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2023.06.07 14:11 Bulky_Mongoose_7059 Is it normal to feel depleted of energy when cutting down caffeine?

Have been drinking Monsters non-stop for 2+ years, with the occasional break in between.
I had a headache for a day or two, and that was that (thanks, painkillers). I now drink peppermint tea with honey (not the best, but I only have 1 ~ 2 cups a day).
The one thing I’m struggling with immensely is fatigue. I’m eating as healthy as my finances will allow me. I get say, five hours of sleep a night. That simply feels like all my circadian rhythm will allow.
It’s been less than a week, though, so is there a chance energy levels will go back to normal? Or is this something worth enquiring to a doctor to?
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2023.06.07 14:09 yolidrink Yoli Passion Natural Drink Powder

Yoli Passion Natural Drink Powder
Yoli Passion energy drink is a type of drink that is made from green tea, guarana, and natural sweeteners provided in the natural flavor of black Raspberry, which gives you safe and healthy energy without caffeine in it. This energy drink can naturally hydrate your body, promotes stamina and endurance which leads to refreshing your day.
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2023.06.07 14:08 sydsativa Hope you enjoy how I’m handling tinder today

Hope you enjoy how I’m handling tinder today
I personally think updog is a great name for caffeinated anti perspirant and this loser is sleeping on it. So who’s getting in on the ground floor with me? 🤔
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2023.06.07 13:56 Ditz3n Myprotein Command Drink

Myprotein Command Drink
Nothing too crazy, but the 500mg of Lions Mane Powder is quite nice to have as an addition in comparison to normal store bought energy drinks! It makes me very focused for studying, gaming, etc.
I’ve now had all flavors, and I’ll rank them as follows: 1. Strawberry Laces 🍓 2. Blue Raspberry 🫐 3. Sour Apple 🍏 4. Citrus 🍋 5. Grape 🍇
And no, just because grape is no. 5, doesn’t mean it’s bad! ✨
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2023.06.07 13:40 yerederetaliria Our second date

First date:

