High on life walkthrough


2021.09.18 20:21 thechampagnepapi999 HighOnLife

Are you High On Life? Would you like to share your experience Feel Free!!!

2022.06.12 19:11 Mot_Eshu HIGH ON LIFE

From the mind of Justin Roiland comes High On Life. Humanity is being threatened by an alien cartel who wants to use them as drugs. It’s up to you to rescue and partner with charismatic, talking guns, take down Garmantuous and his gang, and save the world!

2019.12.28 21:56 Aina98 FemaleLifeStrategy

How to become a fulfilled, high value woman in all aspects of life. This is a feminist and female-only space for discussion and advice. Based on the FDS philosophy.

2023.03.30 06:35 Historical_Glove_998 I spent $15 on a 1 g nug of Shango - Lemom Lemon Shiv

I spent $15 on a 1 g nug of Shango - Lemom Lemon Shiv
The prices are insane for this flower but I had to try it because it is my favorite terpene combo and I was not disappointed! It was a cure on. This is perfect! It's still so fresh. Smell and taste are five out of five and. The highest perfect so far with a heavy cerebral head high and pulsating tingles throughout the body! Might be worth 101 for a quarter lol
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2023.03.30 06:35 goatkarter05 What is the best mic for a home theatre audio setup?

Hello all,
I am new to Xbox and have a relatively awesome home theatre surround sound setup and am trying to find a basic microphone I can use to chat with others on my team but still utilize the surround sound system.
I tried to use apple EarPods connected to my controller as I know outside sound leaks through pretty significantly but there’s a high pitched buzzing constantly and the gameplay audio plays through them too.
I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.
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2023.03.30 06:34 Palekidtony Saint Louis, MO 3/29/23 Setlist

Saint Louis, MO 3/29/23 Setlist
Cattle Call Baybeeee.
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2023.03.30 06:34 agreementloop184 1 Ortho K Lens is extremely blurry when I put it in

I just started on Ortho k 2 days ago, this is my 3rd night as I’m typing this. At the doctor’s (when I first tried them on first time ever), immediately I noticed that my left eye was extremely blurry with the contact in. Like MUCH worse than without anything in my eye at all (no glasses, no contacts). The Ortho k made my eyesight WAY WAY WAY worse (when worn) in my left eye.
My right eye upon putting it in was very clear and after the initial pain (I’m now day 3 and it doesn’t hurt upon insertion anymore, but still very uncomfortable)
I was told to ‘try it anyway’ for 2 weeks and go back. Well… day 2, I’m surprised my right eye is already really clear but I’m seeing severe halos / double vision around high contrast objects (windows, electronic screens, white font on a dark background etc etc, door frames , and it’s worse indoors by far etc). However my left eye sight seems to be getting worse - just like how I see through the lens.
I called today and asked again if this was normal and expressed my concern and they said that they already had it in their notes and to keep wearing it until my 2 week appointment re-check.
Okay… but…. My left eye is literally getting so freaking blurry while my right eye is clear but having severe halos indoors or at night. I don’t know how I can manage to live with 1 eye getting worse, while the other eye is getting clearer. I can’t wear glasses because then right eye is getting over corrected and thus blurry again. My only option is wearing soft contacts on my left eye because I literally can’t drive I can’t work, I can’t do anything safely. Not to mention the headaches and nausea.
I want to follow through because I feel like this could be life changing for me if we figure out what needs to be changed but is this normal to have 1 blurry contact?? I’m trying to be hopeful for the bigger picture / long term and push through these next 2 weeks but I’m just concerned with the fact Ortho k is making my left eye worse and nobody wants to expedite this appointment
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2023.03.30 06:34 dwhum new to the community

hey everyone! as someone who loves streaming music i wanted to expand my hobby by purchasing a record player along with some vinyl. but before i dive in, i want to come here first to weed out some things that could possibly cause me trouble. also please keep in mind i’ve never used a record player and will likely mess up the terminology. feel free to correct me.
TL;DR i’m getting into vinyl, here’s some questions i have: - record player recommendations? - ideal place to purchase vinyls? - important record player controls?
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2023.03.30 06:34 kingjae305 Fanfics where Deku gets called out on his bs

What are some fanfics where All Might actually comes down on Midoriya for never working a day in his life but still wanting to be a hero?
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2023.03.30 06:34 bestbuybotanicals Why the same named kratom is so different among the different sellers?

Kratom is a natural plant, and like all natural products, there can be variations in the chemical composition of the leaves depending on various factors, including the strain, the climate, the soil conditions, and the harvesting and processing methods. These variations can result in differences in the potency and effects of kratom, even if it is sold under the same name.
Additionally, different kratom sellers may source their kratom from different regions, which can also contribute to variations in quality and potency. Some vendors may also mix different strains of kratom to create their own unique blends, which can further impact the effects of the product.
It's also worth noting that the quality and purity of kratom can vary depending on the seller's processing and testing methods, as well as their adherence to safety and hygiene standards. Some vendors may cut corners to save costs, resulting in lower-quality products.
For these reasons, it's important to research and choose a reputable kratom vendor that prioritizes quality and transparency. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from trusted sources can also help you find a high-quality product that meets your needs.
Provided by Best Buy Botanicals
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2023.03.30 06:34 SeaAvocado5260 Highs and Lows of Being Butch — Lily Burana, A Random Sampling of Butches: Eight Questions Asked of Ten Butch Women, from Dagger: On Butch Women, 1994

