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Good morning Paul. What will your first sequence of the day be?

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Why waste time watch many show when one show do trick?

2023.03.26 14:24 zem0nic Ananda Upgrade/Sidegrade

I am looking for an upgrade to my current Hifiman Anandas (stealth magnet version) with a use case of late night listening in the evening and extended sessions (gaming and studying) during the day. I would want substantial upgrades in macrodynamics and physicality, a better sense of timbre, and midrange lushness, while maintaining performance in imaging and instrument separation similar to the the Anandas.
Even on my Stealth version, the attack in the bass make it feel limpy and anemic. EQing the bass only brings up the subbass, but the Ananda's slam leaves me wanting more. I also want to avoid a disconnected and distant sound; I want to keep engaged with my music instead of having an analytical experience. I prefer any soundstage size larger than an HD650, about on par with a Sundara, though it should be capable of placing sounds both intimately and distant as demanded by the recording. I also have a very strong preference for the headphones with little to no imaging deadzones, and a strong center image. I'm also looking to work on a downside on the Ananda's midrange: that it sounds dry and shrill, despite the detail.
I place less emphasis, treble performance and capability (peaky treble response included), detail and resolution, and price to performance. I also don't exactly need a razor flat bass. Tonality and tuning also take a backseat as I EQ my cans to my preference of neutral/warm and dark (relative to IEF target).
My budget for a pair would be at $1600 for the initial purchase, but can spend about $200 more on accessories later down the line. I am open to consider suggestions above my current budget (capped to under $2700), but I am not to keen on purchasing above the $1600 line. Suggestions can also be made for two complementary cans, under $1600 only.
Source/Amp : Topping E30/JDS Labs Atom
Previous Experience:
I owned the Sundaras, Moondrop Aria and Kato. The moondrops don't have any particular flaws I can harp on, especially for the price. I disliked the sundaras for its very sterile presentation and timbre in the bass and mids throughout. The bass was very one-note and cold. I appreciated the upgrade in bass texture and extension when I came to the Anandas. The transients in the slam of my Sundaras felt rubber-y and loose-- my Anandas come off as more natural to me. One notch up on the slam from the sundaras would sit in the ideal range for me. The Sundara's mids felt soul-less, despite its spot-on tonality. Its soundstage was wide enough for my taste, but the range of instrument placement sound inside that soundstage felt fixed/locked.
I have demoed the Arya Stealth, ZMF Atticus, LCD-X (pre 2021), Focal Clears, HD650, and Meze 109 Pro. I preface this part with my non-eq impressions when I tried them on. I particularly liked the Arya Stealth, but their bass still seemed lacking (in stock form, no EQ). Its imaging is exactly what I am looking for. The Atticus had a honky tuning with the bass bleeding into the mids, but wouldn't be dealbreaking if I had more time for my ears to acclimate and adjust to the sound, though I acknowledge the comparison of a closed back to open ones. The Atticus' soundstage had even less range in its placement than the sundaras. The LCD-X had a strong sense of dynamic range, and I could acknowledge its technical abilities. It's slam is an aspect that I am extremely impressed with, and about what I want for macrodynamic characteristics. The Clears had this extremely noticeable metallic timbre, I preferred the bass slam and presentation of the X. The HD650's had a surprising amount of punch from what I was expecting, but the subbass was lean. It also sounded very veiled, but I loved the organic and 'real' timbre of this headphone. The lower mids/upper bass in the mezes was just a bit too forward for me, but its comfort was supreme, its presentation was very similar to the HD650.
My music taste:
Indie Rock - Drifting by Good Kid, Starkiller by Bear Ghost
Alternative - Burn the Witch by Radiohead, The Tired Influencer by Gorillaz
Female Vocalists - When She Loved Me by Sarah McLachlan, 642 Ways by Seycara Orchestral
Hip-hop and Pop - Love Hate Letter to Alcohol by Post Malone, High School in Jakarta by NIKI
I like imaging and instrument separation of my Anandas for rock; I am currently satisfied for this genre. I like its neutrality and staging capabilities for acoustic music, but I would like better liveliness and slightly better timbre. I would also want better macrodynamics for those pop genres.
Currently I am currently looking at the ZMF Auteur OG (Auteur classic unavailable from dealer, shipping to the USA is costly from Asia, and the additional upgrade cost coming up over-budget), Arya SE, and the LCD-2 or X. The Auteur are visually stunning and only seem to be ever-so-slightly short in imaging tightness and instrument separation from my reading, Aryas lack the bass punchiness I want, and the LCDs are too weighty as a daily driver, and the 2's seem to have those imaging deadzones. Would like to hear thoughts on the GX as it is a strong contender, but seem to have that planar timbre and are hardly available in my region.
The writeup was lengthy, so I'm posting this before I go to sleep; can reply in-depth in the morning.
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2023.03.26 14:22 Silly_Wrongdoer3709 I saw the Hatman again (Hatman Part 2)

