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Etherna Academy is a prestigious university, built on the land of Elemina of the Crescent Isles.
Aspiring mages from around the continent aspire to attend this university to become one of its coveted alumni.
There are many secrets that surround the setting, and as a student you will try your best to discover and learn about them as you go on your adventure…
Or you could choose to build relationships with the cast and ignore all of that! Get your heart points up with any number of the colourful characters, whether they are a teacher or a fellow student. Combat will happen in the subjugation course, where you are required to take down monsters that roam the world as a form of subsidy to your education.
Come and get your syllabus, and join us on a magical quest to discover the pains of University!
Looking for an extra player or two to replace some party members who had to leave due to personal reasons. Please note that this game is actually more RP than DND, in a sense that rolls don’t happen as often, but magic is still used a lot.
If you’re interested, comment or DM a character concept, your age, GMT, and a few words to describe who you are! We’re about 8 sessions in and while none of us knew each other before playing, we all talk and meld together quite well. So personality is important to us.
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Hi, My Xperia X Compact is finally giving up the ghost. I had to get the charging port replaced 4 months ago because it wasn't charging at all. Now, the port has started playing up again. It "recognises" the port, but then won't charge. This phone has been perfect for me. I don't want a bigger phone. The only downside has been the lack of upgrade past Oreo 8.0. Can anyone recommend a phone the same size, waterproof, and at least the same spec? Thanks!
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2023.03.25 10:59 GanbaruSunshine Follow-Up to my Type Confusion and Socionics Study

Hello! I recently made a post on the main Socionics reddit regarding my confusing between IEE and EIE. https://www.reddit.com/Socionics/comments/11xagi1/studying_socionics_confused_between_eie_and_iee/
I learned a lot from that thread and my conversations with others, and feel like I have a better grasp on the system. In order to not fill up the Socionics reddit with more type confusion stuff, I wanted to follow-up on here to see if someone would help me and continue probing me for questions/info about my type! I have a hard time seeing myself as myself without direct feedback from others, so I've hit a snag in terms of my thinking and research.
I attached parts of the questionnaire as well below, I tried to keep the answers brief since there's so many.
##Section 1
**1. How do you work? Why do people go to work? Are there any parameters that determine whether you can do work or not? What are they?*\*
I work in bursts, I have a hard time doing work unless its meaningful to me or benefits others in a way I can see. I think a lot of people go to work just to survive, not necessarily because they enjoy it. That's a system issue which I could go into, but for the sake of this questionnaire, I won't. I think the world would be better if people worked on what they were passionate about and enjoyed and could make a comfortable salary. When I don't agree with the morals/ethics of the work I'm doing, feel it is menial or detrimental to society, I tend to not want to work. Especially if I'm being ordered around. I usually like making my own decisions and being the leader. I'm indecisive, but can be decisive when it comes to figuring out what's best for others. I have a hard time working for myself. I have so many ideas that I'd like to launch and people have told me I have so much potential...but its hard for me to activate it and get going, because I just don't see myself as being that valuable as the wellbeing of others.
**2. How do you determine the quality of work? How do you determine the quality of a purchase? Do you pay any attention to it?*\*
Quality of work depends on the result. If the result is good, I feel it's okay even if the way it was completed was not "following procedure." Quality of purchase I usually determine by doing research on product and what others are saying. I usually like to get the best product I can even if its something small/not used often. I play a lot of attention to that, also along to how the product makes me feel.
**3. There is a professional next to you. How do you know they are a professional? How do you evaluate their skill?*\*
Usually based on their status or how other people perceive them. I can be a bit indifferent to a professional, I see people as pretty much equal regardless of their social status/standing. Usually I think there's too much hype around them and sometimes I won't really agree with societies perception if my understanding/experience differs.
**4. If you struggle to do something, how do you fix that? Do you know if your performance is better or worse than others?*\*
Usually I research or ask others. A lot of times I get stuck on my own in tasks related to myself. Like trying to understand myself. Usually once I talk to someone else I can get a better understanding of what I'm doing wrong and everything clicks. I used to play games competitively and would constantly make the same errors, unable to realizing them myself. Someone would point it out and change my thinking/approach and then I would be able to improve myself as if a weight was lifted. Usually I compare my performance to my past self, I'm most in competition with myself but I also compete against others in private. I want to outdo others, but I'm not cutthroat about it.
**5. How do you measure the success of a job? What standard do you use? Do you pay attention to it? When should you deviate from this standard?*\*
This is kind of hard for me to answer, I don't focus on the things in this section that much. Usually success for me means not failing or reaching the standard. I seem to prioritize avoiding failure more-so than reaching for success. Failure as in running out of town, losing out, making a fatal error...etc.
This whole section is hard to answer, I don't really focus on it. Or well I only do when the need arises, it feels like I need to switch myself over to think about these things, but I'd much rather be invested in other more positive things and not think too much about this. It feels very business like, which I am able to do, but I do these things to achieve the goal of positive change in the world or helping others, reaching my vision.