Highs and Lows of Being Butch — Lily Burana, A Random Sampling of Butches: Eight Questions Asked of Ten Butch Women, from Dagger: On Butch Women, 1994 submitted by SeaAvocado5260 to lesbiangang [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 06:34 Tuhdyfor The desire to break NC is getting harder and harder each day that goes by

It's only been two and a half months of NC but it feels like years. I can't get her off my mind. Every little thing reminds me of her. I just miss her so much. She's in an another country for study abroad right now, and we're in NC. I'm hoping it's just for while she's there so that she has time to heal, but I'm not sure. It could be forever and that scares me.
We broke up back in September, and stopped talking for a bit. Towards the end of October we were talking a bit again. By November, and through January, we were talking every day. Things were getting good again. We were sharing feelings more, saying "I love you" again sometimes, facetiming (we were long distance), and watching shows/movies together again. She was starting to regret breaking up with me, saying stuff like "I'm afraid you'll be the one who got away" and "I'm afraid I'll never find someone who loves me as much as you do." We talked about getting back together, but she was afraid of getting hurt. We didn't tell people we were talking again because she was embarrassed. She was afraid people would judge her for talking to the ex she broke up with.
Her mental health was decreasing during this time, and she started becoming very angry. Not just at me, but in general. She has pretty bad OCD and anxiety, and I believe that's like the root of her anger. She started yelling at me and blaming me for all of the pain she was feeling. The worst part was when she blamed me for the pain she experienced in therapy. She told me being in therapy brought up a lot of painful memories and she didn't know what to do with them. She said she regretted listening to me about seeing a therapist, and that it was my fault because before we dated she bottled everything up and it "was better that way". The thing is, I'm not even the one who convinced her to go. I suggested it, and her best friend convinced her and found her a therapist. But somehow that was still my fault.
For a while, she had been saying I should move on and forget about her because I'd be better off without her, but that's just not true. I love all of her, flaws and all. I didn't decide to date her to see if it would be fun or something, I dated her because she was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She kept telling me to block her because that would be best, and after saying no many times, I finally did it. However, I didn't block her on my laptop too, and when I opened it I saw paragraphs of her being upset and pouring her heart out. Reading that broke my heart, so I called her and we talked for hours, and things seemed like they were finally going to get better. A few days later she was blaming me again and saying she couldn't trust me. She decided that she deserved to be happy and blocked me on everything. We had made plans to meet up in person back when things were good, and she agreed to still see me. The trip was a rollercoaster, but being with her again in person felt great. She was scared, and only wanted to see me for a day, but after the first day went well she wanted to see me the second day. She still thought we shouldn't speak for the foreseeable future though. Before I left the city, I went to her place and thanked her for hanging out. I told her I had a lot of fun, and that I would respect her wish of NC while she was abroad, and then I kissed her goodbye. I was expecting her get angry, or at least say something, but instead she turned around and walked inside without saying anything. We haven't spoken since.
I've been in therapy, and I've since realized how much of a victim I am. I kept thinking it was my fault, and that I needed to be better. That's why I went to therapy. Therapy, though, helped me realize that she was being controlling and manipulative. I learned that I deserve better, but I really just want her to do better. I've cut off toxic people from my life before because they were simply bad people. I don't see her that way though. She's not a bad person, she's an incredibly amazing person who is dealing with a lot of pain. I told her I'd love her forever, and I mean it.
I'm writing this today because of a new album I heard this morning. I've been discovering a lot of new music, and almost all of it is super relatable. I've been going back and forth with thoughts like "I think she's going to try and forget about me and completely move on" and "she's probably so scared, and alone, and hurting right now, and I'm worried". I've been hoping she will realize how she's treated me, and that she'll apologize. I'm holding on to that hope. This morning I listened to Good Riddance by Gracie Abrams for the first time and it felt like the album was written by my ex. I'm so worried about her and I just wanna reach out and see how she's doing. I don't have anyone to talk to, and it's becoming repetitive in therapy. I'm new to Reddit, but I figured I'd post here first and see if anyone can relate or has any advice. If you read all of that then thank you. It feels good to share sometimes.
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2023.03.30 06:34 histaltlephrastus Well damn. I'm fucked.

I like to keep my shit short and concise so that is what I will do.
I was coming back from my 12th farewell on 5th February, and got into an accident. Had multiple fractures (3) in my left foot with a ruptured ligament. Fast forward to two days later, I developed a persistent high grade fever due to some infection which lasted 3 weeks. Ended up in the hospital on 3rd March and stayed there for a week until I got better.
Now the catch is. I had to study for boards during the entirety of February. Which I could not for reasons explained above. Thanks to that, all of my board exams besides maybe business studies were mediocre at best.
And now I have accountancy exam tomorrow. For which, I could barely prepare shit. It is so bad that I'm almost certain I'm going to fail tomorrow. I'm fucked. Fuck my life.
For the commerce people, I've only studied cash flow, admission, dissolution and shares. That too, only at a surface level.
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2023.03.30 06:34 AtoFtw Question about Game Ban

