Dietz and watson chicken sausage

Unlimited Breadsticks

2013.04.17 18:15 eyjafjallajoekull Unlimited Breadsticks


2013.04.25 21:22 ActsOfOliveGarden

"When You're Here, You're Family"

2013.09.01 22:11 Brewza 2 All beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese…

Your stomach is empty – and so is your wallet. Good thing there's the Dollar Menu^^TM. Freshly-prepared faves, like the McDouble^^TM or a Sausage Biscuit, are a tasty way to fill up for less.

2023.03.30 21:00 VilyaNenyaNarya DoorDash/Uber Eats should give full refunds if an essential condiment/dipping sauce is forgotten.

There are just some foods that just don't reach anywhere near their full potential without the proper condiment and a partial refund is not enough.
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2023.03.30 20:56 BabyBunnBunn98 24 [F4M] Usa, Jacksonville, Florida little one looking for a gentle daddy dom (local only 21 to 35)

About me Physical Attributes: Height- 5'6 Weight- 179 Eyes- brown Hair- black
Big me
I'm going to try my best to describe myself when I'm not in little space. I love to watch YouTube people like (Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and other YouTubers like them. I love video games, I grew up with a Gamecube and Gameboy Color. I also play World of Warcraft (for the horde). I have steam on PC with tons of games.
I am a huge animal lover. If it's cute and especially fluffy, I will pet it and hug it. I love wildlife. I have six cats and one dog. I am the daughter of the cat lady who had twenty plus cats because people dropped them off at our house. They lived outside, but we loved them with all our heart. I owned two bunnies.
When in new places with people I don't know, I don't like crowds, my anxiety goes up and I start, I suppose ticking I'm unsure if it's the right word, I get nervous, can't speak well, I wear a special necklace (brothers dog tags with my moms ring) I tend to play with the tags to keep me calm. I have other comfort items, too. I tend to get overwhelmed easily.
I'm normally shy, goofy as can be, I'm clingy, kind-hearted cuddly, sweet, and clever. I tend to keep to myself. I also have depression that has gotten really bad in the past. The scars show me where I have been but not where I'm going.
I have an interest in many things such as crafting, building, exploring, and learning. I do crochet with yarn or loom. Fishing. Will try most things once. I have a violin. (I don't know how to play) i want to learn how to play instruments like piano and guitar. I love to read fanfiction, mostly naughty. The goal of mine is to lose weight, im really thick, and i dont like it.
My music is mostly metal to classical, dubstep, chillstep, and nightcore. Bmth, now 21 pilots are my favorite.
Little me
I love goldfish crackers, animal crackers, all kinds of fruit and veggies. Chicken nuggets, of course. I have a stuffie collection that I love so much, I must cuddle with my bear while I sleep, or I become bratty and whiny. Sippy cups are awesome, I own a few. Coloring is my favorite past time, helps keep the mind clear. I'm clingy as hell, I will bug you mostly wanting something (but would be worried that you find me annoying low self-esteem)
I like to dress up, I don't have much little clothing, I like to wear big T-shirts and panties. (Especially when it's 90°F outside) Bubble baths and rubber duckies. When winter comes, I become Linus and carry a blankie around. (Habit from my brother wrapping himself up even in summer, so I do, too)
I would love my daddy with all my heart, I love rules, routine (helps with anxiety because I know what to expect) I love to be his stuffie, I want to show him so much love, I want to help him after work.
I can be wild and a loon, extra goofy when sleepy. I will most likely behave, but I love punishments. I need guidance to be more into little space and being a little. My little side can slip out anytime and say hewllo.
Mmm, yes, the fun stuff. I kinky as can be. Chains, whips, and spanking just all of it can get me going. I love wearing butt plugs with a tail ( I don't own any right now). I do own a strap on and many toys.
I want to please my daddy in all ways. All holes are open to him and only him. (Fantasy of him letting his friends play with me) being pinned down, rough deep fucking with a hand on my throat, making me look into his eyes, nonstop fucking until I cum over and over if I have the permission of course, to sweet slow fucking, until I become a mess of a puddle underneath him. This baby girl does swallow and begs for her daddy.
The ceremony of being collared by him after sweet, sweet love is what I desire to be happy when the time comes.
And the rest is what Daddy only knows....
About you
My idea is that daddy is 21 to 35 years old. Must be local or willing to travel to see me often (Must be in Florida) (No car) my preference is white guys that are tall than (5'6) I like to look at my daddy dom with puppy eyes. A fit and active lifestyle would be great since I am not and would like to help to lose weight and etc. Gaming, anime, and other common interests would be a plus. I want a kind but strict daddy dom that can discipline me to have a more healthy lifestyle and a routine. I don't want to waste anyones time. No kids, I don't want any, no 420, I don't drink because of meds and no smoking. So if you do, that's fine. Just don't be beyond drunk.
I am HPV Positive, so protection will be needed.
I do have a bad past with bad doms, so it's a bit difficult to trust someone again. im scared to love another, and I heard all those sweet words before turning into daggers into my heart. But if you have an interest in me, I do have snap for verification, I do voice and video chats. I'm very clingy and needy
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2023.03.30 20:55 Franqua Lovely butter chicken tonight use the links to get 65% off your first box and cook like this yourself