##Section 2
**1. What is a whole? Can you identify its parts? Are the parts equivalent to the whole?*\*
I don't really know??? I think something is whole when it's fully fulfilled? I can identify the parts perhaps, but I don't know if they're equivalent? They're only equivalent if the whole is meaningful as well? Hard for me to answer this one.
**2. What does "logical" mean? What is your understanding? Do you think that it correlates with the common view? How do you know you are being logical?*\*
Logical to me is about consistency. I don't know if I'm logical or not, but I strive to be when it is needed. I don't really know how to tell, but perhaps I would say I'm being logical if I'm being consistent in my thoughts/methods. To follow-up, I think I can change myself to be almost anything depending on what is needed, but not for long. I think a lot of people feel they are more logical than they really are, especially people who try to remove emotions from the nature of things all together.
**3. What is hierarchy? Give examples of hierarchies. Do you need to follow it? Why or why not? Explain how hierarchy is used in a system you are familiar with.*\*
Basically things that have status over others. I play/love video games so one of my first thoughts are tier lists, they place certain characters in higher positions due to being innately stronger by whatever criteria is relevant to the game. I never really agreed with this because how can we say something is ALWAYS better than the other? For instance, a person can get really good at a specific characteplaystyle and dominate everyone else. I feel when people focus too much on following these things it becomes dogmatic and takes the fun out of things. Even if you want to win, what is the point if you're not doing it your own way? If you're always following what everyone else is doing, what is the point in anything because its no longer your life.
**4. What is classification? How does classification work? Why is it needed and where is it applied? Give examples.*\*
Assigning something to a group or discovering what group it belongs to. Like uncovering the nature of an animal by identifying what group it belongs to scientifically. It can be useful to easily identify similarities between different things or create a system that allows you to draw conclusions without extra work.
**5. Are your ideas consistent? How do you know they are consistent? How do you spot inconsistency in others' ideas?*\*
I would think that they aren't consistent. I don't think it matters though if they are consistent as long as the meaning behind them is consistent. For instance I can change the way I view things pretty easily (and myself) so I wouldn't say I'm a consistent person internally. Outside I can appear as such but its more of a survival based trait less of a natural one. I don't really look to critique inconsistency in others so it's not natural to me. Instead, I like to find certain errors and help a person improve them. Actually the more I think of it, it might be looking for inconsistency. I was always good at proofreading others work, not just for punctuation/grammar, but to see if their ideas make sense in the grand scheme of things. It's unconscious for me to do this, I don't put much thought into it and comes into my head naturally when I see something that feels "incorrect."
An example is when someone is drawing a conclusion and it feels like it's somewhat right, but goes to the state of being extreme. Maybe someone had a bad run-in with a certain gender or culture and they assume all of them are are the same...this doesn't feel right because even though one experience was that way, it's not correct/consistent to assume that all other experiences will be the same. Like correlation does not equal causation?
This section felt a bit harder AT FIRST, but when I thought about it more I had an easier time answering than the first one. Again, I don't really focus on these things consciously, but they do annoy me when people can be a little dogmatic about it. I guess this whole section to me boils down to "right vs wrong" and "correct vs incorrect" I feel like something can be the correct approach even if its not moral/emotional/rational, but then something else kicks in and decides not to act on it if it doesn't meat that criteria.
##Section 3
**1. Can you press people? What methods do you use? How does it happen?*\*
Not really...I kind of struggle with this. Sometimes I get frustrated, because it seems that people always are standing in my way. Usually its when I'm trying to do something for the betterment of others, they like to hinder me from reaching that goal. I relate to maneuvering around them, I don't really run people over. Or I like outperform them passively...becoming more successful, working hard, becoming a bit more stubborn.
**2. How do you get what you want? What do you do if you have to work to get what you want?*\*
Usually getting what I want isn't something I'm concerned with, usually it's what others want that's more important. I usually don't mind doing the hard work if its for what others want...but for what I want it's kind of hard to put in the work.
**3. How do you deal with opposition? What methods do you use to defend your interests?*\*
I can become pretty stubborn. I'm not a person to rely on anger and blow up on people, I'm more likely to try to reason. But I feel like a lot of people can't be reasoned with now, so I try to find alternatives around the conflict.
**4. When do you think it's ok to occupy someone's space? Do you recognize it?*\*
Does this mean physical space or space as an abstract concept? I think physical space is okay (if it means like tendenot combative) when you're emotionally close to the person. I like giving hugs and being near those who I am close to! Otherwise it's probably not okay! I don't think about this at all really.
**5. Do others think you are a strong-willed person? Do you think you have a strong will?*\*
I think I can appear to be weak on the surface, but inside I can be stronger than I realize. Actually, I'm not sure if others see me as this way. I've always had people tell me that I'm stronger than them, stronger than anyone they've met. This is strength in an abstract way, not physical. Just being able to outlast, persevere, not give up, work harder, learn faster, etc. I relate to the concept of quiet strength. I'm at my strongest and best when I'm fighting for others though!