Hello CS:GO community, sorry if this is posted a lot or is in the wrong place.
Has anybody had any success appealing overwatch bans? Opened CS today as I have regularly for the past 8 years or so to find out I am banned. Nobody had access to my account or plays on it except for me, so this isn't a matter of trusting that my friend wasn't cheating or something like that.
I am absolutely astounded and my anxiety is through the roof. I'm not even that good! How could I have possibly been banned through overwatch????
I know a lot of people (myself included when these are posted a lot of the time) will assume I am cheating, but I would literally swear on my life if I could to this god damned subreddit that I am not.
My Steam is AtoFtw if anyone wants to take a look. I don't even know what response I want from this community. I'm shocked
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2023.03.30 06:34 12349010 I Have a Beam

Ladies and gentlemen, fans of basketball and citizens of Sacramento, today we gather to celebrate a historic event. An event that brings joy and hope to our city, as we witness the Sacramento Kings rising from the shadows of the past and into the beam of success.
I stand before you to share a vision, a dream, a hope that we all hold dear. It is not just a dream anymore, it has become a reality. And so today, I say to you, I have a beam!
I have a beam that one day our beloved Sacramento Kings will stand tall and proud, shining brightly like a beacon of hope in the NBA world. A beam that will illuminate the Golden 1 Center, a symbol of our city's resilience and determination.
I have a beam that our Kings will finally make it into the playoffs, breaking the 16-year-long drought that has plagued our team. This beam will unite our city, bringing people of all colors, creeds, and backgrounds together, as we cheer for our team's success.
I have a beam that our players will rise up and compete with the greatest athletes in the world, proving that they are worthy of their place in the NBA playoffs. This beam will guide them as they strive for victory and push the boundaries of their potential.
I have a beam that our team's triumph will inspire future generations of basketball players from Sacramento and beyond, showing them that with hard work, determination, and unity, anything is possible.
I have a beam that our city will be filled with pride and joy, as we watch our Sacramento Kings stand on the court, united by the light of the beam above the Golden 1 Center.
This beam of victory is not just a symbol of our team's success, but a testament to the spirit and dedication of our entire community. For when we come together as one, there is no obstacle too great, no mountain too high, and no challenge too daunting that we cannot overcome.
So let us rejoice and celebrate this momentous occasion, as our Sacramento Kings step into the beam of triumph. For we are not just fans, we are a community, united by our love for the game and our unwavering support for our team.
Let us all say together, with pride and conviction, "I have a beam!" And may this beam continue to light our path, guiding us towards a future filled with success, unity, and the sweet taste of victory. Go Kings!
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2023.03.30 06:34 DrClavicle Progression of Imams; defined or fluid?

I have a bit of a theoretical/philosophical idea that I’ve been thinking about recently
As you know the 4 Imams are the mainstream body of legislation that the vast majority of Muslims look towards for their day to day practices and beliefs.
While all 4 Imams agree on core beliefs and tenants of Islam, they differ on certain topics/rulings on the day to day application of Islam.
What gives each Imam “legitimacy” to differ from the previous Imam? What gives Imam Ahmad ibn hanbal the legitimacy/authority to differ from Imam Abu Hanifa?
First of all, these Imams are “normal” people (relatively of course, they are exceptionally great men compared to those after them, but they are not perfect (معصومين) and no where near those before them I.e prophets, companions, 4 rightly- guided caliphs ) Obviously they do not have divine revelation nor are they “guided” by god so to speak ( in the same way the prophets were )
Bearing the above in mind, What would stop a man today, born in our era, who has devoted his entire life to Islam, learning from the same texts, and hadiths, that the fours Imams did, to do his own اجتهاد and completely create a new “مذهب"/ body of legislation that differs from the 4 mainstream Imams even in rulings that are synonymous to all eras ( not just modern problems of the 21st century )
Would this new “Imam” (I use the term very loosely) have legitimacy? Is he a dajjal? Or does he have the same “freedom” as the 4 Imams did to differ from each other?
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2023.03.30 06:34 Amzsallu External Blu ray Drive, USB 3.0 and Type-C Portable Blu-ray Burner DVD Drive 3D Slim Optical Bluray CD DVD Drive for Windows XP/7/8/10,MacOS, Price $60. For USA. Interested DM me for Details

External Blu ray Drive, USB 3.0 and Type-C Portable Blu-ray Burner DVD Drive 3D Slim Optical Bluray CD DVD Drive for Windows XP/7/8/10,MacOS, Price $60. For USA. Interested DM me for Details submitted by Amzsallu to ReviewRequests [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 06:33 EliMondex Mostly just venting but I could use some advice.

So recently life has been extremely hard and some days I do not know what I can do about it. I was forced to move back home to help my parents because they both cannot do a lot on their own, with one parent being disabled and the other awaiting surgery. The move was quite expensive and caused me to rack up a lot of debt. I have to do a lot around the house but also am trying to go to school part time while also working. So with me helping my parents they expect me to be at their beck and call while maintained a "my house my rules" attitude so I rarely get space and sleep. I am also expected to help with the bills which isn't helping with the debt I got from the move and not I am having troubled doing homework since I have to help with everything they cannot do. I just do not know what to do since now I cannot move out because they need me and I cannot afford any place to go. I am just venting because I do not think anything will get me out of this soon and I need to just wait for better.
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2023.03.30 06:33 Living-Station-2013 Best web Design Company in Madurai JB Soft System Chennai

