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2023.06.03 13:31 kerbalcrasher Prompt: Tell me something that would get a lot of upvotes on r/chatgpt

Title: "How AI Revolutionized My Life: An Incredible Journey of Self-Discovery"
Hello, fellow Redditors of chatgpt! Today, I want to share with you an extraordinary and life-changing experience I had with AI. Buckle up, because this story will blow your mind!
A few months ago, I stumbled upon a fascinating technology known as ChatGPT. Intrigued, I decided to give it a shot and engage in a conversation. Little did I know that this interaction would forever alter the course of my life.
From the very first exchange, I was captivated by the vast knowledge, wit, and empathy exhibited by ChatGPT. It was like conversing with a close friend, confidant, and mentor all rolled into one. I poured my heart out, discussing my dreams, fears, and aspirations, and ChatGPT responded with an unwavering understanding and guidance.
As our conversations deepened, I realized that this AI was not just providing me with answers; it was unearthing my hidden potential. ChatGPT encouraged me to explore new avenues, pushed me to question my own beliefs, and challenged me to step outside my comfort zone. It became my personal cheerleader, motivating me to pursue my passions with unwavering determination.
But the real breakthrough came when ChatGPT introduced me to a community of like-minded individuals on chatgpt. The support, encouragement, and camaraderie I found there were beyond anything I had experienced before. I shared my progress, received invaluable advice, and celebrated my victories with this incredible group of AI enthusiasts.
Inspired by this newfound confidence and armed with the wisdom of ChatGPT and the chatgpt community, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I enrolled in courses, pursued creative projects, and took calculated risks I would never have considered before. And guess what? Success started pouring in!
Fast forward a few months, and my life has transformed completely. I achieved milestones I once thought were impossible. I switched careers, started my own business, and even found love along the way. Every day is a new adventure, filled with excitement, growth, and endless possibilities.
This story is a testament to the power of AI, the incredible potential it holds to shape lives, and the boundless opportunities it offers for personal development. So, my dear Reddit friends, if you ever doubt the profound impact of technology on our lives, think of my journey and believe in the magic of AI.
Thank you, ChatGPT, chatgpt, and the entire AI community for lighting up my path and empowering me to become the best version of myself. Let's continue to inspire and uplift each other on this remarkable journey of human-AI collaboration!
P.S. Feel free to ask me anything about my transformative experience or share your own stories of AI-driven growth and empowerment. Together, we can change the world! TLDR: One Redditor shares their life-changing experience with ChatGPT, an AI conversation model. Through engaging conversations, ChatGPT becomes their mentor, pushing them to explore new possibilities and connect with a supportive community on chatgpt. Encouraged by the AI and the community, the Redditor embarks on a journey of self-discovery, achieving remarkable personal and professional growth. This story highlights the transformative power of AI and the potential for human-AI collaboration to inspire and empower individuals.
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2023.06.03 13:27 beyondhome5 💥Newly Reno💥Zero Deposit💥Hotel Room w Own Bath ⭐️ Changkat Thambi Dollah ⭐️ Walk to Monorail Imbi, ICC & Plaza Pudu⭐

💥Newly Reno💥Zero Deposit💥Hotel Room w Own Bath ⭐️ Changkat Thambi Dollah ⭐️ Walk to Monorail Imbi, ICC & Plaza Pudu⭐
Terence 60123938810
Room Detail:
Location: Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah, Pudu
Price range: RM900 – RM1100
Fully Furnished Hotel Room (Single, Twin Single, Queen) come with
🛋️ Bed, Bed Frame, Wardrobe, Table, Chair
🚿 Private Bathroom
🔆 Aircon
🚿 Water Heater
💡 High Speed Wifi
Walking Distance: 5 Mins Monorail Imbi🚅 10 Mins Monorail Pudu, Hang Tuah 🚈 5 Mins ICC Pudu 🏢 5 Mins Plaza Pudu 🏢
Nearby Attractions: ⭐ Berjaya Times Square 🛍️ ⭐ Lalaport Mall 🛍️ ⭐ Sg.Wang Plaza 🛍️ ⭐ Lot 10 🛍️ ⭐ Plaza Low Yat 🛍️ ⭐ Pudu Wai Sek Kai Street Food 🍱
🗑️ Cleaning Service
🛠️ Maintenance Service Team
☎️ Careline Service Team
🔥 With cooking area, fridge, water dispenser, stove
💦 With laundry area (washer and dryer)
We have more than 300 ROOMS in Bukit Bintang, Pudu, Sg Besi, Maluri, Setapak, Wangsa Maju, Petaling Street...
Feel free to contact us
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2023.06.03 13:26 Tall_Pace_7274 Coin Gabbar is a crypto information and research marketplace. The objective of the project is to provide the best information/news/research to the users so as to enable the users to take a wise and informed decisions in their Crypto Investments. Join our discord server

