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32 [M4F] Ireland - Anywhere. Tattooed traveller, seeking expedition partner for cozy books & photography on the road [Chat]

2023.03.29 18:55 AShroudedTraveller 32 [M4F] Ireland - Anywhere. Tattooed traveller, seeking expedition partner for cozy books & photography on the road [Chat]

Hello fellow travellers of the interwebs!
I have recently just quit my full time employment in favour of adopting a new career that allows me the fulfillment of travel, new adventures and plenty of time to experience the great wide world!
After spending the last 6 years feeling less than fulfilled I have decided that I am going to start living for me and with that hopefully comes new people, friends and hopefully a little spice. I would love to meet some new people that share a love of travel, tattoos, books and movies! Even if only one of those things is your jam, then please feel free to slide on in to my mailbox...(not a euphemism.. 😂)
I love travelling and outdoor adventure! I will often take mini vacations to remote parts of the country, set up camp and enjoy nature with my dog and a good book. I also love photography and creating my own prints, which is weird because I would never describe myself as creative.
I'm an introvert that loves spontaneous eruptions of extrovertism! I'll get my social fix then ramble back to my cosy abode to recharge those social batteries.
Anyways, I like to keep a somewhat air of mystery around myself, makes for more interesting reading and conversation later. Or so I choose to believe 🤔.
Happy to swap pictures and move to another app should we hit it off 📸.
I Look forward to chatting with you 😊
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2023.03.29 18:54 WiseWordzz I’m brave enough to address this untouched part of the Porn conversation:

Much like modern weed from these dispensaries, porn nowadays is way too enhanced and powerful.
I stopped consuming weed entirely a year ago because I realized the culture of always searching for stronger shit had led us down a dark path and now everyone is smoking Ultra GMO weed that leaves you lookin like half a retard after a few pulls. No good.
Porn now is excessively entrancing and potent. You can’t say this publicly without exposing yourself as a coomer but idc: there are way too many women with beautiful faces and perfect bodies, and men with giant picturesque phalluses.
You can close your eyes, dream up your ideal aesthetic and body type, and I guarantee you can find that woman or man somewhere online giving you full visual access. When I was growing up, pornstars looked like pornstars. Now half of them look like the beautiful girl you see on the subway platform on Tuesday and are still thinking about on Thursday.
As long as we women that look like Helen of Troy to make up for the opportunities taken from us by Tinder etc., porn isn’t going anywhere and consumption will increase indefinitely.
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2023.03.29 18:54 underthesea_96 Getting Back With An Ex

My ex and I recently broke up due to her current depressive episode.
She felt like she was failing me by not being the same person she was in the beginning of the relationship and that she can clearly see I'm giving 100% while she feels like she can't give anything right now.
I let her know I understand things are hard and that I was willing to work through it. That I wasn't holding how she's been lately against her.
She said going on a break wouldn't be fair to me since she doesn't know if / when she'll ever feel like her old self. And that she feels like she's in a black hole and doesn't want to drag me down with her.
After the conversation, we both held each other and cried then we kissed and she said I love you and I said it back.
She recently changed her antidepressants and hasn't reached the timeframe it typically takes for them to kick in.
I guess my question is am I stupid for holding out hope that we might get back together in the future?
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2023.03.29 18:54 drdrdoug Height Is A Background Singer, Not A Soloist

I'm seeing so many posts from folks disappointed with the height effect on their products, others suggesting setting height at 10 etc. I want to point out that the goal is not to have all of the sounds coming from overhead so you can say "hey, I heard that overhead and there's no speaker overhead." It is cool, and it is a wonderful immersive experience but height is an augmentation that is woven into the whole sound experience, not something that is supposed to be all of the experience. It reminds me of the bass conversations where folks talk about how their base is set at +10 or so. IMO you are not experiencing what was engineered or created, but rather revving the engines on your car to hear them, but sitting in your driveway.
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2023.03.29 18:54 Sourcee_app I'm looking to chat with experts in navigating "office politics." Thinking bosses picking favorites, not being included in gatherings or conversations or cool projects, interpersonal stuff that impacts work life, etc. Suggestions appreciated!

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2023.03.29 18:53 samklairium International student two year Computer Programming (CPP) to three year CPA conversion.