If you need a high-quality website design company in Madurai, look no further than JB Soft Systems! We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who can take on any web design project, no matter the size or scope.
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JB Soft System team is dedicated to creating websites that are both functional and visually appealing. We take the time to understand your business and your specific needs, and then work with you to design a website that fits your goals and objectives.
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2023.03.30 06:33 NakedMuffin4403 "My philosophy is that if I don't do it, someone else will " - George Soros (Hedging against AI)

Hey guys I'm not really sure if this is the right sub-reddit to be asking questions of this nature on, but I really wanted some contemporary Islamic insight that I don't think I can get elsewhere.
I am a CS major and am currently studying/researching AI and its implications on humanity extensively, and its very clear that in our lifetimes we will see a significant number of jobs evaporate. Some big-names in tech scene have made some pretty audacious predictions like "The marginal cost of human-capital is going to zero". I think this is inevitable, but its going to take a while. I am here to talk about what'll be happening during these next 3 decades.
Being in this industry, it's almost as if its a race to create a startup, own equity, and get acquired by a tech giant within an extended time frame before its too late. Obviously I am oversimplifying this but its the best way to hedge against the inevitable: AI is going to serve as this incredible tool to increase productivity- but it will simultaneously reduce both the demand and the value of knowledge work.
I'll elaborate on this. Lets take software developers for instance. AI is going to make your average dev far more productive, but this in turn will reduce the demand for the employer in question to employ more devs as all goals are being met. It will also reduce the value of knowledge work by making it so you no longer need 10 years of software engineering experience to create / work on anything meaningful, but rather a year of prompt engineering (learning how to communicate with these AI models effectively) and a CS 101 course.
This painful reality is just as true for accountants, engineers and really all knowledge work. It's ironic as blue collar jobs such as retail were expected to be the first to face automation.
Now my question is:
From an Islamic lens, is it ethical / permissible to engage in these developments? I have no aspirations in working some dead-end job at some big software firm, only to be rendered less valuable as I approach retirement (if not far earlier). My aspirations are to do something far more entrepreneurial. To create a product/service that utilizes AI to increase the value created for users/clients.
The thing is, there is a high probability that whatever I do is going to negatively impact at least *some* subset of people, whether it be reducing the economical value of their work, or even taking work away from them.
When I try to steel-man my thought process, I like to consider the fact that If I don't do it, its happening anyways, and If I do, at least (assuming I am successful) I can re-allocate some of the capital the market rewards me for some philanthropic cause that is in line with my world view.
We are living in a time similar to that of the most recent industrial revolution. Jobs were lost last time, many more were created. I don't know if the same will be true for the AI revolution.
My indefinitely optimistic intuition tells me that there is still hope of prosperity - but only really for those that are very conformable with adapting to change- and doing it FAST.
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2023.03.30 06:33 hypension Some questions about DID/OSDD

Hi!! Im trying to figure out whether I'm a system or not. I have a friend who's a system and I got really interested and so, I started doing research. The more I researched, the more I felt understood, but also confused. I'm using a throw away acc for this in case some people I know find it. So here are the questions:
  1. Is it normal to not hear alters talking at all?
  2. What does switching feel like? Can it feel like someone just wanting to "come out"? (Like I guess from being dormant?) Can it feel like one second you feel like one person and when you blink you feel completely different?
  3. Is it ok to not remember over half of your life? (I can't remember most of my childhood due to trauma [ages 1 to ~13] I'm currently 18.) Can memories be jumbled and mixed up?
  4. Is it normal to not have amnesia? (Ex. Alter 1 is fronting and is at school. I switch to Alter 2 but I remember what Alter 1 did at school, but with some fuzzy memories)
Just some questions that I need more clarification on. Thanks!!
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2023.03.30 06:33 RealJacob_ Post from a real ass INFJ on here, homies raise a glass

Hey, everybody! I’m new on this sub. Back in high school I got INTJ, but I retook the test and got INFJ. I think back then I used pseudo-intellectualism to hide my insecurities.
The reason I’m writing though, is that I feel compelled to comment on how a lot of the posts on here stick out to me. People asking stuff like, “oh, oh, all INFJs act this way or that way, right?” Or like, “Is it possible for an INFJ to be friends with a QXWT,” and I’m just like, y’all are taking these types too seriously dawg.
Everybody gonna be different, know what I’m sayin? Even within personality types. I guess I don’t like the generalizing statements I see sometimes. I dunno though, whatever man, that’s just my thoughts bruh. What do y’all think?
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2023.03.30 06:33 Amzsallu External Blu ray Drive, USB 3.0 and Type-C Portable Blu-ray Burner DVD Drive 3D Slim Optical Bluray CD DVD Drive for Windows XP/7/8/10,MacOS, Price $60. For USA. Interested DM me for Details

External Blu ray Drive, USB 3.0 and Type-C Portable Blu-ray Burner DVD Drive 3D Slim Optical Bluray CD DVD Drive for Windows XP/7/8/10,MacOS, Price $60. For USA. Interested DM me for Details submitted by Amzsallu to AMZreviewTrader [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 06:32 _Triple_ [STORE] 900+ KNIVES/GLOVES/SKINS, 50.000$+ INVENTORY. M9 Fade, M4 Poseidon, Kara Gamma, BFK Freehand, BFK Bright Water, Spec Gloves Kimono, Nomad Fade, M9 Doppler, Skeleton, BFK B.Steel, AWP Fade, Stiletto Fade, S.Gloves Slingshot, BFK Ultra, Kara Damas, Bayo Lore, Bayo Gamma, Flip Fade & A Lot More

Everything in my inventory is up for trade. The most valuable items are listed here, the rest you can find in My Inventory

Feel free to Add Me or even better send a Trade Offer. Open for any suggestions: upgrades, downgrades / knives, gloves, skins / stickers, patterns, floats.