Since I visited my parents in the south west countryside and saw the Hatman, I’ve been seeing many other shadowy figures, but not the Hatman. Never the Hatman.
It’s been four months since I’ve visited my parents again because I’ve simply been too scared, although I have felt bad. Both my friends that I lived with were away for a few days with their families. So, I decided to invite my parents and brother down to London and buy them some lunch, dinner and maybe go sight seeing. I suggested it and they were very happy. I told them to get the train from Taunton to Paddington, and I’d meet them there.
When the day came, I got the tube from South Wimbledon to Bank and then changed to a tube to Paddington. However, when I got off the tube at Paddington, I began feeling faint. I began taking deep, quick breaths. Something was wrong. I stumbled over to a bench and half lay down on it. Nobody seemed to notice. The train thundered out of the station and there was nobody but me on the platform. I looked down the tunnel and saw the eyes. The same eyes I’d seen when I’d last visited my parents. I looked to my right and saw someone walking onto the platform. I looked back. The eyes were still there. I heard rattling down the tunnel. The eyes didn’t move, and whoever they belonged to didn’t seem bothered at all. A train thundered straight through the eyes and into the station. I stood up and stumbled out of the platform and onto the escalator, beginning to feel better. By the time I got to the top of the escalator, it was like nothing happened.
I met my parents and we had a good day despite what had happened. After sight seeing and going up the Monument, my parents suggested having dinner in Covent Garden market. I liked Covent Garden, but I really didn’t want to get back onto the tube. I suggested a few other places, but they seemed like they really wanted to eat in Covent Garden. So, we went to the nearest tube station and got two tubes to Covent Garden. It was fine. I didn’t see anything. We had a good dinner and went home, again, I didn’t see anything.
That night, I had a horrific nightmare. There was a dark tunnel and a derelict station. I saw the eyes in the tunnel, somehow I knew they were different eyes. I was just staring at these eyes down the tunnel. No trains, no people, not even any sound. Suddenly, the eyes disappeared. I woke up with a jolt. I looked at my clock. 3:29AM. I couldn’t get back to sleep that entire night.
It was Monday, which meant I had a very short work day, so I could go to work, come back, spend some more time with my family, then they’d go home. I decided I was driving to work. I got in my car and turned the keys in the intention. The engine started, then instantly choked and stopped. I tried again, this time nothing at all. I got out and knew I had to get the tube. I walked to the station, sweating despite the cold. I bought a ticket and went down to the platform. A train was sitting there with the doors open. As I saw it, I heard beeping, I ran for the doors but they closed right in front of me. I went to sit down as the train sped out of the station. I looked at the timetable. The next train was 24 minutes. I sat there, terrified. I looked at the timetable again. 25 minutes. What was happening? I sat confused and then looked at it again. It still said 25 minutes. When I next looked at it it said 28 minutes. I looked at my feet contemplating what to do. I looked at the timetable again. 29 minutes. Something w about that made me feel odd. 29? Then it hit me. I woke up from my dream at 3:29AM. Surely, it was a coincidence. The eyes. Staring at me. I stared back at them. I broke eye contact and looked at the timetable. The next four trains were cancelled. I looked at it in horror. I stood up and walked towards the exit, not looking back. Suddenly, my mum’s voice called my name behind me. I looked back. The Hatman was standing on the other end of the platform staring at me. It began slowly walking towards me. Then it broke into a sprint. I was gone. I wasn’t spending another second in that station. I sprinted onto the street and back to my flat. I burst into the front door and into my bedroom and locked the door. I lay on the bed for two days, and only got up to get water, not being able to even speak to my family. Eventually, I managed to give them a vague explanation and they left once I was better. My friends aren’t home and I haven’t seen any figures like I used to. Is he waiting for me next time I step onto the tube? Or has it got something to do with my family?
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2023.03.26 14:22 ramenlover77 I think my girlfriend is pulling away

I know I tend to be an overthinker but things have been piling up recently and idk how or what to think anymore.
She text me good morning and a goodnight followed by an « I love you » every day but I’m starting to wonder if it’s not only out of habit. I know she’s very stressed recently (with her friends and she feels like she’s gonna fuck up the relationship somehow, see my previous post for that) so maybe that’s just it but it also stresses me.
She texted me a good morning earlier and I woke up a bit later and texted her back and asked if she slept well, but it’s been more than 2h and she has just been playing videogames but never replied.
There’s also the fact that I’m coming over this weekend (we’re ldr so it’s kind of an event, been a month since last time) and she doesn’t even mention it, starting to feel like she forgot.
There are other few things but yeah those are the main ones. I don’t know if I’m just overthinking or not.
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2023.03.26 14:22 TowyTowy PHOTO CONTEST! (2023)

Good day everyone.
The Discord is about to hit 30k members very soon! But we could't wait with a giveaway, however this is not the 30k giveaway, that will comer later!
Without further ado, there's a total of 3 units up for grabs. The top five with most votes will be then voted on by staff. Giveaway will last 2 weeks!
Photo contest rules:
1- Must be subbed to the subreddit.
2- Must upvote this post.
3- Must post a photo of your AirPod replicas under the "Photo" flair.
4- Only ONE(1) entry is allowed.
So happy posting and happy photo taking!
-AirReps staff team.
We encourage you to take photos of your AirReps in beautiful scenery, a nice landscape, or even just a carefully put-together background. Editing is allowed, but the photo itself should be of an AirPods replica.
For reference, here are the requirements from the last photo contest we held:
🎨 The picture must be of decent quality and creativity.
📷 The picture needs to be posted on our subreddit!
📷 Seller and version name must be included, in the post as text, beneath the photo, or in the title!
🏁 Flair up! Must have the flair "Photo"
⛔️ Must be your own photo! If we find out that you stole the image from Google or somewhere else, you will be disqualified.
Remember, these photos will be judged by your fellow community members on their level of artistic expression, so please try to be as creative and aesthetic as possible!
P.S: In addition, we're offering 2 extra chances to win for those who follow a special link and complete 1-2 steps. You don't need to take a photo for this option! (
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2023.03.26 14:21 Secure-Tradition2023 Fast growing

Good morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone, I just wanted to update you all on the growth of the Ni no Kuni fandom discord server as it is growing quite fast! In the span of only 10 days we have reached 20 members which i feel is a testament to how dedicated the members of the community for Ni no Kuni are to attaining a deeper understanding of it as well as expressing their deepest passion and love for the series as well. If you have not already, or you're only just hearing about it now, I encourage anybody who wants to collaborate with others on a daily basis and discuss the games in a more profound way that contributes to the development of the wiki, the server or the community as whole to stop by. I also mentioned in my previous post about the server that anybody who joins has full administrator privileges so that each of us can contribute in whatever way we see fit without restrictions much like the Wiki.
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2023.03.26 14:18 Overall-Priority7396 50s are tough

I’ve struggled with existential issues periodically since my 30s. I’ve had these deep pangs of longing for the past—not even necessarily for happy times, just wanting to hang on to everything as time is slipping past me. I have trouble hanging onto artifacts from the past—I can’t bear to look at them but I also can’t bear to let them go so I pack things away and put them in my attic. The Buddhists would say that I struggle with impermanence.
My father died very suddenly when I was 30, my mom’s health has recently taken a turn for the worse, and last year my childhood home was sold.
I didn’t have a perfect childhood by any means, but the sale of my childhood home was unexpectedly shattering. It was my safe haven for most of my life, it was a connection to my father (I felt him there even though I didn’t used to believe in that kind of thing) and it held so much history for me.
The day after the house was sold, I had the thought of what’s the point of connecting to anyone or anything if it can just be taken from you? Why be happy if anything that makes happy will make you sad once it’s gone?
And then, just today, over a year later, I saw all those years of my life in that house, and all the years I came back to visit, and could see it all in it’s entirety, my life in it’s entirety, and see how incredibly beautiful it was.
It’s like I couldn’t appreciate it until I accepted its impermanence. I know this is a good thing, but still it’s emotional because it means I’m letting go. And like the house is a metaphor for my life and accepting it’s impermanence is accepting my own impermanence. And maybe life doesn’t “mean” anything, but it’s so beautiful—all of it, the love, the suffering, the stress, insecurity, laughing, the joy, the fights, it’s all interconnected and it’s amazing.
And like I said, I know this is a good realization, but I’m sitting here sobbing. I wanted to tell someone. Don’t tell me I need a shrink—I already know that. Every dime I have goes to my daughter’s care. Thank you for reading.
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2023.03.26 14:11 NoContextVent We are trapped and I have been backed into a corner