These concepts are kind of weird, because I don't naturally fight others, but I do enjoy certain aggression. I relate to applying pressure or power or drive when other people aren't. For instance, I sometimes like to turn my brain off in games and brute force myself at opponents. I play a lot of support in games, but sometimes I enjoy fighting and don't normally healbot (just passively healing.) Rushing in headfirst is kind of a thrill.
Now that I think about it, I enjoy being active more than passive. I sometimes appear passive because I don't want to cause harm to others, but I enjoy aggression to an extent. More so passion and less of aggression. Being passionate with my emotions, with people I like, touchy-feely, etc! I love being hands on and like work when I can move around. Not physical labor necessarily, but things that keep me moving. I always learned best from actually experiencing something rather than being told. Again it takes a backseat to what other people want though, so I can turn it down if necessary, but it provides a good release of energy for me to be a little loose!
##Section 4
**1. How do you satisfy your physical senses? What examples can you give? What physical experiences are you drawn to?*\*
This is kind of embarrassing, but I feel like satisfying them is almost compulsive for me. I'm attracted to sweets and certain delicacies. I like drinks the most. Food I'm more ambivalent about. Drinks as in things like smoothies, boba tea I loveee, teas of all kinds, milkshakes, all kinds of sweet drinks. I don't drink or smoke, but I like the way these make me feel...like emotionally better.
Also can be a little sexual, but I hide this part from my public image. I think sexual desires are pretty natural and people act like they're more taboo. Not necessarily should be flaunted in a trashy way...but people should accept that its natural to be sexually attracted to people, have different tastes, and want to explore them? Like I can understand why people are turned-off from it, but I think it's not good to deny our own natural instincts.
Ok on top of that, I'm drawn to things like good feelings and rush of excitement/energy! I don't even have to be the one doing it, but seeing other people doing something cool, gives me goosebumps. ANOTHER BIG THING IS MUSIC. I love listening to music and it affects me emotionally. Like I get goosebumps easily from songs that touch me to core. Sound is very big for me, I rely on it for everything. Sight would be next or maybe touch.
I love to move around and run. I run pretty much everywhere which can be kind of weird. But I always wondered why people just walk places...? Like its so much more fun to run and you can get to where you're going faster. It's nice to run when its windy too, it creates the perfect atmosphere. I think I'm getting carried away so I'll stop here.
**2. How do you find harmony with your environment? How do you build a harmonious environment? What happens if this harmony is disturbed?*\*
Hmm, I don't really know. I don't understand somewhat. Harmony with my environment is it like being comfortable? Because I'm comfortable when everyone else around is comfortable. So I usually work to make others comfortable. Sometimes I wish I was on my own, because I feel I would be perfectly comfortable and not have to be oriented to everyone else all the time. I have lived like that before though and was pretty set in inertia/apathy, becoming a slave to my impulses.
For instance in college, I moved out of my family home and stayed in a solo dorm. It was nice having the freedom at first, but it started to reinforce my worse habits. Without external expectations/motivations, I couldn't find a reason to do much of anything. So I ended up not going to classes, not finishing my work, becoming sluggish. The more alone I stayed the more sluggish and worn down I became. Instead of correcting it, I turned to impulsive needs...binging TV and the like. It wasn't until I was forced out of that environment that I turned back to my normal self again.
So sometimes my harmony being disturbed is beneficial to wake me up out of inertia.
**3. What does comfort mean to you? How do you create it?*\*
Comfort means being in a good state that allows me to be emotionally stable. State as in a mindset, or harboring/staying true to positive emotional feelings. Being comfortable that I won't be attacked for being myself or not necessarily having to bend to the needs of everyone else. I...don't necessarily create it I'm usually forced into it after everything else falls to the wayside.
Outside of that, I sometimes force myself to have this comfort by taking time away from the outside world...while also being connected to the outside world? Like it could be picking up a book I've always wanted to read or manga/anime I've wanted to watch. Playing a game that is solo and just delving into the story. Or thinking about myself and life and what I want out of it. Basically I get the comfort when I focus on my needs for a change, and not everyone elses. OH comfort also comes when I have a guide/goal to follow. I don't like being restricted or forced to do something, but again I can feel aimless when there's no clear path, next steps, or goal for me to work towards. Again I start feeling like things are static and unchanging and it's depressing. So when I have something like that, I feel comfortable and really get in touch with my inner strength.
**4. How do you express yourself in your hobbies? How do you engage yourself with those things?*\*
OH this is fun! My hobbies are what's really real and true to me! Like I enjoy my hobbies and turn the knowledge I gain from them, experiences, and well the emotional energy into my pursuits in the real world. I'd feel most at home doing work related to my hobbies as long as it's benefiting the world in some way. I don't really have a preference for escaping or running away from problems using them. Sometimes it helps me quiet down my anxiety though.
My hobbies are writing, music, games, anime/manga, and collecting! I enjoy collecting things that are meaningful to me such as figurines...I also like crystals. Usually I represent these things and carry them with me to keep myself grounded and motivated. My wardrobe is based a lot on my hobbies as well.
My passion for these things usually is what takes me into new experiences, I became a leader and met most of my close relationships through my interests. I feel like it's a part I've come to neglect as I've gotten older because it takes a backseat to what I feel I need to do or should do to support others/my family. But its still very important to me.

