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2023.06.07 23:40 ogreatgames Max Payne: Fascinating Shooter Game - PS2 Game

Max Payne: Fascinating Shooter Game - PS2 Game

![video](qg08dckj9sz81 " Complete several missions in an intense shooter gameplay while unraveling the truth. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #shooter #action --
Max Payne for Sony PlayStation 2. As an undercover cop framed for murder, you will embark on a dangerous journey in New York. Explore atmospheric and absorbing locations such as the Roscoe Street Station, Payne Residence, and Lupino's Hotel. Submachine guns, sniper rifles, and grenades can save your life from enemies. Use the cinematic Bullet Time feature to kill your enemies in slow motion. Unravel the real story and get the justice that you deserve. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.06.07 23:34 martian151 WIBTA for asking that lodging on a family trip to be split per person not per family?

We are planning a trip to Disney early next year with family. My sister is doing most of the planning since her kids are the "target audience" and as for lodging, she picked an airbnb that we would all split (we have nothing against the aribnb, its really nice and still much cheaper than staying at a hotel). She let us know in a family chat, that the cost is going to be ~$800 per family, split 3 ways between families. The families include, my wife and I; my parents and brother; and her and her husband and 2 kids (both 3-5). My wife and I feel lodging should be per person since each "person" takes up an equal share of space, instead of per family unit. Obviously my wife and I benefit the most out of having it split 2/9 instead of 1/3, but the principle of it means a lot as well.
Another option could also be pay per room, but I don't like that as much as it doesn't feel as fair to me. If its split per person, we would save ~$270, which isn't trip breaking for us, but it definitely isn't a small amount for us.
WIBTA if I brought this up? Obviously it doesn't change what my parents will pay, but it would increase my sister's share.
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2023.06.07 23:28 angelic_cellist Do y'all know if this is this legit?

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2023.06.07 23:24 baxterbest Oahu itinerary check for July

We have an upcoming trip that we're really excited about. We'll be spending a month in Hawaii and our first week will be in Oahau. We are a family of 4, kids age 7 and 9.

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2023.06.07 23:21 _Rockatansky I [24M] lost her trust and ruined our relationship [25F]