All Buyouts are listed in cash value.


★ Butterfly Knife Freehand FN #1, B/O: $1867

★ Butterfly Knife Bright Water MW, B/O: $1098

★ Butterfly Knife Blue Steel BS, B/O: $907

★ Butterfly Knife Ultraviolet FT, B/O: $789

★ Butterfly Knife Stained FT, B/O: $695

★ Bayonet Tiger Tooth MW #1, B/O: $888

★ Bayonet Gamma Doppler (Phase 4) FN, B/O: $727

★ Bayonet Doppler (Phase 2) FN, B/O: $608

★ Bayonet Doppler (Phase 1) FN, B/O: $521

★ Bayonet Rust Coat BS, B/O: $253

★ Bayonet Night FT, B/O: $251

★ StatTrak™ Bayonet Lore MW, B/O: $751

★ Karambit Gamma Doppler (Phase 4) FN, B/O: $1343

★ Karambit Damascus Steel FT, B/O: $774

★ Karambit Rust Coat BS, B/O: $537

★ Karambit Boreal Forest FT, B/O: $488

★ M9 Bayonet Fade FN, B/O: $1523

★ M9 Bayonet Fade FN, B/O: $1523

★ M9 Bayonet Doppler (Phase 4) FN, B/O: $1008

★ M9 Bayonet Blue Steel FT, B/O: $534

★ M9 Bayonet Rust Coat BS, B/O: $449

★ Flip Knife Fade FN, B/O: $703

★ Flip Knife Gamma Doppler (Phase 1) MW, B/O: $509

★ Flip Knife Doppler (Phase 1) FN, B/O: $406

★ Flip Knife Freehand FT, B/O: $228

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★ Falchion Knife Doppler (Phase 2) FN, B/O: $292

★ Falchion Knife Doppler (Phase 3) FN, B/O: $264

★ Falchion Knife Marble Fade FN, B/O: $258

★ Falchion Knife Bright Water MW, B/O: $133

★ Stiletto Knife Fade FN, B/O: $822

★ Stiletto Knife Slaughter FN, B/O: $569

★ Stiletto Knife Doppler (Phase 1) FN, B/O: $530

★ Stiletto Knife Crimson Web FT, B/O: $396

★ StatTrak™ Stiletto Knife Scorched FT, B/O: $172

★ Gut Knife Doppler (Sapphire) MW #1, B/O: $830

★ Gut Knife Fade FN, B/O: $204

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★ Gut Knife Freehand FT, B/O: $92