As I said in the first date post I had met with Jenny and we put together a plan for the first date. We also discussed the possibilities for a second and third date. Since we didn't know how well the first date would go we decided to be flexible and I would follow her lead or Finnian's lead if he was completely uninterested. She described that our pairing on the first date seemed "electric" and she had already come up with a couple of ideas for the next date. She didn't feel that I needed any more help but she was more curious than anything. She actually hoped that he would take the bait for the offer but I jumped at it first.
Jenny and John knew of a Colorado Indie band that was visiting Fort Collins and was playing at a local restaurant/club called Avogadro's Number. place was close to campus and a hot spot for students. The place always filled up even when there wasn't live music but it was sure to be filled that night. I could barely wait until evening and I was hyped up all day. At one point I started to walk over to a bus stop near his apt where I had watched him before but I decided against it. Avogadro's Number was within walking distance for me and we all decided it was best for everyone to meet there. I don't remember the time we were going to meet but it was after dinner and we were just going to get drinks, dessert and listen to music. Jenny called me in the evening letting me know that another couple was going to come. I didn't care as long as Finnian was there.
I left too early and and started walking. I met him near Sigma Nu, this would seem an odd thing to say here but it was significant. All I needed to do was walk straight North to Avogadros Number but instead I turned West towards his apartment. I knew he'd come that way because I knew his address but he didn't know I knew his address. We started walking together no questions asked. I wanted him to know what I'd been up to but not everything so I made myself "suspect" by meeting him on this route. We were casual and it was a nice night for February. If you've lived in Colorado you'll know that the weather can be extreme. February can range from 70 F to below zero F and I remember that it was nice weather for coats. Finnian and I were late when we met Jenny and John with the other couple. I don't remember the other couple and I don't recall them ever entering our lives again. Jenny and John had a lot of friends.
The six of us shared a table for two near a window further away from the music. I saw the restaurant was going to run out of chairs and while John and Finnian were talking I grabbed a chair for he and I... to share. I did this on purpose. We all kind of gathered around the table and I gave the chair to Finnian and he tried to give it back and he remembers me saying, "I want to sit down, so sit...por favor..." I then planted myself on his lap with my arm around his shoulders. We weren't the only ones doing this. The place was packed and some people were standing or leaning on the wall or even on the floor, etc. He remembers the band to be a folksy alternative indie rock band, nothing really special but good musicians. He remembers that we all ordered dessert and he and I had coffee. I did not care about drinks, dessert, music or anything only being with him. He and John talked a little but John couldn't stay still and kept wandering. That left us alone but in good company.
I was really calm that night and played with his hand a lot. We talked. It was silly early dating talk about interests and such. I remember we talked about why we were attending ColoSU and I learned about his major but not schedule (that's important). (I actually knew his major and had met his professors too so this made it official) I straight out asked him if he was serious about transferring to the Uni Alaska, Fairbanks. He was surprised that I knew about that and I made the comment while looking away from him that I knew more about him than he thinks. He said, "probably." We were flirting with words and proximity very subtley. He was catching on and we both knew that we were becoming a couple.
He talked about backpacking, I remember feeling it was a test of sorts. Would I be willing to go and rough it? I told him that it sounded like a dream and little did either of us realize how much we would later on. I learned how matter of fact he is and how he can be brutally but gently honest. He told me about how he wrote an enormous paper about the Hungarian Uprising and entitled it "Much Ado About Nothing." He was in High School and he had to write a paper about the Cold War and he chose that topic even though his Dad said it was a lie and never happened and the teacher said he wouldn't find any info on it. He concluded the paper by talking about The Frankfurt School (Cultural Marxism and Political Correctness) being founded by the Hungarian Marxists which is also "much ado about nothing." You see how he flatly quoted their idea and still upheld his idea that it was very important? I think he's brilliant.
We also talked about favorites and I did a silly thing that he told me later interrupted his dreams. I asked his favorite animal, wolf, and confessed mine to be a fox. Then I volunteered why, and I listed off a variety of reasons including the vixen mating scream which he looked up later that night. He said that Brad, his apt mate heard it and commented, "another psycho chick." I also mentioned the vulgar Spanish language connection. This is hard to explain in a short writing the complexities of these flirts. "Zorra" (vixen) is a suggestive word. I like word play. I remember growing up confusing my parents with, "Que linda zorra persiguiendo a un gallo." (What a cute vixen chasing a chicken) or (What a cute bitch chasing cock) Mother would ask, "why does the fox have to be a female and the chicken a male?!" And I would reply, "because I'm a girl and my favorite animal is a fox so it's a girl fox and the rooster defends the girl chickens." (reversing the genders would make the phrase polite and not vulgar - colloquially) Finnian knew what I was doing.
Do you see what we were discovering? We were connecting intellectually and understanding an important communication style. We found that we were both "moderately good" people who flirted with bad. To write a paper calling out past and present history and calling it nothing is similar to me saying "zorra traviesa traviesa zorra" which can be translated to "vixen naughty sleeper bitch." With all this word play and lap sitting I sound very whorish but we were actually very behaved and we knew we were connecting deeply and in ways that that take other couples months. I was trying to take this to another level (again my habit of elevating and pushing forward) and he was catching on which is why we eventually left for a moment.
It was hot in the restaurant with all the people and our warm clothes and he asked to go outside. As he was going John asked if everything was allright and he replied that we were getting some air. Then he grabbed my hand and we pushed our way through the door. I loved that it wasn't just him getting air but he took me. The night was cold but not freezing and he and I took a short walk. Avogadro's Number is by the railroad tracks that go through town and we crossed them and made our way over to a nice church with trees around the building. (about 1000 feet - you could see both buildings) I was just a church and a pretty area no other significance. He asked me, "¿Qué estás haciendo?" (What are you doing? I understood him to ask "What are you up to?") And I answered, "Tu tienes lo que quiero." (You have what I want.) I was playing the song game with him that we played the night before and I referenced a song that was eventually played at our Wedding reception. We still do this stuff and later you'll hear more of it including "code phrases" and such.
He commented that the church was made of stone with a good foundation. He was implying that we need to start well if we are going to do this. There was something between us, a spirit of sorts. We were dancing around this coupling. I knew I had him if I just kept being respectful. Respect is important, Jenny actually told me that he wasn't looking for a one night stand but a relationship. Of course I agreed but that did influence how I flirted with him. I tried to be more formal and suggestive at the same time. My heart was so focused on him. He leaned in and gave me a kiss that took me by surprise and I learned he was very good when he is not taken off guard. I actually ended up leaning on a tree when he kissed me. He took my breath away. This was a very romantic toe curling kiss.
We made our way back to the restaurant. We continued our night but we lost our chair so I leaned on him as he leaned against a wall. Eventually, the night was over and the six of us left. As we were chatting outside the restaurant Jenny asked if we made any more plans. The next day was Sunday and I straight up asked him to come to church with me. I wanted him to meet Father Bob at my church, and yes, I was already manipulating things that far ahead. I said I'd be honest about this. I never kidnapped Finnian but I did arrange an early meeting with the priest who would marry us. I am not claiming this was right but it happened. Finnian declined and said he really needed to study tomorrow for an exam and that he knows that I'd distract him the rest of the day if I went to my church tomorrow.
He then suggested we see each other Monday evening and I said, "No, you have Physics from 10:30 - 12:00 and I get off work at 11:45 so we'll meet for lunch in the Student Center main lobby by the coffee shop. It takes 5 minutes to walk from Physics to Lory [Student Center] and 10 minutes for the bathroom so 12:15." He then asked how I knew about his Physics class. I replied, "Chemistry and Physics go together, Querido." I remember that very well because it was so revealing and I felt chills saying it. Everyone in our little party heard and Jenny gave me a cautious look. He knew that I had an idea of his address and class schedule. I admitted that I knew more than I let on, I wanted him to meet my parish preist and now he has a pet name, "Querido." "Querido" means Dear and it is old fashioned and elevated, it was forward.
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2023.06.07 13:38 Ditz3n I’m set for Minecraft 1.20 to release today!