**5. Tell us how you'd design any room, house or an office. Do you do it yourself, or trust someone else to do it? Why?*\*
I usually talk big and say I'd do it myself...then end up asking for help because I'm indecisive! When I was younger I was much more confident just relying on my own perception and likes/dislikes for what I made/designed. For some reason getting older made me less confident in my own ability to judge that, so sometimes I have to seek out others to tell me. I don't always like to do that though, because it loses it's personal meaning for me when I share too much of my interests/ideas with others. It doesn't feel special anymore.
This section was really fun to write about! It also makes me feel a bit bad, because I feel like I've neglected myself here and should focus on this more.
##Section 5
**1. Is it acceptable to express emotions in public? Give examples of inappropriate expression of emotions.*\*
Yes I think it's acceptable as long as it's not overdone to the point of being phony/attention-seeking. Some things can be kind of trashy, such as excessive displays of affection. I think people are too harsh on others who display emotion out in the open though! Like those who end up crying due to the pressure/stress they face. I've always tried not to show my worse sides to maintain a certain image/stability. The times I've cried in public have been very few and could be counted on one hand. But I don't judge others for doing so.
**2. How do you express your emotions? Can you tell how your expressions affect others in a positive or negative way?*\*
I don't think I express them that well...at least in real life. I much prefer communicating my emotions via text and find it hard to be fully vulnerable with someone face-to-face. I don't think it's because I'm not emotional though, I relate to most things through emotion. It's just perhaps an insecurity that I gained due to the environment I was in. I've had harden myself to withstand some of worse parts of life and sometimes I feel people will think less of me if I'm fully myself. It slips out online though because its a place I'm much more comfortable with, almost with my family. Again just positive emotions, I tend to hide my negative emotions a bit better. When I was younger, I was described as having a poker face, but I would mostly keep a pleasant expression at most times.
**3. Are you able to change your demeanor in order to interact with your environment in a more or less suitable way? How do you determine what is suitable?*\*
It's not necessarily to interact with the environment, I feel I naturally become what people see in me. I have trouble typing myself because of this. If someone tells me I am IEE I will be an IEE. If someone says I'm EIE, I will act like that. My image will shift to match the expectations of others in a way. It's not even something I want to do, but I can't turn it off. It's more or less what's suitable, but what would make the person feel better.
**4. In what situations do you feel others' feelings? Can you give examples of when you wanted to improve the mood of others?*\*
Usually I feel emotion/feelings in regards to everything. Things (even objects) seem to be emotion colored. As in when I look at something in invokes some type of feeling. The same goes for anyone I'm interacting with. So of course I look for the best way to improve someones feelings. I had a struggle with this when I worked in education, I conflicted with other educators because they were focused on the accuracy of the material and doing things from their perspective. I was more focused on the students emotional/mental state and if they were feeling good/healthy. I felt they learned more when someone adequately addressed their needs holistically, as humans. More so than when the focus was on memorization of material.
**5. How do others' emotions affect you? How does your internal emotional state correlate or contrast with what you express?*\*
They affect me so much. Its almost like I absorb them. When I was younger people would describe me almost like a sponge...but unlike a sponge I wouldn't hold onto the emotions. It would go inside and flow through me, I'd experience it and then it'd flow out. Now I feel like I can hold onto them more when I'm less healthy. Usually my internal state is hard to portray. I try to express myself, but sometimes its hard to get the right words or adequately put the feeling into words. That's why I tend to focus so much more on others. Understanding everyone else is easier...myself is the real mystery.
Again this section was easy for me to answer, but it felt a little more serious. Still not bad though!
##Section 6
**1. How can you tell how much emotional space there is between yourself and others? How can you affect this space?*\*
Don't really know how to answer this. I don't understand the concept of emotional space. Does this mean like a gap between my feelings and others? I feel like I only fee this when I'm alone then, when I'm with others the feelings merge together.
**2. How do you determine how much you like or dislike someone else? How does this affect your relationships?*\*
Usually based on how they treat others and what values they hold (also how they act on those values.) I don't really like individuals who are really controlling of others and judge them for their behavior, but honestly I can see a charm in most behavior quirks! Things that are just bad no matter like racism, sexism, homophobia, etc are pretty much non negotiable, especially if they're causing direct harm to others because of those values.
I also don't like when people try to overrun or discount my own values or try to shape my values into something they're not. This has caused me to end a few relationships. Sometimes I end up leaving the relationship because I've noticed how merged I am with my partner and it bothers me. I've lost some really good relationships though...when all that was needed were a few boundaries. So I regret this tendency.
**3. How do you move from a distant relationship to a close one? What are the distinguishing characteristics of a close relationship?*\*
This happens kind of naturally...but usually I become more engaged with someone who needs help. I make friends very easily, they usually end up seeking me out. I sometimes act as the person to do things for them, take initiative, while they're a bit more passive. I'm not necessarily seeking that role but I naturally meld into it. Most close friends/partners I had were due to me offering to help them and taking an interest in their development.
I mentioned this before but people tend to follow me around? Like physically and literally...look to me to lead them. I sometimes express discomfort on the service but I enjoy it being connected to a person this way and serving as a guide for them. Usually they help me by providing constant support/affection.
Close relationships are usually ones though where I can be my vulnerable self. They don't have as many expectations from me anymore and I can just be what I am. But I don't usually know what I am...so I hope they can help me find this too.
**4. How do you know that you are a moral person? Where do you draw your morality from? Do you believe others should share your beliefs on what's moral? Why?*\*
Hmm, I don't really know if I am one. I try to do the right thing, and that's pretty much it. There's not really anything else I think about, I only really know what bothers me when it occurs in a real situation. Real or maybe an example of one. I just try to do what's right for others and myself...but I learned being right is hard...sometimes and not clear cut. I don't think people need to share my beliefs, I don't think I'd force them on others. People just need to be respectful of others beliefs...but not if they're just pure hate. I think sometimes we're too tolerant to beliefs that are actually not beliefs just hate.