★ Gut Knife Urban Masked FT, B/O: $82

★ StatTrak™ Gut Knife Rust Coat BS, B/O: $93

★ Shadow Daggers Fade FN, B/O: $258

★ Shadow Daggers Doppler (Phase 3) FN, B/O: $165

★ Shadow Daggers Blue Steel FT, B/O: $82

★ Shadow Daggers Bright Water FT, B/O: $82

★ Shadow Daggers Blue Steel WW, B/O: $80

★ Shadow Daggers Rust Coat BS, B/O: $74

★ StatTrak™ Shadow Daggers Marble Fade FN, B/O: $186

★ Classic Knife Slaughter MW, B/O: $311

★ StatTrak™ Classic Knife Stained BS, B/O: $163

★ Talon Knife Slaughter MW, B/O: $605

★ Talon Knife Scorched MW, B/O: $290

★ Ursus Knife Marble Fade FN, B/O: $405

★ Ursus Knife Night Stripe MW, B/O: $162

★ Paracord Knife Stained WW, B/O: $125

★ Paracord Knife Forest DDPAT FT, B/O: $97

★ Paracord Knife Safari Mesh FT, B/O: $96

★ Navaja Knife Safari Mesh FT, B/O: $71

★ Navaja Knife Scorched WW, B/O: $71

★ Nomad Knife Fade FN, B/O: $1015

★ Skeleton Knife, B/O: $909

★ Bowie Knife Boreal Forest MW, B/O: $106

★ Survival Knife Forest DDPAT FT, B/O: $97


★ Driver Gloves Crimson Weave FT, B/O: $335

★ Driver Gloves King Snake BS, B/O: $270

★ Driver Gloves Lunar Weave WW, B/O: $113

★ Driver Gloves Overtake WW, B/O: $88

★ Driver Gloves Overtake BS, B/O: $67

★ Moto Gloves Transport MW, B/O: $171

★ Moto Gloves Polygon BS, B/O: $137

★ Moto Gloves Transport WW, B/O: $71

★ Moto Gloves 3rd Commando Company BS, B/O: $62

★ Specialist Gloves Crimson Kimono WW, B/O: $1027

★ Specialist Gloves Tiger Strike FT, B/O: $654

★ Specialist Gloves Mogul FT, B/O: $295

★ Specialist Gloves Lt. Commander FT, B/O: $277

★ Specialist Gloves Crimson Web FT, B/O: $275

★ Sport Gloves Slingshot FT, B/O: $796

★ Sport Gloves Amphibious BS #2, B/O: $699

★ Sport Gloves Omega FT, B/O: $656

★ Broken Fang Gloves Unhinged BS, B/O: $60


AK-47 Case Hardened BS, B/O: $130

AK-47 Bloodsport MW, B/O: $79

AK-47 Fuel Injector BS, B/O: $76

AK-47 Fuel Injector BS, B/O: $76

AK-47 Bloodsport FT, B/O: $70

AK-47 Neon Rider MW, B/O: $60

AWP Fade FN, B/O: $864


AWP Containment Breach FT, B/O: $69

AWP Containment Breach FT, B/O: $69

AWP Wildfire FT, B/O: $59

AWP Chromatic Aberration FN, B/O: $59

StatTrak™ AWP Hyper Beast FT, B/O: $65

StatTrak™ AWP Hyper Beast FT, B/O: $65

Desert Eagle Blaze FN, B/O: $565

Desert Eagle Blaze FN, B/O: $565

Desert Eagle Printstream FN, B/O: $155

Desert Eagle Cobalt Disruption FN, B/O: $58

M4A1-S Icarus Fell FN, B/O: $414

M4A1-S Printstream MW, B/O: $204

M4A1-S Printstream MW, B/O: $204

M4A4 Poseidon FN, B/O: $1402

M4A4 The Emperor FN, B/O: $152

M4A4 Asiimov WW, B/O: $97

USP-S Kill Confirmed MW, B/O: $65

USP-S Printstream FT, B/O: $69

StatTrak™ USP-S Kill Confirmed FT, B/O: $123

StatTrak™ USP-S Neo-Noir FN, B/O: $106

AUG Flame Jörmungandr FN, B/O: $218

P2000 Ocean Foam FN, B/O: $139

Souvenir SSG 08 Death Strike MW, B/O: $81

CZ75-Auto Emerald Quartz MW, B/O: $61

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Commander, Crimson Web, Mogul, Forest DDPAT, Buckshot), Sport Gloves (Pandora's Box, Superconductor, Hedge Maze, Vice, Amphibious, Slingshot, Omega, Arid, Big Game, Nocts, Scarlet Shamagh, Bronze Morph), Hydra Gloves (Case Hardened, Emerald, Rattler, Mangrove), Broken Fang Gloves (Jade, Yellow-banded, Unhinged, Needle Point), Pistols - P2000 (Wicked Sick, Ocean Foam, Fire Element, Amber Fade, Corticera, Chainmail, Imperial Dragon, Obsidian, Scorpion, Handgun, Acid Etched), USP-S (Printstream, Kill Confirmed, Whiteout, Road Rash, Owergrowth, The Traitor, Neo-Noir, Dark Water, Orion, Blueprint, Stainless, Caiman, Serum, Monster Mashup, Royal Blue, Ancient Visions, Cortex, Orange Anolis, Ticket To Hell, Black Lotus, Cyrex, Check Engine, Guardian, Purple DDPAT, Torque, Blood Tiger, Flashback, Business Class, Pathfinder, Para Green), Lead Conduit, Glock-18 (Umbral Rabbit, Fade, Candy Apple, Bullet Queen, Synth Leaf, Neo-Noir, Nuclear Garden, Dragon Tatto, Reactor, Pink DDPAT, Twilight Galaxy, Sand Dune, Groundwater, Blue Fissure, Snack Attack, Water Elemental, Brass, Wasteland Rebel, Vogue, Franklin, Royal Legion, Gamma Doppler, Weasel, Steel Disruption, Ironwork, Grinder, High Beam, Moonrise, Oxide Blaze, Bunsen Burner, Clear Polymer, Bunsen Burner, Night), P250 (Re.built, Nuclear Threat, Modern Hunter, Splash, Whiteout, Vino Primo, Mehndi, Asiimov, Visions, Undertow, Cartel, See Ya Later, Gunsmoke, Splash, Digital Architect, Muertos, Red Rock, Bengal Tiger, Crimson Kimono, Wingshot, Metallic DDPAT, Hive, Dark Filigree, Mint Kimono), Five-Seven (Neon Kimono, Berries And Cherries, Fall Hazard, Crimson Blossom, Hyper Beast, Nitro, Fairy Tale, Case Hardened, Copper Galaxy, Angry Mob, Monkey Business, Fowl Play, Anodized Gunmetal, Hot Shot, Retrobution, Boost Protocol), CZ75-Auto (Chalice, Crimson Web, Emerald Quartz, The Fuschia is Now, Nitro, Xiangliu, Yellow Jacket, Victoria, Poison Dart, Syndicate, Eco, Hexane, Pole, Tigris), Tec-9 (Rebel, Terrace, Nuclear Threat, Hades, Rust Leaf, Decimator, Blast From, Orange Murano, Toxic, Fuel Injector, Remote Control, Bamboo Forest, Isaac, Avalanche, Brother, Re-Entry, Blue Titanium, Bamboozle), R8 Revolver (Banana Cannon, Fade, Blaze, Crimson Web, Liama Cannon, Crazy 8, Reboot, Canal Spray, Night, Amber Fade), Desert Eagle (Blaze, Hand Cannon, Fennec Fox, Sunset Storm, Emerald Jörmungandr, Pilot, Hypnotic, Golden Koi, Printstream, Cobalt Disruption, Code Red, Ocean Drive, Midnight Storm, Kumicho Dragon, Crimson Web, Heirloom, Night Heist, Mecha Industries, Night, Conspiracy, Trigger Discipline, Naga, Directive, Light Rail), Dual Berettas (Flora Carnivora, Duelist, Cobra Strike, Black Limba, Emerald, Hemoglobin, Twin Turbo, Marina, Melondrama, Pyre, Retribution, Briar, Dezastre, Royal Consorts, Urban Shock, Dualing Dragons, Panther, Balance), Rifles - Galil (Aqua Terrace, Winter Forest, Chatterbox, Sugar Rush, Pheonix Blacklight, CAUTION!, Orange DDPAT, Cerberus, Dusk Ruins, Eco, Chromatic Aberration, Stone Cold, Tuxedo, Sandstorm, Shattered, Urban