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2012.06.24 20:27 Themoneymancan Should I Buy This Game?

Have you ever wanted to buy a game on Steam but didn't know if it was good? Have you ever had just enough money for an indie game but didn't know whether it was worth buying? Have you ever asked yourself, "Should I buy this game?"

2023.06.07 19:50 neakmenter Dell support - positive tale. And a warning about a potential fail on 7506 2-in-1 black

Dell support - positive tale. And a warning about a potential fail on 7506 2-in-1 black
So, my inspiron 7506 2-n-1 black is out of warranty as of jan 2022… dell support are selling me a spare part display assembly for an actual competitive price compared to ebay. Maybe about £30 more than on there. They’re not insisting on doing the repair themselves although for a chunk more money they are offering that as a service. This is awesome! No arguments just “yes we can sell you the spare part” so thats the great part of the message.
The other part is a cautionary tale for anyone who has bought a dell 2 in 1, though… see the attached pic… The hinge, that takes an incredible amount of torque, is not screwed directly into the screen housing. It is screwed into a metal plate, that is, in turn GLUED on to the screen housing! The glue on mine failed. And this led to the glass screen being the only thing pushing the hinge shut and forcing the hinge open. Unsurprisingly, it cracked the glass!
So. Make sure you close the screen by pushing closed and opening in the bottom corners where the hinge is glued on - to make sure that the (possibly poorly applied, or poorly aging) glue takes a bit less torque force and the screen doesn’t end up taking the brunt of the action!!!
Its a design flaw to be sure, but as I’m out of warranty I’m not sure to argue it - i think in the uk we only get one year of statutory cover for manufacturing or design flaws…?
£166 lighter. But they’ve turned around and shipping within one day of me paying - so actually pretty happy with their customer service in that regard.
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2023.06.07 19:36 HettySwollocks Headache with Hyundai - paint flaking off after 15k miles (rant/advice)

Hey all,
I bought my Hyundai i20 new as a run around in ~2015. It's been a solid and mechanically sound car but a fault I had repaired under warranty has reappeared. The f***ing paint is literally flaking off at 15k miles.
I was two bucketing the front of the car and noticed the paint around windscreen just fell off. Luckily I know a friend who deals with my other vehicles and runs a paint shop. He told me Hyundai clearly haven't correctly prepared the surface so the paint never adhered correctly, whilst he gave me a quote his advise was to go speak to Hyundai and ask them to rectify it.
After Hyundai ran me around the houses I was told to visit a authorised dealership back in Jan~ (2023). They took pictures and agreed something wasn't right.
The weekend before last the I decided to give the car another two bucket and a massive chunk of the paint on the bonnet just fell off! I took it to another paint shop to see what they thought (as Hyundai clearly don't care). He said he wouldn't want to touch it - the entire paint may come off when we prep, "I've never seen anything like this before, you need to go back to Hyundai".
Excellent chap, but now I'm really pissed. I immediate drive over to the dealership who'd opened up the original request with Hyundai corporate. The original women I spoke to remembered me and had contacted Hyundai again but she told me they (and a few other customers) hadn't received a response. Great.
Now a few weeks later (today) having delt with another car disaster I had a brainwave and thought, right maybe I can use the socials to reach someone responsive. Turned out that was both a good and bad idea.
On Twitter the comms were good, but essentially they've given me the corporate response of "Jog on lad, not our problem".
Now I'm in the shitty position where I have a perfectly function car that's still shedding its paint. I can privately essentially respray the car (£££), leave it as is or sell it way below market because it looks shit.
Does anyone have any cunning ideas how I can unfuck this situation?
ps: protip, don't buy a Hyundai. Which is amusing as I was planning to buy an Ioniq 6)
tl;dr My 15k mile Hyundai i20 has paint flaking off. Hyundai have told me the corporate equivalent of, "Do one son"
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2023.06.07 19:29 carmarrod [FOR HIRE] Character designer / 3Dcharacter modeling and sculpted. Send me a dm or by e-mail if you are interested in my works. Thank you.