Hey people of reddit, I hope everyone has had a wonderful day/night! So I(21) am not really good at getting my thoughts on paper while still making sense, so please bear with me!
I have known my SO (20) since she was born, we were great childhood friends and did everything together whenever we could. Skip a few school years due to our parents moving to different sides of the city, while we stayed in touch as best as we could. We started to stop talking im guessing because "out of sight out of mind " but eventually our parents had a little get together decided to share a house and then moved in with us. It was great apart from my rapist sibling who sexually assaulted my SO from the age of 6 until she was 12, and myself from 5-10, we never spoke about what he was doing to us, we didn't know that we were both being assaulted. While that was happening my MIL was using my mother to look after her while she went off being an escort and doing drugs, and not even using that money to look after her child and somehow always being behind or skipping a month's rent (using my mum to pay more than her share). After a while my mum gave up and told her to move out, then my MIL decided to distance herself from us because my mum "abandoned her in a time of need" (lived together for over 1.6 years)
And again we stopped talking until I went to the same school as her(I moved nearby).
So when we finally realised that we had very strong feelings for each other, and decided to start seeing each other when we were 18 and 19, we decided since we already knew pretty much everything about each other's life (or so we thought) I decided to stay at her house (closer to my work) and help with her relationship with her mother as they were arguing and fighting a lot. Over the last 2 years things have gone from AMAZING to depression.
In my mind it is mainly because of her mum, when we started dating (MIL had way too many pets, we constantly stressed how bad this living situation is but she said 'at least cats don't stab you in the back!?' Like what the fuck?!) So her house always smells of shit and piss because she barely cleaned up after them and was embarrassed about it.. saying that it's never like this and she's going to get on top of it and keep it clean, well that lasted about 2 months until she gave up on cleaning and herself. MIL started drinking more and going back into party drugs slowly leaving more and more responsibility on us, and just when we thought things were getting better she "sheltered" fucking 3 pregnant stray cats when she already had 5 cats and other pets, to help with her motherly urge to protect and nurture things. In the long run her motivation to clean, look after kittens, and work was just too much for her and found comfort in a partner. Since finding this amazing person she has slowly left that motherly urge to protect, love and care for her daughter and pets to revert back into her highschooler self leaving us with all the responsibility and stress, no money, no help and no sympathy or empathy for us at all. Because as she lives ten blocks away from her own house (us) with her new partner she pretends that everything is fine and still has the nerve to pretend that nothing happened and invite us to dinner at his house because we can no longer use our kitchen because of the animals over running it.
So I believe that it is wired into her brain that she can do whatever she wants and if you don't like it, it's your fault and you have no right being mad at her cause her life was a lot worse. (She's gone through her own past traumas).
What's even worse is because of all this my partner is too anxious and depressed to get a job so we are trapped here until she starts to feel better, and also that her mum is the only family my SO has so my partner is really wanting to keep her friendship with her mum..(and that is completely understandable) but she has mentioned to her mum multiple times that we are not happy and really need help, but it never arrives so that's why I had a bit of a snap and wrote quite an emotional message for her.. and here it is....
Sorry for all the backstory let's hope this makes sense now. This was a message that I was very close to pressing send I just thought it might add some insight on how our life is going!😁
Hey _____
This is going to be shocking, arrogant and just straight up rude but i have had it, i am sick of playing pretend about our life being all happy and shit. I really dont know how to say it apart from this....
Just first these are my thoughts and a little of my partners she defends you to the ends of the earth but the truth is in my eyes you really do not deserve it.
How can a 40yr old woman treat her kid and myself like we are house maids for a irresponsible pet owner that has abandoned ship to go live with a great person so her life doesn't feel as shitty..
I dont want to say this but what makes you think that you can just give up on your responsibilities as a parent and animal owner leave us day in and day out to clean after stray animals you brought into the house on top of YOUR original pets (5) which is too many to begin with..
Making your daughter and myself either clean a whole house daily to avoid the smell of shit and piss(WHICH WE DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY OR WILLPOWER TO DO EVERYDAY!) And when we do clean it takes 12hours to get back to how it was or sit in the matchbox of a room and try to not to go crazy while listening to constant animal noises and the house falling apart
Just how do you stay there 10 blocks away doing coke and drinking alcohol like you are 18.. with no responsibility
Instead of being a adult and fixing your problems you decided to shift them onto kids with no money and if this continues no fucking future
How do you expect us to be happy ____ please I really want to know what you have been telling yourself to help you sleep at night because if you thinks this is ok... YOU NEED FUCKING THERAPY AND A LOT OF IT
How can we live and learn to love life if we are trapped in this fucking hell hole of house
Which I can say is doing absolute wonders for your daughters and my relationship
I really dont know why I posted this maybe so she sees this, maybe because I really need advice on how to keep our relationships because as you can hopefully tell by the "message" I am about to go ballistic and need another view on this😅
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2023.03.26 14:10 vanny_hqqq I (13F) am terrified of my dad (46M)

I'm so scared of my dad. He's a very heavy drinker but never gets hungover, and he always remembers what happens the night he drinks. He's the type to get very angry when he drinks, and he overreacts at the slightest things. The other day I got in trouble for head-butting the microwave since my hands were full. It's silly, but I do it because I usually get a laugh out of my mum, and I'd do anything to make her happy. Hearing her laugh is such a good feeling since I know she's enjoying herself. My mum is the absolute sweetest to me and I love her so much. Anyway, when I head butted the microwave, Mt dad looked at me, and yelled. "Did you just headbut the fucking microwave?" He said, pausing the show he was watching. He put his beer down and sat up. I looked over at him and just said yes, laughing as my mum did. He yelled at me, and I hate yelling. I'm a very emotional person and I hate being yelled at. I nearly cried. He then finished, so I went back to playing a game with my boyfriend. He and I were on a call on snapchat, so I think he heard the whole argument. My dad then called me back out to him, and we argued as he kept spitting nonsense. He's the worst to argue with. If you did something he didn't like, he would always threaten you and never listen to you. He told me to grab my phone, and I didn't get to hang my phone up. He told me "do you want me to headbutt your phone? I'll hardly hit it". My dad is very strong, and when he says that, he always pretends to destroy my stuff to get a reaction out of me. He then stole my phone and said I can't go into my room, so I hid in my mums room. I cried. I can't stand being yelled at. I tried staying quiet, and my mum came to comfort me. I know I'm probably just being dramatic, but I hate yelling. Even if it's my friends who only yell at me when they're being playful, I still get scared. I hate it. I'm so scared of loud voices.
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2023.03.26 14:09 online_int1208 Hailey Bieber’s Trick for the Juiciest Skin Ever Is 100% Free

All skin is good skin, which is why good skin care is further of a trip than a destination. We all love a one-off trip, but at Byrdie, we’re more interested in how our skin evolves. The Product we have used for a decade, the component blend that made us glow, the step we noway skip, and all the advice in between. This is the stuff that makes a real difference. With What I Put on My Face, we’re bringing you the rituals, recommendations, and failed trials(we’ve all had them) straight from celebrities, authors, and influencers who’ve gone through it themselves.

