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2023.06.06 04:42 TeaAndCozy Ambers, florals, fruits, lavender, and beeswax: 27 BPAL reviews

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is undoubtedly a powerhouse, if not the powerhouse of the indie perfume world. Who else (like me) came to indie perfume at least in part from the hat-tip to BPAL in the acknowledgements of Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus? I actually still have never ordered from BPAL directly, but I have amassed a fair few samples and decants thanks to Ajevie, Arae, and swaps. And it's always fun to read through the names and notes of each new collection release!
My general thoughts about BPAL are these: they clearly know what they're doing and have an enormous library of notes for them to draw upon. Sometimes new releases feel very much like they just sort of reached into a dark cupboard and combined whatever bottles they happened to grab (particularly the Ménages à Trois), and yet sometimes the unexpected combinations are genius. (Sometimes they are very much not.) BPAL's perfumes tend to work okay for me, but they're not one of my top houses (that list is made up of Nui Cobalt, Poesie, Arcana, and NAVA), although a few BPAL scents have turned out to be holy grails for me (Drow Yoga Instructor, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale). Oddly enough, their florals often tend not to work well on my skin, which is hugely disappointing especially since I deliberately sought out a lot of their ethereal-sounding florals and then a lot of them failed for me. However, their sandalwood incense is astounding, and I love their sweet pea, plum, and pink sandalwood notes.
My preferences: I especially love snuggly scents, incense, golden amber, cardamom, black tea, beeswax, non-gourmand vanillas, and white florals (though sadly I am allergic to lilies and jasmine doesn’t usually work on me). I don't like hay, overly sweet gourmands, excessive musk, leather, dragon’s blood, patchouli, labdanum, or any really dark scents in general.
So here are 27 reviews, organized roughly by category:


And With My Spade I Delfe My Landys [Snow-capped golden amber with snowdrop, winter gardenia, hellebore, and iris] - First off, I'm a scholar of Renaissance music, with a real fondness for medieval Books of Hours. Second, I get obsessed with snowdrops in the late winter when the cottagecore-y, hobbit-y, linen-enthusiast circles of Instagram that I haunt fill with photos of snowdrops in February. So how could I pass this one up? I get golden amber and floral as anticipated, and also (just on application, then it recedes) a very resinous, citrusy, herbal scent that I can't quite place - rosemary? Pine? Some combination of the two? It's also a bit powdery (iris has a tendency to pull powdery on me, and as a lover of powdery florals that's just fine with me). And With My Spade is so very reminiscent of those first tentative flowers pushing up through whatever snow still lays on the ground and it's absolutely bonkers wonderful for that transitional season between winter and spring, which is of course what I bought it for.
Bastet [Luxuriant amber, warm Egyptian musk, fierce saffron and soft myrrh, almond, cardamom and golden lotus] - On application, that golden amber reads as powdery honey. As it dries, a sophisticated Egyptian musk and a hint of lotus floral emerge. This perfume is not really gourmand despite the notes. I wish the incense or spices had more presence. As it is, this perfume is nice but it feels a little thin.
Cathedral [Venerable and solemn: the scent of incense smoke wafting through an ancient church. A true ecclesiastical blend of pure resins] - Ohhh, it's pretty. Golden and resinous with only the slightest hint of smokiness. These resins feel closer to tree sap than a dark or spiced incense, so while it's not like any church I've ever experienced, Cathedral is gorgeous and uplifting. I got one scant wear out of my sniffie and would definitely consider getting another sample.
Golden Priapus [A truly carnal, energetic men’s blend: vanilla and amber with juniper, rosewood and white pine] - My experience with this was so puzzling that I went to look up reviews on the BPAL forum, which only puzzled me further! On me, Golden Priapus is an extremely resinous, rosewood-y and tree sap-y golden amber not altogether dissimilar to Hexennacht Baltic Amber [Thick rivulets of golden amber, pinus succinifera, cedarwood, jammy fir absolute, oakmoss absolute, tree moss, verdant musk, cardamom, balsam, lightning-scorched ancient boughs] but with more tree resin and less verdant evergreen. "Carnal" and "energetic" it is not - so off to the forum, where I consistently saw reviews calling this "masculine" and even "a more masculine Snake Oil". I've sniffed Snake Oil (just in the vial, not on my skin) and it had a very red musk + spices vibe, and I don't really see a similarity to Golden Priapus. Nor would I call this "masculine" unless you're the sort who views resinous, sappy golden amber as a more stereotypically men's scent.
The Sun Rising [Three shades of tawny amber radiating with orange blossom, Italian yellow bergamot, saffron, and mandarin] - Golden amber and citrus, with a lot of the saffron. I tested what little was left in the free sniffie in late August, and it was absolutely perfect for the heat of late summer, though I don't think I'll bother buying more because the citrus overpowers the amber a bit (especially the prominent bergamot, not my favorite note).
My Wise Beauty [A simple scent for a quiet memory: white sandalwood and sweet amber] - Resinous golden amber and creamy sandalwood…and vanilla frosting? The "sweet" part of "sweet amber" isn't just flowery adjective but actual description. My Wise Beauty is simple and straightforward but really pretty, wrapping me in a blanket of coziness. The sugary frosting aspect will keep me from seeking out more when this little decant is exhausted, but I will happily wear what's here.


Alice [Milk and honey with rose, carnation and bergamot] - Soft florals, with the carnation a little more present than the rose. I'm always wary of milk or dairy notes, but the milk and honey here simply serve to mute the rose and carnation, both of which can go strongly green or spicy. I don't dislike this perfume, but as a person who doesn't much love these particular floral notes (I'm much more into white florals, especially tuberose and tiare), it's a little bit boring for me and I ended up destashing this one.
Juliet [Sweet pea with stargazer lily, calla lily, heliotrope, honeysuckle, white musk and a touch of fresh pear] - Disappointingly nondescript. Nonspecific white florals and a hint of pear sweetness. It's dainty and feminine but not memorable. For sweet pea, I'll get my fix with Mouse's Long and Sad Tale.
Lady Amalthea [A luminous white winter musk with lilac, wisteria, white chocolate, white mint, and tuberose] - When it first goes on, the different elements - the florals (I definitely get tuberose, and another floral that must be wisteria, which I'm unfamiliar with), the camphoric spearmint, the white chocolate, and the musk just barely brushing animalic - fight with each other, but it quickly dries down to a much more seamless whole, pretty winter florals over a comforting and Poesie-like white chocolate musky base layer.
Maiden [A gentle vision of purity, goodness and virtue: white tea, carnation and Damask Rose] - It's a lovely combination of rose and carnation, much like Alice, with a slight hint of the green stems but mostly the fragrant flowers (and without the sharp spiciness carnation can sometimes get). On application when it was extremely and uniformly floral, I thought that this perfume needed some vanilla or amber or sandalwood to give it dimension, but as it dried, the white tea emerged to do exactly that - it's not a bitter, astringent white tea, but more the feeling of steam rising from a pale tea in a china teacup. Still, I'm ambivalent at best about rose and carnation, so I destashed it.
Mouse's Long and Sad Tale [Vanilla, two ambers, sweet pea and white sandalwood] - This one is so pretty, delicately sweet and floral, and a staple of my spring perfumes! (Meanwhile, Husband says it smells like talc powder, acknowledging that I like exactly that kind of thing.) I don't get amber or sandalwood individually, but they lend the vanilla a mellowness and warmth. Several hours later, it lingers as a warm sandalwood-amber-vanilla. I love this one so much that I sought out a decant of Mouse's Long and Sad Pumpkin, which I'm saving to try this fall.
Pele [Muguet and Hawaiian white ginger enveloped by warm, damp tropical blooms] - So pretty! This is entirely a white floral perfume, tiare backed by tuberose (I think? A second white floral, definitely). If there's any ginger in there, I don't notice it. I adore tiare so I am entirely happy, though I can also acknowledge that this perfume lacks depth or complexity. I love this and other tropical white florals for summer.
Zorya Polunochnaya [Pale amber and ambergris, gossamer vanilla, moonflower, and white tobacco petals] - A crowd favorite, and I wanted to see what everyone was talking about! This has a sweet + salty, white amber + pink cotton candy effect. The slight tinge of butter and salt to this white amber (no doubt amplified by the ambergris) reminds me of the Alkemia white ambers, Luminae especially. I actually don't really get any florals from this one, which is a pity because I love the moonflower in Nui Cobalt Crown of Hekate [Moonflower and myrrh over shining white amber on a pillow of sheer vanilla] though I find the myrrh in that one quite overpowering. I had been hoping this would be a nice alternative. As Zorya P starts to dry, the tobacco starts to emerge and replaces the initial pink cotton candy effect. It's gentle as tobacco goes, but still more than I would prefer. All in all, it's been really fun to try this one since everyone's been talking about it - and it is indeed just as "gossamer" as the notes description says, though it has a really surprising longevity! But it's not ultimately going to find a place in my collection, since I have other, equally ethereal vanillas that I prefer, and I'm really not into tobacco.


