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2023.06.08 00:22 NeedRomanticPass 48 [M4F] #NJ - Seeking a special woman!

You have been a good woman your whole life, but you also have carried a secret with you that fills you with silent shame and embarrassment, because your fantasy doesn't match your personality at all. There is something secretly submissive in you that yearns to be satisfied. You long for a dominant, sexy, man to take control of you and discipline you. You want to feel helpless...dominated...NOT in control. You want to have your panties forcibly taken down and be spanked like a naughty school girl. You want to be pushed down over the sofa, feel your skirt lifted, your moistened underwear pulled aside. You want a big, hard cock to invade your slippery wetness, stretching you wider than you thought possible and making you feel oh so delicious!. You are a normal person, constrained by society's conventions and frustrated by your inability to realize your innermost fantasies. You want to be spanked with your panties down and you want to be fucked hard! -- you are already getting wet right now just thinking about it.
I am a well educated, intelligent & professional man who is physically fit and accustomed to dealing with naughty women like you. I will lecture you and instruct you to pull your skirt up around your waist as I kneel before you and pull your panties down to your thighs. The delicious smell of your aroused pussy will rise to meet me. You will feel the cool air on your bush and revel in the delicious anticipation. Then I will instruct you to stand against the wall with your legs spread and your hands above your head while I slowly pace about behind you and your clit tingles with excitement. You will feel my eyes on your pussy and this thought will excite you even more. Then I will call you sternly and bend you over a chair so that your pussy is in full view - wet, exposed, vulnerable. Oh, the shame of it. I will stroke your clit gently and when you try to stop me I will slap your cheeks hard.
Then I will commence the spanking proper. Perhaps I will use my hand. If you resist too much I will use a slipper or my leather belt. It will sting, but not be intolerable, and every now and again you would feel my fingers probe your fragrant slippery slit, making you gasp with pleasure and ache for penetration. Maybe I will tell you to reach between your legs and spread your lips apart with your fingers as I kneel behind you and slide my tongue between your sopping aromatic folds. I will continue spanking your now very red ass and you will be torn between tears and screams of delight. When your punishment is over, I will instruct you to kneel in front of me and take my big cock deep into your mouth, making you almost gag as I hold your hair and fuck your face while you moan approvingly and look up at me, your eyes wild with desire. When I am convinced that you want my cock badly enough I will turn you around on your hands & knees and I will wait as you kneel in that position until you BEG me to fuck you, and then I will grab you firmly by your hips and RAM my hard cock into your wet & swollen pussy hard and fast; banging you the way you were meant to be banged, until we both collapse in a sweaty heap of sexual bliss.
I know you are wet after reading this so lets do something about it..
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2023.06.08 00:20 doodlebug_bun I [21F] am in love with my best friend/roommate [22NB], but they don't like me back

I know a version of this has been posted a million times.
I'm 21F (she/her) and my roommate is 22NB (they/them). We met in college is 2020 and moved in together with my then-girlfriend last year.
After I broke up with my ex in January, we moved into a one-bedroom apartment together. We bought a bunk bed, but both of us have slept on the bottom bunk pretty much since day one. We've been happy.
I've always expressed how I'm a hopeless romantic and that I have never gotten the affection I need from a partner. They were sympathetic and got me a Valentine's Day present. It was my first time getting something like that. It made me realize I'm head over heels for them, which was fine because I knew it wasn't reciprocated and I wasn't going to push it.
I felt that I was still hung up on my ex, so I started having rebound sex with people from Tinder. It helped me get over her.
In April, they told me they felt jealous of my rebounds and wanted to be involved with each other. No labels, no publicity, just doing romantic and cute things together. I was over the moon. I had never felt more relieved. We held hands, we cuddled, they kissed my cheek. It was like magic.
Over the past few weeks, they've been withdrawing. No more hand-holding. Uncomfortable with me saying "date" or complimenting them. They didn't say anything about it, but I felt it in my bones that they didn't like me like that.
I sat them down today and asked them about it, and they told me that they didn't feel romantically attracted to me. That they have never felt that way, they just thought they did. They apologized for leading me on.
I have been in our room alone since then. I feel weird. I feel bad. I knew it wasn't going to last, because they have always expressed they're not ready for a relationship. But it's not even that they're not ready, it's that they don't want one with me. And that sucks a lot.
My brain keeps being like "if you do XYZ, then they'll like you romantically." But that's not how it works. They never liked me that way in the first place. How do I get that out of my head?
I need help getting over them. I don't have anywhere to stay other than here (family doesn't know about what we were and I don't really have any friends that they aren't also friends with). I don't want things to be weird, but I don't know where to go from here.
Should I confess to them that I'm in love? I don't want them to feel uncomfortable.
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2023.06.08 00:20 UnjustAddendum Holiday end

Last evening of the holiday and she decides to dump on me why we have our DB.
I don't help with the cognitive load enough. Her examples were the current holiday and some specific other holidays that I didn't do much of the planning. And just general things around the house, mainly when she asks me to do stuff it doesn't always get done. Honestly fair points, in have changed a lot for her in the years we've been together and a good half of them are in the "Be a functional adult" area, these subs the same. I agree to try harder and come up with things to help. Then we both go to sleep.
On the trip back in watching some TV, first time in at least 6 months that I've had the time to, and my mind keeps thinking about the things she said.
Not helping with the holidays? Yep, that happened. Except this one a majority was planned by her sister and for our stuff, I was sick and working OT at work. Another trip? It was for my birthday, so there should be some leeway, yeah? Still did a heap of planning for it, even if most of it fell through because no-one (her included) wanted to stick to it. Another trip, or not trip, was also organised by her family and I was also sick in the preparation stage for it. With COVID. And finally no mention of the trip I mostly organised apart from accommodation.
Being aware and attentive to the small things around the house is something that's always been a blind spot of mine, so that is totally fair. Same with the stuff she asks me to do. Though seems a bit one sided when she's sitting with our kid watching TV and gets me to do 10 things around the house, especially when that happens after I've looked after them all morning.
So yeah, looks like that might be the key to fixing my DB, just do more stuff. Sick, stressed, tired or whatever else.
Going to push for some marriage counselling. Just need to find the right one. And convince her.
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2023.06.08 00:20 seafarersiren [F4M] A high-fantasy "DnD" like adventure! [Lit to Adv. Lit]

Hello! I am a 20-year-old writer from the US (PST). I adore high-fantasy "dnd" type settings with kingdoms, pirate ships, enchanted forests, and the works! I was hoping to create a story where our characters begin some type of adventure together, starting as strangers, as I think that's the best way to get to know each other naturally. You can expect 3 or more paragraphs from my end. My writing varies with the scene, but rest assured, I won't be hitting you with any one-liners. I do have an idea for a plot surrounding a character I created by the name of Calypso. Right now she's a little vague, but I think that'll give my partner the chance to fit their character into her narrative pretty seamlessly. Here's a briefing/writing sample. "The Oceanus Island was a secret paradise nestled in the heart of the uncharted seas. Its glistening waters and verdant jungles made it enchanting. However, what truly set it apart were the magical gems believed to have been bestowed upon the islanders by a deity. These mystical gems granted them the power to manipulate water, giving them extraordinary abilities. Oceanus became a coveted treasure, leading rival kingdoms to wage war in their quest for its power. Centuries later, the island was believed to be deserted until a group of adventurers stumbled upon a young woman. They named her Calypso and brought her back from the island to the mainland. There, those in power subjected her to intense questioning, desperate to uncover the whereabouts of the jewels. Calypso remained silent, managing to escape from her captors in the night. Now far from home and carrying a hefty bounty on her head, she seeks help." And that's where I'd like to believe your character would come in. You have all the freedom to come up with whoever you'd like! I'd love to hear about whoever you come up with. Just send me a message starting with your name, age, and a briefing of your character. Talk to you soon!
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2023.06.08 00:17 ChESucksBalls Emotional/Socially Sensitive Men: How have found your "tribe" at UW?