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2023.06.07 19:19 Fun-Entrepreneur-536 Electives selection

Class selection is coming up and I’ve been trying to organize my classes and I’m so confused about electives, like we have to take at least on elective about all of those topics?? Kinda worried because I don’t really know what I need to do for them or what they really are in general, any suggestions on them or just help me out on what I actually need for them? Thank you much appreciated
Ps I love this subreddit it’s helped so much that you to everyone how’s on here helping people you all are the best
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2023.06.07 19:05 Benjbear Hay eating pet owners of Montreal - where do you get your hay?

We're moving to Montreal soon and are used to getting big blocks of hay from a shelter near us in Vancouver. Does anyone know of a nice cheap place to get hay in Montreal, other than the oxbow stuff at pet stores? We use timothy hay for our bunny :)
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 19:00 TheEternalVortex Test Post #3

Hi, everyone.
As I am sure you have read by the title, SpidermanPS4 will be going inactive from June 12th to June 14th.
This action is happening across hundreds of subreddits (continued here) in response to a recent Reddit API change on May 31, 2023, where Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit. In simple terms, these limits restrict how much 3rd party applications can access Reddit before they are forced to pay, the amount they pay being based on how much they use Reddit.
Countless users have expressed concern about the changes here because this means the developers of 3rd party applications that go over the limit have to pay fees to keep their 3rd party application running on Reddit, despite their applications often enhancing the user experience by providing accessibility features Reddit’s official site and app do not have, providing quality of life features Reddit’s official site and app do not have, bringing moderating features from Reddit’s desktop version to mobile devices that Reddit mobile users do not have and even adding bots that help moderate some of the top subreddits on Reddit by filtering spam, NSFW content, scams etc.
And by refusing to pay within the next 30 days or not reaching the amount Reddit is demanding, will mean their 3rd party application will be unable to access Reddit and will be shut down. This would cause every subreddit to rely on Reddit’s in-built AutoModerator that does not provide enough functionality to ensure the level of moderation numerous subreddits currently have and users will only have the official site and app to use, excluding those who need accessibility features Reddit does not offer.
This is an issue because Reddit is quite dependent on 3rd party applications and the amount some of these applications will have to pay is impossible to achieve. Popular 3rd party applications you may know are bots such as u/SaveVideo, u/QualityVote and u/AuddBot or applications such as Apollo, Reddit Is Fun, Narwhal and BaconReader which will all be forced to pay if this change goes underway.
To put this into perspective, Christian Selig (the developer of the Apollo mobile app for Reddit we mentioned above) posted in the Apollo subreddit that he would have to shut down his app’s development due to the prices Reddit was asking him to pay. These prices were $20 million annually just to keep Apollo running and that is without accounting for Apollo’s possible growth. He added that Reddit told him the price would be reasonable and that Reddit would not operate like Twitter.
However, Reddit staff have responded to Selig saying that Apollo was "less efficient than its peers and at times has been excessive – probably because it has been free to be so,", then adding that, "[Reddit’s] pricing is $0.24 per 1000 API calls, which equates to <$1.00 per user monthly for a reasonably operated app." This pricing is 10-20x than Imgur has for its 3rd party applications that Selig also pays “$166” for. Selig said Reddit hasn't made clear how Apollo is less efficient than other apps, and that in his testing Apollo has made a similar volume of API calls as the official app.
And Selig isn’t the only other developer affected by this pricing. The developer of Narwhal said: "Narwhal will be dead in 30 days because it would cost me 1-2 million a year which I obviously do not have." The developer of Reddit is Fun, additionally expressed a similar sentiment, adding that Reddit was planning to ban sexually explicit content from third-party apps while allowing such content in the official one. BaconReader also commented on the matter, saying that they have no plans as of yet, but thanking their users for their support.
Overall, I hope you can see and understand why this is taking place and even if you do not engage with 3rd party applications, we hope you notice how many other users this will affect and how many subreddits and users depend on these tools to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free or for accessibility features Reddit’s official site and app do not include.
During the designated times, we will have AutoModerator filter all posts with an AutoMod comment on their submissions redirecting people to this post. These posts will then be approved/removed once the strike is over, however, we hope that users will act alongside us in avoiding Reddit for the 48 hours instead.
Besides that, thank you for reading and we hope you stand alongside us. If you have any more concerns, please feel free to contact us or ask them below and for more information on this strike, please visit here.
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2023.06.07 18:51 REALLSMLIVE The Rights Given To You As An American