There are thousands of quests on Google for “glazed doughnut skin.” And with just as numerous quests for Hailey Bieber’s skincare routine, the model–turned–brand author honored there was a need she could fill in the assiduity. But not without times of exploration. Through the epidemic, Hailey Bieber set up solace in skincare and honored that others followed suit. While a lot of the forenamed gleam is inheritable, it’s also a product of skin care education. I’ve come to understand that conscientiousness steers Hailey’s business opinions as much as it makes her beauty choices. She likes routine and stability and tries to avoid stress and vexation in her life and skin in equal measure.

You see, Hailey Bieber is a lot of effects all at formerly. She’s a celebrity with over 45 million Instagram followers, the face of iconic brands like Levi’s, Guess, and Tommy Hilfiger, and a YouTube channel with over1.7 a million subscribers. She runs in a veritably notorious circle. Those effects feel veritably out of reach for the average person. That said, I( and countless millions of others) feel deeply connected to how she presents herself through apparel, makeup, and of course, “glazed doughnut” skin.

It’s the skin thing that brought us together in person this time around. Hailey is launching Rhode, an affordable, curated collection of three skincare must-plutocrats, and I wanted to ask all the dewy-eyed, glowy, and lustrous questions. Along with a full breakdown of her products, I asked Hailey to run us through her entire skincare trip, from how she got into skincare to what products she uses daily. Below, find a complete companion to what Hailey Bieber puts on her face.

Hailey Bieber’s glowing skin


About Her Skin

My skin is susceptible, and it’s further on the dry side. My end with my skin is to keep it super doused. I indeed still struggle with flights. I am in the phase of my skincare trip where I want to start incorporating a little bit of Tretinoin. It’s solid, but most people say you must deal with the” purifying” phase.

For me, the thing is always to keep my skin healthy. I get perioral dermatitis occasionally, which technically goes down, but it can get touched off from vexation or stress.1. These bumps nearly look like short flights around my mouth and under my eyes. So, I’m always reaching for calming, simple products that don’t have a heavy scent. I surely break out a lot further when I am PMSing. That PMS week for me is hell. That — or when I’m traveling a lot and feeling exhausted is when I struggle the most with my skin.

But I’ve set up my routine and meter to keep my skin as balanced as possible. And I try to be conscious of what I put into my body. However, I see a big difference in my skin if I eat a bunch of crap daily. Overall, my skin’s just really sensitive.

How She Got Into Skincare

I have always adored skincare but took a deep dive during the epidemic. I had a lot of exchanges with experts and explored to understand my favorite skincare constituents, including why I love them and why they are so beneficial for the skin. I wanted to produce unique formulas that were affordable. So I took a lot of time to start that process. The absolute morality with Rhode is “making one of everything perfect.” It’s the same way I curate my closet the perfect brace of jeans, that one perfect T-shirt, that one good blazer — whatever it may be. It’s the same thing with skincare. Rhode is one excellent moisturizer, lip product, and so forth. I also love being creative. So bringing a relaxed, sharp, editorial vibe to a beauty brand was a commodity I wanted to do while also delivering a great product.

Hailey Bieber with flower


Her Morning Versus Nighttime Routine

I do not generally wash my face in the morning. I like to clean with warm water, which I’ve set up and has helped me retain humidity in my skin. The products I slept in the night ahead are friendly and soaked in, so I don’t want to strip anything out. I follow up with Environ’s Skin EssentiA Botanical Infused Toner, a vitamin C serum, Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid, and SPF. I finish my morning routine with Rhode’s Peptide Lip Treatment.

In the evening, I twice cleanse with an oil painting cleaner first, followed by another cleaner. Also, I moreover use Skin EssentiA Botanical Infused Toner again or a light slipping color. So it depends on the day. Also, I follow up with Peptide Glazing Fluid, Rhode’s hedge Restore Cream, and a miniature oil painting on top because I like facial canvases. Not everybody does, but I am dehydrated, so I enjoy them. I’ll occasionally slug my skin at night with Vaseline or Aquaphor, but that can get messy.

How Her Routine Changed Over Time

As my skincare enterprises have changed over time, so has my routine. I am 25 now, so I’m starting to get into anti-aging. For me, the biggest thing is keeping my face out of the sun. At the once time, I wouldn’t have worn a chapeau in the sun. I would put on a little sunscreen and keep my face baking in the sun. That is a commodity I try my stylist to avoid now.

I also use a ton of peptides to soften any fine lines. It’s each about forestallment for me right now. When I was 17, I focused more on flights and chancing, a routine that worked for me. And indeed, at 21, my skincare enterprises were different than they’re now. You have to pay attention to your skin and how it’s changing.

The constituents That Make the Biggest Difference

I’ve two peptides and niacinamide. I adore niacinamide and have seen a massive difference in my skin using skincare products with both constituents.

Rhode skincare products


The Stylish Skincare Advice She’s Ever entered

When I started double sanctification, that was such a game-changer for me. It breaks down SPF and makeup. And when I began applying products on damp skin rather than drying off my skin and using the products, that made a huge difference.

Her Skincare Pet Peeve

Over-exfoliating! If I strip my skin accidentally, I am like,” Argh!!!”

Her Most- Used Product

My most-used Product is Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid. I am really about that.

The Product That has Been in Her Routine the Longest

An oil painting cleaner has been in my routine constantly for the longest time. And Rhode’s hedge Restore Cream. We reformulated it 16 times to get it to the perfect place, and I have used it since the first slice.

Hailey Bieber’s glowing skin

Her Favorite New Product

We’re in the testing phase of a delightful vitamin C serum right now. I just got the samples from the labs! I am loving it and have it one moment.

The Skincare Step She noway Skips.

I would skip sanctification in the evening — I’ve no way gone to sleep with makeup on. I’m not joking! If I were drunk, if I were nearly where I did not have access to my skincare, I would make sure I went into the restroom and got as important off as I conceivably could. I can confidently say that.

Her Skincare Prep Before a Big Event

Before a big red carpet, I will generally get a facial. That’s the biggest fix of all. Also, the products you use to fix your skin under the makeup are essential. I’ll do an excellent hydrating distance mask, eye masks, a hydrating mist, Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid, and hedge Restore Cream. In creating Rhode, I wanted to ensure the products worked well under makeup and that the finish of the makeup and the effects go beautifully together. I always use Rhode products to fix my skin under makeup.
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2023.03.26 14:08 Icarus-05 Happy SPBEBE ditapaks 😉✌️😎✌️

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2023.03.26 14:08 online_int1208 How to feed your Cat so It Doesn’t Beg and Then Start losing weight Cats, Nutrition

Cats receiving a sufficient amount of calories a day will feel thirsty (in natural environments, it is customary to search for food even if you have enough calories). Therefore, feeding cats until they are full is almost always excessive unless it’s an active kitten less than eight months old.