TKO [No official notes - people agree that it's lavender and marshmallow] - Yep, lavender and marshmallow. A particularly herbal, astringent lavender, which cuts beautifully through the sweet powderiness of the marshmallow. I'm also getting a sort of dusty background incense, which makes this scent remind me of Stereoplasm Lavender Scarab [Golden amber, English lavender, blackberry, incense], but with marshmallow instead of golden amber
A Place of Seeing [Pink rosebuds and lavender with amber-gilded sandalwood, vanilla bean, bergamot, and marshmallow] - It goes on with the same sleepy lavender as in TKO, made more detailed and complex with the addition of the gentle pink rose petals and the amber-sandalwood-vanilla base. It wafts around me a haze of femininity. As it dries, the marshmallow emerges too, and it becomes obvious that this is literally TKO with the addition of rose and those warm base notes. Very pretty!
The Air and the Ether [Gentle, almost imperceptible, permeating all things: pale amber vibrating with ambergris and a thread of lavender] - Lavender, one that sits midway between herbal and floral, and skin musk. It's an incredibly skin-hugging scent, but has excellent longevity.
On Wednesday, I Will Promise You a Phantom [A gust of luminous lavender, the spectral skin musk of a gently curving ghostly hand, a melodic twang of wisteria and ylang ylang, and a murmur of myrrh-touched vanilla husk] - Another "sleepy lavender" scent - I have several of these in my perfume collection and I love them all. This is a really ghostly, ethereal scent, wafting elusively around me. On Wednesday is primarily a lavender + vanilla scent, but with a bit of complexity. The lavender is the herbal sort, but it's so soft that it's not at all astringent, and the faintest hint of the other florals makes the lavender sometimes smell like the floral sort. Adding just a touch of myrrh was a really clever choice on their part - there's so little that it doesn't make it smell earthy or smoky, but it grounds it and gives it complexity and richness. It's really quite a lovely, ghostly scent.


Drow Yoga Instructor [Wild plum, indigo lavender, and a tranquil tendril of sandalwood incense] - A dusty and purple scent with an absolutely gorgeous gentle incense note (I love sandalwood incense!) backed up by lavender flowers (sort of midway between floral and herbal), and a plum note that is intense fruity candy for about 2 seconds when applied, and then merely makes this scent truly purple. When I say "dusty", I actually mean it - after about half an hour, the sandalwood incense really does start to include an actual dust note. This is a stunning scent for yoga practice, or any day you want a gentle purple incense scent. It is the yoga perfume for me, gorgeous and meditative and containing possibly my favorite-ever incense note (sorry, NCD cathedral incense, I promise I love you too!). I don't wear this one as often as I'd like to because I also have other yoga perfumes and I like to rotate through them, but honestly this is my holy grail yoga scent. Even though it has low longevity on me; it'll last through a yoga class and then some, and that's really all I need from it. I'm seriously considering buying a full bottle, which (since I'm a person who full-sizes hardly anything) tells you something about how essential it is for my collection.
Painted Scars [Wild plum and white sandalwood with lavender bud, white musk, and blackberry wine] - I snapped up a half-ml decant of this as soon as I saw the notes, because it reminded me so much of both their Drow Yoga Instructor and also Stereoplasm Lavender Scarab [Golden amber, English lavender, blackberry, incense], both scents I really like. This is a much brighter, fruitier scent than Drow Yoga Instructor, the plum and blackberry combination going on as brash fruity candy (I don't love this stage). But it does dry down to a very calming scent, those dark fruits joined by a bit of grounding lavender and sandalwood. Unlike the two others I thought this would be similar to, Painted Scars noticeably lacks incense, but it definitely lives in their same family. I quite enjoy it (once it has dried down) but won't need to seek out more. I do wonder if layering this with Drow Yoga Instructor might improve the latter's longevity, which would be thrilling if it works.
Titania [A nocturnal bounty of fae dew-kissed petals and pale fruits: white grape, white peach, iced pear, musk rose, sweet pea, moonflower and snapdragon] - It goes on with a blast of fruits too sweet and fruit snack-like, mostly that white grape, but as it sits the florals suddenly emerge with a great whack of petals, and at this point I'm very puzzled because the particular combination of fruit and indistinct white florals reminds me a great deal of mint toothpaste. Another one that's a nice idea but doesn't really work for me on execution.


Elf [Pale golden musk, honeycomb, amber, parma violet, hawthorne bark, aspen leaf, forest lily, life everlasting, white moss, and a hint of wild berry] - Wet on my skin, it's pine needles seen through a soft, gauzy veil - it's a strange but lovely effect, the pine needles muted by fruit and amber. Dry, the pine needles disappear entirely, and the perfume is an indistinct but really pretty mix of greenery, floral, berry-like fruit, and glowing golden amber. The overall effect is pretty muted, and by this I don't mean that it lacks throw, just that all of the elements are soft and gentle. It does feel undeniably elfin. I thought it would be a spring perfume but then never wore it the next spring, and when I tried it in early summer, it was much too tree-ish for me - but Husband loved it and happily took ownership.


The Lights of Men's Lives [The wax and smoke of millions upon millions of candles illuminating the walls of Death’s shadowy cave: some tall, straight, and strong, blazing with the fire of life, others dim and guttering] - I love beeswax notes and was excited to try a perfume that I'd read is the perfect epitome of a lit beeswax candle. It's a honeyed beeswax with an unmistakable candle-ness to it even though I don't smell any smoke. It's an extremely atmospheric scent and one that is very situational for me, not for daily wear. I especially love it for Good Friday.
The Little Owl [Tonka bean and vetiver with brown sandalwood, oak bark, almond, and beeswax] - Not going to lie; I was completely suckered in by the cuteness of the name and concept. This scent feels extremely Nui Cobalt-ish: woodsy but also cuddly, featuring honey + almond (like Silver Fox, Chionophilia, and so on) and also some earthier notes, and the beeswax is strong. This is absolutely going to be a fall perfume for me.


Baobhan Sith [Grapefruit, white tea, apple blossom and ginger] - I'm not really one for ginger-heavy scents, and somehow my skin always seems to amp ginger notes even if, as in this one, they're last on the list. (Isn't that always the way?) This one doesn't go on with too much ginger, but even just fifteen minutes later it becomes primarily ginger on me, backed with the astringency of acidic grapefruit citrus and white tea leaves. I really love apple blossom but I don't get much if any here; it's overwhelmed by the more assertive notes. Another half hour later, Baobhan Sith is actually nearly gone (or perhaps I just grow anosmic to it?). Meanwhile, at that stage, Husband tells me he can still smell it (so yeah, I've probably just gone anosmic), and that it reminds him of the lime oil in the furniture wax he uses - and he says he quite likes this perfume on me. Overall, it's a lovely idea, and I still think a white tea + apple blossom scent would be just fabulous but this is not it for me.
Bliss in the Pumpkin Patch [There's all manner of shenanigans in this year's pumpkin patch! Pumpkin'ized hybrids of GC BPAL scents abound! BLISS: A shot of pure, self-indulgent euphoria! A scent that is very, very wicked in its own way: the serotonin-slathered scent of pure milk chocolate.] - Oddly enough, I don't actually get milk chocolate; I get cinnamon and espresso over a creamy, foody pumpkin - all told, a bit too gourmand for me, but it was tremendous fun to try. (Less fun: the cocoa solids had separated from the oil, which also left unappealing chocolatey smears on my wrists that I later had to go wash off.)
Lust [Uncontrollable passion and insatiable sexual desire: red musk, patchouli, ylang ylang and myrrh] - This combination of red musk, patch, and myrrh smells to me a lot like dragon's blood. Husband says he likes this one but wouldn't wear it himself; meanwhile it's very very not for me and I didn't bother skin-testing it, red musk and patch being two of my death notes.
Vasilissa [Creamy skin musk and blushing pink musk with soft sandalwood, white amber, dutiful myrrh, and star jasmine] - My immediate response: "Ooh, pretty!" And even Husband graced it with a "yeah, that's nice." A dainty, feminine, slightly floral but mostly pink sandalwood scent with just enough resin and earthy myrrh underneath to ground it.


I absolutely positively cannot do without Drow Yoga Instructor and Mouse's Sad and Long Tale. Other BPAL favorites include A Place of Seeing and Vasilissa, and probably also The Little Owl (we'll see how much I reach for it in autumn). I'm sad that most of the floral ones I tried don't really work for me. I can also commend BPAL for their pretty and often very clever approach to gauzy, lavender-forward scents.
Thank you to everyone who sold or gifted me these samples and decants!
submitted by TeaAndCozy to Indiemakeupandmore [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 04:41 Notasanonymousnow You think I hate you

But that’s not true. I’m mad at myself for spending those couple of years creating an unrealistic version of you in my mind. Then falling in love. You never claimed to be those things. You never did anything but open your authentic self to me. There were parts of you, though, that were not part of my fantasy story. I wasn’t prepared and they broke me. You knew I was already tender from other pains- ones from which you saved me. Then you took the place of those pains. You did it to me and you did it to A.
I know you’re sorry. I know. And while I continue to process the hard parts of life alone, I dream of you saving me again. Of you being my hero. Of the raw, child-like joy in your face when you saw me. I have to protect him, though. I’m already damaged. But he’s not. He’s innocent and beautiful and full of light and he doesn’t deserve to have to struggle through my poor choices.
I do love you. It’s the most love I have ever received. Each night, I fall asleep wishing someone had loved me and had loved you like I love him. Maybe we would not arrive to every challenge with deadly weapons. I wish we were loved and loving instead of hurtful and hurting.