Hi, I am an international student studying in Computer Programming and because I don’t have a COOP, I want to convert to CPA program. Anyone who did the same before please share your experience.
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2023.03.29 18:53 AllyDorie Discovering best friend of 10 years tried to sabotage my love life

It must have been terribly slow and stupid of me but it just dawned on me two days ago that my (28f) closest friend (27f) was trying to sabotage my life.
I am a small entrepreneur in this one field and one day my close girl friend (same friend in question let’s call her Laura) called me and said one of her ex clients is now in my field of work and looking for a new supplier, strongly suggested I should meet up with him to the point of being pushy. Anyhow I agreed to the meeting, and shortly after our conversation I got an email from this ex client (35m) and the conversation was brief and we agreed to meet and talk in person.
Over at the restaurant I realized it was a date. He said he had told Laura he’s looking for a date and a girlfriend, hence the meet up. I was very confused as to why I was told one thing and hearing another, so I left shortly after discovering his intention. After this brief meet up this gentleman became strangely obsessive via constant phone calls, text messages and emails all about his love confession (we’ve only met for 20 minutes!). Later I found him stalking me outside of my office and home (nobody else could have given him my home address but Laura, but I just wasn’t thinking and didn’t think it could be her). I tried telling him off nicely to avoid hurting his feelings by saying I am not interested in a relationship or dating in general at this point of my life and that he misunderstood the reason why I agreed to meet. Then, when the stalking and obsessive behaviours didn’t stop, I told him straight up he is disturbing my life and he must stop.
Upon receiving my strongly-worded message, he became furious and cursed me in the most unimaginable ways and thankfully after I blocked him, he never showed up near either my office or home again.
I spoke to Laura about my whole ordeal with this gentleman after, she said ever so calmly indicating she already knew he has some issues with bipolar disorder among a few other medicated illnesses (what she said showed me she knew before she even introduced him to me). I found the entire episode strange but since my life was very hectic at that point (about 8-9 months ago) I didn’t think much of it. Until two days ago I realized Laura was purposely trying to set me up to date this person knowing full well he is not in the right state of mind. I called Laura the past Sunday asking how she came to know him, she said she used to work with him, but he got fired for not being mentally competent and sexually harassing a coworker. I gasped.
5 months ago I met a wonderful Turkish gentleman (I’m Canadian with Swedish and Kazakh parents, he is a US green card holder and now working in Canada, where we met) and we fell madly in love. We are now engaged and the wedding will be next year (in Turkish and Kazakh cultures it is dishonourable to not disclose your serious intention at the onset. Couples normally get engaged within weeks or months per the custom after the boy asks for permission to be engaged/married from the girl's family).
Just after we got engaged (I called to tell all my girl friends and family), Laura said to me no man in their sane mind would want to commit just after 5 months of dating, and suggested that he might be mentally ill and that’s why he chose me (almost her exact wording, and some other things implying I am not good enough to deserve this "perfect" man and that I should find someone within my league). I found the way she talked unsettling and have since distanced myself a little.
One day I got a call from Laura, urging that I should really consider breaking up with my fiance, the reason she gave was that she has a gut feeling my fiance is the ‘same crazy kind of guy’ (quoting her) as ‘her ex client’ (her words again, about the guy I’m Part 1). And then I started to realize she doesn’t want me to be in a happy relationship. What’s more, she lied to me about how she made the previous gentleman’s acquaintance and then really really wanted me to be in an abusive relationship with him (she knew full well the problems the gentleman in part 1 has). Then, when I was in a happy relationship she tried gaslighting tactics on me a few times to have me to see my fiance in a different light so we’d break up.
I don’t know when she started to change and not want the best for me anymore, but to sabotage my love life not once but twice is a whole different level of hurt she has caused me.
Apologies for the long rant, I typed in a haste to get it out of me and I haven’t figured out how I am going to face her in the future.

TLDR: Best girl friend Laura tried to set me up by deceit with a mentally unstable man who was fired for sexually harassing a coworker (one of the reasons he got fired)— Part I. And then when I met someone and got engaged, she tried to gaslight me into thinking I am unworthy and something is wrong with my fiance that I should break up with him — Part 2.
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2023.03.29 18:53 BeautifulMindForever AITA for not speaking more English with my girlfriend?