Naturally, cats eat several smaller meals throughout the day by hunting and eating whatever they find. The presence of a dry food bowl available provides multiple meals that provide high caloric food with little effort from the Cat’s side. This can lead to a weight increase.

Domestic cats keep their wild Foods.
Cats fed are less calorific-hungry per day than cats who need to search for food, catch it and consume it to live. As they age, cats see a dramatic decrease in their metabolic rate and activity with no loss of appetite. This makes maintaining a healthy weight difficult with the course.

Your Cat may have trained you to feed it.
The feeding process is a way to train the feeder and the Cat. Cats are often enthralled by the behaviour and actions that indicate when they can feed them and then try to convince the feeder to take part in these. An excellent example is feeding your Cat when you first leave bed early in the day. Cats will often try to get the person to get up in the morning to ensure they can eat earlier…

Another instance is your Cat wandering through the kitchen when your fridge opens because they know where you can store canned food.

A Hungry Cat Often Looks for Mischief
Another aspect to take into consideration is that a hungry cat is a cat which is busy, usually looking for food, being grumpy or stalking other cats (who they blame for eating food that isn’t in the house) and causing trouble to the other cats who live in the home or engaging in other harmful behaviour.

Being active is beneficial because it can make the Cat more active, which aids in burning calories; however, the nature of this activity is not always loved by everyone else in the family. One of the most challenging tasks is to allow a cat to be hungry and not reward the behaviours that go with it. If a cat is fed when triggered, it is arousing for the Cat to behave this way.

Choosing Between Dry Food or canned food, or Both
In general, it is best not to give multiple flavours or textures to your Cat. They’re adept at teaching their owners how to introduce additional ingredients to the mix when the Cat is hesitant to eat the food offered. If the Cat’s doing well, a decision to refuse to eat the food provided could be regular or even a test conducted on the animal to determine what else is coming to up. Very few cats require any incentive to take food. It is the opposite objective.

Canned food for cats is the best Option for Healthy Cats.
Canned food can be more beneficial than dry food for various reasons. However, it’s more costly and messier to feed. Since they are fresh-kill hunters, wild cats consume most of their water and fresh prey. They do not possess a strong urge to drink in addition to eating. I believe that most dry food cats consume water which puts stress on their kidneys and excessively concentrated urine. Canned food is similar to the amount of water they drink from their prey found in the wild. This results in less dilute urine, which can less likely trigger kidney and bladder issues over time.

Canned food is also known to be less carb-based when compared with dry food (you cannot make dry food without flour) and, consequently, more protein-rich. Some deem protein-rich, low-carb diets less likely to result in overweight in cats. However, this is not the case in feeding studies; the consumption of total calories is the most crucial. Cats require about 4 to 5 ounces of canned food daily, which is indisputable. Pate-style Canned Food is generally calorific than varieties closely resembling human food, including gravies and chunks. This is a good thing in determining the calories consumed daily.

Dry Food: A Cost-effective But Not as Healthful
Dry food is extremely calorific dense. It is devoid of water, which is a factor in the volume of the food. Due to this, feeding only dry food is a sign that your Cat will be hungry in the event that they are getting a sufficient amount of calories from the food because of the less volume of food available. In this regard, the fact that free dry food or a version with fewer calories is not going to stop weight growth.

How to control your Cat’s weight when on a dry Food Diet
Separating dry food into small quantities that can be controlled throughout the day is the most efficient. This way, your Cat will never be hungry and is never really starving. For most cats, eating less than 1/3-1/2 teaspoon of dried food every 24 hours will leave them hungry, even if sufficient calories are consumed. The exact amount needed by a particular cat is unique to the specific Cat and is likely to alter (decrease) with the time the pet gets older.

Canned green beans can provide a lot of bulk to help cats feel full. It is not recommended to do this for cats with a background of crystals in the urinary tract (FLUTD), as green beans increase the pH of the urine, which can trigger crystal formation.

Beware of Feeding Your Cat both dry and canned food.
The most efficient way to gain and keep a cat overweight is to feed it dry and canned food. Even if a cat consumes a large amount of dry food, it will be able to eat all canned food available (or the reverse). It isn’t easy to control the quantity of each kind of food, ensuring that cats receive the right amount of calories.

Feeding Recommendations from Your Veterinarian
Canned food is my preferred option. For a cat of adult age, Start with 1/2 of a 5.5 1 oz. Bottle (Friskies/9 size can) two times a day and no other food. This is the beginning base and will likely have to be adjusted downward.

For kittens and small cats, a portion of a 3 oz. Container (Fancy size can) twice a day could be better. The amount of food is cat-specific and usually requires adjustment up or down. Food that is canned appears to be the ideal balance of energy and feeling satisfied, and it also seems to keep the Cat going longer than a dry food dish.

Recommendations for Owners with dry food
Dry food is a good option for feeding; however, it must be done by carefully weighing the portions, eating specific meals, and not eating snacks. Modern-day food has more nutritious ingredients, resulting in more consumed calories for each cup, which means there is less need compared to the Little Friskies of 30 years earlier.

Dry food is served for a specific period, and any leftover food is discarded until the subsequent food distribution. Feeding multiple times a day is helpful, but it could be a source of tension because the Cat will try to get provided during the interval between meals. Food bowls that are not open must be accessible. Sometimes, picking the bowls out and removing any warning of the absence of food can help reduce the amount of beggarly behaviour.

Make sure to measure the Food your Cat is eating to prevent them from overfeeding.
The best way to do this is to calculate the one-day’s (24 hours) food rations in the morning. Then, take food out of the container to ensure that you have enough food throughout the day. When the container is complete, no food is available until the following day. This lets multiple people take part in feeding and avoid being tricked into providing more food as the Cat believes that someone didn’t feed them and they’re close to dying of starvation.

Using a kitchen scale to measure dry food weight is far more precise and reliable than the volume measure, which means that the measurement is more reliable between days and from person to person. The weight measurement can make it possible to adjust much fewer daily food portions that can be measured using volume measurements (a 10% change in the quarter cup is virtually impossible to measure accurately using a volume measurement). A quality food scale is available at around $50 from Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

You can weigh your Cat to ensure that your Cat has a healthy weight-loss rate.
Whatever the diet, restricting access to food is crucial. Also, a scale for precisely weighing the Cat is proper. The scales of people can be used to consider the person holding the pet. Weights for the month in the exact moment suffice.

Weight loss is difficult for cats, and no quick solutions are available, requiring an active effort. A sudden weight loss in a cat may cause serious health problems. We’re looking for approximately a pound every month in weight loss but not more.

