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2023.03.22 02:43 CactusEar Urban Decay alternative Stay Naked Weightless Liquid foundation

I'll try my luck here, because I'm desperate!
UD is being pulled out of Europe, so I'm encountaring an issue of loosing the only foundation I've found to work with my nose and chin. I'm desperately looking for an alternative before I spend 40€ the foundation to stock up on it. Plus, I'd love something I can rebuy later on.
I use: Urban Decay Stay Naked weightless liquid 24-hr wear foundation in 20CP
My chin is very oily and red and my noise is very oily too. My skin type in general is mixed, but I battle more with oily than dry. Undertone is pink and I'm fair. In short, something that can be considered sweat proof.
Cruelty free options and suggestions would be appreciated! I'm okay with paying up to like 30-50€ I guess, too. Edit: Clarifying, I only use cruelty free make-up.
Brands I've already tried for chin and nose problem area: The Ordinary Catrice Essence L.A. Girl Tinted Foundation NYX Control Pro MAKEUP REVOLUTION Body Veil Face & Foundation
For the brands with no specific products listed, I already tried out all of their foundations and used them up nonetheless to avoid waste.
Thank you for any suggestions!
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2023.03.22 02:10 Fearless_Speech9883 Are there YouTubers other than JKissa that don’t wear foundation ?

I’m looking for YouTubers who don’t wear foundation like JKissa. Any recommendations?
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2023.03.21 22:20 miamouse5 kylie cosmetics announces new volume mascara, thoughts?

kylie cosmetics announces new volume mascara, thoughts? submitted by miamouse5 to BeautyGuruChatter [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 22:17 Conscious-Plastic559 Bubzvlogz scandals and drama?

I used to watch her when I was little and therefore I only have wholesome memories of her Youtube channel. Now that I've gotten older I've come to realize that there might have been more to Lindy and Tim that I could not understand back then. Does anyone have a timeline, or know some of the scandals and drama that happened? I can only find very vague stuff about it on the internet and it's hard to grasp because I was so young the last I saw her videos. Maybe there are even some people on here that remember things being different than me, not as wholesome perhaps, cause they were older when watching her? Idk. I do remember watching the pregnancy test video of Isaac though.
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2023.03.21 12:57 JanuaryEdwards Small beauty youtubers or small beauty Tiktokers that you think should get an eyeshadow or some kind of makeup collab and who do you think they should collab with?

I would love to see Johnny Ross collab with indie beat on one of their face primers
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2023.03.21 03:04 mulberry_2000 A rant about Odens eye from someone who was on the PR list...