Lovely butter chicken tonight use the links to get 65% off your first box and cook like this yourself
This butter chicken was very tasty never had it before always assumed it was a plain dish but actually very flavoursome.
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2023.03.30 20:52 ButterGolem WMR super sampling resolution cap

tl;dr If you have a WMR headset and want to kill your framerate supersample above 3240x3240 per eye, you need to enable the option in WMR for SteamVR settings otherwise it silently caps it.
This came up back in NovembeDecember but for anyone who missed it, WMR for SteamVR implemented a silent per eye resolution cap that would not run higher than 3240x3240 per eye. You could set it higher in SteamVR video settings, but it would be silently reduced at runtime. On high res headsets like the Reverb G2, this effectively removed the ability to supersample.
"Enable resolutions higher than recommended" is a toggle in the graphics settings section now.
Prior discussion:

Keep in mind that VRAM usage, as well as reprojection overhead (if you use it), scale with resolution.
Personally on my setup I supersample and then use FFR to reduce resolution on the edges to make performance acceptable.
Bonus screenshot
Now that's a nice looking chicken
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2023.03.30 20:51 ChefJohnJ What was that randomly put together meal that was amazing but you just can’t recreate

We’ve all just thrown stuff together without thinking to just make a meal. And you’re either good or not at that. But weve all had bangers before from doing so.
So what is something you made before but can’t recreate. Even if sure you got all the ingredients right.
I make like a roman spainish marinade with garum, defrutum, and other stuff. Roasted the chicken that soaked in it. Was delicious a proper 10/10. But I’ve tried to remake it and it’s never the same. And I’m confident I have same ingredients and such.
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2023.03.30 20:49 megafreakintron So Day 30ish finally found copper, And

i run back to camp and start smelting. I'm to chicken to do all the smelting on-site. i add everything in and sit there excited. then the ground shakes. 3 trolls wipe my entire settlement off the face of the planet.... i scouted the area. totally free of crypts and troll caves built right in the center of a meadow. and everything is gone. is there a place i can build or a way i can build my base to prevent these monster raids? i'm afraid to leave home if my base is going to get attacked all the time.
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2023.03.30 20:46 Lentilfairy How can I eat vegetables while eating out in the UK?

Im going on holiday to your lovely country (Yorkshire area). While researching reasonable priced restaurants (traveling with toddlebaby, so fancy places are no go) I could almost make a bingo of menu words: beer battered, deep fried, kebabs, chicken breast, carvery, creamy mushrooms, garlic bread... How delicious that all may sound, not many of those words revolve around vegetables. Apart from the occasional peas and onions. And I really appreciate vegetables in my diet.
Are there certain restaurants that have more vegetable oriented food, or are there certain words I can search for online? And if not, can I trust the occasional vegetable curry on the menu when all other dishes are meat heavy? Or shouldnt I even try to order that?
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2023.03.30 20:42 Melancholy-Monster Advice on helping senior egg bound chicken

Advice on helping senior egg bound chicken
This morning I went to let my hens out and my sweet senior chicken (9 y/o) Cleopatra was sitting on the roost with a broken piece off eggshell sticking out of her vent.
Unfortunately I happened to have surgery this morning so I quickly brought her inside before leaving. Once I got home I gave her a warm bath and she let out a little bit of poo/egg white. I can’t tell if there is anything else in there and it seems like she is trying to still push something out. I dried her and have her set up with food/water in a dog crate inside my house. I read to lubricate get vent but I am unsure what else I can do for her right now.
I’m not able to drive today due to having anesthesia but I could take her somewhere in the morning if she needs. Her crop is nice and full and her energy/coloappetite/breathing are normal. Any advice would be great! I apologize if this is incoherent in anyway as I’m still a bit loopy, thanks in advance :)
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2023.03.30 20:42 roypdx 3/30/2023 Polaris menu SFO-NRT

