA)
Math Blaster - Episode 1 (USA)
Mazin Saga - Mutant Fighter (USA)
Mazin Wars (Europe)
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (USA)
Mega Bomberman (USA)
Mega Man - The Wily Wars (Europe)
Mega SWIV (Europe)
Mega Turrican (USA)
Mega-lo-Mania (Europe) (v1.1)
Menacer 6-Game Cartridge (USA, Europe)
Mercs (World)
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (World)
Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (USA)
Mickey Mania - The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse (USA)
Mickey's Ultimate Challenge (USA)
Micro Machines (USA, Europe)
Micro Machines 2 - Turbo Tournament (Europe) (J-Cart)
Micro Machines Military (Europe) (J-Cart)
Micro Machines Turbo Tournament 96 (Europe) (v1.1) (J-Cart)
Midnight Resistance (USA)
Midway Presents Arcade's Greatest Hits (Europe)
Mig-29 Fighter Pilot (USA)
Might and Magic - Gates to Another World (USA, Europe)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (USA)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie (USA)
Mike Ditka Power Football (USA, Europe) (Unl)
Minnesota Fats - Pool Legend (USA)
Miracle Piano Teaching System, The (USA)
MLBPA Baseball (USA)
Monopoly (USA)
Monster World IV (USA, Europe) (En,Ja) (Virtual Console)
Mortal Kombat (World) (v1.1)
Mortal Kombat 3 (USA)
Mortal Kombat II (World)
Mr. Nutz (Europe)
Ms. Pac-Man (USA, Europe)
Muhammad Ali Heavyweight Boxing (USA)
MUSHA - Metallic Uniframe Super Hybrid Armor (USA)
Mutant League Football (USA, Europe)
Mutant League Hockey (USA, Europe)
Mystic Defender (USA, Europe)
Mystical Fighter (USA)
NBA Action '94 (USA)
NBA Action '95 Starring David Robinson (USA, Europe)
NBA All-Star Challenge (USA, Europe)
NBA Hang Time (USA)
NBA Jam (USA, Europe) (v1.1)
NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (World)
NBA Live 95 (USA, Europe)
NBA Live 96 (USA, Europe)
NBA Live 97 (USA, Europe)
NBA Live 98 (USA)
NBA Showdown '94 (USA, Europe)
NCAA Final Four Basketball (USA)
NCAA Football (USA)
New Horizons (USA)
Newman Haas IndyCar featuring Nigel Mansell (World)
NFL '95 (USA, Europe)
NFL 98 (USA)
NFL Football '94 Starring Joe Montana (USA)
NFL Quarterback Club (World)
NFL Quarterback Club 96 (USA, Europe)
NFL Sports Talk Football '93 Starring Joe Montana (USA, Europe)
NHL '94 (USA, Europe)
NHL 95 (USA, Europe)
NHL 96 (USA, Europe)
NHL 97 (USA, Europe)
NHL 98 (USA)
NHL All-Star Hockey '95 (USA)
NHL Hockey (USA)
NHLPA Hockey 93 (USA, Europe) (v1.1)
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing (USA)
No Escape (USA)
Nobunaga's Ambition (USA)
Normy's Beach Babe-O-Rama (USA, Europe)
Oh Mummy Genesis (World) (Unl)
Olympic Gold (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl,Pt,Sv)
Olympic Summer Games (USA, Europe)
Onslaught (USA, Europe) (Unl)
Ooze, The (Japan, USA)
Operation Europe - Path to Victory 1939-45 (USA)
Ottifants, The (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)
Out of this World (USA)
Outlander (USA)
OutRun 2019 (USA)
OutRunners (USA)
P.T.O. - Pacific Theater of Operations (USA)
Pac-Attack (USA)
Pac-Man 2 - The New Adventures (USA)
Pac-Mania (USA, Europe)
Pagemaster, The (USA)
Paperboy (USA, Europe)
Paperboy 2 (USA, Europe)
Pat Riley Basketball (USA)
Pebble Beach Golf Links (USA)
Pele II - World Tournament Soccer (USA, Europe)
Pele! (USA, Europe)
Pete Sampras Tennis (USA, Europe) (J-Cart) (MDST6636)
PGA European Tour (USA, Europe)
PGA Tour 96 (USA, Europe)
PGA Tour Golf (USA, Europe) (v1.2)
PGA Tour Golf II (USA, Europe) (v1.1)
PGA Tour Golf III (USA, Europe)
Phantasy Star II (USA, Europe)
Phantasy Star III - Generations of Doom (USA, Europe)
Phantasy Star IV (USA)
Phantom 2040 (USA)
Phelios (USA)
Pier Solar and the Great Architects (World) (En,Es,Pt) (Reprint B) (Unl)
Pink Goes to Hollywood (USA, Europe)
Pinocchio (USA)
Pirates of Dark Water, The (USA, Europe) (May 1994)
Pirates! Gold (USA)
Pit-Fighter (World)
Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure (USA)
Pocahontas (USA)
Populous (USA)
Power Drive (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,Pt)
Power Monger (USA, Europe)
Powerball (USA)
Predator 2 (USA, Europe)
Premier Manager (Europe)
Premier Manager 97 (Europe)
Primal Rage (USA, Europe)
Prime Time NFL Starring Deion Sanders (USA)
Prince of Persia (USA)
Pro Moves Soccer (USA)
Pro Quarterback (USA)
Probotector (Europe) (En,Fr,De)
Psycho Pinball (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) (October 1994)