I know I'm going to get obliterated by all of the redditors who frequent UW, reddit's not the place that one goes to expect people who have experience touching grass or women (This is my only joke sentence, serious talk lol).
I’ve been noticing that a lot of my environment factors are the reasons why I get a lot of anxiety and feeling of uneasiness in life. I had the realization last night that I don’t have a social safety net that some other people have. Like if I were to sit still and chill in my apartment for a whole day, barely any of my social needs would be met, causing increased uneasiness, and then most likely some type of unhealthy coping. I don’t currently have an environment where I am able to exist as a human “being”, I constant have to be a human “doing” to get my needs met.
My improvement in self acceptance has been steady (which I’m really happy about), I know most of my challenges in my life I did not have the means to influence them, we do0n't get to choose the family that we are born into. And there’s also no point for me being resentful for the uncontrollable story I was on in the past. Now that I’m more aware, I’m trying to be present with and improve my deficiencies.
For the people (specifically men) who have found their group of people to hangout with and are able to be a "being", not a "doing, what tips or advice would you have for someone who is looking for more social stability in his life?
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2023.06.08 00:17 incompetenttinder Should I (22M) ask her (18F) out again

I (22M) went on a date with this girl (18) a few months ago. I didn’t really feel a vibe or anything, but the next day she texted me saying she had fun. I kind of panicked and said I did too, but then left it at that, and apart from a little bit of texting we didn’t have much contact after that.
Then, about 3 weeks ago we met again at a party. She came up to me, I was quite drunk and we started chatting a bit, and then somehow started making out. During this she asked me if I ever wanted to go out again sometime, and I was like yeah sure. Not my best moment unfortunately, I know, my only (shitty) defense is I was drunk and also kind of horny at that point. Then after the party I texted her and she came over and we hooked up.
Now since then, we’ve texted a bit a few times, mainly with my initiation, but it’s been v dry tbh. Anyway, I feel like maybe I should ask her out again to keep my drunk promise, and also to maybe give it another chance, although at the same time I feel like I’d be leading her on if I did that, especially given I’m not really interested in a proper relationship rn given I’m leaving town for a few months soon. Then again, her tinder profile says ‘short term open to long’. One of the reasons I’m also thinking about it again is that she liked one of my stories the other day.
TLDR trying to decide if I should ask her out again, as rn I feel a bit like I’ve taken advantage of her, but also I don’t want to lead her on
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2023.06.08 00:17 Ok_Literature1801 Neons

Hi I saw someone on YouTube mixing neon pigments into the powder before adding the liquid. Can’t seem to find anywhere in the Uk apart from someone on eBay charging quite a lot for Liquid neon bottled colours. Wondered if anyone considered using neon powder pigment used to mix in with say acrylic nail art ? Looks exactly the same
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2023.06.08 00:17 ellemae_x Having a hard time letting go of bitterness & resentment towards BF - When do you know it's time to leave the relationship?

Hi all, I (28F) have been lurking on this sub for support and guidance, for about 2.5 years, since I started dating my BF (30M) who has a BD (11F). I am at a crossroads in my relationship with him because I'm seriously reconsidering whether I am cut out to be a potential SM or not.
He is the first person I have dated who has a child with a previous SO, and it's been difficult for me to deal with everything that comes with that. I just want to say that I know I am responsible for my own feelings, and I did anticipate that I might have a hard time being in a relationship with my BF, due to his daughter and the BM. I truly thought that with time and effort, I would get over any negative emotions or worries I have, and that everything would be all good eventually. I now realize that was very naive of me to believe, but I really love my BF and wanted things to work out, especially since we have been talking seriously about a future together (marriage, future children, etc.) However, I did not anticipate how much heartache, insecurity, and mental exhaustion this relationship would make me feel.
My BF and I are somewhat long distance (~2 hours apart), and I started feeling bitter towards him a few months into us dating, when he would make me go visit him 90% of the time by saying that he couldn't go see me because he has a daughter (even if it was his week off) and that he had a lot going on with his life. I was trying to be understanding, so I would visit him most of the time, even though I was juggling my job, postsecondary degree studies, and my own life basically. Whenever I would visit him, he suddenly didn't have to take care of all the "busy" things he said he supposedly had going on in his life, and I started feeling like he wasn't being considerate of my time and how exhausting the travel was on me, considering that I had to study and work after visiting him after a 4 hour roundtrip.
Also, in the beginning, his BM would call him for very trivial things at random hours (6 AM, 10 PM, etc.), and she kind of ran his schedule by telling him to pick up and drop off his daughter whenever it was convenient for her, and my BF just went with it, even if it was at the expense of any plans we made or any important events (e.g., he didn't tell me happy birthday on my actual bday last year but he did tell me all about a dumb conversation he had with his BM at 6 AM the same day). There are more events that made me start resenting my BF, but I don't want to rant more about it.
I talked to him about all of this, and at first, he didn't take me seriously and kept ignoring my efforts to find solutions and compromises to make sure I felt respected and prioritized, but also to respect his co-parenting responsibilities to his BD and BM. So, I broke up with him about a year ago, but we quickly got back together because he said he really understood how he could have stepped up and where he went wrong, that I was the love of his life, and etc.
Flash forward to now, and he really has stepped up but our relationship is still rocky, and tbh it's mostly because of me. I feel so insecure now because I feel like he showed me once that I wasn't a priority to him as much as his BD and BM were, and even though he has really stepped things up for me by setting better boundaries with BM and making more efforts to see me and make me feel cared for, I can't help but wonder if it's only temporary and if I will always be second to his BD and BM in the back of his mind. The insecurity is driving me crazy because I start spiraling in my mind and wonder if any children I might have with him will also be second to his BD and BM, and etc. I've had to lock myself in my office at work or step out of my classes at random times just to cry because of random waves of sadness over my insecurities and feelings about the situation.
I've tried talking to him about it, but he usually gets angry at me for feeling this way and says that he stepped up and changed a lot of things, so now it's on me to get over my made up insecurities (which I acknowledge he has a point to some degree). However, I just feel so unhappy and insecure about my position in his life and any potential future with him. I'm just looking for advice if there really is a way to change my mindset and get over my insecurities, or if I should just leave the relationship now to spare myself and him more heartache and stress. Thank you for reading this, and I'm sorry if it was all over the place. I'm just feeling really lost, and I can't really talk about this with my friends and family, since they don't understand the situation and disapprove of me being with someone with a child in the first place.
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2023.06.08 00:17 Azure_Infinity [Fanfiction] The Haar Chapter 10: Birmingham and Boise