As much as I would like to explain all the details and things that ever happened, It could be too long for anyone to read and care about, I'll try to mention every important detail. I'll explain myself the best I can, I'm looking for advice.
TL;DR I met my first girlfriend ever, had an almost perfect relationship for 7 months. I ruined everything by not drawing a limit with a female friend I had and falling for my carnal desires. I want to show her I am not the mistake I made. How should I try to rebuild this relationship?
I [24yo] met my first girlfriend ever [25 yo] (let's call her V) almost 9 months ago. Everything happened really spontaneously, wet met during our last year of practice at the hospital. She was one month away until V finished her internship, I just started mine in that moment. During those weeks, having barely time to get to know each other, we fell in love and it was amazing. Since the very beginning there was another girl in the same hospital, I didn't notice her until I met her around the same time I met my gf. I noticed my girlfriend and this woman met each other a couple of months ago, they were not friends, limited themselves to be civil and work together, didn't seem they liked each other. She started to get closer to me and we even became close friends, I just thought at that time that my girlfriend was being a little inmature and a little bit toxic the moment he told me to stay away from that woman, at that time I couldn't understand why.
Then, my gf finished her internship. I have the most beatiful memories with my girlfriend, being together during some night shifts, drinking coffee together and sharing small but beatiful moments, our love felt honest, wholesome, plentiful, peaceful and special. I remember going to visit her the time she was hospitalized, she guided me through all the stuff I had to do at the hospital, we were really comitted with each other. She has more experience than me, have had past relationships and she almost married at a time before me. During these months we had many incidents involving that woman in one or another way, we were surrounded by a very toxic enviroment at that hospital, one day my girlfriend called me crying during one of my 36 hours shifts, she was really sad, had been crying, she told me she couldn't deal with what was happening. I was shocked and didn't understand what was going on.
We agreed on seeing each other when the shift ended and my girlfriend, after two weeks, wanted to break up because some unknown phone number started to text her obnoxious things about me, obviously false at that time. They told her that there was proof of me cheating on her. Then she showed me, some horrible people sent her a noticeably false screenshot of my conversation with this other woman I talked about, calling her beauty, my love and stuff like that. I was really mad, since on my very first relationship, someone else was trying to ruin it and I had absolutely no idea of what was going on, I had no control of the situation. I explained to her, my gf even looked for her brother to show him the picture, he even said to her it was false and very noticeable to see the flaws. After a long talk, she was very sad, and we hug each other and we taken care of our relationship together, telling each other no one would make us part ways, that our love was real and it was. We had many incidents like that. At first I had no fault of what was going on, I felt really confident with my own actions and words, I was honest, tried to protect my girlfriend from the ones who were trying to harm us anonymously.
I really loved my girlfriend, I sincerely felt I could give my life for her, we had a beautiful relationship, shared many beautiful moments, intimacy was really wholesome too, it was almost perfect. After months, this woman who was still in the hospital became a really close friend of mine, I gave my trust to her, I even told her the problems my girlfriend and I had, about us being harrassed anonymously, she even told me she would help me find out.
I lived a lot of first time experiences with V, we weren't perfect but we were committed to each other, things were serious between us. I lived many first time experiences with V, I felt deeply loved and she was really happy with me, as she used to tell me: " I feel free to be myself when I'm next to you", "You are a great man, I am scared to feel so much for you, so fast, but I feel I really love you", our communication was great, but after what happened, I remember all of those words with pain and sorrow, I feel like absolute garbage.
After months of this amazing relationship, after being harrassed online a couple of times again, my girlfriend felt really unconfident and sad, our communication was not great and she was really distant, she confronted me and wanted to breakup when someone sent her a picture of this other girl and me and the picture was real, but it was really easy to get wrong ideas from it. In the picture it seemed like I was touching her face with my hand in a romantic way when the thing that really happened was that a gave her a whiplash with her own face mask, because we were playing like a couple of stupid kids. Months after that incident around february and march I was assigned to the same shift with this other girl because some other guy b*tched about the doctor in charge being too rude and they switched shifts with me being affected, I couldn't switch again. We spent even more time since we worked together, I noticed she started to place her legs on my lap when I was working on the pc and things like that, she started to feel very confident in a physical way when she was around me, this girl has a boyfriend and a 3 year old relationship with him, so I didn't really suspect anything, I saw the situation as "that's what close friends do", in the past I had maybe one or two female friends but really didn't had experience with these kind of non verbal expressions, I used to be the quiet kid, too quiet. I saw no problem with that since it didn't bother me, but I did thought from time to time my gf would be upset is she saw this other girl doing these things. I admit, during those months I started having intrusive thoughts that made me fall at the end. At that time, my girlfriend was very distant, in retrospective I've been an asshole, because the only thing my girl ever asked me to do for her I didn't do it, when it was so simple to tell that other person to stay away from me, at first I thought it was an inmature thing to cut my friendship with that woman just because my girlfriend didn't like her, I guess she noticed, she saw things I couldn't see for myself. If I just did what I should have to. It was my fault, I didn't prioritize my girl and the only things she's ever asked me to do for her, for the sake of "being mature".
During those last two months I started having intrusive thoughts and feeling distant from my girlfriend as she was really hurt when she saw that picture, we had a real bad argument one night, I told her that I wasn't doing anything I shouldn't do and that this picture I mentioned earlier was taken out of context, which it honestly was. I was honest with V. Because of that last argument between us she said she needed time to heal and to forgive me. A couple of weeks later, I convinced her to see each other, we cried, we hug each other, we promise each other to be always honest and loyal, and we stay as a couple, but she was distant. I felt really angry and helpless, because someone else was ruining my relationship from outside. My girl was really distant, and to be honest, I must mention this, since the very first moment I started my sexual life with V, since I lost my virginity with her, I didn't know sex was such a deal for me. Before I thought It was overrated, but I felt sad I wasn't having that kind of quality time with her, I discovered I missed a lot having making love with her. Since we started, due to our responsibilities and free time we could see each other maybe two or three times a week but we used to hang out, we made love maybe once per month and rarely twice, and it always has been like that.
I enjoyed every intimacy moment I could share with her, I didn't know sex was that amazing and mind blowing, not because the pleasure but the sentimental bond we strengthen every time and the fulfillment I felt by giving pleasure to her and she let me know she really enjoyed those moments because of how I expressed my feelings for her too. Imagine the quiet kid in class, who's never had a girlfriend in school and had barely interaction with any girl before, after he was in his last months of university, after 6 years (In my country that's the amount to time med career lasts), feeling that amount of attention, that bond with a girl who really likes you. For us it was not just a physical interaction but a moment to share our deepest thoughts without feeling anxious or scared, we used to tell each other how much we loved each other while making it, she used to tell me how old fashioned she thought I was, because all the things I used to tell her, she used to love when I told her every time we made love that If we are doing it is because we really love each other, and every word I said I really meant, I truly believed that.
I lost myself, I don't know who I am anymore, I betrayed her in march, after sharing many night shifts with that other woman. At that time, before the betrayal, I felt confused, I started feeling anxious, angry because my girlfriend didn't trust me like before and it wasn't my fault, I thought maybe she will cheat on me first, maybe she has something to hide because the interest that she has lost in our relationship. I felt I was receiving something I didn't deserve because of the actions other anonymous people around us.
I started developing intrusive thoughts for that other girl. One thing lead to another, it all started with a conversation, then we started talking about things we shouldn't be talking about, shared details about our sexual experiences. I thought of having sex with her, at that moment I was angry my gf was distant because of her trust issues with me, and me being inocent. (Don't misunderstand please, I will not.try to ezcuse myself here, i did what i did and it is my fault now). We shared too much time together during our shifts since we required teamwork between us. Attraction between us was really noticeable since she confessed she used to have feelings for me, but told me it was months ago, she started to be very touchy, and we were flirting basically, even we both knew we had relationships. I stopped thinking in a coherent way, I behaved like human trash, I desired sex so much after not having sex with my girlfriend after two months. One night, 4 a.m. maybe, this girl was watching some clothes on her phone, shows me and tell me if she would look nice and showed me the picture of a red off-shoulder neckline shirt. I made a joke, which I shouldn't have made since it was innapropiate. I told her, "there are a couple of things you are missing to put on that shirt" , which she replied, "would you like to judge for yourself?", she then proceeded to offer me to touch her chest, opening the neck of her blouse. I didn't think about my girlfriend at that moment. I was just drowned in adrenaline at that moment, thinking about the pleasure, the shape of her body and I touched her, she proceed to lay down and let me touch her almost completely, it happened twice, didn't to further than that.
After that, we had an argument with this other girl, but then we agreed on seeing each other outside the hospital, obviously to have sex. The day comes, my girlfriend wanted to hang out with me that same day, I was down to it because I felt she made me guilty for nothing for a long time, what a bs thought I had. We went to eat something with the other girl, then we were talking about getting some drinks, then to go play some videogames, we were blatantly avoiding the situation we planned for that night. I asked her, "why are we doing this?, I thought our plans had other intentions" and she looked at me, then told me: "You have a girlfriend, I have a boyfriend". I inmediately stepped my shoes on the ground when I saw those eyes of guilt., I started feeling guilty, I started feeling horrible. I almost had an episode of anxiety, real anxiety in that very moment. I experienced one real anxiety attack in my life and this almost became the second. All I could see on my mind was the beautiful eyes of my V in my mind and her voice telling me the thing she always used to tell me: "Please, just don't fail me", "is the only thing I would ever ask you to do". My whole world fell down, my heart still feels too heavy. We sat on a bench that evening. The other woman and I started talking about the things that happened between us, tried to tell me not to feel to guilty since it was mutual, it was her fault too, she told me she didn't want to harm me in that way, or me to make a mistake and harm my girlfriend in that way. She told me, "all men are the same, believe me but I understand this happened, you are a man", she told me that I was a good person, and it was a good sign that I was trying to stop all this madness before something else happens. She proceeded to calm me down because I was crying, all the thoughts I stood for, all the honesty, all those situations when my girlfriend doubted me became real. Then we told each other to keep this as a secret, she recommended, she begged me to to never tell my girlfriend about what happened, because she is unique and I will lose her if she ever find out, those were the words of this girl. Then we part ways. I never kissed her and never had sex with her.
After those days I just couldn't be the same with my girlfriend, who started to approach more, to heal from her doubts of me and to be closer to me again and I just ruined everything. I was broken inside, now I'm devastated. After march I was supposed to travel to another state, in a rural area, to keep going with my practices. My girlfriend gave me an amazing birthday before I traveled, my birthday was at the end of march. we hung out, ate something, kissed a lot, she gave me a surprise, gifted me a cute teddy bear, with a box of chocolates she baked, all of that inside a personalized box covered with printed photos of us together. Days later it was the last time I saw her in person, we stayed at a hotel, went out to dance and take a few drinks, I got sick because I'm not used to drink alcohol. We got back, got romantic, made love and in the middle of the moment I ran to the bathroom to throw up everything. She took care of me, we tried to have sex in the morning, said she wanted to make me go happy before I go and not see her for the next three months, proceed to give me a bj and handjob. We promised to travel together when I finish my internship and come back to the city. All of that happened maybe a week or two after my betrayal.
Since that even making love with my girlfriend wasn't the same, I used to focus on her, my deepest pleasure was not physical but to see her so vulnerable, so free around me, naked and happy. Her smile meant everything to me, it was her smile, her pleasure made me happy. I used to write her beautiful things, corny things but she loved them, always used to tell me I was like a wholesome old man, like an old poet, those kind who doesn't exist anymore. She used to believe I was different, she trust me.She did a lot of things for me, my self steem was taken care of, with love. She highten up my low self steem in every aspect I can imagine, she helped me heal from all those demons I had inside. She made me feel like a god fot her. I feel sorry for V, and I can't forgive myself for all the damage and pain I caused her, I'm broken inside.
With every day that passed I couldn't take that situation out of my mind. Every time she called me to see how I was doing abroad, I felt guilty, I felt wrong for even having sex that last time after the betrayal happened, I felt dirty, like mud around my beloved V. I just couldn't keep up with those beautiful things, stopped telling her how I felt, how much I loved her because I was feeling more and more guilty. I was alone, drowning with my own guilt and shame. One night she hung out with a couple of friends, drank a bit, she called me at 2 a.m. and told me: "I know I drank maybe a bit too much but listen to me because everything I'm about to say I really mean it. I really love you, I love you with all my soul, I want a life with you together, let's go far away together, let's support each other, we should study together, we could live together and build a life together" she told me to promise her to never fail her, never betray her, that she would always be with me even If I choose another professional life she would support me, she would love me with all of her soul, heart, body and mind.
If I was shattered, now I was completely broken. She then proceed to tell me, "Please, promise we will build a life together, just don't fail me and I will be there for you no matter what", then asked me, "have you accomplished what I asked you?, "when was the last time you talked to that girl?"
I was completely broken inside, broke in tears and couldn't hold myself together. V got angry when I first told her the last time I talked to the other girl was at the end of March, when she made me promise to cut all communications with her days before, she made me promise while we were making love. I did stop talking to the other woman but not completely, I excused myself by telling her I still talked with her but just when work intended to. My girl was dissapointed, hung the phone and didn't answer the phone after.
I broke in tears, Couldn't help myself but leaving a 3 hour audio message on her inbox explaining everything I did behind her back, explained with every single detail. I was so honest that after she listened to the audio she called the other girl and thank her for thinking about her and stop everything before it was too late, maybe I made myself too guilty when I explained everything to V, I didn't tell her all the times the other girl sat on my lap, put my hands on her hips and moved as if we were having sex, I didn't told her how she put my hands inside her bra when I was falling asleep and made me touch her intentionally, I received the blame for both of us I guess. Then V proceeded to write in my message inbox:
"You are dead for me"
Time after that, days. Her sister, which I talked to her a few times and she helped me once to speak to V when she was angry with me before. Her sister sent me a message, I tried to explain her, I cried during those days as I never did in my life, I wanted to kill myself, all the things I left in the past came back to me, I wanted to stab myself and I couldn't, I guess I always been to coward to kill myself. I wasn't eating nor sleeping, for the first time in my life I felt as if I killed someone. She said V almost sent me a couple of audio messages telling me she still loved me, but at the end she erased them. She had been crying since, her sister told me maybe she might give you an opportunity but speak to her.
Then I started to talk with V again, but it is obviously not the same, we talk as if we were barely acquantainces. I just asked her to see her just one more time to say goodbye in a proper manner, she didn't want to but she agreed, then she called me almost every weekend during one month and a half, insulting me and telling me how I could do that to her, she told me how could I be so blind to notice the person harrasing us was that girl and how could I be so stupid to make every suspicion she ever had true with my betrayal.
It has been really difficult for me, I think she is stronger than me. since I'm far from her, from my family too and the distance just made the situation worse, I wasted myself in tears and sorrow, I never felt so much pain until now in my life. One day, after we started talking again, she wrote: "I never stopped loving you, I really love you", she even gave me an opportunity, I was happy. Two days after she said she couldn't, she wanted to but she is too damaged. From that day she still calls me from time to time, telling me she won't give me another opportunity, telling me how she went out with x or Y guy and wants revenge but she just can't do anything because she still thinks about me, also tells me how she met a guy who seems to have more details and take about her but that she doesn't care about him. I think is humilliating hearing all those things she tells me about x or y who are trying to pretend her, Then she says she doesn't care about me anymore and that I am a nobody. When I call her she doesn't tend to answer, reads my messages after one or two days. I don't understand why she is doing this. If she hates me so much, why not leaving me outside of her life?
I made one of the worst mistakes in my life, I feel regret, anger, I feel like an instrument of pain, I hate myself for falling for this bulls**t. I know V suffered because of me more than one time, because of me not being a man and do what had to be done. I learned my lesson, I would never be such human trash again. All the suffering I caused, the lesson I learned, I lost my V, I feel broken, I never been so sad in my life. In 4 days I will go back to my city for three days, we agreed on seeing each other. I know the mistake I made is not part of me anymore, I will take time but those decisions I made, I know I can be better, I will be a better man from now on, I should have listened to her, I shouldn't have stepped on V's heart, on her feelings for me. I want an opportunity, I don't know if my heart is making me see something that is not there but maybe she could give me a chance? At least I accomplished, somehow, the promise to be sincere with her, always, no matter the cost.
I feel like absolute garbage, wish I could have taken my life like a coward.
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2023.06.07 23:16 Twk11776 Team member rate stay issue