Puggsy (USA)
Punisher, The (USA)
QuackShot Starring Donald Duck (World)
Quad Challenge (USA)
R.B.I. Baseball '93 (USA)
R.B.I. Baseball '94 (USA, Europe)
R.B.I. Baseball 3 (USA)
R.B.I. Baseball 4 (USA)
Race Drivin' (USA)
Radical Rex (USA)
Raiden Trad (Japan, USA)
Rambo III (World) (v1.1)
Rampart (USA)
Ranger X (USA)
Rastan Saga II (USA)
Red Zone (USA, Europe)
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2020.01.19 04:45 AslandusTheLaster The Wight Knight, Part 2

The massive hellhound tore through the forest for dozens of miles before stopping just out of sight of a town. How it was so adept at navigating the tight quarters of the dungeon and now the trees was a mystery given its enormous size, but we should've been far enough to avoid being associated with the old dungeon any more.
"Not as far as I want us to be, we'll have to take off in the morning to arrive at a decent mana hotspot," Candice said. "We'll just stop in this town for the night before we leave."
"What? I thought you wanted to get there 'as soon as physically possible'?" I said.
"I just said that so you'd quit whining about all those little green things," Candice said.
"You mean the goblins you were feeding to your dog?" I said. "They're sapient creatures and we were right next to a hunting ground!"
"Spot needs more greens in his diet and deer don't jump right into his mouths," Candice said. "Besides, I need to get some reagents before we arrive anyway, so come on!"
"Right..." I said, my body attempting to drag me after her until I did so deliberately.
The guards at the gate appeared to be asking questions of people before they entered town. I hadn't been keeping careful track of where we were going since I was distracted by clinging to Spot for dear life, so I hadn't noticed how close we were to the border of the kingdom.
"Ugh, this is going to be annoying," Candice said, pointing her finger at the guards.
"What? NO! Do you just kill anyone who mildly inconveniences you?" I asked.
"Why not? We probably wont have to come back to this town for years, they won't remember," she said.
"The fact that we can get away with it doesn't make it okay!" I said.
"Fine, spoilsport! But we're gonna have to do something about that face if we actually want to go through unnoticed," she said.
"What? Why?" I asked.
"Because you're a wight and you look like a shambling corpse? I'm not calling you Wight knight just for the pun, hon," she said.
"But you said you brought me back from the dead!" I said.
"Yeah. Undead isn't technically dead," she said. "Also, undead are way cheaper than full resurrections."
"You know what, just promise to bring me back properly later so we can deal with this before someone sees," I said. She tentatively nodded, pulling out several powders from her bag and rubbing them onto my skin while fussing with me face.
After a minute or two we walked up to the gate.
"Halt! State your business and present your family trade seals before entering," the guard said.
"O my love! This town is dreadful! Why must we stop here on they way to our honeymoon?" Candice asked, making a show of swooning into my arms.
"Uh, it's just for the night... honey," I said. I fumbled into my satchel with one hand, pulling out my seal. It was from the Cooper family, since my father did most of his business with them. "The name's Randall. My, uh, wife is from the outlands, so she'll need to get in with my seal."
"Ah, sure thing. Careful, pal, outlander girls are wily ones," the guard said, winking at me before turning to check with the registry.
After about ten seconds, Candice started wriggling in my arms. "Hm, this is taking too long..." she whispered, holding up a hand and pointing a finger at the guard's back. "Nevermind this, let's speed this up a bit."
"No!" I said quietly, batting her hand aside. She simply brought her hand up again, and I kept batting it aside. After a few seconds of this, I finally grabbed her hand and gave her a silent glare in an attempt to get her to stop.
"Whoa there, you two! You're good to go, but at least wait until you reach the inn before you start undressing each other," he said.
"Right..." I said. I felt like I should have been blushing, but since my blood was presumably not flowing, it probably wasn't showing. I carried Candice through the gate. "Okay, you can get down now."