As humans have a bespoke program for each Cat, coping with the behavioural effects of a hungry cat could be among the most challenging problems. One of the most difficult things for people is that a hungry cat is healthy and normal and does not need repair despite what the Cat might believe.
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2023.03.26 14:06 -PepeArown- It was my birthday yesterday, so I decided to listen to all of her music to celebrate.

I know what you’re probably all thinking. That’s it?
I mean, no doubt my birthday this year was a little underwhelming. I spent most of it studying and doing laundry.
But, I made specific plans today to listen to all of Ella’s music. Recently, I’ve fallen hard for her… unfortunately. I realized I like her and her music way more than I once thought I did. Yes, I have a crush on her, but I think it’s more of a personality thing. I don’t know.
I was a little nervous, though. It’s gotten so bad to where I feel like I need to be mentally prepared to listen to her music. I was procrastinating listening to her for like an hour and a half yesterday. I went ahead and goofed off listening to songs by other artists, going on a long phone call with my mother, etc. It’s weird. I’ll gladly press play on bad or mediocre songs, but, for Ella, it’s the exact opposite. I seem to like her songs so much that listening to her can be a very nerve racking act.
The first song I pressed play on was Dominoes, and it was that way because it’s technically my least favorite song from her, and I wanted to listen in order of my least favorite to favorite. But, even having the courage to press play on Dominoes was rough for me.
But, eventually, I did it. I spent the rest of my 19th birthday… alone. Initially, I listened to her in the comforts of my dark dorm room, with all of my lights turned off. My roommate thankfully left to go see their friend until midnight.
Honestly, even that was so… therapeutic, to me. I relistened to some songs I didn’t remember liking as much like The Man With The Axe, and it just felt like a whole new experience. So, I made my bed while listening to a couple of her songs, just kind of staying there in my room while listening to a couple more of her songs, and then decided to finish up my playlist on a walk around my campus.
It was about 10:00 PM at this time. It was about 50°F that night, but it was quite windy. But, it was partly cloudy, so I saw most of the stars and the moon just fine.
Listening to Ella while walking around at night truly was an experience. Barely anyone roaming around my campus besides myself to judge or bother me. Heavy gusts of wind and leaves flying through the air to add to me totally getting lost in Ella’s music. The stars, too. My campus even has little “emergency help” poles marked off with… green lights. I need to calm down.
Yes, I even loved listening to Solar Power in this environment, as contrarian as it may seem. The quality of most of Jack’s production on the album is… debatable, but Ella’s just such a strong and beautiful vocalist on so many of the songs. I had to take a step back when Mood Ring queued up. I love that song’s intro so much. Beautiful!
There were so many unique connections with her songs that night. I almost felt like crying when Buzzcut Season came on, and I feel like that would’ve never happened in the past. And, I happened to be walking into one of the darkest parts of my campus (around our soccer field) when I was listening to Supercut. That really helped me soak in that outro. It’s surprisingly deep for just being one repeated sentence.
I’d get too wordy if I listed them all, though. Ribs and A World Alone hit extra hard, though. I guess I don’t have any strong, meaningful friendships, even if I do technically have some with my classmates now. I don’t want to call myself friendless, but I definitely feel disconnected from everyone a lot of the time. And, the fact that a lot of AWA seems to emphasize friendships being made only for advancement of self interest, and lack of accountability for friends that might betray you. Oh well. I’m nowhere near close to knowing her personally, but at least I have Ella and her music.
Funnily enough, I also got chest pains/cramps right around when Ribs came on. I guess I was just walking long enough. But, I persisted.
I don’t really want to share my insights while listening to Liability, though. I think they’re valid, but they might steer a little off course from what the lyrics are truly about. And, besides, I think it may be a bit too personal for others to understand.
I ended off the night with my three ultimate favorite songs by her. I won’t bother saying what they are if you’re all just going to call me weird or basic for my picks, so I won’t. But, my favorite song by her? Oh my goodness. It doesn’t even sound like a song made for you to cry, but I almost did when it came on.
I walked back to my dorm just about 2 minutes before midnight. I was basically thrilled inside, even if a lot of my listening session was “depressing”. I’m so much more grateful for Ella’s music than I ever have been. Some of you may not be able to understand it, but this was probably one of the best birthday presents I could give to myself, at least in my current mental form.
People have told me that Ella’s music isn’t really that “girly”, but I definitely feel like it has this special “cute” feminine quality that music made by men just can’t compare to at all. I don’t know. Maybe I’m causing too much trouble for myself by even beginning to explain it. But, that’s a huge reason why I find myself adoring it so much.
This was a long post, but, when most of my 19th birthday was basically a nothing day before this, I hope you all understand why I valued this so much. Again, I am essentially friendless beyond the point of some mostly superficial connections. But, at least I have music like Ella’s to guide me.
I woke up this morning, and my mind is overwhelmed with thoughts of her music and lyrics. It’s definitely very hard hitting, indeed. Not sure if I want to stop these thoughts, or just let myself keep thinking of them.
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2023.03.26 14:03 DesignSlime My (27M) brain been compromised by (25F) - office flirtation

This is about as cliché as it gets. I work at a large firm in the insurance sector, and have a cube monkey, sit behind a computer all day, type job (you know the ones). There is a woman in the office (works in a different areas of the business) I have been friendly with since starting at the job (2 years ago ish) but I never would have considered her to be in my league in slightest. She is good looking and cool, I am like a 6 and not cool. However she has been pretty regularly flirting with me for last maybe 6 months or so. Coming over to my desk to talk about truly the most insignificant topics under the sun, asking to have 1-1 lunches with me, texting me very regularly (like everyday during Christmas break where we didn’t see each other for 3+ weeks - I work in southern Europe the PTO is otherworldly). These are conversation largely started by her, as was the initial flirtation rather than friendly vibe (again this is an office, I am treading as lightly as possible. Swallowing the occasional gulp of seawater and barely keeping my head above water level of light tread).
Colleagues (males and female) that I am friends with outside of work tell me I am crazy and she is definitely interested. To the point where she has asked about my dating situation to them. The entire time I have been under the impression I am merely someone she can get attention from as I happy to give it to her with zero pushback, but over the last month or so realized I actually like her (beyond just a flirtation) and think maybe they’re right? Or it as at least worth seeing if they’re right.
As context I am historically awful at being able to tell when a member of the opposite sex is interested (again the aforementioned uncool thing).
Anyways a few weeks ago I finally asked her (we have hung out a number of times outside of work but not 1-1 - and have been seeing eachother outside of work, again in groups, more and more of late) and she said I’d love to but I am really not feeling well today. Send pictures if you end up going solo etc etc.
Instantly I of course think this is a polite way of saying thanks but no thanks. But the dynamic hasn’t changed since, still regularly texting, hanging out at work etc.
There is virtually no chance I work up the confidence to ask her out again, but of course would still like to do so (this is where the brain being compromised by her thing really takes play).
I am still thinking she just likes to have a pen pall to pump her tires up a bit, and that these colleagues of mine are in fact incorrect.
Any thoughts?
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2023.03.26 14:01 NoCancel9310 I was told that I need to love myself because I hate attention.

