Greenfield indiana crime rate

Legalizing weed in Canada was a mistake

2023.06.08 00:35 holeeray Legalizing weed in Canada was a mistake

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2023.06.08 00:30 Apathetic-Onion Journalism is extremely important for making the world a better place and promoting peace.

Today in a moment of chill I watched a new Vice News mini-documentary where the photojournalist that uncovered the Iran-Contra affair talked about his experience. Thanks to the loss of credibility caused by such revelation, Reagan wasn't able to continue his illegal campaign against Nicaragua. This saved many lives because the Contras, most of whose top commanders formerly were in Somoza's National Guard, were known for killing many civilians in their regime change campaign. ICJ ruled that USA was violating Nicaragua's sovereignty. Anyway, the point of this post isn't talking about Nicaragua or Reagan's authoritarianism, but to give thanks to all the brave journalists in the world who, in the past and in the present, are uncovering crimes and lies in order to inform everybody about reality.
To this day critical journalism and war journalism are dangerous jobs that are extremely important for a well-functioning society where people can be informed. Last year, according to UNESCO, 86 journalists were killed, with half targeted off duty. The deadliest individual countries were Mexico (19 killings), Ukraine (10) and Haiti (9). They also say "the rate of impunity for journalist killings remains shockingly high at 86%, creating a chilling effect for the work of journalists and risking freedom of expression worldwide ".
I wanted to comment about one specific case that has got extremely few press coverage in English: the independent Spanish journalist Pablo González (also Russian because he's the descendant of Spanish Civil War refugee kids who fled to the USSR), currently being held in pre-trial detention in Poland since Feb. 28 2022 with unproven spy accusations. Not even his lawyers have access to the alleged evidence. Thanks to my native language Spanish I can know a lot about the case in left-wing Spanish media, but I've been looking for decent articles in English and there are none, so I wanted to visibilise it here. The two VOA articles about him are too incomplete in my opinion and they understate how grave this press freedom violation is. Until recently he's been in solitary confinement and he hasn't been able to talk to his kids, only once has his wife been able to visit him. Not until this February, one year into the detention, has his lawyer been authorised to defend him (and he hasn't been given much, so Pablo's right to defense is being trampled on). The consul visits him every now and then, but he can't do much. Overall, his prison conditions are depressing.
In the name of all the good that journalism can do to the world, it's important to spread the message that Pablo González needs to be freed right now, that if they really think he's a spy that he be judged fairly and the obvious truth is upheld in the verdict. There's been a lot of coverage about the illegal detention of Evan Gershkovich in Russia, but almost nothing has been said about this journalist imprisoned in the EU, his wife Oihana Goiriena denounces. She says Spain's Foreign Affairs minister has asked for Gershkovich's freedom, but not even the freedom of a journalist of his own country, what a piece of shit. This is devastating for press freedom, don't hesitate to denounce it.
<-- this is an interview with Oihana Goiriena in Spanish, click translate. I've seen that in this media one of the last reports by Pablo González, together with his colleague Juan Teixeira, was published in Jan. 27th 2022, it talked about the terribly difficult life of civilians who lived right next to the Donbass frontline.
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2023.06.08 00:16 theyoshiegg How can I convince my girlfriend that we need a gun when we don’t have one?

My (22M) gf (21F) refuses to have a gun in our home for any reason whatsoever, and that it’s a dealbreaker for her. I completely understand why; we’ve both had suicidal thoughts in the past and truthfully neither of us really should own one. However, we live in a city with a really high crime rate, and have had several homicides this year. I explained that we should have one for our protection, but she’s adamant that we must not carry one. However, I believe it’s more dangerous to not have one than it is to have one. Any suggestions?
Delete if not allowed.
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2023.06.08 00:12 Apathetic-Onion Journalism is extremely important for making the world a better place and promoting peace.

Today I watched a new Vice News mini-documentary where the photojournalist that uncovered the Iran-Contra affair talked about his experience. Thanks to the loss of credibility caused by such revelation, Reagan wasn't able to continue his illegal campaign against Nicaragua. This saved many lives because the Contras, most of whose top commanders formerly were in Somoza's National Guard, were known for killing many civilians in their regime change campaign. ICJ ruled that USA was violating Nicaragua's sovereignty, revealing how authoritarian Reagan was, something that was already well known. Anyway, the point of this post isn't talking about Nicaragua or Reagan, but to give thanks to all the brave journalists in the world who, in the past and in the present, are uncovering crimes and lies in order to inform everybody about reality.
To this day critical journalism and war journalism are dangerous jobs that are extremely important for a well-functioning society where people can be informed. Last year, according to UNESCO, 86 journalists were killed, with half targeted off duty. The deadliest individual countries were Mexico (19 killings), Ukraine (10) and Haiti (9). They also say "the rate of impunity for journalist killings remains shockingly high at 86%, creating a chilling effect for the work of journalists and risking freedom of expression worldwide ".
I wanted to comment about one specific case that has got extremely few press coverage in English: the Spanish independent journalist Pablo González (also Russian because he's the descendant of Spanish Civil War refugees who fled to the USSR), currently being held in pre-trial detention in Poland since Feb. 28 2022 with unproven spy accusations. Not even his lawyers have access to the alleged evidence. I know a lot about the case because I'm a Spaniard, but I've been looking for decent articles in English and there are none, so I wanted to visibilise it here. The two VOA articles about him are too incomplete in my opinion and they understate how grave this press freedom violation is. Until recently he's been in solitary confinement and he hasn't been able to talk to his kids, only once has his wife been able to visit him. Not until this February, one year into the detention, has his lawyer been authorised to defend him (and he hasn't been given much, so Pablo's right to defense is being trampled on). The consul visits him every now and then, but he can't do much. Overall, his prison conditions are depressing.
In the name of all the good that journalism can do to the world, it's important to spread the message that Pablo González needs to be freed right now, that if they really think he's a spy that he be judged fairly and the obvious truth is upheld in the verdict. There's been a lot of coverage about the illegal detention of Evan Gershkovich in Russia, but almost nothing has been said about this journalist imprisoned in the EU, his wife Oihana Goiriena denounces. She says my country's Foreign Affairs minister has asked for Gershkovich's freedom, but not even the freedom of a journalist of his own country, what a piece of shit. This is devastating for press freedom, don't hesitate to denounce it. <-- this is an interview with Oihana Goiriena in Spanish, click translate. In this media one of the last reports by Pablo González, together with his colleague Juan Teixeira, was published in Jan. 27th 2022, it talked about the terribly difficult life of civilians who lived right next to the Donbass frontline.
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2023.06.08 00:05 PrinceRizz23 Superhero Fatigue Has Been Disproved (again)

The first quarter of this year was heavily dominated by the narrative that superhero fatigue was finally upon us.
While the MCU hurt its brand by over-saturation of less than great content on the big screen and on Disney+, the DCEU was continuing its ever entertaining drama with the Black Adam and Shazamily! failing to change the heirachy of power.
Indeed this was a narrative that Hollywood insiders have been prepping. Let's not forget it was real cinema like Top Gun that saved cinemas from the pandemic, and nobody should dare mention Spider-Man: No Way Home's incredible run.
Now summer 2023 is the summer of the superhero. Guardians of the Galaxy is set to top the summer, and Spider-verse is credibly in with a shout to become second. Both have had great runs and been well received by critics and audiences.
Other films like Fast X and The Little Mermaid are failing to continue the success their predecessors enjoyed (although they are thankfully still doing okay if still disappointing).
Indiana and Elemental and Transformers all currently have supbar ratings on rotten tomatoes and are set to have mixed to poor performances either domestically, internationally or both. (But I hope they all can find an audience tbh)
Other films like Barbie, Oppeinheimer, and Mission Impossible are set to do well particularly with their core audiences but do not seem ready at this stage to set the box office on fire.
Superhero films continue to be the life blood of the box office. They have reliable, consistent appeal across audiences both domestically and internationally.
Anyway this is a long way of saying underestimate the Flash, Marvels and Aquaman at your own peril (Blue Beatle is a genuine wildcard but I hope it does well because I hope all films do well!)
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2023.06.07 23:34 shiftless_wonder Vehicle thefts have soared in Alberta — and the hottest targets might surprise you Social Sharing Facebook Twitter Email Reddit LinkedIn

Thefts in Alberta stand out when compared with other provinces, says Bryan Gast, vice-president of investigative services at Équité Association.
"The vehicles that are being stolen are different, and the recovery rates are different," he said.
Unlike in Quebec and Ontario, where newer luxury vehicles are mainly being targeted for export by organized crime groups, thieves are stealing vehicles in Alberta for other purposes, Gast says.
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2023.06.07 23:07 gurukulofcivil What is Stormwater Drainage System? 13 Important Points

Table of Contents
What is a stormwater drainage system?
What is the purpose of the stormwater drainage system?
Where does storm drain water go?
Does storm drains connect to the sewage system?
Do storm drains lead to the sea or ocean?
What is surface water flooding?
What is a poor drainage system?
How to prevent surface water flooding?
What are the innovative stormwater drainage solutions?
Difference between stormwater and wastewater
Stormwater Management
How does storm-water management help?
Integrated Water Management

What is a stormwater drainage system?

Rainfall results in the formation of stormwater. Stormwater that is not absorbed by the ground due to impermeable pavement or hard surface, spills over to the road or hard surface, is collected by the underground drainage system, called stormwater drainage system.

What is the purpose of the stormwater drainage system?

The purpose of civil drainage is to collect rainfall runoff from all across the city and discharge it slowly to the downstream river or natural water catchments. Stormwater drainage systems frequently collaborate with the environment, channelling, attenuating, and discharging stormwater through natural features such as lakes, ditches, ponds, swales, streams, etc.

Where does storm drain water go?

Water rushes off hard surfaces such as roads, parking bays, rooftops, pathways, and driveways into stormwater drains. In an urban setting, stormwater drains out to the smaller pipes that connect to larger stormwater pipes, and that finally connects to oversize drains or pipes that transport the water to the outfall points such as streams, and creeks, rivers, and/ or the ocean.

Does storm drains connect to the sewage system?

The storm system is distinct from the sewage system and just caters to rainwater and groundwater. It also prevents flooding by attenuating surface water. The storm sewer system that drains surface water directly to the nearest outfall such as stream or pond or river, is connected to the drainage system that you usually see on the roads, footway, and parking bays”.

Do storm drains lead to the sea or ocean?