Kind of miss the short rib
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2023.03.30 20:38 Host-23 [fully lost] KFC commercial

I’m trying to find this international KFC commercial. The last time I saw it was on YouTube in 2016. All I can remember is that it was CGI animated and depicted a chicken and other people playing at a playground. One scene I remember is remember is the chicken playing on a see saw with another person. There is also a song playing about KFC in the background and since it was international, it was of course in a different language. I’ve tried searching stuff like “KFC song commercial” “KFC playground” or “KFC CGI commercial” but I couldn’t find anything. I don’t think this was an actual ad for TV because it was about 2 minutes long. Also the singers were a choir of kids and they would say random stuff that I couldn’t understand and then say “KFC” repeating over over. I hope that this can be found soon
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2023.03.30 20:36 leetlenoodlehorse Is my dog too skinny?

Is my dog too skinny?
My parents recently let me have her & they said she only gets two scoops a day of purina one smartblend or she’ll gain weight. They’ve always been super cautious about her weight (they’re fatphobic to humans.. so i want to make sure it’s not their opinion and it’s fact). I have continued that but also i give her small amounts of greek fat and sugar free yogurt, pumpkin, chicken in enrichment activities.
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2023.03.30 20:35 Itunes4MM 12Team SF PPR Orphans (25/50$)

Good afternoon! 3 teams available in a 12 team SF PPR league that is 25$/year. Some teams will owe 25, some 50 depending on the quality of the team/if they have their 23 1st.
Team 3: 50$ due (25 to 2023, 25 to 2024 upon joining) QB: Hurts, Geno, Daniel Jones, Mailik Willis, Jimmy G RB: Mixon, Gus Edwards, Javonte Williams, Samaje Perine WR: Justin Jefferson, AJ Brown, Pittman, Shaheed, Josh Palmer, Mack Hollins, David Bell, Wandale, Olave, Alec Pierce, Nico Collins, Kyle Phillips TE: Hockenson, Uzomah, Dissly, Juwan Johnson Picks: 1.11, 2.11, 2.12, 3.11, all future picks
Team 7: 25$ due upon joining (2024) QB: Kirk Cousins, Wentz, Mike White, Huntley RB: Pollard, Fournette, Clyde Edwards, Darrell Henderson, mattison, hasty, Elijah Mitchell, Josh Kelly, Jaylen Warren WR: Stefon Diggs, Elijah Moore, Thielen, Mike Williams, Deandre Hopkins, Richie James, Agholor, Mike Thomas, Shenault TE: Kelce, Higbee, Irv Smith, Otton, Jelani Woods Picks: 2.08, 3.08, all future picks
Team 8: 50$ due upon joining (25 to 2023, 25 to 2024) QB: Burrow, Deshaun Watson, Baker, Mac Jones, Brock Purdy RB: DMontgomery, Miles Sanders, Pacheco, Jeff Wilson, Kenny Gainwell, Khalil herbert, Pierre Strong, Ty Chandler WR: DK Metcalf, Jamarr Chase, Devonta Smith, Parris Campbell, Valdes-Scantling, Tolbert, metchie TE: Cole Kmet, Austin Hooper, Gesicki, Jonnu Smith, Jake Ferguson, Daniel Bellinger Picks: 1.04, 1.07, 3.07, all future picks + extra 2024 2nd
If anyone has any questions relating to the league let me know! Teams are claimed once paid and are up for grabs until then. Payment via leaguesafe only.
Fun, straightforward league looking to re-tool for next year, happy to have ya!
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2023.03.30 20:32 afhill Cats don't recognize each other?!

I've had two cats for 6 years, a male and a female. Generally they get along very well.
This morning, she poofed up, and started growling and hissing at him.
She reacted this way two Springs ago when a strange male cat approached our house and looked in the window. She attacked the window,, then turned on "her brother" and started being aggressive towards him.
We don't think she saw any other cats, BUT yesterday we gave the male cat chicken for the first time - the female didn't want any.
Anyone know if it's possible he "smells different" because of his food, that could cause her to not recognize him?
We are keeping them separate for now, but I obviously don't want to keep giving him the chicken if it's going to upset her this much.
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2023.03.30 20:29 LadyBusfahrerin 4 potatos with some kale and sausage. How many calories?