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2023.06.06 04:41 Dr_Al_ What are your favourite Vsauce clips? (I'm creating a tribute video)

So I can remember watching Vsauce back in in 2015, when his Zipf video was brand new. He's been around for so long but he's still one of the best content creators on YouTube. I've seen most of his videos multiple times (including many DONGs), they are truly timeless. Needless to say, Michael Stevens has been a huge influence in my life and my curiosity of the world, in particular his passion for learning new things and educating people about science, maths, philosophy, history and other "universe trivia" in such an engaging way. I'm studying to be a teacher now and I have learned so much just from his style of posing questions and exploring topics. I'm sure many of you reading this share my love and appreciation for everything this brilliant man has done, so I'd like to make a tribute music video as a kind of celebration of Michael's channel Vsauce.
My vision is to create a video in the style/vein of this ancient internet gem: "A Series of Tubes"
I've made an instrumental ready to go, but for the vocals/visuals it needs clips of quotes and phrases from Vsauce, from all across his entire channel. I'll splice them all together to get some sort of "song"; I'm not aiming for it to make grammatical sense, but I want it to have a rhythm/flow and maybe a few rhymes.
So, my question to you is:
What are your favourite Vsauce clips? I'll need quite a lot, so suggest as many as you like. I'm only after timestamps (although, if you want to save me some time, linking mp4s would definitely be appreciated). Each clip should only be like 1-3 seconds, or "one line" of the song. So, a phrase or short sentence. The clips can be from any Vsauce1 video, new or old, but I'd prefer if most of the clips were from the 2014-2016 era of the channel.
If you're submitting a timestamp, this is the format I'd like you to use:
<"Quoted text">, , <minutes:seconds - minutes:seconds><br /> <em>Here's an example:</em><br /> <blockquote> "Where are your fingers?", Is Anything Real?, 0:02 - 0:05<br /> </blockquote> Having it in this format saves me time when I do go to gather the clips, and ensures that I haven't missed anyone's favourite.<br /> Think of iconic Michael quotes!! Yes, the first line of the video will absolutely be "Hey, Vsauce! Michael here." so send me your favourite delivery of that line. And send through any other iconic quotes/moments you want to be included in the tribute! Don't worry if there's music playing in the background, I can remove it myself.<br /> The full tribute video will only be 2:28 (bpm = 140), but that is a long time to fill if I'm mostly using clips that are ~2 seconds long. If you'd like to help me arrange the clips, or if you have some flashy editing skills to make the video/transitions look cooler, let me know.<br /> Lastly, if you have any other suggestions or ideas about this project, please let me know. Thank you so much for reading!!<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=1770"> Dr_Al_ </a> to <a href="?id=1730"> vsauce </a> <span><a href="?id=4057">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=3232">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:40 <i style="color:green;">AutoModerator</i> <b>Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance (Updated Edition)</b></p> <p><div class="md">If you want Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course contact us at (+) 447593882116 (Telegram/WhatsApp).<br /> Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course is available.<br /> Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course is one of the best courses that will teach you how to improve your love life like nothing before, led by the famous adult movie star Stirling Cooper. <br /> To get Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course contact me on:<br /> <strong>Whatsapp/Telegram: (+) 447593882116</strong><br /> <strong>Reddit DM to <a href="?id=4843">u/CourseAccess</a></strong><br /> <strong>Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)</strong><br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=934"> AutoModerator </a> to <a href="?id=2307"> SuperStirlingCoop </a> <span><a href="?id=4922">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=760">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:37 <i style="color:green;">antbestfriend</i> <b>The Face of NTM C6 - Week 12 - Elimination</b></p> <p><div class="md">Welcome back to <a href="?id=2847">The Face</a>! The top 7 models stand at the ready in their first Korean panel. The judges, Ann, Atoosa, and Twiggy, stand before them. One with smiles, one with a bored expression, and well, one of them is Atoosa. <br /> "Hey ladies! Did you miss me?" The models all applaud and cheer. "I missed you too! But I was here setting up our two photoshoots and preparing for your go-sees for fashion week. Are you excited?" They cheer again. "Good! But for one of you, your journey ends tonight." <br /> Twiggy forces a smile, "You certainly know your prizes. The winner of The Face will receive: an international modelling contract with IMG Models AND Next Model Management, a one million dollar contract with MAC cosmetics, and you will become The Face of a brand of your choice! You will also be The Face of Ann's brand Seventeen Again! Finally, you will receive a cover and spread in The Face magazine as well as a cash prize of $500,000!"<br /> The pessimistic judge checks her nails before rolling her eyes. Atoosa speaks, "You had three teams this week going head to head and then... Isabeli. We hope you like your partner work, but only one pair rose above the rest for immunity?"<br /> The numbers begin to run on the screen.<br /> >!Team 3!< is the first to fall as the two models hang their head in shame. <br /> It's down between two teams.<br /> The numbers roll....<br /> And roll....<br /> Then...<br /> They.....<br /> Stop.<br /> "<span class="md-spoiler-text">Team 1!</span>" Atoosa announces as the two models cheer. "You are immune this week, but did you need that immunity?"<br /> Ann reveals the <a href="?id=1158">first photo</a>, "<span class="md-spoiler-text">Audrey, you finally rose to the top. Everyone knows that this week was <em>your</em> week. Your photo is absolutely gorgeous and you were a full point ahead from the model behind you. Congratulations, you get to have the <em>final</em> brief choice of the cycle. Choose wisely.</span>"<br /> The model beams from ear to ear as she takes her photo with quiet thanks.<br /> Twiggy reveals the <a href="?id=4768">second photo</a> then, "<span class="md-spoiler-text">Joan, come join your teammate. You chose well, but you will be split up from your teammate next week in a final head to head battle. You have fans, so keep your momentum.</span>" <br /> Atoosa hands the <a href="?id=565">third model</a> her photo, "<span class="md-spoiler-text">Jessica, this is gorgeous. Some people brought back the AI critique from your past, so just be careful. I don't see it, but someone brought it up again. Though, I'm really starting to think that's just what you look like.</span>" <br /> It's Ann's turn again to share <a href="?id=3296">a photo</a>, "<span class="md-spoiler-text">Right in the middle, Rebecca! You've proven you can rise to the top before, so bring back that fire next week. Just don't bring back... Diaper couture? Man, people were weird this week. Congratulations, you are in for another round of The Face.</span>" <br /> Three models remain, and only one can escape the bottom 2. <br /> Twiggy shares the <a href="?id=3591">photo</a>, "<span class="md-spoiler-text">Breathe, Isabeli. Your photo didn't have people thinking of airplane bathrooms and this was a breath of fresh air. It's time to step it up these last few weeks if you want to be the next Face. You have a lot of powerhouses to conquer, but everyone loves an underdog.</span>" <br /> Atoosa approaches the bottom 2 with a giddy smile on her face. She loves this part. "Hey ladies," she mocks Ann. "For both of you, your photos stood out... But not in the best way."<br /> She faces the first model, "<span class="md-spoiler-text">Daiane, this was polarizing. You have the pleats, you have the color, but people feel like they've seen this before over and over from you. We know you're gorgeous, but what else can you bring? This is your fourth visit to the bottom 2. Next week, bring the editorial energy and versatility.</span>"<br /> Then, she faces the next model, "<span class="md-spoiler-text">Nadja, our comeback queen. Someone predicted as a winner. But this photo? This isn't a winner's photo. Someone called this granny couture. It felt detached from your inspiration. We know you can rise to the occasion, and we know you can deliver. But this? It fell flat.</span>"<br /> "So who stays?"<br /> She reveals the <a href="?id=1972">final photo</a>.<br /> "<span class="md-spoiler-text">Daiane, it's time to model like you've never modeled before. You, like Isabeli, have the underdog story and you have supporters. Prove that you earned your place here and show us you're strength. Congratulations.</span>" <br /> The model breathes out a sigh of relief before hugging the <a href="?id=576">eliminated model</a> tight and taking her photo. Ann cuts Atoosa off from a tirade before walking forward to hug the eliminee tight. <br /> "<span class="md-spoiler-text">Nadja, what happened? This was not your best. You had some people that liked it, but when numbers are this tight? You need those people to <em>love</em> it to save you. I hope we see you again in the future, but for now, this is goodbye.</span>"<br /> The model sniffles and dries her tears before going to say goodbye to the other models. She and her roommate share a long hug as she whispers for her to win.<br /> Then as she walks out she calls, "I may be out, but none of you will ever live up to me. I am a <em>legend!</em> Good luck, ladies!"<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=4193"> antbestfriend </a> to <a href="?id=1885"> NextTopModelPhotos </a> <span><a href="?id=2416">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=1299">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:37 <i style="color:green;">Luigifan18</i> <b>SRB2 Add-on Idea: Prince Garcia</b></p> <p><div class="md">This is actually the first add-on idea I've been considering for <em>SRB2</em> — yes, I was brainstorming this before I was brainstorming the <a href="?id=3681">Belnades</a> <a href="?id=4725">Sisters</a>. This is one of my very first Mario/Sonic OCs, and fair warning here, he's a bit OP. The character in question is Garcia… <a href="?id=3893">Garcia the</a> <a href="?id=841">Beanie Baby</a>. <a href="?id=3652">Yes, I'm serious.</a> (I'd have put up a link to Garcia's profile on Ty's website, but he's not there anymore.) Anyways, Garcia in my fanfics is a <em>lot</em> more than a teddy bear — he's a powerful pyrokinetic capable of giving Blaze a run for her money. So, here are some details on how he'd play.<br /> <ul> <li>Default stats (36 top speed, 40 acceleration, 5 thrust factor, 96 accel start; run animation starts at 28 speed).</li> <li>Default jump height (100 fracunits).</li> <li>No spin-jump. Jumping into enemies will get Garcia hurt, and jumping on monitors won't break them.