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2023.06.07 13:36 hiiitslina Weight Gain

I'll start from the beginning, I've always struggled with my weight being between normal and overweight. When I was 17 I lost about 15kg and finally felt good in my own body, was able to run more easily, wear the clothes I liked everything and was, for the first time in my life, a normal teenager with a normal body weight. Fast forward when I was 21/22 I started taking anti depressants since I've been in therapy for 6 years and wanted to give it another try, for one year I took Venlafaxine and it helped a bit but I still didn't feel great especially since I've had such bad side effects whenever I would take it even an hour too late. Now at 23 my doctor switched me to Wellbutrin XR 300mg (obviously started with a lower dose but this is my end dose) because I had some ADHD symptoms and she said it could help with that. Now I started taking them about 2 months ago and I've never felt better in my life mentally than I do right now, I feel like I finally have the energy and attention span to do all the things I've been wanting to do, even staying on top of keeping my apartment clean. So everything is going great except for one thing, I've realized that even since I've started to gain a bunch of weight in the span of the last year and are even heavier than what I was when I first lost all that weight a few years ago and held it for years cause I knew I never wanted to go through having to loose this much weight again. I thought there's nothing I can do and with me feeling this much better on my new medication I was motivated to loose all that weight and even more again, so I can also feel comfortable in my own body. But it seems no matter what I try, no matter even the things that helped me so well a few years ago, nothing seems to work, for almost two weeks I've cut out sugary drinks, even drinking my coffee without any sugar, any snacks and replaced it with fruit and vegetables I can snack on and dips like hummus, drink lots of water, try to exercise or at least go on longer walks with my family dog, I've been giving it my all, struggling and trying so hard to turn all these habits around just to, every few weeks, stepping on the scale and seeing the number go up instead of down. Has anyone else experienced this before after starting medication? what have you done? what doctor can I go see? (I live in Vienna/Austria) I don't wanna go off or switch my meds because they help me with every other aspect so well but I finally wanna see my efforts pay off and stop crying myself to sleep everytime I step on the scale or look in the mirror. I would be very helpful for any advice or knowing whether someone has also gone through this 🙏
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2023.06.07 13:31 plantomeals What is Portion Control and How does it help to lose weight ?

It's not just you! Satisfaction and fitness can be difficult to balance. But do not worry; there is an easy fix: portion control. It's essential for preserving a healthy weight and way of life. Let's defeat hunger and get the ideal balance! Measuring or estimating the amount of food you eat and changing it in accordance with your needs and goals is the practice of portion control. You can avoid eating too little or too much, which can result in health issues including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, or starvation!
How will this answer help you ?
We're going to give you some advice on how to master portion control so you can eat what you want without feeling guilty or deprived. Additionally, you'll discover how to read nutrition labels and portion sizes, plan your meals and snacks in advance, and deal with cravings and temptations. You'll also learn how to use your hands, eyes, and dishes as guides. By the time you're finished reading this blog, we guarantee you'll be able to eat more wisely and more easily accomplish your wellness and health goals.
Facts and advantages of portion control for a healthy diet.
You may prevent overeating by controlling your portions. Overeating can result in weight gain, obesity, and chronic conditions including diabetes and heart disease. You can reduce the amount of food you eat and maintain your daily calorie needs by using portion management.
Portion control aids in the balancing of your macronutrients, which are made up mostly of carbs, protein, and fat in food. For optimum health, you require a specific quantity of each macronutrient. Each macronutrient has a unique function and role in your body. Portion control makes it possible to consume the recommended amounts of each macronutrient without going overboard.
You can appreciate your food better if you manage your portions. It's possible to overlook the flavor, texture, and perfume of your food when you eat excessively or quickly. Following a meal, you could also feel sluggish, uneasy, or guilty. Portion management encourages you to take your time and savor each bite of food, which increases satisfaction and enjoyment.
What exactly is portion control and why is it important?
A crucial skill to develop is portion management if you want to consume healthy food and regulate your weight. Portion control entails paying attention to how much food you are consuming and selecting the right serving sizes. By using visual clues to estimate the right amount of food you should eat, portion control can be successfully incorporated into your daily routine. Utilizing visual cues will help you determine the ideal serving size for your specific requirements.
For example
A serving of grains should be the size of your fist or a serving of cheese should be the size of your thumb, and a serving of meat or fish should be roughly the size of your hand. To put less food on them, you can also use smaller plates and bowls. Planning your meals and snacks in advance and adhering to them is another method of practicing portion management.
You can portion out your food using measuring spoons and cups and store it in bags or containers. By doing this, you can prevent eating carelessly and taking more food than you require. By controlling your portions, you can eat a variety of meals without feeling restricted or guilty.
You can maintain a healthy weight and balance your energy intake and expenditure with its assistance. Not missing meals or starving yourself are not part of portion control; rather, it is about mindfully and moderately eating.
How to use portion control in everyday life
- When serving food at home, use smaller bowls and plates. This can assist you in putting less food on your plate while deceiving your brain into thinking you are eating more.
- When measuring ingredients for a recipe, use scales, measuring cups, or spoons. By doing this, you can prevent your cuisine from becoming overly fatty and calorie-dense by not using excessive amounts of oil, butter, sugar, salt, or other components.
- Before beginning to eat when dining out, get a to-go box and bag half of your food for later. You can use this to prevent overeating while also saving money.
- Track your calorie intake and portion sizes using an app or website. You can track your food and drink intake and see how many calories you are taking in with the help of a variety of tools and services. MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, CalorieKing, etc. are a few examples.
- Sip a lot of water both before and during meals. This can make you feel fuller more quickly and stop dehydration. Avoid consuming alcohol or sugary beverages because they can increase your hunger and add extra calories.
You can practice portion control in your regular meals by following the advice I gave you in this blog post. Portion control benefits your general health and well-being in addition to your waistline. You may avoid overeating, cut down on food waste, and savor your meals more. Finding the ideal balance and moderation for your body and way of life is what portion control is all about not starving yourself of the things you love.
We sincerely hope you found this answer to be insightful and helpful. I would love to hear from you whether you want to try portion control or if you already practice it regularly.
Please share your thoughts, questions, or experiences with portion control. for more such content checkout Planto Meals
Thanks for reading, happy eating!
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2023.06.07 13:23 Spirited-Feedback-87 The Century Old Villain: Paul

