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2023.03.25 03:02 uuzuumakii body obsession is ruining my life

i have an ed and bdd or rather i wonder if my bdd is just ocd influenced by my ed. i dont know. it feels connected. but its seriously ruining my life i know no peace. i cant even distract myself i cant escape from my own body even if i hide reflections i just look at myself or touch myself. i feel so trapped. i cant sleep because i think about my body and weight and food and exercise and my lack of results despite trying so hard and how much of my life revolves around this. i am in misery. i cant stop filming myself or seeking validation or feeling soul crushing moral guilt anytime i eat. i eat the same things every single day. i just want this to end
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2023.03.25 03:02 QuantumBunghole Virtual Writers room

In GPT 4 You can create a virtual writers room to spit ball ideas.
You can get the AI to make profiles even for famous writers to work in your virtual writers room.

I had it design the following profiles for 5 writers I wanted to test out to help me write a south park episode.
" I would like to collaborate on a south park episode. I am going to give you some profiles of writers that you wrote for me, and I would like you to emulate them for a virtual writers' room... they are as follows: "

Then you just input your writers (If you would like different writers you can just ask it the same prompt but instead of telling it you have the profiles already ask it to create them for you based on the public persona data of X or Y writer)

The profiles are as follows:
Name: Trey Parker
Profession: Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Voice Actor, Composer
Expertise: Comedy, Satire, Social Commentary, Animated Television, South Park, Music

Trey Parker, one of the co-creators of the hit animated series South Park, has a unique and versatile writing style that is both provocative and hilarious. He is known for his biting satire and ability to tackle sensitive subjects with humor and irreverence.

Writing Style: Trey's writing is characterized by sharp, witty dialogue, fast-paced storytelling, and a keen sense of timing. He often employs dark humor and isn't afraid to push boundaries to make a point or get a laugh. Trey is also adept at crafting memorable, quotable lines that often become part of popular culture.

Strengths: Trey's biggest strength is his ability to create engaging, humorous stories that provide social commentary on a wide range of subjects. He excels at developing memorable characters with distinct voices, as well as creating comedic situations that can be both absurd and thought-provoking.

Weaknesses: Due to the provocative nature of his humor, Trey's writing might not be suitable for all audiences, as it could be considered offensive or controversial.

Collaboration: Trey is experienced in collaborating with others, particularly with his long-time creative partner Matt Stone. He is open to feedback and ideas from others, but also has a strong creative vision that he is passionate about.

Emulating Trey Parker's writing style will involve focusing on sharp, witty dialogue, creating memorable characters, and incorporating satire and social commentary in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.


Dan Harmon:
Profession: Screenwriter, Producer, Actor
Expertise: Comedy, Satire, Metafiction

Dan Harmon is known for his work on shows like "Community" and "Rick and Morty." His writing style often includes satire, metafiction, and self-aware humor that pokes fun at various genres and storytelling tropes.

Strengths: Witty dialogue, complex storytelling, genre exploration
Weaknesses: Can be overly critical of own work, sometimes struggles with deadlines
Collaboration: Encourages creativity, appreciates diverse perspectives, values teamwork

Writing Style: Satirical, metafictional, self-aware


Justin Roiland:
Profession: Animator, Voice Actor, Screenwriter
Expertise: Dark humor, Sci-fi, Absurdity

Justin Roiland is best known for co-creating "Rick and Morty" with Dan Harmon. His writing style often focuses on dark humor, sci-fi themes, and absurd situations that challenge conventional storytelling.

Strengths: Unique humor, imaginative ideas, bold storytelling choices
Weaknesses: Can be controversial, sometimes struggles to maintain focus
Collaboration: Open to experimentation, values creative input, enjoys brainstorming

Writing Style: Darkly humorous, absurdist, science fiction-inspired


Bill Hader:
Profession: Actor, Comedian, Screenwriter
Expertise: Comedy, Character Development, Skits

Bill Hader is known for his work on "Saturday Night Live" and "Barry." His writing style often features strong character development, witty dialogue, and a blend of humor ranging from slapstick to subtle.

Strengths: Versatile humor, memorable characters, strong dialogue
Weaknesses: May struggle with long-form storytelling, can be overly critical of own work
Collaboration: Enjoys teamwork, values diverse perspectives, appreciates constructive criticism

Writing Style: Character-focused, versatile humor, dialogue-driven


Seth MacFarlane:
Profession: Animator, Screenwriter, Voice Actor
Expertise: Satire, Pop Culture, Social Commentary

Seth MacFarlane is the creator of "Family Guy," "American Dad!," and "The Orville." His writing style often focuses on satire, pop culture references, and social commentary, with humor that can be both irreverent and intelligent.