**5. Someone you care about is acting distant to you. How do you know when this attitude is a reflection of your relationship?*\*
Don't really know...I think I wouldn't really think of this as a relationship issue but more of something being wrong with the person. Usually when someone is consistently different, I don't have much drive to maintain contact.
This sections feels a little abstract, so I can't really answer properly...I don't see things or relationships this way, the whole concept of "relationship" as something separate doesn't really occur to me. I just think of the other person.
##Section 7
**1. How can you tell someone has the potential to be a successful person? What qualities make a successful person and why?*\*
I think almost everyone has the potential to change themselves for the better. Success isn't about career, money, status...to me its more about utilizing your strengths and pursuing your passion to be what you want to be. If a person wants to live comfortable then that's their version of success. If another wants to be the president, that's their version. Neither are incorrect as long as they are happy and fulfilled.
**2. Where would you start when looking for a new hobby? How do you find new opportunities and how do you choose which would be best?*\*
Hmm I don't really go out looking for hobbies. My interests were formed naturally by things I felt a connection to. I have a hard time narrowing down new opportunities to ones that I'd really think are best but searching for them again seems pretty easy, like I don't need to think about it.
**3. How do you interpret the following statement: "Ideas don't need to be feasible in order to be worthwhile." Do you agree or disagree, and why?*\*
I don't really agree or disagree, because what is feasible? What is an example of an non-feasible idea? One that can't be applied realistically in this current moment? Well how do we know it can't be applied? Like who is the judge? I think almost anything can be possible, we just may not be aware of the method to make it possible yet. So I feel like any idea holds merit and shouldn't be constrained by what's real right now.
**4. Describe your thought process when relating the following ideas: swimming, chicken, sciences. Do you think that others would draw the same or different connections?*\*
Chickens may swim in lakes sometimes and a scientist might study why chickens are doing so. Perhaps this is unusual behavior for chickens to be swimming so they're taking an look into the cause of this behavior? Or maybe they found a way to enhance the taste of chicken by swimming through a certain body of water? That sounds really stupid but popped in my head! Perhaps someones an actual "chicken" or coward and swimming to get away from their science exam. There's many things I can think of with this haha. I don't think people would think the same, but there's so many things you could link this to.
Another one...there's been research on swimming science...perhaps a new swimming technique that replicates the movements of a chicken. Or maybe some scientists thought it'd be cool to eat chicken while swimming to get newfound inspiration? I could keep going but I'll stop because these sound stupid lol.
**5. How would you summarize the qualities that are essential to who you are? What kind of potential in you has yet to be actualized and why?*\*
I don't...really know. I mean I do know but also don't. The qualities most important to me are being open-minded and adaptable, being kind, having hope and perseverance. I would hate to become a close-minded, stuck in the mud person. I want to believe in things even if they're silly or unrealistic. Life is magical and I think people should take things less seriously some times. Not everything needs to be proved to have value.
Potential that has yet to be actualized...probably a lot. I feel like I could do a lot of good for this world and others, but I'm holding myself back. Why? I don't really know why, but perhaps I'm scared of being too much or even more so, scared of not being able to realize this. If I try my hardest and still fail, then what is left?
At the same time, I think other's see my potential more than I see it myself.
Nothing much to say about this one, seemed pretty straightforward to me!
##Section 8
**1. How do people change? Can you describe how various events change people? Can others see those changes?*\*
Nature vs nurture is what comes to mind. Some people are dealt a hand and they may not change much from that. Others are changed by life and their circumstances. I think trauma is a big thing that changes people...also the demands of our world. The world we live in or well our "society" is not built to support everyone. It's not fair and it's not right, so I can see people being forced to change just to survive. This really bothers me. Other people can see those changes, but I think sometimes those who are lucky to fit well with this society tend to look the other way.
**2. How do you feel and experience time? Can time be wasted? How?*\*
I don't? I can sometimes pinpoint exactly what time it is without a clock. Other times I can be very off. I don't really think time is wasted unless you're doing something you don't like. If its fun its not a waste as its contributing to your wellness of spirit.
**3. Is there anything that cannot be described with words? What is it? If so, how can we understand what it is if language does not work?*\*
A lot of things...probably the inner nature of humans. For me, I can't express what I truly feel inside. It comes out somewhat, but it's never what I truly feel or imagine. There are other things like invisible bonds we have to others, things you just know without needing to explain. Being bonded or drawn to someone or something for no particular reason...you can't really describe it or what causes it...it just happens.
To understand it...well you can't really? At least not fully. If you could, it'd ruin the nature of it. To me this feels more like something spiritual than a material world issue.
**4. How do you anticipate events unfolding? How can you observe such unfoldments in your environment?*\*
Usually I can tell the direction something is headed by the patterns that are present. It doesn't need to be a direct correlation, there doesn't need to be proof...sometimes there's just a feeling. Knowing that its right, or at least being very sure. If asked to explain it can't really be explained...but you just know? Also based off past trends and behavior. I look at symbols or experiences I've had before or witnessed in different places (past experiences, representations in media, in other things.) Honestly I enjoy fiction because it teaches so much about why things happen and HOW they happen. So by understanding the cause/effect in fiction, you can identify the same in the real world.
**5. In what situations is timing important? How do you know the time is right to act? How do you feel about waiting for the right moment?*\*
There's an instinct to just do it. Like the meme, but I've always thought there's a lot of truth in it. I think you'll just know, but the question is less of knowing the time and more of getting yourself to have the courage to take the step. I've missed a lot of things because I knew the time was right...felt it to my core, but I didn't believe in it or myself enough to act on it. Those are my biggest regrets honestly. Of course I was instantly proven right, that I did actually know and I should've acted. But I just couldn't do it.
Waiting for the right moment has merit too! I do that sometimes when the answer isn't clear. Again its just a gut instinct, nothing concrete to base it off. When I feel it, I get a sense inside that I should wait. Almost like some inner voice tells me to wait it out. I'll try to force things sometimes, but it never goes well. It goes back to "just wait." Eventually the right time appears and I realize it was worth waiting for.
I liked this section, it feels like a part of myself that was...lost to history, but was brought to light again.
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2023.03.25 10:58 Chowkingkong Started writing about my dreams for possible creative material in the future. Anyone else do this?