</li> <li>Garcia's passives will be listed first, since they have a rather dramatic influence on the rest of his moveset. <ul> <li><strong>Passive: Fire Absorption:</strong> Garcia is completely immune to fire damage (flames, lava spouts, <a href="?id=4259">lava</a>), etc.), as though he always had a <a href="?id=2666">Flame Shield</a>. In fact, being exposed to fire allows Garcia to absorb it and power himself up, making his abilities stronger in a similar fashion to <a href="?id=2789">Surge's</a> electric charge system (albeit not <em>quite</em> as dramatic in terms of (immediate) mobility). Absorbing fire grants Garcia 5 "flame charge points", which refresh to 5 on further exposure to fire, but otherwise wear off for each ability use or at a rate of 1 point per 5 seconds (though they will be continuously refreshed if Garcia is standing on a flame floor). While powered-up, Garcia has slightly higher run speed and jump height (38 top speed, 41 acceleration, 99 accel start, 110-fracunit max jump height) and <em>can</em> damage enemies and bosses by jumping into them or running into them at top speed, at the expense of 1 flame charge point per impact. Actually having a Flame or <a href="?id=2452">Elemental Shield</a> will keep Garcia in a powered-up state with infinite flame charge points until he loses the shield or somehow switches to a different shield. And, yes, Garcia <em>can</em> absorb flames generated by other players who have an Elemental Shield or are playing as a character with fire-based abilities, such as Garcia himself, <a href="?id=3747">Blaze</a>, Flame, or Hinote. Garcia is undoubtedly at his strongest in fire levels such as Red Volcano Zone, and can probably roflstomp Brak Eggman by absorbing his many flame-based attacks.</li> <li><strong>Passive: Water Weakness:</strong> Garcia's high attunement to the element of fire means that he struggles to function <a href="?id=2358">underwater</a>. While underwater, his abilities are put in a powered-down state and are a bit less potent than normal. (If Garcia was powered up when he entered the water, he immediately loses the powered-up state, but enters a grace period where his abilities have their normal potency before powering down to the underwater version; the length of the grace period is however long his flame charge points would have lasted. Garcia does <em>not</em> get his powered-up state back if he exits the water before the grace period ends.) Garcia also has a shorter-than-usual air timer in water, which means that he drowns faster than most other characters and needs to find air more frequently to survive underwater sections. In short, Garcia <em>really</em> struggles in water levels, such as Deep Sea Zone or Azure Temple Zone. (Note that this <em>only</em> applies to water sectors; Garcia's abilities are not weakened and he does not suffocate any faster than anyone else in <a href="?id=1226">space sectors</a>.) Absorbing fire underwater (for instance, the gargoyles in Azure Temple Zone) will just put Garcia in the grace period state, returning his abilities to normal potency until it wears off, but will not affect his air meter. Having an Elemental Shield overrides the water weakness and puts Garcia's abilities in the usual powered-up state.</li> </ul></li> <li><strong>Air Action: Free Flight:</strong> Garcia is equipped with a jetpack, and he knows how to use it. <span class="md-spoiler-text">(He technically doesn't even <em>need</em> the jetpack to fly, but this incarnation of the character is meant to be Garcia in his late teens, and he doesn't know that yet.)</span> Pressing Jump in mid-air puts Garcia in a state similar to Knuckles' glide (complete with the ability to damage enemies by flying into them; this does <em>not</em> count as a fire attack, and is one of Garcia's few ways to damage other players who are also playing as Garcia or equipped with an Elemental or Flame shield in PVP modes), except with no wall-climbing, the ability to slowly ascend instead of descending by holding Spin, the ability to shift to a more vertical flight mode with lower horizontal movement but greater vertical movement (either rising into the air or diving towards the ground) by holding C3, and the ability to transition into a slower but more precise "combat flight mode" by pressing Fire. In combat flight mode, use the movement keys to move laterally, hold Jump to ascend, hold Spin to descend, or return to standard flight mode by pressing C3; there's something else that can be done in combat flight mode by pressing Fire, but I'll get to that later. While Garcia can literally fly around all day in my fanfics, for <em>SRB2</em> gameplay purposes, to avoid <em>completely</em> snapping any semblance of challenge or level design in half, Garcia will only be able to fly for 8 seconds at a time before being forced out of flight mode and having to touch back down. The powered-up version of this ability lasts for up to 12 seconds, while the powered-down version lasts for up to 4 seconds.</li> <li>Garcia has three possible actions he can take by pressing Spin, depending on how fast he is moving when the button is pressed. <ul> <li><strong>Spin (Ground, Stationary): Runner's Stance:</strong> Press Spin on the ground while standing completely still to make Garcia crouch down into a "ready to run" position. From here, you can press Jump to cancel, Spin to break into a run, or Fire to begin crawling. The run option will cause Garcia to start running at a speed of 21 (18 if powered down, 24 if powered-up), and will also generate a small explosion to damage nearby enemies with the powered-up version, but it is <em>not</em> a spin-dash; it can't pass through low openings and won't damage enemies that Garcia runs into unless he's powered up. It's simply a more effective way to accelerate than simply holding the movement keys (it's still arguably less effective than a Spin-Dash and <em>certainly</em> less effective than Sonic's thok). The crawl option allows Garcia to pass into low openings, but at the cost of losing a <em>lot</em> of momentum, as it takes about half a second for Garcia to remove his jetpack and begin crawling, and he moves slowly and is completely vulnerable to attack while crawling. Press Jump while crawling to stop crawling and have Garcia put his jetpack back on, which takes about half a second. The crawl allows Garcia to get into spin characters' routes if he <em>absolutely has to</em>, but he prefers the non-spin routes taken by Amy or Fang. He does have another way to get into spin routes that sacrifices less momentum, but it's a bit tricky to pull off…</li> <li><strong>Spin (Ground, Low Speed): Flame Pounce:</strong> Press Spin while moving on the ground at a speed of 28 or less (i.e. in a "walking" animation) to make Garcia execute a short hop (about 12 to 20 fracunits), then dive back to the ground with a leaping punch that can damage enemies, break monitors, and bust open breakable walls and floors (including the strong ones that only Knuckles, Amy, and Fang can break in the base game). Despite the name of the move, the punch is <em>not</em> a fire attack and can bypass immunity to fire damage. This is one of Garcia's main direct combat options on the ground (especially against fire-immune characters) and one of his main ways to get into non-spin routes, though it is somewhat short-ranged and can be tricky to aim. The powered-down version is mostly identical to the standard version, with the only differences being slightly longer startup, slower movement, and lower distance/range (I was tempted to not let it bust walls and floors, but then Garcia would be softlocked in DSZ 2 if he got to a certain point of the level without an Elemental Shield), while the powered-up version generates explosions on startup and touchdown, granting it a greater attack radius (note that the explosions <em>do</em> count as fire damage). The powered-up version also deals double damage, similar to <a href="?id=4941">Susie's</a> Red Buster, but only if the punch itself connects rather than the explosions.</li> <li><strong>Spin (Ground, High Speed): Flame Slide:</strong> Press Spin on the ground while in the running animation (moving at a speed of 28 or higher) to make Garcia perform a slide-kick move similar to <a href="?id=2355">Kris'</a>. This slide kick grants Garcia a burst of extra speed at the start that is then gradually lost over the course of the move until Garcia comes to a stop or cancels the slide and transitions back into a running state by pressing Jump. The slide kick can damage enemies and break monitors (and the slide kick itself doesn't count as fire damage), while also leaving a flame trail like the Elemental Shield's that is itself able to damage enemies, but it's a bit higher up off the ground than usual for this type of maneuver (since Garcia's wearing a jetpack), and thus can't get into tight spaces. However, it is possible to transition into a variant that <em>can</em> get into tight spaces by pressing Spin again during the slide. This will cause Garcia to hastily remove his jetpack and start carrying it, while also lowering himself further to the ground so that he can pass through tight spaces. However, Garcia still takes about half a second to remove the jetpack, the awkwardness of this maneuver will cause Garcia to start losing speed once the jetpack is off, pressing Jump in this state will cause Garcia to decelerate faster until he stops, and he'll need to pause for half a second to put the jetpack back on once he stops. This still allows Garcia to get through tight spaces without losing as much momentum as crawling, but it requires space to run as well as good planning and timing (due to the delay between pressing Spin the second time and actually being able to move through tight spaces) and still causes Garcia to lose speed at the end, so he still prefers to take non-spin routes. The powered-up version grants a greater burst of speed at the start, has a larger flame trail, generates explosions at the start, when canceled, and when transitioning into the pseudo-spin (once again, the explosions count as fire damage), and loses less speed during execution (<em>especially</em> in the pseudo-spin phase). The powered-down version grants less speed on initiation, has no flame trail, and loses speed faster.</li> </ul></li> <li><strong>Spin (Air): Flame Pulse:</strong> Press Spin while in mid-air and not in flight mode to make Garcia envelop himself in a large fireball, which serves as his substitute for the spin-jump. This fireball lasts for 1 second. The fireball extends outwards for 50 fracunits around Garcia's position by default (though Garcia can only bounce off an enemy if they are a sturdy enemy such as a Lance-a-Bot or boss or he hits them from above); the powered-up version extends outward for 75 fracunits, while the powered-down version only extends outwards for 25 fracunits. Garcia can technically use this move in mid-air as much as he wants, but there is a 1-second cooldown between uses, which can be reset by hitting an enemy or touching the ground, which means that he only gets one usage per jump unless he's chaining attacks on enemies or jumping to a lower part of the level. <ul> <li>Garcia can't use shield actions. He doesn't really need them, what with the free flight and all, and some of them, like the Whirlwind Shield, would be a hindrance to his playstyle if they replaced his default air spin action due to forcing him to rely exclusively on his air action, grounded spin moves, or fireballs to fight.