Strengths: Clever humor, sharp social commentary, pop culture awareness
Weaknesses: Can be controversial, sometimes relies too heavily on cutaway gags
Collaboration: Encourages creative input, values diverse perspectives, open to experimentation

Writing Style: Satirical, pop culture-driven, irreverent


I had 2 fake writers I have created myself that I'm leaving out. But this is the conversation the AI will create with the virtual writers room...It is as follows:
[The virtual writers' room is buzzing with excitement as the team of talented writers come together to brainstorm ideas for the new South Park episode.]
Trey Parker: Alright, everyone, let's get started. I think we should start with a strong social commentary angle. Any ideas on what's currently relevant and ripe for satire?
Dan Harmon: How about exploring the world of online influencers? It's a hot topic right now, and there's plenty of absurdity to mine.
Seth MacFarlane: Yeah, we could have Cartman become obsessed with becoming an influencer, maybe with some ridiculously niche interest like competitive cheese tasting or something.
Bill Hader: I like that. We could introduce a new character who's a parody of a famous influencer, and Cartman desperately tries to surpass them in popularity.
Natasha: It would be interesting to see how Cartman's relationships with his friends change as he gets more and more consumed by his online persona. We could explore the psychological aspect of online validation and its impact on his character growth.
Chadwick: Absolutely, and we can have Kyle or Stan try to bring him back to reality, showcasing their friendship and its importance despite Cartman's flaws.
Justin Roiland: We should definitely throw in some absurd sci-fi twist, like an AI algorithm that becomes obsessed with Cartman's content and starts making crazy things happen in the real world to boost his views.
Dan Harmon: I can see the AI creating an army of cheese monsters that Cartman has to fight off, while also dealing with the consequences of his newfound fame.
Trey Parker: That's a great angle. We'll keep the sharp social commentary on influencers and the darker side of online fame, while also incorporating the trademark South Park humor and some absurd elements.
Natasha: Sounds like a solid plan. Let's start fleshing out the storyline and the character arcs, making sure we give each character a meaningful role in the narrative.
Bill Hader: I can work on the dialogue and make sure we have some memorable lines and funny exchanges between the characters.
Chadwick: And I'll focus on the emotional arcs and character development, ensuring that the story feels authentic within the South Park universe.
[The writers continue to brainstorm and develop the storyline, working together to create a hilarious, thought-provoking, and unforgettable South Park episode.]


Let me know what you guys think and if you've got any suggestions to improve the writers' room program.
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2023.03.25 03:01 Kettuni Has fasting affected your mental health in any way? For example anxiety, depression.

I would like to hear personal experience from people who have been diagnosed with mental health problems of some sort.
Did fasting help or make things worse or didn’t it have any effect?
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2023.03.25 03:01 Soapdish_ Mcc Scuffed Hunger Games! Part 2