I wanted to use this OC for a fic but i still need to get around that so imma drop it here for shit and giggles.
I'm following the template given by this subreddit.
====Personal Info====
Name: Paul Shinosore
Gender: Male
Age (Biological): 25
Birthday: 13/03/2035
Occupation: Criminal/Vigilante
Net worth: Rich
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 77 Kg
Hair color: Blue (turns bright or dark pink when using his quirk).
Haircut: Long surfer hair
Facial Hair: none
Eye Color: Blue (turns bright Pink when using quirk).
Skin color: flesh pink
Blood Type: A-
Distinguishing physical feature: There is a fist sized scar on the left side of his cranium where his hair stopped growing, the rest of his hair hides it well, but it's still noticeable.
Personal Strengths: He's very kind and fun to the people he considers friends or family, he also always strives to fulfill his promises.
Personal Weaknesses: He doesn't care about hurting people he doesn't consider friends, he thinks that "as long as they live they're fine" which results in many broken bones, and destroyed buildings. He smokes cigars.
Attitude: Always trying to have a good time and he's always trying to find solutions to his friend's problems.
Likes: Cigars, Parties, drinking, fooling around, shooting things, food in general but he prefers his Cook friend's food, being free to do whatever he wants.
Dislikes: Laws, heroes, murderers for the sake of being murderers, hitmen, dick people in general, AFO, OFA holders (mainly All Might since the guy tried to arrest him multiple times).
Habits: Smoking Cigars, travelling the world.
Fears: Thanatophobia, he fears dying or letting other people that aren't deserving die.
Reason for becoming a Villain: He doesn't like following the laws, he's also involved with many destructive fights, he also killed a few Villains in the past.
Relationship with peers: He and his closest friends mostly live together and have formed a Villain Team to make money, he likes all of them and they like to have fun with him and eachother, he considers them family.
Relationship with Family: his parents are long dead but he never really cared about them since he considers his friends more of a family than a friend group.
Relationship Status: He's an Ex-boyfriend
Number of kids: 0(Biological)+1(adopted)
Backstory (not all of it cuz it's for my fic): He was born 20 years after the first quirks started appearing. In this age quirks weren't as highly regarded as nowadays, quirked individuals were treated like monsters or weapons to use in the military.
The moment Paul manifested his quirk at age 3 his parents decided they didn't want him anymore, so they dropped him to an orphanage and were never seen again.
Inside the orphanage he was ostracized along with his only two friends, Sasaki and Adam, who were also quirked like him, Sasaki id able to secrete a liquid that heals injuries and Adam is incredibly smart and is able to inhabit electronic devices like a ghost, he lives in the orphanage till he's 14.
An accident happens with the other kids in which one of them leaves Paul on deaths door, but his friends were able to save him thanks to their quirks, however this experience leaves him so traumatized he decides to go away from the orphanage, saying goodbye to his friends he leaves in the middle of the night.
Fast forward to 11 years later and he has just been fired from his latest job, everything is going to shit, and he feels like shit because he knows he'll get old and die, he's in a weird limbo of wanting to die and wanting live at the same time, however he gets to meet his old friends again and they offer him a deal he can't pass.
The two have run some experiments on the healing quirk of Sasaki and they found out that if one is immerged inside the liquid long enough it reverses the aging process of the body and since they know how traumatized he was of death and wanting to have fun together like old times, they tell him he could join them in this reverse aging process that way they'll forever together.
Paul, wanting to rebuild their friendship and wanting to live forever, accepts.
And they go on to live up until present days, having many adventures and meeting new people, some joining them, some don't...
to be continued
====Quirk Information====
Quirk Name: Psychokinesis
Quirk Type: Emitter, (Transformation[?]), Accumulation.
Quirk Range: Sight Based
Quirk Description: His brain is connected to a smaller organ which serves to amplify and manipulate his psychic energy which he uses to telekinetically move the objects he sees, his energy can interact with an object's atoms to move them.
Being a mind based Quirk the user's emotions affect the quirk's behavior, for example, if Paul gets very angry the air around him starts to heat up as an intimidating tactic to ward off whatever it is that's pissing him off.
He can move everything in his body with his psychic energy, mainly used to not bleed to death when wounded, but it's also used to lift himself up in the air mimicking flight.
He can turn his psychic energy into fuel for his Scarlet Flame Style attacks (more on that later).
The quirk gets stronger with time similarly to OFA.
Miscellaneous Quirk Info: His hair turns pink depending on how much of his quirk he's using.
His eyes turn instantly bright pink when he's about to use or is using his quirk.
He can technically enter people's minds if he bypasses the natural psychic barrier people have.
Whenever he lights something on fire it produces red colored smoke.