Hi all: I’m a team member and stayed last night at a full service hotel brand. I had so many issues with my stay I’m not one to complain usually especially since I know as team members we get such a great discount. And we aren’t really supposed to fill out any surveys or report any issues, I’ve stayed here many times before and it’s been flawless not this time here goes. I brought my GF with me for the first time We stop by about 11:30am and they tell me to check back at 1 to get the room okay no big deal as I know early checkins are not a guarantee(I’m an FDA myself). We were having fun so went at 3 said it’ll still not ready so we waited she was a little upset but they got us in no big deal all things considered We get up to the room and my GF finds dirty towels are in the bathroom look blood stained. I call down they bring us new ones and “report” this one. Okay not a great look but I get things happen. Then she was getting ready to shower and the shower won’t turn on. I call the desk they tell me to do all these things still won’t work I told them the bottom knob looked really loose and I didn’t want to break it. They send maintenance up. He fiddles with it bit and gets it going. He leaves She goes in the shower trying to turn it back on and Knob falls off Now we have to call maintenance back. He ended up needing to get multiple parts to fix it. This Takes him an hour and a half to do it.
While this is going on I call team member hotline to figure out procure they tell me to talk to the desk.
This delay caused us to miss our dinner reservation. And almost be late to our show. She showers and notices the curtain does not reach the floor. This results in the entire bathroom floor becoming soaked. I used every towel in the room to try to sop it up and dry it. I Run down tell the desk on our way out and tell them what happened request new towels ask them to remove old ones on the floor as it is soaked and a safety hazard to they ensure it’ll be taken care of
We rush to our show Come back to new towels but same icky floor. At this point my GF is livid and keeps telling me that I need to complain about this as if we were full paying guest it would be unacceptable that the room didn’t have a working shower etc. I told her I was worried that if I complained my TM discount could get shut down. She said she’s not the TM I am. I told her she was under my rate so the same rules applied or so I thought.
This morning I left huge back of towels of wet towels outside door.
We talked to manager last night who basically was like your an employee go scratch type thing. He said “your a team member do you want to stay for free” very sarcastically. I think that’s unprofessional when a guest is reporting an issue. I talked him into breakfast.
We talked to a nicer guy this morning. Who couldn’t have been more understanding and kind. I told him I felt bad complaining since we get such a great rate but felt we had a lot of issues with our stay. He totally was understanding and thanked me for bringing it to his attention I felt like he cared about my issues and dissatisfaction .
Now my question is did I do anything to jeopardize my benefits? Should I give my GM a head ups Incase the property I stayed at calls to report my concerns?
Thanks all
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2023.06.07 23:07 VolumeImpressive1109 A bit lost - can loneliness impact attraction? Or was it always deep inside me?