I dressed differently one day I'm used to not being noticed but the ENTIRE day everyone 50+ staff is demanding, unnecessary, draining and long convos and I hated it. One was annoyed I won't let the convo last she said that I need to have confidence and I don't love myself.
I heard I lack confidence twice while working there. Another co worker analyzed everything about me then told me I would never be confident behaving like a child listening to music all the time, watching the ground while I walk and avoiding interactions and I need to own every room I'm in like I'm the CEO. I'm not getting paid like one so why waste my energy. I really wanted to walk away from him but because I'm forced to engage I sat there and nodded like an idiot.
I just wanna survive the day then go home but that seems weird. I said that once and was told that I'm weird. Being extroverted wasn't in the job description but it is a requirement I'm struggling with since I started. Good morning isn't ever enough, I won't speak about my personal life and they are annoyed saying how will they get to know me if I don't speak about anything and stay quiet.
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2023.03.26 14:01 No-Dimension2031 Was it all a lie?

I apologize in advance that this might be a long and confusing post....
My ex and I were together for about 6 months... she is 29, widowed with 3 kids, I am 30, no kids.
We met online on a dating app and talked for about a year, within that year we learnt about eachothers childhood and adult traumas, and our hopes and dreams for the future. She learned about the childhood abuse I experienced being raised by parents from a war torn country. She learned about my abandonment issues that I carry to this day. I learned about her experiences growing up in a broken family and how she ended up in an abusive marriage for years.
Over time we both felt like we were "good for eachother" and would be able to help eachother heal.... we spent a few months talking about dating eachother before we ever even held hands or kissed. Because of our separate pasts we thought it would be best to take things slow. So eventually we both agreed it seems like it's a good time to date.
So we started dating, and constantly she reassured me that this is what she wants and that she is happy with everything. I remember feeling a feeling of this is all too good to be true, feeling a feeling of she's either telling me everything I need to hear or I really did get lucky and found a good match, feeling a feeling of this is all a dream.
Eventually, I met her kids, and they were instantly comfortable with me. It wasn't that long before they were calling me dad. And pretty much after they called me dad for the first time, I felt responsible for filling that role for them. Her 2 younger kids may be too young to understand the gravity of it all but her oldest is old enough to understand. I did not know, nor did I intend to be hit with such an intense sense of honour, responsibility and fulfillment from her and her kids. The last thing I said to her kids that night was "be good for mom, we'll go out and have another fun day like this, next weekend". If I knew she was gonna break up with me, I would have never lied to her kids...
That same night when I got home, she dumps me online... on Instagram (we agreed before we started dating, that if we ever had to break up, then we'd do it in person) she told me "you fell in love with the idea of me" which at the time upset me, it implied that I don't really know her, unfortunately I did not see at the time, the truth in that statement. she's right, I fell in love with the idea of her, I fell in love with the version of her she presented to me.
For months I begged, pleded, lowered myself and shifted my boundaries.... for what? I understand that people can make mistakes in life, but I wish we never met, never dated at all. I wish I was strong enough to see the flags for what they were when they were presented to me... and I know no ones perfect, and the same could be said about me, I wish she was strong enough to see my flags when they were presented to her.
I fully realized we are just 2 people who need healing and not 2 people who need eachother, when she admitted to me "I never wanted you to be their father figure to begin with"
I know I have old wounds from childhood and my past... I mean who isn't wounded in life, right? I'm just scared now... scared to open myself up again like this.... scared to fall the way I did again...
Someone please help....
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2023.03.26 14:00 AutoModerator Sunday Megathread

Good morning! hope you are cleaning your slates today since it's Sunday and you get a pass to start over! Jesus forgives you of you Saturday Night Shenanigans, hun.
Here's your daily Megathread to discuss all the things about MS and MS-adjacent material that don't warrant their own post. Off topic conversations should be posted in the weekly off-topic megathread posted on Wednesdays. Don't forget to review the sub rules as they've been updated. Happy Snarking!
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2023.03.26 14:00 DodgerBot Daily Chat 3/26 ⚾ Game Day

Good morning, Dodgers!

⚾ Dodgers vs. Angels ⚾

First Pitch: Sunday, Mar 26, 2023 6:10 PM Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California


Team Starting Pitcher IP K/9 BB/9 H9 ERA
LAA LHP Tucker Davidson 13.0 13.15 2.08 0.00 5.54
LAD LHP Clayton Kershaw 12.1 6.57 1.46 2.92 5.11

Team Offense

LAA 28 .282 .357 .463 .820 32.67 5.46
LAD 28 .237 .345 .394 .739 33.36 4.89

On this day in 2019...

Angels @ Dodgers, bot 2, 0 out, Cody Bellinger facing Patrick Sandoval... Cody Bellinger homers (4) on a fly ball to center field. Max Muncy scores. A.J. Pollock scores. VIDEO
Win Probability Added: 18.8

MLB Important Dates

  • End of Spring Training - Tue 28 March 2023
  • Opening Day - Thu 30 March 2023
  • Jackie Robinson Day - Sat 15 April 2023

Questions of the Day

  1. What does your perfect burger or sandwich have in it?
  2. What movie scene choked you up the most?
  3. What smell do you hate that doesn’t seem to bother other people?
Have a great day, Dodgers.
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2023.03.26 14:00 TiggrrZ I [M21] had sex with my best friend [F20] by accident

And now it's all come crashing down.
There's a girl who I've become super super close with, we both have a fucked up past and we're similar people, we saw through eachother and felt connected since the first time we hung out. I cherish everything about her and she really got me out of my shell and made me feel good about myself like no one else has before. But I wasn't looking to be more than friends if she didn't want that, I was happy as-is.
Come a dew days ago, she breaks up with her BF and she's all bent out of shape over it. She tells me that she had a history of sexual abuse with men before and she doesn't like them, but that she saw something different in me and felt like she could trust me not to take advantage of her. One evening a couple days later we start drinking and things start spicing up back at her place.
Now I wanna make absolutely clear: We were both drunk, we were both super into it, there was verbal consent (again, both drunk, but we bothered to say we were comfortable with it). It wasn't one-sided and in fact she initiated it because I don't have much experience. She guided my hands and we fell into it.
Come the next morning, she tells me she doesn't remember last night (she drops all sorts of hints that she does, i.e. "sorry if I did anything weird last night", "can't believe I don't remember anything this never normally happens", etc), and asks me to leave. We haven't spoken since.
I've asked her if we can talk about what happened because I don't want this to be the end for us, and that we should process it together, but she won't respond. My guess is she blames herself and feels guilty because she still loves her ex and wants to get back with him and she rebounded on me and hates herself for it. At the same time, I'm wondering if she blames me and feels like I violated her trust and just used her for sex because of her past experiences, when in reality I only wanted it because I thought it was what she wanted. Her happiness was the only thing I ever wanted to see, and in that moment it just felt right for the both of us.
What should I do? Hold off pressure and see if she responds? I really feel like I fucked it all up.
Note: She also never asked me if I remembered anything from that night, which most people would ask if you really didn't remember anything. I assume she knows what happened, or at least partially does, but told me she doesn't because she doesn't know how to deal with it and/or wanted to see how I'd respond.
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2023.03.26 13:53 benniebooh 31 [M4F] Maryland or anywhere. Let's keep trying this