Hanazuki and Miyuki hadn't returned.
That didn't bode well. And although Impero retained her lazy, almost laid-back disposition, one could see the unease crinkling at the corner of her eyes, her brow dipped into a frown as she mulled over what happened – before, after only a brief delay, sent out a team to check up on them.
The main fleet was starting to become a bit stretched, however. Although they were several dozen in number over half of them were spread out in a forward fan shape as they progressed towards their main objective. As such only four could be spared to go hunt for their missing Destroyer duo – a party consisting of four cruisers; two light and two heavy. Enough firepower to handle most of what the island had thrown at them thus far, but not so much that it granted them overconfidence.
Not that she'd ever fall prey to overconfidence, Birmingham thought to herself.
The red-haired cruiser wandered through the forest with fast strides, her jog slowing as she took a moment to assess her surroundings. She was near the junction where Hanazuki and Miyuki had gone – a fact confirmed when she spotted the bushes nearby had been trampled by rudder-ended boots, the tracks still fresh. However there was no signs of a struggle, indicating that if there was anything wrong then it happened deeper into the forest.
Birmingham glanced behind her. Boise followed close behind her, shy and skittish, whilst a step behind was Maya and Ashigara – two Heavy Cruisers from the Sakura Empire. She could appreciate Maya's seriousness about the matter, especially with her skilful swordsmanship, but she was a little more sceptical about Ashigara's. Though a Myouko-class cruiser she seemed rather skittish in this environment; chasing shadows and flinching at every distant shell fired. She wasn't scared per se, but it was clear that the nigh-suicidal onslaught of monsters had rattled her slightly.
As if sharing the same thought Maya looked back at her companion, nudging her. ''Relax. Stay focused.''
Ashigara started a little but hurriedly nodded; drawing in a cleansing breath and managing to regain some of her nerve. Birmingham hummed at that and looked ahead, silently leading her companions further into the woods. It wasn't long until the land descended into a natural basin, and a quick search yielded results, albeit not the ones they were hoping for.
Torn clothes. Broken bits of rigging. Even blood, in some cases. The girls had been attacked here, of that there was no doubt, but the absence of bodies was unnerving.
''Either they managed to escape and went further in, or they were dragged off.'' Maya made her thoughts clear, staring pointedly at Birmingham. They had to go further.
Grimacing Birmingham nodded her assent, continuing to lead her small sortie group ahead. It almost felt weird leading two Heavy Cruisers, given flagship roles usually went to the capital ships, but she wasn't complaining – maybe Impero thought she had better commanding skills. That, or the carrier was just too lazy to do an in-depth assessment of their skills and just gave her the role on a whim. Which, considering they needed to find their missing comrades ASAP, she supposed was somewhat warranted. Find the injured first, bicker about command roles later.
Shaking her head to dispel the thought Birmingham focused on the other end of the basin, reaching it soon enough. Vines, moss and other bits hung from the slanted rock but it felt surprisingly firm, refusing to budge when she tugged and emboldening her to use them as climbing tools – grunting as she hauled herself up bit by bit. The others followed her carefully, making sure not to overload the edge of the basin lest their combined weight cause the dirt and stone to crumble, but in the end they all reached the top of the basin without issue.
''Where to now...?'' Boise spoke up, her face-mask muffling her voice somewhat.
'Where to indeed.' Birmingham frowned, looking about. Unlike before there was no convenient trail of blood, just a vast green in all directions, broken up only by the thick wood of the trees.
Ashigara broke the quiet. ''Do you think they went down to the coast? It's not that far, and if they got on the water they'd be safe from the monsters.''
''Possibly.'' Maya conceded with a frown. ''But if so, then they would've given us a signal of some kind.''
''Maybe they did, but just after we left?'' Ashigara floated the idea.
Birmingham frowned, however; her eyes scanning the grass in the opposite direction of the ocean. Now that she looked closer she could spot finer details she'd initially overlooked; the grass trudged down by monster footprints, partially hidden by the overgrowth. When she did a little loop around their area though she noticed a second trail, one that went towards the ocean.
''Two paths.'' Birmingham voiced her thoughts grimly. ''...this almost smells like a trap.''
''Doubtful.'' Maya weighed in, thumbing the handle of her katana idly. ''These monsters don't seem to have enough intelligence for that. Ambush? Yes. Luring in with footprints? That's too advanced for them.''
Birmingham had to agree with that. Though some of the monsters that had attacked them showed intelligence, it was of the more bestial kind. Encirclement, probing attacks, wave attacks, that sort of thing. Primitive and basic but effective in some sense; if they kept it up for long enough they'd eventually run out of ammo, not that the monsters could know that. Still, something like luring stragglers away from the main fleet felt a bit too above their intelligence level.
''Should we split up then?'' Birmingham murmured. ''The whole reason Impero sent us together was for you to support us...''
''True.'' Maya sighed. ''Still, I'd rather not have to backtrack and look in two places at once, especially when their lives on the line. Every second we spend here is another that could be their last.''
A grimace marred Birmingham's visage and she nodded. ''Fine. You go check the one nearer the coast, we'll go further inland. Ripple fire into the sky if you find them, we'll meet back up here, or fall back into the basin if attacked.''
''Sounds good to me. Good luck.'' Maya turned and fast-walked down the other faint path. ''Ashigara, let's go. You take the lead.''
Birmingham watched the Heavy Cruiser go, almost wanting to go back on her word and stick with them – but she quashed such feelings. Time was of the essence here – what did safety matter if they only found Hanazuki and Miyuki's remains? Nodding at that she spared a sharp look at Boise, earning a shaky nod from her peer, before as one they fast-walked towards the deeper parts of the forest.
'Please be safe, you two...'
Boise wasn't sure how long they'd been walking. Five, ten, fifteen minutes?
The forest around them grew slightly thicker but otherwise it remained identical to the section of forest before it. From time to time they'd pass near a river but monsters seemed to lurk near it, either for a drink or drawn in by the sound, she didn't know. Regardless they kept their distance and sneaked around what monsters they could, both to avoid detection and to save ammo.
Just as Boise was beginning to worry that their search was fruitless, though, they discovered something new – a burrow. That in itself wasn't the weirdest thing – the monsters probably had to sleep somewhere – but what was notable was that a Lizardman crawled out of the depression in the ground and skittered off into the forest, no doubt to look for more prey. The pair of them stayed still in a bush, not a breath escaping them until the yellow-scaled Lizardman was long out-of-sight, allowing the pair to breathe freely.
''S-Should we check it out...?'' Boise tentatively asked. The idea of going into a burrow was a highly unsettling one, especially if the monsters came back, but after searching for so long this was the most likely place for Miyuki and Hanazuki to have been taken to.
Birmingham grimaced, then nodded. Quiet as she could she crept out from their hiding spot and crouched low as she crossed the tiny clearing. The burrow was just next to a tree; the thick roots spreading out in all directions and with some foliage hanging over it like camouflage, doing little to hide the depression in the dirt that went down like a slide. It was about as slippery as one too; her footwear struggling to get a firm grip on the dew-covered grass, forcing her to get down on her hands and knees and crawl down.
Darkness quickly engulfed her as she passed under the hanging roots, only the dim gloom of the sky outside to light her way. As her eyes adjusted though she was surprised to see this was not some tiny dirt burrow fit for a single, but an entire, expansive room that networked into others. Shy of about six feet high and probably about eight or nine feet wide in diameter it was unsettlingly spacious, though then again considering the size of the Lizardmen she supposed they'd need a bigger burrow than a traditional lizard.
However she could hear something. A distant noise, faint but repetitive. Breathing? No, it was sharper than that. Wheezing. Wounded? Maybe.
Grimacing Birmingham rose to her feet, waiting for Boise to join her before she began to trek towards the leftmost tunnel. It was painfully narrow, forcing her to de-summon her rigging just to fit through, not that her rigging would do her any good underground. She'd sooner bury herself alive than kill anything outright. The thought sent a chill up her spine but she tried to ignore how defenceless she was right now – she'd been in situations like this. Situations where firepower wasn't enough, so stealth wasn't just an option, but a necessity.
The tunnel grew slightly narrower, eventually tapering off but with dirt piles around the floor, as if it was still being excavated. However Birmingham's main focus was on the suspicious sound, her footsteps slowing and growing quieter as she neared the edge of a doorway; the arch having nothing to hide her as she poked her head around-
-and found Hanazuki and Miyuki.
With Lizardmen on top of them.
The sight made her freeze up, shocked silent. For a long moment she just stood there and watched as the two lizards mating-pressed the naked Destroyers into the dirt; harsh smacks of flesh mixed with their animalistic grunts. However while Miyuki was worryingly silent, unconscious, Hanazuki was not – soft, defeated whimpers escaping her every time the Lizardman pressed its cock down into her depths, squelching its fluid out of her but not pushing any of its eggs out.
Birmingham got over her shock quickly though, anger soon to take root. Was it because these monsters all seemed to be male, was that why they'd taken two Ship-Girls and... bred them? To repopulate their numbers? The prospect was worryingly high but Birmingham soon crushed such thoughts; silently walking out into the small, enclosed space, one just big enough for her rigging to manifest.
She wouldn't be able to shoot it, but that didn't mean she was defenceless. Far from it.
Rearing her right hip back she tensed – and then just as the leftmost Lizardman raised its head she swung, smashing the side of her rigging into its head. Its skull dented inwards and the creature fell to one side, thrashing, but she wasn't looking at it anymore; her eyes darting to the right Lizardman. It noticed her and had the benefit of her being a foot or two away, pulling its glistening cock from Miyuki's abused folds as it stood.
Then Birmingham was in front of it, punching it straight in the throat. The humanoid staggered and clasped as its throat, gargling in surprise, but its moment of surprise was enough for her to smash her rigging into it and knock it down. It was dazed but far from dead, forcing her to stomp down on its head – gritting her teeth as she put every ounce of strength into it.
'Die dammit!' She could hear the other Lizardman, injured but alive, rising back to its feet.
Finally one more brutal stomp crushed the creature's skull in properly. She felt sick as blood and viscera spurted up her shin but anger and fear was a good deterrent; keeping her last meal down as she spun – just in time too, as the other Lizardman staggered over to her, claws out and a snarl on its dented face, bone poking out from between uprooted scales.
Until Boise stepped in, squeaking as she rammed into its side. It hit its head on the dirt wall and fell between Miyuki and Hanazuki, snarling and shifting, but a solid kick to its skull from Birmingham made a disgusting crack sound, and its head went limp, Broken skull, snapped neck, she neither knew nor cared. All that mattered was that it was dead.
Birmingham released a heavy breath. ''Thanks.''
''I-It's fine.'' Boise answered but sounded shaken. Birmingham didn't blame her – whether because of her own actions or the sight of Hanazuki and Miyuki, this was just... just a mess.
She squirmed as she felt blood dribble down into her shoe. 'Don't think about it, get these two out and signal Maya. Move.'
Her own orders helped motivate her and she hurried over to Hanazuki, leaving the unconscious Miyuki to Boise. When she knelt by the pink-haired fox-girl she winced at the array of still-bleeding cuts marring her body, be it on her medium-sized breasts, along her stomach and sides or even on her hips and thighs; the creature's claws clearly having held her many a times. She pointedly ignored looking at the overflowing whiteness leaking out of the Destroyer's pussy too, instead taking her cape off and draping it over Hanazuki.
''We'll get you out.'' Birmingham said shortly as she tied the cape.
Hanazuki tried to say something but was too overcome by emotion – relief, fear, anxiety and shame, all of it twisting into a sobbing mess that tugged on Birmingham's heartstrings.
Alas just as she scooped the fox-girl up she heard it – movement, outside the burrow. The sound made her nearly curse and she hurriedly evaluated her options. Only one way in or out, using her guns would likely bury them alive – and for all Ship-Girls were lauded for their strength they still needed to breathe – whilst the Lizardmen had no such issues; equipped with claws that were well-suited to cramped spaces like these. And with them carrying Hanazuki and Miyuki they wouldn't be able to fight beyond maybe a kick at best, and she hardly doubted that'd be enough to do anything but baffle a Lizardman.
She drew in a breath and hissed through her teeth, pulling Hanazuki close to her chest. If they were going to escape they couldn't find – and couldn't hide either. No, they needed to run. To brute force their way through. No riggings, no weapons. Just sheer momentum to blitz past them.
''Boise.'' Birmingham whispered, watching as the bustier cruiser gently cradled Miyuki. ''When I leave this room we run. Don't stop to fight, don't try and help me if I fall, just charge straight past anything in your way until we get to the surface. We can't fight them down here.''
Boise gave her a worried look and she felt Hanazuki clutch at her, but when the bustier woman hesitantly nodded Birmingham moved – fast-walking into the hallway and darting down the corridor, building speed as she gave up stealth and just charged. The noise attracted attention and she heard skittering-
-and then a Lizardman was there, leaping from its hiding spot with a snarl. It didn't get the chance to grab her before Birmingham ran bodily into it, Hanazuki crying out in fear as she was squished between them – before her momentum knocked the monster onto its back. Birmingham didn't stop to attack it though and kept running, reaching the slope out and running up it-
But she'd forgotten. It was slippery, uneven. Boots wouldn't grip easily, especially going up.
So when her boots slipped out from under her Birmingham couldn't deny the jolt of fear that shot up her spine, losing her grip momentarily until she grabbed at the uneven mass of dirt and grass, nearly dropping Hanazuki had the Destroyer not been holding onto her so tightly. Using her newfound handhold she propelled herself up further, hearing Boise behind her-
When Boise screamed in fear. Birmingham jerked her head to one side, looking back, and very nearly cursed as she saw Boise be dragged back by her shin – the Lizardman she'd left behind already recovered. Instantly her plan was in tatters; if she kept going she was leaving Boise and Miyuki to their fate, and if she stayed she'd likely be blocked off-
Too late; another Lizardman at the top of the slope lunging down at her. Birmingham had no choice but to fall back, throwing Hanazuki to one side and hearing the fox-girl land with a pained yelp, but she ignored that for now – her attention fully on the monster lunging down at her, landing just shy of her thanks to her momentum throwing her back. However by the time she stood it was there, throwing itself at her faster than she could summon her rigging and snatching her wrists, pinning her down.
Panic rose up within her, memories of what happened to Hanazuki and Miyuki mere minutes ago flashing through her mind. With force she kicked her legs out, hitting the monster's stomach but the scales killed most of the force, its hissing snarl sending a chill up her spine – and a pained cry fled her lips when it tightened its hold, threatening to crush her wrists with its strength.
Then it suddenly shifted both her arms up, pinning them together with just one hand – freeing its other and allowing it to rake its claws down her front. Cloth gave way frighteningly easily and soon her dress was in two parts, splitting open down the middle and laying bare her dark blue underwear, the thought heating her cheeks up. However that same embarrassment turned into fear as she saw the Lizardman's cock swell between its leg, long and thick, prompting her to try and kick it in the groin – but the creature had enough sense to block such attacks, ripping her panties off at the same time.
'No...' Birmingham felt dizzy as her nether regions were exposed to the damp, musky air, her struggles becoming even more vicious as the monster leaned over her, the tip of its dick rubbing against her folds.
Rubbing, not penetration. Teasing her. Taunting her.
Birmingham gritted her teeth, her breathing short and fast as the bulbous tip of its shaft rubbed against her pussy lips, went high and rubbed up her groin before coming back down again. Her struggles did little to stop it but it gave her some minor amount of confidence, of control; her legs closing as much as she could with it between them, hips lifting and falling as she kept it away from her private parts as best she-
The tip teased her opening – and Birmingham screamed as it suddenly went in. It felt thicker than she expected, parting her virginal walls and hilting inside her in a single, harsh thrust, knocking the air out of her. The pain came a second later but she barely had a moment to soak it in before the monster yanked its cock halfway out only to slam right back into her deflowered pussy, forcing a shout of pain out of Birmingham.
She struggled once more, kicking and twisting and flailing, but the Lizardman just snarled in her face and kept moving, roughly burying itself into her. It didn't care that her legs flailed on either side of its hips, that her hips lifted and fell unevenly in some attempt to make its dick slip out – it just kept pressing its body down against hers and mated with her, thrusting its thick girth into her and making Birmingham cry out in pain.
''Gh! Mnph-!'' Biting her tongue until it bled Birmingham threw her head from side to side, enduring the stabbing pain in her loins – the deep, repeated impacts to her cervix as the Lizardman had its way with her.
As it defiled her.
She tried to push it out, to ignore it as best she could. Even when the Lizardman hissed and snarled in her ear Birmingham didn't give it the satisfaction of hearing her cry out, her teeth on her tongue as she took the pounding – its meaty cock spearing between her despoiled petals and hilting in her innermost parts, sending jolts right up her stomach and banging her head on the dirt, but she didn't react. She just laid there and took it like the good little broodmare it wanted her to be, waiting for an opening, a chance to knock its lights out and get help.
She felt it throb inside of her quickly, its shaft swelling against her sore insides and its tip kissing her depths, the realisation hitting – and no sooner had it before the Lizardman snarled and impregnated her. A flood of warm fluid poured into her depths, thick and sticky like semen but lacking sperm. In their place though she felt many tiny eggs push up into her womb, nestling against her depths in a torrent, nearly making her sick as she realised she'd been claimed, just like the others.
Even if she escaped this hole, the monster's seed would remain within her, making her its unwilling mother for its brood.
Birmingham was torn from her thoughts though her wrists were released – and no sooner had they been freed did a meaty hand grab her hair, yanking her upright. The cruiser cried out in pain but it gave her some weird clarity, feeling more than seeing space behind her. Her opening. She called upon her rigging and it manifested, finally having the space, her guns trained and ready to fire-
But she never saw the Lizardman behind her. The moment it spotted her rigging it attacked with vigour, seething out a wet breath as it raked its claws through her turrets, instantly incapacitating them. Birmingham flinched and tried to fire but her guns wouldn't operate – and to her despair they were reduced to metal scraps within seconds, literally ripped off of her. The only reason she wasn't pulled back with them was the iron grip on her hair, and the dick she was still impaled upon.
As if to remind her of that the Lizardman holding her sneered in her face, shifting both hands to her hips and holding tight... and Birmingham froze as she felt a second cock poke her ass.
And then she screamed as the other Lizardman eagerly buried its cock in her ass – up until a third, sneering Lizardman came up to her left, shoving its cock in her mouth and pulling her hair, forcing it to pleasure it as its kin began to fucked her other holes, using her not solely for breeding, but also their own animalistic pleasure.
Her fate, forever, sealed.
Boise was just climbing the slope, her pace fast, when she felt the clawed hand curl around her ankle.
Then suddenly she was yanked back down, Miyuki tumbling from her grip as she instinctively reached to grab onto something. Nothing was to be found, however, and soon she found herself thrown to the dirty ground – the Lizardman on top if her. Boise flinched back, crawling back, but the monster just grabbed her left thigh and forcefully lifted it up – its other hand going up her dress and grabbing her crotch.
Before with the harsh tear of cloth it ripped her panties off. Her heart skipped a beat – but unlike Birmingham she didn't have the fight, the fire, to keep moving. She froze up completely, paralysed with realisation and terror as the Lizardman got on top of her, and only when she felt something rub against her vagina did she snap out of it and begin to move-
Then it was inside of her. Thick and solid it pushed apart her virgin insides, the pain sharp and intense enough to nearly make her black out for a split-second – her mind purged of all thought as the monster cock slammed into her, deflowering her. The shock lasted for just a few seconds though; banished the moment the monster dug its nails into her raised right thigh and began to fuck her properly; short, eager pumps burying it into her pussy.
''A-Ah! N-No, stop- mn!''
Her face mask muted her voice somewhat and gave it an echoing quality, making her pained cries all the more haunting as the monster pistoned itself into her, its flesh smacking against her own repeatedly and harshly. Through the tears in her eyes she spied multiple more Lizardmen returning, either drawn in by the sounds or the attack on their home, and to her despair a terrified Hanazuki was shoved up against the wall, her limbs flailing as he pleaded – before a thick, girthy cock forced itself into her defiled pussy, making her wail as the monster eagerly began to mate with her. Miyuki too wasn't spared, the unconscious girl rolled onto her front before the Lizardman began to mate with her prone-bone; smacking her small rear with every harsh thrust.
Boise was brought back to her own predicament though as another Lizardman knelt by her face. Its large clawed hand grabbed her mask without warning and pulled hard, lifting her head with it, prompting her to reflexively pull back... until with a harsh snap her mask's straps broke, causing it to fly off and to the side. Boise opened her mouth to cry out but before she could do that something touched her lips – and then something thick shoved itself into her mouth. Boise's eyes bulged and she cried out in alarm, the noise muted as the two Lizardmen eagerly began to spitroasted her on her side, their scales smacking against her flesh and filling the quaint burrow. Her thigh began to bleed from how harshly the monster gripped it but the pain was nothing compared to the ache in her loins, its dick slamming up against her cervix relentlessly.
''Mmph~! Mrph!'' Boise frantically flailed her hands about, trying to grab and push, desperation hastening her motions but hampering her aim.
Until eventually the Lizardman defiling her mouth just grabbed her wrists and held them down, snarling as it slammed between her lips, hurting her teeth and thrusting down her gullet, choking her. Her raspy, spluttering breaths did little to deter the overgrown lizard from face-fucking her though, bruising her nose with every harsh impact and sending stars flashing behind her eyes; not helped by the thick shaft plunging up into her womanhood.
Suddenly her left wrist was freed – the reason becoming evident as the newfound claw raked at her chest, ripping the cloth apart and revealing her large, squishy tits to the monsters. Boise barely had the time to feel self-conscious before her right tit was grabbed and squeezed harshly, forcing a muffled cry out of the cruiser as her tit was manhandled, her head shaking as best she could with a dick going down her throat.
Then suddenly she was forced onto her back completely, the Lizardman coming with her as it straddled her collarbone and grabbed her head with both hands, hissing in delight as it forced its meaty cock down her throat. Boise's eyes watered but she could do nothing but take it, her eyes soon screwing shut just so she didn't have to look at the monster's groin – acutely feeling its balls hitting her chin over and over again. The other Lizardman between her legs didn't relent either, its girth parting her abused folds and raking her tender insides with every pounding thrust, its cock smooth but uncomfortably girthy, stretching her virginal sex out with every thrust.
''Mn! Mmph! H-Hn-!''
Then suddenly the one between her legs hissed; and then came. Boise spasmed as she felt jets of warmth pour up into her womb, the foreign sensation terrifying – made all the more so as she felt numerous eggs pour into her baby chamber. The one mounted on her face though kept going, snarling and hissing as it face-fucked her, seeming to slow down even just to endure it.
The reason why though became evident as the Lizardman between her legs pulled out – and the one on top of her pulled its dick out of her mouth, got between her legs, and then plunged inside. Its clawed hands grabbed her hips and it savagely pounded her, fucking cries of pain out of Boise but no resistance beyond that – lacking the strength to. The will to.
And so when the Lizardman soon emptied its balls inside of her, hissing with primal satisfaction as it laid its eggs inside of her defenceless womb, Boise could only lay there, defeated and exhausted by the ordeal, her pussy sore and overflowing with white fluid.
The breeding process, continuing on.
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2023.06.08 00:16 iredditalready13 Regretting accepting my offer

