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2023.05.30 22:59 Extra_Willow_8907 Beefalo Domestication Guide! (Read Description)

Beefalo Domestication Guide! (Read Description)
I’ve seen quite a bit of confusion / misunderstanding when it comes to Domesticating a Beefalo, and though there are videos out there that do a decent job, I wanted to outline it in text format, in hopes that it might help people understand the process behind it! (This guide is specifically for DST, I’m unaware of the differences in other game formats)
First of all, I wanted to state that it’s actually quite simple / easy to domesticate a beefalo, but it can be difficult to understand what is happening, especially considering there are next to no in-game indicators that assist the player.
All this being said, there are so many advantages to domesticating a beefalo early-on:
  • Movement speed: never underestimate the power of moving fast in this game. Time is everything in DST.
  • Damage absorption: a beefalo has 1000 health, and ALL damage (other than ranged sources such as Bishops & MacTusks) is absorbed by the beefalo while on its back
  • Up to 50 damage per attack, if raised to be an ornery beefalo (will go into this later)
Now to get into HOW it’s done!
First of all, pair your beefalo with a beefalo bell. If the bell is in your inventory, the beefalo will follow you anywhere.
There are 4 things (other than health) that you need to account for while domesticating a beefalo:
• ⁠Hunger • ⁠Obedience • ⁠Domestication • ⁠Tendency
At the end of the day, what you’re trying to do is get the beefalo’s domestication to 100%. There are 2 ways to get a beefalo’s domestication to rise, instead of fall:
• ⁠If you’re riding the beefalo, the domestication level is rising • ⁠If the beefalo’s hunger is currently above 0, the domestication level is rising
The prerequisite to being able to ride your beefalo, however, is that it’s Obedience level is above 50%. Above 50%, and you may place a saddle on the beefalo. Any/all food items that you give your beefalo, will raise the beefalo’s Obedience by 10%. Obedience will decay overtime at a relatively slow, but steady rate. It’s also important to note that if your beefalo’s obedience drops below 40%, then it becomes likely that it will shake off its saddle. This deals 20% damage to the saddle (5 times and the saddle will break, forcing you to craft another).
This all boils down to: Feeding your beefalo 6-10 grass or twigs before riding it will ensure that its obedience level is above 50%. While riding it, you are making progress toward domesticating it. If you are NOT planning on riding your beefalo for a period of time, fill its hunger bar just enough so that it stays above 0 as long as you plan to be off-saddle.
Steamed twigs are extremely efficient at filling a good portion of a beefalo’s hunger (4 twigs in a crockpot). Most other food, though potentially providing a lot of hunger, is arguably much-less inefficient at doing the same thing, and unnecessary waste of food when you can use twigs and achieve the same result. It’s important to mention that full-stomach + riding don’t stack in terms of domestication rate. I find that a single steamed twigs allows you all the time you’ll need off your beefalo’s back until you’re riding again.
The other thing you must track, is Tendency:
  • Ornery: Does the most damage (50), has a movement speed of 7, but requires you to feed it one food item each time before riding it
  • Rider: Has a movement speed of 8, but a damage of only 25. Does not require food ever again.
  • Default: Does 34 damage, has a movement speed of 7. Does not require food ever again.
  • Pudgy: Has a movement speed of 6.5, does the least damage (20), but provides a small positive sanity aura while riding
There are arguments to be made for each tendency, however pudgy Beefalo are objectively much more difficult to acquire, with the worst speed AND damage. They’re cute, but not recommended.
Rider can be acquired by, you guessed it, primarily riding your beefalo. This is the easiest tendency to get, and is the fastest. Great for characters who excel at combat already such as Wolfgang or Wanda!
Ornery can be acquired by fighting often atop your beefalo. There are ways to quickly ensure this outcome, such as attacking a Slurtle a couple hundred times. This is widely considered the best option for characters who don’t deal bonus damage, or benefit from the extra safety, such as Wendy, Wes or Maxwell.
The last detail I’ll mention, is that the higher your beefalo’s domestication, the longer you’ll be able to ride it, ranging from about 13 seconds, to about 13 minutes once fully domesticated.
That about sums it up! I highly recommend the Beefalo Status Bar mod, as it allows you to track all of these statistics much more easily:
I hope this helps someone! Happy riding!
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2023.05.30 22:59 AnimeVamp Can I be mad?