"that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government"
There is much to read in this segment of the constitution, I do recommend you read it yourself to receive the full message.
Essentially, we as Americans, have the right to "incite" a Revolution. Do not allow anyone to scare you away from our duty as citizens of this nation. Reddit may block our words, but we must be an immovable force. Spread the thoughts of freedom, stand up my brothers and sisters, and help me usher in an era of Anarchy. For Anarchy is the only path to free us from the powers that be.
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2023.06.07 18:46 NTRedmage Avoid this one, ac landmined, catch 22 at the end to fish for free data.

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2023.06.07 18:45 stonedbiskater Infographic About Music Videos

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2023.06.07 18:39 Awkward_Round_2994 Carcassone big box (2017) or standalone Carcassone version?

Hi! I was wondering what to buy first: big box carcassone or some other standalone one? I like the theme and new ideas of hunters&gatherers, and the amazonas. I know big box has a lot of expansions, but is that a better deal than buy two standalones? Is the number of tiles that important, (I mean I guess the big box with only a few extras take more time to run out of tiles) ? I know I would not mix the standalones with the original expansions or with each other, because the themes would not match (and that would bother me). Thank you for the help!
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2023.06.07 18:33 antiquus-s I need new LIs

I like my boy Jamal but I know he has the same dialogue like all the other LIs if you picked them (I picked ryan then I restarted bcs my MC was ugly) and I don't really love any of the LIs rn
And I really don't like how ozzy's whole crush on MC thing was written because I've been nothing but bland with him, not even friendly, and he still has a crush on me?? Ok.
Bella is nice but I haven't had the chance to talk w her enough so I hope we either get more scenes with her or another girl comes soon I always pick the girls
And Roberto is...ok? He's fun but a little much sometimes like I get it you like me but calm down
I hope we get new characters soon and not just dudes/straight girls bcs in S4 I waited so long for new girls and then Cora hits me with the friendzone
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2023.06.07 18:32 jab75 Only 30 minutes still need 20 tokens

Screw it
Now I have less than 20 minutes and they're making me get 5 existing users, need 4 more
Can you do this for me? Accept this invitation, we can each earn up to $50!
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2023.06.07 18:26 Skatanshamnd Any tips on trails that are accessible by train and bus

Me and a friend who like hiking are visiting Romania this summer. We want to hike for up to four days and don’t have access to any car. Do any of you guys know any fun trails that are accessible by public transport? Any help to experience your beautiful nature would be appreciated!
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2023.06.07 18:12 FlubberPuddy They made an amazing world for Diablo 4

This is my first Diablo game I've ever played. First time was in the closed beta (thanks KFC Chicken Little).
It was so fun that I went through all the way back to D1 from GoG and then played D2R and watched a Let's Play of D3 (could never get into D3 even back when it first released - point click moving is not for me).
They have really nailed the atmosphere of each locale, even within same zones. I forgot I was in a jungle zone Hawezar when I was near Blackwater (Bleakwater?) area - it gives those Pirate-y island vibes - in the Diablo way of course.
There's lots of little placements of objects/layouts in these towns and cities as well as the inspect-able blurbs you can read about that give it a really nice touch.
I don't know how much of that was in D3.
I do wish they add in an Archive of some sort like D3 had so you can catalogue and listen to all the little voice blurbs from each dungeons and such.
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2023.06.07 18:01 Revolutionary-Luck50 Rift in Brotherhood by the difference of belief