Hi all,
A bit of a long one so warning. Just hoping for some opinions on what I'm feeling? And genuine apologies if the way I phrase anything offends anyone - I'm not really involved in the community so anything I say is innocently said.
A bit about me - man in my mid 30s and had a rough break up over 5 yrs ago. Suffered serious depression and went on a bit off the rails sleeping around etc. It also took much longer to mentally recover from it due to what was later diagnosed as severe hormone deficiencies impacting my mental health.
A line in the sand mentally was crossed about 2 yrs after the breakup when I hooked up with a Trans women. We met at a club, we were drunk, went back to my hotel and she topped me. I'd never done anything anal before but it was amazing. It felt more 'right' for me as I've always been a pleaser in bed, so my body being used for pleasure pushed a button in my brain in a good way.
I've still not had a relationship in 5 yrs and only slept with 2 further women since that experience. I'm still slightly depressed and quite lonely nowdays.
But ever since then my porn habits changed - it started with me watching trans porn, then it slowly transitioned to gay porn. And now I tend to watch them both as regularly as straight porn.
I just thought it was a porn thing but once in a blue moon I get a strange feeling seeing a very attractive muscular male physique. Its only like 3 times - but as an example my friend sent a wrestling clip of a wrestler called MJF - and the first thing I noticed was the hair line from his belly button downwards and I felt only what I can describe as butterflies. Over a damn youtube clip. Like it was the 1st thing I noticed. The only thing I can compare it to was seeing Eva Mendes for the first time as a teen.
So now Im confused of what I'm feeling and what it means. Like I love women and femininity. I love pleasuring a woman. But I also can't forget how right it felt to play with a penis and be used like I was. But that was a trans woman - not a man. So I'm confused. And the fact I'm now feeling something seeing a guy on tv has me a bit shook up.
I guess I'm just a bit lost and trying to understand these feelings. Has anyone ever felt similar? Can loneliness make a person feel like this? Can sexual enjoyment skew your attraction? I've held this all in and I'm just confused/lost so any thoughts are appreciated.
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2023.06.07 23:05 poprocksandcoke78 43 Bi M4M - Albany, Hosting

Staying the night at an Albany hotel and looking for someone to play with. Prefer someone inexperienced to explore with, but willing to show up beats inexperience. More than just cum and go.
5'10 270lbs, chub.
Dm with some details.
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2023.06.07 23:03 cat_boy_the_toy Let's actually address pedos in the LGBTQ community and Shoe's views on them