</li> </ul></li> <li><strong>Fire: Throw Fireball:</strong> Garcia's main attack is generating fireballs and tossing them at enemies. (Yes, he has a ranged attack like Fang, he can accelerate quickly from a standstill, he can pummel enemies with melee attacks while moving around, <em>and</em> he can fly like some odd blend of Tails, Knuckles, and Silver. I <em>did</em> say he was a bit OP.) Press Fire to throw a fireball straight ahead or towards whatever your cursor is aiming at. (A Samus-style aim assist is being considered, particularly for third-person mode.) Fireballs deal standard damage and can be thrown at a rate of 1 fireball per 0.8 second. Garcia can throw fireballs while standing still, walking, running, jumping, or even while flying if you're in the combat flight mode (it might be hard to aim if you're moving fast, though). Fireballs have a max range of 400 fracunits and have a decently fast travel time. In Ringslinger modes, FireNormal is set to fireball-throwing, allowing Rings to be thrown with the Fire key. The powered-up version has two modes. The standard powered-up fireball is simply larger, travels faster and further, and has a shorter cooldown (0.6 second), but deals no extra damage; however, each fireball only costs half a flame charge point. Hold the Fire key for at least one second while powered up to throw a slower, but even larger and longer-ranged fireball that actually consists of one large fireball surrounded by a corona of ambient heat. The corona and the fireball itself can both separately strike the same enemy with good aim, allowing this version to effectively deal double damage (it bypasses the mercy invulnerability of sturdy enemies and bosses, but <em>not</em> other players, so sorry, but no one-shot-kills in PVP). This version costs a full flame charge point. The powered-down version is simply a smaller, slower, shorter-ranged, less spammable (1-second cooldown), and slightly weaker fireball (it deals 4/5 the damage of a basic attack, killing most enemies in 2 hits, a Lance-a-Bot in 3, and most bosses in 10); the smaller hitbox does make it slightly harder to score hits with, but the lower damage and firing rate are bigger problems. (Seriously, Garcia wants to stay out of water as much as possible.)</li> <li><strong>Easter Egg:</strong> <span class="md-spoiler-text">Cute interactions with his love interest, <a href="?id=2084">Marine!</a> (…What? He digs her adventurous, spirited personality!)</span></li> </ul> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=4274"> Luigifan18 </a> to <a href="?id=919"> SRB2 </a> <span><a href="?id=3067">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=4028">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:35 <i style="color:green;">Short-Ad-7518</i> <b>The loneliness Pandemic and dating apps</b></p> <p><div class="md">This will get long so I appreciate the time of anyone who takes the time to read this and provide their opinion. I (M24) and my ex (F25) were in a 5 year relationship and broke up roughly 7 months ago. Having only been 19 when we got together, the dating ecosystem has changed dramatically since I was last single.<br /> I spent the first few months embracing immense pain and loneliness, increased my frequency and intensity at the gym, endlessly consuming content to help me understand the psychology and biology of dating, break ups and attraction.<br /> As the months passed I developed a fixation on self Improvement and have tried many practices to improve my self perception, to feel like I love myself and can truly love someone else fully without doubt and fear. Admittedly over the last few months, at times I feel consumed by loneliness. I have some close friends I've had since high school, I play soccer with a great group and also have good relationships with my family. All things I am deeply grateful for and I don't mean to take that for granted.<br /> But I became used to a deep meaningful connection with someone I loved so deeply, I miss the I loves you's, the cuddles at the end of the long days, the feelings of purpose and fullfilment, the engaged conversations and feeling of progress in life when moving forward with a serious relationship. Due to this, I concluded after 7 self reflective months, it was time to put myself out there again, I downloaded all of Tinder, Bumble and Hinge to set up profiles and see what may be out there, you need to buy a ticket to win the lottery, you know?<br /> With that being said, it's been a week and I find myself quite frustrated, in a range of ways. I understand dating apps can be brutal for men given statistics such as women swiping right on tinder only 5-10% of the time. However, I found some brief success with 15 matches and Tinder waving another 15 likes in my face trying to prompt me to pay for Tinder premium. One of the main issues is a lack of replies, the seemingly ridiculous high standards of women on these sorts of apps, and how boring almost every conversation tends to be.<br /> There truly feels to be no connection, just a drive for everyone to get validation or engage in modern hook up culture. Apps are artificial and inconsistent especially for men, they also try and use your loneliness to bribe you into paying for a service that is portrayed as being free.<br /> I know its only been a week and perhaps I need to display the same sort of patience I did while processing some intense emotions, but I find myself growing more and more cynical about the world in general but specifically dating as a whole.<br /> To be entirely self reflective, I turn 25 this month and find myself often reminiscent of my last relationship, missing so many aspects of the dynamic that I often question will be possible to obtain again, even if I find something serious I'm unsure if I can love someone and trust someone so unconditionally as I have previously. I mean, especially for women there's always another option on instagram or any other social media platform.<br /> Thank you for reading my narrative and this brings me to my concluding questions; What's the best way to navigate this ecosystem? Is it truly possible to have a long term relationship in your 20's that felt life shattering at its conclusion but manage to find full and sustained love? Is it really possible to have success on these dating apps if not a top 10% guy? I feel a lot of emptiness and loneliness and need guidance and words of wisdom, any insight someone could provide would be appreciated more than you would ever know.<br /> Thank you for reading.<br /> Tl:Dr: 5 year relationship ended 7 months ago, spent this time self reflecting and growing, downloaded dating apps but find myself cynical about modern dating as a whole, need advice<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=1079"> Short-Ad-7518 </a> to <a href="?id=4349"> relationships </a> <span><a href="?id=416">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=1723">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:34 <i style="color:green;">lmeya22</i> <b>I’m so tired of living paycheck to paycheck</b></p> <p><div class="md">For context I’m a 21 F living on my own in CA where everything is crazy expensive. I had to give up a lot of things including college when my father abruptly sold our home, moved away and sent me off on own over a year ago. I have worked since 15 and always considered myself very independent. I currently work one full time job and one part time, I work 6 days a week usually 7 shifts. I never have time for anything, nor money to even go out to dinner. My rent and car payment take up most of my checks so gas and other essentials suck up the last of them. I have had $0 in savings since the move and honestly feel like I’m drowning. Most of my friends still live at home or with a partner splitting the bills, so no one really gets how hard this is on me. My friends always invite me out but I seriously can’t even afford to go out even though I’m 21. You would think working six days a week I would have something to show for it or money to put in my savings or go on little trips but I am barely paying my bills. I’ve maxed out my credit card and really don’t know what to do. My main job pays decently well and has full benefits so I really don’t want to let it go and it’s also in the field I love. But at the same time half of me wants to move out of CA and somewhere I can actually afford to live. I am a lover of nature and I can never even spend time outdoors, I constantly feel exhausted and I don’t have a support system to fall back on in case things go wrong. I had so many goals when I was younger and now my biggest stress is simply keeping a roof over my head. I am tired of this. Working to live or living to work?<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=48"> lmeya22 </a> to <a href="?id=4555"> confessions </a> <span><a href="?id=1499">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=521">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:32 <i style="color:green;">lungbrake</i> <b>27 [M4F] Anywhere - just wanna love you</b></p> <p><div class="md">Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to come check out my post. You can call me DJ, I am a 27 year old male currently living in Utah, USA, though I am planning to leave and begin traveling the world in the next few months - I don’t have any specific destination in mind, but I would love to go to many new places. I have lived internationally before and hope to do so again, but if not, I am content staying wherever I can call home. <br /> For now, I work full time and keep myself busy through that, exercise, spending time outside, reading, and playing games with my friends. I feel like I have a bit of an outsider personality, I don’t fully understand many aspects of society. Sometimes I feel like a hermit, though I do keep my close friends in my circle it can be difficult to maintain connections without social media and a desire to be fully in the mix of society. My ideal life is one of simple means, where I can be present and focused on creating positivity in any form. I don’t want to spend my life working toward a goal that won’t better myself or those around me, I want to look back and be able to see the impact I had on those who matter to me. I am a deeply spiritual man, but not necessarily religious, I instead prefer to ponder my own experience and perception of reality. For my entire adult life, I have been vegan, but I don’t mind if you are not. I love to talk about anything and everything, and I want to find someone to spend my days just chatting with and building a deep connection. <br /> Here is a picture of me with a fancy sword in my beard: <a href="?id=1314"></a><br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=599"> lungbrake </a> to <a href="?id=2001"> ForeverAloneDating </a> <span><a href="?id=4820">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=3924">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:31 <i style="color:green;">LoneOrco</i> <b>Building a chill place</b></p> <p><table> <tr><td> <a href="?id=1432"> <img src="" alt="Building a chill place" title="Building a chill place" /> </a> </td><td> <div class="md">Hey everyone! Just letting my corner hanging out here, and hopefully someone will come in and enjoy themselves with my sessions and company 😁 I’m a