Good morning. I'm 31. I'm quite tall and Nerdy. I'm average build. I'm not big, but also not a twig. Is anyone else finding it even harder to find people nowadays? Are dating sites harder, or am I just imagining things? Even just finding friends at this age is a pain, but I digress. It would be nice to have some women to talk to and to play games with. Maybe even call and just talk on lonely days. It would be nice if the person is around my age and maybe around the dmv. I also don't mind if you aren't. If you're into horror, video games, anime, or light novels, feel free to message. I'm not the best at talking but I do put in some effort. Questions are always nice. Your picture gets mine if you'd like. Thank you!
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2023.03.26 13:50 anti_shocked 31[M4F]Coffee, the lifeblood of champions

Good morning or afternoon depending on where you’re located on this spinning blue marble we call home, easy going and down to earth engineer living in the beautiful Midwest who’s currently sitting in my livingroom drinking my first cup of coffee and trying to wake up a little bit but this time change is still kicking my ass this morning and my time clock is all fucked up. I recently just moved back to Minnesota for a new job and am pretty introverted and shy and prefer to spend most of my free time at home playing video games or watching tv so don’t really make a lot of new friends thus why I am on here. It doesn’t really matter where you’re from as long as you’re wanting to chat and get to know each other. And now for the hardest part of this whole thing where I have to describe myself, I’m 31 like the post says and I’m a mechanical engineer which I promise is much more fancy sounding than what the job actually is, I pretty much just sit at a computer all day and draw and design parts for things that most people will never actually see lol. Physically I’m 6’3 with dark longer hair right now and a beard with light brown eyes. Just recently started working out again after finally getting my gym in my house setup. If you’re interested in chatting shoot me a message and let’s have a great time together.
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2023.03.26 13:50 New-Security-5121 pup suddenly eats less and pushes bowl around?

Hello! I'm so confused about my pups new behavior. I have a 6-months/28 weeks old female Samoyed
As a young puppy, since we got her, we gave her this (expensive) wet food. She was always so excited and happy about it, she always ate it in one go. She was pretty underweight at the beginning (she was the weakest and smallest of her siblings, barely survived after birth), so we had to give her a little bit more food so she would gain healthy weight again. Like a month ago, she just stopped being that excited for it and didn't eat everything we gave her anymore. We asked the vet about this but she said that it might be because she finished teething and the new teeth feel weird for her. I believed it and just hoped it would get better
It didn't
She ate less and less. 2 weeks ago we decided to give dry food a go, and it went really well at first! We gave her half dry food and half wet food, she ate both and was very happy about it. Sometimes she just ate the dry food, but it was fine for me. She ate and that was enough
But now she is starting to not eat the dry food too The wet food bowl will be filled with her food all day until it just dries out, the dry food bowl will eventually be empty throughout the day. Also, she always tries to push her bowls around and putting ???socks??? in one of them? I know she likes to play with socks and she has a few she can play with, but she's like,, really packing them in the bowl. Only the wet food bowl tho.
Right now I gave her food and she even barked at it for the first time???
Is that a part of adolescence?? She isn't in her first heat yet tho. (Isn't spayed) Did anyone ever experience that in their dog? She is at normal weight now, could it just be that she doesn't need that much food that we give her?? The package of the dry food suggests over 200g for her weight class, but we give her 50g in the morning, sometimes 50g at noon/afternoon (if she ate her morning-food) and 50g in the evening. We give her 50g of the wet food as well, but like I said, she just doesn't eat it. She also sometimes doesn't eat big treats we give her (we don't give her a lot). Poop is now very dry and light-colored, but I guess it's just because she only eats the dry food
TLDR; Pup stopped eating her wet food. We tried dry food, it worked for a while but she stopped eating that too and now pushes the full bowls around and puts socks in them
(Sorry for grammatical errors, I'm german)
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2023.03.26 13:50 SuccessfulOtter93 [Online][GMT][PF2e] [Beginner-Friendly] Newer GM Looking to Run PF2e for the First Time

Hello all! I'm a GM looking for some players to embark on a fantasy adventure in Pathfinder 2nd Edition! While I've run 5e D&D (and a couple other systems) a good few times, I'm not an expert GM by any means. I’ve taken a interest In playing PF2e but haven’t been able to find any groups that strongly appealed to me – So I figured I’d start one myself.
Of course, if the implication there isn’t obvious, that means there are no standards for how familiar you must be with PF2e to join; beginners and veterans alike are all welcome. We’ll all be learning together.
Game Stuff:
Story: Our story will start on a little Island called Snowhaven, as the Party finds themselves shipwrecked and seeking a way to leave. The setting is homebrew, but it’s mostly classic western fantasy.
Tone & style: I'm pretty laid-back and open-ended, and I'm not someone who gets overly attached to or obsessive of my own ideas. Generally, I try to abide by the philosophy of “if you’re happy, I’m happy” – within reason, of course.
That said - the general intended tone of the campaign is going to be heroic and good-aligned, slaying the Bad Guy and saving the day, so characters will need to fit that.
Admin Stuff:
Technical: We'll be using foundry VTT & and discord for voice.
Scheduling: I'm based in the UK, and we'll probably play on Saturday evenings (UK time), with the exact hour to be determined. this isn't necessary set in stone, and i'm open to considering other days
Length of Sessions: Sessions will probably be 3-4 hours, but this is flexible and can be adjusted based on group preferences.
Length of Campaign: I wouldn’t want to commit to a hard specific number, but this isn't intended to be a super long campaign; but ultimately we can continue for as long as everyone wants to continue.
Basic Civility: It should go without saying, but any kind of hateful rhetoric or toxic behaviour toward other players won't be tolerated. You will just be removed from the group.
If you're interested in joining, please let me know! I thought about creating a Google form, but that felt a bit too formal for something like this, so instead feel free to leave a comment or send me a message with your discord tag and a little bit about you/why you wanna join and i will try my best to get back to you.
Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon!
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