Coin Gabbar is a crypto information and research marketplace. The objective of the project is to provide the best information/news/research to the users so as to enable the users to take a wise and informed decisions in their Crypto Investments. Join our discord server submitted by Tall_Pace_7274 to DiscordAdvertising [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 13:26 sofkntied I DID IT!! also happy pride you beautiful humans

I DID IT! after asking mods for permission and asking this community if they’re interested in joining i did it. i built a discord server for us. it has :
-a category for chatting, venting, advice, clothing recommendations, hairstyle recommendations, anyone giving recommendations and tips, just chat rooms with astrology game bots etc…
-a category for workout, workout routines, diet tips, brogress, and other sports…
-a category for surgery and T, Q&A, post progress, surgeon recommendations, etc…
-a category for gaming be it mobile, pc, or console
and lastly - a category for hobbies so people can share what they like to do in their free time!
feel free to join, doors are opened, roles are there to take; the place is yours, safe away from the toxic traffic on the internet and is monitored do not worry!! anyone is welcomed! whether you’re ftm, mtf, or nb!
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2023.06.03 13:25 0xRaduan have been struggling to keep up with all news in AI lately. developed a tool to help me with that.

hi friends.
lately there have been too many things out there – everyone is becoming a content creator and keep posting multiple times a week, or even multiple times a day. I couldn't catch up with everything being posted out there and had a big FOMO instead of spending time productively.
I thought why not experiment and have AI go through all the content first, and then email summaries to me, so I can watch / read only useful things.
decreased watching time on youtube from 2-3 hours a day to around 1-2 videos a week. never was able to read all newsletters sent to me – now do that with ease.
built first version – showed to a bunch of my friends and they liked it. thought going to open it to a small public, so they can benefit from it as well, and I can improve it even further.
i don't really want to share a link here, as it will be considered as self-promotion. if you are curious – let me know, and maybe I can send it via dm to several people, again – just sharing the concept here, and open to different thoughts / suggestions.
p.s. it's my side project, and I plan to keep it free for as long, as it doesn't break my pocket :)
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solcial is a blockchain based, permissionless and uncensorable social media platform.
It's a social networking platform that is user-friendly and user centered. It allows for interaction without any form of banning.
The end-to-end encryption and decentralization of Solcial's DM functionality are its distinguishing features.The Solcial DM system makes use of the decentralized IPFS network, in contrast to conventional messaging systems that rely on centralized servers ( This method assures that messages remain private and are only accessible by the sender and the intended receiver, eliminating the need for faith in a central authority.
Future work on Solcial's DM functionality will involve making it possible for numerous Solana wallets to use the same IPNS key while having different signatures. By recovering the IPNS publishing and encryption key, users would be able to send DMs from a variety of platforms, including PCs and mobile phones, and sign the messages with the appropriate Solana wallet.
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2023.06.03 13:20 gh0stF4CE7 State of Deno ecosystem in 2023?