bit of a loud mouth sometimes, and somewhat of a cringe fest but I mean well and just want to have a good time with the games I play and those that are watching. Please come by and stay a bit if you catch me live. I have a full time job so unfortunately I can’t stream everyday for 8 hours but I do everything in my power to stream at least 2 times during the work week and all afternoon on my days off. I’m pretty new at this, and wasn’t really expecting it to go anywhere but I’ve realised I love it and want to grow and become better at it!! So I’m putting all of me into this and planning to upgrade my setup with the help of anyone that wants to make this journey last as long as possible! (Hopefully I can ditch my day job that I hate and stream full time one day 😁). Hope to see you soon<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=2674"> LoneOrco </a> to <a href="?id=76"> TwitchPromotion </a> <span><a href="?id=1823">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=4473">[comments]</a></span> </td></tr></table></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:31 <i style="color:green;">Arcanus729</i> <b>Umineko Episode 1 Thoughts and Questions (SPOILERS)</b></p> <p><div class="md">Hello everyone! I always wanted to tackle the Umineko games since visual novels are one of my favorite genres especially since it is said to be one of the best visual novels ever. After playing and loving games such as the House in Fata Morgana and 13 sentinels I have very high expectations even though the game is a huge undertaking considering it is around 150 hours. I went in as blind as possible with the only information being that the game is a murder mystery a la Agatha Christie. <br /> I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions with you all since I personally love to see discussions about games that I love from people that are experiencing the game for the first time. This will also serve as some sort of chronicles of my experience with the game. <br /> SPOILERS BELOW for episode 1 of the game.<br /> I have been playing the game using the Umineko Project and I am glad I made that decision since the voice acting has enhanced the game for me and has definitely helped with the less interesting parts. Kenzo's voice and his ramblings about Beatrice in particular were a highlight of the chapter. I have seen that finding the game not very interesting until around the talk between the siblings with regards to Krauss' embezzlement of the fortune. It felt very much like I was watching an episode of succession. While the beginning was not too boring and I appreciated the good job it did in introducing the characters, the fight between the siblings was when the game griped me and did not let me go. <br /> I truly did not expect six people to die right out of the gate, especially such important characters such as Krauss, Rudolf, and Rosa which did make me miss seeing the characters interact with others and develop. I was also very shocked at how brutal their deaths turned out to be. I am familiar with darker stories, Fata Morgana tackles some very heavy issues, however I did not expect this game to get so dark so fast. As soon as the first murder occur, the game does not stop and I really enjoyed how creepy the tone and atmosphere of the story is. <br /> The isolation of the island combined with the constant sound of rain and thunder reminded me of The Lighthouse and its fog horn which when the noise goes missing it only adds to the dread of the scene. Anytime the story moved towards the discovery of the new set of dead bodies, I was on the edge of my seat filled with dread especially since I did not think that all of the characters were going to be dead by the end of the first chapter. The section between Kannon and Genji discovering Eva and Hideyoshi's bodies until his eventual murder in the boiler room was exhilarating. I especially enjoyed the raw emotion that we got to see whenever the murders were discovered. Going through the episode felt like reading a full novel which makes sense with how long the episode is. <br /> Onto the characters, I found them to be very enjoyable and I am excited to learn about them more and see how they developed. I found all of the adults and the servants to be entertaining and gripping from the beginning with especial mention going to Genji's never breaking composure which makes me believe that he is hiding something but at the same time feeling sorry for the humiliation that he suffers at the end of the episode and Natsuhi's growth of going from a very passive character to one of the most important and with the most personality. Any talk that involved the adult of the family or the servants was never boring and truly enjoyable. <br /> I appreciated Hideyoshi's attempt to deflate the situation whenever Eva and her passive-aggressiveness began as well as how easy it was for him to get along with the children. I felt extremely bad for poor Kumasawa who seemed to be terrified more than anyone else and my heart broke when she was crying and pleading to stay in the study after being blamed for poor Kannon's death. While Krauss just seems like an asshole that only cares about himself and his business, I enjoyed how he turned his predicament around to his siblings. I am excited to learn more about Rudolf but I really like his character nonetheless since his voice actor also voices Yoshikage Kira in All Star Battle so I picture Kira speaking every time. I feel also very bad for poor Kyrie who as not allowed to join the conversation at all while also having to endure all of it. She is a character that I wanted to be with during the story when others were acting irrational. Rosa just seemed like a mother who is dissatisfied with her life and who hates her daughter. The scene where she abuses Maria was especially difficult to read and hear even though one can understand her frustration. While I understand that a difference in culture dictates that the characters should not do anything while she was abusing her daughter, it was nonetheless very difficult to not get angry with the other them as they just leave Maria to get physically abused by her mother. <br /> I am still not the biggest fan of the cousins and almost all of the slow and less interesting parts of the story occurred when they were talking between each other. I like George the most for now, especially his relationship with Shannon although the imbalance of power between the two of them makes the relationship seem less romantic than it is. Battler and Jessica are just fine for now although I did feel very bad for them given all they had to go through. I admire Battler's tenacity to oppose and not believe that Beatrice exists. I am, however, very excited to see how they develop throughout the story. When it comes to Maria though, I was not a fan at all, the voice acting and the constant uu is insufferable and while I understand why her character behaves the way that she does, a part of me wanted the others to get rid of her as soon as she started supporting and welcoming Beatrice and the murders that were occurring. I hope her character improves in the future.<br /> The tea party and the ??? sections really helped in getting the player excited for the next episodes to come so they were welcomed additions although I did not know you had to do the in order to unlock the next chapter. I know that the game tells you to not believe everything that is shown to you and what the witch is saying, however, I am not very good with theory crafting and I simply want to enjoy the ride as it goes so I cannot tell whether magic did or did not happen when the murders occurred. For Kannon's death especially I am finding it difficult to come up with an explanation that has to do with human tricks. In the end I am not trying too hard to play detective and use logic to solve the riddles before I have more information. I truly am looking forward to seeing how the story continues and if I will be able to solve the mystery myself! <br /> Below are some questions that I have come up with after the end of the chapter which the answer may or not may be available at this time.<br /> i. Is Beatrice only just a witch or was she a real person?<br /> ii. Why did Maria make the charms?<br /> iii. Is there a hidden reason that Battler is so adamant to believe that Beatrice is real?<br /> iv. What is the Golden Land?<br /> v. What is Beatrice’s goal?<br /> vi. Why did Rudolf know he was going to die?<br /> vii. Did Eva and Hideyoshi know they were going to die?<br /> viii. Is Genji hiding something?<br /> ix. How did the six people get to the storage area?<br /> x. How did Beatrice get Kenzo out of the study room?<br /> xi. Why did Natsuhi commit suicide?<br /> xii. Did I hear seagulls right before Eva and Hideyoshi’s death?<br /> xiii. Why is exist in parenthesis when some characters such as Kanon talk about Beatrice? Is it because she doesn’t have a human form?<br /> xiv. Is there a connection between the seven deadly sins daggers and the people that got killed with them?<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=2462"> Arcanus729 </a> to <a href="?id=3287"> umineko </a> <span><a href="?id=746">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=734">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:31 <i style="color:green;">reditsecretacc</i> <b>My mom doesn’t care about me anymore</b></p> <p><div class="md">Hello guys I don’t know how to start this but here we go . So I F(15) have had a very rocky relationship with my mother since I was little I think it started when I was around 11 or 12 my mom has a lot of mental issues( depression , intense anxiety and ptsd ) which has led me to have to take of me and my little brother since we were very young one day she was going to put her life i danger so I told a trusted adult which led them to tell authorities and me and my brother were removed from her care she worked really hard to get us back but she only managed to get full custody of me and half custody of my brother . She blames me and says that we’re all not together as a family because of me . That happened a few years ago let’s skip to now about a few months ago I wanna say maybe 5-6 she stopped talking to me unless it’s necessary she also doesn’t care about my feelings or my safety. I know that the following thing I did was wrong but I was trying to get a reaction so I started staying out late at night to see if she would care enough as of to call me or simply even shoot me a text asking where I was but she didn’t . Today was the last straw for me I came home the latest I’ve ever been and I just saw her in her room watching tv she didn’t even acknowledge that I was there . The thing that pisses me off is that she’s not like this with my brother she is very sweet to him gives him all the attention and she cares about him very much .I just don’t understand why she is like this with me can’t she see that I’m a kid too that needs love and affection.I just wish one day she realizes how much she’s hurting me and changes her ways<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=528"> reditsecretacc </a> to <a href="?id=4249"> TrueOffMyChest </a> <span><a href="?id=2092">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=1310">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:30 <i style="color:green;">BB8Bubblegum</i> <b>[23/M] Would love to chat!