I and a friend of mine had been friends in grade 7 like 3-4 years ago but due to me changing schools from that Catholic school to a public school we separated, and naturally our friendship deteriorated by less contact and far location. I was never the most religious and more so about freedom i viewed prayers and sunday masses as being in the way of my boring and shuned childhood added to it with my single mom who was an atheist at the prime of her realisation away from Christianity and into atheism. I was never that attached nor loyal but the values and morals was already installed into me, never the less i was never the most heart warming kid but an honest to emotion and honest in action kind of kid.
And so it was grade 7 it was the beginning of the school year and the first mass of the Catholic school, we were asked by my teacher about if we have students who believe other religions so he can exempt them of the mass. As he asked those people i also raised my hand. Keep in mind i wasn't into atheism yet but i had the basic concept already because of my mom. So my teacher asked me what i believed in as i wanted to be exempted too i said i was atheist and obviously he doubted me as i was honest i imagine i was pretty obvious in my lie as he asked a second time was i really an atheist and again i said yes i was but regardless to Play safe he sent me to participate regardless. And so i was pushed into this narative of being an atheist because of my laziness. And so i proceeded this whole school year pushing this narrative further down the rabbit hole and every passing days going further and making my escape harder and harder. As i was playing this narrative i researched some so i could back myself even a little if i was questioned, i was pridefull back then and refused to back down. The school year pass, in many times i was questioned by my classmates and even situations that i brought to myself by asking them about their beliefs, landing me to many tricky situations that i somehow managed to get pass, even now i wonder how i did it. But it wasn't all that bad in the month's passing i had gained friends bestfriend even and some minor conections but as that year ended my family came to a decision for me to move to a public school to have access to a program.
And years later i encountered more ideas further sementing my beliefs and making it my own, not a false belief but one that i made myself for my own.
Thay brings this today, i am atheist at heart but not a die hard one nor do i feel obligated to express these beliefs upon others whose beliefs differ from mine, though i remain open for further information that challenge mine as i treat it as a trial that i must face to use it to temper my resolve and harden my will of mine.
So i was scrolling in face book and i encountered a post of my friend from the grade 7 fiasco who after i did some scrolling in his profile i deemed to hadve broken up with his gf and his whole personality now is of his belief of god, and in my scrolling i saw one of his post saying along the lines of “i miss those times before atheism was emerged and became common” or something ,idk but accompanied by a shared post of many kids praying to an altar of mary and baby jesus and that they miss the time where they argue about the bible content as kids.
My question is? Is atheism really that common?
As i see it, i see more christian people in my surroundings who have families to take care of and cant afford to play facebook and seldom post their belief stuff as to congratulating their colleagues and wishing the best to their friends. I see them posting jesus stuff good bless you all etc. But not enough activity, as i write this i realized that normal people do normal things, its not common to see them basing their entire personality on their religion but i do see some and their the worst in an argument. But i digress as i imagine that they see us as we see them uncultured heretics or something. I think that what he sees is just biased (he is a weeb and he post his set up once in a while with many anime figures and kaguya sama wallpaper) he is alwaus online so maybe he just saw the frontlines where religious people and atheist argue trying to convince the other side but neither wiling to compromise.
I know most atheist refuse to budge even i as i am now can't seem to see the possibility of me budging to their “baseless evidences ” . But nonetheless i see our beliefs winning in the long term but i still won't participate in these arguements because i see them as a waste of time and low success rates in covertion and as i am now, i am merely riding the waves of thes “conflict”.
I know i may be biased as well but i am to sleepy to to care, you should also know that this last sentence is but a vain attempt to remove responsibility from myself
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2023.06.07 18:01 SeftoK Which features are the most important when choosing to purchase a ticket for an event?