Quirk Strenghts: The quirk gets stronger with time and the amount of uses is limited only by how smart the user is at using it, if the user is smart, the quirk can be unpredictable and very powerful.
Quirk Weaknesses: The user may receive painful headaches if he uses too much energy all at once.
The hair and eyes changing color are an obvious telling for when the user is about to strike.
He can't interact with other people's bodies since every person technically generates their own signature psychic energy that covers their whole body and to bypass that it would take literal hours, so it's pretty inefficient unless the target is unconcious or trapped.
Special Moves:
Heat Wave: Paul uses his quirk to move the atoms in the air heating up everything in his vicinity and then sending it towards the enemy, based off of whenever he gets angry, usually used after getting pissed off.
Golem: Paul utilizes the materials around him to build a Golem to fight for him, mainly used to play against his opponents.
Psychic Muscular System: Paul spreads his psychic energy evenly in his body, then he shapes said energy as muscles and uses it to enhance his body's speed, power and durability.
Concentrated Power Fist: Paul concentrates all of his energy in his arm and punches the enemy with immense force, the amount of energy in his arm crushes his bones so it's mainly used as a finishing move or a desperate move.
Air Blast: Paul concentrates air in the palm of his and and launches at his opponent, blasting them away.
Toughening: Paul uses his psychic energy to make himself or an object tougher, used for defensive purposes and to make his weapon very hard to break.
Room Temperature: Paul uses his psychic energy to slow down or quicken his atoms making his body colder or hotter on demand, creating a solution against fire or ice users.
Metal Shifting: By heating up metal he can easily shift it into other shapes before cooling it down.
Scarlet Flame Style
By using his quirk Paul can turn his psychic energy into a flammable source, he can then create a Scarlet colored fire that burns as long as he keeps fueling it his energy, this fire burns much hotter, much faster than if he tried to heat something up by moving it's atoms, the only downside being he drains a lot of his energy, meaning if he uses it too much he'll be unable to fight for a while.
Paul can manipulate the flame to stick on his opponents clothes or skin, making it very painful for them
Scarlet Flame Style: Fire Fist: Paul coats his fists in fire, it gives more speed and power to his punches, it also sets his enemies on fire. Can be used interchangeably with the next special move.
Scarlet Flame Style: Explosive Fire fist: Paul coats his fists in fire, and when he is about to punch the enemy, he fuels energy to his fire making it explode. Can be used interchangeably with the previous special move.
Scarlet Flame Style: FlameRain: Paul flies in the air and throws fire all over the battlefield, covering it in flames and making it hard to traverse on the ground.
Scarlet Flame Style: Flame Breath: Paul breathes in air and spews fire from his mouth. This move is mainly used to catch people off guard when being grabbed.
Scarlet Flame Style: Ultimate move: Supernova: Paul sneakily generates a giant flaming ball above the battlefield.
After the fire ball has grown big enough Paul flies inside of the ball and flies at max speed, fists first (kinda like superman), crashing into the enemy while carrying the fire ball.
This attack needs time to be set up and it uses all of Paul's energy to attack, so it's used as a One-Hit-K.O. finishing move.
While charging the move Paul gets progressively weaker therefore he needs to run from his enemy or buy time somehow.
This move causes a lot of collateral damage, melting and destroying the surroundings.
If the enemy notices the fire ball in the sky they may try to beat Paul faster and finish the fight quicker or try to destroy the fireball.
After this attack is used, Paul will not be able to fight.
Age Quirk Obtained: 3 Years old
How the quirk first manifested: he lifted his father's desk while he was playing with letter cubes.
====Villain Information====
Villain Name: Paul.
Villain Team: The Scarlet Troupe.
Costume: A long black cloak that covers his entire upper body and reaches his shins, with Golden stripes on the edges, it's held together on the base of the neck by a pin with a blue gem in it.
Leather arm bracers.
Belt with an holster and a small ball shaped bag able to hold 15 kgs.
Sometimes wears a black medical mask and sunglasses when he needs to conceal his identity.
Gadgets/Tech/Weapons: A smart watch with a built in map in it, it's connected to his teammates watches and it's used to locate them in real time.
A Small 15 kgs metal ball used by Paul to shapeshift it in any weapon he needs, he prefers using spears, tridents and the sorts.
A S&W 350 Revolver he carries around just for show since he can output much more power with his quirk, however he can use his quirk to redirect bullets into the enemy, so it has it's uses.
It's also very useful to shut people up whenever they're being too loud or having an argument without letting him talk, just shoot in the ground so no one gets hurt.
I wanted to ask can i post more than one OC? Cause i wanted to post all of the "Scarlet Troupe" Villain team and the rules are not clear on this sub. Also English ain't my first language so if you see errors, you know why. (Writing this on reddit is a pain ngl)
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2023.06.07 13:10 GypsyTony416ix I finished world tour and i’m a little shocked at how quick it was, the storyline was pretty meh though.