</b></p> <p><div class="md">Hi there! I would love to make some new buddies or simply have a chat! I'm a 23-year-old from the US.<br /> Among my hobbies, you'll find movies/TV, design, <em>casual</em> gaming, reading, and yes, even staring at the ceiling. It would be great to befriend some people who are fairly close in age, but as long as you're 18 or older, I'm completely up for a chat.<br /> Please note that I tend to have a rather dark and sarcastic sense of humor, but I like to think I'm relatively bearable. So, what more could one ask for?<br /> I'm happy to chat right here on Reddit, or if you prefer, we can connect on Discord or any other platform since I know Reddit can be a bit finicky sometimes.<br /> I don't want to turn this into a novel, so shoot me a message and introduce yourself! I'd absolutely love to have a chat. Or hey if you just need to vent, I'm cool with that too.<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=2581"> BB8Bubblegum </a> to <a href="?id=4699"> MeetNewPeopleHere </a> <span><a href="?id=2079">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=758">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:30 <i style="color:green;">jazzercast</i> <b>Wife (39F) lied about being out with a guy till 3am and has lied again recently, I (M38) feel so betrayed.</b></p> <p><div class="md">Hey guys, <br /> So tis is a long one but I'm feeling so lost and have ended up in therapy last week (first session) over all of this.<br /> <strong>Here we go, this first part happened 2 years ago:</strong><br /> I've been with my wife for 16yrs married for the last 6 years.<br /> I went to use her tablet and when I went to google it showed a ton of seraches for relationship tips for Sagittarius and Libra (she's a Libra, I'm Aries)<br /> Was confused as this isn't my star sign, the searches were like "how to know if a sagittarius like you" how to identify sexual tension" "signs he likes you" "sexual traits of sagittarius" "are sagittarius attarced to woman in a relationship" and on, and on, and on it went.<br /> There were lots more but my heart sank after seeing this, our relation ship is good and our sex life is good also, was blown away a bit after seeing this.<br /> I confronted her about it and she ended up telling me the Sagittarius was a friend of a friend that I haven't met but she has a couple of times, he said some nice things to her and she said she was just being silly, all in her head and that it was nothing.<br /> She went out with some friends 2 weeks ago, ended up out late with two friends who are a couple till 3:30am at a house party. When I asked her the next day she said she was with just our two friends as I was worried she was at a random party with no one she knew and maybe having a few two many. She seemed a little funny that day when I asked her who she was with.<br /> Now after confronting her about these google searches it turned out she was not only with our two friends (guy & girl, bf/gf) but also with this sagittarius guy all night and ended up at the party with him and he called her a uber home also.<br /> She admited she lied about this as she knew it was wrong but it still hurts as I've been hurt by the one person I've always felt safe, never to be hurt by.<br /> I'm not sure where this would of ended up if I hadn't caught this, I've been calm about it and understanding and she's cried a ton, I just can't think that she may have ended up lying and hanging out with this guy with one thing leading to another, making out and possibly cheating down the road.<br /> <strong>OK and now what happened in the past 2 weeks:</strong><br /> I've caught my wife out on another lie over the past week, it wasn't to do with a guy but she lost my headphones and tried replacing thinking I wouldn't know, she bought the wrong version of the item and I freaked out as she had been telling me for weeks that she left my stuff at a friend's house and then when she bought them home she even mentioned that she met up with another friend to grab them off her. None of this was true and it was going on for weeks. I was on my own when I realised she lied about everything and I had a flash back to 2 freaking yrs ago where all this bs started. I freaked out and my kind went to "shes probably lying about other stuff too". I had a panic attack. She has been spending time with another guy for music work and mentioning him a lot and when they spent all day on a filming project they went and had dinner, she did invite me it because I forgive her for all of this I was fine and said nah you I'm all good, as in I trust you to have dinner with a guy who I haven't met. Now I feel like a fool, have I been too trusting? I feel like I'm being taken advantage off, I told her other guy would have serious problem with their wife spending time with other guys like this, I don't want to be like that. This new lie had made me doubt everything again and I'm so annoyed as were were all good before all of this and I can't help but want to deep down blame her for messing our marriage up over other guys, who I know, who we see out, I have to picture the guys in my mind getting close to my wife, not some movie star crush, a guy who I'm talking to at a party. It has made me question did I ever really forgive her, I feel like I possibly shut down emotionally after finding out she lied and said she had a crush on this other guy years ago and I possibly have never been the same since. II just don't know what to do, the person I love the most has screwed our relationship and after what came down to a lie causing that, she lies again!<br /> ​<br /> Last night she showed me some music she had been working on and she then mentioned the guy from 2 years ago will be featuring on it and she'll be meeting up in the studio with him to work on it.<br /> My heart sank as I'm not totally overall of this again, I've never experienced Trauma but I feel like this thing from 2yrs ago has left me traumatized and finding it so hard to not think she's secretly into these guys, I feel like I'm going crazy.<br /> I have my next therapy session next week, hope that will help.<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=1969"> jazzercast </a> to <a href="?id=1047"> relationship_advice </a> <span><a href="?id=3977">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=1971">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:30 <i style="color:green;">AutoModerator</i> <b>Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance (HD Edition)</b></p> <p><div class="md">If you want Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course contact us at (+) 447593882116 (Telegram/WhatsApp).<br /> Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course is available.<br /> Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course is one of the best courses that will teach you how to improve your love life like nothing before, led by the famous adult movie star Stirling Cooper. <br /> To get Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course contact me on:<br /> <strong>Whatsapp/Telegram: (+) 447593882116</strong><br /> <strong>Reddit DM to <a href="?id=3419">u/RequestCourseAccess</a></strong><br /> <strong>Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)</strong><br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=128"> AutoModerator </a> to <a href="?id=701"> StirlingCooperLine </a> <span><a href="?id=246">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=1682">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:30 <i style="color:green;">AutoModerator</i> <b>Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance (Complete Course)</b></p> <p><div class="md">If you want Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course contact us at (+) 447593882116 (Telegram/WhatsApp).<br /> Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course is available.<br /> Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course is one of the best courses that will teach you how to improve your love life like nothing before, led by the famous adult movie star Stirling Cooper. <br /> To get Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course contact me on:<br /> <strong>Whatsapp/Telegram: (+) 447593882116</strong><br /> <strong>Reddit DM to <a href="?id=2988">u/RequestCourseAccess</a></strong><br /> <strong>Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)</strong><br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=1784"> AutoModerator </a> to <a href="?id=3700"> StirlingCoopAccess </a> <span><a href="?id=2231">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=665">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:29 <i style="color:green;">Scruff27</i> <b>What pens do you use to write with in Moleskine</b></p> <p><div class="md">Title, but if you want my whole ADHD thought process it is below<br /> I’ve always wanted to journal in Moleskine journals, but they’re so expensive and I usually can’t justify it, so as a result I’ve been journaling in composition notebooks for years.<br /> I honestly love composition notebooks as journals, I write a lot and I like the open pages, it feels like a open, blank canvas. <br /> My most recent realization has been “Why do I have to choose only one?” So I’ve been thinking about Moleskines (in my head, big fancy expensive journals) again but I want to write with a pen that compliments it.<br /> I have exactly one Moleskine that I’ve ever had (from 2011 (I’m still writing in it)), it’s still not full even though I’ve filled four composition notebooks.<br /> I googled before and google said to use gel pens with Moleskines because it’s a nice writing experience the paper helps the gel to dry faster and I just tried writing in it with the Pilot G-2 0.5 mm and… it was very nice to write in, but did not dry fast at all, smeared to all hell practically.<br /> TLDR Looking for other peoples experience and favorite pens for writing in Moleskines, thanks!<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=1779"> Scruff27 </a> to <a href="?id=1800"> Journaling </a> <span><a href="?id=3109">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=125">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:29 <i style="color:green;">BB8Bubblegum</i> <b>23M - Would love to [chat]</b></p> <p><div class="md">Hi there! I would love to make some new buddies or simply have a chat! I'm a 23-year-old from the US.<br /> Among my hobbies, you'll find movies/TV, design, <em>casual</em> gaming, reading, and yes, even staring at the ceiling. It would be great to befriend some people who are fairly close in age, but as long as you're 18 or older, I'm completely up for a chat.<br /> Please note that I tend to have a rather dark and sarcastic sense of humor, but I like to think I'm relatively bearable. So, what more could one ask for?<br /> I'm happy to chat right here on Reddit, or if you prefer, we can connect on Discord or any other platform since I know Reddit can be a bit finicky sometimes.<br /> I don't want to turn this into a novel, so shoot me a message and introduce yourself! I'd absolutely love to have a chat. Or hey if you just need to vent, I'm cool with that too.