I don't know why I feel this way, and sometimes it makes me feel like a horrible person. I live with my brother, sister-in-law, and three nephews. I constantly get mad when any of them eats food that I buy just for me. I don't make as much money as them. But I don't like being a huge burden on them so I buy my own stuff: detergent, toiletries, my pet needs, and some food so I don't eat any of the stuff they buy. I'm working on getting a better job so I can help out more. So far I pay my phone bill, credit card, and my own food when we go out. I clean and straighten the house, I do laundry even if it isn't mine, and I occasionally watch my nephews when needed. Yet I still like to keep some things I buy for myself. I've bought food to cook for the whole family several times. Or even eating out and I had the extra money I would buy pizza or Mcdonald's. I feel terrible for feeling mad. They do so much for me and I think there's always more I can do, but am I allowed to be mad?
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2023.05.30 22:58 SilverFox1509 I (36F) feel like my therapist is trying to get me to break up with my partner (45M)

My partner (45M) and I (36F) have been together for 11 years, married for 5. He is from North-America, I am from Europe, and we live in the UK away from friends and family, since 2018. We started seeing a couples therapist 5 years ago, who also became mine and his individual therapist. We started therapy to fix some real communication issues and toxic behaviours, and it turned out we each had some serious childhood issues to sort out, so we started going individually as well as together. We have both made real progress over the years. I have definitely become a lot more emotionally mature and he has his life more on track. The toxicity in the relationship has significantly improved, but communication remains quite difficult.
It seems as though my therapist strongly feels my partner and I are not compatible. She thinks I alone have kept the show that is this relationship on the road for the past 5 years, while my partner has not contributed enough financially and emotionally. Her reasoning is that I have low self esteem and that had I had higher self esteem, I would not have been in this relationship for as long as I did / am doing. She says she is working on building my self esteem, which is nice, but it feels like the only logical outcome of that work will be to break up with my partner. The thing is, I wanted to go to couples counselling in the first place because I really wanted to save this relationship. I don't know whether to trust her and break up, or whether she is the problem and I shouldn't listen and find another therapist. Every time I talk to her I think I would do the right thing by ending the relationship, but a day or 2 after therapy I think I should stay and fix our issues, and that I am actually the real issue. My partner tells me that he doesn't like seeing her as his therapist anymore either, because she often interrupts him while he speaks and she talks a lot, and because he does not share our therapist's view of relationships (one in which both people need to fulfil their potential outside of the relationship). He can also be angry towards her (not during the session, but after, in conversation with me), which (together with the fact that she does interrupt him quite often and does a lot of the speaking) makes me think she may not be very good at her job. There have also been little red flags on her end. For example, she talks quite openly about her own children and their relationships, she has called me out of the blue to ask me to run an errand for her when she couldn't leave her house, and has invited my husband and me over to watch a zoom lecture on a Saturday morning.
I don't know whom to trust. She is highly trained and has almost 40 years of experience. But I also heard a couples therapist being also a couple's individual therapist is not a good idea, which together with the little red flags above, makes me think perhaps she is wrong and I would make a mistake listening to an idiosyncratic old lady and end the relationship and I will regret it.
I hope I am being clear and fair in my portrayal of the situation. Is it likely that my therapist is wrong and I should find a new therapist?
TLDR I (36F) feel like my therapist is trying to get me to break up with my partner (45M) and I am afraid of making a mistake.
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2023.05.30 22:58 Puzzleheaded_Shop617 Why this team not beating any hard event like redzone