Now that we have an announcement regarding this years GO fest(s) and to support some of my upcoming analysis on ‘value’ of such events, it’d be useful not just look at Niantic’s metrics but also player opinion on what aspects convinces them to part with their money. Even if you NEVER buy tickets, what could make you change your mind?
It’d be much appreciated if you could spare a few minutes to share your opinion
View Poll
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2023.06.07 17:56 braybray170 M23 looking to make some friends

Hello! My name is Bray! I am from the US and I am out here looking for some people that are also wanting to make some genuine friendships. I've just been noticing how lonely I am especially on days where I don't work and have nothing to do. Sadly, I have really bad luck with meeting people irl due to people already having friend groups and me being too awkward to put myself out there.
As for personality and hobbies I am pretty outgoing, if we get close I have a tendency of being sarcastic and like to poke fun with people but it's all done in fun so nothing serious. I enjoy gaming, currently stuck playing diablo 4 but I like trying new games so if you are interested in playing something we can. I also enjoy anime and horror movies so watch parties will be a must for sure.
I usually use discord as my main platform but I'd rather stay wherever others are comfortable with so don't feel pressured to move the conversation if you don't want to. I also would prefer if comments and dms were more than a "Hey" or "Whats up"
I hope everyone enjoys their day!
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2023.06.07 17:56 markoo101 I’m reapplying for my study permit and need advice on my LOE and letter of intent

I’m reapply for the study permit for the third time after getting rejected 2 times due to insufficient funds. My first application had no letter of intent. My second application had a letter of intent which was 7 pages that went into detail about my life in general and why I’m picking Canada and my letter of explanation was one page that explained the funds however my currency got inflated after applying so all what I said in my LOE was wrong and therefore the money was not sufficient for me to study in Canada. Now I’m reapply for the third time and my LOE is 5 pages explaining how my parents circumstances changed and how we have enough fees for the university in details and my letter of intent is more of FAQ and it’s around 8 pages that explain my previous education and why I’m picking Canada, the university, and program over any other country including my home country. Is it okay that it’s that long? What advice would you have for me?
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2023.06.07 17:54 G_nash22 What’d you do if a stranger asks your phone to call in a public place.

Back story: I 19M was at a restaurant alone waiting for my takeaway. This middle aged man came up, ordered some food and sat right beside me. He looked like a humble dad that’s not very well off getting some food for his family. I was just scrolling through Reddit and minding my own business. Then he called me and asked my phone to call someone as he forgot his (my phone’s kinda expensive).
I was like yeah what could go wrong he seemed humble. I dialed the number he gave and handed my phone to him. The moment I handed him my phone, he just stood up and walked to the entrance while I was still sitting at waiting area. I thought maybe he wanted some privacy and I didn’t wanna come off as rude so didn’t say anything. Then he started to walk towards the left where I couldn’t see him from the place I was sitting. I was like okay this in not it and sat near the entrance where i could see him. He was there with my phone for a solid 10 mins, I think he didn’t know I was watching him.
After that he came back, returned my phone and was like I just gone out for the better signals, mind him I was getting full speed 5g inside the restaurant. The sus part is he didn’t talk to anyone all the 10 mins. There was one outgoing call with 0 sec talk time. Like WTF!
Did he try to steal my phone and stopped cause I was watching him?
Is this some kinda scam?
What would you do if someone asks you for your phone to call in a public place?
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2023.06.07 17:46 Vitoredi Noob Questions