I was only accepted into one of the PhD programs I applied to for this fall. Since it was my only offer, I accepted it.
I’ve had many many doubts from the beginning, but I told myself that the research and PI fits were very good (which is very true) despite being an unranked program in an area I am less than thrilled about living in. My doubts still have not gone away and this week have only been exasperated by trying to secure housing.
I have done massive amounts of work looking for housing and even flew across the country to visit some options and hope to feel better about the area. I found some good options and felt a little bit better about certain areas of the city. The school is located in a bad area and I’ve been told even by my new PI to avoid certain areas, so I did as safety is a huge concern.
Average cost of rent in the area for a 1 bed 1 bath is $1450. Which I can afford, but don’t meet the income requirements of 2.5-3x rent. Every apartment we visited and I have contacted since said that they do not permit co-signers (It seems like this was a recent change in the area bc many had said they were updated policies). They also said that I would be able to submit proof of funds which I have been saving (~42K) which should make me eligible to secure a unit.
With that in mind, I applied to an apartment 1390/mo just to be immediately denied even after we had talked to the leasing team there about my situation. I’m honestly at a loss at this point. So many things seem like bad omens and I don’t see how I’ll ever be able to get into a place to live if they all have these income requirements. I was nearly hysterical crying talking to the leasing agent yesterday so much that they probably think I’m crazy and wouldn’t want to lease to me at this point anyway. I’ve offered to pay many months upfront -literally anything to secure a unit and basically been told I’m SOL.
I have no idea what to do at this point and I’m honestly very close to telling them thank you, but I need to back out of my offer.
Student housing isn’t available since I have a dog and I’m not keen on having a roommate since I already have all the furnishings for a full apartment and honestly just need my space.
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2023.06.08 00:15 CannonReddits I (23F) work too much and bf (22M) felt neglected