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2023.03.25 10:57 couponfordeals N-one NPad X 10.95” 4G Tablet Geekbuying Coupon Deal [8+128GB/Case+Film] [Europe Warehouse]

N-one NPad X 10.95” 4G Tablet Geekbuying Coupon Deal [8+128GB/Case+Film] [Europe Warehouse] submitted by couponfordeals to dealsondeals [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 10:56 couponfordeals #springsale > $214.99 > N-one NPad X 10.95” 4G Tablet Geekbuying Coupon Code [8+128GB/Case+Film] [Europe Warehouse]

#springsale > $214.99 > N-one NPad X 10.95” 4G Tablet Geekbuying Coupon Code [8+128GB/Case+Film] [Europe Warehouse] submitted by couponfordeals to couponPromocode [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 10:55 Terrible_Incident_90 Hey everyone should i consider cic du?

Hey everyone! So i am in this dilemma regarding which college should i go to. I got 94.8 percentile in mains only because maths saved it for me (99.8). But this isn't a good score as i want a computer based program only. Now i am from haryana and there isn't any good state based college that i could go to. During my research i came across srm,vit,manipal, etc. but i don't want to burden my family with that much amount of fees and like return on investment from these colleges isn't worth it imo. I also came to know about cic du and i am fascinated by its curriculum and 4 internships and also minimal fees. I think i can ace the cuet test as i am only good with numbers and only maths is in the domain subject. Also its programme it and mathematical innovation sounds perfect for me. I live really close to delhi so can also stay home and pursue my other hobbies. The only main con of cic i came across is the lack of a placement cell but i guess college placements are kinda overrated and if i have the skills i can crack a good job anywhere applying offcampus too. Also they ask you to take up 4 internships and i might be lucky to get a ppo. But this all what i collected about cic and i am sure that it isn't as rosy as it sounds. Also placements isn't my only goal for college i might consider an opportunity to do masters too. So should i start focusing on maths and give my all towards cuet or should i consider taking a drop a start preparing for a top nit? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.25 10:54 ozilwingie [need] [have]

[need] [have] submitted by ozilwingie to BoardKingsTrading [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 10:51 Dramatic-Ant-8392 How to replace i3wm lockscreen?