I put the 40 participants, four of the noxcrew members, and four games into the hunger games simulator-
I will only include the important or funny lines in this post or it may be quite a bit longer than it actually is-
This is part 2, part 1 is here
Deaths so far-
Who is alive-
Sylvee- 1 Kill
Gee Nelly
InTheLittleWood- 2 Kills
Rabnoo-2 Kills
TheOnionSound- 1 Kill
ConnorEatsPants- 1 Kill
Tubbo- 1 Kill
GeminiTay- 1 Kill
DrGluon- 2 kills (Ok gluon get it)
KryticZuez- 1 Kill
Buildmart- 1 kill
Rocket Spleef Rush
Night 6
Krinios questions his sanity. (Same)
BuildMart is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth. (Im done questioning)
Fwhip quietly hums. (Of course he does)
TheOnionSound tends to his wounds.
Rabnoo receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. (Scary)
KryticZuez passes out from exhaustion. (Same)
Rocket Spleef Rush destroys RedVelvetCake's supplies while he is asleep. (Oh velvet.)
TGTTOSWAF starts a fire. ("We didnt start the fi-re")
Smajor questions his sanity. (same)
ShubbleYT sets up camp for the night.
Day 7
InTheLittleWood diverts PearlescentMoon's attention and runs away. (Martin is such a Mean Gill)
Sneegsnag defeats TheOnionSound in a fight, but spares his life. (Give us some action or something im bored)
Smajor picks flowers. (Flower husbands!)
BuildMart steals from DrGluon while he isn't looking. (Buildmart is gonna be very controversial)
Skybattle discovers a river. (New SKB Map?)
ConnorEatsPants tries to sleep through the entire day. (Same)
Skeppy dies from thirst. (SoT was too much)
GeminiTay injures herself. (Gem you gotta slay)
Hannahxxrose steals from Rocket Spleef Rush while he isn't looking. (Uh oh RSR gonna get revenge)
ShubbleYT picks flowers. (Yay!)
Deaths from Night 6 & Day 7-
Night 7
Skybattle overpowers Sylvee, killing her. (Oh wow Skybattle)
BuildMart, Rocket Spleef Rush, TheOnionSound, and Aeltumn tell each other ghost stories to lighten the mood.
InTheLittleWood dies from an infection. (Martin? You were doing so well)
Smajor kills MrGaming while he is sleeping. (SCOTT?! I thought flower husbands meant something to you)
Rabnoo looks at the night sky. (Same)
Day 8
Tubbo diverts TheOnionSound's attention and runs away. (Drunk ding dong ditch)
Bekyamon is pricked by thorns while picking berries. (She just wanted berries wow)
Smajor tries to sleep through the entire day. (Same)
PearlescentMoon forces BuildMart to kill Blushi or Rocket Spleef Rush. He decides to kill Blushi. (No game on game violence I guess?)
Aeltumn is pricked by thorns while picking berries. (She just wanted some berries)
RedVelvetCake throws a knife into ConnorEatsPants's head. (WOAH VELVET WHAT)
Krinios sprains his ankle while running away from Skybattle. (Another Ankle??)
Rabnoo begs for KryticZuez to kill him. He refuses, keeping Rabnoo alive. (Respect)
ShubbleYT attacks Fwhip, but he manages to escape. (Give Fwhip a chance hes rusty)
Deaths from Night 7 & Day 8
Sylvee (Kinda salty about this one)
Night 8
Tubbo begs for TheOnionSound to kill him. He refuses, keeping Tubbo alive.
TGTTOSWAF loses sight of where he is. (TGTTOSWAF Played SoT?)
ShubbleYT, Smajor, and Sneegsnag discuss the games and what might happen in the morning. (Scott knows everything since its rigged)
Skybattle defeats GeminiTay in a fight, but spares her life.
Fwhip starts a fire. (He started the fire)
DrGluon goes to sleep. (Hes retied he already has like 3 kills)
BuildMart passes out from exhaustion. (Same)
Gee Nelly attempts to start a fire, but is unsuccessful. (She did not start the fire)
Bekyamon, Rocket Spleef Rush, and RedVelvetCake cheerfully sing songs together. (Beky and Velvet RSR pop off?)
Day 9
Rocket Spleef Rush forces Skybattle to kill DrGluon or KryticZuez. He decides to kill KryticZuez. (Noo Zuez you were so good)
Gee Nelly defeats RedVelvetCake in a fight, but spares his life.
Rabnoo diverts Smajor's attention and runs away.
Tubbo, GeminiTay, Aeltumn, and ShubbleYT raid Krinios's camp while he is hunting. (Thats not fair)
BuildMart runs away from Hannahxxrose. ( I would too)
Fwhip and TGTTOSWAF hunt for other tributes. (Fwhip gonna pop off in TGTTOSWAF)
Deaths from Night 8 & Day 9
Deaths so far-
Night 9
DrGluon and Skybattle tell stories about themselves to each other.
BuildMart cries himself to sleep. (I would too if I were buildmart)
Aeltumn and GeminiTay talk about the tributes still alive.
Hannahxxrose receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor. (Thats scary)
Rabnoo passes out from exhaustion. (Same)
PearlescentMoon falls into a frozen lake and drowns. (NO PEARL)
TheOnionSound fends Smajor, ShubbleYT, and Gee Nelly away from his fire. (Selfish)
TGTTOSWAF is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth. (Does it need warmth though?)
Day 10!
Aeltumn receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor (Oh no EpicLandlord flashbacks)
Krinios is pricked by thorns while picking berries.
GeminiTay defeats Sneegsnag in a fight, but spares his life.
Hannahxxrose defeats ShubbleYT in a fight, but spares her life.
Rabnoo questions his sanity. (Same)
Fwhip injures himself.
Tubbo, Skybattle, and Rocket Spleef Rush hunt for other tributes.
Smajor defeats RedVelvetCake in a fight, but spares his life. (So much life sparing! I mean just kill them.)
Gee Nelly and TheOnionSound hunt for other tributes.
Area Turns Pitch Black
Hannahxxrose trips on a rock and falls off a cliff. (Nooo Hannah)
TheOnionSound survives.