It all started 6/2, last Friday. I (23F) had to work a double the next day so rightfully so, I planned on sleeping in so I was well rested. My bf (22M) wanted to come over to not only see me but to also engage in intercourse. I told him as much as I would love to, I need to get my rest, and that I will see him on Monday through Wednesday, which are my days off that I dedicate to him. He didn’t take no for an answer and proceeded to send explicit photos of himself along with toxic messages trying to engage me into being sexual, but it just wasn’t the time. I wanted to get rest, and he follows up by saying Sexting is so boring now which led to a huge argument. Afterwords, I simply stopped responding to him due to frustrations. Fast forward to the next day, he apologizes, but tells me that he feels neglected, because I hardly see him. I see him at least once or twice a week, and when I don’t see him, I make sure to dedicate time to him whether that’s on the phone chatting or playing video games but it hasn’t been enough for him. On my days off, I would even cook for him 3 times a day and made sure he was comfortable and good.
He doesn’t work right now nor goes to school so he has a ton of free time, while I just finished up my spring semester and I work 40 hours a week but when I do have time, it’s all for him, and he knows that. He knows my days off but he insists on wanting to hang out nights that I have to work the following day, etc. he said he gets jealous of his sister for always wanting to see her boyfriend, but she has a different boyfriend every few months, so I didn’t understand the correlation.
Keep in mind, we have been together for 7 years now. He thinks I’m too good for him but why is it that I feel so shitty for wanting to do good in life and work to pay off debt and save up money. It’s not like I ghost him. I’ve been very loyal. I work, play games and watch anime. That’s it. He has ample time to stay at home and do as he pleases. I’m frustrated because I feel like this is all my fault and maybe I was neglecting him but I also feel like he didn’t respect me when it came to me working. He always wanted my attention and I swear I gave him as much when I could but he needed more. I’m not saying he’s lazy or anything but he didn’t have much going for him as of right now and I totally understand but it just seemed like he wanted things all about him. There was no sense of boundary. He get mad when I wouldn’t ditch work for him and would mention that he would do it for me. But he doesn’t have the financial responsibilities that I do. I pay for cat food, help out on rent, groceries, etc.
I dunno, I just feel like a horrible person for not trying harder.
We broke up, and he blocked me. It sucks because I really tried being so present in more ways than none. Was working ultimately what tore us apart, or is there something bigger I’m missing?
TLDR: Relationship of 7 years broke off because I (23F) worked too much to give my bf (22M) attention but I stretched myself thin for him whenever I could. Confused on if I tore us apart.
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2023.06.08 00:14 Immediate-Result7015 Analysis of Autistic Masculinity from a Disability Studies Perspective/Analysis of Adorno and Scaruffi