So, I have been dating my current girlfriend for about one year and a half, she is Japanese and I am Canadian. She has been living in the US/Canada for basically the entire year and a half we have been dating. I used to live in Japan back in law school, 4+ years ago, and since leaving, I have used Japanese almost every single day. I work at a Japan desk of a US law firm and my Japanese is at an essentially fluent level. Her English has improved a lot in the past year and a half and she can generally follow along with natives in a social setting and can handle herself in English, probably an upper intermediate level. Her English has gotten good enough to the point that we text almost 50/50 in English and Japanese and there is no real language struggle there as her writing/reading is quite good. At the start of the relationship, obviously almost 90% of the communication was in Japanese and although she did try and get me to use more English and I did try several times to make a conscious effort, it never really stuck. I've explained to her that I don't want to feel like I am struggling to communicate and I just want to enjoy my relationship with my girlfriend, not have a language-exchange every time we are talking. She's bugged me about a couple of times over the relationship but never anything more than a comment here or there.
Today she was speaking with an acquaintance who happened to be an English language teacher and when she came home she basically told me that the teacher had told her, "if I really care about her, I would talk in English" and that "as my Japanese is better than her English, I need to try to make it as good as my Japanese". I basically told her that one, this teacher is seriously overstepping his boundaries saying something that strongly worded and two, that her English right now is basically the same level my Japanese was after my year in Japan 4+ years ago. I am ahead of her by almost 4+ years of using the language every single day, I am open to helping her but that it takes time. She does recognize that her English HAS substantially improved in her time year, but it would have improved faster if spoke English more, which is technically true. It's not like I don't speak in English at all, like I said I do text her in English 50/50, in-person communication is maybe 80/20 Japanese/English and of course when I take her out with my native Canadian friends and such, the conversation is all English.
I understand that she wants to improve her English and be more confident in her language abilities so she can enjoy Canada more, and I do want to help her but AITA for not wanting to basically force myself to use English when I don't want/have too? She's asked me to up my English speaking to 50/50 Japanese and English and I said I would think about it, but I just wanted a second opinion.
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2023.03.29 18:53 MonsteraSoup Offering: English (native/Canada) Seeking: Russian +/- friendship

Hey! I'm Dan and I'm a 28 year old guy living in Canada, currently studying in university. I'm a native English speaker and would love to help you practice English in exchange for practising Russian (which I also grew up speaking but am rough around the edges). Open to have conversations about culture, philosophy, books and more!
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2023.03.29 18:53 AutoModerator [Get] Demand curve – Growth Training Self-Serve

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[Get] Demand curve – Growth Training Self-Serve
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2023.03.29 18:52 Gracie22221 A lot of people have seemed to stop wanting to talk to me as much now that I deleted all of my social media (except for Reddit if you even consider that social media)

I understand that it can make it harder to a certain extent to stay in contact with people. Plus, you’re not getting to see their posts about how life’s going or pictures unless they tell you or send them directly. Being in my 20’s, I feel like my peers may view it as an odd/bad decision. My point is, if you want to talk to me, just text or call me though? Let’s hang out. Why does everything have to be on display like that? I don’t need to tag you in a post on Facebook for everyone to see to initiate conversation. Commenting on and liking each others posts isn’t something that should keep a relationship going. To me, it’s more of a green flag if anything if someone doesn’t have social media. They’re actually living their lives and are happy privately without the need for validation/attention. I could post a picture and get a hundred likes from people who don’t actually genuinely care about me. How is that benefiting me in any way aside from temporary validation? It just feels like a waste of time and pointless. I’m happier without it. If that damages relationships, so be it, I guess- it shouldn’t imo though.
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2023.03.29 18:52 raccoonamu f24 from london - gamer friends needed (or any friends really 😅)

hi!! looking for some friends i can game with bc solo queuing is making me wanna do questionable things
Fell into a deep depression last year and I lost my passion in life for … pretty much everything. I also lost all my friends but I’m ready to start feeling alive again :)
I used to game sm but then i kinda stopped (bc i stopped doing everything lol) but I am just started to get back into it and would love some friends to play with
i love playing fps games, im a pro at Apex and Fortnite but I’ve recently got into overwatch 2
Hmu if you need a healer 😛
Honestly, down to meet any cool like-minded people but plssss don’t make me carry the conversation alone
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2023.03.29 18:52 KatinaChesley [For Hire] Essay Writing Services and Homework Help

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I offer a friendly and negotiable rate, starting from $15 per page.
Please hire me to meet all your essay needs.
Thank you!
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2023.03.29 18:51 jersey1990 Any advice for someone out of the scene??