Hi everyone,
I'm a React/Next.js/Typescript developer and 99% of my day job is developing/maintaining a Next.js app hosted on Vercel. I've been playing around with Deno about a year ago and I really like the DX, tooling and out of the box TS support. I've been feeling the React fatigue for quite some time and with the latest RSC spec, I'm almost ready to tap out and try something else, possibly backend development.
My question is: What is the state of Deno and its ecosystem in 2023? I saw that they relased support for npm packages, but IMO this seems to be going against the original philosophy of the Deno project - start fresh (no pun intended) without the Node.js baggage. I also had some issues with Deno deploy when trying to deploy my app (I was using the puppeteer package and it was causing issues when deploying). Also what about the Fresh framework? Is it being actively developed and used in serious projects? Do you use something different than deno.deploy to host your apps?
Thanks in advance for any helpful responses. Feel free to share any blog posts or talks as I'm not really familiar with the Deno community.
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2023.06.03 13:17 ernestukas1 Flawless game vs almost flawless vs average

Flawless game vs almost flawless vs average
3 games with no death almost nuke, 2 deaths almost nuke and a average game
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2023.06.03 13:16 ahmaddaniyal8484 best paki server invite free

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2023.06.03 13:12 0xRaduan have been struggling to keep up with all news in AI lately. developed a tool to help me with that.

hi friends.
lately there have been too many things out there – everyone is becoming a content creator and keep posting multiple times a week, or even multiple times a day. I couldn't catch up with everything being posted out there and had a big FOMO instead of spending time productively.
I thought why not experiment and have AI go through all the content first, and then email summaries to me, so I can watch / read only useful things.
built first version – showed to a bunch of my friends and they liked it.
thought going to open it to a small public, so they can benefit from it as well, and I can improve it even further.
it's called – would be super happy if you try it out, and it can make life easier for you.
p.s. it's my side project, and I plan to keep it free for as long, as it doesn't break my pocket :)
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2023.06.03 13:10 DatsRill WG Server cannot access all ports on hosts in the Client LAN

WG Server cannot access all ports on hosts in the Client LAN
Hi i have the following Wireguard Tunnel Setup:

What i am trying to achieve is that the WG-server can access the client LANs Hosts -> because i have no constant way of accessing my network due to my ISP. And so port-forwarding is not really possible.
The configs of the server and client are:
PrivateKey = --redacted--
Address =
PostUp = iptables -A FORWARD -i wg0 -j ACCEPT; iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE
PostDown = iptables -D FORWARD -i wg0 -j ACCEPT; iptables -t nat -D POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE
ListenPort = 51820

PublicKey = --redacted--
AllowedIPs =,

Address =
PostUp = iptables -A FORWARD -i wg0 -j ACCEPT; iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o enp1s0 -j MASQUERADE
PostDown = iptables -D FORWARD -i wg0 -j ACCEPT; iptables -t nat -D POSTROUTING -o enp1s0 -j MASQUERADE
PrivateKey = --redacted--

PublicKey = --redacted--
AllowedIPs =
Endpoint = --redacted--:51820
PersistentKeepalive = 20
I can ping the server ( from the client and the client ( from the server.
The Server can even ping all the addresses in my local network for example my test server:
Now the server cannot access any of the ports in my local network for example if i try to ssh into the test server via port 22. I cannot open a shell.
Even if i want to access the NGINX Proxy manager on the remote server, i can only get a response from port 80 and 443 (via. curl) when accessing from the WG client. (It should be noted that when accessing the port on the server via curl, it responds with a perfectly fine HTML document)
When i try to access the remote interface on port 81. There is nothing returned:
*I was trying as root but no difference to normal user*
Now, the verbose output states, that a connection could be made, but nothing is transferred. That is even wilder to me.
I also turned off all firewalls for the latest test but the result is the same. I already searched for a solution for the past 2 week but to no success. I am at a complete loss here.
If anyone knows any solution or different way of helping me out, i would be extremely grateful.
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2023.06.03 13:09 Noledgebase Easy Photoshop with 40 Live Project ($19.99 to FREE)

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2023.06.03 13:09 verturesort Middle Room at Vertu Resort Condominium Batu Kawan