Rubble, Rocket Pop, Kami, Crimson Tsunami, Connexion), SCAR-20 (Fragments, Brass, Cyrex, Palm, Splash Jam, Cardiac, Emerald, Crimson Web, Magna Carta, Stone Mosaico, Bloodsport, Enforcer), AWP (Duality, Gungnir, Dragon Lore, Prince, Medusa, Desert Hydra, Fade, Lightning Strike, Oni Taiji, Silk Tiger, Graphite, Chromatic Aberration, Asiimov, Snake Camo, Boom, Containment Breach, Wildfire, Redline, Electric Hive, Hyper Beast, Neo-Noir, Man-o'-war, Pink DDPAT, Corticera, Sun in Leo, Elite Build, Fever Dream, Atheris, Mortis, PAW, Exoskeleton, Worm God, POP AWP, Phobos, Acheron, Pit Viper, Capillary, Safari Mesh), AK-47 (Head Shot, Wild Lotus, Gold Arabesque, X-Ray, Fire Serpent, Hydroponic, Panthera Onca, Case Hardened, Vulcan, Jet Set, Fuel Injector, Bloodsport, Nightwish, First Class, Neon Rider, Asiimov, Red Laminate, Aquamarine Revenge, The Empress, Wasteland Rebel, Jaguar, Black Laminate, Leet Museo, Neon Revolution, Redline, Frontside Misty, Predator, Legion of Anubis, Point Disarray, Orbit Mk01, Blue Laminate, Green Laminate, Emerald Pinstripe, Cartel, Phantom Disruptor, Jungle Spray, Safety Net, Rat Rod, Baroque Purple, Slate, Elite Build, Uncharted, Safari Mesh), FAMAS (Sundown, Prime Conspiracy, Afterimage, Commemoration, Dark Water, Spitfire, Pulse, Eye of Athena, Meltdown, Rapid Eye Move, Roll Cage, Styx, Mecha Industrie, Djinn, ZX Spectron, Valence, Neural Net, Night Borre, Hexne), M4A4 (Temukau, Howl, Poseidon, Asiimov, Daybreak, Hellfire, Zirka, Red DDPAT, Radiation Hazard, Modern Hunter, The Emperor, The Coalition, Bullet Rain, Cyber Security, X-Ray, Dark Blossom, Buzz Kill, In Living Color, Neo-Noir, Desolate Space, 龍王 (Dragon King), Royal Paladin, The Battlestar, Global Offensive, Tooth Fairy, Desert-Strike, Griffin, Evil Daimyo, Spider Lily, Converter), M4A1-S (Emphorosaur-S, Welcome to the Jungle, Imminent Danger, Knight, Hot Rod, Icarus Fell, Blue Phosphor, Printstream, Master Piece, Dark Water, Golden Coil, Bright Water, Player Two, Atomic Alloy, Guardian, Chantico's Fire, Hyper Beast, Mecha Industries, Cyrex, Control Panel, Moss Quartz, Nightmare, Decimator, Leaded Glass, Basilisk, Blood Tiger, Briefing, Night Terror, Nitro, VariCamo, Flashback), SG 553 (Cyberforce, Hazard Pay, Bulldozer, Integrale, Dragon Tech, Ultraviolet, Colony IV, Hypnotic, Cyrex, Candy Apple, Barricade, Pulse), SSG 08 (Death Strike, Sea Calico, Blood in the Water, Orange Filigree, Dragonfire, Big Iron, Bloodshot, Detour, Turbo Peek, Red Stone), AUG (Akihabara Accept, Flame Jörmungandr, Hot Rod, Midnight Lily, Sand Storm, Carved Jade, Wings, Anodized Navy, Death by Puppy, Torque, Bengal Tiger, Chameleon, Fleet Flock, Random Access, Momentum, Syd Mead, Stymphalian, Arctic Wolf, Aristocrat, Navy Murano), G3SG1 (Chronos, Violet Murano, Flux, Demeter, Orange Kimono, The Executioner, Green Apple, Arctic Polar Camo, Contractor), SMGs - P90 (Neoqueen, Astral Jörmungandr, Run and Hide, Emerald Dragon, Cold Blooded, Death by Kitty, Baroque Red, Vent Rush, Blind Spot, Asiimov, Trigon, Sunset Lily, Death Grip, Leather, Nostalgia, Fallout Warning, Tiger Pit, Schermatic, Virus, Shapewood, Glacier Mesh, Shallow Grave, Chopper, Desert Warfare), MAC-10 (Sakkaku, Hot Snakes, Copper Borre, Red Filigree, Gold Brick, Graven, Case Hardened, Stalker, Amber Fade, Neon Rider, Tatter, Curse, Propaganda, Nuclear Garden, Disco Tech, Toybox, Heat, Indigo), UMP-45 (Wild Child, Fade, Blaze, Day Lily, Minotaur's Labyrinth, Crime Scene, Caramel, Bone Pile, Momentum, Primal Saber), MP7 (Teal Blossom, Fade, Nemesis, Whiteout, Asterion, Bloosport, Abyssal Apparition, Full Stop, Special Delivery, Neon Ply, Asterion, Ocean Foam, Powercore, Scorched, Impire), PP-Bizon (Modern Hunter, Rust Coat, Forest Leaves, Antique, High Roller, Blue Streak, Seabird, Judgement of Anubis, Bamboo Print, Embargo, Chemical Green, Coblat Halftone, Fuel Rod, Photic Zone, Irradiated Alert, Carbon Fiber), MP9 (Featherweight, Wild Lily, Pandora's Box, Stained Glass, Bulldozer, Dark Age, Hot Rod, Hypnotic, Hydra, Rose Iron, Music Box, Setting Sun, Food Chain, Airlock, Mount Fuji, Starlight Protector, Ruby Poison Dart, Deadly Poison), MP5-SD (Liquidation, Oxide Oasis, Phosphor, Nitro, Agent, Autumn Twilly), Shotguns, Machineguns - Sawed-Off (Kiss♥Love, First Class, Orange DDPAT, Rust Coat, The Kraken, Devourer, Mosaico, Wasteland Princess, Bamboo Shadow, Copper, Serenity, Limelight, Apocalypto), XM1014 (Frost Borre, Ancient Lore, Red Leather, Elegant Vines, Banana Leaf, Jungle, Urban Perforated, Grassland, Blaze Orange, Heaven Guard, VariCamo Blue, Entombed, XOXO, Seasons, Tranquility, Bone Machine, Incinegator, Teclu Burner, Black Tie, Zombie Offensive, Watchdog), Nova (Baroque Orange, Hyper Beast, Green Apple, Antique, Modern Hunter, Walnut, Forest Leaves, Graphite, Blaze Orange, Rising Skull, Tempest, Bloomstick, Interlock, Quick Sand, Moon in Libra, Clean Polymer, Red Quartz, Toy Soldier), MAG-7 (Insomnia, Cinqueda, Counter Terrace, Prism Terrace, Memento, Chainmail, Hazard, Justice, Bulldozer, Silver, Core Breach, Firestarter, Praetorian, Heat, Hard Water, Monster Call, BI83 Spectrum, SWAG-7), M249 (Humidor, Shipping Forecast, Blizzard Marbleized, Downtown, Jungle DDPAT, Nebula Crusader, Impact Drill, Emerald Poison Dart), Negev (Mjölnir, Anodized Navy, Palm, Power Loader, Bratatat, CaliCamo, Phoenix Stencil, Infrastructure, Boroque Sand), Wear - Factory New (FN), Minimal Wear (MW), Field-Tested (FT), Well-Worn (WW), Battle-Scarred (BS), Stickers Holo/Foil/Gold - Katowice 2014, Krakow 2017, Howling Dawn, Katowice 2015, Crown, London 2018, Cologne 2014, Boston 2018, Atlanta 2017, Cluj-Napoca 2015, DreamHack 2014, King on the Field, Harp of War, Winged Difuser, Cologne 2016, Cologne 2015, MLG Columbus 2016, Katowice 2019, Berlin 2019, RMR 2020, Stockholm 2021, Antwerp 2022, Swag Foil, Flammable foil, Others - Souvenirs, Agents, Pins, Passes, Gifts, Music Kits, Cases, Keys, Capsules, Packages, Patches