The nerves are real. It's been years. Going on a date this week. Not looking for anything serious and I've made that clear but some recent events made me decide to open up the possibility of casual. The opportunity arose and I just decided why in the world not.
But... I don't even remember dating haha. If I had a little black book it would have cobwebs. Any advice for a first date? I'll obviously be myself (mostly, except probably slightly guarded) but etiquette etc?
For context - ran into a guy at my local pet shop when I was getting my dog groomed. His dog approached us and mine didn't try to eat it so that was a plus. We started talking about dogs and next thing I knew he was asking if I'd be interested in getting together and continuing this and maybe other conversations. Before I knew it I blurted out an aggreement... Exchanged numbers and set up a time. He said he would plan something out and text me with a place if that works. So no idea what we will be doing....
Any thoughts? TIA
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2023.03.29 18:51 Zutroy1992 Shure MV7 is really quiet

I'm a content creator, and yesterday I decided the purchase a Shure MV7. Up until now I have been using a Shure SM57 (which is designed for musical instruments) to record my voice, which is connected to a Focusrite Scarlett Solo audio interface. I record my voice (and make my videos) in Wondershare Filmora 12, and with that mic I have had to be within 2-3 inches of it, speaking at a reasonable volume, and then crank the recording volume up to full afterwards to get a decent volume out of it, which often still has static and popping despite me having a pop filter.
My hope was that the MV7 would have a far better natural gain, and I could speak at a conversational level without having it right in my face. However, it's even quieter than the SM57, even with the gain on the Scarlett up full, which just creates loads of static. Plugging it in via USB and using ShurePlus MOTIV only marginally helps. even with compression up to the max; the static is gonre, but the sound qualify becomes scratchy, and again I have to put it right in my face. I've done a fair bit of googling and a lot of people are recommending buying the Cloudlifter CL-1 to increase the gain. I'm just wondering if that is fully necessary, considering it costs c.£150 and I spent almost double that on the MV7 itself?
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2023.03.29 18:50 In-Cog-Neat-0 I asked Google Bard to draft a scene:

Prompt: Draft a scene for the tv show Seinfeld, where George and Jerry are in the diner discussing avocado toast. Kramer interrupts in the middle of the conversation raving about a new street vendor that serves vegan hot dogs.
Response: INT. DINER - DAY
Jerry and George are sitting at a table, eating breakfast.
JERRY: So, I had avocado toast for breakfast this morning.
GEORGE: Avocado toast? What's that?
JERRY: It's just toast with avocado on it.
GEORGE: That's it?
JERRY: Yeah, it's really good.
GEORGE: I don't know. Avocados are kind of mushy.
JERRY: They're not so bad. And the toast is really crispy.
GEORGE: I don't know. I'll have to try it sometime.
Just then, Kramer bursts into the diner.
KRAMER: Jerry! Jerry! You have to try this new hot dog vendor I found!
JERRY: A hot dog vendor?
KRAMER: Yeah, but these are no ordinary hot dogs. They're vegan!
JERRY: Vegan hot dogs?
KRAMER: Yeah, they're made with tofu and tempeh.
JERRY: I don't know. I'm not really a fan of tofu.
KRAMER: Trust me, these hot dogs are amazing!
JERRY: I don't know.
KRAMER: Come on, just one bite!
JERRY: Fine. Just one bite.
George looks at Jerry, then at Kramer.
GEORGE: I'll have one too.
Kramer smiles and runs out of the diner.
Jerry takes a bite of the hot dog.
JERRY: Wow, this is actually really good!
GEORGE: I know, right?
JERRY: I can't believe it's vegan.
GEORGE: I know. It tastes just like a regular hot dog.
JERRY: I'm going to have to get more of these.
GEORGE: Me too.
Kramer bursts back into the diner.
KRAMER: I told you!
JERRY: You were right, Kramer. These hot dogs are amazing.
KRAMER: I know, right?
JERRY: I'm going to have to get more of these.
GEORGE: Me too.
Kramer smiles.
KRAMER: I'm glad you like them.
Jerry and George continue to eat their hot dogs.
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2023.03.29 18:50 ScottyStellar Involvement in step child's education