"Nah," she said.
"What? Why not?" I asked.
"I've been living in a four hundred square foot room, only leaving to do a little hunting for over a year. So let's just say my legs aren't in the best shape these days," she said. "Just carry me until we reach the market, it can't be that far."
After passing through the greater part of the town twice attempting to find the market, we finally found it. Candice immediately leapt out of my arms, dashing to the nearest stall.
"Hm, nope, nope... Hm, this one?" she said, picking through the various stones and gems on display.
"Looking for yourself or for a gift?" the woman at the stand asked.
"Hmm... Ah, here we go!" Candice said, grabbing a rough translucent white stone.
"An excellent choice, dear. Pure diamond, and at a bargain price! A bit rough as it stands, but with some polish-" the woman said.
"Diamond? This is pretty clearly white quartz," Candice said, pulling a knife out of her pack and scratching the stone. "I'll take it anyway though, alongside these glass beads and this pyrite necklace."
"What? Are you calling me a fraud, ma'am? I won't stand for this," the woman said. I quickly waved my hands to attempt to get her to stop talking before Candice just decided to kill her.
"Oh, calm down, this stuff is what I need anyway. Here's your coin," Candice said, pouring a pile of gold coins onto the table. "That should be exact change."
The woman tested the coins with her teeth, and found them to be real. "Um... Okay, pleasure doing business with you?" she said, the surprise noticeable in her voice.
"Excellent! Come, my dear, let's check the rest of the stands before we leave," Candice said, stuffing the fake jewelry into her bag before dragging me off to the next stand.
We finally got into a room at the inn, dropping our bags now loaded with stuff onto the floor.
"Say, where did you get all that gold?" I asked.
"Transmuted some rocks, since I figured we'd need cash if we wanted to play nice... We'd better get out of town before the week is up, by the by, because that's when the magic will wear off," Candice said.
I just shrugged. It was extremely illegal, but at that point I was just glad we hadn't murdered half the town on our shopping spree.
As we left town, the guards moved to stop us at the gate.
"Ah, you're Randall, yes?" the guard said.
"Yes, is that important?" I asked.
"There was a letter from your family, apparently it was on the way to your last known location but since you happened to be in town..." he said.
"I see. Can- Uh, dear, could you go on ahead? This might take a minute," I said.
"Sure, it'll take a minute to call Spot from you-know-where anyway," Candice said, walking through the gate and away from the town.
"Let me see it," I said, breaking the seal and taking a look at the letter. It was from my mother, urging me to reconsider going into the dungeon and to come home and settle down. Not that it would do any good, since that message would've arrived almost a week after I had entered the dungeon. Snail mail was like that sometimes.
"Any chance I could get a pen and paper?" I asked. The guard gestured into the office by the side of the gate, and I quickly found the supplies and penned a letter assuring my mother that I was fine but wouldn't be returning home for a while due to being roped into some kind of scheme with a woman I'd met. I tried to avoid being too specific to avoid worrying her, since there wasn't much to be done and it wouldn't be that important so long as Candice followed through on her word, however unlikely that may have been.
Candice was prepared to leave as soon as I arrived, and didn't even wait for me to climb on, simply having one of Spot's heads grab me and put me on his back before bolting through the forest.
We arrived at the location Candice thought would be perfect for building a new dungeon. It just happened that there was a village of goblins living on the site.
"Oh good, looks like Spot will get a nice snack before we set up," Candice said, putting her fingers to her mouth in preparation to whistle.
"Wait, don't do that!" I said, reaching out to stop her. She put her fingers down and started snickering.
"Calm down, Wight knight, I'm joking! They'll probably move into the dungeon as soon as I set it up, so they'll be a good starter population," she said, climbing off the dog's back.
Candice pulled out the lump of quartz she'd bought in town, a glow emanating as she poured magic into it.
"Any requests?" she asked. "Best time to make any adjustments."
"How about a river running through? It'll make moving around a lot easier, especially if we're going a hundred floors down..." I suggested.
"A hundred floors? Hot damn, sounds like you've got plans, Wight knight. I was only planning to go for forty, but that sounds even better," she said, rubbing her hands over the crystal before winding up. "Let's do this thing!"
Candice put her whole body into pitching the crystal directly into the ground, which punched directly into the soil.
"Oh right... This usually only takes a few seconds, but it could be hours given how big this thing is going to be..." she said.
"Well, that might give me just enough time to make us a boat," I said.
"Excellent," Candice said. She whistled sharply, which seemed to be Spot's signal to return home. The great beast dove through a rift into the infernal plane in short order.
With that, I pulled out my hatchet and approached one of the nearby trees. Without knowing how exactly how long we had, I set to work.
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