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2023.05.30 22:58 TheOutcast06 Discussion of the Day: Super Auto FC

Ah yes, Super Auto Pets. Simple gameplay, yet the strategies can get to 5D Chess levels of intricate (Me using the Elephant-Camel-Peacock setup to sweep vs the enemy using the same strategy and Pilling Flamingos to get boosts). What would the Stats for the FC characters be?
Stats: PoweHP, plus ability. There are 3 levels, each level increasing potency. All stats are at Level 1 with no item/promotion boosts.
Legion: * Cap: 4/4, Summons (enters) True Form when fainted, True Form being 5/5 and can hit two opponents at once, plus raises stats by 2/4 before attacking (essentially being a tankier Deer with Boar’s ability, also FEAR THE DEER) * Lily: 2/4, Give 1 Power and 3 HP to ally in front of her at the start of each turn (New Lily is a 3/3 that gives 2 in both stats to all allies when she’s hurt or faints) * Monica: 5/3, Allows ally in front to use ability one more time * Joanne: 4/4, Raises Power by 4 and HP by 2when hurt * Carrie: 6/3, instakills when fainted (New Carrie is a 3/6 gives 50% of her attack to the ally in front) * Sylvia: 4/7, gains 2 Power and 5 HP when hurt * Corey: 7/4, gains 5 Power and 2 HP when hurt
Workshop: * Minoa: 2/4, Summons 2 random level 1 allies when fainted * Cara: 3/3, raises both stat by 2 when ally in front attacks * Rochelle: 5/3, raises Power by 3 when ally faints * Margas (General): 2/2, Summons another 2/2 Marga at the space of a fainted ally (once per battle). Individually Tokina gives 4 Power and 2 HP to ally behind her when fainted, Nanairu generates extra Deploy Points after a battle, Youryu attacks a random enemy when hurt, Feyris gives 2 Power and 1 HP to ally in front at the end of her turn, Honomi raises both stats by 2 when ally in front attacks or faints, Mizuko does nothing and Haku deals 2 damage to everyone when she faints
Hoard: * Tiamat: 6/6, pushes frontmost enemy to the back * Ilk: 5/6, Attacks 2 random enemies when hurt * Clan: 3/6, Gives 2 random allies 2 Power and 1 HP when deployed * Horde: 4/6, Deals 4 damage to enemy when fainted * Tribe: 5/5, Attacks backmost enemy at the start of battle * Kin: 6/4, Increases both stats of frozen undeployed units by 4 at the end of the deploy phase * Jabberwock: 7/5, increases Power by 3 and HP by 2 upon knocking out an enemy * Zafer: 4/2, Summons 2 8/1 Kabooms when fainted * Iridium: 3/2, Increases an ally summon’s Power by 3
Evertree Friends: * May: 4/3, revives as a 2/2 when fainted * Shenton: 3/5, gives ally behind 2 in both stats when hurt * Jade: 5/2, deals 6 damage to enemy that faints her * Kass: 3/3, Attacks friend behind her before attacking * Tsukihime: 4/6, Summons 2 3/3 Bamboo Cannons that attack the backmost enemy before attacking the one in frone * Yamako: 7/3, Attacks 2 random enemies when fainted * Rey: 6/2, Boosts both stats of 2 random allies by 2 when deployed * Iris: 5/3, Attacks enemy with lowest HP at the start of turn * Terese: 4/3, Gives 2 extra Deploy Points when undeployed * Lloyd: 4/4, Summon a 6/3 Human Wilson when fainted (Human Wilson becomes a 4/5 Wyvern Wilson when Fainted) * Mason: 3/5, Replaces shop items with Mason Gadgets when deployed, they have no cost and raises both stats by 4 when used * Venezia: 4/4, Gains 4 Power and 2 HP before attacking * Allegretto: 3/3, Gives 2 random allies a boost of 3 in both stats when using a shop item * Surname: 1/5, Gives allies behind 2 Power and 4 HP when ally in front faints
Misc: * Riko: 5/2, gives everyone 4 Power and 2 Health when fainted, then summons a 3/3 Silverstrand that boosts 2 random allies’ Power by 2 and HP by 1 when initially summoned * Amongus: 3/4, Copies the ability of the enemy with the highest health at the start of a battle * Rokkappa: 4/6, Gains a single-use shield when hurt * Skelmet: 2/4, Summons a 2/2 Skeleton on the space of a fainted ally (twice per battle) * Kokuryu: 3/5, Increases Power by 1 and HP by 3 when hurt
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2023.05.30 22:58 qqqrrxxx I'm repeating 11th grade. Should i change my stream from humanities to science?