The sewage water that comes from the household such as the kitchen sink or toilet in your home, is untreated water and therefore goes first for the treatment and then discharges to the nearby outfall points. Stormwater is normally not significantly contaminated, so they need a relatively simpler treatment process before discharging to the outfall points such as streams, lakes, rivers, or the ocean.

What is surface water flooding?

When rainwater does not drain away through typical drainage systems or does not trickle down to the permeable ground earth, but instead lies on or flows over the ground, surface water flooding occurs. The responsibility of managing or controlling the risk of surface water flooding comes under the purview of the lead local flood authority or agency.

What is a poor drainage system?

The poor drainage system can cause flooding, resulting in property loss and possibly causing people to relocate to avoid the floodwaters. Flooding can also wreak havoc on water supply infrastructure and pollute home water supplies. Following are some well-known common causes of poor drainage systems:

How to prevent surface water flooding?

A sustainable drainage system (Suds) is a natural way to manage surface water that can be employed in any form of development:

What are the innovative stormwater drainage solutions?

Here are four programs that change stormwater from a waste to a resource, ranging from building thriving wetlands to reducing the demand for potable water supplies:

Difference between stormwater and wastewater

Stormwater is water that drains into a street drainage system from rain and other sources and discharges to the downstream river or pond or creeks. Flooding and bank erosion are prevented by stormwater drainage systems.
Water from households and businesses is the main source of wastewater. Before wastewater is discharged to the nearby streams or creeks, it is very important to treat them.

Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is the attempt to limit rainwater or melted snow runoff into streets, open ground, and other locations while also improving water quality. Stormwater is filtered when it is trickled down to the existing ground soil and eventually fills the aquifers or runs into nearby streams and rivers.
When heavy rains fall, however, the saturated earth produces surplus moisture that seeps across the ground and then to the storm drains and finally to the downstream ditches. It caters to debris, eroded soil mass, bacteria, chemical substances, and other forms of pollutants and is therefore treated (by the downstream defender) before discharging to the stream or river just before the outfall point.

How does storm-water management help?

In urban settings, impervious surfaces like road pavement, footways, rooftops obstruct the rainwater from naturally soaking into the existing ground. Instead, the stormwater rushes into the storm drain system, through gully & pipe network, drainage ditches, etc, and its causes flooding, contamination, turbidity (or muddiness), sometimes overflowing storm and sanitary sewer systems, and finally damages the infrastructure and properties.
Stormwater management and green infrastructure, on the other hand, aim to collect and reuse stormwater in order to preserve or reinstate natural hydrologists. Stormwater management is primarily concerned with retaining stormwater and eliminating pollutants.
Stormwater management includes porous surfaces that allow rain to trickle down into the ground soil. It also manages grey infrastructures such as culverts, orifices, storm sewers, and traditional piped drainage networks, and aims to restore or mimic the natural water cycle.

Integrated Water Management

Integrated water management (IWM) of stormwater helps to minimize or eliminate various potential issues such as the health of rivers or waterways and challenges of the water supply system due to the rapid urban agglomeration. IWM is commonly associated with green infrastructure management and prefers to be involved during the early stages of the design process.
It helps to identify and mitigate major roadblocks at the early stage of design and a well-integrated infrastructure can be developed. Infrastructure development and urban growth result in increased demands for robust surface water drainage systems.
Although climate change and reduction in the green field are two very important factors to consider while designing the proposed drainage system. It is recommended to consider a 20% uplift in surface water quantity due to the climate change factor and maintain the greenfield runoff rate at the outfall location.
That means provision of an attenuation system, stormwater harvesting (to decrease the amount of water that can cause a potential for flooding), infiltration (to reestablish natural groundwater recharge), bio-retention or biofiltration (e.g., rain gardens) to accumulate and treat runoff and discharge it at a controlled rate (by flow control devices) to lessen the impact on the down streams, and wetland treatment solutions are some non-exhaustive solutions to be explored by the designers.
The most common solution is to provide land-based treatment such as attenuation ponds, infiltration trenches, bioswales, permeable paving, etc to reduce stormwater runoff. Engineered, manufactured items can also be used to accomplish comparable, or possibly better, effects than land-based systems.
The ideal LID solution balances the anticipated outcomes (runoff and contamination management) with the associated costs. IWM, is still in its early days, bringing together components of drainage, hydrology, ecology, and the recognition that old-style drainage solutions only push issues downstream, putting the environment and natural water supplies at risk.
I hope this blog will help you understand the stormwater drainage system and its associated advantages, disadvantages, etc.
Please feel free to like, share and comment.
Admin, Please see our Pillar Post to know why we founded
Read More:
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2023.06.07 22:16 Gloriousllama92 Advice on My Home Buying Plans

First time poster here. A bit of background: I'm looking to buy a home around December of this year and would like extra sets of eyes on the plans I have put together so far and any advice you all might have would be appreciated.
For starters here is my current budget:
I currently rent a 3 bed/2 bath and I'll be the first to admit I have an a great price for rent. However, the place has its issues. The insulation is poor and the windows are old leading to very high electric bills in the summer months. The $220 listed in my current budget is the 12 month average, but this can hit $400 in the hottest month. It also takes my landlord a very long time to fix things around here and more often I have to do it myself and charge it back to him so it gets done. The area I live in (West Houston) has tremendously gone downhill this year with major crimes happening very close to where I live and I'd like to move further west into quieter suburbs. As rent prices have skyrocketed around here renting somewhere else is out of the question.
So that leads to me to planned scenario:
I am looking to purchase a $250k home further west outside of Houston (Katy, Cypress, etc.). I am currently assuming a 6% interest rate in hopes they drop by the end of the year and considering I have an 800+ credit score. By the end of the year I will have $35k saved for the purchase. I'm budgeting a $10k down payment, less than 20% down I know, and $13k for closing costs. This will leave me with a $12k buffer once its all done. In December, I'll have roughly 24 months left of payments on my car (2022). Until that is done, I'm worried maybe I'll be stretched a bit too thin but I've seen 20% leftover after all bills is a pretty good financial marker.
The most likely scenario to happen is this:
I have been in discussion to receive roughly a $5k raise at some point this year and awaiting approval. If this is the case that will obviously lighten the burden and put me in a good spot especially once my car is paid off in 2025. Of course, I could take my savings and pay off my car this year and then save up the cost I spent. This would take roughly 6 months so adjust my buying time to this time in 2024. This decision will be largely led by what the housing market looks like later this year.
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2023.06.07 21:50 GiraffeOk1035 What is Digital Forensics?What is digital forensics in simple terms? What is an example of a digital forensic? What are the 3 main branches of digital forensics? What is digital forensics in cyber security? ---------------------- Digital forensics or digital forensic science is a branch of cybersecurity focused on the recovery and investigation of material found in digital devices and cybercrimes. Digital forensics was originally used as a synonym for computer forensics but has expanded to cover the investigation of all devices that store digital data.
What is Digital Forensics?
As society increases its reliance on computer systems and cloud computing, digital forensics becomes a crucial aspect of law enforcement agencies and businesses. Digital forensics is concerned with the identification, preservation, examination, and analysis of digital evidence, using scientifically accepted and validated processes, to be used in and outside of a court of law.
While its roots stretch back to the personal computing revolution in the late 1970s, digital forensics began to take shape in the 1990s and it wasn't until the early 21st century that countries like the United States began rolling out nationwide policies.
Today, the technical aspect of an investigation is divided into five branches that encompass seizure, forensic imaging, and analysis of digital media.
What is the Purpose of Digital Forensics?
The most common use of digital forensics is to support or refute a hypothesis in a criminal or civil court:
Digital forensics experts are also hired by the private sector as part of cybersecurity and information security teams to identify the cause of data breaches, data leaks, cyber attacks, and other cyber threats.
Digital forensic analysis may also be part of incident response to help recover or identify any sensitive data or personally identifiable information (PII) that was lost or stolen in a cybercrime.
What is Digital Forensics Used For?
Digital forensics is used in both criminal and private investigations.
Traditionally, it is associated with criminal law where evidence is collected to support or negate a hypothesis before the court. Collected evidence may be used as part of intelligence gathering or to locate, identify or halt other crimes. As a result, data gathered may be held to a less strict standard than traditional forensics.
In civil cases, digital forensic teams may help with electronic discovery (eDiscovery). A common example is following unauthorized network intrusion. A forensics examiner will attempt to understand the nature and extent of the attack, as well as try to identify the attacker.
As encryption becomes more widespread, the forensic investigation becomes harder, due to the limited laws compelling individuals to disclose encryption keys.
What is the Digital Forensics Investigation Process?
There are a number of methodologies for the forensic process, which define how forensic examiners should gather, process, analyze, and extract data. Digital forensics investigations commonly consist of four stages:
  1. Seizure: Prior to actual examination, the digital media is seized. In criminal cases, this will be performed by law enforcement personnel to preserve the chain of custody.
  2. Acquisition: Once the assets are seized, a forensic duplicate of the data is created, using a hard drive duplicator or software imaging tool. Then the original drive is returned to secure storage to prevent tampering. The acquired image is verified with SHA-1 or MD5 hash functions and will be verified again throughout the analysis to verify the evidence is still in its original state.
  3. Analysis: After the acquisition of the evidence, files are analyzed to identify evidence to support or contradict a hypothesis. The forensic analyst usually recovers evidence material using a number of methods (and tools), often beginning with the recovery of deleted information. The type of data analyzed varies but will generally include email, chat logs, images, internet history, and documents. The data can be recovered from accessible disk space, deleted space, or the operating system cache.
  4. Reporting: Once the investigation is complete, the information is collated into a report that is accessible to non-technical individuals. It may include audit information or other meta-documentation.
What Tools Do Digital Forensic Examiners Use?
In the 1980s, very few digital forensic tools existed, which forced forensic investigators to perform live analysis, using existing sysadmin tools to extract evidence. This carried the risk of modifying data on the disk which led to claims of evidence tampering.
Contact us at for technical problems about your task or issue regarding hacking services.
The need for software to address this problem was first recognized in 1989 at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and resulted in the creation of IMDUMP and SafeBack. DIBS, a hardware and software solution, was released commercially in 1991.
These tools create an exact copy of a piece of digital media to work on while leaving the original disk intact for verification. By the end of the 1990s, the demand for digital evidence meant more advanced tools such as EnCase and FTK were developed, allowing analysts to examine copies of media without live forensics.
There is now a trend towards live memory forensics using tools such as WindowsSCOPE and tools for mobile devices.
Today, there are single-purpose open-source tools like Wireshark, a packet sniffer, and HashKeeper, a tool to speed up the examination of database files. As well as commercial platforms with multiple functions and reporting capabilities like Encase or CAINE, an entire Linux distribution designed for forensics programs.
In general, tools can be broken down into the following ten categories:
  1. Disk and data capture tools
  2. File viewers
  3. File analysis tools
  4. Registry analysis tools
  5. Internet analysis tools
  6. Email analysis tools
  7. Mobile devices analysis tools
  8. Mac OS analysis tools
  9. Network forensics tools
  10. Database forensics tools
What are the Different Branches of Digital Forensics?
Digital forensics is no longer synonymous with computer forensics. It is increasingly concerned with data from other digital devices such as tablets, smartphones, flash drives, and even cloud computing.
In general, we can break digital forensics into five branches:
  1. Computer forensics
  2. Mobile device forensics
  3. Network forensics
  4. Forensic data analysis
  5. Database forensics
What is Computer Forensics?
Computer forensics or computer forensic science is a branch of digital forensics concerned with evidence found in computers and digital storage media. The goal of computer forensics is to examine digital data with the aim of identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing and presenting facts and opinions about the digital information.
It is used in both computer crime and civil proceedings. The discipline has similar techniques and principles to data recovery, with additional guidelines and practices designed to create a legal audit trail with a clear chain of custody.
Evidence from computer forensics investigations is subjected to the same guidelines and practices as other digital evidence.
What is Mobile Device Forensics?
Mobile device forensics is a branch of digital forensics focused on the recovery of digital evidence from mobile devices using forensically sound methods.
While the phrase mobile device generally refers to mobile phones, it can relate to any device that has internal memory and communication ability including PDA devices, GPS devices, and tablets.
While the use of mobile phones in crime has been widely recognized for years, the forensic study of mobile phones is a new field, beginning in the late 1990s.
The growing need for mobile device forensics is driven by:
That said, mobile device forensics is particularly challenging due to:
As a result of these challenges, many tools exist to extract evidence from mobile devices. But no one tool or method can acquire all evidence from all devices. This has forced forensic examiners, especially those who wish to be expert witnesses, to undergo extensive training to understand how each tool and method acquires evidence, how it maintains forensic soundness, and how it meets legal requirements.
What is Network Forensics?
Network forensics is a branch of digital forensics focused on monitoring and analyzing computer network traffic for information gathering, legal evidence, or intrusion detection.
Unlike other branches of digital forensics, network data is volatile and dynamic. Once transmitted, it is gone so network forensics is often a proactive investigation.
Network forensics has two general uses:
  1. Monitoring a network for anomalous traffic and identifying intrusions.
  2. Law enforcement may analyze capture network traffic as part of criminal investigations.
What is Forensic Data Analysis?
Forensic data analysis (FDA) is a branch of digital forensics that examines structured data in regard to incidents of financial crime. The aim is to discover and analyze patterns of fraudulent activities. Structured data is data from application systems or their databases.
This can be contrasted to unstructured data that is taken from communication, office applications, and mobile devices. Unstructured data has no overarching structure and analysis, therefore, means applying keywords or mapping patterns. Analysis of unstructured data is usually done by computer forensics or mobile device forensics experts.
What is Database Forensics?
Database forensics is a branch of digital forensics related to databases and their related metadata. The cached information may also exist in a server's RAM requiring live analysis techniques.
A forensic examination of a database may relate to timestamps that apply to the update time of a row in a relational database that is being inspected and tested for validity to verify the actions of a database user. Alternatively, it may focus on identifying transactions within a database or application that indicate evidence of wrongdoing, such as fraud.
How Allhackgecko Can Improve Your Cybersecurity
Allhackgecko can reduce the cyber risks related to typo squatting and vulnerabilities, along with preventing breaches, avoiding regulatory fines, and protecting your customer's trust through cyber security ratings and continuous exposure detection.
We can also help you continuously monitor, rate, and send security questionnaires to your vendors to control third-party risk and improve your security posture, as well as automatically create an inventory, enforce policies, and detect unexpected changes to your IT infrastructure.
send a reach to our team of digital forensics experts and specialist cybercrime investigators today on
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2023.06.07 21:28 HannoPicardVI Arab refugee shot dead following "road rage" incident in Norwich. Shocked friends say he was a "hard-working man who worked 13 hours a day, seven days a week". Refugee fled Central African Republic after ruling government began to target non-black Arab population and claimed asylum in Britain