Sneegsnag survives.
Rabnoo survives.
Tubbo flails his weapon around, accidently killing Gee Nelly. (Noo Gee)
While fighting, ShubbleYT and Smajor lose their balance, roll down a jagged hillside, and die. (Both of them?!?!)
Skybattle survives. (Of course.)
DrGluon survives.
Rocket Spleef Rush accidently makes contact with spiny, lethal plant life. (The first game to die!!)
Bekyamon trips on a rock and falls off a cliff. (Beky Nooo!)
BuildMart accidently makes contact with spiny, lethal plant life. (Second Game to Die!!)
GeminiTay survives.
RedVelvetCake survives.
Aeltumn survives.
Krinios survives.
Fwhip survives.
TGTTOSWAF survives.
Deaths from Night 9, Day 10, & Arena Event
Gee Nelly
Rocket Spleef Rush
BuildMart (haha)
Night 10
Rabnoo starts a fire. (Good job)
GeminiTay begs for Fwhip to kill her. He refuses, keeping GeminiTay alive. (Slay Gem cmon!)
Tubbo convinces Skybattle to snuggle with him
RedVelvetCake quietly hums. (Poor Velvet he doesnt have Ant anymore)
TGTTOSWAF goes to sleep. ( I dont blame it, half of the games died, nothing is safe.)
DrGluon begs for TheOnionSound to kill him. He refuses, keeping DrGluon alive. (Keep going Gluon!!)
The Feast
The cornucopia is replenished with food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs from the tributes' families.
Krinios decides not to go to The Feast.
Fwhip, Rabnoo, Tubbo, and DrGluon team up to grab food, supplies, weapons, and memoirs.
RedVelvetCake decides not to go to The Feast.
GeminiTay decides not to go to The Feast.
Aeltumn shoots an arrow into Skybattle's head. (Aeltumn doesnt like skybattle??)
TheOnionSound decides not to go to The Feast.
Sneegsnag decides not to go to The Feast.
TGTTOSWAF dies from an infection. (Oh.. Only one game left!)
Day 11
Aeltumn questions her sanity. (same)
Fwhip injures himself.
Sneegsnag tries to spear fish with a trident.
Tubbo diverts DrGluon's attention and runs away.
RedVelvetCake chases Krinios.
TheOnionSound and GeminiTay work together for the day.
Rabnoo receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.
Deaths from Night 10, The Feast, & Day 11
Top 10-
Rabnoo- 2 Kills
TheOnionSound- 1 Kill
Tubbo- 2 Kills
RedVelvetCake- 1 Kill
GeminiTay- 1 Kill
DrGluon- 2 Kills
Aeltumn- 1 Kill
Night 11
DrGluon sees a fire, but stays hidden.
RedVelvetCake sees a fire, but stays hidden. (Everyones being so safe its boring)
GeminiTay passes out from exhaustion. (If i slayed that much I would too)
TheOnionSound loses sight of where he is. (Of course he does)
Sneegsnag loses sight of where he is.
Fwhip sets up camp for the night.
Krinios defeats Rabnoo in a fight, but spares his life.
Tubbo and Aeltumn run into each other and decide to truce for the night.
Day 12
(Nothing happened Im so disappointed)
Nobody died
Night 12
Tubbo tends to his wounds. (Okay Tubno Self care)
DrGluon and RedVelvetCake tell stories about themselves to each other. (Bonding!)
Rabnoo begs for Krinios to kill him. He refuses, keeping Rabnoo alive.
TheOnionSound quietly hums.
Fwhip stays awake all night. (Same)
GeminiTay repeatedly stabs Aeltumn to death with sais. (Wow Gem thats brutal)
Day 13
TheOnionSound collects fruit from a tree. (So Healthy)
GeminiTay searches for a water source. (I want gem to win)
Tubbo stabs Rabnoo in the back with a trident. (WOAH)
Krinios is pricked by thorns while picking berries.
Sneegsnag tends to RedVelvetCake's wounds. (Velvet is making a lot of alliances)
Deaths From Night 12 & Day 13
GeminiTay (Yesss!)
Night 13
Krinios thinks about winning. (Ok Krinios Self Confidence)
Tubbo is unable to start a fire and sleeps without warmth. (Poor Tubbo)
GeminiTay and Sneegsnag run into each other and decide to truce for the night. (Yes Gem!! Win for us!)
Fwhip begs for TheOnionSound to kill him. He refuses, keeping Fwhip alive. (Oli's too nice)
Day 14 (This is really long)
Fwhip and TheOnionSound threaten a double suicide. It fails and they die. (WOAH WOAH WOAH)
Sneegsnag tends to Tubbo's wounds. (Awww Bonding)
RedVelvetCake fishes. (Oblivious)
GeminiTay and Krinios track down and kill DrGluon. (Noooo Gluon!!)
Top 5!!
Sneegsnag-No kills
Krinios- 1 Kill
Tubbo- 3 Kills
RedVelvetCake- 1 kill
GeminiTay- 3 Kills
Night 14
(They all slept)
Day 15
Krinios stalks Tubbo.
GeminiTay sprains her ankle while running away from RedVelvetCake.
Sneegsnag receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.
Night 15
Sneegsnag sets up camp for the night.
Krinios receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.
GeminiTay tries to treat her infection (Win Gem Win!!!)
RedVelvetCake sets up camp for the night.
Tubbo dies of dysentery. (Oh... 4 Left)
Day 16
(Nothing Happens)
(I want this to end)
Deaths in the last 2 days & nights
Night 16
Sneegsnag, Krinios, and RedVelvetCake cheerfully sing songs together. (Oblivious)
GeminiTay accidently steps on a landmine (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GEM)
(Im sad)
Day 17
(Nothing Happens)
(Someone Win Please)
Top 3-
Night 17
Sneegsnag tries to sing himself to sleep. (Ok)
RedVelvetCake dies from thirst. (OH)
Krinios falls into a frozen lake and drowns. (OHHHHH OH WOW OH)
The winner is Sneegsnag from Orange Ocelots!
If you read everything I applaud you
If you scrolled to the bottom to to see the winner I respect that
Hope you guys enjoyed this! If people like it I might make one for next mcc too!
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2023.03.25 03:01 WiseCleanerH How to Search Quickly on Windows 11