Hi everyone, I just recently got back to using i3wm after dropping it about a year back. I have just completed my first rice and I am loving it so far.
My only problem right now is that I absolutely hate how i3lock looks. I tried follow the installation steps of betterlockscreen to try to have it replaced. I have so far managed to setup a keybind that locks my machine using betterlockscreen.
My problem is when my computer (I use a thinkpad btw) suspends, it goes back to using i3lock which ruins my new rice.
For context, I am running Fedora 37. Neofetch details below:

OS: Fedora Linux 37 (Workstation Edition) x86_64
Host: 20J7002GSG ThinkPad T470p
Kernel: 6.2.7-200.fc37.x86_64
Uptime: 21 mins
Packages: 2799 (rpm), 50 (flatpak)
Shell: zsh 5.9
Resolution: 1920x1080
WM: i3
Theme: Breeze [GTK3]
Icons: breeze-dark [GTK3]
Terminal: kitty
CPU: Intel i7-7700HQ (8) @ 3.800GHz
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 630
Memory: 3260MiB / 15723MiB
Output of systemctl status [email protected] is the following:
[email protected] - Lock screen when going to sleep/suspend Loaded: loaded (/uslib/systemd/system/[email protected]; enabled; preset: disabled) Active: inactive (dead) since Sat 2023-03-25 17:36:24 PST; 13min ago Duration: 14.288s Process: 11372 ExecStart=/uslocal/bin/betterlockscreen --lock (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Process: 11374 ExecStartPost=/usbin/sleep 1 (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Main PID: 11372 (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) CPU: 402ms Mar 25 17:36:06 DESKTOP-F7E57MV.bbrouter dbus-daemon[11423]: [session uid=1000 pid=11421] Activating service name='org.freedesktop.Notifications> Mar 25 17:36:06 fedora dbus-daemon[11423]: [session uid=1000 pid=11421] Successfully activated service 'org.freedesktop.Notifications' Mar 25 17:36:06 fedora betterlockscreen[11372]: [B] Betterlockscreen Mar 25 17:36:06 fedora betterlockscreen[11372]: [*] Running prelock... Mar 25 17:36:06 fedora betterlockscreen[11372]: [*] Locking screen... Mar 25 17:36:07 fedora systemd[1]: Started [email protected] - Lock screen when going to sleep/suspend. Mar 25 17:36:21 fedora betterlockscreen[11441]: i3lock: Cannot grab pointekeyboard Mar 25 17:36:21 fedora betterlockscreen[11372]: [*] Running postlock... Mar 25 17:36:21 fedora org.freedesktop.Notifications[11425]: WARNING: Error releasing name org.freedesktop.Notifications: The connection is clos> Mar 25 17:36:24 DESKTOP-F7E57MV.bbrouter systemd[1]: [email protected]: Deactivated successfully. lines 1-19/19 (END) 
Thank you all in advance for your help and I am very happy and proud to be a part of this community.
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2023.03.25 10:50 Reaperhun2019 Does the A-4E Early worth the price?

Does the A-4E Early worth the price? submitted by Reaperhun2019 to Warthunder [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 10:50 Jaylin- Say.. aint no way 🤦🏽

Say.. aint no way 🤦🏽 submitted by Jaylin- to BulletEchoGame [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 10:50 KylePeakock In the market for an upgrade.

As the title suggests i am beginning my hunt for my next GPU and i am hoping this community can shed some insight:
I bought a Nvidia 3070 FE a few years back when the market was crazy and i could not get a 3080.
The rest of my build:

CPU - Intel Core i7-10700K 3.8 GHz 8-Core Processor
Motherboard - MSI MPG Z490 GAMING PLUS ATX LGA1200 Motherboard
Memory - Crucial Ballistix 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL16 Memory
Video Card - NVIDIA Founders Edition GeForce RTX 3070 8 GB Video Card
Power Supply - Corsair RM850 (2019) 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply
Monitor - LG 27GL850-B 27.0" 2560 x 1440 144 Hz Monitor

Upon initial research the sweet spot looks to be a 4070ti as it fits around my budget. I can sell my current GPU for a decent price looking at the market.
I am concerned with bottlenecking.
Do i flexibility to go higher?
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2023.03.25 10:49 randomlemon9192 Who has a Waterbox Peninsula?

I’m considering pulling the trigger on this INFINIA PENINSULA 4825.
48.8” x 25.3” x 21.7” sounds like my current reef dream and the aluminum stand makes me think it’ll survive a move.
From what I understand these are fairly new (around a year) so maybe there isn’t a good reference, is this a good deal? Do they go on better sales?
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2023.03.25 10:47 Terrible_Incident_90 Hey everyone should i consider cic du?