(No I didn't fail + excuse my English it's ) A little back story. Im currently a 12th humanities student living abroad. I scored 68% in 10th boards and I was weak at math and science (I was good at bio, avg at chem and ass at physics). I initially chose commerce w/o math but my dad did not approve and made me change. According to my dad, commerce w/o math has very less scope and like I said, I'm weak at maths. So he gave me two options- 1. Study science and become a doctor or 2. Study humanities and go for civil services/govt job/teaching profession. Though I was interested in becoming a doctor, I chose the 2nd option and changed from commerce to humanities bcz I wasn't confident in science back then.
My dad never pressured me to take science directly but he would do it indirectly by always comparing me to relatives/close friends that are science students :( . I feel like he is ashamed of me not being good at science. I spent the whole 11th grade scoring well but not being proud of it and not feeling good enough. I started to think maybe he was right, I should have taken science instead. Science does open many gates for you. It wud have been good for me.
Fast forward to now(I'm in the middle of 12th grade), my family is being forced to move back to India due to my dad not being in a good place financially. Apparently schools don't admit new students directly into 12th grade for sum reason. Which means I would have to repeat 11th grade AND THEN get promoted to 12th grade next year. (Meri kismat itni kharab kyu hai😢). Repeating 11th grade means I have another chance to change streams. So I'm thinking should I change my stream maybe? It's good for me in the long run and my parents would be happy too. But I have my own doubts and dilemmas:
• I didn't open any science book since after passing 10th. There will be some difficulties bcz I will be going in the middle of the academic year.10th grade Concepts/formulas are not fresh in my mind • I'm hesitating a lot like maybe I should just continue in humanities, but what if I regret not taking science later in the future? It'd be awful bcz I got another chance to change it yet I didn't take the chance. • I do actually have interest in becoming a doctor(dentistry/ nursing/ physiotherapy) but bcz of my bad (I'm not bad at it but I'm very slow) practical skills at physics/chem I doubt I will manage to get good grades in 11th and 12th grade. Only scoring well in bio is not enough. • And everyone says even scoring average marks is very difficult in science. If I don't score well I likely would not get into a good college. I can't just pass the exams and be done w it. Scoring well is going to be a whole another challenge too. • But again, If I find out that science is not for me I can just change back to humanities na? Shouldn't I atleast try first? Or should I study 11th humanities all over again? • I can go to mostly any field after taking science stream but i cant take humanities now and change to science later. This is what worries me the most. It's a permanent decision. It will seal my fate.
What should I do? Should I change to science? I want to make my dad happy and I also want a better future.
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2023.05.30 22:58 Cheekers1989 My first Honda Fit was a 2015 Silver EX that started at 29k miles and ended at 280k miles. I was finally able to trade it in for a 2016 Yellow EX-L with 120k miles.