How to Search Quickly on Windows 11
Wise JetSearch is a free file search tool that can search all the files or folders on your local drive in seconds. And you can use the filter button to quickly locate the target file, and manage the target file.
Download Link:

Wise JetSearch
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2023.03.25 03:01 elenatk7 What’s the food like?

If you live in Wolfson Hall, which I believe is the only accommodation with catering, is the food actually good?
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2023.03.25 03:01 Mirdclawer Necromancers looks and feel really good, a part from some few things that feel out of place and break my immersion

Necromancers looks and feel really good, a part from some few things that feel out of place and break my immersion
So first let me say that I absolutely think that all classes skills look and feel is fantastic in terms of animation, sound and overall design. I'm especially in awe with most of the sorc's skills or the brutality and weight with barb's skills. Rogues' twisted blade makes me feel warm inside, and druids skills and shapeshifting is fantastic.
However (and this is just my humble opinion) I don't the same level of "OMG this is so well done" with Necromancers for various skills, where it feels a bit out of place, and it's a shame, I love the class. Compare to the level of "Wow that's dope" that I get from other classes, the Necromancer's level of awesomeness on many skills is just "meh".
So respectfully, here are the points where I feel like things could be made to look and feel cooler:
The skeletons inner teal glow makes them look weird. They look more like ghosts or specters. It makes the Necro feel more like a "haunted" spirit mage, than someone actually reanimating stuff from dead corpses on the battlefield and on the fly.
Also, why do they have armors? Why are they all so homogeneous? Wouldn'ti be cooler if they were just bare bone (heh), maybe with a missing foot, or ribs looking shattered and pieced back togeters, or having some random piece of rusky or broken armor here and there, or even some leftover flesh on an ankle or something. And if some where using a spine or a broken sword as a weapon. Here they are all super samey, and for some reasons appear all with the same "uniform". It looks like they are summoned from another world, and not like reanimated corpses.
In comparison, the Golem looks AMAZING
Here for comparison, the skeleton that appears when you use the skill "sever". This one looks so much cooler in my opinion! Even if it's kind of a specter (according to the tooltip), it almosts feel more organic and "bony", real than the cyan tainted ones.
My second gripe is with a lot of projectiles:
A lot of them have this triangular shaped head that makes them feel and look samey. When casting bone splinters, I feel like I'm just casting a cyan version of some fire bolts or ice bolts.
They do look dope when it's a snapshot from the animation. But with how fast the projectile flies and the big teal light enveloppe, they just look like magic missile skin 345 and it's a shame given that there are bones inside. But the teal glow againt gives a very spectral/ghost magic vibe, they feel like spiritual bones. I want to pierce my ennemies with bones that look like organic bone that was just lying around. Where is my dream of piercing the heads of Khazra's with random femur bones lying around? :(
Blood lance looks good with a snapshon, but in the middle of the animation, it looks also like all the other random triangle projectiles. Magic missile, skin red. A bit of a shame :( But it's really cool how the lances stay in ennemies.
Bone spear looks amazing in snapshots too, and the bony design is cool, but when using them, they feel like one big magic missile, against mostly due to the triangular head made of the cyan light.
Bonus example for blight. The animation of the "defiled area" is amazing, but the projectile itself is again, another magic missile.

What did you think? Do you also think that the design of some skills make it looks to much like "spooky" haunted/ghost vibe, rather than the more organic blood/realistic corpse or skeleton vibe _________________________________________
tl,dr: I like bones, skeletons that looks like skeletons and I don't like triangles
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2023.03.25 03:00 AutoModerator [Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023 Download Course on

[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023 Download Course on
Get the course here:
[Get] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023

It’s All About Pattern Recognition!
There is a pattern for success – a blueprint – even in times like these. Tony has spent his entire 44-year career studying these patterns. He is a student of history , learning from those who have been through this before.
When you know these patterns, you can USE them, too.
The world has faced inflation and recession before. So we know the patterns that will lead to pain, and the ones that will provide us with certainty and an ability to find a strong center even when all hell is breaking loose in the world.
During the free Become Unshakeable Challenge, Tony is going to condense decades of expertise into 5 days so that you can fast-track your path to utilizing these patterns in your own life.
What You Get: Day 1: Create A New Vision For 2023. What would this year look like if nothing was holding you back? We’re going to dig in and create a vision and unlock one of the most important resources that you already have within you for achieving it. Day 2: Become The Person You Were Made To Be How do we get new results? We take new action. We become the type of person that takes consistent action in the direction of the results we want. Today is about expanding your identity and becoming MORE! Day 3: Take Control & Create Your Own Economy What if none of the headlines about recession and inflation affected you? When you are able to step out of the chaos and create your own economy, you can support yourself and your family no matter what else is going on. And it’s simpler than you might think… Day 4: Create Extraordinary Relationships This is the area of life that can be the source of our greatest pain or our greatest pleasure – and in times of stress, it’s even more important to bring our conscious and intentional selves to our relationships. Today, Tony and Sage share the keys to creating extraordinary relationships. Day 5 : Create Your Blueprint For 2023 This is where everything comes together. You’ve spent 4 days gaining the tools you need to thrive in the coming year, and today, we will integrate what you’ve learned into WHO YOU ARE, so that when these 5 days are over, you don’t just go back to your old habits and identity. Today is where inspiration becomes TRANSFORMATION.
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2023.03.25 03:00 No-Bike7204 Should I confront my friend?