I am a smaller influencer who used to be on odens eyes PR list. I am posting this anonymously because the last thing I want to do is start drama or hate against them, but recently I've seen a lot of people airing grievances about odens eye here, so I figured I'd join. I was taken off the list more than a year ago, so I assure you that I'm not just posting this because I have a fresh wound lol. I supported them and continued to use their products long after being removed, but there's been a lot of complaints and controversy they are just refusing to acknowledge that makes me kind of frustrated.
Firstly, they've started deleting negative reviews off their website. As many of you know, the single shadows they recently launches have a very oily and weird formula that many have said make them unusable on textured or hooded eyes. Look at any post on their IG involving these shadows and you will see people saying their negative review was deleted. I bought these shadows with my own money, and can confirm they are genuinely shit. Which makes the 100% 5 star reviews seem cherry picked.
Now what about my experience working with them? I am always thankful for free products and PR, but Odens eye puts a lot of pressure on you to shill their products and if you don't, you get booted from the list. This is why all the smaller influencers RAVED about the single shadows, despite many customers claiming they are unusable. I get that no one is entitled to free products, but it does create a conflict of interest especially among smaller influencers who are dazzled by the concept of PR and don't want to lose it. Be wary of trusting reviews from influencers who received products via PR, because a lot of it is shilling. Its gotten so bad, that I have seen some influencers start arguments in comment sections over complaints about the single shadows. Making people feel like its a skill issue instead of the product just being shit. I have received PR from other brands before, and have never felt as if I was pressured into saying nice things or defending a brand like that. There are also accusations of "fake swatches" being used in reviews, as customers/non-influencers swatches look different than the ones circulating the internet.
Another thing, and I am only saying this for the purposes of honesty with no malice in mind, they are 100% a chinese brand. There is nothing wrong with makeup made in china, which is why I'm confused to why they're trying to deceive people into thinking they are swedish? Nothing about the brand, other than the website domain, is swedish. I honestly don't know where the whole swedish thing came from? The brand reps I worked with were located in china, despite claiming they were a "young swedish indie brand" in their emails to me. I have never been contacted by anyone located in sweden, US, or anywhere else... Again, there is nothing wrong with chinese-based makeup companies, but I see a lot of people being mislead and assuming they're a "swedish indie brand". Which is a flat out lie.
I am also seeing some people complain about very poor customer service, which does not surprise me. I have seen people complain that they will not replace damage product and they will flat out ignore you if you ask for a refund. I myself have been ignored by them after being taken off the list, once I was not useful to them anymore. I remember reaching out to the brand rep with a question about my coupon code and commission after I was kicked off the list, and I never received a response... I emailed again, no response in over a month. I was told I would make a commission off that code, and my code is still active TO THIS DAY yet I can't seem to contact anyone involving that! I don't want to tell people "DONT USE MY CODE CAUSE THEY ARENT PAYING ME!!" and start drama, but its definitely f'ed up on their part and very poor communication. I'm not even really angry about that anymore, but its extremely unprofessional and makes me wary of the brand.
One of the main reasons why I am writing this is because I have spoken to other people and their experience was overall negative as well. Something has changed recently with them... The quality of all their newer products is garbage, their prices have gone up, and the dishonest shilling is worse than its ever been. They also have discontinued all of their older products that people liked and the complaints about CS are continuing to pile up. Just look at their IG comments and its a complete disaster. From my own personal experience, before covid they were better. Better at CS, better quality products, better influencer relations etc. Now, I both side-eye and eye-roll anything involving them and I am extremely reluctant to buy anything from them. I still supported them after being removed from the list, because I honestly don't take that stuff personally and I have wayyyy too much makeup anyways. But slowly I started noticing shitty things happening that left a foul taste in my mouth.

If you had a great experience with them, great! I'm happy for you. But if you have had a bad experience or are noticing the complaints, you aren't alone in this and it certainly isn't your fault or unreasonable.
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2023.03.21 02:06 endy24 Nancy Cruises (Cruz)

Does anyone else follow her? I don’t understand why she subtweets about her baby daddy but then she gets mad when people talk about it.
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2023.03.20 21:42 Sunstalker666 Mold issue with Patrick Ta eyeshadows

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2023.03.20 16:44 TinaTina8 Andreea Ali discussion

Hi guys I have not found a ton of posts about her on this sub!
I want to make this post but will keep my opinion as kind as possible just like I would act in real life.
While l like her expert content and do not mind watching her videos sometimes it looks like her target audience has shifted dramatically in the last couple of years. I am thinking her target is now North American upper-class and middle aged white women who:
*I am saying white as a lot of her tutorials are catered towards fair skinned people - I don't think there's anything wrong with that if that is her area of expertise.
I have found myself unfollowing her IG because the way she wants to look so relatable just rubs me the wrong way. I appreciate more a BG who is very well-off and acts like it. Not sure if that makes sense? Good for her for being a self-made business woman which I respect, what I did not appreciate was wanting to act humble while flashing a lot of money (either intentionally or not). This, combined with a preachy vibe and not being able to trust her opinion (nor to afford what she sponsors LOL) made me unfollow her IG.
Will I keep following her tutorials and give her adsense? Yes, because I recognize and respect the expertise and she is honestly so great with makeup tutorials!
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2023.03.20 16:23 Fullangr Beauty Gurus: OMG you guys I'm obsessed with this palette I literally use it everyday 😍😍😍

Beauty Gurus: OMG you guys I'm obsessed with this palette I literally use it everyday 😍😍😍 submitted by Fullangr to BeautyGuruChatter [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 12:00 AutoModerator Shit Post Monday!

Thanks to the recent community poll and feedback section, we are now allowing one day of the week where memes can be posted as stand alone content! We have chosen Monday so your week can start off (hopefully) better!