The victim of yesterday afternoon's deadly shooting has been named as "Adib Fazal", a 29 year old Arab refugee.
Shortly after midday, Fazal had been on a lunch break and had been driving along the A146 when a collision occurred and an argument ensued. The driver of the car involved in the collision with Fazal's car is then said to have pulled out a handgun and shot Fazal in the head, "killing him instantly" according to police.
"This was an extreme crime and we are still investigating whether there was also a hate crime element to this incident, given the victim's Arab background," DCI Solomons said this morning.
Police confirmed that a 42 year old white male had been taken into custody and charged with reckless driving, possession of an unlicensed firearm and murder.
Friends of Fazal told The Herald of their shock at the news.
23 year old housemate Ella Malden, who lives with Fazal in a shared house in Norwich, told the paper that Fazal was "a very hard-working man who worked 13 hours a day, seven days a week as a tree surgeon in locations across East Anglia and the Midlands" and that he had just received his Level 6 diploma in Advanced Forestry and Advanced Arboriculture from the Chartered Institute of Agroforestry and Arboriculture just days before the shooting. Whilst asylum seekers are not allowed to be in employment whilst their applications are being processed by the Home Office, refugees are allowed to work as much as they want to and are placed in the same tax rate bands as residents and citizens in Britain.
"It's just crazy," she said. "Fazal was a talented tree surgeon and he has been through hell. He fled the Central African Republic after the new black government began to target, persecute and kill the non-black Arab population. His brother was killed as well as his cousins. His mother has also been imprisoned and he was still fighting for her release. He claimed asylum in Britain and his application was accepted and he has been trying to make a life for himself here ever since. He's an even more productive member of society than most born-and-bred Brits I know. I just can't believe he was shot dead over nothing."
Asylum International estimates that more than 21,500 Arab people have been displaced from their homes in the Central African Republic, a landlocked country in central Africa, with more than half of that number escaping to Europe to seek asylum in western European countries. More than 2,700 people - mostly Arabs - have been killed in what UN Secretary-General Timothy Vincent labelled "the worst ethnic violence seen in central Africa in over a decade".
The country's new President, William Djotodia, has also been labelled by world leaders as an "authoritarian dictator" after he conferred extra powers to his position, effectively enabling himself to bypass the requirements for votes in the national senate when making new laws and signing "overreaching" executive orders. A national security executive order for instance, signed by him last year, gave the security services and police extra powers to spy on "at-risk" groups in the population and raid homes and neighbourhoods in "problematic areas" without warrants and detain suspects - mostly of Arab descent - indefinitely and without requirements for charges to be brought within a certain period of time. Djotodia's rhetoric has been described as "vitriolic" and "evil" after he said "Arab people are not African; they should not even be in this country".
Relations with the Arab world also reached an all-time low last year after Djotodia ordered the shootdown of a Global Emirates cargo plane which had deviated slightly off course on a preplanned route. The CAF government insisted that the modified 747 cargo plane, which had flown out of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and had been bound for the CAF capital, became "unresponsive" following a course deviation and following the shootdown, Djotodia quickly declared the airspace closed to cargo planes flying from 6 Middle Eastern countries, shortly before countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE issued an advisory to freight companies and other businesses advising them that the airspace over the Central African Republic was "unsafe" and the "threat of a shootdown was high".
Meanwhile, the accused of yesterday's shooting is expected to appear before magistrates in Norwich Magistrates' court tomorrow morning where he will be named and asked to confirm his date of birth and address and be asked to enter a plea before the case will then be escalated to the Crown Court for a jury trial or sentencing, given the serious nature of the crimes he is accused of. He is not expected to be granted a bail hearing, given the serious nature of the crime.
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2023.06.07 20:40 KotMalenki For those (like myself) who believe that Michael is a pedo, let’s talk about statute of limitations in Indiana on sexual abuse of a child…

Disclaimer: obviously I’m playing armchair detective and this is speculation. But I think it’s some quality speculation.
So the case where Michael was acquitted and the case against his wife were both concerning charges related to neglect/abandonment. I want to rewatch the series to make sure I got this right, but I don’t believe there was ANY mention of sexual abuse of Natalia in those cases.
Which, if you think about it… abuse and neglect is likely the tip of the iceberg, with this family. While the filmmakers don’t draw a ton of attention to it, there’s obviously red flags all around Natalia’s behavior and Michael that are clearly pointing to sexual abuse. (We don’t know for sure, but I’m personally convinced) I suspect that they trafficked her to other pedophiles as well. Maybe that sounds extreme or conspiratorial, but I have come to understand that this is kind of a typical move for pedophiles. The internet has made it easier for them to find each other and form tight knit communities, and there’s also large amounts of money to be made off of children in this way (😔💔🤢).
So… based on the fact that Natalia said to one of her neighbors that she was literally prostituted (in her first apartment, where everyone thought she was just a crazy adult), and that Kristine tried to whore her out to the guy interviewed at the end of the series, and alllllll the weird pedophile red flags Michael gives me. Oh, AND as the investigators pointed out multiple times, it appears that they were trying to get rid of her but also keep her from speaking to or contacting literally anyone… to me suggests the family has bigger secrets. Also, having the son pee on her bed, wether or not that story is true, I don’t know why exactly but something about it felt sexual in nature? Like it was something that came out of the mind of a peadophile, tbh. Like having a kid pee on another kid, or on their belongings screams weird pedophile kink shit to me.
Anyway, you get the idea. I for one am 100% convinced. So now, the interesting thing about statute of limitations: apparently, up until 2019, 6 years after the Barnetts had NG re-aged to 22, conveniently the age where they stop being legally responsible for her… also, conveniently 4 years after turning 18—which is (or was, prior to 2019?) one of the statutes of limitations on child sex crimes. Ok, someone who actually knows the laws in Indiana needs to speak on this. Because I not only think that this re-aging stunt reveals a lot more about the Barnett’s dark deeds and intentions than we realize, but I also think this may be the justice we’re actually hoping for for Natalia. Because apparently in 2019 the laws changed and there are now effectively not statute of limitations on sex crimes against children—this is what I’ve gathered from 5 minutes of googling, so I am kind of shooting from the hip as I say this, but I think there’s something here. And I’m curious what others think about this. 🤔
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2023.06.07 19:57 mrInternet101 Good/Bad areas in Milton Keynes

Hey all,
I plan to move to Milton Keynes in a couple of years and I was wondering what are the bad areas to avoid & what are the good areas (nice areas to live)? What is the crime rate like?
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2023.06.07 19:50 Obesity-Won-Kenobi Nature of Abandonment (20/?)