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2023.03.30 20:29 WeightWatchersCoach WW Green Goddess Dip

WW Green Goddess Dip
I needed to use up some Basil that was growing out of control from my Aerogarden so I made "Baked by Melissa's Green Goddess Dip" which I found on the recipe section of the app.I made a few tweaks- added a whole avocado and ended up leaving out the oil- I felt the avocado made it creamy enough. I also used some broth to loosen it up so I could use it as a sauce.I've been putting it over my pasta, steamed veggies, and chicken all week!Definitely giving Spring vibes~
(my whole pasta dish was only 5 pts- 2pts of sauce + 3pts of pasta)
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2023.03.30 20:26 Thechosencookie12 WHat to look for when buying a used smoker on local market place

Hi all
I'm looking to buy my first smoker but at a budget price. im lookin to cook all sorts of beef ribs, briskets. whole chickens. My max price is about $200 for a used smoker.
I know that's a bit on the frugal end, but I would appreciate some advice on what to look for in a smoker besides rust and mildew. What's a good way to know that it functions well or is in decently stable condition?
I look forwards to all replies!

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2023.03.30 20:25 LydiaMarie132 Mustard Apricot Pork Tenderloin!

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2023.03.30 20:23 soapyrubberduck How many calories do you aim to eat each day while on Mounjaro?

My nutritionist pointed out that I’m only eating around 1,000 calories a day over three solid meals:
Breakfast is either 2 eggs and turkey sausage, a Fairlife protein shake, or a low sugacarb yogurt with flax and hemp seeds and raspberries.
Lunch is veggies like bell peppers, baby carrots, celery, or string beans dipped in hummus with either a deli meat and cheese roll up or tuna salad or a bunless veggie burger with cheese
Dinner is a veggie like broccoli or brussel sprouts and a chicken breast, or a very small slice of thin crust pizza only on Fridays as a treat haha.
Apparently this is too few calories daily to be sustainable in the bigger post-Mounjaro picture but…I’m just not hungry. Like I’m eating as much as it takes to feel full but I just don’t want anything else at all. Do I just make myself eat some snacks to get up to 1500?
Wanted to gather any anecdotal advice anyone might have. Thanks!
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2023.03.30 20:22 Ok-Reaction-2789 Compost Question

So looking to start some simple composting to use in expanding vegtable garden beds. I have always bought commercial stuff previously.
Question is this. Should I be concerned about residual herbicides namely roundup when using corn stalks in the finished compost? I know this probably isn't an ideal ingredient in my compost but we have some beef cattle so I have a pretty large quantity of used cattle bedding and waste hay.
So my main ingredients to start would be cattle and chicken manure, used corn stalk cattle bedding and waste hay. We would add the typical garden type things from there but I thought this could get us going anyways.
Currently I pile everything and let it set for 6 months to a year to decompose good and then spread on our pastures. I have never had any grass die off or anything like that but wondering if garden vegetables and whatnot would be more sensitive? Also does the residual roundup leave or break down eventually?
Thanks for the help!
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2023.03.30 20:21 Buildingabetterme23 Wow so not hungry!

I had 1/4 of all of this 1 cup romaine chicken salad for breakfast- ate all the chicken /about 1/2 cup - and a few bites of romaine and was full. I was hungry for lunch ate another few bites of a salad with gyros meet on it and again was satisfied- it was amazing not hungry at all - just did 2nd shot of .25 last night
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2023.03.30 20:18 bir-y-y Raw and traveling

Hello there,
I'd love some advice. I am studying Sports and I have a few trips coming up with my class from uni. Now of course these trips will be insanely active. And the first one will be to Paris, I can manage that by just going to a local supermarket. However, on the second trip, we are going camping. My teacher already told us that 'everything we learned about nutrition (which was questionable, from my point of view) will be put aside, and all we will eat is sausage on bread and pasta.' Ofc he is joking a bit, but it will give you a bit of a view of what is expected there. This trip will be for 5 days. And there is a shop close by but it's not in walking distance and I don't own a car. I'll definitely ask my classmates if I can join them on a ride to get some food. But no clue how often we will go.
Anyway on to the question, what can I possibly pack for this week to stay raw? All I could think about where dates. But there must be plenty of other options. This is my first longer trip as a raw vegan. So advice is very much welcome.
Thanks! ❤️
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2023.03.30 20:16 RonZacapaWapa [Homemade] Red Thai chicken kebab and a Manhattan

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