My first Honda Fit was a 2015 Silver EX that started at 29k miles and ended at 280k miles. I was finally able to trade it in for a 2016 Yellow EX-L with 120k miles.
I had gotten the 2015 Silver Fit in 2018, my first adult car with a car note. I'm a full time gig work, along with adding a few more ways to make moneys.
It wasn't a great deal mainly due to my own finances and bad credit but the silver fit was back in the shop [again] for running lean and I just had happened to place an application to see if I would qualify for Finance and I did. Though, my payments went up a bit, I'm actually doing better with my finances so I expect I can get this refinanced in 8 months.
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2023.05.30 22:58 TigerSimilar Finally found the culprit of my issues (may help others experiencing it)

Hi guys
24, cpps/hypertonic pelvic floor since 3 years, started PFPT a month ago.
ACTUAL SYMPTOMS : Hesitancy, weak stream, loss of feeling of need to urinate (sometimes it’s still there), trigger points on my lower back, hips, glutes, legs etc alongside some pelvic muscles chronic tightness, the classical ejaculation pain and some ED.
I noticed that when I fo to pee afterwards my abdominal muscles and also my lower abs muscles (near the public bone) are really sore. As if I did a lot of sport activity and strained them. Same goes with my lower back muscles, hips, thighs etc….
It seems that every time I go to toilet these muscles are involved and straining even though I’m not doing it on purpose. I also feel that all of this is creating these trigger points down my body and cause more hesitancy and low stream and loss of bladder sensation….
So, good, I finally found my Culprit, my scapegoat but what can I do to stop involuntary and unconsciously use these muscles while peeing if I’m not even doing it on purpose.
PLEASE HELP ME. Has everyone encountered the same situation? What would you all do?
PSA : I have what would be some posterior pelvic tilt, always clenching my glutes while standing and so on..
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2023.05.30 22:58 nuclearsurfboard The more I think about it, the more I think Kendall did NOT actually lose ...

Okay, let's get the semantics out of the way first: yes he technically lost the horse race for CEO. Obviously. The show ends with Tom as CEO and Kendall staring blankly at the water. In that moment he's about as low as he can possibly be.
But there is a very real chance that IF some time and distance can help Kendall attain a little bit of perspective (a big if, I grant), he may end up in a much happier place in the future.
It really felt like Kendall had just been robotically going for the top spot because his dad promised to him at age 7 and because he simply couldn't see himself doing anything else. He said it during the boardroom argument -- that he was a cog specifically designed for THIS (admittedly shitty) job. He obviously believes that now, and is devastated when it's yanked away from him.
But was it actually going to make him happy? Like, really happy? Deep down inside?
No. Because it would still just be him riding his dad's coattails while trying to live up to his dad's impossibly high standard. But it would never be anything that he built or did, which means any real self-actualization would be pretty hard to come by.
But now he has a legit opportunity for a fresh start, and the money to theoretically do anything he wants. And IF he can actually go out and build something on his own, even if it's much smaller in scale, he'll finally be able to draw some strength and inner belief in himself -- which he never had in his dad's shadow, and would almost surely never get at Waystar. He'd have just ended up miserable ... or worse.
Now? He's got a shot. A slim one, but I think he's chances of finding real happiness and contentment in his life are better away from Waystar than they'd have been inside, not in the short term but in the long term.
Can Kendall take his opportunity and do anything with it? I don't know. Probably not. The show doesn't exactly give us many hints that Kendall will be able to, but we also haven't seen Kendall outside of the context of fighting to be CEO and desperately trying to please his dad. As he gets further removed from the day-to-day pressure of both, is it possible he's able to make some kind of positive internal change?
Again, it's probably doubtful ... but there was no way he was going to end up happy as Waystar's pain sponge, not long-term. And his deficiencies as a leader would always be highlighted trying to walk in his dad's shoes.
His one shot is to do something on his own, whether that's in business or otherwise. I find myself feeling far more hopeful for him now that this future was forced upon him than if he'd "won" the future he envisioned for himself.
Maybe I'm crazy. :-) But I think this was his only real shot, and I hope after a little mourning for the dream he had dashed, I hope he takes his opportunity for a fresh start and does something meaningful with it.
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2023.05.30 22:58 dragon-gaming-55555 this is not a queer safe space and hate will be tolerated