<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=1709"> BB8Bubblegum </a> to <a href="?id=3475"> MeetPeople </a> <span><a href="?id=531">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=209">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:28 <i style="color:green;">Lafuente_Astro</i> <b>Yup it's official. Ace is Fox Jesus</b></p> <p><div class="md">And it's not just because he attained his final form and beat the crap out of Sueru. His character has lots of tropes and characteristics that are similar to those that Jesus Christ himself has:<br /> -Both were born of a virgin mother: Jesus is the son of the Virgin Mary, and Ace is the son of Mitsume, whose own physiology as a future person meant that she does not have a female reproductive system in the first place (Note that even their first names start with "M").<br /> -Both also had a Foster Father, or at least a father that isn't their biological father: Joseph for Jesus, and The unnamed Deza Shin for Ace.<br /> And a characteristic that they both share is that we know very little of either of them (Joseph himself has no words or sayings in the Bible, and disappears after the Pre-Ministry narratives, whereas the Deza Shin's only action was giving Ace the Roman Coin that he has to this day through his latest incarnation).<br /> -The birth itself was also miraculous: For Jesus, according to an older tradition, because Mary had the grace of being free from all sin via the Immaculate Conception, she gave birth to Jesus without suffering any birth pangs, as the birth pangs are considered a punishment to Eve and all women for her Original Sin, and as per the Immaculate Conception, Mary is devoid of that Original Sin. Not to mention, the entire events of the Birth of Jesus, or the Nativity as we call it, is filled with supernatural signs and occurrences, like the Angels, and the Star.<br /> And for Ace, he was born after Mitsume prayed for 3 days and 3 nights, which meant that his conception, gestation and birth could be instant or near-instant. (Take note that "3" is a very significant number in Christianity, as it points to the Holy Trinity, of which Jesus as GOD THE SON, is one of the Three Divine Persons that makes up this Trinity).<br /> -Both were born towards the end of the BC or BCE era, with Ace being born around 21 BC while Jesus being born around 4 BC.<br /> -Both are perfect in what they do, even if they do not know at first, they eventually excel at it better than anyone: Jesus was of course taught about the Jewish Faith at a young age but when he started his ministry, he taught better than the best of the teachers (Not to mention, also teaching the teachers at the temple when he was 12), and even applied some points that they never did, due to him being GOD THE SON and all.<br /> Meanwhile, Ace himself has been fighting in several DGPs for 2000 years, and so can fight better than anyone else, even if he is at an disadvantage. Not to mention his own guile and cunning far surpasses even the most cunning of opponents.<br /> -Both make hand signs with their right hands: Jesus makes the Sign of Blessing, as seen in many of his icons, specifically the Christ Pantocrator or Christ in Majesty icons, but whether he did that in his life or not is still up to debate. He may have made some signs of blessings in the Jewish manner when he prayed, whereas Ace of course, does the Fox hand sign whether affirming his deception or that he is determined.<br /> Hand symbols as whole, can define a person, or denote what kind of authority and power they have.<br /> -Both walked on something that is not the ground: Jesus walked on water when he went to rescue Peter and 2 of the other disciples during a storm while Ace walked on the air menacingly when facing Sueru before giving his beatdown. And he was able to do so thanks to his powers as Geats IX.<br /> (Take note that in the scene that Geats walks down from the sky, the blue fiery steps he was stepping on seemingly made water sloshing and splashing sounds, and the effects kinda look like both fire embers and water splashes as well, so it seems to be a reference to Jesus walking on water, possibly).<br /> -And finally, both of them have of course, powers (Particularly, the Power of Creation): While Ace's power is simply denoted as "Creation Powers", Jesus himself has Omnipotence.<br /> Though for a good comparison, Jesus (Or rather, GOD THE SON) himself is considered as the Creator of all things, as GOD THE FATHER created all things THROUGH him, and with GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT. So in short, yes both have creation powers, and even so, both can destroy all creation, and then remake it anew (It was a done deed for Ace, as seen after the battle, while it is yet to come in Jesus' case, as it will happen after his Second Coming).<br /> -Both Jesus and Ace also love their mothers very very much: Ace missed his mom terribly so much, plus he didn't know why she told him to run away, that his desire to see her led to him unknowingly using his power and reincarnate for 2000 years, simply because he wanted to see her again and get his answers from her.<br /> And in Jesus' case, it seemed that he didn't care about her in the gospels, as he called her "Woman", but in the original Greek, "Woman" was actually an title that is full of honor, so in essence, he respected her to the utmost, and it was proven in later mystical visions and sayings that he said to saints that were recorded and confirmed by the Church that he does indeed love his mother.<br /> -Both their names almost sound similar: Ace and Jesus' name in Japanese almost sound similar despite having a different arrangement of 2 of the same characters in Katakana, with Ace being "Esu" (エース) and Jesus being "Iesu" (イエス). While I'm aware that Ace's name is in Kanji and not Katakana, the pronunciation alone is what makes it similar.<br /> There may be more comparisons either those that I missed or might happen in future episodes, but the simple answer is: Yep, Ace is Fox or Kitsune Jesus.<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=4436"> Lafuente_Astro </a> to <a href="?id=2831"> KamenRider </a> <span><a href="?id=2756">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=4180">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:27 <i style="color:green;">BB8Bubblegum</i> <b>23M - Looking to make some friends</b></p> <p><div class="md">Hi there! I would love to make some new buddies or simply have a chat! I'm a 23-year-old from the US.<br /> Among my hobbies, you'll find movies/TV, design, <em>casual</em> gaming, reading, and yes, even staring at the ceiling. It would be great to befriend some people who are fairly close in age, but as long as you're 18 or older, I'm completely up for a chat.<br /> Please note that I tend to have a rather dark and sarcastic sense of humor, but I like to think I'm relatively bearable. So, what more could one ask for?<br /> I'm happy to chat right here on Reddit, or if you prefer, we can connect on Discord or any other platform since I know Reddit can be a bit finicky sometimes.<br /> I don't want to turn this into a novel, so shoot me a message and introduce yourself! Maybe tell me about your favorite movie/show. I'd absolutely love to have a chat. Or hey if you just need to vent, I'm cool with that too.<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=3647"> BB8Bubblegum </a> to <a href="?id=189"> MakeNewFriendsHere </a> <span><a href="?id=466">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=2855">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:27 <i style="color:green;">CleeTow_Taton</i> <b>To message or not to message</b></p> <p><div class="md">Yeah the title is corny but whatever<br /> I am trying to decide, should I message the girl I have a crush on or should I just let it go. I know her from work. Her position was seasonal and our last day of work together was about 3 weeks ago. We had some moments together that I hope to always remember. They were really simple but thinking about them now, on my own, in quiet reflection, they make my heart feel full. Knowing that, what are the reasons I am telling myself I should not message her? The hard truth is she lives a roughly ten hour drive way. I don’t know what a flight would be like but comparing 10 hours of driving on beautiful highways to the cost and frustration of flying, I think I might be inclined to drive. Another excuse I keep telling myself is that we worked together. But, the keyword is “worked”. The “ed” means we don’t work together anymore. But for some reason I still feel like it’s inappropriate. The last time we talked was a little less than 3 weeks ago. It wasn’t much of a conversation either. She didn’t respond to the last couple of things I sent her on Instagram. I keep feeling like no answer is my answer. Other people are telling me I’m overthinking it. She might not be much of a texter. She might not have realized I was expecting a reply. She might have read them and forgot to reply. Either way I am overthinking it… It’s been a few weeks and now I am worried it’s just been too long. Then there are things I keep telling myself even though I know they aren’t true. Someone like her would never want me. She’s too pretty for me. She would never like the real whole me. She’s too good for me (which in context could mean something true or untrue). One of the biggest reasons for all these thoughts is that I am currently and probably always will be dealing with relationship trauma that might be difficult for her or anyone else to deal with. But none of that should mean I don’t deserve to be loved. So why can’t I let myself say fuck it and send her a message? I’m afraid of rejection. I’m afraid of the uncomfort she might feel in rejecting me (something she said once makes me wonder if that’s a narcissistic thought). I’m definitely venting my thoughts to the void, but if you did read this I’m curious what you think.<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=513"> CleeTow_Taton </a> to <a href="?id=1785"> survivinginfidelity </a> <span><a href="?id=4114">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=1968">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.06.06 04:26 <i style="color:green;">BBCFORBBW14</i> <b>19[M4F]Virginia/US looking for my other half</b></p> <p><div class="md">Hello I’m looking for my other half too many times I’ve been ghosted or only attract people who only want to waste my time I’m not here to waste no one times About me im looking for someone who is loyal faithful caring & loving I’m a 6’3 gamer, love to cook, love to watch mob, biographies and horror movies, big fan of anything vintage from 40s-70s love to share my love for vintage everything with someone I’m also a big vintage music fan most if not all of my playlists are filled with Elvis, Johnny cash, Dean Martin, Conway twitty, and so many more. I’m Just asking for you to be honest, communicate, if this sparks your interest feel free to send me a message<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=1932"> BBCFORBBW14 </a> to <a href="?id=4640"> DatingAfterTwenty </a> <span><a href="?id=2006">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=3149">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p></p><h3></h3> <ol><li></li></ol> <p></p><div id="menu" class="menu">[ <a href="?id=1">1</a> ] [ <a href="?id=2">2</a> ] [ <a href="?id=3">3</a> ] [ <a href="?id=4">4</a> ] [ <a href="?id=5">5</a> ] [ <a href="?id=6">6</a> ] [ <a href="?id=7">7</a> ] [ <a href="?id=8">8</a> ] [ <a href="?id=9">9</a> ] [ <a href="?id=10">10</a> ] </div></div> </body> </html><!-- ID: 413 | Time: 0.00037 Sec | Mem: 576 KiB -->