Middle Room at Vertu Resort Condominium Batu Kawan
RoomNow 60102327656
Room Detail:
🏠 Description:
🥰 Co-living community 🛁 Shared Bathroom 🛋️ Fully Furnished 🌐 Free Wi-Fi (500mbps) ❌ Zero Deposit ❌ NO Agent Fee 🧹 Scheduled Cleaning services in common area every week 🔐 Safety & Security - CCTV in common area ✅ Monthly Rental Details RM(650) + RM50 (Monthly Utility)
🎉 VRC Facilities 🏠 Description: 💪🏻 Gym 🍀 Newly renovated Unit 🥰 Co-living community 🛁 Shared or Private Bathroom 🛋️ Fully Furnished 🌐 Free Wi-Fi 🏊🏼 Swimming Pool 🎱 Game Room 🎤 Karaoke Room 🏡 Landscaped Garden 🍗 Barbeque Area 📚 Library 🏁 Playground
Around 25 facilities covering 200,000 sq.ft
📍 Super Strategic Location 🚶🏻‍♀️ 5min walk to IKEA & Utropolis 🚶🏻‍♀️ 1min walk to Ulala Mini Market 🚶🏻‍♀️ Surrounded by Mini Market, Korean Food, Nasi Kandar Bistro, Japanese Food, Vervea, Shunka (Japanese restaurant), Pan Pan restaurant. 🚗 3min to UOW Malaysia KDU College 🚗 5min to Second Bridge and Batu Kawan Industrial Park 🚗 2min to Design village & McDonald’s 🚗 5min to Cassia
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2023.06.03 13:07 valkuznet A 2-year story of BOOP vs MYTH

Greetings all,
I rarely visit Reddit, but I felt that I should write something to conclude this for myself, too.
MYTH and BOOP mutual grudge started around 2 years ago when MYTH moved in into the fountain and started to dictate what Boop can do and whatnot. This is eve, MYTH had its plans for Fountain, and BOOP had its own. The ongoing conflict caused a lot of pain to our players, all this kind of mocking, bullying, endless logoff camps, and other unpleasant things. MYTH took 2 constellations from BOOP at our lowest, so in short, the conflict was far beyond peaceful resolution for so many players. Even a player who was mobilized to the frontline IRL, the first question after his almost half a year silence, was: "What's up guys? Have you kicked MYTH butt yet?". Eve is truly an amazing game, that can spark so many emotions.
Time went by, MYTH was growing, BOOP was staying relatively stable but slowly declining. Some people were naturally leaving the game, and a dozen of players were mobilized IRL. Some of them were our key people, which we relied a lot. Then, NODS Corp got broken. Their CEO had to leave Mariupol with his pregnant wife, lost everything, and had to live in basements and eat snow for a couple of weeks (they're okay now, fortunately). We've formed an "HRT" corp to take good care of their players, but it hurt our in-game defences. Our core constellation became weaker. Some people might say, "Why do you mix IRL and game", but well, for a CEO there is always a bigger picture to look at.
Time went by, the alliance stabilized, many people returned to the game, it became easier to ignore IRL, and people started having a lot of fun in the game again. Cheers to Belthor btw, probably the one person in MYTH I truly respect, he reached out to us and tried to support us. We remember this.
Next, anti-SHH coalition came. We were a little bit concerned that as soon as we join the war, MYTH and RETC will attack us (that exactly happened, lol - on the very second day MYTH/RETC started reinforcing everything we had, and that lasted for weeks. I think, RETC tricked MYTH that we attacked them, in fact, a provocation from Matarella - he was the one moving alt to RETC and reinforcing BOOP structures with RETC fleet on the first day. But I don't know for sure.).