while queerposting is the focus of the sub, it is still not allowed here (provided ur not using this sub properly and lying) and being hateful/an asshole about it is cool.
that being said if every post here is about queerness it will not become annoying for people who just cant relate so I am going to ask we just become either solely a queer community or stay an unaccepting sub with a boring gimmick.
i personally think we’re at an oversaturated level of queer memes, i think the level is terrible right now but eh thats my opinion feel free to leave a comment i wont read any of them.
stop it though, none of you are funny 😘
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2023.05.30 22:58 10Kfireants Shiv can still work for Waystar Roco Gojo

Everyone keeps saying Shiv is just like Caroline now -- the wife of the CEO -- OR that she could get back into politics or do her own thing.
She could do all that, but everyone seems to forget she and Tom have been colleagues the whole series. Karolina gave Shiv a heads up about Hugo acting different before the board vote, and the FIRST person Tom asked for was Karolina, as if Shiv gave briefed him as soon as she cast her vote.
Yes, they've both gunned for the top position and thrown each other under the bus doing it. But I don't see why she can't, at the very least, switch roles with Tom and gun for something high-up-ish in the company, like he did with the television division or any other roles?
Matsson never told Tom he didn't want Shiv anywhere , just not in the top spot. In fact, even when he was saying he wants to fuck her, he was speaking highly of her business-wise; not about firing her. She just wasn't the person for CEO.
AND if you think switching to her brothers' side for a few hours would ruin her employment chances, that doesn't track at all with the show. Everyone from Frank to KENDALL got as far as they did after blatant betrayals and fuckery. Tom congratulated Greg on his first blackmailing. And Matsson said nothing about Shiv after she flipped -- it was Greg he called Judas and Greg still has a job. If anything, Matsson knows why Shiv temporarily took her brothers' side and will appreciate still giving him the vote.
If nothing else, Shiv can hold her last-minute vote above Tom's and Lukas' head to get a nice spot in the company, play the card she did at the funeral that her liberal politics won't affect her loyalty to the viewers and become the absent #BossMom she promised to be. Not as CEO. But something, somewhere.
She PROBABLY would get even farther than she would ever have with Ken. Go back to those at-home work conversations with Tom as they bounce ideas off each other, or become divorced co-parent colleagues with a ton of mutual respect. It's not CEO. But it's not immediately Caroline.
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2023.05.30 22:58 Sci-hubby How to create recruitingheaven

I am a scientist and am coming to the stage of my career where I start taking in students of my own. I've put out an advert for a PhD project and been pleasently surprised to receive over 20 applications for the post.
Now I need to decide among the applicants and I find myself having to act like a hiring manager but I've never had any training or instructions of any kind in how to conduct job interviews and the like. I figured I would choose a few top candidates from the resumes and interview only those while politely rejecting the rest.
I would like the experience to be reasonably pleasant for all applicants and I thought I might ask this sub for tips on how to do this. Also, I see a lot of people here posting about being asked some rediculus interview questions but I wonder if you've had any where you thought "that's a really good question to ask someone in an interview"?
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2023.05.30 22:58 Remotive [Hiring][Full Remote] 2 Full Remote jobs at tech companies - May 30, 2023