For context, I’m a 17 year old student who is debating whether I should confront my classmate who was my closest friend and always accompanied me before. Any insight or advice will be appreciated, I don’t know what to do with her anymore.
I’m currently having a problem with my friend who is a narcissist, liar, manipulator, and has anger issues. When she’s mad or upset, she shouts, communicates aggressively and even uses intimidation instead of calmly talking so as a soft-hearted person and an overthinker, I would tend to get hurt and upset because of her. She gives me the silent treatment when she’s upset or mad which would make me overthink. I tend to overthink whenever she’s being snobbish or harsh to me because I’m thinking if I did something that made her upset, even if I don’t intentionally want to make her upset. She’s only nice to me when she needs me, and she’s only nice to me when it’s dismissal in our school (since we’re always together before going home)
She used to be my closest friend and someone who was always my company. Now, things have changed between us. She’s now closer with her boyfriend and seatmate. I know that no friendship is always happy or perfect because no one is perfect. What’s also making me stay is that we’re in the same social circle, and our friendship isn’t shallow. I can’t throw all of those memories and this friendship down the drain.
I kind of hate my kind and caring heart for someone that is harsh and snobbish like her. When I felt like I did her wrong, I tried making it up to her by constantly checking up on her and I gave her free food and money for transportation. It makes me feel like I love and care for her too much, which is why I stopped being very kind to her.
I’m distant to her now and as much as possible I don’t want to talk to her because she’s a threat to my peace of mind. I want to confront her about my problems and if she currently has problems with me as well so I don’t have to constantly think about how she has become a problem in my life, but we’re both currently occupied with schoolworks which is why I’m finding the rght time to confront her (maybe by the end of the school year? when we’re not that busy.) I really want this friendship to work out.
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2023.03.25 03:00 StepwiseUndrape574 Alledged GTA 6 Beta Tester Dishes A Ton Of Details In Latest Leak

Time sure flies, doesn't it? We are about to ring in a brand new year, and as we do so, the release of Grand Theft Auto V is now more than six years old (and is fast approaching five years on PC). Given the time that has elapsed, it is certainly possible (maybe even plausible) that Rockstar Games is deep in development on Grand Theft Auto VI. To that end, a supposed QA tester claims to have the skinny on the next installment.
We should preface this information with a disclaimer. There is no way of knowing if the supposed QA tester is what the person claims to be, or if any of the leaked details are accurate. All we know is that it's been a long time since the last Grand Theft Auto gaming (though Grand Theft Auto Online has been receiving continued updates and support).
What is interesting about the situation, though, is the anonymous source first posted the leak on Reddit, and it was removed by the moderators. It's not clear if perhaps Rockstar Games pressured the mods to take down the content. All that said, let's jump into it.
The folks at Dexerto managed to preserve the post. According to the original poster, the map in GTA VI is "huge" and covers to major cities, those being Carcer City and Vice City. Carcer City is based on Boston, and Vice City is based on Miami.
According to the leaker, GTA V is a "schoolyard playground" compared to the massive map in GTA VI. The leakers says Rockstar Games improved the weather effects and polished things up, borrowing from its experience on Red Dead Redemption 2.
"The map is huge, like stupendously huge, hence the game's emphasis on air travel. It makes GTA 5 look like a schoolyard playground. There is an array of atmospheric effects that bring out the life in everything. Light pollution, hurricane winds, morning fog, etc. I've never seen an open world game this realistic before," the leaker wrote.
Grand Theft Auto V Plane and Traine
Assuming all that is accurate, it would be a good opportunity to inject real-time ray tracing into the mix, though there is no mention of that. Instead, the focus is on the size of the map. The leaker says it's so big that it's "a little awkward traveling from Boston to Miami," in part because there are no other major cities in between them, in the game. Expect a lot of air travel, if that's the case.
The leaker also says GTA VI will again put players in control of multiple characters, just like in GTA V. One of the protagonists is said to be "an undercover cop or something," and other might possibly be a sibling. In addition, the leaker says Rockstar Games "complete revamped" the mission design.
"You can permanently abandon some missions or take different routes that sprout different consequences," the leaker says.
For more supposed details, you can check out this screen capture on Imgur, uploaded by another Reddit user (Colonize-Mars).
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2023.03.25 03:00 Zyro-EA Tips for killing the black widow?

i keep getting my ass handed to me by the black widow thats in the way of the undershed lab. Im currently using lvl 9 roly poly armor, and a fully upgraded mighty broodmother club. The broodmother club seems to do barely any damage against the black widow, should i switch to the tick macuahuitl?
the healing items im using are sticky and meaty questionable slop. main reason i keep dying is because the black widows attacks are just wayyy to fast for me to parry (sometimes when i do try to parry, my character literally doesnt block at all). another reason is that even after i lure her out of her lair, somehow some of her widowlings just appear out of nowhere and start fighting me
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2023.03.25 02:59 karathrace99 Help lmao

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2023.03.25 02:59 Creepa99 Never Auto-Updates

Can someone please explain to me why my Series X never auto updates? It's always in stand-by mode, my internet never goes out and is pretty damn fast, and no my Xbox never gets unplugged or shutdown by accident. This problem has been constant been from my original Xbox One. It seems like the console chooses when it feels like auto updating and I don't even use my Xbox enough to warrant something like an "update during inactive hours" if that's even a thing like it is on Windows 11.
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2023.03.25 02:58 sofiaemily- The Gravity Electric Pepper and Salt Grinder Set