Memory Transcription Subject: Gokhos, Kolshian Fleet Commander
Date [Standardized Human Time]: November 9, 2136
Notice: These were the last thoughts of the subject before the flagship's destruction took place, this is the best interpolation base of the final data received from the subject’s neuro analyzer.
I’m so disappointed in all of them…
All of them…
To leave the federation for the sake of a wounded predator species? To feel empathy for a creature which has none? To abandon us for these humans?! It was all so shameful, Solvin was brainwashed by humans to say such things to garner guilt upon us for something that was ultimately righteous. They needed to be brought back… even if it was through force. After all, it was clear they all needed to be re-educated.
They fell victim to the predator’s tricks. The humans managed to trick them all into feeling sorry for them. They weren’t as loyal to the great protector as I wished they were. They will be, soon enough they all will be… that the universe might come united and aware of the predator menace that plagues all life.
My train of thought was interrupted as we re-entered real space within the Venlil’s home system. The Venlil… the cowards were the first to be re-installed into the federation considering they were the first species to leave it… They were to be taught a lesson, and their governor be executed for crimes against the federation.
I opened up fleetwide communications. “My comrades, these fools have been tainted by predator trickery and influence. We must not let this stand… they will try to oppose us from saving them from themselves… holdfast, for we will destroy the Venlil Fleet stationed here, and stand victorious over the predator diseased fools!”
I heard a collective cheer through the comms as I ordered the fleet to move forward… I knew that in a few moments the Venlil’s planetary alarms would activate, and they would gun it for the bunkers. Those skittish fools were all so easy to scatter… how they brought themselves to even associate with the humans was mind boggling to me.
Our fleet accelerated to the planet at a rapid rate, with the defense fleet moving in to oppose us. I sent out a message to the Venlil Fleet, “Venlil forces, stand down, we intend to save you from the predatory influence that is plaguing your society.”
“How about you go suck on a Mazic dick!” The Venlil military advisor named Kam spoke to me through the comms…

How bold…
“All forces open fire… engage the Venlil forces and shoot to kill.”
As soon as I said that our railguns began to fire at the defensive fleet. We outnumbered them 2-1 at least… Even more so considering the way Venlil was under overwhelming odds against them, this battle was going smoothly... exactly as expected~. I knew this was going to be similar to the bombardment on earth. The Venlil were going to run away soon enough to save their own skins, and leave the planet wide open… Only this time? We were going to save the Venlil from predator influence, and there was no one to save them from the-...
“SIR! We’re detecting a warp signature entering the system not far from the planet! The make is unknown!”

How?! There were no other fleets that were anywhere near this sector except for the human remnants! And they didn’t have the numbers to defend themselves without the Arxur helping them! Are... are they actually coming to help them?!
More importantly… WHY THE FUCK WOULD HUMANS SAVE THE VENLIL!?! The Venlil abandoned humanity to their fate! Why would they even try to send a single ship to help them?!
The unidentified fleet entered the system by the planet, scans showed a fleet of 400 ships… massive ships… It was actually shocking the kinds of weapons that were detected upon each individual vessel.
There seemed to be two variants of this style of ship. One had railguns and defensive laser turrets and the other seemed to have missile pods and rapid-fire kinetic weapons… It was unknown of the ship’s capabilities, but we weren’t worried. These ships were unmistakably human, the logo of the UN was emblazoned on its side. I had nothing to worry about, humans were weakened… they were primitive… even with the intimidation that these ships had, that’s all it was, intimidation…
As expected, the Venlil forces were breaking away from the battle, even though they still only lost 22% of their forces… I figured it was out of cowardice before my comms officer informed me of the chatter on Venlil channels.
“Sir! The human forces have commanded the Venlil forces to stand down and return to their defensive position around the Planet! The Human forces are repositioning to move just before the defending fleet!”
The humans are taking the charge over the Venlil? That was an odd thing indeed… perhaps their desire for vengeance over federation has limited their few cognitive abilities? There was no way that these humans truly thought they could win… this overconfidence will surely be their downfall!
“All ships move forward towards the planet! We will obliterate the human forces that stand between us and victory!”
We rushed forward to engage the humans… their missile pods unleashed a flurry of missiles to intercept our course. Foolish~! there was not a doubt in my mind that our shields would hold against whatever these primitives could…
I was quickly turned to a more concerned look as systems suddenly deactivated, this didn’t make any sense! Our ships' shields were primed to handle any sort of attack! But we never considered a weapon that tampered with electronics! All systems were deactivated! That also meant that…
Our shields…
We were just sitting in space! Floating on a predictable path! Engineering told me that they should have the systems fixed in four minutes. That would be more than enough time to recalibrate our shields and put down the preda-

My thoughts were quickly put to rest, as I realized how pointless it was to try and fight back…
The humans opened fire…
And all that followed was a constant rain of railguns blasting away at our fleet. Dozens of ships were being obliterated every second.
The human railguns were numerous on their warships… the velocity of their shells reaching around 0.15c, based on what my first officer told me…
With five turrets with three railguns each… railguns that could fire again after 5 seconds of recharge… with weapons that could deactivate entire fleets and blast through dozens of ships in seconds…
Numbers no longer mattered when it came to humans… even if we had a fleet over 20 times their size…
It became more than obvious to me…
We angered a species that had the powers to outmatch a FUCKING FOUNDER RACE…
And win…
The comms chatter was abundant with screaming and crying in terror as all my fellow federation soldiers, they were expressing their regret at partaking in this mission… I was all the same. Tuning into human comms… it was even more terrifying than hearing my comrades' sorrow and pain… because I heard the humans' maniacal laughter… I heard them celebrating the destruction they were inflicting upon us… that unholy laughter chilled me to my bones, as I felt a tear run down my face…

:: Upon careful thinking? I have decided that the shell that humanity utilizes are 269 kg shells... there reason it is so specific is because, as per u/Khotehk, this will reach a megaton yield more than of the Tsar Bomba... and because of (LOL FUNNI SEGGS NUMBER) ... I'm not sorry~. ::
Prev: Nature of Abandonment (19/?) : NatureofPredators (
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2023.06.07 19:31 Rolttel What prevents people from doing crimes just because they can?

I dont know much about the logistics of actually committing a crime, but what stops people from just doing easy, assumably hard to trace or untraceable crimes/damages like going around at night and setting off huge forest fires or setting houses in a neighborhood on fire, popping tires, shooting gas station pumps(?) etc. Id assume its based on deviancy rates in individual states but theres 8billionish people in the world and its slightly unbelievable that theres not more random destructive acts like that
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2023.06.07 19:11 WolfSK-88 [USA-CO] [H] Ps4 console, ps3 console, ps2 games [W] PayPal

So shipping is includes in all prices. Will only ship conus. The only game that doesn't have it's manual that came with one is Socom (ps2).
Ps4 bundle (with hdmi, power, controller cable) $160 OBO
games: The last of us 1 & 2, GtaV, Ghost of Tsushima, Overwatch, Call of Duty modern warfare Remastered
Ps3 bundle (with controller, controller charge cable, power cable, no hdmi cable) $100
games: Call of Duty Modern warfare 2, Battlefield bad company 1 & 2, Warhawk (the servers for this game no longer work, but co-op/versus splitscreen works), Call of Duty World at War, Prince of Persia
ps2 games bundle $45
Sphinxs and the cursed mummy, dr. muto, Socom 1, 2, and 3, Lego indiana jones, Lego starwars, Army Men RTS(really fun), /medal of honor rising sun PS1
sim theme park (insanely under-rated game. It plays on both ps2 and ps3, so let me know if you want it with any bundle. It's more than worth a play. I didn't even grow up with this game. I played it first on the psp at 12 then came back a few years ago and bought it again.)
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2023.06.07 18:58 trip2history Iran


iran is a #country that is often misunderstood and misrepresented in the #media . Many people have preconceived notions about Iran based on stereotypes and misinformation. However, the reality of Iran is quite different from what you might think.

Firstly, Iran is a very #safe country to visit. #Crime rates are low, and the Iranian people are known for #hospitality and #kindness towards #foreigners. Despite what you may have heard about #political tensions and #terrorism, Iran is actually one of the safest countries in the Middle East. Secondly, Iran is a country with a #rich and diverse culture. From the ancient ruins of #Persepolis to the stunning #architecture of the #mosques in #isfahan , there is a wealth of history and beauty to be discovered in Iran. The country also has a vibrant art scene with many talented painters, #sculptors, and musicians. Thirdly, Iran is a country with a thriving #food #culture. Iranian #cuisine is known for its use of #fresh #ingredients, #aromatic #spices, and complex #flavors. From savory stews to sweet pastries, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Iranian cuisine. Finally, Iran is a country with a #young and #educated population. They are also highly educated, with a literacy rate of over 97%. Despite the challenges of #economic #sanctions and political #isolation, young Iranians are #optimistic about the future and eager to engage with the world. In conclusion, Iran is a country that is different from what you might think. It is a safe, culturally rich, and welcoming destination that offers a unique travel experience. So why book your trip to Iran today and discover what this wonderful country has to offer?
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2023.06.07 18:31 CuprumOxide Headcanon

The reason why Herta's dolls are placed throughout the Space Station is to allow the male researchers to release and relieve their sexual urges. This contributes to the low harrassment and sexual crime rate making the station safer for the female researchers. These readily available receptacles also promote better mental health for the male researchers as they can focus more properly on their respective fields of studies.
The dolls are also placed in locations with varying levels of exposure to satisfy the kinks of every researcher, should they have any. From the most exposed one being at the Master Control Area to the most discreet one in the Storage Area, there's a doll to satisfy you.
For the female researchers who are also in need of stimulation and release but do not want to approach a fellow researcher of the male gender out of fear of disrupting the cohesiveness between colleagues in the workplace, there are also Herta dolls which have a futa attachment that clicks on.
These dolls also have a function that allows them to use the cum as an energy source, which allows the dolls to operate almost indefinitely. A reward system is also set in place where the more dolls you recharge, the more credits you get.
In order to accomodate the older researchers who are experiencing difficulty in producing cum, the dolls have an apparatus much like the ones found in mechanical watches where repeated movements wind a spring that is connected to a tiny generator system within.
Edit: Herta and the IPC in conjunction have expressed interest in deploying more copies of the Herta dolls to the Belobog Mines and Frontlines. The objective for the deployment in the mines is to provide the underground residents with a source of energy that will be reliable and accessible at any time. As for the front lines, it will give a morale boost to the Silvermane Guards operating there.
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2023.06.07 18:05 digdilem Solo Travel Report - The Orkneys, Scotland.