Sucks what happened to Bosch though, That final tournament felt ridiculously hard though! Little did I know it was the final chapter, take my advice and buy a ton of energy drinks and don’t overuse them!
The storyline was ok, nothing too serious, next objective is to unlock everybody’s special moves!
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2023.06.07 12:57 Left_Banana_7260 …it’s too early for this…

Now she has a “gluten allergy”?
I hate to be the bad news bear… but that’s drinking 45 energy drinks a day, eating bad food, and sleeping until 2 pm with no exercise catching up to ya girly pop. The ketones only work if you’re not eating carbs and staying hydrated. And no, Celsius doesn’t count as hydration. Neither does Liquid IV. You gotta drink real water too lol. Trust… gut health is a fickle bish. One false move and it’s Bloatsville. And once the gut gets off kilter, so does the skin. Which is probably why you’re having breakouts too…
Just sayin’…
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2023.06.07 12:49 19_eNVy_86 From 89.6kg to 79.2kg in 6 weeks.

So, to begin with, I had a few things going on.
Alcohol was something I had every weekend and the occasional night while cooking (which led to a bottle of wine).
I had golfer's elbow in my left arm which made me feel as if I deserved a break from the gym.
Suddenly, I woke up deaf in my left ear at 3am.
Completely unable to hear anything. I thought I'd take advantage and sleep on my right ear....but the pain. Wont bore you with the details but after a few trips to hospital and a lot of medication which messed my body up, I decided to change my life and therefore my body around. When I did finally get my hearing back I :
Since the 3 day water fast had worked well for me in getting to a good weight, around 82kg I decided to stop and really start to watch what I eat.
I will say, my wife joined me on the water fast, though she drank coffee and energy drinks where I did not. She found it difficult to keep to the fasting (especially when I cook or bake food) but this does take a lot of willpower and a lot of the time, boredom equals your brain thinking you are hungry which is partially why I started to cook. Its a distraction.
I never had a sweet tooth but I found myself baking in the kitchen for my whole family (3 under 8 year olds and my wife). Just because I am calorie counting and doing portion control, I did not want to force my ideals onto my family so I bake!
I feel more confident and slowly losing fat in places that jiggled after I stopped moving. I don't drink alcohol unless its for a reason and I will be going to a festival in July so no doubt I will let my hair down then but the last time I drank, I only had two gin and tonics rather than beers. I also feel I can interact with my kids more, having more energy and cooking meals where we can all sit down and eat together (though sometimes they need egging on to eat this new food in front of them).
All in all, the 6 weeks has been a journey. A lot has happened. I feel pleased and while I am enjoying this adventure, in the back of my mind, I hope that nothing happens that will derail me of my successful 6 week weight loss (really thinking about golfers elbow - I am doing stretches and massages along with kinetic exercises).
This is a completely different mindset to when I was 18-24 where I was focused on bulking up in the gym, downing protein shakes morning, afternoon, night. Adulthood and being comfy made me, though happy (and I still am happy, maybe happier), made me relax my body too much, especially as I work from home.
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2023.06.07 12:39 WastingLifeless I’m turning 21 this year and it’ll be another year spent depressed and stuck in place

I know it’s unlikely anyone will even see this but I need to vent so here’s as good a place as any.
I’m gonna be 21 years old soon and I have no life. I waste away every day letting the days pass by while trying to get the energy to even get out of bed.
I let my high school years pass me by. I struggled with anxiety and depression then and couldn’t even function without panicking. I never hung out with my friends outside of school when they made plans, I just either didn’t have the energy or was so anxious and I don’t even know why. I never went to parties like the other kids. I skipped a lot a school, I felt so anxiety ridden and even more depressed there. I would wake up and think “what’s the point of even getting out of bed today let alone school?”. I was the weird quiet kid. I didn’t want to be, but I let my mental health keep me stuck in that position.
Years later and things are no different. As my 21st birthday approaches I’ve been thinking about my life and how much I hate it. I still live at home with my parents. I’m in therapy but it’s not doing much for me, and I know it’s probably my fault. It’s so hard to change, I just never have the strength to do anything. I wake up and immediately wish I wasn’t awake. Most days I can’t get out of bed. I don’t feel like I’m worth any of the effort. I don’t take care of myself like I should, and I hate that. I feel gross and guilty for it but I can never get the energy to do anything. I’m so weak. And I feel so alone. Most people would spend their 21st birthday with their friends out drinking and celebrating but not me. I don’t have any friends anymore. As I shut myself away from the world I lost contact with the ones I did have. I’ll most likely spend my 21st contemplating ending my own life.
And I don’t even know how to go about making friends or forming relationships at this point. My anxiety is awful in social situations. I’m so awkward cause I can’t stop worrying about what to say, or overthinking, or over analyzing the situation. I haven’t had any relationships yet. My friends and peers all had girlfriends and experienced love but I haven’t even had a girlfriend yet. I’m a 21 year old virgin who hasn’t even had his first kiss yet. It makes me feel all the more pathetic. I would like to find love, I know we all do but I just don’t think I will. I can’t imagine anyone loving me, there’s nothing to love.
I don’t even have a job. My parents must hate me, I can’t imagine they could honestly look at me and feel proud. I feel like such a burden on them, I just make life harder for them.
It feels like this will never change. I don’t have the strength to change, I just want to stop feeling so awful all the time. It’s like I’m either miserable or numb most of the time. I don’t know what to do anymore
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2023.06.07 12:24 Rooted_Active Discover the Blend of Wellness and Flavor with Mushroom Coffee

Discover the Blend of Wellness and Flavor with Mushroom Coffee
Mushroom Coffee is a unique and innovative beverage that combines the goodness of coffee with the powerful benefits of medicinal mushrooms. Blending premium coffee beans with carefully selected mushroom extracts, this drink offers a rich and aromatic flavor profile while providing a natural energy boost. The mushrooms used, such as lion's mane or cordyceps, are known for their potential cognitive and immune-boosting properties. Experience a delightful twist on your daily coffee routine and enjoy the potential health benefits of mushrooms with Mushroom Coffee. For more ifno:

Mushroom Coffee
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2023.06.07 12:12 brenda_targaryen26 Balancing social, work and personal life