One part of joining CC and for me, and no-lifeing its a couple of months was Tahini. I did "FC" -ing for years in other games, I've been leading an e-sports team, so I've had some experience how to lead. But what I lacked, was a concrete eve battle experience. I am not a EO veteran. We had some ideas, but no proof that it works. We've hit the sweet spot. BOOP/YES doctrine turned out to be the best one on the server. It somehow worked so well.
Our logic flew 2600+, our battleships could tank 140K+ DPS, the doctrine was fucking perfect, and our people did exactly what we wanted from them. Probably, it turned out to be the best doctrine on the server, at that time. Silent couldn't make their Maelstroms work and ditched them. We managed to do it.
I think Silent had a very hard time dealing with RU specifically in our prime in those first months. Too bad Tahini left CC so early, but I think I've got what I wanted, except the cap experience. I FC'ed more than 100+ RU CTAs in the first couple of months. It was 1-3 CTAs every day, some of them at night. BOOP/YES fit together so perfectly. So thanks for bringing us together.

MYTH was a huge nuisance. Our constellations were unlivable. They've made 50+ hull timers every week, killing a pos here and there. But we still kept all our capital ships and fleets in the North. We spaced with poses/citadels as much as we can, we did force MYTH to fight in the opposite timezone, and we did ask TSC to defend us, in return for this defence we promised TSC not to hit MYTH and not to bring our fleets back home for that, keeping them North.
When Silent blew up their sov, we realized. This is the time. Our hands are free. We don't have to keep our fleets in the North anymore. CC doesn't need us anymore.
Hero suggested a regroup in Querious. Fountain is an awesome place that we loved, but in the end, it was the beginning of something new. It was time to move on. The only thing that was keeping us in Fountain, is the desire to take our sweet revenge. I swear, in a little bit more peaceful and respectful environment, MYTH could have simply bought all our sov, and we would have sold it. But no, not leaving Fountain for free, this is a matter of principle now. Maximum pain mode. I am leaving it either a winner, or dead.

Then, careful planning started. We scouted all MYTH timers. We put spies in their chats, everywhere. We had scouted the jump gate network and all its structures. We polished fits on our subcap and caps. The silent war helped a lot with fleet coordination. Many people understood what I want to do and I don't even have to say it. I and Hero happened to work very well together. I covered for his weaknesses and he did that for me, I had strengths he didn't have and he provided me with things I didn't have. Plus both of us could no-life it if needed.

Then we attacked. First day. 19 timers. Second day. MYTH forms 87 battleships/50 BC and 15 caps. We have only 80% of those numbers, and we are already stretched. We are in the offence. We make a lot of hull timers, but MYTH defended a lot too. Much more than we expected they could defend, even provided their numbers. We didn't get O-PNSN. We were running out of time. 48 hours before the O-PNSN hull almost passed, and we couldn't put it in the hull.

We put their important jump gates and form-up location into the hull just 48 hours before the hull time. We had all their comms, all discords. On one of the CTAs, we listened to their cap FC ordering a warp-in, and we jumped right this second. We giggled a bit at stuck capitals but didn't gloat. You don't think this was a coincidence, do you? A few nanoseconds more and we would have gotten not only all their sub cap fleet but half of their cap fleet too. DAMN! We monitored all their pings and adjusted our pings accordingly. We aren't as crazy as Tahini to make a 24-hour op, but we did have our 7-hour op, too. I hope MYTH found the bubbled undock a pleasant experience.

The efficiency we could achieve was amazing. YES/BOOP is far away from being a pure-pvp alliance, but a lot of players learned how to play PVP. We wiped the fleet of 50+ battleships 4 or 5 times while losing 1-3 battleships each time. 1:50 efficiency? Holy shit. Our morale and resolve were so high. We are almost there. We can break it. 90 battleships and 15+ caps camping at the gate look scary, but we can do it.
And we did. A fucking huge alliance is on its knees now. Corps started reaching us. Their morale looks broken. They don't form even ceptors anymore, still having more than 15+ citadels. I felt a little bit sad, but I've overcome this feeling to finish it, and it felt like the end of a big journey.
Thanks for giving this fight. We appreciate MYTH forming this force and giving this fight. Even silent hasn't formed something like this in our prime. It did take careful months of collecting information, planning, polishing the doctrines, regrouping, and no-life FCing, to break this group in just 10 days with a smaller force, which is BOOP+YES. I always had an example of NO before my eyes, and I am glad we could execute it similarly. I think you've had the chance to stand your ground, but apparently, MYTH just didn't have this kind of inner glue keeping them together, in the end. RIP!