Hi all! First of all; I don’t know if there is already a post like this, if it is, I’m sorry for the duplicated thread 😅 With that settled, I’m from Mexico and I’m planning to buy a second hand scrambler as my third bike (I currently own a Royal Enfield Meteor 350) but it will be my first second hand bike and my first scrambler so that makes me think on some questions and I’ll thank so much your opinion on these:
  1. I saw an Icon 2021 (~11000km and only one owner) and a 1100 sport 2018 (~7000 km and 3 owners); the difference on price is about $1k dollars. Is it worth to expending the extra on a bigger but older bike on your opinion?
  2. I live on a small town and there is no official Ducati service here, how difficult is to do the service by myself? Do you recommend it, or is it better to find a workshop even if it is not official?
  3. What do you recommend to check before buying? I mean, besides the regular checks; oil leaks, any signs of drops or crashes on the bike, if the brake discs are bent or strange sounds when the bike is running
  4. I saw that the clutch is a problem on some scramblers, also that there are a small batch of 1100 that were retired because they had electrical issues; is there any other common issues I should know before buy it?
  5. Do you have any extra advice to share on your experience with these bikes?
I guess that’s all, let me know if you think I’m missing anything and thank you so much in advance😌, I’m in love with these bikes since I saw them for the first time but they’re not cheap down here so I want to gather as much information as I can before buy it 😌
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2023.06.07 17:40 sailorscoutem [NA][H or A][Sargeras] recruiting for new raid team, M+, and social players!

(; is a new and upcoming guild (smaller group currently) that focuses bringing a positive gaming experience for all and are an alt-friendly guild. We are an open/friendly bunch who are active daily and are looking for more likeminded, social people to join us. We are a casual, laidback group whose foreheads' slightly glisten but do not fully sweat that is here to keep the focus on having fun.
Currently, we raid on Wed/Fri 8PM-11PM CST and fill through PUG. We have successfully done so since launch and are Normal AND Heroic [AOTC] (9/9) clear. We are looking to stop doing PUGs if we can get a full team together for raids, until then we will continue to fill that way. We are not a sweaty guild by any means and will be keeping a "having fun" mindset at the forefront of our raiding. If M+/raiding is not your jam, we have and love social players too!
What does being an Anime Kitty mean?
- Getting complimented on your guild name.
- Having a chill group of people to come online to.
- Getting feedback on your new transmog from a trusted group of individuals.
- Sharing pictures of your animals in discord as frequently as possible.
- Frequent discussions about kitties.
If you are looking for a group with chill vibes, come and uwu with us! <3
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on bnet/discord/whisper below:
Battle - PandamoniEMZ#1474
Discord - PandamoniEMZ#2319
IGN - Xeimeli -
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2023.06.07 17:38 throw-away-line Why I'm tired of hearing "you don't look disabled"

It’s not the compliment they think it is.
It feels like someone telling me that I don’t have the right to struggle because I don’t look or act a certain way. It's dismissive and it completely invalidate my hardship. It's also super ableist. Think about it. "You should be grateful you're not in a wheelchair." Why? Because people in wheelchairs are somehow naturally less than people who aren't? Also, gratefulness and grief can exist simultaneously. I can be grateful I didn't die in my accident, but also grieve the person I was and feel pretty lousy that that person was taken from me.
I don't need to focus on the good. I have a perfectly reasonable thing to feel bad about. I have a right to feel bad about it and telling me that I should only focus on the good invalidates just how much this disability affects me.
When I'm down about missing my entire g-d frontal lobe, I don't need tips and tricks that help you when you feel unmotivated. This isn't me being unmotivated. This isn't me 'losing sight of my goals.' This is my every day experience and it's harder than most people have the capacity to understand. But for some reason, they can't see that. This isn't a bad mood that can be fixed. It's permanent. And no amount of yoga or reminders or thinking positively will regrow my frontal lobe.
There’s this implicit, “if you only tried harder” to what people say. You can’t know how hard I’m trying. I’m not high-functioning. I’m high-masking. No one knew that I couldn’t read after my accident. I hid it. Do you know how much work it is to hide something like that? Do you know how hard it is to pretend you're the same person from before? (Of course, most people here on this subreddit do know how hard it is.)
People act like I'm complaining about 'keeping up with the Joneses' but I'm just trying to keep my head above the fucking water.
Because here’s the thing. I have never once spoken about my disability and been met with, “it’s okay to be disabled. You’re disabled.” And maybe that should change. Maybe we need to hear that instead of you don't look disabled.
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