I am step father to an elementary student. 50/50 custody b/w my partner and her ex husband. I have a more flexible work schedule than my partner and am the main homework helper.
Teacher frequently sends assignments home to correct, and asks for parent signature on the return to ensure it's been done/reviewed. I have signed many of these and teacher doesn't care as she knows I am the main homework helper and review the completed work.
Recently we had a report card and they sent an extra sheet asking parents for any comments/concerns. My partner and I filled it out together, she wrote both of our names in the parent names field (not a signature, just our first names) and we left plenty of space and sent to the bio father for him to add his thoughts and send it in. He wrote back angry that I wrote on and "signed" the page (again, no signature and my partner wrote our first names) and am not her legal father and not able to make decisions, can't sign documents on her education (as if this comment sheet were important legal doc).
I know legally we have done nothing wrong as I have never and would never sign or purport to be the child's bio father or legal parent/guardian, as he seems to be implying I've done by filling out comments and having my name on the sheet.
Just looking for confirmation or comments on whether there is any real issue here as long as I never try to sign a legit legal document.
Additionally if my partner wants to involve me in parent/teacher calls is she legally allowed to have me there, or could the father try to demand I not be involved in conversations with teachers or school officials (I.e. If principal's office calls us in for misbehavior, can I be there or can he try to block me)?
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2023.03.29 18:50 Sensitive_View_9283 Feeling upset about a conversation with a friend this morning.

So D Day will be a year on April 24. My wife had a 4 month long EA then PA. With an old crush. We have been work in g it out and had our ups and downs, but overall we are moving in the right direction. I still struggle that maybe she hasn’t told me everything and at times I’m still angry. Today I ran into a conversation that used to happen a lot but over that last year it hadn’t come up. You see my wife is nice and little and pretty and when people meet her they all love her. I was always proud of her and always felt happy that I got someone so sweet and beautiful. People would always joke and asks how I landed my wife and if I had money. I don’t really like my appearance. So today for the first time since DDay one of my coworkers was speaking about how he was not able to find woman that he could relate to or that shared his values. This immediately made me upset and nervous. He then said “I wish I could find someone like your wife”. I tried to shrug IG off and say that no one was prefect and that ever has flaws. He just kept saying it and how she was so nice and that I was so lucky. That she is the kind of woman that would always treat me right and that I didn’t have to worry about her. I almost started crying in the middle of work. He left and I went into a room by myself and broke down. I’m not good at making friends and the only friend of mine that knows about my wife’s affair is my brother in-law. I live the guy, but he has the emotional range of a gold fish. It’s was just so heart breaking in that moment. I feel deflated. Thanks for read just had to tell someone.
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2023.03.29 18:50 Mercalator Bing vs Bard: "Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies."

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2023.03.29 18:50 Prior-Onion68 Help: Some Advice on what to do about Crush?

I've been working at a gym for the last year or so, I never flirted or pursued any members, simply put I just never had those thoughts go through my head, plus I'm not one to approach guys tbh, I get extremely shy
About a month or two ago, I started getting butterflies, nervous and super blushy when this one guy came in. He's been coming in to the gym forever, even before I started. Still not sure why all of a sudden I developed this crush on him.
He comes in with his friends most of the time, which one of them is close with one of my coworkefriend. I told her about the little crush I had on him, and she immediately told me I should just go for it.
I spoke with his friend first who told me the guy wasn't much of a talker, pretty quiet and didn't approach girls, but he said I should just go up and make conversation and get his number.
I did just that, we chatted a bit and I got his number, we also followed each other on instagram.
Now, I've met bad texters before, but I didn't ever come across this. He hardly texts back, like I'm talking once or twice a day. It's been almost a day since he last responded and I'm kinda conflicted about whether I should continue talking to him at the Gym or just leave it. I also know my friend told me when she initially messaged him about me he took forever to respond. I also don't want to be that person who expects him to text me all day, but at least something right? I think I'm used to guys being fairly texty, and he's quite the opposite. I don't actually mind it, but it would be nice if I knew he was actually interested before continuing it.
A part of me (the super nervous side lol) thinks he's just not interested but another part of me thinks he just isn't a big texter (based off what i've seen and been told) and I should just try to talk to him more in person???
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2023.03.29 18:49 eye_work_out The windchimes are gone!