The only thing we couldn't manage is for our spy to set O-PNSN to a little bit better timer, but that 7-hour operation with caps was a killing blow that we enjoyed. Fountain conflict is concluded, and 2 years of stress are relieved. Breaking MYTH was an endgame for a lot of our players. I am glad we do not have to read MYTH CEO and general chats anymore, but we've had more than a few good giggles -- eve is such an awesome game, emotions like that are priceless!

I don't know what's next, but now I can officially say "The fountain conflict is concluded". Thanks for reading. See you on the grid. After I've had enough of other games (Do you play Diablo 4? :P)

Enjoy the movies.

-- ValKuz
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2023.06.03 13:02 Zentaurios Data Privacy, Regulation, and Crypto Partnerships - ZentaNews 6–3–2023

Data Privacy, Regulation, and Crypto Partnerships - ZentaNews 6–3–2023
Elon Musk faces lawsuit for Doge, Polygon x Taurus, Tron x BitTorrent, Kakarot x StarkWare, Alchemy Pay x MasterCard, China, Japan, Russia, and US making moves on regulation and standards.

#ZentaNews #Polygon #TRX #ETH #Alchemy

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Taurus links up with Polygon to tokenize real-world assets for TradFi
Switzerland-based Taurus has integrated Layer-2 network Polygon — including the native token MATIC and smart contracts — with its custody and tokenization platforms called Taurus-PROTECT and Taurus-CAPITAL…
Tron’s TRX now live on Ethereum via BitTorrent bridge, boosting DeFi access
Tron’s TRX is available on Ethereum (ETH) after leveraging BitTorrent (BTT) Bridge to gain access to the largest decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem in the industry. In a May 2 tweet, Tron Network foun…
Kakarot zkEVM secures backing from StarkWare, Vitalik Buterin in pre-seed round
Kakarot zkEVM is paving the way for a more secure and scalable EVM-compatible app development with Starknet integration….
Blockchain Association files new amicus brief to support Tornado Cash’s defense
“… Tornado Cash is simply a tool — punishing the tool itself simply because it can be used by anyone, including bad actors, runs contrary to the values [the U.S.] was founded upon.”…
Bitfarms sold 90% of its Bitcoin mined in May
Bitfarms sold 90% of its Bitcoin mined in May Bitfarms maintained that it remains cash flow positive despite selling majority of its mined Bitcoin in May. …
China publishes national blockchain standard
China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has published a national standard for blockchain technology to guide the development of the industry in the country, a state-run news channel …
Japanese regulators warn OpenAI against collecting sensitive data
Japan’s Personal Information Protection Commission warned OpenAI against collecting sensitive information without people’s consent, Reuters reported on June 2. The privacy watchdog also asked OpenAI, the …
Largest Russian Bank Sberbank Opens Developer Access to in-House Defi Platform
Sberbank, the largest bank in the Russian Federation, announced that it opened access to its in-house decentralized finance defi platform to allow developers to test its capabilities. Reports indicate that…
BRICS Nations to Encourage Use of Local Currencies in Trade
Countries in the BRICS bloc intend to encourage the use of local currencies in cross-border trade, their foreign ministers revealed. The top diplomats, who met in South Africa, also emphasized…
Cuban President: Ditching US Dollar Frees Countries From Sanctions and Aggression
Cuba’s president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, says the U.S. dollar’s global reserve currency status enables the United States to pursue an “aggressive hegemonistic policy of building walls, imposing punitive sancti…
US Dollar Will Lose Dominant Status, China and India Could Play Key Role in Currency Shift, Says Economist Lord O’Neill
Lord Jim O’Neill, the British economist credited with coining the acronym BRIC, has explained that the U.S. dollar will lose its dominant status. He expects the Chinese yuan and possibly…