I am yet to be diagnosed with ADHD, even though I did the checklist at the doctors and I basically checked everything off on the extreme end, but there is so many people waiting for a free psychologist in my country, so they told me "It's not so bad to the point of influencing your life so you don't get one." Which is so stupid because I had 2 sessions with the doctor where I told her the exact opposite and I named all the ways it WAS influencing my life and I made a strong point that it takes me SO MUCH energy ALL THE TIME to have a normal life. Like yeah I have good grades in school, but I cried before every single math test and I sat for 4 hours, 3 days in a row studying a single chapter from the history book, and then forgot it all as soon as the test ended. Yeah my essays are good and I get good grades in uni, but I have a mental breakdown for the first 3 days and then I binge write the 3k word essay in the last 48 hours, not remembering to eat and needing to have a minimum of 3 different drinks available as motivation. And the most infuriating or hard part of this is how hard it is for me to balance going to work/university, being social and also having some time to myself where I work on my hobbies (which are plenty) and do chores. And I just need to rant about this for a second.
I used to be very anti social, and I was okay with it. But at some point recently, I became a much more social person. I now love to hang out with my friends and I get extreme FOMO when I miss out. Like one time they watched a film without me, and they didn't invite me because I literally told them I would be out of town that day, but when I saw a picture on Snapchat stories, I got so overwhelmed about not being there that I shed a tear. But despite this, I still prefer to have a good amount of me-time, where I watch stupid YouTube videos, draw, read my books, write fanfiction that I will never post, clean my apartment, do skin care and so much more. But after I hang out with people for a few days, my battery is drained and then I need a few days to recover so what happens is that the day I should be using for myself, I end up sleeping in and not having energy or motivation to get up and do things, so I end up not getting enough me-time. But if I don't go out with my friends, I miss out on things and I sometimes stop getting invited. And I know people will say: "They aren't real friends if they stop inviting you", but it's not always that easy.
On the other side I also go to university, and I am taking a very chill degree in animation, but it is still work at the end of the day that drains me, no matter how much I love it. I am now working over the summer at a grocery store which is also overwhelming because there is so much new information, so many numbers, words, rules, I have to talk to people the whole day, always be happy and smiley with the customers, so I really struggle with going to work, having enough energy to hang out with people and also having enough time for myself.
I have gotten some small advice from some NT people and some of them helped a little, but sometimes it's so hard to implement them when you have very little control of your brain and body.
Even tho this was just a rant, I am wondering what you guys have experienced and think. If you have any advice, please do share (╥﹏╥) I need it.
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2023.06.07 11:51 playboihoi Dollar tree 🌲 energy drinks

Dollar tree 🌲 energy drinks
Is 3D good? After seeing it here it makes me question it
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2023.06.07 11:47 KatelynMark997 7 Ways To Unwind in Sydney on Weekends

7 Ways To Unwind in Sydney on Weekends
Looking for different ways to take a break from your daily routine? In today's fast-paced world, it's natural for us to yearn for a tranquil escape to take a breather. And Sydney has enough options for you to unwind before conquering the upcoming week with a bang! Take a look at 7 ways that can help you do so.
Sail away on one of the magnificent day cruises in Sydney
Join the ranks of adventurous souls visiting Sydney to spend time on a cruise. Embarking on one of Sydney's mesmerising cruises is an excellent way to spend some time away from home on one of the cruises in the city. So give a pat on your shoulder for making it through the week, and allow yourself to be captivated by the 360° harbour views from one of the lunch cruises in Sydney.
Behold the masterpieces at the Art Gallery of NSW
Prepare yourself to be enthralled by The Art Gallery of NSW, one of the popular art museums in South Wales and Sydney. Revel in the vital collections of Australian, Asian, and European Art, exhibitions, workshops, talks, and much more.
As Australia's flagship museum, this is one of the finest tourist spots in Australia, perfect for anyone looking to savour Sydney's Art and cultural experience.
Dive into paradise at the Bondi Icebergs Pool
Looking for a spot that combines breathtaking vistas with some incredible company? Create everlasting memories by spending some time in one of the most popular tourist destinations. Indulge in a sumptuous lunch or dinner, or sip on delightful cocktails. Capture Instagram-worthy moments, take a refreshing swim and bask in the sun's golden rays. Immerse yourself in this blissful atmosphere and even become a member of one of Australia's oldest winter swimming clubs, by swimming on three Sundays a month for five weeks. Isn't that enticing?
Enjoy a drink at Bar 83, Sydney's highest bar
Prepare to get your senses dazzled as you luxuriate in the 260° jaw-dropping panoramic view of Sydney from the city's highest bar on the 83rd floor. Delight in the ambience of this restaurant while gazing upon the Pacific Horizon in the east, Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park in the north, the popular Blue Mountains in the west, and Cronulla in the South.
Ascend the Sydney Harbour Bridge and embrace its grandeur
Behold the Sydney Harbour in all its majesty. If you run short of time, go for an express climb whereby you can reach the inside structure in a comparatively shorter time. Experience the unique sensation of being encased within the ribs of a metal skeleton. Enjoy these breathtaking vistas at dawn or dusk.
Fall head over heels for the Chinese Art at the White Rabbit
Step into the resplendent four-story gallery, where the captivating world of 21st-century Chinese art awaits you. Immerse yourself in a cultural journey as you explore the ever-changing exhibitions meticulously curated to showcase the vibrant essence of contemporary Chinese Art. Created by visionary Judith Neilson, this non-profit gallery is a testament to her passion and dedication of sharing her extraordinary collection of post-millennial Chinese Art with the world.
Embark on an exciting quest at the Hidden Oasis
Delight in some stunning views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Lavender Bay from Wendy's Secret Garden, also known as the Hidden Oasis. Gather in this coveted spot, and indulge in a delightful picnic. Capture your picture amidst some natives, exotics, plants, and herbs. Lose yourself in the natural beauty of curling ferns, flowering lilies, and shady figs.
As seen above, the bustling metropolis of Sydney offers myriad ways to escape our busy lives. So choose one that matches your interests and set forth on a journey of tranquillity and exploration. Let the captivating surroundings of Sydney infuse you with boundless energy to start your week with renewed vigour and zest for life!
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2023.06.07 11:24 sunrisea2milk pure cow milk In Jaipur

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2023.06.07 11:03 RipGroundbreaking151 Your Brain On Beer vs Coffee

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2023.06.07 10:57 VoteMegatron Why I quit my new job 4 days in.