With all the mudslinging going on about Shoe's "responsibility" for her content (from the recent alleged grooming of teenage boys into becoming alt-right neonazis to the months old handwringing over her Balanciaga posts providing ammo for rightwing groomer panic), I think it's worthwhile to really discuss a topic near and dear to a lot of people, which is what is the actual overlap between pedophiles and the LGBT community. I, like Shoe, don't have time to read studies or provide scientific evidence, but as a concerned LGBT person myself, I have my own anecdotes and observations to add.
First, I think anyone with basic reading comprehension should understand that Shoe doesn't believe that pedophilia is rampant in the queer community, nor does she believe that they belong to the community. Her attacks on drag shows and queer associations with children come from a good place. Shoe's entire ethos is to criticize things in order to make them better, and I believe she's sincere about that. I think she genuinely believes that if the left and queer communities don't call out sketchy and bad actors now, we're soon going to find ourselves in a world where pedos actually are accepted members of the community. I personally don't think that that's likely to happen anytime soon, but I still support her for calling out bad actors because we should always attack child predators regardless of which political side benefits from the optics of it.
So what is the actual, legitimate threat to children from the LGBT community? From my experience, LGBT children are especially vulnerable to being predated on because they tend to have fewer supportive adults in their life. Kids and teens look to trusted adults for support, and when they can't get that from their family or teachers due to homophobia and general bigotry, they're going to latch on to anybody who provides that validation and support...even if it turns out that that person has ulterior motives. To accept this argument, you need to first accept that LGBT kids exist in the first place. You have to also accept that people usually develop sexual and romantic attraction prior to turning 18, with romantic attraction sometimes starting even before puberty. You're not going to be able to fully grasp what's going on or provide effective solutions if you don't accept those realities.
Generally, the average LGBT adult is not a threat to LGBT kids, but a lot of queer culture has developed within a heavy backdrop of tolerance with pedophilia. A lot of teen gay boys get their first sexual experience with adult men. In some ways it's a hierarchical culture that's become engrained, where young gay boys in their teens and early 20s are encouraged to bottom and be submissive to older, more masculine and mature men...and then as they mature and gain more experience, their role reverses and they're expected to be tops to the newest generation of gays. Sure, some gay men will form lasting relationships and marriages, but the current climate still promotes an empty hookup culture that makes the heterosexual one look wholesome and quaint by comparison. Even if they're legal, we're culturally conditioned to be skeptical (rightly, imo) of straight relationships with large age gaps because they can be predatory and patriarchal. We're not similarly conditioned to be skeptical when that relationship is between two men, because these relationships are still considered part of the natural order (ironically also due to the patriarchy.) Age gap relationships between gay men are often framed as mentor-mentee or father-son relationships, rather than romantic ones, where the younger boy exchanges sex and pleasures the older man in exchange for his ability to provide - be it money, safety, housing, job opportunities, even just affirmation of his gay identity. Does this not sound explicitly predatory to you? It alarms me that when I go on queer dating apps, whether they be as sleazy like Grindr or "wholesome" like (such an app does not exist), I as someone who appears barely legal overwhelmingly attract older men who want to top me. I, for one, would rather date people closer to my age, and I don't appreciate the fact that having ugly hairy older men wanting to fuck jailbait like me is considered the natural order of things.
I am lucky that I wasn't socially active online as a teen, because if I was, I probably would've been victimized by a predator. Given that the queer community is heavily in the minority, we really have no option but to go online to find each other, and that creates a deadly confluence of circumstances. Predators bask in the anonymity of online spaces. Parents and other trusted adults are usually far removed from monitoring who their kids talk to online, and even when they are involved, their queer teens are loathe to trust their homophobic parents over the community of online strangers who affirm and validate who they truly are. And plus, teens are sexual and horny, especially isolated gay teenage boys who have literally few other outlets besides exchanging lewds with online strangers. And then, on top of that, these strangers can turn around and threaten to out these teens to their friends and family, blackmailing them with their own photos. Straight kids are a lot less vulnerable to these issues on average, because they don't usually have such strained relationships with their parents and don't have to go online to find people who are accepting of them.
If we want to stop predators within the LGBT community, the first place to start is with the parents of LGBT kids. If they were more accepting of their kids, their kids wouldn't turn to literal predators for support. And those monstrous parents that kick their kids out for being LGBT are literally enabling predators, because the vast majority of homeless queer youth are forced to exchange sex for survival - food, housing, transportation, etc. Homeless children share hotel rooms and take turns being raped by predators so that they can keep their room for an additional night. And let's be clear - when it's between an adult and a minor, it is rape. If you're a parent of a queer teen who you're considering disowning, please burn that image in your head, of your child being pinned down on a crusty stained hotel bed, crying and moaning in pain, as a fat hairy stranger rapes them and thanks you for the pleasure of forcing your child into this situation. You enable child predators by pushing your child away. Are you so selfish that you believe your child's queerness is really a means to spite you, a ploy just for attention?
If you're a conservative who truly believes in protecting children, how about you start by actually acknowledging that LGBT kids exist and root out the vile pedophilic element on your own side that believes teen girls being impregnated by middle-aged men is the ideal, traditional, natural order of things? Queerness manifests in every race, every ethnicity, every culture - gay and trans kids are born into even the most conservative traditional families. It is impossible to groom someone into being gay, just as you never had to be groomed into deciding to be straight. How about you take your own advice and leave the kids alone, stop trying to do everything within your power to separate them from trusted adults - parents, teachers, doctors, therapists - because all you're going to accomplish is make it even EASIER for predators to rape and take advantage of children.
And if you're a liberal, stop pretending that all queer content is appropriate for all audiences. Drag shows are sometimes not appropriate for children. Kinks belong in private, you are not being shut down or discriminated against or kink-shamed by not being allowed to show off half-naked at the pride event - as a community that's so big on consent, remember that viewing sexual content requires consent, too. And finally, stop humanizing monsters. The mass murderer and child rapist do not need to be given the grace of rehabilitation, actually. Some marginalization and discrimination is deserved. We don't need to "destigmatize" pedophilia. Sure, we can put pedophiles in therapy, but given that conversion therapy doesn't work and that they claim that their attraction can't be helped... I don't really see any other option but locking them up far away from kids. You don't need to feel sorry for them, and hey, it's better than the woodchipper that conservatives are calling for. Stop attacking people like Shoe for rightfully calling out the pedophilic element that's trying to weasel their way into acceptability.
Sorry if this is long-winded and brainwormed. I'm sure a lot of you disagree with my points.
TLDR - Shoe is right to criticize the left on the pedo issue but conservative bigotry is enabling pedos to thrive on queer kids.
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2023.06.07 22:59 RomanK2009 Lauramariesoons

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2023.06.07 22:58 pensezbien DPD marked our doorbell with a black X. What to do?