No stand alone self promo, please!
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2023.03.20 06:45 FauxLeo Javon Ford follows up on Kosas Concealer controversy by testing samples

Javon Ford follows up on Kosas Concealer controversy by testing samples submitted by FauxLeo to BeautyGuruChatter [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 06:21 whatsamuse Basma coming to Sephora 3/24

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2023.03.20 01:42 TheCluelessOneIsHere Is it true that Mikayla ruined the reputation of a small, black-owned indie brand?

I’ve heard rumours of this but I can’t find anything online. Is this actually true?
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2023.03.19 21:28 Comfortable-Test-549 Found a brand that sued a YouTuber over a negative review- not normal, right?

I found this while going down a rabbithole on this brand a bit ago and there is like nothing anywhere talking about it. Is this common? Seems wild to me. I'm just so interested in seeing what others think.
The brand is called Oumere, it's a skincare brand by a cellular biologist. The YouTuber is Cyrille Laurent. Never purchased from Oumere and never watched Cyrille Laurent so take this as you will lol
Disclaimer: this commentary is based solely on my own opinions and legal materials I found online. I am not a lawyer, not a skincare expert, not a scientist, not an influencer, and have no expertise in anything related to this. Throwaway because posting about a brand willing to sue online personalities is a bit risky, no? Idk. paranoia
I found Oumere through the owner's blog. Someone on another sub posted her post about how Vitamin C serums are bad and will damage your skin which is... quite contrary to every skincare source I've ever seen. There are lots of statements on the blog that are way different from everything else I've seen about skincare from chemists, dermatologists, reviewers, etc.
Maybe she's right and everyone else truly is wrong! Who am I to know. There are statements on her blog that match what I've come to understand (ex: overcleansing is damaging). But like... damn! Bold, no? And her products are waaaaay more expensive than 99% of what's out there. Here's a serum that's $525 (!!).
I guess Cyrille Laurent was also skeptical because... while going down a Google rabbithole to see more about this I found a libel and slander case against him for videos he made on the brand and founder. Oumere, LLC v. Cyrille Raymond Laurent. I only found this because some Reddit post archive site has records of posts about this (all deleted?).
The Court Listener page I linked above has a PDF of a "Motion for Temporary Restraining Order" that was filed. Quotes from the motion:

Defendant’s relentless and ongoing defamatory conduct is causing Plaintiffs immediate and irreparable harm. Plaintiffs therefore respectfully apply to the Court ex parte for an order temporarily enjoining Defendant from continuing to publish the subject defamatory content, from continuing to intentionally interfere with Plaintiffs’ current and prospective business relations, and from continuing to intentionally inflict emotional harm and distrress on Plaintiffs.

Defendant holds himself out to be a successful lifestyle influencer that reviews skin care products via his website ( and social medical platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. His YouTube channel, The Power of Science for Your Face, currently has 16.4k subscribers and his English Instagram has 13.1k followers. The members of these social media communities appear to be actively involved in discussions, and they trust what Defendant has to say about products. In fact, a skin care companies’ success is largely based upon the loyalty of their clientele. Once those clients abandon ship, it is nearly impossible to get them back. Defendant’s ongoing defamatory conduct towards Plaintiffs’ is causing Plaintiffs to lose clients, both current and potential, likely on a daily basis. Defendant’s defamatory conduct has cost Plaintiffs to lose in excess of $1,000,000 in sales, and that number will continue to increase unless Defendant’s defamatory and disparaging content is removed from public consumption.

At four minutes into the Video, Defendant discusses Plaintiff Ouriel’s wellwritten blog, stating that it sounds very “sciencey,” which he proclaims is very dangerous and falsely states that Plaintiff Ouriel’s blog posts are linked to articles having “bibliographic links that make no sense and are not relevant to the article,” concluding that Ms. Ouriel is “unethical.”