Solo Travel Report - The Orkneys
I've not done one of these before so be gentle if I've missed anything out - just trying to give back to a community that has helped me in the past. The Orkneys are a collection of Islands a few miles off the North of Scotland.
Travel Reaching the Orkneys is a choice of ferries several times a day from the Scottish Mainland (Northlink charge £130 car + 1 adult each way. Pentland Ferries are cheaper, but currently closed down), or you can take a small aircraft flight. Travel on the islands is probably best done by car, although there are buses to most of the popular sites. There are also a number of private tour companies who may collect. There are people visiting with smaller motorhomes and they seem able to get around fine - the roads generally are wide and straight and away from the hotspots, traffic is light. As with all of Scotland, wild camping is legal and there are people roadside parking overnight with campers, but check into this yourself if you want to do it. There are ferries to many of the other islands from the Orkney mainland so hopping between them is doable.
Accomodation Plenty of B&B/ guesthouse options. A little more expensive than the mainland, but reasonable. I'm staying for four days and nights, combining it with driving the NC500. I drove up from the bottom of the UK myself over two days and have scheduled four days to get back.
Climate A few degrees colder than most of the UK at the moment, but still t-shirt weather at around 19c. You'd need to bring various layers and waterproofs in case the weather does change.
Scenery The views are amazing almost everywhere. Mixtures of low hills, lochs and the sea, with islands and mountains in the distance.
What to do: Nature and history are the main themes. Lots of ancient history, neolithic onwards, including a large amount of Viking and Norse history. The Islands were used by the Royal Navy fleet during WW1 and WW2, and there are several impressive batteries and remains along the coast. Many standing stones, rings, Brochs and cairns. I chatted to some Birders on the ferry over who were raving about the seabird population, and indeed there seem to be a lot.
Don't miss: Skara Brae (An ancient settlement). Walks on the coast almost anywhere are full of amazing scenery. Hoxa Head worth a trip if you're into Wartime history. Broch of Gurness (Impressive fortified settlement)
Many of the major attractions cost money to visit and require booking in advance as they wish to spread visitor numbers. (Although I went to Skara Brae and only had to wait five minutes). Example costs; Skara Brae, £12, Broch of Gurness, £7.50. Italian Chapel: £3.50. Not huge amounts and the money is reinvested by Historical Scotland, so it's hard to be grumpy about this.
There are two large cruise liners anchored off Kirkwall at the moment, and this has made most of the tourist sites much busier. But there are still plenty of places you can get away from the large groups of people. I've found several coves and beaches where I could chill out by myself. I've spent today walking parts of South Ronaldsay (one of the islands) and met very few other tourists. Mostly the odd local who are universally cheerful and pleasant.
Safety It's very suitable for solo travellers, especially if you are concerned about safety. It is a very safe place for anyone, in fact, it's the safest place in Scotland. "A new study using Scottish Government crime statistics has found that Orkney is the safest area to live. The county has the lowest rate of crimes over the past year compared to the rest of Scotland, recording 143.8 per 10,000 people. It has reported 322 crimes in total between 2020/21."
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2023.06.07 17:56 uggsandstarbux Defending the Draft 2023: Minnesota Vikings

Link to Hub

Recapping 2022

2022 was a dangerous year to be a Vikings fan, especially if you have a pre-existing heart condition. While a season of 13 wins -- tied for the most since 1998 -- may seem like the team is in a position to make a Superbowl push, the actual quality of the team is a lot more... well, mediocre.
The 2022 Vikings ranked 19th in offensive EPA per play, 25th in defensive EPA per play, 27th in Overall DVOA, and 15th in Pythagorean Wins (with 8.4 expected wins). Kevin O'Connell always preached the performance of the team in priority situations. The team finished 12th in 3rd down conversion rate and 8th in red zone conversion rate. And the team led the league -- by far -- in the number of 4th quarter comebacks and game winning drives. When it was time to put up or shut up, the team put up hard. Except for in the playoffs.

2023 Offseason

All of that made the future of the Vikings tough to read. But Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and the rest of the front office told us what they thought of the team with their free agency moves. In a league where teams are trading the farm for Hall of Fame QBs and giving $20M/Year deals to nose tackles and guards, the Vikings' big free agent splash were a one year deal on an injury-prone DE and a good-not-great corner that doesn't even crack the top 20 highest AAVs at the position. Concurrently, the team parted ways with half of the team's 2022 captains to try to get under the cap. All of this while the team is not done with transactions -- Dalvin Cook still presents as a cut candidate due to his age and contract structure.
Notable Departures:
Notable Arrivals:
Other Notable Transactions:
The other major change that influenced how the team addresses the draft was the shift from Ed Donatell's Cover 2 shell defense to Brian Flores's aggressive man defense. Compared to the 2022 Vikings, Flores's 2021 Dolphins blitzed over twice as often and played with light boxes at roughly half the rate. On top of the front seven, one of the biggest changes in scheme is the Cover 2 alignment, which Donatell employed on nearly half of all defensive snaps compared to just 12% for Flores's 2021 Miami team. With one crop of rookies and free agents brought in to play in a Fangio style scheme, the defense would have to undergo a massive shift to succeed in a scheme that can only be described as the complete opposite of what was run in 2022.

Draft Needs

Cornerback - Arguably the Vikings' biggest need, the team was without a true CB1. Byron Murphy comes aboard as the most experienced player. Pegged a slot-only player through his first three years, Murphy spent most of his time in 2022 outside and had a career year. After that, the team looked to rely on improvements from their 2022 draft class with Andrew Booth and Akayleb Evans, two players that combined for fewer than 300 defensive snaps last season primarily due to injury. You can see how KAM and crew, confident in their scouting ability, are betting on health to affect the secondary for the better. But taking another bet on a young player is a smart move at a position where depth is always a good thing.
Interior Defensive Line - The loss of Dalvin Tomlinson -- who played 551 snaps last year and compiled 14 pressures -- leaves issues next to Harrison Phillips. Jonathan Bullard was third on the IDL with 319 snaps last season and returns on a one year deal. Tonga and Lynch had some flashes, and the team brought in Lowry. The rotation (optimistically) can get to competent. But finding a true winner on the inside of the line was viewed by many as a priority.
Wide Receiver - The Vikings starting personnel at WR heading in to the draft was Justin Jefferson (stud), KJ Osborn (decent), and... Jalen Nailor? Brandon Powell? Oh dear Lord don't tell me it's Jalen Reagor. The loss of Adam Thielen was expected, but nevertheless leaves a gaping hole next to JJ and KJ in the lineup. Keenan McCardell is arguably the best WR coach in the league, and playing with Jefferson would give one-on-one opportunities for any receiver. But having somebody that can actually win those one-on-ones remains a question.
Inside Linebacker - Eric Kendricks's jersey change marks the true end of an era at LB. Kendricks struggled in Donatell's scheme last season, as did most players. But he was a longtime leader on the defense and a valued community member. Jordan Hicks, Brian Asamoah, and Troy Reeder sit atop the depth chart. Hicks can be solid and Asamoah had flashes, but counting on this group as every down players is a risk to say the least.
Offensive Guard - Ed Ingram was one of the worst starting guards in the league last season. But he's a rookie. Maybe he gets better in year 2. Maybe he stays terrible. Even if you're optimistic there, Ezra Cleveland is entering a contract year at left guard. Adding interior offensive line depth is always smart.
Quarterback - This offseason, reports surfaced that the team and QB Kirk Cousins could not finalize a contract extension. That means for the first time in his Vikings tenure, Cousins is entering a contract year. Cousins has been an above average QB during his time in Minnesota. Last year saw him finish 4th in yards, but he was painfully mediocre at efficiency stats like TD percent (17th), ANY/A (18th), and ADOT (20th). Entering his age-35 season, it would be wise to look for a successor even if the team plans on retaining Cousins past 2023.