Let's try this again. Hello, my name is Conner Jared Fields. I am a jazz alto saxophonist (student level, not professional level quite yet). I am also an autism youtuber that talks about autistic boyhood/manhood, I'm also an analyst of the culture industry as it relates to music. My approach to discussing autistic boyhood/manhood/masculinity is both personal and positive about this subject. We look at the weird intersections of the two, and a sort of ableism in mainstream/popular feminist discourse regarding the topic of autistic masculinity (I call this able-minded privilege, I think this is related to a certain language of privilege and theory of privilege most progressive feminists can understand). My argument is that we speak of ability and agency in a certain way, that implies freedom of movement and personal power. Regarding the intersections of institutional power, ability is central to our understanding of agency, and telling someone they are disabled can lead to them internalizing it. This is why the medical definition of disability is wrong. We also look at how autistic girls and boys alike are vulnerable targets to sexual predators (9:10 girls/women, no hard statistics for boys because no one cares about protecting boys), and sex scammers; because the inability to see red flags or pick up on subtle cues that something is wrong occurs in autistic people. The patriarchy doesn't try to protect boys the way it tries to protect girls. I want to take apart this idea of disabled autistic men as having hegemonic power. This isn't to say there are no autistic men that have problems with harassment or violence, this is just to say that those that do while possibly having "male privilege" have faced steep disadvantages throughout life (on a personal note, I have). Autistic adult women however do have to face "the male gaze" and street harassment etc in ways autistic men do not. Source on Autistic Girls and Sexual Violence: (The statistic hits too close to home, when one of us suffers, we all suffer) Autistic Children and Teenagers and Sexual Abuse: Adverse Childhood Experiences more likely to occur for autistics:
Now I have that out of my system I want to compare "The Fetish Character in Music, and the Regression of Listening" by Theodor Adorno to The prologue of Piero Scaruffi's "A History of Rock and Dance Music". Adorno: The illusion of a social preference for light music as against serious is based on the passivity of the masses which makes the consumption of light music contradict the objective interests of those who enjoy it. I can't really understand what Adorno is saying other than he dislikes popular music and prefers serious music. (Classical) Scaruffi makes an argument contra Adorno where he tries to attack the version of the History of Rock Music that is just American or just British or just about the hits from those two countries, and argue it can be taken seriously. Scaruffi: There is not one history of rock music. There are several. There is the history of the hits...The charts decide, i.e. the masses decide...there is a catch: the masses tend to buy what is publicized by the media, which corporations pay money to publicize. Marketing decides the charts. Invest a million dollars on me and I, regardless of my music talent will break into the charts. [Note: Scaruffi studied mathematics in college and has no musical training]. Here Scaruffi gives a criticism of the media and corporations that while not Marxist could be described as critical, to my eyes.
Scaruffi then makes an argument for "alternative" music., by which he means anything that is not mainstream. He is a wealth of obscurities. Scaruffi:...Tell anyone (alternative or mainstream musician) that s/he is playing alternative music and s/he will be flattered. Fans may buy according to the media and to marketing campaigns, but they too recognize the primacy of alternative media. If you tell a Beatles fan the Beatles were mainstream, you risk your life. The evidence is just overwhelming: even the most mainstream musicians tacitly agree that alternative music is more important. I've personally met people that seem not to think like this. They listen to commercial big-band, and Top 40 pop and seem to enjoy it more than I, basically a Scaruffi follower would. Scaruffi argues that embracing "alternative" rock would be a way to bring more sophisticated audiences to rock music. Scaruffi: At the same time, rediscovering alternative rock and giving it its dues is also a way to restore the reputation of rock music among the more sophisticated audiences.
He then goes on to denounce music critics
Scaruffi: Too many music critics blindly follow the instructions from the major record companies and hail whichever "next big thing" happens to get a larger market budget.
Here Scaruffi is criticizing corporate power and influence. Adorno seems to go further than Scaruffi would go regarding his critique of the culture industry.
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2023.06.08 00:13 remember_alternative Tips for moving to university with OCD

Hey so I’m going to uni in September after a gap year. I will be moving away from home and living in a studio flat alone. I’m really looking forward to it, and I can’t wait honestly. But the thing I’m really worried about it how I will manage it all with how bad my OCD is. I’ve got it sort of under control right now, but it can easily get way way worse. I was once at a point where I was wasting hours a day on compulsions and ruminating and getting only about five hours of sleep per night. I’m planning on starting online sessions with my therapist when I move away, but I’m worried the fact that I’m staying at my accommodation will make it less effective for me. Leaving to a physical place for the sessions really helped. I’d rather not switch therapists if possible, I rather like mine. I’m not sure how I will cope with the OCD without my parents or my therapist. It’s the only thing that is making me question whether I’m ready to move out, and it is holding me back. Apart from that I know I’m ready to move out. If you have any tips for managing it/ dealing with the anxiety, please let me know.
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2023.06.08 00:12 Galindan Landlord wants to charge us for the plumber

Hello. I'm from Oregon and yesterday we contacted our landlord/rental company about a toilet that wouldn't flush and a backed up shower.
They promptly sent out a plumber who fixed the issue. Removing the toilet, using a giant plumbers snake reaching 20+ feet and clearing out a ball of baby wipes. The toilet started working fine again.
Today they sent us an email saying they would be charging us for the repair due to our agreement saying that if a clog occurred because we flushed non-flushable things we would be liable for costs.
The trouble is we of course never flushed any of that. We live in a ten unit apartment complex. So there are many other tenants. We don't even buy baby wipes or any kind of similar product. We are located the nearest to the main sewer line. So twice in the past when the city had clogs we were the first to feel them. Our neighbor also had a clog at the same time but didn't call the management company when she saw we already had the plumber on site. What I believe has happened is one or more tenants is flushing these products they build and we feel the clog first.
My first thought is to send a polite email explaining all of this to the management and ask them to drop the cost. I would like to know your thoughts on how to phrase that and what else I should do to get it cleared up. Its a $650 bill and I really would like to not pay for another's mistake.
Thank you and have a good day
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2023.06.08 00:11 Beneficial_Speech365 I know It's not my fault I'm poor.