Earlier today, DPD rang our doorbell and brought two packages, one for us and one for an unknown neighbor in the adjacent building (this is in a core area of Berlin with a bunch of units per building).
Of course, we accepted the package for us, but we declined the package for the neighbor. I understand that receiving packages via neighbors is common in Germany, but we have complicated physical and mental health situations (diagnosed and being treated by doctors) where sleep and focus and mobility are all very difficult, as well as a late-shifted biorhythm and a language barrier, so we'd like to opt out of that system both for our own packages and for those of neighbors. We'd like our packages to be delivered to our location, to a nearby pickup point for the relevant shipping company (or a re-attempt or two at our home) when we are not at home to receive our packages, or return to sender. We don't want our packages to be sent to neighbors either, so it's not just that we don't want to receive our neighbors' packages.
When we politely but insistently declined to accept the neighbor's package, the guy walked away saying something about "letzte Paket" and marked our doorbell with a black X.
What can we do to ensure that the driver doesn't refuse to deliver our own packages to us because our health and our German skills aren't up to doing the delivery person's job for our neighbors? If we leave the black X, will that just tell them not to send us our neighbors' packages but without interfering with our own? Or will it make them pretend we're never at home even when we are, meaning we should remove the black X?
I understand that the delivery people are underpaid and overworked and don't blame them for the problem ... except if they mark us in some way to indicate that they shouldn't deliver to us, which is absolutely their choice and not company policy. We did after all accept our own package. The systemic problem is something that should be fixed by legislation, where delivery people get a higher minimum wage and maximum number of hours per day and maximum number of packages they can be expected to deliver per day.
And I understand that things like Packstations and Amazon Locker are good solutions for smaller packages. My wife and I use them for some cases. But they're not viable for large packages, especially with mobility issues to deal with, nor for sellers that refuse to ship to Packstations.
Thanks for any advice.
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2023.06.07 22:56 _StevenSeagull_ Is this Medical Malpractice? (Inguinal Hernia Surgery)

I post now following a new development following right-sided laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery 5 1/2wks ago.
15yrs+ ago I had laparoscopic mesh repair on the left side inguinal hernia.
5 1/2wks ago I had laparoscopic mesh repair on the right side inguinal hernia.
I am very active, run often and cycle.
I went to a specialist clinic in Germany for this recent surgery after they advised I get the surgery ASAP (I wanted to wait until next year). Anyway, the surgery 'went well', according to the experts. 4 days after surgery I went for a routine check up involving ultrasound on both sides and he told me it looked good and I was fine. After 7days or so I was experiencing a new pain on the left side (where I was operated 15yrs+ ago). I also started to feel a dreaded slight bulge but couldn't believe it was a hernia, seeing as I was just operated on and I was assured by the surgeon that he checked that side and it was fine. However, I wanted to be extra careful so returned to the clinic and explained the pain / issue. The Dr said that the left side would have been checked as routine during surgery. He proceeded with an ultrasound again (no physical check for some reason) and told me there was no sign of a tear and it was likely post-surgery healing etc. I asked about the sensation of a small bulge, he replied, "I don't know".
This wasn't good enough for me.
I managed to find a slot at a very well known hospital for a 2nd opinion. Yesterday was the appointment (5.5wks post-surgery on right side) and I was throughly checked. Within 5mins the Dr said he wanted to take me for ultrasound. Almost instantly he spotted something and told me the dreaded news, "I think it might be a recurring hernia (left side)". He called his colleague who confirmed. I was in total disbelief. After just coming out of surgery to be told that I will need to have a recurring hernia fixed. Really upset, angry, frustrated and powerless is the best way to describe the feeling. Not only would it require surgery but they will need to open me up (non-laparoscopic) since it is recurring. Also, there is higher chance of it recurring once it's fixed since.
I have had to take time off work and it has caused a huge amount of stress and upset. A big thing for me this year was running the NYC Marathon. I have already booked flights (from Europe), hotel etc. Not that they care but I told the Dr this ahead of my surgery, that I need to be ready and he assured me I would be fine. Running is so dear to me, not only for physical but mental health too and I feel like it is being robbed from me. Not only this, but I can't believe the incompetence of the clinic, a hernia specialist. How can they miss it after 3 ultrasounds and laparoscopic surgery where they check the area?!
I am seriously thinking about filing a malpractice report so am reaching out here to see if it is worth my time.
I also just wanted to share my experience. After two mesh repairs I have a recurring hernia which will now require open surgery and God knows how many other problems.
If you have read this far, thanks, feel free to advise based on the info I have shared or let me know if you have any questions.
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2023.06.07 22:54 StrangeRedPakeha rule

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2023.06.07 22:53 IAMAhydrogenmonoxide I’m pretty sure I was the other woman.

Title says it all. There was a guy I had been recently seeing (T) for about a month, and his friend (who has questionable ethics, let’s call him M) recently developed a crush on me and was very jealous I’m with T. After M hit on me and I rejected M, he told me T was married.
I was aware T had a special needs child (6) and needs full time care for said child, especially because T owns his own business and works long hours. He originally told me he had two full time Nannie’s for his child. Up until this point we had never discussed his child’s mother as things weren’t too serious and we were still getting to know one another. (I would assume anyone taking me on dates is single…)
T’s living situation: T recently got an apartment he was moving in to when I first met him (he showed me videos but still hasn’t moved his stuff in yet). Currently he lives in a house that I have never been to. T has always offered to get us a hotel room if we ever need a place to stay together. He is having a very large house built in a different state, where he informed me his son would move to in a few months. T’s business is in the state him and I currently live in, and he informed me that over the next year, he would spend the majority of his time at his apartment in this state but would go back to his house in the other state occasionally to spend time with his son.
I confronted T about what his friend said. He admitted he is still married, but separated, and there is no attraction between him and his ex. When I asked, he also admitted that his wife still lives with him, but she is moving with their son to the out of state house once it’s finished. T has always been the sole financial prover for the family, and she has been the son’s caretaker. I believe now she is one of the “nannies” he referenced.
I decided not to continue my relationship with T. Not even as a result of the possibility that he is cheating on his wife with me, but overall I don’t find him to be a compatible partner for what I am looking for. However I still have this nagging feeling that if he WAS cheating on his wife, she deserves to know.
Here’s where I need help: How do I even go about this? I can’t ask T for her number, don’t even know her name, where she lives, or anything. I have no idea how I would go about contacting her. (I do have friends in the police department if that’s a plausible solution?). Second, even IF I get her address, number, etc, what am I supposed to do with it? How would I discretely ask if she’s married without saying who I am or blatantly saying I was dating her husband? If it turns out they are married and not separated I could actually ask her to meet up for coffee and tell her in person. But if it turns out they are separated I don’t want to get involved obviously.
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2023.06.07 22:51 axealot [QCrit] YA, Sci-Fi, TERRARIUM (95K/version 4).