The Draft

*Indicates measure is taken from Pro Day
1.23 WR Jordan Addison, USC
Profile: Jr 5'11 173lbs 31.5 Arm\ 8.75 Hand 75.125 Wing* 4.49 40 1.57 10 34 VJ 10'2 BJ 4.19 SS* 7.05 3c 5.95 RAS*
2022 Stats: 11 Gm 59 Rec 875 Yds 8 TD 2 Drops
Steve Smith Sr: "Addison has one of the highest ceilings among WRs in this draft due to his blend of route running chops and his all around athleticism. He is a three level route runner: intermediate, deep, and short... The way he can get in and out of his breaks is so natural. He uses leverage. And he manipulates the DB consistently"
Addison -- a Biletnikoff Award winner during his Pitt days -- is one of the highest floor players in the class. He is a route running technician with proven dominance playing inside and outside. He had more than 3 yards per route run in two different offenses. He understands how to marry his athleticism and quickness with the breaks in his routes. He finds the DB's blind spot and forces them to lose. Addison is a bit on the small side, but not abnormally so given this draft class. He does have some concerns with his hands -- his drop rates as a freshman and sophomore were 14% and 10%, respectively -- but he showed improvement in this as a junior.
The need here is clear. As mentioned earlier, the WR depth past JJ and KJ is abysmal. Even with Thielen and Osborn on the roster in 2022, the Vikings needed juice in the WR room. The 2022 Vikings had one top 5 WR in yards per route run (Jefferson). There was no other receiver in the top 100. Teams were not worried about Thielen or Osborn. Teams could put two or three defenders on Jefferson without any fear of what anyone else might do to their defense. Hockenson fixed this a bit down the stretch, but an outside playmaker was still needed.
The real question here is why the team opted not to go for CB Joey Porter Jr, who filled what many considered to be the team's biggest need and was a higher ranked prospect for Lance Zierlein, PFF, Danny Kelly, Matt Miller, and Dane Brugler. The answer here -- if I can take a guess and stretch my logic a bit -- is that the need at WR2 was greater than the need at CB. Patrick Peterson was the biggest loss in the secondary, and the team brought in Byron Murphy to try to fill that role. On offense, Minnesota had not brought in a replacement for Adam Thielen. The depth chart past Jefferson and Osborn was filled with bodies that might not make a 53-man roster on a lot of teams.
Trade: SF gives 3.87 to MIN for 3.102, 5.164, 7.222
Jimmy Johnson Rich Hill Fitzgerald-Spielberger Harvard
Total give 155 48 737 115
Total get 117.7 45 1334 197
Absolute Diff -37.3 -3 +597 +82
Percent Diff -24% -6% +81% +71%
The biggest thing to consider when evaluating this trade is that the Vikings came into the draft with 5 picks, only two of which were in the top 100. In my biased opinion, this was a home run trade, even if the traditional charts disagree. To take three swings at the bat instead of one is a humble and wise strategy, especially for a team with limited draft capital. The move looks even better in hindsight because there were no CBs taken between 87 and 102.
3.102 CB Mekhi Blackmon, USC
Profile: 6Sr 5'11" 178lbs 31" Arm 9.25" Hand 74.625" Wing 4.47 40 1.47 10 36 VJ 10'5" BJ 11 Bench 7.44 RAS
2022 Stats: 14 Gm 66 TKL 2 TFL 1 FF 15 PD 3 INT
Brett Kollman: "Feisty, physical press corner who definitely has to play more under control in the NFL to avoid flags, but he has all the competitiveness you want to see from a potential CB1 at the next level. Never backs down from anyone. Has easy gas to stay in control of a route from top down, even against true burners. Legit 4.4 speed and gets up to it quickly. Outstanding ball production... Held up extremely well despite being targeted often. Battle tested, aggressive, and confident... Very similar to Desmond Trufant."
An unrecruited high school positionless player out of high school that signed with JuCo San Mateo, Blackmon followed up four seasons at Colorado with a breakout 2022 campaign as one of the best defenders on the USC defense. The Trojans played a man-heavy scheme, which let Blackmon shine. He has great anticipation and instincts. His production this year says as much. He plays bigger than his size, and he has inside-outside versatility. He will have to clean up some of his physicality to avoid flags at the next level. He will also have to refine his technique to stay with the more complex routes he'll see. But he is a strong culture and scheme fit for what Brian Flores is bringing to the defense.
The need at CB was obvious even before hiring Flores. The Vikings ranked 31st in passing yards allowed, 26th in Passing DVOA, and 24th in EPA allowed per pass attempt. Bringing in Byron Murphy helps. So do the healthy returns of Booth and Evans. But Murphy has not yet shown that he can be a consistently great player (or at least not markedly better than what we got out of Patrick Peterson last year). And Booth and Evans are unproven. Blackmon -- taken with the last pick on Day 2 -- is not expected to come in and be Jalen Ramsey or Sauce Gardner. But in a shift to a more aggressive man-coverage defense with a thin CB room, Blackmon is an upside player that will have every chance to take a starting spot on a porous defense.
Trade: MIN gives 4.119 to KC for 4.134, 2024 5th\*
Jimmy Johnson Rich Hill Fitzgerald-Spielberger Harvard
Total give 56 24 578 88
Total get 58.4 24 898 133
Absolute Diff +2.4 0 +320 +45
Percent Diff +4% 0% +36% +34%
On top of entering the weekend with a mere 5 draft picks in the current year, the Vikings also entered with a mere 5 draft picks in the 2024 class (3rd rounder traded for Hockenson, 5th rounder traded for Reagor). Dropping 15 picks in a relatively flat part of the draft while adding a mid-Day 3 pick is good business given this team's lack of capital.
*Here we assume a future pick in round n is valued at the middle pick of round n+1, not accounting for compensatory picks. In this case, a 2024 5th is equated to pick 176.
4.134 S Jay Ward, LSU
Profile: Sr 6'0.5" 188lbs 32.5" Arm 8.25" Hand 76.875" Wing 4.55 40 1.54 10 34.5 VJ 11' BJ 4.35 Shuttle\ 7.31 3c 16 Bench 6.70 RAS*
2022 Stats: 13 Gm 60 TKL 2.5 TFL 5 PD 1 INT 2 FR TD
Nate Tice: "A ton of fun. I just like this fit because of Brian Flores's defense. Just picture all of those mixture guys that the Patriots have used over the years... Jay Ward can be that"
A three year starter with reps at safety, slot, and outside CB, Ward is one of the most versatile players in the class. He possesses excellent length and movement skills. His experience at CB make him a fluid player in coverage. In the run game, Ward's size is a concern. His 188lbs Combine weight puts him in just the second percentile for safeties. This translates to issues with taking on blocks. He is a very aggressive player, beelining to the ball as soon as it's out. But his size coupled with his impatient playstyle lead to a lot of missed tackles. He was also flagged seven times last season.
In his final season in Miami, Flores was extremely creative with how he employed his safeties. Jevon Holland had the 2nd most blitzes in the league at the position. The number 1 player? His teammate Brandon Jones. With the defense taking on Flores's amoeba identity, an aggressive player with experience at multiple positions has the potential to find a role early on. The defense will look to utilize him similar to how Jevon Holland was used as a rookie. And with Harrison Smith well into the twilight of his career, Ward is a timely pick as the team attempts to thread the needle in their competitive rebuild.
Trade: MIN gives 5.158, 6.211 to IND for 5.141
Jimmy Johnson Rich Hill Fitzgerald-Spielberger Harvard
Total give 32.4 13 722 103
Total get 36 15 492 74
Absolute Diff +4 +2 -230 -29
Percent Diff +10% +13% -47% -39%
It's a bit strange to see Adofo-Mensah move away from the analytics charts in favor of the traditional ones, but the value swap here is not absurd. The real question with this trade will be if Roy ends up being a true contributor.
5.141 NT Jaquelin Roy, LSU
Profile: Jr 6'3" 305lbs 32.75" Arm 10.125" Hand 78.125" Wing 5.13 40\ 1.82 10* 26" VJ* 8'5" BJ* 5.00 Shuttle 8.01 3c 30 Bench 3.72 RAS*
2022 Stats: 13 Gm 49 TKL 3.5 TFL 0.5 SCK
Lance Zierlein: " The more you watch, the more you like the way Roy plays the game... Despite limited starting experience at LSU, he already displays signs of a rush plan and the athletic talent to execute it. Roy is an ascending talent with the potential to become a quality starter. "
After a 30 tackle, 1.5 sack campaign as a rotational player in 2021, Roy shifted from a penetrating 3T position to more of a traditional nose tackle under new HC Brian Kelly. This transition let Roy shine as a run stuffer. He eats space and is incredibly tough to move from his spot. He averaged almost 52 snaps a game in 2022 and his motor never let up. He has some work to do if he wants to be a three down player, particularly as a pass rusher. His bend and balance in this front are especially lacking.
The Vikings' front office seems to be a lot more comfortable with the current IDL room than I am. Harrison Phillips is a plus starter. Past that, the roster is filled with unproven youth or proven subpar players. As a 5th round pick, Roy has an uphill battle to separate himself from that group. But he's a good lottery ticket at this price. His positional versatility ensures that the defense can simply put their best players on the field.
5.164 QB Jaren Hall, BYU
Profile: RSr 6'0" 207lbs 39.75" Arm 9.5" Hand 71.875" Wing 4.63 40\ 1.59 10* 4.19 Shuttle* 7.06 3c* 7.96 RAS*
2022 Stats: 12 Gm 248 Comp 376 Att 66% Comp 3171 Yds 31 TD 6 INT 86 Rush 789 Rush Yds 9 RUsh TD
Kwesi Adofo-Mensah: "We added a really talented player that has a ton of upside... The ability to make decisions, throw the football accuracy, deal with conflict when it comes his way, and sometimes try to make a play outside the framework of the playcall. He does all those things at a really great level... That's an outstanding young man. I'd like to see him lead my team or any organization I'm a part of."
Despite being the third oldest prospect in the QB class, Hall only has 24 starts under his belt due to two years on religious mission and one year with a hip injury. But when Hall took over for Zach Wilson in 2021, he hit the ground running. BYU went 10-3 in that first year with Hall compiling a 4:1 TD:INT ratio. He is a two time team captain, and all reports of his character are off the charts.
Hall is a poised pocket passer capable of extending plays and picking up yardage on the ground. He was only sacked 12 times in 2022, which is a testament to both BYU's offensive line and Hall's ability to create under pressure. There are conflicting opinions on Hall's upside and arm strength, with Lance Zierlein calling his arm "unimpressive" while Kyle Crabbs claiming that hall has a "live arm with the ability to throw with juice off platform". Where there was near-universal agreement was in his understanding of the scheme, as Hall operated BYU's RPO-heavy offense like a machine. He has a clean release and quickly gets into a rhythm. His largest universal concerns are his age (he turned 25 in March) and his injury history (missed 20 games in the last 4 years). He also has ball security issues with 13 fumbles over his career.
I expected the Vikings to draft a QB in this class. The only question was if it would have been via a trade up on Day 1 or a flyer on Day 3 (or a falling Will Levis). With his age, size, and injury history, there are plenty of questions about what Hall can be. He will have a year in practice to put together his audition tape to be Kirk Cousins's replacement -- it's certainly a viable path for this team to take a RiddeHowell/Mills-esque year to evaluate Hall while they continue retooling the defense. But the more likely path is that Hall becomes a long-term backup for the team. Cousins has been the model of health, but that doesn't mean that QB2 is an unimportant position. Sean Mannion, Kellen Mond, and Nick Mullens have manned that position to various degrees over the past few years. None has shown that they can be a competent plug-in player if needed. There is some hope that Hall -- who operated the BYU offense with a mechanic efficiency -- can be that player.
7.222 RB DeWayne McBride, UAB
Profile: Jr 5'10" 209lbs 30.625" Arms 9.5" Hands 73.125" Wing 20 Bench\*
2022 Stats: 11 Gm 233 Att 1713 Yds 19 TD 7.4 Y/A 2 Rec 10 Rec Yds
Dane Brugler: "Overall, McBride is unproven as a pass catcher and blocker, which might restrict his NFL role, but his contact balance, vision and lateral agility are among the best this running back draft class has to offer"
In an era of advanced metrics and Combine showmanship, perhaps the trait that has gone underappreciated more than any other in RB scouting is balance. McBride may have the best balance in the entire RB class outside of Bijan Robinson. He comes from a heavy outside zone scheme at UAB, where he led the FBS in yards per game and set school records for single-game and single-season rushing. McBride absorbs contact like a sponge. His short area burst is strong, and he makes defenders miss with power and finesse. McBride has ideal size and toughness. His concerns are simple. He was not utilized as a receiver in college, and he had more career fumbles than catches in that time. McBride profiles as a two-down player at the next level. Although Adofo-Mensah has voiced his belief that McBride's passing game usage was a product of scheme rather than ability, McBride still has to prove that he is more than just a short yardage runner in the NFL.
After spending a pick in back to back years on RB and re-signing Mattison to a modest contract, RB was a bit of an unexpected pick for this regime. Dalvin Cook still seems to be movable (a likely cut candidate at this point), which would make this pick more logical. Chandler struggled with injuries as a rookie, but both he and Nwangwu profile more as speedy scatbacks than true between-the-tackle runners like Mattison. Even Mattison has never been a true three-down back. McBride plays much more similarly to Mattison than the other backs on the team. He will try to carve out a role behind him as the future thunder to the lightning provided by Chandler and Nwangwu.