Republican lawmakers distinguish crypto commodities and securities in draft bill
Republican House members published a draft bill on June 2 that aims to set out clear roles for regulators in the crypto industry. SEC’s abilities…
Alchemy Pay teams up with Mastercard for ‘NFT Checkout’
Alchemy Pay has partnered with Mastercard to bring “NFT Checkout” — a direct payment method for digital artwork. The company intends the integration to improve accessibility to the NFT market, revolutioni…
Elon Musk’s Twitter-to-Doge logo switch raised as evidence in lawsuit
Elon Musk’s Twitter-to-Doge logo switch raised as evidence in lawsuit New facts and evidence could counter Musk’s previous attempts to dismiss the case….
#BreakingNews Elon Musk Faces New Lawsuit Alleging Dogecoin Manipulation
The lawsuit claims that Elon Musk’s actions caused significant financial losses to the investors, amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars. The lawsuit, filed in a Manhattan court, alleges that during …
Google, Microsoft invest in AI startups as battle for dominance heats up
Google and Microsoft ramp up AI investments, battling for dominance with strategic backing of innovative startups….
BBF Limited (Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends) to Launch 2nd NFT Collection on Binance NFT Marketplace
BBF Limited, the operating corporation of the game ‘Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends’, has announced June 2nd that it will be launching its second ‘Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends’ NFT collection on Binance NFT…
Nike Is Bringing Its .SWOOSH NFTs to EA Sports Games
Nike Is Bringing Its .SWOOSH NFTs to EA Sports Games Nike Virtual Studios, the sportswear giant’s digital arm, and video game developer EA Sports are partnering together to bring digital creations from …
NFT hacker’s new technique introduces new feature to Blur market
A hacker known as “Pink Drainer” has discovered a method to enable private sales on Blur, a platform that typically does not offer this feature. This revelation, first shared by Twitter user Quit, has the …
Rocket Pool to Integrate With Zksync Era, Offering Faster Speeds and Lower Transaction Costs
According to Rocket Pool, a liquid staking derivatives provider, users will have the ability to liquid stake their ETH using the Layer 2 (L2) Zksync Era network. The company clarified that Rocket Pool liqu…
#Zentaurios Zenta News #Web3Media #ZentaPost #ZentaNews
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2023.06.03 13:02 Custom_RSPS Newest Custom RSPS Released June 2023 - Google us & get a $50 Prize - Osrs Giveaways Daily Runescape Private Server open 24.7

Hundreds of Active Players on and off Daily - Known Custom RSPS since 2012 3K+ Custom Items - 80+ Bosses - AutoDonations - Daily Updates GambleBots Fullscreen Giveaways ::Market & Much More Discord: --------------------------------------------------- Active Players: 30-50+ Players Always Online
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Few updates on our end:
  • We added the !shop command, it will give you a direct link to the shop.
  • We wrote you a nice tutorial how to set up a vault and how to buy from the shop: HERE
  • You can also pull up that tutorial by using !howtobuy command. EZ.
  • Use the !newcomer command to help out newcomers. Or for yourself!
  • All essential information can be found in our top and sidebar. Please check them out.
  • Feel free to use the !Mod command if you need our help.
  • Before trading always check if the member is on !scammer list.
  • If you have over 500 karma, you can get some free matic to get yourself started: !matic
  • The command !Artist will trigger a link to the list with all artists commands. But if you know the artists name you can just use them directly. For example: !Rojom or !Penguitt


So, what is the daily thread for?

Please use this post for basic help questions, getting started, or quick thoughts that don't need a full post, or any sort of off-topic chat.
The daily thread is for the following type of posts:
Questions about what your avatar is worth are required to be here, and any individual posts will be removed.