Back again!
A huge thank you to everyone who has given me feedback so far, it's so helpful, if a little frustrating that I can't seem to crack this query. Though I think I've realised one reason why. I decided to go back and read my MS and I noticed that the inciting incident I've put in my query letters, is not the actual inciting incident of the story.
That's been changed along with more tweaks. I'm still stuggling with finding that line between detail and flow (I've heard the best queries read like a blurb?). A lot of the feedback I've recieved is that some things need explaining more, so I've found it hard to tread this line.
Please have a read of version 4 and let me know your thoughts. Also included a slightly updated first 300.
Version 1Version 2Version 3

Dear Agent,
With breathable air becoming rarer by the day, eighteen-year-old Feenix DeSuza’s only concern is for his secret Terrarium and the homemade oxygen inside. The hidden room is full of rare plant life and big enough for him to snuggle up inside and forget all about the bloodthirsty maniacs roaming the dead air. For years the good people of Hypoxia, Earth’s only other source of oxygen, have been at war with these Outliers. Feenix couldn’t care less.
Until his best friend Peri is attacked by one and left for dead. Feenix seeks revenge. The culprit’s name is Gidget, and Feenix quickly regrets picking a fight with her. Bruised and bleeding, Feenix prepares for the finishing blow, but instead the unthinkable happens. She communicates. She doesn’t want blood. She is not his enemy. Triska Turowska, Feenix’s leader, has been feeding his city propaganda. It seems the war has been a good distraction. Gidget reveals humanity has less than a year’s worth of oxygen. But there’s hope. Rumours of a Terrarium the size of a small city.
Reaching it requires a convoy, which Triska will not allow. So Feenix challenges her to an endurance race through dead air. The winner getting to call the shots. He thinks he’s victorious, but Triska has other ideas. Feenix and Gidget are left with no other option but to strap on an oxtank and head deeper into the dead air than anyone has ever gone. If they can’t find this new Terrarium, Hypoxia and all his friends will die.
At 95,000 words and with cross-over potential, TERRARIUM is a young adult sci-fi adventure shelved between Marie Lu’s Skyhunter and Andy Weir’s Artemis.

I was two and a half klicks from the nearest body of water when the drowning began.
The Corredor Norte-Sul used to purr, but now, as I hyperventilated my way through a maze of discarded car shells, it festered. High-rise buildings towered either side. Terraced condominium blocks and apartment hotels stood faceless, their concrete façades weathered down to the steel reinforcements. Sao Paolo indifferent as ever, offering nothing but rebar and rust in support.
My diaphragm lurched and I sucked in a lungful. I couldn’t even register the trace amount of oxygen entering my bloodstream. My lungs felt like they were on fire when in fact, they were dry
But it wasn’t time yet. I’d let them wait a bit longer.
See, that’s where me and the Dead Air Academy disagreed. Dead air wasn’t to be feared; it was liberating. Each breath was nothing more than a tool to make me stronger, more resilient.
I toyed with the respirator in front of my lips, resisting for another few seconds, then I placed it between my teeth and breathed hard.
When the dark patch had receded from my vision, I checked my watch. Nineteen minutes and thirty-eight seconds. Damn. I’d hoped to break twenty minutes. I shrugged it off. There was always next time, and I needed to keep moving if I wanted to make it to the Terrarium by sundown.
I clambered on top of the nearest car body, inhaling the combination of century-old rust and day-old sweat. The roads in Sao Paolo were so overwhelmed with abandoned vehicles that it was easier to jump from car to car than try to stumble inefficiently between them. In front, a pathway of dents indicated the previous paths I’d taken—more than a dozen, at least. These journeys were boring as hell, so I’d made up a game to make things a little less bleak.
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2023.06.07 22:51 SnacksCityBitch We designed and built a whole hotel concept from scratch!

We designed and built a whole hotel concept from scratch!
Designed, manufactured and debuted an entirely unique hospitality guest accommodation concept from scratch in four months!
Last year I stayed over 100 nights in Marriott rooms last year.
This year I designed and manufactured a whole new hotel room concept that would address some of the biggest complaints that I had in those over 100 nights.
As one on a team of four we designed, manufactured and debuted in entirely new concept for hospitality lodging accommodations in four months anddebuted this at the HD Expo in Las Vegas in April.
All the furniture is compact mostly due to the fact that we booked late and didn’t have a whole Lotta space to work with— haha.
The way we spun it was we were trying to maximize storage and kind of address a small footprint.
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2023.06.07 22:47 LuckyIncognito I hate that I love testing how far I can push my mind before it crumbles

My finals have ended 2-3 weeks ago and for a few days I've felt this overall calmness and peace. It was a welcome reprieve from the constant anxiety, however I still menaged to fuck things up. I tried to cut down on my meds, which I failed to do and left my mind in a vulnerable state, waiting for my body to stabilize after inconsistent sertraline dosage. And I have made a crucial mistake. Well, two of them.
Firstly, I let myself dwell on the problem with my identity and gender. It makes my brain go up in flames because I have no idea who I really am, and secondly, I have allowed myself do develop an obsession towards a series(it always happenes when I watch/read smth new, I obsess over it for another few days/weeks)
Now, I'm crying my ass out, confused at what I am, watching every Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel episode and comic dub while also praying that there is some form of afterlife for I don't want to vanish into nothing, ready to challenge God into 1v1 if my dogs won't get onto whatever heaven there is out there somewhere and genuinely felling like shit. And the kicker? I enjoy it.
In a twisted, fucked up way I am fascinated at how many fake scenarios and depressed/anxiety ridden thoughts my mind can take as it's used to this type treatment.
Anyway, sorry for rambling.
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2023.06.07 22:44 sodapopking Can anyone shed some light on statements made on February 5, 1919, presumably made by Czechoslovakia?