Job Title Company Salary Full Remote in...
Staff Accountant Discourse - USA
QA Engineer Dusseau and Company, LLC $25 - $50 /hour Worldwide
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2023.05.30 22:58 br_ead_loaf about that awful awful "baby talk" post

been trying to forget all night and day since saw but because brain literally can't do that if something upset because high support needs autism and other things so many vent this help brain stop
but that post and specifically what that person reply to me before mod delete is awful awful
this just how i natural most easy write am adult am not baby
idea that "this one level 3 nonspeaking person don't do this so all other people who do this must be fake" and "this one level 3 nonspeaking person do this so all other people do this must be fake and mock" tokenize one single level 3 nonspeaking person use her as standard hold her to pedestal (nothing against critical am angry at the person)
especially done by a level 1/2 split fake claim other level 3 / high support need "on behalf of this one level 3 nonspeaking person on one corner of internet" incredibly insulting like level 3 / high support need not in need of saving not need a savior not need a protector not damsel in distress not need other people "help" police. need allys need support many of us have trouble communicate and advocate yes but need ally who equal not savior complex.
(this paragraph about their response to me) insulting it done by level 1/2 split who have ability hyper analyze supposed "inconsistencies" in my write see pattern or no patten. who can probably do pretend themselves so assume everyone can. against me who high support need who don't even realize i write different type different from day to day good time bad time don't even have awareness on own write not to mention on purpose fake write different. like had be told by other people "hey you more coherent today are you have good day" and "you repeat single words like upset and frustrate a lot you write more chunky you explain things less are you upset" and "you think about this upsetting thing for over 2 hours need step away now." me who who can't mask can't even fake don't even know how pretend because only understand own perspective literally struggle so hard know other people think know feel different (have intense theory of mind deficit)
many times don't even understand why self can or can't do something. exactly because have high support needs. because high support needs not enough awareness. why can't do this basic thing but can do this complex looking thing. or other people think A is more complex than B for them so if can do A must able do B because must be linear according to their experience. i don't know why my brain can do A but not B either, can't do because high support needs, can't explain because high support needs!!!!! but don't make less true. if only believe people who can explain and justify (in way that fit your narrow idea of acceptable grammar and communication) why can or cannot do thing, then leave out significant amount of high support needs / level 3 people. awful advocacy.
so many only know "can all the time" and "cannot all the time at all" but not realize so much in between and if don't fit either binary then fake fake. but truth is many people ability fluctuate day to day. no not mean "level 1 good day level 3 bad day." but know people who need physical help go toilet most day but can go toilet by self with visual prompt on good day, they fake? just because you don't understadn or experience something. not mean fake. sometime on very very good day brain clearer so able write more "correct" grammar, but freeze every couple of words every sentence freeze for a minute just stare. not productive! why make self go through that pointless!!!! other times other people "fluctuate" in what they post because, guess what, maybe they get other people support to write grammar correct!!! all you need know online, don't see whole picture don't see everything! "well you write long posts" but you don't see how long it take to write long post or how only in very specific situation can even write long post (only specific topic + specific prompting + other factors) or how cannot simplify cannot write short can only word vomit becaus e that only ability i have!!
not your job to weed out reals and fake. not helpful. maybe there fakers but in mean time you also do harm to real high support needs / level 3 who real who just struggle. you not supreme being not king no need crusade to "help."
autism inherent social communication impairment, nonverbal nonspeaking not just "like a normal speaking person except no mouth words," other communication impact too!! so yes high support needs / high level nonverbal autistic do present this way!! just because you as low autism level not this way, or one level 3 nonspeaking not this way, not mean everyone not that way!!
sometimes other disabilities happen same time like aphasia. not say is my experience but someone in similar place as me, may apply. no people don't just leave their aphasia out the door because they in spicy autism sub.
sometimes no other disability it just autism because again. autism inherent social communication impairment!! i write this way not because ID because don't have ID, write this way because autism!!! specifically communication ability get worse fast over years because medically recognized autistic catatonia with deterioration / autism regression!!!!! some area more affected than others!! some area aready suck before regression so regression make even harder!!! so yes it make sense that i can understand some complex ideas can write them write big words because 1) understand/know them before regression and that knowledge keep 2) don't have ID so just communication impacted (and other autism criteria) not global understanding!! (have thing affect cognitive yes but spiky profile and because not ID because age of onset etc etc)
and amount of people who agree in that post. just sharp reminder that, even this community not safe for me.
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2023.05.30 22:57 dark-bile Tom didn’t win