FB Zach Ojile, Minnesota Duluth
Profile: 6Sr 6'0" 241lbs 31.5" Arms 8.5" Hands 75.5" Wing 4.78 40\ 1.79 10* 31" VJ* 9'1" BJ* 4.40 Shuttle* 31 Bench* 4.15 RAS*
2022 Stats: 11 Gm 12 Rush 53 Rush Yds 3 Rush TD 25 Rec 289 Rec Yds 5 Rec TD
A Twin Cities native, Ojile was a late addition to the roster, joining after a May rookie minicamp tryout. Ojile played LB, QB, FS, and RB in high school but found a role as an H-Back at UMD. He served as a team captain the past two seasons and finishes his collegiate career with over 1100 total yards and 24 total TDs. He was an All-Conference player for the DII NSIC Bulldogs. Whether Ojile participates at FB or TE, he'll need to prove his versatility to beat out the veterans on the depth chart. Working in his favor is Kevin O'Connell's shift to a more base-heavy offense in 2023.
WR Cephus Johnson, Southeastern Louisiana
Profile: 6Sr 6'4" 223lbs 33.25" Arm\ 8.5" Hand* 78.625" WIng* 4.57 40* 1.59 10* 36.5" VJ* 10'1" BJ* 4.39 Shuttle* 7.25 3c* 18 Bench* 9.48 RAS*
2022 Stats: 11 Gm 184 Pass Att 65% Comp 1354 Pass Yds 10 Pass TD 5 INT 89 Rush 488 Rush Yds 5 Rush TD
Johnson is making the fulltime switch from QB to WR as he attempts to latch on to an NFL practice squad. He earned the starting role for South Alabama as a redshirt junior before transferring to SE Louisiana, where he took some snaps at WR in spring games. Johnson's stats were unimpressive as a starting QB, notching just 1354 yards and a 2:1 TD:INT ratio in 11 starts. He has good size and instincts as a runner, but he has basically no experience playing WR.
WR Lucky Jackson, W Kentucky / XFL DC Defenders
Profile: RSr 6'0" 179lbs 9.624" Hand\ 32.25" Arm* 75.875" Wing**
2023 Stats: 10 Gm 36 Rec 572 Yds 5 TD 1 Fmb
Jackson last put on a college uniform before the pandemic for Western Kentucky, where his 2019 season saw him put up over 1100 yards on 94 receptions. Following his college days, Jackson spent time in the CFL and the Spring League before joining the XFL's DC Defenders and becoming an All-XFL receiver.
WR Malik Knowles, Kansas St
Profile: RSr 6'2" 196lbs 32.25" Arm 8.75" Hand 77.625" Wing
2022 Stats: 14 Gm 48 Rec 725 YDs 2 TD 8 Rush 164 Rush Yds 3 Rush TD 23 KR 592 KR Yds
Knowles is a vertical threat with good size and length. He offers value as a kick returner and leaves Kansas State with a top 5 rank in all-purpose yards. Knowles is an undeveloped route runner that struggles with quick change-of-direction. He also has trouble with press coverage. He'll need to prove his value on special teams, where he has plenty of collegiate experience as a kick returner.
WR Grant Maag, North Dakota
Profile: 5Sr 6'4" 206lbs 9.25" Hand\ 31.875" Arm* 77.625" Wing* 4.49 40YD* 1.60 10YS* 40.5" VJ* 10'5" BJ* 4.34 Shuttle* 6.90 3c* 8.50 RAS*
2022 Stats: 12 Gm 41 Rec 540 Yds 5 TDs
Maag was brought in following the announcement of Ben Ellefson's retirement. He is an Inver Grove Heights native and a graduate of St Croix Lutheran in St Paul. He leaves North Dakota with over 2000 yards over his five years and served as a team captain the past two seasons. His size gives him an advantage with a shorter WR group ahead of him, but Maag is a far cry from a roster lock.
WR Thayer Thomas, NC State
Profile: 6Sr 6'0" 198lbs 9" Hand\ 30.125" Arm* 73.5" Wing 4.56 40* 1.63 10* 37" VJ* 10' BJ* 4.03 Shuttle* 6.93 3c* 15 Bench* 7.85 RAS*
2022 Stats: 13 Gm 57 Rec 642 Yds 4 TDs 2 Rush Att 44 Rush Yds 1 Rush TD 17 PR 128 PR Yds
A multisport athlete that was drafted by the Red Sox in 2019, Thomas walked onto the Wolfpack football team and got onto the field any way he could. In 2018, he saw work as a receiver, punt returner, and passer. Thomas has good hands (a career drop rate of 4%) and a high work ethic, but he is an undeveloped route runner that struggles to create much after the catch. He will need to prove his worth on special teams if he wants to make the roster.
TE Ben Sims, Baylor
Profile: RSr 6'4" 250lbs 33.125" Arm\ 9.5" Hand* 80.125" Wing* 4.58 40YD* 1.56 10YS 36" Vert* 10'2" Broad* 4.41 Shuttle* 7.46 3c* 15 Bench* 8.40 RAS*
2022 Stats: 12 Gm 31 Rec 255 Yds 3 TDs 2 Drops 1 Rush TD
Sims projects as a blocking tight end with limited ability as a receiver. He's a patient run blocker with good balance and toughness, but he is still cleaning up some technique. He isn't a creator with the ball in his hands and his tape fails to demonstrate the explosiveness that his testing suggests.
OL Alan Ali, TCU
Profile: RSr 6'4" 301lbs 32.875" Arm 9.5" Hand 77.625" Wing 5.23 40\ 1.89 10* 26.5" VJ 8'5" BJ* 4.91 Shuttle* 7.94 3c* 3.80 RAS*
A 5 year starter for TCU and SMU, Ali is a fundamentally sound center prospect with good body control and core strength. He has experience playing at all 5 OL positions but spent most of the past 4 years at center. His lack of athleticism and length are likely the reason he went undrafted.
OT Jacky Chen, Pace
Profile: RSr 6'5 1/4" 299lbs 10" Hand\ 34.5" Arm* 80.75" Wing* 5.41 40* 1.81 10* 29" VJ* 8'10" BJ* 4.74 Shuttle* 7.90 3c* 24 Bench* 5.39 RAS*
It's hard to find very much information on an undrafted lineman from a DII school whose toughest opponent was the University of New Haven. Chen is an OT prospect that is viewed as a ball of clay. Chen's 40 yard dash and 3 cone were underwhelming to say the least, but he was an above average tester in burst and explosiveness drills. That combined with his length make him an interesting project.
EDGE Andre Carter II, Army
Profile: Sr 6'6.5" 256lbs 9.375" Hand 33.275" Arm 81 Wing 4.91 40\ 1.65 10* 30" VJ 9'1" BJ 4.36 Shuttle 6.97 3c* 11 Bench 6.29 RAS*
2022 Stats: 10 Gm 41 TKL 7 TFL 3.5 SCK 2 PD
The highest profile UDFA signing of the class, Carter was getting 1st round buzz this time last year. At that time, Carter was coming off an 18.5 TFL / 15.5 sack season. However, Carter struggled to repeat his production as a senior, notching just 3.5 sacks. Carter finished out the draft cycle with lackluster testing, failing to run under a 4.90 in the 40 yard dash and weighing in at a mere 256 lbs -- a big concern given his 81 inch wingspan and towering stature. Carter has a ton of upside, but he doesn't have the frame to be a real NFL player right now. After 4 years training to be an officer in the US Army, he will need at least one season (maybe more) in an NFL weight room where he can focus on building muscle mass. He'll look to follow the mold of fellow Army player Alejandro Villanueva, who added 43 lbs to his 277 lbs frame entering the league before becoming a 7-year starter. Luckily, he joined the team with one of the best training facilities in the league.
EDGE Junior Aho, SMU
Profile: 6'2" 260lbs 9" Hand 33.875" Arm 79.875" Wing 4.58 40\ 1.66 10* 33.5" VJ* 10'3" BJ* 4.90 Shuttle* 7.38 3c* 9.38 RAS*
2022 Stats: 13 Gm 23 TKL 2 TFL 2 SCK 1 FF
Quite simply, Aho is an athletic freak that should find his way onto the team thanks to the International Player Pathway roster spot. He takes pride in his speed and athleticism, but he also understands the limitations to his game. Aho was a solid rotational player for SMU. He will look to follow in the footsteps of other International Pathway players like Efe Obada and Jordan Mailata.
DT Calvin Avery, Illinois
Profile: RSr 6'1" 343 lbs 10" Hand\ 32.5" Arm 81.87" Wing 5.37 40* 1.84 10* 30.5" VJ* 8'5" BJ* 8.01 3c* 31 Bench* 3.12 RAS*
2022 Stats: 13 Gm 23 TKL 2 TFL 1 PD
Avery is a former four star recruit out of Texas, earning snaps in 12 games as a true freshman. He started 12 games in 2022, primarily at nose tackle. He has a wide, large frame that makes him hard to move. However, he is an underwhelming athlete to say the least, and his statistical production is nearly non-existent.
LB Abraham Beauplan, Marshall
Profile: RSr 5'11" 241 lbs 9.25" Hand 31.75" Arm 77 1/4" Wing 4.62 Shuttle 35.5" VJ 9'9" BJ 7.33 3c 22 Bench 4.52 RAS
2022 Stats: 12 Gm 66 TKL 6.5 TFL 1 SCK 3 PD
Beauplan started the draft process by making an appearance on Bruce Feldman's Freaks List, reportedly squatting as much as 565 lbs and benching as much as 285. The few reports that exist on Beauplan suggest he's an urgent, downhill run defender that will look to carve out a role on special teams early on.
LB Wilson Huber, Cincinnati
Profile: 6Sr 6'4" 241lbs 9.75" Hand 32.375" Arm\ 80" Wing* 4.70 40* 1.66 10* 35" VJ* 10'4" BJ* 4.45 Shuttle* 6.91 3c* 18 Bench* 8.34 RAS*
2022 Stats: 13 Gm 54 TKL 6.5 TFL 1 SCK 1 PD
A 3 star recruit out of Indiana, Huber started his career at Cincinnati as a TE. He played a hybrid role in his first 2 non-redshirt seasons, earning snaps on offense, defense, and special teams. He made a full role switch to the defensive side of the ball in 2020 and eventually earned the team captain moniker in 2022. Huber had some solid testing despite profiling as more of a thumper.
LB Ivan Pace Jr, Cincinnati
Profile: Sr 5'10.5" 231lbs 30.25" Arm 9.5" Hand 72" Wing 4.59 40\ 1.70 10* 35" VJ 9'8" BJ* 4.40 Shuttle * 7.18 3c* 22 Bench* 5.71 RAS*
2022 Stats: 13 Gm 137 TKL 21.5 TFL 10 SCK 3 FF 4 PD
Ranked the 11th best LB for Daniel Jeremiah, 9th for Dane Brugler, and 7th for PFF, many thought Pace could have gone as early as Round 3. Pace was a one year starter for the Bearcats after transferring from Miami (Ohio), and he hit the ground running. He led the AAC in tackles and TFLs. He is a smaller player (although not abnormally so in today's game) that plays with his hair on fire. He gives tremendous effort on every play and is always around the ball. Pace is a super tough player that loves to tackle. His size is a concern; he gets washed out of plays too easily. He is also lacking in coverage skills, struggling to stay connected in man coverage. Still, it's incredible that Pace went undrafted. He's an easy special teams projection as a rookie with the upside to be put in position to win under Flores.
CB CJ Coldon, Oklahoma
Profile: 6Sr 5'10" 186lbs\ 8.375" Hand* 31.125" Arm* 75.125" Wing* 4.60 40* 1.58 10* 37 1/2" VJ* 10'5" BJ* 4.24 Shuttle* 7.31 3c* 3.92 RAS*
2022 Stats: 12 Gm 42 TKL 2 TFL 4 INT 6 PBU
Coldon is an instinctual football player that relies on his feel to create ball production. He spent 5 years at Wyoming before transferring to Oklahoma and leading the team in INTs and PBUs. In zone, Coldon watches the QB and looks for the right cue to understand when and where the ball is headed.
CB NaJee Thompson, Georgia Southern
Profile: 5'10" 200lbs 9.125" Hand 32.75" Arm 76.625" Wing 4.57 40\ 1.63 10* 32" VJ* 9'8" BJ* 4.56 Shuttle* 7.40 3c* 13 Bench* 1.59 RAS*
2022 Stats: 13 Gm 37 TKL 1 TFL 11 PD 1 INT
Thompson's love for the game is undeniable. After struggling to latch onto the Georgia Southern WR room, Thompson approached his head coach asking to be exclusively a special teams player. He relishes being a gunner on punts. He eventually got moved to CB in 2021, logging 557 snaps at the position in 2022. He's undeveloped at the position, but his special teams prowess gives him a good shot at the roster.
CB Jaylin Williams, Indiana
Profile: RSr 5'9" 184lbs 9.125" Hand 29.875" Arm 71.75" Wing 4.43 40\ 1.58 10* 34.5" BJ* 9'11" BJ* 4.20 Shuttle* 7.01 3c* 13 Bench* 5.54 RAS*
2022 Stats: 10 Gm 40 TKL 2.5 TFL 7 PD 1 FR 1 BLK
A longtime role player for the Hoosiers before becoming a fulltime starter in 2019, Williams's 6 career INTs were the most amongst active players on the team last season. He earned second team All-Confernece honors in 2020 and was an honorable mention in 2021.
K Jack Podlesny, Georgia
Profile: RSr 6'0" 195lbs 29.25" Arms 9" Hands 74.75" Wing
2022 Stats: 31 Att 26 Made 50 Long 109 Kickoff 72 Touchbacks 74 PAT Att 73 PAT Made
Ranked as Dane Brugler's 4th kicker and Lance Zierlein's 3rd kicker, Podlesny enters Vikings camp following a career that saw him walk on to Georgia's football team and finish with an 82% hit rate. He hit all but one extra point last season for the national champion Bulldogs. A concern with Podlesny is his leg strength. His accuracy beyond 40 yards falls to just 54%. His clutchness may also come into question as he missed two kicks in the national championship semifinals against Ohio State.