Hi all, first time poster here, please take care of me and sorry for any formatting errors.
I recently went down a rabbit hole while listening to Rachel Maddow's podcast series "Ultra" about American seditious acts and Nazi propaganda efforts active in the U.S. during/leading up to World War II. Anyways, through her recommendation, I've found myself reading a copy of 'The Official German Report' by O. John Rogge, the prosecutor for the Sedition trial of 1944, United States v. McWilliams, wherein he lists in detail all the information he had accumulated about Nazi efforts in this country.
In his book, he's quoting a letter dated October 4, 1938, between K. O. Bertling, head of the America Institute in Berlin and Lawrence Dennis, an American Nazi sympathizer who gave speeches on Fascism on Nazi Socialism, in which he mentions a document (unspecified) that Bertling feels hasn't been "utilized properly" because there have been "howlings at the 'cruel' treatment of the Czecho-Slovak government" and that these people should be reminded of "those clear and plain statements of February 5, 1919."
What were these clear and plain statements of February 5, 1919? Was this in reference in some way to the treaties signed at the end of World War I? I know this might be a shot in the dark without more information available but any information on this subject would be most appreciated!
Edited to add: Bonus points(?) if anyone can identify the document mentioned as well!
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2023.06.07 22:37 Prestigious-Reveal37 [USA - KS and TX] question about Amicus

Amicus visitation KS
High conflict custody battle. Mom lives in TX, custody case in TX, mom was visited at grandmas house (supposedly living there) so was already visited by amicus on last visitation by child in TX in February.
Temp orders finally got signed and include visitation in dads state only, dad lives in KS. Standard possession times with kid living in KS, just visits only happen in KS due to safety concerns with mom.
Amicus has planned and canceled 2 visits to dads since February. We are in our 5th month of having an amicus and dad still hasn’t had a visit from amicus, just one phone call.
  1. Is this a normal timeframe?
  2. What happens if amicus hasn’t visited by end of month and moms summer possession comes up? We do not want to pay for half of travel/hotel/car for her visit for an entire month.
  3. Dad wants to cut moms visits to 1x (instead of 1st,3rd,5th) per month with weekly (instead of daily) phone call with supervised (instead of unsupervised) visits if he can’t get full custody. Mom is bipolar narcissist and already lost custody of her other kid to another dad last year due to violence. She’s been arrested multiple times and has a history of domestic violence with spouses and not taking medication and/or drinking on it and driving.
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2023.06.07 22:35 CarOne3135 Question re: a cafe closing due to health and safety?

Hi all,
I work in a cafe in Berlin. We don’t have an infestation or anything (yet), but there are a number of rats near our back garden window and inside our large bins.
There’s a real worry that they may come into the cafe - this would of course lead to being shut down by a Berlin health and safety-amt. If this were to happen, would I (as an employee) still be paid by my employer during the time that the cafe would be closed?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 22:33 DrummerPeteLA Peach Music Festival - 4-Night SuperVIP Travel Pkg. for Two - 6/29 to 7/3 - $4,000 (Below Cost; Sold-Out Hotel & Ticket Pkg.)

Hi -- I purchased a four-day/four night SuperVIP Hotel and Ticket Package for two people for the Peach Music Festival at the Montage Mountain Resort in Scranton, PA from Thursday, June 29 (check-in) to Monday, July 3, 2023 (check-out). This package is SOLD OUT on the Peach Fest website.
This package is posted for sale on
There's an amazing line-up of jam bands, including the Tedeschi Trucks Band, My Morning Jacket, Goose & Ween as the four evening headliners.
Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend due to worsening medical issues. The travel package is fully transferrable. I'll make sure everything is arranged properly so there are no problems or misunderstandings in the transfer.
I paid $4,189. plus service fees of $142. Seeking $3,800.
Here are the package details:
4 Night SuperVIP for 2-Fairfield Travel Package - 1 King Bed
Four (4) night stay at Fairfield Inn & Suites Scranton Montage Mountain (Check-in: 6/29; Check-out: 7/3)
One (1) King Bed Room
Two (2) 4-Day SUPER VIP Passes with a reserved seat at the Peach Stage in rows 2-10 of the 100 level for each night's headliner and the act preceding the headliner.
Roundtrip shuttle transportation to and from the festival each day
Package = $4189.00 + Fees $142.00 Status: SOLD OUT
Thank you for looking; please feel to contact me with any questions. -- Pete in L.A.
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2023.06.07 22:31 gkbbb Zimzalabim and its glorious redemption arc and victory tour

If there's one song in RV's discography that has had the last laugh its Zimzalabim.
Anyone who was an active kpop fan on June 19th 2019 definitely remembers the rollercoaster (no pun intended) the release of Zimzalabim was. RV fans are no stranger to RV songs having perhaps not the best first impressions - but ZZB really was in a class of its own.
The endless discourse it would generate the following months was insane. Anyone who actually liked the songs early and defended it, honestly deserves an award. And it even almost reached adjective status as every new disjointed release was held in comparison to ZZB. 3rd gens IGAB.
Needless to say, casual fans, non fans and dedicated fans alike were pretty stunned at its release. And even Red Velvet members like Joy at the time said she couldn't believe it was to be their title track, and her first impression was it was "100% not her style".
BUT just as Joy eventually came round to the greatness that is Zimzalabim (she would later tell the fans the song is rv's baby and demanded the fans to also call it their baby too) - their recent tour R to V has clearly shown us just how much the song is loved and appreciated.
I wont go so far to say its anyone's favourite song to listen to in their free time lol - but literally no one can deny its easily been the biggest highlight from their concert setlist. An incredibly stacked setlist that is which has had Psycho, Red Flavor, Bad Boy eng ver, Peekaboo and others. Yet far and away, the song that has consistently got the most people screaming, chanting and jumping out of their seats has been none other than Zimzalabim.
And it wasn't even on the original setlist! They didn't actually perform it at the concerts debut in Seoul Day 1. It was during Day 2 in Seoul when Irene ask the audience what they should sing for the encore that they got the overwhelming cries for ZZB. They were so unprepared for it that Wendy spoke about being worried to do the high note and Irene even said the concert director in her ear told her to ignore the chants for ZZB. But since they acknowledged the crowd wanted it the bts staff had to rush to prepare the music. And well, it has yet to miss a slot in any of the following dates on this tour.
Since they've conclude the Asia and Europe leg, I wanted to compile a quick series of cams of fans going wild for Zimzalabim at each stop in honour of Red Velvet's Baby - a song that beat all the odds stacked against it lol
and bonus - not a tour stop but Primevera Festival in Barcelona
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