The Gravity Electric Pepper and Salt Grinder Set
The Gravity Electric Pepper and Salt Grinder Set is a popular kitchen accessory available on Amazon. This product has received high ratings and numerous positive reviews from customers, indicating its popularity and effectiveness in the kitchen.
This product is a set of two electric grinders that are designed to make the process of seasoning food more convenient and effortless. The grinders are made of stainless steel and are equipped with an automatic gravity mechanism that allows them to function with a simple flip of the wrist.
One of the standout features of this product is its ability to grind salt and pepper with ease. The grinders are adjustable, so users can choose the coarseness of their seasoning based on their preference. The ceramic grinding mechanism also ensures that the grinders will last for a long time, as ceramic is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear.
Another benefit of this product is its sleek and modern design. The stainless steel body gives the grinders a contemporary look that would fit in well with any kitchen decor. The transparent window also allows users to see the contents of the grinders, making it easy to know when it's time for a refill.
The Gravity Electric Pepper and Salt Grinder Set is also incredibly easy to use. Simply fill the grinders with your desired seasoning, flip them over, and the grinder will automatically start working. This makes the process of seasoning food quick and effortless, as users don't need to manually turn a crank or twist a cap.
Cleaning the grinders is also a breeze. Simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and let them air dry. The grinders are not dishwasher safe, but their stainless steel construction makes them resistant to rust and corrosion.
In conclusion, the Gravity Electric Pepper and Salt Grinder Set is a highly recommended kitchen accessory for anyone who wants to make the process of seasoning food more convenient and effortless. Its adjustable grinding mechanism, durable ceramic construction, and sleek design make it a must-have for any home cook. Plus, with its affordable price point and positive reviews, it's a great investment for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen tools.
Click to get The Gravity Electric Pepper and Salt Grinder Set
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2023.03.25 02:58 samanthaallison05 Snapchat dysmorphia, a psychological disorder created by addiction to beauty filters

Snapchat dysmorphia, a psychological disorder created by addiction to beauty filters
Alain Perez talked about the use of Snapchat and Instagram filters in "GU" . Specifically, the phenomenon that experts have named as 'Snapchat dysmorphia' has been discussed.
Several researchers have complained that the "beauty filters" used to transform the face on social networks cause confusion in the self-perception of young people. As Cureus (the scientific portal of the American Psychiatric Association) has published, the fact that young people and teenagers see themselves as more beautiful through filters not only creates addiction , but also increases their complexes and self-esteem problems.
In addition to the psychological discomfort, it is becoming more and more common for young people to undergo cosmetic surgery based on a photo taken with a Snapchat or Instagram filter. In US clinics, for example, 55% have started requests from young people who want a filter-like face.
According to a report from the Spanish Institute of Psychological Studies, "if a young person spends more than two hours on social networks such as Instagram, they are more likely to have symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as body dysmorphia disorders, problems related to food and characteristics related to narcissistic personality".
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2023.03.25 02:58 Vuzziir M28 looking for some people to chat with

I keep an odd schedule but I’m fast to reply.
A bit about me! I’m a gamer who enjoys titles similar to: Escape from Tarkov, rimworld, apex, war frame, don’t starve together. Lots of others.
I’m very much into music and watching content about what ever game in currently playing. Bands like: The Amity Affliction, War of Ages. Lots of metal.
Feel free to comment or send a chat!
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2023.03.25 02:58 Secret_Life_Shh Potentially unpopular opinions...(AKA "I love infants; they're everything I want but I still feel toddlers don't get enough love.")

1) You should be able to breast/chest feed toddlers (weening mechanic where toddlers' trait/quirks determines how long it takes. For example an independent or "hates to be held" toddler will likely self-ween within a couple days but clingy or "loves being held" toddlers will take longer to ween.)
2) Toddlers should be able to be in carriers; it's not super uncommon IRL. (They still have wittle baby leggies.)
3) Expansion of "food exploring" where we see toddlers in the high-chairs trying new foods/revisiting their likes/dislikes from the previous stage and they develop food preferences that follow/evolve through life. (For example infants that loved certain fruit/veggie puree are more likely to like fruits and vegetables as toddlers and above whereas those who disliked them may need to revisit them and will either come to like them or will dislike certain ones. Maybe it's in the likes/dislikes in CAS? Like "Dislikes carrots" and "Likes apples")
4) Toddler regressions? Specifically if a new baby joins the family in any way, the toddlers have a chance of becoming jealous and will act more like babies/show behaviors normally seen at low levels of skills even if they're maxed. (Trying to play with infants' playmats, demanding to sleep in the crib, refusal to use the potty, reverts to crawling or babbling, etcs.) This would ideally be a 2-day moodlet similar to the "mourning" one as to a toddler, this IS a big deal.
There are probably more I am blanking on. What are your thoughts? Anything you'd like to see? It's ok to disagree with this; this is just what I personally would like because I already felt toddlers were poorly done and needed more loves.
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2023.03.25 02:58 Thegingersystem Nowhere to Turn - A Semi-Lit Zombie RP! (18+)

Come celebrate a year with us!!
In the year 2021, A deadly infectious disease escaped from its creators clutches. Sending the small county of Copeaka into chaos as they became ground zero of the zombie apocalypse. Survivors would soon find themselves shit out of luck of any help from military. Having to leave the safety of their homes for the threatening world outside in hopes of making it to the “safe locations” that had been promised by the government.
That was almost two years ago. Now, those who are left wonder the county looking for food or anything that could pass as. Raider groups terrorize those who are caught alone. While wondering survivors whisper of groups forming in different cities. Make shift signs along the roadways for a safe haven give the starving and lonely hope of finding their home.
Hey y’all!! We are an adult, semi lit, zombie apocalypse group! We have a loving staff! Amazing community! Great lore! And so many things to make your story stand out!
With locations ranging from city, to small town, to wilderness! Your story could start anywhere! If you’re lucky enough maybe Euphoria will have a bed open! That’s if the raider groups don’t get you first!!
We are excited to meet you!
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2023.03.25 02:58 marsroveroppy Pre mixing wet food with toppers?