Projected Depth Chart

Pos (Projected 2023 Rostered Count / 2022 Rostered Count): Starter, Rookie, Cuts
QB (2/2): Kirk Cousins, Jaren Hall, Nick Mullens
RB (4/4): Alexander Mattison, Kene Nwangwu, Ty Chandler, DeWayne McBride, Dalvin Cook
FB (1/1): CJ Ham, Zach Ojile
WR (5/5): Justin Jefferson, KJ Osborn, Jordan Addison, Jalen Nailor, Brandon Powell, Trishton Jackson, Jalen Reagor, Blake Proehl, Thayer Thomas, Cephus Johnson, Malik Knowles, Lucky Jackson, Garrett Maag
TE (3/3): TJ Hockenson, Josh Oliver, Johnny Mundt, Nick Muse, Ben Sims
OL (9/10): Christian Darrisaw, Ezra Cleveland, Garrett Bradbury, Ed Ingram, Brian O'Neill, Chris Reed, Austin Schlottman, Oli Udoh, Blake Brandel, Josh Sokol, Vederian Lowe, Alan Ali, Jacky Chen, Sam Schlueter
DT (7/6): Harrison Phillips, Dean Lowry, Jonathan Bullard, James Lynch, Esezi Otomewo, Jaquelin Roy, Khyiris Tonga, Ross Blacklock, Sheldon Day, TJ Smith, Calvin Avery
EDGE (4/5): Danielle Hunter, Marcus Davenport, Pat Jones II, DJ Wonnum, Luiji Vilain, Curtis Weaver, Benton Whitley, Kenny Willekes, Andre Carter II, Junior Aho
ILB (4/4): Jordan Hicks, Brian Asamoah, Troy Reeder, Ivan Pace Jr, Troy Dye, William Kwenkeu, Abraham Beauplan, Wilson Huber
CB (5/6): Byron Murphy, Andrew Booth, Akayleb Evans, Mekhi Blakmon, Joejuan Williams, Kalon Barnes, Tay Gowan, John Reid, CJ Coldon, Najee Thompson, Jaylin Williams
S (5/4): Harrison Smith, Lewis Cine, Jay Ward, Josh Metellus, Camryn Bynum, Theo Jackson
K (1/1): Greg Joseph, Jack Podlesny
P (1/1): Ryan Wright
LS (1/1): Andrew DePaola
KR: Kene Nwangwu
PR: Brandon Powell

2024 Needs

Starters Needed: QB, OG, EDGE, DT -- Whether due to expiring contracts (Cousins, Cleveland, Davenport, Hunter) or overall suckitude (Ingram, Lowry), we need to find new starters at this positions in 2024. Could we go on with average-level free agents? Maybe. Should we? Maybe not.
We'll see how the group plays: CB, LB, RB -- These are positions where the front office is counting on young players (Booth, Evans, Asamoah) to fill the roles of departed starters. If those players take that step up, these positions drop on the needs list. Otherwise, we're in for a rough season.
Depth needed: WR -- The depth after Jefferson, Osborn, and Addison is not great. And Osborn is entering a contract year. Unless Keenan McCardell works some magic with Jalen Nailor or Trishton Jackson or Thayer Thomas, this should be a position we add to next year.

Final Thoughts

Versatility. When we look at this Vikings draft class, that's the first word that comes to mind, and it comes in big bold letters. Addison has inside-outside versatility. So does Mekhi Blackmon. Jay Ward is the most versatile of the group, capable of playing every DB position plus some spot snaps at LB. Roy has been productive everywhere from 0T to 4i. And the team has talked about how much they believe McBride can contribute as a pass catcher on top of his bruiser mindset as a between-the-tackles runner.
On offense, this shift seems to stem from a philosophical change following the TJ Hockenson acquisition last year. O'Connell's unit went from trying to copy-paste Sean McVay's outside zone scheme (largely a 3WR offense) to Kyle Shanahan's outside zone scheme (largely a TE-FB offense). And in that mold, O'Connell was looking for players he could use to create the illusion of complexity. That is, how can we employ versatile players to present defenses the threat of multiplicity?
On defense, the answer is a lot simpler. By bringing over Brian Flores, the team is hoping for a jolt in tenacity and an overall move to a hybrid amoeba scheme. You can look historically at how Bill Belichick has utilized flexibility in his defenses to maximize his gameplan for whatever offensive scheme is next on the menu. You can look at players on the line of scrimmage that have experience in both 43 and 34 schemes (Hunter, Phillips, Lynch, Bullard). And in the secondary, look no further than the selection of Jay Ward as an attempt to clone players like Jevon Holland and Kyle Dugger.
As Adofo-Mensah has repeatedly said, he approaches his job with humility. He listens to those around him and he finds the point where stories marry data to make informed decisions. And in O'Connell, he found someone who shares that mentality. With the emphasis on versatility, that mindset can now be applied on a weekly (and play-by-play) basis to opponents. We'll see how successful that strategy is as the team continues to straddle the line between competitive and rebuilder, but there is certainly an energy around the fanbase with the continued success of the offense and the addition of Brian Flores.
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2023.06.07 16:38 rekincrew WKHS stock price crosses above 15 day moving average

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2023.06.07 16:23 Terrible_Exchange653 How effective are programs to de-radicalize and help terrorists and political extremists?

Hi all. There are thousands of people that intentionally joined ISIS. Some of these people are trying to go back home.
Are there programs that help these people stop their extremism and fit back in society? Do they high rates of success?
I learned that there are programs that help make sure that murderers and other violent criminals do not commit crime again. Do similar programs exist for terrorists? Are they effective?
I feel like the people that leave their country and join ISIS are beyond help. Aren't they completely brainwashed and convinced they are correct? Won't they always be unstable and dangerous?
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