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2023.03.30 06:32 ThrowRALMF My(26F) boyfriend(26M) body-shamed me

When I was 18( autumn of my senior year of high school), I started putting on weight. I was eating poorly, drinking on weekends, it was senior year, I was going to have fun.
That same pattern carried all throughout college and I got bigger and bigger.
After I got out of college, I tried to diet and I'm 26 now and still trying. Some months I'm dieting, some months I'm binging. The guy I was dating at 18 is still my boyfriend after all these years and I love him.
What I don't love is how, a few days ago, he thought he could just casually drop, " I think I want to get it better shape for summer, start eating better.
Is that something you'd want to do together?" If he were big too, I could understand that, but, he's pretty thin, eats like a bird, so his whole " I need to lose weight" thing seemed off to me and when he asked if I wanted to do it with him, I knew what he was getting at.
I told him that he should just be honest and tell me I'm fat and not try and hide it as a diet for him, when really its him trying to get me on a diet.
Suddenly his story changed to, " I don't see anything wrong with getting healthier". I reiterated that thats not what he said, what he started was him saying he wanted to get healthier, but then tried to rope me in.
He said this wasn't an issue worth arguing over and said I jumped down his throat for no reason.
What do I need to say to him to make sure he never does this again?
TLDR: Boyfriend tried to disguise his wanting for me to lose weight by saying he needed to lose weight
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