I think I might be thinking way too much into it but what I could gather from this show is that being the CEO of the company was never gonna be the ultimate win. To make my point clear, the most stable, sane or relatively happy characters are the ones who ultimately disassociate from the firm. Ewan, Connor, Caroline etc.
Tom, being a leech, climbed the corporate ladder but never really got his mouth to stop sucking dicks. Cyd (technically) , Logan and now Mattsson. I think there needs to be an emphasis on this front.
However, even though I do ponder that there’s no actual winning here, I still think all the siblings had a good ending. To get rid of the very thing which drew so many wedges between the family and to finally not obsess on that one entity so much that you neglect the other important things around you? I don’t think the ending was sad for them. I think it was refreshing.
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2023.05.30 22:57 Strange_Network_9514 Tips for new solo boater going down through locks

So I’m new and solo and have been through about a dozen locks going up, now I’ve turned around and I’ve got to go back but getting cold feet. Going down through a lock seems so much more frightening. For one thing there’s the cill. And also I have been tying the boat up going up (and keeping an eye on it) but I’ve heard this is a definite no no going down, is that right? I’ve watched some YouTube videos about going down solo but they all edit them in a really annoying way and you don’t actually see what they do about holding the rope while opening the paddles. Do you tie it off then immediately untie it once the paddle is open? What do you do if you’re struggling or you think the boat maybe getting stuck or it’s drifted too far back and something is stopping it from coming forward? Let go of the rope and run and shut the paddle? Is there a booklet or anything from CRT that carefully walks you through what is best practice as a solo boater? All the literature I’ve read just says “do x, y and z and don’t tie it off, although this may not always be possible if you’re a solo boater”?! So what should you do as a solo boater and how do you guarantee that you won’t get caught on the cill? Also my centre line is only about 20 foot (on a 40 foot boat). That felt fine going up but is it too short going down?
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2023.05.30 22:57 vegabassoonseacake Hyperoptic 2023 Discount Code

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2023.05.30 22:57 Outrageous_Coat_6745 What will the police do if go to work without parent’s permission

The household that I live in is extremely toxic I’m f17 and I’ve just gotten a job at first my mum was fine with it and my dad wanted me to get a job for work experience but now they don’t want me to go if I go (it’s not that I did anything wrong my dad doesn’t want me to be independent)to work without their permission and they call the police on me will I be forced to go home
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2023.05.30 22:57 Emeraldz_7 What are the songs that amaze you every time you listen to it?

Me personally, don't sit down, knee socks, dancefloor, secret door, suck it and see, piledriver and stop the world
Some songs from other bands/artists would be Heat shaped box - nirvana Float - the neighbourhood Razzmatazz - I DONT KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME Fangs - Younger hunger
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2023.05.30 22:57 i12diepls Nail Clippers are unnecessary

I’ve just used my other hand ever since I can remember. Just make a notch using another fingernail and then slowly tear. If it starts to go bad just stop… it’s not worth ripping too short. But I’m skilled enough this rarely happens. The big toe can be a challenge however.
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2023.05.30 22:57 AsaMitakaIrL Im back to being a army 🔥

After like 2 years since I completely stopped listening to BTS (I used to be OBSESSED W THEM before that) I’m once again listening to them. I honestly dk why I stopped listening to them tho lol, I love their songs and their live performances omggggggGGG . V ¿???🫠🫠🫠🫠🫠 ig my obsession is backk

ive been listening to them almost non stop for a couple days now. & Don’t see that stopping anytime soon 🥶
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2023.05.30 22:57 imeansure23 Applying for Jobs

Just got approved yesterday and am starting the job hunt. Curious how others are explaining the visa situation. I am applying for jobs but as of right now I have no UK experience ( yet) so I assume they look at my resume or profile and assume I need to be sponsored- which we don’t. How are others approaching this ?
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