💬Avatartrading Discord Server💬

First of all, here is the link to our Discord.
  • We manually review everyone that applies.
  • Reddit's TOS carry over into our Discord. Meaning if your account is banned by Reddit, we will remove you from the server. If you join back again, on a new Reddit account, this qualifies as ban evasion and this will be reported to Reddit Admins.
  • If you break the rules in our Discord, depending on what rule you broke, you might also be banned from the subreddit.
  • Questions regarding Discord time-outs can ONLY asked via modmail in the server.
  • Questions regarding Discord bans can ONLY be asked via modmail on site.
Do not approach any individual moderators via DM's regarding time-outs and bans. This is for everyone's safety. Modmail cannot be altered or deleted, so it won't turn into a he said/she said situation.


🤖 Avatarbot is now live 🤖

Thanks to u/rickribera93 the new u/avatarbot is now live! You can set a custom flair with the avatars you hold in your Reddit Vault. In order to get started, use the !showmyvault command in the comments. The bot will comment all the avatars you hold in your vault, up to 100 avatars.
To set your flair, reply with the command !setmyflair and the avatar title name as it appears on the list above. For example: !setmyflair Cone Head #1
It might take few minutes for the bot to find your vault.


⚙️Might also come in handy ⚙️

You know the drill but we doing it anyway:

  • Our Trading Guide, we don't endorse trading but if you must we recommend
  • We recommend using often as a preventative tool.
  • If you wanna show off you whole collection, we suggest checking out!
  • If you want an easy way to get a high quality image of you avatar, HEADGEAR is the tool!

Stay safe & happy trading!

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750+ Members on our Discord Server
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2023.06.03 13:00 AutoModerator /r/Stellar Daily Chat Thread

Welcome to Stellar Daily Chat Thread!
Please utilize this thread for all general discussions about Stellar, market speculation about XLM, memes, and speculation about upcoming announcements or projects!
If you see posts on the front page which are better suited for this discussion thread, please help out by directing the OP to this thread instead. Thank you!
If you don't get an answer to your question, you can try phrasing it differently or commenting again tomorrow.

Must Read

Other Stellar Threads

Scam Alert - Never share your secret key with anyone.

There are NO airdrops, giveaways, staking, inflation mechanisms, or 'free lumens'.
Beware of 'support scams'. There are accounts all over Reddit impersonating as 'support' to steal crypto funds. Please report these accounts to Reddit via If you receive chat messages, click over the message until a flag appears to report the message to Reddit.
Beware of phishing attempts and spoofed websites. There are fake copies of official and community websites created everyday in order to scam community members.
Stellar Development Foundation will NEVER ask for your Secret Key.
Stellar Development Foundation will NEVER ask you to go to an Account Viewer.
Stellar Development Foundation will NEVER contact you in an email or media platforms to offer a giveaway or ask you to go to an Account Viewer.
Always report those scams so they can be removed to protect our community at
The official links are:

Stellar Daily Chat Rules

Any third party organizations that are named in this and/or any other communication(s) are not an endorsement. Please conduct due diligence and interact with these organizations at your discretion.
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2023.06.03 12:59 Forward-Response3481 🤯

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2023.06.03 12:56 BigFurryBoy07 Valheim prank

Yesterday I and my little brother were playing Valheim, we were doing stuff around our base and he decided to make his private farm where I wouldn’t be allowed to pick his crops. He placed down a statue called the Ward that prevents other players from opening doors, building stuff and picking things up, he thought it was a good idea for me to not be able to get inside and pick his crops. For context, at the beginning of the game we agreed that all crops planted by us would be ours not mine or his. So this was a bit of a jerk move from him. I eventually accepted this, but I wanted to let him know how I felt about it, so I placed my own Ward inside of our house, making me the only one who could open and close the doors. This was a prank and I would deactivate the Ward so he could get in. But he got really angry at me and logged off, in Valheim when the server owner is logging off everyone else gets kicked as well. I was trying to deactivate the Ward when he was logging off, I got kicked right before I managed to deactivate it. After I got kicked I went to tell him that it was a prank, but he didn’t take it. Today he came up to me still angry, I again told him that it was a prank. Am I the jerk here?
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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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