Hey everyone! So i am in this dilemma regarding which college should i go to. I got 94.8 percentile in mains only because maths saved it for me (99.8). But this isn't a good score as i want a computer based program only. Now i am from haryana and there isn't any good state based college that i could go to. During my research i came across srm,vit,manipal, etc. but i don't want to burden my family with that much amount of fees and like return on investment from these colleges isn't worth it imp. I also came to know about cic du and i am fascinated by its curriculum and 4 internships and also minimal fees. I think i can ace the cuet test as i am only good with numbers and only maths is in the domain subject. Also its programme it and mathematical innovation sounds perfect for me. I live really close to delhi so can also stay home and pursue my other hobbies. The only main con of cic i came across is the lack of a placement cell but i guess college placements are kinda overrated and if i have the skills i can crack a good job anywhere applying offcampus too. Also they ask you to take up 4 internships and i might be lucky to get a ppo. But this all what i collected about cic and i am sure that it isn't as rosy as it sounds. Would you all recommend cic to a junior or i should take a drop and focus on a top nit? Also placements isn't my only goal for college i might consider an opportunity to do masters too. So should i start focusing on maths and give my all towards cuet or should i consider taking a drop a start preparing for a top nit? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.25 10:47 mimiredrey Who wants to trade buddha for my portal (I'll add gravity if u want)

Who wants to trade buddha for my portal (I'll add gravity if u want)
Trading portal for buddha
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2023.03.25 10:46 Just_pure_starfire So this happened

After being exhausted on playing WR, I decided to go back to ML for a long time. While setting up my game, I claimed this "Transformers Token" which I got two for free, one from that preorder event and one for login. So what happens next is that on my 1st roll I got those reward tickets which I got 8, then out of nowhere I got Beatrix's Normal skin(X factor). I don't hknow if it's lucky, so I shared it to you guys.
Then another time, remember the halloween event where you got a chance to get a Terizla skin? Yeah, I got that on my 5th pull so lucky me I guess.
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2023.03.25 10:45 Fawpoey Looking Advice for 4K Gaming Build with 7900 XT&5800x3D for Long Term

Hello Everyone,
I'm building a pc after using GTX970 & i5-4690k for 8 years. I'm planning to use it mostly for 4K gaming with TV and sometimes for emulation, programming and very basic 3D modelling.
Probably I'll do the same and use this build for a long time(at least 6 years) without an important upgrade and I want to limit budget as much as possible.
I would like to get your opinions about some points
1) Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT Pulse
- Cheapest, has good reviews, it's %10 cheaper than cheapest 4070ti on my country - I've never used amd gpu and I would like to have dlss for long run but higher raw performance and higher vram is attractive. What do you think especially 20gb GDDR6X vs 12gb GDDR6 on long run?
2) Going with AM4 and DDR4
- Cheaper(including mobo) since won't get upgraded anyway. Do you think still worth for me to invest up-to-date parts
3) 5600x(1x price), 5700x(1.22x price), 5800x3D(2.06x price)
- I'm not from EU/US so I'm giving relative prices also for reference; Sapphire 7900 XT Pulse is 5.37x - Do you think it's worth to invest in 5800x3D since I can use emulation(gaming and mobile development) also for gaming I can play cpu intensive games and in future I might have to go down 1440p or even 1080p. I don't know if there will be much difference in this cases or daily usage - 5800x3D is pushing my budget a bit but long run and not limiting gpu is important here.
4) Motherboard
- Thinking getting some budget b550 mobo like Gigabyte B550 Gaming X V2 or ASUS TUF GAMING B550M-E WIFI - Should I invest more? I might do little bit overclock in the future
5) G.Skill RipjawsV 32 GB (2x16) DDR4 3600 MHz CL16
- Looks like a sweet spot, do you agree?
6) Noctua NH-U12S Redux,
- I can get Redux half the price of Noctua NH-U12S right now - I can get Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO for 1.5 times the price of NH-U12S Redux
7) Case
- Thinking getting "budget" mesh case like Nzxt H510 Flow or Corsair 4000D Airflow
8) PSU
- Thinking getting at least bronze, known brand 700w or 750w?
I already have the ssd&hdd and peripherals. I'm open to extra opinions that I didn't ask. Sorry for taking your time with long post, every detail is important for me. Thank you for your opinions and ideas.
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2023.03.25 10:43 ActOld3171 H: DS-25aim dmg-250RR enclave plasma flamer (right mods), WWR power armor (X-01) set, 2x enclave aligned flamer mod, ZZ V 50L 50B Gatling Plasma, ZZ V50L 90RW Gatling and more. W: weapon offers, rare masks, other armor sets (no power armor with WWR)

H: DS-25aim dmg-250RR enclave plasma flamer (right mods), WWR power armor (X-01) set, 2x enclave aligned flamer mod, ZZ V 50L 50B Gatling Plasma, ZZ V50L 90RW Gatling and more. W: weapon offers, rare masks, other armor sets (no power armor with WWR) submitted by ActOld3171 to Market76 [link] [comments]