I work my a** off. I have a Union Job. I am 36 years old. my back and knees already hurt. If i do something fast, they want it faster. if i do something cheap, they want it cheaper. Its never fast enough, and it always costs too much. All profit at the expense Me. I own a 1000 sq ft house (mortgage) I cant save money to buy materials to upgrade my place. I cant save money to have more kids. I cant save for a vacation, or a boat, or a new car. I cant save for my retirement, I cant save for my legacy because not only is the money I'm able to save shrinking, but the places I choose to save it in are offering less and less. I have been born into a debt trap. An upper middle class white man, who will never escape a life of pain and servitude because I chose to make things for a living instead of steal things for a living. Its not the black mans fault, or the brown mans fault, or womens fault, or trans peoples fault. It is the fault of the system in place. The one that rewards cheating instead of building. lying instead of owning mistakes. subterfuge instead of hard work.
Im sick of building for Liars. Im sick of building for cheaters. Im sick of risking my life on 20 story highrises for IvyleagueBro, I want to build apartments for grocerystoreMoe. The middleman needs to die and the workers and owners that create value need to reign supreme. It takes money to buy whisky.
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2023.06.08 00:10 Anonymous_NYC_2023 I was posted in AWDTSG NYC. I'm distraught.

I was posted Are We Dating The Same Guy NYC (or at least I'm 90% sure I was). I'm not doing well.
Background and Dating
I am new to the dating game after a recent divorce. Using Hinge and Bumble has always been a nice way to date casually and to build up my confidence again. I've been on dozens of wonderful dates and met lots of really great people. There have been some fleeting hookups, some months-long relationships, and plenty of matches that don't advance past the first date. In all, my experience on Hinge and Bumble has been very positive. It's been a nice way to put myself out there, visit great restaurants and bars around the city, and strike up chemistry with women who I thought were way out of my league. From a rock bottom self-esteem after the divorce, the apps helped me regain some confidence. Somehow I kept having great dates with great people.
As a previously married guy, I have prided myself on knowing how to interact with women. I don't send lewd messages on apps. I try my very best to be respectful of other's time. My aim is and always has been to date conscientiously and respectfully. Consent is of the utmost importance - and it starts from the first message. From a date to a kiss (or more), engagement should always be affirmative and enthusiastic. Though I have dated around, I'd like to think that I haven't wronged anyone. I want nothing more than to share nice meals and laughter with any date. And if it leads to more, great.
Things Getting Weird
About 2 months ago, things started to get weird. It started with a woman I was seeing at the time. We had been on maybe 3-4 dates. She texted me one day to break things off. Her text basically said: "I didn't realize you were talking to other people and that doesn't work for me. Bye." A string of similar instances happened after that. I would plan dates and then be mysteriously unmatched. I would receive day-after messages like "I had a great time with you, but this isn't going to work. Thanks!" That happened several times. My strong hunch is that I've been posted in the AWDTSG NYC group. Maybe once, maybe twice, maybe more. I don't know. I don't know how the page works or how easy it is to search people on it, but I've convinced myself that I'm on it. I feel like I've been marked with a red flag.
Mental Health Nightmare
I'm an introverted guy. I don't want to be in the public sphere. I don't want people to know who I am. And now this. I can feel a pit in my stomach imagining the comments posted about me. Me.
Ugly. Short. Creepy. Too much baggage. Divorced. Out of shape. Only looking for sex. Self-centered. Doesn't look like his pics. Gross. Horn dog. Red flag. Ugly apartment. Weird. Douchey. Dumb. Rude.
I hate, absolutely dread, the idea of those things being said about me. It makes me want to pack my bags and leave this big dumb city forever. It makes me want to break down and cry. It makes me want to delete these fucking apps and become a recluse. It makes me terrified about professional repercussions. It makes me feel like when I go to the grocery store, people know who I am. It's a combination of fear, shame, disgust, depression, embarrassment.
I am not doing well... at all.
The thing is, I'm too scared to look. I have several female friends who are in AWDTSG NYC group--we've talked about it before. But I don't want to ask them. I don't want them to see (if they haven't already). And more importantly, I don't want to know the vile things that might be said about me.
I've been cooped up in my apartment the past few days. I don't want to leave. I don't want to open the apps. I don't want to do anything. I feel a profound sense of despair and malaise. I hate this.
What's Next?
The last time I checked, there are currently 113,000 members or so in AWDTSG NYC Facebook group. There are about 100 posts a day. Thousands of new members are added each week. I realize that my story is not unique. Any posts of me will eventually be buried, but that doesn't make it any easier in the short term. I am OK with sitting around and waiting out this storm. It might take a few months, a year. I don't know. In the meantime, I'm just going to sit around and wait. Despondently, that is.
In the meantime, could anyone provide some context about this page actually works? Do you search men by first name and last name? Do you search by phone number? Does it show your full Hinge profile? I'm just curious what the functionality is like on the inside.
If you're in a similar situation, I sincerely wish you the best. Prioritize your mental health. Wishing you all love and peace.
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2023.06.08 00:10 ThrowRA_0417 How do I (26F) know it’s time to break up with my (33M) boyfriend?

Context: I’m looking for objective opinions/validation for my thoughts on breaking up. My (26F) boyfriend (33M) and I have been together for about 4.5 years. We have lived together for the last 2 years (first in an apartment, and just recently moved into a house in May 2023). The house belongs to my family, and while we have renovated and pay rent, we don’t own the house together. Lately I’ve been feeling like we are not compatible long term. We have had what I would consider a ‘normal’ heterosexual relationship. We’ve had a handful of minor fights over the years, but neither of us have ever discussed a breakup. We have talked about marriage, and he says he’s on the same page as me (we both want to get married, and we both are open but not set on having kids). I feel like this is a bare minimum relationship- my partner is not very emotionally available, he does not complement me much (unless I ask a probing question like “Do I look pretty?”) he states he has no timeline for marriage, and our sex life has dramatically diminished to almost nothing. I’m talking once every 1-2 months, and in the beginning of our relationship it was multiple times a week. He is not ambitious in his personal/career life, and I am very ambitious and continue to strive for better opportunities. I know relationships are a 2-way street, but I can’t help but feel like I am undervalued in this relationship. Plain and simple, I have communicated my needs a few times already, and they are not being met. This relationship has started to feel like we’re simply roommates, and not in a committed romantic relationship. He is a good person, he has supported me through some family personal matters, and he moved from about an hour away from his friends and family to live together with me, in my hometown where my family and friends all are. I have talked to some friends and they think it’s definitely time to break up. I’ve talked to my mom, and she thinks I might be romanticizing my future too much, and that I have a nice guy and I should reevaluate my expectations. I have always been on the receiving end of a breakup, and I worry about feeling guilty for my decision to break up. Additionally, since it’s my family’s house, I would be keeping the house obviously and he would likely move rather quickly, which makes me feel bad given we have been doing all of these updates and sharing the financial responsibility. I’m not a scumbag, so if we were to break up, I would pay him for all of the renovations he’s paid for. Please give me advice on what I should do. Am I overreacting and being selfish, or should I run for the hills?
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2023.06.08 00:10 Subject-Whole2835 I might’ve talked to a minor on Ashley Madison