I (21F) started training at a new job, which I have since quit, last week. I quit for a few reasons, one of the more prominent ones was the way one of my trainers treated me.
But let me start from the beginning. At my new job, we had an app we had to download that would help us with training and teaching us the menu and how each dish was prepared, and which drinks had which liquors. We were supposed to go through the “chapters” on the app day by day of training. So if you were on Day 5, you would be on “Chapter 5.”
I was on Day 2. I had just barely started learning the menu, much less what the menu items looked like. Multiple times, this trainer treated me like I was dumb for not knowing which menu items were by sight alone. Despite the fact that sometimes even they mixed up ones that looked similar to each other.
Once, I asked why we didn’t have bento boxes for adults (they were on the kid's menu), you know, with adult-type foods offered. They immediately launched into a tirade of how “that's so stupid. You’re a grown fucking adult. People that like or want stuff like that are morons. They need to grow the fuck up. Bento boxes are for kids.” I mentioned how bento boxes are actually used by people of all ages across Japan and other Asian countries. Their reply was curt. “It’s fucking stupid. People need to not be so picky.” I wanted to smash my head into a wall.
Not long after this, they revealed that they were younger than me and going to school to become a teacher. At the end of the day, my only thought about them was “I pray for your future students.” And I’m not exactly religious.
When I was having trouble with menu items and describing them to her (because, again, I’m on Day 2 of training), they got frustrated with me and started berating me. Saying that they had come up to the office/break room multiple times and saw that I hadn’t been doing my online training. Because I had finished it. I tried to defend myself. Saying maybe I was on the wrong day. I should have done some the night before (my managers told me to do it at work day by day) but I had been busy organizing and doing dishes and laundry (I’ve moved into a new apartment and organizing is taking longer than I’d like and my dishwasher is broken. yay). They wouldn’t hear it. “So? I worked two jobs while training too. I don’t accept excuses.” Well, fuck you too.
No, I didn’t say that. I didn’t say anything mean, even though I wanted to.
Instead, I went into survival mode. I apologized for “fucking up” the night before despite the fact that I was actually busy.
They then had a chat with the AGM and told me “So, I just had a talk with ‘name of AGM’ and they said they’re gonna give you a quick quiz.”
I said “Um, no. Please don’t do that. That’s not how I learn.” “Look, I know people learn in different ways, but you’re going to do this now.”
“I’m sorry, but no. I won’t. It is not going to help me learn the menu, and will make it harder for me to concentrate on doing my job properly.”
She seemed to concede after I apologized for fucking up. I don’t know actually. But my manager didn’t try to quiz me.
After that, things were fine for a while until we started talking about hair dye. I regularly mix up hair dye from four different brands to get the color and vibrancy where I want it. As well as making it last longer.
When I mentioned that one of the four brands I used was Arctic Fox, they immediately said “God, I fucking hate Arctic Fox. It washed out of my hair so quickly. I’m never using that stuff again, I can’t believe you do.”
Ouch. “Yeah, I mean it works for me. Always lasts a long time. Plus, like I said, I mix it with other brands.”
“It still sucks. But yeah your hair is definitely Manic Panic green. I would know. I used to use their neon pink. I saw it and went ‘Oh yep. Manic Panic right there.”
And while she’s not wrong, she’s reducing my work to one thing. I do use MP. I also use Arctic Fox, IroIro, and Pravana. So no, it’s not just MP green, it has DEPTH.
After that day, I felt very uncomfortable there. I didn’t end up seeing them again, but I could feel their presence and energy in the air and I didn’t feel safe there anymore. Especially since that team member had been with the company from the very beginning of opening this location. I felt like I had no power next to them despite the fact that they were not technically my superior. Would it be absolutely exhausting to work two server jobs? Hell yes. Would I have probably quit anyway? Also yes. But the treatment from that trainer really cinched it for me.
What do you think?
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2023.06.07 10:53 ClearSubject6643 21M late night [chat]?

Won't lie, been going through a rough period these past few days so I've got a lot on my mind, which makes it hard if not sometimes impossible for me to sleep. Although, drinking an energy drink might also be to blame for that too lol. Point is, I'm awake and have no one to talk to. I'm open to talking about pretty much anything so feel free to hmu
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Since "Fitness is the new sexy," we have begun to place more emphasis on maintaining our physical fitness and beauty through proper food and exercise. However, just as eating fruits and vegetables only slightly improves the state of nails and feet, exercising does not assist to nourish thicker nails. In actuality, our nails are where nutrients end up pretty nail art after reaching the body from eating. You should thus look to nail care products like lotions, coatings, and vitamins to boost regeneration and replenishment if your nails and feet are too frail, delicate, easily broken, and dark. Taking a dietary supplement will help your nails stay healthy on the inside.


Proper nail care to keep nails healthy and beautiful is a means to help you identify the health of your body, not just for the benefit of better nail paint color. How can you be sure you are giving this care correctly? Change this behavior by reading the article below.
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