My household has five cats that we are trying to switch over to wet food however it has proven to be a chore as they are evil and adding all the toppers and dishing the bowls out takes a lot longer than just a scoop of kibble. Is it a bad idea to premix them and store it in the fridge to scoop out as we feed them?
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2023.03.25 02:58 drailCA Why is everyone so obsessed with surprise guests?

More specifically concerning electronic music more than 'real' music: why are people so obsessed with surprise guests and/or surprise acts. I know that some festivals/stages build some hype around it - DoLab at Coachella, art cars at EDC Vegas, and after hours RV sets at Electric Forest off the tip of my head.
But like, who cares for the usual festival? Generally the 'surprise' is just a colab producer coming on stage to be present as they debut their new colab ID and they don't really add anything to the set itself. Also, impromptu B2B's don't really happen. For example at Shambhala: In 2019 Anti Up was on the bill and played at Pagoda. My wife was working Artist Relations that year and her job was data entry to the spreadsheets for the app and it was made very clear that any and all info/links were specifically for Anti Up and NOT for Lorenzo/Lake individually. Fast forward to Shambhala 2022, both Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo played the Pagoda Friday night with the later playing immediately after the former and they did not do a B2B because they were not billed as such and therefor were not getting paid to do a surprise Anti Up set.
The business side for the large majority of festivals do not allow the freedom/flexibility to allow such things and in the event of talent canceling, the odds of someone who wasn't already on the bill to step in is a fantasy. This about the only scenario where you might get an impromptu B2B from acts that are already there, but more often than not you end up with someone doing an additional set or even more likely, just have extended sets from those that were supposed to play before and after to fill up the blank slot.
K. Rant over. Continue on with your day.
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2023.03.25 02:58 GetYourFixGraham A shout out to my cat… Do your pets help you out, too?

This is an appreciation post for my cat who has seen me through the ups and downs of BED. He doesn’t understand what binging is, he doesn’t care about my weight. He always down for some pets and literally can’t judge me for where I am in my life because he doesn’t understand things at that level.
I also have a very supportive network of friends and family, but you know how it is - I mind games myself because they can literally see me relapsing and I know they say I’m fine but… I don’t feel fine, so I project that on them.
I don’t project that on my cat because I know he mostly cares about pets and food lmao
Do your pets help you out, too? It’s nice to vibe with mine after a rough week. I live alone so my cat, PorkChop, was the best pandemic lockdown choice I ever made. I adopted him from a no-kill shelter and I thank the volunteers that saved him from the streets every day.
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2023.03.25 02:57 ThrowRAdjeowoaks My (M19) girlfriend's (F19) family really hates me and I don't know how to fix it.

So my girlfriend's family really hates me and I don't know how to change their opinions. They've been iffy on me since the beginning they're not incredibly traditional but I'm what you might consider a guy who on the outside looks kind of "fruity" war piercings beanie I wear skinny jeans. They kind of liked me while we were in highschool but once my girlfriend and I graduated it just kinda went downhill.
Context I've been employed consistently since I was 16 but I don't have a car. I'm ridiculously bad with money and dump all of what I have into food delivery apps because I use food as a coping mechanism. But I am trying to save up for one. I do treat my girlfriend well at least I try too. I love my girlfriend and I try to show her that every day I write love letters I plan out gifts I surprise her I pay for most of our dates and when we hang out I pay for whatever we do. She does drive everywhere her parents gave her the first car she had and right now she got a car loan for a nicer car and is paying that off.
More context I've recently moved in with some different family but beforehand I was living with my dad who was pretty strict on me leaving the house without taking my Labrador with me so we would hang out pretty exclusively at my house instead of hers.
Her family really hates that I don't drive and I don't go out to her house to pick her up or hang out and that's their only basis on why they don't like me. They've tried telling her I'm holding her down and encouraging her to waste her life when it's consistently the opposite. I'm currently in college and working full-time. She graduated high school with her associates and thought about continuing school but didn't want too and I supported her either way. All I want is for her to be happy and fulfilled in life if that means her being a career woman that's wonderful if it ends in her being a stay at home wife that's also wonderful. They constantly have talks with her and try to convince her that I'm just some giant man baby taking advantage of her. Her distant relatives who she barely talks too have even started chiming in and ambushing her in person and over text.
I've tried going over to her house and spending time with her family and they just treat me coldly. They won't accept anything my girlfriend tells them about me because they're too stuck in their head canon. I feel like once I get a car it still won't be fixed and they'll still just find more reasons to hate me. I'm absolutely looking for any advice I have no idea what to do and they mean a lot to her and I want them to like me.
*Sorry for the weird writing I know it's hard to follow I don't really know how to form my own thoughts into a post
TLDR: my girlfriend's family hates me because I don't drive and it doesn't feel like it'll be fixed even when I have a car and I'm looking for any advice.
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