I moved to my apartment complex last May. It was one of the few that still allows smoking, albeit outside. I smoked about 5 cigarettes a day and work full time, so I'm not even home all day. My upstairs neighbors had a set of windchimes on the balcony that would disturb my sleep at night. I am not usually anti-windchime, but these were some cheap, non-melodic, peace-hating noisemakers, imho. I initially debated this situation for about month. I tried to 'get used' to them, but it just wasn't happening. I was hoping to see the neighbors in passing and have some friendly exchange before broaching the subject, but I never saw them outside, and I didn't want to go knocking on their door. So I made a request to the property manager, could they please take them down. They did. But later that week I get a call from the property manager telling me that my neighbors are complaining about me smoking on my patio. What!? Why I even got that message when smoking is permitted outside I don't really know. The manager suggested I walk around the corner of the building and stand there, in the dark and dirt, to smoke. Um, no. So the windchimes went back up. That really pissed me off. Honestly, I regretted saying anything about them at that point. However, later on that summer, I had gotten home from a typical, grueling, 10-hour shift at work and I was having literally 1/2 a ciggy on my patio before bed. I heard a slight noise from behind, then "Bitch!" from the neighbors bedroom window. This was from the male half of the upstairs couple. What they don't know is that I have PTSD from a violent attack, during which I was called that name repeatedly while my life was threatened. It took everything in me to not go upstairs and have a very intense conversation with that man about the use of that word. Instead, I did go and have a calm, but intense discussion with the lead property manager. Later that summer, as I was out on the patio, the male again attempts to address me, from his balcony this time. No face to face conversation, just talking down through the balcony. He tells me his girlfriend has asthma and could I just not smoke outside. I suggested thry move to a nonsmoking complex and went inside to avoid further confrontation. Here's the thing: my Mom passed in 2018 from a smoke related disorder and wanted me to quit (again - I had quit for 6 years before my divorce.) I was also just diagnosed with a smoking related cancer. Ironically, that was making it harder to quit in the moment. What made it hardest, though, was my judgy fucking neighbors. Every time I would hear or even see their motherfucking windchimes it was a huge FU to me and after the "Bitch" comment, all bets were off. Winter comes and I notice these asshats remote-starting their vehicle and letting it run for 15 - 30 minutes before coming down. I declined to attempt educating them on the effects of particulate air pollution on asthma and just let it fuel my continued hate-fire for them. I know it wasn't good for me to harbor that resentment, but I'm telling you those windchimes were a Pavlovian nightmare for my disdain of these people. A constant reminder. In February the apartment complex sent out a notice they're going non-smoking in 2024. Alright, alright Mom, I'll quit, I thought. AND. I. DID. I signed a new lease agreement February 13th, the day I quit smoking!! I've been back in the gym and even training to do the Turtleman Triathlon - the very first Triathlon I ever competed in exactly 20 years ago this summer. I feel great! When the doc found out I quit he was very happy for me. But it was when the Nurse interlaced her fingers and said HPV and Nicotine are like this, I knew I was done for good. My cancer is HPV related. I have a, hopefully final, surgery scheduled for April 5th! That said, my greatest relief this past week has been the disappearance of the windchimes. So many days and nights I plotted the demise of those fuckers (the windchimes, that is.) But I just didn't want to continue getting into a pissing contest with a skunk, if you will. Looks like my patience paid off and neighbors are moving out. Idk if they opted out of lease renewal or were not offered a new lease for being so douchy, but I'm choosing to believe the latter. The other day on my way to work I made sure to yell up that "I quit smoking months ago!" Not entirely accurate, but you won't tell, will you, Reddit? Thanks for reading. I really do feel much better now.
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2023.03.29 18:49 Weirdokiller2002 20 [F4R] New Jersey/Anywhere let's chat about everything and possibly be friends or something

Hi there! I'm 20 and I'm from the US. I'm shy and quiet. I'm also an introvert. I may have trouble starting up a conversation with you since I'm pretty shy and quiet and I also not good at starting a conversation as well. So, sorry in advance.
Also, you don't necessarily have to be the most interesting person in the world. You should just be you and I'll be fine with that!
My interest are playing video games, reading, watching movies, listen to music, chill, looking at memes and dark humor, watch YouTube videos, relaxing, watching anime
My hobbies are reading, going on walks, collecting some rocks, cooking, sewing, DIY, exercising, baking
I like to listen to 80s, 90s, 00s music. I also listen to hip hop. Sometimes, I listen to rap. Other times, I listen to pop music
Usually I read fiction, nonfiction, scifi, autobiography, biography, poetry, history, fantasy
I'm a Marvel fan
I'm also a huge horror fan
If you think we'd get along, feel free to send me a message
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