I (34m) was talking to this girl (26f) on Ashley Madison. We talked, flirted, then got each others phone number. She told me how she was in an abusive relationship and kept fighting with her husband. We planned a couple dates to get busy, but every time we were supposed to meet, she’d flake. So I get a call (and mind you, we’ve never spoken on the phone before) from her “father” and he said that she’s 15 and attempted to take her life after being found out. I had no idea. She even sent some explicit pictures. He was talking about needing money from me towards putting her in a mental hospital. The way he talking was crazy, because he wanted me to doordash (which is my main job) to make and send him $500 in 5 hours. I used a fake name, but they have my phone number, address (moving at the end of the month. I live in an apartment, but I didn’t give them the apartment number), and picture. I need help!
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2023.06.08 00:08 remember_alternative Tips for moving to uni with OCD

Hey so I’m going to uni in September after a gap year. I will be moving away from home and living in a studio flat alone. I’m really looking forward to it, and I can’t wait honestly. But the thing I’m really worried about it how I will manage it all with how bad my OCD is. I’ve got it sort of under control right now, but it can easily get way way worse. I was once at a point where I was wasting hours a day on compulsions and ruminating and getting only about five hours of sleep per night. I’m planning on starting online sessions with my therapist when I move away, but I’m worried the fact that I’m staying at my accommodation will make it less effective for me. Leaving to a physical place for the sessions really helped. I’d rather not switch therapists if possible, I rather like mine. I’m not sure how I will cope with the OCD without my parents or my therapist. It’s the only thing that is making me question whether I’m ready to move out, and it is holding me back. Apart from that I know I’m ready to move out. If you have OCD and have any tips for managing it/ dealing with the anxiety, please let me know.
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2023.06.08 00:08 throwaway06601 Can you get sick from waste/trash/etc being near an AC/HVAC vent?

This is gonna be the most absurd and stupid Reddit post you’ve seen today but hey that’s the namesake of this sub… so long story short, I caught a homeless man shitting right in front of my apartment window (I live in a fairly large apartment building on the ground floor, there’s a strip of landscaped hedges between my window and the street). He left behind a bunch of wet wipes along with everything, and it’s sort of close to my air conditioning/HVAC vent. The vent itself is actually elevated, and the crime scene is below on the ground. I’ve notified my building’s maintenance office about it, but in the meantime my extremely anxious self keeps thinking of crazy scenarios.
Basically, my stupid question is, could that being even near my AC/HVAC vent possibly make me sick somehow, or am I overthinking this?
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2023.06.08 00:08 RevoltLePetit 25 Years-old Living with Parents, Wife with our Son on the Way, What Should I Do?

I'm 25 years old. I'm having my first kid in July. My wife and I are currently living with my parents, which I know is not ideal.
I need to figure out what to do to afford moving out and I don't know who to ask for advice so that's why I'm here.
I've considered an apartment, but that's about $2-2.5k a month here in Northern California.
Moving out of state or city may be an option, but we'd be cutting off the only family support we have.
I think what I can do immediately is freshen up my resume, and aim for a salary increase. I would shoot for $80k. I think job hunting while on parental leave is the move here.
If I do land a new job, I think I should study to get into a software developeengineer position and aim for $100k salary.
I can develop my side hustle further of designing and developing websites that's an additional $1500-2000 per month if I can land one client.
I think achieving the above will make it easier to afford a home, we're not looking for anything crazy, just a decent place to live.
I'm no passionate about my job, but I understand sacrifices have to be made and this seems to be the more reasonable route.
Here is how our finances are looking:
Gross pay: $2,816.06
Take home: $2,032.19 (That's about $68k per year, not enough in my opinion.)
Savings: $58,520
Checkings: $402 FICO Score: 756
Credit Card Debt: $509.95
Wedding Ring Debt: $865.58 (min. monthly payment due $37)
Vehicle Loan Debt: $18,434.92 (monthly payment $638.83, worst financial decision of my life) the loan isn't under my name, it's under my father's.
Investment Accounts:
Robinhood: $7,830
Vanguard Index Funds: $11,977
401k: $15,564.62
Crypto: $873
At this point I feel like I'm just rambling but I honestly feel like I'm playing catch up everyday. I feel like I need to figure this out and fast. Any advice is welcomed and hugely appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.08 00:07 habbalah_babbalah Tenant Association Board sides with Landlord on major issues - what can I do?

I live in a large apartment building with about 520 units, in a U.S. city with rent controls. The property is managed by a well-known PM company, with a history of reducing services and evicting tenants unjustly. We have a tenant association, a 501(c)(4), with membership standing at 8% of the tenants. I am a member and also serve as a tenant rep on the board. I got invited to the board after reporting issues on Nextdoor and being involved in tenants' rights previously.
During my first board meeting, we discussed a plan proposed by the PM about packages left in the mailroom for more than two days -- they would be returned to sender on the third day. The plan provided arrangements for holding packages when tenants are on vacation. The board was about to vote in favor of recommending to the PM that they implement the plan when I intervened to discuss the issues. One major concern was that the tenant board was giving permission to the landlord to take possession of tenant property without consent. The meeting ended without a vote, and I investigated further- called a USPS cop, a PD detective, the city's tenant union organizers, and a tenant lawyer. It became clear that the plan's actions would be illegal, including federal crimes for USPS packages. What happens when irreplaceable items are "lost in the mail" after being returned to sender? Grandmas ashes, artwork, etc. Many older folks in this building, people who aren't quick to pick up packages, but it shouldn't be treated as a crime.
At the next board meeting, I presented ten points with law and case citations, pointing up the severe legal hazards of implementing the plan. Throughout, other board members interrupted me, shouted at me, basically taking the landlord's side! Eventually, the truth prevailed, and they voted against recommending the plan. I was even invited to present my findings to the PM's general manager, which led to the plan being canceled, and instead they expanded the mailroom.
That pattern with the board has repeated itself on several major issues:
Lease renewal: The property management company is sending spurious 12-month "renewal agreement" letters to tenants, even though local law dictates that leases automatically renew on a month-to-month basis after the initial period. The letters are deceptively worded, potentially misleading tenants into believing they must move out if they don't sign. Despite raising my concerns, the board president dismissed the issue, instead personally attacking me for asking if she had spoken with the PM about it (she then admitted to "working on it with them.") I am seeking advice from tenant organizations and tenant attorneys. I emailed the board, recommending we oppose the letters and request the landlord to stop sending them, but received no response.
Intercom system: The board president announced that only leaseholders' names would be entered into the new video intercom system. I pointed out obvious flaws with this approach, situations where leaseholders are not present but their guests or roommates require access. The president dismissed these concerns by referring to roommates as "illegals." WTF?! I argued against this stance, mentioning tenants who follow the law by adding legally-allowed roommates, or partners who are not required to be on the lease. However, the issue remains unresolved, with the PM's general manager also telling me that unnamed occupants are "illegals" and vaguely hinted at evictions.
Removal of deck furniture: The property management company removed all deck furniture from the roof decks after an act of vandalism. I told the board that this was a reduction in services and proposed requesting a rent reduction. No response.
Reduction of door attendant hours: at one time there were three shifts, 24/7. Now there's one 7 hour shift. Major reduction in service with no corresponding rent reduction. No response from the board.
It seems that I am the only board member paying attention to tenant issues. The rest of the board focuses on organizing monthly parties for tenants, with some parties exclusively for the board members. I researched and discovered that the landlord had won a major, precedent-setting court case against the association about 15 years ago, which has led the current board into placating the landlord. This has created a situation akin to Stockholm Syndrome, where they are more concerned about the landlord's well-being than tenant needs. The president often praises the PM's manager, despite the many problems they create. The board passively and actively resist requests to the landlord for changes. I am probably viewed by them as a Karen.
Current tenant members seem to view the association as a social organization. Former members have expressed disappointment, saying that the association doesn't help them with landlord issues, so they quit.
I am not well-versed in the laws governing 501(c)(4) organizations, or the actions I can take to force a change in the board. Logic doesn't land well on them, and as a group they just aren't gonna change.
I'd appreciate any helpful hints and ideas.
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