Here, Defendant undoubtedly intended to cause Plaintiff Ouriel severe emotional distress – knowing that he was in a unique position to do so. Defendant took umbrage with Plaintiff Ouriel’s scientific opinion that vitamin C serums have the potential to harm the skin and as a result has decided to go on multiple lengthy, emotional rants to viciously attack me in an effort to rally hatred against me and the Oumere brand – all because she has a different viewpoint than him on skin care. It is indeed outrageous for Defendant to turn his petty disagreement into vicious, defamatory attacks on Plaintiff Ouriel and the Oumere brand. Defendant is well aware of his status in the skin care industry and knows that what he publishes will have an effect. Defendant thereby intentionally misled his thousands of viewers so as to garner disfavor among those viewers towards Plaintiffs. Defendant engages in his vicious lying campaign without any rational understanding for Plaintiffs’ work, without any legitimate scientific rebuttals to Plaintiffs’ research, and without any novel research of his own that would even attempt to support his false and misleading statements.
Defendant is also well aware that skin care companies rely heavily on their reputation. As such, he engaged in his smear campaign against Plaintiffs knowing his message was reaching a wide audience, and with the intent of destroying Plaintiff Ouriel’s reputation as a scientist, along with destroying Oumere’s business. Indeed, Oumere is a small business with little online presence. When someone searches for Oumere, Mr. Laurent’s Video is one of the first things they will see – Defendant knows this.

Is this normal? I just don't see how this is any different than, say, Lab Muffin Beauty or Dr. Dray criticizing the claims of brands. Lab Muffin did a whole (really awesome) video criticizing the scientific claims of one specific brand. Back in the day Paula Begoun had some major takedowns of products and brands on Beautypedia.
Maybe it's the specific criticisms against the owner's scientific background and statements? Or was this video in particular especially nasty? It looks like the first video had "FRAUD!" in the title and that does seem defamatory.
Looks like it was all dismissed in the end, but the idea of brands legally going after influencers for criticizing them doesn't seem right to me. I can see it with the Fraud statement but I'd really like influencers to be able to criticize brand (and owner) claims! I don't think claims from a scientific background should be exempt from that.
What do we think?
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2023.03.19 12:01 AutoModerator Self Promo Sunday

Are you a BG? If so, this is your opportunity to introduce yourself!
Please post one parent comment only, with as much or as little detail as you like, and include links.
You're welcome to comment as much as you like, here and elsewhere on /BeautyGuruChatter, but please don't spam the sub with links to your social media. Outside of this weekly post, Rule 7 still stands. If you wish to post links to your own content, please do so at /BeautyInfluencers, where self-promotion is welcome (please read the sidebar of that sub before posting.)
BG's - if you're comfortable doing so, please feel free to include information about your overall aesthetic and facial features - we often have people looking for bg's with specific features or attributes. This is optional - share or don't share as much or as little info as you like.
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2023.03.19 03:53 JanuaryEdwards What happened to Beauty Truth Sleuth? She hasn’t uploaded to Youtube in 3 months and I don’t see her on Tiktok.

I thought she would transition to Tiktok like Rich Lux
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2023.03.18 22:10 dqprincess503 Thoughts on this?

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2023.03.18 12:20 AutoModerator Salty Saturday - Venting is good for the soul

In which we exorcise our personal demons, in hopes of having them out of the way before a new week begins!
Since this is a place to vent, it'll be removed after about 24 hours, because everybody deserves to be forgiven for what they say when they're venting!
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2023.03.18 11:28 Th1cc4chu Best eyeshadow you’ve ever used?

Can separate into categories of matte vs shimmemetallic/duochromes because some brands do one better than the other.
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2023.03.18 09:43 giggly_pufff Javon Ford (Cosmetic Chemist) is back to explain expensive vs. cheap eyeshadow!

Javon Ford (Cosmetic Chemist) is back to explain expensive vs. cheap eyeshadow! submitted by giggly_pufff to BeautyGuruChatter [link] [comments]

2023.03.18 05:16 Dangerous_Cheeks If you’re looking for a witty British BG who doesnt take youtube so seriously and posts casual, straight to the point, natural lit reviews, I highly recommend MikhilaTalks

If you’re looking for a witty British BG who doesnt take youtube so seriously and posts casual, straight to the point, natural lit reviews, I highly recommend MikhilaTalks submitted by Dangerous_Cheeks to BeautyGuruChatter [link] [comments]